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Neko no Ongaeshi (Anime) add

One of the less known Studio Ghibli Films Neko no Ongaeshi or "The Cat Returns" Fallows Haru, a Highschool girl who struggles with a shy attitude, or "Awkwardness". Once she saves a cat she ends up getting herself in a strange situation, from forced marriage to finding mice in her school locker.

This movie was made in 2002 and directed by Reiko Yoshida, Creator of Tokyo Mew Mew .

Now don't get me wrong, its a cute story and its nice to see something a little different coming out of the studio, and in the end I am a sucker for cats, but its not the best work from Ghibli.

Not taking credit away where credit is due, I mean its a good movie but not the best, I enjoyed it but I can see how not everyone would like it. Reiko Yoshida did a wonderful job, and the art is really good. The story is actually pretty sweet, allot better than I thought it would be for a shorter movie.

I think more than anything the pace of the story is slightly off to me, I was able to watch it full though but in some places, it tends to drag on.

Story (7) Good:
Like i said, i enjoy the story, and its not the story's fault for the drag, I think its was trying to go for a more "childlike" or fun approach, which Ghibli is pretty well known for. I would have liked more of the story, but that's just me. I guess that's because i liked it a little too much for my own good? Who knows.

Anyway, besides my complaint about the pace of certain areas I try not to fault to story, rather than look at the big picture, so I try to look at it for what it really is; a story intended to be cute or have a better outlook on the situation the protagonist, Haru, is in.

Plus you know, Whisper of the Heart is Great! I liked them doing something with one of there other movies. Plus everyone loves a good fairy tail feeling in a movie, right?

Art (7) Good:
I like Ms. Yoshida's Style, its kinda different from the usual Ghilbi art, but i don't really mind that. It still have the quality of a Ghibli film wile just simply being a little different, maybe that's why its never really got popular?

Sound (8) Very Good:

I feel like saying its "Mediocre", but when you actually get the chance to hear it ouside the movie, its pretty good. The movies "Waltz" Song is really good, totally recomend it.

But... Why in the Disney version is the Female servant, you know the brown one that's kinda derpy...... Voiced, and tried to pass off as a guy? The fuck? I know i'm not the only person to notice this? RIGHT?

Character (8) Very Good:

I love the characters, First off i will have you know that Whispers of the heart is one of read more
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Little Busters! (Anime) add
Little Busters! at first glance you might think it looks plain. But you'll find out that hidden behind the simple looking cover. You find something is so much more than basic in any way shape or form and uses the element of foreshadowing brilliantly.

The Story revolves around one main character, this character has gone through something that ended up in him having Narcolepsy and being alone most of his childhood he ends up finding a special group of friends and throughout they're childhood they start to call themselves The Little Busters!. During the first portion of this series the small group that was Little Busters! expand into a rather larger group of friends and companions and a bit of love interest near the end. Also with a Secret to the world that needs to be discovered. Brilliantly executed and beautifully designed in every which way I cannot say anything bad about the story in general.

The Art Style is nothing different compared to other anime in anyway shape or form. it's also a quite a nice art style if you ask me and I think rather gives a comedic relief to the story sometimes, being a bit on the cartoon-ish side.

Sound/Music for Little Busters! isn't the best in my opinion. It's not really remember-able but it's not bad by any means.

The Character design is pretty normal when it comes to School related anime. You have a shy girl,muscle man,a group leader,mc,a girl with a past,foregin girl,a calm guy and few more I believe that I can't think off hand. All of these generic traits for anime characters are brought out quite well and in no means lesser the anime.

So forth after watching Little Busters! I was quite pleased. Overall was a brilliant story that I could see wasn't complete. So I went to the second season which in my opinion is even better and the best word to describe this anime is Brilliant because at certain points you end up being speechless at how things are done. :D
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Charlotte (Anime) add
I really felt as if I needed to do a review on this one. This is probably the most moving anime I've seen since Shigatsu wa Kimi no Uso, and that's really saying something (I still cry about that show).
I was actually drawn to this show by the art style. I take a great interest in manga/anime art, which is probably one of the sole reasons I still read manga. I saw how cute this art style was so I was like screw it, why the hell not. I'll go for it.
The first episode was that classic sort of "Oh my fucking god I have a superpower!!!!11!1!11!! WOW!!!!!!!!!!112!!!12?," but I still enjoyed it, I wanted to keep watching. As the show progressed, the meaning got deeper, and I started to see the point. The way Yu's viewpoint changed was massive. He went from a selfish prick that used his superpower to make his life perfect to a boy that was truly concerned for others like himself, wanting to protect them and save them from their fate.
I really marveled at Yu and Nao's relationship. I mean, I'm a sucker for romance, I love shoujo, but these two had something different. It was romance, it was indeed, but it was different. It was a romance that budded from a friendship, or an alliance. And in the beginning, they didn't seem to like each other at all. Nao's charm and personality got to Yu, you could see he was slowly falling for her, and it was absolutely the cutest thing.
Another relationship/dynamic I loved was that of Yu and Ayumi, his little sister. She was one of the only things he loved, and it hurt so much when she died. He fell into a depression, a dark world without the one person he's known, his precious little sister. Also, I think it's the way Ayumi returns these feelings. She loves her big brother more than anything. This is literally the best siblingship I've ever seen in an anime (no, Oreimo doesn't count).
One of the best things about this anime was the cast and characters. I loved every single one with a burning passion, and that's super rare for me, I'm as picky as they come with anime characters. Yu, Nao, Yusa, Jojiro, Ayumi, Misa, Kumigami, and Shunsuke were the best ensemble I've ever seen. Bravo to Charlotte, I'd watch a second season in a heartbeat!
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Death Note (Anime) add
Many anime fans consider Death Note to be one of the best anime of all time. I am not one of those fans. I feel that while Death Note is a good show, it has some very glaring issues. I have no problem with the people who love this show, but I am simply going to cast my opinion into the mix. I will try not to spoil the show too much, but I will have to divulge a few plot points of varying importance to get my point across. These spoilers will mainly occur within the story and character sections of this review.

Story (Potential Spoilers):

For the 3 of you who don't know Death Note's story, Death Note takes place in the present day. One day, a high schooler named Light Yagami finds a notebook on the ground called the Death Note. This book allows the user to kill any person by just writing the person's name down. There are other rules and stipulations, like having to know the person's face, but that is the gist of it. After using this book a couple of times, the owner of the book, a shinigami named Ryuk, meets up with Light for an exposition dump. Armed with his notebook, Light goes on to rid Japan and the rest of the world from crime. Light becomes known as Kira, and becomes know all throughout the world for killing criminals. Eventually, the mass killings attract the attention of a world class detective named L. L decides that he is going to catch Kira, no matter the cost. The show ends up becoming a game of cat and mouse between L and Light, where you are never really sure who the cat and who the mouse is.

After reading this synopsis, you're probably thinking, "This show looks pretty good, what is so bad about it?" And you're right, if this was the entire show it would be pretty amazing. IF it was the entire show. At the halfway point of the show, Light gets his memory of being Kira wiped. He then teams up with L to beat a new Kira. Most of the drama and intelligence from the first half disappears during this arc, and is more lighthearted and funny. Not that there is anything wrong with that, but it is a bit big of a tone shift. If I wanted to watch a lighthearted and funny series, I would go and watch something like that. But for a show to go from a darker show to a much lighter one is a bit jarring. Eventually, Light does regain his memories and we are treated to a very satisfying conclusion. Or it would have been if it was the conclusion.

L eventually gets replaced with a new character called Near. Near attempts to capture Kira as well, but his battle against Light is just read more
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One Piece (Movie) (Anime) add
Does 9 seem high for this one? I guess it depends on whether you enjoy One Piece to begin with. I've just started watching it—in earnest, from episode one and with my full attention—and I can tell you at the end of just the first arc, there's a reason it's one of the most successful series in fictional history. This movie condenses that reason into a bite-sized 51 minutes, all the charm and energy of the TV series intact, and boasts better animation on top of that.

The whole thing is pretty archetypal One Piece. Another pirate crew; another fearsome, Devil-Fruit-empowered captain at its head; a mysterious treasure left by a legendary corsair of ages past; the gruff-but-lovable supporting cast with an unknown connection to the unfolding events. The story is not out to surprise you, but to show time and time again that the formula just works. Execution matters immensely here.

Luffy and company get up to their usual antics, Usopp lying his way out of a deathtrap while Nami plays the field and makes off with everyone's treasure. In an amusing twist on the "strongest characters can't fight yet" hook, Luffy and Zoro end up chained to each other, arms bound, and actually have to fend off the antagonist in this condition. (No Sanji, unfortunately, as the story's set before the Baratie encounter.)

The supporting characters tell of their tragic backstory, which gives them a personal stake in the treasure hunt. Mysteries ensue, battles come to a head, and in the end a "surprise" twist reveals that the real treasure was the friends we made along the way. "Surprise" in quotes here, because we all know how it ends, don't we? If you've seen one arc, you've seen 'em all. But you watch Detective Conan for the mystery, not One Piece.

So what do you watch One Piece for? A nonstop, overwhelmingly life-affirming vibe that persists in the face of all odds. Adventure drives these young men and women to the far reaches of the land and sea in search of fame and fortune, but in the end what matters most are the connections we make, the dreams that push us ever onward, and the stories we have to tell by journey's end. And when you fight for what you believe in, you'd better never give up.

So, in the end, you already know if you'll enjoy this or not. One Piece is not trying to shock you into some grand revelation about life's mysteries. Much like its protagonist, it is simple and unbelievably focused. The message never changes; it only gets more refined with each iteration. So yeah, I think that deserves a 9. A grand 9, at that. (...I'm so sorry)
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Shigatsu wa Kimi no Uso (Anime) add
Why do I play music? What image am I trying to convey? Did I reach you?

As a composer myself, these are all inquiries which resonate within me. Combining this with the excellent art, animation, and sound qualities, I was immediately entranced. So given the awesome premise, it might seem strange that I gave Shigatsu a relatively average score. Unfortunately, despite impressive technical qualities, the storytelling falls flat, turning a potential masterpiece into a train wreck of flashbacks, monologue, and feels.

One of the key themes behind Shigatsu is the dichotomy between vibrancy and monotone. The whole plot is structured around overcoming setbacks and replacing dullness with flair, with Kaori helping Arima recover his love for music after he became tone-deaf.

All the technical qualities complement this theme very well. The art expresses the concept of each individual scene wonderfully, with bright, vivid backgrounds contrasted with many dark, confined environments. The art style gives each individual character a sense of depth by bringing the character’s emotions to life. The art and animation are also incredibly detailed, with well-drawn, full lips and reasonably accurate portrayals of playing piano and violin.

