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Maken-Ki! Two (Anime) add
Im not gonna write a long as revive allot of people already did I just gonna add my taught´s on it.

This anime plus season 1 will not win any award maybe in being full of fan service.

The story if it had any was meh it was all about tits lots of girls I bet they made this anime when they had raging boners and the brain left.

But I do say it made me laugh and that´s always a plus for me because some times I just wan´t see an anime that is not about death or blood and sadness sure I would rather say see Karin or slayers if you wan´t a good laugh but 10 episodes was okey and I could just forget about the real world and laugh a bit so I give it a 3 but that´s also im a sucker for bad movies and animes if they are funny enough.

If you rely hate bad jokes and tits don´t see it, if you like bad jokes and don´t care about tits see it at your own risk.
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40 minutes ago
Boku no Pico (Anime) add
DISCLAIMER: I was made to watch and write a review on this after losing a poker game and hence would like to withdraw myself from any exposure to criticisms on my decency as an individual for having watched this hentai.

Story (6): Well, just like in any porn that you might have watched previously, the stories are not so much of the focus. Clearly, the sex is the focus. Since this is a porn anyway, I thought it fairly served its purpose. Hence, I cannot give anything below what is fair.

Art (6): Quite detailed. I will not say it is a piece of art. Rather, it is an exaggeration that could possibly be intended to satisfy what is not achievable in real-life sex. Well, I guess that is the purpose of porn as well so I could not give anything below what is fair.

Sound (5): Who talks so much during sex? I don't know. The background music, however, is so innocent no one will ever suspect it's a porn until the scene comes out.

Characters (5): Just individuals who crave for sex, except Pico's grandfather - but who knows.

Enjoyment (5): I would like to give as much credit as possible to all anime I have watched, but a 5 is about it.

Overall (5): Uhh, don't watch it unless you were made to watch it.
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48 minutes ago
Shinsekai yori (Anime) add
it was a great anime and had a amazing story and a very good horror theme and this is coming from someone who hates horror maybe it was boosted by the fact i watched it all at night, i was glued to it and didn't want to go to sleep. the hole thing flowed together into a amazing series and i can not recommend it moor. also the way it flips between different stages in the characters lives and how that makes the story even better as they gradually unravel the tale of the village in a very ominous way. overall i think this should be at the tow of your list to each if you Havant seen it.

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49 minutes ago
Gintama (Anime) add
Gintama is a boring show for Fgt's

In my opinion its a really funny show but thats all.

Good Story? No!

Good Characters? All Fgt's except the main character.

I need a show with big Arc's but Gintama doesn't have.

And where is the Story? His Past? Are you kidding me?

Why is it so popular?


So that's the reason why Gintama is nothing for me.

I don't like this show.

I need a good Story, a long Story with good characters.

Baka to test is funnier than this show in many ways.

Guys don't watch this show go and watch Sword Art Online it's better than this shit!!
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51 minutes ago
Nana (Anime) add
Simply put 'Nana' is an anime about love and relationships, not just between a man and a woman, but love and relationships in general.

People are complex, and there are few animations out there that capture that complexity so well.

This anime has been around for a while and should definitely get a cult status.

On the down side 'Nana' tends to get overly motional at times, which might make the watching heart-wrenching; it does get unnecessarily tragic, but hey, our lives are quite often unnecessarily tragic.

The art work could have been better as the characters are unproportionally tall sometims (compared to the furniture), however, that might have been the drawing style at the time.

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56 minutes ago
Utawarerumono: Itsuwari no Kamen (Anime) add
Alright, I will keep this as short as possible. The anime is fantastic and it takes place around eighteen years after the first season. More importantly you /need/ to watch season one or a lot of this will not make sense which a lot of people have not done, and therefore don't understand it. The anime is based off of a game that recently got it's sequel so season one aired back in 2005-2006. It is great to see the characters from season one start to show back up in this other persons life and see the connections once you get what had happened before hand.

Anyways, please give the anime a shot /after/ watching season one which is just called Utawarerumono. Best of luck all, and enjoy this gem!
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1 hour ago
Tenkuu Danzai Skelter+Heaven (Anime) add
I watched this right after watching House of Small Cubes and I must admit, this just blew it out of the water. I'm quite impressed with how much work went into this little overlooked gem.
It feels like the amount of work that went into developing the characters in under 20 minutes was considerable at least and it definitely pays off by the end. I can't go into too many details without spoiling the halfway twist, but I'll inform you that the confusion prior to discovering the truth simply adds layers of depth to the entire OVA.
The story is kept simple, cute girls with medium sized mechs led by two strong, impressive men, are given the mission to eliminate an alien threat that invades the city. Will they be able to succeed without their internal dynamic being affected? Will they all survive?
Animation-wise, this stands out as a beautiful piece. Even for 2016, it still feels on par with other wonderfully crafted pieces such as Hibike! Euphonium. The use of 3DCG feels right at home and unlike other attempts such as the Evangelion reboot, Rebuild, manages to blend in perfectly with the 2D animation.
The story's resolution makes you feel for the characters and grow melancholic as, sadly, this OVA was never continued and its full potential was never reached.
I'd overall give it a strong 10, one of the very few instances when I have been absolutely sure of my decision, both subjectively and objectively. I feel truly complete after savouring this precious hidden gem.
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Hyouge Mono (Anime) add
Social upheaval, constant military conflict and political intrigue are the main characteristics of the Sengoku period; as a matter of fact, it could be described as a chaotic world, a clashing of individuals with vast ambitions. Admist the turmoil, the importance of Aesthetics, a philosophy of art, is not be forgotten, which influences that particular era significantly. Rather than focussing upon the various battles itself, Hyouge Mono showcases the importance of aesthetics, including fantastic characterization of its varied cast of characters. It comes together with a great narrative, along with fantastic and well placed comedy that serve to lighten the atmosphere at appropriate times.


The story of Hyouge Mono is based upon true historical recordings, that takes place in the final stage of the Sengoku period, the Azuchi-Momoyama period from 1573 to 1603: it is at the peak of Oda Nobunaga's power. The anime is a very character driven story, focussing on multiple characters where Furuta Sasuke could be seen as the main protagonist. It is a very accurate historical representation of that time, using the obscured historical records to interpretate the gaps and whole scope of those decades, and very convincingly so. For viewers familiar and not with the setting, may find themselves pleasantly surprised in discovering all the finer details.

What stands out in Hyouge Mono is the fact that it focusses on the importance of ideologies, aesthetics, rather than the all the battles and common themes (the samurai, bushido, glory) audiences are so accustomed to see. It certainly glances over such battles, as it is necessary to understand all the different conflicts that takes place. Special attention is placed upon the tea ceremonies and art, in particular that of simplicity and imperfection, all fundamental to understanding the story and the authors interpretation. It replaces action with meaningful dialogues and silence: both are used to enhance and highlight certain scenes, be it to enforce an emotion or ideal. Consequently, this naturally affects the pacing of the anime: while it has a magnificent start, the "slow" pacing drags out occasionally, especially in the middle - but it is very befitting (and necessary). Luckily, it heightens its pace afterwards. Its focus is a fresh and delightful approach on the genre.

As mentioned earlier, Hyouge Mono is an interpretation of the events of the Azuchi-Momoyama period: some key points are unknown, thus it becomes arguably necessary to create a well structured narrative with convincing elements to support this, which was the case. Regarding the structure as a whole, the show may seem of simple nature at first glance, yet it quickly becomes apparent that both differing and mutual interests spiral into conflicts that either leave at the beginning some open ends, or converge into bigger ones, nicely weaving most of it until the end of the story. As mentioned earlier, comedy is another great aspect of the anime: it is unique on its own, having its main focus upon both the social standing of that period, together with our own. In addition it is read more
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Not a strong fan of detective shows but this one was a pretty good story. I won't ruin it for you but it's got a kicker of an ending. Well thought out. The show goes very slow also, so be prepared for that.

The professor is my favorite character of them all. At first I was put off about how laid back he is, but his character grew on me as this intelligent but very reserved person who only speaks after thinking long and hard about stuff.

This show as a strong under-age sexual relationship theme to it so be prepared.
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2 hours ago
Mirai Nikki (TV) (Anime) add
This is a masterpiece for me even though I'm not even the strongest fan of weak protagonists like Yukki, but Future diary beautifully describes what I believe one of the best depictions of forbidden love combined with an interesting battle of wits and intellect in a game to become god. At first I was put off by Yuno in the beginning of the show, but as the story unfolds and you learn more about Yuno, I began to sympathize for Yuno and what she goes through. Even towards the end of the show I was rooting for them to be together. I think Yuno says it best towards the end, "What's insane is that we can't be together!".
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Shigatsu wa Kimi no Uso (Anime) add

*Piled up heavily with feels* No spoilers tho. Here it goes:

Lies, friendship & love seem to be elements of almost every anime these days (even hentai if you ask me - just twisted version). In terms of love, Shōnen like Naruto, One Piece, Bleach and other classics have given all of us a big fat dose of all these elements including a never ending supply of "ai". Yet we still look for more in new, progressively shallow anime, which ultimately leaves us feeling empty and unmotivated to finish that damn paper, to run that extra mile to confess our feelings and speak louder than our vices.

I've been keeping up with almost any new show, just to feel the rush Luffy, Naruto and their friends gave me as I clutched a tissue box and listened to their monologues. Time and time I find myself disappointed.

Don't get me wrong, Shigatsu wa Kimi no Uso is no Shōnen anime. It's not filled with tangible enemies, monsters and moral issues solvable with fists and a little love. This anime explores monsters that each and every artist struggles with on their path to success.

