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Amakano (Anime) add
im a big fan of vanilla so i watch everything that comes out with vanilla genre...
this probably the best vanilla hentai ever...
its really rare for a hentai to have a plot...

+ both episodes have the same environment (snow)
+ i highly recommend this to everyone...
---episode 1's art is a bit simpler that the episode 2
girl character is less perv :P... unfortunately her left eye is blind which makes it more dramatic for some people, i guess...
---episode 2's art is more realistic
girl character is way more cute and cuddly (fluffy ^^) but she's a bit perv which makes it balanced... i really enjoyed this hentai and it will be on my favorite forever...

--for watching hentai i suggest BUT with [strict pop-up blocker] and [ublock origin] enabled, cuz u might get flooded with ADs...
---and [] and [] for watching anime (dont forget the pop up and add blocker ...
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Tokyo Ghoul (Anime) add
Tokyo Ghoul starts off introducing an alternate Tokyo where creatures called ghouls exists alongside humans. Imagine the most frail, antisocial bookworm you can think of. That is the basic description of Ken Kaneki on episode 1. After an encounter with a ghoul, Kaneki is left changed forever and living the life of a ghoul. Throughout these 12 episodes and 12 more in the next series, you watch this character turn into something completely different in the most drastic character change I have ever seen in anime. By the end of it you wouldn't even believe it was the same person you started with. The story is quite amazing, the pacing is perfect, the music fits beautifully, the characters are intriguing. When I first watched this anime, I had very high expectations and I can honestly say it exceeded them all. When it comes to anime and manga, I usually stick to the anime as I'm not a big reader but once I finished the anime I had to buy the manga because I couldn't get enough of it. The series is so emotional and so thrilling, you will be glued to the screen watching it and every single episode will leave you in awe. Watching the transformation of Kaneki from a small, antisocial human into the badass ghoul he becomes is an incredible story and one of the most thrilling stories I've ever seen. Along with Kaneki are his friends and fellow ghouls, Toka, Yoshimura, Hinami and Nishiki as well as his best friend Hide. All of them have their demons and emotions and try to live alongside the humans. But in a world where the ghouls are seen only as creatures that deserve to die, a fine line is drawn that shows that humans and ghouls are not so different and only Kaneki knows the life of both. I'd highly recommend this to anyone who loves an outstanding story, great characters, and beautiful music.
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More frustrating than dramatic.

The story takes place in a post-apocalyptic setting, few decades after a war that almost caused complete extinction of the mankind. The protagonist is introduced as a “junker”, some kind of Indiana Jones from the future, risking his life seeking old treasures. The story begins when he finds himself in a planetarium; there that he meets Yumemi, a robot that operates as a host in this planetarium before it being shut down as a result of the war. The robot just woke up, she isn’t aware of what occurred and is willing to throw a regular starry sky presentation to her new “costumer”, but eventually she needs his help to cast this presentation. And guess what? He is willing to help her.

These 2 are the only characters in this anime. The story is resolving around these 2, isn’t that compelling once you know one of them is a robot. I mean how can an interaction between a human being and a robot be compelling? Why should I care that she is struggling to show the costumer the stars, if that’s only because she has been programmed to do so? How can possibly she get development? How the dialogues she has with the main guy have an affect on her? I feel like the show wants us feel sorry for her, but I can only feel sorry if I can relate with the character, a character that has authentic feelings and personality, other words a human being. Not a robot.

The main character, the human, doesn’t make the story any good too. He is the one that can be molded by the interactions with the robot, but the result it isn’t quite good. In the first episode he was pretty inconsistent, the rest of the episodes he just seems consistently stupid. I would not rage too much if he was a guy conflicted with some kind of sudden attraction for the robot girl meditating on it throughout the episodes, but I can’t just be ok with the whole compassion shit for a robot. In the 4th episode he literally say he wants make her happy

You CAN’T have drama if the feelings and emotions have no value, and this show supposed to be drama. Maybe if had a different approach like a nonsensical comic one or an action thriller, I could care less about the human-robot dynamic. But not with this approach.
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ReLIFE (Anime) add
I'm going to make these review as short as possible.
ReLIFE was an average show to me. Here's why:
First, the positive things: The story was pretty good, the characters were ok, even though they were really annoying sometimes, they had a realistic personality and that made them interesting for me. I liked the art in this one, also the animation was consistant and felt good to watch. This show had some pretty funny and cute moments that i truly enjoyed.
Now, the bad things: THE SOUNDTRACK. The fucking soundtrack was awful, it made me so uncomfortable. The music was in almost every minute of the episode, and it wasn't a cute soundtrack, it sounded like my little 4 year old brother pressing random keys at a piano and that made it so hard for me to watch. The first episodes were kinda boring honestly, i had no idea what was the direction the anime was taking until the last episodes. Everything became more interesting IN THE FREAKING LAST TWO EPISODES, and then it ended???? just like that. And what the hell was that ending?? It was pure shit and it would only be acceptable if they are giving us season 2 but i don't think that's happening.
So, final toughts: ReLIFE has some good parts but the overall is just meh. I wouldn't recommend it to any of my friends because it has nothing special but if you want to give it a try do it, why not?
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Kokoro Connect (Anime) add
Also including the 'OVA's' here.

Another anime to succesfuy make me cry! Twice! And the first time was at ep 5!!!

You think this will be your casual school life, romance anime with some supernatural bit and some life lessons. Well, you're wrong. In the very beginning it hits you with feels and drama and by the middle you're so deep into the darkness and feels that you start suffocating.
It has it's light moments, of course. Comedy is pretty good there and I laughed quite a lot.

What it does the best is character development. Personally, I could relate to three of the characters - Nagase, Inaba and Taichi and some of their problems are known to me. This anime does a great letting characters overcome their problems not in just one arc but in the whole anime and not letting their problems be easily solved - it takes tears and pain and help from others to finally overcome them.

Two things I weren't very happy with:
1) only 17 episodes. I hear that it was planned to make 24 but something happened and it never got finished. Because of that we never truly saw SPOIERS Aoki x Yui sail or understood anything about Heartseeds or why was the phenomenom even there in the first place.
2)Nagase Iori. Yes, I could soemtimes relate to her and I understood her but by the end of the anime she got a little, well, annoying. Might be because of my impatence and the fact that I'm easily annoyed but... Every arc was basically about Nagase's problems and in the background, someone else's. What I decided in the end was that Nagase was probably *the* main MC in this whole anime because her character developed the most, she had the deepest problems + in the ending song (well at least one), she's the only one who is shown.

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Shingeki no Kyojin (Anime) add
Shingeki no Kyojin or Attack on Titan to us English speakers, is a rather outstanding anime that brings a new description to badassery. Though I do have to say it is very over hyped and overrated. That being said I still think it is an incredible anime that people should take the time to watch. I started out watching this anime without any prior knowledge of it other than the basic humans versus titans idea. As I was watching the series, I got anxious during each and every episode, it seemed anything could happen and from what I saw, anything could happen. There were a lot of turns and twists that I really wasn't expecting but was excited to see. The characters are very emotional and serious that makes them so endearing to watch. Eren Jaeger has a burning hatred for titans and has declared to everyone that he will kill them all, a statement which personally gave me chills. Mikasa Ackerman is Eren's foster sister and follows Eren wherever he goes and protects him the best she can. Armin Arlert is their childhood friend who follows them in their task of slaying all titans and rebuilding humanity. Along the way are more characters such as Levi(personal favorite and a lot of others favorite as well) and Annie, as well as others who join the military. The characters are passionate and fantastic to see, the action is pretty badass, the artwork is absolutely amazing, the music is some of my favorite, and the story is incredibly riveting and exciting. Definitely worth watching but don't give in to the hype, watch and judge it for yourself. I say before I thought it was over hyped but it's still a fantastic anime.
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Btooom! (Anime) add
Forgive me, but this is my first review I've actually written out about an anime; but this one just pissed me off so much that I just felt the need to express my opinion on it. The show tries to damn hard to be edgy, and dark but it fails so much. First I will start off in saying that this show has basically the some of same story elements from SAO, No Game No Life, Konosuba, and Is it Wrong to Pick Up Girls in a Dungeon. Most(if not all) came after Btooom! but at least they did it right(ok maybe not SAO, but I think it was OK).

Himiko- The Feminist Poster-Child: The girl who thinks all men are out to rape her. I suppose that would make her a pretty good character, if they had actually decided to make her the strong independent woman she started out to be; but that is needless to say, not what we have here. Not spoiling the story(too much) for people who haven't seen the show, but something happened that made all of her friends hate her despite it not being her fault at all. Let's just say it involved rape. After this event they chose to send her into this game. After which, she is almost raped herself, and decides that all men are her enemy in this game. In the end she relies solely upon Sakamoto, completely disregarding what little character she had to begin with. It's like if this shows developers wanted to make an even bitchier version of Asuna from SAO- and she probably can't even cook.

