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Haou♥Airen (Manga) add
In the mind of other people- this is a terrible, horrifying piece of work. In My opinion, I thought the story was just crazy at first, but as the story progressed it started to get me into it. At the time, I was not accustomed to smutty manga, so I cringed a lot. I do not recommend this manga for people for who are not used to this genre of manga, but I do for the ones used to it. The problems the lovers face were too sad and cruel for my taste, but after they find a way to make things better, you start to possess feelings for the characters. You want them to be together. I started tearing up by the time I got to the end. In conclusion, I rate this 8 overall and find this manga to make someone emotional if you read all the way through.I truly recommend this manga to the smutty readers, knowing once they get past the pain of the obstacles the couple face, they will love it.
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Mayonaka no Oyatsu (Manga) add
This mangaka has a thing for love-struck men (see: all of Kanda sensei's works). Not that I mind. Her stories, including this one, are always so funny and beautiful, her dialogue (which is probably the most common flaw I find in a yaoi, as all the melodrama has a tendency to bog down the conversation and leave me drowning in confusion) is seamless and adorable.
particularly love how she can tell what questions I have about the plot and completely lampshades them
(Sorta spoiler: For example, when Azuma and Taira have sex for the first time and Azuma seems to totally love it, I kind of went, "Oh, so Taira slept around even though he loves Azuma? I mean, how else would he get so skilled?" Which is of course what Azuma wondered, but Taira immediately puts our minds at peace. No, he didn't sleep around, he's completely devoted to Taira.)

I think it's funny how the fact that they are uncle and nephew didn't disturb me at all, unlike with Ore ni Koi Shite Dousunda. I think it just goes to show how well Kanda Neko handled the situation of familial relations and how much I loved her characters. <3
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7 hours ago
Monster Petite Panic (Manga) add
An adorable, sweet and fluffy shounen-ai that had me smiling throughout. It is a very short manga, but Kanada sensei still manages quite a bit of character development, particularly with Koujirou (I loved seeing him open up as he notices Lau's attention). The premise and plot are not particularly original, but the execution is clever and uniquely Kanda-sensei -esque.
That aside, I think the goal of this manga was comedy, and that goal was definitely achieved.
The interactions between the protagonists were adorable in their innocence and light-heartedness, and the side characters added an extra funny element to the story.

My one qualm: It is not clear to me at all whether its easier for the characters to be in their human form or their Kago form. One of the side characters keeps forgetting to hide his horns, and Lau had more trouble than usual keeping his human form when his Kago powers got particularly strong. But when Lau stays in his Kago form for several days, he exhausts himself. This is very confusing (it's not a particularly important issue, and itdidn''t detract from my enjoyment, but I do like it when a universe is internally consistent).
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Akaneiro ni Somaru Saka (Manga) add
Whether you'll like this manga or not mainly depends on the following:
If you like those kinds of romances in which the guy that the girl is in love with keeps making fun of her which in turn makes her really angry, but in serious situations the guy is super nice to her - then this is the perfect manga for you. If not, you should probably read something else ;)

Characters: The (three) main characters are very likable + believable. Junichi, the seemingly egocentric but actually very caring guy, Yuuhi, who is torn between her love and hate for him, and Minato, the reasonable and hard-working sister. The side characters stay one-dimensional, but are still likable.

Art: The characters are well designed and drawn with great detail throughout the whole series. The backgrounds get less attention, but since it's mostly just a classroom or a living room, I didn't mind. Overall the style is pretty clean, which is a big plus for me.

Story: A heartwarming romance with a great ending!
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Yesterday, 11:47 AM
World Trigger (Manga) add
"Extremely underrated" this is what I have seen all too often from most of my friends and various reviewers on MAL, so I'd told myself I'd give it a try. Quite frankly, someone has to take the bad role here, and I'm expecting a fair amount of hate for this review, but no matter, I'll stay as impartial and clear as possible.

Story: 5
I'll get straight to the point, it's bland, basic, cardboard cut, whatever you want to call it. The story in itself had potential, however, it's so awfully generic that I really can't get myself to enjoy it while reading. I've always been bad with shonens, while this manga somewhat tries to be more serious (oscillating between shonen-styled writing and seinen-styled) it fails to do so. The synopsis is quite simple, so I'll keep it short. "Random gate pulled out of my ass brings random monsters wanting to destroy the world for the sake of it, then some random Japanese speaking teenager comes up, claiming to be one of them but says he wants to save the world" the rest of the story then proceeds as the following: monster appears, destroys stuff around him, MC&co. arrives, saves the day and repeat. This is my main problem with shonen, I can't support the fact that it's always the same thing, some people like it, because we see the characters fighting against yet stronger enemies and powering up after the fights (one piece, fairy tail or dbz are excellent example of such stories) and while some people like it, it really isn't my cup of tea.

Characters: 5
Bland. Bland. Bland. I'm using that word too much, I know, but I don't have more appropriate terms in English to describe the overly boring charecters of the show, so instead I'm gonna use the French word "chiant", have fun googling it. The MC is the epitome of the shonen character, strong, virtuous, practically flawless, oblivious, always believing his "nakama" and standing up no matter what. Reminds you of anything? Of course it does! It's practically any other damn shonen MC ever created! The main problem with this manga, like I believe I said earlier, is its lack of originality. Most of the supportive characters are mostly plot convinient and have the rather usual upbringing in shonens.

Art: 7
Probably the strong point of this manga. While it is definitely not the most beautifully drawn manga out there, the art is quite steady, it improves quite well with time as well as being visually appealing. The character designs are surprisingly well done, so I don't have much complaints about it.

Enjoyment and overall note: 4
And I'm being generous here, the thing I hate the most (after messed up adaptations) is the lack of originality in stories. I believe the world created in this manga had a lot of potential, especially after I had seen the first chapters, I thought to myself "huh, maybe this shonen could be fun after all!" Oh, how wrong was read more
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Yesterday, 6:43 AM
Jingai Shunman (Manga) add
It's forbidden love.

In the vein of the Beauty and the Beast, Saya no Uta or Kemonozume, those short stories tell an encounter between a human and an other-wordly beast.

Scary in appearance as they are beastly, you shouldn't be charmed by them if you were a normal person, nor have sexual relationship with them. Still, the author manages to make them likeable and cute, and sometimes intriguing, making us readers (and the MC) overflow with lecherous passion.

It's too bad the development is non-existent and things go quite fast to provide sex scenes, because I find those kind of taboo love stories with an unaccepted-by-norms being fascinating. Also, their species customs and way of life until their encounter, the man getting used to living with the monster, and maybe turning his back to his own people, etc.

But well, it's a hentai, you wouldn't really expect a developed story. I'm still bringing that up if any aspiring artist is up to the task.
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Yesterday, 2:30 AM
Gekiga Yose: Shibahama (Manga) add
Rakugo(落語) had always been an art form that was considered untranslatable to an audience outside Japan, and even there its popularity has plummeted in the last decades, seeming to go the way of picture dramas.
In the past decade though, two mainstream anime have brought the medium to the attention of foreigners and more casual viewers, always carrying with them this quintessential Japanese sense.
While Joshiraku is genial, watching the subbed anime meant that most people felt left out of the jokes, mainly relying on the intricate wordplay usual of the author and references too obscure for ~90% percent of the people watching it.
Shouwa Genroku Rakugo Shinjuu managed to set the record straight for most , seeing as it actually featured some rakugo even if as a backdrop, had a human and relatable story and so on. It is especially good, for the one person reading this who hasn't already seen it, maybe you're the blessed one. Reading this before watching it will surely enhance your experience of the anime.

So, here we have a collection of some classic rakugo stories, translated into gekiga(劇画) by the true master of the genre who coined the very name, the late Yoshihiro Tatsumi. This review is too small for me to a give a detailed intro to this man, but let me just give my opinion that he's the spiritual father of realistic, seinen drama. Urasawa Naoki seems to me to owe a lot to this man, and that should be enough.

The story really is the main point of the work, and Tatsumi has done an excellent work conveying it. A big part of the flow of a rakugo play are misunderstandings and a big part of them is in turn timing. The film-like time and page space normally familiar to gekiga means that this is played out particularly well. The entire style of narrative reminds one of '50s or '60s Hollywood and Italian comedies, so even if the intricacies of the plot and dialogue are lost, they're all very enjoyable. One can easily like this without knowing or caring a tiny bit about rakugo. Especially if you like historical works, the feeling of the periods it depicts is portrayed well enough, with an underlying modern twist providing much of the comedy. While reading the English version surely spoils some of the peculiar turns of dialogue, the style of gekiga means that it's eminently more transferable to a Western readership than any other attempt at this kind of story.

Art: 7/10
Art is what may put off most readers of such works. The backgrounds are simplistic compared to what Inio or other modern artists have given us, and while there is a good sense of motion and space, most character designs seem crude and repetitive. I personally rate it high enough despite its lack of intricacy due to the service a simple, realistic way of drawing gives wings to the strengths of that artist.

