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Sailor Mars Crystal Season 3 is much more than our sailor scouts fighting evil by moonlight or winning love by daylight.

This show offers enjoyment beyond pressing your face against your mousepad trying to peak up a sailor skirt, as though it were a VR anime. The "Death Buster" arc is without a doubt one of the most entertaining arcs in the iconic series. It is pretty obvious that Toei cared more about this season compared to previous seasons of Sailor Mars Crystal.

This arc is one of the favorites of any fan. I remember watching Sailor Moon S and welcoming the new scouts into my dorky little heart. Crystal Season 3 makes me relive all those feelings from long ago. Uranus and Neptune are the newest stars in this part of the story. They had their planet blown up many years ago and they are lesbian lovers. They are as close as they can get. They share the same burden and want their princess Usagi to live in peace. The outer planet scouts want to help the main scouts, but they would rather front all the work and do things their own way. They have a strong determination and work well together because they are strong. Pluto works with Uranus and Neptune because she is a fellow outer planet scout. Pluto agrees with using the same stern methods and she is one who wants to get the job done as efficiently as possible, even if there are innocent lives taken. The main scouts want to work with the outer planets and have no unnecessary deaths. The two ideologies could not coalesce and there became an underlying hate towards the two factions. The depth of the two factions is predominantly over the treatment of Sailor Saturn. The Deity of Destruction (Dave Mustaine of Megadeath would be pleased with her nickname) has the power to destroy planets and she was the one who destroyed the home of Uranus and Neptune. Sailor Saturn is a martyr character done correctly. She is more than the "I'm going to sit here and whine" martyr. She gets work done. She fights the beast that takes over her body. She handles the way her father experimented on her in a good way. She smiled very little, but it was always at emotional parts. It is awesome that more people will be exposed to these characters in Crystal Season 3.

Thank you Toei for caring about this season. Do not get me wrong, Toei is still Toei. I am convinced not a single person at the entire studio can draw ankles. My favorite pair of ankles belongs to Sailor Venus while she is posing after her transformation. Chickens would ask her if she skipped leg day. Then there is a funny part at the end where Sailor Moon repairs the city and Tuxedo Mask says something like "She is repairing the city" while the city behind him is in shambles. Thank you Toei for having the watercolor-style backgrounds read more
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Terra Formars Revenge (Anime) add
My final score for this anime is a 9, but , if I had to score Terra Formars Revenge Ep 13 I would give it a total 10. Why? No spoilers, go and watch it, you'll undestand. If the Ep shocks you just like me by the near last 5 minutes, then you would not be able to close your mouth!!! Please give it try to this Terra Formars season 2, the first season wasn't a masterpiece but this season is so full of action and feels!!!! OH And Plot Twists, that Ep 13 thou... Also both openings are awesome and so Michelle is waifu (?)
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Mayoiga (Anime) add
Note: first review.

Story: 9/10
I actually really like the story and the development of the Nanaki.

Art: 7/10
The art is good. It looks good compared to what I've seen before.

Characters: 8/10
The characters get introduced directly by a method that could happen in real life too (if you've never met the people before). The main character is irresponsible and that adds something to the anime for me. I quite like it. The only thing I dislike is the amount of characters in this anime, it shouldn't have this many and only have 12 episodes.

Enjoyment: 8/10
If you like characters to do the opposite of what you want them to do, you'll quite like this anime.

Overall: 8/10
Mayoiga doesn't deserve this many negative reviews. It's good in it's own way. If you like irresponsible and stubborn characters, you'll like this.
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Sailor Moon is a rare example of a story that benefits greatly from filler and a meandering pace. The original series from the 90s may not have followed the manga as closely as the new hotness, but in a weird twist, that actually greatly improved the quality of the show.

Sailor Moon Crystal season 3 blasts through the manga faithfully, but loses much of the charm in the process. Whereas the original series gave ample time to develop each Sailor Scout's quirks and personality, SMC has only a hint of that charm. Season 3 is an improvement on the first two seasons, thanks in part to the pretty character designs of Akira Takahashi. It also makes token attempts at adding individuality to the characters, but sets that aside in favor of plot progression. We miss the klutzy Usagi, the bookwormy Michiru, the temperamental Rei, the boisterous Makoto, and the goofy Minako. Instead we are left with stoic fighters in different colored skirts.

While this series does a competent job at hitting plot points, the real magic of the Sailor Moon series comes from its lovable characters. Unfortunately, Crystal did not deliver enough in that area.
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Wagamama High Spec (Anime) add
(WARNING!: This review may contain one spoiler, even though there should be a low risk of spoilers with an anime like this. I'm not sure whether I should consider it a minor or major spoiler, but either way, read at your own risk.)

....Why? Just why? Why would you do something like this? I mean, adapting a visual novel and not getting the protagonist to appear even once? Why would you do that? All questions aside, the only reason I watched Wagamama High Spec was because it was adapted from a visual novel that, at the time of its announcement, had not yet been released, and I was curious to see how they would pull something like this off. However, when it was announced that each episode would be 3 minutes long, I became concerned, as another short visual novel adaptation that I've seen, Final Examination Kujira, tried to cram the entire visual novel into it and, for the most part, failed. However, Wagamama High Spec was even worse; it didn't even follow the plotline it was supposed to follow!

Before we begin, I should explain what Wagamama High Spec is SUPPOSED to be about. Kouki Narumi is a high school boy who is the writer of a weekly manga; since this manga is an ecchi romantic comedy, he keeps this fact a secret to everyone except his sister, Toa, and her best friend, Mihiro Miyase. One day, the Student Council President, Kaoruko Rokuonji, reveals that she knows his secret (and that she is the manga's illustrator). Despite the objections of the Vice President, Ashe R. Sakuragi, Kouki joins the Student Council in an effort to keep the secret. It's kind of a cliche scenario, but something at least a bit charming could be born from this, right?


I must start by saying that the animation isn't too bad. It could be better, but with AXsiZ not having worked on a lot of anime yet and this being a short anime, I won't put too much heat on it. This anime goes without an opening theme, and the ending theme, "High Spec Days", is at least decent. The voice acting isn't too bad, either; there isn't much I can say beyond that, but at least they did well with their respective roles.

Now, time to get to the REAL issues with this anime. First of all, you know how I mentioned "Kouki Narumi" when I was describing this anime? Well, it's possible that he appears in the visual novel, but in the anime, he's not there at all! It's bad enough that Masaya, the protagonist of "Ao no Kanata no Four Rhythm", was barely there in the anime adaptation of that visual novel, but Kouki, a.k.a. Unappearing Protagonist-kun, isn't in his anime at all, and every excuse in the book is given to keep him away! He appears to have an appearance in the very last episode, but since he doesn't have a design or voice, that doesn't count as an actual appearance in read more
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Kuttsukiboshi (Anime) add
Alright, I just finished watching Kuttsukiboshi and decided to write a review and express my thoughts on it. Let's go!

A girl named Kiiko gains some sort of powers after an accident we know nothing about. A new classmate of hers figures out her secret, and the two start having a relationship where they make experiments and test the girl's abilities and powers. But for Kiiko, her classmate, Aaya, is much more. She seems to be deeply in love with her. Well, their relationship progresses and they end up having a much more intimate relationship. The story revolves around this relationship of their's. There are very ecchi moments, and one unnecessary and disturbing to me incident of incest. That's pretty much it. Don't expect crazy development or a very deep and meaningful story. It is exactly the way I described it. There are cute moments, and funny ones too. To be honest, maybe it was just me who found some parts hilarious...AM SORRY, THEY FRICKIN DID IT IN THE BUS, WHEN PEOPLE WERE THERE, ALRIGHT?! HOW AM I SUPPOSED TO TAKE THAT SERIOUSLY?!...Anyway, I feel like the story is decent and alright for a 2 ova series (Lmao, I said that the story was decent right after I said that they did it in the bus)...So yeah, I don't know if I am judging it too harshly, maybe. Let's just say that the story is from decent to fair, considering that it was a small series and the main part it wanted to emphasize on was their intimate -you know what I mean- relationship.

The artstyle of this anime was very interesting. Quite unique I would say. I have seen it only in few anime and I am always fascinated by it. Great animation, and overall very nice art!

So, I don't really remember giving attention to the soundtrack while watching the anime...I don't even remember if it actually had music on most of it...Some songs were pretty memorable to me though. I thought that the ending tracks on both ovas were great, with much dynamism! Giving the soundtrack a second listen, I have to say, its really nice! The voice actors did a great job too! Overall, I believe the sound was very good.

Alright, I don't know what I am supposed to say here. This anime had 2 episodes, 20 minutes long each. I don't know how much development a character can have when given 40 minutes (xD, I am talking like the character has the choice). The thing is, as I said in the beginning, there isn't much development. The characters have a certain personality that doesn't really evolve or progress as the story goes on. The only thing that happens is that they acknowledge and express, let's say, their love to one another. This is the only thing that changes in matter of character. I feel like the characters overall were alright.

I didn't love it, but I didn't hate it either. It wasn't something that I will forever remember read more
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Karneval (TV) (Anime) add
Before I get into this there are two things I must admit: I love this show and have binged watched this twice with only a few months in between sessions but it has been about a year since I saw it last. So this won't be very long.

Many of the biggest complaints about the series seems to be caused by the fact it follows the manga with little changes then cuts off where the first arc ended naturally. In other words, the ending is exactly what happened in the manga so they can pick up where they left off if they ever want to continue with another season by just continuing to follow the manga (unlike another anime adaptation I know *cough* Pandora Hearts). Since it keeps the pacing of the manga, it is by no means a complete story. We're given bits and pieces of story and information about the world and characters but the anime ends before that information starts coming together in the manga.

