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F. Compo (Manga) add
So I finished ‘Family Compo’ by Hojo Tsukasa, a 14 volume manga from 1997. I’m both sad and happy right now. Very sad it’s over and there isn’t anymore. Especially as the ending is rushed. I knew going in that this series was ‘unfinished’ and yeah it’s not, plot points were rushed in the last few chapters and alot is left up in the air. It’s sad to see such an incredible series come to such a quick end.

I was surprised that there is an official END but also that leaves me sad as so much is left up in the air and so many questions left unanswered. The ending is an ambiguous one and something that was clearly either forced by lack of sales by the publisher or by Hojo’s lack of interest to continue. I REALLY hope it wasn’t the latter as we were so close to the end, honestly it would have taken an extra volume max to fill out a decent ending leaving little left unanswered. Instead it really feels like the end was called upon and Hojo had two chapters to do it.

Still though I’m Happy because I LOVED this series. I laughed (alot) and I cried more than I care to admit. I genuinely cared for every character in this series, all brought to life so wonderfully. Undeniably it doesn’t truly go that deep into it’s LGBT themes as some might have liked but this series isn’t really about the struggle of someone who is LGBT but more the journey of someone, in this case Masahiko, discovering there is more to people than simply a defined gender (what’s on the inside that counts etc) and what that means to himself and especially how he feels about those around him. At least that’s my rough take on it :P

Read it, The story is heartfelt and Hojo’s art is beautiful.
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Penguin Kakumei (Manga) add
It been a while since i read this but i can still remember it as if it was yesterday. Wel,l i did read it twice.

Penguin Kakumei is a one of a kind manga. Normally a shoujo manga would showcase the MC simply loving the Love interest quite fast. Which isn't much of a plot. But Penguin Kakumei however is a very sweet manga about the MC helping the possible Love Interests. The way she is around some people crack me up so much. I could not stop shipping her. Penguin Kakumei has the happy moment and the sad moment. The more i remember it the more i want to read it again. It would be briliant if there is a second book \

It would be great if it become an anime
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Naruto (Manga) add
It's kinda sad to see something i spend so much time with turning out so bad.I really liked naruto at the start it was my first anime that i knew it was an anime i watched all the eps of the first series and shippuden until i caught up with the manga at one point i just stopped watching the anime because even the studio didn't care about it but i also lost interest in the manga too after the war arc begun everything seemed awfull.I finished the manga quite recently and looking back it felt kinda nostalgic and really sad to see what it became the characters stayed decent but the story and logic it went so awfull what was kishimoto even thinking at that point the first part of the series was a very good shounen and the person who made it ended up with this?The art,the stoy the 0 logic i just wish it could have been as good as before the pain arc ended or atleast tolerable like before the war.
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Sayonara Piano Sonata (Manga) add
sayonara piano sonata, as you can expect from the title it's about music (no shit sherlock) being only 16 chapter makes it compact and easy to read, i just read it overnight

a farewell piano sonata that get through the reader. that what i can say about this series. still, at first time i read the "piano sonata" on the title i imagine it was about classic music only like nodame cantabile. but, it seems like the writer had good sense of modern music as well, they put some rock n roll like paul mccartney's blackbird as well beside the chopin's fantaisie impromptu. i can say myself as music enthusiast, when it comes to music i'm very picky. thus i can say the writer had some sense on music

the story is good. still, i even say that story is "classic" from the character it has. the childhood friend, the strange senpai, the tsundere girl and typical main character of this harem sitation that would fit into story. the school life with not-too-realistic type of school life made it more classic than the music in the series. but, still had some elements that suprise me in the corner of the story.

as for the art. well. it's not that detailed like vagabond type drawing, but it's not that unique as well. it's just typical. maybe it comes from the novel illustration character design but still, it doens't hit me on the spot

in conclusion, i can give this series 7.8/10. despite how mediocre it is. this series ending still give more feels than your average love-comedy manga
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Yesterday, 5:50 PM
Rokujouma no Shinryakusha!? (Manga) add
Rokujouma no Shinryakusha!? is really a wonderful series. There is just a charm that you cannot get from anywhere here.

The story is about the man named Satomi Koutarou who is moved into a cheap dorm when he get into high school. But it's not only him that want to be on that room. Little by little girls unexpectedly start appearing and stating their own reason in order into having that room. First is ghost girl named Sanae who are already there from the start before Koutarou moving then followed by mahou shoujo Yurika who is stating that she come to protect the room because it have large magical power and bad guys are targeting it. After that alien princess Theia come with her attendant Ruth who want to claim that room in order to finish a trial she is having followed by underworld people Kiriha who want to build altar to create a weapon there. Thing have rocky start with each of them don't want to back down but ultimately it's landlord Shizuka intervene and create a deal to make a competition over the room instead of open hostility.

The story itself take it's time exploring each of it's character personality and motivation. For about 6 volume is dedicated into exploring all of that and all of it are worthwhile journey. It's not just that as well but there is an increase mystery on Koutarou own identity and his ties to the girls story. Over the time Koutarou realize that the girls not only invaded the room but they are slowly and surely invaded his own heart too.

The character itself grow really well. Sanae who is at first just want to have her own room back open up to other and realize that at some point they are not stranger any more to her but already become part of her family. Yurika a timid mahou shoujo grow in confidence and become someone worthy of succeeding her predecessor. Theia grow from a spoiled child into noble princess. And Kiriha who is too mature of her age open up and show her vulnerable side from time to time. Not to forget about Koutarou who grow into splendid knight. Together instead of being enemy they are at the start they form a tight bond instead and become closer than family.

Overall this story is for those who enjoy to take their time to invested into each of the character that are present. The overarching mystery and likable cast also can keep you glued into this series. I'm recommending this to someone who enjoy character focused story and to everyone that just want a pleasant thing to read.
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Yesterday, 4:17 PM
Mahoutsukai no Neko (Manga) add
Well this manga surpassed my espectations!
I'm worried about the lack of rewievs so I hope I can make this one helpful.

The story starts out as light and casual, but it gets more complicated as the main character Rio gets involved with the magic world. It progresses smoothly and we get some interesting backgrounds of the characters to understand them better.
The story got a bit complex towards the ending, but surprisingly everything managed to connect with previous events and fall into place!

I really liked the art as well. There's a magical mood throughout the whole story, especially with the characters and their clothes. And even though Rio and Mao are twins, you won't get them confused, which is great!

The characters were well done too. I especially liked the relationship between the twins, who share a great bond. Rio is shown as a really unremarkable character in the beginning, but through the manga we get to see him grow into a truly impressive person.

This manga was something that I obviously enjoyed. If you like fantasy worlds, cats and magic, I'm sure you'll enjoy it as well. It is a great story of friendship, sacrifice and loyalty.
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Yesterday, 1:50 PM
Nisekoi Doumei. (Manga) add
This manga is underrated. Though many people will get dissapointed because they expect something like the manga Nisekoi. Atleast give this manga a fair chance is what im trying to say. When the plot gets going it actually becomes really enjoyable despite what others might say.

Characters - The main mc is pretty weak though but i think having a strong mc kinda defeats the purpouse of this manga so its fine if the mc doesnt have an really outstanding appearance or strong personality.

Art - The art is really good once you get used to it so i have nothing more to say there.

Story - I feel that the story is this mangas strogest point since it doesnt really have any strong characters. As far as the story goes i think its pretty unique and also very interesting, it might be because i`m really into romance anime/manga at the moment.
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Leave it to the sleazy villager to kill mankind's last hope! I'll make this short, a bit-sized review of sorts, just to get the main aspects of this work. After all, we MAL users are busy people!

+ Fantastic premise
+ Successfully makes fun of fundamental fantasy anime tropes
+ Has a plot that successfully guides the comedy into interesting directions
+ Utilizes extra 4-komas to both fill out parts of the plot and provide more laughs
- Suffers from unevening pacing, sometimes skimming over character development to get to the next punchline
- Starts off slow
- Not all the jokes hit
- Can get a tad too repetitive

+ Ecchi illustrations are top-notch
+ Art supplements the comedy
+/- Character designs are safe, perhaps to drive home the parodies
- Average art quality tends to be sub-par

+ Touka Scott is a great blend of the cynical wise-cracker, the sleazy pervert and the sadistic thug characters
+ Cast interactions provide great comedy experience
+ Side characters and a few of the villains leave immediate impressions
- Character development is shaky
- Characters with signature jokes tend to utilize them often
- Some of the more interesting characters are forgotten or cast aside

Definitely for fans of ecchi-based humor and low-brow parodies of fantasy settings.

I personally started loving after I trudged through the mediocre beginning (chapter 1 was great, but the series doesn't pick up steam until later).

This hidden gem might suffer from repetition and unsteady pacing, but when it hits the right spots, it truly shines!


