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Byousoku 5 Centimeter
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Byousoku 5 Centimeter
Clannad: After Story
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Clannad: After Story
Although at the beginning of CLANNAD ~After Story~, it starts off as mostly a comedy, it gets much more deeper. They both have the same pain of losing the person you love, have the same feelings and emotions. To be honest, Tomoya reminded me of Takaki in the way they dealed with everything. They also both have absolutely beautiful backgrounds, although 5 cm Per Second's was a bit more detailed. and the last thing, they both make you want to cry.
report Recommended by TheFukoMaster
Both tell a very sad and tender love story, and how the complexities realistic life throws at you affects those relationships.
report Recommended by NoMercy
if you like the beauty, reality and saddness of life like 5 Centimeters, Clannad ~After Story~ will be truely wonderful. (It's best if you watch the Clannad first, but not necessary)
report Recommended by xMrFlipFlop
Two lifelike series full of drama, watching them will make your eye on life more clear. The creators show us the ordeals anyone could have experienced or will experience: first love, disenchantment of one's life, death of one's dear people. I like these series for their kindness and warmth. If you happen to watch them, i suggest you start with "5cm" to enter "C:AS" in appropriate mood; after having a small depression ravine when you finish the first one you should feel clarification at the end of the second. Also, you'll have the possibility of enjoying two top notch drawing animes in a   read more
report Recommended by lotrus28
Those searching for a bitersweet romance need not look further than these two animes. Both feature amazing animation, a superb soundtrack, and characters that will make your heart melt. Both can easily be considered among the best romance anime of all time.
report Recommended by Sabeeh
If you enjoyed Clannad: After Story, then you'll enjoy Byousoku 5 Centimeter's similar heart-crushing (but still somehow beautiful) story that doesn't offer anything to make you feel better afterward. Both shows leave the viewer with that heavy, bitter "Why did it have to turn out this way; I desperately wish I could go back and do it over" feeling. Be sure you have ice cream on hand.
report Recommended by Aurumai
Both start of with a boy like girl setting, then it takes a turn for the worse. (You might face slight depression after completion of either of these series.)
report Recommended by NoviemberIX
Both are heartbreaking, tragic yet sentimental masterpieces of modern anime romance. Both are eccentric and innovative in their story with commendable characters. Primary protagonist in both experience nearly identical situations and experiences at some point, similar outcomes befall onto both as well.
report Recommended by vasili101
Both revolve around a love relationship spanning over the course of years, along with the struggles the characters face, their interactions with other people, and a similar art style.
report Recommended by Calcature
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