The way the artwork for each character changed over time to reflect their emotional and physical state was also extremely well-done. The changes were gradual as to immediately cause alarm bells to ring, but there was a continuous gradient, which complemented the mood very well. There are a few instances in which art and animation quality tanks, but overall, the character designs and backgrounds simply look great.

The sound complements the spirit of each scene as well as, if not even better than the art. The background music is beautiful, and although the same few tracks are repeated throughout the series, each time they are used they reflect the emotions in the scene nearly perfectly. Furthermore, the background music is not too overpowering, which sets an excellent atmosphere. A lot of shows tend to have the music either be out of place or overwhelm the dialogue and other sounds, but Shigatsu avoids this pitfall with style. The opening and ending songs are incredibly well integrated into each episode, giving the messages they convey much more impact. In particular, I love how the music suddenly changed midway through the series once tragedy was imminent. The first eleven episodes gave off a very free-spirited mood, which was exemplified nicely with the opening and ending. In the second half the music shifts towards a more mellow, expressive, and trance-like atmosphere, which complements the feels very well.

A few episodes into the show, I expected Shigatsu to be the show of the year, especially as the first few episodes were executed close to perfectly with no significant drop-off in technical qualities. Unfortunately, not long after numerous crucial storytelling flaws caused the plot to completely tank.

One of the key paradigms to effective plots is “Show, don’t tell.” For some reason, Shigatsu decided to throw this concept completely out the window. All throughout the second half, the producers opted to use monologue read more
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FLCL (Anime) add
Don't be fooled by FLCL, it looks like child's play but this Gainax action anime for my dvd player, is one of the hardest i've ever watched. The characters should look familiar to you. They're the little people from a classic puzzle anime.

The story is ok, the feel is too tight. Strange considering that most of the time there's a problem with story in an anime, it's because it's too loose.

Even expert watchers will find it difficult to advance very far. Each time you pick up where you left off, you're supplied with only 5 episodes. The one that's running when you start, plus 4 in reserve. We're not sure, but we suspect they're 6 episodes with 24 minutes each. That sound somewhat short, but the density makes it not so.

The story becomes increasingly complex, as more special abilities are acquired, and the art spreads into the foreground. Because of this spread, the anime has 3D elements, but is not truly 3D, an amazing thing to see. Since Gainax has been obsessed with concentrating on 3D anime for my DVD player.

Naoto is quite irritating, when he yells in his high pitch tone, every time he jumps off the ground, thank goodness I was able to mute my audio using my remote. Bottom line, a good anime. But not very high on anyone's priority list. I don't really have any hints for you.
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Psycho-Pass (Anime) add
The simplest way to explain the allure of psycho-pass is in understanding how it is a less-plot driven story and has strong elements of "hard science fiction" where through layers of abstraction and interplay of theory-of systems and exceptions to those systems and acknowledging the potential aberrations to those conditions, a very realistic or at least theoretically-sound world takes form.

In essence the very stage and world of psycho-pass includes interesting elements that all fit naturally together and is quite enjoyable and thorough.

The cast and dialogue speak from a clear sense of position and individuality that makes every line again seem natural and contributes to their character. There is a split portrayal similar to The Great Gatsby with the inspector/enforcer relationship that was interesting to watch and a psychological chase not as intensive as Death Note but still of good quality.

Every episode and plot development and crime pokes at the very basis of society, there are plots to undermine that society, as well as struggles to realize the worth of protecting said society after its true form comes to light. Psycho Pass's charm and very existence relies on the world it tries strongly to portray and it does so with episodes of substance, a small enough number of unique characters, a main antagonist that forms the backbone of the overarching plot, good animation, and several other elements that are well done (action, drama, psychological/philosophical, and deductive reasoning). If you're interested in the exploration of the theoretical world, this anime is for you~
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School Days (Anime) add
“Everything depends on the colour of the crystal through which one sees it” - Calderon

A favourite quote of mine, and one which I think perfectly applies to School Days, an anime which can be either an incredible work of fiction or a steaming pile of doggy poop, all depending on the lens you are looking through.

Before watching School Days, I had no idea just how hated it was, especially here on MAL. I think I’d heard about it through a recommendation on YouTube that described the story along the lines of “love can be a very dark and scary thing.” I had also heard hints about the show’s infamous ending, a grand finale that was likely to leave me more than slightly emotionally disturbed. As a lover of dark, psychological stories, I was eager to give it a go. After watching the anime in two sittings, hungrily consuming one episode after another, I surfaced from School Days mind-blown at the masterpiece of fiction I had just watched, and was genuinely surprised to learn that around 90% of the people who had seen it had experienced the polar opposite reaction from me.

To enjoy this anime, School Days should be watched with several things in mind. Firstly – this has been said before but is worth repeating – this is not your typical high school romance or harem anime. In fact, it never, ever tries to be. Secondly, it is a deconstruction of the aforementioned genres. It expertly establishes a handful of tired clichés and tropes, and then sadistically enjoys dismantling and destroying them piece by piece. Thirdly, this ain’t no anime for kids. Despite its innocent looking appearance, a number of dark, mature themes are uncovered and explored right through until its tragic and stomach-churning conclusion.

Our protagonist is Makoto, your typical high school boy with a crush on a cute girl, Kotonoha, who rides the same train to school as him every day. After snapping a photo of her on his cell phone, his crush is discovered by his female classmate Sekai, who proposes to set them up. Within the first few episodes this fun, cheesy romance arc develops and then reaches its climax; Kotonoha and Makoto confess to each other, and it is also revealed that Sekai secretly has feelings for Makoto.

From this seemingly innocent and well-crafted start, things start to go downhill. Not for the anime, but for Makoto, Sekai and Kotonoha. As these characters and the supporting cast show us, love and life are not as simple and carefree as we would all like to believe. People make mistakes, feelings get hurt, people can be selfish, people can be torn between love and friendship, lust can lead to us to make errors of judgement, bullying can destroy people – especially sensitive people – and sometimes it just takes one small act to push someone over the edge.

For me, this is what School read more
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Tsukimonogatari (Anime) add
I was a bit disappointed with Hanamonogatari so I thought long and hard (Yea, Yea..long and funny..hurr durr) on whether I should watch the next Monogatari series or not which was Tsukimonogatari. I'm pleased to say that Tsuki did not disappoint.

(There will be SPOILERS in my review)

[Story]: (8.5/10) (SPOILERS)
Tsukimonogatari is a sequel to Hanamonogatari but it does not take place after Hana. Tsuki chronologically takes place during the events of Monogatari Series: Second Season. Something weird is going on with Koyomi's body and he must find out why this is happening.

After watching Hanamonogatari, I didn't have it in me to watch Tsukimonogatari because I didn't want to spend another 5 or 6 days just to finish a short anime series. For those of you who didn't know, it took me approximately 6 days just to finish Hanamonogatari because the show bored me to death. However, it took me a day to finish Tsukimonogatari. The show wasn't as boring as Hana and it is a lot better than Hana. Let's get to the review shall we?

In the previous Monogatari shows, the girls gets affected by the aberrations and Araragi comes to the rescue by helping those girls and solving their mystery/problem. Well here, for the first time in the Monogatari series, Araragi is the character who gets affected, not by an aberration but by his own actions in the previous Monogatari shows. By actions, I mean him relying on his vampire powers and Shinobu to save the affected girls. By relying on his vampire powers, we see the consequences that goes along with using his vampire powers and what happens should he go full vampire.

In Tsukimonogatari, he learns how to deal with his problem without using his vampire powers which we have never seen before so it was nice to see how he deals with his problem as a normal human being with absolutely no powers and no regeneration to get him out of that situation (i.e no deus ex machine for him). However, Araragi is not alone on this one. He gets help from Yozuru and her familiar/walking corpse Yotsugi who played a major role in solving Araragi's problem.

Tsukimonogatari still retains the dialogue scenes and just like Hanamonogatari, it's 99% talking and 1% action. That action scene happens on the last episode. Unlike Hana, however, the dialogue scenes are way better and it's worth listening to again. Hana's dialogue scenes bored me to death because the conversation that the character had was dragged out and there wasn't any comic relief that existed in Second Season. In here, it was balanced. One half advances the plot and the other half is for humour. In other words, it's just like the Monogatari Series: Second Season's dialogue scenes. Why do I prefer the Second Season's dialogue scenes? There has to be a balance, that's why. You can't just have 99% dialogue scenes with no humour or no break. That's like reading a boring-ass philosophical book for 5 hours read more
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Baccano! (Anime) add
I recommend baccano to anyone who watches anime. It is very well written and extremely unique and is everything by Ryohgo Narita(the author of the books, which I read). The plot is basically in every story by Narita chaotic things happening to unrelated people that are all connected and will eventually clash into one huge chaotic situation in one place. This story has a unique atmosphere as it centers on American crime organizations in 1930s. Accents done amazingly by the dub cast really capture the whole feel of the great depression nicely. With the addition of supernatural immortals, homunculi, and wonderful ships baccano has something for everyone. The story following Eve is rather boring however, because it was adapted poorly due the drug centered plot in the 4th novel. The catchy jazz and extreme violence makes a wonderful combination of fun. The characters are unlike any others and so are their names. The ships will become your otps. If you want after watching book translations can be found online for free. Baccano is a 100% 10, a must watch show. Everything is adapted well but Eves stuff.
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Little Monica Monogatari (Anime) add
I liked this hentai for a variety of reasons. One, it was one of the first uncensored hentai I ever watched and man did I enjoy that. Let's get into the review part thingy. (This is my first Hentai Review). This anime's artwork is decent and adorable. So very cute! Loli's everywhere. If you don't like loli's avoid this hentai as all of the heroines ARE lolis as previous reviews said. The plot is decent for a hentai actually, but who ever watched hentai for the plot? Music is average, we have your typical moaning and groaning. Animation is standard and smooth. I enjoyed this because, it was uncensored, had lolis, had a cat girl (YIP YIP HURRAY), and was just faptastic. You should give it a shot if you like lolis, uncensored hentai, or just kemonimini's!
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One Punch Man (Anime) add
This is the first time I have felt inclined to write a review, especially of a series that isn't even finished, but One Punch Man deserves it. Also Spoiler warning as I may be referring to events from the first 9 episodes.