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Yesterday, 6:26 AM
Platinum End (Manga) add
"I will be updating this review, since the manga is currently publishing and there are only 4 chapters released, and no spoilers contained"

From the creators of Death Note and Bakuman, here comes Platinum end. A manga which is similar to a mix of Death Note and Mirai Nikki. A very interesting and promising manga with the potential of becoming better and more interesting. Ready to go a trip in a depressive survival game full of supernatural stuff?

For now, the story is about a depressive boy who wants to end his life because he can't find happiness. Determined to attempt suicide, he fails. An angel saved his life, and from that moment, everything changed...
A unique storyline and it doesn't sound boring at all, well a least for many people. I loved it because it's not as predictable as i thought. The small ammount of comedy is well executed so we can 'take a small break and relax' . It is pretty simple, but it get's more complex(in a good way) with every chapter released. Nothing ir random or it comes out from nothing, because there is a deeper meaning in the story or actions of characters.

The art is simple but nice and fits with the atmoshpere. Realistic on both landscapes and characters. Appealing design on characters which differs for each one. The supernatural part of the manga is also well drawn and some of the few(for the time being) action scenes are very good. The art managed to balance the supernatural-psychological-drama stuff in a good connection to each other, still maintaining it a nice shounen manga.

It is easy to relate with at least one of the characters. Not something unique or remarkable for now, but the characters are still interesting and well rounded. They exist for a reason, and not just to make the series bigger. The supporting cast supports nice and realistic the series, without needless actions. You will love and hate many characters, something i believe the creators wanted to achieve. And they did. I'm sure in later chapters, this will be more and more noticeable.

As for now, i love it. It managed to make me shit down and read it with 100% of my concentration. I do believe it will get an anime adaption, because more and more people will read it in the future and it will become more and more famous.

For now, every aspect is at least good(or even very good). Every genre of the manga is well executed and balanced so everything is more 'down to earth' and not far-fetched. For everyone who likes Death Note or Mirai Nikki, i recommend it, even if you don't like reading.
(Sorry for my bad English, it's not my native language)
Thank you for reading!
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Yesterday, 5:21 AM
Bukiyou dakedo Daisuki sa (Manga) add
Bukiyou dakedo Daisuki sa is a one-volume boys love story in which the majority of the chapters follow Iida and Torigoe who end up working together for the culture committee at their school. Iida has never been a fan of Torigoe because of his arrogant personality, but as time goes by, he discovers new sides of his classmate that he never expected.

The art is the highlight of the manga and one of the few positive things I have to say about it. It's slightly above average when it comes to BL, and all the characters are attractive and have distinctive designs. However, the story and the characters' personalities don't meet the same standard.

The first chapter of the manga follows Iida and Torigoe as their feelings develop. I can't remember the last time I read a manga in which I felt the relationship was as poorly developed as here. We see almost no worthwhile interaction between them before Iida is already angsting about why Torigoe means so much to him, and when he points out that he has learned to know unexpected sides of him, I had to wonder if I'd accidentaly missed a bunch of pages because I certainly hadn't seen those unexpected sides anywhere. Then again, the manga spends zero time establishing the characters in the beginning, so we never get to see much of Torigoe's normal sides either.

There's no real chemistry between the main characters, only forced clichés such as mistakenly thinking that the other is interested in a woman (who is of course only a friend), being afraid to be honest about their physical desires because the other might find it disgusting, and having a jealous fit when the other interacts with other people. There are a couple of explicit sex scenes to spice up the story, but I never enjoy sex scenes if I'm not emotionally attached to the characters, so they left me pretty cold here.

One detail I really liked was the brief glimpses we got of Iida's parents. Even though they only showed up twice or so, they felt much more interesting and funnier than any of the main characters. There were also some amusing scenes in the bonus story. I wish the manga had focused more on humour as the romantic and dramatic scenes didn't really work for me.

All in all, grab this manga if you want a paint-by-the-numbers BL story with nice art and some steamy sex scenes, but don't expect any real depth in the charactes or story. If you like the kind of BL where the main conflict is one character feeling insecure and thinking the other could never love him, only to be reassured otherwise in a dramatic fashion, you might enjoy this.
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Yesterday, 1:46 AM
Toki wo Kakeru Shoujo: Tokikake (Manga) add
Toki wo Kakeru Shoujo: TokiKake.

Yes its called TokiKake for a specific reason, to differentiate it from the Toki wo Kakeru Shoujo manga released earlier.

Is there a difference? Yes. In the MC of the story. In this its Makoto, in that its her aunt Kazuto.

I'll touch on the other manga later on, but first, TokiKake.

Story: 7/10. The concept of time leaping is interesting, but the pacing of the entire manga felt rather rushed. At the end I was left with a feeling of 'Was that all?' Not the best feeling, but that has to do with the pacing. But even when it comes to raw content there isn't much to really be impressed. Maybe its because the manga was based on the movie, and hence is a more condensed version to hopefully get people to watch the movie. But the point stands that I was left teased and its extremely frustrating. Now if the manga were slightly more slower paced, with the character really coming to grasp with her powers, and more character development, then maybe it would have been better, but then it wouldn't be the same.

One thing I found weird was the aunt's open attitude towards the MC's powers, as if it was normal. Then again, she herself had experienced time leaping powers earlier. Of course I only found that out later when I picked up the original manga, and I'll go a little into the difference between the manga and the original in the last few pages of the TokiKake manga.

Also, regarding the orange-haired guy (Chiaki), what was his actual purpose there? It was never explained. There were a number of small plot holes that were also left unexplained (like the painting Kazuto is restoring as well as the machine that allows for time leaping) and it really bugs me how there isn't an answer for it, at least in the manga.

Art: 7/10. Not much to complain, the linework was normal. Nothing too special, nothing too bad.

Character: 8/10. I enjoyed the little dilemmas that the MC has, and the fact that her actions actually have repercussions that she herself is affected by. Especially the whole confession scene(s), I felt sad. I won't lie I actually teared up a bit. Quite a few times. Maybe I'm just a sucker for tragic love, but that's what happened. The MC's friends too have their own purpose. Orange-haired guy (Chiaki) was the mysterious one, and the big buff guy (Tsuda) was the helpful one, with the aunt providing advice here and there. I like how she never really gave a straightforward answer, but let Makoto learn for herself the effects of her powers.

Enjoyment: 8/10. I like how I was affected by the mood of some parts of the story, and interested in Makoto's time leaping adventures, but ultimately the plot holes left me pretty frustrated.

Overall: 8/10. The story is fine, the original is better, and so is the movie. Ultimately, I can't really find a reason to read this, unless you read more
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Yesterday, 1:01 AM
Conveni-kun. (Manga) add
Story: 9/10 - I really enjoyed the story, it's very cute and I feel happy after reading it. My only little regret is the fact that it's not any longer....

Art: 10/10 - This is my favorite art style and Junko-sensei is one of my favorite mangakas!! The art is wonderful and kinda quirky in some ways-brings out real talent!

Characters: 9/10 - I think that my favorite character Haru-san, and I tend to like minor characters more than the main ones. I think that the character development was well paced, especially in such a short piece.

Enjoyment: 10/10 - Like I said before, I really like Junko-sensei's work. I enjoyed this piece a lot and it's probably my favorite of her works.

Overall: 9/10 - Although it may be my favorite piece, unfortunately I don't think that I'll be able to give it a 10/10. It's a very good story and I liked the art a lot though~!
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Yesterday, 12:59 AM
Suki Kirai Suki (Manga) add
If you're a shoujo fan who adores love triangles, then look no further. Then again, if you want non-typical love triangle, you should look elsewhere. For people new to the shoujo love triangle, Suki Kirai Suki can introduce them to that situation where two equally popular boys compete for one seemingly ordinary girl.

To be honest, I can't really say that this manga brought anything new to the table. For a classic school life story with good-looking boys and a girl who is deciding between both, a nice prince and a hot delinquent, well, it has the parts. But it's obvious who the girl will choose in the end, and it feels as if the other boy gives up too easily since the mangaka can only stretch out the story for 12 chapters. As a result, when the drama happens in the end, it feels a little dry.

Aside from the parts where I casually rolled my eyes, though, I did laugh a few times. Some of the humor is good, so I'll give it that.

I was a little disappointed in the artwork, to be honest. It is decent, but at times I found the protagonist's eyes to be too big, the boys had big lips and not enough hair, etc. Of course, this is comparing it to the multiple other shoujo manga I've read, so this art is not as good as others in my opinion.

Characters? Hm. They're the typical heroine who speaks her mind, her best friend who supports her and helps her no matter what, and the two popular dudes, a mean one and a nice one. There isn't much to say about them and and they don't really stand out from any normal stereotypes. They do what they need to and that's that.

