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21 minutes ago
Daitoshokan no Hitsujikai (Anime) add
Daitoshokan not Hitsujikai:

(Attention likely Spoilers below)

I think it was an anime like we're used to seeing when genres come together: School-Harem-Ecchi and Romance.

"A guy who ends up surrounded by girls and different types of scenes with each of them, but that does not stop moving to higher" (Cliché).
It is typical premieres as I always say we have all the seasons of Anime in this case was no exception, although it is always nice to see and hang out with this type of thing does not stop being nothing new, they liked them girls as always all very nice (although he preferred to Kodachi) and Kakei read more
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53 minutes ago
Another (Anime) add
Possible spoiler alert! Read on your own risk.

Another. Another calamity. Another death. Another loved one lost.
I saw death. I saw desperateness. I saw murder. I saw 'accidents'.
I saw the closing up of a hole. A hole that was torn open by a dreaded curse.

Class 3 of ninth grade. Cursed. Cursed for a reason no-one understands.
Its students, unknowingly on what to do, living in fear. Fearing the death of a loved one. Feared of their own death.

They thought that they could 'erase' the curse by ignoring one. One student. To make up for it.
Alas it did not work. In the end.

When one read more
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2 hours ago
Mahou Shoujo Madoka★Magica (Anime) add
**Spoiler Free**

Madoka Magica is great for a magical girl animé, but certainly no Stein;s Gate or FMA: Brotherhood.

The Story (8/10) is where the main issues with the Madoka Magica can be found. The pacing is utterly abysmal. I found myself bored out of my skull for the first 9 episodes. While this issue is certainly not unique to Madoka Magica (Gurren Lagann *cough*) the perceived overall value of the show is far more largely damaged as there are only 12 episodes in the whole thing, meaning that three-quarters of it isn't worth seeing on its own. This said, even I cannot deny that the read more
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3 hours ago
Zankyou no Terror (Anime) add
Strikingly unique, the first thing one will immediately notice is just how absolutely fantastic the animation quality is. The quality of the animation easily trounces most every anime MOVIE, and among anime themselves it's hard to think of anything that even compares.

The premise is likely to be the second - a thrillingly new idea in an age where such things are worth more than gold. Two teen-age terrorists, known only as Nine and Twelve, are the centre of this present-era Tokyo tale; the story quickly enchants as it tells of their insidious plots. The back-story of our two anti-heroes does, sadly, leave something to read more
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3 hours ago
Death Note (Anime) add
First review ever so spare me ^-^ [Everything that sounds spoilerish is in the first episode]

Death Note is among the 'godly' realm of anime, right up there with Full Metal Alchemist, Steins;Gate, HunterXHunter and Gintama.
The thing that separates Death Note from the others is 100%;

The Story.[10]
The story, holy hell man, this is one of the only anime that makes a plot twist, hides it, and lets YOU discover it on your own. This story makes you question your own beliefs and can change your view on the world, and none of that was an exaggeration, I can assure you.
Being slightly in the realm read more
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Code Geass is, without a doubt, an absolute gem among anime.

Where many mecha and mecha-like anime in the past (and presumably the future) rely on over-the-top explosions and mechanical battles, Code Geass takes an entirely different approach, instead focusing on intense character development and subsequent character-driven plot. Make no mistake, there are still all the typical mecha elements present, but Code Geass is by no means to be lumped with them - the thrill is in watching the bold planning and execution of Lelouch, the Emperor of Brittania, and others as they play out a high-stakes game of strategy and tactics with war machines. read more
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3 hours ago
Sankarea (Anime) add
Had absolutely no idea what to expect coming into this anime.
I pretty much stumbled across it by watching some anime OPs on YouTube and this one looked actually kinda good.

Then I came into it and things quickly...fell apart. But it was nothing too horrible, as this was a great watch.

As always, my reviews are generally spoiler free as all I do is express my opinion on some thoughts and don't go into any detail explaining the story.

Story (6/10):
The story has really great build-up on the first 3 episodes. The events that happen in this time period are shocking, I'll say that much, and the read more
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4 hours ago
Little Nemo (Anime) add

Time to look at a genre that I have completely neglected in my previous reviews. The world of anime children's movies! What better place to start then with Little Nemo, the first anime movie ever to see widespread theatrical release in the United States? This was 1992, so I was only 4 when this came out in theaters and it...was an experience. I remember that much from my first viewing, but I didn't re-watch this film until recently.


Although released stateside in 1992, Little Nemo was actually made in 1989. I mention this because it was an odd period for kids movies. This was the 1980s, read more
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4 hours ago
Hyouka (Anime) add
"I'm not lazy, I'm just conserving my energy" -Oreki Houtarou

Hmm, I'm gonna summarize my review because I don't want to type too many words.

The Pros of the anime, it followed what Oreki's nature is, the energy conserving guy. You won't see either romance in him or being active (even though you may see in other episodes that he is "curious" about Chitanda. Still at the end, he stayed in that nature. Next is how his outlook on things changing, from grey to a colored one and that is Chitanda's role. She serves as a trigger to release some of Oreki's energy (do not think of read more
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4 hours ago
School Rumble (Anime) add
School Rumble is a romantic comedy that you should watch if you dont want to pay attention to any plot details or you just want a good plot. meaning school rumble is a show that has virtually no plot and gets no where in 26 episodes.