I'm an artist. I've plundered a sea of fear, dropped my trumpet, screamed and pounded my piano, trashed countless texts I work on for months. I understand the struggle, and am 100000000 x grateful to Arakawa, Naoshi for creating such a masterful piece of work.

Characters: 10

Individual character development is well thought out, changes in behaviour are reasonable and very well transitioned. The four friends, fighting for each other, supporting each other despite their diverse hobbies and ambitions capture the essence of their bond: To push on, to keep going despite dark days, losses and the pain their ambition infuses deep into their heart. To endure the pain with a raised chin and proud stare.

Arima the seamlessly negligent kid, momentarily inspired despite the pain his muse inflicts on his
fragile heart. Kaori a headstrong moron, with a suffocating secret which she battles just to stroke her delicate hands passionately over her beloved instrument. Tsubaki the broken crusader whom tries to fix everything and everyone around her, but forgets to think about the burning emotion in her heart. Ryouta, the unmoral sunshine.

Each characters bursts with passion and love toward something. Striving, reaching, struggling. That's what makes us human. That's what makes them real. That's what makes them human.

Story: 8

Crushing, enjoyable, genuine, emotional - some phrases that popped into my head when thinking. Why just an 8? Well. Having 22 episodes, I thought it would present a large amount of musical performances that would get me all emotional and...yeah. Instead there were always at least 3 or 4 episodes that built up to the performance. Not bad, just occasionally dragged on.
However the characters described above, blended perfectly with the storyline and it's themes.
Warning...Prepare that tissue box bro.

It's very different from Hibike! Euphonium. Not as many ecchi scenes, but the story is often ruined read more
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4 hours ago
Ao no Kanata no Four Rhythm (Anime) add
So I really liked this anime, it was very entertaining and the characters were really fun. I could really enjoy these epic battles, and the last episode made me really emotional, it is truly a great anime. One thing that bothers me a bit... is the lack of a bit more slice of life scenes and a bit more character development, I think it was just a bit rushed, not really much, but they could have done much more and it would have been a 10, I would fucking love this anime and it would be my favorite. But yeah overall an 8.
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4 hours ago
Diamond no Ace: Second Season (Anime) add
The 2nd season for Diamond no Ace keeps the hope of winning a ticket to national tournament alive!

Story: Like almost every sport anime I have seen the goal is very simple indeed. (Baby Steps, Prince of Tennis) Still the story keeps surprising by different factors which are common in real life, not everything can go as planned. This is exactly why Diamond no Ace gives this refreshing "slice-off" life feeling. Even though the story isn't that awesome, they manage to perform so well. Main protagonists are pitcher Sawamura Eijun, Furuya Satoru and catcher Miyuki Kazuya, but because of this is about baseball a team sport we will also watch how other players will grow as a players. Story pacing is very good, individual elements like slice of life amazing! Especially the moments where pitcher was about to pitch felt thrilling. Ending was satisfying and almost just almost got tear.


Art: Art is pretty memorable, but nothing "overly" unique. Animation is fluid through the whole series. Character design is well done and my favorite is Miyuki Kazuya. Best animations were in action scenes so pitching and batting were intense, well described and overall good. Background animations and so on weren't impressive quite dull, but at least they managed to do the most important thing right!


Sound: Characters voice actors were very fitting and I liked a lot of Kataoka Tesshin voice. Background music was the most amazing of all sounds. They enhanced feelings like fear, excitement, frustration and the moment when you success and win! My favorite OSTS are Grow Stronger step by step, Grow stronger day by day theme of Sawamura (same kind of as the earlier one) and Climb over Wall. I think they are pretty much the same as in previous season. (Can't remember the one they used when batting to intensify the feeling). Openings (2x) are catchy, but I liked the final opening much more. Endings are good but nothing significant.


Characters: Characters are almost well-rounded but for some odd reason there is a trend for little bit "dumb" characters. Fortunately it doesn't stick out that much that it would disturb. Characters reacted to things realistically especially in depression, feeling of the loss and victory. Character growth isn't that versatile but it happens when people want to learn from their mistakes or support their teammates. Sawamura learns to be more confident in his pitches and Furuya learns the responsibility as a pitcher. Characters like Sawamura, Furuya, Miyuki and Haruichi are more fleshed in the series than their teammates. There aren't any "villains" there are just amazing players who want to win for different reasons. I will remember especially the main characters I said and probably Haruichi and Miyuki better because I liked their design more.



Sport anime can split opinions from one end to other end, but I started watching sport anime with a little hesitation, but pretty open minded. So yes, I think that non-anime fans can enjoy this if they are pretty close to sport read more
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Me and my friend have been playing pso2 for a bit, and have been quite enjoying it. It's a fun game and seeing that an anime adaptation sounded like a cool idea. So the anime comes out, and I haven't felt anime blue balls this hard since sword art online. Disappointment, disappointment, disappointment everywhere. Why is this plot? What is this plot? How is this plot? This plot is boring and stupid. Study the game because people like it and it's affecting their grades. Is that interesting to you? This is an adaptation of a sci fi game. They could've easily given it a Code Lyoko plot where monsters come to the high school, but noooooooooooooooooooooope. Gotta make sure it's as stupid and boring as possible. Heck, they could've made it sao where people are trapped in the game. Or made it actually the story in the game. You know? Something somewhat interesting. Then there's the main character. He's so main character. I don't even know if he's a character. He just is a person who plays a game, and does the work he's told because the plot said so. Play the game because. Write the report because other character said so. I can't even name a single character trait out of him after 3 episodes. All I can make out of him is "Main character" so we can check off main character on our cookie cutter how to make an anime youtube tutorial. And then there's the main girl. I can't say a thing about her either. Other than the fact that she's the council president or something and plays as a solo player in pso2. So she's like Kirito but female. Both are barely passable characters if you stretch it enough and solo play mmos. That's their characters, that's it. Also, in the game she's like amazing at the game and is very popular? And she's a guy in pso2. Someone who's never played pso2 is probably asking "How would you know? It's a giant robot thing." I know because in pso2, the female Cast Members(the robot things) have huge hair looking metal things and actually look like humans. Then Male Cast Members are just gundams. They're gundams. I don't know what else I can say about this show. I skipped ahead to episode 10 and dropped it after 5 minutes because it was just as boring as I remember. They were literally doing a school festival. How much more default generic anime setting can you get? I could probably name 5 anime that had a school festival scene in them off the top of my head. Toradora, To Love Ru, My little Monster, and I think Highschool DxD had one. I don't know, I didn't care enough for an anime with girls who apparently are sticks with tits fighting for something about demons. I'm getting off topic, this anime is bad. Just because an anime has something you like in the name doesn't mean it's good. Don't read more
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5 hours ago
Kiznaiver (Anime) add
First epsiode, I think quietly interesting. I'm feel something mysteriously story when it get flash back about the young girl and main character met.

I don't know why, but I'm interested on character Sonozaki. She has good though, cool when she talked and mysteriously character.

My feeling become so confused when look at the main character life. He have got terrible life, but he likes zombi. he doesn't feel anything, pain in physical or on his heart. Because of that I thought this good job. I liked it.

Concept scar on one human and could be shared to another peopple, thats greats title. realy sketch the main idea of this anime.
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I write this review because there are a lot of reviews which do overate this show and which are solely based on the initial episodes.

So far eight episodes have been aired and when I started watching this show I thought to myself, this will be one of the best anime in this season. How wrong I was.

The first episodes introduce various characters, introduce a plot with various layers of storytelling. It portrays a "realistic" fantasy world, and attempts to be critical about other anime in the same genre: "other world". The first episodes are funny and succeed to capture the viewer's attention. By doing so this show produces high expectations to be some sort of superior show. Additionally, the plot deals with topics such as a kingdom which is in a succession crises, crime, social gap and discrimination as well as sorcery and finally, blood is spilled.

However, as the show goes on, the author drops the plot and does not pursue the various story strings any further but instead focuses on the main character and his relation with some random side characters. As a consequence, the whole plot deteriorates and is neglected. In fact, the plot becomes just some sort of insignificant byproduct of an average harem "other world" story.

It seems as if a different anime started.At this phase the Anime starts to become your generic low quality "other world" genre anime. All the expectations get utterly crushed and you are left with an endless repetition of the same boring characters. You have 2d characters such as loli, tsundere, maids and a main heroine without personality. This goes on for several episodes and has not yet been ended.

The character development of the main protagonist is so-so, all harem cliches can be applied to him as well. Even though the show claims to be original the author manages to convince the viewer of the opposite. Nonetheless, sometimes a glimpse of light or to put it differently hope is shining through, which, unfortunately, in the consecutive episodes get crushed. Nevertheless, I have seen worse in the harem genre and this harsh critic therefore might not do this anime justice.