TLDR: 10's across the board.
Story : One Punchman's story might appear generic, but it is actually filled with depth as it manages to tackle the them of "What it means to be a hero" while seeming like a simple parody of shounen battle series.
Art: Unique and Breathtaking
Sound: That Op though
Characters: Although Saitama and Genos are the main focus and receive the most development the rest of the cast is unique and memorable each contributing to overall show.
Enjoyment: GG Madhouse
Overall: 10

Full Review:
Story(10): The premise of this show seems simple at first, Saitama is a hero so strong that he takes down every opponent he faces with one punch(hence the title), and he strives to find someone who is worthy of fighting. Although this might seem shallow at first, which it would be if this was all their was to the plot, One Punch Man brilliantly executes this premise through its underlying theme of "What it means to be a hero" as well as parodying many shounen battle series along the way. All of the characters in One Punch Man have very unique and different designs, whether it be Genos's android body of Puru Puru Prisoners Muscular fabulous doublechin. Regardless of how bulky or ridiculously powerful any character might look though, they are always leagues below the simply designed generic looking character that is Saitama. This is not simply a parody to shounen battle series, but it also ties back into the theme of this show. What Saitama lacks in appearance he makes up for in character. Saitama is not a hero to gain publicity and be acknowledged by others, as in shown plenty of times, with not only the speech he gives but, through his actions, ex letting other heroes take credit for the work he does(Seaking and Meteor). The use of the Super Hero association creates a way to clearly demonstrate how other heroes are simply only in it for the fame. This is demonstrated perfectly by the top of rank 1 Amai Mask who disregards people of ranks below him and only cares about people in his rank because they effect his image. The show also gives us a subtle way of noticing the true worth of characters through Saitama. Saitama frequently and quickly forgets every hero he passes, but the first hero he remembers(to my memory) is Mumen Rider, a generic looking biker superhero in c class. This gives the audience I reminder that it is not power and fame that makes a super hero, but character. Although One Punch Man does have it's share of hilarious moments through the use of Parody and witty banter, it is how the show manages to blend it's comedy and underlying themes together that creates a great amount read more
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Aoi Bungaku Series (Anime) add
It's almost pointless to review Aoi Bungaku Series, everything has been said about it by everyone but I feel the need to talk about this series since it have a special place for me. It was one of my first mature anime series, a surprising choice to begin with. I remember I had watched it on a whim. I have a lot to say about it so prepare yourself.


First I'm going to talk about the art. So the definition of perfection, the characters are splendid and their expressions are near heaven. But I did have some preferances. I love the colors of In the Forest, Under Cherries in Full Bloom, the saddness and blurriness in No Longer Human is strong (and the 3D effect of the creepy monster is really good) but my two favourites parts in terms of visual are Run, Melos ! and The Spider's Thread.
About Run, Melos !, it was especially Melos himself that was impressive. He is clearly handsome in his design. His animation is perfect, his movments when he talks are very dynamic because of the theatrical side of the story since when we're on the phases with this character everything take place on a scene, these movments in the animation are wonderfully controlled for this. I noticed the same effect when Takada writes his script with madness and anger (it makes me think of Death Note and I'm sure a lot of people noticed it)
Then The Spider's Thread/Hell Screen, these ones are pretty obvious about the beauty of the visual, but gosh it IS a real dream, I can't explain how I was crazy about it. The choices of colors are divine. The red assigned to Kandata is powerfull, the blue with the characters of the second episode, the extravagant colors of the King and the world itself with all the roofs. I think I was literally too much in this arc.
Obviously the red of Kandata means evilness, violence, aggressivity, it totally fit him and in that "famous" scene with the meeting of the spider when he's injured, we see the light of the moon that shines on him, as if the only act of kindness of Kandata is enlightened with the sweetness of the blue and override the bright red he wears, it was really significant here. Then there is the Hell, the one Kandata falls in, it looks like a bad trip and was a real pleasure for the eyes along with the track played.
Of course when I say this part is my favourite visually it includes the Hell Screen episode with the notable moments of the burning daughter for the contrast with the red flames the father see and the blue ones we see from the view of the daughter, and the last image that closes Aoi Bungaku with the painting, a strong conclusion.

About the soundtrack now. First of all, I CRY LITERALLY EVERYDAY because this soundtrack isn't released yet read more
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Ao Haru Ride (Anime) add
It absolutely befuddles me how this anime managed to get a rating of almost 8. I had heard it was clichéd, but that it managed to have a fresh approach on those clichés. I heard it was both funny and deep and amazing. Nope. Not at all. This anime is the same old clichés over and over again. Not only that, this anime is an insult to women.

This is one of those anime where the guy treats the girl like crap and yet she somehow ends up falling for him. This is one of those anime that says if a guy is hostile towards you it just means he cares. This is one of those anime that says no matter how horrible a person is, if you love them enough you can change them.

Here is a list of some of the clichés used in this anime. There are two girls that are just so pretty that the guys all love them and as a result the girls all hate them. There are people putting on masks and really need to learn to love themselves for who they are. Self hatred over something you had no control over. Petty love triangles. Girl falls for a guy because he shows basic human decency. Girl falls for the guy even though he's a huge ass. Overprotective love interest. Long lost love. Girl stalking the guy she likes. Other annoying crap.

Was this why I stopped watching the anime? No, the reason is much simpler and much more disturbing than that. What is it, you ask? It's when Kou tells Futaba she could get hurt if she walked around alone at night. It's when she doesn't know what he's talking about. It's when he pins her to the ground and makes a move as though he's going to sexually assault her. It's when he basically says "I could rape you if I wanted to." It's the fact that that messed up scene is supposed to be viewed as him just caring for her, and her seeing that as a sign of affection and being totally OK with it. THAT is where I drew the line.

So if you're OK with clichéd anime that portray young women as being idiots who have a tendency to fall in love with jerks, guys who treat the girls they have feelings for like gum on the bottom of their shoes, stupid people, and guys who act like they're superior because they're dudes, then go ahead. Watch the anime.
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Mars of Destruction (Anime) add
Oh shit! Look, guys! Another Mars of Destruction review!

What's it gonna be this time, I wonder? Is it an honest 1? Is it a troll-infused, cancer giving 10!? Is it a hipster 6-8 rating!?

No, it's a ZERO. A huge-ass ZERO! (This fucking number ---> 0) It only looks like a one because MAL doesn't allow us to call anything worse than pathetic. Discriminate fucks. I want my rights!


==(Story 0/10)==
So, a bunch of Ancients invade planet earth and a squad of soldiers gotta go fast and kill these motherfuckers. You know, for a group of highly skilled weapon professionals (Or so they claim), they have a knack of getting fucked up by these Ancient assholes. So, because of this, they seek out a secret weapon to eliminate the asshole infestation. And that secret weapon is....? Normal high school kid! Who would have guessed!? Now, because this kid is 'special', daddy now wants his whiny ass kid named Takeru to pilot a power suit called "Mars".
Hm... Whiny kid, asshole father, power mecha suit, secret organization, alien-like creatures?
Now just WHEEEEEEERE have I heard that before. Oh, I can't seem to remember. I think it was from Shitcom but I don't know. I'll probably remember later.
After a few flashbacks and scenes we've seen from an anime that's definitely not Evangelion, whiny ass Takeru and his squad of multi-color haired bambinos face off against a bunch of Ancients and their leader who looks like a rip-off of Zen-Aku from Power Rangers. Then again, Super Sentai villains always looked the same.
But enough of that! As good and evil finally clash, a fiery battle begins! People exploding! Heads flying! Consistent whining! Highly Trained soldiers showing the audience how not highly trained they are! Deus Ex Machina everywhere! Not dying from being choked and thrown! Being able to shoot with a twisted arm! ASSPULL ASSPULL OH MY ASSPULL! And when the fighting soon comes to an end.... a DEEP. DARK. SECRET IS REVEALED. UGHHH, SO DEEP. HOW CAN YOUR ANUS TAKE THIS MUCH BULLSHIT! Oh my, Mars of Destruction!
Yeah, if you haven't caught on, the story is... well, I can't say I liked it, that's for sure.

==(Characters 0/10)==
Oh my, where do I begin? Okay, let's start with what I can see on MAL's character list since I didn't pay attention to any of the characters' meaningful introductions during its first five minutes. Let's start with... Shinji Ikari! Hm, if I can describe him in one word, it'd be... Who am I kidding, the kid's a Shinji clone! No, this is different. This isn't one of those moments where the character only FEELS like a carbon copy of a character. Rather, THIS CHARACTER IS LITERALLY HIM. Same whiny voice, same complaints, same dicksucking facial expressions, same EVERYTHING. Toss in a smexy philosophical gay dude and he'd probably react to it the same way!
Okay, now that we've gone past our... kinda main character, let's go to the rest of the supporting cast! There's read more
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Kazuhira's basic as fuq reviews: Gate: Thus the JSDF Fought There!

Characters 6 - Bare bones personality, really there to fill fetishes and required story roles. Nobody memorable outside of Rory. It makes due, just not up to par.

Story 7 - Great concept and I want more. Can't wait for world building and politics. Several minor plot points were started but not resolved, left me unsatisfied with most character specific stories.

Art 5 - Very inconsistent quality, falls between an 8 and a 4. Serviceable, but I was hoping for better consistency for an anime in 2015. Ughhhh the CG was terrible. I cringed every time.

Sound 5 - No memorable OST whatsoever, lack of catchy OPs or EDs. Generic and totally average.

Enjoyment 7 - Overall an enjoyable anime. Would like to see it expanded on, and will probably watch season 2 to see if Itami and Rory bang.

Final score 6 - As a product by its own merits, it falls short of being called good, but my hope is that the franchise will see to some of my gripes in the near future. It's worth the watch if you enjoy military and fantasy as this anime caters to both. If you don't particularly care for either, than I would avoid it. Your time is better spent elsewhere. Season 2 is coming January 2016.
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Full Metal Panic? Fumoffu (Anime) add
This is totally different from the real stories, this is like a spin off, one that is aimed to be full comedy without an specific storyline and i got to point out this is much better than the original and the Second Raid and much more enjoyable than both combined.

Well there's no actual linear storyline but more like episodic stories in which every episode has two funny ''stories'' or daily life moments in which Sousuke finds himself and other ones in trouble triggering funny moments, that's it, expect to laugh a lot and Chidori this time has justification for her violence towards Sousuke and is less violent than in the other two adaptations in which it was unjustified over the top non sense violence and i hated that but here is justified and even funny, sometimes she's a douch but not like in the other two adaptations.

Art & Animation
The art style is very good, sometimes is deformed and some episodes the quality of the animation drops but considering the time this was made it is pretty good and has a very good animation, better animation value than others of that year or years later.

The music background was good, the OP was good, fitting with the slice of life theme and the ED was ok but what i liked the most was that this time the VA was great and i think they felt compromised to do a great job and make everything funny, enjoyable and on point with the funny actions specially Sousuke, so serious and yet so funny, that's why i think the sound in general was great.

