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Aeterna Jan 5, 2019 5:48 AM

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year to you too! I hope you had a great holiday season. How are you doing?

Also, yes, Furuba brings me back. I never actually did finish the original series - back when I was watching it, it was too difficult to find all the episodes and I eventually gave up ;A; Now, I think it'll be nice to actually watch it from start to finish.
kiz-chan Dec 26, 2018 6:50 AM
Hello! Merry Christmas and a happy new year for you as well!

I'm quite the opposite, as I don't have much work right now, so I'm watching more stuff. I didn't know there would be a new anime for Fruits Basket! I really loved the manga when I read it ages ago. It was definetily one of my faves, but I don't know what I would think of it now, to be honest, so I get a little bit wary. I'm afraid that I will end up discovering it's the worst thing ever... :p On the other hand, I enjoyed the new anime for Card Captor Sakura, although I think that one was a safer bet.

I'm not looking foward to anything in special, I guess. Especially because I've a big backlog of stuff from these last seasons that I want to watch! Like the latest season of My Hero Academia and Attack on Titan, and other older anime that I still haven't checked. As for the winter season, I'm a little bit surprised about how many titles just seem really boring (Like how many more of the same isekai and light novel adaptations can be produced?), but I want to at least check out Yakusoku no Neverland and Doukyonin wa Hiza, Tokidoki, Atama no Ue (because it's about a cat and that's enough for me).
kiz-chan Jan 15, 2018 6:56 AM
Hey! Sure, I remember you! I really missed our conversations! Thought was this always your nickname? I rememeber it being something different...

I stopped watching anime for almost 4 years, wow! During this time I only completed one show (Gekkan Shoujo Nozaki-kun) and watched some episodes here and there (Boku no Hero Academia, Haikyuu...). I always missed it, but I was so engrossed in gaming that I didn't have time for much else. Then, last november I had the strong urge to watch something, and browsed some anime on Netflix. I watched one show, and then some more. Suddenly, I'm back to my old habits (which means watching a ton of stuff at the same time). I've been lucky with my choices lately (or I am less of a critic now?) and have watched some enjoyable stuff.

And you? How have you been? :)
Aeterna Oct 25, 2016 7:44 PM
I know what you mean about Natsume Yuujinchou ;A; It's so amazingly consistent from season to season that I enjoy every one. Are you picking up any other anime this season?

That's so weird that fall is the busiest season for you! Is it because a lot of people go away for the summer?

Not much is planned for the rest of the year outside of the usual stuff, like holidays. My cousin just got married this past weekend, so we had a lot of family from out of town come over, which was fun. We also got to see the house she bought with her husband and it's HUGE @_@ Their ceilings are probably about 8 feet tall, considering my 6'4 cousin couldn't even touch the ceiling. A couple of weeks before that, I went on a big road trip with a friend, as she was moving up to Whitehorse (which is near Alaska). We drove about 4000 km together in a big moving truck and trailer, LOL. She had to drive the final ~1000 km alone because I had to fly back to work my next shift at work ^^;;

So, yeah, October has been a really busy month for me! And now I'm sick, probably because all the activity caught up to me, plus a few of my family members I was with at the wedding were sick. I've been mostly in bed or drinking soup or tea the last couple of days, but I'm already starting to feel better!
Aeterna Sep 14, 2016 5:39 PM
I'm so excited for Nastume, too! I've been waiting for so long, hoping to hear news of a 5th season, and here it is!

I'm not sure what else I'll be watching besides Natsume and Haikyuu. Maybe also Mahou Shoujo Ikusei Keikaku (looks interesting, like a battle royale amongst magical girls?) and Nanbaka (since I could use a good comedy)? I don't want to pick up *too* many because it looks like I'll be pretty busy until at least November. Not that that stopped me this summer .__. I was so busy with work but picked up a bunch of series...orz

I'm good! Just busy, haha! We've been so short staffed at work because of a lot of unexpected illnesses and accidents on top of all the maternity leaves. It's almost like my department is cursed @_@;; But we've hired more staff and a few people are coming back from sick leaves or maternity leaves, so hopefully, things get better by the end of the year. How are you?
Aeterna Aug 5, 2016 9:48 PM
I'm really really really sorry that I never got back to you D: I swear, I meant to, but then I must have forgotten and things got away from me...orz

But I wanted to message you because of this:


I'm bursting with joy right now!
Aeterna Mar 29, 2016 6:40 PM
Happy (late) Easter to you too! Did you do anything special?

