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Plastic Memories (Anime) add
The better a memory, the more painful it usually is. -Isla

This is a progressive review of Plastic Memories and isn't a complete review at the moment. I'm trying a new format where I'll talk about my midway-ish feelings about the show. Tell me if I shouldn't do this. I'll add an edit after around 3 episodes, then I'll be doing a whole review at the end.

When a show leaves an incredible impression you're always left wondering one of two things - what the author can do next, and whether the author could possibly hope to match it again. Plastic Memories comes onto my watching list quite a long while since the release of Steins; Gate. While it wasn't perfect the twisting, turning emotional journey I went through in those 24 episodes was undoubtedly one of the strongest anime experiences I've had. So Plastic Memories has quite the hurdle to leap if it wants to equal or potentially exceed its predecessor.

Pre-watching impressions: The title seems to indicate it'll be something related to memories or loss of them. The characters seem fairly well designed. Looking forward to it!

Post-episode 1: We're off to a great start. Episode was great. Sets an amazing pretext for the show to come. I'm liking this very much - tone is excellent, character interactions great.

Edit 2 (after ep 3): I don't feel like it's living up to it right now. I'm getting too much romcom and tongue-in-cheek, silly humour. While it isn't a problem in the long term if it's sporadic, too much of it as it is here is hurting the show. I'm bringing it down the score table to about a 6. The emotional parts are there but I have to endure the romcom and silly jokes to get through it. Man..

Edit 3 (after ep 6): Slowly getting back up onto its feet. Strange that they would suddenly introduce another aspect (the criminal underworld, smuggling) into the frame. Throws the show off balance somewhat but it's still going pretty well. Last scene of episode 6 was great - although I have conflicting feelings about the choice to include this criminal underworld aspect of the show, the emotional moment is there. Great cliffhanger at ep 6.
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Hibike! Euphonium (Anime) add
I initially watched this just because Shigatsu wa Kimi no Uso broke my heart too much and I needed an anime series with a music-genre with less painful drama. I really love music-themed anime series and so of course, I went on to see this.

After just watching episode 1, it went on to become one of my favorite shows of the season. Now, I think it's kind of safe to say that it IS now my favorite show of the whole season. I'm sorry if you think it's blasphemous that it's Fate/stay night of Kekkai Sensen or Oregairu. My fondness for music and moe has driven me to this love.

As it is KyoAni, of course there's moe but listen listen! It's something more than that. I have never watched a show just for the moe or for the kawaii-ness, c'mon that's stupid. Hibike! Euphonium far exceeded my expectations. It's so good!

Let's discuss this show in the typical division, shall we?

The story already took me because it was going to be about an orchestra. A frustrated musician joins the concert band of a new school whose goal is to try to reach the Nationals. I think it's simple but KyoAni's execution of it made it 10x better than it ought to be.

This is where KyoAni masterfully made a job well-done. We cannot deny that KyoAni is one of the most consistent anime studios out there in terms of the art and the design. This show has solid animation and their attention to detail is outstanding - from the very tiny movements of the characters such as habits and unnoticeable mannerisms to the design of the background art. The angle of the scenery and the colors chosen are very, very good. It's not as good as Garden of Words' art but it reminded me of it because it was almost there. Just watch episode 8 if you still don't get what I mean. If you're an average anime enthusiast, then you have probably already seen one of KyoAni's works and I hope you can get where I am going with this one.

As this is a music-themed anime series, it would not be nice to hear if the OST sucks but it isn't. I think that the OST chosen for each scene is suitable for what is happening on that particular scene. It uplifts your spirits if the scene demands your mood to be uplifted. It can also give you goosebumps for a scene.

The orchestra's sounds is also, in my opinion, executed well. You can hear all the different instruments coming together and when it's time for an individual playing, you can also clearly see (or is it hear?) that they put importance to one of the central themes of the show, if not the most important - music.

I also think that the voice acting was very well-done. An example would be SPOIILLEEEERRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRR: Hazuki confessing to Shuuichi on episode 8. You can actually feel her voice shaking for a no more read more
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Baccano! (Anime) add
(My first review so it might not be good)

Baccano! is mostly put as an underrated anime, but it's actually quite popular. It's just that it didn't gain popularity as much as it should have as it's arguably one of the best anime series ever made.

The first few chapters might be a little confusing, but after that it's a ride that will have you in the edge of your seat. The most important aspect about this anime is the timeline that the characters are living in. It varies alot but the way it handles is just top- notch.

Story(9)- I won't explain the story as I won't be able to without some spoilers. But if you want a light introduction, you can read the synopsis. Story is really well written with timelines handled perfectly. The story gets even sharper as the anime progresses. It's indeed a very clever writing with different timelines serving as pieces of puzzles intertwining for the main plot. Although intertwining timelines is a big plus, it also became its downfall as many thought it as confusing. But it's not as confusing as many people say so.

Sound(9)- Love the music although sometimes background music are really quiet for some scenes. Still sound is really a plus in this anime. It helps to keep the mood. It also well expresses the year the anime is set in meaning it really makes you feel like you are in the 70's.

Character(10)- The main highlight of this anime is the characters. There are many and all of them serves a purpose. All the characters are equally interesting. It's up to you to choose the best and the main character. The character development is easily the best i have seen in any anime. So many characters, so little episodes yet they all get enough screentime to not forget about them. Another best thing is the variety of character it displays each with their own unique changing personalities. I can briefly talk about all the characters and how they are amazing but it's better to analyse the characters yourself.

Enjoyment(10)- It was definitely a blast. Funny, action- packed and suspense. Each episode ends with you wanting more. The story never diverts away from the main plot.It keeps you entertained with it's amazingly intertwined timelines.

Overall(10)- A MUST WATCH.

Always wanted to review this anime with spoilers but I will let non spoiler review satisfy me for now.
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Free! (Anime) add
I actually wanted to give this a 9, but that would mean giving this show the same rating I gave to the first two Rebuild of Evangelion movies and the second season of Ghost in the Shell: SAC. Maybe even an 8 seems absurd, but this anime is exactly what I think a fanservice series targeted towards girls should be: lighthearted, sweet, funny, and loaded with characters that are attractive and easy to fall in love with.

If this was really just a sports anime, I wouldn't give it such a high score, but honestly...Free! is as much about the muscles and the boys who have them than it is about the swimming. This anime only happened because people saw KyoAni's mock trailer, which was supposed to be a joke, and literally petitioned for it to be an actual series. In other words, this is made for people who want to watch cute shirtless boys do cute shirtless things with homoerotic subtext, and it fulfills that purpose very well.

Story: 6
I wasn't actually expecting this to have much of a story, but it's there, and it's fun. It's not amazing, but Free! is not something you should be watching for the story. Just ditch it now if you're looking for something sophisticated. Free! isn't complex and it's not supposed to be. It's just fun. Corny, silly, simple, half-naked swimming fun. Unexpectedly, Free! is actually such a funny anime (on purpose). This show really never fails to make me laugh.
Art: 9
Nothing less than what would be expected from KyoAni. The entire thing is gorgeous, and I'm not just talking about the boys. The animation is super fluid (there we go again with the unintentional water puns), bright, colorful, and overall just great.

Sound: 8
The openings and endings are really enjoyable, especially the first ending song, "Splash Free". The quality of the music is consistent throughout. What bugged me was that during more intense parts of the show ( intense as the swimming anime can get), there'd be this aggressive dubstep-reminiscent electronic nonsense playing and it was so ridiculous it was funny. It's as if KyoAni was like, "oh, let's pretend this is a serious sports anime for a minute while Rin is gazing into Haru's eyes" and threw in serious music. Still, it didn't sound bad, and when the music is thematically appropriate, it's always good.

Character: 10
The characters are the best part. They all have their strengths, their weaknesses, and their quirks; they're actually very well-rounded, and most experience very satisfying development, especially Rin. They're all very charming characters, and the character that seems to be the simplest out of all of them proves to be more than he seemed in the second season. The boys and Kou are all easy to get attached to and feel for. Also, there's more than a little homoerotic subtext. If you don't think they're gay, you're wrong. KyoAni made a genius business decision in deciding not to have any official couples, but having certain pairs read more
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"A love story between a game and book”

What is your thought when first see the words? Love the game or book? Absolutely wrong. This episode especially for Usa to choose his past live or the time he has now with his senpai who also his love interest. This Special is like continuation from the main series. If you really love the series. Definitely don't give up watching this episode.

Story 8/10
Usa will be busy with school festival that will come up in the next week. His precious time with his senpai slowly decrease and only for a short time. They even barely talk because this event. He's also started to get more friend since he's is helping for the festival. Their relationship starts to become more distant and farther. Usa probably doesn't mind much little thing like this since he think Ritsu (senpai) don't feel anything. On opposite, Ritsu started to feel really uneasy with this situation. Their relationship is far stronger than what might Usa think. What will happen? Will Usa choose his past life back like older time when he's surrounded with his friend or his precious time with his only one senpai?

Enjoyment and Overall 8/10
No doubt. I love all aspect of this series. The relationship between those two itself is marvelous without flawless. Must watch this if you have seen the main series. It's pretty great. Undeniable, Ritsu is cute and Usa is pretty hot even though he's only considered your average type of boy. I'm seriously enjoyed this special episode and you also need to give it a shot. Go on, enjoy it to your full extend mate. This is a great romance stories without fan service. So, I'm kind of enjoying it. Since fan service is considering normal at this era, I'm become quite bored with it. Oh producer, do you really need that to attract people attention so much? I'm disagreeing with this one aspect. This series show a good example. What are they thinking? Nonsense. If they eager so much to create a fan service scene. Just create a hentai series. But, they won't do it, because they know not all people will watch the series. So, they just need to create anime with fan service. Why Japan, why? Why you become like this?

