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Sword Art Online: Aincrad (Manga) add
The beginning was pretty good! I was enjoying it until... Asuna happened... Asuna is the most generic, poorly written love interest that I have ever witnessed! Kirito and Asuna's relationship was just flat out boring and it dragged out for WAY too long! It was like I was reading a love story instead of a shounen manga!

**Ending of volume 1 Spoiler**

The ending of volume 1 was the best example of how NOT to do an ending! It was a word for word Deus Ex Machina! Heathcliff (who was one of their allies) turned out to be the creator of SAO. Kirito wishes for Asuna to not commit suicide if he died, Asuna gets stabbed by Heathcliff and he also stabs Kirito. Kirito uses his last bit of strength to stab Heathcliff, killing him. Now this ALONE would've been fine! I liked the end up to that point, but then both Kirito and Asuna end up surviving because Deus Ex Machina, and they wake up in the real world.
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Hideout (Manga) add
Predictable, yet sufficient. It's also a little infuriating, and while it follows the basics of popular horror cliche's, it still comes across rather naive. The real issue comes with the fact that the characters are unlikable, which makes progression through the narrative arduous, even with a short chapter count.

Absolutely fantastic. The real strength of this narrative. It's turned me on to Masasumi Kakizaki, and now I can't wait to read some more works he's assisted with. I did find it difficult to discern what was what with a few panels, as the balance of blacks wasn't very understandable. However, this is so unbelievably minor as, within a second of looking, I quickly understood the perspective of the image. Never did it pull me out of the incredibly average narrative.

As mentioned before, nobody is likable. Everyone in this story is scum. If there's no one to root for, there's nothing to look forward too. In a way, I did root for the protagonist, but it's hard to root for someone doing something so sinister. At least, that's the case for me. Beyond this, there's also the rest of the supporting cast that fails to pique my interest. It's all a bunch of schlock, but the art is fantastic, so I kept reading.

I'm glad I read this as it introduced me to the art of Masasumi Kakizaki. Beyond that, it was nothing special. The narrative is uninteresting, the characters a chore, and the finale a real cop-out. If it weren't for the excellent artwork, I don't think I would have enjoyed it as much.

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Fuan no Tane (Manga) add
Short, but that's the point of it being folk-tales. "Did you hear about that ghost in X? Yeah, I hear he does Y." That's what you get, and it's all that's needed to be spooky. This isn't terrifying, but it can be creepy and reminds you that it's always possible there's something else nearby that disrupts the status quo.

Chapters are divided into sections that follow a theme, be it 'sinister double-takes' in which you think you saw something, and you know you shouldn't look again but that itch needs to be satisfied. It's basic, simple, and for the time it takes to read, it's worthwhile.

Your average stuff, but the settings look pretty great. The world feels lively despite the shortness of each anecdote, and the lack of characterization. Where there's no girth to individual people, there's a lot of substance in the art.

There isn't anything especially spectacular about the art, and I felt some of the monsters/ghosts/ghouls looked a little too similar, but it's nothing to take anyone's attention away.

There's virtually no characterization in this work. Just enough is written to understand the littlest amount of detail to stay in theme with the current chapter division, but outside of that, nothing.

Spooked, but not by much. It's fun, and that's about all it needs to be. I was wowed or feel the need to share it with friends, but thanks to how fast it can be read I don't feel cheated.

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Tokyo Ghoul (Manga) add
Tokyo Ghoul is a seinen manga series serialized in Young Jump, the most prestigious and well-known seinen magazine in Japan. Around 2014, when the anime had started, the fandom increased rapidly and endless screams of the internet community were heard about the "superb" quality and characters of the series. So, being a fan of seinen manga (Berserk, Kingdom, etc.) myself I decided to dig in.

There are MINOR SPOILERS in the following review

What I expected? Maturity, epicnes and quality violent fight scenes
What I got? Well..., the above in pretty SMALL proportions, a feeling of pseudo-darkness and worst of all a taste of waisted potential.

Let's be more specific..

Plot: Tokyo Ghoul takes place in a world where ghouls and humans leave together and explores the usually violent relations between the two sides. The setting of the series is very promising as there is always a hostile "war" atmosphere between the ghouls and the CCG (human organization that kills ghouls in the name of justice) even when there is no direct conflict. The series has two underlying themes: Firstly, is that justice is subjective and one-sided and true righteousness cannot be easily achieved as seen by the devastating losses of both sides. Secondly, if you have had psychological traumas or issues in general as a kid you ARE strong. Guess what... The first theme helps the series climb to the top while the second throws it to the pits of hell. Unfortunately many fights in T.G are resolved when one of the two sides remembers the sadness of the past, gains a powerup and demolishes the other side. This trait removes all the suspense from fights. Moreover, with regards to the "sadness of the past", almost all flashbacks are the same: Ghoul loses his family to humans and vice-versa. As far as the pacing is concerned, it is generally decent with the exception of a CCG-elaborated part where it is somewhat slow. The ending felt satisfying but rushed, however, it should not be criticized negatively as there is a sequel.

Artwork: This is by far the strongest point of this manga. At first it might seem simplistic but as the series continues you start to value the detailed and dark artwork. Despite being a few instances of "vague" panels, the fight scenes are really enjoyable to read, the choreography is well-made and the enjoyment is enforced with the detailed design of most kagune and ghoul masks.

Characters: Unfortunately, this is the weakest part of the series and mainly due to the main protagonist. Kaneki is a timid 14-year old orphan of medium built; a typical shonen protagonist you could say. Regrettably being "typical" is probably the smallest of the flaws. After his torture and power "awakening" is when what he had built as a character starts being demolished. After being tied to a chair, seeing scenes of sheer read more
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Fruits Basket: Another (Manga) add
Fruits Basket was the first manga I ever read and open my eyes to the world of manga and anime (sorry this was so cheesy). Hence, I was delighted to find that a sequel had been made. However, I must say that I am rather disappointed with Fruits Basket Another as it seems to, so far, lack originality and appears to be a copy of the first series with a slightly different art style but identical characters. Consequently, I am only continuing to read this series due Fruits Basket and I have remained optimistic that it will become more interesting as the series progresses since there are currently only 7 chapters
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Happiness (Manga) add
The protagonist becomes a vampire against his will and is forced to hide his secret from his friends and family. Initially, the protagonist is the typical weak and timid character, with the tragedies that surround his personality is being shaped. The other characters are normal, only students who care about the protagonist but do not know his secret.

The art of manga is very good and manages to convey the feeling of horror. The author is the same ANH then we can expect a strong psychological burden of this manga.

If you like Tokyo Ghoul you must read this one.
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Clover (Manga) add
Clover is in essence a simple battle shōnen in which through numerous fights the readers are showcased the power of friendship - a characteristic often used in the genre. While this manga may be nothing revolutionary or outstanding in any aspect, it was arguably quite an enjoyable read for a number of reasons: the initial presentations of the various characters, and the intriguing fights that break out in a logical and satisfying manner. However, it becomes apparent that the manga follows a very formulaic approach after the initial introduction of the most important characters, which is to say, after about 100 chapters.

The story of Clover is mainly focussed on Misaki Hayato, who after several years of being separated from his childhood friends, enrolls in the same highschool as them. To his surprise, a lot of things have changed since then: they're very distant with each other. Misaki feels the need to reunite them to the old days, which directly involves him in numerous fights for the sake of restoring their friendship. In turn, this makes him famous around the delinquent population. This can arguably make quite an interesting narrative, meaning developing the respective cast with it - which happens to a certain degree.

The manga centers around the fights and the characters involved, whilst developing and presenting friendships and to what extent the importance of it is. The various conflicts are well executed, following a simple approach: a person is in need of help, which usually involves fighting some delinquents, and with that, encountering new people. This often turns out in the main character winning. It could be said that the manga also presents the ascension of a young boy in the ranks of the delinquent population.

The problem associated with this is the fact that the manga becomes increasingly linear and formulaic: this accentuates the probability that the author had no idea anymore how to continue the manga. Comedy is also present, which is generally well handled and not abused of, making the story much easier to digest, while at the same time making it possible to take the characters seriously. In some instances it may rely on the characters, others in some bizarre situations, and in some instances, an amusing play of words.

The characters presented in Clover are diverse, yet stereotypical for the genre. Character development is limited to the various main characters, yet for the side characters it is minimal and scarce. However, most of the cast is fleshed out accordingly, albeit not huge. The interactions between the characters is well handled, actions natural and according to the different personalities, despite being a bit off in some occasions. The main character Misaki Hayato is blunt and fight-lusty, yet deep down caring of his friends. Then there is the weak, yet kind-hearted Tomoki with a bright passion for motorbikes, or the big and timid Kenji. Naturally, as story progresses, a lot of different characters are introduced, but it boils down in essence to delinquents becoming friends to the protagonist, read more
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Today, 1:24 AM
Namaikizakari. (Manga) add
This manga deserves a little bit more attention. 8/10

I personally view this to be a little bit focused on the romance more than the basketball aspect but they are similarly cliche in the romance plot and basketball rivalry part.

But what stood out in this manga is the character progress and also the enjoyment I felt reading through it and relating with the characters.

Story: 8/10 Art: 9/10
This manga is basically a coach-ace player kind of relationship. Although there's a lot of cliche, the progress is fast and the scenes still deliver the exciting romance feels~

Character: 9/10
And this is what I would like to focus on.

The most interesting part of this manga is on the smooth progression of the characters in terms of relating with all those happening around them - love, family, basketball, rivalry - and in that process, the flaws of each character are presented and what I like the most is the characters action to answer those flaws they discovered

Despite the iron-will and independent persona, Yuki is aware that she has to change and improve on herself to add Shou in her life that's already filled with responsibilities. Aside from this, I found Yuki's tsundere moments a bit cute and not disastrous, because it's evident that she is trying to become more honest but sometimes, she just can't lol

Shou is still an intriguing character for me because although he looks almost perfect (looks, grades, coolness, ability), he's just not and again for the same reason that the story presented the character's awareness of their flaws. As for the character progress, I found his patience to be the most freaking adorable in this manga because he was a playboy and technically speaking, he will lose a lot of time with Yuki once she graduates. Aside from that, I think there's still more to see with Shou's character on how Yuki got his attention and on his motivation towards basketball.