The improvement of the characters is great, maybe it's because of the comedy slice of life or how well the chemistry of the characters is, but for sure the characters were great in Fumoffu and that chemistry is what made everything funnier and better.
-Sousuke is not aware on how to socialize with people at all, and that's what makes it funny, tho he seems more stupid than unaware of logical things.
-Chidori is more likeable in Fumoffu than in the other two adaptations, in which she was the worst character, she's one of the best here, tho i still prefer Tessa.
Just with these two the things are great already, but we have a bunch other support characters that makes it slightly better but still great, like people from Mithril, Kurtz, Melissa and Tessa funny moments with them as well.

I didn't thought this was gonna be great, i didn't have high hopes for this anime but it surprised me and that come from someone who scored the original with a Six and the Second Raid with a Seven and i wasn't going to watch it but i decided why not and i'm glad i gave it a shot and my enjoyment was great.
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Valkyrie Drive: Mermaid (Anime) add
I usually dont write reviews, too much typing and I do enough of that in school, but some of the reviews on this show isn't fair.

This is an ecchi show, about boobs and forced lesbians that grope each other to power up to fight, if you come thinking you are going to get some super uber deep story like NGE or some shit you are mistaken but lets get to the meat

Story 8/10:

This is a show about girls who are kidnapped from home and whisked away to this island without any idea why, as we quickly find out if some are sexually aroused during a fight they turn into weapons, i mean this isnt some type of deep battle show, its fan service if you like this stuff this is your show

Art 6/10

hit or miss, it has some good points and some scenes are poorly drawn

Sound 10/10

the op is fucking awesome and so is the ending, i have to watch it every time

Character 8/10

LADY LADY no but, the main two characters make the show for me, i dont know how to get into it without spoiling it but all the characters make the show in some way

Enjoyment 10/10

For me, the show is fucking awesome. I'm a pervert but if you go into this show not expecting too much, you wont be disappointed

Overall 9/10

This is not a show for you to look for a deeper meaning, it is fanservice, lesbians and fighting, I will say it does get plot heavy later on, but if you just want some fun, this is your show.
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Love Live! School Idol Project (Anime) add
This is my first review, so please bear with me.

Story: 9/10
The story is easy to understand. School closing down due to a lack of applicants, and three girls decide to form a school idol group to gain popularity. They name this idol group "μ's" and eventually end up with nine members in total. I had no problems with pacing of the story - it wasn't too slow or fast - and found each episode very interesting, making me want to watch more.

Art: 8/10
The art is, in a word, flawless. The characters, although looking very different from one another, are all cute. In fact, I was once asked "Who do you think is the prettiest member of μ's?". I couldn't choose. They were all beautiful in their own special ways. The one thing I wasn't a fan of was the CG used when songs were performed, but I got used to it later on.

Sound: 9/10
Because this is an idol anime, there'll have to be lots of music, right? The songs in this anime were amazing, especially the opening, "Bokura wa Ima no Naka de". Normally, I would skip openings, but I didn't skip this one. Not once. The other songs were amazing too, my personal favourite being "START: DASH". The songs are catchy and upbeat; it's next to impossible to dislike them.

Character: 9/10
There are nine members of μ's. Each of them had their own personality - and they were all lovable personalities.

Honoka Kousaka: The protagonist. The one who decided to start μ's. An optimistic person who isn't scared to take risks, and her determination is what makes her lovable. Seriously, though. When she was happy, I was happy. When she was upset, I was upset. She made a perfect main character.

Eli Ayase: The Student Council president who seems a little antagonistic at first, but as you watch more, you find out that she has her own reasons for seeming like this. She, at first, was against Honoka's idea of creating an idol group, but later on became the 8th member of μ's.

Kotori Minami: Honoka and Umi's childhood friend. She is very caring, and has a hard time expressing her feelings because she is thinking about others as well. It took me a while to like her, because I found her weak at first, but I started liking her more after realising how kind she is, because she takes other people's feelings into consideration.

Umi Sonoda: Honoka and Kotori's childhood friend and μ's lyricist. A shy girl who is always thinking logically. She is extremely modest, and isn't a fan of short skirts, but gets used to them later on. She also has a strong will. She is my personal favourite because I adore both her shyness and her strong will.

Rin Hoshizora: An energetic tomboy who is a little self-conscious when it comes to wearing skirts, as she was made fun of for wearing them as a child. Rin is, in a word, adorable. Like Honoka, she is always looking at the bright read more
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Ok this is an improvement from the first season but, it still has the same problems that makes it not enjoyable just like in the first one and that problem is Chidori and her constant unjustified violence and other considerable problems of interaction between Sousuke and Chidori.

The story starts two months after the first season with a somehow changed enviroment, like if Chidori was more violent and isn't aware of the hard work Sousuke is put on but for some reason she is bitchy towards him for not being there for her (he should be sorry for saving people) and when he is close to her she starts with her unjustified violence and that happens even in serious scenes where ''comedy'' is not required and i even thought she improved because of one particular ep. and therefore starting to understand Sousuke but when she reappears after what was a mature story with Sousuke as the protagonist, she blew my enjoyment, that enjoyment that could gave the anime a higher score, that enjoymen that i was having with an improved story, i was thinking that the story was much better without Chidori and jus focus on Sousuke and the Mecha drama, it was a much better setting, obviously it wouldn't be developed like that because what was the best is that Sousuke was finally asking himself what was he doing with his life? is that what he wants to keep doing? does he want to keep following orders even if he by following them couldn't protect Chidori? and i knew the story was more mature in the manga because i was spoiled that scene of what he did with that Chinese woman, it only surprised me that it wasn't adapted like it was in the manga, the thing is that Chidori ruined the story with her uncalled violence, but the story is good even with all that mess.

Art & Animation
The animation improved a lot, more smooth and much better in general, nothing to complain about it but yeah is very good considering it was from 2005.

Better music and it has the same VA but more concentrated to make a great job at doing the voices; The OP is kind of like in the first season skippable and the ED was odd, it has something that made me think it was sad for some reason, it's crazy considering the clip is Sousuke and Chidori walking but with a maybe normal ED song, i don't know just that in general it's very good.

A more improved cast of good characters but is not enough to consider the characters the strong point of the anime because if it has a particular character improvement like Sousuke we are presented with Chidori and her same attitude, for some reason they act different, what happened in the gap time of two months from first season and second raid because is not explained why Chidori has Alzheimer with Sousuke and what he does in his daily life and why read more
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I really didn't think the movie would have been anywhere near the anime. But with this one I was gladly proven else wise. The movie fit perfectly with the original story. It's like the movie was staring in a mirror, was virtually the same thing, but on the other side of the mirror. Subtle differences and the Kurisu's point of view. This allowed the movie to add 'extra' onto 'ordinary'

To expand on Kurisu's point of view aspect, I've seldom seen an Anime in which the point of view is someone else other than what we've been used to throughout the main story. So when I realized this story was being told as through the eyes of Kurisu I was overjoyed to learn this. In doing such we got treated to something different. As well it allowed a bit more development for her Character and let us connect with her more.

Overall it was a thrill from start to finish, equal to the anime in my thoughts. Didn't give you too much more. And it didn't package the same thing with a new label and call it a new product. Why my personal choice to why Steins;Gate and it's ova movie are member one!
Thanks for your time.
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Charlotte (Anime) add
I'll have a rant with Charlotte. It deserves it. Why isn't there a zero score for 'story'?

It is oft repeated that everybody, well not everybody, but many people, had high hopes for Charlotte, and that 'people' includes me in the ranks. It was the first name on my team sheet for the summer season. Such a waste.

It's also repeated that it started okay and plunged down after a certain point. This plays true to the words, it shot up the horribility scale after about EP8. Everything went wrong. The pacing, the character development. But especially the plot. The believability of that plot. Plot holes are galore. It's really depressing trying to talk about every one of them. The last episode was especially a huge pile of garbage on that front, which you have to see to believe. How is that even possible? There were too many 'red dots' on one map in one city and too much time taken for him to erase one dot at a time for me to believe any second of it.

The characters were a big problem too. Nao is well-loved and praised, at least round here in my part of the Earth. She is well-designed, no doubt about it. However she plays too little a part in the short and appalling main plot, think about it again, doesn't she? About all the others, well...there are too many come-and-go characters that just slip in, do their part which have wildly varying impacts on the plot, and then vanish with slim explanation on their past or future actions and intentions. Even two 'main characters' in the main party, glasses guy and idol girl, really do nothing to complement the anime outside of giving the odd giggle(or, to put it better, vain attempt at making you giggle) and being a kind of christmas visual decoration. We still don't know virtually anything about them after the end of the last episode. It's impossible to like the character as a moving character that has flesh and blood, even though they're 'main characters'. Ms. Zhiend and Nao's older bro clog up more than one episode of the anime, and the whole of EP8, for literally nothing, as their forced drama is reversed when the MC turns back time. What was the point?

Pacing and production, to a lesser extent was also to blame. Look at the flashback scene in EP9 and...It’s really bad. I'll have a moan with the main band Zhiend as well. They're vaguely listenable, but how on earth are they a post-rock band? And why did Maeda try to emphasize that?

That leaves the art. It's not a masterwork in design and movement, but it's certainly commendable and faults were hard to find in the quality throughout the series. That's it though. It doesn't leave waves of astonishment for that, and is just...a little better than the average anime you get. There's no trying to leave from the tradition neither, everything is standard. Is it better enough than your average read more
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Nekojiru-sou (Anime) add
Now now, Cat Soup is easily the best visual experience an anime has ever given to me and probably the one addressing the largest amount of serious topics through visual means. So let's dive straight into this artistic greatness!

Story & character (7)
So, the story and characters of Cat Soup aren't really worth addressing as they are so simple and are really there to give context and core for the visuals. Even if I wanted to, describing any event in the story would be a spoiler and most of the side characters are just glanced over as the scenes change. One scene worth mentioning is the ending, in my opinion THE ending in any story, encompassing the very meaning of the word. The story is solid and in my opinion, no one should read any description of Cat Soup before watching the anime, only after to answer the unavoidable question: what the hell did. I just watch?

Art & sound (9)
While most animation is based on logic & story, Cat Soup falls into the smaller group of the ones that consist of emotion & art. The scenery is amazing and varied throughout, and character designs are quite memorable although they're nothing special. The sound is extrordinary by being simple and minimalistic, nothing unnecessary is included in the auditive world of this anime. The animation is great and compliments the art style as they both make the anime look dreamy and maybe a little bit unfinished, adding to the mood.

