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Yamada-kun to 7-nin no Majo (Manga) add
Okay, so I first found this manga by watching the anime (i dont read much manga), and when I discovered the manga, I found out that the anime stopped at chapter 90, ish. And instead of reading from there I decided I wanted to start from scratch. I read the entire 216 chapter within 24 hours.

Story: 8

Okay, Im going to split how I rate the story into two parts:

1st: chapter 1-90

The story is easy to understand together with the plot. When you read, you start by Yamada's POV, sometimes you gets some others POV, but mainly its Yamada's throughout the story. Now, when this review is written, the manga is still ongoing, just keep that in mind. There are mysteries, parts where you dont understand much, but there are parts where you gets hints somewhere earlier in the chapters that makes sense later in the story. To me, these was the most entertaining part of the entire manga.

2nd: Chapter 91-216

Now this is where everything else left out start to make sense. Everything that you dont understand, all the mysteries throughout the rest of the story gets solved here. However, the longer you get through the manga, it seems that the story gets left behind, and more focused on the character, I dont mind it really as I love the characters and how they develop through the story. There are fillers, and there are parts where everything starts to take a 180, plot twists (I love'em).

Art: 9

Not much to say here, as the art is comfortable to look at.

Characters: 9

At the start where you are introduced to them, you get your first impression, but what made me love each of them was their unique personalities and their character development, not everyone is the same they were at the start, and I like that. Really enjoyable.

Enjoyment: 8

As I said at the start, I first watched the anime and then turned to the manga. If you have watched the anime, I highly recommend to start from chapter 1 in the manga as there are things that are left out.

To be completely honest, I really like this manga, even if someone says that the manga has died and there isn't much left in it. I can agree at some parts, but I think the manga is more than just the story, as the characters has an extreme impact on how the manga develops.

Overall: 8

I really recommend you to read this manga if you're into love triangles, mysteries, plot twists and of course nerve pains on characters as some of them really annoys you and you straight out hate a character, but then later love them.

This is a manga that some love and some hate, its not something you can be told without testing it out yourself, so try it out.

You like it? Sweet, keep reading

You don't like it? Stop reading and end the never ending read more
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Hoshi no Koe (Manga) add
It's a real feat when short series manage to properly convey the emotions being portrayed by the characters to the readers, and Hoshi no Koe did just that.

The art is absolutely beautiful and suits the overall tone of the story. From start to finish the pages are filled with melancholy, longing, uncertainty of the future, desire, hope and the losing of it. The dialogues between the characters are meaningful and though there are only ten chapters, you get the idea that they have a good relationship with each other. The way they're drawn gives a kind of realness that other mangas lack, especially with the facial expressions; they're only subtle but seem so natural. Interactions and emotions are not superficial, and the characters' thoughts are relatable.

Hoshi no Koe is a short but good read. Straightforward with a clear message: a tale of love that knows no bound.

PS. Look at that cover. What a beauty.
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1 hour ago
Dirty Work (Manga) add
This being my first review on MAL it is may come off as a bit unorganized. Also its quite late as I write this, but nevertheless I felt compelled to make a review of this work. lol

First off, this manga seems to be quite hidden and not talked too much about. Which is odd, but also not. Seeing as how the artist of this manga was one that worked on the Evangelion manga series. (Which explains the character's appearances).

Anyways, this manga seemed to be highly disregarded. Seen only as a pointless story with characters that appear to be, submissive, controlling, and spineless. Which they are, but I felt that these character traits, along with many more, are what gave this work such a realistic feeling. The characters had helped prove a bit of a deeper message in the story, that being
the feeling of unrequited and unattainable love.

The characters, the setting, and the plot. Everything had a deeper meaning then what it appeared as.
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4 hours ago
Diamond Life (Manga) add
I cringed at the title. To this day I still loathe it much more than every impromptu speech I've ever had to do.

I think this is my first published review. The others that I've painstakingly written were unfortunately cut short with a back button.