In conclusion, it can be said that at this point this anime still has a chance to become somewhat better, but the direction it takes seems to be a dark one.
So, can I recommend the anime? I do not know yet. However what I can say is that the first episodes are somewhat enjoyable. That being said, if you expect a fast paced plot, with action and original female characters, then you are wrong here! If you expect some average harem anime with a supernatural-other world touch, which is good enough to somewhat keep your attention, then go ahead and give it a try.
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Boku no Hero Academia (Anime) add
Do I have your attention now?...hehe

Boku no Hero Academia is not like your every shounen anime. This (and One punch man) is kind of "shounen gone american" version, like the concept of superhero society spreading around which is(and I mean it) certainly not a bad thing. We all watch things for something new but once in a while who doesn't like combos (here bit american-japanese).
Izuku Midoriya is your nerd with hell-lot of bravery who wants to become a hero no matter what. SO it's the story of the journey of this boy from being a zero to some ass-kicking-badass-'all-might'y hero......
The universe of My hero Academica is where everybody(almost) have some kind of power or quirk (in anime's terms), now according to their powers they become either heroes or live normally. Now Izuku (I think u already know) is our powerless but passionate wannabe hero, the emotions, the feelings that he carries are one of the +points and is beautifully portrayed. Every hero story needs a rival either in a form of enemy or friend-now here we have Bakugou who is one arrogant prick but yet overwhelmingly powerful, he my friends makes a great rival who is standing on the brink of the pit of evil held by Izuku from the other end. No matter which universe we go we all stay human, hence it is yet another saga of struggle against the odds. Ofcourse (you know) there is also an evil organisation at work who like any other one believes in extermination of all heroes and bring darkness, so what their plan is..>.>(don't worry not tellin) but they still have a big plan they need to now our Hero Academica will try and stop them..
So let the game begin...

Animation is not 'WoW' but it is good, somewhat like in every other anime, it's pleasant to watch.

Music/Sound/Voice Actors-9/10
Music is good...OP is "The Day" by Porno Graffitti and ED is"HEROES" by Brian the Sun....Background music in important and fighting scene is badass,cool...Voice actors are good..I personally quite like Urakawa's voice done by Ayane sakane (She's super cute ...(~ ~))

Izuku is good earnest hero, Bakugou is your 'almost evil'-hero, Todoroki is your 'all powerful yet in pain' hero and many more interesting ones.I've read it's manga first and I think you can see a character more truthfully in it's original form, so what I can say is that the character don't have that much depth (but anyway when did shounen heroes had any depth...ლ(o◡oლ)) but still they do the task.

Anyway it's a show with a great potential as Masashi Kishimoto said. I personally think it's a must watch as for seeing the sort-of changing trends in anime industry.
Result::GO AND WATCH IT and see for yourself, alrighty!!!!(Surely, worth a try)
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Bungou Stray Dogs (Anime) add
Honestly, I'm oscillating between a 7 and an 8 for this show. Although I enjoy it quite a lot, I can really see why reviews cluster around the 'unfavorable' scores.

Characters - 8
My friend recommended this show to me because I'm a pretty big fan of Akutagawa Ryuunosuke. I was interested because, wow, they were making an anime that's basically a melting pot of Japanese literature! (or so I thought). I'm familiar with three of the characters in the show, which is definitely a plus because the gags, repeated ad nauseum, are at least interesting. Take Dazai for example. Everything about him is just so... fluffy. Very divorced from the actual guy himself. Am I disappointed? Not at all. Do I appreciate his often inopportune interjections of wanting a double suicide with beautiful ladies? Yes, but I can see why most people don't. It appeals to my weird sense of comedy, but I know it wouldn't if I weren't familiar with Dazai's history. Some of the 'quirky' character traits of the characters are just not interestingly quirky if not given context.

That being said, I like most of the cast a lot, regardless of whether I know their real-life biographies. The ensemble works well together. And although the plot seems a little peripheral at times, giving way to comedy, it's definitely moving and the characters are showing a little more depth.

Plot - 6
Disclaimer: I'm not much of an action anime fan. I was actually surprised to find out that the show was an action seinen anime - from past experience I know that shows have a hard time walking that line between keeping things adventurous and action-y and bringing in deeper themes that are consistent with the seinen genre.

I think this show struggles with this as well, especially with the added component of comedy. The plot just doesn't feel genuine because there's a lot of comedic relief. Frankly, I'm not that interested in the plot, I'm just really in love with the concept of an anime with reference to literature (however disparate). Bungou Stray Dogs is the kind of show I watch without any kind of investment, so plot isn't really a problem, but if you, dear reader, want a good action show, Bungou doesn't have what you're looking for.

Other things
I gave art a 9 and sound an 8. I don't have the eye (or ear) for these kinds of things, but according to my more perceptive friend, the art is really well-done. I'd personally like to see more bright colors on the palette, though. I don't nitpick sound, but the soundtrack isn't memorable either, hence the respectable 8.

As I mentioned earlier, I'm stuck between rating 7 and 8 for this show, just because I enjoy it but I also don't think it justifies an 8. And I can also see why most of the top ratings are unfavorable - the plot is frankly not very engaging and the characters are hit-or-miss.

On a side note, I'm really happy that this show is read more
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7 hours ago
Shitcom (Anime) add
I'm finally doing it. I am revising a review. Let's do this baby.

For those who don't know I am Josh and today I am re-reviewing shitcom. Let's just get this over with.

Story- It has a message. I'll give it that. It's showing that if you truly love someone you'll accept them no matter what. I'll give it that but dear god you couldn't have done it in a different way that makes me want to vomit. I got enough of people crapping out of their mouths in South Park.

Art- I am debating on wether this is anime. Yes it is made in Japan as far as I know. Yes it brings something different to the table and yes the guy who made it was Japanese. But this looks more or less like a cartoon more then anime. When I think of claymation, I think of cartoon not anime

Sound- There is some sound and it sounds classical. It some type of classic music but that isn't really my thing so I couldn't tell you what it was

Characters- I don't even know how to describe the characters

Enjoyment- While I did think about and got the message..I'm sorry I didn't enjoy it. If you did fine, I didn't. I'm sorry but I sincerely have limits with what I want to see and while I can get the message which a good one...I don't want to see that. I don't want to see crap coming out of someone's mouth. I don't even want to look at my own crap. It made me want to vomit cause I seriously don't want to see n if it is meant to show a message or whatever, I don't want to freaking see that. It sincerely made me lose my appetite.

Overall- While I do get the message which I will again say is a nice one...No I'm sorry it's still a 1/10 for me. There's a message and I am sorry but I can't get passed the visuals without wanting to vomit
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First I want to split my review into two parts, one that I wrote months ago referred to the first season (without being influenced by the vision of the second season), and my analysis on the second half

 First season (I had not yet seen the second part):

 Assuming that the vote (10) takes into account the enormous hype caused by a season finale adapted to the great future as compared to the second part of this will be nothing in comparison.
 Finally after the horrific souls of Deen, "Fate / Stay Night" is a truly transposition with all the trimmings: the work goes to narrate the first half of the events of the Second Route, "Unlimited Blade Works"; compared to the visual novel are reading added managed by the original author (Kinoko Nasu), many pleasant and some avoidable (too many clues about a plot twist that there will be on the second part).

 With regard to animations confirm only a matter of course, nothing short of extraordinary and perfect, unprecedented, the Ufotable proves the best in the industry, this accopagnato by a director who very often will prove both professional and engaging, not counting the really beautiful music and well-aimed.

 I prefer not to say too much about the plot in the review, as the basic story in opera is not anything compared to its development (in a story good is meant, though there are exceptions), but even here the premises are intriguing, we He finds himself in an urban fantasy context. Seven selected must fight each other to the grail and each will have its own servant, a historical figure (like Alexander the Great) or mythological (Hercules type) so large as to be reincarnated as a heroic spirit, a powerful "familiar" that may belong to a seven classes, all balanced in Surprising so although there are powerful servant.
 What I just described leads to a result, spectacular crashes with a realizazione sublime and comparisons of different skills that will keep the viewer has pasted to the screen; "Fate / Stay Night" is focusing on the battles and believe me when I tell you about this in addition to not be second to none there is not the slightest comparison; even so there will be many quiet parts, no middle or entire episodes devoted to the battle or several bets without a shred of action that carratterizano still very characters and are very accessible thanks to the advancement of the well-kept plot.

 If they asked me with a gun at the head of list of the imperfections and to be more critical can probably cite a lightweight script error that I noticed in the prologue (ask for that class is the enemy servant has just shouted it from the rooftops when Rin) and it takes to complain, also a detail of the character design you might not like is the nose of Rin (have it always with you ... and it is the female protagonist of this route), which could be corrected in Blue -Ray, not read more
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Toradora! (Anime) add
One thing it constantly frustrates me iis how anime writters and producers have so many great, ingenious ideas, just to execute them terribly bad *cough* SAO *cough*. Aaaand Toradora is not exception to this. The anime comunity praises this show as one of the greatest romances ever, and it could have been, if it wasn't because the creators of this series forgot one tiny tiny detail : SUBTLETY.

STORY 6/10

Ok , this was for me the biggest dissapointment of the series, by far. They have all this great ideas for the different arcs, and then they are doing a great job in executing it, aaaand just when you are on the climax, waiting to see the grand finale, it turns into this over the top over dramatic ridiculous story that leaves you with a giant WTF!!! moment. Don't know what I mean:

For example, you have this arc about Kitamura, that deals with the conflict of having the person you love go far away from you, and the burden of taking a position that involves a lot of responsability, especially since the loved one was the person in charge of said position. Great topic for a story, and you have genuinely emotional moments, like when Taiga wants to watch Kitamura's sleeping face ( after he escaped home) and she sees he cried to sleep.
But then by the end of the arc, you have the confession where Kitamura starts to scream at the top of his lungs in front of all the school that he loves the council president (whose name I don't remmeber) , and as if this wasn't ridiculous enough, Taiga gets in a overly ridiculous and over the top sword fight with the president, because Taiga was furious that she hurt Kitamura only because president wasn't able to accept the feelings she had for Kitamura, and even though the explanation as to why she couldn't do it made sense, after all those ridiculous events I couldn't give less of a shit.