Character: 6/10
Nothing special here, all tied in with the read more
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Yesterday, 1:07 AM
Kare wa S-kei Seitokaichou (Manga) add
CAN SOMEONE PLEASE TELL ME WHERE I CAN FIND THIS DAMN MANGA. I realy want to watch this but I cant find ir anywhere so this is bot acualy a review but if someone could get back to me with a website to watch it on that would be great. I would end this misery there but it still says I have to enter a longer review so I might just end up ranting. yup, here come the rants. when I was searching for this a whole bunch of yaoi came up and i was real disappointed. i mean i don't have a problem with that type of stuff its just that it tends to get a bit extreme for me to read. i also cant watch anything that says hentai or ecchi also i cant spell so i apoligise in advance for the error i have made typing this
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May 22, 2016
Tokyo Ghoul (Manga) add
(Just something to keep in mind while reading this review:This is a review for the manga,not the anime,and they have some differences in plot along with the manga fitting the content of two anime seasons and more in one manga,although both are worth a watch in my opinion. Now,here's the review you're actually here for)

I'll start this off by saying this:I loved Tokyo Ghoul and I would most likely be considered a fangirl,but I will try and point out any flaws,even if it means disgracing one of my favorite manga. Anyway,here's the gist of Tokyo Ghoul,as it gets much deeper later on:In this world,there exist man-eating creatures known as "ghouls" that blend in with the rest of human society trying to hide from the CCG,an organization that kills ghouls. Questions from the reader will arise,and the biggest question will probably be "What side is actually correct,the CCG who want to slaughter all ghouls,or the ghouls,who need to eat humans?"

Story:The story was amazing,it's hardly ever too boring,yet not filled with too many events that it becomes far too much to take in,although that's not to say that you will have an easy time figuring things out,you won't,but the plot is put in a way that keeps you thinking yet doesn't have you completely confused at all moments. There are many plot twists,each major one coming as a shock,and they'll have you thinking you have all the pieces arranged corectly,only to reveal that there was one piece missing that takes the rest out of the order you put them in. While Tokyo Ghoul mainly focuses on the ghoul's point of view,there are also points of view from normal humans,humans who support ghouls,and members of the CCG,all of which will having you question your which side you support,and ask yourself what is morally correct in this world.
I give the story a 9/10,

Art:I don't know too much about manga art styles,but I liked Tokyo Ghoul's,although there were times when it could've been better. The shading was nicely done and all the characters were well done,and there was never too little drawing and hardly ever too much,I also liked how they didn't try to make the main characters seem beautiful/handsome or whatever all the time,and most did have their moments. I liked the gore in this,it was slightly over the top though.
I give the art a 8/10

Characters:The characters,in my opinion,were amazing,yet a bit cliched. Most characters were ones that could be sorted into a stereotype,but character development puts a twist on this. I'll give an example:Kaneki could probably fall under the stereotype of "loner" or "antisocial" as he doesn't really have many friends at the begining,in fact,he only had Hideyoshi (who will now be called Hide),but his character develops very much and gains more friends and allies. Yet,this character development takes quite a while and some of these characters can begin to get annoying,even if they weren't intended to. Despite this,I still ended up very attached to even minor characters,as they all had read more
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May 22, 2016
Ten no Ryuu Chi no Sakura (Manga) add
A poorly done work from start to finish, the plot and execution was all over the place, like the mangaka was making it up as she went.

The characters are all as flat as cardboard, and have the logic of such. The logic overall of both the characters and the plot is ...weird. It's unnatural and forced, and stitched together in such a way it's almost random. Plot points and villains pop up out of nowhere, and side characters that have been so little indication or introduction they haven't been given names are pulled into the main plot as villains all along. Actually most of the characters except for a main few are literally just there as vague faces.

The main character, Sakura drove me crazy. She's as naive as a child, literally acting like one, and she doesn't think. At all. She just does what she's told and accepts everything she's told. She doesn't think about why things or people are they way they are, or have any awareness regarding their motives or feelings. Till the end she was a naive, and non-thinking doormat. Considering her invaluable position, she could have used that to have her own authority, and not get pushed around as a puppet of everyone else, because that's what she's literally was the entire manga.

The romance is also creepy. Yoiyami is a crybaby, but he literally held her as a baby. He's the one that handed her to her family to be raised. He heard about her as she grew up, and even with her being as naive as a child, he still fell for her.

There was also some morally disconcerting stuff. At one point in the plot, Yoiyami's little brother that wants to be king tries to rape her, but that's immediately forgiven and treated as normal, and he even gets redeemed in the end as a respectable person.

The school also has a cooking/cleaning/sewing/beauty competition for the girls, where the boys rate their bodies and vote on a notepad how good they like their cooking. And the reward for winning the competition was a date with the three dragon brother 'princes', which while even being normal students were put on a pedestal and shown favoritism from both the students and the school for some reason.

At least the art was decent.

Overall, it was poorly done, and just bizarre.
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May 22, 2016
Bishoujo Senshi Sailor Moon (Manga) add
This manga is filled with romance and adventure that you will love. I absolutley loved this series, it made me feel happiness, sadness and love. I especially enjoyed this manga because the art was just fantastic. The artist put in alot of detail and you can really tell what's happening. What confused me was the endings, the ending sometimes messed me up because the storyline changed a bit or they appeared somewhere that they weren't before. The love scenes were stunning and heart warming.

The storyline was very intresting and it pulled me in, with the adventure that Sailor Moon and her scouts went on I just didn't want to put the book down!
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May 22, 2016
One Piece (Manga) add
I find this to be one of the most hyped manga ever and it certainly doesn't live up to it's hype. The story is just the typical shonen, every arc has the same basic guideline that the author follows, maybe adding in a twist every so often, nothing too enjoyable. Many have already mentioned it, so I won't go too deep into that. It's pretty much just the same thing over and over again, the only one that had something different was the Marineford arc.

The characters are probably the best thing about it, I know that the straw hats suck hard, so I won't focus on that as most shounen MC's are terrible. Characters like Whitebeard, Hawkeye ( even though he is pretty cliche), Akainu and Aokiji are good. Most others are terrible or haven't done anything to show that they're good. Most of the girls are terrible though, Hancock and Vivi have to be two of the most annoying anime character's I have ever seen. Whenever they're on screen, I end up skipping it. And Ace has got to be the most stupid and pathetic character ever, he was supposed to be one of Whitebeard's captains, yet he took losses left, right and centre, the only people he really beat were fodder. He single handedly started the Marineford war by being an idiot and then allowed the Marine's to win by being a jackass.

Character design is disgusting, most people are are so terribly out of proportions that they look like abominations. Gear 4 and Gekko Moriah are the worst, mainly Moriah. The art itself is decent at best, nothing to separate it from the typical shounen.

I enjoyed some parts of it, but most of it got so repetitive I struggled to watch it, I was usually in my phone while the episodes were playing because the episodes got so boring. The biggest reason I read the new chapters is so that I can tell my friend, who is a huge fan, that I had read it. Overall, is far too repetitive and on most occasions, far too boring to get into. There is nothing really special about it.
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Forbidden Scrollery is a lot more different than your typical Touhou manga. Unlike the more whimsical Wild and Horned Hermit, or the lighthearted Three Fairies manga, Forbidden Scrollery tells a more serious, perhaps harrowing tale of life in Gensoukyou, seen through an ordinary human inhabitant rather than a person with considerable power.

This, I feel, is one of the strengths of the manga, and what makes it stand out from the rest of the Touhou manga. World-Building is top-notch as per ZUN's previous works, but the story, now delivered in 2-parters, are excellently told and often contain twists and turns, some unexpected, that make for an enjoyable read.

Characters are also very well written here. Main protagonist Kosuzu in particular, may seem like an innocent character who's a bit naive, has depth in her characterization in which she actually comes across as much more manipulative as she may initially seem. Other supporting characters are given as well, series protagonist Reimu, for instance, is given a much more serious portrayal, who very willingly will go through whatever it takes to upheld the law and decency in Gensoukyou, a far cry from her lazy attitude in Wild and Horned Hermit, but still doesn't feel out of character with her attitude across the franchise.

Overall I recommend Forbidden Scrollery to all fans of good material.
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May 22, 2016
En Passant (Manga) add
First and foremost, the story can be done better however it got into a somewhat fast pace. The story should have expanded more and venture out to more possibilities that can be done with this plot to have more excitement. Because when you read all of the chapters in the manga, you might found yourself saying related to his dialogues: "Dang, I wished there were more chapters or another arc," or "somethings missing," or "It's okay." More like the manga could have more action, humor, and many more.Despite everything I was somehow fine with the ending, because never once in my mind I would think this character would do this. In a way, the manga survived because of certain characters and elements.

The art is completely satisfying in my opinion, because it wasn't messy and hard to understand. I would say it would be "simply lovely". It might not be the art like the other manga with mature looking characters, but it gives out a impression of awe ( cute). You might end up appreciating it (depends on your taste though). I also like this kind of styles. I do not mind it at all.

