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Tokyo Ghoul √A (Anime) add
I will state this before writing the review but Tokyo Ghoul is my favorite manga while season 1 of the anime is one of my favorites. I feel sad to see season two of the anime come out as mess that is root a.

Story 4/10

As a person who read the manga I understood what was going on in root a however I cant imagine how confused anime only s are when watching root a. Anime only viewers where probably thinking who are the twins? why is ken fighting this guy? why does ken look like a centipede? who is this white haired guy with a electricity firing quinque? This adaption is pretty much if you butchered/removed all the good scenes and arcs in the second half of the manga so that you can get to the end faster. The only thing different from the manga is ken joining the bad guys but that did not make much of difference as nothing new was led to it happening. any fight scenes used from the manga where not done to the fights conclusion as all the fights in this anime where just one party running away when things where getting interesting. The only pluses in the story is they did the first 2 and last 3 episodes well enough.

Art 7/10

the art was a bit lacking in root a especially in some of the fight scenes mid way through the season. The fights in the anime only areas where slow and boring. Character designs where good while the setting where done as well as in the first season. The ghoul investigator weapons where however not as great in terms of detail as they where in season one as halve the time they did not look as lethal as they did in the first season.

Sound 9/10

The OST in this anime is absolutely beautiful. The opening song is the only downside to the sound in this anime as it can't match unravel as an opening.

Character 6/10

The only problem with the characters was ken and new characters introduced. some of the characters like the twins don't get a proper introduction and are only used as for the anime only fight scenes. Keneki is the biggest problem when it came to characters in this anime. The problem with Kens character in root a is similar to godzilla in the 2014 godzilla film. He has a extremely low presence in root a where all his scenes and dialog would only cover 40 minutes of the entire season. He isn't made out to be a main character in root A but a background character. If anyone is the main character in root a it is probably Touka or Amon.

Enjoyment 6/10

The anime was not as good as I hoped it would be. I hope this season gets a reboot in hope of something better. I did however enjoy a few of the episodes but not most of them.

Overall 5/10
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Kokoro ga Sakebitagatterunda. (Anime) add
How to make an anime drama 101.

You take a cheerful girl who after a traumatic incident early in her life becomes a loner who does not talk to anyone. Then you create a foil of a character who is a genius in music. Have him stop playing music due to gasp, another traumatic incident. We then make the hottest girl in the class who has the feels for above loner. Thats all? Wait we need more, oh yeah, lets add in a guy whos like the sport champ. Lets throw all these people into a club or something so they have a reason to be seen together. Since we need some tension, lets make it so that they were put into the club against their will.

Ok, so these guys have nothing in common, how can we make them connect to each other? Lets just make the main character's struggles resonate with all of them. That sounds good. Hmm.. what next? Plot? Well we put them into a club, so lets make it a cultural festival the club is preparing for. Character growth? Lets make everyone traumatized by something and seeing the MC's struggles everyone else opens up. To make things interesting, lets just make all the parents of the children either total assholes or absolutely useless. Yes looking good. This will make a fine movie.. wait drama? Ok, just when things are going really, really well, lets add in a twist and make the MC lose all hope and regress into her previous state again. This will nicely setup into a touching and dramatic scene where the MC and her love interest learn what its like to depend on others and grow as people.

Some tears will be shed and some feels will be felt and it will be glorious.

So why 7/10. Well its more 6.5/10 than a 7. The movie is formulaic to a fault, but it looks good, sounds good and is directed well. Seeing the main character Jun overcome her fear is done well. The ending is a little eh for me but whatever. Enjoyed the two hrs it look to watch this film and did not regret it.
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Divine Gate (Anime) add
I watched this show when it was simulcasted and have been too busy with other things than to be writing a review for this. I would like to state this show is pretty much a waste of time to watch. if you have seen a trailer it might look pretty animation wise but does not cover the hot mess this show is.

Story 2/10

The first two episode where ok story wise but what followed those two episode where the following problems. The only story the viewer are interested in after watching the first two episodes is the story of Aoto. However they decided to mike in a load of subplots and introduce a load of characters over the course of the ten episodes that follow. Other problems include pacing that was extremely fast and loads of flashbacks that don't help the viewer understand the characters better but only make things more confusing.

Art 7/10

the only plus with this series is its art style. In the first few episode its ok however in other episodes some of the art is lacking. Character designs are also the only plus with the series however looking cool didn't make the characters any more interesting.

Sound 4/10

some of the sound effects used seemed highly repetitive while the opening being the only decent song in the ost.

Character 3/10

This series had a lot of characters with a lot being introduced especially in the middle episodes. It felt like the plot was just introducing characters in general. The three mcs who take most of the screentime are introduced in the first episode as confident heroes who are going to battle a lot of enemies while in a majority of the series they just stand around and watch other characters just introduced fight. The bad guys like the good guys are introduced in large numbers and not seen again till the end except for the villain loki.

Enjoyment 2/10

When I finished the show I was happy It was done in hope of something better will take its slot next season.

Overall 4/10

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Gangsta. (Anime) add
After several conventional views and be excellent without hitting a poor background behalf through what I call the téléréanimes (you know these animes mid-ecchi mid uninteresting characters with a guy and 28 chicks to ambiguous friendship to excite prepubertal gaps in technical resources to get their dose of porn mater); who know a hit when the amount of issue of it ...
In short both say that was not expecting me much, despite that my curiosity emportas, a name that sounds a bit cliché but attractive to me (I love dark environments in anime because are often the only ones with a time to be some realism and characters with a minimum of character), and a summary of that simple but that is open to a screenplay development.

To watching the first episode I had from doubt as to the turn of the anime, it pleased me but some details let me puzzled when the future turn that animates take facing these:

The Nicolas kick that lifts a car and twisted metal roof, that a man armed with a sword can explode a dozen armed forecastle gun, chest of Alex in overexposure that when have seen many anime leaves us skeptical when instead the author will grant him in the storyline. (Because yes anime in a woman with very large breasts often to another place a traveling comedian object).

But fortunately a few episodes later my doubts were flying when these embarrassing details at first glance. And the atmosphere was far from téléréanimes to con what make people want to follow the series!

The atmosphere is good, we go into it rather easily whether in the lives of phases punctuated by quiet music (and sometimes even with the total absence of music), and through the fighting phases punctuated this time by most vivid melodies.
I put the point on the word rhythm and melody as this is how the atmosphere of this series, it is mainly focused on the sound effects and the environment, music is secondary if not purely absent at times, as an existing melody in this one purpose, to ask the atmosphere and to focus on the story itself.
This also allows better to live using real music while watching the series (Nan I spoil not I tease, hint!).
The theme of music and therefore sounds brought in contention a strong point of the series: although the main character is deaf and is almost silent most of the time, treatment with the series of disability is very well led by both dialogues shot sign languages ​​that his difficulty understanding when someone does not have to translate it. And finally the fact that since it was not even hear him, do not have back sound and that when he uses his evil way is expressed at the pronunciation of words that employment, strengthen brutal and marginal side of the character.
The past of the characters is discussed, it is not within abounding details by filling pure, we enter the essence of what characterizes the relationship between Warick read more
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Before I get into the review this is the first Gundam series I have watched. I have watched a few mech series in the past none of them being Gundam. In all honesty I watched the series because I liked the opening by Man With A Mission "Raise Your Flag". In the end its probably my most liked series featuring Mechs.

Story 10/10

The story is about a group of child soldiers wanting to make the company they create become big. To make their company big they take a very hard first job that will either destroy their company or make it. Their job is to guide a politician to earth who is being targeted by a corrupt military group with a lot of power. The story except the beginning and end follows this pattern, main characters plan their next move and interact with each other for one episode, go into a huge Mech battle in the following episode. The story does not let up on entertainment and the episodes that don't focus on battles aren't boring to watch as the characters interactions can be quite entertaining. If you are into interesting characters getting into epic mechs for 20 minute fights than this is a show for you.

Art 9/10

At first I did not think I would not like the art very much as it is different to other anime I have watched in the past where characters are drawn very smoothly. The character designs seem plain at first but you get used to them as the anime progresses. the backgrounds and environments drawn look nice while the mechs themselves which are 2d look amazing and are drawn masterfully.

Sound 10/10

Like I said in my intro I mainly watched this anime because of the opening. Other songs in the ost where good especially the fight theme as well as sound effects produced by the mechs.

Character 10/10

At first I was thinking the characters would be bland in boring throughout the series based on the first episode. However every second episode they focus on developing characters even minor ones and some of the enemys. The characters with the highest role stay interesting gaining development through their actions. Minor characters such as members of the crew who are not fighting on the front lines (because not everyone can have a mech) get some character development. The enemys are characters you dont want to win but halve who are main character level in development gain your pity when they are defeated.

Enjoyment 10/10

I got really into this show and I am very sad to see it gone. I will probably watch more Gundam in the future.

Overall 10/10
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Shigatsu wa Kimi no Uso (Anime) add
Honestly, I'm not a fan of Music Anime especially when its Classical. This one is different from what I've expected. I thought this would be just a normal feels anime and all but this one is truly a masterpiece.

