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Byousoku 5 Centimeter
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Byousoku 5 Centimeter
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Kotonoha no Niwa
Makoto Shinkai is involved in both works so expect similar themes and style of writing. (he is director and writer of both films) In both films, there features a young main male protagonist who seemingly forms a romantic relationship with the female protagonist. The mood is calm with a lighthearted atmosphere. At the same time, they bond through connections. The visuals/artwork in both series is also absolutely stunning.
report Recommended by Stark700
•both were created by the same director •both are absolutely amazing in the animation are style wise, there is absolutely no flaw or any faults at all of the beautifully drawn animation which is spectacular •both focus on particular relationship that is in our society today and break it down with absolute accuracy and awareness from which both feelings are understood from both counterparts •both relationships have the meaning 'distance' in a sense and always congregates that distance isnt an issue. •both are a beautifully stunning must watch, yet from my opinion the pace for each of the movies are completely different in a sense, i couldnt   read more
report Recommended by Lupta
Two fantastic movies by the same author, extraordinary art and a story the revolves around love .
report Recommended by TheAwakenHD
Bittersweet love stories accompanied by beautiful music and a visual feast. Can the main characters overcome the "distance", whether it be physical or psychological, between their love?
report Recommended by bunny1ov3r
Both are by the same author and director. Both have stunning visual art and a story that revolves around the love between two people and the various hardships that come along with it.
report Recommended by Alaczer
Both are visual beauties with bittersweet but enjoyable stories and deal with the theme of "distance".
report Recommended by Rizzles
An emotional love story by the same writer/director!
report Recommended by b4
Both same director, both about a love who canno't be lived by the two lovers. Beautiful art, beautiful soundtrack, all the emotions pass by these and some few words. In others words, both are wonderful and similar
report Recommended by Zackstrife2
-Both are visually stunning -Both created by the same director -Both are movies -Both focus on a relationship in our society and break it down accurately to show both sides' feelings are understood -Both have the concept of 'distance' which the characters have to overcome in the relationship (both physical and psychological) -A similar atmosphere in both -Both can be described as 'bittersweet' -Both have beautiful music to compliment the mood and art I personally enjoyed Kotonoha no Niwa more, but Byousoku 5 Centimeter is also amazing. I was captivated by the art in both. The pace in each one is different, but if you liked one, you will definitely like   read more
report Recommended by Shanayaaa
-Both are directed by makoto Shinkai -They are both realistic -Both are absolutelly gorgeous -Byousoku 5 Centimeters have an pesimistic aspect, while Kotonoha no Niwa have a little more optimististic aspect
report Recommended by EmiBle
Same atmosphere, same animation, realistic depiction of life.
report Recommended by Eureka
They both are created by the same director. Both are romantic drama films. Both are so realistic, especially Kotonoha, that animation is just beautiful. And both will make you feel some emotions that you may haven't ever felt.
report Recommended by MDP13
Both animes have beautiful animation, very realistic and breathtaking! The love stories in both are very charming and complex! If you liked either or then I recommend the other one.
report Recommended by HardeepIsGay
Similar beautiful sparkling starry animation that revolves around romance... This anime has an amazing OST [Rain], the romance is beutiful it is the best romance anime movie
report Recommended by Rakama
Both beautiful love stories from Shinkai Makoto more beautiful than the real world.
report Recommended by K_Cad
- Both Movie are from the Same director - Makoto Shinkai - Both have a Realistic Story about hardships of love - Both have Gorgeous Animation Styles/Landscapes - Both have Beautiul Musics perfectly fits on the current scenes. - Both have Heartbreaking Story
report Recommended by lEONHEL
Melodramatic and gives off the sensation of a slow burn. Both male characters long for a romantic relationship with the female counterparts, but their love is mostly one-sided.
report Recommended by FormerFreeloader
Waiting for fate can be cruel. But as each of these movies beautifully portray, there is pleasure to be derived in this waiting.
report Recommended by UnliExp
Both have a story that is very subtle. Both movies need the watcher to really look into the details to find the true meaning of the story. Also, the animations on both these films are very good.
report Recommended by ke1estial
Similarities: Created by the same director The amazing art style and plot Both are movies both focus on a particular relationship that is in our society today and break it down with absolute accuracy and awareness from which both feelings are understood by both counterparts
report Recommended by Yuukinaa
Makoto Shinkai strikes again with 2 more hits. Both these films take a very unique but very relatable approach to relationships and young love. Both of these movies are more grounded and down to earth compared to Shinkai's otherworldly hits like Kimi no Nawa and Tenki no Ko.
report Recommended by Noxess