In conclusion, this manga was mildly amusing but it isn't something I'd recommend to anyone specifically and I'll likely forget about it in due time. If you want to try out your first love triangle, then here goes, but otherwise, you won't be impressed.
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Feb 12, 2016
Mohican-zoku no Saigo (Manga) add
Going into this manga, I had not read Cooper's novel, nor seen any of the multiple Hollywood films adapted from it. I had no idea what the story was about. Having finished Sugiura Shigeru's book, I can confidently say I still have no idea what the story is about.
The plot meanders through kidnappings and skirmishes between Native Americans of various tribes, the French and the British/Americans. I couldn't tell why anything was going on at any time. The setting seemed only to exist to showcase the amazing talents of Hawkeye-the guy gets into and out of trouble much like Bugs Bunny- or for cheap gags and slapstick. Historical and geographical inaccuracies abound: I'll bet you never knew there were that many barren cliffs and canyons in upstate New York, or that the Delaware were horsemen to rival any plains tribe. The art varies from highly detailed and realistic to offensively cartoonish, usually combined in the same panel.
The main highlight of the English edition is the extensive essay at the end of the manga about Sugiura Shigeru's life, career and particularly his artistic influences. This makes up close to half the volume, and takes longer to read than the manga. Presented among the historical information is a persuasive argument that the mangaka was heavily influenced by US western movies and comics, from borrowing poses and backgrounds to wholesale plagiarism of panels.
If one is interested in the historical development of manga and the US comic influence upon it, the essay is worth reading. Check it out from your local library and skip the actual manga. The Cliff's Notes of the novel would be better reading if you want actual entertainment.
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Feb 12, 2016
Kimi ni shika Kikoenai (Manga) add
They also adapted Kizu in a shoujo style and I gotta say after reading both manga versions of the two stories, I lean towards the shounen one. Maybe cause I read the shounen first but there were some blaring differences when I compared the two. One of the most notable ones was how they were paced. The shoujo adaptions felt like they were two long one shot mangas with all the story content crammed into the pages with a composition that can only be called messy though its something that is repeatedly used in shoujo mangas. The shounen version paced each story within 5 chapters so there were more a short series than one quick story.

Another thing was its choice in artstlyes. The shoujo adaption used as seen a common style of drawing for shoujo mangas of the late 90s and early 2000s with extremely deformed facial structures, thin lines, super deformed character designs and heavy reliance on tones. This was a poor choice as both story's strongest elements was the mood it created of the existence of such a supernatural connection between two characters was shown in a normal, and mundane world. The shounen version captured this better with a slightly more realistic art style and darker toning overall. Also the shoujo style of the age was best used in light hearted/fluffy series of the comedy and romance genres that did not require the reader to focus too much on the actual settings or scenarios involved but more on the feelings being conveyed by internal monologues and parting images. They treated the stories more like a fantasy of a heart-beating romance between two individuals which doesn't complement the realistic and psychological nature of these stories.

The story of the two mangas in my opinion were interesting but not extremely so. They let the reader find interest in the situations where two individuals find a bond forming through their connection with a supernatural power but nothing greater ever seems to occur. Giving that both stories are short, there isn't much development into the characters beyond the scope of what the plot desires. In Kimi ni Shika Kikoenai, the girl was able to face her flaws and in Kazu the boy was able to get over his emotional baggage but nothing evolves beyond that. I guess you could call those very significant development in character for them but its not enough for us to really become attached to the characters, mainly due to the fact that both series where too short to give us anything else. The small plot twist in Kimi is also pretty predictable from the beginning as the possibility is directly given to the audience and there are an abundant of hints.

Overall I did enjoy the two series but it will probably become a forgettable read over time as they do not leave much of an emotional impact as Otsu-Ichi's other works GOTH or Shissou Holiday.

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Feb 12, 2016
Ame Nochi Hare (Manga) add
This seems to lack a review for the whole thing, let me just fix that.

The enjoyment for me in this manga lied in the way the characters interact with the world in their abnormal situation. The different ways they act and people around them act, how it changes their perspective.

The plot is quite simple and without getting into spoilers I could explain it in two sentences. Chapters, certainly some of them are quite long so don't let the chapter count fool you.

Characters are varied and distinct, you wont have trouble keeping faces apart, the absolutely beautiful art probably has something to do with that.

The ending is unfortunately rushed, it feels like there was potential for more. But despite that it ended properly, in a way that does wrap up the plot but keeps me wishing for more.
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Feb 12, 2016
Ten Count (Manga) add
Story 7/10:
+: The story deals with a interesting topic, because it deals with misophobia. I've never seen a yaoi dealing with something grave like this kind of illness and that's why it surprised me pretty much. I didn't really know what to expect of the storyline but it surprised me in a good way.
-: The only bad thing is that it isn't really dealing with the phobia itself and how someone gets it but with the main character, Shirotani, who kind of seems pretty much like the average Uke with some 'special effects'. So the story feels kind of flat. But as I said before: it's a yaoi and I didn't really had any expactions at all.

Art 10/10:
+: Takarai Rihito's art style is really one of the best I've ever seen. It's plain and simple but has it's own flair. It's quiet hard to describe in other words than beautiful, simplistic but also unique in its own way.
-: Nothing bad about the art. Just 10/10 :)

Characters 6/10:
+: Both main characters are in their own way lovable. Shirotani-kun is an average Uke but suffers from misophobia and even though he's saying, that it doesn't bother him you can feel his pain, whenever he really wants to touch someone or wants to get touched. Kurose-kun is on the first glimpse a coldhearted Seme but soon his character is more revealed to the reader and you start to understand him and his way of dealing with Shirotani-kun. Both seem a bit average but have their own character, which makes them kind of 3 dimensional.
-: As I said before: it is a yaoi. That's why the characters leak a bit of 3 dimansionality. The story really needed to unfold itself till we got a glimpse of Shirotani-kun's past and why he has this kind of phobia. The characters are fitting for the genre but we don't know much about them or their families or friends. The only character who is really developed is Shirotani-kun. We get to know his past, his family background, his working place, colleagues and even the few friends of him. But Kurose-kun leaks of all that information which is really disappointing, because Rihito-sensei made a great job with Shirotani-kun and she could have done more with Kurose-kun.

Enjoyment 9/10:
I really enjoyed reading 'Ten Count' so far and I'm looking forward to read more in the future. It has its highs and downs but for being a yaoi it's really well done and it gave me a quiet good feeling while reading it.

Overall 7/10:
'Ten Count' has great potential in it's storyline and I hope that we will see the characters develop more in the upcoming chapters. It deals with a really interesting topic but after all it's a yaoi so you shouldn't expect too much of it, even if this sound kind of rude. The main focus of the story is the relationship between the two read more
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Feb 12, 2016
xxxHOLiC (Manga) add
This is such a criminally underrated series! At least from my perspective, where I hardly see anyone outside of the CLAMP fan-bubble praising it, but this has become my favorite CLAMP series since Card Captor Sakura. That's not to say they are anything alike - despite reading this alongside Tsubasa. xxxHolic's story is greatly influenced by Japanese folklore, and the patience to read through translation notes is vital to understanding this gorgeously layered story, but the payoff is so, so worth it. Stunning artwork, a perfect mix of dark elements and comedy, and dynamic characters made all 19 volumes of this a great read. I was even perfectly satisfied with the ending although I seem to be in the minority...
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Feb 12, 2016
Paradise Kiss (Manga) add
My first time reading anything by Yazawa and I was very impressed by her method of storytelling and illustrative style. Despite being a book about the ever-shifting field of fashion, this book has aged well into 2015 with the outfits being just as impressive as ever and the story more relevant in our culture of worshipping supermodels and escalating them to celebrity status.

Yazawa does a magnificent job throwing the reader into Yukari's twisted romance built on manipulation and lust. It's a little troubling to read some reviews disappointed in the ending because Yukari and George don't live happily ever after - but all I can say is thank God it ends the way that it does. A satisfying ending to a well-told story, with charming characters that you can't help but feel empathetic for.
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Feb 12, 2016
Pita-Ten (Manga) add
This entire series gets a 1.5 out of me. When I was younger, I loved this series. It's been a solid 10 years since I've read it last, and now I'm a little confused of the fond memories I had of it. The dialogue is aggravating to read due to Misha's purposeful speech impediment, the characters are one-dimensional, and the story is never dug into enough to make it very interesting. About halfway through Koge-Donbo strives to darken the story and darken she does - with a heavier prominence on death and the supernatural - but before it can take a turn for the serious it goes right back into Misha's groan-worthy antics. As a big fan of magical girls and ensemble casts and Koge-Donbo's incredible artwork (another title of hers, Di Gi Charat, is absolutely worth looking into), this story is muddy and disappointing.
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Feb 12, 2016
Cardcaptor Sakura (Manga) add
Like many misguided Americans, the English dub of Cardcaptors is what brought me to this series 15 years ago when I was but a dorky middle school student. Seeing a book of it in a bookstore (that wasn't Barnes and Noble, remember those days?) was my foray into manga, and consequently I discovered the non-botched anime as well. Needless to say, I have some bias when it comes to reviewing this series since its been what I've considered my favorite story for over half my life.