Another example, Taiga showing her affection for Ryuji while they were friends. Good example: When Ryuji is trying to convince Taiga to give her father an opportunity to fix their relation, and when he starts to explain how lucky she is that her father is still alive, and is on the brink of tears, Taiga only caress his face and says: ''Ok , i'll go but don't put that face''
Bad Example: During the swimming competition, when Ryuji is drowning, and Taiga, who two seconds ago couldn't swim, suddenly becomes a profesional diver, and to make matters worse, when people try to approach Ryuji to help him , she starts to yell histerically ''DONT TOUCH MY RYUJI!!! even though she wasn't even in love with him yet.

Why does the first example works? Because of how realistic and relatable it is. The second one isn't only over the top, but ridiculous and stupid.

This example sumarizes all the problems I had with the story of Toradora, there are tons of other read more
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Dimension W (Anime) add
Although it says I completed it that is a bit of a bold face lie. Well not a lie, just more like I am half way through the last episode since I tried to watch it this morning but I had to go to school halfway through it. But none the less I am doing a review

For those who don't know I'm Josh and today I'm reviewing the anime known as Dimension W. Let's do this

Story- The setting is interesting. Personally I have never been an end all be all sci-Fi fan but I like the setting. The story on the other hand was...meh. I mean it was original I give it credit there and not he worst story I have ever seen but it just felt...meh to me for some reason. Through the first 5 episodes I liked it but by the second half that is when I found it to be meh. It isn't really a bad story though. I don't know what happens in the end so I couldn't really say anything about that till I fully see it. Overall though I will give it a 6/10

Art- I actually liked the art in this. Pretty good for what it is and I like the character designs to a certain extent. Plus the fight scenes were pretty cool Overall I give this a 7/10

Sound- I love the opening to this to death. I will play it over and over again. That is how much I like it. The ending is average for me and the sound track is decent. Overall it gets a 7/10

Characters- Like the story I did find he characters to be meh. Now granted I do like a couple of them but in the end the character just felt meh to me. Not hat they weren't interesting or anything, I just found them not to be that exciting really. Overall 6/10

Enjoyment- I really enjoyed. It's one of those anime I just can't do anything but find myself enjoying it. Overall 8/10

Overall- Dimension W isn't the greatest, but it is a pretty good anime to watch. I would recommend this to anyone who loves Sci-Fi anime really. Overall the show gets a 7/10 from me
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Boku dake ga Inai Machi (Anime) add
Boku Daku Ga Inai Machi certainly offers an interesting view however it does have it's flaws. I would not be so kind as to rate it a masterpiece but nor would I be as cruel as the other viewers as it is definitely worth watching.

Story: Rating 7 - The story itself is well thought out... But poorly executed. Don't get me wrong.. Time travel is not an original concept but at the same time it's not the most explored type of anime either. The killer is very plainly obvious after a while and the mystery is truly lacking... There is no real explanation to the time lapses but that would become second nature if they planned out the mystery a bit more.

Art:Rating 7 - The art tends to take a morbid tone... I did find some flaws in the way faces were drawn... The way they did the lips on some characters truly bothered me. Other then that the art wasn't to bad.

Sound:Rating 8 - The sound was fine... I didn't really find myself focused on it to much as it tended to blend into the background.

Characters: Rating 5 - This is were the main failure lies. Every single person in this anime seem to lack one major thing... Logic... It was plainly obvious who the murder was after a while. It was also stupidly insane to watch the mc repeat 10 years of his life and not make use of it. I mean you have all the knowledge you do now but ten years ago... Sure you might wanna stop the killer but you still have other things you can do to make life easier in the future... Like start recording those lotto numbers in case you get sent back again... Or the stock market. Then of course he is a post college level child who can still further his smartness if he just tries.

Enjoyment:Rating 8 - It is worth watching.. I did enjoy it. Albeit with all the flaws.

Overall: Rating 7 - Steins gate was a masterpiece... This is just... Alright.. A good time killer but not for someone looking for a mindf*ckery.

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Shinsekai yori (Anime) add
I really enjoyed this anime, for several aspects. What I think is the most important is the psychological aspect. But first I'm going to make a quick review of the graphics and music.

Globally, this anime looks pretty good, and the graphics fit the theme of the anime : bright and colorful during the protagonists' childhood, but much darker when they start to understand how twisted the world they live in is. It also shows well the characters' confusion sometimes, especially during the last episodes. The music is really good and also fits the anime's atmosphere.

Now let's talk about the plot. When you start watching this anime, you receive a lot of information, which can be confusing, but later it gets clearer. Yet some things are more implicit, thus can be a bit confusing. The characters and their relationship could have been more developed but they're still interesting. The plot itself is really well done, because you never expect things to go like they actually do, or you can only guess it at the last moment. It evolves with the characters and their discoveries. I really enjoyed the thriller-like atmosphere of the whole story. The fate of the group of protagonists is really tragic and brings a really sad feeling, which adds to the sadness of this world's condition.

However, I could not give a 10/10 to this anime because of the ending. It's not all that bad, but really predictable, unlike the rest of the story, and for me it leaves a bitter taste of ignorance from the “new world's” humans. Maybe that's what was intended, but I expected a more nostalgic/melancholic ending that would, in my opinion, fit better with the whole atmosphere of the anime. I won't say more to avoid spoilers, but for me it seems a bit weird.

To conclude this review, I really liked this anime and it's among my favorites so far. I wouldn't recommend it for younger people though, as the psychological aspect is really dark, and makes the anime really mature. But if you like when animes make you think a lot, I really recommend this one.
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Bokurano (Anime) add
This will contain spoilers.

The worst plot of an anime, which takes itself so very very serious, I've ever seen. Natural selection of parallel universes, this doesnt make any sense in any possible universe. Dont get me wrong, Im not mad because it doesnt make sense, Im mad at the constructed nonsense of this anime. Given the fact there are several parallel universes - How does them competing make any sense? It doesn't, like at all. Why can the creators of this system only leech "energy" from a world that wins 15 robot fights? No reason. In a world where there ARE parallel universes, wouldnt there only arise even more universes? I.e. the ones that died in the first fight, the ones that died in the fourth fight etc.
The dramaturgy doesnt work for me, we see a portrait of every kid for 20 minutes, then it dies. Too many times. What remains are shallow characters, boring predictable repetitions.

This anime will bore people who arent easily influenced by tragic music and pretentious depth weaved through far fetching words. Overall its a rather expensively produced anime, but how can this fix this boring, stupid crap?
Also awfullness-bonus points for the consant light hearted depiction of child abuse ( not only with kana and her brother but that one episode where one of the kids being beaten by her dad is used as a running gag).

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9 hours ago
Pupa (Anime) add
What's wrong if you love your little sister even though she is monster that eats everything that had a life (especially human) It is only a relationship that can be seen only to brothers and sisters. What's wrong is this anime adaptation. No decent development and very disappointing. It is only a short series with 12 episodes and only a 4-minute video every episode. If you want to waste your 48 minutes of your life then try to watch this.

Story: 3/10

This anime is a horror and psychological anime. This is a story about a brother and sister who has been abandoned by their parents. They have been orphaned. These siblings support each other to live. One day, they saw a red butterfly. The little sister has been infected by a disease and becomes a man-eating monster. The brother also caught the disease but gained a high regenerative ability. The little sister always eats his brother to survive from starving and to relief from her insatiable hunger. The brother is willing to be the food for his sister and take drugs. They must survive from this world not as a human being but a mutant.

The story is very fast. Well what can you expect from a very short anime. There is nothing interesting in the story. Just the love of brother for the sake of her sister.

Art: 6/10

The art is not bad nor good. It is just boring when I see the animation. Nothing resembles. The drawing is very dull and like an unfinished drawing. I cannot see some interesting things from the art. It's not good and lacking in innovation. There is no symbolism in the art that depicts the story.

Sound: 6/10

The background music of this anime is good. It fits the soundtrack in every scene of anime especially from the two siblings. The opening song is good and the ending song is ok. It is mediocre but it is ok from this kind of anime.

Character: 2/10

This is the worst part of this anime. The characters are nothing and very dreadful. No character development. The character introduction is vague. You will not know what is the goal of every character. What would they do in every scene? It's very irritating and you will be confuse of what is happening in the story. What's attractive is the "Onii-chan, Onii-chan, Onii-chan"

Enjoyment: 2/10

Enjoyment? Really?! I don't find this anime enjoyable and interesting. I waste my 48 mins and I don't enjoy it. I don't really know what is happening in the story. The ending is good but generic.

Overall: 4/10

Not good. Very disappointing. I expect a good anime because it is interesting at first glance but when you watched it, you will regret it.
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..And then there's this "show".

