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Tokyo Ghoul:re (Manga) add
I find Tokyo Ghoul:re good but bad at the same time. I love the prequel. I got really hooked just by reading the first chapter of it. But the sequel, it turned out something different from what I was looking forward to or at least from what I was expecting. The development is so slow?

Reading the first few chapters of it was so confusing at first. TOO MANY NEW CHARACTERS ALL AT ONCE. Like what the hell man. I'm not in the mood to open myself to new characters.

Actually it's more like an entirely different manga now (kinda like an alternate story) and the previous main characters are gone (they barely appear).

I mean, I think Sasaki is cool and what's happening in the manga is good but really, where's the thrilling factor I felt when I first read TG? I need Kaneki. I mean yeah, Sasaki is Kaneki but still, it's not the same!! I also need to know what really happened to Hide or Amon or like what's up with the anteiku guys.

It's been past 50 chapters but I'm not seeing any development of the ACTUAL story. But I'll still keep reading this anyway... though I'll probably stop for now and probably come back again after a year or so cause it's much better to read many chapters in one-go.
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Anego!! (Manga) add
Anego is a borderline-H manga about a young man (Tomo) who returns to his hometown after several years (he left before high school) because he dropped out of college. He quickly reconnects--both physically and emotionally--with the older neighbor girl (Sakura) who used to look out for him.

Most of the story is about why Tomo left in the first place, and the emotional scars that created for both him and for Sakura. The character development is surprisingly deep for what is basically a vanilla soft-core manga. You get glimpses of what they went through as kids, what they each went through in the interim period while apart to try to forget, and now how they are trying to trust each other again after reconnecting.

The art is solid, if unspectacular. The characters look distinct, the girls are cute, the sex scenes are drawn well (if somewhat unrealistically at times), the backgrounds are acceptable. My only real complaint is that the censorship is a bit heavy-handed, but that happens.

All in all, if you like "porn-with-plot", or even if you just want to see good character development (and don't mind lots of sex), then I'd recommend giving Anego a try.
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There is something, yet feels like nothing and yet I still want more

Thats my basic impression to this series. I want to like it a lot, but there are too many things that push it for me perfect or even good.Yet it demands you to continue.

Mushoku Tensei is one of the newest entries into the fantast seriesthat has become a nice niche for me. However unlike other titles that had their own charms ( Dungeon Meshi or Tate no Yuusha no Nariagari) with only minor hiccups, these one seems to match its sense of enjoyment with its sense of revulsion.

The main story is about a 34 Neet person, who after losing his parents and regarded by his peers as garbage, is killed off saving some people and reincarneted as a young child in a fantasy setting to his pleasure.

And thats itself points the charm and flaws of the premise. The MC has his memory of his past live ( a disguisting , perverted ,shameless person) put in the position of his own benefits. He is a miracle kid who has situations and outcomes make him great with him being the greast mage and swordfight er progidy., and as such comes of as obnoxious. The boy literally learns everything perfectly but just putting his mind to it. No process , no win/loss scenario .Just perfect Miracle kid.And the fact that manga keeps shoving into my face that he is in fact a 34 year old man in a 6 year old kid's body

The fan service comes of as repugnant as well with the MC moments with his mother, his best friend , his tutor, his cousin, his aunt . At the story shows that he gets it from his father, who cheated on his wife with a maid and the manga asks us to accept it.

And even though I should hate that in the manga, there are still moments of positive with the book like his " Taming of the Shrew" arc with his cousin. Even the art is too good for this sort of thing, with beautiful designs and images.

I wanted to like this book but at the same time I dont want to like it either. It feels like To Love Ru if the MC is a scumbag with the best luck in the world.Yet it is deeper than any harem comics has any need to be.

While I still continue to read it to see how it goes (Its adapted from a best seller visual novel, WTH?), I would not recommend this to any fan of fantasy. Only touch this it would you can keep your sanity in check
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Shishunki no Iron Maiden (Manga) add
Meth-Chan first review...I´m nervous.
First of all this manga isn´t BAD I repeat isn´t BAD. But still I´ll focus on the bad side... cause yeah... fuck good reviews. (JK (Just Kidding))
Simply if you want to see a ORIGINAL manga with an ORIGINAL concept this isn´t for you (I repeat this isn´t a bad manga) I´ll say I was overestimating this manga cause it has the romance and supernatural tags sticked to it. I thought it was going to be different to all the other mangas with those tags. Seriously I haven´t read tons of manga but I still could know what it was that was going to happen next. But still I say it´s a good manga because this happens to other mangas too. It is interesting? Yes
It is different? Yes
It predictable? Hell mothafuckin yes
Hope my review was interesting, go ahead and read this manga it´s well done but if you´re looking for something different just NOPE. (SPOIIIIIILEEEEER ALEEEEERT) -If you´re like me and want to read a manga that the mc doesn´t gets obsessed with the first girl he sees. DON¨T READ YET-
Now if you know a manga that has this characteristics and the characters don´t end murdering the other characters TEEELLL MEE
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Yesterday, 5:03 PM
Konya mo Nemurenai (Manga) add
First and foremost, I'm adding this since I'm personally the type of person who prefers to know this kind of thing in advance instead of reading a manga and suddenly seeing a dick appear or something: as far as nudity goes in this manga, you see some people shirtless, including one woman. At the very most you get full body but with nothing explicit, like genitals (or else I wouldn't be writing this review; I would have dropped it immediately upon finding out and have been left traumatized). Another fair warning: there is a scene in which a character gets sexually assaulted.

Story (8):
The story is about shy, eighteen year-old Rikiya Higuchi. Rikiya is into guys, but has never been in a relationship, so he decides to use an online dating site. On the site he meets a nice guy, and eventually goes out with him. Things don't go quite as planned, and Rikiya ends up accidentally summoning the powerful demon Endo, who has come to grant him one wish. However, wish or no wish, Endo doesn't plan on going anywhere, and decides to stay in the human world so he can shirk on his duties in the demon world. Unfortunately, things aren't that simple. Hilarity ensues.

Art (8): The artwork is definitely unique, but well done. The main character demons are hot because who doesn't love a handsome MC, and the generic demons have your generic demon appearance.

Character (6): The characters are pretty two-dimensional, to be completely honest, but the story definitely compensates for this.

Enjoyment (9): This manga starts out so dark and suddenly transitions into this beautifully nonsensical story. I honestly cannot even remember the last time I laughed this hard reading something. This manga is HILARIOUS. About three quarters of the way through it gets more serious, though.

Overall (8): The reason I'm not giving this a 9 or a 10 is because the characters aren't very fleshed out. Granted, that's difficult to do in 16 chapters, but still. If you are looking for something funny to read, even if you're not into shounen-ai or yaoi, you should definitely give this manga a try.
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Yesterday, 3:09 PM
The Red Soul (Manga) add
Story: I gave a 6/10. It has really good potential but is wasted. Very interesting story, and themes but it's not shown across properly. The author did a terrible job at expressing the ideas and themes behind the story. Everything felt extremely rushed. Especially near the end. Things just happened, without any explanations along with many plot holes.

Art: 7/10. Good enough for me. Nothing fancy.

Character: 5/10. Horrible character development.

Enjoyment: 7/10. Although I found the story to be half-ass and not meeting up to it's full potential, I did continue to read till the end to find out what happens. So I guess it's alright to kill some time.

Overall: 6/10. Meh, it's alright. Kill time on a train ride, or lazy days.
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Yesterday, 3:04 PM
Boku no Ano Ko (Manga) add
Boku no ano ko is a sweet boys-love manga where everything is super cute and fluffy! But don’t let that fool you. There is much deeper story behind it, about accepting your own feelings and not letting the past affect your feelings in a bad way.

Story – 9/10
Story is pretty simple. Amakura Chigusa has been engaged to Aki-chan since childhood but has never met his fiancé who surprisingly turns out to be a guy. So what happens when the parents decide that their two children will be soul mates but never actually introduce them to one another. The story is lovely and I had fun reading the 2,5 chapters. It is such a wonderful storyline. Even though it was short, each page had some emotion on it that kept me reading! Short but refreshing at the same time. I can only recommend this manga to shonen ai fans because there were not many intense H-scenes and smut.

Art – 9/10
I liked the art, it had its own style, was very well drawn and consistently good, and the characters were pretty hot. Aki is gorgeous and I adored the pictures of him as a child. All in all, this is good yaoi manga with great illustrations.

Character – 9/10
There are two main characters that both provide two different personalities. Both are very likeable and interesting in their own way. They even talk about their feelings and thoughts and for me that is quite remarkable. And the way Chigusa comes to accept his own feelings was just perfect.

Enjoyment – 9/10
I really enjoyed this manga although I was a little bit skeptic at first. Most important thing for me was that the story is told with great care and I was carefully following the emotional development of their relationship to the end. It was an intense but enjoyable ride.

Overall – 9/10
Overall I can say that everything in this manga is adorable. The art style, all characters and the storyline all get along so well. It felt kinda short but I really enjoyed reading it and intend to read it again some day.
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Yesterday, 1:30 PM
Private Actress (Manga) add
Quite a nice lill manga. About a so called "Private Actress" that take on real-life acting roles, such in some cases fake girlfriendss or pretend daughter. There are some overlapping storytelling between chapters but for the most part each and every chapter deals with a separte case. The first for instance, deals with a man with a short time left to life, and also who had a daughter who was killed years earlier although he hasn't been able to accept this. Someone close to him hires our main character to play the "found alive" daughter in hopes of giving him some closing happiness.