However, it's been a really long time since I've cracked open the books and here I am, having graduated high school and college since I last read them. I figured in my now definitely-too-old-to-be-reading-this-shit age that I'd find this old favorite silly and juvenile. This simply isn't the case. The character development is so sophisticated in this series, and CLAMP's portrayal of magic is unique and constantly evolving. The series seamlessly shifts between action and matters of the heart, and I totally scolded myself when tearing up over the last two chapters. Like, I already know what happens, but CLAMP's ability to storytell is just THAT good that the heart-wrenching path to the conclusion still gets me every time.

TL;DR this is the best series and a must read for anyone who enjoys romance/fantasy/shoujo/happiness. Caution: must have open mind towards cultural differences.
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Feb 11, 2016
4-gatsu 4-kka. (Manga) add
I'm not sure why people haven't really liked this. But, it's been a yaoi I've enjoyed since I was younger. I still read again, time from time. The story made me cry the first time I read it. And, it was all around really sweet.

I give the character rate a 9 only because of the fact of how they are can be something that would turn people away. I can understand. Hime looks like a girl. Nao looks like a small child. But, if you push past that and just remember they are high school students, then it's not so bad.

The story is deep and has mature moments. I would recommend nobody younger reading this. It's a bit psychological as well. But, that's something you'll only understand if you read. I'm not about giving it away. Because the story developed well to me and I enjoyed it to the end. Spoilers would just ruin it.

The art is very nice. I think the manga was drawn beautifully. Despite Hime looking like a girl, you can still see masculine parts to him. Which, can be a hard concept to make for a character. I think Nao is cute as well. Again, he is very child-like, but his personality definitely expresses his maturity.

Overall, I would recommend this to people because the story is very heart-warming. The ending always makes me smile every time I read it. It may not be everyone's cup of tea..but, never judge a book by it's cover.
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I assume that if you are reading this review you have already read the original manga and 3rei. Spoilers for them ahead. Be careful.

Fate/kaleid liner PRISMA*ILLYA, or Heaven's Feel 2.0.

Starting as a light-hearted mahou shoujo spinoff of Fate/stay night, over the course of more than 6 years Prisma Illya (Prillya) became a pretty dark and edgy story in the best traditions of the original VN. While some series' authors don't understand what to do with their edginess and try to build a complex plot in which they get confused very fast, Prillya 3rei just uses some already working formulas (if not cliche) to craft an interesting, engaging and captivating story to make you eager for new chapter every month. And being somewhat unoriginal isn't a bad thing in this case. Not at all.

The story continues right after the ending of 2wei!: after Miyu gets transported into the parallel world, Illya and co. follow her there to save her from her kidnappers. While the story itself isn't that great, it's nonetheless good and provides us a lot of answers for the questions we had since the original. What are the class cards? Who created them? Who the hell is Miyu? Why is Kirei working at a mapo tofu stand? The pacing is neat, the manga uses its 30-page-per-chapter format perfectly to engage the reader. And it succeeds. While the story has a lot of twists, which can be somewhat predictable, it doesn't deny the fact that it is nicely crafted and written.

The characters are mainly from returning cast from 2wei!: Illya, Kuro, Bazett and other pals are here. They are what makes this manga interesting to read. A lot of characters share their personalities with their FSN/FHA counterparts, and it's really cool. The new characters didn't have time to be properly developed yet though.

Art is crisp as ever. The character designs are nice and well-done and the fights are depicted really well. I don't have a lot of things to say about it.

I'm not gonna lie: I am a huge fan of Nasuverse and FSN in particular. And 3rei is one of the best additions to this multiverse. It has its amount of interesting things, yet it lacks in originality.

+interesting story
+great cast
+very good art
-resembles HF a lot
-lacks in originality

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Feb 11, 2016
Lemonade (Manga) add
I wandered into this anime while looking for a new Shoujo Ai to read. What I got was unexpected gentle and sweet.

Lemonade isn't your typical shoujo ai romance. In many ways it feels like a "slice of life" anime, yet it focuses almost entirely on the character development. It does not get hung up on side plots or trivial characters. You see world from Youko's point of view. You listen to her thoughts and reactions and often times have the same reaction.

The artwork and charcter styles are simple. However, the artists does a great job at conveying emotions. The backdrops are simple, but again this manga focuses heavily on the characters.

I enjoyed it and although it was relatively short I felt it was completed well.
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Feb 11, 2016
The Friendly Winter (Manga) add
The "oh, i can't stand it! so overly dramatic and sappy! get over it already!" response to this story has me getting a little angry, so i feel compelled to present this in a different light for potential readers.

This story isn't about things that can be "gotten over"; it's about insurmountable problems, about trying to cope when you, yourself, are the problem, about trying to somehow stay sane and continue functioning when every single goddamn passer by takes it upon himself to ask the same goddamn questions, make the same false assumptions, jump to the same false conclusions, and feel obligated to let you know they feel VERY ANGRY about them (or confused or pitying or disappointed or whatever other Strong Opinion it happens to be).

It's about continuing to live with yourself when the people around you all get sick of you and leave, continuing to live knowing that the few who stick around are undeniably worse off with you in their lives than they would be without you, that your hurt has spread to others, tainting them, making sure any time they dare to feel happiness is followed quickly by guilt and self-hatred.

Sure, the story doesn't have the best writing, and the "everything was magically resolved!" ending was a bit annoying, but this story's use of crying, rather than an annoyance, was its greatest strength, conveying frustration, hatred, loneliness, and most of all empathy. For those reasons (wonderful characters and a somewhat middling execution), i've given it a 7 overall.

If you plan on reading this, please try to put yourself in the shoes of these characters before taking it upon yourself to judge, and, while we're at it, in life as well, to realise what it's like for the abandoned child whose parents can't pay his medical bills or who wanted a son instead of a daughter, the girl whose face is ruined in an accident and will spend her life alone because she's missing an eye and most of her nose, the person missing an arm who's spent his whole life being stared at awkwardly, surrounded by nervous laughter and averted eyes. To be a mutant, a cripple, a retard, an ogre, a freak; to have everybody feel the need to comment on it everywhere you go for your entire life, and treat you differently because of it, maybe overly nice, maybe overly hostile, but never like a normal human being.

It's not fun.
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Feb 11, 2016
Historie (Manga) add
When it comes to historical themed works, most are adjusted and tweaked upon to create an arguably more fascinating story behind such setting. Historie is no exception, and although it is based on a real person by the name of Eumenes, Iwaaki Hitoshi was able to take an artistical approach on it as that person's past is shrouded in mystery. The author of this work managed to create a fascinating story in which people familiar with the greek history will find themselves pleasantly entertained. However, there are some issues with the manga, being the inconsistent jumps in timelines as well as its direction the biggest hinderance for some.

The story of Historie is focused around Eumenes, which spans from his childhood to his adult self as introduced in the first few chapters; he was historically Alexander the Great's secretary and general. This should also speak for the setting itself: it takes place around 343 BC, which coincides with the Macedonian expansion. In addition. Eumenes meets several reknown people in greek history such as King Philip II or Aristotle. What further enhances the experience of this work at a personal level is to observe how Iwaaki treats and incorporates his story in the several occurrences that take place, mostly of what happened in reality. This concerns mainly occurrences such as political conflicts, expanding on the different factions of the current world and how these affected either the life of the protagonist or the Macedonian reign itself. As for the pacing, it was surprisingly well done, despite its share of slice of life moments: it felt fast and satisfying, which in turn keeps the reader interested in the story.

The introduction of the manga isn't that well executed as desired, as opposed to when the author begins to deal with the past of Eumenes himself. Herein readers find themselves intrigued with his past, seeing themes such as racism, conflict, warfare and love treated in the narrative. The manga puts enfasis on the intelligent nature of the main character, meaning it tries to solve various conflicts through ingenuity rather than brute force. Other aspect worth mentioning is the little technological improvements that were being made in that epoch, be it either the creation of chess, making a moving toy, saddling, etc. What however can be a problem is the direction of the story: this often sways a lot between either Eumenes or Alexander himself, in which in various instances feels detached from the storyline.

Concerning the characters of Historie, these were not big by any means, where its main focus lay on fleshing out and developing Eumenes himself. He is an eccentric character from a disputable origin for that time; a man who has a thirsts for knowledge, sometimes indifferent, yet cunning in his area of expertise. In fact, his intelligence is one of the aspects that drives the story forward and enable him to encounter all the different characters. Speaking of which, there are historical figures introduced in which some are interesting to observe, as read more
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Ok im gonna be honest with you if you were expecting a kid going around making a harem with lots plot fucking armor then you will be disappointed.

