Byousoku 5 Centimeter

5 Centimeters Per Second

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Synonyms: Five Centimeters Per Second, Byousoku 5 Centimeter - a chain of short stories about their distance, 5 Centimetres Per Second, 5 cm per second
Japanese: 秒速5センチメートル
English: 5 Centimeters Per Second
German: 5 Centimeter per Second
Spanish: 5 Centímetros por Segundo
French: 5 Centimeters Per Second
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Type: Movie
Episodes: 3
Status: Finished Airing
Aired: Mar 3, 2007
Producers: None found, add some
Studios: CoMix Wave Films
Source: Original
Genres: DramaDrama, RomanceRomance, Slice of LifeSlice of Life
Duration: 22 min. per ep.
Rating: PG-13 - Teens 13 or older


Score: 7.631 (scored by 480404480,404 users)
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Ranked: #12222
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Popularity: #149
Members: 799,493
Favorites: 9,749

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They're from the same director, so you can expect the style to be quite similar. Voices of a Distant star is a bit short in comparison, but quite similar otherwise. 5cm doesn't have the whole sci-fi element involved though... at least not as it stands after the first episode. 
report Recommended by Krelian
They're from the same director, so you can expect the style to be quite similar. 5cm doesn't have the whole sci-fi element involved though... at least not as it stands after the first episode. 
report Recommended by Krelian
Makoto Shinkai is involved in both works so expect similar themes and style of writing. (he is director and writer of both films) In both films, there features a young main male protagonist who seemingly forms a romantic relationship with the female protagonist. The mood is calm with a lighthearted atmosphere. At the same time, they bond through connections. The visuals/artwork in both series is also absolutely stunning.  
report Recommended by Stark700
Same director, similar theme of heartbreak, similar use of train metaphor of life going in different paths but always going onward. Both are beautiful artistically and I hold them both as my two favorite Makoto Shinkai films. 
report Recommended by jgaaar
Both are beautiful love stories with the same core theme: distance as a conflict. For 5 Centimeters per Second, this distance is a literal seperation, while in Hotarubi no Mori e, it is an emotional and psychological distance. 
report Recommended by TheArchangel
A great love story is what brings Toki wo and 5 cm together. Each involves love between people who are not yet adult but are not children, platonic love, and pure feelings between pure souls. You'll enjoy the romantic atmosphere that permeates through both titles. 
report Recommended by Iahel
This anime is like expanded version of the first episode of 5 cm per second. If you love a happy ending, then you will prefer tsuki ga kirei. The anime is good and well organized. 
report Recommended by 0616Z
Although at the beginning of CLANNAD ~After Story~, it starts off as mostly a comedy, it gets much more deeper. They both have the same pain of losing the person you love, have the same feelings and emotions. To be honest, Tomoya reminded me of Takaki in the way they dealed with everything. They also both have absolutely beautiful backgrounds, although 5 cm Per Second's was a bit more detailed. and the last thing, they both make you want to cry. 
report Recommended by TheFukoMaster
Three stories n one movie. Similar atmosphere. Characters have goals whelther if it is romance, success or love for their families. 
report Recommended by Half-MagePrince
These anime are examples of very beautiful animation with a lot of attention to details without trade-offs between animation quality and story. If you can appreciate spectacular animation and gripping storytelling, you'll enjoy these two. 
report Recommended by cyruz
Both animes show the difficulties of long distance relationships 
report Recommended by MagicFlier
Both anime capture the struggles between relationships and how humans interconnect from the past to the present, and the feelings that remain. 
report Recommended by Riftguardian
Although they have very different plotlines they both have magnificent animation, as well as that melodrama slice of life feeling. They both deal with sadness, seperation, and moving on. If you like one you will definitely like the other. 
report Recommended by Jimbo_X
Both deal with tragic events involving romance; Two people that just can't be together, or so, the plot is about how they try to stay together even with their circumstances. Same atmosphere I guess you could say; both bittersweet. If you're sensitive enough, you'll cry with these anime. 
report Recommended by Mauru23
Both just great stories about the reality of young love. 
report Recommended by Mauru23
The joy of meeting people and the sadness of parting with them - both Honey and Clover and 5cm/s focus on this aspect of life. As a movie, 5cm/s is more artistic and compressed while HnC accompanies its characters for several years which makes the viewer's experience even more real, beautiful and bittersweet. 
report Recommended by viMAL
If you like animes where the main focus is love and relationships between characters, and all the emotions that come from it, then you will like these two shows. Both deal with a lot of powerful dramatic themes, such as sorrow and nostalgia. They deal mostly with being separated from the person you love/care about, and how that can affect your life. During the course of the show you might get attached to the characters and really experience their struggle and their pain. Plus, you can really relate to the characters if you have been through something similar (and perhaps even if you have not).  read more 
report Recommended by Jonijonh
If you indulge in the atmosphere, you're gonna have a feels trip. If you analyze both series however, you'd find them average at best.  