Story *9/10*
The story was like a rollercoaster. One minute it's "Oh thank God that's over" and a few seconds after you burst into tears. You might even start cursing at a character or four.

Art *5/10*
I'm not good at drawing myself, but based on the art styles I've seen this one is placed right in the middle. Not too good but not too bad either; just normal.

Character *8/10*
I like the characters. They all have their own... character. Yes. I like them very much.

Enjoyment *8/10*
This manga made me express emotions I never knew my stiff face could do. I recommend this to those who want to have a free facial, or optical, work-out.

Overall *9/10*
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4 hours ago
Planetes (Manga) add
Well, when I first looked at Planetes, I imagined what kind sci-fi story could be made in just 4 volumes. The slice of life style surprised me when I noted it by the second volume. That's original, huh? I think there's nothing better than a sci-fi background to explore the human nuances. Sci-fi is the most human thing ever. It's man being God, it's a Second Creation, it's an extension of the humankind.

In this case, space. The true focus of Planetes are people. However, the information and how the technology works in space looked very accurate to me, showing the understanding of the author about them. After all, it's a sci-fi-based background, isn't it? It's important to build the atmosphere, since a lot of thoughts are based on ideas of loneliness, infinity and dreams.

All the manga's characters, supporters or main, had a reason to be there. They represented, they meant something. An emotion. A thought. A dream. A pain. While reading, I suddenly would stop and think "What was the author wanting to mean with this? How does this match my reality? And if it doesn't, how can I understand the feelings of this char?" These questions often come to me when I read something able to absorb me. It has to be a good reading. And Planetes is really and deeply good.

Planetes' characters are charismatic in a different way. They aren't cool or flashy. They are... Human. I read their stories and their minds, and a smile always escaped, unconsciously. Those guys looked so nice. The kind of person that I really would love to talk with for hours. I felt so close to them, and we're not even in the same reality. My favorite was probably the calm and light Yuri, with his wandering and melancholic existence, but everyone grew on me someway. They look unique among the characters that I usually like. I think that's incredible. The four main characters had their own ways of seeing the world, and the development and question about them were inspiring and beautiful. You could think with them on your own way. "What would I do?". Fee and Hachi were the most special cases. In the end, even the bratty Tanabe had my cherishing. Each one grew as people, mainly Hachi, because of his great change of his point of view about life.

And even the matters outside of the human psychology have their shine in Planetes. Man and nature, war, terrorism, social unorthodoxy. Simply and powerfully, the manga relates these themes with the characters, bringing out the best of both. The realism is superb in Planetes. The outstanding art did a lot. The character design had me, and the backgrounds were nothing less than amazing. That's where Yukimura's style really shines.

For me, this manga's message is: humankind has an essence. A lot of things are in it. Hatred, ignorance, greed. But, two assured things are love and willpower. We only evolve because of all qualities and flaws of ourselves, that's our read more
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12 hours ago
Imawa no Kuni no Alice (Manga) add
The manga is based on a high school student who is about to face the tomorrow of independance,he makes a wish that brings him in a world of joy at the start,but good things may not last long.
He and his friends face the cruel reality of this dreamy world...a place where the strongest survive.The manga is well written with a great variety of characters and some quiet cunning thinking,I really love it so far I am looking forward finishing it.Whoever looks into it and they are in for survival they are not going to regret it!
Although everything good has it's cons as well.There is not much character development overall or it might be predictable to see how they are going to change.The manga does not tire you but as a psychological-survival it contains some explicit content so I advise you to read it if you are mature enough *smiles*.
That was all from me have a good day!
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Yesterday, 11:28 AM
Sennen Meikyuu no Nana Ouji (Manga) add
Hello! I thought it was a real shame that such a good manga had no reviews so I thought I'd give it a go.