I'm not sure if this is a review or a request for assistance because of how confused i am.
We're quickly introduced to a dorky looking MC who, from what we're just told, is basically incapable of social interactions and just an overall push-over , further enforced by the fact that everyone keeps bumping into him and pushing him over just a few scenes later. He apparently won a trip to a big town, I think, I'm not sure how, must have been a contest from some DVD or something of that sort. Once in that town he goes through a (bathroom?) door and he ends up in a desert. I am not fucking kidding, he is in the middle of a desert with a green sky. And what is the first thing our brave MC says? Well, "is this the toilet, or..? ..NOT!" pointing and screaming at the missing door, or rather its frame. Now, look, before I go on, I wanna make it clear that I don't usually "review" (to be read "I rant nonesensically when I'm bored and have some spare time") or even rate things that I don't like or hate, because I find it useless. This OVA, however.. is a strange case. It's not that I dislike it, I'm simply baffled by whatever the hell this confusion soup of bland animation is trying to do to me. Back to our story, suddenly a blue-eyed hot amazonian sex goddess with koala ears comes into frame and I already don't know if I should laugh or scratch my head or my testicles. Jungle music playing in the backround, because why not, as our protagonist is chased by this animalistic bombshell who would make any furry go bananas, because "stranger.. equals.. ENEMY!". Great logic, sweet cheeks. That's how I usually start my friendships. Oh, who am I kidding? I don't have any friends! No wonder.. Glasses guy keeps running and screaming like a little girl about to be hung by her long pink ribbons, as Baberilla - I honestly have no idea if anyone has a name in this - keeps insisting "I have to destroy you, enemy!". And then.. he gets rescued by a pair of big breasts with some girl's body attached to them and long blueish hair. Did I mention that they fly?
The action then just stops. Dialogue, dialogue, police girl cosplay, panty shot with kanji that I don't understand because I'm not japanese, dude burns his hand on her body, because that's focking funny, isn't it? You know who's to blame for all of this, right? Hideaki Anno. That's right, the man who brought us the famous NGE franchise led by the weakest, most obnoxious delta male in human history is who I blame for every disturbingly incapable MC I come across in an anime. He was trying express his inner experiences, you dimwits, not inspire you to create constant and utter dung. But let's break away from me adressing read more
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Uchuu Patrol Luluco (Anime) add
With short and sweet episodes 8 minutes long, Space Patrol Luluco sure does pack a punch for its short episode length!

The best part for me about Space Patrol Luluco was definitely the art. It's a unique style with thick lines and vibrant colours that make the characters really pop. The character design is cute (although I can't bring myself to like Luluco's mum's outfit) and the backgrounds all look really nice as well.

The opening and ending songs were... okay. I disliked the ending because I didn't feel like it fit the rest of the anime. The voice acting is mostly good with the exception of Midori, whose voice is quite annoying. Overall the music, voices and sound are adequate, but certainly not the highlight of the show.

The characters themselves are what really drive the show and make it great. Luluco is loveable and sweet, a character we can relate to in a world of madness and aliens. Nova is cool too (although a bit of a jerk) and I love the music that plays occasionally when he's around Luluco. Every character is funny and unique, bringing an extra element to the show.

Overall I liked Space Patrol Luluco, but there were some things I think could use improvement. The op was very fluid and full of dynamic action, which seemed quite lacking in the actual episodes. Despite this it was still very fun to watch!
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11 hours ago
Sakurasou no Pet na Kanojo (Anime) add
As I am an additive reviewer firstly, I will commend this series for being one of my greater inspirations over the many hardships I've personally gone through. Sakurasou is, in my opinion, one of the best anime series in combining multiple genres, reflecting amazing humor and intense drama at the same time. It teaches life lessons despite being a comedy-based slice-of-life anime, and even though it does not have the flashy character design of typical shounen animes, it is really something to marvel at.

Story - 7
I will have to say that the story is probably THE weakest point of this anime. Because it is a slice of life anime, the typical drama that happens tends to take away from the driving force of this show. There is not a real concrete direction that the story goes in, and contains a lot of small stories and events that build up to drama and a lot of problems that the characters sort out eventually. This is an anime that develops its characters through the gradual progression of the story; the plot is not phenomenal, but it is definitely watchable and understandable as it is a highschool slice-of-life story.

Art - 8
Sakurasou is not an anime with amazing art in particular, having a really anime-y feel with less-than-realistic proportions and features, but it's animated that way just to emphasize its cartoon resemblance and its comedic humor. The thing I think is worth mentioning about the art is of its use of bright and vivid colors, especially in Mashiro's painting of Sakurasou (props to the background artists who drew that masterpiece).
A few well-animated sections of this anime are very fluid and are worth noting: Nanami falling into the pool, the falling of petals, et cetera. Other than that, the animation style is very panel-like and situation-specific.

Sound - 10
The openings and endings are kind of skippable, sounding pretty standard for a slice of life anime. Nothing too interesting here,
The voice acting. Oh my god. You do not know how good this voice acting is. Granted I am a sucker for Yoshitsugu Matsuoka, the anime in itself, when based off of the manga, is on a whole other level. So much of the dialogue was ad-libbed and improvised, but it was done so in a way that I loved every bit of it. I actually watched an open convention video on youtube that was about the production and the seiyuus behind the scenes and in the production. The actual amount of effort that the voice actors put in was enormous, considering how much they had to add in themselves and put themselves in the characters' shoes. Nanami's Kansai accent really brought a lot of character into the pictures, and Ai Kayano's Mashiro was spot on with the soft, whispery, innocent impression. The unmistakable voice of Yoshitsugu Matsuoka for Sorata was a great choice and makes the humorous scenes so funny (I personally laugh every time).

Character - 10
All of the characters have their own quirks in the read more
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Homé-Pato the Movie (Anime) add
I found this short animation by clicking on the cars tag and I watched it on youtube. there were no english subs. i enjoyed the animation which had a comic book-like feel to it and i would give it a 8/10. i have no god damn idea what was being said. The summary posted on MAL was helpful though. Now i need to make this review longer to be able to post it so bear with me. Haha why is such a limit imposed i think its stupid. but bottom line im probably never gonna watch this ever again but you should take the time out of your day to watch this one minute youtube clip just for the hell of it. thanks

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11 hours ago
Death Parade (Anime) add
This is my first review so please don't judge too harshly >_<;
As I like to review additively and not subtractively, I will first start by highlighting the good parts of this anime and then review things that could have been better in detail in each individual section.

I would like to first start off by praising this anime. Death Parade is really a breath of fresh air from the more recent spam of popcorn ecchi light novel adaptations. Though a lot of anime viewers can appreciate the shounen style of beautiful fight scenes and intricacy of shoujo style love stories, Death Parade has an intensity of itself that is best reflected in the growing tension throughout each episode and how the characters eventually reflect more and more of their personality as they remember their memories. The art style and sound were definitely up to the standard that most of us anime watchers tend to expect from modern anime, and there's a reason why the opening is hyped as is.

Story - 9
Death Parade is one of those animes that doesn't have a concrete 'story' or main plotline the way SnK or SAO do. It is a character-driven show that best expresses itself through the development of characters across multiple side stories, and it manages to do just that. The story of a place where human souls are judged by something not entirely human brings to mind vibes of Death Note and Psycho Pass, and the ever-presence of mannequins recalls Another.
Here I would like to talk about the show's intricate themes and lessons. (This ties into the characters section a bit).
Oculus is the incarnation of a rigid, standard law. He is the one who represents the view of someone who appreciates efficiency and quick judgement in light of the rising death rate.
Chiyuki is the impersonation of a good human being, branching off of the fundamental theory of good where each person has a good intention in their heart. She is the character that people most definitely appreciate the most, but not relate to the most. She seems the most sensible and tempered, and is the central figure that the story is based on.
Nona is the defender of humanity and its goodness. She realizes that arbiters, without human emotions, cannot fully appreciate and effectively judge the worth of human lives and souls the way that another human can. My biggest qualm here would be that the show does not explain how Nona comes to this thinking, even though all arbiters are supposedly without emotion and therefore find it hard to justify humans.
Decim is the tin man who grows a heart; that is to say, he wants to understand and comprehend humans and learn from them. In this I think he is successful by the end of the anime, learning to feel emotions and comprehend a small fraction of what it means to truly live.
All of these characters each bring a conflict to light, such as Oculus and Nona: people are dying and read more
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12 hours ago
Super Lovers (Anime) add
If you dont like yaoi or shonen-ai then dont bother with this cuz, this is filled with it. This give another meaning to bromance...

I absolutely adore this anime. The storyline is good. Its a drama, it's not really a comedy but its not like its a sad anime either. It more on a growing of age kind of thing. Now the anime is quite short so its not going to cover all the arcs in the manga but its going on adecent enough pace. The art is beautiful, and really well done. A lot of it is picturesque. So really kudos to them. (Especially the food shots...makes want to eat it)

The charcters are well done they are flawed but still lovable or at least relatable. They feel human and that they have depth.

The sound and music fit each of the scenes, and the voicing acting is great.

So if you like having a warm and fuzzy feelling kind of anime thats shonen ai. This is it for you and me :)
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Today, 1:11 AM
Sousei no Onmyouji (Anime) add
Now i haven't seen all of the episodes since it is still ongoing but 3 episodes in and i knew i would have dropped it. Still though i tried to watch it until its latest episode to see if would improve. But honestly it was quite a dissapointment. It is very basic and an overly done plot line. The main charcter to me is what annoys me the most. Since he is rather lack luster and is honestly just protected by plot armor.

I personally don't enjoy it. The art was decent enough. Though it relies on flash backs a lot(even if its just recent events) it almost makes it seem like the flash backs are there cuz the animators couldn't be bothered to create more scenes.

Characters are pretty basic, not a lot of depth thats for sure

The storyline - not much to say because there is not much going on. Its a basic shonen plotline. There are no heart pumping scenes, its pretty predictable.

Thats all for me
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Today, 12:40 AM
Wolf's Rain (Anime) add
I picked this anime up and dropped it twice. Just now finally finished it. The anime was pretty good, but it wasn't without flaw. I was very tempted to give this a 10 due to its ending, but I can't ignore the flaws. One of them being they didn't go into much detail about the wolves human form. Is it simply an illusion or something physical? I came to the conclusion both, but then I thought maybe is goes even deeper and thought they might have an anthropomorphic form that's disguised as a human. It's the only that that really makes sense because there's certain animation transitions and scenes that wouldn't make sense otherwise. Not like they can use their paws to carry stuff and press/open things. I also don't get why Tsume needed a weapon. I feel like it was just thrown in to make him look cool, but in the end it served no purpose. I think it would've made more sense if they didn't have a human form at the same time I think they gave them a human form because 'talking animals' is kinda cliche. It was a good concept though.


