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They\'re from the same director, so you can expect the style to be quite similar. Voices of a Distant star is a bit short in comparison, but quite similar otherwise. 5cm doesn\'t have the whole sci-fi element involved though... at least not as it stands after the first episode.
report Recommended by Krelian
Anime as exceptionally beautiful and insanely detailed as these two can show you a quality of the animation that's on a very high level. The atmospheres of both shows are very similar to each other and grab you without letting you go until it's over, leaving you almost speechless. If you want to check out the pinnacle (at the time) of animation quality, watch these two.
report Recommended by cyruz
Again, the same director, both are about relationships of distance, and I thought they were both very moving, must watch IMO
report Recommended by yukumushio
Both are directed by Makoto Shinkai, and deal with long distance relationships.
report Recommended by halcyon
They are both made by the same director, Makoto Shinkai. And I must say, they have incredibly similar themes. Not in subject matter but they both concern themselves with matters of the heart and the distance between humans. One is a force separation while the other is a gradual drifting apart. If you like anime that makes you think, watch these two.
report Recommended by finishedwiththis
These are both stories about time and distance. The beautiful story telling with the artwork shows us how time and distance affect people and relationships.
report Recommended by LoneWolfD
both shows how extremely depressing life and love is. it pulls on your heartstrings to the point of tears.
report Recommended by sugarplumfairy
Both are similars in many ways. My preference goes for 5 cm per second but if you liked one i assume that you will like the other too then ;)
report Recommended by benjee
Two people in love separated by two things that will never close or come to an end. Time and distance. Both are beautifully done (as expected of Shinkai) and have that depth to them that makes you think of Miyazaki.
report Recommended by TheFukoMaster
Both are movies depicting an impossible love through time and space.
report Recommended by GenSeiren
Both center around how the main character deals with handling a long-distance relationship, with bittersweet results. They're even by the same guy!
report Recommended by joshspeagle
both deal with love over huge distances.
report Recommended by Typhor
They are both same director's work, if you liked the style of one, you'll likely enjoy the other. They have also similar stories, since they are both about separation of lovers who try to communicate with each other. However, the artwork of voices of a distant star is not as good as 5 cm per second's.
report Recommended by sanemita
Same director. Beautiful art. Deep meaningful stories of a couple that couldn't be together.
report Recommended by Deer50
Though these two movies of Shinkai Makoto present two different perspectives about the effects of distance and time in a relationship, they still give me the same melancholic feeling towards the end. Voices of a Distant Star is about two people who were separated by unfortunate situations, but their commitment to each other kept them close to each other emotionally. Despite their struggles, they held onto on maintaining their intimate connection. On one hand, 5 Centimeters per Second shows more angles about the subject matter. Both physical distance (episode 1) and emotional gap (episode 2) are presented in the movie. Unlike VoaDS, the protagonist was   read more
report Recommended by crazyruffian
They are made by the same director and are both visually stunning. The stories are both about a boy and a girl who like each other and get separated, but keep in touch by mail. In "Voices From A Distant Star" the girl goes into space to fight aliens and keeps in contact by sending text messages.The farther she gets the longer it takes to receive the messages. In "5 Centimeters Per Second" the boy moves and they keep in contact by sending letters to each other. But as time goes on they slowly start to separate. Both these movies are fantastic and are definitely   read more
report Recommended by T_LOWE
I think Voice is better than 5cm because in voice he tried everything he could, both OVA have a lot in common with amazing OST & great art. Similar ending.........
report Recommended by SnowLife
Both have the same director and involve a young couple burdened by long distance.
report Recommended by LittleCaesars
Both have the same director. The art style is very similar, which is one of the things that i love most about Mokoto's work. The plot between 5 centimeters per second and Voices of a distant star are different, however they both follow the theme of young romance being separated due to distance.
report Recommended by Dandey
>They are "similar" due they are by the same director. >The art is kinda amazing in both the work, but personally I prefered the character art of Byousoku 5 Centimeter (5 cm per second). >They are short (24 min and 60 min) so you can enjoy both in your free time. >Both are sad, no way on how you look them ,they are sad. >Both yells: "Carpe diem, don't waste your chances" and actually that was the thing I loved about them. >Overall I prefered 5 cm per second, but they are both awesome anime.
report Recommended by xNihalx
-Same director, composer etc... -Both shows share same themes - distance and speed. -Both shows represent two people relationships after break for certain reasons. -Both shows is pretty hard to fallow, since they both have dozens of symbols. -As typical for Shinkai works, both represents ideas in scenery. -Both shows has amazing soundtrack, however artwork in 5cm/s is more detailed, because it's newer. -Both shows are very realistic, but 5cm/s hasn't whole sci-fi element. Those who liked one show, will surely like other one.
report Recommended by TapuTapuu
The longing for a loved one to return is the main theme in both. Both are amazingly unique. The emotional depth is very strong considering that most or all of the dialog is done by the two main characters. There is also a great deal of stunning animation. The ending though is quite different. There is a manga to Hoshi no Koe which provides a bit more closure. I won't reveal it, but you might like the ending of one anime over the other.
report Recommended by AvatarSama
Hoshi no Koe and Byousoku 5 Centimeters are both directed by Makoto Shinkai. Similar themes are present such as exchanging letters/messages between two people in a long distance relationship. Hoshi no Koe might be considered the spiritual prototype to Byousoku 5 Centimeter in many ways.
report Recommended by Hakase-dono
Both anime are directed by Makoto Shinkai, so they have similar style and elements. Both deal with long distance relationships, giving the watcher a similar melancholic feeling. Both feature first-person narratives and are quite touching.
report Recommended by BohemianRhapsody
A distance relationship where the only way to communicate are texting, they will decrease when more distant from each other are.
report Recommended by OtakuNote87
They are both about long distant relationships and show the ugly truth behind them so if you liked one of the two you'll most likely enjoy the other. Also both of these series can be finished in one sitting.
report Recommended by jjashael
You could recommend any one of Shinkai's works, seeing as they are all quite similar, but the one with the most similarities to 5 Centimeters per Second is definitely Voices of a Distant Star (and vice versa). Despite being different in length and the latter including Sci-Fi elements, they are the same in that they feature two people who are separated by unfortunate situations, and how that distance inpacts their relationship. 5 Centimeters per Second portrays not only physical distance in ep 1, but also emotional disctance in ep 2. The art in 5 Centimeters per Second is definitely better, seeing as it was made   read more
report Recommended by nikolol
"Voices of a Distant Star" and "5 Centimeters per Second" are both films made by Makoto Shinkai early in his career, and thus they have a lot in common both thematically and visually: -they both have to do with a long-term relationship and two individuals drifting apart over time -the music is very similar in both, emotional piano-based tunes -the animation is also very similar, stunning background art, although the way the people are animated is a little unpolished -the endings of both films are similar, end on a bit of a sad/bittersweet note While "Voices of a Distant Star" is science-fiction and "5 Centimeters per Second" is far more   read more
report Recommended by Inter_anime