Sennen Meikyuu is short, it is tightly written, and it ends on a high note that leaves you feeling satisfied and hopeful. There are no arcs, no fillers, not lulls in the story. It's a fast paced fantasy story about eight beautiful young men, with shades of murder mystery and light political intrigue. All that with a gorgeously detailed fantasy castle as a backdrop. It's a great bit of light reading and you'll easily be done within a few hours.

The story is solidly written, especially considering how most fantasies, mainstream fantasy animanga in particular, tend to veer towards meandering. The story beats meld into each other. Stuff is always happening. There's never a dull moment. You think the characters are finally safe but no! There are twists around every corner. Certainly it's no Fullmetal Alchemist as far as endings go, but with manga, sometimes you've got to be grateful that it's got an ending at all, considering how they do tend to drag on forever. Pretty impressive for an author's debut work according to MAL's listing.

As for the art, oh goodness the art. Gorgeous in every sense of the word. The character designs stand out well from each other and are always on-model. The backdrops are meticulously detailed. Many shots of carefully drawn architecture, stained glass decoration, roses and the like. Easily on par with other bishonen-heavy manga like Pandora Hearts and Makai Ouji.

The characters too were very well written, especially in how they interact with each other. They were fun, sometimes over the top, sometimes heartfelt. The artist being damn good at drawing them really helped carry them forward too. Also of note is that the main character may look whimpy and prone to depending on other for help but he's actually very resourceful and the glue that holds this ragtag bunch of intellectuals and misfits together and unifies them. The supporting cast is small and very strong. Everyone has something to contribute. Often many things to contribute and it is through their collective effort that the end goal is achieved.

All in all, if you're into fantasy stories, in particular stories like Pandora Hearts, Makai Ouji or Kuroshitsuji, this is easily a must read. It's length is a huge strength as it doesn't require a huge time investment and also allowed the writers to maintain a well-paced interest curve. Venture forth! It's a great read.
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Yesterday, 9:22 AM
Last Game (Manga) add
Spoiler free

"Why '6'? Why did you only gave it a score of 6? " is what you are probably thinking right now. (Especially, if you are a fan of this series)

I followed Last Game from the VERY BEGINNING of its serialization. From then on, I got updated on its chapters like a student waiting for a vacation, suspension of classes and early dismissals of profs. ( In literal sense, it means I really liked Last Game )

Let's talk about the manga.

Last Game is about a guy named Yanagi who was very proud of himself because his family is rich af. Then, a girl named Kujou enters the story and told him that he shouldn't brag about something he didn't achieve on his own. Yanagi's ego got hurt and decided to get even with Kujou by making her fall in love with him and dump her the second she confesses.

The characters aren't deep but they aren't that bad either. The thing I like about this shoujo manga is that the guy, Yanagi, is the one getting flustered most of the time because of Kujou and the POV of the story is mostly from his side.(Considering this is a shoujo manga, it should be the girl doing the job right? But nah, it's the guy this time. That's why it's kinda like a breath of fresh air for me)

It may be from the guy's POV but the story does not in any way, lack sweetness and cuteness when it comes to execution. The pacing is slow, really slow, but the sweet moments, funny reactions of Yanagi and Kujou's denseness make up for the slow pacing.

We have already established that the pacing is slow, and the slowness will continue...until one of the most cliche thing happened. ( I won't mention the chapter, but you'll know it when you get to that point. It's kinda like "I've been expecting this to happen, but not THIS early!") That's the point where everything became faster than a jet plane flying. ( Seriously.)
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Yesterday, 8:04 AM
Re:Monster (Manga) add
Re:Monster is not a very ambitious kind of manga, being quite generic with almost everything, however it is fun and easy to read - i can recommend it to anyone who is interested in manga with mmorpg fantasy setting. Ok, lets break the whole thing down.