As each chapter is quite different there is alot of creativity which I think shows really well early on, which for me was the most enjoyable chapters. I also like that there is hardly any focus on implicit sexual roles, which I thought the story may deal with at first, young female private actress, seems like that may be a part of it.

Even though i enjoyed most chapters, there where a few here and there, especially later on in the story which felt abit over the top. A few hints or deal with supernatural events, which I don't really appreciate when the story is supposed to be set in our universe. Supernatural elements in a non-realistic setting is obviously fine, but here I though they had no set up that this would be possible. One case also dealth with a few mysterious deaths associated with a school, I though this one was abit over the top within the context of this manga.

Still very enjoyable and I thought it stood out quite well from other mangas iv read.
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Yesterday, 1:18 PM
Arifureta Shokugyou de Sekai Saikyou (Manga) add
This novel was one of the first ever novels I've read, and the start to my interest in the "Another World" genre. Even though this story piqued my interest in the first place, it disappeared in the end due to unforeseen reasons...

Story - (5)

Well, it has quite a cliche story... "Main character not really liked by classmates, whole class summoned into another world, main character gets abandoned/leaves, and then becomes OP in the span of a few chapters". From the beginning, it has quite an interesting take on the main character's situation, but then it dipped into just being a harem...

Art - (?)

It's a novel, I can't really give a rating for art at all.

Character - (6)

I showed interest in the main character's feelings on being abandoned by his classmates. However, unlike a certain novel that I've read afterwards, the main character didn't harbor feelings of bitterness towards his classmates. (And not literally see everything as pigs too, wait that's a different circumstance). Yue really brings up her devotion towards Hajime, but that's really all. Shia really didn't change much. Tio got some love at the later parts of the novel, but that's really all to it in my opinion.

Enjoyment - (7) -> (5)

Well, I certainly did enjoy reading the early parts of novel. This feeling of "interest" was lost after a few arcs, as the story spans into the main character seeking power to return to his own world, and that's all to it. I could sympathize with his wish to return to old peaceful Japan, and humor were attempted to be made here and there, but that's all to it.

Overall - (5)

This novel is an adequate piece of work, and I wouldn't really side with either this novel is 'Good" nor 'Bad'. Well, I guess you could try reading it, and make your opinions too...
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Yesterday, 12:45 PM
Kokou no Hito (Manga) add


Personal Review

Title: Kokou no Hito

Genre: Adventure, Drama, Mature, Seinen, Psychological, Thriller, Sports.

Volumes: 17 - Complete In Country Origin

Written By: Shinichi Sakamoto

Yoshiro Nabeda

Nitta Jirou

Artist: Sakamoto Shinichi

Publisher: Shueisha

Serialization: Young Jump


Transferring to a highschool, a lifeless ambition of a loner named Mori Bountarou lays back of nirvana, being cajoled and brought to new figures by friends and copes, he forwards to reaching his goal without the useless problems. In attaining this, more than enlightenment and gifts adrifts in front of him.

Main Character: Mori Buntarou

Chapter 1:

A new transfer student enters highschool who is a simple loner
named Mori Buntarou doesn't address his introduction upon arriving to class. Miyamoto Hajijme the jockey sitting behind him, greets him rudely, but Mori neglects and reflects back his attitude. Skips class and relaxes on top of the school building, Miyamoto pressures him to climb the building and so he does.

The whole school turned their attention to his risky actions where he manages to pull the techniques of a rock climber.
Sticking his legs between the gap walls to support his body weight and ease his arms, next his hand reached the roof with analyzed determination while avoiding ropes offered by Miyamoto. He lunges back 45 degrees nor full body force.

Mori Buntarou: "I'm fine by myself!"

At the turn of momentum his hand grapples the edge of the roof one handed and initiates a heel hook. Oonishi Masao, the teacher, points him to the mountain nearby to climb there instead.

Chapter 2:

Upon apologizing for their misconduct, the teacher Oonishi was astound on how agile he was on climbing the school without any recoils.
Oonishi partners Mori with Miyamoto in compatible for skills,
Takatori Mountain, a great object with many routes for an interesting rock climbing experience. At the building where Mori already climbed,
Yumi, a student, tells Miyamoto not to climb it since Mori already did and to avoid serial causes of illegal climbing.

Chapter 3:

Upon climbing the Takatori Mountain, he falls without any broken bones and is awoken by Miyamoto during his sleep.
Mori is invited to purchase new shoes, the old manager asks him his shoe size, he claims size 26 and a half, but approximately the man claims it to be size 25 and a half. The old manager measured it to 24 and a half as Mori tests the "Baltoro Indoor Wall" which the shoe weight was very light.
To obtain the shoes, Oonishi negotiates Mori to entering the Indoor Climbing Contest a week before today.


"You're already in love with the mountains, you can't go back now."

Chapter 4:
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Yesterday, 11:21 AM
Steins;Gate (Manga) add
I was originally going to start the anime first but I saw this and I couldn’t resist trying it out first.

The art style was much better than I expected, very beautifully drawn with such intricate designs. I always enjoy that incorporated the element of  time into the mix so I enjoyed that part of it very much too. It felt so realistic.

The characters are all very different in their own way and somehow test each other to their limits. I absolutely love the interaction between Okabe and Makise because it really shows that both men and women can work as team in a scientific department, whereas nowadays we are told the stereotype that women can’t do these certain jobs, specifically physics based. I’m all about that equality mate!

I’m gonna be honest with guys . I’ve always been crap at science in general because I enjoy fantasy better than reality, but this manga series has really changed my perspective on the whole experimental part of science. It’s kind of like a Back to the Future parody  but using a more  unique way to travel back in time.
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I really can't be biased about this novel since it has only started and not a lot of translations are up yet.

The story starts with a guy winning 4Billion Yen in a lottery but went to some secluded area to avoid the money leeching mongers after him. He discovered a gate to another world. There, he encountered villagers affected by an epidemic which he easily cures with some pain killers and energy drinks. The twist is that he is freely able to go back and forth to japan to get what is needed for the better of the village. The romance is quite good paced I think. He is somewhat close to the village chief's daughter. He is highly revered as the savior of the village. He improves the village's economy by introducing farming and watering tips. It also seems that every foreign object he's brought in the other world to be of relatively high value such as 1kg salt.
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Yesterday, 7:03 AM
Risou no Himo Seikatsu (Manga) add
It started relatively great.
But as I went on reading it, I felt really conflicted.
The guy is nothing but a wife to his wife. The roles of their
life are reversed. The wife goes to work and the man is at home being lazy.
To top it off, he was only summoned to have a child with the queen as to preserve royal blood. He knows no sh*t about the world. The only conflicts in the
story are merely political junks and whatnuts. I swear to myself that after reading a heck ton of chapters, it only made my man pride go down....
I mean... who doesn't want to work when your wife gets involved in a lot of
political struggles and stuff while you laze around at home being some hikikomori f*cktard...
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Yesterday, 12:02 AM
ReLIFE (Manga) add
My thoughts: Sort of a tl;dr before the review.

Interesting story with great lovable characters. Drama isn't listed under a genre of the story, but the story has lite drama. The overall story is very lighthearted. The manga is in full color and characters look great, but background detail is sacrificed for this. A very enjoyable manga for all audiences. Pacing feels a little slow, but weekly chapters help to make the overall manga feel like it progresses a little faster. Romance is more developed later in the manga around chapter 60 and later.

Story[10/10] The story progresses somewhat slowly, but the amount of detail that it goes into is what really makes this manga. It's about a 27 year old NEET who gets a pill that lets makes his appearance go back to being 17 again, and it able to redo his Senior year in high school. It is not listed, but there is some light drama in this, and they romance is not quite prevalent until later in the manga, around chapter 60+ and later.

Art[9/10] The manga is in full color which is both good and bad. Giving color looks better and helps you to recognize characters, but the quality of the backgrounds is weak. That being said the characters still look great.
** One thing I have to say, is that the manga is not formatted in pages. Each chapter is read from the top of the page all the way to the bottom. This means if you read it in a page format (like a regular manga/book) the art may end up looking really weird from page to page where the art may have been cut off.

Characters[10/10] Most characters have had some great development so far in the manga. Only one of the main characters is still somewhat unknown. You will love every character. There are no characters that are unlikable, although some are somewhat generic such as one of the main characters being dense, but nowadays any story is going to have what we call "a somewhat generic character" but that will not stop you from loving them.

Enjoyment[10/10] I find this manga enjoyable for many reasons. The full color manga is very refreshing when you typically only see black and white. The story of a person who gets to redo their senior year in high school is very interesting, especially for those of us who wish we could go back to when we were young. Very likable well developed characters.