Sakamoto- Neet Gamer Cliche. He is this shows equivalent of Sora from No Game No Life, or Kirito from SAO(I should stop comparing...). He's that dude who was a shut-in gamer from one world, who is taken to another world where he is suddenly gifted and actually can contribute something to the world. The only thing about this show is how much of a fucking dumbass this guy is. The dude has to be the absolute densest motherfucker I have ever seen in anime. He is also like a hypocritical spiderman/batman. He says he isn't gonna kill, but then he will, then he tries, then he doesn't... it's just really dumb. There really isn't much to say about him, he's just a cliche of the Guy-who-gets-transported-to-another-world genre which I have seen at least 7 different times.

For the rest of the supporting cast I will just list off my nicknames for them, and once you watch the show you will figure out exactly who they are mearly from the name. We have; Daddy Issues, Everyone's Weird Uncle, The Fonz Wannabe, Basic Bitch, Token Black Guy #1, Token Black Guy #2, Papa Bear, Obvious Bad Guy, and Female Jack Skellington.

Like I said, it starts off pretty much like Konosuba(SAO, No Game No Life, ReZero.... is there an actual name for this kind of story?) Where the dude gets taken to another world that read more
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High School DxD (Anime) add
This series has a lot of fan service. And I mean A LOT. It is a harem series that revolves around the life of pervy boy Issei Hyodou who becomes a pawn to the devil Rias Gremory in a literal sense after a sequence of events that alter his life forever. What follows is a story filled with many different characters that all have very different personalities. Many will probably watch it based on the amount of fan service and nudity involved but aside from that, the series does have some touching moments. The story starts out with the first few episodes explaining everything about what happens in the series to the viewer and it is easy to understand. The characters are very hilarious to watch and Issei in particular is one of the funniest characters I've seen in anime. The most enjoyment I got out of the series was Issei. He starts off as a pervy high school student who is obsessed with girls and while he still maintains that attitude throughout the entire series, he does develop more caring and protective attributes that make him such a more likable character. The action is pretty exciting to watch as Issei starts off the weakest and gets more and more powerful as the series progresses. There are a lot of cases where the ecchi aspects of the series that are placed in just for fan service and nothing more. But all and all the series in highly enjoyable. If you want to watch it for the ecchi, harem theme then you won't be disappointed, though the series does become more than just an ecchi series filled with boobs. The story is great, the characters are hilarious, the action is exciting, and each episode is fun to watch.
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Cowboy Bebop (Anime) add
So, I know almost everyone loves this show to death, but honestly I in no way can understand the hype. Cowboy Bebop is, probably, the worst anime I have ever seen in my life.

Story - 1
First of all, there is no story. The show is episodic, which isn't always a bad thing, but Cowboy Bebop does each individual episode's story so poorly. Every episode basically goes the same way. The crew catches a cheap bounty showing how "cool" they are. Then, one of the members meets some suspicious stranger, who, surprise, ends up having a bounty on their head. As the episode moves on, we learn that the criminal isn't actually a bad person, and that they've just been put in a rough situation. A final confrontation takes place, and the criminal dies at the end. Every now and then there are special character episodes, which change up the formula a little bit, but then the consequences to these stories never show up again.

Art - 6
Art was really bland. The colors are boring. Animation was smooth. But then again it's easy to make animation smooth when almost nothing happens.

Sound - No Score
I don't listen to music because I spend all my time watching anime, so the whole music aspect of the show was lost on me.

Character - 3
The characters are so boring and simple. Spike is the typical "cool" character because he never has to put any effort into what he's doing. His backstory, which is seemingly one of the big pulls of the show, is so cliche that it becomes boring and a waste of time. I would criticize Jet's character but I really don't know enough about him because he's never developed, except for one random character episode that is supposed to make us feel sorry for him or something. Faye is just for fan-service and is boring. Meanwhile Ed is just there. She doesn't contribute anything except weird comic relief. Overall, the characters are so boring and the relationships between them are even more boring. The characters rarely actually interact with each other. The only time I was ever actually interested in the characters was around episode 10 during Spike's character episode. There was clear tension between the members of the crew, and that actually had me interested. However not only did this tension come out of nowhere, it also disappeared just as instantly as it was created.

Enjoyment - 1
Not a fun show at all. The action scenes are all incredibly boring. First of all they are just slow, and coupled with the fact that we know nothing serious is going to happen to the characters, there is zero excitement.

Overall - 2
cowboy Bebop is a bad show, and as I said earlier I cannot understand why people love it. Every element of the show is boring and cliche. People might say that it is unlike any other anime out there, but in reality it shares far more than it may seem. Like most read more
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What can be said about Fullmetal Alchemist: Brotherhood that nobody else has already. The story is incredible, the characters are magnificent, the action is thrilling. Everything about it FMA: Brotherhood just seems to thrill and satisfy viewers. I know it did for me. Given, it does start off slow, but as the episodes go on it speeds up and each episode one after another just keeps getting more compelling that the last. If you are already familiar with the original FMA then you should be able to jump right in to FMA: Brotherhood with ease. The original was by all means a good series but FMA: Brotherhood takes the series to a whole new level. The Elric brothers story starts off in the same fashion as the original and takes you on a riveting trip full of tears, laughter and amazement until you are left in the most satisfying way you can possibly be left in. Definitely worth watching from start to finish and definitely deserves a spot on anyone's favorite anime list. It's just that good.
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Chuunibyou demo Koi ga Shitai! (Anime) add
Watching this anime was very captivating. I was hooked right from the beginning and couldn't stop watching it. From the beginning I could tell where it was going and I was very anxious to see it happen. The biggest reason I enjoyed the series so much was because of Rikka. Her personality throughout the series and the next was so funny to watch and kept me smiling throughout most of the series. I became so attached to the character that whenever she was happy, so was I and when she was sad, I too was sad. They story between her and Yuuta was very intriguing and they work so well together. The pacing of the series was good and the addition of the other characters brought in more laughs and assisted Yuuta and Rikka in a necessary way. I enjoyed the series very very much and I was actually sad when I was finished. Rikka is adorable and hilarious and it's a shame she's only an anime character because I need a girl like that in my life. One of my favorite anime series and one of my favorite characters. Definitely worth watching if you're into silly teen romance.
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Mayoiga (Anime) add
Sincerely, I think that most people that gave this anime a really bad grade, didn't reached the message it wants to pass.

In a few words, this is the dark version of Angel Beats. What I could understand watching this is that no matter what happenned in your past, it's still a part of you that you can't just get rid of it. The message of the anime is: "You can't just get rid of your past. To continue progressing in life, accept your past and get over it. Otherwise, you will stop in time and live a life without being really you. Your past (traumas, regrets, pendences...) is a part of who you are".
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Boku no Hero Academia (Anime) add
( Before I continue, let me just say that this my opinion. NOT a fact. Thank you)

Boku no hero academia is a very good anime. It has good character development, interesting art style, and awesome soundtracks. Even though I like this anime, there are also some downsides as well.

Good parts:
One good things about this anime is the message. Although some may say that the message, anyone can become a hero, is corny and a bit unrealistic, I found this to be very inspiring and heartwarming. In other words you don't really need to have powers or capes to be a hero. Just lending a helping hand to anyone in trouble is good enough.

The characters are also pretty decent as well. Sadly, the series only concentrates on Deku, Bakugo, and All Might so far. The other characters are yet to be explored thoroughly but they do have a lot of potential so I hope that as the series goes on, we would learn most of the character's personality and reasons for wanting to be a hero.

For me personally, I just adore the art style. It's rough like sketches and thick outlines matches the superhero like theme very well. Also, the action scene in episode 12 was just amazing. (No spoilers)

BTW, can I mention that the ost for Boku no hero academia like "Say you Run" and "You can be a Hero" is like a 10/10. It really conveys the emotions of the current scenes and makes you think you're actually inside of the anime. I tip my hat to you Porno Graffiti.

This show also has good pacing. Every time each episode ended, it made me want to see more of it and just when I thought nothing interesting can come out of the current episode, something new and exciting comes out in the end that makes me wanna see more.

Bad parts:
The premise of Boku no hero academia has been used many times. The idea about how the world gets super power and stuff just gets repetitive at times and this show is no exception but how they handled the details and such made this show worth while.

Also the trope," I want to be a hero" is a bit cliche. It's basically every goal of every shounen main character ever.

I sorta did found Deku's character a bit annoying and jarring. He cries literally every two seconds and he gets nervous about everything, but these type of characters are luckily not overused. This creates an opportunity to make the character grow stronger each passing day, so when you look back at how far he/she developed, you feel somewhat satisfied.

I give this show a 9 out of 10 which I may have gave it more credit than it deserves but this is my final conclusion. Hope you liked this review!!!

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Prison School (Anime) add
The first time I heard about Prison School was a very long time ago, and I thought I wasn't going to enjoy it, however, this anime proved to be more than I anticipated. I think most people would say that this anime is shit because it's ecchi, I thought the same thing before I watched it. In the begging of the anime, I was going to say it was "So bad, it's good", and while I still think that to some extent, after the ending, it proved to be better than I originally thought.

So in the end, should you watch Prison School?

My advice: Keep an open mind and watch the first 3 episodes, then see if you feel like continuing.

