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1 hour ago
Shiro Ari (Manga) add
This is my first review -.- (sorry if it sucks)

The reason I really love the story to Shiro Ari is because it's different. (maybe even sentimental?) Its a mixture of two very famous fantasy stories. Alice in Wonderland and Snow White, and when you mix them two together, well...
Its very different to your typical romance/fantasy manga. Even though it's short, the thought and effort put into the plot in this manga is amazing.
The art is original. Its drawn in such a way that it looks like your living in this magnificent wonderland. Its truly alive. read more
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7 hours ago
Cross Epoch (Manga) add
So, you've got a crossover between the two most popular manga of all time: Dragon Ball and One Piece. Is it amazing? Nope. Is it great? Nope. Is it fun? Oh, you can bet your ass it is.

Story [5/10]:

You don't need to read Dragon Ball or One Piece to understand the story, since it has almost nothing to do with the two series. It looks like it's set in a mix of the two worlds: the One Piece landscapes and regions and the Dragon Ball culture. There's a legend about a guy (Mr. Satan) who gathers the Dragon Balls and then becomes king. Our beloved read more
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9 hours ago
Boku wa Imouto ni Koi wo Suru (Manga) add
When it comes to romance stories, I've always enjoyed "forbidden love". Be it between the same sex, step-siblings, student & teacher or cousins; I tend to enjoy these flavours over the vanilla stuff. So here I have Boku wa Imouto ni Koi wo suru. A Shoujo, Romance, Drama themed around the forbidden love between siblings and yet I did not enjoy this as much as I hoped.

Although Boku wa Imouto is a shoujo manga, it mostly follows the point of view of our male protagonist Yori Yuuki, where it is immediately apparent that he feels strongly for his twin sister Iku. So strongly in fact read more
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Yesterday, 10:09 PM
Hidoku Shinaide (Manga) add
I have finally lost track on the amount of times I have reread this manga and everything single time, it has left me crying AGAIN AND AGAIN! I keep on promising myself to write a review but everytime I end up reading the manga all over again.

At first glance, It starts with the typical (yet usable) yaoi starter: rape. In this case, blackmail (like we've never seen that one yet). But above all else, the character development is what really sets itself apart from most yaoi.

Let me tell you a thing. The art in this is ABSOLUTELY ADORABLY AMAZING!!! It's detailed yet cute in read more
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Yesterday, 8:11 PM
Full House Kiss (Manga) add
Warning: If you're looking for a shoujo manga that has anything with quality in it, do not read this manga.

The reason I managed to finish this manga is because I kept on hoping this manga would actually become something worthwhile to look at. The set-up was good, but the execution was awful (story-wise). I liked how the heroine, Mugi, was investigating her sister's disappearance, and at times I even felt a thrill as she got clues and would run into trouble.

However, any trouble that arose always ended fairly quick; it was anti-climatic and flat. You can even figure out why her sister disappeared within read more
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Yesterday, 8:04 PM
Toaru Majutsu no Index: New Testament (Manga) add
Okay, I'm just new here and let me start first with my most favorite book I've ever read (and by book, I mean, ALL the books I've read including harry potter and star wars series.) Toaru Majutsu no Index: New Testament takes us once again to an epic tale of a collision between science and magic and the boy who stands between them. But this time, the story takes it deeper as they introduce different magic groups and the darker side of academy city. Now, the three protagonist, Kamijou Touma, Accelerator and Hamazura Shiage must now fight to protect their peaceful life loved ones. So read more
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Yesterday, 7:33 PM
Bonnouji (Manga) add
Bonnouji concerns two youngs adults, Oyamada and Ozawa, and their growing relationship. The two hang out in Oyamada's apartment which is filled with miscellaneous objects Oyamada's brother has purchased and sent to him. This eccentric collections serves as the spark in the series, along with Oyamada's friend, Shimamoto.

Honestly, I'm partially enamored with this series due to similarities to one of my past relationships. I think it speaks to the author's strong characterization that little details of the interactions between Oyamada and Ozawa can hit so close to home. The author paces out each scene in time, so it's not apparent how long between each story read more
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Yesterday, 5:33 PM
Tonari no Kaibutsu-kun (Manga) add
Today the final chapter was updated....

It was such a sad sight to see my favorite manga end.


Anyways to the real subject.
Amazing. That's the only word I can use to describe this anime.
This describes what ACTUALLY happens in a relationship. In other shoujo manga's Girl meets Guy is so unreal.
Tonari no kaibutsu-kun described how I would feel.
Kou was such a sweetie. He was kind caring and it was really nice.
Shizuki was cold in the beginning of the manga. There were some moments when she showed us her inner tsundere (AAAAAAAAAAA SO MOE)

None of the characters were the evil bitchy girl. They read more
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Yesterday, 3:12 PM
Pokémon Special (Manga) add
This Pokemon manga is the real deal! Unlike the anime or even the video game, this manga tells stories that'll make you want more.


The storyline is basically the same as the game's, but more detailed with better characters. You know how it goes. Red starts out in Pallet town and aims to become a champion. Blue, Professor Oak's grandson from Pallet town, also wants to become a champion. Professor Oak let's them choose one of the three starter Pokémon in his lab Which consists read more
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Yesterday, 3:00 PM
Tonari no Kaibutsu-kun (Manga) add
Before I begin this review, I would like to say that I literally just binge read the whole series, even chapter 52 which updated TODAY. I saw on mangahere that this series was going to end soon, which is did in chapter 48, but I waited it out till now so I can have a fresh perspective on it. I shall avoid major spoilers of course, but I am planning on writing a very lengthy 'rant' blog on this (once I find more time) because I'm not exactly too happy with the story (even though I enjoyed it). So... let's begin.