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After seeing this I would have rather they just re-animated the whole damn thing because the scene that were re-animated were amazing if the whole thing was like that would have have enjoyed it so much more. But this isn't terrible BUT it wouldn't recommend this to someone who hasn't seen the OG Zeta, I would still tell them to go and watch the OG 50 episodes. I would how ever recommend this to someone who's seen Zeta back in the day and forgot the story this is a great way to refresh your memory.
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Tetsuwan Birdy (Anime) add
“A little nonsense now and then, is cherished by the wisest men.” - Roald Dahl

Well, I'm back again with another obscure, bargain bin title review, this time: Birdy the Mighty.


Birdy the Mighty 1996 is a precursor to the more popular BTM: Decode series, which aired more recently. Masami Yuki, a guy who's done literally nothing else of note, started Birdy way back in the mid 80s, which he mysteriously and abruptly stopped writing. (it was probably the cocaine, that he along with everyone else back then did, 'the 80's, mannnn'.) Well, Birdy was turned into a 4 episode OVA series by everybody's favorite studio MADHOUSE!

Unlike their peer Production IG, who had an absolute turd of a show in 1996 called "Panzer Dragoon" (we daren't speak that name), Madhouse delivered a quality animation. Unfortunately, the licensing in NA was handled by Central Park Media, known for their schlockiness and giving dubs a bad name.

Artwork and Animation: 8

Madhouse, true to form, delivers a very high quality, fluid, and fast moving product that looks great for a mid 90s show. This came before the big CGI boom in the late 90s/early 00s, so we're saved from those horrors, and blessed with some very slick hand drawn animation. While there are some lazy moments with stillframe, the action was as good as it was going to get for a show of this budget, and it is very easy to watch.

Sound and Voice Acting: 3

This is where the problems begin, and it's mostly on the voice acting front.
My biggest problem with this is on a technical level, and it's partially a result of the technology at the time, and partly because they used junk equipment. When there's no music (which is usually mixed at a higher level than the voices anyway, making it hard to hear), there's a slight static that everything made before the digital age has. It's there, just trust me.

Well, when the actors are speaking, you can hear hard mic cuts, where the only sound mixed is that of their voice, then it cuts back to "silence" which resumes the static scratching sound, which is a bit jarring. They also apparently didn't know what pop filters were, and you can hear their lips smacking together as they talk.

Half the VA sound really bored, or phoned in, it's just this side of bad cheesy, but not bad enough to laugh at, since it takes itself seriously. A lot of the music sounds like it came straight out of Super Mario Kart, but the ending themes are pretty groovy.

Story: 6

Being that Birdy the Mighty is incomplete, it's natural to say that it's got a poor story, but I disagree. It's "fair". The first episode is just an intro to Birdy and Tsutomu, but 2-4 cover the plot. It's nothing original- an investigation into a growing series of crimes perpetrated by an intergalactic criminal intent on creating psionic soldiers with which to destroy the intergalactic police organization hunting him. The read more
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Lovely★Complex (Anime) add
The density in the main male character gets old seriously fast and ruins the enjoyment and makes you want to stop watching the show pretty early on.....
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H'oh boy, this one threw me and many others in for a surprise. If you've ever watched the original twelve episodes but have yet to get to this ya'll better get ready for Hammyroo's Wild Ride. It never ends.

The story is fairly well-structured despite it being blotched on by secrecy and cryptical messages. Those will and have blinded viewers of the grand meaning of the whole plot, and lo' and behold it's done on purpose. Uro's a mojo troll and many know it. The way him and the rest of the staff crafted this film was done in such a way that it leaves a lot of the audience wanting to know more of what's even happening, and you may end up in that club as well. It increases the rewatch value of the movie, and keep in mind that it's intentional. So before you say something like, "boy, that was a doozy, too much of one! None of it made sense at all!!", please either look closer into the key events of the story or do research online before you really judge it much if you'd like. Might wanna bring your Runes-inary too.

The art also falls into the subliminal-cryptic-symbolism-soup but is otherwise amazingly well done, aside from a few choppily-animated bits that break the chain of some pretty smooth, fluid frames. Though the sorta generic moe art style is still used for the normal characters (which gradually improves over time actually), Inu Curry chose to continue their collaboration with the Madoka staff and have really put all their elbow grease into this piece. The graphics they use fit wonderfully well with many of the scenes' backgrounds be it depressing or jollier than the usual. Curry's animations are more blended in with the normal animations as well, and better than before. Two peas in a pod.

Music plays a pretty big role in Rebellion Story, such as it did before. The soundtrack still holds beautiful and some more dreadful orchestral pieces along with a few vocal tracks, a couple being silly sounding but fitting gibberish. You've also got some swag Kalafina rock, niiiice. Much work was put into each tune and like the visual art, perfectly fits what's the haps. It's definitely worth listening to.

When it comes to the characters, expect a surprise or two. Though a certain something may feel crammed in for the sake of the fandom there's still some swell developments to watch through. It's all in the ride and I shant spoil much.

Overall Rebellion is, although a possibly confusing tale, an adventurous and surprising motion picture. Even if you end up watching it more than once or just simply Googling your confusion away you're very likely going to enjoy the fantastically animated art and wonderfully composed music regardless. And once you figure the characters' developments out, you may grow to like them as well if not already. Or change your views on them. Depends on what you believe on some things.
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Guilty Crown (Anime) add
I have no words to describe how overhyped and disgusting this is, lmao.

Don't even get me started on this. I couldn't keep up with the plot since everything was so dull. Not to mention that this is as boring as that supposed comedy "ToraBORA".

It's decent but I'd classify it on the same level as that harem mecha trash "Infinite Stratos". The background was colorful and gave me seizures at times.

OPs and EDs were decent as well. I don't give a damn about the voice actors/actresses, they're just like the cringeworthy characters from SAO.

The MC is just your average pussiboi who cries over every little thing. I'm guessing Inori is supposed to be the heroine?... (she's boring btw, don't know why people even like her). The rest of his (The MC) "friends" either end up as tools for the MC's slave factory or die because he has horrible leadership skills.

"1/10" - IGN
This doesn't deserve the hype it has. It's destined to give you an erectile dysfunction and something as cringeworthy as Mirai Nikki is even better than this abomination.
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Durarara!! (Anime) add
Durarara clearly wants to establish itself as the rule of cool successor to Baccano. Sadly, its just doesn’t have a strong enough cast nor a focused tone to live up to the lively setting of Ikebukuro.

Story (6/10):

Durarara starts off fairly well. It follows in the vein of Baccano in which we follow each and every character’s whereabouts and how they all eventually intervene. It establishes the characters, their relationships with one another, and their issues. And some of the characters individual stories were downright fun to watch (Anything with Shizuo Heiwajima is a blast). But due to this style, the plot is stretched out much longer than it needs to be making the viewer forget some details as well as being frustrated as to what's going on. But it all leads up to the climax that surprises, but never really answers the main conflict.

The plot worsens in the second half as it went from a flawed, but still entertaining ride, to a melodramatic mess. Sure the story becomes more focused, but it also loses a lot of what originally made the show somewhat charming. The inconsistent tone shift from a chill, rather light setting to a more dark and dramatic one was plain jarring. It baffles me that out of all the quirky characters in the roster from the maniplative Izaya to the ironically destructive Shizuo that the show would focus of the three bland high schoolers. They simply don’t have the wit or drive that made me invested in the previous arcs.

As for the narration, it’s a hit or miss. On some episodes, it’s was used for good effect to emphasize the personalities of certain characters with some clever writing with a great example being in episode 3 (Men with overwhelming power instinctively strike fear into the hearts of others. He’s violence personified. Its what he lives and breathes. Simply put, he’s the very definition of violence). If that's not awesome then I don't know what is. But at it’s worst, the narration can lead to info dumping, over explaining, and redundant recapping of stuff we already picked up.

Characters (6/10):

If there was one thing Baccano did right, it was giving almost every character an equal amount of screentime to flesh out their personalities and make them one to remember. Durarara, on the other hand, gives the spotlight to the uninteresting characters which sidelines the quirky characters we actually want to get to know which makes the forgettable characters forgettable and the potential characters forgotten. You can’t deny that you wanted more Shizuo vs. Izaya, more Russia Sushi, and more missions with Celty.

The main character Mikado is as bland as any protagonist can get. He’s average, wimpy, and just doesn’t stand out no matter how high the stakes can get. Anri is slightly better as we sort of get an insight on why she is the way she is, but she is still uninteresting and you just know a character is shallow when the only thing standing read more
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Onegai☆Teacher (Anime) add
I saw " Ano Natsu de Matteru" long before watching this anime, and noticed how there were a lot of similarities. Then after searching online, found out they where made by the same person.

An alien comes to Earth for surveilence. A human, Kei, sees her land and is immediately involved with her. Next day at school, she shows up in Kei's class as their new teacher. Eventually, after the usual antics, they end up getting locked in a storage closet and talking about the previous night. Kei agrees to keep her secret, and BAM!! The school principal shows up and is questioning them. Cause, a teacher and student being locked in a closet together is indecent. That's when Kei steps up to the plate, and says that they are actually married.

Later, we also find out that Kei has a very special, incurable condition. When Anxious or nervous, his body will shut down and "stand still" He is still very much alive, but asleep/unconscious until he wakes again. The thing is, Kei could be at a stand still for a few hours or maybe even a few days. I don't want to spoil the truth about Kei; this is all I can say.

