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Clannad (Anime) add
Original Score: 3.5/4
Series: ****1/2 (4.5/5)
Quality: ****1/2 (4.5/5)
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Episodes Seen: 9/23

This is my initial report of Clannad.

Note: To read a shortened version, please ignore the Paragraphs that are between the “+(Long)” brackets.

I have heard about this slice of life series anime from the site known as My Anime List, and it has captured my attention since then. I set out to look for the original disk. Since I never watch them online or in any illegal ways, because I respect the work that was put into the creation of a film or television series. Therefore, my patience persists and does not fade. The patience being of in search of the original disk that contains the footage of the series. And what did I do? I walked for miles (And with a little help from public transportation) to search for the collection. Now, I have it in my collection and I have put it off for quite some time. As time goes by, gradually I have almost forgotten the actual purpose of my efforts that were put into searching for the complete collection of the series in the first place. So, I went and picked the box off my shelf and gave it a watch. It was the first time I have sat through a piece of media for such a long period of time, (All the way from the 4th episode to the beginning of the 10th!) I am still unsure about what was I doing while I was watching the series. That was the beginning. Because I was grasping on to every aspect of the show, one single element that I disliked and I am pointing out. And that goes down to as narrow as a single action or a single word. A little wider would be a single sentence. Maybe I was looking too hard, for that, I cannot go forwards too fast because I was too focused upon looking on the early episodes of the series. But watching it now, I moved on and stopped being too strict and try to learn something instead. And what have I got? I saw quite some role models in the early episodes of the series, however if only dismissing the rude humor or comedic violence and comedic moments in the series. In spite of those moments, it cannot mar the moments of positive role models in the series. Sit up straight (My mom always tell me that while I am sitting down or watching television, I have to take care of myself at all times.) and read on, then you’ll find out why.

I am someone who suffers from OCD, and it can be both a gift and a curse for me. The "present" that this disorder gave me is the urge and obsession to look into media closer. Or perhaps too close. Because I try to grasp on to every word, every sentence, every action, every character, etc. By doing that I try to learn about the purpose of read more
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Steins;Gate (Anime) add
You know when you get really hooked on something that you get little sleep and end up binge watching the entire 24 episodes? Yeah, that's what happened. I see why there's such great hype for this. It's a fantastic piece that deserves all the recognition it gets. It has its own unique spin on time travel packed with so many feelings that keep you curious and on end hitting "next" until it hits the end. The characters, each and every one of them, are so different from each other. You'll find your favorites from their amazing personalities. The art is well done, and the plot is fantastic. There were a few plot twists that you wouldn't expect. Overall this gets a 10/10 on my list. A few flaws, but nothing too crazy. On to Steins Gate!
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Boku dake ga Inai Machi (Anime) add
Hello! I have not looked anything like this, and in recent years even longer anything to watch. Worthy anime smaller and suitable for my age just a few pieces. This anime something touched the strings of my soul, but if you compare, it dies there is enough, but if you watch the "volley" series 4-6, a total outline almost brosaets eyes.
The opening theme to the ending theme is quite a pull on four, but could find a more suitable. In general, all more or less well, do not get bored with the music in the anime, background sound itself, in a sense, improving the overall background.
I am now over 30 years and I can confidently recommend this anime to view those previously keen on Japanese animation, but now, because of their age already believes he has grown out of the formation of culture.
Sorry for my English.
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Sword Art Online II (Anime) add
The artwork is beautiful, so is the soundtrack. Now that we have covered the good aspects of this show, let's continue. Somehow, after a terrorist killed people with a video game that you couldn't exit, they make another video game that you can't exit. Kirito is overpowered just for being Kirito. The same loli got raped by a tentacle again. Kirito as a girl makes me want to throw up. The constant exposition scenes just show a lack of thought was put into the writing. Asuna, the only character I liked from season 1 (who isn't dead) has NO presence whatsoever in this season. Somehow, in a game where it takes months to build a character, the developers change the metagame completely and butt-fuck everyone with a certain build and somehow people did not abandon the game. There are a lot of contradictions in the plot. A LOT. The "plot twist" at the end is soooooooooooooooooo predictable. The new heroine has a really really really really really really really really stupid backstory.

I think that will finish my rant. I had to get that off of my chest.
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Sword Art Online (Anime) add
The artwork was really good, I also loved the soundtrack. The boring plot, tentacle raped lolis, cliche characters, predictable events, cringeworthy cabins, rape scenes, and it's forced, unnecessary second half ruined it. I overall really liked the show at first, it just slowly got worse and worse. By the time I was half way through "Elf-shit Online" I just wanted to kill myself. The first season wasn't absolutely unwatchable. Just for the love of all that is good in this world: don't. Watch. Season. 2.

I am writing a longer review. I am writing a longer review, I am writing a longer review.I am writing a longer review. I am writing a longer review, I am writing a longer review.I am writing a longer review. I am writing a longer review, I am writing a longer review.I am writing a longer review. I am writing a longer review, I am writing a longer review.
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Another (Anime) add
You will never look at umbrellas the same way again.
It has a very interesting way of making you wonder. nndndndnndndndnads,mnakfdsfjhasdkjfhaslkfhksdjfhshfkjashfkjahdkslhfkjashflkjshfkhsdkfhskdjfhlksafhkjsadhkjashfsdafdsfsafsfsdafdfou will never look at umbrellas the same way again.
It has a very interesting way of making you wonder. nndndndnndndndnads,mnakfdsfjhasdkjfhaslkfhksdjfhshfkjashfkjahdkslhfkjashflkjshfkhsdkfhskdjfhlksafhkjsadhkjashfsdafdsfsafsfsdafdfou will never look at umbrellas the same way again.
It has a very interesting way of making you wonder. nndndndnndndndnads,mnakfdsfjhasdkjfhaslkfhksdjfhshfkjashfkjahdkslhfkjashflkjshfkhsdkfhskdjfhlksafhkjsadhkjashfsdafdsfsafsfsdafdfou will never look at umbrellas the same way again.
It has a very interesting way of making you wonder. nndndndnndndndnads,mnakfdsfjhasdkjfhaslkfhksdjfhshfkjashfkjahdkslhfkjashflkjshfkhsdkfhskdjfhlksafhkjsadhkjashfsdafdsfsafsfsdafdf ou will never look at umbrellas the same way again.
It has a very interesting way of making you wonder. nndndndnndndndnads,mnakfdsfjhasdkjfhaslkfhksdjfhshfkjashfkjahdkslhfkjashflkjshfkhsdkfhskdjfhlksafhkjsadhkjashfsdafdsfsafsfsdafdf ou will never look at umbrellas the same way again.
It has a very interesting way of making you wonder. nndndndnndndndnads,mnakfdsfjhasdkjfhaslkfhksdjfhshfkjashfkjahdkslhfkjashflkjshfkhsdkfhskdjfhlksafhkjsadhkjashfsdafdsfsafsfsdafdf
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Mirai Nikki (TV) (Anime) add
There's not much that needs to be said here about the general picture of this anime. Like many other people, you can just safely view it as a mindless, fun, somewhat visceral entertainment despite the countless of plot-holes and logical inconsistencies. I share the same with the general consensus as well. So you need to suspend your disbelief most of the whole anime through. There is a slight Battle-Royale vibe to it especially when you consider its "game of survival" concept within the story. But half the show is balanced out with romance scenes between Yuno and Yukiteru in which depending on how effective you find the character Yuno is portrayed as well as your perceived tone and atmosphere of the show, the relationship and scenes between them as either greatly annoying or slightly disturbing. I already mentioned what the show is like in its most basic detail so there's no need for me to elaborate deeper as others have done it to death. Instead, let me attempt on my analysis of the show's themes and message despite it being not always clear. In fact, you would think from my opening lines in my review, that I'm looking at the show too hard thus contradicting my statements! But nevertheless...

The supernatural concepts communicates to the viewers of the lack of a beneficial, meaningful outcome for those people looking for a “convenient” or “easy” escape. Rather it paves the way for people in being encouraged to face their own challenges; their inner demons of the past in fair terms. For this very reason, the human elements clashing with the supernatural concepts, despite initially seem to be ideal, don’t bring to the closure that the characters deservedly need. It’s all about their own personal self-redemption as a matter of fact to achieve a stable state of mind. As a result, the show emphasizes what reality is all about; there will inevitably be a fair share of hardships along the way. Each character within the show are flawed in their own ways and on a similar subject to their difficult lives, the show examines how they react to it; whether to accept or/and move on from it. Some deal with it in many different ways; whether to just leave it as it is and be passive or even to the extreme end such as violence and terror. One can argue from their perspective especially in extreme circumstances, that their justifications to dealing with life matters are just and emphasized upon regardless if it’s morally “right” or “wrong”. Consequently, the show warns about the dangers of psychological trauma that take burden on human’s lives. This is particularly the case (in the show especially) when they lose their childhood innocence and thus ultimately shapes who they are.
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Kamen no Maid Guy (Anime) add
Hey folks, this will be a review for Kamen no Maid Guy. This anime is rather dated, but this doesn't make it bad. However overall this anime actually had a point or two more in terms of potential that was needlessly squandered. Lets get into why.