I will do my best to update as I continue to read. Hope this review helped to clear things up!
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Nov 29, 2015
Do You Want to Try? (Manga) add
So just letting you, I'm not good at writing reviews so don't start commenting me and saying your review did not make sense cause bruh, trust me, I know.
So anyways, let's start discussing about it before I get too carried away. When people read the title "Do you want to try?" the majority of you will probably think about dirty stuff. XP Well it's nothing like what you think. It's basically based on this tomboy-ish girl who's always late to school and one day forgets her violin in her brother's motorcycle so he calls him and accidently called the wrong number...I think, XP, and the guy who she called happens to be a handsome jjang of Han Hwa Go (btw I have no idea what jjang means) and he literally brings his entire gang to beat her up or something but somehow ends up accidently getting kissed which was really weird. Maybe that was just me but...yeah. XP And I'm not gonna spoil anymore cause I literally just read beside me: "Try your best to not write any spoilers." in bold and I was like. Crap. -__-

So yeah...bye! XP
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Nov 29, 2015
Tokyo Ghoul:re (Manga) add
After the fateful battle (massacre) between arima and kaneki Tokyo ghoul re: opens with brand new charachters and a new protagonist, sasaki haise. We now follow the ccg and see the war with ghouls from their point of view.

Story: Three years have passed since the fight with owl/agouti which cost both sides Manpower with both getting new tools to use. The ccg now tries to use part ghouls to their advantage in the war against ghouls.

Chargachters: Many people think re: hasn't lived up to its predecessor and a big part of that comes from the new cast. but I think it does rival Tokyo ghoul after 55 chapters. unlike kanekis old group, each has their own unuque personality and goals they want to achieve using the ccg. None of them are weak or useless (only bieng tthere to give kaneki progression)

Art: the Art from the ending of tg and re has pretty much stayed the same. Some pieces look amazing while its sometimes hard to keep up with the fights. Ishida still gives little details and "foreshadowing" of what's next to come.

If you like TG give re a fair chance. This is still the tragic story of ken kaneki with a much needed breath of fresh air. While the story is a continuation its like reading a new story, and there are plenty of old faces you'll see. Enjoy reading!

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Nov 29, 2015
Monster Petite Panic (Manga) add
Another amazing work by Kanda Neko. I loved the concept, loved the characters, loved the art, loved absolutely everything! First of all, I must say this is a sweet, romantic, fluffy Shounen-ai, so if you’re a fan of intense H-scenes and smutty scenes this is probably not the ideal manga for you. But if you like fluff, you’re in luck!

Story – 8/10
In fact, the story is pretty simple and sweet. It starts with two main characters, Suzuki Kojirou and Asagiri Lauri, whose “Kago” powers are opposite are much stronger than those within normal people. Surprisingly, Kojirou's first love, a pretty Mermaid princess turns out to be this “Merman” Lauri whom he can't even remember his first name after became classmates for 2 months. Very cute story about how opposites attract. Although we can’t see any intense physical contact at all, beside just a "sort of hinted" blowjob at the end, story is quite emotional with some interesting demon battles. Both plot and enchanted MC are too promising to be one volume manga or end this way which is why this grade isn’t a 10.

Art – 9/10
This story really is cute and what helps it is its beautiful style art. These characters are really well drawn and have a small alteration that makes them different than another person. Everything is well-drawn with some hilarious chibis. I liked the art, it had its own style, was very well drawn and consistently good, and the characters were pretty hot.

Character – 9/10
Like I mention before, we are instantly given our two main characters right off the bat that both provide two different personalities. Fire and Water seem like polar opposites of what they should be, like characters themselves: the ifrit/efreet is cold and standoffish like Kojirou; the water sprite is warm and passionate like Lauri. Both characters are very likeable and interesting in their own way, although there isn’t much of a deep character development shown because the story is just too short.

Enjoyment – 9/10
This is a really great manga and extremely rewarding in a way if you get it a chance. Personally I fell in with it. I had so much fun reading the sweetness of the story. It was an intense and enjoyable ride from beginning to end, of course if you find that you like in this series. Since this is more a shounen-ai than true yaoi, there’s no explicit scenes shown (just one at the end but not so explicit) which can disappoint some yaoi fans. But most important thing here is that, the story is told with great care and the relationship feels true and so damn cute.

Overall – 9/10
Overall I was pleasantly surprised and intend to read this again some day. But this story might not appeal to everyone because it’s a fluff with no real H-scenes and a lot of super power stuff, humor and really cute love scenes. If you're looking for some intense boy-on-boy action, please move along. And I must also read more
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Nov 29, 2015
Kaichou wa Maid-sama! (Manga) add
whenever a great manga gets an anime adaptation that I'd wouldn't consider great at all, I'm left with a bit of a salty taste in my mouth.

Would I say J.C. Staff's 2010 anime adaptation of Kaichou wa Maid-sama! was specifically bad? No, not at all. In fact, the adaptation was almost perfect in terms of adaptation quality. So why am I still left with this salty taste in my mouth?


Actually, I wouldn't even say that the cliffhanger was the only problem here. An even larger, more overarching problem was exactly where the cliffhanger was left off, which was around chapter 35. Yes, shortly before the series became absolutely amazing, it was cut off completely.

Why do this to us, J.C. Staff?

Due to the way I rate anime, I was forced to give this series a measly 5/10. Though, thankfully, that has nothing to do with how I rate the manga, and I'm, fortunately, able to give my all-time favorite manga the score it deserves.


The story of Maid-sama is slightly intriguing, and while it does seem EXTREMELY unique on the surface, the main problems you'll have with the first 40 or so chapters of this series is how generic it feels. To be completely honest, there's nothing that puts it beyond being a generic shoujo series, besides the overarching plot line and the two main characters. There is very little here that we haven't seen in other shoujo manga many times before.

Then, you get past chapter 40, and the series begins to rev up before completely kicking into gear around chapter 50. Then, what you're given could easily be described as shoujo genre deconstruction. You're given a story that still keeps its shoujo demographic by having a female lead character as well as a romance-based objective, but that's about it. Literally EVERYTHING else about the story is exceptionally unique, something used in ways we've never before experienced within the genre and is just done so without flaw.

While all of this new stuff comes in, you're still given bases that lead to quality shoujo manga (such as well-developed romance and emotional value) without being completely overwhelmed. Everything is paced perfectly, and you're fed an amazing story without things going too fast or too slow.

While I don't want to spoil anything, that ending was seriously amazing as well. I've yet to see a better ending in ANY manga I've ever read, in terms of both where it ended and how it ended.

All in all, chapters 1-40 really bring nothing new to the table, but after that you're given a story that's absolutely mind-blowing without being overwhelming at all. The series is of absolute genius in the later half.


Let me get this straight: I have ABSOLUTELY NOTHING against Hiro Fujiwara's art style. It just isn't perfect, that's all.

In the anime adaptation, I think what was flawed within the art portion of the manga was properly corrected. Mainly, the character drawings. They looked slightly awkward in the manga, and at times I had trouble looking directly read more
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Nov 28, 2015
Huvahh (Manga) add
Well, the art is nicely done! However, it is also a bit pretentious: something about the complexity of the art makes it seem less like manga and more like some sort of artist sketch book. That's really all I can really say about this one-shot, as the language is unidentifiable, there is no logical story line and the mood is kind of creepy, but more in a confusing way than an enjoyable one. Maybe I expected too much of a one shot, but even if there is some sort of meaning behind this then it certainly isn't easy to identify, which to me means that this is a bad piece of work.
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Nov 28, 2015
Jisatsu Circle (Manga) add
One of the best (short) manga's I have ever read. wanna know why read further.
Suicide is a growing trend? in this society, cutting is so too.
Does such things make a manga bad? no.

Story: 8/10
It is really Original. Starts off with a mass suicide.

Well I haven't read that much manga, but it was good.

Character: 6/10
Some characters lack development, but it is only 6 chapters long so it doesn't really matter.

Enjoyment: 10/10
I was really curious about how this manga was going to end. in what direction it was heading. it made me think a lot, what if my friends start cutting or so what would I do? It was really a fun manga to read.

Overall: 9,5/10
Good manga, good art, had me from the start til the end.
a recommendation for everyone who can handle dark themes.
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Nov 28, 2015
Psyche Matashitemo (Manga) add
Before I write anything about this I want to say that I went into this manga 100% blind with no previous knowledge of it, and I honestly think that's the best way to go. I honestly think this is an absolutely fantastic series but not knowing the twist was something that genuinely surprised me and made something that I expected to be generic and uninteresting become much more engaging when the real plot began to develop. With that out of the way, I'll get on with the review.

Time travel isn't a new subject in Anime and it's definitely not done well all of the time, but the way Psyche Matashitemo handles time travel definitely does the idea justice and portrays it in a unique but not confusing manner. The protagonist, Saike, starts off as kind of emotionless and bland but over time he develops into a more relatable character and despite the short amount of chapters that are out he's seen more character development than some characters do in longer series.

The series has a lot of similarities to Darker than Black with the way it handles people having unique powers forced onto them, and not being given any specific purpose for their powers. The powers in Matashitemo aren't the most interesting part of the series but they serve their purpose as a way to drive the plot without being too much of a focus. Matashitemo is nothing ground breaking and it's pretty simple to understand but despite that I got a lot of enjoyment from the small amount of chapters that are out. It gave me the same kind of feeling that I had while watching anime like Eden of the East and Darker than black. A kind of feeling where I honestly had no idea where the plot would go and wanted to see what would happen next. It never left me bored or gave me any urge to rush through it, and it was all around and enjoyable experience.