Watch if you want to see their story unfold. It's truly a beautiful story, and if you enjoy this, PLEASE go watch "Ano Natsu de Matteru"

PS - If you like Taiga in "Toradora" you'll be happy to see a version of her in both of these animes. Same person, same voice actress for these two animes, which supports these two animes being linked (Ano Natsu & Onegai Teacher)
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Sword Art Online (Anime) add
First this story is very well written, it has is all. Action, Adventure, Drama, Romance, Comedy, and Suspense. The story never really gets boring, and its always evolving. There are 4 story arcs in this and they can feel very different, but this keeps the show fresh, and they all follow one main story. This is where it might be hit or miss for you, but I think the way the arc's work is great. This show will make you laugh, you will cry, you'll be angry and yell at your screen, and you will be inspired by this show. Next the way this anime looks is awesome, good animation, great job with the fighting scenes, and it's just very nice to look at. Next the voice acting (subbed version) is outstanding, it does a great job of setting the scene and how the characters feel. The characters are incredible, they all grow and seem like unique people, each with a great personality, and you hate the villains along with the characters. And the music also does a good job to reinforce the mood. Also if you like video games this just makes the show that much better. They do a good job of portraing MMORPG players and MMORPG's and just the gaming community as well. After watching all of season 1 and 2, I haven't found anything that is bad about the show. I only wish there were like 1,000 episodes (there are sadly only about 51) to watch, lol. I have seen a variety of anime and this is by far the best one I have seen. If you haven't watched this show, you should really give it a watch. I give this a solid 10/10. Also if you like the show you should check out the "Sword Art Online" light novel by Reki Kawahara, it's great also.
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Gundam: G no Reconguista (Anime) add
It's like a remake of Turn A Gundam. The art style is great. The story is perhaps the weakest I've ever seen in a Gundam series. I watched this and never understood the plot or the driving forces of any character. The weapons go from basic guns to insanely powerful in 10 episodes and it always feels like there's some new trick the Gundam is pulling out of nowhere. The only realistic part of this is that they read the manual for the weapons.
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Binbou Shimai Monogatari (Anime) add
It's good, its about two sisters who are poor dealing with problems. Trying to support each other and love each other..

The bad thing is, I felt it they did forced drama, and that it wasn't really slow-paced. It was forced drama, each episode there was a problem between sisters, which seemed repetitive because they always ended up fixing that problem.

but you know, it's a good Anime. You got a younger or older sister? Why don't ya watch this. :D

The Art/Animation was outdated in my opinion, it didn't look that great and that bad as well, I didn't really enjoy the Art, but it was still Enjoyable to watch. It's an old Anime so it's understandable....

Ehh I didn't like the OP and ED...I just didn't find it good to listen to, well it was nice at sometimes, but it's that type of OP/ED that you will put on repeat on your Music playlist....

Main characters which is Kyou and Asu.....I liked them, I found them great to watch and both were cute.

Despite how not good the Sound and Art were, I honestly enjoyed the Anime. I like these types of Anime, where hardships exist, drama happens....but depist me liking Drama and Hardships the character faces....I felt like it was forced, forced drama....and each episode had problems which I felt it was repetitive since in the end they always figured how to overcome it....but overall it's great, it just shows sisters living life, facing problems together.

Overall; 7
I just gave it a 7, the anime wasn't that perfect or it wasn't the best, but again it was nice to watch.

I would recommend this show if you have a young or older sister. :D
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Kyoukai no Kanata (Anime) add
Kyoukai no Kanata is the type of show that you complete and feel all warm and fuzzy afterwords. It might not have an intricate story or the deepest, most compelling characters. but it makes up for its faults with an enjoyable ride and a charming message.

Story: 7/10

Pretty simple overall. Boy meets girl, antagonist comes to town, boy has to battle against himself and the evil outside of him. The show's narrative likes one or two day time skips, and on a couple occasions I felt like the events of the fractured narrative were not completely justified. Namely something that occurs at the end of the final episode.

The lore of Kyoukai no Kanata is pretty engrossing, however. The different types of demons and exterminators make for quite the intriguing world. Unfortunately, a lot of this wonderful lore is left as mere fact with no explanation, but I understand that explaining the intricacies of a fantastical world risks becoming too deep and boring.

Characters: 8/10

The characters are all over the place. Some characters are one dimensional, and stay that way for the whole series (Miroka and Ayaka). Meanwhile, others change significantly and we see their nature change (Sakura, Mirai, Akihito, Hiromi). Some have intriguing backstories, some of those stories (like Mirai's) are fully fleshed out, while some are left half explained (Akihito himself admits to not knowing what exactly he is) and some are left untouched (Izumi's mysterious past).

The show makes up for the lack of character development or explanation among all of the principle characters with the small cast's excellent chemistry and presence. Every character but a few gets a lot of screen time, and the interactions between the characters are hilarious to watch.

Production Values: 10/10

Vivid colors, fluid animation, memorable character designs, and an awesome OST. Pretty kick ass all around. Not much else to say.

Critical Rating: 8/10 My Personal Enjoyment and Thoughts: 9/10 (the score that counts)

Despite its faults in the narrative and character departments, Kyoukai no Kanata is one hell of a ride that soars where it soars, and is decent to good in its "weaker" areas. That's why it gets a nine: the character development, depth of narrative, plot holes, and explanation of certain backstories weren't all perfect, but they're much better than a majority of anime. If not for those minor faults, this show could've been an easy 10.

However, a 9 is not a score to dismiss lightly, and KnK earns that score thoroughly. The beautiful artistry, charming characters and hilarious chemistry between them, and the heart warming message of the show make it worth checking out. It's pretty much a diamond in the rough.
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Let me just say this right off the bat, the first season of unlimited blade works is far more entertaining to watch then the second season at this point and would give that a 7 or an 8 out of 10 overall. What i'd like to point out in this review where second season falls so short.

Art, Sound, and Animation: 8.5/10: There's no denying that this show looks amazing and that the soundtrack is decent. The set pieces are nice and well detailed (like the graveyard, or the Einzbern castle) and the fight scenes in this show are its best strength with great choreography, directing and fluidity.

Story: 4/10: What made the first season much more entertaining was that it was paced properly and had less padding out like this season does. Its hard to enjoy a show where the main characters constantly recap and reiterate the events in the show that we as the audience LITERALLY JUST SAW in order to pad out the time for each episode to fit the 24 episode run time that the show as a whole needs to fill, don't even get me started on episodes 7-8 of this season where they talk almost nonstop about something that could easily be covered in five minutes tops. To be fair about this issue the first season also had this problem but to a much lesser degree. From a plot standpoint its extremely predictable even if you haven't seen fate/zero or the original fate/stay night. There is also the problem with suspension of disbelief with this show as a whole where it is established that servants are supposed be far more superior in terms of strength and magic then any master yet throughout the show I could never swallow the idea that any magus is an equal match for a servant yet we keep seeing even-sided matches happen anyway despite either previous failures or servants proving how much more powerful they are compared to regular people. I am also confused why no one is criticizing this show for the TWO damsel in distress arcs. Its the number one thing that people seem to hate in Shonen when its or Bleach or SAO because it objectifies women by capturing them and having them do jack shit or putting them in situations that are sleazy and uncomfortable to watch. This season the show does it twice and no-one calls it out for doing that.

Characters: 3/10: Do you like seeing somewhat interesting characters pop in out of the story only to never see them for another 10-12 episodes, do you like it when bland protagonists get all the screen-time while the rest of the cast gets no development like Gilgamesh or Saber or any other servant in general, do you like it when the main female characters get put into sleazy situations that feel inappropriate to the show, do you like it when the main protagonists themselves get little to no development at all aside from a read more
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Simply put- this is a classic. Never before have I seen an anime so masterfully utilize animation to tell a deep and moving story. I was moved to tears on multiple occasions watching this, words can not express what a work of art this is. The character designs are so innovative and refreshing, and the voice acting is superb. Perfect casting with an amazing script make this a 10/10 experience. The symbolism, especially in the food imagery, is so subtle yet powerful. The physics is also groundbreaking. Never before have I seen an anime portray anatomy so true to life. The scenarios are so unique and the humor is balanced perfectly with the more solemn scenes. I can only pray that they make more of this delightful series, it is a joy and a masterpiece.
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9 hours ago
Shigatsu wa Kimi no Uso (Anime) add
While other musical animes don't have a good plot, Shigatsu wa Kimi no Uso has a good a interesting plot (thought the title of the anime can tell a good part of what you are expectating)

The story is about Arima Kousei a ex-pianist that one day gets invited by he friends to go hang out with they to show Watari(a friend of Arima) a girl named Kaori Miyazono, Arima go to the local first and see Kaori playing a instrument, immediately Kousei fall in love for the girl that like his friend.

A few episodes later Kaori tells Kousei to be her companion for a show, Kousei refuses it but later on he accept it.

When he start playing everything is good but he remembers of his dead mother saying, to him "That's your punition", and he starts playing very bad since he cannot hear the notes, he look at Kaori and with determination and he start, playing the piano again but he imagine the sounds.

So basically the first part is focused on Kousei forgetting those bad memories and choose better memories so he can play the piano nice.
The other part is focused on Kaori disease.

The art is outstanding, it's hard to see animes with good art these days, this one of the reasons I didn't stop watching it.

About the characters, I can say in the beggining Kousei is a very very boring character, Tsubaki is dumb until the end of the anime, Watari is funny, Kaori is the typical character that is dumb but still fun and can bring you tears to your eyes.

The anime has a lot I mean a lot of Melodrama, every episode someone is in depression or cry a lot and someone shows up to cheer up. I Don't get mad with a bit of drama, but in every episode it starts getting boring and repetitious and predictable.

My final opinion is this:

While this anime has a good art, music and good characters, it fails in character development, it uses a lot of melodrama, the story is too much predictable. I Liked the anime, but this anime can have a lot of opposite opinions because of the melodrama.
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10 hours ago
Toaru Majutsu no Index II (Anime) add
~ In a place where Science and Magic are at equilibrium ~
(TL;DR Version: Bottom Paragraph)

In many ways the "Index" story/perspective bit off more than it could chew, and so while To Aru Majutsu No Index II is an IMPROVEMENT to the initial season in many ways, and regardless: a thrilling journey overall... IT'S LIMITING AND COULD HAVE BEEN SO MUCH MORE...