Supposedly 6, because it really REALLY needs character development and more character events that build up stronger relationship to each other. I gave it 7 because the characters in a short amount of chapters did well in creating their presence/ aura/ vibe. What stood among all of them was Shin, his attitude was portrayed ALL THROUGH OUT the manga. Never missing a beat to show his pessimistic personality and how he react to fights and other people. It was amazing to maintain this kind of persona. Other pessimistic character might fight, but Shin. His another story.Plus, using the extra characters in the story to react to Shin was quite good too. Dang, it could have been better if it used more ways than two or three. Riu's perspective should also not be out of the list. I saw her perspective unique, especially how she sees Shin.Anyways the other read more
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May 22, 2016
Love Hina (Manga) add
So this is normally not the type of Manga I enjoy, however Love Hina for whatever reason just hit me the right way. It was super funny but carries great story arcs as well. I really care for all the characters and their arcs as well as their contribution to the main characters goals and story. The humor is really what got me the right way. You could take out all the fan service-esque stuff and leave the humor and I would still love it just as much.

I normally into far more serious Manga. If you want to dive into the genre, I would definitely start with Love Hina. It's far less fan servicey and cringy to me than some other manga out there.

I love the art direction and the extra notes from the author as well!
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May 22, 2016
Kyoushi to Seito to (Manga) add
Written by Hoodies:

Overall: 1/10
There’s pretty much nothing to get out of this. Honestly, the story doesn’t make any sense, the characters are all half assed, stereotypical, and bland, and some are just thrown in to seemingly fill out some weird fetish checklist. The entire thing doesn’t even look decent; the art is trash compared to even the quality of the horrible hunter x hunter pages. The character designs are even worse, why the hell is a supposed high school student look and behave like an 8 year old, and why the fuck does the teacher act like a cat at random moments? None of the characters are memorable in any way (as expected) and the most character development we get is that the fucking main guy decides he has the power to rape the teacher, so he does. Why does this even exist.

Story: 1/10
Pretty hard to review something that doesn’t exist, the entire plot is really just the title of the thing. The teacher moves in with her student and they end up as a couple despite being fucking illegal but who cares right. At the very least she does end up getting fired, and still continues to go out with the main dude after I think it was like an entire year FOR NO REASON AT ALL but ok… Also why does she not report the vice principal for fucking harassment? AND WHY DOES THE MAIN DUDE NOT SUE HIS ASS OFF AFTER HE KICKS HIM DOWN THE STAIRS????? There are so many plot holes I don’t even think the main dude could penetrate them all in a year.

Characters: 1/10
Ok, for this part I kind of have to give a little credit. While the characters are absolutely horrible cut out copy and paste generic and annoying shitheads, they managed to make them somehow even more horrid then their generic origins. The teacher is a leech, the main dude is bipolar AF, the little boy friend is a total idiot, the little boy’s sister is A FUCKING MONSTER, and the main dude’s ex is… I don’t even know, I didn’t get her at all. But it doesn’t matter, because they’re all still grating and annoying, Seriously. Fuck them all. (not literally)

Art: 2/10
I mean, the art outside of the FOREBODEN shit is eh at the very best, but everything else just looks super… wrong. Like, they managed to make a vagina unappealing. Multiple times. And the penis’ just make me want to vomit, how can you manage to make something look so wrong. The character designs are all bland as fuck, with the only somewhat exception being catgirl teacher, and even then it’s just a fucking tooth and some random cat-based antics she goes through. There’s honestly nothing else to say, it’s not MSPaintGuy, but for what looks to be professionally produced, its horrendous.

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May 21, 2016
Sensei ni, Ageru. (Manga) add
Isn't it wonderful falling head-over-heels in love for the first time? Of course, if the person to which you're attracted to turns out to be your new teacher, that feeling can immediately turn into one of the worst feelings imaginable.

Here we go with the typical cute girl meets a handsome guy outside of school, fancies herself in love with him, and then comes to school later to find out that he happens to be the new sensei. Oh, and you know, throw in the friendly classmate that doesn't have a chance, and there we have the typical student-teacher relationship.

What frustrated me the most was the teacher's attitude toward the main character Tanaka. She made it clear that she loved him and he didn't treat her any differently in spite of his status. In fact, he seemed nicer than ever. Sure, Tanaka was pretty cute, but he didn't seem to use his head sometimes.

And don't get me started on Tanaka. I loved how adorable she looked, but it was beyond me why the majority of the people in her class made fun of her for being a nerd and didn't invite her to hang out with them. She was one of the kindest people ever and their actions didn't make a lot of sense to me.

Despite all these disappointments and cliches, the artwork was really captivating. As I mentioned before, Tanaka and the other girls were super cute, and the boys were very handsome. Tanaka's hair looked really pretty and flowed around all the time, and she wore stylish outfits. She did look a little bit too young sometimes, though. The only complaint I have is that a few times her crying face looked a little ugly, though I know people aren't supposed to look perfect when they're crying.

While most of the story was unoriginal, there were a few elements in the plot that made it differ from the usual teacher-student relationship. The ending seemed a little too good to be true for me, though, so I dislike that. Other than what I've mentioned, I suppose this manga is all right. If anything, it's definitely eye candy.
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May 21, 2016
Count 0 (Manga) add
A common trope in yaoi and shounen-ai is the struggle, both internal and external, of being gay. And of course, that has its time and place. However, I appreciate mangas that move past that, and tell the story of characters who happen to be gay, not the story of gay characters. Count 0 is just such a story. Yes, the protagonists are guys and they fall in love, but their gender plays no role in the plot and conflict of the manga. Instead, the mangaka told a funny and original story about marginalized characters who struggle with fitting in, but for reasons other than their orientation. And I did think the story was very original. I do not remember reading any other manga that features a character who can "lie counters" above people's heads.

I think the premise could have lead to a much grimmer manga. And perhaps that story would have been more memorable and breathtakingif the mangaka took it in that direction. But the story Satoru sensei wrote is fun and enjoyable.

In addition, Count 0 does not contain much of character development; however, the characters are all rather cute, and they do learn a little bit as the story progresses, even if the lessons are all a little silly. Agatsuma learns that while he can tell if people are being honest or not, he cannot relay on that fact alone to determine a person's goodness and worth. Misono learns that sometimes it's worth it to tell a lie. And Shinoyama learns that it's possible for him to be loved. Silly lessons, and the situations that lead to the characters learning them are not particularly complex. But they were funny and cute.

This is certainly a feel-good manga, and I recommend Count 0 if you're looking for something to put you in a good mood.
I hope this mangaka writes some mangas!
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May 21, 2016
Soul Eater (Manga) add
First manga review! Let's go! >_<

Story: 9
Soul Eater has a reeeeally good story plot, in my opinion. The whole Keishin(Yea I probably spelled it wrong.) and 99 souls and the end was all incredible. It had a waaay better ending the anime, and tings tied together nicely at the end.

Art: 7
The art wasn't the best thing ever, but it was good. Sometimes things got confusing, but most of the time it was really pleasing to look at.

Character: 10
The characters in this story, actually get character development. Black Star got LOTS, and so did Death the Kid. Soul got a good amount, and I never really noticed Maka's, but she did get some. The characters design were really cool too. I think the characters, and how Soul Eater ended, are the best things about this manga.

Enjoyment: 10
I had so much fun reading this. It's a little ecchi, but that enhanced it's comedy in the right moments. The comedy is hilarious and it made me laugh out loud in more scenes I care to name. It had plenty of sad and dramatic scenes too, like they end... The fights were intense, and it didn't have my desired romance, but what can I do? It's the type of manga where I'd sit back, grab a random volume, and read away just to regain the enjoyment.

Overall: 9
I prefer the manga over the anime, any day. I enjoyed reading this to the very end, and I was still laughing in the last chapter. I'm not a fan of ecchi, but I didn't mind it a bit in Soul Eater. The manga made me no longer hate Black Star, and a plus is that I got a husbando out of it all ~_^ (Death the Kid is DAAAAMN!!!)
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May 21, 2016
Kyou kara Ore wa!! (Manga) add
My First Review:
Kyou kara Ore wa!! at first seems like one of those comedy manga that that would fall off and get stale later on considering it is over 300 chapters long. Fortunately, I was wrong the comedy never got stale throughout the whole manga, in fact the 366 chapters were too short for this. Who knew the lives of some high school delinquents would be so funny. I for one, don't tend to laugh as much when reading manga or watching anime, but when I was reading this I was literally laughing in tears. With the dynamic duo ironically having polar opposite personalities, Mitsuhashi, and Itou never cease to make me laugh along with the supporting characters that added on a lot to the experience (especially Imai u my mvp). Along with the hilarious events that take place, drama and action are placed in with a hint of comedy in the mini arcs. On a side note Imo the art was decent considering how old it was.In conclusion this is the funniest manga I have ever read tied with Gintama.
You won't regret reading this, instead of reading this trash review, do yourselves a favor and start reading it NOW... so ya this is what y'all have to say to yourselves "From Today On, It's My Turn!!" to read this manga and laugh your ass off
It's in my Top 5 manga
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May 21, 2016
Fate/strange Fake (Manga) add
[No spoilers review]

While reading the first volume (the 2009 version) I found myself enjoying it, quite a lot.
The first time I read about this Strange Fake novel, it did not wake any interest in me, I mean, I did not find even the title very appealing at the moment, but I am glad that I did read it now because it is just a fantastic piece to read. I found myself wanting to read more, chapter after chapter, really interesting. I fell in love with it.