The story is sort of interesting at the surface level. We have two children who will receive their grandfathers inheritance once they turn 18. Doesn't seem to matter if hes dead or alive. These two children however are supposedly being targeted by various others in the family because they want the inheritance instead. This causes the grandfather to assign two maids to the kids to do for them and to protect them. Not a bad plot line, it had me interested at least.

Unfortunately they decide to say "Screw the plot we have designed. Lets revolve this anime around our Maid Guy and his antics.". Now that again wouldn't be bad but the show was very wishy washy with all of it elements. "So we will focus on the struggle of these maids to keep these kids safe so they inherent everything?". "Yes but only for about 3 episodes, and make 2 of those episodes rather shallow and pointless". "Alright, if we are going for a less serious anime then we should focus on the antics of our wacky combat maids.". "Yea they should be the focus but lets change their characters around a few times and also lets force them into shallow roles so they are an icon but not given much screen time.". "Hmm ok, so what will our show be about?". " I would say lets make jokes based off of one characters boobs the entire time and not progress anything else until the last episode."

That's how I imagine the thought process behind the show. Someone took the time to come up with a decent plot, interesting characters, and interesting ways to add in humor and other elements. The other guy decided that the show would be better by making rather terrible jokes about how big the main characters boobs are. Now that sounds pretty bad when I say it like this but I didn't mind the change of reality very much, it just would have been more interesting if they kept the good ideas rather than poorly executed boob jokes. After all there are tons of anime based around boobs and they also tend to have better art and humor.

Art was dated. Overall it wasn't terrible, but I did notice that sometimes the characters would have huge chins and all the parts of the face were way high on the face. Soundtrack wasn't bad, and voice acting was pretty good.

The characters were set to be interesting. Our two main characters are Fujiwara, Naeka and Fujiwara, Kousuke. Naeka is great at kendo, but terrible at just about everything else. She is a tsundere of sorts, and is dumb(because her boobs took all of her brain nutrients). Kousuke is a chubby read more
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Clannad: After Story (Anime) add
I started it as an indication,
I've watched it as an spectator,
I ended it as a different person as a whole.

It has been 6 years since I first watched Clannad ~After Story~ and it is still my favorite production of all time. Notice that I used the word "production", not "anime", because for me it is the best thing that has ever been done in the art world so far.

Before going to the ratings, it is essential to say that Clannad ~AS~ is the 2nd season of Clannad, and watching it without having watched the 1st season is totally not recommended. Clannad starts as a slice-of-life soft comedy drama, with some aspects of an harem anime - as needed to follow the story of the Visual Novel it comes from - and ends well, but nothing extraordinary. Clannad ~AS~ starts and goes the same way for half a dozen episodes, and then you begin to understand that it has absolutely nothing to do with "soft drama" or comedy anymore.

I particularly think that what makes Clannad ~AS~ so great for me is the way things happen and people are shown: these things are done naturally and with all aspects of real life. Anime characters are turned into people with feelings and traumas and the plot twists are breathtaking. It shows how it is possible for a man to experience all the highest feelings, going from mediocrity from altruism; moving from altruism to caring about people; and finally moving from caring to loving someone. And after that, it shows you how it is perfectly possible for the same man to go all the way around: from loving to worrying; from worrying to losing; from losing to suffering and from suffering to depression. Clannad ~AS~ goes deeper than any other thing that tries to reproduce what is the meanning of "loving" and "suffering", and that's why I rate it as the best art thing that ever existed.

Going through the ratings now:

Story: 10/10 - While Clannad starts and ends softly and "heartwarming" at most times, ~AS~ ends just alike, but goes on and ends in an exactly opposite way. ~AS~ stories makes you go from really good feelings to the saddest ones, everything within an our (or 2~3 episodes). It makes you FEEL the love shown by the characters, it makes you FEEL the pain. There's absolutely nothing outstanding with the story of ~AS~ itself, it is all about the way it is shown to us. As a slice-of-life with a heavy touch of realism and sadness.

Art: 9/10 - Like everything from Key, the art is beautiful and, in the case of ~AS~, fits perfectly with the story. Delicate and almost perfect drawings illustrate an story just as such.

Sound: 8/10 - Here lies one of the greatest strenghts of ~AS~. The OST track is just a little bit different from Clannad's (that already had awesome OST), but the differences are remarkable. The OST "Distant Years" played in one of the most read more
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One Piece (Anime) add
If you are Shounen anime lover then u have come to right place my fellow Otaku!!
One Piece (OP) is the Epic Shounen anime out there...This anime got it's a great anime with the awsome plot,great storyline,hilarious jokes,amusing characters with distinct attitudes,remarkable character development,thrilling adventure and the most important thing is....this anime is one heck of's not just any action or adventure anime who has few episodes with some unexplained plot to it...
It's true that OP is hell of a long anime with lots of episodes to it..but they all worth watching each and every moment of it..because of the deep plot and lots of amazingly explained facts take there sweet time to give us ride of a true anime world!!..I think the best part of the OP is all the chemistry of characters and plot is turns out really great...also the relatively and continue momentum of anime will keeps up hypnotize in the pirate world of One Piece...The X-factor of the OP is the Mystery arises during the storyline...Have great time watching it guyz 😁
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Baccano! (Anime) add
Baccano! is a very special type of show that doesn't fit the typical anime mold. If you enjoy HBO shows such as Boardwalk Empire, or anime such as Death Parade or ERASED, then this is the show for you. If you don't, however, then I would avoid this show.

The show expertly interleaves four parallel yet interconnected stories in a way that isn't confusing (note the OVA episodes are worse in quality). The plot is intricate and quite deep. Every time I rewatch this show I notice some things new. The anime adaptation and English voiceover is arguably one of the best representation of the West during the prohibition and gangster era I've seen, rivaling (superior in some ways) that of real life shows.

On the positive side I will say that the art design is wonderful many characters are unique in his or her own way. The intro to the show is absolutely wonderful. Unfortunately as an older anime, the resolution of the show is lacking. If you were to compare this to modern anime the art may get a 6 or 7 but within the era this show aired I would say the art is quite good. Definitely great portrayals of the melting pot demographics of the United States.

The into is great...have I said that enough? The series does a good job of bringing the era to life. Perhaps a bit repetitive in some aspects though.

The characters of this show is arguably the strongest part of this anime. Almost every character on the show gets time to develop and changes by the end of the series. Even the senseless violent characters are developed with love and detail as the show goes into their psyche, helping the audience understand their motives.

Baccano! is a show that I would recommend to my friends who don't like anime. The show is deceptively deep despite the seemingly senseless violence on the surface, the action, and gags.
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Steins;Gate (Anime) add
Favorite Quote: "No one knows what the future holds. That's why its potential is infinite." -Okabe Rintarou

Back in high school during my junior year I had a friend recommend me this anime. As someone who watched only Naruto, I was very hesitant on trying out new anime genres. This also meant new anime series as well. Steins;Gate was my first anime that I have tried that wasn't Naruto related. Well anyways I had to go back and review this anime without any spoilers.

Story: Initially, this anime felt very confusing and slow when I first watched. As I progressed I realized the pacing of this anime was spot on. Steins;Gate, has one of the best pacing for an anime. The pacing allowed the story to be very engaging and interesting. More importantly however, the idea of time traveling to the past is something that alot of shows and movies struggle with. In short, most shows and movies involving time travel lose their overall plot. For example, Back to the Future became somewhat predictable at time making the plot rather dull and unoriginal. However, Steins;gate does not lose its plot. In fact, the time traveling done by the main character doesn't ruin the overall plot of the story. So now you might ask what makes the story unique, less cheesy, and interesting than other time traveling shows and movies? I would answer this by saying the excellent pacing combined with excellent story telling made it an edge of the seat adventure. I found myself wanting to find out what happens next as I progressed in the series. The story also involves alot of interesting theories about time travel such as the butterfly effect.

Art: In general I didn't think there was anything wrong with the artwork in this anime. Nothing felt overdone and not to mention the artwork was spot on. The character designs done in this anime fit with their overall personalities.

Sound: I absolutely loved the opening and the ending songs for this anime. The soundtrack for this anime also added to the general feeling of the anime. At times, it supplemented the anime by making more suspenseful and comical at times during character interactions.

Characters: The best thing about this anime would be the characters. Every character in this series is complex, interesting, and funny. My favorite character would be Kurisu by far, but I'm not going exclude the other characters as they were all great too. To start of, all of the characters contributed to the plot. Each had their own personal desires and the anime does a good job of fulfilling it. It was also surprising to see the character develop over time as the series progressed. For the two essential characters in the series, their initial attitudes and feelings for one another can be described as water and oil. read more
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(review for both seasons, also the rating is not that important, also spoiler free)

Why did Code Geass became such an acclaimed show over such a broad audience by breaking the barriers of various bias against the mecha genre which has largely faded into ignorance since its climax in the 80's ? Because it's excellent and able to federate connoisseurs and neophytes alike by its sheer momentum ? Is it an unifying work simple enough to be accessible individually but furnished enough so that everybody gets something from it ?

Sadly, no. I didn't get much from this show.