As a continuation of the Toaru "Index" story, Toaru Majutsu no Index II is the sequel to begin work on bringing the comparatively chaotic and rushed first season (particularly past episode 10, as you can read up in my Toaru Majutsu no Index review) to a satisfying conclusion. "Index II" as I will abbreviate this sequel season from now on set about rectifying LOTS of the prominent issues that arose during the previous 24-episode season; and to an extent this worked at increasing the overall vividness and development of the stories. For Index II to have accomplished this, it has evidently worked to subdue the fast-pacing issues combating depth in the prior season, and begin to take more time to explain the intricacies of the characters and plot. At least until the end drew near.

Contrasting with the "Railgun" story/perspective, even after the so-called culmination of the "Index" story shown here, it was still frustratingly left with a number of open ends. This is likely the result of the copious amount of arcs that were thrown in prior, and so whereas the "Railgun" story was given more time to develop consistently and conclude strongly; "Index II" proved unable to finish what it had begun. I therefore say that it was destined to fail at achieving its full potential from the start...

The eventful life of Touma and Index in Academy City, plagued by the large scale conflict between science and magic of which they are both apart, is directly continued into Index II. Context continues to be integrated into the story through various revelations and realizations associated with a wide range of characters throughout. Arcs therefore tend to become clearer as the show is given time to progress.

The evolution of the prior season into Index II is similar to that of "Toaru Kagaku no Railgun" into "Toaru Kagaku no Railgun S": It feels more passionate and gripping. Primarily this is because Index II shows a fortunate change of technical investments. Most significantly, Index II is the sequel to ditch the "content cramming" of the first season, as i remember quoting in the corresponding review. Index II puts an end to abrupt endings and transitions, besides the odd unannounced classroom filler episode here and there. This means that each story seems more wholesome and more importantly: relevant to a greater plot.

Instead of throwing up new enemies here and there like in the previous season to emphasize a sense of time and scale, Index II makes the wiser choice of favoring content quality over quantity. It showcases a more more considered approach which brings the motivations and personal complexities of each read more
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10 hours ago
FLCL (Anime) add
FLCL is -perfect-. No, not "really amazing", not "outstanding", PERFECT.

Somehow, the team at Gainax was able to stuff every possible genre, aesthetic, trope, and gag into 6 short episodes of action-adventure-romance-thriller-mystery slice-of-life comedy mecha modern sci-fi wahey funtimes. The story never hangs or drags, the art is completely insane yet perfectly fitting, the sound design is larger-than-life, the music is extremely memorable and never distracting, and the characters are wildly varied and unforgettable. Because of this series, I will always shed a single manly tear of joy whenever I hear Little Busters for the rest of my life.

If you need 3 hours of complete, reckless joy in your life, stop whatever the hell you're doing and watch FLCL.
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10 hours ago
Shigatsu wa Kimi no Uso (Anime) add

So this review is basically on Shigatsu wa Kimi (Japanese) or Your Lie in April (English). I have to say, this anime was pretty awesome but it had some major cliché stuff going on but I'm pretty sure I'd rate it as a must watch if you like the kind of touchy-touchy or romantic anime (I also use the word 'cliché' a lot so please don't be annoyed). And of course, I must state again that this review of Shigatsu wa Kimi has spoilers, so please read at your own risk. Anyways, enjoy this review!

So, the story had some major problems. The protagonist, Arima Kousei, was a star pianist. That I get but then he stopped hearing the notes? Seriously? I mean, I guess it's supposed to be dramatic but seriously, this? I mean come on. And then the other protagonist, Miyazono Kaori, she had an illness that paralyzed her legs? Talk about cliché. And then all of a sudden she produced a violin out of thin air? Seriously? I seriously think that the sad scenes in the anime are forced but then again, it had some beautiful moments. I rate the story 6.

The art was seriously great. It was really vibrant, which of course I like. Sometimes it's a bit too bright for my eyes but it's cool, I can live. I s'pose that it had some minor blemishes but it's fine. I loved the character design for the protagonists though, like seriously. It was pretty cool. I rate the art a 9.

The sounds are awesome, it's pretty much beautiful but that would be an understatement. I mean, the opening song is flippin' amazing, at least two people saw me try to sing along with it in Japanese. The soundtracks are equally amazing too, well, what do you expect? This is an anime that features the infamous pianist, Arima Kousei, and the gorgeous violinist, Miyazono Kaori. I rate the sound a 10 but I do regret it that I can't rate the sound higher.

The character backgrounds are cliché, again. I mean, Arima lost his mom at a young age and then he quit violin? Come on. All I can say is cliché, cliché, cliché. And then all of a sudden, a girl changes his mind? And Kaori also had a past that was pretty.. how do I say it.. unoriginal? She was a frail child and had went through a lot of surgeries. Then she saw Arima at a music recital and was encouraged to meet him. Talk about cliché. But I guess I can't see how they could end it if they couldn't go cliché. I rate it 6, I guess.

I loved it, I really did. But the scenes where people cry over are pretty nonchalant to me. I feel as if the scenes are like you put sad anime songs in the background and then BOOM, you just start to bawl your eyes out. The thing read more
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10 hours ago
Neon Genesis Evangelion (Anime) add
NGE is a psychedelic meditation on the nature of adulthood and the experience of depression, wrapped in a truly original spin on the mecha genre. Hideaki Anno effectively paints a picture of a world on the brink of destruction at the hands of forces completely beyond mortal ken.

Let me get one thing clear: this is not a FUN anime. This is not an action-packed romp through a mechanical rogues gallery that ends with our magical boy hero getting the girl and saving the universe. This series is a slow descent into madness, designed to put the viewer in the shoes of someone suffering from crippling depression, social anxiety, and an inferiority complex. None of the characters are supposed to be likable - they're each based on different reactions to clinical depression.

All that aside, it is a deeply rewarding watch. It contains hundreds of little points for tangential learning, especially on the topics of recent Japanese history (sarin gas attacks) and Judeo-Christian mysticism (tree of sephiroth). It contains some shockingly imaginative designs for both the Evas and Angels. It features the single catchiest opening theme in the history of ever.

If you ever watched and enjoyed the work of western directors like Lars Von Trier, you might want to give NGE a shot.
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11 hours ago
Zankyou no Terror (Anime) add
The plot progression was slow, the writing was sub-par and the characters came off as empty due to poorly plotted character depth. The building up to the climax was slow and tedious, mostly because the key draw of the show was tied to our main cast whom I didn’t really care about and who were hardly developed along the way; which raises a problem for me with TiR (Terror in Resonance): Sacrificing character development while trying to tell a story that is character-driven. In doing so it shot itself in the foot since the message of this show depends on the character depth of the cast.

Throughout the journey of TiR it raised a lot of questions to hook us, a great deal of which aren’t answered until the last episode. A lot of these questions deal with our protagonists, Nine and Twelve.

The overall story revolves around Sphinx, an anonymous organization consisting of Nine and Twelve, who are supposed to be these troubled but exceptionally smart teens that want to send a message to the world, and they’re willing to use bombs and threats to do it. They want the world to know about the bad things that happened to them in their past, and that isn’t revealed until the last few episodes. Throughout the series we are clued in that that message has to do with their troubled pasts via flashbacks and brief dialogues between them.

Because we know so little about any character throughout this series I found it hard to care about any of them. The few clues we have of their lives are mostly visual in nature, or by their interactions with other characters who are equally (if not more) lacking in depth.

Nine is pretty much the cold calculative guy, but he’s not as cold as Lelouch (from Code Geass) or Light Yagami (from Death Note). This is ironic because you would think it would take heartless resolve to use bombs in public places to get people’s attention. You undoubtedly risk killing, or at the very least injuring, people in the process. This is supposed to be eased off by the fact that our protagonists are super smart. This, however, leaves the question lingering of whether or not they, being as smart as they are, could’ve found a better alternative.

Twelve is the polar opposite of Nine in how he relates to others; he’s still just as smart though. As a person, he’s fairly happy-go-lucky and care-free. I suppose that’s meant to identify his innocence or underdeveloped character. He doesn’t seem to have any goals of his own; he’s pretty much attached to Nine out of some sense of camaraderie and came off as more of a loyal dog than a friend. It isn’t until near the end of the show that his desires become clearer.

Lisa is pretty much an average girl who gets mixed up with Sphinx because she was stuck between a rock and a hard place (partly because of Twelve, the read more
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11 hours ago
Aldnoah.Zero 2nd Season (Anime) add
The art was done right though the (possible) romance fell.


WARNING: contains possible SPOILERS and definitely WHINING...

Maaaaaaannnn~~~ I've never written a review before but the ending of the series made me want to say something about the whole thing (even though in actuality it's just one person). That's right, Princess Asseylum. The whole point of the story was not a war. It wasn't even the clashes between Inaho and Slaine. Niether was it the matter of morality. NO! The fact of the matter was that the being of Princess Asseylum. She was basically Princess Peach in a nutshell.

If she was Peach, then Inaho and Slaine would have been Mario and Bowser. Heck, this was technically a Super Mario Bros: Mecha Edition. The girl be playing with boy's hearts like a pimp (well in her case, a madam). She hustlin them boys like the NCAA.

Hold on, that was too vague. Lemme correct that. Asseylum be buzzing around them pubescent boys like they flowers; attracted to all the sweet and fragrance they emit, but wench just leaves them dry. Asseylum just sucks them out of their juice all for her self satisfaction. Never commits. She sprinkles on them some pollen of hope that she be back. But bee act dumb from time-to-time. All I saying is: what a succubus!