Story - 7
In my opinion, the biggest shortcomings (at least for the starting chapters) of most 'stuck in mmorpg world' stories are:
-how/why did the protagonist wind up in the situation that he's in this world
-what makes the protagonist special
Those 2 subjects are usually done pretty lazily, because the story doesn't plan on going back to them *ever*. Unfortunately the Re:monster is the same in this case, with very unattractive introduction. That's why the story doesn't deserve higher score.
What's good about the story - being slow-paced, it explores thoroughly the aspect of forming a growing society of warriors with the main protagonist as the leader. Considering that the story of 23 chapters so far is taking place only in the forest they were all born in which already seems like a huge limitless place, makes you feel the story has indefinite ways of developing, which is a pretty great perspective.
Character - 6
The only interesting character in the story is the very MC himself, the rest is unfortunately pretty bland. I like some of the relations between Rou and his subordinates, which seem to give some characteristic to other characters, however it seems to be too little. One irritating thing is
Art - 8
It's pretty good, on the level of all good manga published nowadays. It's characters are drawn pretty nicely - my only problem is the lazy attitude towards backgrounds. It's full of background effects, lacking almost any real backgrounds, making it sometimes pretty hard to actually imagine the area the action takes place in.
Enjoyment - 8
What's to say - i liked it :P Didn't rock my world, didn't bore me, it was fun to read and it feels it has good perspectives for development.
Overall - 8
To summ up, the manga has it's shortcomings and it's pretty simple, however it is interesting to read if you like this kind of setting.
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Yesterday, 6:58 AM
Black Clover (Manga) add
Experts at Comic con declared that Black Clover is the worst manga of 2016. and they also claimed that Bleach is underrated(lol). I didn't know trolling was acceptable at such serious events. and I hope people don't take them seriously. that's why I decided to write this review but it's my first time writing one so, pls, forgive my mistakes.(plus I am somewhat angry so I might be biased)

Story(7) - First of all, the Story of this manga isn't that great(from the start). When I first read it, it was like Naruto, Bleach, Fairy tail combined together but if you are patient enough you would see the potential of BC(Black Clover) verse. after introductions and small world building the manga picks up a pace and shapes into something that could be called an independent piece of writing. it isn't anything like other shonen mangas I mentioned before so rest assured. Fights are mostly teamwork and never give up style. MC might look OP for a while but it's not true at all.

Art(9) - Art is great. every character has it's distinctive feature and great design. Action is super fast paced and easy to follow. scenery is beautiful and background gets a lot of attention too.

Characters(8) - there are many great chars is BC. MC(Aster) is your typical shonen protagonist. some people will find him annoying but he has many redeeming qualities. every character has their own backstory and motives to explain they actions. and this manga has arguably the best character ever. his every appearance is a joy to watch(I don't want to spoil him though). the problem I had with this manga were Villains who looked super generic at first but it's certainly not the case. they are gaining depth bit by bit.

Enjoyment(9) - I enjoyed this manga very much. it has a great action and comedy which makes me smile. especially the interaction of the characters are spectacular.

Overall(9) - if you want a great paced fights, good character interactions and a story which gets better and better you should read this manga. It feels like I only talked about it's good points. ofc there are many flaws. Story needs to be developed. MC need more depth and development(other characters are developing quite well though). more world building(though this weakness is slowly evaporating) etc. etc. but please give this manga a shot. it certainly isn't a worst manga out there. those experts doesn't know anything about it. If even one person starts reading BC because of my review I would be happy.
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Jul 28, 2016
Nisekoi (Manga) add
Have you ever read over 100 chapters of a manga filled with fillers and absolutely no character development or story whatsoever? Well, guess what? Nisekoi is exactly that! First I'd like to say, the first 60 chapters of the mange were great, outstanding actually. I could give it an 8/10. However that isn't the case, I'm talking about the manga as a whole, and let explain that shortly.

First, I always hated how the mange was stretching itself out, making more useless filler chapters that: One, have no relation to the story, two, are skippable, Three, half the mange is filled with those! Nisekoi would literally make only 90-100+ chapters if it weren't for the fillers, the author himself probably knew the quality of the manga would decrease by alot...But nope, he still decided to do it anyways.