Visuals & themes (9)
I really don't know where to put visuals & themes as they are tied tightly together while the visuals are art but the themes are part of the story, so I gave them their own section. The visuals, as in what is happening on the screen are unique, never have I seen something like this in my life. Everything I saw while watching this was imaginative and of the familiar thind were just inspired by something else, without copying or trying to be like some other works of art. The themes are all over the place, from siblinghood to trust and sacrifice , from vanimal cruelty to the end of the world. Almost all of the themes are present as visual symbolism on the screen, only a couple are tied to the story. However there is one problem regarding te symbolism, an easy mistake: you can almost hear the screenwriters and directors screaming: "ask me what it means!". In other words: the symbolism is sometimes forced and hard to interpret. Just try to find out whta I mean while watching it and remember to make your own interpretations as well!

Enjoyment (10)
I love Cat Soup, instantly going to my favorites. As a whole this anime was an experience for me, always finding meaning in the visuals or just finding the visuals interesting. Easily worth rewatching due to it's short duration and solid presentation that I hope will keep on giving. I recommend this anime for everyone, no restrictions, just watch it

Overall score: read more
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Kaguya-hime no Monogatari (Anime) add
I was a child when I first heard of the tale of the bamboo cutter. There were different versions all across Asia. The one thing they shared in common was that the baby princess grew to be a mystically beautiful woman. It was all I remember of the story. A beautiful princess born from the cheap common bamboo shoots. It is also the only thing everyone around Princess Kaguya ever think of. Everyone except her childhood playmates who knew the unruly and curious child in Princess Kaguya. Princess Kaguya try to fight her way into getting what she wants. Her love for beauty was mistaken for a love for a luxury life. His own father wanted to believe she was a princess sent by Heaven and thus sets himself to provide her the necessity he thought fit for heavenly princess.

Regarding the art, I was genuinely surprised. I saw the illustrations, and the trailers, but I didn’t think they’d actually leave it in the raw-brush sort of way. I found it beautifully intense. I feel like the story is told in a portrait-like manner by an artist. I’m used to the modern style anime I wasn’t expecting that this style would actually be a gripping way to tell tales. I can feel myself agreeing to everything Okina claimed beautiful. Each scene took my breath away!

I like how the story does not focus on the marriage proposals or on her affections for Sutemaru. Despite Okina’s obvious change after receiving his fortune, and his ridiculous man-view on Kaguya-hime’s happiness, I found him a character I cannot hate. I like the way he sees the social hierarchy and how he stands by his belief. Despite formerly a bamboo cutter, he did not hide himself, nor does he fall under the pressure to present Kaguya-hime’s face to the rich nobles who came for a visit. He is a strict follower of rules, why explains his need to give the heaven-sent Kaguya-hime the best he could give even if that means forbidding her to associate with the lower class.

However, I am a little disappointed with Ouna’s role in the story. She is the ever-loving and understanding mother. During the first half of the story, I found her role to be very strong, influencing a lot on the story. Despite not liking her passiveness much in the latter half, it is logical for Ouna to have such personality. She is the good wife, her husband greatest supporter, and have multiple time become a person Kaguya-hime share her sorrows with. I am sad for Ouna more than I could for dear Kaguya-hime.

Conclusively, it is an amazing movie that gives a lot of room for thoughts. I definitely recommend it!
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6 hours ago
Strange Dawn (Anime) add
Very obscure anime that I saw all of one time as a kid Arabic dubbed on TV and finally found again after years of wondering if I'd imagined it. And it is beautiful. Children's rating though? That's a lie - the only reason anyone would have to believe that this is a children's anime is the fact that the characters look like little Teletubbies. But it's an anime with lots of blood and violence, themes of war, love triangles and melodrama - heck, there's even (somewhat...) an attempted rape scene! If there's one major problem it's the very abrupt ending, as if the show had been cancelled or something - but given that the beginning was just as out-of-nowhere and abrupt, it seemed kind of fitting.

The story talks about two high school girls, Natsuno Eri and Miyabe Yuko, who find themselves lost in a world inhabited by 'humans' that are barely 2 or 3 feet tall and have the body shapes of marshmallows. The anime literally just starts with them walking around in this world wondering where they are and how they got there, which I think is great; no time is wasted seeing what they were doing before they got there, or how they got there, or anything of the sort. The importance of the story happens in this fantasy world, and ends as soon as they leave.

The same could be said for the two main leads themselves actually, as while you're watching, you don't get the feeling the story is really about them either - they're just sort of there. There's nothing special about them other than the fact that they are three times the size of every other character, and the fact that their personalities are completely polar opposites. Insofar as the anime focuses on their struggles, it's mostly in the daily necessities that the fantasy world is sorely lacking in - bathrooms, sanitary napkins, a change of clothes - you know, the things that are never really addressed all that much in other anime, or any story really, that involves a character being transported to a past-times fantasy setting.

The real importance lies in the inhabitants of the fantasy world, the little people of Belzerg, who are trying to protect their village that's being caught in the middle of a war between two neighboring countries. These are the characters you'll find yourself caring about or hating, and these are the characters that go through trials and epiphanies and realizations by the end through their interactions with each other and the two main leads.

While I was watching the anime, I found myself able to enjoy it that much more after I decided to distance myself a bit from Miyabe and Natsuno and view them the way the little people did - as otherworldy beings with unimaginable powers, unable to empathize with human emotion. That way it made a bit more sense for their personalities to be so extreme, with Natsuno being quiet, uncertain, but trying to be helpful read more
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Guilty Crown (Anime) add
Guilty Crown feels so typical with the usual protagonist, light romance, expose, and mecha battles. The main superpower of the story, King's Power or Guilty Crown, is introduced in such a haste that it's hard to grasp anything about it.

Music is excellent. Far above the level of any other anime of this type and time. Seriously. The insert song Euterpe is mind blowing.

It almost becomes a classy drama when you feel like both sides of the story are equally correct. In the initial episodes, you would think both sides could be believed to be good. But that soon changes, obviously. It's not an intense story to have such a dramatic plot.

Everything's futuristic but security cameras are old-fashioned. They have to move to cover the entire area and that lets Funeral Parlor sneak up. Seriously?

Story is not clear. The screenplay looks confusing. Sometimes you won't know some tricks and witty twists of the story until they're fully exposed, which is a bummer. Due to this weak screenplay, the story loses a lot of its charisma.

As the story nears its end you can finally see how well scripted the whole story is. It becomes fast-paced, interesting, and a bit technical. The drama is very captivating. Let's draw some comparisons. I would say it's far below Death Note, but somewhat close to Steins;Gate.

Be ready for the usual tremendous increase of energy in the protagonist at times of loss or sorrow. Be ready for the usual "changing" of the protagonist into something else because of some loss or sorrow. Be ready for the usual side-characters-trying-to-get-the-protagonist-back-on-the-righteous-path-melodrama, a path he took because of some loss or sorrow. Oh you guessed that one.

In fact, be ready for anything you'd expect in a mecha shonen. Romance, betrayal, loss, vengeance, superpower bursts, friends, and some other things I cannot mention because that would be spoilers.

That said, Guilty Crown might look like a boring anime. But it's surprisingly not. Good to have some quality time. For me, well I almost dropped the anime twice even when I wasn't watching anything else but both the times I picked up it was pretty interesting to do so. I almost missed the anime.

Post episode 16, things become truly electrifying and intense. Add some mind blowing mecha action in that.

With the side arcs, one thing I figured out that the creators have tried to add a feeling of Death Note. Those moments when the arch cool rival type finally sees the power in action (L seeing Death Note in action -- wait did L see it in action? But well he knew at least), another cool rival type (Yu) is made to look like N. There are more similarities. And yes, in case you're wondering, almost everyone in the anime looks like a badass cool rival type at one point or the other -- even the protagonist. This is Cool Rival Types Crown for you. Yes I think I can really do honest anime trailers.
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Tonari no Kaibutsu-kun (Anime) add
A beautiful story about unpopular people, friendless people, lonely people, people who hate other people, people who can't get along with other people, and so on. And somehow they all happen to be good looking. Makes one wonder how are they not popular.

Anyway, as I said, the story with its light romance is so beautiful. Good comedy, great character stories, but pretty typical characters. Normal music and average animation.

Okay so these are not spoilers, remember. Basically the story's course is that the girl doesn't want to be attracted to Haru because it works like a distraction in her studies and she can't make her grades suffer more. What? I know. But she's not a complete bitch. You'll love her.

The romance takes a pretty realistic path. It seems that they're being unrealistically honest but the turns their relationship takes is very realistic. It's not based around a fairy tale setting or a romantic dream. It's much closer to real life where you're sure and unsure of things at the same time. Where you're in love but you're not displaying that. And everything isn't so smooth with all the fights and difference of opinions. It's a real and fun love story.

But after half a dozen episodes pass, you would sense they're overdoing things. Dude, that's enough time to reach a conclusion about whether it's a deal or not, especially when you got no other stuff or problem in the whole story. But it's overly stretched. At episode 8 sharp, I felt like "Why is he even trying? Just throw that bitch aside and get another girl."

I would say My Little Monster is an enjoyable anime you can pick up anytime, especially after you've braced some Clannad sort of stuff. It's got great comedy, a sweet romance, and beautiful characters.
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Gintama (Anime) add
Comedy is a genre which can be very difficult to appeal to the majority of people, as it is heavily dependent on ones preferences, as well as his own past experiences with the medium. Besides these limitations, there is an other factor that plays a role, which are the cultural differences that exist in current society, as a lot of comedy is dependent on the understanding of said cultural customs. This is done in the West through various types, such as satires, sitcoms, cringe comedies or slapstick comedies; in the East, particularly Japan, this done through the most known type of comedy, the Manzai, or lesser known ones such as Shimoneta, a comedy focused on dirty jokes, or the Konto, short sketches that are completely ridiculous, yet hilarious.

With that being said, there is one anime that managed to become very popular among the anime audiences throughout the last decade despite those limitations, and that is Gintama. This anime is particularly famous because it implements comedic elements from both the West and the East splendidly, while at the same time having its share of a more "serious" story, expanding on its universe, as well as having fantastic battle scenes with wonderful background stories for the characters. Naturally, some viewers may dislike this anime, and while I personally think it's a great anime, it also has its flaws, which I will try to depict below.


The setting in which the story takes place is feudal Japan, Tokyo, formerly known as Edo, yet with every modern type of tools available in modern society, such as cars, fridges, TV's, you name it; but that is not the only nonsensical thing, there is also the fact that Japan is invaded by aliens. Following the life of the defeated lazy samurai Sakata Gintoki and his fellow companions Kagura and Shimura Shinpachi on their jobs as "Yorozuya", people who would do everything for money, being the poor penniless people they are. These tasks range from simple jobs such as catching cats to high-risk type of labour, which all have one thing in common: it will always end hilariously, usually through the hardships the protagonists have to endure.