Keep in mind that new chapters get released and translated at a pretty excruciatingly slow pace, I mean seriously it's been over a year and there's only 17 chapters out. The pacing of the story itself is reasonable but the release schedule is completely insane. I found myself getting hyped for the next chapter then waiting so long I had to reread it to remember what happened by the time the new chapters were out.

The art style in Matashitemo is off putting at first but I persoanlly liked it once I got used to it. It gives everyone a kind of wide faced innocent look to contrast with the dark tone that the series has during some moments. Apart from the eyes the art doesn't have much detail but it manages to make sure you always understand whats happening without getting lost.

I've never been a fan of the number rating system, personally I've always prefferred a simple yes or no answer to whether or not I reccomend something. With read more
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From what I read so far, the story has a slow start, pretty much placid, that is not completely bad, that's mainly what "Slice of Life" means to me, centering on the small things
let me say a few things about the story and its author, the story is in itself pretty good, and Wakaki sensei has a great writing style, his drawings have a certain charm to them, and most characters early on are shallow, but he has a way of adding succesive depth to them as the story progresses, I feel its too early to dismiss the characters as lacking depth. I dont say this story lacks potential, its Wakaki we are speaking about, he has a way of making you feel deeply connected to each character and as such I have high hopes for this manga
I do however, agree with a fellow reviewer, this story doesn't feel a lot like Wakaki's past work; The main reason I'm a fan of his work is because of Kaminomi (TWGOK) and sincerely I'm still not completely over the story, . However, what I feel is that he should retake his work in TWGOK, possibly a sequel, that work felt like Wakaki's essence, and as a reviewer and as a great fan of his work, I entice him to continue the story where he left it, I'm sure most of us would love to keep reading Keima's adventures for a long time
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Nov 28, 2015
GE: Good Ending (Manga) add
Story: Despite it's title, this series has it's fair amount of heartache. It started off good with dating tips and fooling around in school. Gradually, the school environment fades as characters are exposed to different surroundings. However, the plot takes a sudden turn near to the end. I will not elaborate on how I found this development, but it was acceptable.

Art: Al I can say is that the expressions are drawn beautifully. Especially Yuki's smile.

That aside, the MC isn't a lifeless, dense puppet. He has emotion and I did care about him throughout most of the series. He also tries to foresee and attend to as many problems before they occur. However, he made a total of two horrible mistakes, one that was settled in such a way that I couldn't believe he got away with it.

Do you dislike...characters who run away when things get tough?
-Let it be known that half the time this happens, they will eventually be chased down and confronted

Do you dislike...protagonists who confess at the very end of the story?
-GE: Good Ending focuses equally on the pains of getting into a relationship and the effort in maintaining one. In other words, there are NO MOMENTS WHERE SOMEONE IS ABOUT TO CONFESS AND SOME STUPID EVENT HAPPENS AND THEY CHICKEN OUT. (Or at least none that actually annoyed me)

Do you dislike...main characters who freak out in every ecchi/sexy situation?
-This story also discusses the importance of sex in relationships. Though the story is not averse to situations where sexual tensions run high, the way characters handle them are entertaining. Although one might think: Really? They're still in friggin' school!

After finishing it (in 4 days) I was happy yet disappointed for the blissful lack of realism. I dislike seeing characters in pain but throughout the series, the theme seems to repeat itself; in romance, there will be winners, there will losers, while some find joy, others will burn in their despair.
Thus, I found the ending too convenient. But then again, it's fiction.
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Stardust Crusaders was a radical change in the JJBA series. Not only were Stands introduced, but also the monster of the week story structure, that JoJo is (in)famous for. SC was good and it's iconic for a reason, but it felt a little rough around the egdes. The forth part Diamond is unbreakable spiced it up with some slice of life elements and showed what true potential this kind of story telling can have in a battle shounen. The fifth part Vento Aureo however feels like huge step back compared to part 4 and in some ways even to part 3.

Don't get me wrong, the story and the setting are actually pretty interesting. This time the story is set in Italy and our new JoJo (or rather GioGio) is a boy named Giorno Giovanna, who is no one less than Dio's son! After experiencing what kind of power the mafia has, Giorno's goal is to become a mafia member himself and eventually take over the boss. He becomes part of the organization Passione and then goes on a journey with some other members to meet the boss. Or course there are some more twists to this story, but don't want to spoil too much.

So what do they do on their journey? Well they fight a lot of Stand users of course! It's monster of the week almost all the way through. There are virtually no recurring villains, everyone of them is brutally killed of. I found that very disappointing compared to part 4. Heck, even part 3 had a few characters that appeared in more than one chapter (Hol Horse, Oingo + Boingo, etc...). At least the fights are very good. The Stand abilities are more creative (and bizarre) than ever and there was no enemy that felt like a pushover. Except for the main villain, but I come to that later. Basically part 5 has everything that made JoJo so awesome in the first place, even though the story telling isn't perfect.

The main characters are a mixed bag. They're not bad, but also not nearly as memorable as the characters from previous parts. Giono himself is decent and he does some pretty cool things along the way, but he doesn't really feel like the main character of this arc. Well he does up the point when the other Passione members are introduced, however after that he becomes more of a side character. This does actually make sense, because Giorno is not the leader of the group, but it still feels wrong. Their design is more faboulous than ever and some of the characters look plain outrageous (in a good way of course). It's just weird that someone who looks so bizarre, has such a normal and and almost boring personality. This especially aplies to Giorno, but to most other characters in Vento Aureo as well.

In the second half of part 4 you could already see that the artstyle of JoJo started to change: the eyes were different, the characters read more
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Nov 28, 2015
Hirunaka no Ryuusei Bangai-hen (Manga) add
This extra was a really great addition to the manga as I was left unsatisfied with the how the manga ended, leaving Shishio in shambles. This showed me how Shishio would end up and I rather liked it. It also included other extras about other supporting characters. These extras were very delightful and like Shishio's chapter, it also showed me the circumstances of the other characters after the end of the main story. It is really quite interesting if you are a fan of Hirunaka no Ryuusei. You will also get to meet new characters which will leave you wanting more.
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Nov 27, 2015
Love in the Mask (Manga) add
This manwha was a mess.

It was all over the place. The story started out very interesting with the introduction of characters and all. I also liked the main female lead very much because she was a tough girl and was able to fight and defend herself.

However, then the author started introducing more characters and unnecessary drama. Half the time, I could not even understand the whole vengeful situation and interactions between Chairman Kim Pil Joong and Chairman Yun (I think this was their names. I also couldn't keep up with all the names because there were just that many characters) whose relationship actually instigates all of Hyun Bin's issues and sadness.

The author introduced not one, not two, not three, but FOUR different love interests. I felt that one of the guys that fell in love with her (Chi Ho) would have fit the plot better if he played the main role of friend instead of obsessively trying to gain the love affection of Hyun Bin. Then we have Yun Ha who is second to fall in love with Hyun Bin (or realize it) and is the actual main male lead. He was a "nice" character but I could not, in me, find any other reason to like him. His love for Hyun Bin was also overly obsessive. His main role essentially contributed a new-found sense of freedom and comfort to the ever tragedy-stricken Hyun Bin and that was it. Next, we have the crude, love child of the superior of Chairman Kim Pil Joong who also falls in love with Hyun Bin. I don't remember his name but he's the type of character we all love to hate. I didn't so much mind his role in the plot because it actually did contribute to the relationship of the two main leads. Lastly, we have Chun Bi Rak who, in my opinion, is really the only redeeming, lovable character in this entire manwha besides Hyun Bin and is also the second main male lead. Bi Rak was the only character that I felt contributed happiness to Hyun Bin's sad life and provided her with unconditional love and understanding. In addition, the author included two supporting female rivals, both of who had very washed-out, cliched personalities (typical spoiled princess-like female and typical evil-like female).

The author also had a bad tendency of introducing characters that seemed like they were going to contribute to the plot in some way and then in the end, the author seemed to have forgotten entirely about these characters from her large gene pool of repetitive, cliched characters.

Again, this manwha had so much unnecessary drama and impulsive turning points in the plot that weren't thought out and drawn/written clearly. Lots of repetitive events also happened. This manwha could have easily been ended with 30-40 chapters but instead was dragged out in 134 chapters. It was literally 20 volumes of Hyun Bin crying about the fact that she couldn't profess her love to Yun Ha because read more
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Nov 27, 2015
Hinomaru-Zumou (Manga) add
Are you looking for a good Shonen Jump manga to read, and disappointed that Toriko's anime ended? THEN READ HINOMARU ZUMOU!!!!!