report Recommended by FacesReality
The storylines aren't that similar but both animes contain the themes of love, loss and moving on...Both are very beautiful and tearjerking. If you liked Rumbling Hearts, you'll probably like 5 Centimetres per Second :) 
report Recommended by Reichiru
Art, backdrop scenery, and color manipulation are spectacular in both. AIR fully develops the fragility of love and difficulty of human connection invoked in 5 cm. Both play on the theme of inevitable loss. 5 cm's brilliant music and use of silence is replicated in AIR. 
report Recommended by Cinnamonsylph
the both are from the same director, and the both are same stile. For me they're just similar.  
report Recommended by lUsTeRs
Both are about two lovers separated by certain circumstances. The protagonist desperately tries to be reunited with his long lost love but as time passes it starts loosing hope. Both are about the true meaning of Love.  
report Recommended by Orulyon
Both are really beautiful and it'S story is definitely amazing but also confusing you.  
report Recommended by Rito-kun
The story are completely different but they have the same goal, moving on with life. They both also have a bittersweet ending because of that. The thing that I love the most is actually how the author portray the story to be as realistic as possible for each one of them 
report Recommended by HollowLive_VOID
Both Clannad and 5 Centimeters per second are romance anime. Both have a similar sad atmosphere. Both have themes of magic and destiny in it. Clannad has funny moments when 5 centimeter per second doesn't. Both are enjoyable. Both are masterpieces. If you watched one and liked it try the other out as you might like it as well! ^W^ 
report Recommended by cutefuko
Space and Time, two abstracts that can't be felt or touch. In this series the elderly man practically goes back in time in term of his memories. As his is remembering all the joyful memories, it can be said that time separated him from him family slowly. While in 5 Centimeter per Second, Akari and Takaki are slowly separated by space, with their constant routine of moving from town to town. Slowly growing farther and farther apart from each other, it made it harder for them to meet each other face to face. Time and space might be moving at a pace that we always overlook,  read more 
report Recommended by Lamii
Both the anime accompanies beautiful music, beautiful scenery and romantic story. Both the anime about the daily life and painted quite realistically. a similar atmosphere.  
report Recommended by fischermori
with one look those animes have nothing to look like but both animes are about beautiful love that brings pain and happiness same time, this animes are perfect match for those who love sad love stories. 
report Recommended by ginko-chan
They're both romantically focused, but at the same time, there's more drama going on than you think. They're also both quite realistic in the sense that not everything goes as planned, and there's also a lot of character development in both 
report Recommended by RedBardIsCool
Must watch for fans one way or the other. There are just so many similarities. No question. Guarantee.  
report Recommended by Anonatsuhe
i just felt the same at finish both movies, only that. 
report Recommended by marcosocram2004
They are very similar since they both have a male main character with many problems with many sad moments. He also has many regrets through out the series about his life. Welcome to the NHK has more funny moments and not quite as sad of a love life though. 
report Recommended by SageBug
In both movies the female protagonist transferred to another school. In both movies after a few years pass they meet up again and hang out. The differences is the female isn't bullied, both protagonists don't try to kill each other like Koe no Katachi. Another difference is in 5 centimeters per second the male doesn't have problems with other people and has friends. 
report Recommended by UZl
Both animes have a melancholy romantic feeling. Both follow a pair of childhood friends into adulthood and show the distance between them. 
report Recommended by sevenay
Saying goodbye is hard. The papercut theatre style of animating in Tabi Machi may be in wild contract to the richly detailed and almost sensual art and animation of 5cm Per Second, but both are bittersweet stories about goodbyes. Much like real partings there is little closure in either series, with only vaguely defined beginnings, middles, and ends. Both can come across as a little over-the-top, a little pretentious, and a little forced at times, but all that applies to saying goodbye in real life too I guess. 
report Recommended by Lemon
The atmosphere is really similar to oregairu in some aspects. Both are pretty much about reality. 
report Recommended by fatboylikesanime
Both anime have qualities that can make one feel attach to the character's traits and actions in their life which are similar in their quest of finding love  
report Recommended by Rashikabi-san
Ojiisan no lamp is a short anime it's very similar to Byousoku 5 Centimeter as both the respected anime delivers same massage at the end , That the world will keep on changing the people surround us may not remain same but we have to except that fact and keep moving forward . 
report Recommended by ZXEAN
Both have a tense storyline. Both about the distance between their loved ones. But 5cm/s has more of a romance-y theme to it.  