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This Anime is not that good,Characters are mean spirited in any situation,hypocrisy is easy to spot and the story is confusing, the light novel also is flawed as well,character development is weak and Oka Ootori(Angel cop#2) is the most flawed character of all characters,you might not want to watch this anime,this anime is like angel cop the prequel because Oka is similar to angel cop,they both hate a group of people because they think they're all evil and seem not to care about that much people.this anime is very flawed and the story is pretty bad,a lot of flaws are known about this disaster and is one of fujimi shobo's flawed works.
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Bakuon!! (Anime) add
So you want to watch an anime about girls riding motorcycles?

If so, continue to read, if not well you can keep reading anyway, unless you've got something better to do, but you probably don't, anyway, let's begin.

For some reason it's missing two tags, comedy and ecchi, because this series have both of those as well.
The main stroy revolves around five girls in their daily school life and their time in the bike club, and riding bikes together, and no, not normal bikes, but motorcycles.
To be fair, I wasn't actually going to watch this this season (Q2 2016) but I decided to check it out anyway, and I'm glad that I did, becuase this is actually funnier than I thougt it would be.
There isn't really much to be said about the series, other than that it's funny, but that's good enough for me, I like to be laid back and have a good time when I watch anime, and Bakuon!! let me do just that, sure there are better series out there who make a better job at it.
But for what it is, it's a charming little series about cute girls doing cute things (well, that depends if you find motorcycling to be cute or not), but just sit back, relax and let the girls take you on a ride (ok that actually sounded dirtier than intended) but you know what I mean, watch it, if you want something easy to watch or just want to relax, and don't think about anything in particular.
Give it a shot, it's actually better than what you would think.
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I am part of the minority who really enjoyed the first 2 seasons of Sailor Moon Crystal. But I can surely say that this season is superior to the previous 2. Maybe because the story itself is more complex and darker.

STORY: 10/10
It's everything I wanted for Sailor Moon. A dark touch, action, constant plot devolpment. Even though each chapter is shown in one episode (apart from the first act of this arc which was divided in 2 episodes) I didn't really find any problem with that. Actually there were times when stuff was added in and that helped deliver more emotion and surely character development. Those little additions were wonderful and smart, unlike some of the past 2 seasons (I am looking at you, 4 Generals) I can actually say that the Infinity Arc was greatly adapted and I dare to say that this season may be a beautiful upgrade of the original source material in certain parts. Also, what stood out for me was the comedy. It wasn't cut off or shown more like cute romantic moments, it was silly and just great. The Slice Of Life essence was pure fun too. For those who have watched the old anime, it will surely bring some nostalgia to you. I also have to give some credit to the director, she did a fantastic job making each episode 100% vival and energetic.

ART: 8/10
Actually with the Blu-ray/Viz Media English Dub release it's gonna be a pure 10 hopefully. I loved the character designs, the backgrounds, the attacks and ofc the 2D transformations. Unfortunately it's Toei, there are some kinda derpy frames here and there and there are 2-3 episodes (9, 10 & 11) that were a bit lucklaster (mostly 11), but that was certainly the case in order to save some budget for the 2 final episodes, which brought back the beautiful quality of episodes 1-8. Even when it's flawed, the animation is nowhere near the flawed web release of seasons 1 & 2. But if you want the flawless animation, just wait for the dub to come out, it's great.

SOUND: 9/10
I always loved the score of Sailor Moon Crystal. There are new tracks, which I found just beautiful. They definitely add spice to the whole thing. I am not a fan of the 2nd ED though, mostly because it's too happy for the events of this season, but oh well who cares.

Thanks to the slight comedy, some great script additions and the plot itself I didn't find any problems with the character development. The villains are twisted and entairtaining. For the new characters, I find the Outer Senshi better in this anime if you ask me, as they are way more humane and caring. Hotaru is an amazing character and she shines along with Chibiusa and Sailor Saturn kicks ass. For the rest, Chibiusa continues to be likable and a normal kid (I hate her in the 90's anime so much) and read more
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Mayoiga (Anime) add
Mayoiga was a show that had a lot of potential that unfortunately floundered half way through. Had the producers and writers commited to an idea it may have turned into something a bit more special, but unfortunately it became a lethargic mess.

Mayoiga is about a group of 30 some odd people who want to escape their current lives by essentially running away to a hidden village and start life anew. With that in mind the show isn't about all 30 characters. The reality is that the core cast revolves around a group of around 5 or so. With the key characters being Mitsumune and Masaki.

The rest of the cast is more or less stereotyped cardboard cut out character types. For the most part it isn't a bad thing here because there simply is no way they could've properly conveyed all the characters motives and backgrounds with out using such a method.

The real shame here is that that large casts potential is never used.

The show initially begins as a fairly dark, brooding, and moody fair. People are clearly putting on facades to their new co-habitors and there is something more sinister lying beneath the surface. It doesn't take long before characters are butting heads and they are already starting to distrust each other. A fact made worse once they find and enter the lost village.

Everything until this point is fairly interesting and engaging, and this is what kept me watching all the way through. It was like watching an elaborate chess game where each type of piece interacted with other pieces on the board. The only problem is that were a chess game involves characters being taken out and removed (killed off) Mayoiga ends up being incredibly tame.

With it's mystery, drama, supernatural elements, and large cast you would've thought you have the perfect opportunity to push the show into a mystery genre who done it or even better all out survival horror show down with the characters slowly killing each other off, all while a monster is loose in the surrounding village.

Unfortunately this is where the show absolutely falls apart. It simply isn't daring enough to do something exciting with these characters, and ultimately we get a very fluffy and tame resolution to all the issues the characters bring to the table, and half realized ideas. It doesn't commit to anything and the large casts potential is completely wasted. In the end there are some characters that felt like they were going to end up being important, but in the end never did (one such character is Lion, but oh well).

Aside from all of that it also looked like the animation dipped off half way through as well. Early episodes were visually more interesting and engaging, and later episodes also introduced some pretty poor CGI monster things. It just becomes a sloppy mess as it goes on.

It's certainly not the worst thing you can watch, I've watched a lot worse (Glasslip ... read more
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Noragami Aragoto (Anime) add
Did you ever watch the first season of "Noragami"? Then it's likely that, as great as it was, you couldn't help but believe that it had to think bigger with the concept. After all, in a world of god and ghosts, the possibilities are pretty much endless, right? Thankfully, Bones wasn't quite done with the series. "Noragami Aragoto" is the second season of the series which aired only in the autumn and winter of last year and I'm happy to report that, in several ways, this new season is even stronger than its predecessor.

Story & World (8.5/10):
"Noragami Aragoto" continues where the first season left off- Yato is still doing jobs for humans (then blowing the money on useless trinkets), Yukine continues to serve his Regalia and Hiyori continues to slip out of her body on occasion and become a half-Phantom. This time, however, the stakes are much higher as Hiyori and Yukine's worth to Yato starts to come into question, as he is still unable to escape from his dark, mysterious past. The story is split into two story arcs- the first revolves around Bishamon and her conflict with Yato, while the second revolves around Yato's past as well as the fortune god Ebisu.

The story is a huge improvement on the first season, as it greatly expands on the world of "Noragami", introducing many new gods as well as Takamagahara, the place where gods dwell. We also learn that gods aren't quite as above good and evil as Yato claims and that gods who commit vile acts (such as stuff involving Phantoms) are punished by a group of authoritarian gods known simply as the Heavens. The problem is that these Heavens are extremely paranoid and don't seem to be able to grasp the concept of doing the wrong things for the right reasons. However, to go into that would be a huge spoiler.

All in all, with this season, the series finally starts to take full advantage of its awesome concept and brings some plot points from the first season to a satisfying conclusion. Add in a large amount of character development, backstory and hilarious comedy and you've got yourself a highly engrossing story that, unfortunately, ends on a cliffhanger which will leave you begging for a third season.

Art & Animation (8/10):
"Noragami Aragoto" looks EXACTLY the same as the first season. From the characters to the environments to the Phantoms, everything about the visuals has stood completely still. And considering the first season of "Noragami" wasn't exactly a looker in its day, this is a problem. The rather basic character models, overuse of wacky facial expressions and occasional stiff animations look even more out of place two years down the line. That's not to say it isn't still nice to look at, with the awesome-looking Phantoms still being present. It's just that there are still all the same issues I had hoped they would have rectified.

Sound & Dialogue (9/10):
The soundtrack largely consists of tracks from the first season, but it also read more
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Hai to Gensou no Grimgar (Anime) add
Hai to Gensou no Grimgar is ultimately an anime which deals with the issue of bereavement.

Story in a nutshell: A bunch of people regain consciousness in a fantasy world they have no prior of memory of being in. But they are given little time to question things before the realities of life are forced upon them and they are made to form teams of fighters so that they can survive and earn a living in this world full of monsters, towns and hardships etc.

The anime primarily follows the lives of one of said teams and their trials and tribulations as they survive on a day-to-day basis in this ruthless yet beautiful world. However it is not long before one of them is killed in action. And this friends death casts a shadow over the characters which effects their relationships and actions for the duration of the anime.

This is not to say that Hai to Gensou no Grimgar is a depressing anime to watch. Far from it! It is an anime full of high & low moments (from fantastic action scenes to lighthearted comedy moments). But what it seeks to achieve is a level of realism amongst its characters in a world that while a fantasy-like place, is all too real in many ways.

There are also many unique elements to this anime which mean that although "trapped in a RPG-like world" anime's abound, none are quite like Hai to Gensou no Grimgar.

Characters: There is a lot of character development in this anime so that while the characters are somewhat generic, they aren't boring or poorly managed throughout the anime.