It's got a lot of things, from a kid trying to become a macho character, he's got surreal moves like Baki, Ring Ni Kakero, and my favorite manga of all time, Kinnikuman. Ushio Hinomaru is a small kid who wants to become a Yokozuna, and meets various friends and enemies along the way. This manga deals with friendship, the prize of winning, the punishment of losing, and more. It's not as goofy as many other shonen jump series, but it's not quite as dark as City Hunter, Hokuto no Ken, JoJo's Bizarre Adventure, and Sakigake!! Otokojuku, Great for people wanting to get into shonen manga, but don't want to deal with older series, Bishounen characters, or dark plots. The series is ongoing, and I have I hopes for the series. Go read this series, even if you're not into sumo wrestling, like a lot of my favorite sports manga (for their respective sports), like Kinnikuman. The biggest problem (if any) with the series is that the stakes aren't up to my liking, but the series is still young, and it could get more surreal...
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Nov 27, 2015
The Rapeman (Manga) add
"You either die stiff or live long enough to see yourself go soft." - The Dark Knight

Upon reading Rapeman’s synopsis, I became quite amused. The notion of using rape as a weapon to bring about justice is a crazy one—it’s also quite a unique one. As a result, I expected this manga to be both innovative and absurd. Fortunately for this reader, both expectations were met.

Let’s start with the hero of this story: a pusillanimous teacher by day who becomes an enigmatic rapist by night. As unique as he may seem, he’s actually not that different from other superheroes. Consider some of the individuals he encounters in his various cases. There’s a maniac who violates women using a strap-on, a woman who lures men with the intent of castrating them, and an arsonist who causes all sorts of trouble. These individuals are the closest thing this manga has to supervillains.

As you can probably guess, Rapeman doesn’t have any superpowers. His physical prowess is quite impressive though, allowing him to unarm/overpower his targets with ease. And he’s definitely not an idiot to say the least; otherwise he wouldn’t conduct so much reconnaissance or planning to avoid getting caught in the act. Like any other superhero, he also wears something to conceal his identity. His outfit, however, consists of a mask and regular clothes (this is one thing the anime adaptation does better).

The suit aside, there are some other similarities worth briefly mentioning. The protagonist has to deal with people impersonating his libidinous alter-ego. He has his own tools, one of which is handcuffs akin to Batman’s batarang. There’s even a photographer who tries to capture him on camera. The only thing missing is an origin story—the answer to the question of what causes someone to become a hero like this.

Although this hentai is arguably a parody of the superhero genre, I can’t see it appealing to a lot of people. If you’re someone who was repulsed rather than amused when you learned of its existence, then it’s definitely not for you. As for typical fans of hentai, they’re probably better off reading something else. Most of the pornographic scenes go straight to the sieging of the castle and the firing of the cannon; there’s not much foreplay involved. And while you won’t see much of the female reproductive organ during those scenes, you will see a lot of the hero’s weapon of choice (as well as the next door neighbor).

I wouldn’t be surprised if there are some readers who found Rapeman to be misogynistic. Those that feel that way obviously took the reading far too seriously, thus killing any chance of enjoyment. Said readers probably missed out on all of the humor as well. Despite being a humorist myself, I don’t really understand why some of the stuff I say amuses people. What I do understand, though, is why this manga is able to make people laugh. Everything the central character does is nothing short of bizarre—he’s got his own costume, read more
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Nov 27, 2015
Liar Game (Manga) add

Kanzaki Nao, a foolishly honest college student, receives a package containing 100 million yen and a postcard that states, "Congratulations! You are 1 of the 100 000 people who have been entered in the Liar Game." This activates a series of events that will drive Kanzaki Nao in discovering the dark, hidden side of the human nature as well as to test her ability to "foolishly" trust other people. Will she be able to survive the Liar Game?

Story: 9/10

The Liar Game has both amused and disheartened me throughout my reading experience. For the most part, I enjoyed it. The manga has enough plot twists due to the numerous strategies coming from one of the series' protagonists, Akiyama Shinichi, and the antagonists in each arc. Expect to be on your toes for most of the time due to the sudden revelations of stratagems hidden throughout the story. Furthermore, the manga does not proceed on a slow pace, as implied earlier, and does not have any filler chapters. What disappointed me, albeit slightly, was that each arc followed a formulaic pattern in its progression. The formulaic pattern may tick off some readers but it has its own advantages. For one, it leaves the author more opportunities for character development, which will be discussed later. The author also has more opportunities presenting the different sides of the human nature and its tendencies when placed in certain situations. Due to this, the Liar Game can be said as a manga more focused on its characters rather than the story itself.

Art: 8/10

I have no qualms about the mangaka's art style for my own part. As a matter of fact, I applaud him for his ability to portray the dark side of the human nature in the facial expressions of the manga's antagonists. Ranging from creepy smiles to intimidating glares, these expressions can make one shiver either out of fear or anticipation for the next event. Though at times it bothered me that certain scenes lack detail, especially at the beginning, the art has gradually improved as the series went on. No need to worry, the bland art will not interfere one's amusement in reading the manga at its beginnings.

Characters 10/10

Character development is where the manga truly shines, aside from the numerous plot twists and creepy facial expressions that I have encountered. Remember, the characters in this manga have been pitted against each other with money at high stakes. This is enough for them to express their hidden true nature amidst the system of survival of the fittest presented in the Liar Game. Different people utilize different strategies to attain victory in the Liar Game and this adds more to the despondent atmosphere of the game's system. Additionally, it leaves the readers a few indications on what the purpose of the Liar Game is.

Here are few prominent characters presented in the manga though I will refrain from read more
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Subtlety has never been a particular strong point of comedy manga which is usually filled with over the top reactions, ludicrous scenarios and hyperbole one-dimensional characters to such an extent as to even make ‘The Hangover’ in contrast seem like a deep and sophisticated parody of 21st century party culture and the excesses of modern man. The perpetuation of tropes and stock characters combined with the short length and self-preserving need to give the audience what they want often results in a very slap-stick style which whilst not preventing manga from being witty at least lends itself more to larger-than-life comedy.

But just because it isn't sophisticated and witty, doesn't mean it can’t be funny and no series typifies this sentiment more than ‘Kyoudai hodo Chikaku Tooimono wa Nai’ (aka I’m Obsessed with My Little Bro! (hereafter Ane-Chika)). Ane-Chika belongs to the ‘football in the groin’ school of comedy, you know there’s no real depth to it but you'll often find that you are laughing in spite of yourself.

In a nutshell Ane-Chika revolves around the day to day interaction of a resilient and patient younger brother as he deals with the comically over the top affection of his god-level brocon of an older sister. As the series progresses a cast of supporting characters are introduced each with their own comic perversions. In fact the series seems to be progressing along a check list of all the comic pervert tropes as the author appears determined to personify each and every one of the common manga fetishes with a character. It is therefore needless to say that if you are easily offended then you should probably steer clear of this series. However whilst the series obviously deals nearly exclusively with things like incest and stalking, the representations are so exaggerated that you can’t possibly take it seriously. In this sense whilst all the characters are “perverted” the series casual and comical treatment of the subject matter ensures that a humorous spin is placed on everything preventing it from being seen as anything more than a light-hearted take on an otherwise taboo subject (a lesson which many other incest focussed series failed to learn by taking themselves too seriously, I’m looking at you Oreimo). The comedy in the series revolves nearly exclusively around these exaggerated representations of fetish tropes with no real plot. Likewise scenarios are constructed to best support the interactions between the characters rather than provide interest in and of themselves. However with each chapter averaging around only 8 pages this is obviously to be expected.

The quality of the art in the series is nothing special. The character designs are pretty standard but sufficient for a comedy series. The background art is however particularly poor with it being largely neglected from inclusion in many panels or lacking in detail when it is included. Similarly the panel layout has clearly been adopted with economy in mind in an understandable attempt to make the most out of the limited space 8 pages read more
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Nov 26, 2015
Koe no Katachi (Manga) add
The idea for this story is something so real, and it's about a guy doing something that so many of us wish we had the guts to do. He has become a victim of bullying as a result of bullying a girl until she had to drop out of school, and now he wants to apologize to her. Whether or not he actually deserves to be forgiven is up for debate. You see the cruel things he did to her, and the cruel things done to him in turn. It's hard to sympathize with the terrible things he did, yet at the same time you find yourself feeling sorry for him.

The artwork was pretty different from that to which I am accustomed, but I got used to it pretty quickly. It's not bad, but unique, and it's done nicely in its own unique way.

While some characters are pretty two-dimensional, most of them have more depth. This story deals with something so simplistic and turns it into a plot. What is that simplistic thing? Kids are cruel. They lack sympathy and do terrible things to people in order to have fun. Sometimes the only way for them to understand that they're a bully is by becoming a victim.

I've never quite understood the "slice of life" genre before. What constitutes as "slice of life"? It's fiction, so how am I supposed to relate to it? This manga was what finally made me understand the genre. While it's circumstances are extreme, it deals with something so real. To whatever level it was done, when you were a kid, you were probably bullied, and like it or not, you probably WERE the bully at points. I know I was. I always thought I was being bullied, and it's true that I was. Though when I look back at some of the things I did, I was also a bully, for no other reason than the fact that my peers and I thought toying with people's emotions was fun.
Reading this manga made me want to go back in time so I could apologize to the people I hurt, because I know how much it hurt. The cycle of bullying shifts, and the bully becomes the victim, and the victim becomes the bully. Over time we regret, and we beat ourselves up for that. In the end, sometimes the person who bullies you the most is yourself. This manga cuts deep; it hits close to home, and you can't help but be curious as to see what happens next, and there is likely at least one character you'll be able to relate to.
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Nov 25, 2015
You're So Cool (Manga) add
(Art 5) First off, I wanna say you can definitely tell this story was created by a yaoi/shonen ai author. The yaoi hands, you guys. It's ubiquitous throughout the story and never fails to freak me out.

