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2 hours ago
Sakigake!! Cromartie Koukou (Anime) add
I would extremely recommend people to watch this-
It has great comedic value, you connect with each character, which is always good of course. It's one of those series that you wish lasted longer and that you purposely drag out watching because you don't want it to end. It's a definite 10/10 from me
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3 hours ago
Noragami (Anime) add
Though the anime is about gods, the series isn’t “godly”, but certainly worth trying. I had been waiting for this anime in anticipation, and it didn’t disappoint me in the least.

Story – 9/10 The story, about a human girl - Iki Hiyori - meeting a god
- Yato - and getting into trouble (which she solves of course) , was detailed and maybe not entirely unique but still refreshing, it's not your usual story about gods. Though the story is light hearted it has a somewhat dark side and that makes the anime even more intriguing. I’m also following the manga so I read more
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3 hours ago
Strike the Blood (Anime) add
Hey guys
Strike the blood is a awesome anime. I came to see it the first time when i was surfing youtube and i honestly thought, it sucks. Sometime later i started watching it all and in the end i loved it. Its combination of characters and story is almost perfect. Though it can be a bit hard to grasp. Inspired by it i did my own music video AMV. Please check it out :) ITs called Stike the blood amv -yukina
I can recommend this anime to anybody, and im hoping for a second season
Funny how i hated it at first and then started loving read more
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3 hours ago
Space☆Dandy (Anime) add
There really are a variety of anime around aren't there. This anime was probably the highlight of the winter season compared to Kill La Kill which lost its overall promise easily. Standard hype strategy of start with a bang, end with a dissapointment. But space dandy is different. As much as I despise the Gintama-esque animes such a dandy, I enjoyed Dandy thoroughly as it was the best of the winter 2013-14 season.

Story 5/10
This anime is very experimental and reminded me of the tatami galaxy because every episode seemed like a different 'world line' of the Space Dandy galaxy. Every episode is different and read more
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4 hours ago
Highschool of the Dead (Anime) add
If you're a fan of the walking dead, love fan service and if you're turned on by anime girls then this anime is for you!.I don't have much experience with survival anime but i will try to be as honest as i can in this review.The zombie genre is not vast in the anime world i can only think of a handful off amines which include zombies as characters, the anime world is known for mocking real life shows and things in live and in my opinion the writers based this anime on most of the famous zombies movies out there,this is an anime interpretation read more
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5 hours ago
Pupa (Anime) add
Pupa is only recommended to people who really enjoy horror, like me.
It's a very special series, that not so many people could enjoy, unless they understand that it is unique.
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6 hours ago
Trigun (Anime) add
Trigun is a must see for anyone who is a fan of anime or animation in general. It is one of the most beautifully animated shows I've ever seen.
Along with it's animation Trigun brings probably two of the best protagonists that have ever been on TV: Vash and Wolfwood. Both of these characters have many different layers to their personalities that make them diverse and a tad unpredictable at times. They're not very predictable characters which is a rarity in this day and age.
Trigun is definitely in my top three favorite animes, the other two being Mobile Suit Gundam Wing and Cowboy read more
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6 hours ago
Elfen Lied (Anime) add
Elfen Lied is probably one of the most interesting shows I've had the pleasure of watching recently. It certainly doesn't have the most fleshed out characters, nor the most intricate story. Yet, despite this, I loved my time spent watching it.

It's most likely wise to mention that Elfen Lied is not a show for the faint of heart. The show is rife with nudity and extreme gore, with no regard for age. If you can't deal with seeing detailed carnage, mass killings etc, its probably best you avoid watching.

The story mostly focuses on the characters of the mentally damaged Lucy (a super human species known read more
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8 hours ago
IS: Infinite Stratos (Anime) add
I must say this anime is completely different to any other harem anime I've seen, to begin with the main character is the only guy on an all girls school and i don't think he understands that all the girls at this academy are totally going after him meaning that you don't only get the typical 5 girl harem but get an entire school worth of girls ready to draw their claws to get rid of other female competition.Just like any anime which are fun to watch the storyline can be vague at times it seems that this anime has a set focus on fanservice read more
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8 hours ago
Aoi Hana (Anime) add
Aoi Hana (aka Sweet Blue Flowers) is a yuri anime that focuses more on the emotional attachment of lesbian relationships. It is easy to tell that this particular anime targeted lesbians and/or bi girls as their audience rather than boys whom enjoy the yuri genre.


Before I say anything, I will state now that I have read the manga before watching the anime, and I was a little disappointed as to how much they had cut out - even if it was only the little bits. The little parts of the manga was what made it so... outstanding? It allowed me, as the audience, to grow read more
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9 hours ago
Sword Art Online (Anime) add
I'll keep it Simple & Clean: This Anime was a wasted potential monster.