Artwork: The anime is very pleasant on the eye and has quite a unique style of artwork. The action scenes are fluid and generally speaking the world of Hai to Gensou no Grimgar is one of beauty, warmth and mystery.

Story: Very good! Even though this anime isn't very long it contains numerous stoy arcs (and all of the episodes are very relevant). The focus of the story line changes as they characters develop (and vice versa) so that although it changes, the story flows harmoniously throughout the anime.

Comedy: This anime has some lighthearted comedy moments but comedy is certainly not a focal point of Hai to Gensou no Grimgar (and is quite thin on the ground in general).

Action: Some of the fight scenes are particularly impressive however there is also something of a gore factor in this anime as it aims to be realistic (not all of the deaths are humane etc). The fights are often very precarious in their nature and you often feel like both the characters and the monsters really are fighting for their very survival.

Pacing: This is something you could definitely criticize Hai to Gensou no Grimgar on because it tends to alternate between episodes where very little happens to episodes where so many significant things happen, it is hard to all take in. But for the most part, Hai to Gensou no Grimgar has quite read more
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High School Fleet (Anime) add
Welcome to Highschool Fleet, a military moe where some logics don't apply as expected and warships full of lolis . then, why is this anime worth watching and enjoyable? my review is not the best but it may give you the answer in my opinion

Story 6/10
like the sypnosis said, Mother nature got mad, Japan is filled with water, coastal cities pop up. Somehow maritime job become popular to women (like in Girls und Panzer) and BAM! there is the Blue Mermaids, a famous naval force of women protecting the sea. the settings are like that to be useful for the plot, so nothing amazing

While for the main plot, Misaki Akeno (Mike-chan) and others girls try their best in the school to be Blue Mermaids and they got to use WW2 era warships. At first, i thought this is gonna be a naval school competition, BUT NO, the story shifted greatly, unexpectedly with the mystery and serious challenge that the schoolgirls have to face. the early surprise is really interesting, but the latter plot is nothing above than that other than some Slice of life-like relaxing moments. However, that's quite decent enough for this kind of anime where the characters could be more important

Character 7/10
First, our Mike-chan is the captain of the Harekaze destroyer, lively and optimistic, she has to go through a lot of challenges to ensure the safety of the crew .Then we have vice captain Munetani who is unlucky and serious, yet deeply cares for everyone and other characters like
the funny Secretary Kouko, the timid navigator Rin.....

..but with only 12 episodes and a cast of a whole loli crew, how the hell?..

the thing is, although the main characters get developed the most, what i like in this anime is that it may not have time for a single girl at a time, but the characters are seen facing hardships, working and developing as a crew, with various roles in different sections on the ship and diverse personalities. that made up the atmosphere of the high spirited and upbeat loli crew which shine along with the main characters.

Art 7/10
the character designs are supposed to be simple and cute, and very fit with the personalities, so it's not bad for today's standard. the warships are well portrayed in the anime, especially the Musashi and the Harekaze, that big ass battleship and nimble destroyer looks realistically fine, and still badass in battle with lots of lolis on them. the combat scenes, as well as in OP ,from day to night, is also decent and thrilling enough to enjoy

Sound 7/10
Nothing to say much , the OP is nice, i like it the most in this season, it goes very well with the anime, full of energy and high spirited, while the soundtrack goes from peaceful moment to battle theme very well. meanwhile, the voice acting for the entire crew is good as expected, especially when they in battle and drama moments

Enjoyment 8/10
Oh...when it comes to military moe, im absolutely hyped. read more
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(24/25 episode aired)

For starters this shows gets a better storyline, a bit more serious and a little less playing around. This show made me feel a lot. It was lightheaded at start and one of the most enjoyable anime's i have ever seen. The passion, the commitment and the bond between these student/teachers is something that i cannot explain with words. I loved this anime form the bottom of my heart, and if you are reading this i am sure you are considering to watch it... Take my advice! Do it you won't regret it. It's rare for me to be this entertained by a show. Sorry if it was not the best review it's my first however for me to write this review is just because i felt i CANNOT simply drop this anime i need to help it grow. I NEED TO SHOW THE PEOPLE THAT THIS IS "THE" ANIME TO WATCH! #nuruhuhu
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Boku no Hero Academia (Anime) add
I can't believe it but I actually enjoyed something with super heroes(Ok,I liked One Punch Man too...)I was tired of the same recipe those shows had and am glad that this anime is progressive without some Bam! I can do everything,just leave it to me!


All things considered,the story is average at this point because it's mostly an introduction to the real core of the plot.In a world full of people with ''Quriks'' and of heroes and villains,Izuku dreams to become someone like All Might,the symbol of peace.The problem is,he doesn't have any powers,just his intel on the heroes.One day when he tries to save his childhood ''friend'' Katsuki(who always made fun of Izuku's powerlessness) he meets All Might.The hero thought too that Izuku didn't have any chance at his dream but after seeing his courage he atmits to it being possible.And so All Might reveals his real form and power and transfers to Izuku his power and hope.From there on it's pretty much training and the arrival of some uninvited guests and some cool fights.


I'm not so picky about things like animation and sound but I gotta say the characters' design looked quite unusual.The fight scenes looked pleasing along with all of the colorfulness.


The opening and ending,while not being usually of my taste were surprisingly catchy and I found myself humming the songs several times.None of my favorite voice actors were in this but I liked the principal's voice,it sounded like Russia(Hetalia).


I liked most of the characters,they had all kinds of unique abilities.Izuku and All Might are the ones who I liked it most because of their will to do everything in their power to assure the safety of their dear ones and the courage they show in the most dire times.I have to say that I disliked Kacchan because of his lack of care and egocentric tendencies.Yes,I get that he grew up thinking his Quirk was the best but he has to realise the world doesn't revolve around him.I just hope doesn't go to the dark side like Sasuke.


Shocking to me,I enjoyed this quite a lot except the fact that it all ended too quickly without getting to know all its Quirks.


It's good,yes,I would recommend it to anyone who likes super heroes and shounen anime
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Anne Happy♪ (Anime) add

It’s been quite a while since Gochiusa, Kiniro Mosaic and Yuru Yuri had aired. We’re quite grateful for Anne Happy, an unhappy anime but very silly, comedic and CGDCT to be adapted. This is one of the 8 SOL to be aired on Spring 2016. There is quite a lot of SOL airing this season.

Anne Happy to me is quite interesting to watch though there’s not much of people watching it. The core is much formulated, it can play off anime cliché as they use many frills moments to as the comedy theme, not by throwing it unnecessarily. Of course, it has a pretty standard set up of Slice Of Life genre such as the school setting and bunch of girls doing CGDCT. In addition, most of the plot points are prevailed every each next episode otherwise, continue where it left off.

In addition, Anne Happy adds comedic and gag scenes to keep the show entertaining and interesting as it helps to spies up the viewer’s perception. Anne Happy’s comedic contents are quick and snappy to understand, such as the use of manga panels to deliver the comedy at a quicker pace however the excessive use of it can be a bit hassle.

By far, the story plotline is not complicated or complex to watch.

Animation wise, is handled and produced by Silver Link, a great studio which made Non Non Biyori. The animation was pretty decent and manga iconography is used to express the characters feelings. The character design was what made me impressed the most, this is by far from my perspective the best character design I ever seen, not to argue I just seem to like the character design as well as their eye design. The use of color is not too saturated as colors are used lighter to suit the theme, heck even 1080p I can see the difference. I still wonder how they can handle two anime production at the same time, I've been noticing that since fall season. In short, though a lot of loading screens are used, the character designs and animation is done pretty well by Silver link.

I enjoyed the OP and the ED songs, as well as the OST. The voice actors for all the characters were pretty decent, I start to notice the VA who voiced Hibari, as she was voiced Kirie in Umaru chan, I was pretty stunned how amusing her voice be, even her singing skills are pretty damn good. An’s VA wasn't bad, some of her lines were pretty cute especially the “right” line. Botan’s VA on other hand, I get confused who voiced her, she kinda sound like Hayori. Hibiki’s VA is almost too similar to Sharo’s VA from Gochiusa. In short, silver link VA selection is pretty decent though, there aren't any big VA names.


Talking about the characters, Hibari-chan stand out to me the most, I love the fact that she is very oblivious to not having any read more
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Mahou Senshi Louie (Anime) add
Story in a nutshell: 3 female treasure hunting adventurers who are looking for a female wizard to join their troupe (consisting of a warrior, a thief and a priestess) are made to take on Louie (a male wizard more brawn than brains) after events conspire to force them to do so.

Rune Soldier ("Mahou Senshi Louie") is an anime full of genuine laugh out loud moments. It is a comedy fantasy anime set in a world filled with quaint towns with taverns, wizard schools, demons, fairies, buried treasure, armies and adventurers etc. And while getting on its years now, this anime's quality still shines through.

Artwork: The artwork is dated in its style now but is still of a high quality and the anime has plenty of scenes with particularly great animation.

Characters: Somewhat generic but definitely still very lovable, there is definitely significant character development over the course of this anime.

Comedy: Some of the jokes have become overdone since this anime was created however despite this the anime still has plenty of genuine laugh out loud moments and original comedy.

Romance: There is a little romance that develops (or becomes apparent) between certain characters over the course of the anime but romance in general is not a focal part of this anime.

Action: There is plenty of action in this anime yet its not what you would call an action-packed anime (as some episodes feature little to no action at all).

Episodes: Most of the episodes revolve around their own mini story however in the bigger picture of things, the episodes are all relevant to one another and all link up together to form a bigger overriding story line and ending.

Fan service: This anime has a little fan service however nothing outrageous or which may make you feel uncomfortable.