Enjoyment: 9/10
So for the reason above, I really enjoyed this manga and I'm even rereading this when I'm lazy to start a new one. The romance feels are still spot on and the main characters are still adorable throughout the drama, comedy and romance in this manga.

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Today, 1:14 AM
Kyoushi to Seito to (Manga) add
I remember finding this H-manga a long time ago and remembered it being pretty good (and not just because it was porn). Giving My MyAnimeList account was new at the time I found it I figured I would give it a re-read and see if it was as good as I remember. So without further ado

Story: 10
Despite being a H-Manga and only 7 chapter long, the story is really good. The story is filled with pretty good humor but can also be serious when it needs to be. Pacing is pretty good despite the short run and the characters are brought together and interact well quickly. That being said the antagonist seems underdeveloped and there just to bring the story to its conclusion. But the ending is nice and satisfactory and makes up for the short comings.

Art: 8
The art is pretty. The bodies of characters are all in the correct proportions and look pretty good. However, there are a few spots (particularly in the early chapters) where the eyes of characters seem a little off and do not look like they match their face. Also while the characters are well drawn the background art is not detailed or missing (though this is mostly during sex scenes so you will probably not notice)

Characters: 9
The characters play well off of each other in this. Their relationship seems believable and when they interact with each other (not including sex) have a pretty good back an forth. Nishimoto (the studen and our male lead) has a very deadpan attitude and is just trying to make his situation work which is what I feel most high school students try to do, while Morisaki (the teacher, female our lead and eye candy) has a duel personality where she is very serious while teaching and a very lazy professional attitude with Nishimoto. Each personality is good in separate characters but the way she is written allows Moriski. I would have given this section a 10 but I feel that the Vice Principal (our main antagonist) was underdeveloped and not used to his potential, so I brought it down to a 9.

Enjoyment: 9
With great characters and writing and very good art I found it very enjoyable. So much so that going back and re-reading it I found I liked it a little bit more. And the sex scenes are not that bad either.

Overall: 9
With a 10 in Story. 8 in Art. and 9s in Characters and Enjoyment the Overall Score averages to 9. I highly recommend Kyoushi to Seito to (Teacher and Student) if you are looking for a short story if you got an hour (though probably less) you want to fill with a dirty story. That being said, this is a H-manga and not suitable for anyone under 18.
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Yesterday, 11:51 PM
Sakanaya Kensuke (Manga) add
I don't really know what else to tell you other than if you don't like BIG BURLY MEN going at it with each other like animals every few pages- including having pubic hair and such- don't even look at this.

The story is just kinda funny and very much sex and perversion.

I didn't hate the art work, it was not lazy. There is a very distinct way they drew the men; they look really similar to each other.

There really isn't much to say about the characters because there really isn't much development other than sexually.

I enjoyed it for the most part, just, it's not like it's memorable other than the way the characters are drawn.

I think this is overall, an average, muscular, and slightly funny Yaoi.

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Yesterday, 7:47 PM
ib: Instant Bullet (Manga) add
Well, if you are looking for a manga which the MCs are grey, not black or white, not good or bad, you might like this manga...

First off, It took me a whole night for the excitement about what would the next chapter be until the end. I would say I enjoy this manga very much every single chapter except for the last one. I will not spoil it but I would say it is kind of rude everything the first 24 chapters trying to set if you ask me.
The story was set as the MCs have their own problems like about family, friendship, love, etc. And they all hate the world or just try to. The story consists of many twisted plots which all of it would be something you will never think of before, or maybe just me.

That was enough for the story and enjoyment I think. For the art, this manga has very good character designs. I like how each character look and nothing to complain much about this I think.

For the score, I will give this manga 6 points, but if you like how this manga twisted a plot you might like it tho.
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Kazumi Magica is incredibly convoluted. There's a lot of things that take place in the narrative that, at first glance, seem to work. However, looking back at the big picture, there's a lot of stuff that isn't used, used improperly, or used without purpose.

To be brief, all of these issues protrude due to the failure of Kazumi Magica trying to separate itself from the parent work, Madoka Magica.

In detail, these issues arise when the work starts off rather strong, leading towards an interesting and untold development within the unforgiving world of Madoka Magica. However, the further the reader travels into the dark annals of Kazumi Magica, the more one realizes that it's the same game using different pieces.

Perhaps the best parts of the story are where it differs from the original work. It's not that it's better than the original work, but that very idea of it standing alone made it an interesting read and was exactly why I picked it up in the first place. I absolutely love the world created with Madoka Magica. What I wanted with Kazumi was more of that world, but a different story. I get a bit of that, but it turns very swiftly into Madoka Magica tropes during the final 2 volumes (last 10 or so chapters).

Comparisons aside, there are some events that take place that seem rather sudden. Perhaps due to the short length, but even so, the fault is in having so many events in the first place. With a few more chapters to expand on some of the little arcs that take place, I'm sure Kazumi would have a stronger pacing. Some things are jarring, and will cause the reader to re-read the event to make sure they've read it properly. It's conflict of pre-established canon, which is okay, it adds mystery, but it will still screw the pacing.

Conversational sections, or parts within the narrative where motion isn't taking the panels primary, were quite excellent. Facial expressions are, well, expressive, and there's definitely a 'moe' aspect within the first few chapters.

Action sequences are a mess. There were many panels where I had to press the page/screen to my face so I could follow the motion properly. Some I gave up and skipped altogether. I had to rely on dialogue exclusively to understand what took place.

Backgrounds are virtually barren, and the settings are rather basic, even in the labyrinths. That said, I did a hint of SHAFT animation influence present. Characters are seen in real world locations that seem unnatural, but it adds an artistic flair to the events taking place. I enjoyed this over the vacant stages our characters inhabited.

Proportions are tame, but occasionally a mess.

Witches look very cool in this.

With an ensemble cast and a namesake character, it's easy to imagine where the attention is and isn't. Kazumi gets a lot of the attention and has excellent development. Watching her progression from an amnesiac to acquiring resolve is perhaps the most interesting part of the whole piece. It's a read more
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Yesterday, 12:21 PM
Eyeshield 21 (Manga) add
The problem with sports manga and anime akin is the fact that they use the same hackneyed idea of high school tournaments with unnecessary melodrama and the odd bit of forced tension thrown in here and there. Eyeshield21 is no exception to the rule. It’s a given that the sports genre doesn’t really have much to offer, considering that it revolves around a singular sport or game in which only a limited number of things can happen, but that doesn’t excuse it from being so horribly generic and boring.

The story, as I just mentioned, is about as generic and boring as it gets. It’s about this boy called Sena, who after being bullied in copious amounts of schools somehow developed the ability to run really fast… *sigh* (more about this later). He is then asked to join the school’s American football club and thus begins the endless rinse and repeat of the sports genre. High school tournament followed by training before diving straight into another tournament or match. After sitting through 37 volumes of this monotonous atrocity I should be awarded a medal for being able to keep my sanity somewhat intact.

The characters are all so banal it’s mentally degrading to watch, it’s the same iteration of characters seen in every other sports manga out there from your cow-breasted club manager; to your weak, skinny bishounen who has some form of ‘ability’ or whatever ludicrous baloney the mangaka wants to grant their characters with. If you are going to make your characters have an ‘ability’ of some kind at least make it original or at the very least, interesting; having Sena possess the ability to run fast is one of the most doltish and downright laziest abilities ever conceived.

The art probably one of the manga’s strongest points everything looks acceptable and there was no real decline in quality as the volumes went on. However art is something that I don’t really care for, thus rendering it useless in my final score that I give to the manga anyway.

Overall, if you can stand the mind numbing repetitiveness of the story and the boring, dull characters of this manga then you would probably enjoy it a lot and therefore I’d say pick it up. However, if you can’t steer far clear.

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Yesterday, 9:36 AM
Father Complex (Manga) add
So, to start off my review i would like to say hi and tell you all that this is in fact my first review ever but i will be as honest as possible!

Ok with that out of the way let's start this review

The story of this manga follows Fukami Rei, a young outstanding model who has a killer looks and marvelous fashion. Agawa Ryuuji a beautiful senpai with amazing penetrating eyes and over the top hair and a caring personality. And finaly Kouya, Rei's friend and lead character in the soap opera the three act in.
Fukami Rei has a really big admiration of Ryuuji-senpai and this yaoi unfolds as their atraction becomes larger and larger, untill a great secret is discovered that puts in danger their relationship. But fortunately it all plays out well and the intricate plot leads to a good and amazing ending that in all honesty is a real tear jerker and made me appreciate this masterpiece even more.

The art on this manga is the best i've seen and i've read mangas with really good art and quality in the design overall. The backgrounds are really incredible and well drawn and just make you feel like you could see that exact same scenery in real life! The characters are flabbergasting with beautiful details, either being the hair, eyes, body structure. All in all astounding!

I loved this manga for many reasons. Not just the romance and the story itself but also the way I could identify with Fukami Rei and his love for an older male. Not going to share my story but if someone were to put it in a manga Father Complex would be that manga.

Overall this manga is a 10 and i defenately recommend for anyone who loves a good story, good art and unbelievable romance.

I'm out
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Apr 26, 2016
Tetsuwan Girl (Manga) add
I usually don't write reviews on MAL but I feel like this series is under-appreciated and overshadowed by other sports series. My review will not be very structured but I'll try my best to write about it in an unbiased way. Firstly, this resembles Holyland if I were to pick any sports series. It's about a main character trying to find freedom and strength.

I really liked this series and it moved me. I cried several scenes. It's such a powerful series and our MC, Tome is a really fun character to follow.

Let me go over the flaws. The romance is very strange. I never felt any romance out of Tome and her love interest. If you read it, it progresses very quickly and has no development and buildup. If the writer really wanted a strong romance between them, we need more development. I normally wouldn't have minded a random love interest pushed in but it ended up driving her existence and her motives where she did everything for that love interest which was out of character for her. She is a woman who is depicted as a soloist or a leader. I honestly don't think she needs a man to live.