(I don't know if my english is good or not, so I'll apologize for any spelling mistakes in advance.)
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Hunter x Hunter (2011) (Anime) add
You know how everybody keeps saying that there is nothing they can say about Hunter x Hunter that hasn’t been said before? Well, they’re all right. While this is technically a review of Hunter x Hunter, this should probably be treated more like a memoir of my thoughts on the show. If you want a really detailed review that thoroughly dissects all of the odds and ends of Hunter x Hunter, you might as well read its most helpful MAL review.

Now, what is it about Hunter x Hunter that makes it so special? At face value, there really isn’t anything going on that makes it stand out. The initial conflict isn’t very innovative, and for a while, it seems like it’s on the same level as other shounen. It should be said that I am very familiar with long-running shounen. I have seen all of Naruto, all of Bleach, and even though it’s not on my list, I have seen 20-30 episodes of Fairy Tail, 40-50 episodes of One Piece, and at least 200 episodes of Naruto Shippuuden. I’ll say here that I will make lots of comparisons between Hunter x Hunter and “the big three.” The reasons why Hunter x Hunter is so special among shounen, as well as anime in general, are very simple. Hunter x Hunter does things that other anime don’t do. Hunter x Hunter gets things that other anime don’t get. Hunter x Hunter goes places that other anime don’t go. Hunter x Hunter gets what a good story is. Hunter x Hunter gets what good characters are. Hunter x Hunter gets anime, and Hunter x Hunter gets people.

While I would normally start off talking about the story, I think I’ll start of talking about the characters. Now, the big three have humungous supporting casts, and so does Hunter x Hunter. The thing about Hunter x Hunter is that it uses its supporting cast in a much more effective way. For example, in Bleach, there are lots of soul reaper characters that get screen time sprinkled all throughout the series. It seemed like tons of these characters got an episode or two (or three) that consisted of either filler to provide backstory, or a fight scene with a forgettable bad guy where they would monologue and/or have flashbacks while fighting. Also, One Piece dedicated entire arcs to introducing supporting cast members. I think Naruto did a much better job at integrating backstories in a way that seemed to benefit the plot, but giving backstories to every single minor character grows very tiresome. Not only do all of the minor characters of Hunter x Hunter feel meaningful, they all just kind of slip into the plot without much effort. For example, in the fourth arc of the series, a group of body guards is assigned to protect someone. At first, it just seemed like the Togashi wasted his thinking juices on creative designs for characters that wouldn’t make any difference in the story. By the time read more
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Haikyuu!! (Anime) add
Los 25 los vi con mucho hype, era impresionante como quería ver capitulo, tras capitulo. Es buen anime, muy recomendado. Los personajes están genialmente logrados, a pesar de que la comedia que tiene esta serie es muy pasable, la opening es muy regular, a pesar que la música de fondo en los partidos es bastante emocionante.
No tiene tantos gliches, los seiyus son buenos, y cada uno de los personajes están muy bien armados, con una personalidades casi únicas.
El personaje principal es muy infantil al igual que "enano", el otro personaje principal es todo lo contrario al anteriormente mencionado, ya que es muy egosentrico y uno de los mas altos del equipo. Pero que se puede decir, los dos juntos son fascinantes y alucinantes, en pocas palabras...son "dinamita".
Sin mas análisis, le doy un 8 de 10 (8/10).
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ReLIFE (Anime) add
I found RElife to be pretty decent but not really "interesting". It has it's good moments but I generally found the drama a bit forced and the characters a bit cliche. Though I do give credit on how some of the characters were very relate able to people who are young adults or teenagers like jealousy and such. Not to mention the plot twist in the end. (Won't spoil it.) My overall scoring of this show is 7 which is like a C. Although its's not the best show in the summer season, I do recommend it to anyone who likes drama, romance, and slice of life.
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Nourin (Anime) add
This one gets a quick review because there isn't a ton to say. Not a whole lot happens, characters do not develop much at all and the story ends without accomplishing anything.

One thing I will say that made this above an average anime was that it was funny. If you ever wanted to hear a TON of sexual jokes centered around farming and see a kawaii teacher who can't find a man hit on her students and ooze desperation and negative energy you will enjoy it. The best episode is the one where he talks about it being just another average day and it is all sorts of crazy stuff that happens that makes me die laughing. It isn't bad for a comedy but the other elements are sorely lacking and the tropes are too strong.

Story 5/10 Art 8/10 Sound 7/10 Character 5/10 Enjoyment 6/10 Overall 6/10
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Golden Time (Anime) add
When this anime was first released out in 2013, I wasn't immediately hooked into this series until late 2016 after finding out how high this show's popularity was. So, I just took a shot at watching this anime to see how well it displayed.

Story: 6

To begin with, I've read the summary for this anime a lot of times and one day when I reread it again, I didn't think it would really center a lot around "memories" and I certainly didn't expect that would be so important in the plot. So I thought that this anime was going to be another boring Slice of Life anime.

But I was wrong, and I wasn't just wrong in how well it displayed in the first few episodes. Episode one started off normally like any other anime and the fact that it was a college setting made it a bit interesting as I've been sick of watching high school characters (they tend to be annoying, especially with how they are portrayed).

The main character's amnesia, I thought it was only a portion of the anime and that it won't be brought up again (thought it was just a filler for his background story), but after around episode 7, I realize that this anime may just leave me wondering how the choices the MC makes counterargue with me and the rest of this anime.

I can agree with others in that the story was interesting because I've never seen any other anime with this kind of plot. Sure, amnesia has been around a few animes, but this one involved with his past conflicting with his current self, which leaves me with questions about amnesia and whether someone should really try to go back to their past self.

The Romance genre has never been good with me because after a while, I just drop the series because there's nothing left to tell after the MC just gets together with the other person. Since the plot centered around this fast-paced and out of the blue romance relationship between the two MCs, I thought that there was literally no character development at all, it didn't appeal to me and worst of all, that's not how real life works (yes, this is anime world so I don't blame the author).

Art: 6

Nothing wrong with the series's art, but sometimes I feel really angry when seeing the two MCs face, comparing with their personalities. The other characters and their design with the art looks unique but they kind of dull in with every moment the anime goes on.

Sound: 5

I probably shouldn't rate sound a 5 because I didn't even turn my volume on when I watched this anime. I never saw and heard the opening song and ending song, and I've, of course, didn't get to hear any background music. I didn't hear any sound and was fine with it, but I could almost imagine their voices, and the voice actors were fine, nothing wrong with them.

But to be fair, even if I didn't read more
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Gokukoku no Brynhildr (Anime) add
Have you ever had a plate of fruit that was so delicious and then one unsuspecting bite you end up biting into a rotten piece and you end up forgetting the good pieces because that rotten piece left such a bad taste in your mouth? That's Gokukoku no Brynhildr in a terrible metaphor I just made up.

I'm writing this review immediately after watching Gokukoku no Brynhildr, and the two words I keep coming back to, to describe this show is 'rushed' and 'disappointing', so lets go over why I keep coming back to these two words.

Disappointing - A show that started out so promising with its opening few episodes slowly devolves into an ecchi/harem, there's nothing wrong with ecchi and harem shows by itself, but when an anime leads you to believe it's one thing, then takes a 180 halfway through to be a completely different show, it feels misleading and ruins any investment I previously had from that point. Even after I realized that this show was not what I originally thought it would be (and was described as) I decided to keep watching because I actually enjoyed the characters and comedy, even if they both fell under tropes that I've probably seen a million times. Little did I know that any enjoyment I would have gotten from this show would slowly be ruined as the show nears its end...

Rushed - Gokukoku no Brynhildr starts off as a pretty good show, episodes 1-3 introduce Ryouta, our "I need to protect my friends even if it means sacrficing myself" main character, Kuroha a witch with a similar mindset, and Kana who is a paralyzed witch who can look into the future and see when people are about to die, Kana helps Kuroha in her mission to help save people who are about to die, it's explained that witches rely on a pill cleverly named "death supressants" (Yes, I'm serious.) to stay alive or else they'll melt, after a series of events and a new character who is also a witch named Kazumi with the power of super hacking abilities is introduced, they manage to get more pills, and they all go to Ryouta's school and join the astronomy club so they can hide out in an observatory for the astronomy club. This is where things start to go downhill.

In episode 5 we are introduced to our final important character Kotori, and how is she introduced? Well she just transfers into the same school as our characters and also just so happens to join the astronomy club,(a club that literally nobody else in the entire school joined) wow what a set of uncanny coincidences! Anyway after Kotori is introduced the show quickly becomes an ecchi harem where each girl (besides Kana) falls under a certain trope, Kotori is the big boobed, dense always giggly girl, Kazumi is the insecure small boobed girl who has read more
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Master of Martial Hearts is the utter definition of "So Bad It's Good".

I have long prided myself on being a lover of the best and worst that the visual medium has to offer. I don't limit myself to watching anime and movies that people, critics, or my friends think are great. I love watching things that just plain suck sometimes. So bad it's good, so bad it's HORRIBLE, I don't care- I think you can get something out of anything, even if that's "I want that hour of my life back and a bag to puke in".