Some things that I must clarify

1. this is not for ............idk srsly who could this be not for?
2.the main character is what you would call ..........badass, no i got it ! motherfuckin epic
3.this unlike most other typical stories like when students from a school anime never graduate etc he does get on with his life or to be more precise he literally gets grand kids
Then lets get on with the review mushoku tensei is the epic journey of how a 34 year old boy becomes a man no literally he has so much character development.
that is the most important feature of this book is that it has good character development that you probably wont notice even if you read the book twice only if you look into it can you see it but thats what makes it so real because not everyone attains enlightenment like Buddha let me help the people who have already read it once by giving an example(dont worry not much spoiler)
when pergius develops(friends/acquaintances) a relation with rudeus he slowly is melted down from his always vigilant dragon king with hatred attire
slowly but surely like zanoba who was also a an effect of his relation with rudeus like that there are many examples.
Though for all you others out there i wont deny that mushoku tensei has its flaws but ..for some reason they seem completely intentional as i have read quite huge number of books manga and watched anime its a feeling i get from the gut that all the flaws in mushoku tensei were sensed by the author but left there as it felt very intentional.

So that brought me to the question you see for all you others who haven't read mushoku tensei let me tell you every line was a well planed and placed.
It was almost to perfectly good so some flaws were made because otherwise it would self destruct afterall man its a story give it a break.

Final thoughts (cause im to lazy to type any more)mushoku tensei was too perfect to be real the best book ive ever read and trust me ive read lot it is just to perfect so read mushoku tensei if you wanna read the best story out there.
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Feb 10, 2016
Becchin to Mandala (Manga) add
It happens again. I think that I’ve already read enough of Jiro Matsumoto and I am completely desensitized, then I pick something by him up and it gets to me. Damn you, Jiro Matsumoto, I am disturbed and impressed again! Surprisingly, what you see here is one of his deeper manga, one, which is especially interesting in the context of his other works. And I wouldn’t recommend it as an entry point for those unfamiliar.

I didn’t want to bother with this text, and I hate to be the person who argues with the way others read, but the reviews here bug me a bit. I’ve seen the same complaints about Freesia, and yet again I don’t understand some of them. The first being that the manga lacks plot, the second is the lack of social commentary.

While I agree that many plotlines here stay unresolved (namely the plotlines of individual characters remain tangles of hints and suppressed memories until and past the end), the main progression is pretty clear and is, more importantly, explained by the characters themselves. What we see here is sort of a shift change in the local purgatory – the place where the dead transition to the otherworld. Perhaps the main storyline can even be considered simple, though it is loaded with psychological complications, non-linear episodes and surreal trips. And Becchin and Mandara is not centered about social stuff, nor did it ever intend to be, from what I see, although it does contain some jabs on current society. Yeah, there is war, but a background war is present in most of Jiro Matsumoto’s works.

Nor only do the events take place in the crossing place and some of the characters cross lines, it seems to me that this manga is sort of transitory for the mangaka too – a brief feverish return to Freesia and the subsequent shift to the warring shoolgirls period simultaneously. After all we see a character, that looks and acts like Hiroshi Kano (the protagonist of Freesia, who, here, talks about the author directly as if he had an experience of playing his part before), passing the relay baton to the mad schoolgirl Becchin. I wonder, if Jiro Matsumoto’s worlds altogether moved closer to hell after this, since the warring schoolgirls settings (in Houkago no Hiroko, Zenryou naru Itan no Machi, Joshi Kouhei) are so inhuman and bloody, and he is working on “Alice in Hell”… For some reason I find Bacchin to Mandara heart-wrenchingly sad. Oh, and btw, the 4th wall is broken a lot in this series – it’s filled to the brim with references to anime culture, mainly Gundam and Ghibly.

I don’t think I overanalyze it. When reading, mind it (if you don’t already) that Jiro Matsumoto’s manga tends to be built like a good literary work – besides the layer of the characters’ actions there’re motifs, composition, imagery that add an additional level. What character do isn’t necessary the very point of the work they inhabit. Things that seem read more
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Feb 10, 2016
Goshujinsama to Wanko (Manga) add
What I liked the most about this manga is its art style. It’s really beautiful and the characters, both uke and seme, are insanely hot. They have pretty faces and gorgeous manly bodies! And I’m also a total sucker for kemonomimi. So if you're looking for a hard yaoi with hot characters and a lot of smutty scenes, this is a good choice!

All eight stories are one-shots about the ukes cosplaying into pets or they just look like one. Some of the stories are cute and some just really awkward. The plot is practicalu non-existing, shallow and rushed. There's also cosplay, toys, S&M, blackmail, bondage... a little bit of everything. Somewhere around chapter five I got tired of all those one-shots and shallowness but the art is amazing and there is a bit of kink to every story so I didn't regret finishing the manga.

Although there is a lot of smut and bizarre plots, the stories are enjoyable to read and there's also good humor in each. My favorite is chapter two (the Guinea Pig is just too adorable).
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Feb 10, 2016
Angel Densetsu (Manga) add
This is my first time writing a reviewbut there is no manga ore fitting than this one to be the first. My overall rating is a 7. So why is this thing in my favourites?

The story is noting special. An underdog, rejected because people are judgy and shallow. The main charachter isn't the smartest cookie but he holds unbelievable strength...although he does not use it at all! Infact he is the best person ever, with a soul and intentions as pure as snow.

The art really needs getting used to. I thought about quitting just because of it.

The charachterization is done fairly well but it's nothing special.

The overall enjoyment is 10. Heck, I'd give it a 100. I read this manga at least a couple of times and every time I read it I was laughing my head off. I rarely laugh at manga. I may chuckle sometimes but angel densetsu had me screaming out the bottom of my lungs and not just the first time I read it.

Conclusion: If you want to read something light, to make your day brighter and make you cry tears of sincire laughter this is the one. Everything is so expected and yet you manage to laugh. And the story and the goodness of the main character is heart warming and it will make you feel a bit lighter in your day :)
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Feb 10, 2016
Immortal Regis (Manga) add
First off, someone needs to explain to me HOW this manga got so many positive reviews. This manga is certainly over-hyped. I'd give it an OVERALL score of 4, with a HIGH score of 7 for art and a LOW score of 3 for characters.

I will use some slight spoilers in this review, but nothing that should ruin your enjoyment of the manga. Also, I have to confess I have not read the sequel. I don't intend to do so for the near future.

To give credit where it is due, I think the author did have a solid story planned out from the start which was suppressed and lost due to the format. Had this been a LN, I think the author would have had a much better chance to develop his characters right and lay out the dynamics of the world. The pacing of the manga in the start is very slow -- and slower to lay out the exposition -- and it is extremely fast towards the end.

The plot of this manga is very confusing; to the point I would say that 'confusing' is an understatement. It starts out a bit like High School DxD, progresses quickly into a pace like Mx0 with less comedy, then we get a scenario a bit like Owari no Seraph and lapse off into an ending that invited the reader to continue reading in the next series. The lack of a conclusive ending did not contribute to my enjoyment of the series. Characters are introduced rather haphazardly and the world building is mediocre at best. Even by the end I didn't understand anything about Orvis or the way it is governed. I'm also not sure if it is just an academy or an entire city. The powers of the characters are also not scaled well. Readers are not explained the source of the character's magical powers or the reason for the variation in powers. This need not be a problem, but at many points in the story, characters have sudden power-ups that make little sense and the inability of the reader to gauge the sense of threat to the MCs makes each encounter less interesting. As a reader, I never found myself invested in the story, like I do for One Piece.

The art is actually fairly good and the fanservice is also not overtly scattered at odd-points in the panels. There were a few scenes where I thought the fanservice was badly placed, but it isn't too problematic.

The characters are where this manga scored really low. Characters are not consistent. The female MC was badass in the beginning and -- remarkably suddenly -- transforms into a lovestruck girl with low self-esteem. How she fell in love with our MC, I will never know. The male MC started out as a serious character, then seemed to become some average MC of a harem anime and then reverted to serious. The MCs friends are introduced and then forgotten rather quickly. read more
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Feb 10, 2016
Hinomaru-Zumou (Manga) add
This is a review written for people interested chiefly in sumo and not so much in manga.

The main character, 火ノ丸 Hinomaru, has a shikona-like last name. Perhaps as an homage, his "maru" (circle) is the same as in Musashimaru. The no is in katakana, similar to Terunofuji or Ichinojo.

His physique is diminuitive and muscle-based, unlike all of Musashimaru, Ichinojo and Terunofuji (Teru is muscle-based but, damn, that size). His preferred styles are migi-yotsu, yori and nage. His oshi attack is weak as is expected of a short rikishi (160 cm, first year of high school). He posesses a powerful uwatenage and uwatedashinage, his signature moves.

While he does perpetuate the hai, ganbarimasu movement, he is ballsy enough to directly aim for yokozuna. Think Mainoumi meets Oosunaarashi meets Shodai.