Anyway, now to put some emotion into this since I just finished...I've seen A LOT of depressing anime (as you'd see by my list), but I gotta say, out of all of them I think this is the most depressing anime I've ever seen. I know technically they lived and the idea was to stay true to the initial story which was human's being born from wolves, a new world started and they became humans. I'm kinda sad it just showed the 4 main characters though. What about blue and the other humans? I really wish it would've shown Blue and Hige together as humans. They did a superb job on the ending regardless. I always love those endings where it ends where it all began. Dark anime like this is always my favorite because We grow up engraved with this idea of heroism and there's always a happy end, but these types of anime are always a reminder of reality which is the good guy doesn't always win.

Anyone else cry near the end? I've seen a few anime that were some hardcore tear jerkers, but I was borderline full on crying with this. Really hard to hold back.


So I said I think that the wolves human form was an anthropomorphic form inside of an illusion. To go into more detail I kind of came to this because it shows in those human/wolf transitions that the anatomy of the wolves matches with their human far as their body parts go. Secondly, in one of the episodes where it shows Quent's village is being destroyed by the wolves. In a scene it shows a book being burned up and shows a picture of a werewolf.
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Today, 12:22 AM
Noragami (Anime) add
In my opinion a completely underrated anime. Though the written resumé really didn't particularly catch my attention, I caught on as soon as I started watching it. I completely recommend Noragami!

Characters: 10/10
The characters are really well designed and all of them have complete backstories that are important to the plot of the anime, which is great.

Soundtrack: 9/10
The soundtrack is amazing, the start generic my new second favourite after Guren no Yumiya (Shingeki no Kyojin), and punctuated by some kind of Japanese Raeggae-style music that sounds amazingly well with the action scenes.

Story: 9/10
Great plot ideas and scenario development, though I really wish we'd gotten a bit more of an insight into Bishamon and Yato's story.

Art: 10/10
Amazing graphics, diverse and appropriate at all times. The demons' eyes were especially fitting to create a anxious-feeling in the viewer.
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Today, 12:21 AM
Gekkan Shoujo Nozaki-kun (Anime) add
One of the few things I try to look for in a shoujo anime is the strong female character. By strong, I don't mean overly confident or independent. I mean, the female character has other goals in life rather than being in love with the male character and eventually marrying him. I didn't find this in Gekkan Shojo, Nozaki Kun. However, It's a very enjoyable anime. The artwork is flawless! The male character is very blunt in a hilarious way. Sakura (the female character) reactions are very funny. Not so many side characters but they're all entertaining and support the main plot in a way. I wouldn't consider it all romance rather than Comedy. The romance bit exists only in the first minute in first episode and last minute in the last episode. What I found particularly enjoyable was that the main male character is a mangaka<3 it shows you the challenges and the experience of being a male student and a mangaka at the same time. Watched it 3 times already and I never re-watch a shoujo anime! It's that enjoyable. OP Song is awesome!
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Yesterday, 11:36 PM
Absolute Duo (Anime) add
Summary: This anime is a jack of all trades master of none. It is an ecchi but has little to no nudity. It is a fighting anime set in a school setting but it doesn't do a single thing that is exceptional... this is your typical guy white nights main loli girl. On top of that add in the "I want revenge but realize later that it makes me like the enemies so I become merciful" toss in a deep and ominous underpinning that is never resolved and sprinkle in a bit of harem but not really because MC only loves his Duo partner and you're almost there. Of course you need an ominous council of people whose purpose is never explained, a teacher who seems evil but turns out to be good in the end, a girl who loves MC and has her love go unrequited so she becomes evil, for a minute. I almost forgot new girl to school who is OP as hell but then somehow gets bested by the MC and becomes weak and useless later in the story... guess she didn't "level up with maximum friendship" like MC and his Duo partner. Last but not least you have the "love conquers all" and the "things go back to normal" ending. All in all this is painfully average. I will add that the girls are cute, the art is done well and the music is exceptional. The intro credits are one of the best I've seen in an anime, the song and dance number is excellent.

Questions you'll still have:
Wonder who the person MC is trying to get revenge on? Doesn't matter you'll never know.
Want to know what an Absolute Duo is... nope, no chance of that.
Curious why the scientist guy called the headmaster a Doll? Me too... oh well.
Wonder what ever happened to the second school? Who knows!

All in all... if you're looking for a mediocre anime with some interesting concepts look no further. My suggestion... watch the intro and outro of the show and get the OST and keep on moving.
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Yesterday, 11:23 PM
Digimon Adventure tri. 1: Saikai (Anime) add
If you don't wanna read, here's a shameless self-promotional link to the video version:

I was extremely excited for this film, mainly because I am a Digimon fan and when I saw the promotional poster for this new movie I was hyped. And I watched it the day it was released, but at the time I was a bit biased towards the film because I of the nostalgia. So after waiting a while and rewatching it a couple of times, the questions now stand. Is this film any good and does it actually live up to the hype?

Please do keep in mind that I will be judging this movie not only as a start point for the rest of the films but also as a standalone one.

Without further ado, let's get started.

I'm going to keep the synopsis short and brief so that I can get into the main part a little quicker.

Three years after the battle against BelialVamdemon, Taichi and the others have begun to grow up and have started doing their own things and pursuing their own goals . However during his soccer game Taichi see's that a Kuwagamon has appeared and attempts to stop it as it wreaks havoc and destruction across the city. By reuniting with his friends and fellow digimon the first film in the Digimon adventures tri series begins.

Digimon adventure tri, is honestly a difficult anime film for me to review because I really wanted this film to be good. Before I get into the nitty gritty stuff, I'm going to start with some of the positives.

I think the writers did a fantastic job at realizing the stage in life that all of our characters are in. It feels believable and genuine. Even if you're new to the series and know very little about these characters, the relationships all feel real. A major theme of this film is this idea of growing up and the distance that it creates between people who were once extremely close. It's a mature theme that I really didn't think would show up, but it did and it was executed brilliantly. The entire storyline involving these characters reunion was really the shining star of this whole film.

Now personally I thought they did a great job with the OST, not only was the opening song enjoyable, but the music that played throughout the whole movie was done with great care as well. All the music fit well with the scenes and added a multitude of elements where it was needed.

It was also fairly well paced. There were some moments where it could have slowed down and taken some time to explain things, but for the most part I was never left hanging.

The character designs were also well done for the most part. It really feels like the characters that old digimon fans knew and loved had gotten older.

Now despite being the first movie in a series, it doesn't excuse it read more
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Shinsekai yori (Anime) add
There's no such thing as black and white; there are only shades of grey. I can't think of any anime other than Shinsekai yori that most accurately reflects these sentiments.

I don't know what I can write here that hasn't been already said the majority of the reviewers, but I will try anyway. Looking at the picture cover of Shinsekai yori, I can guarantee you all that never would I have ever clicked on this anime in a million years if it wasn't for a feature article on MAL regarding the Top 15 Creepiest Anime, (or something along that line) and I'm so thankful that I did because I would've missed out on a real gem.

It's rare finding an anime that so poignantly captures the socio-economic, psychological and identity issues facing our world that Shinsekai yori manages to accomplish in its short 25 episode series. The audience watches as Shun, Maria, Mamoru, Saki and Satoru all transition from youth to adulthood. For the number of time skips that goes through this anime, the transitions are smooth without even the slightest hiccup, it feels as if we grow along with them. Especially in the case of Saki and Satoru, the characters are very well-developed and are dynamic. Satoru, one of the main male protagonists, evolves from a head-strong, arrogant boy into an introspective, wise handsome man.

Shinsekai yori touches on the interactions/dynamics between class, races and even other species -- complex societal problems that we face today even. Are we in an Elitist society today? Do other countries have the right to "police" a weaker nation? Are certain classes/groups still subservient to others in modern society? What is ethical? Do we value safety over our freedom? Shinsekai yori delves into these issues through its analogous representation between humans and the "Monster Rats" and well as the ethics behind people who have PK.

Albert Einstein had once said, “I know not with what weapons World War III will be fought, but World War IV will be fought with sticks and stones," ultimately questioning the intensity and level that human power has reached -- the basic foundation of Shinsekai yori essentially. In my opinion a "very good" anime does not only provide high quality tension/suspense, thrill, mystery and subtle romance, but makes you think. As prone to anything well written, whether it is a movie, book, manga, comic etc. the purpose behind is what we can learn or take from watching or reading it: what have a gained from this piece? Shinsekai yori does not only do that, but more.
If you like to think, this anime is definitely worth your time (essentially everyone, I hope).

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Space☆Dandy (Anime) add
Alright. I'm becoming more familiar with anime and have been seeing too many negative reviews for this show, so I must write my opinions down for Space Dandy whether I am a credible source or not.

First of all, the plot: Space Dandy's crew tries to hunt rare aliens to make money and spend it how they please.
The gorilla (Dr. Gel) is chasing Dandy, because he is believed to possess a rare element known as pionium. Pionium is believed by Gel's employer- a SPACE EMPEROR WITH A FLAMING SKULL HEAD- to be the secret to defeating rival nations. How will it defeat these rival nations? You do not know unless you watch more of the series to discover its effects through Dandy.