Them boys' only chance of salvation (the viewers' satisfaction) was a loving relationship with the Queen. But after all Inaho and Slaine have been through, after all they have done for her majesty, their work was all for naught. Justitia may have been able to restore her scale once more, but she blind to the romance of the boys. I guess "Let justice be done though the heavens fall," right?
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11 hours ago
Sasameki Koto (Anime) add
Ahh, my very first Shoujou ai Anime... What I would give to remove the show in my brain and watch it again to get that "first time" feeling.

Story 9/10
Sumika Murasame, a high school girl is secretly in love with her best friend Ushio Kazama. Unfortunately, Ushio only likes girls that are cute and small. Sumi is not cute, tall and very athletic. The anime follows exactly the plot of the manga version of the same name (Except episode 12). If this was a stand-alone anime then story rating would have been lower due to the ending of the show (the ending of the show was the ending of manga version volume 1). Since they were following the manga version's plot, it's getting a high rating. I've read the manga version until the end and it was wonderful.

Art 8/10
The show has a great animation with few minor flaws that are not distracting.

Sound 6/10
It's getting a low rating because they keep using it every episode. It eventually got annoying and this also tells me that they're not good at coming up with new soundtrack

Character 8/10
The characters in the show(and manga) are well developed.. You have Sumika, a tall and athletic girl. She is the main protagonist of the show and she is Ushio's best friend since middle school. You have Ushio, a lesbian girl who likes "cute" girls. She and Sumika met in middle school and has been best friends ever since. You have other supporting characters but I'm not going to list them.

Enjoyment 9/10
I really enjoyed the show. There are 2 things depicted in this show. What it feels like to be in love with your best friend and if society will accept you because you're lesbian/gay.

Overall 9/10
It's got a great story, great character development and a great animation. I recommend you watch the anime first so you don't have to read the first 12 chapters of the manga version. If you're not planning to read the manga at all then don't bother watching this show. The manga picks up where the show exactly left.

-Great story
-Great characters
-Realistically depicts the lesbian relationship
-Took its time to explain things

-Some fillers (in the manga version, not the anime)

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11 hours ago
Eureka Seven (Anime) add
After watching episode one, I thought this series was going to be only one more, generical and simple shounen, and I was considering not keep watching it... I can't tell how glad I'm for not having done that.
Eureka Seven is a show that introduces you into a complete different world where everything is new and unknown to you, and it manages magnificently the slow exploration of this beautiful world that transmits an inevitable sense of nostalgia and whereby you get more and more trapped into the plot, which might seem very shallow at first but it turns deeper and complex episode after episode, keeping you on the lookout and anxious of to getting the answers about where you are, what's going on, what happened before and what's going to happen next.
I got straight into the story accompanied of a considerable, varied set of characters, each with an unique personality, different and reliable motivations, personal growth (among with the growth of the relationships beetween them) and a real role in the fluid narrative while the events occur dynamically and unexpectedly (and sometimes getting really dark). Even those characters who looked the most smooth and had less influence were at least likeable and you could easily identify with them, including the main antagonist who despite all the atrocities he commits, he's still shown not as a monster that is necessary to get the plot moving, but simply as a human being.
Watching this series, you'll feel you there living in your own skin the battles, twists, suspense, drama and one of the most beautiful love stories through a detailed and stunning animation (even better than that of many latest works) and a brilliant, hounting, incredibly strong sountrack that fits on each scene and willl resonate in your head, thrilling you for a long time... Or at least, that's what I felt.
But there's not a perfect show, and this one is not an exception. Eureka Seven has its failures, like a certain plot hole and some weaknesses on the storytelling. Despite that, so far, this is the best anime I've seen, and even if you don't think of it as a masterpiece as I do, you'll never regret watching it.
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12 hours ago
Hunter x Hunter (2011) (Anime) add
My fisrt impression was that it would be a bit childish, but I couldn't have been more wrong. fair warning, if this is your mindset before watching, there will be fighting and blood. to me that was what made my impression of the show better. I like action, but I also like it when there is a plot. The characters are great, as well as their personal development. I liked how the show focuses not only one the friendship of the main characters, but also focuses on side-characters.
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12 hours ago
Sakura Trick (Anime) add
I somehow came across this anime after finishing Aoi Hana... I wanted to give it a watch but I gave up on this show very easily. It just isn't for me.

Story 4/10
Since I only watched 2 episodes, this might not be an accurate score for the story. You have 2 girls (best friends?) entering high school and this high school is closing down in 3 years. In order to remember their high school experience, these 2 girls shared a kiss (a long kiss). That's all i've seen so far and I'm not watching anymore episodes.

Art 5/10
The Animation is decent but not great...

Sound 3/10
I haven't heard any soundtrack in this show that gave me goosebumps or even a thought of "man, this soundtrack is great". The sound is just godawful.

Character 4/10
From what I've seen, these girls are a bunch of horny lesbian teenagers. For whatever reason, when these girls moan, no one can hear them. Since I don't know these characters very well, I'm not going to review them.

Enjoyment 2/10
I don't know how I made it past Episode 1 but I did not enjoy this show at all. There's way too much kissing, way too much moaning and that's all they do. The best friends somehow becomes lesbians immediately just because of a single kiss.

Overall 4/10
If you like to see 2 girls kissing every single episode then this is the show for you.


-Too much kissing
-Felt like I was watching a friendly porn with story.
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12 hours ago
Hibike! Euphonium (Anime) add
Some claim this show is just another Moeblob - it's not. From beautiful shot composition over incredibly naturally acting characters (especially comparing to earlier KyoAni works) to a very insighful and beautiful representation of being part of a concert band club, this show just *works*.

Every new episode surprises anew, there's a ton of detail in every single frame. It just keeps getting better and better, and despite not going into this with high hopes, right now it's my favorite show this season. I can only emphasize again and again how great most of the character writing is, how subtle some undertones, and how bold some others.

Just give it a try, you don't even need to be really interested in concert music - because at its core, this is a very human story.
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Yesterday, 12:50 PM
Amagi Brilliant Park (Anime) add
I was scared that the show would spoil the story by putting too much romance in it, but there was close to zero romance. The story focuses on the development of the theme park, on the story behind it, the magic and it's people.
to me the main genre of this story was comical, you can get a great laugh out of it, yet at the end still be intrested enough to go read the manga.
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Yesterday, 11:59 AM
Soredemo Sekai wa Utsukushii (Anime) add
I was hesitant to watch this anime, given the synopsis explained led me to believe it would be a lighthearted comedy, a genre to which I am not particularly partial. I put off watching it for quite some time, until I had caught up with all the currently airing anime I'd been interested in, and in my idleness, I decided to watch it.

I marathon-ed this anime in two days.

The story was not the most colorful or elaborate, but it was rich in culture and backstory. I must say, if you are a sucker for backstory, it shall be sated here, rather than left out to wither away in the recesses of space and time, like so many other anime.

The art, while well above average, fell short of remarkable. It made the anime much more visually appealing than I was expecting, and despite the "bishounen" vibe throughout, the characters were not overly flowery and obnoxious in that regard. The environment was done beautifully, with especial care given to the sky and to the castle art.

The sound in this anime was quite nice. I would say it was not necessarily unique or remarkable in the everyday moments, but the anime focuses a lot around the heroine's singing, which is done in such a way the viewer enjoys it more each time, rather than a taxing noise to fast forward through as the producers provide tiring filler content.

The main characters were enticing and colourful, providing a refreshing reprieve from the blase stereotypes of females who are over sensitive and never forgive, and males who are either too brutal or too soft. The heroine is strong, but nothing superhuman, and the male character is emotionally realistic to the experiences he owns. I would say my only desire would have been for the secondary characters to be a bit less flat.

This anime carries a dark and flavorful theme throughout, and I would recommend it to everyone.
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Yesterday, 11:34 AM
Ookami Shoujo to Kuro Ouji (Anime) add
To begin, you should all know that I hate anime where the female protagonist bends over backwards to gather whatever crumbs of affection a cold, asshole of a male lead deigns to toss her way (I'm looking at you Itazura na Kiss).

That being said, there are exceptions to every rule; and I guess I found mine in Ookami Shoujo to Kuroouji. Part of my fondness for this anime could be that there seems to be a shoujo anime drought going on. But I digress, so without further ado, let me review.

Ookami Shoujo to Kuroouji is a twelve episode romcom and a predictably predictable shoujo formula. But I wouldn't say that it's a bad thing.

The story begins with an intro to our heroine Shinohara Erika. A typical bubbly and dense heroine who dreams of experiencing the fabled "high school life". A wrench is thrown into Erika's plans when she is separated from her best friend and they are placed in different classes. This is where Erika reveals a quirk that sets her apart from other shoujo heroines.
She is a compulsive liar. In order to fit in with her classmates, Marin and Tezuka, with whom she has little in common, Erika makes up a boyfriend to give her something to talk about with them.
Her lie unfortunately only worked short-term. Her friends are beginning to sense the truth and Erika's cried wolf (or in this case, boyfriend) a little too loud, and a little too often to backtrack now. To reinforce her lie Erika takes a picture of a hot guy on the street and passes him off as her boyfriend. Too late, Erika finds out that the hot guy is actually a student at her school, Sata Kyouya. Erika asks him to pretend to be her boyfriend, thinking he will agree because he is such a prince, or whatever. And he does. On the condition that she be his dog.

So Sata-kun turns out to be an evil sadist and Erika his hapless victim, who inevitably falls in love with him because he was nice a couple times. And if the series continued on in this vein, this review would be a lot more scathing. It turns itself around at episode 6.

Erika does the usual thing where she "works hard" to win Kyouya's love but admits she gets tired when she does all the chasing with little reciprocation, and that she gets humiliated by him time and again.

Kyouya is a bit more complicated than your average male lead in that his popular, friendly personality is a complete lie. Later in the series one realizes his personality is more like that of a bitter, introverted loner (Hachiman Hikigaya, anyone?)