Apart from the main character, the sumo is much more realistic and varied than what you'd expect from a manga. In the first ten chapters, we've seen railroad sumo, oshizumo, some nages and an old-fashioned morozashi-grip power struggle.

As for the plot, the pace is good and it seems promising. If anything, it is lacking in supporting cast.
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Feb 10, 2016
Boku no Hitsugi de Bansan wo (Manga) add
Note:-This review is for all the four chapters not just a review for a specific chapter.

First of all, the is a combined series of One-Shot's. Though in just 1 chapter(each consisting of about 50 pages on average) the story is well-told. All the chapters are not related to each other(or so i think) but all of them are beautiful/handsome/awesome(choose any one of those references) and at the same time they are freakingggggggg sad at the end...
But in overall they are awesome....

Here's more to add to my review
1.Dinner in My Coffin
Well, this by far is personally my best out of the 4..It has a sad ending tho...
2.Hoshi wa Akatsuki no Kage
In the process of reading this...Will update this later.
3.Tasogare Renren (黄昏恋々, Longing for Dusk)
Not completed....Still reading
This chapter has a very nice ending and also a nice story..
Here's my personal ratings-(Out of 10)
Character-10(Seriously the characters were too good)
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Feb 10, 2016
Hanzou no Mon (Manga) add
A manga by superstar team Kazuo and Goseki, I went into this one having loved Lone Wolf & Cub but having hated Samurai Executioner. Overall, I'm finding Path of the Assassin to be somewhere in between.

I think the biggest reason this comic is significantly better than Samurai Executioner is that it actually has a story. I think the reason it's not quite as good as Lone Wolf & Cub is because the story is meandering and tends to dwell in tedious, exposition-heavy places.

This is a fictionalized account of the end of the Sengoku period, when numerous Japanese warlords fought for control of the country. Joining the frey is Matsudaira Motoyasu (the future Tokugawa Ieyasu), a young warlord who has grown up the hostage of one of his political rivals. Ieyasu's fortunes change when the Igamono, the ninja clan serving his family, sends him a servant on his 16th birthday. That servant is Hattori Hanzo Masanari, and though neither man knows it, they're both destined for greatness.

Hagiography runs rampant in Path of the Assassin, but that's to be expected from any historical drama. Hanzo is peerless in everything he does, Ieyasu's motives are always clear-eyed and intellectually pure, every victory is due to some kind of brilliant battlefield revelation, etc. It gets to be exhausting after a while. Ieyasu loves his speeches.

Overall this is a fair-to-good comic. Definitely give it a shot, especially if you're into Japanese history. It's probably not the best thing to binge, as it can get tiresome. You might want to make it a casual read.
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Feb 10, 2016
Kubikiri Asa (Manga) add
I was absolutely blown away by Lone Wolf & Cub, so after finishing I quickly tracked down as much of Kazuo's work as possible, desperate to get more. What I learned is that Lone Wolf & Cub is an amazing comic.

Samurai Executioner is basically an attempt to make lightning strike twice. Same creator duo, similar settings, similar leads, same episodic format. The only difference is that Samurai Executioner is awful.

Before I break it down I want to disclaim one thing: The art is absolutely outstanding. It has exactly the kind of spaghetti western-influenced, Eastwood-esque heroes you expect from Goseki.

Back on point: There's not really a story to Samurai Executioner, no over-arching narrative like in Lone Wolf & Cub. It turns out you really need that narrative, otherwise each vignette feels disposable and pointless. Yamada begins the story as a flawless model of bushido, but because he has no quest nor equal his stories quickly lose any sense of tension or drama.

I think even Kazuo realized this, as he introduced the rookie cop Kasajiro to the series about halfway through, to give the series a character who might actually grow and develop. The only problem with that is that I'm a normal human in 2016 reading about an Edo-era cop as written by a fairly conservative Japanese man in the 70s. Plucky little Kasajiro quickly loses my sympathy when he does stuff like beat his wife for sleeping on a hot day, or torture someone for a confession.

There's stuff to enjoy in Samurai Executioner, particularly in the beginning when you can still fool yourself into thinking that it's going somewhere. Unfortunately the longer you read the more lackluster, aimless and frustrating an experience it becomes.

Overall poor. Would not recommend.
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Feb 9, 2016
Nisekoi (Manga) add
Minor spoilers ahead.

Thought it would be good. Started out alright, pretty funny with good characters. As I kept reading it though, it was obvious that it was just turning into another harem story with more and more girls falling for the guy for some reason. By chap 76 one of the main love interests little sister got added or was hinted at which is where I gave up on this story getting interesting.

It was probably my own fault for getting my hopes up that this story would have a plot with actual progression instead of the endless similar loop of situations leading nowhere. I even skipped ahead some and read some reviews of others. That was when my suspicions were confirmed that this story wasn't heading anywhere I would enjoy personally.

In conclusion, anyone looking for a story with decent humor and characters this is for you. But I like stories that are heading somewhere. Bit harsh I know, but it is what I think.
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Gun-ota, aka. the Japanese still don't know how to make short titles so don't count on me to fully rewrite it here, is, in itself, a manga with a lot of potential, and is somewhat friendly user, so most people should enjoy it.

Story- 7.5
(Note: the only reason I'm not putting a higher note is because the manga hasn't gotten very far yet, still gonna see how it unfolds) This story follows a young man named Lute, who is starting a nice career at a metal constructor, and everything is going well! He's made nice friends, his workplace is nice etc. that is until the poor kid gets stabbed multiple times in the chest (not too lucky huh?) by an unstable psycho who he had known when he was younger. He then revives, as a orphan, in a beautiful world with magic, demons, and half-human girls (hurray for animal ears!). There, he'll grow up with his childhood friend, snow, a white-haired fox girl (maybe he's lucky after all) and will live all kind of adventures! (don't look at me like that, I'm not here to narrate the whole goddam story).

Art- 5
Truthfully, this is the weak point of this manga. Some may say each artist has his own style, but this is a too low quality for a professional manga, but, the story is so fun you'll quickly forget it, and it gets better each chapter anyways.

Characters- 7
The two MC's are actually very well done, while instead of having the usual tsundere as the FMC, you have snow, the new definition of overly-attached girlfriend, without being a psycho nonetheless (damn, you so lucky lute). Lute, on the other hand, has been done quite specially, the character, even as a baby or child, has kept his consciousness of an adult, from his previous life, he's, in that sense, way more mature and is asking some questions you'd never hear from a child, which is, in my opinion, a very interesting concept.

Enjoyment and overall grade: 8.5
Like I said earlier, this manga has a MASSIVE amount of potential, but the author has barely started so we'll have to see how it evolves. This kind of story can be compared to another rather known series, GATE, with very similar concepts (modern weapons in ancient world, action and a bit of romance, comedy, harem ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°), etc.) if you like this kind of story this manga is made for you, if not, well, you may keep scrolling.
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Feb 9, 2016
Shounen☆Princess (Manga) add
Disclaimer: This is my first review, so I hope it's not too bad.

So, shonen princess, is a manga that follows a girly dude who's supposed to get married to some prince from another country, because "politics". This manga is another one of those who will give you confused boners, and frankly, you'll understand why.

This manga does not exist for the story, it's rather a comedy more than anything else, so don't expect mind-blowing, sad or awesome plot. If you didn't read the description, the story's about a kid (a boy) named Nao, who's forced by his father to cross-dress so that he marries a prince form another country, so the relations between the two countries stay good. This is basically it, afterwards it's just evil people doing evil things for the sake of it, and embarrassing boner-confusing situations.

Art was fairly good, nothing out of the ordinary.

Probably the best part of this manga, the personalities and reactions of the characters were actually quite fun. Nao, the MC, somehow starts to gain the heart of a maiden, while the prince is, well, the prince, too much coolness to change, that bastard.

Enjoyment and overall note-7
Surprisingly enough, while the story isn't too good, it's the perfect manga to read if you're bored, and want to have a quick read, it's also fairly short, so you can quickly pass to another series after you're done. I definitely don't recommend this manga for those who like well done and complicated stories.
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Feb 9, 2016
Coffee & Vanilla (Manga) add
Amazing, Love it!!! I was looking for a manga that is fast paced and interesting. Especially when the male lead has a background story and is rich.( How could we forget Handsome) I love he female lead personality it is sweet and cute. She is hot, modest, and shy. My three favorite traits in an anime character.

When i say fast paced I mean it.... They literally become boyfriend and girlfriend in the second character.