The pocket Wifi devices can be booked online! I went with Global Advanced Communications, although I'm sure there are other similar companies. With GAC, you can either pick them up from certain post offices (usually in major airports) or have it delivered to your hotel or wherever you're staying. It comes with a pre-addressed and stamped envelope, which you can use to send the device back. It's really convenient.

That's interesting to know about German! Aren't German dialects even a bit different across Germany itself (i.e. north VS south)? For English, American English is obviously the easiest for us Canadians xD I'd say British English is the next easiest. Thick Scottish accents are actually *very* difficult to the point where, in one video I was watching, it took me a while to realize the people were talking in English! LOL (found the video! It's here: If it wasn't for the slang, Australian accents wouldn't be so bad, since I find it fairly similar to British accents.

I'm glad you got to sit down and watch some anime! I loved all three of those series. When you say you wanted to punch some of the characters in Shirobako, are you thinking of Tarou? xD I think *everyone* wanted to punch him at least once, haha. But yeah, you're right, there will always be at least one person you work with who you don't like. I can think of one or two co-workers of mine myself .__.;

Any anime you have your eye on for the Spring 2016 season?

I haven't even finished Sailor Moon Crystal, and it's been sitting on my "Currently Watching" list for ages now. I have had episode 22 waiting on my hard drive since last June, still unwatched >_> I'm really doubtful that I'll get around to the sequel. Did you ever finish it? What were your thoughts on it?

For me, I have Flying Witch and Kuma Miko, which both look cute. Sakamoto desu ka? looks hilarious, and I hope it makes up for the disappointment that was Dagashi Kashi this season. And then Joker Game and Big Order will be my more serious series to follow. I don't know if I'll have the time to follow them all, but we'll see xD
Aeterna Mar 12, 2016 10:18 PM
Yay, I'm sure you'll eventually save up enough to visit Japan! It's a great country with lots to see and do. The language part is really easy, especially if you stick to the major tourist areas, where a lot of signs are in both Japanese and English. I also rent a pocket WiFi device, so I can access Google to figure out where to go and how to get there, so I never get lost and have to ask for directions ^^; The only times you'll run into problems is if you go to the small towns, outside of the usual tourist places.

Wait, you drink lemon juice? On its own? D: Isn't it really sour? I can't drink lemon juice on its own xD It has to be verrrryy diluted with water, haha. I ended up not getting a cold, though! Yatta~

I get the feeling that governments really don't tell people everything that's going on ._. My sister's brother-in-law is a politician, and apparently there are so many things that don't get talked about in the news. Here in Canada, we definitely pay attention to U.S. politics, at least on the national level (i.e. presidential elections) because the U.S. influences us so much. Pierre Trudeau (a previous Prime Minister of ours, and the father of our current Prime Minister) once famously said to the Americans, "Living next to you is in some ways like sleeping with an elephant. No matter how friendly and even-tempered is the beast, if I can call it that, one is affected by every twitch and grunt." Our countries are so closely linked that whomever is elected president of the U.S. will most definitely affect us in one way or another.

Don't worry about not understanding Sherlock xD They talk really fast sometimes, and even for me, it can be difficult to understand British English when spoken quickly! When my friend first showed me Sherlock, we turned on the subtitles so we wouldn't miss anything they said, LOL. When I was in Japan, I befriended some Australians and there were times I couldn't understand them, either (although, it doesn't help that Australians have a lot of weird slang, haha). They even showed me this video to "help" me out:

Whaaaat, a virtual reality game? That would be so cool! I'd definitely try that out but it would probably be way too expensive for me at first OTL

I know what you mean about merch >_> I don't even collect keychains because I have so many of them already, haha. Currently attached to my keys is one of Nyanko-sensei (which came with the Natsume Yuujinchou DVD set I bought) and a penguin one my friend gave to me from her trip to Chicago. The rest are my keys, and altogether they're heavy enough, so I don't really want to add more keychains to it xD Even when I attend the local anime convention, I don't usually buy anything anymore because the main thing on my mind is, "Where am I going to put that??" LOL
Aeterna Mar 2, 2016 8:19 PM
Ahhh, sorry I forgot to reply to you ;A; I thought I did but apparently I did not, and then I went on vacation for a couple of weeks (to Japan again~)

I'm back home now and the jet lag is finally starting to ease off ^^; I think I may be getting sick, though; I probably got it from my sister, who has a cold. But I have to go back to work on Friday, so back to reality it is for me OTL

I'm guessing Carnival passed already? Did you guys get to celebrate despite Europe's problems? I've heard about the refugee crisis and Canada has allowed some to come here, but they're very selective. It's easy for us because we have an entire ocean between us and Europe and the Middle East. Has it affected your area of the country?