It's a bit rushed at times. I feel that the pacing in the beginning worked better than the one it ended off with. The build up was excellent though.

The strong point of this series was the build up, as I've said before. How everything rolled down, how Tome was shown as. She's so fearless and liberated. This series is truly a good read for a feminist, at least. I'm not speaking about 3rd wave feminism but actual feminism back in the older days. Women in Anime/Manga are usually depicted as as weak, powerless, and submissive but she is rather the opposite of all those things. She's an actual role model.

The art is well done and matches the story. The art makes you want to cry for the characters because they do a lot and suffer but they still try their best. It's kind of detailed for art but it's an older series so that's as expected. The scanlations are a bit mediocre but nothing too bad for the average reader. I'm a bit pickier as a typesetter msyelf.

The sports aspect was pretty good. I mean, it's not really a sports manga as baseball was just the theme they picked. Anything else could have been used in place as long. Overall, this was a really great series and more people should check it out if they want something that impacts.

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Apr 26, 2016
One Piece (Manga) add
Spoilers: I reveal the name of the crew members.
One Piece is the story of a boy named Monkey D. Luffy and on his journey to become the "Pirate King" and find the One Piece, which is the treasure left behind by Gol D. Rogers.

Let me start out by saying I used to really like OP and was a big time fan, and as of the recent updates my passion for it has really declined over the years.

1) The setting - The world of OP is vast and filled with pretty much anything and everything possible. Fishmen, Mermaids, Giants, animal people, etc. Anyone with a sense of adventure can find some reason to like this world!

2) Tackles a lot of real world issues - Slavery, politics, corrupt government, etc. All these things appear and play a large role in the overarching story.

3) Haki is pretty interesting and I'm curious as to where it goes from here.

1) WAY WAY WAY too many characters - There are so many important characters to put up with, all with unique personalities, and powers that all play an important role in each arc. But the price for that is lack of screentime. A lot of characters get booted to the side and don't play a major role in the Arcs due to the large cast, the biggest example is one of the Strawhat members. He joined the crew in the final parts pre-timeskip and literally has had zero screen time after the skip. It's really disappointing seeing a lot potential go to waste. Even now, Oda continues to introduce more and more characters that continues to crowd out the old ones. While it's understandable that some more characters are necessary for story-reasons, the amount Oda has establish is completely unreasonable. For example, You have the straw hat crew, the navy, the pirate warlods, the Yonkos, the CP9 or whatever, the Supernovas and that's not even including their crews. This all moshed up with the required story characters really puts a hamper on the pace of the manga.

2) It's going the Naruto route. Before the time-skip, it felt like everybody on the crew were actually there and played a large role in the stories. Now we only have Luffy, Zoro and Sanji are the only really useful people, while Robin and Nami are just there for fanservice, Tony-Tony Chopper who's just there for marketing reasons and occasionally do his job, Franky who's really just there to steer their ship, Ussop who is just comic relief, and Brook. Poor, poor Brook. Even among the 3 useful ones, 1 has been out of the picture until recently thus leaving Luffy and Zoro. Again, Oda is just wasting potential by not utilizing these characters

3) Probably the one that I get the most hate for: Luffy is a really stale MC. Up until one specific arc, he literally is just the same as any other main character who fights for his dream and his friends read more
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Apr 26, 2016
Bakemono Recchan (Manga) add
I have never really expected to get much out of a one-shot, as I thought there wouldn't be enough content to express any interesting ideas or themes. Inio Asano proves once again that he knows wtf he's doing.

Monster Girl Recchan is ultimately a critique of an aspect of our modern society, which is developed really well in only 45 pages. With the exaggeration of features with the monster girl, it is shown how other character's(students) react to someone who is obviously less attractive than her peers. The idea of being politically correct is common in our modern society and sometimes does more bad than good in the long run. For example, of course it can be kind to call an obese person, "pretty," but isn't it better to try and help them to improve themselves for a more healthy life style, rather than rejecting your true feelings/thoughts and lying to them?

This one-shot has great art, believable character's, and is very thought provoking-- mainly because of the medium of the story and how it gives an outside perspective of the scenario that is brought up. Defiantly worth a read.
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Apr 26, 2016
Tajikarao (Manga) add
When I picked this manga for rereading, I wondered why I didn’t remember anything about the plot, now I see – my expectations for the premise are bigger and more interesting than what the work actually delivers. It’s not a bad manga, but the lost potential and the occasional moments of greatness make its many flaws so much more disappointing.

Also I need to warn, that Tajikarao is unpublished and is stuck in the fan translation hell –the translation stopped at the beginning of the last, 4th, volume, the groups are inactive.

I looked at the cover and, again, I thought, that it’d be good to read a story about a strange cult, lost in a distant village, told from the perspective of the cult people, with the main character from the city willingly donning the mask of the ancient deity – scary, obscene, chaotic and fiercely territorial. I mean, isn’t it cool? Soil flowing within blood, channeling the wish of the ancestors (including the kindly late aunt), nature turning hostile to the non-locals, lots of killing done in the name of living the same, doing the same, burying in the same place, marrying cousins as usually. …and then maybe some weird ritualistic sex… “Imma sold, the cover is great, gotta reread” – thought I. So is it like this? Well, yes and no.

Yes: The story offers a couple of truly powerful moments. The twist with following the unusual side doesn’t go anywhere, the unfamiliar rituals and beliefs are interesting, the design of the god Tajikarao is great. Sexual symbolism is present, after all the god stone that governs the village and so many scenes in manga is shaped as a giant phallus (and also there’s a young pretty priestess taking part in sexually charged rituals).

No: First of all, it’s, of course, not about a strange cult, it’s about Kyushu Shinto. And, unlike me, the author wasn’t focusing on a mad deified manbeast teaching people the old ways *si-i-gh*, but rather thought about “what it means to be Japanese”, and thus the manga is preachy. The opposition of the village and the city becomes black and white, and there’re occasional saccharine moments, when, for example, heartfelt dancing and singing of grannies turns hearts. No, the immediate writing isn’t bad, and I don’t have any qualms with the ideas that traditions and sacred places should be preserved, that modern life can be damaging for people’s spirits or that old people should be respected, but… I dunno, does a place make people moral? Or are Shinto kamis moral? Isn’t the special commune spirit of rural areas more or less proven make-believe?

This results in other flaws. The characters aren’t complex (the villagers often are shown as a hive mind), and the need to bend the main character into accepting their ways makes his development forced. I can’t say that all the motives are used to their potential too – there’s this clever idea that the main read more
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Apr 26, 2016
Fate/Zero (Manga) add
Novel Review No.2
Gen Urobuchi's "Fate/Zero"

"The Holy Grail War is a competition that decides the ownership of the Holy Grail through intense battle royale. While there have been many conflicts over supposed Holy Grails in the past, this term refers to those specifically based around Masters summoning Servants and meeting in battle until only one pair is left to claim the Holy Grail..."

This is how one would describe the entire premise of each of the storylines within the Fate franchise. In addition to its rich setting despite that there are anything else in the Fate's world that was missing, such as more of the so-called the 'Holy Church', and of the so-called the 'Magic Association', which are quite interesting themselves, despite the Fate series are rather focused on the coverage of respective Holy Grail Wars, each of its storyline played with creating backstories of the Servants as well as their interactions with the other characters, especially the back-and-forth interactions between a certain Servant and his/her Master(s).

For those who do not have a clue about some terminologies involving the Holy Grail War of the Fate franchise, Masters are titles given to certain individuals, usually a magus, who had been chosen to formally participate the Holy Grail War by obtaining Command Seals through the Holy Grail itself and forming a contract with a certain Servant.

On the other hand, Servants are Heroic Spirits (Heroes who achieved great deeds and were worshipped after death through spreading those deeds) summoned by the Holy Grail for the purpose of competing under Masters. Servants are classified into one of the seven standard classes namely Saber (Knight of the Sword), Lancer (Knight of the Lance), Archer (Knight of the Bow), Rider (Mounted Soldier), Caster (Magus), Assassin (Silent Killer) and Berserker (Mad Warrior). Each one of these heroes wield skills and armaments made from humanity's illusion called the Noble Phantasms.

That being said, each of the storyline can be quite difficult to fully understand if one did not know the information about the backstory of a certain Servant although just like what I had said, some stories can be altered in a way it will looked interesting for the Servant and Master interactions. This is mainly due to that history itself is quite vague to be considered real, even if there are significant evidences that contributed towards a certain field of interest, like Leonardo da Vinci (a female Caster Servant in a certain game called "Fate/Grand Order") and his well-known painting, the Mona Lisa, towards art, especially those that had happened before the early 19th century, where photography is not that apparent until that point. This is especially true for any mythological storyline involving certain characters like the Arthurian Legend, the Greek mythology, the Irish mythology, etc. As for me, a well-thought-out usage of said storylines being incorporate into another storyline to create extended purpose to the overall narration made immersion towards that storyline more effective to me as a reader, rather than putting such references quite literally without any read more
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Apr 26, 2016
Baka to Test to Shoukanjuu (Manga) add
Novel Review No.1
Baka to Test to Shokanjuu/Fools and Tests and Summoned Beings

"The story centers around the protagonist named Akihisa Yoshii, the 'baka' of the title. His academy rigidly divides up the student body into classes based on the results of tests. The prodigies are in the A class with reclining seats complete with air conditioning, but Akihisa is in Class 2-F, the lowest rung of the school ladder which is furnished only with low, decrepit tables and worn-out straw tatami mats. A girl named Mizuki Himeji is actually one of the smartest girls in Akihisa's sophomore year, but she had a fever on test day and was pigeonholed into the Class 2-F. Besides Mizuki (whom Akihisa secretly adores), the Class 2-F also has Yuuji Sakamoto, the class president who has been Akihisa's friend and partner-in-crime since the freshman year.

The school happened to have developed experiments to summon fantasy creatures, and Akihisa decided to rally Class 2-F to take on the higher-tiered classes and to seize their perks. The Class 2-F used the summoned creatures in an all-out battle for school supremacy."

- Story Synopsis for "Baka to Test to Shokanjuu" Light Novel via kuzuryu's file.