Second, we've got the cliché good-for-nothing dense MC, and we got the main heroine, Chitoge, your typical tsundere who happened to hate the MC at the beginning but changed as the manga progressed, and finally the shy girl who loved the MC all along, but just as what I called her, she's to shy to confess her love. It's okay, cliché stuff aren't to much of a bother. Everything is fine so far, right?

But then we've got a new girl intoduced? Wait what?

Yet ANOTHER girl was intoduced. The hell?

It was absolutely fine with a love triangle, even though it literally started wars between people who preffered Chitoge over Onodera, and vice versa, but as soon I saw the new girls, I thought "this is gonna be a harem, isn't it?"

Nisekoi never knew how to handle it, as the other girls who were intoduced (Tsugumi and Marika) were completely left out, with little to absolutely no character development as well as every character in Nisekoi except for maybe, Chitoge. If it isn't a complete disaster at this point, then it definitely is once I tell you this.

I'm addressing chapter 226 and 227, so if you're not caught up with the mange, then this may a major spoiler, So I suggest you Go straight to my conclusion below.

The way Onodera was rejected has got to be the most annoyingly cliché and stupid thing in this entire manga, Raku told her he doesn't love her anymore. Are you kidding me?! Since this manga started, Raku's mind was completely focused on Onodera, she is the girl of his promise, he loved her as a kid. They got seperated, years later, HE'S STILL IN LOVE WITH HER, but then magically when Chitoge came, the tables are flipped? And don't give me that BS excuse "she was to late to confess, so she loses" She clearly had many occastions to confess, and she was goin to do it but alww=ays when it's about to happen, the author always makes an excuse like a cockblock to prevent it. Don't even get me started on how many times that happened, The author made it seem like he doen't want her to end read more
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Jul 28, 2016
Hatsukoi Monster (Manga) add
Okay, I'm sorry, but as far as I read manga and watch anime I find this manga as poor. But congratulations I was intrigued about what is the story all about so I give a try to read it. The story is really unique maybe that what it makes interesting for others. It is one of those manga that are trying hard to become unique but failed. The idea is good, but the story doesn't make sense. The good side of this manga is the art the design of the characters are artistic. But I think the handsome guy with a jumping rope just to make it look younger is hilarious. In the end, I drop the manga how lucky for this manga to have an anime. Seriously, there are many manga that deserves to have an anime. I feel sad for that.
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Jul 28, 2016
Horimiya (Manga) add
ok.. so.. even though this manga aint finished im up to chapter 66. and this shoujo manga is quite different from other ones because the main couple actually got together sooner than expected.

story: i gave this a 9 because it didnt have a lot of plot/drama but its somewhat great in its own way.. the plot is about 2 people and how they're different from inside and outside school.. hori-san seems like your normal teenage hs girl but does housework and takes care of her little brother at home... while miyamura-kun is kind of a loner/nerd at school and uh apparently he has lots of piercings and even tattoos. this is the type of manga that i would wait for to read haha..

art: i really like the art.. it's not the best but its good.

character: :) one of my favorite character is hori's dad

enjoyment: i gave this a 10 because it never bored me even though the plot seems kind of dull and plain.

overall: 10 :D horimiya is one of my favorite shoujo mangas

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Jul 28, 2016
14R (Manga) add
overall i really liked this manga, my favorite one was the second story it was really good ;> i tried to find it as a separate manga but i forgot they were one-shots... anyways the art was decent and i just want to say that i actually thought that chapter 2 was gonna be teacherXstudent but guess not....
i think that at some point in one of the chapters in this manga there was one really confusing chapter but i forgot which one.. haha