Have you not started any winter anime yet?? Boku Dake ga Inai Machi is *very* good and my favourite so far of what I'm watching. Hai to Gensou no Grimgar is my second favourite. It's slow-paced so far so I hope it picks up a bit as it goes on, but truthfully, I don't mind the slow pace too much. It's a nice change of pace from the super-fast SAO, which has a similar concept. The third series I picked up is Dagashi Kashi, which was hyped before it aired, so I decided to start it. It's just not funny or appealing to me. I think a lot of people are attracted to the main female character and the fanservice. I'm still watching Haikyuu and loving it. I just caught up with it with a friend ^-^ Haikyuu is incredibly popular in Japan, as well. I saw lots of Haikyuu merch in many places.

Ooh, you watch Sherlock? Is that the BBC one with Benedict Cumberbatch? My friend introduced me to it and I loved it xD

I don't really collect too much anime merch, to be honest. If I buy anime stuff, it usually collects dust in my apartment, and since my living space is small, I try to only keep things I'll use or have sentimental value to me. The only anime merch I actually have are some DVDs, since I don't have cable TV. I may have a few other small things, but I'm trying to get rid of unimportant things. I've even placed an online ad to sell my manga because I don't really buy or read it anymore. How about you?
Aeterna Dec 31, 2015 3:53 PM
HAPPY NEW YEAR! :D (Although, I suppose it's already past midnight in Germany, haha...we still have over 5 hours to go as I write this!) Did you do anything fun this year? I'm just relaxing this time since I have to drive back home early in the morning ;A; I hope you had a great Christmas, too. One of my dreams is to visit a German Christmas market sometime, but we (as nurses) aren't allowed to take vacation around the holidays, just to make it fair for everyone, so I doubt it'll happen anytime soon.

I guess there isn't a word for "calico" in German? It's just a way of describing a cat's colour/pattern. Another common one is "tabby", which is one that has stripes. I have a friend who has 2 tabbies and 2 Siamese cats ^^ (Although, one of the Siamese cats is mixed with an unknown breed)

I had to start over in Neko Atsume because I bought a new phone T_T I had so many fish in my old game, too! Oh well, it means I can collect the cats all over again xD But yeah, Manzoku-san keeps eating all my food and there are so many special cats that haven't visited yet, even though I have the correct items out. I tried the English version of Neko Atsume, too, but I switched back to Japanese because I was so used to it, haha xD

There's a carnival in February? Ooh, what is it for?

Halloween here is definitely a big thing. When I was a kid, I dressed up as all sorts of things - a butterfly, a clown, a cat, and even the Statue of Liberty once xD There are adult costumes, too, but for women, it's mostly "sexy" stuff (like, "sexy police officer" or "sexy secretary" OTL). When I was handing out candy one Halloween, I decided to go against that and dressed as a scary monster, LOL. The last time I handed out candy, I dressed myself in a Lolita ensemble and got lots of compliments!

Aww, I'm sad for you that Digimon Tri wasn't good :( I had a pretty good Fall season, I think. I *really* enjoyed One Punch Man, and the 2nd season of Haikyuu has been everything I wanted it to be. My friend just got back from a trip to Tokyo and even bought me a little strawberry juice drink that has the Nekoma team on its label ^o^ Other than those two, I didn't pick up any new series for the Fall. What about you? Also, what are your picks for the winter season?
Aeterna Oct 17, 2015 3:01 PM
The colouring my cat has makes her a dilute calico ( So basically, she's a calico but the colours are diluted (so grey instead of black; light brown-orange instead of a bright or darker orange). I had no idea this was a category until after I adopted my cat ^^; I just adopted her because she was adorable and cuddly when I saw her at the shelter xD

How is the cat collecting going? Have you "caught" the rest of the cats yet? I officially have all the treasures for all the regular cats since this morning! I have a few of the special cats' treasures to get still, though D: And I've been playing this for a while, too. Nekomata-san and Samurai-san have both visited me 24 times and still no treasure ;_; I saw a post on Reddit where one of the special cats (can't remember which one) visited them over 40 times and still no treasures orz