= Story =
- Love at read more
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Yesterday, 1:02 PM
Absolute Witch (Manga) add
Skyla, who is abandoned as a baby is found and raised by 4 men (ex-pirates) , 1 plays her father while the other 3 are her uncles (now with this, you would expect her to at least be a tom boy, know how to fight, sword play, not naive/ easy to blush something along those lines, especially since she is a witch, instead she is a weak female who has her rare moments of being strong) Marrying the first man ( Jewel ) she takes a liking to to save a big boat then supposing wants to get it annulled.... but from then she read more
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Yesterday, 11:02 AM
Solanin (Manga) add
Under the guise of postmodern human life lays a undisputed mystery, searching for an undiluted answer to living the good life. This would be the purpose one has to endure to escape out of adolescent life and try to cultivate under harsh conditions of the financial needs of surviving in the adult world. Do I stick with the status quo and live a stable life with hardly any trouble despite the boredom that goes with it? Or try to luck out by giving a big middle finger to it and indulge myself into in a lifestyle that will practically make life difficult but will make read more
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Yesterday, 10:57 AM
Tokyo Ghoul (Manga) add
Review as of up to chapter 65 -

EDITED: to be shorter and more to the point.

Story - 6
Typical shonen storyline, think Bleach. (Actually it's a lot like bleach) It's not scary, and the gore isn't too hardcore. Concept is interesting, (Ghouls disguised as humans, trick them and eat them, and humans aren't top of the food chain anymore) but the author doesn't cover the topics as well as he could have. Some things in the setting don't fit together, like how the government only one type of police force that hunts ghouls to protect read more
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Yesterday, 1:00 AM
Ghost Hunt (Manga) add
The anime tv series left me rather disappointed in how there were many open questions and lead me to read the manga. The manga answers those questions, however, in my opinion fails to end on a high note. This is my review and is kind of a mix with the anime series.

The story:
Ghost Hunt's story is rather segmented and only few episodes are tied together in a series. What I mean is that from one "file"/story to the next, there isn't much of a continuation. The season is structured as File 1 = episodes 1,2,3 (example), and File 2 = episodes 4 and 5 (example). read more
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Jul 27, 2014
Tokyo Ghoul (Manga) add
One might find themselves picking this up because of the anime adaptation that has recently started airing. I am no exception when it comes to this. With that mentioned, I am excited to share my review with you all for this totally awesome and unique story.

Let's get into it, shall we? I'll keep this spoiler free, so don't hesitate to continue reading! I'm going to refrain from mentioning actual content (since the synopsis covers it rather well), and instead focus more on the general quality of everything.

Story: 10/10
Tokyo Ghoul / Toukyou Kushu takes place in a world where "ghouls" (flesh-eating monsters who resemble humans at read more
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Jul 27, 2014
Sakura no Kimi (Manga) add
The story is short but sweet - it captures the whole essence of the story. I like that although it only has 16 pages, the character will grow to you and it's unpredictable. I wasn't expecting the ending at all. It's a light reading and you will enjoy every moment.
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Jul 27, 2014
Love Log (Manga) add
I know that this is one shot and the story is supposed to be short but man, it wasted 5 minutes of my time. The character has no development at all. Nothing was explained why Souka hates girls and why Magura is so quiet. The diary project doesn't have any progress either. And the last thing that I hate: Insta Love. He just saw her eyes and then boom, he's in love.
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First and foremost: If your following the main manga or the anime version of Shingeki no Kyojin, this spin off SNK is spoiler free! d(^.^)b But, this review is not spoiler free...keep your eye out for this warning: **SPOILER ALERT

Story: 9
Alright, to be honest, it was known from the start (well, for me at least) that..
**SPOILER ALERT SPOILER ALERT (but its not really a spoiler, since it's kinda obvious...) Levi's very close friends, Isabel and Farlan end up dying...
Having said that, there are predictable aspects to this manga, but read more
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Jul 26, 2014
Tonari no Atashi (Manga) add
Love is complicated.

That probably seems like the most generic line one can say, but most shoujo manga portray love with a pink lens that colors it as sunshine and rainbows. Reality as we know it is that love can be unrequited and bittersweet sometimes. And sometimes what we think is love may just be fondness or obsession. This series takes a unique approach to that, but its real reward is that it gives the reader the ending that they (and the characters) deserve.

Someone perusing for a quick read will see the synopsis and pass this manga over for having a cliché premise. It's true that read more
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Jul 26, 2014
Kore wa Zombie desu ka? (Manga) add
After awaiting for the final volume to get released in English and finish collecting them all I got to say it was worth it. The story in this manga is focused more on Eu than any other character, but still features its proper display of other characters as well. Throughout the story many strange perverted situations happen that gives the book its romantic comedy. If you are looking for a book with strange situations, but hilarious ones then I recommend reading this manga. The artwork was pretty well drawn featuring its great display of perverted romantic comedy moments. Each of these characters personalities will get read more
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