oh well overall this manga is alright and its worth reading (at least read chapter 2)
i dont really know what else to say because im not writing this right after i finished the manga.
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Jul 28, 2016
Koukou Debut (Manga) add
If you are a beginner of reading manga I would suggest you to read this one. While I'm reading the first chapters of this manga I have this thought that I know where this is going. The reason why I give this manga a score of 8 because some parts of it can be found to other shoujo like the unpopular girl meets the popular guy. The girl tries to get a makeover to find a boyfriend. Even if that's how the story goes, I still find this quite interesting. I like the naive character of Haruna Nagashima fun and sometimes annoying. I also like the character of Yoh Komiyama its like the version of tsundere guy. Hahahaha! The art is very good I like how the artist depicts the comedy and the love aura of the couple. In general, I did enjoy reading this manga. It's cute and funny, I like how the supporting characters play their role to the couple. I like how the author also shows the reality of the romance. The ending ------- hmm, that's how the author wants to wrap up the story.
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Jul 28, 2016
Boku no Futatsu no Tsubasa (Manga) add
Who doesn't like hermaphrodites? Probably a lot of people, but that's beside the point.

Hello and welcome to the "Sometimes I Really Question Why I Finished Reading This" segment, where the answer is almost always "Curiosity Killed The Cat".

I like reading weird shit. It's almost always bad in an entertaining way.

Sometimes it's not. Enter Boku no Futatsu no Tsubasa, where it's just bad.

Spoiler warning? The twists are so left field not even Nostradamus could hope to see them coming...

Enter cousins Hiromi (not a hermaphrodite) and Makoto (a hermaphrodite). They have everyday problems, such as boys, the school lesbian, periods, and making sure Makoto doesn't pop a stiffy in public and let everyone in on the big secret.

Everything is fine and dandy until one day Makoto receives a mysterious cellphone, from someone claiming to be her father.

I don't want to type out an entire plot summary, but it starts off fine enough and turns into the worst train wreck since the 2004 Sri Lanka tsunami rail disaster.

The plot is overtly contrived, with way too many "plot twists" and secretive bad guys out to kidnap Makoto that feel like they're there to inject interest but only succeed in confusing. Characters fail to act rationally (I'm going to have sex with your seedy ex-boyfriend who is a known cheater and only uses women for their bodies) and detract from the plot that is barely there by the end.

Should You Read: Boku no Futatsu no Tsubasa? Probably not. There's probably better hermaphrodite manga out there if that's what you're looking for, and if that isn't what you're looking for, then why are you here?
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Jul 28, 2016
Sugar☆Family (Manga) add
This is quite an interesting love story. For one thing, the main romantic love interest is a teacher at the heroine's school, and for another, he's her stepbrother. It's two forbidden loves tied into one. It's more about the two of them being step-siblings rather than teacher and student, though. Taichi is unabashed about declaring his love for his newfound sister while Yuka doesn't even bother hiding her disgust. There's that detail, though, the fact that they aren't officially registered as brother and sister yet, which makes the both of them internally question what they are to each other.

I was continuously reminded of Haruhi and Tamaki from Ouran High School Host Club as I read Sugar Family. Haruhi is annoyed by Tamaki's constant talking and attachment to her as a surrogate father within the host club, acting quite indifferent when his feelings are hurt (though he is pretending, I think). Yuka and Taichi are almost the same excepting that they're sister and brother rather than daughter and father. Classmates even comment on Yuka's coldness towards her brother, which she ignores. It can be quite amusing at times.

Though even I was annoyed at the way her brother was acting so openly loving at school, it made their accidental romantic moments seem even more special. The large contrast upped the romance factor very well and made me ship them a ton. Heck, if I were Yuka I probably would have fallen for sensei as well. I suppose a few of them might have been cliche moments, but they still made my heart swell.

The reader is able to see Yuka's thoughts maturing as she grows into a better person because Sugar Family deals with a lot of themes: the slow realization that your life is now how it seems, that there are things that you might be stopping yourself from feeling without knowing it, and that there are people who think of you more often than you are aware of... I guess a lot of things can come to light when you meet the person who shows them to you.