[This gives one the drive to view the series besides the creative mind-bending episodes that makes one think twice about how the universe works. Seriously. I have tried to view each new episode as critically as possible, but nearly each installment provided new and intelligent themes to enjoy and ponder.]

Art: Space Dandy is one of the best series that I have viewed as far as animation goes. The movements are extremely fluid and no two characters are completely alike.

Sound: Fabulous. I take sound pretty seriously, and there are several episodes where my jaw tends to drop. In Season 2 episode 5, I love the scene where Dandy is dragged through multiple waves of water. How you imagine it would sound like if it were to happen to you in real life is exactly how it is replicated in the show. Voice actors are top notch as well.

Characters: Meh. Who cares. This show is all about doing whatever the heck you feel like, baby. You get 1 lazy luster, 1 techy moocher, and 1 hopeless goody-goody who are set amongst this amazing world, and you achieve a flat-out stellar experience. Feel good. Feel unashamed. Do your best. Do your worst. If all else fails, pull a cosmic string and move on to meet more species in the amazing universe both friendly...and not...

Grasping the tone of this anime- the lightheartedness and intrigue of discovery- is probably the most difficult "task." However, I believe Space Dandy to be one of the easier animes to understand, because the show makes a firm point that not everything can be understood. Dandy does not care and neither should you. This is perhaps the only reason that I rate this show a 9 instead of a 10, because it's human instinct to make logical sense of the world. Therefore, it may not have universal appeal.

Try it and enjoy.

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Pokemon XY&Z (Anime) add
Is this even Pokemon?
Let's be serious for a moment here. I am watching Pokemon since the very first Season. Haven't missed any Movie/Specials/OVAs and had unimaginable fun while watching those seasons. XY was fairly good but not that great. Now watching XY&Z made me puke. It doesn't even has that 1 bit of old school Ash who was used to loosing and was funny at times. XY&Z is like totally a new concept and that's not bad but the main part is that there are probably lacks of fans who have turned old (27 or 30) and want some serious stuff instead of some lousy anime series which only has 2 things focused.

1. Ash-Greninja

2. Zygarde

That's it. There's no other plot or literally anything that entertains me. 28 Episodes have passed away (on the time of writing this review) and all I could see is Squishy,Squishy,Squishy,Filler,Filler,Filler,Ash-Greninja,Ash-Greninja,Ash-Greninja blah blah blah.
I hope Pokemon knows why they lost their older audience and figure out how to get them back in the next region (Alola).
(I am not a paid reviewer. Just a old fan)
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Last Exile (Anime) add

For as long as human beings have existed, we have prided ourselves in being a species of innovation and success, and out successes have led us to imagine reaching more prestigious accomplishments than before; eventually, our dreams not surprisingly ventured into the skies. Since the dawn of time, humans gazed upward at the birds gliding under the clouds and we desperately desired to soar as well. In ancient Greece, one of the most enduring myths from that time is the tale of Icarus, who attempted escaping prison with his father by donning a pair of wings. In Italy during the Renaissance, the famous Leonardo da Vinci crafted elaborate designs for aviation but hid them for years, fearing that influential people would have corrupt uses for them. In the 1800s, an African-American folk tale surfaced throughout the Deep South titled “All God’s Chillun Had Wings”, which revolved around black slaves floating away from the oppressive white owners and returning to their homeland Africa. All of these ideas and more eventually culminated in the Wright Brothers inventing the first airplane during the early 1900s. This creation served as the catalyst for films like Porco Rosso, Red Tails, and (of course) Soul Plane. However, before the 2000s, there were no anime series representing that category. Then, in the spring of 2003, the world was introduced to a 26-episode series known as Last Exile, the 10th anniversary product of Studio Gonzo, humankind’s ultimate celebration of our adventures in the sky.

Established on the Earth-like planet called Prester are two vastly different nations (Anatoray and Disith), locked in a neverending war of chivalry, elitism, and death in order to attain control of the skies. Fully immersed into this Cold War parallel (with Anatoray’s guys in blue being the USA and Disith’s soldiers in red coats being, of course, the Soviet Union) is a mysterious cult-ish organization known as the Guild, headed by the infamous Maestro Delphine, who supplies advanced airplanes, funds, and weaponry to both Anatoray and Disith, who both countries regard with intense suspicion, and who represent the corrupt companies that have bought into, promoted, and benefited from war over the centuries. Like Fullmetal Alchemist: Brotherhood (what I consider to be the anime’s anime), Exile’s background is inspired by the apex of the Industrial Revolution in the late 1800s/early 1900s, its genre heavily leaning towards the retrofuturistic dieselpunk. This ultimately helps the series inject a lovably throwback feel to it, and this influence flows into other aspects of Exile, like the animation.

More often than not, anime series tend to rely on computer graphics (CG for short) in order to make their characters and backgrounds look more realistic than the creators can on their own. More often than not, the creators completely shoot themselves in the foot in the animation category because the CG looks and feels utterly out-of-place in their series. However, Last Exile is among the rare series that manage to not only display picture-perfect CG but also to flawlessly integrate it into the read more
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Ao no Kanata no Four Rhythm (Anime) add
This was one of the animes of the last season who didin't generate discussions. But what can I say of it. Well:

This anime has good visuals, good sound, and the Flying Circus it's kind of interesting. The most interesting element for me was the shoes, I really would like to have a pair of those shoes, You no?.

But out of that, this anime has nothing to offer:
There's no story.
The characters are generic and flat.
And absolutely nothing happens.

If you are looking for entertaiment, then it can interest you.
If you are looking for quality, it's definitely not for you.

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Kanon (2006) (Anime) add

I can't believe what I just watched. This has to be the worst addition to the clannad,air genre of anime. Yuuichi is one of the most detestable protagonists I have ever encountered. Now you might be asking why,well it's all thanks to two problems. His lack of memory regarding his trip to the town 7 years ago. Also how he is a massive asshole to the women in his life. So let's start off with the first girl we see,Makoto. So she is supposedly the reincarnation of a fox that Yuuichi helped out when he was at the town last and had to leave behind when break was over. Now she is a person and is in love with Yuuichi. So already we're using the sad animal card which is just incredibly lazy and obnoxious. After a while her form begins to deteriorate and her mental state begins to degrade as well. So Yuuichi loving makoto decides he's going to stay with her until she "dies" and he does. He stays with her skipping school and only making sure she is happy. What a nice guy,right? So on one of her final days she remarks she wants to marry Yuuichi. On her final day Yuuichi takes her to the hill they meet and does a little wedding ceremony. Nothing mind blowing but a nice little story. Immediately afterwards Yuuichi is FIGHTING DEMONS IN SCHOOL AT NIGHT! What the hell?! So his classmate mai can see demons and he decides to help her fight them. A bunch of stuff happens (some really nice looking fight scenes) and both mai and sayuri end up in the hospital after the "demons" are expelled. Not once does Yuuichi go to or is it implied that he went to the hospital to visit them after the initial visit. Keep in mind they were in there for months. Next is the sickly girl Shiori,after a lot of hanging out Shiori and Yuuichi go on a date and things really progress from there. So this already feels greasy and the whole Makoto thing which wasnt long ago at this point. So Shiori kisses him on her last night that she is able to move freely because after that night she will be in the hospital and most likely die. Very sad but Yuuichi really loves her so he's ganna support her. Nope. He never once goes to visit her as she is DYING! Instead of visiting his dying girlfriend in the hospital he elects to start showing interest in this annoying girl called ayu. She's your read more
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Mushishi Zoku Shou 2nd Season (Anime) add
Simply put, Mushishi is special. As a whole, it’s a fifty episode journey through the lives of the character, a grand slice-of-life about experiences and life lessons. It’s a unique work, because viewers don’t just watch this series; they drift slowly into its dreamy world. The origins of Mushi are mysterious, but their presence undoubtedly affects people’s lives. The focus is however, not on the Mushi, but the people who come in contact with them and how their lives are changed after their mysterious encounter. As a story, somehow nothing is complex, yet everything is meaningful, each episodes features different yet connected stories. The way it actively expounds its themes might leave it open to accusations of being didactic, but it’s so honest in its belief of its messages, that it’s completely disarming. A lesser series would have fallen on its face with this approach, and repulsed its audience by its over-sentimentalism, but Mushishi somehow makes you embrace it. I’ll admit, I have only a bare understanding of how it has managed to achieve this. All I know is that it’ll be a long time before we see another anime quite like it.

The stories are still episodic in nature, and fairly simple, but Mushishi somehow manages to maintain an amazing amount of originality even in spite of its simplicity. Since it is presented in a way that doesn’t have an arc and just telling its story to the point, it didn’t feel rushed. Often deliberate and slow, but it sets the mood and ambience quite well. It's almost a given that I was going to enjoy the show's meditative musings on the role that mushi play in the world, as well as its gorgeous scenery, and luckily, neither has changed in this production (though the problem of some of the humans looking the same lingers). One of the most noticeable changeover is that Zoku Shou 2 looks darker and more grim to its presentation. There’s a scenes in which people is turned to grass and a kid dies through his body evaporating into thin air. That said, the first two series should be watched prior to this so the viewers could get used to its tonal shift from light to darker and grim style.

One of the greatest aspect of Mushishi is that The atmosphere and mood that it creates has a powerful effect on its storytelling. Zoku Shou is no means different. from Lucy Rose's gentle Intro "The Shiver song", the opening leads into a gently animated piece set in pastoral surroundings in the forest at the morning. And since each episodes is standalone, the characters are very well developed even into a deeper level, Ginko himself is even got development in this final series, in which tells the story when he was a child. Every episode is a lesson, but rarely do these characters have to be taught anything twice. The character development, particularly in this final series, is both rich and enriching, which makes the story a read more
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Ookami-san to Shichinin no Nakama-tachi (Anime) add
Ookami-san to Shichinin no Nakama-tachi is an overall okay anime, not the greatest but not the worst. Long review ahead and is generally spoiler free.