It’s to be noted that you should watch or read Fate/Zero or Heaven’s Feel before reading Strange Fake, not only to avoid spoilers but to understand better the concepts and catch all the references (there are references to Fate/Zero, FSN, and Fate/Apocrypha, among the ones I could catch)

I was hyped to read this because of Gilgamesh, I wanted to “see” him in action once again, and when he appeared it was awesome. I’m impatient to see how he develops in this Fake Holy Grail War.

There are moments of fun, suspense, drama, action, all of them mixed but at the same time very distinguishable throughout the chapters. A great amount of this war’s servants are really bizarre, and “strange”. They differ a lot from what we have previously seen in other wars. That itself is amazing, it gives this particular story a different feeling, a different setting, a different soul and that’s amazing. There were many moments when I thought to myself “hey, this novel is really living up to its ‘strange fake’ title… awesome”

To the current date, this became more than an April’s Fool joke, or a fake prologue to a “game” (I’m glad it did not become a game, I hate those stories in where YOU are the main character…that’s why I prefer LN, manga and anime over games/VN). In any case, the translation of the LN volumes is very slow (Currently 2 volumes are published, and I think not even the first volume is translated) and the manga seems to be translated further but not by that much compared to the novel.

Anyway, this was a GOOD read.

Story: 8
I enjoyed reading, I gave it complete attention, it entertained me, kept me wondering what was about to happen, and made me pass page after page. It looks like a dark story like Fate/Zero in terms of how dense the plot is, and those a great news!

Art: 8
Each art used was beautiful, I can't complain.

Character: 8
Both Servants and Masters seem to be very interesting. You have to read to understand, but I know they all have great stories, and hell, you will may even spot familiar faces.

Overall: 9
I enjoyed this so much, again, I'm glad this did not end as a joke, and by the time I'm writing this, it became a full real story being published in Light Novel format and Manga format. The problem is the translation jaja.
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May 21, 2016
Black Cat (Manga) add
Wow! Let me tell you, I absolutely adored this anime! From the plot to the villains, to Kyoko killing people by kissing them and making their insides melt from extreme heat!

Some reviews here talk about "seen it all before" or "so and so had an idiot son" or something. Don't take those reviews to heart.

If you love action, suspense, horror (a little at times), psychological thrillers (it's a bit at some points), cool fights, and neat superpowered people, this manga is definitely something for you!

A shonen manga that has the style of a shoujo manga, that's how I would describe it. Bounty hunters with little money because bounty hunting is a tough life when other people nab up the big guys before you even get a chance to look at who's wanted.

It's easy for some people to complain about some of the characters.

One, for example, is Sven. One of the main characters, Sven wears a three piece suit (I think it's considered 3-piece) with a hat. And no, his hat isn't a trilby (what those "nice guys" and neck-beards wear), it happens to be an actual fedora. He has the appearance of a guy from the 1930's or so with his old-time gangster appearance. He preaches about protecting women and children and people who are unable to defend themselves. He lives by the code of gentlemen --chivalry. This actually isn't all that bad. I know, what comes to mind with this type of character is a frightening neck-beard roaming 4chan or something. But Sven Vollfied is certainly not one of those kinds of people.

Sven happens to be a very intelligent inventor who creates all the weapons he uses, unleashing them from his briefcase. If you want to know what's up with the eye-patch you'll have to read the manga!

Train has a typical tortured backstory (which was depicted horribly in the anime, mind you --but handled fairly well in the manga). But that doesn't stop him from being a lovable protagonist. All he wants is food, and he can eat through your credit for a place serving food.

Eve is a precious cinnamon roll, not free of sin though.

In all, I absolutely recommend everyone I know to read this manga, and I urge you to give it a shot! You won't be disappointed!
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May 21, 2016
½ Prince (Manga) add
This is my first review so i'm sorry if it's more of a rant on my opinion. (May-Probably-Does-Contain Spoilers)

So 1/2 prince started out like an average manga (or manhua) to me, classic storyline about an online world where the protagonist would eventually triumph all and complete the game; Although I was still thinking of dropping it 4 chapters In, I still kept going- maybe the bishies played an important role...- and I'm glad I did! The characters developed and we learnt about them and faced their problems along side with them. I found myself laughing several times and really enjoying reading It.
Although most of the story was within the game, It seemed to me that throughout the book the author was still deciding when to properly involve the real world with second life. S/he kept randomly throwing in chapters in the real world with Feng Lan finding her odd squad members and trying best to act like she didn't know them. Although in a genderbend mang- MANHUA you would need to have these sort of problems but they seemed too randomly scattered around to me. Anyway as the plot progressed we met new characters and I really developed a connection with them. By the time the whole 'Self aware NPC' came along the plot started to go downhill.
At the beginning I was okay with Kenshin and Sunshine but the Dictator of life and all his cronies just got a bit annoying. After we thought the battle was over and price or Feng Lan died, they began the battle in the REAL world. And thats where the manhua dropped. Suddenly we met all our favorite bishies in real life! It was an interesting chapter getting to know all of the characters all over again but one that i would have not desired. Everyone then knew prince was a girl and 'ops!' thought the author 'I forgot to add the romance in!'. Then there became an overload of 'Which one? Gui or Wicked' and because the author DID add a bit of romantic feeling during the book of Gui and Wicked liking prince but s/he didn't give her a opinion, making me feel that she shouldn't have ended up with anyone. But the author didn't listen to my shriek of 'DOOOOOONNNNN'TTTTT', and for some reason she ended up with Gui.
Although I wasn't pleased with this 'what i though was the ending', i would have still accepted it and wouldn't have to write a review to rant about the REAL end of it. In three pages it had been ten years. Three pages just saying 'HE MARRIED HER, SHE MARRIED HIM, THEY WENT TO EXPLORE THE WORLD, THEY ARE STILL IN THE GAME, BLAH BLAH BLAH' NO! WHY! WHY DID IT HAVE TO END LIKE THAT! After a get up and shout and stomp around my room O got back in to bed to finish the... WHY ARE THERE MORE CHAPTERS! read more
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May 21, 2016
Shingeki no Kyojin: Lost Girls (Manga) add
At first I always wondered where the wikipedia got the idea about Annie's past about her father since in the anime there's only a glimpse of it. But then I read this.

I like it really. Since in both the anime and maga, Annie barely showed up. You'll just see her in the side, in the corner, standing alongside the others, other than she's not really noticed. Excluding the Female Titan part and the part where they are already hunting her down. She's pretty much got the spotlight.

What i mean is, this manga somehow centers on her. To show her side of the story and finally Annie's character, even for a little, not only gets the spotlight but also gets a bit of a character development/exposure to the audience. For me, Annie's never the bad guy, just some kid forced to carry the burden of some hometown and because she loves her father so much she's willing to make the whole humanity her enemy.

With such resolve, I want to see how it's formed, how she can live or put up with that. And I have this feeling that this manga will explain or show or answer that even just a little. Her character deserves to be justified.

I enjoyed the manga and finished it. Overall I'm waiting for the next one.
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May 21, 2016
Majime na Jikan (Manga) add
What will happen after we die?

A question that were asked by many, but there isn't any valid answer to that question. Though in this manga, we are going to take a lighthearted look on the above subject matter.

Majime na Jikan follows a story about a girl who happen to die from getting hit by a car, the driver himself already dead because of a heart attack, leaving the car moving on its own, and then hit kazusa, who's happen to be in the wrong place and the wrong time.

As a result of that Kazusa, our main character became a ghost that can fly around, and then she noticed that we've actually been coexisting with ghosts (Or i should rather say spirits) for a long time. These spirits lives on earth just as human do, but rather on a different dimension. As the story progresses, Kazusa noticed that her mom is still bothered by the fact that her daughter is dead leaving that Kazusa cannot pass to the other side because of that. (Or so i thought)

Being only a 9 chapter manga, there isn't much that you can develop such as the characters. But i think they did a pretty decent job on wrapping up the whole story, and reached a suprisingly pleasant ending.

Overall, Majime na Jikan is a pretty fun ride, there's only 9 chapters so you could basically finished it in like 20 minutes. The art was good, the building and the background was so detailed, but there isn't anything that stands out. I will give this one a 7 out 10 for being a pretty fun read before bedtime.

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By no means is this story unique. A new girl who is instantly attracted to the hottest guy in class because of a simple act of kindness really gets old. And why does he like her, anyway? Nobody knows. Throw in some jealousy and envy from surrounding girls, especially a girl from his past, and you've got some classic shoujo.

The only thing that makes this story a little different is the main character's family situation, which isn't very well explained. I'll let you figure out what's going on.

To be honest, story-wise, I was much more satisfied with the oneshot at the end of the manga than the main story itself. The oneshot was pretty good, actually, dealing with unrequited love and self realization.

Back to Hime to Knight to, Tonari no Watashi: the art was fine and looked good sometimes, but I was especially annoyed by the main character and other girls having such large eyes. It wasn't a problem all the time, but it was frequent and mostly seen in profile views. The boys' eyes were fine, but the girls' were not and it was weird; they almost looked like different species.