I've seen a good number of godawful 80s and 90s OVAs that exist solely for exploitative purposes- tasteless, shameless, filthy, or just plain obscene things that have no good reason to be out there but for some T&A, but are cult hits regardless. Mad Bull 34, Violence Jack, Angel Cop, the list goes on and on. The "trashy OVA schlock" is basically a genre of its own, and if it's not, I'm coining the term now, Bob Saget!

I had thought that this was a dying breed, the anime equivalent of a late night titty movie- something with such a barely functional plot that served only to push you from one pointless sexual scene to another bare body. I was very, very wrong. In 2008 and 2009, studio Arms (the animators of Kite, Elfen Lied, Queens Blade, and hentai galore), perhaps the most famous tasteless anime-trash producer of all time , dropped another bomb on the world: Master of Martial Hearts.

Since this is a 5 episode OVA, there's not a whole lot that can be said regarding the plot and characters that the viewer shouldn't just see for themselves. Master of Martial Hearts is, at heart, a panty fighter in the vein of Ikkitousen and Butt Attack Punisher Girl (yeah, go look that one up). Every episode features the MC, Aya fighting against various fetish stereotype girls- the little sister, the maid, a priestess girl, flight attendant, sexy nurse/cop, and Shenhua from Black Lagoon. (cheongsams, whaddup?) PS, be on the lookout for a FOTNS reference.
Every gut busting, throat crushing, bone cracking blow from our pugilistic sadist of a MC also destroys her opponent's clothes- another note straight out of Ikkitousen. One chick takes a knee to the face, and her bra shreds into tiny pieces like paper. Another girl gets punched so hard in the stomach that her butt comes bursting out of the back of her panties and skirt. No article of clothing is safe! It's like Soul Calibur out here! Expect a lot of exposed titties to keep you glued to the screen, because it's certainly not for the personality anyone exhibits.

The next bit is the plot twists. It would be criminal of me to reveal anything, but dayum, there's so much over the top, out of nowhere melodrama that a telenovela would be jealous of Martial Hearts. If you've ever seen the SNL skit "The Californians", IT'S THAT, read more
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Freezing Vibration (Anime) add
Vibration - a series of small, fast movements back and forth or from side to side...huh...kinda like the pacing of this season.

The difference between Freezing and Freezing Vibration is it's topic of agenda and execution of the agenda they both do.

Freezing Vibration takes off where the first season left on on but with a different plotline following Satellizer and Kazuya. So instead of the survival of humanity of Nova attacking humanity, we have a artificial vs.natural in the form of discrimination towards the newly shown plotline of E-Pandora, artificial Pandora using ordinary girls to the naturally-battle ready Pandora's. So before LA delves into this "agenda" that Vibration has, LA will get into the typical basics.

In terms of characters, we have a new line of characters, from the international Pandora's and their Limiters to the new cast of E-Pandora's, essentially the cast has DOUBLED but omitted some of the characters from the first season such as Ganessa. As for character focuses, we do get some insight to some of the characters that were hinted at the first season such as Chiffon and Elizabeth Mably voiced by Sayaka Ohara, as for the new cast of E-Pandora characters, well the centralized focus is on these new E-Pandora's, most notably Amelia Evans voiced by Suzuko Mimori. Oddly enough Satellizer and Kazuya doesn't get much of a focus until the halfway mark, however that is "slightly" compensated with an in-depth look at Satellizer's past which will for LA will immediately bring up Satellizer's younger step-brother Louis el Bridget, if there was a lack of execution or payoff for even looking into Satellizer's past with Louis involved, well the biggest problem with developing Satellizer's past is that Louis in reality didn't get the comeuppance he deserved to all he did to Satellizer in the past AS WELL AS during the events of Vibration, LA already loathed Louis as a character from the first season (in fact LA hated this character more than the main villain of Vibration), the payoff to this just wasn't handled properly. As much as the characters and their development are scattered and LA has overall mixed feelings to the new and old characters. If you want to know whether Satellizer is STILL LA's favourite character, she is, however as for the minor character cast, well LA's favourite minor character is STILL Chiffon, however Cathy Lockharte voiced by Rie Kugimiya can easily be LA's second favourite from the minor cast...and no it's not because of Rie Kugimiya.

In terms of animation done once again by A.C.G.T, well it's overall decent like the first season but LA felt that it kinda lacked in the battle department with some stiff and awkward battle movements here and there, still Vibration still has the same color palette it had in the first still briniging in that dark tone and mood it needs for this season.

The fanservice however takes a big dip in levels as Vibration gets serious with it's agenda and really due to this agenda, most of read more
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New Game! (Anime) add
(DISCLAIMER: By the time of the review, only 4 episodes have been released, and thus my review is mostly based on them. I have enjoyed the series enough to read the manga though, and can affirm you that the remaining episodes, should they be faithfully based, will be entertaining as well. Also, I tried my best to avoid all hints of possible spoilers, so please understand the lack of details. Thank You :)

High school in Japan, to some people, serves as their most memorable period in the life, that they will reach deep into their memoirs to reminiscent upon. The time spent with their friends creamed off with a dash of romance blossoming late into their years serves as well of inspirations for the oncoming flood of Slice of Life (SOL) animes. With most of these shows having their basis on school life as to possibly induce local Japanese viewers wrapped in scents of nostalgia, recent shows have show a slight deviation from this norm, with SOL animes moving out from their comfort zones to explore the normality of work based life as well. Such anime, like New Game!, brings a refreshing taste of mint to the average viewers palate.

Just as much as you would expect out of any SOL anime, the overarching plot is pretty much none existent. Based on a 4-Koma manga, the story is sub-divided into individual occurrences to the characters, and how the react or dealt with the situation, and often hilarity ensues. You could hop in at any episode mid series and still get aligned with the anime. Storyline often does not serve as a strong sellout point, such is SOL animes. Instead, the genre base itself more on its individual characters, which will be gone through next. However, as mentioned, New Game! does base itself on a scenario outside of conventional school settings. Such anime have long evolved and learned from its predecessors to inculcate interesting new situations that might not be your run of the mill type seen in multiple school life anime to invigorate your soul.

Without a plot twisting storylines to base itself upon, SOL animes generally relies solely on character development, which is why I find this genre so endearing. Often by the end of a series, you felt attached to the characters, understanding them so much through their individualistic personalities and hilarious occurrences that that they seemed more of old friends to you, and grown unreasonably sad when the series comes to an end, for these friends are ending their long journey with you. The approach to New Game! is no different. The anime strongly emphases on its characters and by even end of episode one, the development made you feel you have know them for years.

Now, critics might argue that the characters for SOL animes tend to be stereotypical, with the energetic one, shy one, airhead, cute one whom looks horribly underage. This is utterly undeniable, and has been the inside joke of the anime community. I can assure read more
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One Piece (Anime) add
I'll say it, this show is amazing, it is a deep telling of boy who wants to be free. One Piece sets up a huge and entertaining world with endless possibilities. Luffy is searching for the one piece, he gathers together and sets out to the grand line.

Story: I'm not going to lie, the story has a very basic cycle openly but it has a main story building in the background. The story typically plays out with Luffy arriving at an island, the people are friendly but something is wrong. the person controlling the island is evil and must be stopped. Luffy has no reason to help but he gets so pissed of at whatever is wrong that he makes a promise to a member of the island (typically a girl) that he will kick the villians ass. The very often 2D villain is evil for evils sake gets beaten off as Luffys crew in order of importance defeats his underlings. After this they have a party and leave. this cycle is repeated with something little being added to the overall story every arc, This building up to a dramamtic ending.

Art: I don't have to say much about this, its horrible but you will get used to it.

sound: the soundtrack is awesome, I listen to the indivioul tracks all the time, adds something to every scene.

Character: Luffy is a life loving badass, undereducated, simple minded, strong moraled and willed pirate. He sets his mind to something and does it, he has no fear which builds into his badass nature. His character changes after a serious event before a 2 year time skip and he developes a sense of what its like to be scared and powerless. However with how good Luffy is, most of his crew is 2D. With the exception of Roronoa Zoro, he's first mate and swordsmen.

Enjoyment: For me their is nothing more important then enjoyment in and show. I can say without a doubt you will enjoy this show, it is a feel good joy ride that always leaves you with a smile. it sets up a grand scale world with many lovable characters.

Overall: This show is exciting, engaging and allows you to leave the world and engulf yourself in a fantasy world like no other. I'm sure anyone who watches this will atleast leave with a smile, it is wonderful.
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Jutaijima (Anime) add
Story: sooooo a class of students and teachers get shipwrecked and the survivors are trapped on an island. there is also a virus going around that makes all the girls horny. so horny that their heart rates could go up to the point that they have a heart attack and die. What is the cure? Semen of coarse, particularly the semen of the only male survivor. so i mean sort of overdone conceptbut at least they tried. What i thought was interesting is that it allows you to get that sadistic abusive feel that seems to be prominent in hentai without it actually being rapey. I mean yes they hate the main guy, he's ugly and fat and a brute, but they don't have to have sex with him. Yes they will die if they dont but that isn't really his fault and one character actually refuses and dies before the story starts. And someone is raped at the end but at that point it s clear she is the bad guy. so yeah still horrid, but less horrid than most.