Now i did say that there was not plot but that doesn't mean that the show does nothing but corny humor for the entire 26 episodes. They introduce a variety of characters throughout and give them all at least some background story and development. The only thing that annoyed me with this section was the main focus was for Harima read more
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5 hours ago
Nana (Anime) add

Such a beautiful and unique show among the Shoujo genre. We've all have fallen in love at some point in our lives, maybe it didn't turn out for the best or you couldn't stay in love for long because of other circumstances. Ai Yazawa makes a identifiable world that a lot of girls have been in, the feeling of, "Does he love me?" or "Am I worthy enough for him?" She makes it as realistic as possible and does this in a very subtle way not a lot of Shoujo anime pull off quit as well. It can also be watched by guys as well, read more
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5 hours ago
Imawa no Kuni no Alice (Anime) add
So I love these kinds of animes, the ones where they basically have to play games/solve puzzles. This anime is kind of like No Game No Life but they have to play the games to stay alive. I really love this because it takes those kids that aren't good at anything in the world we are in and place them in a world where they can thrive essentially. Most of the characters are also great, once you get past the initial little freak out. I would recommend this to anyone who liked No Game No Life, or animes about solving puzzles. It also moves fast read more
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6 hours ago
Ore, Twintails ni Narimasu. (Anime) add
You either die the comedian or you ride the joke long enough to be the reason everyone cringes. This show unfortunately become the latter.

The story is best under stood when explained by the loony tunes Tasmanian Devil while on acid during a roller coast ride that breaks down half way through. While its reasoning to be a super hero anime, is beyond mind comprehending other than having a reason to put in as many obscure fetishes into a show as possible, it does however at least keep the basis of a 'superhero' type anime. Good guy is winning, bad guy gets stronger, good guy starts read more
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(WARNING) This review will be very heavy on spoilers so STOP right here if you don't want no spoilers.

Oh my god I will never ever understand why people like this horrible abomination to man kind so much and it says I have to give my likes and dislikes, but... I can't say them without going into a full on rant with spoilers, so here it goes, this is my honest opinion about the whole original series. I started off liking this anime because it was a giant robot vs monster series, but when it hit the third act of the series it went alllllll down read more
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7 hours ago
Toriko (Anime) add
This anime had the makings of being as good as one piece. However, despite the existence of many many and cool villains, there are no fights between them and toriko´s gang wich is ridiculous. The fights are ALWAYS between toriko or some other guy and a monster. That is the main reason why this show fails completly where one piece succeeds and becomes epic.
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9 hours ago
Ping Pong The Animation (Anime) add
(This has been adapted from my reddit thread)

Heroes are the stuff of legend. They can prevent natural disasters to protect the Earth, fight giant monsters to defend a city, and even rescue people from unsightly doom. Heroes are who we call for when the going gets tough. They do what nobody else can, and that is, simply put, save. And it doesn't have to come from stopping an earthquake or beating up evil; what they do better than almost anyone else is instill hope. That, no matter what may come next, there is still a chance. And sometimes -- very rarely -- the heroes are read more
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9 hours ago
BlazBlue: Alter Memory (Anime) add
I've never played any of the Blazblue games. The anime adaptation was recommended to me by a friend, who eagerly explained any plot points I didn't understand.

Honestly, I was dreading watching this at first, mostly due to all the negative reviews. While some of these criticisms are fair, Alter Memory is worth your time despite its flaws. I'll start my review now.

Story- 6

The main problem Alter Memory has is that it begins with the main character, Ragna, engaged in a fight with a girl named Nu. No explanation for this fight is given, and it seems to assume that you'vyou've played the games. If read more
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9 hours ago
Steins;Gate (Anime) add
"Time travel was once considered scientific heresy, and I used to avoid talking about it for fear of being labelled a crank."
- Stephen Hawking

"The bottom line is that time travel is allowed by the laws of physics."
- Brian Greene

"I find the whole time travel question very unsettling if you take it to its logical extension. I think it might eventually be possible, but then what happens?"
- William Shatner

With the constant breakthroughs in modern day physics, time travel has become one of the most present topics in theoretical physics discussions. It may be just a fantasy, or maybe a dream. But, be it a dream, a read more
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10 hours ago
Shigatsu wa Kimi no Uso (Anime) add

Many of us have heared about the title "Shigatsu wa kimi no uso" or "Your lie in April". The rating on MAL and other websites is very high, good selling... But is it really "season-winning", like most of us are saying?

STORY - 6/10
When the anime only started airing, somebody said that it would be the second "Nodame Cantabile". At first it seemed that it would be so. But after watching episode five I say - that will never be a second "Nodame Cantabile", it is a forced drama with the music on the background.
The story tells us about a piano read more
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10 hours ago
Durarara!! (Anime) add
Durarara!! is a anime that got known and nowadays has a nice rate among the viewers.

In general this anime is good, although there are some points that i would like to talk about.

Story: 9/10. If there is story more complex than this one? Well at least i did not saw one more complex than this one yet. This story is not a story but a lot of small stories together. If this anime is good, it's because of the plot twists. I would like to tell you the main theme here but honestly i can´t. There are just so many that you can read more
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