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2 hours ago
Shamo (Manga) add
as a writer, one of the basic rules is that your main character has to be either likable, sympathetic, or someone cool enough that readers will admire him. Shamo breaks this rule, and unlike other series *cough*Tenjou Tenge*cough* they do so on purpose. Ryo is a horrible, horrible person. A murderer, rapist, prostituting, violent, insane sociopath, he isnt likable at all. In the beginning he had some sympathy, with the condition of his life, but he quickly loses all of it. Ryo is a monster. his sole redeeming feature is how he does care for his sister and occasionally does random acts of charity, but read more
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2 hours ago
Cyborg 009 (Manga) add
Cyborg 009 is incredible. The concept of a group of people, all given superpowers against their will and dealing with the horrible repercussions of such was a revolutionary concept back in its inception, aside from x-men which came out only a few months prior. The characters were interesting, and though it was rushed in the beginning, they soon all got a respectable amount of character development. The overarching plot was great too, with interesting story arcs portraying their conflict. There was also a very prominent Anti-War theme, thought that isnt a bad thing and worked very well in the story. The ending (and by ending, read more
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6 hours ago
Orange Marmalade (Manga) add
I've read the other reviews and I'm disappointed that I couldn't enjoy the same experience as them.
I enjoyed this manhwa so much until about chapter 100 or so. The romance was really nice, there wasn't anything supreme or dramatic happening, it was mellow and soft- just the way I like it.
But then...... I can't tell you much because then i would spoil everything.

But let me tell you this. The story was well executed and came along super nice. The reason why I had a distaste for this were the characters. Why, oh why, do the characters always suck?!
I have no problem with read more
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I like VN and Manga adapted from VN so I thought I would love this just like the first two Mashiro Symphony, oh was I so wrong.

Anyway stayed of the story in a relatively good place but along the way they somehow lost track on the characters development they just fell in love just like a snap which is pure BS one great Manga feel kinda hmnmn somethings missing that kinda feel I you have played the game this is your favorite heroine then got in for a disappointment due to the lackluster development the story.

The art is OK but seriously I will read more
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9 hours ago
Hen Koi! (Manga) add
It's a good manga and all but seriously. If you find the girl who's been fingering herself on you stuff you don't masterbate to it! You go and ask her what the fuck she's doing. That is the only complaint I have other than it's length. I finished it in a day. The manga was seriously getting interesting and they should've at least made something like 24 chapters. Other than that I think it's quite an original idea and a bit humorous, as expected of a comedy. I mean pissing yourself just to prove your read more
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Today, 5:42 AM
Ousama Game (Manga) add
When I got the first two volumes of this manga, I was honestly so addicted to it.
It was so great that I didn't want to stop reading, but that time, only these two volumes were released so I had to wait.

Waiting for a new Volume was really hard. So of couse, I was the happiest person ever when finally, the last volume came out.
The last chapters started out very good, just like the ones before.
The end, however, was a total disappointment.

I had expected everything, but this was a bit too..crazy.
It didn't fit the rest of the story at all. The whole computer read more
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Yesterday, 10:45 PM
Taranta Ranta (Manga) add
Yup, 7. Everything is good but nothing exceptional. It's a good read if you're just looking for something to pass time. Actually, there are many parts that are confusing,maybe because it's short. BTW,it'll be raining with a score of 7.

Story: 7
The plot is a bit dramatic (especially the start of the story) since it is about a heroine losing her brother swearing she wouldn't cry anymore. It's about accepting death and moving on then meeting new people. This concept is obvious in the story but I think the way it was presented was not enough to move me.In my opinion, you won't feel the read more
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Yesterday, 9:56 PM
Pajama na Kanojo. (Manga) add
Story: 7
The story is not bad. However, it's not a story that you can consider as something that will stand out. Throughout the story uses the cliche: Childhood friend x MC x Popular Women while adding a supernatural element to make it different.
Some of the playful scenes of Makura were hilarious while Yuki's teasing scenes were spicy at first but they died down too fast. There is comedy in it but a comedy that does not standout that much.
The pacing is slow, the portrayal gave off a sad feel and the ending was sudden but it was still enjoyable.

Art: 7
The art is read more
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Yesterday, 8:33 PM
Match Uri (Manga) add
The Lost Letters series is centered around a love letter that a student finds and wants to return to it's author. The story is about the characters who are some how connected to the author. That's the basics of the plot.

The manga starts out with Kiyotaka Hiros, the student, waiting in a tunnel to meet up with his friend, Arihara Mineo, to return his letter. There, he meets The Match Seller Hanashiro Seiji and they start talking about why this letter is so important and why Hirose is waiting out in the cold for his friend that never comes. The story then quickly becomes about read more
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Yesterday, 6:33 PM
Akame ga Kill! (Manga) add
This is my first review so I'm gonna try my best...
Comment:we found a fun of G.G Martin
When I started this manga series I was kind of just looked the name kill!on its title and I was like oah! Action! Lets take a look and...well I spend the whole day reading every word of this...and then I was angry I had plans for that day :(

Art 8/10
I'm not a person of the fine arts (as we call them :p) but from the few manga that I have read I think the art matches this kind of manga .Its not quite detailed but u read more
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Yesterday, 4:47 AM
Tora Kiss: A School Odyssey (Manga) add
its a pretty average manga, there is nothing that sets it apart from other manga.
it has a typical harem story where the male character keeps making more and more girls fall for him.
it also has a typical shounen plot where the male character has to battle opponents and has to defeat stronger opponents each time.
it is noteworthy to mention that the manga had potential to be an above average manga, but because it falls flat during the end (because of the rushed ending) it ends up with a much lower score than i should have.
with all that being said it is still really enjoyable and read more
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Yesterday, 4:44 AM
Magika no Kenshi to Vasreus (Manga) add
Magika no Kenshi to Shoukan Maou is without a doubt one of the most derivative works to appear these two years.