Art: so l loved the art of this series. The female characters all look soft and have lovely shapes and proportions. More hentai should have Character designs like this. the blue haired student and the purple haired teacher are my personal favs but all the girls are appealing. the main guy is disgusting but they were going for that. The movements were fluid for the most part and there was a lot of variety in the positions so not as much reshooting the same movements over and over. the bodies shook and jostled appropriately. They were beautiful. Background art? what background art? it was dark toned and .. i dont know who cares?

Sound: i cant critique much on sound. their moans aroused me.. so yeah

Character: The dude was disgusting. the purple haired teacher seemed motherly so it was awesome that she got pregnant. the red head was Tsundere i suppose. eh. the blue haired girls personallity didnt stand out too much but she was the best to look at in my opinion. she seemed athletic though, more so than the others. the blonde was evil trashy and manipulative and iloved it.

Enjoyment: yeah i come back to watch this one a lot.

So yeah

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Big Order (TV) (Anime) add
I got just One Word to describe Big Order. CRAP.

I wont even waste time writing much about it. Long review short A stupid MC got OP powers, destroys the world when he was a fucking kid, tries to make it right but just doesnt have the brains or the sense how to do it or use his powers. Only acts as a tag along for the whole series put in place just for the right moments.

Was expecting a lot from the makers of Mirai Nikki but This show can suck my *****.

Got to write a longer review so just adding some random words and sentences here just like the crappy plot of this show.. &*%^$%($^*(&(%^&*$%$%

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Fairy Tail (Anime) add
I loved Fairy Tail it was my ultimate show I've been watching it for years now and I'm a tad bummed they've stopped for now but at least it gives me a chance to read the manga (which are bought not read online) the story arcs are awesome each only gets better than the last so if you don't like the first don't worry.

Oh the characters are the best each has their own backstory and in depth heartaches which make them who they are its hard not to love them even the bad guys when they're so detailed, Personally I can never wait for a new piece of the fairy tail puzzle and I've still yet to see everyone I hope I can *fingers crossed* oh and following on from the amazing characters I should mention each of them has a unique magic and style to them which boosts the story ten fold hehe and remembering them all is tricky at first but it does get easier don't fret.

The main cast is great though not all are my favorites but I guess that's how it goes I'm not worried though... And there's something else the shipping it gets pretty intense within the fandom and some episodes troll the heck out of some ships and others sink them entirely I'm still waiting for the day mine comes true ya know? hehe well I hope this helps you decide to watch this series too I know its given me many laughs and tears. Good luck.


This anime has been subbed in english.
It has also been dubbed in english *thumbs up* hope it helps.
(sorry about the others i have no idea I only speak english)
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Aldnoah.Zero (Anime) add
Aldnoah.Zero is a high stakes anime... with no stakes.

Story: 4/10
The story is predicated on the assassination of the princess of Vers (Mars) but it isn't engaging at all. During the whole series, she's essentially the character in the least amount of danger after the failed assassination attempt. A few minor changes would have made this anime a 7, 8, or even a 9. The removal of some minor character, some relationship links, some familial ties maybe.
*spoiler - Ep 2* Had Inaho's sister actually died, the MC would have had something riding on defeating the Vers knights.

Most of the characters have their own tragic reason for wanting to battle the Vers empire and end the war... everyone but the MC. He's just the brother of a pilot school instructor, who happens to be yet another Logan's Run-esque middle school aged messiah figure/tactical genius. He's comparatively good at maneuvering the bots, only because everyone else literally stands there shooting at things.

The story has zero stakes in play, every character is floating in the thin water soup that is the 'plot' of this anime, and in fact, many of them don't need to be there at all, namely Lt. Marito. I really could have given a shit about the fate of these characters.

Art: 7/10
A typically visually pleasing anime from A-1 Productions. A little bit of same face different hair syndrome happening with a handful of the female characters, but hey, look at K-on, those girls are essentially the same person in four different wigs and most people like that anime.

Characters: A sub-par storyline clearly doesn't have many compelling characters. 4/10
The only character that has any inkling of development in these 12 episodes (though at the time of writing I've only seen 7 episodes because the plot is pretty transparent already) is Slaine, and that's only because he starts off as a spineless fanboy and becomes an almost three-dimensional character, almost.

The soundtrack during the lacklustre fight scenes almost makes you think something integral to the plot is happening; but of course, that's just the magic of a decent soundtrack. If not for the music, the fight scenes would have been at best, cringe-worthy.

TL;DR: Banal anime with barely any plot, cool enough art, and semi-decent characters, watch it if you're tired of animes with umm.. plots and character development I guess.
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Code Geass: Hangyaku no Lelouch (Anime) add
Oh my. If you liked Death Note, then surely you'll like Code Geass. I write this review for both seasons. This anime is awesome. Brilliant. Superb.

ART. Studio is Sunrise, the studio that did Cowboy Bebop, Gintama, InuYasha. The characters here are uniquely drawn - they're quite lean, except the occasional fat ones, but Lelouch and his friends and enemies are for the most part pretty slim. The hair is also unique. Overall the art is quite distinctive, not super awesome like that of ufotable but pretty good. It's quite different from that of Cowboy Bebop though.

SOUND. Without a doubt one of my favorite soundtracks out there. Kotaro Nakagawa brilliantly does an orchestral-esque symphony of sound with brass fanfare to punctuate the climactic moments. Percussion and what I think is guitar make this OST even more awesome.

CHARACTER. Who is Lelouch Lamperouge? He is the ultimate mastermind, the one who calls himself Zero who commands the resistance as a chessmaster moves the pieces. His moves to topple the empire are brilliant. Reminiscent of Light Yagami, but better I think, for Lelouch is not entirely good nor evii but more of an anti-hero. You encounter quite a few morally ambiguous questions in this anime, some morally ambiguous characters. The characterization is not entirely brilliant as is that for Clannad or FMAB and would normally merit an 8, but because of who Lelouch is, I give it a 9.

ENJOYMENT. I saw episode 1 and didn't find it particularly awesome, so I entered a hiatus, but after seeing Code Geass on so many top 10 lists I saw episode 2 and was hooked. For Lelouch has the Geass -- what's that, I wonder?

one word to describe this anime: brilliant
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Another (Anime) add
Another was one of the few animes I was trying to avoid, simply because it wasn't appealing at all - the plot line, I mean. But I was wrong. On a saturday night, with nothing to do and being bored to death, I finally forced myself to watch the first episode and my mind was blown away.

The plot was amazing, and the characters seemed to fit so well in the story, and you can say I got addicted to it. It was a very surprising story because of its plot twists, and you can say my heart was broken for a while.

If you love gore and mystery, and maybe even thriller, I highly recommend this anime to you. Or if you simply like to see people getting killed. (I love it by the way, only in animes though).

Would you be more interested if I told you that ''Another'' is based on a true story from the 18th century?
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Kuromukuro (Anime) add
/!\ This review contains minor spoilers /!\

This review was written after finishing 7 episodes.

Of the 1st episode:
A mysterious black cube(-like) object, as well as a big-ass robot (referred to as "relic") were dug up in Japan, which they couldn't keep, nor move, so they built a city under the jurisdiction of the United Nations (UN) right there, studying them.
However, one fateful day similar big-ass robots accompanied by small chickenbots started raining down the sky. At that time, the chosen airhead heroine (17yo) touched the black cube thing which then birthed a samurai (18yo), who then bowed down calling her princess.
After the initial confusion settled, we get to know that our heroine just *happens* to be the princess' lookalike (with many more coincidences to come!), and that the samurai spent the last 450 years inside that cube. The "demons" aka the big-ass robots are our samurai's sworn enemies, so he kidnaps the princess, the cube transforms into a weird levitating vehicle, they hop in, find the "relic" based on intuition, vehicle transforms back to a cube, docks into the big-ass robot and they are already on their way to slay the intruders, because OF COURSE they are the chosen ones, mankind's only hope! Together they will be victorious! And romance! And other cool stuff!

Indeed, first we have big-ass robots invading, then we have old alien technology recovered along with a man, then it turns out bullets, rockets, shells and even nukes are useless and can't even put a nice scratch on these robots, basically the military is utterly useless as always, then said robots start waving swords around and punching one another,
because that's how advanced civilizations fight.

This is in fact a show about alien samurai piloting space samurai robots and invading Earth for no apparent reason (emphasis on apparent), battling a human samurai piloting an over 450 years old and surely not outdated samurai robot.

Because samurai.

Good luck trying to count the clichés.

On the bright side, the show does give at least rudimentary excuses/explanations for certain things, such as the answer to the question "how do we repair a high-tech robot we can't even begin to understand?".