The story is like your standard highschool romance comedy. But unlike most highschool romance comedies, there is an actual villain - Hitsujikai. His and Ookami Ryouko's past is what makes the show more interesting. Each episode has underlying fairy tale references which are interesting and well executed.

The story does have flaws too. Some of the episodes are quite strong. For example, my favourite episode - Episode 9 where Shirayuki-senpai and Akai Ringo's past is shown is one of the strong points in the story. It adds to Ringo's character and makes her more developed and takes away the impression that she is just Ookami Ryouko's sidekick.

While there are good episodes, there are some episodes that serve no purpose and are a waste of time. Episode 8 was probably one of the worst episodes in my opinion. The two characters - the butler and Chutaro Nezumi were annoying (Chutaro being your stereotypical rich brat and the butler with his weird and crass jokes -__- ) and the whole episode was pointless and I see it as wasted twenty minutes and money to make one dumb episode.

The ending in my opinion was rather unsatisfying. (No spoilers)


The art was okay, not too shabby. I liked the character designs. If you have noticed, the show has references to fairy tales and Japanese folk tales. You can tell from the design of the character. However, I find Morino Ryoushi's design rather bland in comparison to crazier characters such as Majolica le Fay. The animation was consistent throughout.


The voice actors did a good job with the voicing of the characters and conveyed the emotions of the characters well. The background music consisted of the continuous re-use of the opening, this irritated me. The show is reliant on the narrator. Although it is good to have a narrator who could help make things clearer for the viewer and help them understand the story better, the narration is too much for me because they should give the viewers some space to think instead of having the narrator's voice going on and on.


The main characters are reasonably well developed.

Ookami Ryouko is a strong, manly girl with a tsundere attitude. However, she goes beyond the one-sided tsundere. She has a hidden self that no one really knows and is much softer on the inside. Ookami seems real and I can somewhat reach out to her. I find her relateable, compared to other anime heroines.

The male lead, Morino Ryoushi was probably one of the more dynamic characters. From a quiet boy with a scopophobia (anxiety disorder that is characterized by the fear of being looked at), he transforms into a braver person who is able to stand up for his friends due to his crush on Ookami Ryouko. Both of them make a decent couple in my opinion.

Akai Ringo read more
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Hunter x Hunter (2011) (Anime) add

Forgive me as I try to collect my thoughts and review this epic masterpiece of an anime. As tears rolled down my face during the final episode's conclusion, I realized HunterxHunter's true greatness. The way the series drew me in with its endearing cast, and brought me on a roller coaster thrill ride for 148 episodes was me experiencing something truly pure and un-replicated in the medium. That is not to say it's without its flaws, but the overall reward from HxH is something gratifying and magnificent. And of course, there are spoilers to be had here.

I will admit, when I first went into HxH I had a fair amount of hype because Yu Yu Hakusho was my favorite battle anime ever made. I just loved the constant growth Yusuke underwent during the franchise's 100 plus episodes. The similarities in writing from Togashi are clearly present, but they do nothing to detract from the uniqueness HxH possesses. Oddly enough, with such a staggering amount of episodes, HxH contains virtually zero filler. Instead, the series is delicately divided into 6 independent arcs, which all focus on completely different methods of storytelling ranging from the suspense thriller Yorknew City arc to the dark and defeating Chimera Ant arc. The series literally touches on everything: politics, humanity, tournaments, failure and video games. Perhaps even more impressive is that it manages to do all of this without ruining itself with unneeded romance or fanservice.

Sure, I will be the first to agree that HxH does not have a strong start. The Hunter Exam arc is actually my least favorite in the entire show, but that's not to say it wasn't necessary. Togashi uses this arc as a way to develop ties to the main characters and establish its roots. It also gives an introduction to one of the most unpredictable characters in anime history, Hisoka. I wouldn't say I was necessarily bored with the beginning of the series, but it wasn't something I was binge-watching straight through. I stuck it out in part due to my love for Yu Yu Hakusho and for the respect I had for my friend's recommendations. The positives of this arc are the necessary character developments and diversity in events within the exam itself. Also, the first time Hisoka went on a killing rampage, I knew this wasn't any ordinary kid's shounen. The negatives would be the pacing and how Killua didn't recognize Illumi's needles while he was posing as Gittarackur. Illumi's reveal shouldn't have come as such a surprise when it occurred. When Killua's composure snapped, it again reinforced the actual target audience for HxH. The way Togashi can border innocent and playful dialogue with such sinister and bloodthirsty themes is eloquent to say the least.

The Zoldyck and Heaven's Arena arcs are read more
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Mobile Suit Gundam Wing (Anime) add
For most Anime fans, "Mobile Suit Gundam Wing" was the first introduction to the legendary mech franchise. It therefore serves as the standard for most other mech series if not all other Anime in general. And for good reason, it stands up well for itself not just as a Gundam series but as a series in general.

Let's start with the story. It's fairly deep with some good twists and turns that keep the viewer interested but sometimes gets long-winded with the politics and philosophy talk. The characters are some of the most memorable in the franchise's rich roster and each gets some very good development time. I like the way women are portrayed on this show. They're more than just eye candy, they're vital parts of the story and are as equally deep as any of the men. The art is pretty well done for it's time period, and the sound is top notch as is to be expected in such a series.

But let's get to the chocolate center of this show- the mechs themselves! Every Gundam and mobile suit in this series is distinct and pretty awesome. You can't wait for the next battle to see what these mega machines are gonna do to the next batch of cannon fodder! Oh, sweet, sweet 'splosion porn!

The sub vs. dub is pretty much a tie. Each cast does well, but the Gundams themselves don't speak so the stars of the show need no translation. I almost get a feeling that this show was trying to combine the strengths of the original "Mobile Suit Gundam" series with the epic saga that is "Ginga Eiyuu Densetsu" and even if that's not the case, the finished product is well worth the watch even for non-mech fans. Cheers!
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Sakurasou no Pet na Kanojo (Anime) add
i can't still stop laughing on Misaki's marriage registration form for Jin which she inserted in his shoe locker.

It was a rom-com worth watching...

to be honest, i was not looking forward for the development of Sorata and Mashiro's love story but rather, i am anticipating for Rita and Ryuunosoke's love complex!!! MOE!!! MOE!!!

Those 2 were nuts for a couple!!! but they are interesting. Talking about a girl who advances her moves on a secluded and timid guy especially when they kissed-- MOE!! MOE!!

Also, i found the love story of Misaki and Jin quite interesting. Especially Jin restraint on Missaki's advances despite the fact that is manly in his own senses just because he did not want to hurt her and to become someone Misaki would be proud of since she was an anime genius.

I could not even believe that this series would make me teary eyed (but don't anticipate). It was amazing on how the author managed to put a riot cast like this and i did not regret watching this.

Say my regards to Maid-chan... :)
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Btooom! (Anime) add
I really don't know why I keep falling for these virtual reality type shows. They always end up failing me somehow.

BTOOOM! is the story of Ryota Sakamoto, a 22-year old NEET (unemployed youth who isn't a student) who lives with his mother and step-father and spends all day logged into the titular BTOOOM!, a multiplayer FPS-type game where characters fight using bombs rather than guns.

As all shows within this genre prove, there is a catch. Recently, the company that created BTOOOM! (similar in scale to Sony or Nintendo, perhaps) has begun to send letter to people in Japan that state, in exchange for the name of a person said recipient hates, they will receive a large sum of money.

Ryouta finds himself the victim of this - someone signed him up, and now he is forced into a real game of BTOOOM! on a secluded island in the Pacific.

Story: 5/10

I actually like this type of plot idea, but this show suffers from the same thing I noticed in SAO - great idea, bad execution.

The idea of a killing game is a popular one these days, but with proper execution and fleshing out characters, along with a sense of fear that anyone could die, the plot can be done well. Unfortunately, shows like these always provide plot armor to the main hero, cutting down the tension significantly.

Fights are often boring and over much too quickly - given the nature of the game this makes sense, but there are situations that could have been done or written better.

The cliffhanger ending doesn't help at all. It may be seen as an indicator to start reading the manga, but.......nahhhhhh.

Art: 6/10
The art was alright for the most part. Ryouta himself has a somewhat softer and more feminine face, which I wasn't expecting, and all of the characters seem to have faces that are easily distinguishable from each other.

The settings are pretty, the different types of bombs are designed to be different from one another, and character designs are simple yet recognizable from shot to shot, which is nice.

I've always like the way Madhouse animates fight scenes, however, and it is a shame that the fights are so simplistic in most cases that they don't get to showcase their full potential.

My only real drawback was Himiko's face. There about the way she's animated sometimes, especially in comparison to the other female characters. That, aside from the occasional wonky face, made the art the best part of the show in my opinion.

This isn't saying much.

Sound: 4/10
Forgettable, over all. After the first and second episode I began skipping the opening, and a few episodes later began skipping the ending.

The opening in the last episode is quite nice, though.

The voice acting is fine, too. I particularly liked Ryouta's in fact - his VA being a newcomer in a sense. Murasaki's VA did extremely well too.

Characters: 3/10

Ryouta is inconsistent. In flashbacks we see him as a self-centered elitist dick with no regards for read more
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