I also think the characters were quite typical. The main character seemed more resilient than usual given her difficult situation at home, but all the others were pretty normal shoujo material. The male lead was a perfect prince, etc.

Eh, this manga was a so-so. The oneshot was worth reading, but the actual story preceding it wasn't. It wasn't a terrible read but it isn't something that I'd put at the top of the shoujo tier.
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May 20, 2016
Shugo Chara! (Manga) add
Everyone have different dreams. But our dreams are affected by our choices. It's probably the most unpredictable thing of all, dreams don't come true just because you try hard, because things can always go differently than planned. Because a extrovert person can fail. Because the most brightly person can break. But because everything can happen, it's not a surprise that people are always trying. Isn't it beautiful?

So, Shugo Chara is one of this shoujo titles that shows magical girls to the world like Sailor Moon, Mermaid Melody, Meow Meow Power and Sakura Card Captors did. Like some people, I tried to be an magical user when I was a kid during the "fights" with my friends. Digimon made it to me too. Whatever, our female main character is the cold and cool 5th grade Amu Hinamori. This girl prayed to be strong and after that she falls asleep instead. When the sunlight oficially makes her woke up, this girl notes certain presences. Three eggs. And that mean three Guardian Character.

So, i just need to say that you can laugh with this show and spend a lot of hours imagining scenario when understand what the "egg" is. You can think about your dreams in this way and this Is beautiful.
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May 19, 2016
Ga-Rei (Manga) add
A boy being one of very few who can see spirits and demons isn't an uncommon storyline, but what makes Ga-Rei stand out is its emphasis on the girl that he meets. She has extraordinary power that even she is unaware of, and she takes the stage. Though he is undoubtedly strong, she has a strength that rivals that of the gods. Her destiny has been decided.

I wasn't expecting much from a plot like this, seeing that the ghost, spirits, and demons thing has been around for a while, but the 52 chapters did lead me to think that Ga-Rei had something to offer. And I also looked it up to see if there was an anime adaptation only to find that there was, but it was a prequel to what happened in the manga. Hmm.

To be honest, I didn't like how fast the beginning was. The male protagonist Kensuke barely had an introduction for himself other the fact that he had been able to see spirits since he was a child. Sure, it was funny when he socked them as soon as he spotted them, but I had to make my own assumptions about his character based on his present actions. Therefore, it also felt rushed when he met the pretty girl Kagura who happened to also see spirits. Pretty soon she brought up the fact that she was part of an organization created to exorcise these ghosts, and then the convoluted explanations began to unfold.

When things got detailed, I found them difficult to follow, but I'm sure it was no different from how Kensuke was feeling. I loved his reactions, though. He is one of few characters in the manga who really does acknowledge when something incredibly ludicrous occurs.

But anyway, ghost fighting. It's a shounen; who doesn't like a little violence now and then? Special swords, spells, and magic abound and it's pretty cool. I always have a hard time following fights in manga, so an anime adaptation of such manga appeal to me, but I did try my best. Also, I don't believe there's an ecchi tag, but I think there should be. More than a few times, people's clothes have ripped and things got a little bloody and sexy, plus there were a few bathing scenes. So there you have it, the fighting and the fan service.

I was pretty hyped up for the biggest battles, though. I could almost feel the characters' trepidation. While they were great battles, it was amazing how much the mangaka could fit into one or two chapters. The last fight especially was super cool, but I was a little disappointed about the ending of the manga, which came to a very swift close and had a short epilogue. Nevertheless, Ga-Rei did pack a punch.

The artwork was pretty satisfying. While I was a little tired of seeing perfect girls, there were a multitude of characters that were easily distinguishable and even funny-looking. I don't know if I would consider them ugly or read more
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May 19, 2016
Nisekoi (Manga) add
There is a land, a land where time is set still. It seems like progress is made, yet none is made. No matter how many characters are introduced, everyone is back to square one. Nothing gained, nothing lost.

Welcome to Nisekoi.

It was a manga I heard about, to the point where I read 3 volumes of it. And on the whole, it was disappointing. The epitome in my opinion of a decent concept wasted. Big time wasted.

So, the plot stars Raku, the son of a big Yakuza family. He's quite the opposite of his Yakuza comrades, being far more composed and overall tries to live a normal life, whilst pining his affections for a girl named Onodera. Things drastically change when he learns he will not end up with the girl of his dreams. Instead, he is paired with Chitoge, a beautiful yet easily angered girl as part of an arranged gang marriage. On top of that, he keeps with him a necklace, in which a long-lost love interest has the key for. Will his "false love" for Chitoge become real love? Will he find out who has the key to unlock his pendant? Can he hook up with Onodera?

I dunno. At least to me, it didn't seem like that.

The manga starts off wonderfully, with an intriguing premise and a good setup. From there, all the author had to do was develop some of the characters he established and the overall plot along with it. And for the first volume or so, things are pretty good. Then things go downhill when they start introducing new members to Raku's harem. I was hoping for a love-triangle scenario. Instead, harem. More importantly, there's little progress made even with the harem. There is one god in Nisekoi, and that is the god of STATUS QUO. I'm honestly a little surprised, given how passionate some of the online debates are for the haremettes. Rarely in a harem series have I seen people get so passionate about waifus. And even then, it's less "Who will Raku end up with?" and more "Who is best grill?"

In regards to characters, it's not very good either. Raku had potential. A kid who must balance his own social life with his romantic feelings and Yakuza connections could have led to some interesting character arcs. Alas, that was not the case. He ended up being another dense MC this side of Ichika Oimura.

Chitoge while enjoyable is very familiar. Tsundere? Check. She has the most development, but she's not adequately explored enough either, though at least she's more endearing than Onodera.

Keep in mind, this hasn't anything to do with the whole "Waifu War" thing. It's more of an issue with her character proper. Onodera is very shy, often blushing and being very nervous. Sometimes she'll have an epiphany and realize she has to state her needs and wants, but then goes back to being an good ol' moeblob.

It's a dame shame, given how I liked read more
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May 19, 2016
Saiteihen no Otoko (Manga) add
I found this manga unique and enjoyable and I believe it deserves more recognition.
The plot hooked me in from the beginning and kept me on the edge of my seat until the very last page. The manga does an excellent job of being super creepy and suspenseful. It's about a guy who comes into contact with a girl who is supposed to be dead.

The protagonist is an intriguing person. If you enjoy stories where the main character isn't a good person, I'd highly recommend this. He's a loser who constantly looks down on other people in a desperate attempt to feel better about himself. He says and does many despicable things and is heavily flawed but he still retains a human element that I could identify with. He wants to feel loved and accepted by the people around him. A person's value and love is one of the main themes of the story. It also questions if it is acceptable to change people if they don't match our ideal.
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May 19, 2016
Before Daylight Love (Manga) add
I liked this manga much better than it's prequel. Even though the prequel had darker themes, I felt that Before Daylight Love was more mature, and its characters were more sophisticated. I've noticed that the semes in both BDL and After Morning Love are significantly less developed than the ukes. I wonder why the mangaka decided to draw them this way.
I particularly liked Daiki's character. There isn't all that much character development, as this is a fairly short manga, but Daiki comes across as strong, decisive and sure of himself. Life repeatedly goes wrong for him, but he never starts feeling sorry for himself or complains. He just decides on the best course of action and takes it, without turning everything into a big drama. That being said, he did struggle a little when he thought he was losing his identity, but I found that bit of weakness added roundness to his character.
Rin, the protagonist from After Morning Love, also has several occasions were he shows strength in the face of hardship. But the situations he must deal with are so vastly more traumatic, and his character is so much younger and less mature, that his strength came across as less authentic.
There's no doubt about it though, yakuza yaois are awesome.
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May 19, 2016
Kanojo ni Naru Hi (Manga) add
[Spoilers pre-ch.5]

In a world where young boys are forced to have a sex change when there's a decrease in the female population, a male highschool student named Miyoshi Kyousuke found his best friend, Mamiya Nao, had gone under this "emergence."

Sounds pretty decent, something possibly "slice-of-life" like, to deal with a theme like that. But, no, this is absolute trash. If I could give a zero rating, I would.

The story makes me so angry, I had to drop it. It's the typical back and forth of a shoujo manga, where they deny their feelings and whatnot until a good amount of chapters pass. The only good aspect in it is that there's a dominant female love interest which is uncommon in shoujo. I don't mind that as much as I mind the fact the author does not know how transgender women work. The story is full of stereotypical aspects of gender and cliche moments. It's like they heard a little bit on them once and then made up how the rest of it works. It had so much potential, but it's as if the author slapped together dot pointed ideas and didn't expand on it.

It starts off normally, and Mamiya faints one day, before being hospitalized for two weeks and suddenly, he's a hot, long haired babe. Now, I'd be okay if the setting was something futuristic, or fantasy based, but it isn't. It's ridiculous as he's turned into a beautiful, petite girl in the span of two weeks, and it's strange as they performed surgery on all of his body rather than his chest and lower regions. It's like his conscious was put into another body, not that he, himself, had changed. The worst part is that his best friend begins falling for him a few days after- Not in the span of months or years- A few days. Once his best friend is some beautiful, hot girl, Miyoshi doesn't think about the morals of the circumstances- He just straight up falls for Mamiya.