Characters include
our samurai, who is hot-headed and loud, ignorant to the present, but also to women or pretty much anything else that does not involve fighting.
His views on the world are different and I am no expert at the social norms of feudal Japan so I cannot tell how accurate it is, still it's emphasized how confused our samurai is by the habits, the technology, and the people's mindset of the present.
The results are often comedic.
In time, he begins to get used to technology and learn history, his history.
Realizing all he had was gone, he focuses (or rather, continues to focus) on slaying all the invading demons, however, "relic" refuses to do his bidding without the princess on his side.

The princess (not really a princess I just don't give a damn about her name) is an airhead who has zero motivation to do anything. At all.
She read more
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Big Order (TV) (Anime) add
I'm just going to skip the foreplay and get my opinion out of the way: yes, Big Order is shit. The anime community and their family members who only know about Japanese cartoons through the posters on the wall have already declared it as shit from the moment the first episode aired, and the series quickly became known as one of the worst anime of all-time around the episode when a nuclear bomb was halted by a teenager boy's open palm. And whilst I never really care about popular word because I am a lonely hermit who refuses to join in "best girl" conversations for fear of catching AIDS (Anime Is Da Shit), trying to defend Big Order is like trying to defend Bill Cosby. No matter what side you're on or what result comes out of this trail, the fact remains that the subject in question isn't going to win. Although Big Order did get licensed by Crunchyroll for a DVD release, so maybe that analogy is weaker than I already thought it was.

Not quite sure where this show's massive hate base came from - at least, not compared to every other boring, inconsequential, and downright awful anime of which we get at least ten of every season - but I will say that if the parents in The Monkey's Paw had actually seen their kid, he'd probably look like a visual representation of this series' technicals. For starters, whenever something titillating happens in this show, there's always a bright flash of light that makes it look the images had been caught on fire prior to airing and the production team decided to just air it anyways because they made a deal with Satan and he's very stingy regarding when he wants his animu. Apparently, Satan isn't so stingy regarding whether he can actually see the underage boobage or what's actually happening in general, because the fire engulfed like 90% of the frames whenever a scene happens in order to make pre-pubescent boys experience their first erection, and since Big Order is a schlock anime, you're going to be seeing quite a bit of damaged footage by the time it finishes. You'll also notice watching the show that the violent images in this series were reportedly evacuated from the fire before it got too big, but because they're directed with about as much enthusiasm as a USA police officer has for a black person's safety and animated with a budget of three nickels, I speak no hyperbole when I say that a bunch of stick figures duking it out would have been more exciting to watch.

And a lot has already been said about the sound mixing and choice of music, which is so utterly mismatched regarding what's going on that you could have put on one of those never-ending loop videos featuring a Rick Astley song and it would have blended in just as well. I wasn't really paying attention to it because the show aired on the same read more
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Ping Pong The Animation (Anime) add
Ping pong the animation is truly one of the worst things I have ever seen inside and outside of anime. It has absolutely no story. The non existent plot follows some kind of borderline autistic child who has some kind of obsession for visiting different high schools just to use their ping pong tables , despite his own school having ping pong tables.

I truly had a sickened look on my face all throughout the eleven episodes of this filth. Everytime I saw the main charachter I wanted to scream ''whats your story'' at the screen. If I had a choice of having tiny cuts carved into my testicles and then salt and lemon juice to be poured over them , or sitting through this disease again I would choose the ball cutting in an instant. After completing this series , I wanted to watch something with an actual story so I decided to indulge in all of the filler episodes from Naruto. These Naruto episodes are infinitely better in every way imaginable than Ping pong the animation.

The term ''animation'' is taken quite lightly these days as this so called anime resembles a powerpoint presentation. It uses the highest form of disease ....Rotoscope animation.

I would honestly love to know where the income is sourced for these kind of productions, Shonen Jump must be pulling money out of their anuses to fund this ridiculousness because I certainly do not see another explanation. My dream in life is to see the situation that spawned this awful awful anime and to hear the conversation between a board of directors and the creators. What kind of bank hands over money to someone who pitches this kind of shit. No doubt this was produced by some form of immigrant who recieved a grant (funded by the taxpayer) to fulfill his or her dirty fantasy to create this filth. I could sit hear and write about immigration all day but that is a story for another time.

Overall I really am lost for any other word for this anime other than a complete disgrace and a mockery of japanese culture and anime in general. I would be ashamed to be associated with this production and I feel that any poor soul that watched this accidentally should be offered complimentary counselling and treatment at this stage.

This is not what the taxpayer should be funding. We go to work in fields such as electrical , medical and educational and then we have our finances and our efforts diluted into an embarrassment such as this ! I for one hope my country never disgraces itself with something of the calibur of Ping pong the animation as it is truly in a league of its own.

Any person who enjoys this anime legitimately is either extremely autistic and may god have mercy on their souls. I hope that the standard of anime improves read more
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Ah Danganronpa, the show I've been waiting for ever since I finished Super Danganronpa: Goodbye Despair.

As you probably already know, there are two seasons of DR airing this summer, one airing on Monday and the other airing on Thursday. The one airing on Monday is the Future Arc, a sequel to both games and this one that airs on Thursdays is the Despair Arc, a prequel to both games also. SO if you are here after completing the anime of the first game and want to watch this, STOP AND TURN AROUND because this is not the animation of the second game and you'll just end up a confused mess, meaning you wont enjoy this as much as you should. Both DR3s assume you have played both games, (playing Ultra Despair Girls and reading Danganronpa 0 are also recommended) so watching it without doing so will be a waste of time.

Now onto the review;

So far this Despair Arc really sets the scene of how vibrant and cheerful life was at Hopes Peak prior to the events of the most awful, most tragic event in human history or whatever it's called. The studio stays true to the art style and the soundtrack is as great as ever. The characters you fell in love with in DR2 are back and act a usual, with the exception of Komaeda (not batshit crazy yet).

After episode 2 the despair begins, starting with the Twilight Syndrome Case but I wont go into any details since you should already know what will happen, given you've already played the game.

If you are too afraid to watch this given the disappointing results of the adaptation of the first game, I can assure you that this is much different. The only negative I can give this season so far is it's extremely fast pace. It's quite hard to stomach some information as its thrown in your face followed by another event that can make you forget whats going on. Also, the first two episodes are mainly just your average slice of life, comedy series but they still contains important information so I wouldn't skip it if I were you.

Lastly, the opening is very symbolic. If you like to make theories and such, I suggest watching the opening a few times as you may be able to gain a lot of info from it but I'm not much of an analyst.
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07-Ghost (Anime) add
I really enjoyed seeing this anime. Personally I would rate it a 10, however there are certain elements that could be better. Also there are some shounen-ai (I overlook it because the plot was good, however I know some people can't watch that kind of thing).

First of all, the story is unique. There aren't many western style churches featured in most anime and the way this one is done is pretty entertaining. The plot moves forward at a good pace (except when Teito is moping around, that was kinda dragged on) and incorporates really nice elements into the story.

Second, the characters are welly rounded and have entertaining relations with each other. There are a few cliche characters, however that can be overlooked because of the plot. Also, the villains here are great, they are all types of crazy and have a nice design.

Also, the sound and artwork are done nicely. The character's outfits are a little funny though I've seen worse. There's little animation flaws here and there but no anime is without them.

Lastly, this anime does not cover the entirety of the manga though the story is satisfactory and does not deviate much from the original. I very much dislike that they cut the story off because the rest probably deserves animation. Any way the way it's cut off leaves things somewhat confusing, maybe reading the manga is a better choice (or do what I did and see the anime then read the manga).
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Pokemon: The Origin (Anime) add
In the year 2000, a boy was born. He was full of hope, yet an unbelievable amount of anguish. His birth came as a surprise as his birth was the result of a condom purchased from the tescos in cork. This boy lived a fairly comfortable life, hovering above and below the poverty line daily if not hourly. A surplus was never seen in that household. One day, as the starry eyed boy ran out from the ''kitchen'', only to see the scene that would change his life forever. His father, slapping his mother, as he walked out to ''buy milk''. The young boy, who's name shall remain anonymous, clutched his mothers nightgown as he watched his father pass from his world into the next. Dwayne fell into a deep depression, cutting himself with broken fragments of the "pottery" he made his father for fathers day. One day however, he managed to catch the sight of a show on RTE 2 (free with a saorview box of course, there was no skybox in this household). His life was yet again changed forever. Anime devoured his life, just like his father devoured his mothers heart and grief from the inside out. His only source of emotion was from the 200x200 pixel monitor in the "office" of his house, where he watched reruns of one piece and naruto day in and day out. One day, he discovered "Pokémon" a series lasting 900 episodes, which of course he scoffed down in a matter of days. He then discovered that there was many movies, OVAs and Specials of this show, one of which was "Pokémon: The Origin". He filled his pants with semen as he realised that he could spend even more time watching the shows his friends and family shunned him for. The shows that guaranteed that his father would never return, yet helped him to forget about the ceaseless agony he lived in. He of course finished it within moments, and reccomended it to his friends. I was one of the unlucky recipients of this.