Gintama's main focus lies in the humor, and it conveys these splendidly to the viewers through a wide array of comedy types, be it the manzai or satires to the different customs of different cultures. It must be said that these situation are often over the top, and ridiculously absurd which I personally think is a charm too. What makes these so well done, is the fact that it is unexpecting and hilariously represented. Who will forget the epic toilet battle, or the mishaps that happen to the most powerful man in the country, the Shogun himself? Other great aspect is the use of referential comedy to other anime series, even movies: these are all hilariously well presented, if viewers know about it that is; which begins with one of the problems this anime has.

Though the majority of gags and jokes read more
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Transformers: Car Robots (Anime) add
The Transformers saga – thirty years of a war between shapeshifting alien robots, the heroic Autobots and the evil Decepticons – has had many iterations in its history. It's gone from a fun adventurous cartoon in the 1980s, to a live-action series of brutal war films. This particular show is perhaps the most little-known chapter of the whole saga, but is able to stand on its own as an enjoyable work in its own right.

This show was one of the first Japanese TF shows to be brought over to the US; it was part of the anime boom that occurred in the 1990s and 2000s . It features all the trademarks of the anime genre: power- ups, a rival to the hero, a ton of goofy comedy from both the heroes and villains, and gradual escalation into a climactic final battle. However, these trademarks are scripted fairly well and generally provide maximum entertainment, and the characters acquire enough screen time and development to stand out as basic but distinct. Two of the most memorable characters in the show are the evil clone Scourge and the bumbling henchman Sky-Byte; one is a legitimately menacing threat to all around him, and the other is a lovable oaf that endears himself with his comic antics.

However, because the show is basic anime it can come off as predictable and dull, and also Transformers (which is basically robots beating up each other) is an acquired taste that only a specific group of people (generally fans who grew up with the TF cartoons/toys) can enjoy. Still, if you are able to overlook these issues, you will be able to greatly enjoy yourself with this show.

All In all, this was a truly underrated part of Transformers, and one that deserves more love.
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Omoide no Marnie (Anime) add
"When Marnie was there" is truly a beautiful film, as expected from the renowned Studio Ghibli. It doesn't overstep its boundaries and tries to tell a very simple story using extremely detailed characters and art, subtle classical music, and cinematography. It's a good family film, which I can recommend to anyone who has a human heart, from the ages 3 to 99.

The most obvious feature of this film is the beautiful art. This point doesn't need to be expanded upon. Any description will fail to convey the charm of the beauty of every scene of the movie. All of the backgrounds are detailed and full of life. This gives the film a very real feel.

What plays a much more important role in the realism are the characters. Those featured in this film are few but well thought out. The main character acts in a lot of ways like a real person. The creators have included very subtle gestures using the eyes, face and hands to truly bring Anna to life. Her behaviour is very realistic for a child of her age. I personally could put myself in her shoes. Awkward moments felt truly awkward, and I instantly remembered the moments when I acted the same way as Anna.
The character of Marnie was purposefully left a little bit mysterious and unreal, to reflect the fact that she was in fact a memory. The atmosphere changes significantly whenever she's on screen. This was achieved using music, clever cinematographic play, and art. All of those had been well thought out to create a mysterious dreamy feeling of uncertainty as to who Marnie truly is. The memories of her slowly come together to form a coherent whole, and we truly understand this person.
The supporting cast is more or less left intentionally blank. However lacking in detail they might be, the entire cast is composed of characters one might find within one's own acquaintances and family. They all seem very real, and this is achieved using a minimum of dialogue and gestures. The random children from preschool act and sound exactly how one would expect them to, as do the teenagers, parents, and random people from the village.

Most of the cast is female. This is perhaps an overlooked, but important fact that should be pointed out.

The music and sound effects don't stand out too much, but that is for the better. Nowhere in the film does the music or the art overwhelm what's most important: what are the characters saying, doing, and feeling. The sound and graphic design is so detailed and subtle, that it allows to immerse yourself in the world of this story.

All in all, the film feels extremely real and subtle. It's not trying to overwhelm you with emotions and flashing CGI. It charms the viewer by showing a world which feels more real than our own.
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Brothers Conflict (Anime) add
Ema had gained 13 brothers after the marriage of Ema father and The Asahina mother. Each character have their unique characteristic. Well as usual i have a few complained about the MC. As much as i love the progress for every episode i cant take it when the MC became a total slut. The MC is a gamer so that differ from others Reverse Harem anime. Since most Reverse Harem MC is usually lady like naive and ended up as like a slut. Ema however after many advances from her "Brothers" accept it and did not even struggle to move. Even after telling all her "brothers" that she just wants to be family she got affected by every move they made on her. Enjoying the pleasure given. Like looking at a plate full of delicacy.

Yes i had given this anime an overall 10 as i ignore the MC and frantically fan girl at the brother.
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Hanasaku Iroha (Anime) add
Genre:- Slice of Life, Romance(yes its there and not yuri), Drama

tl;dr- A slice of life anime that ticks the right boxes, leaving you with a warm fuzzy feeling. If you need a healing anime and cannot really get into Aria and the likes because of less drama, this one just might be for you. It pulls your heartstrings in the first half and gives a memorable conclusion in the second. An anime that everyone should watch. Of course I cannot guarantee that you will like it or it is flawless, but then it will all depend on how much you focus on the flaws itself. Overall this is one of the better SoLs out there and the second best P.A. Works after Uchoten Kazoku.

Animation and artwork-7.5/10(character atwork is great, use of palletes extraordinary, but it falls short of other P.A. Works in the background scenery. Some are badly drawn and blurred in 720p, filtering issues are there)

Sound- 9/10(Exemplary, could not skip the 2nd Op and ED for once, the insert songs and music greatly heighten the atmosphere, not one which I will download OSTs for, but it acted as a brilliant compliment to the anime)

Story and coherence- 7.5/10 (Doesnt divert much from the main storyline, though sometimes goes in random direction to develop a character, overall we can call it a meandering river with small rivulets, but most of the water flows together from source to sea)

Characters-7.5/10(4 characters obviously dont get equal development, but each is given time to develop. Even the weak link becomes completely different person in the beginning than in the end. Relationship development between two main characters are beautiful to watch, and the development of side characters top notch. I fell in love with all of them after the anime)

Enjoyment-9/10( Something that made me not skip episodes or drop in the middle to pick up later. Hooked from first episode, and kept me in the journey till the end)

Now that we are done with the ratings let me focus on some aspects of the anime.

The show initially may seem like just another cute girls doing cute things show. But no its much more than that. What I did not expect is the romantic angle to the show at all, because it wasnt mentioned anywhere. In fact the romance though subtle plays a very important part in the show, and the relationship between the lead female character and her lover reminded me of mine, so I could connect at a personal level. The lead character though is a bit absurd because she is unaware of sexual harrassment and such in the beginning and some weird things happen to her(nothing like sexual assualt and rape mind you, its actually funny), but looking at her age it is a bit too much far fetched.(But I know a few girls in real life at that age who really did not know anything about sex at that time). Anyway the lead character doesnt start off as somebody pampered and already has read more
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Dance with Devils (Anime) add
How should i say this.......Reverse Harem is my favorite genre but usually they are something missing inside the whole show but this anime is plainly irritating. The MC is simply a stupid idiotic slutty annoying girl. I was just in the second episode and the MC already threw herself towards the guys and always asking stupid question. She might have a fighter inside her but the idea of her saying things like i have no such stuff inside my house or i have no idea whats going on makes me wants to slap the shit out of the girl. In truth there is always something we dont know even in the house .

(well it just a hint wont be in detail)

The MC even decline her friend to go with her and follow a creepy looking person to meet the love interest. Even after things happening to her she simply walk slowly drowning in her pitiful state in a dark alley. And she basically just enter the house of a guy she doesnt know well when she is suppose to sleep over her best friend house. She trust a person she basically spoke badly off the same day they first met to his house. She shamelessly came to school with him and thank him openly for letting her stay over his house when she could do it in the car.
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Nagi no Asukara (Anime) add
*This is my first review on here so don't judge me if I don't write it as amazing as all the other ones ^
To this day and forth, this anime will stand as my favorite anime for various reasons.

*Story- This anime is set in a world where there is sea people and surface people. The story follows around the leading characters Manaka Mukaido, Hikari Sakishima, Chisaki Hiradaira, and Kaname Isaki. They meet some people from the surface (which helps the plot advance in later episodes) because they are forced to go to school up there. This is a story with a lot of emotion and it will definitely bring you a tear or two a couple times. (getting back on track) Through the story you start to notice that (other than the complicated love stuff) they start talking about a mysterious sea god and the ena these sea people have.. (There are mysteries that are left up ahead but it will be your choice to unlock by watching the actual anime.) 10/10

*Art- The art in this anime is truly beautiful, so beautiful that it was one of the main reasons why I had to watch the anime in the first place. The design of the sea people's eyes and the ocean and the surface is just ughghghgh... so amazing. I don't think I've seen a anime with this good of design since a while back. 10/10

*Sound- The sound, for me, there's not much to say about it. The soundtrack during really intense and dramatic parts where just so beautiful adding to the background animation and plot.. I don't think any anime with a theme like this one could have done any better. 10/10

*Character- As I said before the anime revolves mostly around these 5 characters going up to the surface and back down to the village meeting new people along the way. The way these characters make me feel at really emotional parts are just half of what I need to say about them. I get really frustrated throughout this anime for various reasons, (Characters cry a lot and many other reasons) but because the characters cry a, lot I'm feeling frustrated because I just have to cry with them at these parts. I don't think I've ever teared so much at an anime as much as this one. 10/10

*Enjoyment- You definitely know what I'm gonna give for this one ;). Listen, at the beginning of the anime I was thinking about not trying to rush through it and just take my time like I've did with several I've been watching. 5-7 episodes later I was so into it that I just had to watch more. I did take short break's but trust me, they were short. 10/10

*Overall- This anime, overall, was the best anime I've ever watched in my time of watching anime (which isn't that long.) It definitely gives you a kicker in the eye with all the tears you'll be flowing. It definitely does sounds read more
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Itoshi no Muco (Anime) add
Even though it looks kinda silly and the art style is a bit weird, this anime is good. It's not a masterpiece, but it's entertaining and funny.

The episodes are only 12 minutes long, but I don't think they need to be longer. Itoshi no Muco is a silly little anime, and I recommend it if you want something more light-hearted in your life.

It doesn't really have a story it's just all over the place, but there are some things that repeat in the episodes. The anime is silly, but I haven't laughed out loud at least yet.

And Muco is just adorable.
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Gakusen Toshi Asterisk (Anime) add
Gakusen Toshi Asterisk (The Asterisk Wars or The Little Star Wars if you prefer using the original name of the asterisk.)

It's a rather generic harem story in which you can immediately decipher its characters just off the poster, but as a bonus OMG LIGHT SABERS IT'S SO COOL!111!!11!