As of this point, while my favorite genres in generally any medium are science fiction (in anime, there is Nitroplus'/Jukki Hanada's "Steins;Gate"), fantasy/supernatural (in anime, there is Yusuke Kishi's "Shinsekai yori/From The New World") and tragedy (in anime, there is Gen Urobuchi's "Fate/Zero"), I do enjoy reading/watching several romantic comedy series (especially those Japanese light novels, as well as their anime adaptations). Although I had become fully concerned on how much

In terms of those I had already read/watched, Some series stood out because of the focus on its compelling drama while retaining good comedic situations fitting to the personalities of its characters like ongoing Wataru Watari's "Yahari Ore no Seishun Love Comedy wa Machigatteiru./My Teen Romantic Comedy SNAFU" and Naoshi Arakawa's "Shigatsu wa Kimi no Uso/Your Lie In April". Granted, these series fall under the genre of drama.

Some series stood out due to their focus on exploration of personalities of their characters through their backgrounds and interesting history outside of the usual acts of those characters like the light novel Nisio Isin's "Monogatari Series".

And then, there are some series that started on somewhat interesting premises only to be ended up becoming just as ordinary romantic comedy as it could be, where I can say their only aims to illicit laughter from the audience through entertaining stories and characters, just like any comedy storyline. Although it does not mean it is bad or something... Just in the middle of the road in the very long run...

...And as of this point, Kenji Inoue's "Baka to Test to Shokanjuu" is one of those series.

While "Baka to Test to Shokanjuu" is really an enjoyable series, the series did prove nothing about the premise other than achieving what the author aimed to happen which is never a bad thing though, but it does make the story excelling at something in it either read more
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This work is broken into 2.5 works. Noisy Citrine, Symmetry Diamond, and The Last Agate. I say 2.5 because the final part is like a bonus, very short finale to the previous 2.

Noisy Citrine:
At the time of writing this I've just read each chapter in the last 30 minutes and I had a momentary lapse of memory. I completely forgot what this part was about. That in itself should signify the weight (or lack there-of) that this part holds. Upon typing the above, I somewhat remember, and will respond to it.

It's a short little side story of Kirika and some of the emotional baggage she carries. Her character wasn't all that interesting to me in the original work of Oriko Magica, and I can't help but feel like this arc is just a waste of time anyway. Oriko was far more interesting anyway. Bias aside, it flows well but feels lengthy for 2 chapters. It could have easily been 1.

Symmetry Diamond:
The more compelling of the two. I would have preferred this work span the entirety of the volume. Its narrative is far more interesting and focuses more on Oriko. It also includes Yuma, a much-beloved character of Oriko Magica that deserves far more media than she currently has. I appreciate the respectable nature of her character and the tragedy that beholds her that Mura Kuroe portrays. It never feels edgy or offensive, like an exploit to emphasize the mature nature of the Puella Magi Madoka Magica world. It's shocking, but I don't feel as though it steps beyond its pre-ordained nature, as well as restricts itself from becoming glorification.

There is an additional magical girl used within this section and since the arc is only 3 chapters, her addition feels shoe-horned. In fact, it was borderline confusing. Her addition needed more value, more substance to be worth the extra chapter. Otherwise, expand further and make her addition necessary. That said, this is the superior of the two so far.

The Last Agate:
A short, finale to the previous stories. Features characters seen in both and ends on a hopeful, adventurous note. Nothing of real value, but still a little fun.

Mura Kuroe has an interesting, very self-defining artistic style. Although his proportions are atrocious and the artwork somewhat unrealistic, I always enjoyed his character designs when I could actually understand what was happening in the panel. Oriko had the same problem, where it was near impossible to understand the motions or events taking place, in some cases on an entire page. Extra Story carries over these same problems, but a little less. However, reading Symmetry Diamond, you'll clearly see how Oriko's bust changes size nearly ever panel. Had Mura reached further potential, it's likely this work would have more value than it gives off.

Nothing special. It assumes that the reader has read the previous work that these characters have read. It doesn't go so far as to alienate some readers, but the fact I hadn't read Oriko Magica in nearly a year did make read more
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Apr 25, 2016
D.Gray-man (Manga) add
Just before I start to write the actual review, I'd like to mention that I absolutely adore D.Gray-man so my ratings may seem blown out of proportion... Of course everything I write is my own opinion and you obviously don't have to agree with it, so without further ado, lets begin!

D.Gray-man starts out a regular shounen series and if you don't decide to invest your time into the plot from the get go,it can be easily over looked. I promise you-though it may seem basic and predictable-just give the series a chance, every book the plot gets thicker and the story gets progressively darker as characters are given more depth. I can confidently say the series now more closely resembles that of a seinen and the plot twists and mind f***'s are well worth the wait.
Hoshino has changed her art style a lot throughout the D.Gray-man series and I have to say, the style she settled on after her hiatus is absolutely astonishing. I can't even begin to explain how she does it, but I can say it took a lot of re-reading to fully appreciate every panel and detail of the most recent chapters. Although even before that I fell in love with the way she draws. Along with many others I believe that her characters are the most visually striking element, they have been called "especially lovely" and people have said her work is "some of the best in the business".
At the time I am writing this review only 222 chapters have been released and not all character backstories have been revealed, though the ones we do have I am greatly pleased with and the ones we do not have I am very interested to find ouot about. Every character is pretty original and they all have a very detailed past and personality. There are even some characters who have gone through development and changed for the better. I don't want to get to much into characters because spoilers... But I love them all a lot and think they're great. :D
Yeah, if you can't tell I think the series is great and I really wish people would give it a chance because it's not very well known, few people have even watched the anime (which isn't that great but still...)! I'd highly suggest this to anyone who likes a story with great characters, amazing art and an even better plot.
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Apr 25, 2016
Girls of the Wild's (Manga) add
Honestly, this manhwa was the reason why I started to look into more manga and manhwa. It has a very dramatic beginning into the story and drags you along the way so you don't fall behind. Constant fighting scenes, comedic scenes and romantic scenes. The story may seem generic as the weak boy who is trained into becoming a strong-willed man but this story doesn't seem to get old for me. I feel like every character in this manhwa is connected to me.

Story 8/10.

Story as I said seemed to be pretty generic but it hooks you in and doesn't let you go until you read enough. Really dramatic and loving scenes to rom-com scenes that make you love/hate the protagonist.

Art 9/10.

This style of art is definitely one of the reasons to why I was hooked. The way the emotions were drawn onto the characters show alot about the story and makes you he a good guy or a bad guy? It always brings bright colours to the panels and gives you eye candy when you need it. Also the atmosphere is great.

Character 9/10.

Character development in this manhwa is crazy. Every character you meet in the story gains or loses something because of what they do and how they do it. They all learn from their mistakes and are taught valuable lessons throughout the story. The main protagonist changes from a weak-frail boy to a stong-willed individual but doesn't lose sight of what is important to him. You will know what I mean when you read this.

Enjoyment 10/10.

Artwork, the colour, the story and all the loving characters, I just enjoyed them all. This was one of first manhwa's I read and I will definitely be reading more when this is over.

Overall 9/10.
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Apr 25, 2016
Special A (Manga) add
Ahahaha xD! It appalled me when I realized that I had not written a review for a manga that occupied 80% of my lonely high school life and also, introduced me to the world of manga.

Note: This review will contain personal bias xD

So I had grown up with anime as my sibling, but my entry into the world of reading manga came at a fairly later stage, aka, middle school to high school transition period. I had seen AMVs of this anime on youtube and decided to watch it and what do you know, I loved it. However, after learning it had a manga behind it, with ninety-nine chapters at that, I decided I had to read it.

I'm well aware that by this time, your normal shoujo category is saturated with over-the-top characters and the stereotypical 'Perverted-but-secretly-nice-and-terribly-perfect-good-looking-Prince-desu!" guy and your "AVERAGE" girl, who somehow ends up winning his heart and bla bla bla~

But SA is... different.
Different to me at least, because of the following (not exhaustive) points:

1. The female protagonist isn't a doki-doki idiot.
2. The guy falls in love at first.
3. The girl is so horribly dense that it's kinda frustrating but that's one of her most attractive traits (in the context of SA, at least)
4. The comedy is hilarious, tbh.
5. The storyline is unique compared to most other shoujo manga out there.

I'll keep my review rubric as short as possible:

Storyline: 10
I actually really really like the storyline. It's refreshing to see, even after all these years, a setting and atmosphere in SA that's different from your usual typical shoujo manga. I like the competition and Hikari's perennial death-wish to beat Kei in everything that happens. It's cute. SA is not supposed to be realistic, but more entertainment, and it pulls that off successfully.

Art: 10
I always find Minami Maki's art appealing to me, I don't know why, but I like it a lot. Maybe because it's slightly different from the style you see a lot around, these days. But it's like that for a few mangaka - you immediately recognize their art style on seeing just a single panel even though there's no caption to indicate what manga it is and from who. Minami Maki's one of those artists.

Characters: 10
These days I'm highly picky. During my high school days I used to be liberal in watching and reading whatever I could and hell, I'll admit that shoujo used to be "THE" thing for me because... hey, I was 15 and wanted to have a high school life as entertaining as these female protagonists I kept reading about. Since I'm really choosy in what I watch and read these days, I make it a point to only give a try to those things that I find TRULY worth it. However with SA, though having read it years ago, I still feel that the characters are honestly some of the most entertaining people in manga ever. I don't want to dig too deep into how realistic it is, because read more
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Apr 25, 2016
Chichi ga Loli na Mono de (Manga) add
Yes Lolita but Father? or My Father is a Loli, is a strange yet funny manga, about a Father scientist who turns himself into a Loli, and since that day a lot of funny, strange and dangerous things happen.

Characters- 7/10

The father scientist who turns into a Loli, the assistant with big boobs, the Lolicon son, the girl who is the childhood best friend that is also in love with the MC, the girl's other friend, the MC other friend, the the genius transfer student, and a very special cockroach(yes that's right) etc.. we have the classic characters for a school/comedy and some more original with some twist/secret, they are all funny and well draw.