Overall enjoyment: Very high! This anime is not a masterpiece however it is still an excellent anime and if rated on enjoyment alone, it would definitely get a 10/10 rating from me ^_^v .

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4 hours ago
Soul Eater NOT! (Anime) add
Soul Eater NOT, a show most people cringe to when they simply hear the title. Now is the show really as bad as most people want to claim it is; Well yes and no. No it's not as bad because the show has some fights as well as a semi interesting plot. Yes because it just simply isn't Soul Eater (but aside from that), and the characters can be the generic moe driven scum that we have all seen and are familiar with.

So I know people probably want to give every aspect of this show a hard time, but the story is actually pretty fun if you are a fan of Soul Eater. The story is a girl one day half way transforms into a weapon and now she has been sent to a special school so she can learn more about her new skill. The show is mainly about her befriending two other girls as partners, but the show doesn't just focus on that. Soul Eater NOT also has elements from Soul Eater; Since this show is a prequel, you get to see how some characters were before the main show Soul Eater starts. As well as background for characters, you do get to learn about some of the lore from Soul Eater which I thought was pretty neat

So if you enjoy slices of life and moe culture then this show may be your cup of tea. Sure the characters are predictable and generic, but I think they were actually designed that way for comedic purposes, as in to make fun of the generic moe characters we see in every show ever. There were times when this joke did go a little too far however, and it made me want to claw my eyes out. For the most part though they were tolerable, and sometimes it was pretty funny where they took the stereotype.

I also want to add that the main character from Soul Eater are side characters, and some of the side characters are now main characters.

This was one of the very few things that really bothered me with this show. Now, the art is not bad, but it is very different from it's parent show. Seeing some of the characters from Soul Eater stylized to look different was kinda a bad touch, but in defense they didn't look bad, just different is all.

If you enjoyed Soul Eater and also enjoy slices of life, this show might be worth a watch, as long you don't mind pure unfiltered moe moments.

Also since it's a prequel, it might be fun to watch this then re-watch Soul Eater, since that show is worth watching multiple times.
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4 hours ago
Mayoiga (Anime) add
If you enjoy anime with really bad writing and plot and character writing or edgy spooky "horror" anime then please watch this, this is tottaly the anime for you

If you are looking for an actual good anime with decent animation and good story and writing and plot twists then please stay away, this anime is not worth your time to waste and here's why:

Mayoiga is an anime about a group of 30 people traveling on a single bus for a trip to a mysterious hidden village to escape their "Harsh" Lives and reality, to escape from their abusive or boring daily life until they are haunted by spooky monsters from their past

Story 2/10: What is this? Was this story written by grade schoolers?

Art 3/10: It's kinda decent but at some points the characters look disfigured or they use lazy animations and the CGI is almost as bad as the CGI that was used in Golgo, the monsters in the anime look truly pathetic, there's almost no effort put in drawing and designing the monsters

Sound 4/10: Nothing special

Character 1/10: The characters are the worst thing about this anime, everyone is really cringe worthy and annoying, it's like every Hollywood horror movies, everyone screams around or freaks out for no damn reason or does something stupid, everyone acts edgy or childish except for 2 or 3 characters that their personality and actions are decent, everyone acts crazy or does stupid stuff for no convincing reason or clear explanation it's the "The character writing was crap so shut up and deal with it"

Enjoyment 2/10: Yeah i guess you can enjoy this a little if you skip 75% of the parts

Overall 1/10: A waste of time.
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5 hours ago
Mermaid Forest (Anime) add
Mermaid Forest is a philosophical anime which primarily explores the curse of immortality. But despite its philosophical nature, don't be fooled into thinking that this is a relaxed anime; there is plenty of action, suspense and even gore in the stories!

There is a little romance in this anime and there is virtually no "fan service" or comedy moments (which depending on what you're looking for in anime, could be either a good thing or a bad thing).


Yuta: A compassionate and intelligent man with a strong sense of justice, he is also a lonely man who carries numerous heavy emotional burdens. He was cursed with immortality after accidentally consuming mermaid flesh and ever since that day he has traveled the length and breadth of country looking for a way to undo the curse.

Mana: A beautiful 15 year old girl who was also cursed with immortality after unwittingly eating mermaid flesh that had been deliberately given to her to eat. She was held captive all her life but was saved by Yuta. Mana is quite serious girl but after having spent so much of her life in virtual isolation in captivity, has very little experience nor knowledge of the modern world (but while innocent she is also quick witted and a fast learner).

The artistic style of this anime makes it look very dated. And to be fair, being released over 12 years ago, it is an old anime by today's standards. But please don't let this put you off!

This anime is a quality work with original stories and interesting characters. Most of the stories take 1-2 episodes to complete however they are all relevant and all link up together to culminate in a more significant ending. This anime is also steeped in a fair bit of Japanese folklore and history. So if you're looking for an anime with interesting story lines which explore philosophy, morality and folklore etc, then Mermaid Forest is a perfect anime for you!
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Anne Happy♪ (Anime) add
Anne Happy♪ (clearly a pun with the word Unhappy) depicts the daily lives of 5 girls at school. It's the typical "cure girls doing cute things" anime.

Or at least that's what I thought before I started watching it.

These girls are gathered together in the class 1-7 of the Tennomifune Academy for a single reason: they all suffer from some kind of misfortune. And the main objective of they being at the same class is to achieve true happiness.

Okay, I agree that, in essence, it's not something very original. But the way the anime was executed is very good. Leaving aside the technical considerations, Anne Happy♪ is an anime that can make you laugh and be captivated by the characters.
Like at the first scene of the anime where one of the protagonists, Hanako, falls from a bridge straight into a river, just to save a little dog. Despite being soaked, she feels glad for saving the animal. But, in the end, the dog ends up biting her and leaving. And even so, she's still able to say: "I'm very lucky!".

It's fun to see how the girls strengthen their friendship and help each other in the simple but problematic class assignments. Despite having their own problems, they care for each other veru much, and together they live they search for their own happiness.

Story: 6/10
There's not much story to be told. The anime's format is episodic, and even though it follows a chronology, there isn't a complex plot.
Every episode is just about the girls' daily lives at school.

Art: 8/10
The art is cute. The characters are not utterly deformed by moe, and their designs are quite unique.
For a moe anime, it's a very good job. The animation is great too, seldom having animation errors.
Also, the often used chibi transitions are very comedic and cute, often referencing to things that happened previously and letting us imply what happened next.

Sound: 8/10
The soundtrack is one of Anne Happy♪ standouts. The songs are very cute and always suit well the mood of the scene. I think it's one of the strongest technical good points of the show.
I loved how the songs are so lively on funny moments, and how they're heartwarming on the few touching moments.

Not to talk about the exciting Opening theme and the cute Ending theme. They balance very well how the episode flows, as usually it starts very lively and ends up with a quite cute scene.

Character: 8/10
The characters are very cute, as expected from a more anime. But more than that, they're very different from eatch other. From the kuudere lazy girl to the tsundere, passing through the "ojou-sama" and the lively clumsy one.
And they're funny their own way, specially when they're all together.

Enjoyment: 10/10
I've been looking for quite some time for an anime that I could watch with a smile on my face during the entire episode.
But not only that, I think also the way things were done, in terms of things like characters' personality and the good OST ensure read more
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Date A Live II (Anime) add
Never has a change in the animation studio been this apparent to me. That was essentially my first thought as I tried up to sum up my feelings about Date A Live. The main reason why I started watching this anime was because someone I know has it in her favorites list and I thought to myself 'eh. Why not.'... So I watched the first season and was pleasantly surprised. Harem anime have been some of my least favorite in the past, so I expected this one to be fairly similar... but honestly, the first season of this anime was really, really good. Mainly because it managed to escape quite a chunk of the normal things that harem anime go through, while still putting a spin on the things that it did do like almost every other harem out there. One scene that's still stuck with me is the Onsen episode in the first season, which was genuinly funny and was something I hadn't even remotely witnessed before. So after that first season, my expectations for the second season were quite high... and as you might've guessed from the very first sentence and my rating, I was thoroughly disappointed.

So why's that?? Well, mainly because the second season was missing both the cleverness and the heart of the first one... though it started out promising. The first episode felt just like something from the first season... but from the second episode onward, everything went straight down. Just like the first season, there was an Onsen episode here... but unlike back then, this one was just a plain, generic and unfun one, which would go on to set the tone for the remainder of the anime. The somewhat unique setting of the MC going on dates with characters and being 'supported' by a team of 'professionals', choosing his answers Visual Novel style was replaced by dull drama and fights that just weren't interesting whatsoever; the interesting characters of the first season (especially Yoshino) were put on the bench in favor of new characters that turned out to be as lively and engaging as a round of chess on a graveyard and the humor that gave the first season its charm was replaced by one-dimensional characters pretending to hav serious conversations during silly Mecha-suit fights... so in short, everything that made the first season stand out was switched out for generic things that are about as unique as water in Atlantis.

That said, it wasn't ALL bad (otherwise my score would've been even lower)... As mentioned above, the first episode was still really, really good and also there was a brief part during the beginning of the second arc where the humor of the first season flashed up again, when he had to dress up as and pretend to be a girl in order to get close to a spefic girl. Also on the rare occasions that the other characters from the first season DID show up, their personalities were kept intact, which was read more
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5 hours ago
Mayoiga (Anime) add
There was a little anime and when it was good, it was really really good, but when it was bad, it was really really bad.

Mayoiga would probably be best described as a psychological supernatural thriller. There is no gore, no murders, no blood, ghosts or epic battle scenes. What this anime does deliver though is monsters, mysteries and cliffhanger moments by the bucket load.