However, It is amazing and I am looking forward to a new chapter.
If you guys are looking for a way to read this Manga go to and don't forget to click on English. If you don't you will only get Japanese.
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Feb 9, 2016
Bokutachi no Ikita Riyuu (Manga) add
A psychological horror type manga directed more towards kids than adults (as I'm sure you can pick up from the dialogue in the first chapter)

Middle school graduation day, boy goes to tell girl his true feelings, ends up waking up locked in his school with 11 other classmates, and the plot begins from there. I've watched/red plenty of students trapped in the school types, but this ones got just enough creativity to the plot to make it unique.
The arts lovely, all the students are well drawn and have their own distinct design, instead of being the generic character types were all so used to (except the super religious girl, she's here, and as annoying as always)Through the 35 chapters I've read the characters also go through a lot of progression, changing the longer they go through the horrors in the school.Is it worth it to protect your friends?Who caused this to happen?Will violence solve my problems, or should I run and hide?
Although made for children, and being a bit bland with the horror scenes and dialogue, I read all available chapters in one sitting.(though they're kinda short)Each chapters leaves you with a cliff hanger wanting more each time.

Overall, it's a good manga to read in your leisure time if you're looking for something more fast paced and not too serious, but serious enough to keep you interested.
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Feb 9, 2016
Yoshiwara Hana Oboro (Manga) add
Yoshiwara Hana Oboro is one of those mangas that I just read for fun in the evenings before I fall asleep. This manga is really short so I was able to complete it. I have a few things to say about this manga...

[Some weird rant]
I know this manga is targeted towards young girls, and these type of romantic shoujos often have a similar thing in common: trust into shady people and they will end up being decent and loving. The love interest of our protagonist is an owner of a brothel, but he is a really good guy. Somehow.
I don't say that just because someone is a brothel owner that they are bad, or a scenario like this couldn't happen, but I don't know if it's really smart that these shoujos often make characters that are often seen as bad, and then paint them with a romantic rose color. (some other examples kaichou wa maid-sama, love interest is basically a creep or Ookami Shoujo to Kuro Ouji where the main character ends up into a fake relationship with a person who only exploits her and shames her.)
The problems that could rise from these could be that young girls trust into wrong kind of people and end up getting hurt. It's great that they teach girls not to judge, but you should inform a police if someone stalks you, you shouldn't start working in a brothel, bad people who exploit you and say they hate you won't magically start to love you if you cling on to them and you should be on your guard around a vampire. I'm just saying, being safe is not a bad. Life is not a shoujo-manga.
Maybe I'm over analyzing. I mean, bad boys obviously sell? And it's not the medias job to raise our children. I said what I had to say, don't shoot me down for it. There just seems to be so many people saying that this and that is bad for young girls, but I haven't heard anyone bringing this subject up. let's assume for the sake of this argument that young girls follow examples from fiction and media, IMO these things can do more harm for your children than some sexy video game characters, but what do I know.
[Rant end]


Overall I liked this manga. It didn't seem to have too distinct art style, but at least it stayed consistent and there wasn't many drawing errors, at least I didn't notice them. Small details like tea ceremonies or historically accurate celebrations were an awesome plus.

The setting of the story is kinda rough. As you can tell, it's about Yoshiwara and it's brothels. It doesn't try to paint a beautiful picture, but it gives so much more insight what being a prostitute in Yoshiwara really was like, the good and the bad. There was pride even in being a lady of the evening in Yoshiwara. That part of the manga was probably the most well handled. Just like you would probably know, read more
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Feb 9, 2016
Noblesse (Manga) add
Themes surrounding vampires has become commonplace nowadays, where readers are accustomed to see the regular school setting, in which protagonists either cope or familiarize themselves with those. Although Noblesse treats the same theme, it does tweak it by taking a somewhat different approach on its themes and interpretations of it, combined with great humour across the board. It basically could be seen as long running gag manhwa surrounding the topic of vampires with great action. What is important to note is that humour is an integral part of the manhwa, and for those who do not like this will not be able to enjoy this work in its fullest; what is more, its main protagonists are not teenagers, but adults.


The story of Noblesse is focused on Cadis Etrama Di Raizel, or Rai in short, who after a 820 year slumber woke up to current human society, where mankind has made a huge scientific progress. Upon finding his loyal servant Frankenstein, he decides to learn and consequently blend in the human world in the very school his servant made. Along with his lacking knowledge on current society in addition to his own personality, hilarious situations are ensured. Even with the peaceful atmosphere surrounding him, the world is in fact no safer than the old. Mystery, deceit, blood lust and greed are on the order of the day. I might want to point out that the earlier chapters are in fact quite different from the rest. This means that the first batch of chapters are devoid of hardly any dialogue and with a strange format regarding its art progression; this may lead readers to assume (me included) that it would progress in the same manner, which much to my surprise was not the case.

As stated earlier, the premise of the series is generic and nothing innovative, yet what makes it intriguing is its approach: it utilizes the mystery surrounding its characters and themes to its advantage in order to create an overall atmosphere which makes readers curious on what is to come next. Surely enough, there are three greater factions: the Union, known for their human body enhancements, meant for the protection of mankind. Then there are the Nobles, the "vampires" (not in the traditional sense) if you may, the superior race, and then ultimately there are the werewolves. What is curious is the fact that the Nobles are not painted as the usual villains which is often frequent in the medium; instead a lot of neutrality is involved for the different factions. Deceit, greed and honor are central themes when addressing these groups, which in turn creates a lot of conflict between these.

Action is also a predominant factor in the manhwa: these are generally well executed without the abundance of any "asspulls". From a structural point of view they often play out in a similar way, but what makes them easily enjoyable are the different abilities of the characters, their growth as well as the progression of the battle itself. However, read more
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Feb 8, 2016
Fire Emblem: Hasha no Tsurugi (Manga) add
As a Fire Emblem fan, I really needed to read this. Fire emblem Hasha no Tsurugi is a side story for Fire Emblem Binding Blade (a GBA game) who changes the main protagonist, from Roy, to Al.
The story follows the journey of Al, a brave 15 years old kid who gets involved in a war that will affect all the continent (not world, continent)
First, the premise of the history is a cliche, a boy with a strong sense of justice who travel with his friends and save the world-sorry, continent. Still, you shouldn't judge this for the premise, but, the development, i mean, a lot (if not all) of the fire emblem games have the premise of saving the world of dark forces.
The first chapters are the adventures of Al where he meets friends and allies. Later, when he meets Roy (star of the original story) the story takes the direction of the original story of the game, with differences by focusing the story on Al and giving more background to his past. Something that i like, is the relation between characters (Important in the games) the history sometimes take a break, make some jokes and play with the characters.
So, I give the story a 6/10. My biggest problem is the rhythm of the story, sometimes it feels slow, but in other parts all goes too quickly (especially at the end).
Writing about the art, well, it's prety good, and some pages looks like some kind of wallpaper, but, it's a bit generic. There were a few moments when i could not differentiate between certain characters. So, i give the art a 7/10.
Then, characters, you will probably like them... mayority. Almost everyone have a background history with some chapters to fill it. The characters from the original game don't have anything, they are just there... So, i give characters a 7/10. I forgive the problems with the original game characters because you can see their stories on the game. But, some original Hasha no Tsurugi characters are no very well used.
Finally, enjoyment, this is personal. A big 8/10 i really like the new characters, the appearance of the original game characters, the "record" at the end (Typical of the series) and more.
So, in overall, i give this manga a 7/10.
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Feb 8, 2016
B Gata H Kei (Manga) add
Ah, B Gata H Kei. I remember being so reluctant to watch the anime when I first heard about it, and in the end, I ended up watching it and falling absolutely in love with it. I loved its humor and the relationship between Yamada and Kosuda; if it were any better, the anime could have gotten a perfect score out of me. The manga, which I started reading months after finishing the anime, managed to bring out the best in this series and give us a satisfying ending.

Now, after writing a crappy review for the anime that has since been deleted, I shall now present my review of the manga for B Gata H Kei!

B Gata H Kei follows a girl named Yamada (first name withheld), whose goal is to have sex with 100 guys before her high school graduation. There is just one problem, though; despite the fact that she is popular throughout her school, she actually has never had sex before. Thus, she decides that if she's going to achieve that goal, she's going to have to lose her virginity. Luckily, she meets a fellow virgin, Takashi Kosuda, and decides that her first time will be with him. Yamada then tries time and time again to get Kosuda to have sex with her, but as time goes on, she actually starts to fall in love with him....

The art from this manga is as good as in its anime adaptation, with solid character designs. For example, Kosuda was meant to be plain, and Youko Sanri definitely made him look plain! Now, the story in the manga is slower-paced than in the anime, and for some people, that can be really irritating. However, the slow story actually works in the manga's favor; it provides character development for several of the characters. The character development in the manga not only made me like Yamada and Kosuda more than ever, but it actually made me like characters that I originally didn't pay a lot of attention. Take Katase, for example; I didn't really care for her too much in the anime, but when the manga shifts its focus to her, especially her budding relationship with Kudou, she's actually a fun character.