If Code Geass works so well, it's indeed because of that : people forgot what mecha is. "I don't like mecha because giant robots fighting is really dumb", they say. "but Code Geass is alrighty because mechas are not the focus and what's important is the great story and characters and world setting." Of course, Knightmares in Code Geass are, at least in the first season, un mere tool, a fold of its universe that could have been anything else... like all "Real Robot" mecha shows.
First error : mecha isn't a monolithic genre, and if it is more accurate to say that "Super Robot" mechas are about mindless robot fighting (though still diminishing, Evangelion and Ideon are closer to the Super than the Real Robot style and are more than stupid entertainments nonetheless), Code Geass is nothing more than the last one in its category and countless works already did what it did, sometimes better, sometimes worse, but above all with a goal beneath selling merchandising, and with a certain charm, a certain identity ; Gundam shows directed by Yoshiyuki Tomino are generally far from being the best ones but have that, an identity and a goal, however futile it may be.
Code Geass has neither.

Its first goal is to please the broadest spectrum of people, no matter if the weaving has no finality, no message, goes nowhere and lets itself be carried by forced twists, no matter if the story is merely a softcore ripoff of Ginga Eiyuu Densetsu and Gundam 0079 with magical, deus ex machina inducing eyes to replace Newtypes, that is whithout the underlying speech, no matter if, say that it doesn't has to be absolutely original, it doesn't adds something new to the execution of said unoriginality, no matter if its universe is just some clusterfuck of things that people "may" like, "COOL" things before "coherent", "world building" things, no matter the character design made in CLAMP doubled with SOOOOO TORTUROUS AND DARK characters to make fujoshis wetting themselves like never... no matter if the anime is solid, as long as it's COOL. FUN. BADASS.

I don't really blame its director, Goro Taniguchi. He's a nice dude that I appreciate and you should look up what he made if you didn't ; no, this project was to be a trainwreck from the beginning and only the directing skills of said Taniguchi and the majestuous soundtrack by Kotaro Nakagawa made it read more
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Little Busters!: Refrain (Anime) add
Okay, so a friend recommend me this anime, saying that this anime has great story and great Plot.

Honestly maybe it's just me hating on this or maybe not, cause the Most people that watch this series loved it, i don't know why but i can tell you why i hate This ANIME like a lot, (This Review Contains Spoilers)

so first of all, spoiler alert! it's like when you work hard for something and just fails off in the end, many people think the ending is good but i personally HATE the ENDING, i mean it's like wasting 11 episodes to make the MC(s) stronger and to waste it later because they're afraid of living alone anyway. Well Fk, so what's the point of that 11 episode long that people says "IT'S TEARJERKING AND HAS A GOOD STORY" well...... NO! okay, just NO!

ART 7/10
It's average

Music 7/10
Pretty average and nothing memorable, at least for me.

Characters 6/10
just your typical over cliche characters, with their club and them acting like they're in a soap drama, being so over dramatic for BULLSHIT

Story & Enjoyment 5/10
your cliche character with a different plot.

Honestly if they would just die at the end i would give it my average 7 score cause it has a solid story and a bit confusing, it's not even sad it's BULLSHIT!

IM SORRY it's probably just me hating this anime cause the majority loved it, but 11 episodes for nothing is just so annoying, there's a lot more that are worse than this anime that waste even a whole series for crap, but this one has a solid story it really deserve a 7 but im sorry i can't it's horrible
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First of all, I just wanted to point out how AMAZING Fullmetal Alchemist Brootherhood is, it has MUCH more work and effort put into it then your average overrated usually cliche anime series (COUGH COUGH, naurto COUGH COUGH,)
Every aspect to this anime is right about perfect, I would rate this much more then a plain ol' ten if I could. The humor, its well above a 10, and we all learn a lesson from it (don't call ed short)

Anyways, but with that comes potential, this any surpassed the potential it had, most of it you saw in the first episode, but was confusing, they eventually explain it, and get you caught up quickly. You find this anime pretty good, eh? Well its going to get A WHOLE lot more serious. Its dark, and VERY philosophical, this isn't an average made up-powers. It uses REAL LIFE physics and energy to create what they call "alchemy," a divine source holding balance by a law of equivalent exchange, to earn something, you need to sacrifice something of equal value, which makes it so there cannot be "gods" who can do what they desire, but theres a magical substance called the "philosophers stone" which allows you to disobey it, which nearly drives most of the story,

in the end I believe I would rank this anime #2, right below Hunter X Hunter 2011, which is amazing and very similar from the action to humor, character deveopment, physics, and system itself.
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Boku dake ga Inai Machi (Anime) add
Honestly, I hate picking holes in other people's reviews because whether I agree with their opinions or not they still would have put time into them- but before I dive into the enigma that is Erased I'd just like to quickly point out some of the things that bothered me in a few of the other reviews I've read here on MAL.
I won't point out any particular reviews, because like I said this isn't about being a bitch or anything, just observing what the popular reviews for Erased seem to have in common, but anyway, there seems to be a a bit of a trend with people describing Erased as "unique", "well-thought out", "well written", with art that is "easy on the eyes", now apart from all these phrases clearly being from reviews that are voicing their praises for Erased, what they have in common is that they are all vague compliments that are dished out so frequently and are backed up by so little in the reviews that they barely serve to mean anything whatsoever. I appreciate that it isn't always easy to describe why you like something, but none of these 10/10 reviews ever say WHY it's unique, or WHAT is well thought out, or what the fuck "easy on the eyes" means and why it's the first thing that comes to mind when talking about a show's visuals.
Not to mention there seems to be the lingering stigma that people have to mention Steins;Gate in their review just because they both feature time travel.
That's not to say you can't talk about these things without having sound reasoning, it basically just boils down to some of these positive reviews spending to much time on the "what" and not enough time on the "why".
But what these reviews seem to have no issue with expressing is how "exciting", "thrilling" and "engaging" the story and its cliffhangers are, now again, don't get me wrong, it's essential that a show can engage its audience, but I'm pretty sure its no coincidence that these positive reviews seem to put such heavy emphasis on the dramatic elements, and almost completely disregard anything else.
But anyway, this is a review, I promise.

(spoilers inbound)
Story: 2/10
Our protagonist, Satoru has the ability of "revival", the ability to time travel. It's established within the first episode that this is an ability that lets him time travel 1-5 minutes into the past to prevent something bad from happening. And yet after his mother's death, Satoru time travels back to being an 8 year old kid; of course, the advocates of the show would probably argue that in this particular incident his life was in danger so the rule established in the first place doesn't necessarily apply to the situation- but then, a few episodes later, Satoru sees what (supposedly) could be a character's clothes tied up into a bag after their disappearance, and then proceeds to run away yelling at the top of his lungs, travelling back to present day where he read more
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Death Parade (Anime) add
Imagine yourself in a place where you have no memmories on how did you get there. Imagine that you simply walk through a corrider and a bartender welcomes you, introduces another client and tells both of you that you have to play a game to get out of the place and that the only risk that you will have is loosing your life.

Well, this seems like a good introduction to the main idea that plays aroud "Death Parade". However, it will be also quite meangfull to summarize all that comes around this anime in just these 4 and a half lines. I should start saying that Death Parade is the first anime that has given me the greatest possible confrontation to something I have recently dealing in a very phylosophical matter with: been death.

Because that is what this anime talks about in more or less words: what really happens after we die. It starts with the dualistic perspective that human beings have a soul, an inmaterial object that contains the esence of the being and is the only thing that survives the physical death of the body.

Things become more interesting when souls gather a physical appereance and they go to "somewhere" in the universe where they would be judge. From either a Christian or ATheist perspective, the concept of the judgment is done not on what the person believes, but rather on how it really is. Now an step forward is that this justice is administrated not by any supernatural or onminscent been, but by a bartender whose "liveness" is openly discused around the story. In conclusion: deaths are judged by someone who is not either death or alive. A somehow beautiful and dialectical contradiction!

Along the anime some second minor characters are introduced. They show the different perspectives of humans accepting their own death (because they only know they are death until the end of their judgment) through the inquiry of their memories before they perished.

What "Death Parade" brings us is something that I haven't seen on a very long long time, which is the fact that we get counciousness of our death, that counciousness is in fact able to survive the "physical death" and that the after life is governed by two major scenarios: Either Reincarnation or the Void. Reincarnation itself is not very difficult to be imagines; the void, however, is something that is let out of discussion and is seen as the simple and pure darkness where the nothingness exist. However, as you see the souls of two condemned turning into a small light makes you also think, what would you then find inside the void?

How can someone who is not a human can actually judge something that is attrributed only to humans? Do the judges have any type of free will? how cannot they be alive if they think and are able to develop feelings? Infinite questions that have arosen in my mind and that the anime will make an attempt to answer along read more
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Charlotte (Anime) add
Okay then, my first review, Charlotte, a wonderful anime that I completely binged within a day, not from me forcing myself to watch it, but from hypothetically being glued to my seat hoping that Yu x Tomori would become canon or wondering what the hell was going to happen next. This is by far my favorite anime and some might say I am a bit biased from having my previous favorite anime as another work of Key (Angel Beats).

I can't recommend this anime enough, it is simply that great! I like to keep my reviews short so I won't go into much detail, but there is nothing wrong with the art, it is flawless, the same can be said about the story and sound (oh, the Key sound is always amazing), the characters could be a bit... eh, especially that Angelo guy when he speaks in English in ep 12, it made me cringe so bad, but he isn't a key character or anything so it doesnt take away from the enjoyment of the series which ranks this anime as my all time favorite series!
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Bubuki Buranki (Anime) add
It's sad to see many people dropped this and gave it a low score 'because it's CGI'. Seriously, most shows that I consider a 7/10 (Good) have an average score of over seven...