Ahh looks like Gakkou Gurashi really was very different between the anime and manga. I'm not sure which version I would have preferred, to be honest. I think the fire caused by the helicopter would have made more sense than zombies breaking through a barrier that had lasted them for months >_>

I would say my family is split between Canada and the U.S. pretty well. I have 3 aunts plus my mom (making 4 of the siblings) here in Canada, and 5 aunts in the U.S., and then I have two aunts and an uncle still living in the Philippines. Some of my cousins and an aunt are not yet American citizens, though, since they only recently immigrated, so it's more difficult for them to cross the border into Canada (more paperwork, I think) than for us to go to the U.S. (since all of us here in Canada have long been Canadian citizens and we all have passports). As a result, we tend to travel to the U.S. instead of the other way around.

So yeah, that was my September and now October is over halfway over o__O; I love autumn, especially when the leaves change colour, and I love Halloween, too, except I have to work Halloween night this year. Do you celebrate Halloween in Germany? Or is it just a North American thing?

I'm downloading episode 3 of Haikyuu!! now! *___* So excited!!
Aeterna Oct 5, 2015 2:14 PM
Yes, I have a cat! xD She's a mix of colours, but mostly white and grey with some light orange-brown mixed in. Here's a picture of her: Do you have any pets?

Coincidentally, I already play Neko Atsume xD I've collected most of the cats and their treasures. I'm still waiting on a few of the special cats and the new ones for their treasures. That Real Neko Atsume video is adorable...I want to cuddle all of the cats *__*

How did you like the last episodes of Gakkou Gurashi? I felt the ending was as little "convenient" but otherwise, I liked the series as a whole. It was a bit different from most other anime, so it was interesting. Poor Megu-nee and Taroumaru, though ;_; Was the anime a lot different from the manga?

I was fortunate that I was able to at least watch the finale of Gakkou Gurashi when it came out...I've been incredibly busy lately! September was crazy with work, then I spent the last week of September in the U.S.A. for a family reunion. Then I returned home for a few days of work, and then my sister (who still lives in my hometown, about 400 km away) gave birth to her baby earlier than expected! So, this past weekend, I drove down again for a quick visit to see the baby and buy my sister and her husband some baby stuff. The baby has to stay in the hospital for a bit longer because he is a little premature, but he's doing well, thankfully! Now I'm back home to go back to work >_>

So, yeah, I'll definitely have to catch up on anime now! I'm behind in some of the Summer 2015 anime, and now the Fall season has started already! Even though it's a little overwhelming, I'm looking forward to it because it's a good line-up! 8D I know what you mean about GochiUsa, though...I've decided not to watch it because, as you said, there is enough to watch already. I hope you enjoy Shirobako and Chihayafuru (which I see on your "Currently Watching" list) - I loved both those series!
Aeterna Sep 12, 2015 12:37 AM
Haha, well, I actually live close enough to a lake that I could probably just jump right in if I wanted to xD (But truthfully, I'm not a strong swimmer, so I'd be afraid to do that...OTL) We just went through about a week of really hot, humid weather, and then it rained for two days, and now it's actually kind of cold. My cat even took a nap underneath my blankets this afternoon ^^;; I really like autumn weather, though, so I don't mind it.

It's crazy that Shanghai turned out to be cooler than Germany! I always imagined it as warm, and looking at a map, it looks pretty far south. I guess being by the ocean helps cool the temperatures a bit?

Oh my goodness, I just watched episode 10 of Gakkou Gurashi and it was so intense ;A; Just...OMG. Maybe I should pick up the manga, too, but lately I just don't have the patience to read things. Truthfully, I did see Megu-nee's reveal coming - I saw some of the clues and something about her felt "off" to me, so I kinda guessed xD It was still really sad, though. Did you catch the clues?