The best part of this show for me was seeing the two protagonists change because of their involvement with each other. Kyouya is less sadist and more tsundere. And it's adorable to watch him struggle to express his affection for Erika (which definitely becomes more apparent) and break through the barriers he's created read more
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Yesterday, 11:25 AM
Mobile Suit Gundam Wing (Anime) add
Gundam Wing can be credited with garnering new fans to anime during the 90s boom, where a great deal of titles were imported to the west. It was also responsible for popularizing the Gundam franchise to western audiences as well. With that being said a great deal of nostalgic value can be associated with the title which can often lead to many praising it without proper pretext. While Gundam Wing's production values have certainly stand the test of time the script on the other hand was not so fortunate. Overwrought with needless plot manipulation, contrived idealistic monologues and 1 dimensional archetypes, the way everything is played out feels like a teen trying their hardest to angst and writers trying desperately to grasp depth. While it was certainly entertaining to watch that doesn't excuse the numerous hiccups it made for the sake of capturing the attentiveness of the viewers.

The story starts out like any other Gundam title with a conflict brewing between two separate factions, ones found on earth and the other in the colonies in space. This is how we're introduced to our core cast and their position in the conflict. While the setup alluded to a grandiose battle to determine supremacy, and we do certainly get that, the plot points used to get to that end goal was laughable for the lack of a better word. While coup d'etats are certainly common placed in war and politics, the amount of times it happened it GW was unrealistic. Alliances among factions were so flimsily handled that the idea of such groups existing in the 1st place became implausible. While some may argue it was trying to paint the conflict as a grey one it just ended up back firing. The constant betrayals meant that there were no real solutions and it also made our Gundam pilots to be seen like God sent messiahs. This forcefully marginalizes the human race as a bunch of incompetent people that depend on the actions of a handful of prepubescent teens. The Gundam franchise have always had youths be the poster child for justice but they never made them the sole proprietor to end the human race's problems. They were always accompanied by many that helped play an integral role in ending the war but GW took that element away and made it seem juvenile in presentation. But the constant betrayals also led to an even bigger problem. Because of it there was no solid conviction for the numerous groups that sprung up and as a result no conviction in the characters involved a well. It just became a muddled mess of Heel-Face Turn organizations and characters than can easily switch sides at the whim of the script writers.

The characters also suffered the same issue found in the storytelling. Because they were all 1 note for the most part, they were easily re-written to serve whatever role the plot demanded at the time. This turned megalomaniacs into spokespeople of peace and vice versa. This read more
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Yesterday, 11:18 AM
Zetsuen no Tempest (Anime) add
This is gonna be a simple review that includes very little substance, just my feeling s on the show as a whole.

Story: 9/10
The story was something I have never seen done before and I believe it deserves credit for that.

Art: 8/10
Studio Bones nuf' said. Maybe a little on the dull side.

Sound: 7/10
Liked it but didn't love it

Character: 7/10
Depending on the character in question they either are really good or the are just kinda there for the sake of the plot or a little fan service.

Enjoyment: 8/10
I really enjoyed the first half of the show and would have given that 10/10, but the second half drags it down to an 8. I watched this show in two days, which I believe helps indicate that it is enjoyable (at least for me).

Overall: 8/10
To me this show is really close to a 9, but the second half throws major twists without creating tension and had just one or two too many eye roll moments that brought it down to an 8. Overall this is one of the better shows I have seen the last while and I believe people should watch it if they have time.

P.S. Sorry for the poor review, but then again I wasn't going for a good one in the first place.
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Yesterday, 10:52 AM
Aldnoah.Zero (Anime) add
[May contain traces of spoilers]

Anime about mechas from Earth and Mars fighting each other over Earths air, water and other resources, and of course the Martian mechas are ridiculously overpowered, because of magical power and beat the crap out of all the ordinary Earth mechas, until the MC comes and beats them with his beat-up, training mecha.

The set-up is fine, first couple of episodes introduce the setting and characters, and sets the anime in motion. Plot is pretty minimalistic, in every episode the MC faces another overpowered Martian mecha, which just chews through every ordinary, well-trained mecha pilot with their mechas like they were paper and then comes the MC to save the day with his orange training mecha. All the martian mechas have different abilities with which they fight the Earth mechas and the MC always figures out their weaknesses and just beats the crap out of them. And of course, in the last episode the "Final Boss" has the most epic Martian mecha seen in this season, which has all the abilities the previous mechas had and the MC of course beats him without even breaking a sweat.

The characters are pretty shallow. The MC goes the whole season with his "Iceman" face in every episode. The martian princess goes on and on about friendship and magic and in the end blames herself for all that's happened although she was just a victim. The support characters are pretty bland are generic, not much to say. And then there's the boy from Earth, who somehow ended up on Mars, who was saved by the martian princess when they were little and who has a crush on her. The character itself seems fine, of course he wants to save the princess, but he is just so illogical and dumb in almost every episode he's featured in, it infuriates me. He's betrayed by the martians and still he fights by their side all the while sometimes aiding the MC and his gang. And in the end, he ends up shooting the MC for no reason whatsoever, just because he feels like doing so, or maybe it's because he's jealous of the MC, who has helped the princess throughout the season, while he's just sided with the people who tried to kill her, I don't know.

The soundtrack is nice, most of the tracks are great and go with the action very nicely.

The artwork is good, mechas and ships etc have lots of details to them and the action is good-looking and fun to watch.

So at the end of the day, it's a good anime, with some flaws (mostly the one guy, who just makes no sense at all and makes you want the MC to just bash the he** out of him) but I'd still recommend it.
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Yesterday, 10:06 AM
Bleach (Anime) add
My first review!

I watched the anime right up until one of the "climax" arcs, the war *minor spoiler* between the shinigami captain and the godmode villian, Aizen. I read the manga right up till the fullbring arc, then dropped the entire thing in disgust. I can't rmb how many episodes of bleach i've watched, but will just give an arbitrary figure of 100.

The beginning of the story was interesting, it was good enough to hook you as an audience and keep you interested in the plot, albeit the typical save the girl was at play here, there were many interesting characters, like ever-grinning ichimaru gin, resourceful mentor urahara kisuke and badass kenpachi. then the initial arc climaxed at the reveal of a powerful villain before heading straight into the arrancar and vizard arcs, which were still good. The storyline begins to plummet after the fight with ulquiorra, the fights with the top 3 espada were very disappointing, and needless to say, the godmodding with aizen after is just..... speechless. beyond that, the fullbring arc was absolute nonsense and after that, the quincy arc just seems, rushed, like he had no better way to end the story. If Kubo ended the story after the war, (minus fullbring and blood war arcs) it would have gotten a higher score, but as it stands, the manga is now downright terrible.

Art is good, which is pretty much the reason why i bother (most of it, anyway). Characters were run of the mill, and overall enjoyment went from a score of 8-7 at agent of the shinigami/rescue rukia to 7-6 at the arrrancar arc, then plummeted to 5-4 thereafter. it dropped to 3 at the point i dropped it, which was the fullbring arc.
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Yesterday, 9:31 AM
Hanayamata (Anime) add
"Open your mind, take a look within, are you happy with the world that you're living in? If not, you gotta change what you do."

From the studio that brought us shows like Death Note, Hunter x Hunter (2011), No Game No Life, Nana and more, comes another slice of life anime that tells us a story, on how reaching our goals is possible if we step out of our comfort zones and dive into the unknown, Hanayamata, it also showcases a unique Japanese dance called Yosakoi.

➞ Story
It begins on an ordinary day, Naru Sekiya, self-proclaimed normal 14-year-old girl dreams of becoming a dazzling heroine, one night a rather strange noise caught her attention, when she went up to a shrine, she saw an elegant looking girl dancing, that meeting changes her life. The show was a refreshing and lighthearted journey towards the end, every episode wasn't boring and it had enough backstory for the characters, however I didn't give it a perfect score because of how simple the story is.

➞ Characters
I'll only include the main ones, the majority of the supporting characters were just there to shake up the plot.

✿ Hana - a blonde foreigner that came to Japan when she was a kid, after seeing a parade of Yosakoi dancers, it instantly made her heart smile, thus her dream of wanting to dance Yosakoi with somebody was embedded in her soul. I really like this girl, she's energetic, full of passion and not afraid to do something new, her character might annoy some people to an extent where she's a nuisance in an episode, but if you look beyond what she's showing you, you'll see that this person just wants to make her dreams come true. Oh! She also runs fast and jumps high like some kind of animal, literally.

✿ Naru - the opposite of Hana, a shy girl that gets amazed whenever someone shines before her, she herself wants to be one, but because of her reluctant mindset, she ends up wavering halfway, her failed attempts to accomplish her goals then becomes a sad memory. Out of all the main characters, she was the one that had the most development throughout the show, after that encounter with Hana, this girl will slowly try her best to fulfill her dream.

✿ Yaya - a girl with a violet hair and a drummer in a band that she loves, ever since she helped Naru when they were kids, they've been the best of friends, today whenever she sees someone talk to her or get along with her, she starts feeling envious. Protective, talented in music, organized leader, and slightly cold are the words to describe her whole personality.

✿ Machi - The student council President that seems scary, strict and always does a good job, the reason why she's like that, is because deep inside, she looks at one person in her life with such disdain. I felt that she wasn't part of the Yosakoi club to be read more
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Yesterday, 9:27 AM
NHK ni Youkoso! (Anime) add
This review's more for personal use but feel free to read it and criticize what I liked/didn't like about this anime. SPOILERS**

This anime really confused me as to where it wanted to go, I thought it was gonna be a nice comedy/romance with the focus on someone that always stays at home for fears of the wider world. I was kinda right but this show goes so much deeper.