I was confused at first since the title didn't relate anything with that much and It was a time when i'd almost stop watching it but the upcoming episodes was such a tearjerker. I continued watching it and found out why the title was named "Your Lie in April" which of course made me cry.

In just 22 episodes, This anime made me cry so hard and at the same time it was entertaining. Every episode made me wanna tear my heart into pieces on how beautiful this was. This show makes you feel different emotions yet I've learned a lot in this show.

Basically, Its like trying to be happy when you have like tons of problems yet you still put on a smile.
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Ajin (Anime) add
Warning: Some minor spoilers

The treatment of oppressed peoples and human cruelty is something that anime as a genre does not seem to take up very often, or at least is not done very well. The only anime I have seen that comes to mind as addressing this issue well are Fullmetal Alchemist with the Ishbalans, and, albeit more indirectly, Now and Then, Here and There. Though the plot to Ajin may look like a fairly standard dark anime plot at first, there is more than meets the eye here; Ajin deals with the topic of oppression in a more philosophical light, by asking the question what it means to be human.

Before I go into analyzing the plot too much (and my analysis may include some minor spoilers to some up to around episode 5), let me take care of some preliminaries about the art. Ajin is almost universally bashed for its 3D CGI-based animation that is rendered in a fairly low frame rate, dipping almost below 15 fps at some points. It is commonly remarked that this animation is completely ugly, feels unnatural, and falls into the "uncanny valley" of animation: looking just close enough to realistic, but far away from realistic. I completely agree, I almost universally hate this style of animation and low frame rates, even when done for "cinematic" effect, seriously bother me.

But at the same time, I would argue that the ugliness of the animation is among the best features of this anime. I thought there would never be a situation in which this style of animation would make sense, Ajin has proven me wrong. It is so radical that it has made me rethink what "good animation" actually is. It's a series about a type of people who are on the borderline of humanity and treated as if they are not human at all, and about humans who are betraying their humanity by being entirely cruel to others. It is only fitting, in the face of ugly actions and demi-humans, that the animation should be off-putting, close to truly realistic and familiar, yet so far away. The discomfort it causes truly matches the themes of the plot, it causes an anxiety and discomfort akin to the feeling of confronting the face of the Other for the first time. Sure, it's not pretty; but I appreciate it it for the same reasons that I appreciate atonal music, it accurately portrays the relevant themes. Good art is not necessarily beautiful.

Now for the plot. I find the MAL plot summary a bit lacking, so to give you a better idea, I'll stray outside of convention and give a slightly better synopsis, albeit with minor spoilers. A few years prior to the exposition of Ajin, a special type of people rumored to have supernatural powers and who cannot die were discovered, named Ajins. To the general public, Ajins are just a curiosity to be othered like any other obscure fact. This is how our main protagonist Kei read more
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Uchuu Senkan Yamato 2199 (Anime) add

Overall this show was an enjoying watch, and one can sense that a lot of love and care was put into it. For those reasons, this is a very painful and disappointing review to write, but I feel it might be necessary to "warn" potential viewers about some elements of this series that are problematic. Specifically, the plot.

I understand that this is an extremely popular and influential franchise, especially in Japan, and I also do agree that this is a very well-done remake.

However - there are SEVERE issues with the plot of this series, issues that I feel are glossed over because of its "sacred cow" status in anime circles.

SPOILERS BEGIN HERE - do not continue reading unless you're fine with that.

- We are expected to believe, and major elements of the plot revolve around, the fact that Yuki, a human born on earth, looks virtually identical to the royal princesses of Iscandar, a planet more than 100,000 light years away, to the point of being mistaken IN PERSON by those familiar with the princesses, to be one of them; that she coincidentally was involved in an accident one year ago that wiped her memory, and coincidentally makes it appear that she may be an alien that appeared one year ago on Earth; and that there is no proof that she is an Earthling because both her parents are dead and there are apparently no individuals who knew her on Earth well enough, except her parents, to confirm that she was in fact living on Earth for more than a year. This entire subplot, which groan-inducingly becomes a MAJOR plot device later in the show, is one of the most suspension of disbelief shattering things I've ever seen. I am at a complete loss as to how anybody can swallow this and call this particular subplot anything more than contrived.

- At one point, certain crew members stage a coup/mutiny in order to enact a plan to move humanity to a habitable planet that the Yamato finds. Not only is this illogical in the long-term - what prevents the Garmillans from simply subjugating that planet as well? - but they stage this insurrection before the planet is even scouted. Perhaps these crew members, one of whom is considered one of the more intelligent individuals on the ship, should've waited for more detailed reports on the feasibility of human habitation before initiating a violent mutiny. Bonus points: this plot point could've been interesting if the planet was indeed fit for habitation. It is not - it is apparently currently home to massive killer insects.

- Once the Yamato reaches Garmillas, the main antagonist, Desler, executes his secret plan: he flees the capital of Garmilas and then drops part of a colony on it. The problem with this plan is that there is no conceivable reason to do this. What POSSIBLE benefit does he gain from performing a colony drop and destroying the Garmillas capital? One could say "to destroy the read more
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Sen to Chihiro no Kamikakushi (Anime) add
What more can be said about Spirited Away? It fills you with such bliss, astonishment, enchantment, entertainment and visuals that it literally is an adventure to a whole new world to behold! I never did know it’s reputation because I was unware of Studio Ghibli’s reputation when I was a young boy, and I never was interested much in film either. At the time when I was a young boy, all I know about animation, the form of art that has the power to connect with children, is Disney, nothing more than that. But, by golly, Studio Ghibli’s works also hold similar quality to Disney films, especially the ones that appeal to children the best!

Rather than usually talking about the film’s qualities and entertainment, right here is the perfect opportunity to talk about anime and Disney. I’d wish that both sides would call a truce already, given the implied facts that there are stereotypes being directed by anime audiences towards Disney, or vice versa. But it would be unfair to pick favorites or stereotype and criticize either sides because of their individual merits. I dislike jealousy, hypocritical commentary and hatred. However it is certainly unfair to stereotype any animation style (And that includes Pixar) because of the “Entertainment” or “Eye Candy” values that they offer. But in any case, Spirited Away (2001) is a modern masterpiece, and a visual tour-de-force that is a work of art and one of the best of Studio Ghibli that seemingly cast a spell over it’s audiences, at the same time it also is both very lovable and enjoyable.

I was never enchanted by Spirited Away (2001) when I was young, a young at heart I was at that time with no knowledge about the World of animation, Totoro’s magic and sentiment got to me, though. Anyway, there are many moments of the film that rings the bell of themes, themes such as Environmental problems and feminism are expressed within. And then there is the characterizations. What we’ll define as a work of art is not just simply from their entertainment qualities or significance, but also judging from how complete they are. The characterizations are deep, everyone has a role in the film and they interact with each other. But our main character is standing in the spotlight because it is this adventure that changed her. A moderately spoilt child before she had her adventure in the “Wonderland” that is also known as the “Spirit World”, after the events of her cleansing the river spirit, (Which was accompanied with majestic music that makes the Sight & Sound combined experience all the more entertaining) she is a changed girl, someone brave, hardworking, and un-spoilt.

We also see a wide array of otherworldly characters, who are members of the staff of the “Bathhouse” that is run by the sorceress who rules the spirit world. Who puts Chihiro (Our main character) to work at her bathhouse, because if she doesn’t, she’ll turn her into a pig, or even a lump read more
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Tokyo Ravens (Anime) add
before watching this anime i was hesitant because maybe i shouldn't watch it because it might be boring but once again i was wrong. i thought this anime was full of action but when i was watching this anime is fun to watch but i am very disappointed because this anime doesn't have a season 2 and the ending. when i was watching tokyo ravens i was confused because i am not familiar with some words. but basically the story of this anime is a world of magic kind of. and the protagonist is a simple character because living a normal life until one day and blah blah and the character is an idiot that many protagonist has that characteristic but they end up saving the day and blah blah again. this anime when it ended it left with many unsolved mystery like what happened to this and that.

this anime is one in my list to have a second season because it is a great anime and the characters are pretty interesting and they have common characteristic.
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Mayoiga (Anime) add
I got interested in Mayoiga: The Lost Village after reading the synopsis. It seems kind of interesting enough for a horror mystery genre, so I've decided to give it a go.
Ha ha, but no.

I'd say that the writing for the story is kind of shitty for a horror mystery anime. In episode 1, practically nothing had happened.
NOTHING except telling about the purpose of the tour and introducing the characters.
Oh and the dispute among the characters; they were like practically arguing the whole way on the bus.
It's still the first episode only and already I found some very annoying characters.
And when it ended I was like; OMG that's it????? Yup, that's it for episode 1 folks. I've seen anime that had me gripped ever since the first one, but that's not the case for this show.
For now, I've followed the 4 aired episodes and it is quite safe to say that STILL nothing has happened.
The dialogues also didn't really have tension or depth behind them. You could count what is worthy to be called events on one hand, and it really annoys me that the characters are arguing most of the time!
I think that's what happens when you try to put sooooo much mystery, that nothing seems to happen. At times, it even felt like I was watching a comedy anime because some scenes were ridiculous to the point of hilarious.
(Take Lovepon's obsession for example)

The art is quite pretty, and it haven't dwindled in quality, yet. The sceneries were quite beautiful although not really outstanding.