I liked the artwork a lot. The men were definitely handsome and Yuka was pretty cute, too, though I might have thought that because Taichi kept saying so lol. The distant look in the characters' eyes made me think of the artwork in Ouran High School Host Club as well. Sometimes I wish they were more detailed, though. The clothes were drawn nicely, too. Overall it was quite pretty.

Despite how well this story progressed, I wished it were a little longer. Though the ending wasn't abrupt exactly, I thought more romance could have been added before the final scene. Of course, that just might be due to my love for shoujo.
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Jul 28, 2016
Mikan no Tsuki (Manga) add
As you'll find during this review, virtually everything about Crescent Moon is pretty moot. It's only slightly above average in all respects, but that makes it for a read that isn't all that bad, nor all that good.

The story doesn't bother to get into incredible detail beyond what it tells you in the simplest of terms, and characters embrace soliloquies left and right. Someone always has something to say even at times that aren't the best time to say it, and other times the things they say or share are completely bogus or required specifically for the story to advance. Certain things happen merely because they should, and other things are just there seemingly because the mangaka thought it'd be neat.

All of the above doesn't make it a bad manga, however. Things work out in the most basic of senses, and I found the story bearably enjoyable as the narrative unfolded. My biggest complaint comes into how limited the story is. There's room for a lot of political discussion, an expanded demon world, more characters, tons of stuff that wasn't really thouched on.

It's a strange style that's sort of eclectic but has its own way of standing apart from other works. That said, it's one of those works that reminds you that you're reading a manga and not a graphic novel. Things are somewhat overly expressive, some stuff focuses weird, it's a mix of this and that and it comes together to make something unique.

Character designs are interesting, but some of the more vibrant stuff such as the demon forms don't work well on page. It's very difficult to know who or what's on the page, and then what that individual may be doing. It's rather stressful since some of the stuff can be interesting but you're trying desparetely to make sense of a messy drawing spanning 2 pages. It's ridiculous.

Proportions are occasionally off the charts. I'm talking extra big legs, extra long legs, weird hand positions, and improper sized people. One character, Oboro, the whole story looks absolutely terrible, both in design and in his proportions. IT never gets all that much better, either.

Decent characters. Assuming the translation I read (Tokyopop) was as close to the original as possible, the use of slang was a nice touch to add realism to the many characters. Some narratives don't push slang as it can alienate certain readers who may not understand it as much. That said, there was a time or two I felt slang came across as unfitting during a certain scene or two. However, it's a shounen, and shounen's are more comedic, especially during serious scenes to keep the mood light. Hazard of the territory.

Mahiru, the main protagonist, is a pretty good female lead that feels realistic and feminine. Certian female leads portray a masculine character, so it doesn't really matter that I'm reading a female protagonist since I could just throw in a male and it wouldn't change the story. However, certain aspects of her character are very read more
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Jul 28, 2016
Samurai Deeper Kyou (Manga) add
First of all, I think it is a shame to see how many people look at Samurai Deeper Kyo and refer to the anime first hand. The anime adaptation only follows a mere shell of the manga's story and a lot of the original characters from the manga are absent. The animation quality is below average in most scenes and to be honest, could arguably be one of the reasons why Samurai Deeper Kyo is so underrated because most people prefer to watch the anime instead of reading the manga. If I had watched the anime first, I probably wouldn't even have given the manga a chance, because while anime usually doesn't exceed their respective manga, it is very rare that the anime takes such a different path from the manga like in Samurai Deeper Kyo. I know some people like the anime, but the only reason I'm bashing on it so much is because of how it pales in comparison to the manga and how it truly fails to live up to expectations, especially from people like myself who finished the manga first and was excited to watch its animated adaptation, only to be left disappointed as the anime kind of went way off track already during the first episode.

Now that was a handful, the only point of this was only because I want people to look at Samurai Deeper Kyo and see its true narrative, which is the manga.


Now that I have got the more subjective views out the way, let's dive into the manga itself. I will keep this as spoiler free as possible.