But I digress. This is a show about Buranki, giant mecha-like creatures, and Bubuki, parts of Buranki that humans can use in battles. Also there's what looks like a dictatorship going on, but it's not really been that important yet.

The story isn't anything new, but it's good enough to keep me interested, so there's that.

The art, which uses CGI on rather nice traditional-looking backgrounds, is great. The character designs and CGI are heavily reminiscent of the 3DS Fire Emblem games, and look really good. How can you hate this CGI? Also, there are heavy Gainax/Trigger vibes in the animation, with the OP being storyboarded by a famous Gainax/Trigger member.

The music is pretty good too. The OST does its job well, and the OP and ED are fantastic. The voice-acting isn't bad either.

Now, the characters are really good. Sure, we don't know much about them yet, but I like their personalities and designs. Especially that one girl with the sniper rifle.

Enjoyment-wise, I give this an 8/10. It's good fun to watch. But if I look at it more objectively, the score becomes 7/10. For now, this is worth watching if you have the time.
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I'll just go ahead and say it: the best thing about the "True Route" is, that Kirino is largely NOT in it. It's no secret I hate Kirino's character, which made watching the original series a veritable cringefest. Thankfully, this short alternative arc largely focuses on Kousaka trying to deal with the absence of his sister and helping Gokou (Kuroneko) fit in as a freshman, find friends and get through some challenges. It also introduces a few new characters that add nicely to the story.

While the original series was really strong on the social commentary and presenting the dark depths of the otaku lifestyle, these 4 episodes were much more focused on the characters and way more fun to watch. Yes, it's partially the absence of Kirino, but it also feels better for the tighter storytelling. It was great to finally see Kousaka actually being rewarded for his kindness without some bitchy tsuntsun screaming and beating the crap outta him in every other scene.

In the music department, OreImo was pretty strong to begin with, but the ending songs are really good here too.

If possible, I'd like to see more of this. I much prefer this version to the "original" ending, since we can see way more character development and it helps putting the entire thing into perspective. At the time of this review. I haven't watched the second season yet, but if it's anything like these four episodes, I'm sure I'll have fun.
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I expected the subject of my first substantive contribution to this site to be one of my favorite works, but my feelings about Corpse Party are so diametrically positioned on the other end of the spectrum that I feel equally compelled to comment.

To begin, I want to note that I'm a big fan of horror and am nowhere near self-righteously condemnatory of or prudish about depictions of violence and gore, even, theoretically, where the victim is a child. However, I expect such features to add value to the story—to really support the narrative in a meaningful way. In Corpse Party, those features serve no such purpose; they're completely aestheticized, meant to either, in the most charitable reading, exclusively titillate or, in my opinion the likelier intent, ostentatiously ignore societal taboos. (Those who have already watched it are likely aware of the particular scene I'm implicating.)

Again, I'm not inherently opposed to the idea behind the latter interpretation but only if such a(n essentially) brazen declaration carries real moral weight, e.g. a trenchant critique of some aspect of society. The only such argument I've been able to extract is that the creators believe this particular taboo should be torn down, a goal so hackneyed as to have been rendered totally meaningless. Alternatively, the OVA is not meant to convey any grand idea. Either way, its extreme violence against the most vulnerable, powerless, and (I'd argue, even) disenfranchised members of society is reduced to mere exploitative torture porn.
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I must be honest, I'm fairly new to Anime. Though I've been introduced to the vast medium since February of last year, hiatus's have plagued my experience, and most great shows I've watched have either been put on hold or have had various downfalls. So when I come on here and rant about the arrogance of unoriginal tropes in Anime, some people might see me as a bit pretentious. The truth is that most of the annoying allegories that the medium has become accustom to are things I haven't experience much, and for some tropes, at all. But i'm the kind of personally who can instantly spot a generic idea like a red shirt in a Star Trek convention. And as such, even if I've never forayed far enough into Anime, it's tropes still annoy me just as much as those hardcore anime fans who have gained ware and tear from dealing with such concepts for so long.

Kono Subarasshi Senkai Ni Shukufuku Wo!, or KonoSuba : God's Blessing in this wonderful world!, is a show that starts out promisingly enough. Though it's quick to go out of its way to go through the unimaginative motions that previous efforts have already presented, it uses these opportunities to poke fun at the ridiculousness of these tropes. For instance, you quickly find out that the main character is a boring otaku who only leaves the house for one necessity : limited edition video games. Upon the way though, he meets an unfortunate end . At first you believe its the stereotypical truck plot device, but instead he dies from a panic attack, as he thinks a truck, which is actually a tractor, is about to run him over.

Or when he meets his doom - he goes into another world, a video game world. But this aspect is played super low key, and is used more so to just add to the ridiculousness of the show rather than make it into an important plot device. And the girl he's with is a generic dumb bimbo goddess, but after we first meet her she develops into a more adventurous spirit. More like a fellow friend that is working with the main character on a quirky quest rather than a harem character.

The problem here is that the project quickly folds back into the same one dimensional characteristics that it was poking fun of to begin with. Even though the show is hardly a harem, it exposes these elements and fails to capitalize on their potential hilariousness. Instead, they do it to create an annoying midget witch, and a boring unnecessary masochistic knight girl, which could have been a funny ironic character, but turns into an aggravating nut-head who's always pushed in your face.

By the end of the 2nd episode, not much stands out as creative or unique, and those are the only things that made this show stand out in the first place. While the art and sound is fair, it isn't amazing read more
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Hibike! Euphonium (Anime) add
I had a lot of hope for this anime and it not only disappointed me but also upset me. The premise of the series was promising and it offered characters and a plot I could relate to being about high school band and such. It was also produced by Kyoto Animation who did a phenomenal job as always with the animation and character designs. You’ll still see me reblogging pictures and gifs of this series because-despite what I’m saying now-I appreciate how much effort went into the presentation of this anime. My issue lies with the writing and character development because there is little to no substance there. I understand that you can only do so much in the span of a 12 episode series, but even so I felt that it introduced too many characters that were never fully developed.

What started off as a series focusing on three friends (one of which learning about music and her instrument) became a pandering storm of yuri fanservice at the expense of developing Kumiko’s (the MC’s) character really at all. My main gripe however was that her two new friends were left in the background halfway through the series. As an audience member, I was happy to see Kumiko helping her “friend” Reina, but I’m biased towards hating unnecessary romantic subplots, ESPECIALLY when it takes over the series. After the semi-romantic tension is introduced between Kumiko and Reina, we barely ever see anything beyond the occasional glimpse of what Midori and Hazuki are doing besides just assisting the rest of the band. We’ll see them sometimes slip in and help Kumiko or offer passive assistance but they back off and their presence isn’t important to the story anymore. Why introduce these characters who both have confidence issues only to make them friends with a character too dense to give a care about them? It’s honestly beyond me but it began to frustrate me as a viewer to see Kumiko (who was already a fairly shallow MC) begin to just pay no attention Midori and Hazuki. Meanwhile, Reina gets the most time on screen as Kumiko’s supposed “love” interest.

My problem with this series does not lie in the fact that it has a semi-”yuri” love interest, (Yuru Yuri is one of my favorite shows) it’s that it completely overhauls the show, takes it over, and rams whatever remaining plot and character development right into a brick wall. People honestly thought this show was Kyoto Animation’s saving grace while bashing series like Hyouka, Beyond the Boundary, K-On!, and Chuunibyou for having shallow characters. If that’s your opinion you’re completely entitled to it, but I much prefer those series. What I dislike about Hibike! Euphonium was that it had so much potential and deep characters only to have them become a tiny little helping hand for Kumiko’s shallow character who was too busy being a fanservice gateway to notice them anymore.
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Gekkan Shoujo Nozaki-kun (Anime) add
Romance is a genre across all scopes of media that is loved by some and hated by many different peopl. Many people are under the misconception that romance is something only women can enjoy and that there are many that men can't enjoy. I don't necessarily favor the genre but in the right mind set a well executed romance anime can be an extremely enjoyable show to watch.

Gekkan Shoujo Nozaki-kun(also known as Monthly Girls Nozaki-kun) is a 12 episode anime series from 2014. The anime series itself was based off the 4-Koma manga of the same name. The story follows a high school student named Sakura Chiyo and how she has a crush on a classmate named Nozaki. Nozaki misinterprets her feelings and makes her assist him in his manga authoring escapades. Together with Chiyo trying to get closer with him they draw out stories based off their wacky schoolmates.

Many parts of this show can be seen as generic. A major example of this would be the school setting. The school setting will unfortunately turn off many viewers as many anime fans have grown tired of this plot element being milked dry by several anime works. And this is a shame because Gekkan Shoujo Nozaki-kun does something pretty unique despite its run of the mill plot elements.

There isn't really pure romance in its essence which may disappoint some people but the Shoujo manga that Nozaki draws couples with the actions of the characters and that is what creates most of the comedy. A great example would be an episode where Mikoshiba and Nozaki are playing a dating sim. Dating sims don't exactly have the greatest reputation but all of the generic romantic Shoujo elements present in them move Nozaki and Mikoshiba to tears and I personally found this hilarious.