But back to being serious here.

The story is basically a typical high school shounen with sci-fi elements mixed in (hence the light sabers and needlessly glowing outfits.)

So far nothing new, despite a whole slew of questions left unanswered directed towards the history of the world and how it became the way it is. The story just says to me: "Hey this shit happened and then this became that so yeah let's get back to the main plot mkay?"


Nothing much to say here aside from the fact that it's an LN adaption. It's a shounen harem plot where Niceguy McCoolGuy is stronk and gets X number of girls. I can literally name several others that have the same general plot as this.

Also there's magic but like everything else that make up the world, it is not even explained to you how it works and how things came to the point where teens can control dangerous elements and participate in life-or-death fighting competitions to grasp at a chance of world fame and wealth.

Also don't even begin questioning about the world that holds up the story, it's just there for the sake of being there. Hell, they could set the story on a blank canvas and it'll be the same exact thing!


The best part of this anime is the art. It's good, but it has its fair share of problems despite living up to 2015 standards.

Problems in the art is with the magic. God the magic. Why does it look like the producers played around with Adobe AfterEffects and added a bunch of cyan hexagons and splash orange?


Hey cool dubstep for battles; a thumbs up in my book.

Also a decent OP, I have to admit.


The biggest gripe I have is with the characters.

Our protag Ayato is your standard overpowered male fantasy who can swoop in at a moment's notice at the cry of a damsel in distress. Nothing more to say about him because everything else about him is a one-way ticket to Blandville.

Suffice to say that the characters (harem girls and other characters alike) are pretty cliched. We have our main girls red hair tsundere and blue hair kuudere! (I remember them by their hair colors because it's a pain to remember their names.) There are others too, but I'm tired of describing them since you can pretty much pull the same character sheet off Infinite Stratos for all that's worth.

Everyone has motivations for going to Asterisk, but you honestly can ignore them completely. Ideals and motivations get thrown out as soon as Ayato steps in anyways.

Also the villains are shit that you can't even remember them being anything other than shit for our all-encompassing Ayato to fling around.


Honestly I cringed for the most read more
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Pupa (Anime) add
This is basically vore porn with inescapable overtones of sibling incest.

The characters are two dimensional and the story has no structure, no resolution, and no development.

It's very sexual and odd and pointless. But, because I am a depraved, I love it.

There are three reasons to watch Pupa:
1) You love some cannibalism and violent horror. You also can't figure out what to watch next so you could use a horror "snack" of 4 min episodes.

2) You are tickled by the absurdity of some anime. The gratuitous violence and psuedo-sexual brother-sister relationship is hilarious. Watch with your friends, have a laugh, and/or make some gifs for your tumblr or whatever.

3) You've watched all the vore and sibcest hentai that you could get your hands on. Now you're searching for something to scratch that itch.
Pro tip: if the cannibalism isn't a turn-on, just listen to the audio and forego looking at the video. It's basically groaning and squelching with constant "Onii-chan" repetition.
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Gakkougurashi! (Anime) add
First things first. If you haven't watched this, Don't read any reviews, don't read the synopsis, don't read the genre tags. Don't read any more of this review. Just watch it! At least the first episode. Twice. Now! BEGONE! No questions, go just watch it!


...Are they gone? Ok.

I was hooked after episode one. Weren't we all? It's not my typical anime, at all. But I couldn't not watch it. Even when I got a bit scared on episode 2. Usually I can guess the twists and turns but maybe since I was so scared out of my wits, I couldn't. Cleverly written. Top notch. (Even in spite of the one thing that makes me hate any film, book or series.)

Really cute and simplistic, though you could tell the animators are talented artists, lots of little subtitles.

Love the theme song, so upbeat. Just like Yuki, I think the opening she'd want to have, Cute VA's.


I'm still reeling. I litterally just finished watching it. I'll update once the dust has settled a little.
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Nisekoi: (Anime) add
This being a review of a second season, it takes into account that the first season has been watched, so expect minor spoilers.

Nisekoi: is just embarrassing for a second season of such a well done anime. It's sort of like that one adorable, kind-hearted child you know that grew up to become some 10-year-old that screams all sorts of things about your mother online. Its story is pretty much disgusting at points, not knowing what it wants to do. It's like one entire filler.

It continues right where its first season ended, but doesn't touch on the main point of the story; development of Raku's relationships with the girls and the locket. Instead it introduces a bunch of mini-stories that are skippable, some that focus on the bond between certain characters but some being completely pointless and out-of-place. Of course there still were some stories that although didn't contribute to anything felt good. You have no idea what the series plans on focusing on, bringing in problems out of the blue and solving them nearly instantly. There's even an entire filler episode dedicated to something barely even connected to the main story. Although well structured and presented nicely, they're meaningless and really shouldn't have been included. Some of the mini-stories come in so randomly you have no idea what's happening and therefore don't feel anything but confusion during those scenes.

The characters really got on my nerve this season. Every character introduced is some sort of tsundere and barely original. Although I closed a blind eye to this in the first season, it really just shined out badly during the sequel. Despite having such a large cast, the number of characters who aren't some tsun archetype can easily be counted using one hand. The denseness of Raku at points was so bad, it felt like it was insulting me. The interactions between them weren't all too bad, though some encounters felt fake and forced.

But, Nisekoi: does have some redeeming points, its great art direction and sound being one. The animation is really nice and smooth. The art styles used fit perfectly and the colours weren't anything but pleasant to the eye. The sound isn't too bad either, with the OST accentuating each scene nicely and the OP and ED being nice to listen to.
It's also a very enjoyable anime, despite its near-horrendous story and characters. It's very light-hearted and relies on comedy to make it enjoyable, which it excelled in. Some scenes are absolutely hilarious. The romance, when shown, can still make you smile even if it's a bit out of place.

Overall, it gets a score of 5.8/10. Really disappointing for a sequel to something so good. I'd recommend for this to be watched only if you want to fill in a few gaps and satisfy any curiosity; maybe for a few cheap laughs and to burn a few hours. Don't watch this if you aren't looking to burn time however, you'll likely regret it. Still, it manages to keep me read more
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One Piece (Anime) add
I've started watching One Piece in 2008, by then, already a vast part of it has aired, so I had a lot to watch and it took months. I would usually have a marathon of at least 10 episodes up till the point where my mind is too tired to keep track of what's going on and I lose concentration. After I reached the point where I had to wait for a week to see what happens next, at first I was asking myself whether I will be able to handle it or not, but I grew accustomed to this schedule over time.

The art of One Piece has evolved over the years and I really like how things got more vibrant and brighter, the one thing I don't understand is why the skin color of many characters got lighter than it initially was, but overall it's for the better, since faces became more pleasant to look at.

The story is the main aspect that keeps me hooked, even after so many years, when combined with the art to complement it, it really becomes amazing. Every new arc has a completely different theme to offer for the viewers and it never gets boring, at least for me. Especially when knowing that the main characters are traveling on a ship, around the world, this means that there is so much more diverse things to see, especially in the Grand Line and New World. Other anime series, in comparison stick to the same location and only events occur that may or may not alter that location and its landscape and inhabitants.

For the sound, I never really paid much attention to it, but I've noticed that certain sounds (and scenes) get recycled over and over again, which tends to become annoying at some point, at least for the people who pay attention to such small details.

The characters have similar backgrounds, which could be the reason that brought them all together, but they are really different from one another and they never get old, because they are also evolving every now and then and their personality slightly changes.

Overall, I'd have to say that this is the only show that got me this hooked and never got boring for me, even the long arcs, where everything is happening at a snail's pace are still engaging enough for me so that I keep coming for more. The anime started out more carefree and it felt as if the characters are all "happy-go-lucky", but as the story deepens, the situations, the main characters find themselves into are becoming more and more serious and graver. Saying that a person needs to watch at least 10 episodes to decide whether they can get into it or not is wrong. The very first episodes are enough for a person to either get completely hooked on it or drop it, depending on their taste, but once one gets hooked, it only gets better from them on.
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Doing a back log of reviews at the moment and this times its one of my favorite anime series of all time FMA: Brotherhood now unlike its earlier adaptation of the series follows the manga extremely closely and if you love the manga then you'll love the TV adaptation.

Both the Dub and Sub versions of this series are extremely well done and you won't find many people who disagree with me saying this its a must watch show.

The story about two boys trying to get their bodies back by the use of a philosopher stone. Now i'll stop there as its better to experience the show yourself. The story is perfect in my opinion its an emotional ride that will make you connect with all the character even if you only known them for a few minutes. The story brings in morals and makes you think and this is why i love the story its just amazing and lets be honest you can't help but love the story.

The Art now at the time of this review is 5-6 years old but in my opinion its art still rivals the ones today and helps enrich the story rather then overshadow the story and characters, the artists on this series put in the time and effort to make it great.

The sound and music of this show is epic and amazing, all the opening, closing themes are beautifully done and we all remember at least one of them, the sounds in the show itself helps draw you in and helps shows a characters development when someones angry, upset or happy.

Character wise, every character gets development and you get attached to each and everyone of them, both the animals and the humans and it can make you smile and cry when you find out what happens.

The enjoyment is just perfect and will want you to watch it over and over again as it has to be an all time great in my opinion, the show is good for new comers and veterans alike as it has something for everyone.

Overall the shows is just breathtakingly beautiful and i'm sure you will enjoy it as much as i have, i love this show as it has a bit of everything, romance, action, adventure, suspense. And as i said its for everyone and i'm sure you'd love it to :D
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Shigatsu wa Kimi no Uso (Anime) add
This was a wonderful anime, it used its images and music to tell a story. It told a wonderful story. You can feel the weight of the music. The characters are all given time to be investigated and developed.
The story focuses on the characters and gives them its undivided attention. The music is well-placed and well-paced at the right times. The 2 OP are beautiful to listen to. The I do feel the CGI Piano & Hands are out of place in the show, it bears little weight on the show's wonderfulness.
Can be a little cliché at some points, however, it is worth watching nonetheless. I highly recommend this anime to anyone wanting to start watching anime, or someone who has watched many anime.
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Today, 3:01 AM
Shoujo Kakumei Utena (Anime) add
Having heard Utena was the shoujo analogue to Neon Genesis Evangelion (my personal favourite anime of all time), i decided to give this classic a try. Maybe it`s because i am not exactly the target audience (a male in his early thirties isn`t exactly for whom Utena is intended for), but its 39 episodes were a rather rough ride for me. To be honest, there were many aspects of this show, that WOULD ruin Utena for me. One of the problems stems from the rather high amount of filler episodes that are mixed within the entire show. Those episodes are the most emberassing episodes i`ve seen in a long time. Another point is the "duel of the week" format of the first 3 arcs of the show presented with an absurdly high amount of reused footage. And then there is the rather high ammount of (implied) Yaoi, especially in the final arc of the show...