This anime truly is a work of art. And by a work of art i mean that "modern art" which is just a rock and a pile of dirt under a pane of glass that everyone pretends to enjoy. It is literally the script of Pokémon Red, completely acted out into a 6 season show, only just as they finished. Nintendo realised that this year was yet another deficit, which was the cause of their directors untimely demise (R.I.P Sotoru Iwata. Always remembered <3 ). So they couldn't afford it, so what they did is picked four random "episodes" and made 2 minute debriefs that span Seasons upon Seasons, mashed it all together, and this came out of Game Freaks anus. Its DISGUSTING and i would give it negative numbers if i could. The only redeeming factors are the reasnable art style and nostalgic pokemon cries.

As i told Dwayne this, i could see the tears well in his read more
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Yesterday, 1:41 PM
Shisha no Teikoku (Anime) add
The animation was good.

This is yet another movie that attempts to mask its lack of direction with impenetrable philosophy, pretending to super deep when there is actually nothing there. The use of fictional historical characters is just an attempt to be super edgy and is little more than a cheap hook to fool viewers into thinking that it goes somewhere (hint: It doesn't). If you ever wanted to think to yourself, "WTF am I watching?", or "I could be doing something productive instead," then this is the perfect movie for you.

The only reason it keeps 3 stars is because the whole animated corpses in society concept is just engaging enough.

In the words of /u/kuddlesworth9419:
"The first half of the film is pretty good but it falls apart in the second half. Nothing is explained. Characters' motivations and intentions are just pulled out of nowhere. The final "fight" is a complete mess. I had no idea what The One was even trying to do. What were the crystals (some energy thing I think). Why is sound visible, why does sound effect the dead, why are the dead eating people (zombies? I assume), androids?, where did that come from. It's a real mess."
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Yesterday, 1:37 PM
Houkago no Shokuinshitsu (Anime) add
It is rare (very rare) that I'll read reviews for an anime before jumping in head first. However with Houkago no Shokuinshitsu I had somehow stumbled upon the reviews first. In the back of my mind I thought, " it can't be THAT terrible...right?" Hoo boy I was wrong.
This anime makes me wonder why or how this was created. It looks like it was animated by 5 year olds with MS paint. Also YAOI HANDS YAY.
I've seen some bad anime, believe me, but this one takes the trash cake title of being the worst anime I've ever laid eyes on. And I do not say that lightly.
If you want to waste an hour of your life, don't waste it on this, waste it on some higher grade trash like Vampire Holmes or Diabolik Lovers. Because, while they may still be trash, at least it's somewhat better trash.
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Yesterday, 1:29 PM
No.6 (Anime) add
I give this anime a full 10/10. This was very thrilling, and it made me want to watch the next episode right after the other. Would I watch this again? Yes most certainly I would. No.6 has been my favorite anime for about 1 year. The ending was very sad/joyful, It made me wonder if I should cry or jump up and down. Now I will tell you what its about. No.6 is about the main character, Shion, Helps a run-away and he gets in alot of trouble. After getting in the cart with the police about to get taken to the correctional facility, the run-away, Rat, saves him. They both become run-aways and the rest is for you to find out. So for all the anime watchers out there, check this out!
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Yesterday, 1:19 PM
Pokemon: The Origin (Anime) add
Pokemon The origin is an absolutely unbelievable production. To this day I am unable to comprehend how something could be strung together as badly as this is. First off I was forced to experience this excuse for an anime on youtube as this anime was nowhere to be found online elsewhere, it was more scarce than a surplus in a benefit household. Pokemon The origin is a butchered retelling of one of the pokemon games but which , i have no idea as this ''plot'' seems to twist and turn often . The anime frequently veers off in whatever direction it desires , leaving the viewer confused , irritated but most importantly ...dissapointed. The ''story'' follows Red and Blue and some extremely poorly drawn verison of Brock which is frankly quite scary. I was extremely distraught to see that the team rocket uniform was the black version and that there was an absence of team rocket pokeballs.
Overall the anime was rushed beyond belief as what usually would take place over 2 or 3 seasons takes place in a couple of minutes in pokemon the origin. Everything about this anime makes me more suicidal then I have ever been in the past and I can truly say it is the blight of the franchise and that it should be removed from dispersal or else corrected as a full 120 episode season with a new artist.
I entered pokemon Origins with very high hopes as I love the pokemon franchise from the bottom of my heart, However I left the series feeling frightened , violated , dissapointed and quite sick. I had the urge to vomit as I turned off my computer.
I really expected more from the name of such a classic franchise , but as my grandfather once said ... Beggars cant be choosers.
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Yesterday, 12:52 PM
ReLIFE (Anime) add
ok forget the story the art the character. They are all 10 in my books. but for sound I would have to go with a 6. Overall I gave a 9 coz other than the cheap piamonotone this show was great.

Spoiler alert beforehand.. The best thing about this show was that it was released all at once. I mean this is the first show I have seen where all the episodes were released together. So no waiting for weeks and weeks which is a definite plus.

Moreover its about a 27 yr old part timer and I can relate to that. I am much younger than him but I am also at that stage where I need to work to eat or to even watch anime. I really wish I got a pill like that to redo my life. *sigh

Kaizaku is a interesting character and so are the other supports. The character development is well thought out and the anime is mostly friendship/relationship based.

I will be eagerly waiting for the second season but sad news looks like I will have to wait for a long time.
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Yesterday, 12:42 PM
Re:Zero kara Hajimeru Isekai Seikatsu (Anime) add
I just rated the anime 10 for most of the parts except the character coz *spoiler alert* the MC is too wimpy for my taste. I like my animes with a healthy dose of "I can fuck u up" attitiude. But regardless of that I still find myself watching and liking this show more and more. Yeah the MC is a little cowardly but the way he evolves is truly amazing. I mean the experiences the anguish the horror of what he has been through will surely change anyone..either in a good way or bad. And much as I had to admit it the character development of the MC is pretty realistic.

On one hand I feel angry watching how the MC is developing. That is not how a typical anime protagonist should be. But on the other I am loving it. Precisely because its not your average 'go with the flow' style. The creators took a risk and it really paid up.

There is so much pain, love, comedy, tragedy, gore, horror, adventure, and what other genres there are. Its such a good mix I can't believe it myself. Its like Akame Ga Kill but I would have to say this one is much better.

I would have given it a 10 but I have a love/hate situation going on with Subaru so a 9.
Maybe 9.5
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Yesterday, 12:13 PM
Dagashi Kashi (Anime) add
The story ending was pretty weird because I didn't really know if he took over the shop or if he didn't so I hope there comes a second season. I don't really think there will come one but I just keep hoping!

The art is really good and the characters have super nice personalities, hobbies and make funny faces and all. I like the way they described every single character and that they were totally different from each other. It was only weird that they always wore the same clothes every day.

The sexual humor is really enjoyable and the sounds are also great.

It's an amazing anime to watch if you like colorful, happy and humoristic anime's!
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Time to review an anime based off one of my favorite gaming series of all time (Behind Persona and Pokemon) Danganronpa- Side Despair. Let's get this rolling people.

For those that don't know this is one of two of the Danganronpa anime running now the other being side future. With side future you atleast need to have seen the anime based off the first game or played the game yourself or atleast have some knowledge. Side Despair on the other hand is pretty much a prequel to both the first 2 games, mainly the first. You might want to atleast have some knowledge on the games or the anime before watching either one. But anyway today I am going over side despair.

Story- For those that don't know Side Despair is basically showing what happen before the biggest most horrible tragic despairing event in history and stars the remnants of the despair or the 77th class in hope peak academy's main course. Going to be honest here and say I like this one over Side Future, which might have to do with the fact I have been more interested in the 2nd games characters stories then I have been with the first games characters. Pacing is alright and I would be happy if they stuck with the happy stuff in the anime. But as most people know, this is Danganronpa. You ain't going get no happiness. Only Hope and Despair. And no happiness allowed (Despite the first 2 episodes hie story making me smile and laugh...But after that, no happiness for me, you, or anyone watching this.)

Overall though I do like the story in Side Despair. Plus unlike the game adaption this and side future are anime exclusive so hopefully pacing doesn't suffer like it did in the game adaption as much as I love it.

Art- I haven't seen that much of Lerche's anime but for he ones I have seen like the game adaption and Monster Musume it good. And I like in this anime to. Like the backgrounds, characters designs, pretty much almost everything. Got no major complaints with it.

Sound- I love the opening and ending to this anime. I love them to death. And the Japanese voice actors are good as far as I am concerned. Not a single complaint about anyone of them really.

Character- I love the second games characters. They all pretty much have there personalities from Ibuki being energetic to Mikan being extremely clumsy all the way to Hiyoko being a little bitch and TeruTeru being a extreme pervert. I love all of them. I loved them more then the first games characters which compared to them, I consider bland. All the characters keep there personalities which I love. Even Nagito and his crazy self to a certain extent.

Enjoyment- Between Side Despair and Side Future, I am loving side despair more. Loving every minute of it so far.