They don't even explain the moral or social views on this "emergence" besides this one time that the girls in their grade come up to tell Mamiya to stop acting the way he is around the boys now he's a girl, and that "emergence" is disgusting even though it's part of their world. I don't think the author looked into or thought about much with the gender change.

Mamiya wears a revealing swimsuit and nothing is wrong with his body. No scars, nothing. Yet, despite trans women being unable to have periods unless they have a uterus implanted, he has one. Which is strange because you'd think they want to help women and the birth rate, so why would anyone take a uterus and put it in someone else? Another problem is that women are automatically weaker than men, which is really sexist for a shoujo manga. Marketing a shoujo manga and making it sexist like that is really stupid. To add to that, somehow, Mamiya is weaker read more
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May 18, 2016
Devil's Line (Manga) add
This manga is just one big mess. It has its moments where it's genuinely enjoyable, but those instances are heavily shadowed by several glaring problems.

Story: 5/10

I think there's something going on here? It seems to be about humans vs. rogue vampires, and using vampires against said rogue vampires. That's an okay basis I suppose. Then there is an organization that's pit to expose all vampires. That's a good idea as well, but it's not supported by a cast that can pull it off.

Art: 3/10

This one hurts. This manga has moments where it looks great, but most of the time the art is so terribly awkward and inconsistent it hurts to look at. You can tell that the artist is good at drawing one angle of face, and that's about it. The look of the vampires is intensely ugly, which wouldn't be so bad if ti was done consistently. It seems like every time a vampire shows their teeth, they grow more teeth and their jaws poke out of their faces further and further. It's terrifyingly bad.

Oh, and don't get me started on the tiny hands. It's like everyone was Deadpool and sliced off their hands routinely. It's that bad.

Characters: 4/10

The ideas for the characters themselves aren't too bad. A half vampire guy, and a normal girl who is falling for him. Good start, but you have to actually develop the characters for them to work. The guy keeps visiting this girl, and there is NO motivation. He himself is confused as to why he keeps visiting her. He's practically living at this girl's house, and none of them have any idea why.

At one point, the writer thought to add in a happy, comic relief character. Oh, let's just make them strangely happy and ditsy. Why? Who knows, that's just how they are.

Everyone just feels so two dimensional, I can't bring myself to care about the characters at all.

Enjoyment: 3/10

I'll be the first to admit I'm a sucker for vampire manga, but there's only so far down crap alley I can go. I like the bloody scenes, but it's simply ruined by bad art, I can't bring myself to enjoy it. I just keep cringing at how bad everything looks.

Overall: 4/10

To give it its credit, I did sit through 9 chapters of this slop. If you REALLY like vampire manga, you might get through it. Otherwise, there's no reason to enjoy this manga.
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May 18, 2016
Sagatte Omachi Kudasai (Manga) add
This is one of my all time favorite yaois. The story and the art are both painfully beautiful, and the relationship is heartfelt and captivating. This manga is more about feelings and emotions than plot and character development, but it is breathtaking and memorable all the same.

I do not like the summary for this manga. I think it implies a light-hearted story, which Sagatte Omachi Kudasai certainly is not. This is not a gloomy and dark manga, mostly due to the dreamy quality of the art, but it is a tragic story. And I am not sure you can say there's a happy ending. Tanaka and Doujima have a lot of work ahead of them. Tanaka's history, while not completely clarified, is extremely traumatic, and has left him in fear of social interactions. It is unclear why Doujimi falls in love with Tanaka, but Doujimi is a very kind, and quickly understands Tanaka's pain and does his best to support him.
I thought that Tanaka was an amazingly well-drawn character, and his strength in the face of his suffering and fears is admirable.
I would not call this a feel-good story, but its serene and peaceful tone helps with handling the subject matter and prevents the manga from becoming depressing.
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May 18, 2016
Happiness (Manga) add
This a fairly new manga, and at the time of reviewing, it is only 16 chapters in.

Warning: there may be slight general setting spoilers for the first 16 chapters.

If this manga keeps going on its current path, it could be a truly great piece of work, one that I have waiting for years to finally happen. The setup is extremely promising, and has my extremely excited to see where it goes.

I'm going to start by saying that this seems to be rather shallowly tagged and summarized. It's about as Shounen as Ajin and Tokyo Ghoul are, which is to say, not at all. They are not shy about the bloodshed as well. If you are familiar with Ajin, the setup is very similar: a seemingly normal boy is suddenly not so human anymore, and they have to struggle through the psychological turmoil and run away from home. In this sense, it is only "school-life" for the first couple chapters. At this point, I do not expect it to go back to the school setting.

There's also the thing about the MC being a closet pervert. What? The closest thing that comes to it is when his best friend points out a cute girl, and the MC just gives him a thumbs up. Otherwise, the MC is rather mature and down to earth. I mean, he faps once, but he's a high school boy. Waddaya expect? Honestly, it just makes it even more down to earth.

Let's get on to the actual review now.

Story: 8/10

As you may notice, the setup is rather run of the mill, but that isn't necessarily a bad thing. This specific setup is right up my personal alley, and I think it lays a great groundwork for a good, mature plot line, and some great character development. Because there are not many chapters, we only have a taste of what's to come. Is there an organization chasing them? What are the laws among the vampires that we're getting glimpses of? What's going to happen to the MC's friend? What about the MC's family? There's a lot to explore, and I hope to see the world continue to grow.

Art: 9/10

I think the art is perfect for the series. It's no frills, and beautiful at the same time. It's decently realistic, and never awkward looking. The characters' emotions are very easy to perceive, and the characters are easy to distinguish. The way the artist paints the skies through "vampire vision" (for lack of a better phrase) reminds me of Van Gogh's Starry Nights. This creates an abstract beauty that really brings the world to life. The art is slightly sketchy, and has a lot of personality. It's just really nice to look at overall.

Characters: 9/10

As I stated before, the groundwork for the characters is VERY solid. The characters feel exceedingly real, and you can really feel their emotions through their interaction and the art. I expect this to be a very psychological manga, with a LOT of character development. From what read more
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May 18, 2016
Me wo Tojite 3-byou (Manga) add
This is a really beautiful story about the pain and hardship of being a teenager. For all those teenagers out there and those who aren't anymore but remember how it felt like, you know how when you are a teenager everything looks so dark? Like you are all alone with the world closing in on you, suffocating? That's what this manga is about. That's basically the only conflict. But frankly, it's a pretty big conflict.
This manga is about Chibana and Hiroto, two childhood friends. Chibana is going through a tough time in his life, and the only thing that is keeping him sane is his calming technique--he closes his eyes and counts to 3. But that doesn't always work when you are head over heels for your best friend and 16 years old so you don't know how to deal with it. To make matters worse, his father (or mother? let's just say "his parent") is moving them to a new town, so Chibana is going to be transferring schools. And since he is a teenager, saying goodbye to Hiroto is basically equivalent to the end of the world.

In addition to the story and the relatable characters, I also really liked the art. I thought its fuzzy calmness fits the plot. Also, it reminded me of Ootsuki Miu's work, and she is one of my favorite mangakas.

I am not sure I would label this as yaoi. I think it's much more of a shounen-ai.
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May 18, 2016
Doushitemo Furetakunai (Manga) add
*This Review Contains Spoilers*

This is a pretty famous manga in the, what should I call it? Yaoi circle? Gush, that made me all blushy and giggley and stuff. I think I read a yaoi once where the guys referred to being gay as being part of the circle (giggle). But it's famous for a good reason.
Reading over it, my review is sprinkled with spoilers. No particular incidents are mentioned, but I do give away the main couples. Be warned!

This mangaka has an amazing talent for setting a mood to her drawings. I don't know how she did it, but the beginning feels all gloomy and depressing and then the feeling kind of lightens and warms as the story develops. By the extras, it's practically sappy.

I enjoyed this story quite a bit. It's about a gay man who starts working in a new company where the manager of the department is kind of nuts. The nuts manager is straight, but Shima is really cute, so Togowa can't help himself (and I am quoting Togowa here -- eye roll, if a guy said that to me, I'd tell him to get over himself). However, Shima has had a really bad experience with a straight lover before, so it is hard for him to open up and be vulnerable to Togowa.

We all love Shima and Togowa, but the real treasures are Onoda and Deguchi (is Deguchi really a name? How do you pronounce it? It comes out sounding Italian in my head). Onoda works with Togowa and Shima, and since Shima is a "devilish seducer of straight men" (quoting Onoda this time), Onoda falls for Shima, and promptly has his heart broken because little Shima is already in love with Togowa (real Midsummer Night's Dream up in here). Which sucks, because I loved Onoda. But no worries, Deguchi to the rescue.
I think it's worth reading this VERY LONG (by yaoi standards) manga just to get to the end part with Onoda and Deguchi. I think I like them better because they are more messed up and clumsy than Shima and Togowa (I mean, come on, [SPOILER ALERT!] Shima and Togowa are pulling off a long-distance relationship? Give me a break).