Art- 8/10

The Art is good, the comedy scenes are very well draw, the face expresions are really good and the Lolis are very very cute. Some ecchi scenes and kind of action are also very good.

Story- 7/10

The Story is not anything deep and complex, it's simple yet nice, just a story about a father scientist who makes himself a Loli with a fail experiment and then good,bad, funny things happen. What can you get from reading this? well you get comedy, cute Lolis some good and funny plot twists.

Overall/Enjoyment- 8/10

This may looks like a stupid idea for a manga but it was fun to read, don't go into it expecting something amazing, life changing or anything like that, this is just comedy with Lolis and weird stuff happening all around witch makes it very fun and nice to read. I recommend it to anyone who has 30 minutes to 1hour free to read it :)
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Apr 24, 2016
Claymore (Manga) add
Convenient. A lot of things take place for the sake of progression. There's no real sense of urgency or fear when reading this work, as each fight is recovered by an unknown savior stepping in at the last minute. With a work putting so much emphasis on the overwhelming power of the enemy, it's unfortunate to find it undermined by poor directive decisions.

There's a mishandling of dialogue and combat. This is a work that is plagued with characters pausing in the middle of a fight to take out the proverbial tea-table and chew the fat over some expositional dialogue. It can become very arduous and is what fills more than 70% of the pages.

This work is very event driven, and that works in some respect. The problem is that a world that is event-driven needs to be lively, and this world is rather barren. There's talk about different locations on this continent but it's never quite detailed what differs between them: if there's varied races, commodities, cultures. It's unfortunate for a fantasy work to pass up this opportunity.

The main villain is not all that compelling, and I don't mean to compare but since everyone says. "Claymore is the female Berserk!" then I feel comfortable saying that Claymore's main antagonist is nothing like Griffith. She is not nearly as interesting or engaging as the well-constructed character of Griffith. I found this incredibly disappointing, but I tried not to let it ruin my adventure through Claymore. In fact, I found myself enjoying her as a character during the last 30 chapters. It helped recover a bad taste in my mouth I had been nursing for a while.

In regards to some positives, a few of the events are quite intriguing. While I never feared the ensemble casts mortality, I did find it fun to see how they'd escape their perilous situation. There's something fun about the constant hurdles our cast endures, even if a majority of the conflicts seem unrealistic and downright stupid.

Despite the somewhat convoluted nature of this narrative, the finale is incredibly satisfying. As someone who felt that this work was going well beyond its worth, I was actually looking forward to the ending because I didn't want to see this work get worse. Thankfully, the ending was not only prompt but efficiently executed with a surprise that I felt was both believable and not a convenient cop-out.

The Awakened Beings of Claymore are very cool. They all have their own designs that are somewhat practical and otherworldly. My only issue is that despite their designs, they're never quite as humbling as I'd hope, considering there's always a convenient savior prepared to save our cast.

Connected to my issue with this world being quite barren, the backdrops of nearly every fight are boring and uninspired. Rubble and more rubble. Trees used as rubble. Mountains turned into a flat plane of rubble. And no, it's not just because the Awakened Beings are destructive, it's mostly because rubble is easy to draw. It would read more
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Apr 24, 2016
Hiiro Ouji (Manga) add
Quick Review: (Spoilers....kinda)

Art was good, refreshing to look at, but i found one scene with a half drawn face in the background. But it's not just this manga, it happens in a few.

Story was very mediocre. Most of the time it was filled with unnecessary characters and arcs that didn't move the plot at all. The manga would introduce a bunch of characters, but they all seemed very plot-irrelevant. It would've fit the slice-of life genre more, and there wasn't much harem. It was mainly just a light story about the daily lives of a vampire and an exorcist.

It seemed like the author tried to create a non-cliche shoujo romance story by excluding many typical shoujo scenarios, but failed to do so. For example, there was no real "rival" or threat to the romance of the two main characters. And not much development in other characters except for the main two, it was a miracle how the plot drove (spoiler) Okamoto to confess to Mana.

All in all, it really seemed like a waste of my time, (about 3-4 hours) BUT, if you're looking for a shoujo romance with a goofy male vampire and a typical Maid-sama female lead, then try checking out Hirro Ouji.
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Apr 24, 2016
Bungou Stray Dogs (Manga) add
I'd like to preface this review with the fact that I LOVE this series. I'm probably biased because it hits me right in all of the different features that I enjoy in manga. I only read it in the last few days, and it was a complete binge because I couldn't put it down. I've been reading manga for most of my life, and I think the only one I've enjoyed more was Shaman King, but this series has a long way to go, and may prove to be my favorite. I absolutely can't wait until it's licensed to be released in English.

Gushing aside, as of the time of this writing, only up to chapter 31 has been translated (even by fans, as far as I can find), so that's what I'm going on. The anime looked good, so I picked it up, only to not want to wait for the next episode to come out. So I decided to read the manga. It's just as good as the anime, if not better.

The story is handled very well. There are three factions fighting towards an end goal and against each other. Things are very clear when it comes to figuring out where the story is going--and yet not completely predictable. It's very much a common setup for the target audience genre, but that's certainly not a bad thing.

The art is extremely clear and nice to look at. The artist does a very good job with not only scenery and characters, but action scenes as well. It's all framed in a very nice way and it's easy to tell when you're looking at a comedic scene and when you're looking at a serious scene.

The characters are great, and with time, they're being fleshed out more. At this time, I think it's best to leave this category at "they have a lot of promise and the series hints that the promise will come to fruition."

I'm obviously enjoying this manga a lot, since I binged it and then scoured the internet for more translations once I was caught up.

Overall, I'd definitely suggest this to anyone and everyone--and I have been. Bungou Stray Dogs is a great read and it's looking like that will be the case for quite a while to come.
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Apr 24, 2016
Another (Manga) add
Story -7-
The basic story of Another is that a new student moves in, only to befriend a girl that no one else seems to see. When he meets her and starts to seek her out to try and become friends with her, bad things start to happen. There isn’t much more that can be said about the story since that would give away far too many twists. Overall, the story was rather interesting, as it was not something I had seen before in a mystery horror manga. Many of the mystery horror mangas tend to follow the same story line of a lot of people dying from a mysterious cause and everyone has to figure it out, however, this took a different spin.

Art -7-
The art within the manga was also on par on what it should be, as the characters were distinctive and the art got the point across. This series was not supposed to make any artistic stretches, so the artist, Hiro Kiyohara, kept the details to a minimum. Since this was in the horror genre, there was some gore, and that is always hard to do correctly. They tended to stay away on drawing some of the more detailed aspects, such as skin being sliced and broken bones, but what they did do, they did well.

Character -8-
The characters in the manga all had a reason to their actions and it was clear to see why. The main character, Kouichi, was a more passive main character, which was different from many other horror mangas, where the main character is much more active and more of a leader. The other main character, Mei, also did not really develop through the series; rather she stayed the same as when she is first introduced in the first book. This wasn’t a series where the characters were supposed to develop however, so that cannot be counted against them. The only characters that deserved a bit more detail to be revealed about them was Izumi and Yuuya. Izumi was shown to have a rather destructive home life and not much was known about Yuuya, and these were two of the more interesting characters that were not really focused on.

Enjoyment -9-
Overall, the enjoyment of the manga was high, as it was interesting to try and figure everything out with the main character Kouichi. Since this manga is classified as horror, there is a lot of gore, which could take away some of the appeal toward those who are not a fan of the genre. However, as I am a very big fan of this genre, it was very enjoyable for me. The only real turn off was that it was so short and so many other avenues could have been explored through the other characters. I would highly recommend this book to anyone who likes mystery and doesn’t mind a little bit of blood along the way.

Overall -7.75-
This manga only had a few flat points, being the somewhat common storyline within its genre read more
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Watashitachi no Shiawase na Jikan (9/10)

Story (10/10): I would say that this is the most beautiful manga that I have ever read so far. In just 8 chapters, I was compelled by its storyline. I was moved by the backstories of each character. This is the first time that I have cried over a manga. I just literally burst myself into tears, that kind of tears that I shed when I watched AnoHana. This is what I love about seinen, josei, and slice of life manga, there's more into it, like a deeper plot. It has something that is not in shounen and shoujo manga. The theme is great, absolutely beautiful and sad.

Art (9/10): The art is well-drawn. Although simple, still it connects and just go well with the plot and characters.

Character (8/10): I like the development of the characters. I think it was great that we get to see them revealing a little about themselves, about how they helped each other in little ways in so little time.

Overall (9/10): I really love it. It's probably one of my favorites now. I'm planning on reading the novel where it is based.
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Apr 24, 2016
World Bring It On! (Manga) add
I recommend this story to those who like survival stories. The main female character is put literally in a situation where there is no other way she could go unless backwards, so she soldiers on forwards to the best of her ability.
In my opinion it is less harsh then love in the mask, as her life basically isn't in much. The male lead role has his own style, he became and was the person that she needed. It is an interesting and unique way that this story is written as it has the real problems, such as looking after your siblings. Then the added manga style of bullying. It does put quite a bit onto the main character, but you can see in her personality that she is strong most of the time. Strong to a point that she can't even show when she is weak.
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Apr 23, 2016
16 Life (Manga) add
There's something a little comforting about love stories that fall together quite perfectly, even if they're too perfect to be realistic. 16 Life is good for people who still believe in romance that springs up from nowhere, musical talent that brings people to their knees, men and women that are prettier than average, and drama that could only come up in TV shows.

I'll give you a glimpse. The protagonist, a girl who firmly believes that she should follow a straight path to a stable career, is scouted by a handsome music producer. Ooooh, what will happen next? What a surprise... EVERYONE knows what happens next. Despite how cute the whole situation may seem, the story is quite heavily laced with cliches. Love triangles abound, musical talent is guided by feelings, past relationships come back to light, etc. The brevity of the manga made me thankful because I was starting to roll my eyes over how sappy the love was.

The characters were no help to the story, either. Saya is the typical heroine who lets herself be taken in by love from a dude she barely knows, and though she's friendly, her emotions can really get in the way of things. The only good aspect of that is that she can channel her feelings into her singing. That is really something considering the way feelings usually affect people's performances.