Story in a nutshell: A large group of unrelated & dysfunctional people disenchanted with society run away together to start their lives anew in a mysterious village which exists on no mainstream maps. The village is full of mysteries and it is not long before people start to get tormented by monsters.

I found this anime challenging to rate because while petty bad, it is not awful at everything it does. And the thing it does best is mystery. That even as dysfunctional as the anime is (poor pacing, a myriad of useless characters etc), it often keeps you just hooked enough to continue baring with it.

Overall: Good story with so much potential and creativity but very let down by poor pacing, illogical character interaction and poor character design (and too many characters in general).
Mysteries abound in this anime but unfortunately so too does disappointment.
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6 hours ago
Kiznaiver (Anime) add
Kiznaiver is a show that has an absurd premise yet fails to deliver because it tries to take itself way too seriously with the melodrama. The main cast are a bunch of eccentrics, some stand out and some feel underwhelming. The stylistic visuals are nice to look at but any other show can uphold that characteristic. The Kizna System is an interesting concept that could have been used as a subversion of “the bonds of friendship” cliché, yet it tries to reinforce that very own cliché and even wander into romance territory.

The “sharing of pain” is not properly grounded. What if the other person gets sick? Will everyone get sick as well? The limits are not really set yet the show tries to venture towards the emotional territory later on which gets really complicated. While it does try to promote empathy over sympathy, literally feeling another person’s pain or feeling is not a good way to demonstrate it. The main point of empathy is to understand what someone else’s feeling. This show just forces the character to feel something without really understanding why. Though they try to know the answer of the “Why do you feel that way” question, they don’t really achieve mutual understanding.

The show should have just focused on one type of pain and further explore that through frequent character interaction. The background of some characters is pretty good, but the story fails to transform that into good character development. The romance could have been done well if not for the very complicated love web the story presented. All in all, the show had potential if not for the bad direction of the story and the weak foundation of the premise. I could have given it a lower score, but the aspect of enjoyment is still there. There are some good standalone episodes and the show itself is a decent time-waster. I just really believed that the show could have been something greater
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6 hours ago
Flying Witch (Anime) add
I don't particularly like slice-of-life shows, because I find it less exciting than other shows (and that the writer had to do similar things to others almost all the time). Flying Witch is the kind of show that I don't particularly want to watch at first glance, but I always find the urge to watch it whenever I noticed that the new episode comes out.

The story is as what it sounds like. A witch comes to town, people get shocked, people get over it, then magical stuff happened. It's not as disastrous as monster comes in every now and then, but not as school life as it can be. In fact, while they are still in school, many episodes were not school related. The pacing is quite suitable, they don't rush for progression (since slice-of-life usually are not about progressing the plot), but keep everything in a row so that you remember things.

The art is beautiful. I enjoy watching the scenery whenever I find the need to look away, and it does not disappoint most of the time (if not all the time).

The sound is quite memorable. I find myself sitting through the OP most of the time, because it's quite the earworm. The background music played whenever they are doing things and not talking, is also quite suitable. It's quite fresh since the shows I watched are mostly fast-paced fighting shonen anime, and I find it quite relaxing to just sit back and relax.

The character design was...basic? I do enjoy they being quite naturally coloured (and not anime-coded colour). The non-human part also show quite a bit of work, which is all beautiful. The character introduced was not overwhelmingly a lot (as per slice-of-life), and their personality don't overlap but rather complement each other. So it showed a good chemistry between their relationship and I enjoyed them interacting with each other, rather than just the main lead interacting with one at a time. However, I find Kei's role being not very obvious, as he does not show as much screentime as the others, while being like the only male main character (not counting non human male characters). Ah well, it's called Flying Witch for a reason.

I had to say, I enjoyed this show quite a bit. While I don't necessarily love the show, I would consider re-watching an episode or two when I'm down just to cheer me up enough to continue with my miserable life. Overall, I would recommend this show, even if you don't care about slice-of-life.
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7 hours ago
Mayoiga (Anime) add
And so Mayoiga made History. An unforgettable plot which leads us in a world populated with characters not possesing either true purpose or substance and where "coherence" is banished. Everything is overblown and badly written. The intent of Diomedea (the studio) was to build a mysterious and immersive story based upon social trauma taking shape of an illusion, a very good premise. But it only goes into a non-assumed comedy, ironically worth watching because of that... medley of cliffhangers. Another anime with a huge lack of maturity which appropriates itself the demography "seinen" while it does not respect the codes

There is no more thing to say.

Notation :

[Story part : 0.5/10]

-"Pacing" means nothing in this show. Incredible. (0/2)

-A plot without substance. I call this "blank hole". (0/2)

-False complexity, there is no depth. (0/2)

-Regarding Plausibility, I would be able to give -1 here. (0/2)

-A pointless conclusion to a pointless story. (0/2)

.Bonus : Good premise. +0.5

[Animation part : 3.5/10]

-Decent production value. Low budget. (1/2)

-Decent visual effects. (1/2)

-A pretty good character design overall (Special mention to Lion and Jack). (1/2)

-Awkward staging because of the omnipotent non-sense. (0/2)

-Uggly background, lack of details. (0.5/2)

[Sound part : 6/10]

-High quality sound effects. (2/3)

-Concerning the soundtrack, it's forgettable. (1/3)

-Good voice acting. (2/3)

-Good BGM, atmosphere is almost immersive. (1/1)

[Characters part : 0.5/10]

-The switch of character point of view is badly thought. (0/2)

-A mere presence of a collective catharsis (about "fear"), but pointless. (0.5/2)

-Character development is an abstract notion in this show. (0/2)

-Characters personality : Cliche, irrationnal and overblown. (0/2)

-Is there any backdrop here? Yes,Probably in a bucket... (0/2)

[Miscellaneous part ( doesn't count in the notation ) : 1/10]

.Best Rewatchability ever. (0/3)

.Disappointing OP and ED. (0/1)

.Enjoyment is almost here !! It'll stay in my memories !!! I give 1 point !!! (1/6)

OVERALL : 2.5/10.
Class : E. Almost F
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First of all, this anime is an insult to courts of law and judges.
I know it doesn't reflect reality but using murder cases in this anime where they just seem to compete in who can make better statements is bad taste. Noone seems to care who is innocent (Naruhodo does but he just believes they are innocent and doesn't ask for any explanations).
OST in this anime is good. Nothing extraordinary but didn't make me skip the OP or ED.
Animation is poor. Too much still shots and visual effect is court are flashy but not very well done.
Usually anime characters in power positions have a glaring fault and due to that it falls to MC to do things but in this case the judge is just dumb. He has no good qualities, how can someone who is timid and dumb become a judge, he could be one of them but not both.
A procecutor who had 100% win rate and was suspected off tampering for evidence was not checked. All I want is some common sense and logic in this anime but I found none.
The court system is so that people are convicted on circumstantial evidence unless the defence can show otherwise. And they aren't given much chance to do so.
The jails must be full of innocent people because the detectives are quite bad too.
Overall, I can never like a court drame where you can't take anything seriously.
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Clannad: After Story (Anime) add
10 out of 10 but why? everyone loved it thats why.welcome to another crapy review which is just there because you(reader)are not the only one with tons of free time to spend on the internet.ok lets get straight to the point clannad is a fun anime high school fun some bumpy rides gets you to almost cry but doesnt or cant but its sequel does all that and even better.its like a korean movie like with many tear jerkers so to all the boys reading it watch it and cry there is no shame in crying.
lets jump to the story line(if u missed clannad this is a story of 2 highschool lovers who ,ove and support each other, watch it its great i guess).clannad afterstory has a bit slow start but once it gains speed it will crush ur heart like a bullet train 3 times to be exact.anyway this follows tragic backstories of Nagisa(female lead),Tomoya(male lead) then comes the aftermath and follow the story of their child Ushio who also has a sad backstory.
to me this anime was 3 or 4 bitchslaps in the face 1st for making that crappy ending song(dango daikazoku)so great it sincs in perfectly with the ending song
(like tokyo ghoul's unravel) now its been ages and i cant get enough of the song it makes u cry remembering the ending,2nd was it completely changes your view of the characters i mean all of them clannad afterstory changes all characters from the father of tomoye to other side characters,then the main shock comes as everybody cried in the end i mean like everyone(unless you fell asleep you jerk).
this anime is highly recommended for guys who want to watch anime with their girlfriends,lonely guys and girls,boys who want to cry,and guys who wanna get laid after a nice anime with their gf.
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8 hours ago
Sansha Sanyou (Anime) add
--Reuploading review because the other was a preview version--

Are you a fan of cute, lighthearted SoL anime? Then look no futher, Sansha Sanyou is what you're looking for!

This anime is focused on Yoko, a rich girl that suddenly became poor after his father's business went bankrupt, now she lives alone and goes to a normal school, but her way to be after all that years makes her have a hard time making friends.

Thankfully, she meets Odagiri Futaba, an active girl that eats a lot, and Teru Hayama, a girl that looks really calm but is actually pretty scary when she wants, and soon after they become friends.

This is Sansha Sanyou, a calm and funny slice of life anime based on their daily lives.

The animation, as expected from Doga Kobo, is simply fantastic, all the characters and backgrounds are great, with some specific points being just eye candy of how smooth they feel.

For the sound, both OP and ED songs are really good and you want to hear them over and over, like in most SoL anime, the background music during the episodes is nothing special but do a good job in helping set the tone of the moment.

I have to say than outside of Yoko, Futaba, and Sonobe Shino (a maid that worked in Yoko's house back when she was rich), I don't like much the rest of the characters, or their comedy gag are not that funny.

Overall, Sansha Sanyou is a relaxing SoL comedy that will be perfect for anyone that looks for that type of anime, if you do, make sure to give it a try!
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8 hours ago
Pan de Peace! (Anime) add
A short and silly review for a short and silly series!