IF the characters die, you wouldn't be feeling sorry for them. Most of them are annoying (eg. Valkana, particularly Misaki & Mitsumune) or doesn't even have real depth (Lion, the tsundere, and many more) so that we could emphatize with them.
Maybe some characters were just meant to be there for a sacrifice, because they're too superficial. At this point, the characters haven't really developed, most of them are still same ol' same ol' annoying.

Most of the time the anime is quiet, but the tracks used aren't memorable. The OP and ED are decent, but not outstanding.

Sooo...I feel like this show is wasting too much time on their endless pointless arguments and it took a toll for the enjoyment part. Having bad writing and annoying characters took points off this anime.
But I'll still continue watching this show, because MAYBE FINALLY SOMETHING will happen? Oh, and those watching this show for the horror or mystery, turn back. Watch it for an example of what a horror mystery anime shouldn't have.

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*This Review Contains Spoilers*

Okay so First of all, I'll assume that all of you guys who read this review have already seen the TV series of Neon Genesis Evangelion so I think its safe to spoil it here, and as this is more of an analysis, then I'll probably spoil some part of the movie too.

End of Evangelion is often praised by people for covering up the missing 'plot' within the last two episodes of the original TV series so that many regarded this movie as a masterpiece, alongside with that mindblowing conclusions. But as for me, having just a mindblowing ending isn't enough to make one a masterpiece, and yet I think some people failed to notice that this movie is actually a major trainwreck! Believe me guys, congratulations ending is the best ending! Why? Okay I'll explain below on how End of Evangelion screwed up, which is mostly regarding the characters personality and its correlation to the ending.

First of all, we all know that this movie took place after the episode 24 of Neon Genesis Evangelion TV series, not let's went into flashback on what happened lately: Shinji killed Kaworu using EVA-01, Asuka being comatose after the fight with the 16th Angel, ang Rei is on her recovery phase. Now in this movie, SEELE began to attack NERV HQ and we will see that Shinji, after masturbating to the comatose Asuka, now being back to his " I won't pilot EVA-01" state. This scene makes ABSOLUTELY NO SENSE AT ALL!! Your "most realistic" or "most human" character just becomes unrealistic now. Why? Oh please, let's have some more flashback now. Shinji have already become determined to pilot EVA-01 whatever it takes after the conversation with Kaji when he watered up the plants. But now he returned to that state when the EVA-01 being dummy controlled. Let's search for the reasoning behind this. Most of the watchers will already know this, which is: He was depressed after killing Kaworu, a guy who said 'I love you' to him. Is this a realistic reasonings? NO! How the hell your determination can be crushed by a guy you just know for just few days who turned up to be an angel and attacked you with EVA-02 he controlled? Can't one realized that by the fact that he levitated means that he isn't human? Even my little sister who is currently 14 will realized that, geez! The fact that now he secluded himself even more so that he cried is super exaggerated and totally unreasonable. Okay, so that's all for Shinji.

Next, we will go to Asuka. So much people I met said that Asuka is getting better in the movie compared to her annoyingness in the TV series. Okay so what Asuka have done? After she awakens from her comma, she act just like how Shinji act when killing the 4th angel, the only difference is that she failed to kill them as its a 1 vs 9 situation. Asuka, what just read more
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Anne Happy♪ (Anime) add
It's been so long since Gochiusa and we are grateful for Anne Happy, an unhappy anime but very silly, comedic, SOL, CGDCT to be adapted. This is one of the 3 SOL anime that is airing on spring. Here’s why I like Anne Happy.

The story is not too complex or cliché, furthermore the use of comedic content is pretty decent which make it why I wanted to watch this anime so badly, however excessive use of moe can be a disadvantage, whilst we we're looking for why they were put in 1-7 adding the moe content can make story a bit off, but nonetheless it manages to catch up the story and continue to the next episode where it left off. Character introduction was good, we get to know 3 of the characters and the teacher on 1st episode followed by Hibiki and Ren on 3rd episode. In short, though excessive moe is used, the content is still there.

Animation was handled and produced by Silver Link, a great studio which made Non Non Biyori. The animation was pretty decent and manga iconography is used to express the characters feeling, however the “loading screen” style type can be a bit hassle since it was used a lot. The character design was what made me impressed the most, this is by far from my perspective the best character design I ever seen, not to argue I just seem to like the character design as well as their eye design. The use of color is not too saturated as colors are used lighter to suit the theme, heck even 1080p I can see the difference. I still wonder how they can handle two anime production at the same time, I've been noticing that since fall season. In short, though a lot of loading screens are used, the character designs and animation is done pretty well by Silver link

I enjoyed the OP and the ED songs, as well as the OST. The voice actors for all the characters were pretty decent, I start to notice the VA who voiced Hibari, as she was voiced Kirie in Umaru chan, I was pretty stunned how amusing her voice be, even her singing skills are pretty damn good. An’s VA wasn't bad, some of her lines were pretty cute especially the “right” line. Botan’s VA on other hand, I get confused who voiced her, she kinda sound like Hayori. Hibiki’s VA is almost too similar to Sharo’s VA from Gochiusa. In short, silver link va selection is pretty decent though, there aren't any big VA names.

I will talk about characters once, the series is over.

TL;DR In conclusion, Anne Happy is a great anime to watch, even though the excessive moe content is used to much, the content of the story is still there unlike some other which only focuses on fan service and deviating out of the plot which why some people wonder what the story is all about, Anne happy is different. Animations is pretty decent read more
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Hundred (Anime) add
-I finally found a show that equals to ME-GA-FORCE

Review: Hundred

Story 1/10:
I'll be honest this is one the most unoriginal story I've ever seen. At first I got a Absolute Duo vibe so I thought it was gonna be one of those "Average Joe" harem which I don't like but I be like this can't be shit either. But I've seen it and the first two episode was filled with Cliches. But what I expecting... "Originality WHAT'S THAT?!"

Characters 3/10:
You could literally just make a checklist at the Harem Supermarket
Tsundere that challenges MC-Kun - check
Reverse trap/Childhood friend (She was so easy to figure out since the first episode) - check
Little adorable imouto that loves the MC-Kun so much for some silly reason- Check

But aside from that design wise they are cute but that's all. You really can't tell the difference from these characters from previous harems

Sound 4/10
Honestly I'm not a big fan the OP and ED. The BGM is mediocre at best

Animation 5/10:
The animation looks nice. I like how they done the fanservice. But their are times were Censorship-san has to come over ruin it for me. So we mind as well wait for the Blu-Rays to come in and when I mean "we" I mean the people who would be brave enough to survive this crud.

Overall Grade 13/40 (32.5) F
Honestly this is the most generous grade I would have to give to any anime. If wasn't for the mediocre BGM and the decent animation this would go low as a 15%.

Enjoyment Level: Abysmal
I would have a love/hate relationship with Harem/ecchis but I got nothing with Hundred. I was at a blank state when watching every episode because it was that boring. Even as a time killer I can't recommend this. You have a better time watching Power Rangers Operation Overdrive than this.
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Cardcaptor Sakura (Anime) add
Since I first saw Cardcaptor Sakura as a kid in the early 2000s, no other anime has come close to dethroning it as the best of its genre. Yes, I will come out and say it, I believe it surpasses (the still beloved, but infinitely more flawed) Sailor Moon as the best shoujo and magical girl anime that I've seen, and I've seen a LOT of shoujo and magical girl anime.

On the surface, Cardcaptor Sakura might seem like a standard magical girl show, because in some ways, it is. The premise of a main character finding a magical artifact that grants them power and have adventures with an animal sidekick is far from groundbreaking. A majority of the episodes have a familiar, almost villain-of-the-week format as Sakura tries to capture all the Clow Cards. The series even has the standard pool/beach/class trip episodes. What sets this anime apart is that it does everything so well, and instead of falling into a repetitive cycle of catch card, present a moral lesson, and repeat until the "Big Bad" at the end is defeated, it chooses to focus on its characters, emotional impact, and introduces many varied and well-developed subplots, all without undermining the show's narrative.

I'm going to start with characters, because I believe they are the strongest aspect of this show. Cardcaptor Sakura has some of the most likeable characters and richest relationships in anime. All the major characters of the show receive some amount of development without ever bogging down the plot, and even many background characters are fleshed out despite having less screen time. The characters have depth - even those that evidently modeled after anime character archetypes will break the mold at some point. Even Nadeshiko, Sakura's mother, who shows up only in flashbacks and briefly as a ghost, is never entirely a one-dimensional character despite her extremely limited role in the show.

The relationship development in this show is exceptional. Over the course of its seventy episodes, all of the relationships develop or are revealed so naturally that it's difficult to find fault in them. Sakura and Syaoran's romantic relationship, which becomes one of the pillars of the show, is "slow burn" done right. By the time the blushing and stuttering starts, I'm never compelled to question it. The change in their relationship from enemies, to friends and rivals, to having romantic feelings towards each other is a joy to experience. The same goes for Meilin's friendship with everyone, Yukito and Touya's relationship, Tomoyo's selfless love for Sakura, and even Sakura's dad and his relationship with Nadeshiko's family. Even the "bad guys" of the second half of the show are well-written, and some of the Clow Cards become characters in their own right, as well.