Perhaps not the most memorable of all mangas, but it's certainly fun.
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May 18, 2016
Koi ni Nare! (Manga) add
*This Review Contains Spoilers*

This manga was adorable, short, sweet and to the point. I was smiling all the way through. Since it is only six chapters, there is not a whole lot of character development, but I thought the artists managed to create wonderfully likable characters with what they had. I particularly liked the protagonist, Komatsu. I found his internal struggle very relatable, and his reactions and emotions felt realistic and appropriate.
As a teacher myself, at first I was a little put-off by Shindo-sensei's behavior. As a teacher, he should be able to control his behavior, and I was sure he was aware that the manner with which he conducted himself would easily make an isolated, insecure teenager fall in love with him. But I suspected the mangakas had a plan to remedy the situation, and they sure did.


Though I guess it's not much of a spoiler, we all know how yaois end. The reason I was okay with Shindo's behavior is that I appreciate characters who know their minds, are decisive, and act on their emotions. Shindo acknowledges that he loves Komatsu, but wait for the kid to graduate and makes sure his behavior doesn't distract the student from his studies. I appreciated that.


The art style is not my type, but I thought the story and dialogue more than carried the manga through in the parts where the art was a bit lacking.
A highly recommended short read, sure to put one in a good mood!
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The story is somewhat unique. At first it seems to be another copy-paste "Wake up in a game-type world with newfound power and a harem." type of story, but it takes a turn to a more comedic and parodied version, with the main character noting that the magic is annoyingly realistic and his hand still stings after punching people.
After a chapter of the main character walking around town and helping the heroine with her problems, the story takes a nosedive into another twist out of nowhere, with the MC and the heroine both dying horribly on the ground after finding the body of a shopkeeper.
Everything after this point is what I consider the best part of the story.
The MC struggles to find the source of his and the heroines untimely death by having to die over and over again while learning new things about his situation, and what he can do to stop it.
It all flows nicely, and you never feel left out with no idea whats going on.
Somehow, in this crazy point of the story, they still have time to mix in some comedy, which is why I love it so much.
I also have a sweet spot for the "revive after death but keep memories." type of story.

The art was very good.
The facial expressions of the characters are nice and simple so you can easily understand their emotions, but in a time of need, they can go to a good amount of detail to emphasize the raw anger and suffering they are currently going through. Even after a nice little chat, the detail put into the smiling faces just makes me want to smile as well.
The backgrounds didn't stand out to much. A majority of the story takes place in the middle of a city, so the background is usually just a bunch of buildings.

The characters is what really sells it.
Each and every character is completely different and shows a great deal of personality. Felt, the thief, is given a backstory of being a poor child living in the slums with no family besides Old Man Rom, and you can tell how deep their bonds go when you witness their death and reactions in the first few chapters.
The heroine comes off as a cold, honest individual but after spending some time with Subaru, the MC, her true, kind nature starts to show.
The antagonist has their motivation for what they do, and never seems to just do things for no reason.
Every single character reacts appropriately to events, down to the nobodies in the slums giving advice faster when Subaru looked worn-down.
It builds a great atmosphere and makes it all the better when it comes crashing down.

Because of all the great features of the characters, the detailed faces of suffering, and the compelling story, I personally feel like a enjoyed this manga way too much. It was just a wonderful time spent, with certain enjoyment every page turned.

And when you finish it, there happens to be a read more
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May 18, 2016
Suashi no Meteorite (Manga) add
If you ever thought about reading this Manga, you should definitely give it try :)
While the Story itself starts more or less as a Comedy, it turns out to be more dark really early on, more than you might imagine at first glance. The Story it tells overall is kind of deep and gets explained well throughout the Manga. It gets really emotional towards the end and the ending itself is more than satisfying, i actually liked it alot.
Overall i enjoyed this Manga alot, so you might give it a try aswell.
Maybe its like a hidden Gem for you aswell like it was for me.
This concludes my first review ever, hope my English wasnt to shabby :)
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May 18, 2016
Henshin Dekinai (Manga) add
I found this manga randomly and could not be happier after reading it. The plot can be considered a side-story to the main manga Okane ga Nai, by Kousaka Tohru, but this doesn't mean it has any less plot or comedy and depth than the main thing.
It follows the story of the Okama friend of Kanou from Okane ga Nai, Someya, and a friend of Kanou's assistant (?) Kuba, Honda (ironically, he's a car mechanic). Honda falls in love with Someya, without knowing he's actually a man, and you can guess that a lot of trouble comes from there on, especially considering Honda's a yankee and Someya has some past behind him.
- Story - 8
Despite being relatively short in comparison with Kousaka's main work, the story is well-planned and even cute, if you may. It pleased me a lot to know a little bit better those two side-characters in specific, and the relationship yankee-okama was simply genius in my opinion. It's got the comedy it needs, the depth we want and... man, Someya's true self is simply... aaargh too much.
- Art - 10
Well, this point is actually a matter of taste, and since I'm a fan of Kousaka's artstyle, I found it pretty appealing to me.
- Character - 9
I just won't give it a ten because I expected a little more, I guess, but to know more about Someya's life, family relations and in general, how he/she sees and processes things that happen in their life, is just... ah, too good for words. Honda was a character I was genuinely surprised by, especially because of his strengh (in many ways), not to mention is not that often we meet a pairing between a those two types of characters, so it's already interesting from page one. The sensitive side to Someya breaks the heart at some points, but it's because there's a tad of reality in this manga.
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May 18, 2016
Tomo-chan wa Onnanoko! (Manga) add
I picked up this manga with the expectation that i would drop it within the first few chapters. My thought process was something along the lines of "If you've read one slice of life school romance you have ready them all." To my pleasant surprise this was not the case. With one page per chapter and near daily releases, this manga is low cost high reward read. Not long after finding this manga it quickly became part of may daily routine to the point found myself struggling to maintain my normal rhythm when stopped releasing for a week.

Story Overall: 7/10
Mystery: 6/10
Thrill: N/A
Uniqueness: 10/10

Unlike most stories in the same genera, the romance in Tomo-chan wa Onnanoko is more a undercurrent that accentuated a characters personality and drifts the story foreword instead of being the primary focus. Though the story progresses slowly the overall, the pacing is rather fast with each arch spanning somewhere between 5-10 pages. In the end what you get is a collection of interesting situations and witty dialog all created and resolved in the course of 1-2 pages.

Characters: 9/10

Though each character has a somewhat stereo-typical role that would normally earn -1 for creativity, but considering that comedies really heavily on stereo-type and the level at witch they have been evolved into their own person, i can not hold it against the writer. It sure beats a lot of popular anime of our time *cough* Eren Yeager *cough* kirito/Asuna *COUGH* *HACK*. As good as the characters are can cant consider them masterpieces. They are simply very well designed characters.

Art: 8/10

I feel that the manga does a good job extenuating the little gestures and such that emphasizes the existing mood or exposes some character trait that might normally be overlooked. This aspect might be why it is so easy to forgive the stereo-typing.

Enjoyment: 10/10

No complaints here.

Overall: 9/10
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May 18, 2016
Wagatsuma-san wa Ore no Yome (Manga) add
*Contains Spoilers*

To be honest with you , I did like the anime at the start even though I thought the protagonist friends sucked.....but after the protagonist and wagatsuma broke up the anime started to get messy , specially the part where the professor has the "time slip" powers.

And the "end" if you can call it like that, is the worst ending I have ever saw so far in a romance manga, like when he time slip at the end and he saw wagatsuma as his bride again, was the time slip for 10 years in the future again or what?

And the worst part was when he asked wagatsuma-san for her PHONE NUMBER after saving her from dying.

In my opinion is not even worth to watch it.
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May 18, 2016
Risou no Kareshi-tachi (Manga) add
I adore this one-shot. It's has the art and act to be that of a typical love triangle but has an unexpected turn that really pulls it all together.

The art is clean and cute though a bit rough at times. The characters are what you could expect until the twist occurs. Again, as you can tell from the one-shot's cover, this is a yandere story so this could be your cup of tea if you like a yandere twist on your typical love triangle story and like a quick read.

I recommend this as I'm a fan of the yandere type and romance trope but it's worth a read to anyone curious or of interest.

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May 18, 2016
Koe no Katachi (Manga) add
Beautiful, I've never seen a manga or anime depict relationships within teenagers so realistically as this, it's just bloody relatable to me. I was expecting a total resolution and make up between the characters, but it just didn't go that way, instead, it went through the realistic route, the way that's known to me. The story was amazing, making me laugh and cry and feel a burning rage to the characters, so much so that it made me want to write my first review.

But, the one thing I disliked was how short the manga was. Kawai never got a chance to resolve her disgusting hypocritical personality and we never saw Mashiba's past, which although I would've liked to have seen isn't really all that important to the story. I would've also liked to see how Nishimiya fell in love with Shouya. It's hinted in the manga that they probably met at some point before she transferred, so I'm guessing then, but they throw in so many of these hints that I'm left in charge of completing the rest of the story in my head, which isn't bad in general, but in this case, the manga definitely could've benefited from extra chapters.