It's easy to take an anime like Pan de Peace too seriously. Yes, Pan de Peace is nothing special, even in its niche of short slice of life anime about cute girls, but it does have strengths that prevent this slice of bread from going stale too quickly.

The opening is quite funny, with a fitting use of the "slice of bread in mouth running to school" cliche, the characters are cute, the voice acting is of decent enough quality and the fact that the girls are obsessed with bread gives it some novelty. Noa-chan is so cute that she's probably secretly an eldritch horror.

Pan de Peace is a short anime that plays it safe to be as inoffensive as possible, which makes it bland, but what little it does, it does well enough to make it just about worthwhile for those invested in the genre.
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9 hours ago
Mayoiga (Anime) add
One sentence review: Mayoiga is a perfect example of third-rate anime that takes itself too seriously with its cardboard characters and causes few unintended tragicomic chuckles. (PS: moderators removed this review for it was only preview, which is wrong.)

You don’t need to eat the whole pie to judge the taste. I watched the first 4 episodes, and wrote the early review, following the infamous three episode rule. Yet, Mayoiga was an anime so insipid that with all its supposed mysteries, it failed to catch attention of viewers. My opinion changed for worse after the final episode. I might as well write these words three months ago as my first impressions and wait to post it now. I’m a victim of three episode rule. Try to watch first episodes with open mind, if you don’t like it, that’s that, drop it. Life is too short to spend on every future possibility.

Throughout the airing, many argued that Mayoiga was intentionally bad. And because of that, it was an ingenious comedy, not a serious story. But puppet heads for characters, talking stupidly and hysterically a lot in long dialogues would be 'intentional comedy' if there were actual comedic part about it: Mayoiga is at best a tragicomedy, and the tragic part comes not from the story – the story is devoid of much emotion anyway – but from the tragic attempt of the creators to make something and fail. So I cannot laugh at them heartily, because I would feel like a bully.

Story: usual gimmicks

First, good points: no school settings, not much fan service. That’s all. A group of people go to a hidden village to start life anew. Character introductions start immediately, with the worst possible way, letting each one literally stand up and talk. A bus-full of characters, all ‘eccentric’ and therefore typical in anime world, each you might have seen in any other average show. Given the state of characters, the anime relies heavily on the mystery aspect to grab attention. It is done by withholding information, adding some eerie elements such as some creepy singing, dark nights, an uninhabited village (but otherwise filled with all necessary equipments, food, and even a jail), something lurking in the woods, etc. This is a story with implicit promise that if the viewer tags along until the end, they will be rewarded with some great ending, find how the mysteries are clarified and learn truth about the village, the mountain. (And let me tell beforehand, that promise wasn't kept in the final episode). It is all good and nice, but for a mystery to work, one needs to connect with characters. Otherwise who cares about an uninteresting nobody experiencing problems? Another part of the mystery is the character backgrounds, which obviously are revealed slowly, dragging at times, and unsurprisingly, we discover that many characters have some tragic past, such as being scapegoat, bullied, lost dear ones, mistreated, etc. The creators don’t fail to use the easiest way of characterization. You want viewers connect read more
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9 hours ago
Bungou Stray Dogs (Anime) add
I've seen some people write their reviews only after watching 4 episodes. Well that's a shame, because more serious episodes, that include more meaning and get you interested into anime start later.
Of course, this anime has comic periods but I think they fit here. It brings more colors to it.

It started with comedy and brought some unexpected turns of events. They did not make the ending obvious like some anime do, nor did it make me want to skip any of it.
It was pretty bright at first (I honestly was quite skeptic at first), but then it turned to be much darker than I expected, and I enjoyed it and got drawn into the anime.

I think it was really good, it's a bit unique but I liked it.

Story: The story started pretty weird actually but it turned to be pretty dark, with unexpected turns of events.

Sound: OST fit the anime pretty well, battle scene soundtracks were pretty good too.

Character: I loved the characters, the further I got into the story, the more I discovered about them. It let us find about their hopes, fears and wishes. I liked it.

Enjoyment: I loved this anime and I enjoyed it a lot! It was really good and got me interested in it. The story plot twists were actually really good! And that's one of the things I really like about watching anime!

Overall: I give this anime a 10, it got me drawn into it, it made me interested and it made me enjoy it!
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10 hours ago
Bungou Stray Dogs (Anime) add
By all means this show can't be compared to the greatest ones you've seen, however i believe it's pretty damn solid and i can easily recommend you to watch it, considering you're interested enough to read a review of it.
Now, lets break the whole thing down in parts:
Story - 7
The whole world setting is pretty simple - some ppl have superpowers, god knows why - doesn't matter. The story is pretty interesting, so if you might like the combination of genres 'Action, Comedy, Mystery, Seinen, Supernatural', then you won't be disappointed. Altough i would call this show a Shounen rather than a Seinen (the fact that characters are working adults instead of being highschoolers doesn't make a series a seinen imo). The comedy is at most places pretty juvenile and won't make you laugh out loud most of the times, however it should reduce the distance between you and the characters
Art - 8
The animation/art isn't extraordinary nor anything new , however it doesn't fall short in comparison to other shows of the season. I also liked the character designes of most of the characters (especially Kyouka's).
Sound - 7
I don't recall any ost from the show that i loved, it was ok though. The opening and ending did not catch my ear all that much either. However the music does work well with everything that happens on the screen and will make you more involved with the action, so i can say it's good.
Character - 9
I liked them, simple as that. Dazai & Kunikida duo is pretty damn entertaining to watch, other main characters are pretty interesting as well, i surely hope i will get to know them better in the next season of the show.
Enjoyment - 8
Got nothing to say in the subject, simply seems like a cool show to watch.
Overall - 8
The show is interesting and fun to watch, it's a strong position among this season's anime, deserving to be in top 5 in popularity ranking of the season.

To summ up, it's a show worth watching, you will surely enjoy it, if the humor dosn't end up irritating you or scaring you away. Cheers!
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10 hours ago
Boku no Hero Academia (Anime) add
I was actually thinking twice when this anime was announced since it was really hyped by people and it was compared to One Punch Man (which I didn't watch coz it doesn't seem to suit my taste). When I read the synopsis, I felt that I should give it a try since it was interesting for me.

I particularly like the story of this anime. It's not really new but it was executed well in my opinion. I like how they name the powers as "Quirks" which also suits the theme and animation of this anime. I quite like the concept of having a "superhero school" with "superhero teachers" and the practical tests were really interesting to watch. Given that the students have different quirks, all of them are fun to watch. Also, I like how Deku shows his ways in certain things (like the practical test that Aizawa-sensei gave and the trespassing villains scene) --- those scenes were epic --- added with the very nice background music to it.

The art style suits the anime well. It's quirky but not to the extent that it looks lazy --- but rather it was really good for its theme. Though the "comic" design kinda looks kiddy, but I believed it makes the anime looked "lively". The action scenes were executed pretty well --- depicting the movements precisely as anyone should expect it would be.

The soundtrack, both opening and ending song, were nice. The tune gives a lively and hopeful vibe which matches the theme of this anime. Also the sound effects and background music used in the action scenes were really nice and creates excitement and tension.

As for the characters:
Deku - I like his determination despite being called a "wimp". He is really brave despite showing a pathetic-looking face in most scenes. I believe the way he was involved in the fight scenes is quite remarkable.
All Might - His power may looked simple but it's quite OP --- pure fist fight is always badass.
Bakugo - I'm kinda annoyed with his attitude in the first few episodes but as the anime progresses, my hate towards him diminishes and I hope he changes his attitude as the story progresses.
Todoroki - He is a mysterious and interesting character. He is one of the most skilled among the students but unfortunately there is not much information about him as of the moment.
Uraraka - She is charming and I hope to see more of her in the next season since there are not much girls in this anime.
Iida - My first impression of him was an arrogant smarty but he was actually quite approachable and a good leader too. Unfortunately, his character didn't quite stood up for me as of the moment.
Aizawa-sensei - His skills are awesome. I hope he will be back 100% in the next season.

Also, the main villains in the last part were really interesting and they are quite strong too, which makes the anime exciting to watch coz you don't know if read more
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10 hours ago
Kiznaiver (Anime) add
Kiznaiver is supposed to be an anime that highlights the problem of the natural loneliness that all people feel and what that loneliness can turn people into. Does it manage that? In a way, yes, but that way is so unrealistic and exaggerated that nothing whatsoever can be learned from the series.

Plot: 5
In core principle, I really like the idea of Kiznaiver. Connecting people through physical pain to connect them mentally - for a world without loneliness. The idea is beautiful and one that you could play a lot with. Kiznaiver partly does that. The physical pain is first explored through a set of (in general) previously unacquainted teenagers. After a few episodes, as they grow closer and more familiar, this develops to an exploration of their mental pain. At some point this culminates, while a different story is presented to the viewer in pieces. An older and more mysterious story which is probably my favourite part of the series (Katsuhira's past). So okay, they have everything covered. But rather than choosing this mysterious route they laid out in the beginning, they explore through slice-of life moments of exaggerated feelings and borderline hysterical behaviour. What could have been a great sci-fi is turned into a mediocre drama. And even the mysterious past crumbles in feelings during the last episodes.

Aside from that, the episodes are rather mis-matched. The pacing is irregular and some of the episodes are so unrealistic that they don't even make sense (e.g. what Nori-chan did in the last episode). Some events seem irrelevant even if they are meant to be used for "bonding". Generally if the pace had been picked up, this series would have been a lot better.