The way the main girl was drawn (Nan Woo) concerned me. At seventeen, she is soooo skinny; I thought her development was stunted due to malnutrition. She looked like a elementary school boy. Though when you look at her mother it easy to see why. The heroine doesn't hold up to traditionally beauty standards--which is a good thing. I like to see a variety of female main characters.

I just kind of felt that the author gave her the body of a young boy and slapped a "girl" label on it. Which is whatever, I can roll with it.

It was so odd to see her next to her love interest Seung Ha. He looked 12 feet tall in comparison to her. It skewed my perception of their heights.

The art is going to be my lowest rating because everything else was pretty good. And I really do recommend you read this story.

(Characters = 8): Okay, moving past the art, the characters were my favorite part and they are most enjoyable. Seung Ha (male love interest) and Nan Woo are pretty comical together. Even though they look so out of place, their love is realistic. I can even understand why Seung Ha--this super cool prince of their high school--was interested in her. And I understand why Nan Woo stuck with him even when he didn't turn out to be the perfect prince of her dreams.

(Enjoyment = 7): It was a very entertaining ride. I was invested with the emotions of the characters. The only thing I didn't like was the BL (boy's love) subplot between Nan Woo's uncle and Seung Ha's friend. It is just not my cup of tea. I still liked the characters involved in the BL --though so it wasn't that much of a turn off.

(Overall = 8): I dropped this story once before--turned off by the BL. I'm glad I picked it back up again though. Seung Ha and Nan Woo is just too entertaining to pass up. Thier strange but hey it works.

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Nov 25, 2015
Can't Lose You (Manga) add
First impression: This story is just okay. When I came across it, I was surprised to see that I already read it. So surprised that I started reading it again to see if I could recollect anything. Essentially, this story is so unremarkable that I did not remember reading it the first time.

(Story = 7 Good): That's not to say that the story (plot-wise) sucks or that it is horrible. It is just unmemorable and a passable activity to spend the afternoon. I'm surprised that this drama filled story didn't make hook me with it's tension or suspense.

Art (6 Fair): I'm not particularly fond of this artist's style. All the faces look exactly the same. The eyes and lips are too big. I don't think the art translated the mood of the story very well. This is just my personable picky-ness.

Characters (5 mediocre): I think my meh opinion of this story is the fault of the characters. I just really didn't care for their struggles. They didn't make me feel anything. It just didn't feel realistic. The romance didn't catch my heart. When a character's important person died, I didn't sympathize with them. If the story can't make me feel invested in it's characters then something isn't right. I just can't explain what it is.

Enjoyment (6 Fair): I mean I read the whole story again so something kept me going. I almost quit in the middle though.

Overall: 6

It felt dramatic and unrealistic. I couldn't suspend belief enough to totally enjoy the story.
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Nov 25, 2015
Eden no Ori (Manga) add
What would you do if you somehow survived a plane crash on your way back from a school trip and land on an island not even registered on the map, with extinct animals roaming about and doing as they please? You have to survive and figure out how to get back home, but how? Well who knows, maybe this manga has your answer.

To be completely honest, when I first started reading Cage of Eden, I was like "Oh boy, another lame manga... Oh well, kills time." Later after reading it, I found I started to like it. Maybe because of how suspenseful the story was, or because of all the boobs and panty shots there were, either way, it became my favorite.
I reread the first few chapters, and found that I had not paid attention to any of the little things in the beginning. Later in the volumes, the little things I never noticed came back to become huge things. But as for the plot of the story, it could be better.
There's not much to say about this manga, I kind of already said it in the first paragraph. Anyways, the manga is full of mystery and suspense, and starts off all happy and full of life, but it gets dark quick.

I recommend this manga to those who like action/adventure manga, but I wouldn't recommend this to those who don't like ecchi, because there is a lot of ecchi in this manga.
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Nov 25, 2015
Kuroko no Basket: Extra Game (Manga) add
Since many fans hoped Kuroko no Basket would continue by having a Japan all-star team going up against international opponents, Extra Game doesn´t disappoint. The sequel pursues the way of the original series and thus transfers old strengths and weaknesses. The characters are what made Kuroko no Basket so great and author Fujimaki once again set up vigorous antagonists. If Nash can make Akashi look like a nice guy and Jason Silver makes Murasakibara seem like an okay Center, you know you are in for a ride.

The stakes were never higher and although this is how the series has always been progressing, by just throwing better opponents at us, the Jabberwocks are the most formidable adversaries by a wide margin. While the art is exceptional even for Jump standarts, the only flaw I have with Extra Game are the sometimes cringeworthy, over the top lines from Nash. Seriously, nobody speaks like that.

Kuroko no Basket remains as one of the shounen-sport gems and Extra Game is a worthy, unfortunately bi-monthly, successor.
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Nov 25, 2015
Hoshi ni Naru Hi (Manga) add
Anyone who's a fan of Suzuki Julietta's work will like these one-shots. They're cutesy, to-the-point, and adorable. Some of them are funny, while some -- most, actually -- are touching.

Thank goodness these are one-shots and not 1000-volume long manga because then I'd be bawling my eyes out. As I tend to get attached to manga really quickly and often suffer from feels, these one-shots were perfect. They were long enough to make me all giddy and everything, and, at the same time, short enough not to get me attached!

Note: the last chapter is the one that's really similar to Kamisama Hajimemashita (in case you were wondering). The main character's name is Tomoe and he looks slightly similar to Tomoe in KH! There are a lot of scenes in that chapter that have appeared in KH.

Story (6/10):
The stories aren't very original, but since I wasn't really expecting anything incredibly creative and new, I was satisfied with what I read.

Art (8/10):
I absolutely adore Suzuki Julietta's art! Some people may disagree with me, but I really think Suzuki Julietta has her own unique, memorable style.

Enjoyment/Overall (6ish 7ish/10)

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Nov 25, 2015
Zannen nagara Chigaimasu. (Manga) add
Reading this was watching a really boring softcore porno. It's not entertaining, it's not hot, and as I said before, it's not entertaining. I distantly remember the male character of this says at one point, "Wow, it's so cool that we...!" Spoiler alert (not really, I'm just saying this for the LOLZ): It's not cool. It's not funny. It's just so, so flat.

I rated the story a 1 for Pathetic. There really isn't much of a story. You can pick three random pages out of this and call it the Beginning, Middle, and End.

I rated the art a 4 for decent: I could tell what everything was supposed to be. But the guy and girl in this aren't appealing at all. I don't see what they saw in each other.

I rated the character 1 for pathetic. I think it's self-explanatory. They didn't have any funny or interesting lines. Nothing about either of them was particularly memorable.

I didn't enjoy reading this so I rated it a 1 for pathetic. I also rated it 1 for overall, because it continues to be pathetic.

Boku no Pico was more entertaining than this.
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This Manga is in a really awkward grey area. It's somewhere in-between fanservice and plot. What I mean by this is there are manga that are pure fanservice and the plot just gives the story some direction, and then you have regular stories that more of a plot with fanservice to spice it up. This manga feels like it doesn't really excel at either. Nevertheless it is enjoyable.

Story: The story is enjoyable but certainly nothing special. I felt that the concept of how the magic works is interesting, but as it went into detail it felt somewhat cheesy.

Art: Not sure what to say here. I have my preferences when it comes to art and I find the art in this manga to be great.

Characters: It feels like a classic harem, where each girl is getting her own time with the protagonist and gets a bit of character development. The characters feel somewhat generic, but are likable. What is different about the MC that really made a difference in this manga, is that the protagonist isn't dense. He realized he has his own harem going and loves it.

Enjoyment: This is what is the most important. When it boils down to it, enjoyment is what people should be looking for. I find this manga to be fairly enjoyable. I feel that this is your typical harem, but with a decent story. Like I said the magic is interesting, but when they go into detail it feels somewhat cheesy. A rating of a 7.5 is what this manga deserves. It is definitely worth reading, but don't expect this to be a 10/10 on yours list.

(Will update this as I continue to read)
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Nov 25, 2015
Doushiyoumo Nai Keredo (Manga) add
I'll keep it short. This was one of my first yaoi/BL mangas and after a year or so of reading it, along with a bunch more, I surprised myself in still giving it a 10 after a second time. The story is set between two salary men, Shimano and Kurokawa, which is pretty usual. However, you get captivated by it because:
- It's really good paced;
- There IS character development, you can see their backgrounds and the progression of both the relationship and the characters is well done;
- The sex scenes are pleasing. That's the only thing I'd change though, there should be more of them. But you won't be disappointed;
- The art style is satisfying, still this is more personal. The proportions are good enough (aside from the yaoi hands, they are there but it's not that bad), Shimano isn't girly, both are hot.
Overall, I'd definitely recommend it whether you are still initiating your yaoi/BL journey or have come a long way already, because it's hard coming across a good balance between all the smut and the over sugarcoated shounen ai out there. Plus, I find the length ideal, neither too short or too long. It's worth your time.