The overall plot and story are also very good. Though it does get a bit convoluted towards the end with time travel and reincarnations and such, it never gets to the point where things get too illogical or stupidly hard to follow. The show read more
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8 hours ago
Genshiken Nidaime Specials (Anime) add
Well, if you want to see fushoji talk in their worst it's the show!

Just four five minutes long videos of girls talking about they secrets (or no so secrets) fansasies.

Pubes: Has or do not had?
Yuri: Who / Who?
Multishiper: Neither the studend coucil escapes.
Incest: Don't ever the little bro mentioned care
Sports: Onde a friend told me "Moderns sport animes are just scuses for yaoi"

Nothing scapes of the yaoi-dar.

Note: If you tired of all these BL talk, is better for you to avoid these especial.

It's totally not like the anime itself where they talked about Bl only once in a while. But insteand shiping is totally the mean tropic in all the four videos.
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8 hours ago
Kiseijuu: Sei no Kakuritsu (Anime) add
In my opinion Kiseijuu: Sei no Kakuritsu is a perfect example of an anime that was done right (almost perfect in fact). The story is extremely well written and has a very deep underlying meaning and makes your seriously question human morality. The OP is amazing as well as the rest of the soundtrack (if you like unravel from tokyo ghoul its made by the same band) and it perfectly captures the bad ass feeling of the show. Every single character goes through a substantial amount of change and is not nearly the same by the end of the show. My favorite part of anime is the ability of good ones to make me feel a strong emotion and this show definitely succeeded with suspense, heartbreak, happiness and sometimes just worried about the characters. If you decide to watch it I hope you enjoy it as much as I have \( '3')/
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10 hours ago
Captain Future (Anime) add
Space final frontier we fly where no man fly.. no this is not star trek but Captain Future is in some way very similar to ST, we got interstellar civilization with hes cosmic star fleet ,and our hero is like mix of buck rogers and cpt.kirk ;) this show is full of adventure in space and time from simply criminal case to big conspiracy plot ,if you like old SF show such as ; space 1999 ,buck rogers ,or space comando ,this anime is for you if you like adventure this also show for you :)
Art-7 if you like old anime style 8
music openig in german version 8 in japan 7 english 7
character 9
enjoyment 9
overall 9
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11 hours ago
Last Exile (Anime) add
Extremely good opening and ending song. The latter is something most anime at its time lack even the good ones. Massive scenery pornography. While there is not much character development, the story was good enough to explain the problems that were encountered in the word. To top it off, the animation was done by a animation industry known for good picture production.

Story revolves around poverty and how characters strive to pilot the sky in search of freedom and redemption.

The anime itself is extremely underrated as it has no connection to any famous authors or correlate to mainstream anime. However it is definitely worth one's curious eyes to see
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Okay, so, what to say...
This anime is really great. I mean, if you wanted explosions, death, sadness and tears, blood, and this kind of things, of course, you won't like it but...
It's one of those stories you just feel like they are stupid and, yeah, they are, but at the same time, they do something great, something that make them very unique. They create a feeling, a memory.
It is not the first time I feel like this after watching an anime, but when I do, it is because something really happened.
This anime really was a new step, and a big one, in my anime adventure.
I will not forget those faces, those feelings.
So, the real thing is the graphics are really good, the story may look stupid but actually is deeper than what it seems, the characters are (surprisingly) deeper than they seem to be on first sight (well, they still are stereotypes, but interesting ones), their powers are fun and cool, and the way they use it is fun and cool too, even kawaii every once in a while.
The big, big problem in this story is it lacks... Like... 3 episodes I'd say, to dig a bit the War in background, and make it a bit more than just an excuse...
Go watch it.
Have a good day.
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11 hours ago
Serial Experiments Lain (Anime) add
For people who only watched typical shonen anime, this is something that needs an acquire taste. The big reason for it is it does not run like typical series in which there is a protagonist out there to solve a problem and go stronger. Instead this is a psychological analysis of a theme beyond the anime world. The timeline doesn't appear linear either since you basically in the mind of a girl who is stumbling around the events around her.

In short, the anime explains how technology is more knitted into everyday society. Although some of the things it has are consider mediocre, they were consider very highly innovated and other aspects are on par with anime of today.

I probably didn't really explain much about it, but it is basically worth watching. Just be open minded. :)
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11 hours ago
Sousei no Onmyouji (Anime) add
So far, it's your average shounen anime with the main characters entrusted to save the world.

The story isn't anything special as it's been done quite a number of times over before. There are exorcists and Kegare (the demons they fight). The two on the cover are the "Twin Stars" which are the key pieces to beating all of the Kegare.

The artwork is probably the only thing good about the anime as it is pretty good. Everything is quite detailed even in messy fights and flashbacks with a lot going on background.

The animation is a completely different story. The fights are poorly animated, not that impressive and character movements are pretty one dimensional.

Character backgrounds have zero depth to them and, like the story, you've heard it all before.
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11 hours ago
Sword Art Online (Anime) add
Oh SAO. You either love it or hate it and I...

Think it is alright. The first 14 episodes are great and I really did like the romance between Kirito and Ausana. But, then... THE LAST ARC OH MY GOD I HATE IT!!! That is just my biggest complaint there are plenty more where that came from like how I thought there were to many time skips or how Kirito was a marry sue. In the end give the first 14 a try and expect a solid 7 or 6 out of it BUT, STOP THERE!

I would like to end with why I think the reactions to it are so split down the middle. Most of the people that I have spoken to who really like it say it is one of there first anime. So, to them the tropes are not a big deal while with someone who is a veteran of the anime community is sick and tired of these tropes.

So, I would further suggest that if you know a lot of anime maybe you should avoid this but, give the first 14 A CHANCE!!
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11 hours ago
Katanagatari (Anime) add
Katanagatari is one of those anime that aren't hyped up by the public its just there to be found, watched and admired... great anime that has a great developing pace and shows everyone how a one should incorporate light novels/manga into an anime... it has one of those animation styles you don't see very often but can easily adapt to... It has a very steady character development and story to with those fantastic characters.... I myself didn't give it an outrageous score but gave it a score fitting to how i reacted to the plot and how the outcome of that story and plot came to be.

Its a great anime that has everything you might want in a mini-movie series, it has its humor, its romance (for those like myself that like their romance in their plots) and the action is on par with that of a few martial arts anime (just lacks in some areas, but that's my opinion).

This is a must watch for any long time anime lover out there!!!
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Boku dake ga Inai Machi (Anime) add
ERASED is kind of like a cake that looks delicious on the outside, but when you bite into it its filling is dry and crumbly. It's still tasty enough though, so you finish it happily.

Characters (4/10) are the biggest issue with the show: The behaviors, personalities, and actions of characters are very far-fetched at times. I really, really hate when child characters aren't characterized as what they are - children. Satoru's childhood friend Kenya is a huge misstep in this show's realism - he behaves as emotionally intelligent as a full-grown adult, and is completely candid in his dialogue - it drew me out of the show at times and made me say, "Really now? That's a ten year old?". Kayo as well is a bit too "adult" as well, child abuse aside, although she was a character I felt was likable and worked well enough for the show. The other kids get plenty of screen-time, and are more realistic, but don't actually do much to advance the story other than simply existing. The villains in the show have completely shoehorned motivations, summarized essentially to - I want to do bad stuff because I am a bad person. That's not a motive you want in a mystery.

Art/music (8.5/10): No complaints here. Great OP. Absolutely fantastic ED. The art feels appropriate for the genre, and the animation never seems jagged or low-budget.

Story (6.5/10): Without trying to spoiler, the story is fairly engaging and manages to evoke sympathy out of the watcher nearly every episode. While the conclusion was very lackluster, and borderline cliche (the final showdown scene), the story will keep most people's attention and satisfy most throughout.

Overall: If you're going to only watch one show from early 2016, it could be ERASED. The reception is overall good for this show for a reason: It's well-paced, it's evoking, and it has great art and music. That being said, it's going to draw you away sometimes with its lazy character writing, and it may not satisfy you completely with its ending.

Should you watch Boku dake ga Inai Machi?: If you like a short mystery, if you like tear-jerkers, if you like time travel type stuff: Yes, go for it. It's a good watch.
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11 hours ago
Log Horizon 2nd Season (Anime) add
Now his was rather disappointing. After the seeing the first season I had really gotten into it. If had a lot of great plot developments and the scenario's had a feeling of how a chess match unfolds, of course with more intensity though. Everything was not just about adapting to the new life but the adventure of it and the jaw dropping stagnates that Shiroe could weave. That however all kind of feel through in season two. The stories did not have as much weight and momentum to them anymore. The pull that it had in the first season that grabbed your attention became very watered down and diluted. It was pretty much a wash in the end in my opinion. I watch it all the way through hoping that it would at least give some decent sense of closure, yet that fell short of the strings of hope I held onto. It's like those blockbuster movies that do so great they decide to make a second. It's never as good as the first and always is a letdown in comparison. They have some good episode I give them that, so some may like to watch it. I suggest that for those of you that liked the first season a lot it would be best to just end with that and keep the memory of how good it was.
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12 hours ago
Highschool of the Dead (Anime) add

What sells? Gore? Fanservice? Well, why not both? *queue the latino music*

Highschool of the Dead is the epitome of the anime community! It's got everything that makes a great anime great, like otaku pandering, boobs, gore, boobs, ass, matrix boobs, guns, tsunderes, and a lot of tits! It's a show that knows its audience and has become stupidly popular as a result, and you know that saying right? If it's popular, then it's good! Highschool of the Dead is popular. Thus, Highschool of the Dead is a fucking masterpiece, correct?