The men of interest were the standard bishounen. They were fine, but nothing so special, and all had weaknesses that weren't so unique. While they were attractive, two of them looked just like each other except for differing hair color. (I really hate that.)

I suppose the saving grace of the manga was the art. While big-eyed girls and good-looking dudes are not at all particularly original for shoujo, the artwork did fit the tone of the story. I think the mangaka's eye for clothing wasn't too bad, though I can't say much else about the rest.

Another fatal flaw was the mangaka's total dismissal of a problem which was never resolved. I suppose in the epilogue it seemed as if it was done and over with or forgotten, but that dissatisfied me seeing that it seemed to be an important issue before. Otherwise, the story went on and that was that.

So, should you read this? Only if you're into some super fluffy shoujo.
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Apr 23, 2016
Hakushaku Cain Series (Manga) add
Before I start my review, I must warn you all that this is one of the harder reviews I have to do. Because of this, there may be a few more spoilers then other reviews even if I try to keep away from them. Also, this manga is not for the faint of heart. There is a lot of blood, gore, torture, and stories that will see the evil in humanity. I have seen a lot of torture style anime and manga but almost every single one of those was with a demon or evil spirit doing the act. This manga on the other hand is one where those doing the torture and murder are actually human. So many of the stories made me feel bad about the characters, and almost made me stop reading it as I was getting that emotional about the stories. This is my disclaimer for this review; it is your choice weather you feel like you can read it or the manga it is about.

The manga is written much like many of the others I seem to like, small stories within the chapters and an over arching plot that seems to hang over our main character, Cain. You could say it’s similar to xxxHOLiC or Petshop of horrors (more like the later I believe for how dark it gets) and though I rather loved those stories, this one was a bit hard for me. It also did not help me that the ending was so anti climatic. I will not fully get into spoilers here but the rise in climax seems to end a chapter too early, and then ends up not having an ending to that conflict. Now I was reading this off a website as I could not find it anywhere else so if the chapters were placed in the wrong order, I am rather sorry for this idea. If they were in the wrong order, then what should have probably been the last chapter would have been a great ending to go into the sequel manga, God Child.

When talking about the characters, it is seriously hard to do as most of them are spoilers to other stories or, much like the main characters, have so many complicated backstories that have spoilers within them. I will try my best to talk about them but I cannot promise it is spoiler free. The first character we should probably talk about is the character Cain Hargreaves. He is… well a very odd sort of upper class gentlemen. He is a very kind hearted man to those who are suffering and yet can be much like the devil to those who are the ones causing the pain. I believe it is because of his past that he is much like this, and it is a past that seems to haunt him and those around him even to when the manga ends sadly. I do feel sorry for him as most of the suffering is not because read more
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Apr 23, 2016
SAI:Taker - Futari no Artemis (Manga) add
SAI: Taker is a classic tale of missed opportunity. But with Im Dal Young as its writer there is little ells to be expected from it.
It started out very strong with an intrestring world and a very intrestring concept to work around in that world (personally the gender swap was great but that is a personal taste) and does keep that the first few chapter. But the sad thing is that it adds up to nothing.
It's a story that really ends before it gets to start because what is there feels as the world building set up you do so your characters actions and abilities are more explained. and honestly it's sad because if there was done something with this story it could have been great. But it just ends before actually doing ANYTHING.
But lets not gloss over the fact that I had fun reading it, it was fun to end. But as a wise man once said: "The ending is paramount." And the ending of SAI: Taker sadly ruins it all by ending with just a buildup for nothing real.
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In my previous review I commented at the end that, in my opinion, fixation on scores can often lead people to feel pressured into taking a specific position. This can often lead to two different outcomes, depending on how little capacity the individual has to stop giving a shit about public opinion: in one, the person evaluating the specific work can end up taking an extreme position, considering it’s a naturally divisive work, in order to fit into the group that shares that position. The other outcome, however, is something that I find even more worrying: it can create around certain works the status of “untouchable”. In these instances, the work is so wildly agreed as being a masterpiece that disagreeing with the consensus is nothing short of heresy.

So, I think this little diatribe can give a good idea of how I felt going into Watashitachi no Shiawase na Jikan (stupid long-ass names! I’ll call this one Happy Time for the sake of convenience) and suddenly finding it not as good as I was expecting. In fact, not finding it good in general!

Story and Characters

Sometime ago I was discussing with a friend about a certain series we both had problems with and he mentioned that from his point of view it seemed that the characters in that series were not really representations of humans, but personifications of problems. When I began reading Happy Time, I suddenly recalled that specific statement.

But what necessarily would mean a character being just a personification of a problem? Well, the issue in this case is that, before we have any idea of how the characters can be generally perceived as human beings, the source of characterization is simply the problems that define their struggle. Being Happy Time a drama, it’s understandable that the personal issues and traumas faced by the characters would be the focus of the story, but even for a drama, it’s important to first of all, establish what traits the characters have outside of those issues. The problem with letting their traumas and struggle define them is that if they are supposed to be relatable or likeable figures, the audience is left with little ground to identify or attach to them, and if they are not supposed to be likeable or relatable, the lack of defining traits leaves them without solid foundation for their development.

I’d like to make a parallel to better explain my points, but before that let’s get to know the unfortunates that compose the story of Happy Time.

Mutou Juri is a former pianist that has already tried suicide 3 times and holds a deep grudge against her uncaring mother. She begins visiting prisoners sentenced to death by influence of her aunt Monica, as a way of driving herself away from her depression.

Yuu is the prisoner on death row that is visited by Juri and with whom she begins to develop a bond, based on the understanding that both have deep grudges against the situations they were raised in.

Monica read more
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Apr 23, 2016
Shuriken to Pleats (Manga) add
I'm literally only writing this review because I saw this manga has none and I kind of felt bad for it, but I also feel responsible to prepare you for what this manga is if you ended up here for whatever reason, like wanting more Matsuri Hino manga, expecting this to be similar to Vampire knight, etc.

Story - 3

I'm one of the people that dived into it only because it was Matsuri Hino's new project after Vampire knight ended and I seriously expected it to at least reach the same level of expectations, mostly because it sounded like something nice and something that I could enjoy. Well, yes, for the first 4 chapters the manga was nice, but then the disaster befell it. Maybe it was my fault for having expectations, but it literally felt like trying to fit a tree branch into a matchbox. Beneath everything, I can see potential, but the execution was all over the place and the story of the seeds is questionable.

There were a lot of moments when the characters had weird stuff to prioritize when they should be concentrating on something else entirely and more urgent businesses at hand. Was it for comedy purposes? I am unsure and that confusion led me to not take the story seriously not even when I was supposed to. I'm not a fan of random mood switches and I will never be able to conceive them. You laugh when you have to laugh, you are serious when you have to be serious and this manga did badly to cope up with that.
(Just how can I laugh over highschool issues when I know that a character is dying? And i put this question to you, readers of this review. ) I can laugh to distract myself from an issue that I don't want to face, but here? it was just blatantly ignored for half manga just because... reasons?

It doesn't end there, there are also certain conveniences to speak about, but what is a rushed story without conveniences? I don't know what happened, but I strongly feel like Shuriken to Pleats did badly during the first chapters' feedbacks and Matsuri Hino was asked to give it a closure in no more than 6 chapters. And if that's the case then i really feel bad for her.

I feel like giving the manga props, however, for trying to portray the love between a young girl and an older guy, even if lacking in substance. That's not something that I see often in manga, so I was impressed just because this love was never forgotten. I'm aware this opinion might not be something that the mass would share with me; maybe an older guy x younger girl pairing makes some of you feel uncomfortable, but not agreeing with it and ignoring it exists are two different matters.

Characters - 4

There's really not much to them, despite all of them having potential to become more. There was just not read more
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Apr 23, 2016
Akatsuki no Yona (Manga) add
This story looks like it's going to take a while before it strikes the so waited climax, but it has so many breath taking and heart warming moments that it makes you think "the 'main' climax will be so crazy that i'll need to do a heartcheck" hahahaha.


we see prophecies, legends and legacies in pretty much 80% of the published series. About this, the story doesn't have anything extraordinary. The good part comes when we talk about the connected happening that leads to the prophecies, how the side stories support the development of the what I call the main climax (you'll get this once you read). And something that, for me, is the main point so the story can give you those crazy chills "I need to know what happens next", is the characters development. Without it, AnY would be just another historical-harem-related shoujo, with lots of guys that'd die for her.


Even thou I really enjoy readind something with "alternative" art style (like xxxHolic or Copernicus no Kokyuu), if art like AnY, with the flattering traces and full of glittering eyes kind of art is combined with action, good story and hot guys, I cannot stop reading. It is like torture to wait the next chapter. So yes, the art is amazing (!!!), even if it doesn't bring anything "new".


This is the super upper dupper awesome point of AnY. I already said what I think of the relation story x character, so you may have already noticed that I love it. If you want to recommend a story for me, so I can be crazy over, give me something that actually shows the past of the character. I love this. You can understand why Shin-Ah acts like that, why Zeno has that personality, for example. And for last but not least, let me tell you about Yona-dear... As someone already said, such a badass girl... Love her. I fell at ease when I see some huge badass fem protagonist. The mangaka gave us the oportunity to see such a fragile girl become someone that fight and speak for her e the ones she loves. And this transaction between fragile = badass is not something like "she woke up like this"... You can notice the change, gradually occuring.

Well, finishing this short review, I fell like saying again how much I love the main/suport characters, and even that I said that the plot is "common", it is really enjoyfull, because you know the path Yona's adverture is taking, but you still can enjoy the amazing fighting and funny/brave characters.
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Apr 23, 2016
xxxHOLiC (Manga) add
When I think about writing reviews for the works i've read/watched, it's waaay easier to talk about the ones that "ok, this was really joyfull" "oh, such good art"... Because when we talk about the one that is THE ONE for us, you may look like a crazy fangirl trying to say more than 'omg sahjashdjkah". XD

Let's try this! And I'm gonna start with: READ THIS, because not even in 1000 years, you gonna forget or regret.