Art: 9
This is definitely where the series excels. Gorgeous. I think that's the word for the art. Original character designs combined with a sense for detail, pleasant and detailed backgrounds, a very big focus on lighting and colours. That is what Kiznaiver's art is. Whether you like the design or not, the characters are beautifully drawn and all of them very unique. The eyes are the most detailed and spirited I've seen in a while, light reflecting from them with excellent detail. The hair - especially when moving - is also drawn very detailed, making it possible to tell individual strands apart (Nori's hair..).

Sound: 7
Sound is neither really good nor bad. The opening has a futuristic feel that fits the series well, while the ending is nothing special. Quite common for a slice of life, though a bit fast paced. The OSTs are pleasant and well-used to create certain moods. A few of them are memorable and I generally think they did a good job in making the OSTs sound a bit "spacey" to fit the show.

The characters are actually rather nice. They are all different from one another and make a good combination. Our main character, Katsuhira, is an odd-ball with no feelings. This may sound familiar, but they actually make him read more
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10 hours ago
Death Parade (Anime) add
''I have respect for people who live fulfilled lives.''- Decim, the bartender

What is life? What is death? Do people really have right to judge one another? Why do we live? Is there any meaning in living if we are going to die anyway?

Welcome to Death Parade.
Welcome Quindecim.
Please take your seat.
Thank you very much.
If I could have you to press the button, the roulette would start, and your game would be chosen.

Enough, now let's start analyzing Death Parade.

This review will contain NO SPOILERS.


First of all, this is a totally unique and simple story. It's like you took 5 or 10 years of a person's life (for instance while he was working at his first job) and made a story about it. The whole atmosphere is totally closed, but still you will not have a feeling that you are out of breath, mainly because of the whole ideological and philosophical background, which can be seen in each episode. As soon as some time passes, we all get more experience even thought we freely show or deeply hide our emotions, as a normal part of our lives. We keep going and have no right to stop half way till the end and that's the main theme of this show.
As a bad side of the story part, I would not mention the exact thought as it might be a spoiler and that's the only reason why I gave an 8 and not a 10 for its total uniqueness.

ART: 9

As we can see, the studio that animated this show is Madhouse. In most of the cases, they did a great job and that is the case here. The atmosphere is closed, so for not being bored you need small, but strong details to keep your attention. The beautiful interior, pictures, for every single slightest detail, they put a huge effort. However, in some scenes, some character's faces were just too bright, it was not perfectly suiting the situation, still everything from the art side is very good, and it heavily influences the whole enjoyment.


Will not say too much the sound part, the fact that many people were brought to tears while watching already shows that the sound tracks suit the situations. The voice acting is good too. Everything about the sound is good, it will help you to experience and understand the point, however don't expect that you will hear the best OST in your whole life.
The opening is worth a mention too, it is a really interesting one.


Now this is the strength of Death Parade. There are many characters, you will not even remember one name at the end of the day, but you will certainly love them to bits and remember each and every side story, even though you saw them for 20-25 minutes. The whole idea in combination with their life situations just totally brings you to the high point. As in life, you need to go through hard and good times, same can be applied read more
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11 hours ago
Aki no Kanade (Anime) add
Watching this made me feel like a tired person who was offered coffee but the person offering the coffee kept it just out of reach, then finally gave it to you, only for you to find that the coffee, while okay, was prepared with mediocre ingredients in a mediocre fashion, with very little sugar. In short, I got what I wanted, and didn't dislike it, but it left much to be desired. Of course, just like this movie, the hypothetical cup of coffee was free so (hypothetically) I shouldn't be complaining at all, but I digress.

I learned of Aki no kanade's existence a little over a year ago when a release with subs came out, and honestly I wasn't impressed. Sure, it was 30 minutes of my life I felt were spent quite well, but again, I wasn't impressed. Coming back a year later, I found this movie again and decided to watch it to refresh my memory of it. I have to say, my impression of it has not increased all that much, but it made me smile more than once, and I think a tear or two came out by the end.

Now, that's not to say this movie sucks, it just might make you feel like it could have done better, although I think this movie was made as a part of a project for new animators and the like so it makes sense that it feels unpolished. The script could have been better, more scenes could have been added, there could have been much more (or less, depending on what you're looking for) in this short movie. And like coffee, not everyone will find this movie to their liking.

I'd say go for it. Iit's only around 25 minutes long, and quite enjoyable, if a little bittersweet in it's shortcomings.
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11 hours ago
Kiznaiver (Anime) add
When I saw the PV for Kiznaiver, it didn't really got my attention but I just heard from some people said that "this gonna be a good show and it's Trigger" --- so I would like to try this one on a whim.

To be honest, I felt that the story has a really good potential but at the end I understand like 30-40% of it since I believed it was poorly executed. The concept of sharing others pain and emotions through their wounds is a really nice but it always bugged me episode by episode on how this system will benefit everyone or is it really worth to experiment with. The "love triangle" scene was kinda interesting though.

The animation style of Kiznaiver is quite different from the 1st Trigger anime that I watched which was Inou Battle. People said that the animation style of Kiznaiver is the same as Kill la Kill (which I also have not watched) and to be honest I am not a fan of how the characters are drawn (except for a certain few). The colors and background scenes were really good but since it's the characters that we are mostly focused on, it kinda give me the feeling that the background and the characters did not blend well with each other --- it's like you put raisin on top of an ice cream.

The soundtrack was really good, especially the ending song.

As for the characters:
Katsuhira - I don't know but I can't connect with his character. Those heavy emotional scenes could have gotten me but unfortunately it didn't.
Chidori - She is my favorite character in this anime. I like her character design as well as her attitude. I like her scenes when she's flustered --- it's cute. I felt sorry for her not ending up with Katsuhira. She's better than Sonozaki in my opinion.
Sonozaki - She seems to be interesting character at the first few episodes of the anime but as the anime progresses, I felt that she has been left behind and it kinda bored me.
Tenga - He is an OK character. He is not annoying, not boring, but his character didn't really stood up for me.
Hisomu - He is an enjoyable character. His love for pain is quite hilarious. Though he looks like a snobbish and doesn't care for other people, he is quite an understanding and supportive person.
Nico - She was fun to watch in the first few episodes --- cute and lively. It could have been better if she didn't fell in love with Tenga coz it felt awkward.
Yuta - Just like Tenga, he is an OK character but didn't really stood up for me.
Maki - I don't like her snobby character.
Yamada - Cocky perv teacher --- I want to punch him.

I can't say that I enjoyed the anime but I can't say that it's also boring since there are times that I do enjoy a number of scenes and almost slept at some. It seems that the anime didn't really read more
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Watch Hajime no Ippo instead. You'll like it better. It has more unique character designs, good jokes, flawless execution of a character with a lot of heart and drive, which Wanna be the Strongest doesn't. Main character girl Sakura (real original there) gives up a bunch in episodes 2, 3, and 4. There are a lot of shrieks of pain that get upper uncomfortable to listen to, no matter how alone you are, and unnecessary idol friends. Don't watch it. The performances in the original Japanese dub are ear gratingly annoying too. Don't watch it, but if you do, the English dub is surprisingly more tolerable.

OKAY MUSIC. I do recommend the sound track if you aren't a fan of idol fodder, but would like to have a good understanding of what it sounds like.
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11 hours ago
Nijiiro Days (Anime) add
Nijiiro Days is like a cone of overly frozen vanilla ice cream. It's sweet. You enjoy it. But at some point, you get tired because it takes too long to consume.

The plot starts out with Natsuki (the male MC) falling in love with Anna at first sight. He has his set of wingmen friends who encourage him to go for it and pull out as many stops as possible to get them together. It ends with the girl acknowledging that she likes him too. The end. It's as vanilla as you get.

The MC's friends are an interesting bunch with their own quirks and personalities. Some experience character development. Others remain static and didn't need much development to begin with.

The first half of the show is an overall fun ride with a mix of laughs and some character development. By the third quarter, the characters develop further and becoming slightly better people than when they started, but you sense that the plot is beginning to slow down.

By the time the fourth quarter rolls in and it's time to end the story (i.e. Anna realising that she likes Natsuki too), the writers seem to have already milked as much development as they could from the entire cast and are now forced to spread the entire arc real thinly and slowly over a whole 6 episodes.

Overall, this is a fairly average SOL with pacing issues towards the end. Sweet and likeable. Nothing less. Nothing more.
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11 hours ago
Big Order (TV) (Anime) add
Big Order is simply put a very, very bad anime.
In all honesty, I wasn't expect great things, but considering the premise seems pretty interesting I decided to check it out.

Don't get me wrong, I don't hate it, but I'm sick of 14 yo teens fighting and wanting to rule the world for a stupid reason.

Things that I like:
- opening is great
- animation is good
- Rin and Bunny girl are somehow enjoyable

Things I dislike:
-Everybody else is annoying
-Horrible made fanservice + censor
-Overpowered teens
-Full of cliches
-Incest (they aren't really brothers, but their relationship is cringy)
-10 episodes, I doubt this will have a good ending
-Some things doesn't make any sense

If you are a newcomer and you really like Mirai Nikki, Owari no Seraph etc. give it a try. Maybe you'll like this and that's okay, too.

If you want more mature and plausible things to entertain you don't watch it because it's poor made.
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12 hours ago
Guilty Crown (Anime) add
Personally , I got disappointed!

I had really high expectations from this anime , but it turned out to be rather disappointing. More specifically :

✍️ The artwork , the OSTs , the opening theme were definitely fine.
✍️, Personally , I wanted to see more Inori and Shu moments. Although the anime was not a shoujo , it definitely had perspectives for more romance between the main characters.
✍️ Also the plot was a little bit unclear and difficult to understand and the story seemed to have some gaps.