BUT, despite of that, Shoujo Kakumei Utena is a true piece of art. The visual artistry portrayed in the show is simply amazing. It`s not only that symbolism is thrown in here and there, it`s as if the world of Utena consists of symbolism. Once the extreme surrealism of the Ohtori Academy settles in with the viewer, every "realistic" element becomes alien, as if it doesn`t belong there. I can`t stress this out enough. Utena is a show that transports most of its meaning through its symbolism. That is especially true to the many character specific mini arcs. Most of Utenas characters have psychologoical issues: Obsession, disgust, hate, obsessive adoration... I could go on and on. Sadly some characters feel rather childish or juvenile compared to NGEs psychologically broken cast. But whenever the show focuses on the main theme and therefore on Utena and her relationship with the Rose Bride, it`s absolutely brilliant. Especially the final arc is maybe the most stylized surreal analysis on gender roles ever put in anime form.

Utena is not a perfect show. In fact it is very flawed, but without a doubt it is one of the most unique experiences in anime everyone should give a try.

Story 7/10
Characters 8/10
Art/Animation 9/10
Music 8/10

Final Verdict 8.3/10
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Mugen no Ryvius (Anime) add
A psychological mecha scifi drama that is also a social commentary on different extremist political systems, made by Sunrise? That line alone should warrant a watch....
Nonetheless i almost dropped the show after the first few episodes... I´m glad i didn`t.

Actually the show does everything to make you drop it in the first half. The first apparrent flaw is It`s visual presentation. Yes, it was made before Sunrise changed from hand colored animation to computer coloring with Gundam Seed, but for a show that was made in `99 it really doesn`t look good. Hell, even Zeta Gundam looks by far better in terms of animation. It also doesn`t help that the character designs aren`t really appealing either. Even worse is the sound direction of Mugen no Ryvius with it`s unfitting Hip Hop elements.

But what really made me think of dropping it was the shows directing/writing with it`s rough cuts/editing and (at first) unrelatable characters. The fantasy aspects didn`t add anything either. On top of that, Mugen no Ryvius constantly throws techno babble at you that never is really explained. Terms like Sere 2, Solid, Sphix and Geduld are thrown at you constantly. I´m a sub purist for 15 years now, but Ryvius was really a tough ride for me.

Now, that that elephant is out of the room: Mugen no Ryvius is damn brilliant.
Many people are calling Ryvius basically "Lord of the Flies in space", but it`s really much more than that. With its "hard Sci Fi" approach Ryvius sets this crew of unexperienced teenagers into a dangerous environment. Instead of giving you a sense of security through technology. The characters are really put into a live threatening situation and have to deal with it constantly. Not only that, but the ship is also chased and under attack by a mysterius group. But in contrast to "Lord of the Flies" the crews major task is to build some kind of social structure on bord of the Ryvius instead of totally degenerate into wild animals (which still happens some degree thouh). The point is that those teenagers want to create the prefect societyfrom their individual points of view... and there the social commentary/criticism of the show arises. There is no single conclusion to the situation and how to deal with it. Every character has his/her own ideals and how he wants to implement them into a social/political system, may it be anarchy and therefore rule by the strongest or a fascist police state to control public unrest.

Interesting enough though, the most psychologically unstable people get the upper hand in creating a society. And there the psychological aspects of the show come into place.
Even though the characters are really hard to get into at the beginning, the show does a wonderfull job of developing their personality episode by episode and revealing how broken they are and (in some cases) showing their shocking secrets. Especially the second half does this brilliantly. It`s absolutely amazing watching how some of the characters break more and more and read more
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So the premise of the show is that Sakurako is an osteologist and thus knows a lot about bones and can tell the gender, animal and traumas from it, but the biggest problem with the stories/crime solving is that she magically becomes sherlock holmes at whim. She's suddenly knowledgeable in art. She's suddenly knowledgeable in jewellery. She's suddenly knowledgeable in knot tying. When you never present your character as being a very diversely knowledgeable person from the beginning (like Sherlock from Elementary), everything seems to be resolved by deus ex machina. Also, I'll just offhandedly mention that Shoutarou is a black belt (in whatever style) for a single episode, just so he could solve that one exclusive problem, as this fact is no longer used.

Next, the way the crimes/problems are solved is largely uninteresting. There's no amazing in-depth explanation or analysis of things, it's really just: I'll have a glance, and now the problem is solved. A little bit of techno-babble would have been great as well as letting the audience see into the life of an osteologist would have been ever better. But as it stands, it really feels like the author thought up an idea then decided to research it on wikipedia and eventually made up the summary of it in his story.

Lastly, the main thing I want to talk about is the atrocious characters. Sakurako herself is actually quite interesting, as her personality is weird, to say the least, as well as blunt. But then comes the continuous kick in the balls which is Shoutarou. Whenever Sakurako tries to express her unique and interesting side, Shoutarou basically steps in and says: stop that, we have to follow societal norms, I have to make this show boring, also I'm your babysitter. And that's the other thing that really irks me, him claiming to be her babysitter when he's harem MC obtuse at understanding other people's emotions.

So how does the show feel overall at this point? Well it's a mystery without the interesting mysteries. A dialogue heavy show with very superficial and unintriguing dialogue. The only redeeming thing I can find is the art, I find the character design okay.
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Denpa Teki na Kanojo (Anime) add
If you are a fan of things like deeper character development, rational thinking, realistic characters and mystery watch something else. Denpa Teki na Kanojo tries to be a showcase of crazy people, but achieves barely anything else

*Denpa Teki na Kanojo tries very hard to make it's characters seem insane, but doesn't give them a proper buildup which leads to their condition feeling forced.

*It is filled with spontaneous plot developments that ruin the atmosphere (i.e. pulling information out of seemingly thin air or conveniently running into a corpse.)

*The characters are often plagued with a lack of common sense abnormal even for the horror genera.

* The mystery was weak, it was too predictable at times and too unpredictable at others (can't explain more without spoilers)

* Tries to be episodic, but with only 2 episodes it feels lacking.


*Lots of crazy characters


The art and sound were average. Nothing special but nothing bad either.

If you want to watch an anime about crazy people give this a shot, but don't expect anything else.
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Today, 12:47 AM
Ore Monogatari!! (Anime) add
I'm going to be honest. This is one of the best romance anime i have seen in a long time . For anyone looks for something a bit different i would defiantly give this a watch . The only reason i give the story a 9 is because in my opinion. the ending was not as strong as it could have been and it was played rather safe .

I fell in love with the art style and loved the character designs . Some of the best art i have seen in a long time .

The sounds perfectly matched the atmosphere what was currently going on and would recommend listing to it by itself.

The main character and yamato played out soo well that it made me wish i had a relationship like that or feel that it may be possible. His best friend however was not used as much as he could be . This kinda disappointed me

I could barely wait when for the next episode when it came out on crunchy roll and when it did i was watching that the moment it came out.

Overall i gotta give this anime a 10 because this was a masterpiece itself.
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Today, 12:12 AM
Sword Art Online (Anime) add

Ah. SAO. One anime that broke the barrier and entered the era of mainstream. Now and then, this happens. Gems that are perfectly polished for the eyes of our generation to cast their eyes on. Is Sword Art Online a gem? In some eyes, yes. In some eyes, no, myself included. Why isn't it a gem in my eyes? Read on and maybe you'll agree.

Keep in mind that I'll basically be spoiling the entire first season so please don't read this review unless you want to be spoiled about this anime!

I honestly didn't like Sword Art Online. I love action, adventure, and shounen anime and with all this hype about SAO, I thought, why not try it? So I did. There's this feeling I got about watching a certain anime. It's the feeling of never wanting to stop or feeling immersed. However SAO just made me feel bored, uninterested, obligated to power through it.

Story: In the beginning, SAO has potential and promise. But as soon as it began, it became a shit show. Let me tell you why. In the beginning, it was going alright but when we hit episode three. Shit is real! Kirito, the protagonist meets this guild and they raid dungeons together. But suddenly, they all find themselves trapped inside a dungeon. Abruptly, Kirito’s mates die off and Kirito sees this girl die in front of him and there’s nothing that can be done. The problem is that it was too soon. Did the creator expect me to cry and become attached to SAO? Did he really try and bait me to this? HE FAILED. After, Kirito goes on random adventures with random girls who have feelings for him but are too much of pussies to act on anything. Kirito now has a harem! ACTIVATION HAREM! Then he meets his true love, Asuna, “waifu material” called by some. The WTF part though is that in the beginning, Asuna hates him but when she randomly falls asleep in a field with him, she suddenly falls in love and wants him! Now in SAO, there’s a ton of time skips you wonder how something appeared and happened. The rest of this Kirito X Asuna BS is probably the entire season. *Infomercial* But WAIT! There’s more! Watch more and there’s an incest part included! Occasionally antagonists pop up but they’re not that important to even talk about. Kirito just swings his sword at them in the power of love for his beloved Asuna and all is well. They even adopt some random kid they found in the forest. Does anyone question this? NOPE! In the end, Kirito beats a boss and they kiss another and promise to see another in RL. Expect a happy ending. NAH! Kirito wakes up, looking like a dehydrated tomato and finds out that Asuna isn’t awake for shit and that non-special creepy guy is holding her captive in a read more
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Today, 12:12 AM
Fairy Tail x Rave (Anime) add
Before writing this, I usually have a different set up for my reviews, telling you how I rate each specific thing on a scale to 10, I have to tell you, everything is a 10. EVERYTHING.
Secondly, it seems silly just to write a review for 1 episode, or OVA, but this is an amazing episode you can't miss.

STORY: 1 episode can't really have a story, but it was funny as heck!!! Wendy, Carle, Happy, Natsu, Lucy, Gray, and Juvia all trying to find a girl who has been destroying casinos, but they meet the people of Rave Master! Ellie, Haru, Musica, Julia, Let, Griff, and Plue!!!! ^w^ It's great, and you'll laugh your butt off!!!

ART: The art is amazing, but still the same as regular Fairy Tail

SOUND: Has the amazing Fairy Tail opening and the best Fairy Tail closing. The music is amazing.

CHARACTER: It has all the loveable, amazing characters of Fairy Tail, along with the even more loveable, even more amazing characters of Rave!!! ^w^

ENJOYMENT: I enjoyed it so much!!! I watch it quite often!!! It is an amazing OVA the best one!!!!

OVERALL: I rate everything a 10!!!! I loved everything!!! I love RAve Master, it is my favorite manga, and I'm so glad they incorporated a good anime episode to my fifth favorite anime. ^w^
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