About the story:

As any other one of the popular CLAMP 'classic' series, the plot has a lot of deep thoughts, meanings, things you carry for your personal life. Since from the start, they show you what kind of story this is going to be, full of funny moments, love and mystery. Even if this one isn't the last of Holic mangas, the put a good ending on. They created a point so the story can continue not getting all boring and becoming a circle of events. This is the kind of manga that, yeeears after you finished, if you look at the cover, you gonna become nostalgic and remember the good time you spent reading, and do it all over again.

The only problem I see in the plot is regarding the points where the story connects with Tsubasa, for exemple. If you hadn't read Tsubasa, you may get lost, but reading Holic til the end, you still can get the story. They don't explain the connections from the start, and this is the only point where you can fell lost, because the other parts from the Holic world, lines that didn't get a tie in the first serie are explained after, and as there is a new serie going on, it's early to say "but i didn't get that yet!"

About the art and characters:

The art may not have shinning eyes, well structured bodies and flattering traces, nor realistic art and so. Yet, it matches so perfectly the atmosphere that the story gives, that it is almost surreal. Here's something important about the art: they are simple yet so detailed in the clothing and covers, that you need to spend such a long time to contemplate everything. It complements the mysterious feels that the store gives you.

About the characters:

When we talk about the characters, we NEED to talk about the bonds between Yuuko and Watanuki, and between Watanuki and Doumeki. They are really important for the story development and the plot itself, because, let's say, xxxHolic is about bonds. Even the characters that in any story would be the "good for nothing good looking char", here they have their special roles in the plot, none of them were waisted.

Well, to finish this short review, I'll just complement what I said before: Read this story, not because it is CLAMP, not because it has a good scoring.

Read it because it's good. This funny and amusing story explains to you the importance of every single thing that happens in life, the people we met, it read more
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Apr 23, 2016
The King of Fighters: Kyo (Manga) add
As Polonius of Hamlet once said: Brevity is the soul of wit. Sometimes, all we want is a little pinch of something before we've had enough of it. For KOF: Kyo, a pinch is indeed all that we get and that pinch, as brief and as flawed as it is, it just enough...but only just.

The underlying conflict in KOF, centered on the struggle between Iori Yagami and Kyo Kusanagi, is odd in that characters always refer to the struggle, but the reader is never really given the scope of the conflict until later in the short series. Those who have played the games would probably be the only ones who could understand the story, limiting the audience within the first few chapters.

The manga, with its grossly uneven pacing and extremely unsatisfying ending, does succeed in giving us a brief outline of what a shounen is all about: getting cocky, getting humbled, getting depressed, getting angry and then getting even. CHDAE...that acronym will probably never stick, but the point is that while Kyo's story is predictable, it is at least goes forward, albeit to lackluster ends.

Character designs are one of the key strengths in KOF:F. Fighting games rely on interesting characters to entice players, and for this spin off, with the character designs remain mostly the same, KOF is a visual treat. Furthermore, the artist knows his way around the 90s era of shounen. From him, we get an art style that keeps with the spirit of the 90s without trying too hard, complete with exaggerated emotions and tense confrontations between rivals. Each battle between Iori and Kyo serve as a example how the intensity of video game fights can be successfully transferred into the manga media.

The lack of originality is the issue I am least concerned about with this series, since it, like other 90s shounens, prioritizes style over substance. What bothers me are the lacking motivations of the characters, especially for Kyo himself. He lacks drive, and while the story tries to explain exactly why, readers are not given much to work with. All we get is a faceless love interest, a vague recap of the previous tournament and a general outline of his relationship with his rival, who is obsessed with killing Kyo because...he wants to? Kyo just loses his will to fight, but with the stakes unclear and/or worthless, I don't see a reason why he should fight either, which defeats the purpose of writing a shounen all about fighting. Other characters, like Benimaru, appear as cameos, while still others serve as simple tools for the main two fighters to use. Athena and Kensou are just wandering around, helping Kyo without developing themselves in any way. Vice and Mature come in later, their purpose only highlighting the fact that the story is incomplete. The only character who captures the passion and fulfills his designated role is Kyo's father, who challenges his son to be better like a good shounen dad should.

It's turn-off-brain entertainment of the read more
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Apr 23, 2016
Maker Hikoushiki Hatsune Mix (Manga) add
Story -3-
The manga attempts to do a new story each chapter. There are mangas that can do this well, but this is not one of them, each story was half baked and never really followed a real story line. A repeat story within the manga was always that the main Vocaloids, Miku, Rin and Len, were always broke. One of the recycled plots was the three of them attempting to make money in different ways, only to gather just enough money for the concert that they wanted to have, but surprise, the money is used for Meiko and Kaito’s concert. The characters were always just all thrown in so they could all be there, there were one or two good stories, but they were far and few in between. Even the good stories tended to have recycled plots, as the good chapters often focused on the characters developing slightly as a person. The stories also had the feeling that they were just thrown in so that you could laugh at the characters or feel bad for them. For mangas that do a new story for each chapter, the chapter needs to be more than a few pages long so that the story can have a clear beginning, middle and end, without this the stories are often muddled and leave the reader confused and dissatisfied.

Art -8-
The art in the manga was rather good. Where the story falls flat, the art was able to make the manga at least bearable. The art was also constant; there were no times where the art would feel out of place. The characters were all different from one another, so there was no confusion between them.

Character -4-
I feel as though the characters were a bit underdeveloped, much like the stories. Miku was always the ditz, air headed idol, Rin the aggressive little sister, ect. These characters can appeal to many people and they could have worked better within the manga, but how they were presented made them very unappealing and made the characters feel as though they were simple stock characters, and in other words severely underdeveloped. The vocaloid characters are known, and they are known as somewhat like stock characters, but there is a way to make them feel as though they are more of original ideas. There is potential in the characters, they just need to be more thought out, they are currently more of a frame-work rather than a full character.

Enjoyment -2-
I did not enjoy the manga, because of the frame-work characters and the frantic stories. I found myself rushing to finish the manga just to be done with it, wanting to move onto a different manga. The art work was good and the one or two good stories that I would find every so often saved this from being a 1, but beyond that, I could not find myself enjoying the manga. I feel that if KEI had spent more time making the stories and more time making the characters a bit read more
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Apr 23, 2016
Kamisu Reina Series (Manga) add
If there's a word that can describe Eiji Mikage novels, it would be "Unique".

After finishing HakoMarie I felt a huge gap in my heart, a void of sorts. I wanted more but at the same time I wanted something new. And that's when i came across this. While it's not at the same level as HakoMarie, it's pretty damn near.

Eiji Mikage has proven once again to me why is he the best author out there. his unique style of writing and the dark athmosphere in his storys is what actually shines about him. and trust me when I say this ; Kamisu Reina series is dark.

this is a review of the 1st and 2nd volume, so it may contain minor spoiller of the first volume.

The Story: 9/10.

Now, the subject of suicide is nothing new in our lives. We see news about suicides every day in the newspaper or the TV. and it can even happen to someone close to you. So why is this topic the best thing about this novel? simple, it's the cause of suicide. The story of this novel doesn't really focus on the act of suicide, but the causes of it. And according to the plot, the causes are a phenomenon called Reina kamisu. But, for this phenomenon to appear you have to actually believe in it. now I can't say any more becuase it would be a huge spoiller of the 2nd volume. So, I'll keep it brief. This phenomenon is in fact the "best friend" of our first "protagonist" Fumi Saito, who in fact is a lonely highschool girl with no friends except for one, Kamisu Reina. What she didn't know though is that Reina is actually there to help her remove her miserys and get her to other world which is called "THERE", in other words, heaven.

The Characters : 10/10.

This is actually the strongest point about this Novel. The characters are totally different people, half of which don't even attend the same school. but they're all somehow connected as though they all can see and talk to Reina, and they all have a miserable life or a dark past. The way the author presented these characters is beautiful to say the least. For each chapter we get to expirience the events in the prespective of a certain character, which in the same time denies the presence of a main character. But in the very end we get to know who is Reina Kamisu, in the final chapter she's the protagonist and I must say that was greatly done.

The Art: -/10

The biggest disappointement of this novel is the art. Well, there are none. Except for the cover there are absolutely no illustrations. I can understand that since Reina Kamisu is "absurdely beautiful" and it would be hard to creat a certain character design for her so it's best to let it for our imagination. But the same can't be said for the rest of the characters. I really wanted to see how read more
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Apr 22, 2016
My Life's Tackle (Manga) add
My personal preference where I enjoy reading more, are stories that touch the heart. This one has it where you are trying to just survive and then a bit a fate entwined as well.
I would recommend it but add in that it may take a bit to sink in at first. Keep in mind that there are twins, so they go from one to the other. I have actually read it twice and found out small extras as I did.
It has a stronger female lead then your usual school high girl manga.
This story may also make you feel grateful for family or to even have friends. There is loneliness and reasons for it.
The main male lead has a quest and he does it 100%, he's very persistent, and that helps her out.
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Apr 22, 2016
Forbidden Kiss (Manga) add
Like the other review, you read one, you read em all.
There is still obviously a story that made it worth reading for me. It's not the authors best but if you like the triangle, school, hard to show love kind of manga it still is worth the read.
Don't get too down sided to the plot as things do have a way of turning out.
There is also that typical type of plot that the protagonist gets herself into a bit of a jam, which could possibly gone better if she just took up responsibility lol. But of course, this is a bit real to the fact she is still young. On the other hand I feel sorry for the step brother, probably because he tried not to feel that way towards her.
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Apr 22, 2016
Sun-Ken Rock (Manga) add
I am not sure why this has such a high rating, so I want to give a warning to the like-minded readers – don’t bother with Sun-Ken Rock, if you’re looking for a good story. The only thing this manga has going for it is art, and the writing is extremely cringeworthy.

You’ve read the synopsis? And now add “and then they dance”, because that’s what happens when the main character joins mafia, cause dancing is great, right? They dance for 7 panels on two pages. This is also a gag manga somehow, and what’s the worst is that it’s not humor added to a good plot, but gags replacing some important plotpoints and warping motivations.