First things first, the premise is absolutely amazing! Not only is it in the most intelligent and least lazy setting (a fucking highschool), but it's also got zombies! So it's basically an extremely dire situation that the characters have to go through? Oh my god, the story has to be really serious then! This story is really serious!

The animation is also great! The zombies are 3D animated, and we all know how advanced Japan is in 3D animation. So there totally won't be any mishaps in the shitty zombie placement or the logic of the art and animation or anything. Especially that slow motion air time! Great pacing!

The characters are also well fleshed out and developed! The relationships between the main character, who is so unique from every anime protagonist out there, and the heroines, who are sooooooooooooo unique, get a lot of development. After all, since it's a zombie apocalypse out there, due to the serious nature of the story, the characters have to think about preserving the human species as their first priority. Thus, the ecchi moments are totally justified. This show has some gripping realism.

The sound is just top notch material, especially the English dub voice acting!
......... sorry I can't even joke about that. I almost died.

Overall, this show is a must watch, and I'm not even joking. It's a must watch since well... it's a good subject to talk about, I guess.

TL;DR: It's like an eHow on how to hook up with girls using zombies.
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Yesterday, 4:57 PM
InuYasha (Anime) add
Okay, I stuck with anime and watched everything I could. There is no way in hell am I NOT going to do a review after 160+ episodes not including the Final act, and the movies. To be nice, there will be no spoilers of importance.

Story: 8
Story is simple... or is it? It starts out with an ordinary girl, Kagome Higurashi, who goes about her daily life, until one thing lead to another, and poof, she was dragged down her well by a creepy centipede demon lady. Turns out the well can transport Kagome back to the past by 500 years, where demons roam around causing chaos and havoc. There, she meets InuYasha, a dog half-demon with a hot-headed violent personality. She also learns about the Shikon Jewel/Shikon no tama/Sacred Jewel, a powerful jewel which increases the power of demons once they possess it. But anyway, to keep it simple, the jewel got shattered into a hundred or so pieces, and they all got scattered across the land. This begins the journey of the pairing, picking up more core characters to help, as they set out in search. Turns out the reason it has so many fricken episodes, is because 1. A LOT are filler(To me, I enjoyed all of them, but I know that fillers are super annoying to some people.), 2. Naraku, a powerful (Half-)Demon is also on search for the jewels, and is he evil as hell, and is one of the reasons this show won't end is because Naraku WON'T FRICKEN DIE!!!!

Art: 8
When I first started this, I was a little hesitant because of the retro art, since it was the 20th century and I was used to all the shiny CGI crystal lines anime, but I'm glad I didn't turn it down because of it. The art is retro, but it beautiful and simple, I loved it. It was nice during the battle scenes, and the facial EXPRESSIONS were nice. I'm sure that they got lazy and started copy-and-pasting faces onto the villagers because a lot of them looked exactly the same. I loved the character design, and the backgrounds were really beautiful at points. Overall, the art is good

Sound: 10
The sound is amazing! I loved the openings! The opening were catchy in their own way, mostly the 1st, 2nd, and 6th are what stood out for me. The endings were beautiful, and I know some liked them better than the openings. I've seen here and there of sub, and I like it, and many say it's incredible. I've only watched it in English dub mostly, and I loved it! The OST is probably the one of the main best things about InuYasha, I can listen to the soundtrack over and over, it's so hauntingly beautiful and simple, it makes me cry. They always play it the right soundtrack at the right time to set read more
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Yesterday, 3:38 PM
Deadman Wonderland (Anime) add
Well, I think you can enjoy this anime if you are the type of person that likes the action, sci-fi,and horror genres, even though I think it is a gore genre anime. In my own point of view I didn't like too much this anime, because you could already know it would end, also I didn't because it ends in a cliff-hanging and I hate cliff-hanging. Also it was kind of fun because the main characters likes to cry at any time ad it is the typical kind of anime in where the main characters says he or she isn't strong enough to defeat the villain, and out of nowhere he or she appears with a great power and defeats the enemy. I personally don't recommend it to watch, but it is up to you.
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Yesterday, 3:30 PM
ChäoS;HEAd (Anime) add
This is the anime i like the leat ever, its a favorite of a freind of mine, and the source material is written by the same guy who wrote steins gate so i watched it. the ideas are good, the characters are good on paper, the main character could be effective but requires very good exaction to not be hated, if another stdio adapted the same plot and characters it could be pretty could

but this is the WORST execution i have ever seen, it it so rushed, all character development is off screen so they can gt through the plot faster. the anime studio was lazy, and didn't care and just tried to get through it as quickly as possible, this detracts everything good that was potentially there. it goes to fast, lingers on nothing, and is the worst show i have ever seen because of it. But if you can get your imagination captured by the good ideas and mentally fill in the blanks and blank out the terrible execution, you definitely could enjoy this show. But if you have any decent level of cynnasism in you you'll hate is
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Yesterday, 3:09 PM
Oshiete! Galko-chan (Anime) add
In my opinion, 'Oshiete! Galko-chan' is unique in terms of a slice-of-life anime. It may seem weird at first, because they don't discuss the usual "what cake did you eat today?" or something similar usually seen in anime with cute school girls. Instead, there was a lot of subjects that may actually be relevant to high school students. They discussed questions that often are too embarrassing for people to ask about or maybe even considered taboo in most places. And how often do you see menstrual pads mentioned in anime? Almost never, I believe. /That/ happens to a large part of the population, so why not talk about it? It really did feel like a real high-school girl talk.

There were really diverse characters as well and I especially liked how they showed many different sub-cultures (otaku, gyaru, outcasts, metal fans, those interested in occultism and so on) and how they interacted. All of them were really entertaining and I loved the dialogues between them. Some very important characters I want to mention separately: a relatively realistic chubby girl named Nikuko who is actually good at running and swimming! She smashed the "fat people are bad at sports" stereotype to bits. A sporty girl Ouji who is *drum roll* a honor student! (this is important, because very often characters who are talented in sports are shown to have no other talents). And Galko herself - basically the opposite of how gyaru are often portrayed in anime. She's smart, sociable and extremely caring, always looking out for her classmates and helping them whenever possible (and the stereotype is that gyaru are extremely foolish and only think about make-up and clothes). Characters like this are something we don't see often in anime at all and I'd love to see more of them in the future.

The art-style is very colorful and cute, very pleasing to look at, but even so it doesn't distract from the more serious parts of the anime. The soundtrack is a bit repetitive, but for such a short anime it was enough and fit different situations very well. A cheerful opening song and a mellow ending tune represented the nature of the anime, since the first moments of the episodes usually were active and humorous while towards the end everything came down to a nice and calm conclusion.

The only thing I didn't like was the subtle fanservice, but well, what else can we expect from the anime industry (maybe a big-chested girl simply appearing on screen could already be seen as not-so-subtle fanservice for some people, I don't know).

Overall: I enjoyed this anime a lot and wish that more people would be able to see something more in this than just a comedy about high school girls who discuss "gross and ridiculous stuff".
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Yesterday, 2:59 PM
FLCL (Anime) add
FLCL is the kind of anime that sounds so much cooler when your friend is telling you in hushed tones during class about how he saw it on adult swim: "Dude, the guys got a penis coming out of his head and has a grandfather who reads porn!" The young me absolutely loved this. The current me:

I've watched this enough times over the years that I don't think I need a re-watch to correctly gauge my current opinions.

That being said what we have here is one of the most chaotic coming of age stories I've ever encountered. Filled with erotic visual metaphors and suggestive dialogue you'd have to beat me off with a stick to get me away from this during my younger years. Ironically, all of this isn't heavy handed enough, because people still seem to miss the point, even the current gen watchers who have years of internet discussion to fall back on. Yes, I think a lot what goes on in FLCL is a little too obvious. That's not a bad thing though, because missing the point would be..well..missing the point.

Not to say that there's a big point to be made, there isn't. It isn't deep, so in that sense claims of pretentiousness actually make some sense. (too many senses?) However, the entertaining and creative aspects of the show SHOULD stand out more, because, that seems to be even more of the point. (mores?)

Watch this for the art, animation, and the music. The whole package works really well together. In fact, it'd be a mistake to break these up into categories. We certainly have a piece of art here. Now, it's up to the viewer to gauge if it's important art or just entertaining art.

The influence FLCL has had on me is undeniable. (I heavily identified myself with Naota at the time, lol) I'd recommend it to anyone who expresses interest in watching it. It's not bad, it's not great. It's just pretty much the logical conclusion of anime in general and the interests of anime fans in particular.