Overall- I recommend this anime whole heartedly. But I think you might want to have some knowledge on the read more
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Yesterday, 12:00 PM
Handa-kun (Anime) add
Note: This is a SPOILER FREE review! Feel free to read without worries! : )

One of my all time favorite anime to this day is “Barakamon” which is a slice of life journey that taught me so much on what it meant to see our world as a beautiful canvas. It’s most definitely hard to deny how excited I was when the news came in that it was receiving a prequel called “Handa-Kun’. However, once walking into this entry..I was left bitterly disappointed at what I was looking at. This is like receiving tickets to Disneyworld but instead being taken to a broken down arcade machine.

Handa-Kun was chosen to be a gag story in a school setting instead of being an actual meaningful prequel that have could have expanded more on Handa’s character before the intro of Barakamon. By “gag story” I am referring to just absolute nonsense while using “funny” Barakamon related jokes. In other words..Handa-Kun is just a way to milk the series more. Nothing else.

Yeah, you could definitely say I’m being harsh but let me ask you a question. How would you feel if Fullmetal Alchemist:Brotherhood received a prequel on Maes Hughes and it just turned out to be an entire gag comedy about how much he loves his daughter? Sure, Maes Hughes is insanely awesome(in my opinion anyways) but such a concept wouldn’t hold up just as a comedy with Fullmetal Alchemist jokes. You would need serious storytelling attached to that because it was also what made Hughes a great character. Even the funniest of writing styles only really work due to the serious tones of the story its being wrapped around.

My point being, the comedy aspect in Barakamon only worked so well because it was being played alongside an emotional story about a guy trying to figure out his life. It’s bad enough when Handa Kun doesn’t do that good of a job as a gag anime even if it was the first entry of its own thing. I’m not lying, there wasn’t much here that made me laugh. You want a funny gag anime that is airing in summer 2016? Go watch “Saiki Kusuo” as that at least contains more originality to this concept.

Overall: My vision of a prequel would have been seeing Handa’s love for calligraphy develop for the very first time and then it all slowly leading into the big intro that the first episode of Barakamon is known for. Instead, this is just a shameless cash-in that will make some fans laugh while having others question what could have been.
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Yesterday, 11:36 AM
Street Fighter II: The Movie (Anime) add
Nostalgia. It scares me to think that something I once loved could in actuality be a disgusting mess. I cautiously watched this movie for the first time in years. If you asked me before today I would say of course it was awesome. After today, I'm proud to say that Street Fighter II: The Movie still kicks all kinds of ass.

I watched the American dubbed release as I did when I was a child. The voice acting is actually pretty solid. Ryu occasionally sounds bit too high pitched. Every other main character sounds really good. The American version also added some rocking tunes from bands like Korn and Alice in Chains. Whether you like that genre of music or not, it fits very well in the places they insert it. The rest of the original music in the film sounds fantastic as well.

The art resembles most anime from the early 90s. You will either like it or you won't. I personally don't have an issue with different art styles so I love it. The fight scenes are incredibly well animated. You feel the impact of each move as flesh shifts upon contract. It's all quite visually stimulating.

The story is M. Bison is bad. He's using his powers and influence to collect strong fighters. Cyborgs are out on the prowl monitoring the strongest fighters. Guile and Chun Li are on a mission to stop it. Along the way Ken, Ryu, and many other well known characters are sucked into Bison's plot. It's simple, but it works in such a way to show off a lot of different fights, while still being relevant to the plot. Although sometimes I feel like they just added random fights with little explanation just for the sake of it. It's all entertaining, it just lacks purpose sometimes.

The ending cliffhanger is dumb. Not going to spoil anything, but it was just silly.

I am pleasantly surprised. i fully expected to return to this film and be left with regret. However, I remain impressed with this film even after all this time. If it's been a while since you've seen this movie it's safe to watch it again. If you've never seen this movie before then get a move on.
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Yesterday, 10:39 AM
School Days (Anime) add
É um anime que sem dúvidas divide muito os telespectadores, o discrepância entre o começo e o fim dele é realmente grande. Todo o seu desenvolvimento torna muito difícil até mesmo para achar uma nota, ainda mais numa review... Então é melhor separar em partes


Uma curiosidade à parte é que já é terceira vez que eu assisto, portanto não me lembro muito da primeira impressão que tive, isso se deve ao fato de que da primeira vez eu escolhi ele por meio de um spoiler, e já sabia como ia terminar, além do fato de que eu assisti o anime de "trás para frente", assisti o último episódio primeiro só para ver a famosa cena final, antes era só pra ganhar experiência, mas depois fui me interessando, quando percebi, eu já tinha assistido completamente fora de ordem, lembro-me que na época fiquei um pouco confuso...
Mas enfim, o enredo não é tão cliché quanto parece, é fato que ele não começa de uma forma convencional, por isso um newbie pode 'dropar' simplesmente porque é chato, e não prende muito. Mas é preciso um pouco mais de paciência e até o episódio 3 as coisas vão começando a ficar interessantes... Por isso o começo não é cliché, ele ao invés de apelar para situações "ingênuas" que se vê em animes colegias, ele começa de uma forma bem menos ficcional, de um garoto apaixonado, mas que não consegue nem falar com a menina que gosta e uma menina intrometida que tenta "ajudar" um garoto completamente infantil a ser um pouco mais maduro. Um motivo pelo qual eu não gostei muito da primeira metade, é que ela realmente fica confusa, é muito difícil entender as motivações do Makoto Itou e da Sekai Saionji, uma vez que o Makoto mesmo sendo tímido tem impulsos sexuais com frequência, e a Sekai parece cada vez mais estando afim de alimentar esses desejos, que privam ele de uma abordagem mais adulta.
A medida que a história vai se desenvolvendo, vai ficando muito mais fácil de entender as reais intenções de todos os três personagens principais -que eu chamaria de o "triângulo das bermudas" , pois esse trio leva qualquer um ao abismo- , assim como também fica fácil de intender a completa inexperiência na vida amorosa assim como na social.
Da segunda metade do anime para frente o enredo é bem mais atraente, isso porque ele fica tão dramático ao ponto do telespectador querer assistir episódio atrás de episódio só para ver as atitudes do Makoto e as consequências delas, em outras palavras, é como se o telespectador estivesse caçando motivo para se estressar, ou melhor dizendo, para se surpreender com a ingenuidade e a infantilidade dos personagens, que são precoces em muitos aspectos.
O fim para quem assistiu é surpreendente, muitos apontam como um dos piores finais, na verdade o que eu penso é que ele surpreendente o suficiente para muitas pessoas (as que tem preferência por finais menos ásperos) se sintam um pouco confusas, principalmente se for read more
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Yesterday, 10:38 AM
Ansatsu Kyoushitsu (TV) 2nd Season (Anime) add
The secont season of assassination classroom was great.You learn everyting you need to know about what happented to the past and the story becomes MUTCH better than the first season.

It has many touching sinces and so mutch fun at the same time, it also has a great story that was hidden in the first season and some new great characters... I think it was a splendid anime and i loved it.

I Highly recoment you to watch it (no matter the age) and i am sure you will love it as i did.

My score is 9 for the secont season because i liked it a lot and i have allready recommended to the most of my friends.
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Yesterday, 10:26 AM
Bakemono no Ko (Anime) add
This is a pretty good coming of age/root for the underdog/you're not alone kind of movie. I really liked how they used cliche themes but transformed them with the whole beast vs. human world. So over all, the movie was good. That being said, it was predictable and I definitely will not be able to watch this over and over again. It's just a cute, uncomplicated, feel-good kind of movie. If you're looking for a solid story line go somewhere else. Sure I gave it an overall 8 because it was a good story BUT there are holes all over the place. Someone's disguise wasn't up to snuff, the original Grandmaster knew and let's just say everything could have been avoided if someone didn't have the odds stacked against them. Not so subtle nod to "How you should/shouldn't parent your kid". Some of this stuff probably doesn't make sense since I wrote it to avoid spoilers but I mean these things were super obvious plot holes (seriously there is waaaaay more). Still, you should watch this movie; pretty cute stuff. Also I think Mamoru Hosoda was the animator/director and he didn't really change anything so if you liked Wolf Children you'll like this movie.
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Yesterday, 10:06 AM
Orange (Anime) add
I dropped this show. I am generally not much into shojo, but I watched some. And they were actually good. However in most shojo anime the MC is passive, slow, dumb and just your typical Japanese stereotype of a girl (at least how they want girls to be)

That being said I gave this show a shot cause I thought the premise was quiet interesting. I mean who doesn't have regrets or to put it differently who does not change and looks back and think "now I would do this or that differently"?

But this show fails totally, it is slow-paced boring romance without any spice. The main-character is stupid and slow. - I don't think it is entertaining to watch the school-day of a below-average Japanese girl. They tried to make the story somewhat exciting by introducing the letter of the future. However, the letter itself is so boring and only focuses on her high-school crush, who btw is also boring, that it cannot make up for the lack of enjoyment.

So if you want to watch a slow paced show with boring characters and shojo cliches then go ahead and watch it. If you are looking for exciting twists, a deep discussion about regrets and a psychological challenging show with drama then don't watch it. Actually just skip it anyway :)
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