A fanservice manga filled with busty curvy girls in short skirts and thigh highs and a single male character, Magikenshi follows the "Battle Academy Harem" formula without a hint of innovation or originality in its characters and setting and is completely unashamed of doing so.

You flat out will not find anything that this series does that other such series do not already provide.

All in all, an adequate intro to the tired Battle Academy Harem genre for a neophyte manga reader, but for anyone looking read more
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Yesterday, 2:35 AM
Girls Go Around (Manga) add
Girls Go Around is a story about one thing only....regrets. Kyousuke,a boy with no regrets, is stuck in a loop hole where he helps different heroines solve their problem of regrets.Its your typical different heroine story like TWGOK kind of situation.

Story-6: Each heroine has their own regrets whether its self esteem to love to friendship. Honestly, I enjoyed the different regrets each heroines have because it reflects on life especially how Kyousuke solves them. But the loop hole and repeating the same day gets boring after so many trial and error. The story could have easily been at least a 20-30 chapters manga if the read more
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Jul 22, 2014
Baramon no Kazoku (Manga) add
Warning: As much as I enjoyed this manga, the series unfortunately got cancelled. It basically ends like this: "Let's head to our final battle guys! YEAH!!" However if you enjoy Fist of The North Star, JoJo's Bizarre Adventure and Sakigake!! Otokojuku, then you must read this manga.

The story introduces The Family of Brahman which utilizes this ancient assassin fist known as The Fist of Brahman. The Brahman's use their martial art as a way to enforce justice from the shadows. Around chapter 7 is where the plot kicks in as the main character, Ryu, must go on a journey to find 7 members of the read more
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Jul 22, 2014
Mixed Vegetables (Manga) add
Okay, so I like food. A lot. I'm not even going to pretend I didn't pick this manga up because I really like sushi and I really like cake. But that's definitely not the only reason why I enjoyed this manga.

The main aspect of the story that made Mixed Vegetables stand out from your typical shoujo fare was its messages about working towards your dreams and fulfilling your goals, while also balancing family life and romance. I started reading this towards the end of my senior year when I was deciding between colleges, and even though the main characters' career paths are vastly different from read more
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Jul 22, 2014
Fuan no Tane (Manga) add
Incredibly atmospheric collection of horror stories.

Fuan No Tane doesn't have a framing story in any way. All it has is several chapters, all with a different theme, such as ''school'', ''in your house'', and ''visitors''. Sometimes, there's gore, sometimes, simply a weird-looking face. Sometimes it's just a shadow.

Fuan No Tane is a compelling horror manga, because it never tries to get in your face with how spooky it all is. Stories tend to be two pages long, and it almost never explains itself. Often, the stories don't even have an ending: the spooky stuff just happens and then leaves. Like it or dislike read more
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Jul 22, 2014
Love x Eros (Manga) add
Oh, why no one reviewed it yet? I love how the plot is, it is not finished though (from where I read it) but this yaoi manga is not a typical manga which I most read.. This consists of different love triangles! I love the art, and the characters are irresistable xD

I need more!

Overall: 10

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Well hello.. I don't know how to start this as i am new to this.. So please hear me out, as i will be quite honest..

First thing before i give my thoughts on the series, i feel the need that you guys reading this review, should know that this manga is not just finished, but dropped by the author herself..

Around March of 2012, the author started to frequently miss deadlines, and asked for multiple extensions.. She asked her editors to give her a two month break in the May of 2012 so that she can return to her usual condition..
Even after taking the two read more
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Jul 22, 2014
Raubritter* (Manga) add
Raubritter* is a pretty, but rather bland, tale of an innocent young maiden whose troubles are solved with the help of two rich and sexy detectives.

Arguably, the best feature of this manga is the art. The protagonist is adorable, both by herself and in the way she reacts to the advances of other characters. Everyone is well-proportioned and wears a variety of nice outfits over the course of the story. Each character has their own appealing visual style.

The plot disappoints. Anyone used to detective stories will expect a minimum of drama and tension, but there's no meaningful conflict of any kind. The initial problems are read more
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Jul 22, 2014
The Beast - Destiny's Beginning (Manga) add
It's my first take on manhwa, since the main characters are based on my favorite Korean boyband BEAST. It is about 6 babies who miraculously survived a plane crash caused by mysterious being. Some years later, they grow up, each with unique powers. One day fate brings the 6 of them together, only to find that there is danger lurking out there which is strongly linked to the root of their superpowers.

The story is actually quite um.. mainstream in the midst of Marvel and DC Comics superheroes, however this introduction volume did quite well bringing us into the story and the characters. The characters have read more
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