This Shounen started with a typical Fantasy-Adventure setup but lost itself somewhere along the line and became a Romance-Drama. That said, this Anime is distinctly divided into 2 completely different story arcs. The first arc focuses on surviving the *very real* death threat to all players trapped within the virtual reality game "Sword Art Online" whilst exploring the effects of that on the human psyches trapped within. The 2nd arc travels to a completely different game called "Aeroheim" with *no real* looming threat to anyone, insignificant new characters, and controversial themes read more
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9 hours ago
Natsume Yuujinchou (Anime) add
One of the greatest master piece, a perfect blend of genres with the most heart touching, soothing and heart warming story that will definitely leave its imprint on your soul.
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10 hours ago
Aku no Hana (Anime) add
This is just one of those anime that are I dunno how do I put this, bluntly its boring, way too slow paced.

Basically it is about this guy called Kasuga who steals his crush's gym clothes gets spotted and is forced to form a contract with Nakamura to make sure his secret is not revealed.

Honestly it was so illogical it was weird who just grabs someones gym clothes and runs? Who would actually care about the contract, the girl who fored it with you is doing horrible things to you, like stripping you in a library?

I quite liked the art it really made the read more
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Today, 1:55 AM
Hotaru no Haka (Anime) add
(This one is my first review, so please try to see beyond my lack of skill and bear my language mistakes)

I felt the urge to review this movie as soon as I finished it, but I’ve waited nearly a month to make sure I make my point clear. Not that easy.
Hotaru no haka (Grave of the fireflies) tells the story of two Japanese brothers, Seita and Setsuko, who try to survive during the Second World War period. Let’s move on to the review:

The plot is simple and yet devastating. The movie focuses on the interaction between the two main characters rather than on their actions. read more
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Today, 1:27 AM
Sword Art Online (Anime) add

A bunch of people playing an MMORPG called Sword Art Online are trapped within the game by it's creator, Kayaba, and they have to complete 100 levels if they want to get out and free everyone else. Simple right? How could something so simple turn into such a massive travesty? Well Reki Kawahara found a way. What was supposed to be a show about building up an army to beat this game and to see how the characters grew, turned into the stupidest .//Hack fanfiction i have probably ever seen in my entire life, and i'm not even that big on .//Hack either. read more
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Today, 1:14 AM
Death Note (Anime) add
Death note,
A great anime if you love mystery genre. It's about a boy named Light who lives a normal life. He goes to school has friends, Wich he finds boring. But one day he come's across a death note wich has been dropped by Ryuk. At first he diden't believe you could kill people with the note but when he tries it out and the victim actually dies he knows it's real. And because it's real he wants to get rid of all the bad people using the death note and that is what he start doing.

I really reccomend the show it's a 37 episode read more
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Today, 1:05 AM
Freezing Vibration (Anime) add
The storyline was quite simillar to the previous season but more action and drama. I was quite enjoyed by the story. Although i'm still wondering how this average sized girls can take that much beating and blood and still have the energy to fight back. In real life, the girls will be dead after a first hit, haha! The story were now focused on three things, which were the facility's suspicious activity, the return of Satelli's dark past and the final battle (the final battle scenes are kinda like the first season). Another thing that makes me wonder was there gonna be a season read more
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Today, 12:59 AM
Steins;Gate (Anime) add
This show is one of the highest rated anime on MAL and rightfully so. This show screams perfection in all ways. The art, music, characters, and most of all story make this one of my favourite anime's of all time.

I love story lines that keep we guessing what will happen next. I especially love when these guesses are wrong, this is something that this show pulls off almost every episode. The story takes a little time to get into or even understand the basics. Don't be surprised when you watch the first episode and nothing makes any sense at all, this is intentional. This beginning read more
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Today, 12:37 AM
Chuunibyou demo Koi ga Shitai! Ren (Anime) add
I'm writing this review to defend the series. I'll give reason why you should watch it too. ABSOLUTELY NO SPOILERS.

1. Don't compare Light Novels with the anime.
2. Don't lose interest with the negative feedback to this sequel.
3. I made everything short and outlined so finish reading this.

STORY: This is worth watching. I'll explain the benefits under.
ART: The art is still superb as ever. You can feel they spent lots of money on this.
SOUND: Still worth remembering as always.
CHARACTER: This is what I like this season, they did not focus only to Yuuta and Rikka, they gave good screen time to other characters too.

1. Progress of read more
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Today, 12:23 AM
Yuru Yuri♪♪ (Anime) add
The second season of this show really out shines the first. Yuru Yuri just might be the cutest anime you will ever watch. The art of the show is cute, the characters are cute, the stories are cute, but most important of all the personalities of the characters are cute.

Each episode is light-hearted, fun feel and pretty self contained. Sometimes references to material from earlier episodes are made, but these are almost always accompanied by flashbacks. Although the stories of each of these episodes might not be extremely interesting, the characters of the show make everything super enjoyable and entertaining. Some of the read more
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