An important thing to consider is that despite its shounen demographic this show parodies Shoujo so much. This is the main joke of the series and creates much of the humor. Many of the gags also come from Nozaki looking at every day life and then just randomly taking notes and putting the scenario into a generic Shoujo manga. I personally found it to be pretty funny when he did this.

This is mostly an episodic anime. There isn't a massive scoping plot and there are many different sub plots present. Some of these sub plots are good but a couple of others seem kind of incomplete to me such as the sub plot of seo teaching Kashima how to sing. Most of the episodes are comedy driven and have a light hearted and funny atmosphere which is good for a romcom anime.

When talking about the characters in this show I can say that I enjoyed most of them. Not all of them had an interesting design or personality but shined with their interactions with other characters in the cast. I would say there is a fairly large cast of characters read more
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Boku dake ga Inai Machi (Anime) add
I went into this series blindly, needing something to fill the last half hour of consciousness before I planned on passing out. Well one episode turned to 6 and then all of a sudden I was awake until 2am (not necessarily the best time to watch this show unless you are looking to have nightmares), but the first episode was good enough for me to watch the second, and by the end of the second I knew I was hooked.

Erased is not only bookended by captivating opening and ending themes, the story itself is enthralling and well-paced with no moment too slow to be considered a lull. The constant shift between past and present keeps the audience on their toes, and the realistic characters enforce a constant wanting for everything to turn out alright in the end.

I think my heart plummeted approximately four times while watching the first half of the season, and since finishing up the last episode currently available, the story itself has constantly been on my mind. Erased is the perfect suspenseful story to fill your weeks itching for the next episode, and is a show I'm very much looking forward to keeping up with in the future.
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Umi ga Kikoeru (Anime) add
Ghibli, at the time, seemed to be going for a more realistic approach to anime. The Ocean Waves is such an anime. Directed by Tomomi Mochizuki (Ranma ½ S1 and episode director of various romance anime) he seemed to be the right choice.

This is a very simple anime with it not trying to do anything more than it has to. The story follows Taku Morisaki during his high school days with his friend Yutaka until a Tokyo girl transfers into school. Thus, in true anime fashion creates various incidents between the three and how this Tokyo girl changes Taku.

No this romance anime isn’t going to bring any tears or have anything truly worth building up, but a smooth story, good animation, and capturing human emotion is Ocean Waves’ strong points. This is definitely an anime for an older audience to understand the mature nature of the it’s story and characters. What happens in high school? What matters? How fragile is a relationship? These are just some of the topics hit in The Ocean Waves.

Keeping it short, like the anime, while this is not the most exciting thing to come out of the Ghibli studio, it still is something worth noting. It is closer to compare the mature nature of Gauche the Cellist and combine with elements of Kimagure Orange Road. The Ocean Waves is something not to be overlooked, but also not anything breathtaking.
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Psycho-Pass 2 (Anime) add
My first ever review, but anytime this series comes to my sight, i feel like i have to share my opinion bout it. The 1st season was my first "omfg" anime series ever, with Makishima Shogo being my first and till, last "manlove" anime character. (Kogami was the "aaah he is so coool kawaii" guy that was put in for the girls to dream about.) With his death, and without his presence the story lost its half, or even more than its half; and they give us one more season, i was happy at first too, trying to clone Makishima in the person of, Kamui?, and trying to force on us the same "magic" that Makishima had without him doing anything, but the other characters praising/ glorifying him to the point that it just became awkward. This is the main idea(the problem if the series) i would like to share with my review, i don't know if its understandable; Makishima himself built up his charisma slowly, step by step with every episode, they even had a talk with prof Saiga about the phenomena. He was a well built character supported with philosophy, art and literature just enough and not to much; personally he made me read more books than any of my school teachers(sadly). On the other hand Kamui did nothing the whole story, and the studio (tried) forced surrounding characters to build him up, with the only interesting, philosophical idea of the "omnipotent", which could have been settled in one episode. So in my opinion, as i look at the series, the second season is one empty bundle, to satisfy our superficial needs.
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Steins;Gate (Anime) add
Ever since the year 2010 or 2011, the time travel concept in both TV shows and movies has been overused to the max. Half of them failing due to how it's written and the weak execution. However, Steins;Gate is not one of them. It is currently the best time travel show I have ever seen in my entire life. I could watch this in the year 2036 and I would still have the same enjoyment I got when I first watched this show.

[Story]: (10/10)
Okabe Rintarou is the founder of a small lab named "Future Gadget Laboratory" where he invents a bunch of "Future Gadgets". His hacker friend and his childhood friend are also members of the FGL. After an incident, he found out that one of his inventions can send messages through time.

Back when I was a hater of anime, my friend tried to get me into anime by recommending me a few animes that he thought I might like. Steins;Gate was one of them. I completely dismissed the show and a year later, which is today, I decided to watch the show on Netflix in English Dub. After watching a couple of episodes, I was completely hooked to this show..

Some or most people might think that Ep. 1-8 was boring due to the slow pacing but in my opinion, it wasn't. It's a rarity in a time travel show to explain how time travel really works and that's mostly what the first 8 episodes did. It introduced and explained some theories about time travel that felt almost real..I mean, it isn't just some theory that felt like it was made up. There was scientific backing and explanations behind time travel. For example, the show abolished the idea of "Time Paradox" (which is the biggest pain-in-the-ass plot point that you have to deal with in a time travel show) and brought up another theory called the "Parallel World" theory, meaning that there are infinite world lines as opposed to a single world line. There's also the "Butterfly Effect", where if you meet your past-self or try to change the past, it will create another world line with different future instead of changing the current world line's future. However, this isn't the first time a show has used the "Parallel World"/"Butterfly Effect" theory. It's just not common for a time travel show to use this theory instead of the Time Paradox theory. Later on, more theories are also introduced that you will need to understand how time travelling really works. In my opinion, the explanation and reasoning behind time travel was very well done.

I'm glad the first half of the show was slow paced because they took their time explaining the time travel theories and ideas and they also took their time introducing the characters and their personalities. Basically, what you should expect from them and to give me a reason why I should care for the characters should tragedy strikes upon them.

The creators read more
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Hibike! Euphonium (Anime) add
Un régal graphique et musical !

Inutile de vous dire que j'ai lâché ma petite larme en regardant le dernier épisode de Sound! Euphonium, parce que "petite larme" est un très faible mot ,^^,

L'histoire est excellente et passionnante, on ressent les émotions de chaque personnages (aussi attachants les uns que les autres !) au fil des épisodes, les graphismes et l'animation sont justes magnifiques ! (En même temps, c'est du Kyoto Animation, donc une valeur sûre !), les musiques sont magnifiques (OST, OP, ED... je me fait les versions complètes en boucles ^^) Ma note est donc très simple : 5/5 !

Cet anime rentre directement dans la ligné de mes animes favoris !
Je conclut donc cette mini critique avec cette simple phrase :
"Vivement la saison 2, et le film !" \^-^/
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Noblesse: Pamyeol-ui Sijak (Anime) add
Okay, it's pretty hard to review one episode, but let's still try.

Was is worth to wait? The answer is surely yes. Except for interesting story of its own, it also give background to the manwha. Things that aren't really explained suddenly get clearer. Unforunately, there are some question marks.

We didn't learn much about Rai (Except for how he got to the 820 years sleep), but we surely learned a lot about Muzaka and the reason for why all the story in the manwha actually started.

As I already said, one might still ask himself a lot if he\she read the manwha, but it's clearly can be seen as ova on itself and nothing more.

Okay. now let's focus on the ova of its own:
The story was set clearly, but pretty depended on the fact that those who watched it already know the plot of the manwha, a disadvantage in my opinion. Sure, it helpped to decrease the time needed for explanation, but still.

The relationships among the chracters was shown very clearly, and even if you see it for the first time, there's no question about it.

It was interesting to watch, though it was a bit excepted (though I think that even those who didn't read the manwha may agree with me). But there were some new facts, that even for those who read, can be stil interesting.

I know it sucks, but I really recommend it. I just don't to explaim myself to well.
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Another (Anime) add
There is a good pace in the storytelling, threw the entire serie I was stucked on my (little, mobile phone) screen. The story has a good balance between calm moments and exciting moments where you are sucked into your screen. The mysterie is revealed threw the entire series at such a pase that it keeps your attention.

A more dark themed art, which really adds to the series cause the serie is really dark and mysterious.

The background music is just like the art, a big help to make you feel more into the dark and mysterious theme.

The focus is on the protagonist only, which is a good thing cause you only know what the protagonist knows about the mystery. I think this is more enjoyable cause in this way you always want to continue watching, so you can learn more about the mysterie.

People who like a dark theme and solving a mysterie with just a few clues will enjoy it. I will remember the series for a long time because of the great story (and Shocking scenes).

WARNING: I discommend sensitive people to watch the series (alone).
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Gintama (Anime) add
Okay, so basically looking at the scores I gave it's all a 10 and you're probably thinking that this guy is overrating gintama or whatever you call it. But if there's an anime that deserves all this credit, it's Gintama.

Gintama is 4th wall breaking, staff shaming, copyright screwing and audience trolling, episodic anime that focuses on Sakata Gintoki, a previous joi hero who now runs a Yorozuya (lit. The anything store) with Shinpachi Shimura, a glasses with human, and Kagura, an alien who uses pen*s sheath to tie her hair.