The 7 score is a mix of nostalgia and sorta-objective analysis.
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Uchuu Senkan Yamato 2199 (Anime) add
A journey; a trek; a voyage, that's how watching Uchuu Senkan Yamato 2199 feels like.
You know an anime is good, REALLY good, when 26 episodes completed in 4 days feels like 26 episodes completed in a year. This anime just drags you in.
Now let's get to the review!

The story of Uchuu Senkan Yamato is a simple one: A story of trials for salvation, just like those legends of the ancients. Though simple, it's executed well and remains entertaining throughout. There are no annoying sub-plots that detract the story, everything that happens is related to the main premise that is to reach Iscandar, which is great and makes it epic.

The art is matches well and is good, that's all. It remains consistent; no quirks or anything. and he art is attractive and conventional; not too flashy nor shabby which is great as it fits the more adult oriented nature of the series.

This score is mostly because of the main theme. UCHUUUUUUU SENKAAN YAAMAAAAAAATOOOOOOOOO. Instrumental or not I loved it. The voice acting was great too, and lively, many characters spoke uniquely such as Sado,Katou and Kodai Mamoru. The sound effects were fine too, nothing too unrealistic or crude.

There were interesting characters from all the sides(Terron,Gamillian.Iscandarian,Zaltzi etc.) and none of them felt empty, you will give a damn about most of them. The only thing I didn't like and the reason I deducted one point was the lack of romance , I mean romance obviously played a part in the plot but there was not much of it. We get to see the outcome of the romance but not much of the buildup nor the transition.

Why would you watch a series that you cannot enjoy? As said earlier, Uchuu Senkan Yamato 2199 is a journey and it's a very entertaining one. Dull moments are few and are quickly forgotten. I highly recommend this anime, like you should watch it now, like right now, what are you waiting for? Go!

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Yesterday, 2:53 PM
Arete Hime (Anime) add
The art is simple, but the story is enjoyable and the music is also very nice. The princess is compassionate and thoughtful. No one in her castle cares about her, but she cares about others. My complaint is that too much time was spent on the part where she is imprisoned, and too little time is spent on the part after she escapes. A whole series could have been made out of this story. Since it's only a movie, it was condensed. But I just think the part that should have been condensed more is her time of imprisonment, not the time after she escapes.
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Yesterday, 2:37 PM
Kono Subarashii Sekai ni Shukufuku wo! (Anime) add
Story wise this show leaves much to be desired but that did not matter for me. As someone who has dabbled with RPG's/ MMO's KonoSuba was a delight to watch. The characters are simple, linear and amusing to watch on screen. Although many people enjoy characters with a lot of backstory and depth, KonoSuba gets away with the bare minimum in terms of their attire and personalities. Generally I do not enjoy comedies but this show, although did nt make me laugh historically, it had it's moments where I had to give the creators credit for using slapstick humor. The voice actors are very into their character and generally seem to be having fun while recording as well which adds to the overall friendly atmosphere the show presents.

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Yesterday, 1:56 PM
High☆Speed!: Free! Starting Days (Anime) add
High☆Speed!: Free! Starting Days is a solid movie that will likely be enjoyable to fans of the TV anime, and potentially even those unfamiliar to the franchise as a standalone coming-of-age film.

The story, while nothing exceptional, is solid. There is a degree of repetitiveness among the two seasons of the anime and this movie in terms of main themes and sources of conflict, and if this movie's other elements weren't so well-done I wouldn't have enjoyed it as much as I did. Fortunately, that's not the case. The movie had uncertainty about the future, family drama, and, as this is Free!, friendship being its main drivers, and while it did get a bit too melodramatic sometimes, overall I feel that the story was handled well and made for a movie that had some substance instead of having it be an hour of fanservice, which was a route they could have easily gone down.

There are some moments in the film that feel a bit awkward or shoehorned in (for example, Sousuke had more interaction with the gang than I'd previously thought from the way they act towards each other in the future, and I did question Haruka's future attitude towards competing.) but I don't think they detracted from my enjoyment of the film in a major way.

Where I feel this movie did an exceptional job is its characters. I was worried, at first, with such a large number of the main cast (especially since there is already an established universe) being original characters (not counting the novels). I was pleasantly surprised that all of them received some amount of development and had good, believable dynamics with each other. Overall, both new and familiar characters were likeable in their own ways, and I found myself emotionally invested in them.

One other thing that the movie did excellently is developing the relationship between Makoto and Haruka. For characters whose relationship in the future is already so well-known, their interaction in the movie never felt unimportant and are, in fact, what I believe are some of the strongest points of the movie, whether or not the larger franchise is considered. I left the theatre with a greater appreciation of their friendship, and I believe a better understanding of the relationship between the characters' older selves.

This being a KyoAni production, it was definitely a visual treat. While
I do think their style can be rather bland, the movie is undeniably very pretty, with fluid animation, great backgrounds, and good use of colour when it counts. There is one particular scene between Makoto and Haruka that was animated beautifully (more so than the rest if the film,) which I feel really emphasised it as a pivotal moment.

The sound and music were also fine, and served their purpose well. The music will sound familiar to those who have seen the series. It's not a soundtrack that will merit multiple replays on its own, but it was definitely effective in the context of the movie.

Overall, this is read more
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Anne Happy♪ (Anime) add
I really like the idea of Anne Happy, basically it's a group of girls that end up in a school classroom that focuses on fixing the bad luck everyone that is there was born with, and they do it in an episodic way doing things that the school tells them, some of them being extremely random and funny.

The art style is really cute, it's nothing special or revolutionary in moe anime, but is enjoyable for the eyes.

The characters, like in most comedies, follow a certain personality assigned at the start with (probably) little to no development, so it's more about if one likes them in first place, for now I personally really like Ren (calm, silent character but really cares for the others), and An (typical kind airhead character one just wants to hug all day), Ruri has her moments and is in general a good character, Hibiki is a tsundere that got quite tiring fast, but is a perfect match to go alongside with Ren, lastly, I don't like Botan (rich girl with poor health) as I do in general with most characters of that type, sadly for her, unlike Hibiki, she's a character that feels that could totally be replaced by another.

For now there are few side characters, and other than the teacher (pretty scary woman I have to say) they are mostly just there and easy to forget about their existence.

The looks and VA of the characters match perfectly in all of the characters.

The opening, Punch Mind Happiness, is really catchy and I have it on my playlist since the first time I listened to it, the ending theme is pretty good too, but gets overshadowed hard by the opening.

The background songs are kind of there, but none of them stand out over the others, nor are memorable.

For now, 4 episodes in, Anne Happy is an enjoyable anime that I would recommend to anyone looking for a cute SoL comedy, I'm sure you will like it if you do.
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Sakasama no Patema (Anime) add
Which way is up and which way is down? I'm Loveanime93 and welcome to my Review for Patema Inverted or Sakasama no Patema.

To Start, I didn't know about this anime film I've heard of Studio Rikka who did time of eve but not this film and I only watched this as it was recommended by a sale person at a comic con event. And Boy was it something.

Firstly this film is a mind bender and can give a headache and it will leave you constantly questioning things at least i did.

The story is a simple but original and drives on the different points of views people have and the best way i can describe this film without spoiling it is that it a truly gripping adventure that will leaving for more and more.

Art Wise, it looks fantastic and is extremely well animated and it can bring in a fear factor to your experience when watching it. And if you afraid of height well it can possible bring it out on you.

Sound wise, it was a lovely soundtrack and the music really fits the film in total and can enhance the experience entirely, but the music isn't the only thing the voice actors are also well done and suit the characters only problem i have is sometimes i missed some of the dilect and had to rewind.

Characters are good and have depth to them and there is some development within them that bring out each of their personalities. The characters superbly drawn and in my view brings out the personality of the character in question i.e the villain has face features reflect the tone of the voice.

Enjoyment wise, i'd say it great to watch alone or with your friend as this film can give you a major headache like it did me and my friend and we loved ever second of it.

If you we're ever thinking of getting them an anime film i'd recommend this as it widens the spectrum of anime that we have out their and i think this anime should get more prestige for what has been given to us as an anime community.

Overall its a charming anime that you will love to watch and is easy on the eye and it will take you on an incredible adventure. highly recommended on a must watch basis.
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Divine Gate (Anime) add
Divine Gate is the absolute worst show I've ever had the displeasure of watching to completion, let's go over a rundown of our characters and what they're trying to do.

Before you go any deeper let me explain that this isn't a review, this is a complete summary of this series and why you should never, NEVER watch it.
I'm not going to bullshit you with any of the plot or on their names either, it's really going to be as bad as it sounds.

The Divine Gate is basically an all powerful wish granting device and it was used previously to inadvertently tear apart the borders between the realm of the gods, spirits, and Earth.

We have our protagonist Blue, his "friends" Green and Red (yup, those are their names) Blue is the suspect to a very serious massacre that happened years ago but there's an adapter academy that doesn't actually have any classes that wants to recruit him to join their school (adapters are people capable of using supernatural elements). A boy named Arthur is something like the student council president and has The Knights of the Round Table featuring a bunch of ripped off names left and right such as Lancelot.