Thanks for reading this review!~
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Nov 25, 2015
Tokyo Ghoul:re (Manga) add
When you have and end like Tokyo Ghoul, it's obvious to be anxious and excited about what will happen? Actually what just happened? Did he die? Did he become a quinque? Is this the end?

NO fellow reader it is not the end, here we have Tokyo Ghoul:re, same author, same amazingness and the most important 'the same twisted world'. (Yes there's kaneki too).

In part 1 we saw how twisted both humans and ghouls are and a protagonist that lies between both, not just because he has been both, (there are quite a few who were turned into ghouls), BUT because he has seen that both sides are good and bad, he has understood this world. Even at first when he's missing his memories he still understand that, he shows kindness for ghouls even tho he's an investigator, after losing his memories. And it's just a bonus when he regains them.

So let's start the review:

Story: (9/10)
The story starts with our Kaneki with what he would be if he lost his memories and was used for his strength and turned into an investigator and given a new name Sasaki Haise. This certainly makes CCG looks like really evil. But let's not generalize it, everything has it's bad sides just like ghouls and humans both have. The story starts off with a small arc which has characters connected to his past. Every arc goes and turns into something amazing and unexpected, the hype is just way too much each arc. You thought you knew about kaneki's past? NO you do not, this manga gives some insane revelations that you certainly never saw coming, such INSANE revelations and unexpected scenes that you'll stop reading just to say "HOLY SH*T" and 'WHAT THE F**K", it has more mysterious plot and more interesting storyline as to say. As the manga progresses we see more and more about what happened in a 3 year time skip and how thing have changed and this moves us to how the characters are, so let's talk about that...

Character: (9/10)
Sasaki Haise is just what kaneki would be if he forgot his past ..oh wait I just said the obvious thing right? What I mean is that he's your kaneki so unnecessary hate is not needed, he's just as kind as him but a bit more sane than him. It is interesting to see his character development throughout, from being scared of his past and rejecting it to being slowly starting to accept it and wanting to know more about it, well you can guess what that leads to. As for the other characters Ishida deserves a clap really, even the minor characters who are only supposed to appear for individual arcs ends up giving you feels and you'' be surprised to see how lot of these characters seemed at first and how normal and damaged from inside they are. The element of unpredictability remains and you have no idea whether that certain character will live or die. We also see how read more
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Nov 24, 2015
Freesia (Manga) add
Did you ever think that criminals deserve a much harsher punishment than being sent to jail to serve time? Ever thought that the famous law of Talion should be in vigour? Freesia portrays such juridical system in which the victim's family may issue a warrant to have the aggressor executed legally.

The story of Freesia is narrated in a society plagued with war, in which killings are legalized and are carried out by enforcers, who are trained killers or ex-soldiers. The protagonist Kano is recruited by Higuchi to such an agency, in which he cooperates with the newbie Yamada and the senior Mizoguchi. There is more to Kano - he is not your typical protagonist; he has a disturbing personality, is very antisocial (unable to communicate accordingly with fellow humans) and he is plagued by hallucinations. In the beginning you have literally no idea what to think of this character.

The manga also displays a lot misery, corruption, cruelty, gore, paranoia, insanity and misogyny. A bit in excess in fact, impacting the story in such a way that it seems that no humanity is portrayed in society at all. Other thing to mention is the war that takes place: basically nothing is explained about it, why it did happen, how is society affected by it, none of these questions are answered, making the war a mere plot device to justify the current juridical system, which leads to other point of the story: the "enforcing".

First off, there is a gist to the system: instead of criminals being executed in a controlled and official environment, criminals are hunted down by enforcers. The criminal is free to hire bodyguards to defend against the prosecutors, but these are often unaffordable, which leaves the criminals with no other option then to rely on their friends or family members. Nevertheless, they have the liberty to choose a place where the enforcement should take place. The idea is interesting, but there are problems associated with such a system: trying to assassinate each other in populated areas, hence involving and risking the lives of many innocent civilians? This would never work in reality, leaving the reader with a somewhat unsatisfactory story setting.

The development of the main character Kano is one of the strongest points in Freesia. Besides of being an interesting character, Kano himself is aware that he is insane, and not the world around him as he thinks in the beginning; he tries to change it gradually, which he does through interactions with different characters and events, and his own hallucinations.

This cannot be said about the other characters. There is Higuchi, who apparently has a motive for working in such an agency, but this is never portrayed throughout the manga. The same could be said about Mizoguchi: characterized by being a total psychopath, who beats his wife on regular basis, killing innocent bystanders, without having a single positive characteristic to him. Nothing is explained on why possibly he displays such behaviour.

A lot of secondary characters are introduced, with read more
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Nov 24, 2015
Dungeon Meshi (Manga) add
I came into Dungeon Meshi with no expectations and no prior knowledge of what it was about or how good it might be. I was looking for a new manga to read and I tend to like stories involving dungeons in general so I clicked on it and tried it out. Overall, I'm very glad that I did.

Dungeon Meshi is not a groundbreaking, exciting manga full of action and twists. Instead it is an extremely solid story with a simple premise. At first I thought that the focus was too much on food and too little on the great fantasy world imagined by this author. However after I got through a few chapters I came to truly enjoy both the realistic food preparation aspects of the story and the fantasy aspects as well.

Although Dungeon Meshi's story is very much rooted in the archetypal idea of a medieval fantasy world, many of the plot points are grounded completely in logic and reality. Food preparation works as it does in real life, the monster's strengths and weaknesses are sometimes magic but more often realistic details based on how they might be if monsters lived on earth as we know it.

The art is somewhat simple. I don't know too much about judging manga's art but I will say that it is certainly not bad art. It may lack the detail and flair that some manga readers are used to but the style overall is solid.

The characters pretty much adhere to the normal characters you'd expect in a medieval fantasy RPG style world which didn't bother me but may be too plain for others.

Overall I give Dungeon Meshi a 9/10 because although it is a simple manga, it is also a charming one and sometimes it is nice to read something without so much drama, fan service, and cliffhangers.

Story - 9
Art - 7
Character - 8
Enjoyment - 9
Overall - 8
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Nov 24, 2015
Alice Quartet Obbligato (Manga) add
TL;DR: Pleasant, lighthearted fare with hints of romantic friendship. Great for slice-of-life, comedy, and shoujo-ai readers!

I love Fujieda Miyabi's works. They are very easygoing works that are great entry-level reads for the slice-of-life and shoujo-ai genres. "Alice Quartet Obbligato" does not stray from this, although it has a much heavier focus on slice-of-life and character. That said, it still has hints and traces of romance for the girls' love reader to enjoy.


Story: Consistent with Fujieda's works, this manga has a very simple premise that acts more like a backdrop than an actual story. Four girls work to design and make clothes in the clothier shop Alice Quartet, and they talk and interact with each other as they work. There is a lot of comedy in this manga, and there is a very lighthearted and easygoing tone throughout the work. The romance comes in the latter chapters, and it does feel a little rushed - thankfully, that is far from the main focus of this work.

Art: Pretty, graceful, fancy. These girls not only make fashion, but have great fashion sense - great character and costume designs all around, critical for a manga about clothes. Clear lines in the drawing further emphasize the elegance Fujieda bestowed on his characters. Most of the panels have simple or no background, focusing instead on the characters and dialogue.

Character: Nothing unique, and all of them more or less fall into some sort of archetype. Fumi is quiet and hardworking; Suika is vibrant and enthusiastic. That said, the interactions work very well and they play off with each other smoothly in every chapter.

Enjoyment: Very pleasant, very lighthearted fare. Think of it as a snack - it's a short manga that can be read in one or two sittings, and works effectively as a breather between more serious or longer works. It's very accessible for people new to slice-of-life, comedy, or shoujo-ai, and I recommend it as one of your first reads!

Overall: I really enjoyed this manga, although it isn't particularly unforgettable or striking. If you're looking for something to tide you over or for a short change of pace, I highly recommend giving this an hour or two of your time.
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If someone asked you what your last wish will be, what would you reply? Would you reply saying "Please put on the knee socks I have in my pocket"??(Damn, that's sweet!!) Would you save the world from a pervert who wants to see all people in their 'arubeki sugata'(the way they are supposed to be) because you wouldn't be able to see 'thighs'? Would you sneak into a girl's room during night just to put on knee socks on their thighs? And more importantly, would you put socks on radishes??(Damn, this is funny) Also, would you compare a girl's thigh to a radish, seriously? Enought of the spoilers, read the rest yourself.
This is the type of story 'Yuusha ga Shinda!' is. Instead of the usual slapstick jokes this is the serious humor type of story. A normal farmer boy becomes a hero because the hero dies('yuusha ga shinda' translates to 'the hero is dead'). The full title is 'Yuusha ga Shinda! Murabito no Ore ga Hotta Otoshiana ni Yuusha ga Ochita Kekka' which translates to something like 'The Hero is dead! I, a villager, dug a hole which resulted in the hero falling(into my hole)' which explains the premise of the story quite literally.
If anybody asked me whether I would recommend this manga or not? I would definitely recommend it(more so if you are male, haa. haa. haa [not to be comfused with laughing sound, this is panting]). As someone who likes to see knee high socks it defintely hits the spot. Do you remember the line from SoraOto where Sakurai Tomoki says "These panties have no meaning if no one is wearing them!!!"(something like this). Well, this is the same type of manga where the perverted boy or let's say the Hero does all that kind of things.
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Nov 24, 2015
Black Joke (Manga) add
This is my first review so forgive me for my bad English as it is not my first language.