The thing with this odd casts is that, they just hit right at home. They always have those funny punchlines that you can relate to. From dirty humor to dark humor to crazy references, gintama has it all. It's definitely the best comedy anime ever created. Still, the characters are likable in a sense that everyone has a bad side we can relate to and a good side we love. They also have unique backgrounds and stories which is as tearjerking as Luffy's and the rest of the strawhat's.

It's that kind of anime that can make you laugh and cry at the same episode. The first anime that trolls its viewers in every type of way. It's that kind of anime wherein you'll enjoy one episode that happened in only one table. That anime that will reuse the same scene 5 times and it never grows old . Where the lead is a lazy bum but if you make the wrong move, consider digging you're grave. . But, it's that kind of anime that will make you jump out of you sit with loads of epicness and incredible fight scenes. Those kinds of anime that will make you wish for more, more and more.

Gintama is best enjoyed when you're knowledgeable about Japanses culture and persona. It's also best viewed when you're into all kinds of humor from light to dark to dirty humor. You must have it all to watch gintama.
All in all gintama is a comedy filled anime which will change your life forever from and will offter you the best 24 minutes and 6 seconds of your life weekly. If you wanna watch then brack yourself and buckle up. You are in for one hell of a ride.
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Durarara!!x2 Shou (Anime) add
[Adapted From Original Blog Post]
[Mini Review]

The five year gap between Durarara's first season and Shou may in fact be its greatest weakness. It's rather abrupt seeing these characters after so long, brought to life by a new, rougher art-style and now entangled in a complicated web of relations with new characters we don't yet know; it all is a little alienating at first, especially when the first episodes of this new season are largely spent parading around the setting of Ikebukuro, a large deviation from the action-packed finale of season one. I can't hold that against Shou, however. Its job isn't easy. It needs to recover old fans of the franchise while attracting new ones, set the ground-work for a second season that will be spread over three cours, while still having a definite narrative of its own that has a beginning and end, and it had to accomplish all of this in just 12 episodes. When you look at it that way, it's actually quite amazing Shou turned out as well as it did.

True, the beginning is slow and rather abrupt in its presentation, and while the writing is good, Durarara as a franchise has never held it accountable over fun action sequences and crazy characters. Sometimes I can't help but feel that Shou is simply adding things in order to make everything more complicated, because for all the setting-up it does for multiple characters arcs later on in !!x2, there are a few times it simply doesn't go anywhere, wasting precious time in a franchise whose pacing basically is already defined by being rushed and incoherent.

That's when it becomes frustrating, and that's when I sincerely get angry at this show, because it's too caught up in its own insanity to actually concentrate on the bundle of things it has on its hands that are actually really interesting, a pit-fall its older cousin Baccano! was able to side-step with flying colors. But I know that's redundant and unfair. If there's anything Shou was able to do, it was to define Durarara!! as its own entity, one that promises to end up in a very awesome place indeed by the end of all three cours of !!x2. And speaking of which.

What really redeems Shou in the end as its own entertaining narrative is the rather excellent last few episodes. When it actually has all the prerequisites of its own limited existence out of the way, Shou turns the excitement level up to 11, grabbing whatever plot-threads it needs and accelerates into an extremely satisfying ending, one that not only ends on several awesome but equally tortuous cliffhangers, but sets up the real narrative of !!x2, as the story of Mikado Ryūgamine and the crazy-ass city that surrounds him reveals its true colors and propels the hype level into levels yet uncharted. Shou is really good at what it sets out to do, and even if you don't like this cour for its bipolarity, you can't dispute that for read more
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Noragami Aragoto (Anime) add
Although I have only one episode left to watch, I feel an urge to wirte a review about this, I am not sure why.

S T O R Y :

Alright, the first arch about Bishamon and the whole past thing was pretty interesting to watch. Very nice character development and you'll probably like it if you liked the first season of Noragami.

The second part was also pretty cool, but I really got bored as the ending was coming closer. I LOVED the first season, but the more I carefully observed the whole action that happened here the more ''cliched'' it became to me, this is a subjecitve view since I rate it how I enjoy it.

For me, in the end, it turned to be 7/10

A R T :

It was really pretty, enjoyable especially eyes (YATO!!!) of the characters. I loved their design.

A solid 8/10 from me.

S O U N D :

The OP and the ED are catchy and great, and I can't really say nothing more so 9/10.

C H A R A C T E R :

This is probably why I ended up liking it less than I expected.

Yato, the funniest and most interesting character in like the whole anime. He says some stupid stuff that makes you cringe and laugh at the same time, which I enjoy personally, has a dark past that's finally uncovered in this season, and has amazing blue eyes and desing. What's more to ask for in a MC?

Yukine, the character development, isn't too emo anymore, that's good. Expect some typical "I wanna be a hero!!!1" stuff from him here. At least he changed and he was pretty good too.

Hiyori, nothing. Probably the biggest reason I gave this anime a 7/10. She basically gets no character development, is always the same. has no flaws at all, the typical good girl who everybody loves except some evil person who's there for a show. Yes, I know I'm watching an anime, but hey, I didn't want a bland female as the one of the main characters. Seriously, the whole time I waited for something to happen to her character, to make her rememberable but nope. She's just there to be super extra mega good 24/7 and probably for some Yato/Hiyori mild action, which I don't really wanna see.

Bishamon, finally some good development, took a turn, a very good character but not really my type. I've come to realize that the only reason I watched this all was because of Yato and a great OP.

7/10 for characters.

Did I enjoy it? Yeah, pretty much, but this anime for me isn't really special. I actually preferred the first season because of jokes and Yato being Yato.

Overall score is 7/10
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Kuroshitsuji (Anime) add
There is not a lot I can say about this anime to be honest, besides the fact that it absolutely shocked me at how amazing I found it to be.

Firstly, I should say that I actually preferred this anime dubbed, rather than subbed, because in keeping with the theme, the English accents for each character were brilliantly suited to each personality. Sebastian has his posh, smooth voice, and Ciel's voice was morbidly toned for his character. Overall, I found this anime dubbed was perfect - Grell sounds hilarious.

The storyline itself is one of a murder mystery/ crime/ supernatural theme, and it includes many English myths and legends: the Hound of the Baskervilles (in a sense), Jack the Ripper etc. Alongside this is the story of Ciel and his deal with the demon Sebastian to assure he gets revenge for his past pain and anguish. It is actually very addicting to watch his memories and story play out as the series progresses.

The characters I thought were brilliant. There is something so riveting about watching a character like Sebastian who is infallible and humourous, yet also dark and sinister at the same time. I found myself completely on his side through every fight and order, which is funny as his end goal is to devour Ciel's soul as reward for his servitude. Ciel himself, I actually loved too. His moodiness, humourless, bossy ways alongside Sebastians ever-smiling face made me both laugh and admire his character. He is after all a child, yet his demeanour and intelligence make him interesting. Grell is just a flamboyant masterpiece of a character. He is hilarious.

Overall, I thought this series was amazing. I loved all the main and supporting characters, and the stories that weaved in between the main one were compelling and fun to watch.

I recommend it highly to everyone. Sebastian really is one hell of a butler, after all.

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Sengoku Basara (Anime) add
By far the most perceptible thing was the fact that there are various kingdoms that just living to fight each other, and the characters who lead these groups, with the exception of Shingen Takeda, do not show any moral framework and sense of leadership or visible level of wisdom to make someone believe they commanded people.

Art / Animation;
Common, except for the action scenes where the characters show decline with colorful lights emanating from their body, which, taking into account the anime plot, sounded irregular.

Sound / Voices:
Common. Curiously the opening is sung by the band Abingdon Boys School who has played Innocent Sorrow in D.gray-man anime.

One aspect is that leave no doubt about what your target audience, but most often they are not credible. There are too many fan-service, both in the ecchi, as important parts as in start of a war in which the characters stop to talk "legally fucking things" in the vision of the creators.

Enjoyment / Innovation:
Sengoku Basara is an anime theoretically past in ancient Japan, where the characters have no depth, no consistent dialogue nor search credible and reliable objectives, the anime has a disorder about which hero should follow as well not seem to know where he wants to go and ends the mess using a lot of repeated formulas in various animes.

Overall: 22/5 =
MAL note: 4
My note: 4,4
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Yesterday, 8:11 AM
Toradora! (Anime) add
Personally I really enjoyed this anime. The history was really interesting, and it's really funny in some points of it. Also it's kind of dramatic sometimes.

The history is not too simple, and not too complex which I think is pretty awesome and makes this anime really different from other Romance animes. Also, it didn't have any filler episodes. Sometimes while I'm watching an anime I need to skip some episodes because they're pointless, but not in this anime!

The ending was pretty awesome, 11/10. I loved the end. You definetly need to watch it :)

The art was great in my opinion, as well as the sound!

The characters are awesome as well. The MC are a Tsundere girl and a really nice guy, and they are pretty well done as well as all the others.

I think if you watch this series and you're into Romance you'll love it!
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Yesterday, 8:05 AM
Muv-Luv Alternative: Total Eclipse (Anime) add
I watched this Anime because one of my classmates told me that it was a good anime and that it had some good characters... and he was right. I started the anime and i coulnt stop watching it ; the story was good the characters were funny and good at the same time and the Opening was great.