Overall, I absolutely loved B Gata H Kei. If you're a fan of the anime adaptation or just don't mind lots of ecchi moments, I recommend you stop reading this review and read it right now. It doesn't matter whether you're a virgin or not; it's still great to see two virgins lose it to each other!
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Feb 8, 2016
Seven Days (Manga) add
This story starts when Shino Yuzuru, a handsome third-year high school student, gets dumped by his current girlfriend because he was not the person expected to be: when girls see him at archery club immediately fall for him because of his beautiful face and pose, but he is truly a little bit careless, selfish and direct with his thoughts. While he wonders what is to really fall in love with someone, he hears the story of the freshman Seryou: a handsome guy that dates the first person who asks him out at the beginning of the week and turns them down on Sunday because he couldn't truly fall in love. Destiny makes Yuzuru encounter Seryou that Monday and obviously joking, he asks Seryou out, but Seryou accepts his offer!

After this little introduction on the plot, let's analyze this manga.

Story: 9/10. It is obvious that the person who did the plot, Tachibana Venio, is a writer and this piece is not made only by the mangaka. The story may seem quite simple, but the way the events flow was perfectly planned in advance. The sensation you get from the feelings of the protagonists growing bigger is progressive, in contrast with the usual "I realized I had fallen in love" in most BL mangas. Also I found it quite original, it is a unique shounen-ai that talks about the pure fact of falling in love with someone, knowing their strengths and weaknesses, accepting all of it and still loving everything about them.

Art: 9/10. This was one of the first Takarai Rihito works but still the art is pretty, clean, dynamic and goes along well with the story. The dramatic scenes are amazing because of the drawings, the perspectives and the rythm of the panels. A few time ago I think a mini extra chapter of Seven Days was released and we could see how would have been this story with the current Takarai Rihito's style, but I also quite liked the older one (the main character's faces were more different and unique in my opinion).

Character: 10/10. As I said, it is clear that Tachibana Venio, a writer, was in charge of the plot. The characters are two of the most realistic ones I have ever seen on a manga. They have been minutely made, so their personalities and decisions match perfectly. The way the two protagonists act is crucial on the development of the story, this is why everything fits perfectly while reading this two-volume piece of art.

Enjoyment: 10/10. I like BL but I also like reading interesting and good plots (it is quite dificult finding mangas with this two qualities), so 'Seven Days' really got my attention. Original and serious but with some funny moments, this story really touches your heart in a few chapters. I could hear my heart beating at some scenes. Everything ends well tied, and the feeling after reading it is like reading it again!

Overall: 9/10. I can't really think of any negative points of read more
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Overall this LN is not for the ones that enjoy a typical HERO type story.
This is for the people that enjoy a story about adventures.
The LN talks about great detail how the fights are being held, you might argue but its good enough for me to "visualise" what is happening.
IMO they writer couldve described the scenery a bit more but if he did it too much it might become bothersome so i understand.
The story as i said is a standart setting whit a COMPLETE twist wich makes it something of its own. The thing i love about the LN is the adventure of a lone fella that does what he wants whenever he wants whitout any regards to either friends or other beings. In terms of characters every character is different they have their own personality wich you grow acustomed to. I have come to giggle when reading this book many times because you feel like you get to know them.
In Terms of Art... it gets a 4/10 since basicaly its nonexistent the only art there is is the Coverart and from time to time small boxes whit "status windows" as in a RPG. As i said i therougly enjoyed the story and setting for what it is a story whit a twist from the regular lines.
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Feb 8, 2016
Black Dog (Manga) add
I found this series while looking for action/shounen Manhua that ISN'T Xianxia. Although, there are arguably some Xianxia elements there, it is, at the very least, a story that takes place in modern day and deals with the supernatural.

This is also a review based on the 16 chapters that have currently been translated to English so this may be edited later when more have been released.

Story- 7/10
At first glance, the synopsis seems very cliched. And for the most part... it is. Main character was born with special powers, gets bullied for odd appearance as a child, learns that there's a school where he could refine his powers, joins school, has adventures. Honestly, reading these first 16 chapters made me feel like I was reading the beginning of Naruto again.

Not that this is a bad thing. It gives a very refreshing and nostalgic feeling of a shounen series. Most of the twists have been fairly predictable, the author has yet to surprise me. However, this is only the beginning. The setting and world building promises a very interesting concept for the future.

Art- 7/10
The art doesn't strike me as anything special. It's not terrible, but it's nothing special either. Most of the characters have large eyes and round faces. They're also not particularly detailed, but you can definitely see a growth in the author's art. The character designs start getting more extravagant and creative in a short amount of time.

The background drawings are also interesting to look at. The scenery is always heavily detailed with a lot of reference to Chinese culture (the architecture, lanterns, etc).

Character- 6/10
While they have good character designs, a lot of the characters fall flat at the moment. They have yet to impress me, most of them fill common shounen archtypes and doesn't bring anything new to the table. The main character is your typical hothead that is motivated by money. The heroine is a model student and is acknowledged for being powerful, therefore causing the main character to make enemies for hanging around her.

However, this is the beginning of the story and they do have promise for character development in the future. In particular, the villains that have appeared seem to deviate from your typical bad guy.

Enjoyment- 8/10
Like I said earlier, if you enjoy Shounen, you will enjoy this series. It's pretty straightforward and a simple read.

Overall- 7/10
It's a story that has a lot of cliches, but cut it some slack! It's still the beginning! The story does have promise and there will definitely be more to see in the future.
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Feb 8, 2016
Otogi Zoshi (Manga) add
This is a prequel to the anime series Otogi Zoshi yet does not fit with the anime's established characterization or plot motives. The characters are completely different than theanime (Tsuna being the exception) and it's hard to imagine the two mediums as the same one.

By itself, it is a decent manga with good artwork and an easy to follow plot that fits together and makes decent sense, even if it's a simple idea. But as a tie-in with the anime it is a horrible let down and leaves more questions than answers (even after you've seen the anime.)

I do not recommend this if you have not watched the anime but plan to as it gives away the surprise at the end of the fist arch of the anime. I should note I have seen the anime (many times) and I highly enjoyed it.
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Feb 7, 2016
Absolute Witch (Manga) add
What is most enchanting about Absolute Witch is its intertwining of history, folklore, magic, and witchcraft. A young girl almost alone in the world with powers that she can't control tugs on the magical girl genre that many people adore, yet the story also deals with the deep and dark pasts of those wronged by fate and cursed by spells and unlucky ancestry. Right from the beginning the reader knows that this is not an ordinary story about the heroine becoming a full grown witch and saving the world, but also about the journey of finding herself and her identity despite coming from nothing.

The beginning of the manhwa is more or less an apt explanation of how Skyla came to be in her current situation, but the way it was spaced between random time skips was a little confusing for me. The story honestly did not pique my interest until about the middle of it, from where drama in the land around her began to unfold. But even then, when new characters were introduced with equally mysterious backgrounds, I was a little frustrated with how long it took for their pasts to be explained and sometimes I wasn't sure if I understood correctly.

For a lot of manhwa, the most prominent feature is the gorgeous artwork. At first I was a little perplexed at how long the women's hair was, but they were still gorgeous to look at given all the detail the artist put into it. There is also a lot of effort put into striking gazes, formidable poses, and intricately designed clothing. For the time period, the author must have studied a lot about this point in history in order to illustrate these outfits so closely.

I was also quite taken aback by the backgrounds and scenery. Old churches and towers were very detailed; farmlands were sketched carefully; everything was just marvelous.

A minor complaint (purely by preference) would be the way the men looked. Sure, they were beautiful, but their long hair and equally long lashes made me wonder a few times if they were women before I knew of their identities. If you're one for bishounen, though, this should be perfect.

Skyla, the young witch who turns into a powerful and experienced one, is every bit the courageous and strong protagonist anyone could wish for. In addition to being lovely, she can speak her mind and even beat people up with her hands if she doesn't do so with magic. Despite her strength, she is sometimes saved by a curious man named Kaylus, who I will mention next. Anyway, Skyla is also accompanied by a familiar named Will, who primarily appears as a frog.

When Kaylus makes his first appearance, he seems to be an ornery man who likes to pick on Skyla and call her "kid" (the latter of which I despise). He is a skilled alchemist known for his abilities throughout the land, yet his origins are a mystery to many. He seems to have some kind of interest read more
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Feb 7, 2016
Digimon Adventure: V-Tamer 01 (Manga) add
This is a must read for anyone who is a fan of the Digimon anime. Although the story is not as deep as the anime the presentation of the characters is very interesting in contrast. In the anime the protagonists hide their inner problems behind smiles and must face them later in the series. In the manga the protagonist never has any personal conflicts, but that character development is found in the antagonists. The antagonists' conflicts are remarkably similar to those of the protagonists of the anime, and they seem to be what the protagonists of the anime would become had they not overcome their troubles. It is nice to have a Digimon story with antagonists that are actually interesting. If you were not impressed by previous Digimon things this is not going to change your mind, nor is it the best entry point for the series, but it is definitally great if you enjoy the Digimon franchise.
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