What are you planning to watch for the fall season? 3 out of the 4 currently airing series I have on my list will be ending after the summer season finishes, so I feel like my "Currently Watching" list will feel a lot shorter ^^; I'll be watching One Punch Man (because it looks funny) and Subete ga F ni Naru: The Perfect Insider (because I kind of want to watch a mystery series). And then, of course, the new Aria OVA!
Aeterna Aug 5, 2015 1:41 PM
Summer here hasn't been too bad. We had a bit of a heat wave, where it was really hot and humid for about a week (with temperatures above 30°C during the day, but with the humidity, felt like 40!), but besides that, temperatures have actually been tolerable, like in the mid to high 20's. Even when it was really hot, I tried not to complain too much because last year's summer was really cold and rainy for summer, so it was too difficult to enjoy the usual summer activities, like swimming in the lake. Like anything in Canada, though, the weather really depends a lot on where you live since the country is really big, haha! Like, in Toronto, the humidity is really, really bad and the air feels very thick and sticky, but where I live (further north), the humidity isn't bad at all (plus, there are a lot of lakes where I live, so if you get too hot, you can just jump in the water, LOL).

I'm glad you liked Log Horizon! But yeah, there is still a bit of the harem bits that come up every now and then throughout season 2, if I remember right. I watched season 2 right after season 1 so I tend to mix up the two OTL. I don't know why, but I didn't like season 2 as much...maybe the pacing felt off or something :/ I remember feeling kind of bored around the middle part of the series, and then felt the last few episodes were kind of rushed.

How are you liking Gakkou Gurashi so far? I just watched episode 4 yesterday and, OMG, it was heartbreaking :( Still, I think it's the series I'm enjoying the most right now.

I did end up watching Non Non Biyori and loved it! I was surprised that it actually made me laugh out loud xD I think when NNB Repeat finishes, I'll go ahead and watch that too.
Aeterna Jul 14, 2015 7:47 PM
Haha, I was just working a lot, plus I had a lot of social things going on, too ^^; During the summer, a lot of people in my city like to get out, have get-togethers, and have fun outdoors because our winters are so long and cold, so we really appreciate the warm, sunny weather when we get it! Our summer last year was actually relatively cold and cloudy, so we're really happy this year to have a proper summer!

I know what you mean about tsunderes. I think Len's tsun-tsun side was more...cold and distant? Whereas Taiga's was more...screaming? (I never finished watching Toradora, and even then, that was a long time ago so I can't remember...orz) But underneath Len's aloofness, you could tell he wasn't a bad guy and didn't really want to hurt anyone. He just doesn't know how to express himself well xD I think it's a more realistic representation of people like that. We all know some people who just can't interact with people well, so they can come off as aloof or distant. I personally don't know anyone who just screams at people instead >_>

I'm so glad you liked Haikyuu! I should message my friend who got me into it xD She'd be thrilled that there's another fan out there, haha! I can't wait for the 2nd season! My favourite characters were probably Tanaka (because he made me laugh, right from episode one til the end) and Sugiwara (because he's such a nice senpai xD), but honestly, I loved most of the characters. I agree that the series doesn't focus on just one or two characters, but rather, it spends time to develop everyone, so as a result, all the characters are likeable to some extent.

I, too, didn't really care much for Kageyama at first, but he definitely grew on me as he developed as a character and his personality/motivations were fleshed out more. So, instead of seeing an arrogant, angry player, you instead start to pity him because his talent isolated him and made him depend only on himself for so long ;_; But then when he starts to work really well with Hinata and starts to enjoy the game more, then you start to cheer him on! ^-^

For Anime North....hmm, it's a bit different every year xD I always look at the Dealer's Room and Artist Alley to see what kind of interesting merchandise there is to buy, and more recently, I've participated in the fashion show (in the kimono section). Sometimes, I like to go to the games (like Name That Anime Tune, which I went to one was incredibly difficult! They had several tunes that were from older or obscure anime) or discussion panels. I also spend quite a bit of time just admiring and photographing people's cosplays, and sometimes participating in photoshoots! (People can sign up to host photoshoots, which focus on various series or genres - i.e. specific series like "Attack on Titan", or more general genres, like "Western Comic Book Characters". They're really fun because people often come up with funny scenarios that the participating cosplayers act out). The venues I don't go to are the video game rooms (because I'm not a big gamer) and the hotel that hosts Doll North (because I'm not into ball-jointed dolls at all).

2-minute anime series about food? o_o; 2 minutes is really short...what do they accomplish with each episode??

Oh man, the U.S. is really strong in sports...but I can still say that we beat them at hockey a lot (not always, though...orz) xD

Have you watched the first episode of Gakkou Gurashi yet? I have a feeling that it'll be darker than Madoka, too o.o;;