For me , it only got interesting in the last 5 episodes or so.

BUT : If you enjoy anime like "Date a Live" or "No game no life" , I firmly suggest that you give it a try! 😋👌
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12 hours ago
The Last: Naruto the Movie (Anime) add
I have also had high expectations of this movie. I knew already it would be about Hinata and Naruto and about how they d gonna end up together.

However i could see there was a big struggle in making them really seem compatible.
No offence, but everything seemed forced. Moreover there was a scene in witch Sakura explained that Naruto loved her only because he was jealous on Sasuke.
This is totally not true. In 15 years Naruto worked hard and never gave up in protecting her and thinking of her. He made me think: " yea, this guy will make it". I know Hinata always watched him like a shadow but the impact was minor compared to Naruto's feeling for Sakura.

You ve showed me for 15 years how much Naruto loves Sakura and u cant expect me to trully believe this fake love story in 1 hour and 50 minutes or so.

Well, there s nothing to do. It was meant that Naruto will end up with Hinata, so i cant change it. But i hoped that this movie would make me really accept this couple and fall in love with them. But no. Everything seemed fake and forced.

I didnt like the movie, even though i know it took great effort to make it come true.

Moving to the story content, i consider it to be full of lacks. I couldnt recognize my hero, I just couldnt. The movie focused so much on the love between those 2 and the action was somehow left aside. I know there was a big fight at the end, i know Naruto gave his best, but something was missing. Where is his will of fire? Where is the cool music and the excitement during the fights? I havent spotted any of them.

Moreover, being the last movie, I ve expected Sasuke to be more present. It was shameful. Sasuke was one of the important reasons for which i didnt stop watching Naruto ( even thought the anime was full of fillers). And he showed up just for 1 minute to destroy a meteorite? Wow.

All in all, it was a Naruto movie, a continuation of the story that i ve been enjoying for years, Im happy for the ending, although it was not the way i wanted it to be.
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Today, 1:22 AM
Black Bullet (Anime) add
Review in brief: Black Bullet features solid action, memorable & emotional scenes, and a great soundtrack to boot. However it suffers from its blistering pace causing it to miss out on character development and fall flat with its attempts at humour (which tends to involve lolis). Worth a try, but don't expect a masterpiece. 7/10, should have had 24 episodes instead.


Now before getting to the full review, I do want to note that I actually (unknowingly) began this series on Ep. 2, having watched it partially over a friend's place as one of the first animes I saw. I even wrote a review at crunchyroll before I realized my mistake. Funny enough, I don't think I would've kept watching if I started on Ep. 1. Anyhow, after rewatching to rectify this mistake...


Review in full: Let's start with the good. Black Bullet's most frequent quality is its steady (but not overbearing) action scenes. The show does a good job of making action intense (especially given its great animation & sound quality) but also quick and clean as it doesn't ever really seem to drag on. It also never felt like a fight was forced or one-sided from the get-go, doing a spectacular job of building anticipation. The main characters don't feel particularly overpowered either, though there are a few moments that may a tad tilted in one party's favour. Still, solid overall.

The other strong point of Black Bullet are its emotional scenes, which are pulled off beautifully. These scenes usually revolve around main characters Rentaro and Enju, and can touch on serious issues surprisingly well. Both characters felt surprisingly human; making mistakes but also recognizing this and trying to learn from them as well.

The reason I say "surprisingly" is because plot-wise Black Bullet took a lot of shots and not all of them hit, with many of the misses being jokes and rushed plot elements. Black Bullet's touching moments are hits in this regard, and the serious scenes all hit hard. Expect many doses of emotion from this show.

Anyhow, both of these are held together by the great soundtrack that feels right at home with the setting, plot, and whatever is currently happening on screen. It's even worth checking out on its own.

Now the not-so good. Black Bullet's main flaw is that it's pacing is simply too fast. While this partially lends to the steady flow of its action it also hurts the plot, stunts character development, and pushes most of the humour flat on its face. That's really it, but I'll go in depth for those wondering exactly what this affects.

Anyways, most of the jokes are centered around the loli characters and how main character Rentaro does a great job of (unintentionally) making a lot of them develop crushes on him. Not all of these jokes are inherently bad but the quick pacing means that these jokes often come shortly after serious scenes. I had to stop at least once when a touching scene was read more
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Today, 1:17 AM
Boku no Hero Academia (Anime) add
So ends the first show of my first concurrent season of anime. My Hero Academia is heavily inspired by the comics of DC and Marvel as well as many of the greatest shounen series to have come before it. Despite a story that is pretty familiar by this point, it captures a lot of what’s great about hero stories and is one best the explorations of the genre. OVERALL: 8 (Very Good)

Can someone without superpowers be a hero? If you’ve seen any shounen before you probably know the answer. From Bones, Boku no Hero is another in a long line of the studio’s best. In this world of superheroes, 80% of the population are born with some sort of power or "quirk". While many use their gifts to keep the world safe, a boy Izuku Midoriya dreams of one day fighting alongside the pros despite discovering at a young age that he was in fact born without a quirk. Fun, satisfying, and heartfelt, the story develops a lovable cast of characters as they begin their first semester at the most prestigious school for heroes Yuuei Academy. STORY / Character: 7 (Good)

With my favorite closing song of any show this season, the use of music really stands out here. High production values and a dub by FUNimation compliment almost everything about the series. Each member of the large cast is well distinguished with creative character designs. As usual, Bones delivers in this aspect. ART / SOUND: 8 (Very Good)

Maybe not quite the best show of the season in my opinion, My Hero Academia is easily one of the most enjoyable. With a second season having just been announced at the time of this review, there’s a lot to look forward to. ENJOYMENT: 8 (Very Good)
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Today, 12:58 AM
Boku no Hero Academia (Anime) add
This anime gave me chills, every scene in the anime made me smile, it is that special.


The story is so simple yet so engaging. Though it isn't something I've seen before, it made so hooked. Midoriya's story made me cry and support him. The story behind each of the characters are magnificently told and they were oh so great.


The art is absolutely fantastic, especially the animation, though some character designs were over the top, it didn't hinder. The action scenes are so fantastic, you always get choked whenever there's that very suspenseful moment.


I'm in love with the OP and mesmerized by the ED, the BGMs made the scenes so fantastic, like it makes you cry whenever that music plays, or smile due to how perfect the music was to that great of a scene.


The main character, Midoriya, is so likable, though he cries a lot, it makes him more grounded to the reality. I like how he runs to save his friends and everything. All Might is the model of an ideal hero, amazing and admirable and reckless. Bakugou, is so cool, and it makes you cheer for him with his backstory. The other characters are so amazing and they blend quite well together.


If you want to have fun and cry at the same time, this anime is for you. It does not only have action but there's drama and a little mystery... It's so beautiful.

Overall, this is one of the best animes I've watched.
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Today, 12:08 AM
Tanaka-kun wa Itsumo Kedaruge (Anime) add
Tanaka-kun is a teenage boy who aspires to live life by not really doing much. His hobbies include sleeping, napping, and resting his head on his desk with his eyes closed. When ever there's something that requires a bit more energy than he can give his best friend Ohta is there to give him a helping hand. Tanaka-kun wa Itsumo Kedaruge is a palate cleanser. After all the ups and downs of the other shows you may be watching its nice to just sit back and be entertained. It's refreshing in its most simplistic way. At the end of every episode you find yourself smiling and wishing for just a couple more minutes of this easy going anime. The interactions of all the different characters are cute and comical and they show you a different perspective on how to live life to its.....umm well maybe not fullest but to a way that's true to who you are. The art is nice to look at and the music will have you swaying along to the beat. Give it a chance, it might make your day. Stay listless guys ^_^
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Yesterday, 11:30 PM
Kiznaiver (Anime) add
This anime had me skeptical at first.

But I pushed on and gave it a chance as I do with most... and I absolutely fell in love with it. It's very original and the foreshadowing is pretty cool.

Story (10/10)

So far, it seems, that the story will have you hooked. You want to know more and more, every episode. That's how I felt. I was happy I was able to watch it straight, instead of having to wait for a new episode weekly so I could get my fix, instantly. I'm pretty sure it will have the same outcome on most people. I really don't have much else to say on the story as it's honestly been such a pleasure watching this anime. I really just feel everyone should give it a try because it sure won't disappoint.

Art (10/10)

I loved the vibrancy of this anime. The characters were all uniquely drawn and given their own characteristics, which is what usually gives them their charm and sets them apart from one another. The detail in everything is lovely and just aesthetically pleasing, to say the least.

Character (10/10)

This story is very up there in terms of character development even in just 12 short episodes. I found reasons to adore each and every character. It made it hard to dislike anyone as they were all connected to one another. I felt as though I personally knew each character, very strange how it made me feel that way. I love all the characters, bottom line.

My review is pretty short. Didn't want to spoil a thing... but still wanted you guys to give this a chance. I want more!
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Yesterday, 11:18 PM
Doukyuusei (Movie) (Anime) add
i really enjoyed this movie.

it wasn't exactly a movie really! more like when they make a movie from multiple episodes of a show squashed together. so don't expect a solid beginning-middle-end

i really like the art style. everyones a bit noodle-leggy but i actually LIKE that for some reason

what really stood out about Doukyuusei was the fact that it was a very non-stereotypical shounen ai/yaoi/whatever..... like no cliche stuff. no uke seem sparkly BS. both of them were really awkward in a realistic way. the only thing cliche about it was the teacher, lol no spoilers

i think it was pretty solid at depicting what it was trying to depict. pretty cute. PRETTY BASIC STORY BUT if u give me a common romance plot and add non-fetishized gay and lesbian characters i will Eat That Shit Up. 9/10
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