It starts of kind of lightheartedly then dips into the weirdness with those hentai games... but turns it all around with the climax towards the middle of the anime with the suicide group, man that was a good episode, the way the show deals with people's emotions and their decisions is extremely relatable for me personally.

The next half of the show was ok but the MC kinda got annoying in that he's really an idiot i liked that some of the characters kinda grew up though and the ending was quite good although I wanted more from it, i liked the Sato saved Misaki and that was her miracle just as she was Sato's miracle since the start of the show but even though the emotions flowed through that episode all they did was hug I wanted a move solid expression that they needed each other, I wanted the two to get together properly but they kinda ended it vaguely, I'll be honest i'm a fan of the happy ending even though i know this anime is quite harsh and realistic so I wanted Sato and Misaki to have a better ending not that the ending wasn't happy i wanted it to be/mean more.

Basically this anime has good characters and some good deep themes that it uses well but i wasn't a fan of the weird hentai games or whatever it was and the characters actions were vague sometimes. The sound track for this show was good if only the ending was more fulfilling.
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Yesterday, 9:02 AM
Owari no Seraph (Anime) add
(This is my first review ever, I apologize for being poor in details)
I browsed many times looking for a good anime that aired in 2015, so I gave a shot to this one (haven't read the manga yet unfortunately).

Story: 6/10
I have lost count of how many times vampires were used in anime, and frankly, I see nothing new in the plot, the post-apocalyptic genre is something I dislike but I haven't seen in many anime.
The question is now, WHY does the virus attack only people older than 13? Did I probably miss something while watching it? I would have been happier if they could have explained it with some silly reason for it, but the authors didn't even care about explaining in the details HOW THIS happened, which is really annoying.

Art: 7/10
I didn't really have any issue with the art, it's not the most well animated anime I know but there are far more popular anime that are animated worse than this one.

Sound: 5/10
The Opening is okay, but I barely noticed any music in the anime, let alone the fact that I detest its ending song.

Character: 2/10
This is the most annoying part: the characters are blatantly H-O-R-R-I-B-L-E. Yu is the typical shonen main character you see everyday in anime, pretty much like Eren Jaeger, and guess what? Both struggle to get revenge, what a nice coincidence, I like somewhat Mika more but it doesn't change the fact that I hate Yu. Shinoa Hiiragi and Yoiichi are likely the only characters I could save the anime for, as for Shihou Kimizuki, well, let's just not talk about it.

Enjoyement: 5/10
If you want something original, I advise you to stay away from this anime, I was seriously disappointed about it. If you're a newbie to anime and liked AoT then you'll probably like it more, though.

Overall: 4/10
As I said before, I was disappointed about the show, in my opinion it's nothing to be hyped about, as I think it's one of worst anime I saw this year.
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Yesterday, 8:59 AM
Tokyo Marble Chocolate (Anime) add
This will be a short review; I did not want to but after watching it, I had to write one.

The story was short yet each scene was impactful. Although clichéd, every misunderstanding and accident was a succinct representation of the things that can go wrong in a relationship. The delivery method of separately showing viewpoints of the couple was a refreshing change compared to the traditional methods. Due to the nature of the story and its short length, it is hard to describe the characters without revealing the plot. What I can say is that they are an average couple in love under not so average circumstances. This however does not diminish the anime but complements its slightly bizarre plot and third character.

The hand-drawn watercolor art was warm and calm. The short instrumental pieces that accompany each scene were a delight to the ears.

Overall, it was great. But I gave it a 7.

I wanted to give it an 8 or even a 9. But I couldn't do it. Because I didn't hear what I waited two episodes to hear. I replayed the scene(s) over and over and I strained my ears, but I just couldn't hear it. I had to imagine that it was spoken; that his mouth moved under the falling snow. But this is hardly a good replacement for the actual spoken phrase. And this was after it spent two episodes emphasizing on its importance. And despite the pictures in the ending credits, I didn't get the closure that I sought.

And this was when it hit me. By not saying it, I got to feel what she probably felt all the time; that nagging feeling, the unease and sense of loss. Thus, I learnt a valuable lesson.

Then I gave it a 9.
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Yesterday, 8:41 AM
Panty & Stocking with Garterbelt (Anime) add
Fuck it, LET'S ROLL!

STORY: "Continuity? Who gives a fuck?!"
Panty & Stocking w/ Garterbelt or PSG as I would like to call it in the duration of this review, is a show not meant to be taken seriously from the get-go. You can probably already guess it from the title itself. Anyway, to the story - it's pure menace. To sum it all up, it's pretty erotic and gross at the same time. The producers went all out putting into manifestation all the crazies they can come up with, joking about sex and shit, literally. But it all works fine; the result is downright comedy whether you laugh it from the Anarchy Sisters' bitchiness or the Western culture references that pop-up once in a while. Scratch that - this show is a pure lashback at everything Western. But perhaps I am still looking for a decent story in this show and by taking a step back and looking at the bigger picture, I can say that its probably the weakest part of the PSG, but don't let that get you a bad impression of what PSG tells; overall, it's funny, it's dark, quite gross and entertaining to watch if you don't mind sheer amount of vulgarity and sex references.

Watch out for that ending though. Obligatory for a Gainax ending, you'll be mind fucked.

CHARACTERS: "Angel bitches are fun."
Probably the biggest driving force of the show's comedy and story are its characters. I love Panty's sex-hungry persona and Stocking's somewhat down-to-earth mentality. Either way, these girls are wild, overbearing and entertaining to watch when they blow-up stuff and argue amongst themselves.

Other characters are notable as well; Garterbelt is a black-afro priest who I like for being the straight-man within the girls misadventures. The two demon sisters for being cunning but constantly failing in their plots. Brief was a great male lead and so much so especially in the last episodes. And the bad guy (no, not the ghosts) who I barely give a fuck about until he showed up...

AESTHETICS & AUDIO: "Holy hell, it's Powerpuff Girls in crack and aphrodisiac!"
The one thing that makes PSG distinguishable from the moe-blobs of today is its visual style, and holy shit it's tasteful and simply remarkable. If you've watched a lot of Cartoon Network as a kid, you can probably point out where Gainax took their inspiration from, but then slapped it with all the nitty-gritty of hentai and super sentai explosions. It's not the best visual style of anime I've seen out there, but it's downright memorable and rightfully so.

The same can be said for the soundtrack. I'm not much of a sound guy but all the music and noises in the show are great and a treat to hear. The songs aren't obviously sung in "Engrish" fortunately since they're not awkward to listen to.

As for voice acting, I'll just say right off the bat that I'm glad to watch PSG first in full-dub, because if it wasn't I would be able to read more
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Yesterday, 8:24 AM
Hoshi wo Ou Kodomo (Anime) add
Hoshi wo ou Kodomo is a film written and directed by Shinkai Makoto, the same gent behind 5 centimetres per second. Like that film, it was produced by CoMix Wave Films. Is this film as strong as that one was? It has the same writer/director and the same production company so that's probably a good sign. And I only use the qualifier 'probably' because I've been disappointed in the works of people who I had previously known for making quality works before. Let's just hope this isn't one of those times.


Our narrative opens with our heroine, Asuna, going to her secret base after school to listen to her makeshift radio. She hears a mysterious melody unlike any she's heard before. Not long afterwards, she encounters a strange creature when she's crossing the train tracks to reach her base. Fortunately for her, a mysterious young man comes to her rescue. He calls himself Shun and claims to come from the land of Agartha, which you my recognise from esoteric ideas related to the Earth being hollow. To be fair, those ideas can make for interesting fiction in spite of having no basis in reality. After her meeting with Shun, he dies of plot necessity and Asuna is just beginning to cope with the loss when she hears her teacher mention Agartha and how it supposedly holds the key to resurrect the dead. After returning to her base, she encounters a young man who strongly resembles Shun and, after a hectic series of events, finds herself in Agartha. What secrets will she find there and what trials will she face?

The biggest flaw with the film is the ending. It's pretty formulaic and it gets rushed through. The film spends a lot of time on the setup and the journey itself and then tries to wrap everything up within a few minutes. There are also some plot points that aren't really resolved very well. I also have a petty complaint about the way they use “quetzacoatl”as a term to describe a variety of monsters. If you know your mythology then you know that the term comes from the Nahuatl name for the feathered serpent God and it just seems like a strange thing to use as a general term for a variety of creatures when the original term is so specific. It's admittedly a petty complaint, but it did bug me a bit.

That aside, the film does do a lot of things well. The setup is really stellar. The world building is also really compelling and has a lot of good ideas going into it. The theme of loss throughout the story is handled really well. The climax, in spite of being rushed, does have some really strong setup and ideas behind it. I also do like that the film effectively illustrates the ways that Asuna is capable without stretching it to the point of being unbelievable.


The film does a really good job of establishing characters who are believable and largely sympathetic and read more
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Yesterday, 8:07 AM
Saenai Heroine no Sodatekata (Anime) add
Alright here is my second attempt at a review for an Anime.

One day, our main protagonist happens to lay his eyes on a girl that just steals his otaku heart. He decides to make her the magnificent heroine in his game and proceeds to gather the necessary people. However, unbeknownst to him, everyone who decides to help him have their own reasons for being there.

The story is not anything new. Here you'll see a group of friends try to make a dream come true in the form of a game and learn the hardships of going through such a process. Is it a bad story? No, but it won't make you go "WOW" either.

The art is fine. I think the coloring might be overly bright during the anime. There also seems to be a mini-blush on almost on the girls and I found it unnecessary to their facial expressions more than half the time. Overall, I wouldn't expect anything less from this kind of art style in this kind of time.

The music isn't amazing but it isn't entirely bad either. I only happen to be really into one the insert songs. You shouldn't expect to be hyped or have any emotions elicited from just the music.