Despite the fact that i dont relly like Mecha animes i relly loved that one.The fighting styles , the guns and the Mechas were great in this anime. I enjoy it a lot and i relly loved it. I recoment you to watch it but it has some violence and nude... so if you watch it be prepered... it is an 18 + anime after all.
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Yesterday, 7:47 AM
Noragami Aragoto (Anime) add
*Contains Spoilers* (Re-upload)

I did not expect that Noragami would develop that much. The first season was funny and a few episodes were good but this season every episode it's getting better and better until Bishamon arc ends. Ebisu arc was really good too but not as awesome as Bishamon.

Story: 9/10

The story is going with the problem between Yato and Bishamon and I didn't expect such stunning things from this season. Seriously, every episode gets better and you can't wait a week for new episode. We knew Yato killed Bishamon's family but still I do not understand why Bishamon is so mad at Yato. I mean if Yato didn't kill her family, she would die. But then she accepted it. You can't imagine how I relaxed when Bishamon accepted it and become friends with Yato. Then the Ebisu arc starts. He is a very interesting man, I thought he was the bad guy but then I loved him. A question : Why Yato went without anything (I mean Yukine) when Nora called him in the middle of night? What was he expecting? Party? Anyway the Ebisu arc was pretty cool, we learnt so much things about Yato and good character developments about Bisha. And the cliffhanger at the end. That son of a bitch who kissed our Hiyori... That bitch must die. They have to make a new season which is about Yato killing that guy when he find out he kissed Hiyori.

Art: 10/10

Nothing more amazing than the first season but still awesome. And they also draw bishamon cuter :3

Sound: 10/10

Seriously I'M IN LOVE WITH THAT OPENING. Amazing like the first season and the soundtracks are still pretty good and give you goosebumps.

Character: 10/10

Yato is enough reason to watch this anime. And I started to love Bishamon this season but Kugaha must die, I really hate him. I love when YatoxHiyori moments come and Yato becomes red. Also this season had pretty good character developments for Bishamon and Yukine.

Enjoyment: 10/10

It's even funnier than the first season. You laugh, you cry, you get stressed and you can't wait for the new episode. For me it's the best anime of the year :)

Overall: 10/10
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Yesterday, 6:57 AM
Noragami Aragoto (Anime) add
P.S. This is my first review. So please, bear with it.

Story - 10/10

Still great as always! It started from a "Slice of life"-like genre to a Dark Action theme. More past stories has been revealed, more plot twists will eventually unfold. Well, I can say that the plot "Escalated quickly" *insert that escalated quickly meme here*. I mean Noragami's story line is immediately exposed to the anime, no fillers at this moment. Episode 7's preview made me love it even more.

I was dumbfounded when I watched Episode 8 zzz ASDFGHJKL! I wanna curse but, I can't. The new arc is. just. so. NOOOO!! IT CAN'T BE! NOOOOOOOO!

Episode 11 is just, PLAIN AWESOOME! ASDFGHJK. CAN'T WAIT TO WATCH THE NEXT EPISODE zzz I almost died in ****'s speech. But, the ending is such a cliffhanger. It definitely needs a 3rd season.

Art - 11/10

The art is just so asdfghjl! It's way too coooool! The animations fight scenes, the animated characters, and all! It's way too coooool! I mean, I'm pretty judgmental in terms of art, if the art doesn't look good, there's a huge probability that I'll not watch the anime. But this anime? With no second thoughts, I started watching this anime since the 1st season.

Sound - 10/10

Starting from the first season until this season, the OST of Noragami never failed to amuse me. Especially the opening soundtracks, I just don't know. I like it! XD I even have the Opening Song in my iTunes.

Character - 10/10

The characters are well made. Some of them even changed personalities in this season. Specially ******, I hate him. But I won't say it in order to make this review "Spoiler Free" :p And also, I highly ship Yato x Hiyori xD (ep. 2 I guess) wait til' you see it :D

Enjoyment - 10/10

My Noragami hype is still the same as the first season! I really enjoy this season. Cool storyline, plot twists, fight scenes, and "same old jokes". Some jokes are repeated from the first season but, I still like it ;)
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Yesterday, 6:53 AM
Barakamon (Anime) add
Have you experienced this kind of thing, which at first, you were judging and having glum thoughts just like, "Oh, what's with this anime's promotional picture? (Can’t find the proper word to describe that thing) What’s with the flowery background and the kid’s smug face? I shouldn’t watch this anime. Why is this anime even placed at #89?” But in the end, I gave it a shot due to its rank. I never had been so wrong in my entire anime-related life.

Okay, this anime started of like “I’m pissed off for not winning the prize. Better punch the judge” “banish him in the lands~” and then “A kid is in my house” and woah! And the best part of the anime starts here XD

So, Barakamon perfectly defines Slice-of-life. No explicit scene, no romance and the important part, no fanservice. This anime gives off a cozy feeling and a good vibe which makes our mind at eases. I mean, this is just plain perfect! The environment, the characters, the plots, the OSTs and the jokes. No antagonist = no problem xD I was actually laughing while watching this anime xD I don’t know why but, while watching this anime, it gave me an adrenaline rush which I haven’t experienced for a long time since Kuroko no Basket~

This Anime is quite heartwarming. The way, how people treated him, how they interact, the jokes, the hardships, and all, I mean, it’s amazing! Words are not enough to explain how magnificently marvelous this Anime is. It also teaches us not to give up (which is approximately clichéd to every Anime xD) yeah, inspiration. We need inspiration and motivation to move on or to do better in the things we are doing.

I was literally thinking about “I wish to transfer/to live in an island like that” while watching the series xD but, it’s impossible. The people in my country are way too different compared to them.

In conclusion, I really love this Anime. This Anime needs more love, more viewers, (I guess, this Anime can be watched by any age) and last but not the least, needs a SECOND SEASON. I wish, this Anime would continue making episodes until forever. However, forever doesn’t exist so, it’s impossible for that to happen in real life XD
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Yesterday, 5:50 AM
Grisaia no Kajitsu (Anime) add
Have you ever been thrown into a story with no background of any characters or plot? As I began my first episode of Grisaia no Kajitsu I was lead into this unknowing pretense so by the end of the first episode, like the last three minutes, I was hooked and I needed to see more. Grisaia no Kajitsu is a story comprised of mini arcs featuring our main character Yuuji. Calm, collected and always says exactly what he's thinking not worrying about his fellow classmates. Yuuji interacts with his classmates in a way that changes their lives etc.
Most anime are like this... The characters never stick, maybe they're harem cut and pasted but this anime makes the characters more human by giving them terrible pasts.
I personally think this anime is a good watch because it deals with real life problems, death and the fall of humanity. It shows that Loyalty is worth is weight in gold and "Sorry" is to be pitied, for actions are what mend wounds. It's refreshing to see an unmovable character (Characters) when faced with people who cave into fear and madness, sin. I honestly think it's worth a watch.
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Yesterday, 4:33 AM
Minami-ke (Anime) add
Minami-ke is a very nice show. Not particularly noteworthy, but it's nice. It was enjoyable, fun, and funny. The show has a pretty even balance between SoL and comedy, though it tends to lean towards the latter. A good choice if you want a relaxed and enjoyable show that doesn't require you to think too much.

The only downside is that the art style changes ever season. You'll get used to the character designs of season one and then season two will come along with it's somewhat awful art. Season three improves upon the mistakes of season two, but it still isn't the same as season one. The degradation in art made the show not as enjoyable as it would have been otherwise. I think season two might have had the weakest material too, I can't say for sure. The changes in art style shouldn't affect your choice to watch the series, just warning you ahead of time so you'll be mentally prepared for it.
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Yesterday, 3:13 AM
Boku dake ga Inai Machi (Anime) add
Boku dake ga Inai Machi, which I would translate "the town that only I am not there" its a good anime to watch and maybe the best of the season. And (for now) i give it a 8.

The 29 old manga artist Fujinuma Satoru has (kinda, not willingly ) the power to go back to past to in order to prevent a death.
Thinks go south after he got accused of a murder which triggered his powers and sent him back when he was 10 years old. Now he must find the connection between the death of he got accused and change the past and the precent

Now, the best think about this anime is the characters. The buildup of them is outstanding. The are likeable, you get connected and worried for them and what to know what it going to happened with them.

The art it's decent nothing really special about it. But then again, it fits with the elements of the story and the style of the characters.

The sound what can I say. Asain kung-fu generation's Re:Re: as the opening, this fits perfectly too. And the ending song its great too. Now for OST within the story, again, its decent. But i thing the opening and the ending still the show.

Now my main problem that I have with this anime its the story. I
n general its ok, i have nothing against with dark stories.


The flow of it make now sense sometimes and it has plot holes . Mainly with the characters actions and the results of them.
EXample, after the murder and the the main character finds out what happened and got blood on his hand, the housewife next door by coincidence she saw the main character with blood and though he did it MAGICLY the police appears and now everyone thinks he did it. CAN THEY JUST TALK????
Also,In the town everyone believes that the main character killed that person and when i say everyone i mean EVERYONE (with some exemptions, i know makes no scenes but you will see what i mean ). I know i may say I'm neet-picking but it just makes no sense and drive me crazy

Overall its good and you still enjoy the ride. Give it a shot
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Yesterday, 2:56 AM
Devilman: Tanjou-hen (Anime) add
For a more visual version of this review, check out this Youtube video: /watch?v=zwiD1Eyk5kk

Back when the original TV series was airing, there wasn't any real adaptation of Devilman. Sure the original TV series existed, but it went on a different path than the manga. However in 1987, we finally saw an OVA that promised us to follow more closely to the manga.