Another thing, I was expecting a resolution between the love triangle between Ueno, Nishimiya and Ishida, but it hasn't changed, which is still okay with me. I think I'm just looking for excuses to extend the manga now.

Anyway, the only fatal flaw of this manga is that it's too short, gives us too little time to fully understand the characters, and in fact, when Mashiba was first introduced, I didn't know his name until several chapters later, though he's definitely my favourite character now.

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May 18, 2016
Did I Do Something Wrong? (Manga) add
'Did I Do Something Wrong?' is a one-shot with 9 pages. It's an incredibly short series with inherently underdeveloped characters aside from the protagonist, who is surprisingly well-developed, considering the length of the series, though he isn't a particularly deep or compelling character. Excluding the protagonist, every other character is one-note. The art is the high point in this series, and even that doesn't manage to exceed mediocrity. We are introduced to the plot through the character's eyes, where we discover that he is being bullied by another character after just transferring to a new school. The protagonist scrubs through his memories, attempting to understand where he went wrong, which is where the title comes into play. This one-shot is dedicated to figuring out the answer to this question and the implications surrounding it.

At its best, 'Did I Do Something Wrong?' is a simple, but effective parable that makes a statement about how our impressions and assumptions distort reality through the use of irony. At its worst, it is a distasteful attempt at comedy with a lack of substance. At a mere 9 pages, I recommend 'Did I Do Something Wrong?' to those who are seeking something different than the norm that doesn't require any investment. This series is obscure for a reason, and it isn't because it's underappreciated.

{ Recommendations }


<Kino's Journey>
[TV Series, Episodes: 12]
[2 OVAs, 1 Movie]
[Genres: Action, Adventure, Slice of Life]

Kino's Journey (Kino no Tabi: The Beautiful World) is a philosophical series that explores a variety of simple, but thought-provoking ideas throughout its run. This series is held in high regard and has received great critical acclaim. The series' protagonist's Kino and the talking motorcycle Hermes travel from country to country, staying at each no longer than three days, regardless of everything. Every country is its own parable with its own unique message. The series is entirely episodic aside from one country that uses two episodes to tell its story. I highly recommend this to those who are a fan of slow-paced, thought-provoking shows and have a tolerance for Kino no Tabi's sometimes disturbing content.
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May 17, 2016
To Heart (Manga) add
Skip this paragraph to see the review, it contains backstories of mine that may bore you but if your interested in reading it, go for it. Thank you very much if you do!

The first volume I got at the time was from Goodwill while I bought the rest at Amazon. I was hyping myself that this series was going to be great while not giving a lot of thought on Pixie Pop at the time. BUT, as so as I read the first volumes of both Manga's, it turned out to be the oppoisite affect here, because Pixie Pop turns out to be more interesting then To-heart. This is all the info I can give.

The series was a drag from the start, all the way to the end. So hard to keep up, that I didn't care for it any more and just read the words instead of cosentrating on both the art and dialoge. That's how much I don't like reading it. While reading the last whole volume it turns out to be based on a GAME! AS I was reading It turns out that the artist wasn't really good at Love Comedy series, but tried it anyway. As he kept going he love the characters at least while drawing them. Well at least he enjoys drawing them.

Now getting that out of the way, Lets Start the review!

The Story like I said before, dragged through the end. From the First Chapter the romantic goal was set up and ready to go BUT! But But But, the series saved it until the end while letting breath eveyonce in a while and LOVES to fill it with pointless humor. At times the humor in each chapter is so bland that I wonder if it was suppose to make me laugh?
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May 17, 2016
Hidoku Shinaide (Manga) add
This manga was written by Nekota sensei, one of my favorite mangakas, so I must admit I had a few expectations coming into this, and as Nekota says, if you have high expectations, the disappointment it much greater.
Of course the art is beautiful, and the dialogue is cute and funny, and the characters are likable. Yet, as I've come to appreciate sensei's story-telling skills, this manga was a great disappointment. I have just finished reading all the available volumes, and frankly, I am so underwhelmed it is rather overwhelming.

Actually, even a 6 feels too lenient a score. The only reason I've decided to give Hidoku Shinaide a 6 is that there's no question that sensei is a talented and clever artist.

I wanted to mention, while I did not like the manga, I've read all the related doujinshi and really enjoyed them. I think it's because I could pretend they were a separate story, and there's no denying this mangaka's characters are super cute.

I have strived to keep this review spoiler free. However, I do discuss several tropes that the mangaka makes use of, and that could give one the sense of the storyline.

I often read in reviews that people did not like the main couple, and vastly preferred the side characters; however, this is the first manga I have ever read that made me feel this way. From the beginning, I completely disliked Maya and Nemugasa. I wish I could say that they redeemed themselves as the story evolved, as characters often do in the yaoi genre, but if anything I felt these guys slowly devolved (and I mean slowly - this manga feels like it never ends! I can't believe I'm saying such a thing about one of Nekota sensei's works. I'm upset with her for making me say something so awful).
To begin with, our two main characters are introduced with my least favorite of all yaoi tropes - a rape scene. There are yaois that handle this trope well (see Totally Captivated). This manga did not. Instead, sensei chose to use rape as a legitimate commencement for a romantic relationship. This is often done in yaoi, but generally the mangas that use this trope in such a manner are short and shallow, and as readers we are not expected to get all that attached to the characters. However, Hidoku Shinaide is very long and drawn out, and so the reader (supposedly) gets rather attached to the protagonists.
The manga chould have at least addressed the event and portrayed its ramifications on the boys' relationship. However, all I got from the story was a sour taste throughout. The reader cannot even pretend that Nemugasa was just saying "no" and "stop" to be cute or whatever the reason ukes are always shouting "no" during sex. But Nemugasa very clearly does not want it when he describes what is happening to Akira, and the one time the rape scene is mentioned between the couple, Nemugasa states that it is a read more
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May 17, 2016
Crepuscule (Manga) add
I'm sorry, but I cannot finish this for the life of me. Every second I read it I feel like stabbing a pencil through my jugular. It just drags on and on, going absolutely nowhere. Ever heard of the "one step forward, two steps back" mentality? Yeah, that applies to the plot of Crepuscule.

The worldbuilding is fantastic. Especially in the beginning, it just hits you all at once. All the characters, like Setz and Lark, initially amazed me (sometimes with their stupidity). The characters were developed, the plot expanded, conflict introduced, all that good stuff.
The problem is how annoyingly long the development took. It was over 100 chapters before a major part of the plot was introduced. A conversation could take 10 chapters. Moving from point A to point B could take 5 chapters. If all the filler was taken out, Crepuscule would be reduced by half.

Depending on how patient you are, this is worth it. The plot is unique and contains things that you would never even guess at. The characters will stick in your head for a while. But if you cannot stand insanely slow development, stay away.
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May 17, 2016
Orange (Manga) add
A lot of manga readers consider this manga a "masterpiece" while I think that this manga is good, I don't think it's close to a masterpiece.

Orange follows a girl Naho Takamiya who receives a letter from herself 10 years in the future. The letter predicts the events on what's going to happen in the future and one of it is Kakeru's death. Basically, it's a letter to save him before he kills himself. (For a much more serious synopsis, just go read MAL's synopsis of this manga).

Usually with these kinds of story, it carries a lot of risks. A lot of supernatural stories could forced its drama and/or leave it unexplained, thus leaves a lot of plot holes *Cough* Kokoro Connect *Cough* while other seems to get it right (I would say that Erased somewhat got it right, but they explained it subtly). Did this manga fall under one these risks?

Yes it did. Where it did fall short was how unrealistic the characters were acting because of the story. If you don't get what I'm saying, I'm about to spoil.

Apparently on the later part, Naho isn't the only one that has the letter. The others, Naho's "squad" (Except for Kakeru), also received a letter from themselves 10 years in the future.

What sucks about this is that if that's the case, there were SO MANY WAYS to flip the situation; to avoid Kakeru getting depress especially on the first few parts of the chapter. Did the friends disregard the letter at first? Did she have the letter first before her friends received one?

So where did it fall? Forced drama.

Though it did explain the supernatural aspect of it. Which is bizarre.

I did enjoy the characters in the first few chapters until the dumb part kicked in. I didn't feel much about the characters anymore after the dumb part kicked in (I'm referring to the one that I spoiled). Everyone did have their moments. Also, I'm glad this isn't one of the manga that has to develop every characters, one by one. That would just drag out the story. I'm glad it only focused on Naho, Kakeru, and Hiroto.

Another part where the characters fall are the characters 10 years from the future. What's up with the 10 year gap? When the heck did they thought that the Bermuda triangle is a black hole that can send anything to the past? (Don't worry that's just a minor spoiler). Again, forced drama. The manga should have took time building up its supernatural aspect (like one of them researching about the black hole and discovering it), but then it looks bizarre and it's laughable.

The art style is not unique, but it is detailed. This is one of those manga that isn't lazily drawn. Though it isn't that detailed as some other manga, but I still think it's great. You have to give props.

I enjoyed it nonetheless despite its major flaws. I still felt their friendship; the feels from start to end (Well, read more
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