You think you’ll see the hero rise to the top from the slums, building his muscle and personality? Forget it, he becomes the boss by chance, just because a teen loser is so awesome, I guess (he is a NEET loser at that moment allright). You think you’ll see how his love trains to become a cop? Nah, she is just there and oh-so-hot in her uniform.

Yeah, there’re some ideas, that wouldn’t be out of place in a serious criminal drama, like comparing a state to a gang or the stand for you subordinates and they’ll stand for you thing, but the poor overall quality of writing drowns what little good there is. Yeah, there’re potentially interesting topics - politics, nationality, revenge, forgiveness, etc. – but they are treated with all the grace of a story, written by a 12-14 year old boy. The moral dilemma of being a part of the underworld is replaced by the idea of following one’s heart and nakamas – the shounen motivation set A. The main hero fights for his friends and justice and somehow gains property. There’s also the tendency to include trivia and ethnographic info in the form of direct exposition, like, for example, in one of the early chapters the protagonist punishes MMO-money speculators and reads them a lecture on Korean gaming industry, because this is a manga about gang warfare, I suppose.

I honestly wanted to read more of the story to feel more secure about condemning it, but it’s physiologically painful (I probed in the later chapters, the same effect).

The art is good, as I’ve mentioned. For it and only for it this manga gets a 4.

The emphasis is on showing the badass characters’ designs, and the author can draw bodies (especially male) magnificently. But the art also jerks uncomfortably between amazing panels with characters looking like older people from a better story and chibies or cartoon exaggeration. I must also add, that design-wise the main character seem to be the best thing there is, so you kind of saw it all on the cover. Maybe the protagonists’s right-hand man is somewhere close with his gothic-flawored prettiness (no wonder, since he is rivalish), but flipping through the additional couple of dozens of chapters doesn’t reveal other characters, that are comparably memorable.

There’re nice scenery shots, read more
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Apr 21, 2016
Michi to no Souguu (Manga) add
Overall, this manga was very cute and sexy. Although the story and characters were not very developed, it is to be expected from a one volume series. It's very cute though and I enjoyed the romantic development as it's a little different from the typical yaoi manga ;)
The art is very nice I really like how koshino sensei draws expression in her manga if you like some of her other manga you will like this one as well.
Some chapters have so much development and yet some have little to no development so waiting for this manga to be completely scanlated felt like I might get the whole story or just a small fluff piece.
As a whole, I enjoyed this manga and recommend it as a light read if you want something short and sweet and not too much to think about.
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Apr 21, 2016
Orange (Manga) add
If you could erase your regrets in another world, would you?
I was in search for a perfect manga to oass time with so I set up some filters when manga browsing: romance, drama, school life, slife of life, tradegy; make them completed. As I browsed, I stumbled upon this manga. Just by looking at the melacholic cover design, I knew I had hit jackpot. So I waited a but to read this, so I could prepare myself. I was right to do so.
Orange met all my expectations and quickly became one of the greatest manga I've read. Everything was well designed and phenomonal. The story is "anime and live action adaption" worthy; read the plot for the details. The charatcers are also really well developed throughout the story. Naho, is a timid girl who is always worry about others. She is indecisive and a huge pushover, cries over everything, lets opportunities past and regrets later. Cute but annoying as a character, the type I detest. However, with help from the letters, she starts to develop a backbone. She still is quiet and over concerned but she learns to speak up, you go girl! As the story revolves around Takeko, he of course develops a lot, thats for you who is reading this review to see for yourself.
The art is the clean, simple design of a modern manga, since this is a relatively new manga. Pretty backgrounds.
As can tell, I enjoyed this a lot, would I recommend, of course. Remember, anime and live action adaption worthy!
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Apr 21, 2016
Wotaku ni Koi wa Muzukashii (Manga) add
Finally ,a romantic group I can route for .And their all otakus.

So this is basically a story of two workers meeting for the first time since middle school working in the same company and through weird circumstances , they decide to start dating.Yea, it might no me much to go on, but after getting that curve ball out of the way, this is when the manga starts to become awesome.

So the characters are your basic- Moody gamer, short anime chick,otaku-shy tough guy and glasses cosplay girl and this manga makes the most of it. The former and the later are probably some of the best and funniest couples I have ever read. The personal moments are downright touching. The references and callbacks feel really interwoven.Hard to believe that this manga was created on pixiv hobby, because its too good.

I've been looking so long for a comic this funny and this romantic. If you want to see an okatu style romance story with a lot of heart.This is your cup of tea
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Apr 21, 2016
Yokokuhan (Manga) add
Prophecy, advised on the Internet by a "review", I now try to do the same to read this manga to other lucky. Its author Tetsuya Tsutsui plunges us into a police investigation against a cyber-terrorist named Paperboy that uses new technologies to announce these crimes.

It sounds trite words like that but the care in the world will mark more than one, a particular universe anchored in the reality of today with a focus on the web, its advantages as drifts. Hacks, videos of all kinds, the anonymity, the media, etc.

The details put right left proves that the author knows his subject and wants us to reflect on internet use. Although his point seems to go towards general advices it shows that the canvas is not a rosy place and what is there job to consequences, pity there is not an against-considered opinion of the dangers of the internet, it often takes the same side, we drive to have the necessary perspective.

It is for this purpose that is created Paperboy, punish disbelievers who think they are protected behind their screen a surprising character that he "alone" is full of bouncing, unfortunately I can not detail the character and without spoiler a series that lasts three volumes spoiled any item lost much interest in manga. Besides the lies a major flaw of the book is its duration Tetsuya Tsutsui is a fan of short stories and that's unfortunate, because it's hard to focus on the characters even flashbacks do not help not, I would have preferred that the history of Paperboy custody of shade for style to the character, but the author still manages to make the protagonist interesting at the very end of the Manga perhaps to the detriment thereof

Yes because the fall of the story and the stakes are not up to expectations, it is not bad either in or phoned, but it gives the impression of not going after things and even I would say it's a bit naive with respect to the blackness of the general history.

In conclusion, I recommend this manga because it's not the kind of story that we see every day is intense with a very fine style and a well told story.
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JoJo no Kimyou na Bouken Part 5: Ougon no Kaze

Story (8/10) Very Good
More Specifically (8.50/10) Very Good

The story for Part 5 of JoJo's is very good but it definitely is not without it's issues when it came to it's pacing. Part 5's story does indeed take the initial story when it comes to the introduction of stands and fully expands more than any other part before it which is good since before Part 4 the introduction of Stands always felt random. Part 5's story is quite straight forward and similar to Part 3 when it comes to a villain sending stands to fight the MC and his crew which is not bad but if you aren't down for the a plot which is quite similar to Part 3's then you should be fine it all depends on how you feel about it because there are certain stand arcs like the "Green Day" and "Oasis" arc which may feel like it drags on just a bit too long.

Art (8/10) Very Good
More Specifically (8.50/10) Very Good

The art style for Hirohiko Araki when it comes to this Part of JoJo's is definitely a lot more on the flamboyant side of things which I wouldn't take points off of. But what I will take points off of is the fact that when it comes to certain fight scenes or action orientated scenes the i felt 40% of the time is hard to tell what is actually going on in the panels. This issue was in Part 4 but it was about at 25% or lower of the time but there were a nice hand full of scenes in Part 5 that just made me said "what the heck am I looking at?" and I just had to stare at the panel for an extra minute or two to understand what is going on in this specific panel. This definitely happen a lot during King Crimson's ability but granted his ability is quite confusing at first so to draw what he was imagining on panels may have been difficult but I felt these panels may have hindered my enjoyment just because I was confused for quite a while on what certain panels where drawn out to be.

Characters (9/10) Great

The Characters in Part 5 are great I think that thing that makes them great is the fact that majority of them have some of the best backstories I've read in any JoJo's part up to now. Giorno Giovanna on the other hand can be seen as my least liked JoJo MC to date but he's not bad, he in my opinion just lack a unique personality enough for me to enjoy majority of anything about him for a personality stand point. You would think for who his father is he would have been a little more exciting to follow but even Jotaro's laid back and dull personality was more enjoyable than Giorno's. Even with all that I don't think Giorno is a read more
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Apr 20, 2016
DVD (Manga) add
"DVD" isn't fully translated into english, so I haven't experienced even half of the story, but publisher "DramaQueen" did release the first two volumes in english. Only the first volume is scanned and I don't own the second, so this perspective is solely of the first volume.

This is a fairly peculiar read, even when considering the manhwa is shoujo romance. In a way you've got a shoujo harem here with a very blunt feminine perspective on how "cool" guys act and what they're interested in, but this shoujo perspective places a very gender-neutral frame on everything. There are plenty of moments in the first volume where you may begin to question if these male characters are even straight, but the story does remind that there is a harem-like plot developing. But that's just a part of the peculiarity of it. What I found most interesting with "DVD" was how it chose to react to a tragic end to a romance. It's reaction is comedic and uncaring, a broken-up girl just bumbling into two guys who could care less in many ways and just continue on with their "pathetic" lives. I wouldn't quite say "DVD" is a good comedy manhwa though as I at most snickered a few times, but how it treated this wounded girl story-wise with these characters was quite an interesting choice. At times the meaningless conversations and random niche interests the characters delve into can drag on, but it all does come together nicely to form a story I'd read further into.These aren't very genuine characters, but they certainly have a chemistry to them.

Not that clear-cut of a review since I don't have much to work with, but even with just the first volume available, I'd recommend "DVD" to someone who feels like chilling with a calm yet peculiar shoujo-reality. In a way it is quite cliche'd and I could see people despising the feminine take on basically everything, but it definitely at least flows well in this manga. It all does go at a very natural pace. This is really a character-focused volume though and isn't of a story-arc with a conclusive ending of any kind. Volume 1 is 100% an incomplete experience, but I review it now to push people to give it a shot and hopefully some translator will get interested enough to continue.

In summary: "DVD" features an odd and intriguing feminine take on stylish and "cool" guys who aren't intimidated by a thing. It, however, also features a lot of cliche'd elements and, in a way, story structures as it seems to be the beginning of a harem (while that'd still prove interesting with these un-offended and uncaring characters). It's really a lightly-comedic shoujo romance with some nice art and mellow & odd conversations.
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