report Recommended by InvisibleMelody
Yes, I know. Completely different atmosphere, feeling, and genre. But they both have a good, strong storyline with a good pacing throughout the whole anime. They are both really short, 5cm/s is a 3 episode movie while Denpa teki na kanojo is a 2 episode ova. Also, the setting and character development are realistic, meaning not too supernatural or magical. 
report Recommended by InvisibleMelody
The story is identical. The best romantic atmosphere out there. The girl and boy MCs like each other but separated by distance. 
report Recommended by Half-MagePrince
Both are, essentially, meditations on a very specific moment (or, well, series of moments) rather than plot-driven stories. They’re more poetry, in that sense, than narrative, focusing on the emotional truths of a given scenario (how quickly does change happen? how does distance affect love?) more than the actions of that scenario—though they both relay those emotions almost exclusively by the actions of the characters rather than with lots of heavy monologuing.  
report Recommended by FedeBankai
same vibes, made by a beautiful mind of makoto shinkai 
report Recommended by o-man
Although both movie's aren't that similar or even close, they do have one thing in common and that "it is not a love story, but it is a story about love."  
report Recommended by Arandomperson1
Both are romanced focus anime about the coming of age, with stories that don't go completely right. The characters go through hardships, and that's okay. It only makes the story better. Better not spoil too much or it'll ruin the fun right? 
report Recommended by Gozaimasen
Not only do they share a writer/director, but there is a similar emotional theme in both. 
report Recommended by akigawa07
Are both very depressing. Both deal with loss and the difficulty coping with it. 
report Recommended by Cozye
This anime attracts the romantic loving fans,both animes have tear-jerking love story. A love story that cannot be complete if u love one u automatic have the other. 
report Recommended by hunterking
In these two films, there is hardly anything in common in terms of plot. I just recommend because they both have a very similar portrayal of the characters. 
report Recommended by kaonasi_mV
Both have a slow story and focuses on character interactions 
report Recommended by anaklarangan
Have you ever feel of a heavy "heartbreak"? The moment that you wanna punch walls and throw things stuff around you after watching the final ending moments of the anime? Well if you haven't then try watching ToraDora and 5 Centimeters Per Second. Trust me. ToraDora's ending, if you devotedly watch, ...... *speechless*. 5 CPS will amplify the ending feelings of ToraDora. My heartache last for atleast 2 weeks. SERIOUSLY.  
report Recommended by Fatality13
The subtle story telling is reminiscent of the style of Shinkai Makoto's works.  
report Recommended by ASighofRelief
This 2 animes, have the same main theme. The distance, but the two of them take the distance from different perspectives, the first one with big amounts of distance, and the other one with a little amount of distance, but who manages to have the same feel of distance. 
report Recommended by KoroKudo-
Although the bad rating that most people gives Uchiage Hanabi, I feel this movie has a lot of emotion on visuals (I mean, it's Shaft), and really in the story, although a lot of people who watch it thinks it's disappointing. I mean, it's not your conventional movie. You can feel there's a lot of plot holes but you can feel too that these are made intentionally, making the story unique with these actions of the main characters. Not only that, but it's also amazing how they make the visuals tell the story. How that sets apart the reality from the imagination of Norimichi. For  read more 
report Recommended by brotherelric
Both of these movies are about young love and are both quite short movies. I would recommend these two to anyone looking for romance anime movies! 
report Recommended by MahouShojoAubrey
Love stories that just makes you want to cry at the end. 
report Recommended by HangJarrel
well, to be honest when i first heard of this young director, Makoto Shinkai, and how he has been praised as the next generation to suceed miyazaki i was of course skeptical. then i brought myself to buy a couple of his films. the first i watched was 'voices of a distant sta' was short but so very intresting, i had never seen animation and story lines like it anywhere...i did some research on it and Shinkai made his first couple films with nothing more than his apple computer and some be honest the guy is a genius for what he had accomplished. of  read more 
report Recommended by eurekaseven4u
Although Ame to Shoujo is only 'bout 6 minutes, it gave me kind of the same feel as 5 centimeters. They both deal with romance that leaves you feeling sad. They both leave the same message in the end. If you like Ame to Shoujo to Watashi no Tegami, then watch 5 centimeters per Second to really get you crying. 
report Recommended by Mauru23
both are stories about young love and the feeling are a lot alike.  
report Recommended by AnnaMoonshadow
The similarity? Well, there's distance between main characters - even when in Higashi no Eden it's just pro tem. 5cm/s is more serious and sadder, Eden funnier. Plot itself isn't very similar. Both of them are technically, visually and musically perfect.  