Was it any good? Well, it depends on how you watch it. If you watch it with knowing what Devilman is about, then you have an interesting and entertaining adaptation. But if you watch it as an introduction to Devilman, it might just be an introduction and nothing that special.

Unlike Fist of the North Star the movie and Macross: Do you remember Love which not only introduces itself but also retold the story, Devilman directly following what was shown in the first chapters with no real finally. Then again, those two where movies who had to summarize several episodes under two hours, while this was just one OVA in less than an hour. Hell this OVA is called “The Birth”, so you can’t expect much than an origin story.

But I digress.

This OVA dumps allot of exposition. Which would be good if there WAS more than just two OVAs created. Yes, this is one of those OVAs where it’s only two episodes. So you should probably see this as long episode rather than anything else.

Because of this, the OVA sets up a decent atmosphere of both Horror and Suspense as demons can pop up at any moment. It helps as Akira has to man up and fight back. The story might be not as good as it could had been, it still presents what we should know and it does it well. Some people might say that this is played way too fast as this takes place during one afternoon. But considering the extremes Akira faces and how they are pushing him to a corner, you can’t really blame it.

As you might expected, this movie has a good enough of gore. It’s that type of 80’s gore that everyone likes. Uncensored, but not polished.

If I had to compare this to the source material, this isn't as crazy or humours and makes the situation look darker than what it was originally portrayed. But I think it’s decent as this tries much to contrast to the TV-series.

And you can tell by its design. The design is spot on. When I think of Devilman, this is the version I think off. Not that the TV-series was bad, but since this adaptation demanded a menacing look, this is the closest version to match the manga. The characters themselves are fun to watch, with Akira trying to be reasonable and Ryo who is an extremist. Too bad they won’t leave much of an impression unless you know who these characters are. The voice casting is good, exactly what I would think when I hear these characters. Akira is voiced by read more
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Yesterday, 2:41 AM
Koukaku no Pandora (Anime) add
Koukaku no Pandora is probably the most underrated series of the season, mainly because people generally shun away from series like this before even giving it a try.

People are generally more interested in action type anime with a male mc on their front cover. So when you have a series like this, with 2 really young looking girls with a synopsis that doesn't seem to have any deep plot, it gets overlooked very easily.

However, Koukaku no Pandora is a show that manage to combine its yuri elements into a comedy makes you want to watch more of. I immediately liked Nene and Clarion when I saw them. This show also have a good mixture of its insane randomness and random comedy moments in the background that makes it so enjoyable to watch.

Definitely would recommend to give this series a try!
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Yesterday, 2:18 AM
Shigatsu wa Kimi no Uso (Anime) add
Not once in my Anglo-Western upbringing have I been brought to tears by a series/film. Having studied film and storytelling at a college level; I feel brought bare and to my fundamental emotions by this series. Taken unaware from the very beginning to experience a story that would have been ignored in my day-to-day life. Stories like these leave me speechless and in tears, wondering what happened to leave me in this state.

Such an approach to storytelling that builds on sorrow to rehash and rediscover one's meaning in life is incredibly rare in western/American culture. An adventurous person might experience such an event every 2-3 years if lucky. To me, personally, this series is a pinnacle of drawing out the emotions of those who’ve forgotten such feelings of love, sadness, and passion.

As an American viewer, I feel obligated to convent and understand the comradery of friendship and sway of music regardless of context or origin. I feel more wholesome as a human being and more understanding to another's struggles thanks to this show.
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Yesterday, 2:10 AM
Noblesse: Awakening (Anime) add
Well, I have been a very diligent reader of the webtoon/manhwa for a long time now. I remember how this started when I was still in middle school (now i'm in uni. GOd knows how many times I 've read this over and over again), and as such a fan, I must say that the animation could not hold all the aspects of the original. However, that is understandable as this is simply an OVA. The manhwa itself possesses so much more charm than this. So, I beg those of you who perhaps disliked the animated version, please go read the manhwa! Because it may just feel like a rush of episodes(well, it practically is though) without the character development if you don't know the original story.

Anyway, as for the overall manhwa itself, Noblesse has the Overpowering Main Character with the looks. But that does not mean that the story doesn't build up. There are many mysteries and twists regarding the characters as well as some maybe-a-little-cliche-but-still-awesome emotional moments. It is true may readers have complained about the pace of the story development as well as how some characters seem to lose their importance. Regardless of such complaints this manwhwa definitely is a masterpiece.


Story 9/10
Apart from the fact that the animation felt too rushed and fast paced, it was good. However, I wish they would have focused a little more on the mystery why Rai was asleep for such a long time so that the audience could crave for more. (I really want this to become more than just an OVA).

Art 8/10
I can't help but compare the animation to the manhwa. I was excited to see the action scene come alive (too fast paced still) but apart from that I was quite disappointed at how less attractive the characters looked, especially Rai and Frankenstein. Both of them needs a little more of the elegance, the aura of a noble. (I will explain further on the character part) Too bad the anime could not show this through the screen.
Plus, what happened to Frankenstein's beautiful long wavy hair?
Sometimes Rai's body proportion also looks off at times, as well as his face.

Sound 8/10
To be honest I didn't mind the opening song but, it kind of felt out of place somehow. The ending was a little too boring, reminded me of the ending song of The Avengers. I could see the ending credit rolling up. Besides that, the sound was good enough to create that ominous vibe.

Character 8/10
As mentioned before, it is too fast paced for the animation to fully depict all the characters. In other words, there wasn't enough time for a character build up. With this in mind, the anime did hint quite well with their characters. The only disappointment would be the fact that because of the pace, Rai looks like more of a talker than he is. Plus, he isn't supposed to show much emotion but in the anime it felt like he was a little read more
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Yesterday, 1:26 AM
Boku dake ga Inai Machi (Anime) add
So today is the day I finally decide to write my first review since this is the first show for me that peaks my interest. I hope you enjoy my points and should look forward to more reviews from me in the future.

So lets begin:

Story: 10/10
Boku dake ga Inai Machi (Erased) is a psychological, mystery story about the main character Fujinuma Satorou. At the beginning of the show you are introduced to his ability to go back in time in order to change a catastrophe, this would be the plot device that would drive the story. In the first episode Satorou will find his mother murdered in his apartment, and that moment he is spotted by another resident suspecting him of the murder, in turn he is sent back to his childhood in 1988 in order to save a girl named Hinazuki Kayo. This is honestly such a refreshing anime that could not have come at a better time.

Art: 10/10
Now it goes without saying that the art for this anime is spot on. It goes without saying that the studio A-1 Pictures has an abundance of high quality animations (Shigatsu wa kimi no uso, Sword Art Online) so it is to be expected that it would be translated in this work. Erased has a perfect style for the environment the show gives the viewers. The colour is beautiful as it is cold enough to accent the winter setting and the dark atmosphere that it takes place in. It is really a breath of fresh air as it brings a look not seen too often in today's animes.

Sound: 9/10
So the sound of this show is perfectly fitting for the show but not extremely memorable. This does not mean its bad or that it ruins scenes but it means the opposite, the music only enhances the scene bring every aspect into harmony. But the opening on the other hand. oh boy. This is one of the best to date, the animation is done great, not spoiling any of the story and the song itself is very catching and again it is something not heard very often, resulting in an original and memorable OP. The ending is also well done but to the extent of its opening.

Characters: 10/10
The characters of Erased are what make this a masterpiece (aside from its story) as every one of the introduced characters seems to have his or her place. I'll mostly talk about the two main characters of the series Fujnuma Satorou and Hinazuki Kayo as they have the most screen time and most developed. Satorou is the male protagonist who is in his late 20s and seems to be quite reserved. When he goes back in time it is interesting to watch his thoughts towards his current setting since everyone around him are children, it is definitely amusing to see his struggles to interact with his child friends and Kayo the other prominent character. She is seen as the "weird" read more
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Yesterday, 1:01 AM
Hyakka Ryouran: Samurai Girls (Anime) add
A fresh and unique art style on a sea of anime and a standout on the Ecchi Genre.

Story 8/10
Alternate timeline on where the Shogunate remained on power, Follows a group of Young adults that seek to guess a ominous fortune told by deviners foreshadowing an even on which will devastate Great Japan.

Art 10/10
The art it's unique on a way that any artist can help but to either Admire it or Envy it. (Imagine Ninja Gaiden or Asura Wrath)

Sound it's above Standard

Character 8/10

The characters are enjoyable and well thought out for the Ecchi genre with the right amount of combination with action and comedy.

Enjoyment 10/10

This anime it's aimed at the Ecchi Community and if you're part of it, You'll enjoy it fully.

Overall 9/10
This is a great anime and differs and stands on the spot light aside from the renown Ecchi Tittles.

[PS: If you don't like ecchi and watch this then complain about Fan Service, I can hereby diagnose you as a retard)
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