When Arthur was a boy he was sent to some other world to escape something, while here he met a young boy who called himself Santa Clause. Ever since Arthur met Santa he's been bent on restoring order to the world by using the Divine Gate to segregate the realms to their original planes. Arthur seems to be friends with 2 gods that find him interesting for whatever reason and so they say they're "observers" of how he plans to go about reaching the Divine Gate; Loki and The Wizard of Oz... The world is run by a "council" which doesn't necessarily explain how order is kept. The council isn't against the idea of Arthur seeking out the Divine Gate but pulls more of a "We don't care if you try to get there, but if you get there we'll have to kick your ass" kind of approach towards him.

And so begins Arthur's adventure to the Divine Gate, naturally he brings all the members of the Knights of the Round Table but also invites our 3 little classmates Blue, Red, and Green. Arthur opens a portal which everyone goes through to start their journey to the Divine Gate which basically is a seemingly endless amount of hallways with additional doors to open until you finally reach the gate. Halfway or so through these endless corridors our heroes are met by the Scandinavian gods, who were sent by the Wizard of Oz with super powered weapons to "stop" them from continuing their journey, and so the Wizard of Oz knows just how powerful these gods with these weapons are and knows there's absolutely no chance for them to be defeated. Oz assumed Arthur and friends will turn tail and give up on the Divine Gate, but that doesn't quite happen. read more
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Shingeki no Kyojin (Anime) add
Toward the end of the series, a certain character tells Erin Yeager that in order to overcome monsters [titans and internal conflicts] one must also abandon their own humanity. This advice encapsulates the tone of the entire series that had been so dedicatedly upheld by the writers and director: the feeling of existential nihilism and all is for nought. Countless times the characters try to retain what little separates themselves from the Titans such as trust-building and compassion towards each other that the audience considers it commendable. Such held beliefs only further the tragedy when the humans cannot achieve any goals relying on compassion or camaraderie for each other. In this series, love doesn't conquer all, neither does teamwork. The titans as enemies do not admire their opponents, the humans, for how honorable they fight. Therefore, the human warriors throw all that to the wind and have learned to fight horrifically, as depraved as needed be, showing no mercy. The real eye opener is that this shift in tactics shows hardly any gain as well, which leaves humans in the complete dark making them wonder, “Hell! If fighting honorably won’t win the day, and fighting dirty doesn’t help either, how are we supposed to defeat the titans?” This is Existential Nihilism, the lack of any glimmer of hope, lack of any salvation, that no matter how the humans fight to survive, it is all for nought. This series can be thought of similarly to trench warfare during WWI where one army in the trenches would jump out (sometimes tens of thousands of troops at a time) and charge towards the enemy trench just 100 yards ahead through no man’s land only to be cut down completely and utterly by the other entrenched army. If the charging army actually won the forward trench, what cost in human life was it? Followed by, was the charge worth only a 100 yard gain? Attack on Titan juggles all these questions. Civil War general William T. Sherman said that, “There is many a boy here today who looks on war as all glory, but, boys, it is all hell.” Same with this world that there’s nothing rewarding or glorifying when the humans and titans fight each other. Attack on Titan makes sure to drill it in that their world is a horrifying reality of war.

Simply read this ppg for the final review, if you are not interested in reading further. I gave this series 5/5 Stars (10 out of 10 equivalent on MAL) due to outstanding story, characters, music, voice acting, and overall direction. I anxiously wait for how this story will continue. Plenty of Macguffins weren’t fully explained, but not forgotten, (What the Hell is in that basement??).

The anime I had watched up until this series had all been about empowering the protagonist and celebrating the intelligence of the main character. Whether that be Jotaro Kujo (from JoJo’s Bizarre Adventure) finally outsmarting Dio Brando (which felt so good to watch!) or Gon Freecs read more
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Deadman Wonderland (Anime) add
If you like this kind of genre and you dont fret about every little details, you will like it.
If you hate the pathetic characters and so dumb scenes, you will ended up just like me, too frustrated that I signed up just to make a review for this.

The main storyline is good but the details suck, really suck. Especially like how the MC ended up in prison, it is too mediocre, the evidence, the laws and the court execution. The

The main character is too pathetic and dumb.
The anti character are well established, otherwise most are dumb like they cant think alone.

Most like character: kenji or the owl, he is not dumb for a muscle head character

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Mahouka Koukou no Rettousei (Anime) add
"This anime in two words- Onii-Sama"
When I first started watching this anime, I expected another plotless magic anime with a weak MC.

I was completely wrong.
This anime showed the school life of Tatsuya and Miyuki Shiba, a brother and sister, attending a magical high school.
Seemingly, in that school, there are "course 1" and "course 2" students, and course 1 gives the students magical training while "course 2" don't.
In here, the difference is showed perfectly, and showing that even Tatsuya , who is a Course 2 student, is strong in its own way.

As the anime progresses, enemies attack, fights erupt, and Tatsuya and his friends fight.
The fights were exciting.

This anime also has a concept of romance, it has many potential ships.
A problem with this anime was that when you start watching it, many terms are thrown at you, and most of them aren't explained, and you just forget about some of them, and can't understand the others.

The story was nice, It was set mostly in the high school and the city, and the fights that happened around those places, the story involved school competitions and projects.
Story 8/10.

The art wasn't too colorful, it seemed like if "favored" green and white, mostly because of their school uniforms.
Art 6/10.

OP 1+2 Were great
ED 1 was meh, ED 2 was nice.
Also, nice fighting music track
Sound given 8/10.

The characters relationships, and development felt a bit off, and rushed.
We don't know much about the pasts of the important people, or their characteristics.
Characters given 7/10.

Overall enjoyment 8/10.
I liked this anime, it went smoothly and involved great fighting scenes and you're always tensed about the MC- Tatsuya, what is he gonna do next?
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Isekai no Seikishi Monogatari (Anime) add
Personally I found this to be a very refreshing series to watch. Isekai no Seikishi Monogatari is a fantasy, action harem which manages to blend all of these genres together into an outstanding anime.

I enjoyed the fact that unlike most harem anime's out there, the main character has many skills and a personality to deserve the favorable attention he is given. The anime doesn't have accidental groping at every turn, and the story is not riddled with 'awkward teenager syndrome', by which I mean the interaction between Kenshi and the various women is not full of blushes, misunderstandings and enough innuendo to make most people irritated.

It is a spin-off the Tenchi Muyo series however it is a completely watchable series even if you have had no exposure to the rest of the franchise (I hadn't when I first watched it).
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Code Geass: Hangyaku no Lelouch (Anime) add
This review covers both the first and the second season of Code Geass. Code Geass is one of the most enjoyable anime I've ever seen. It's addictive, has awesome mecha fights, great music and an interesting main character. But it's also one of the most overrated anime ever created.

"What! Code Geass, overrated? Blasphemy! How dare you to insult one of the most popular and amazing anime this way, you just didn't understand this masterpiece!"

Well, Code Geass is not a masterpiece, the first season was pretty good, but the second season was just retarded. Why?

~Story~ 4/10
Our main character Lelouch is an exiled Britannian prince, who wants to avenge his dead mother and disabled sister. And (of course) the evil Britannian empire occupied Japan (again) and (of course) our hero joins with the brave rebels who want to free poor Japan (again). In exactly how many anime is Japan occupied by a foreign nation? It's not even funny anymore, do Japanese people have some kind of victim-syndrome?
But okay, our hero accidentally meets C.C. a pretty, mysterious girl who gives him superpowers, Geass. Now, Lelouch has to ability to control the will of everyone he sees, of course there are some limitations but Geass is extremely strong. This raises the question: Why did it take Lelouch so many episodes to achieve his goals? He did some things in the least effective way possible so the viewer could see more mecha fights and bombastic speeches, this is fun but it just doesn't make sense. Another problem with the story is that it doesn't really knows if it wants to be a high-school comedy or a serious and dramatic mecha anime with politics. You can't mix these two ideas and expect them to work, it is really weird that the viewers are supposed to care about stupid high-school drama after they have seen wars in which a lot of people died. Well, we see our protagonist in high-school and he teams up with the rebels and he tries to free Japan while having fun with the school council. The story progresses, apparently everyone in his school is either a rebel or part of the military and Lelouche wins every fight because of his "brilliant" strategies or Geass. There is a lot of melodrama, Lelouche has a harem, there is fanservice and he wins more battles, that's pretty much the first season. Then comes the second season, which is rated higher then the first, WHY? There were a few plot holes during the first season but during the second season there were plot holes everywhere. There were even more stupid comedic filler episodes and "awesome" new characters no one cared about (Rollo). Oh and almost every character aside from Lelouch and Suzaku became useless and added nothing to the plot, because of this there was almost no character development. And a lot of people have Geass-power because... Actually, I don't really know why. And Geass is now an explanation for everything. How did read more
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Nichijou (Anime) add
Also, like many other works, the script is rushed. Like there was one episode where Yukko goes over to meet Hakase and Nano, without any explanation and they start acting as though they are family. Now, they could've spent a little time together before they start enjoying themselves.