Now then to start off black joke is .... well a joke ok look to summarize it's a story about mafia, gangs, and well f*ck all. Anyways I have split this review into multiple categories then I will give the overall score.

Art:- score:10
The art is awesome it does it's job of being exactly what it needs to be and that's over the top.

Story:- score:2
So why a 2 and not a 0 that's because while it lacks any existence of a solid story(any story?) it does have some rather entertaining episodic stories which are usually fully of crazy bullish*t that are hilarious combine it character back stories which makes f*ck all sense you get some decent comedy so Ya i give it a 2.

Character:- score:4
Ok so this is a bit high and you might wonder why; one word "kodama" this mofo is an awesome character and the lolita assassin who is in love with kodama that makes the manga a bit worth the read.

Enjoyment:- score:8
Ok look if you go in reading this manga going all why is the wheelchair man able to fly around or how can kodama break a wall you wont enjoy it so turn off your brain and you just might enjoy this.

Well this review is as bad as the manga so if you read this review I bet you can read the manga too so go read it for a bit you wont lost anything.

Ps: average score for manga (at least for me) is a 5 so this mange is above average.
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Nov 24, 2015
Darling wa Namamono ni Tsuki (Manga) add
This is a comedic slice of life about a married couple, focusing on their active sex life. Also, there is a lot of sex and sex-jokes in this manga, so be warned.

The little plot that there is happens in the first couple chapters: OL has trouble feeling aroused; she meets doctor whose touch instantly arouses her; she eventually confesses to him, and they get married almost immediately. They proceed to have lots of arguments and lots of make-up sex, and I think none of the plot-arcs last more than three chapters.

The art is bad. The two leads mostly look like stereotyped josei cut-outs, although she spends at least half the manga in a chibi form. Her family and friends are gay or trans, and look like bad cross-dressers. Everyone else is forgettable.

The comedy is hit-or-miss. Sometimes it was funny, but after the 30th chapter of her begging for sex while he gives her the cold shoulder (even though he really wants it as well), it starts to feel a bit stale.

That being said, the manga is a lot of fun, mostly because the two leads to really love each other. When they aren't fighting or having sex, they are capable of interacting in surprisingly caring and sweet ways, and it was those moments that kept me coming back for more.

In other words, not a great manga; but if you are looking for something about a married couple's sex life, and you are all caught up on Futari Ecchi, then this is a great manga to read in the meantime.
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Nov 24, 2015
Naruto (Manga) add
This is a manga that extended over 15 years, and ended as a very different animal of how it began.

A very worse animal.

You can see how Kishimoto's art evolved. At first, the art was crude, but full of life. After it became refined without losing in quality. Then, Kishimoto's drawings began to resemble the pitiful animated adaptation. It's final artstyle isn't bad per se, but it pales in comparison with, let's say, end of Part I.

The story? Well, the story began well. Naruto isn't exactly the most interest...No, write it off, he's not interesting. The supporting cast makes Naruto. Or break it.

And god, it broke. Hard.

Mind you, the first two third of the series were good, sometimes excellent, sometimes mediocre, sometimes so bad you wanted to hit your head in the wall. But then, after 95% of antagonists are killed, we spend the rest of the series fighting two,three guys, with an army of mooks who can't even compare to the other guys, even with the other guys being part of it!

It is a long, endless conflict, that keeps dragging on, and on, and on, with "twists" that barely will make raise your eyebrow, our heroes don't even blinking at a suggestion of brainwashing, and the most stupid Deus and Diabolus Ex Machinas so our heroes and villains can keep fighting and feeding Kishimoto and Shueisha money.

Also, gotta sell that Naruto/Sasuke rivalry. Because that's what I came for in Naruto: Naruto and his Bishonen Rival. And not only that, oh no! If you didnt like that only Naruto/Sasuke exist, we have made xerox copies of their rivalry all around! Hell, let's finish this manga with Naruto fighting one Evil Counterpart after another! And by finishing, I mean one third of it!

My god, someone knows nothing.

I'm not exaggerating. This series would deserve a 1 for the Final Third, we should rename "The Thing That Never Ends when it could". I saw bad mangas before, but I never saw the same writer go from somewhat good like Kishimoto to utterly catastrophic.

And the end? The end don't matters really. It just a poorly disguised pilot for a Naruto GT. It's not even a real conclusion. Hell, they already released the sequel, why care about a well-made ending? Hell, why we should expect it after such a poorly made final arc?

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Nov 24, 2015
Nemuri no Fuchi (Manga) add
Promising open chapter for Horror manga fans, but as the chapters go on, the worse it gets.

The manga tricked a lot of readers into thinking it's going to be some fucked up horror, but in reality, it's just a confused little manga.

Want some horror? Oh wait, let's throw in some gun fights with tight action suits and scifi. Scared? Let's throw in some off-timing humor here and there at the wrong moments.
Not in the mood? Let's fix it by putting in some bullshit control time plot in there. Let's top it off with a romance that plays out like a shoujo!

Seriously, the maze was such a cool concept, but all was ruined when the author couldn't keep it as mysterious and creepy as it was.
I don't know what the author was going for, but he should just stick to one genre if he's ganna do another one. Mixing 5 in one is not good.

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Nov 24, 2015
Rosario to Vampire (Manga) add
After I watched the anime,both seasons I was so curious about the story so I decided to read the manga,that was a good manga,i really liked it a lot,and I'm really looking forward to read the second one.

The story begins with a human boy named Aono Tsukune who accidentally entered at Youkai Academy,a private school for monsters.There he meets Akashiya Moka,who is actually a vampire.At the Youkai Academy,Tsukune must hide the fact that he is a human,because if the monsters find out they will kill him on the spot.Eventually he makes more friends and his goal is to protect his friend from any harm.
Well,the story is very good,it might be boring at the start but when the story progress things will get really interesting.What i really liked about the story was Aono Tsukune motivation to protect his friends from other monsters even if he was a human and also so many monsters from so many cultures,100 points for the Mangaka for such an idea.

The art was drawn very spectacular,the expressions of the characters and the battle scenes were unique.Chapter after chapter the art was more good.

At the start,the characters didn't seem to show any potential,but as the story progressed I saw their traits and how they would do anything to protect their friends even if they could possibly die.Aono Tsukune and Akashiya Moka are my favorite characters,but i like the others too.

I enjoyed this from the start because i knew it hat pottential and i am very happy that there is another manga for this.

I can say that if you liked the anime you must see this,this is far way better than the anime,if the producers stayed with the story in the manga that would have been more better.If you like mangas with vampires,succubus,witches,werewolfes etc than this is a something for you.

Now the rating:
Story: 8
Art: 9
Characters: 8
Enjoyment: 9

Overall: 9

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Moderator Edit: This review may contain spoilers.

Hi there, you want to know if this novel is worth it? Then let me tell you the reasons why this novel is overrated and why the MC is one of the worst that exist.

First of all, i read many volumes, at least 200+ chapters. I thought that i should give it a chance, maybe the story and the MC will improve. But that was unfortunately not the case.

The MC: Rudeus Greyart - A NEET, who masturbates on the funeral of his parents. Ok. This is how the novel starts. I think, wait what??!?! Why?! Did his parents do something? Maybe he isn't a bad person, just a wrong education, bad influence etc. But this was not the case.
He spent his life lying, leeching, doing nothing. Just watching loli-porn all day and masturbating.
His siblings see him and throw him out of the flat, which he really deserved.

After he gets a new life granted, he decides to do everything better. To become a better person. To respect his family, which he did not in his previous life. I believed in him, i thought he seriously tried to change and become a better person.

So i continued to read, until chapter 200. And NOPE, he is still the same person he was before. Still a coward, still having malicious thoughts, why did the author invent such a bad person?

One example, his parents get abducted. What does he do? He does nothing, he totally forgets the people that gave him as much love as possible. The people that tried to raise him to a good, honorable man. The people that would die for him. He travels for some years, makes some wives, goes to school, enjoys his daily life not thinking one moment if his parents are fine. Not a single second he thinks of his parents, just leaving them. He KNEW that his mother was kidnapped, that she might be a slave by now. But he does not care a single bit.

After his father asks him why he did not search for his mother he gets angry and beats him up. Ok?! Not even feeling shame for what he did, he gets aggressive. He beats him up in front of his 4 year old sister that gets traumalized after that. Good job mate

Another example, he sees slaves, naked, in a prison cell. They were previously raped and tortured. What does Rudues Greyart, the MC, think? Of course how nice it would be to have one of them in his bed. SERIOUSLY?! They were fucking raped and he thinks with his ****.

A third reason: He is a pedophile. Thats not my conclusion, he himself says and knows it. He, a 50 year old guy lusts after 7 year old girls. So lets sum it up.

A MC, that does not give a single shit about his family. Someone who constantly thinks bad about people, having one of the worst personalities ever. Lusting after little girls. Has 3 wives read more
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