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Kumo no Mukou, Yakusoku no Basho
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Kumo no Mukou, Yakusoku no Basho
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Byousoku 5 Centimeter
They\'re from the same director, so you can expect the style to be quite similar. 5cm doesn\'t have the whole sci-fi element involved though... at least not as it stands after the first episode.
report Recommended by Krelian
They are both work done by Makoto Shinkai. Both have similarly beautiful animation styles. Both movies have similar stories in that both main characters are separated by an obstacle (either distance or time) that interferes with their love for each other. The two main characters in both movies also haven't been with each other since they were young.
report Recommended by Lattmucci516
As often said before this is by the same director and about friends being seperated over a period of time. It\'s drama and also a little sci-fi.
report Recommended by ani__
Both movies are similar in many aspects. Both are slice-of-life-ish (though The Place Promised strays from that path a few times), and the main characters are two childhood friends, a boy and a girl who have been separated for a long time. They have a distinct feeling of calmness to them, similar character designs as well as gorgeous art and animation. Both are directed by Makoto Shinkai, which is more than likely the reason for this similarity.
report Recommended by TheLlama
love story from the same director that you might like.
report Recommended by shanq
They both are rather short and has these 2 or 3 parts where the action goes to another point of view or to another time. The romance and drama is outstanding in oth of them, so if you're in for those genres, don't miss these two out ;)
report Recommended by Tii__
Both movies explore the notion of overcoming the distance between lovers. They are both directed by Makoto Shinkai and expectedly have brilliant artwork and backgrounds. They both incorporate a slice-of-life genre into the film and would be enjoyable to anyone looking for a moving romantic movie.
report Recommended by co_flame
Like The Most Recommendations Say. Both Are Makoto Shinkais Work. If You Ever Seen One He's Works Before. You'll Understand it. Truly Both Are Really Beutiful Drama Romance Stories.
report Recommended by Jesperkx
Though 5CM Per Second doesn't have that Sci-Fi element in it, both deal with similar development and animation throughout the series, of course, both are done by the same guy.
report Recommended by Ilyaoh
Same Director, Makoto Shinkai
report Recommended by Kxe50
It looks like one story from one studio. This same graphic. Colors. Everything.
report Recommended by brendon14
Both have the same director and a similar art. But Kimi no Mukou, Yakusoku no Basho have more science and technology.
report Recommended by YagamiShinji
both are romance movies
report Recommended by -SoraChan-
A beautifull love strory of three friends. Same director, same wonderful artistic design, not as realistic as "5 cm per second", but excelent anyway .
report Recommended by Saintarz
Same drawing style and similar characters. Both are great and worth watching. Even thought "Place promised..." is a bit more apocalyptic they still match each other perfectly. If you liked animation, characters and landscapes of "5 cm/s" then you will definitely like "Place promised in our early days" .
report Recommended by Homunkulas
Both are created and directed by Makoto Shinkai. The special effect shown in both animation are very detailed. Moreover, the love story is often wrapped with dreams and reality. Both story are very touching. Hope you will enjoy watching them.
report Recommended by Zheng1991
Very similar anime, and both are masterpieces! Amazing animation and sound, and in both anime there is a touching and very emotional story, even though sadness is a common thing. Aside of that, the ideas of the stories are very nice, and the characters as well. In general, if you've watched one of them, you definetely have to watch the other one, but I'd say both are a "must" in everyone's "watched" or "want to watch" list!
report Recommended by PhalanxAndromeda
Same Director
report Recommended by ZorrdaFRseDo
Both of these films were directed by Makoto Shinkai, so they're bound to be similar. Both involve people who were friends in childhood but have now grown apart. 5 Centimeters Per Second is, in my opinion, a far superior film however.
report Recommended by ZeroRapture
Made by the same people, with a great dramatic.. even slice of life story. Great similar Art style, sounds is great. Although I think 5cm per second is more melancholic than Kumo no mukou.. I think if you like one you'll like the other
report Recommended by SirDuck21
Made by the same director, beautiful animation and sound. If you enjoyed 5 centimeters per second, be sure to check out this great film as well.
report Recommended by IloveDubs
The main focus on both is unrequited love. The importance of trains play in the imagery is also shared. Similar and fantastic animation in both.
report Recommended by AvatarSama
Same director, similar artwork. Both are rich emotional anime.
report Recommended by thekryz
Both films are by the same Director Makoto Shinkai, they also have one of the best animations, the Soundtrack is incredible for both films, giving memorable melodies made with Piano and Violin. The characters are similar and history shows us romances with opposite ends. Byousoku 5 Centimeter - - - Kumo no Mukou, Yakusoku no Basho                  Toono Takaki - - - Hiroki Fujisawa             Akari Shinohara - - - Sayuri Sawatari
report Recommended by Rising_Sun
All of Makoto Shinkai's works contain themes including distance, love, and self-identity, which are explored through various metaphors such as train stations, aircraft and more, and feature similar visual style and character development.
report Recommended by MarisaTheCube