There is no story. It just shows the daily lives of two seperate group of kids and the type of situations that happen in ordinary life that varies between intellect and emotionalness. Most of the characters are crybabies and the series can be loud. Nichijou is supposed to be a hilarious series but some of the jokes are more random than funny.

Most of the characters range from being stupid and random (Hakase, Yukko) to nasty and unlikeable (Misato, Mio). Though, Hakase isn't as annoying as most child characters are, she still has her moments where she's being nasty or ignorant. She acts like a three-year-old while also being a child prodigy and it makes me want to kick her face. The only characters that don't fall under this range are Nano and Sakamato, who are a bit better but still above average, with Nano being the cliched "I-want-to-be-normal" girl and Sakamato being cute but when he's talking, he isn't being cute.

So, they're both archetypical instead.

I know I'm being a little too harsh on the series but the writing could've been much better. This probably has the worst direction I've ever seen.
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Yesterday, 11:46 AM
Psycho-Pass (Anime) add

Before I start this review, I think I’d better put a disclaimer up for good measure. MAL has a very strange rating system, and according to MAL’s rating system a 3/10 is “very bad”. However, I don’t think that of Psycho-Pass, and I have my own rating system. When I rate something 3/10, that means that I have a relatively strong dislike for the show in question, but I can still understand why other people might like it.

Psycho-Pass was a bit of an odd show for me. I watched the first episode some time back, but I was put off by what I felt was pretty unnecessary gore by the Lethal Eliminator. I didn’t think the first episode was bad, but I just never felt any urge to continue the series. However, I decided to pick up the series again, and I changed my opinion about the show. I thought that the first episode was pretty good. It set up an interesting world, and an interesting and likeable character in Masaoka. The colour palette was exceptionally pretty, matching the overall tone of the series, and I thought that the Psycho-Pass concept could also be employed in a number of creative ways.

What happened to change my opinion about the show so drastically over the course of watching it? While I saw a few problems with the first few episodes, nothing was really so great that could outweigh the cool world and the beautiful animation. I think the first point where I really started to dislike the show was about when Shougo Makishima was introduced. In episode 6-8, Titus Andronicus is referenced quite a bit, and used to suggest ideas of rape and girls’ purity. There are two main problems with this: one of them being that Titus Andronicus is generally considered the worst of Shakespeare’s plays, being filled with one senseless violent act after another. Not only this, but the idea of referencing Titus Andronicus is forced and adds virtually nothing to the plot. I feel that if you want to reference something, you need a very good reason to do so; usually being that the themes within your own story can draw a good parallel with the work you are referencing, and while doing so you can shine light on the story that you yourself are telling. However, Psycho Pass ignores this, quoting Titus Andronicus simply for the sake of it.

Shougo Makishima likes to do this a lot within the series. The idea is that Shougo is a genius character, and one of the easiest ways to make a character seem clever is by making them bookish, and having them quoting various pieces of literature at random times. It might’ve worked well, had the quotes that he said added some mystery to his character, or had books been a running theme within the series itself. What occurs instead is something pretty comic at times, with Shougo making references to books in many out-of-place situations, even at one point calling attention read more
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Yosuga no Sora.....first off let me go over how this series is supposed to be viewed, the episodes are in an order connecting the first episode with each separate arc and so if you just watch it episode 1-12 you'll be left unable to appreciate everything it has to offer you with the true arc.

For the true arc; you'll need to watch Episode 1 (ignore what they say during the measurement scene but keep in mind that it happened; the next time you see this scene will be the true arc's dialogue), Episode 2 only until the opening theme starts to play and then move on to Episode 7, Episode 8 only until the opening theme starts to play and then move on to Episode 10, from here you can watch the final 3 in order (10-11-12).

Here's a thing to help you write that down: [1-(2)-7-(8)-10-11-12]
-Yes the parenthesis mean to only watch it until the opening theme...

Now even though I believe the true arc to be the best, if incest just really isn't up your alley and you're at a loss for what to do with your life; it would be best to watch them after finishing the true arc and watching episodes 1-9 in order, so that you don't tempt yourself after finishing Episode 9 and moving on to 10, otherwise you'll ruin it by not taking the previous episode of the arc into account.

Now that you know how to properly view the series I'll go over my thoughts: I enjoyed it; 10/10 true arc, 9/10 alternate arcs.

Yup, that's get outta here and go watch it.
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*will edit when i find my Tamaki Ako

Yes, is the answer to the title of this anime
As a veteran mmorpg gamer, mountain dew runs through my blood and i must say i have done some regrettable things pretending to be a female to get some of those premium items

Plot : What can i say, as a neck beard, this plot is something i have dreamed about
We have our innocent MC being approached by a girl that would devour him if that would mean they would be together forever inside her stomach but a traumatic experience ruins his opportunity to get it in. Some twists and turns occur and they me meet in real life, proving his in game wife is indeed a solid 9/10 on the loli index
There isn't a harem tag for this anime, but let me be clear the MC is a weakling and what do we know about weaklings,they make perfect Harem MC, its a proven fact
But after the first episode the story develops into something more than just boy meets girl but rather a heart warming story of friends trying to break the line between game and reality that Ako is blurring

Soundtrack : Nothing much to say here, average cutsie music, you definitely won't be contemplating life listening to it

Animation : Usually i don't mind animation because i'm all about the "plot" but i have to say the colorful scenery and the camera work really bring this anime to life

Characters : This is where this anime shines. Right of the bat we can relate to the MC, qwerky loser that can't talk to girls but is a horn dog. The only thing we cannot relate to is the fact that the MC seems to be skinny, and let's be honest viewers of this anime can't see our toes anymore. What makes a Harem great is not what the MC can do but what the women do
We have our tsundere, simple not over the top but is there for some quick laughs . We got our president, again simple and not memorable
Other women trying to get a piece of our MC but again not memorable, except my pink haired goddess, what a babe
But lastly, we got our main wife, and she is amazing, she is the embodiment of our worldly desires, her VA really portrays what we think our wife would sound, when we become a wizard at age 30

And that's it, as a veteran gamer i can say there aren't any girls that play video games, wait no, there aren't any pretty girls that play video games
With this anime in hand, we, as the viewers must appreciate this anime of the season. With the great characters and a plot that seems to have much more unexpected twists and turns, i can safely say, this anime is a must watch for all mmorpg, loli, harem, chicken breast lovers.
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Harmony (Anime) add
Quickly said Harmony is a pretty boring movie about a person traveling around the world, being infodumped by every character she meets while trying to solve a case she's working on.
There's lots of philosophical themes in the movie, many of which go nowhere and aren't really explored beyond talking about them.
It's great material if you're an over thinker and actual like sitting on your ass for two hours while boring characters read textbooks to you.
Note that the rest of the review can contain spoilers.

-Presentation (Visuals & Sound).
I was actually kind of surprised at how they seamlessly connect the CGI and the hand drawn characters at some points.
It was good to see some CGI that didn't just appear awkward.
Of course the CGI still sticks out at points, but at other times I found myself questioning if the character in front of me was hand drawn or a model.
It can look a bit cheap the way they just spin the camera around the characters when nothing other visually interesting is happening on screen, but when it want's to look good it looks really good.

I heard that EGOIST is the theme song performer, which makes sense because there is only one memorable song in the entire movie, the others would fit into any generic Science fiction story, or any generic action scene.
I didn't actually notice that much music in the Movie.

-Story & Characters.
Harmony is a movie that tries way too hard too seem deep and meaningful by essentially quoting philosophy textbooks and telling some of the story through flashbacks and heavy internal monologues.

Every character in the movie exist either to infodump the MC and the viewer or to be infodumped to by other characters, which immediately after they either disappear from the movie and aren't brought back again or die.
The story itself is nothing new, a "utopian future", in which everyone is in strict control of the government, this seems to be a rising trend in current settings.
And you're supposed to question if it is right to control people if they're happy and such.
The plot is almost exclusively told through dull infodumps in dialogue scenes, flashbacks and internal monologues.

There is a little attempted symbolism but it's mostly so blatant that I question why its even there.
Despite the constant infodumping and terminology, very little actually happens on screen in this movie, and everything is resolved quite hastily at the very end.
The movie tried very hard to be deep, but was scared that if they didn't tell the viewer absolutely everything they might not understand the movie.
If you have seen a movie in forever you already know all the possible "twists" it could throw your way already.

There were no interesting characters in the entire movie, the closest we get to that is our main character's friend Miach, appears throughout the movie in flashbacks, her character is that she is 15, very edgy and has a lesbian relationship with Tuan, the main character.

Speaking of Tuan, she has very little personality and mostly works as read more
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Tokyo ESP (Anime) add
When I watched this, I was preeetty new to anime, and I enjoyed it. If you're new to anime, watch this, but don't expect to find the same thing in other anime. The concept is good, the superpowers are fun, but almost everything else isn't managed as well. The animation style is pretty nice, not too shabby. Character development leave much to be desired, as a lot of background is left out and it's not very easy to get attached to most of the characters.

If you're new and still don't have too much of an idea what sort of series you like particularly, and haven't really developed standards I guess, I recommend this anime.
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