report Recommended by nettiex
Love, warm hearts and sincere feelings. No matter if love is between man and woman, brother and sister or mother and child, 'cause both movies are about Love that is pure and innocent, Love with a capital "L" (though Oseam is more about Love than 5cm). Sentimentality is included, too :) . 
report Recommended by MaxCrank
Both movie tells the story of two childhood friends in love. You may or may not get the same feeling, but I really feel that at one point of the movie, it reminds me of Byousoku 5 Centimeter when the two childhood friends get separated and starting to find a new love (even if it comes from misunderstanding) while still hold the love of the childhood friend dearly.  
report Recommended by ANiMeZ
Both stories deal with youth, time and romantic relationships. Make sure to watch 5 Centimeters Per Second right after Ocean Waves.  
report Recommended by Mojetitak
Both are quiet, beautiful depictions of romance 
report Recommended by Dr_Jan_Itor
This story also follows the lifetime romance of two characters but in my opinion is way better. It's also movie length so you don't have to spend too much time on it. The plot might make you cry but now the sad sounding music from the clannad series is finally justified. 
report Recommended by shogun8391
The first arc of 5cm/s is similar to a sideplot of Munto in which a couple thirteen year olds decide it's time to be together for the rest of their lives. 
report Recommended by against_moe
Both are short series produced by Comix Wave, and have overall the same graphics, slow pacing, and a similar "romantic" mood. 
report Recommended by RenaPsychoKiller
Both have similar situations where a guy loves a girl but she moves to another city and they talk by letters/ cellphone messages. Both give you a melancholic feeling.  
report Recommended by Orulyon
both about childhood frindes grow apart from each others in the depth of real world. 
report Recommended by almozayaf
They are two common points between Mushishi and Byousoku 5 Centimeter. The two animes are beautifuls, slow and relaxing. Watch it. You will enjoy that. 
report Recommended by Tsuchi
"Dreamily Beautiful..." Guardian. "Origin is almost painfully beautful" While offering little in common in terms of theme, plot and structure both films are visually stunning. 
report Recommended by Afterglow64
Great story of love, must watch! 
report Recommended by tommyliang
The same feelings at the end of the movie. 
report Recommended by jjocer
By the same author. Both movies have beautiful artwork and a great soundtrack. Additionally, there is drama, comedy, and of course romance. Both of these anime(s) are rare gems that should be in any anime fan's collection. 
report Recommended by Stark700
They are both very heartwarming, emotional, and extremely serious stories about life and what it means to truly live.  
report Recommended by DonLeonardo
These two movies permeate a particular atmosphere - an atmosphere comprised not with the emotions relative to that which is found in a jubilant romance, but rather the emotions relative and considered undeniably inevitable in that of an ephemeral relationship.  
report Recommended by Rakutomi
•both are an amazing watch that will forever be worthwhile •both display the perfection of music accompanied by beautiful animation into a story that will leave the viewer wanting more •both anime are COMPLETELY DIFFERENT IN LENGTH for a 119 second clip to a 1hr + 30mins •both visibly show the protagonists of the story wanting more out of life, but then both of the animes part way in their decisions, one working hard towards there own goal, while the other stops short and just slowly becomes a sad story •they are very similar in the way of beautiful music/animation and will want to see more, and leave  read more 
report Recommended by Lupta
The main girl pictured in both is frightfully similar in appearance and actions. It's clear that 5 Centimeters per Second has a residue in this Shin Doha Kokusai Kuukou commercial. 
report Recommended by lanblade
5 Centimeters per Second leaves the watcher with a deep sense of heartache, and Kanon can repair that. Kanon is nothing short of amazing. 
report Recommended by Brine
The "Baby Blue" episode reminded me of this movie. 
report Recommended by Mitsjol
Both are tear-jerkers and has lot of VERY dramatic scenes... (T_T) 
report Recommended by CrimsonFatalis
Not completely similar, but in both stories the main characters refuse to admit that they Love each other and struggle through many things because of that. They keep in touch, but their relationship together is a lot close then just friends. 
report Recommended by LenDrizzle
The way True Tears makes you feel after one episode will make you fall in love with 5 centimeters per second, this short movie (or 3 ovas) just grips you tight and doesnt let go until you let out a tear. It deals with relationship issues over distance and close and personall. Its a deffinetly must see anime! How ever if you have seen 5 centimeters, true tears is an anime for you! Its short sweet and simple with a great story line you can easially fall in love with. Once either one of the shows is over your gonna want to beg for more  read more 
report Recommended by Lurna
Both series has to deal with relationships and the true realities in life. There are lover, unrequited lovers and even heart breakers.  
report Recommended by Darkness007
Similar stories, but 5cm is a bit more "silent and beautiful" while Bungaku is "cute and funny". Both have very nice art. 
report Recommended by Mayuka