The characters are done pretty well in my opinion. I enjoy the tantrums thrown by the main character because they don't seem whiney. I also enjoy oblivious people. You can expect something good from the girls too but at their core follow a generic formula. Overall, it is the relationships and banter between the character that really shine here. What they do for one another or with one another is what I believe makes the core of this show.

I enjoyed the show but I felt there was very little build up in the first season. Even with a nice pacing I felt the series could've done a lot more than just that. I skipped the OP and EDs very often because I found them boring to listen to after 3-4 times. I was also expecting a sort of romance but that element isn't very serious in this show.

7: Overall (7.6)
The show deserves a second season and really needs a second season. I felt that the entire series was an pleasant introduction to everything the show was going to offer. This first season will leave you wanting more and I would certainly recommend it to the average anime watcher.
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Yesterday, 8:03 AM
One Piece (Anime) add
"There comes a time.... when a man will not run from a fight.... It's when his nakama's (friend's) dreams are laughed at.... I know that he will become the Pirate King..... and I will not let you laugh at that"

One Piece is one of the best long series anime I have ever watched.
Don't get discouraged by the length of the anime or bad reviews by others, it is a great anime and is going to be worth your while.
DO NOT watch 4Kids dub episodes. They have cut episodes, changed dialogues and did a very poor voice acting job to fit younger audience. FUNimation has done a great job so watching english sub is the best.

Story. 8/10
At first the anime seems to be very smooth and easy going but later the story evolves into something amazing. The story is about our main character Monkey D. Luffy who ate one magical fruit known as Devil's Fruit which gave him abilities of a rubber-man and he aspires to be the Pirate King by acquiring the treasure 'One Piece'. This event was started by the death of the Pirate King, Gol D. Roger. At the time of his execution by the navy, his last words started the great age of pirates. He informed the crowd of spectators, that included pirates and wannabe pirates, that the legendary treasure (which he had obtained) 'One Piece' was left in the legendary sea/ocean known as the grand line. The result of this was the beginning of pirate age, in which pirates from all forms of life and all parts of the world of one piece, search for the legendary treasure in order to achieve the status of being the Pirate King.
The starting of the episodes are focused on building Luffy's crew but the arcs after that are amazing and very interesting. The story is not about just fighting in oceans but it varies from vast, scorching deserts to cold snowy mountains, the concept of adventure here is well defined, it really makes you feel that world isn't small after all. One Piece never quite loses it's lighthearted, humorous edge. It always maintains a perfect balance of action and humor.
The anime emphasizes great friendship and the bond of Nakama/Friends which glues the whole crew together. It also has many heart-wrenching moments and extremely powerful scenes.
In short, One Piece has it all- amazing characters, the never-ending humor, exciting battles, fun adventures, heartbreaking moments with quick to follow touching moments. I have given it 8/10 because sometimes few scenes are stretched for too long (a common problem with most of the long series anime).

Art. 8/10
Many people don't watch this anime because they don't like this art style. True, the art style of this anime is different, little cartoon-ish, but it is not bad. It is unique in it's own way and once you start watching it, you will start liking it.
By the way, the art of the anime keeps getting better and better after every hundred episodes.

Sound. 8/10
All read more
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Yesterday, 8:01 AM
School Days (Anime) add
So this is my first review but here i go. So lets break it down why it gets a 6/10 for me

1. Start with its only saving aspect. I loved the ending and if it wasnt for the fact that i knew something big was going to happen at the end i would have dropped this after the second episode. The ending for me was enough to boost it up by 4 points and change it from a 2 to a 6 for me. If Makoto's friend had been killed as well it would have boosted it another point or 2. So my score for the ending is - 4

2. The characters and their development was terrible, it never gave me the chance to buy into a single character to root for. They all seemed rushed and like they were being forced into the story just to make Makoto look more and more like an a$$hole/dirtbag, even if i disliked him i would have liked the chance to buy into someone. So my score for characters is - 0

3. All the episodes save for the last few were actually quite boring and i ended up fast forwarding through much of them as it was kind of repetitious and meant to build the hatred of the MC. It also felt extremely rushed, like the writers knew the only thing that might save this anime and the only thing that would matter is the ending. Next people say its realistic but i don't see it as realistic, ok yes it shows the dangers of teen sex and unfaithfulness but honestly a below average guy as far as looks and personality, who has few redeeming qualities and really is exposed as a creep early on has almost every popular girl throwing themselves at him(basically a loser to ladies man in no time at all), where does that realistically happen? So for the story i give - 1.5

4. The art and music was ok for me but not great, i didnt mind the style they drew the characters and because of the type of story the fact they didnt use a lot of bright colors is ok with me. Nothing game changing here. My score - .5

So to sum it up, this is a below average anime with an above average ending and receives a generous 6 out of 10 only because the ending was so great and epic and if not for that it would have been a quick drop and lucky if i gave it a 2
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Yesterday, 7:32 AM
Kill la Kill (Anime) add
I had heard so much hype for Kill La Kill, and to admit when I watched the first couple of episodes I thought to myself, why do people like this series? It seems kind of repetitive, of course you soon realize that Kill la Kill doesn't lay out everything in the first couple of episodes. It is a show that has a wild sense of humor along with some really dark material. It is also one of the very few shows I've seen to use fan service cleverly and integrate it into the plot.

In this show fan service means more than things to be put into the show to arouse the audience, it actually is a weapon. The characters are completely fleshed out, they are for the most part with maybe the exception of Mako generally well written, but the best written character is without question Satsuki Kiryuin, who is probably one of the greatest female anime characters I've seen, without giving much away her story arc and growth is absolutely incredible.

As can be expected from the same team behind Gurren Lagann (albeit under a different name) the animation is absolutely incredible and it's clear that Trigger put their heart and soul into this.

As for the Voice over performances I watched this one dubbed, I don't think I heard a single voice that sounded out of place, it's one of the best dubs I've watched. The voice actors manage to keep up to the frenetic energy level of the show.

Kill La Kill is maybe the best anime that has aired in the 2010s or so with only Fullmetal Alchemist: Brotherhood, Psycho Pass and Mushi-shi The Next Passage, to even come close to it. Highly Highly Recommended.
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Yesterday, 7:19 AM
Carnival Phantasm (Anime) add

Story- This don't need no story, its basically a whole bunch of comedic skits, so the presence of story is neither needed nor wanted

Art - It is an ONA so art isn't really gonna be that good considering the budget ONA's get, but the use of simplistic art favors the humor, in fact it wouldn't have been as good if the art was high budget.

Sound - Best Opening ever made, in all of creation.

Characters - All the Type Moon Characters, made brilliantly hilarious. Best Type Moon Fan service ever

Enjoyment - This represents that maximum amount of enjoyment a human being can ever have.

Overall - You need to have watched and be familiar with the other Type Moon Anime: Fate, Tsukihime. But if you liked those.... this will be a better present then anything anyone has given you...... Even a car.

If you haven't watched it, and you've seen other type moon anime, watch it now. It is pretty much the best comedy you can get.
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Yesterday, 7:07 AM
Full Metal Panic? Fumoffu (Anime) add
Fumoffu takes place immediately following season 1 of FMP, while FMP isn't exactly required, I'd recommend watching it to get the backstory of fumoffu, and honestly it was pretty good for a mecha so you'll probably enjoy it anyway.

Anyway, at its core, this was a slice of life comedy, it took all of the best moments from season 1 and created a spin off series based on it. It stars Chidori, a normal high school girl with a special background explained in season 1, and Sosuke, a highly trained military soldier who lacks any personality beyond his vast military background, who was assigned to protect Chidori in season 1. The story basically explains what happens on a day to day level after season 1 wraps up, and it leaves you incredibly satisfied.

The characters are where this show really shines. While Chidori is kind of just a typical tsundere, being paired with Sosuke is a match made in heaven. He's completely dense and paranoid, treating almost anything as an act of war, and just straight up over-reacts to nearly everything. The two have an excellent chemistry that really plays out well, and they support each other throughout the show. The remainder of the cast is supporting, they aren't over-used and they even have pretty well-developed personalities too.

As others have said, the theme songs are not as good as season 1, but the sounds during the episodes were about the same. The "Fumoffu!" said by Benta during the episodes is hilarious regardless. The art is more or less identical to the original.

The sheer brilliance of this show is leagues above nearly every other comedy anime I've seen. There's an episode involving rugby that was easily the funniest episode of a TV show I've ever watched. You also see bioterrorism, raids by a group of giant stuffed animals, exploding lockers/classrooms, and nearly anything else you could imagine involving a military otaku and a school.

I think this is honestly one of the few shows that pretty much anyone can enjoy. It is mindless fun, while at the same time addressing real agencies and having some slightly deeper plots if you look hard enough. It easily earns a place near the top of my list, so definitely give it a shot if you want a good SOL, without all the loli and moe crap.
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Yesterday, 5:33 AM
Binan Koukou Chikyuu Bouei-bu LOVE! (Anime) add
Okay, so with this anime I had a lot of hype going in. I had seen many magical Girl animes, from Madoka Magica to Tokyo Mew Mew, so I was excited to see what they would bring with a magical boys twist.

I was extremely disappointed.

The story is a the same as any magical girl anime, they just change it to that they're boys and everyone freaks out saying it's revolutionary, which ticks me off a little as the writing is a side walk from Sailor Moon.

The characters were bland and mediocre and sure they would have their odd moment here and there, they never strayed too far away from their cardboard cut out counterparts.
The most I saw from this anime was yaoi innuendoes and that wasn't enough to keep me invested.

The art was nice. It was clear and bright, but nothing that no Magical anime had done before. Still, it brought some lacking charm to each episode.

Overall, this anime was brought down from the first episode and it made me cringe more than once, or make me want to rip my hair out.
Is it nothing more than a magical girl anime with boys, and if that's enough to get your motor going, go for it. But for the rest of you who actually want to watch something good, just watch Madoka Magica.
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