Story: 8
The story of Samurai Deeper Kyo starts out simple but becomes rather complex later on. Every character has his or her own goals, and it takes a while for all of them to be explained, some even change throughout the series which may keep things complicated. I found myself backtracking a few times when I had forgotten a few details or felt confused. Besides from that, the story itself is rather enjoyable and becomes surprisingly convincing once you get into it. There also tends to be a lot of hints at certain things that remains unexplained for some time, or not even explained at all when you realize that they do not make much sense.

Art: 10
The quality of the manga is truly outstanding and stayed consistent throughout the whole series, which is a good thing because it was a 10 from start to finish. There is so much attention to details which is baffling considering the low amount of time and deadlines that the likes of Kamijyo has.

Characters: 10
There are a lot of characters in Samurai Deeper Kyo, and many of them are very fleshed out with their own backstories which explains why they act like they do and how they ended up where they are. Even smaller side characters had their own past that explained their relations with other characters and whatnot. It really made you care about the characters, even read more
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Jul 28, 2016
Toukei Ibun (Manga) add
Toukei Ibun is a story that lies between the truth and falsehood. Hiding behind the pretense of a suspenseful mystery, it portrays a social critique of the past and modern times. This hidden aspect made the story so much more rich in layers and characterization, that left you with a thought provoking state of mind at the middle and the end.
The art was slick, well-constructed and mostly a pleasure to look at. The characters were realistic, and their actions easy to understand. The ending felt a little bit rushed, which was a contrast to the realism of the pace beforehand. The mystery aspect mixed with the unique interpretation of the supernatural made the story very intriguing, though the interest spiked mostly only after a chapter or two.
With its short amount of chapters, Toukei Ibun is a manga that screams of crisp execution that lets you live into the story of darkness, which is composed of so much more than you can imagine.
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Jul 28, 2016
Gamerz Heaven! (Manga) add
Gamerz Heaven (6/10)
In a typical shounen manga, there would be a happy ending for the cast, and the main lead would end up with the female lead. This manga does not do that. This is THE shounen manga where the main male lead has a male love interest and where the female main has a female love interest for her. Yes, we have an LGBTQ+ cast right here. This is the good thing about this series, along with being what is unique about it. Let’s start off with some of the good things about Gamerz Heaven.

We have a third year middle schooler named Kaito who is obsessed with video games, that some of his classmates cannot comprehend why he’s so into video games. One day, he finds a mysterious disc with the words “GAMERZ HEAVEN” on it. Kaito who is really curious without hesitation plays the game, but he realizes it’s no ordinary game: it MERGES the REAL world with the GAME world. In this first level, he meets a boy called the Navigator (who is a character of the game) and finds one of his classmates (who was class president of his class) has turned into a demon that the main lead ends up killing. The next day, none of Kaito’s friends (they are in the same class as him) seem to remember the class president that disappeared. In order to figure things out, Kaito and his friends enter the strange game.
The beginning chapters dragged me into their world, and I wanted to find out more about what exactly was going on in this game. I wanted to know exactly how DANGEROUS this video game was.

The characters aren’t too memorable, but they also refuse to be forgettable either. They make up a fun cast. What I love about the characters is that not one of them is technically straight xD xD
Kaito—game-obsessed otaku who is hella dense. He and Kyouko are childhood friends. He’s infatuated with Navigator.
Kyouko—smart girl with glasses who attends cram school. She has an unrequited crush on Kaito, but may have a soft spot for her friend Rio too.
Navigator—the smol one who helps out Kaito and co. and is kind of like a “wanted” convict. He at first is monotone and lacks emotion, but he does develop. Navigator gets attached to Kaito, and it becomes more obvious in the later chapters.
Ren---he’s just as obsessed with video games as Kaito. It seems he has feelings for him.
Rio---a sassy girl and good friends with Kyouko. She’s pretty good at games in the game center. She has a crush on Kyouko. Eventually, there’s a bit of a flashback showing where the origin of that love comes from and how she and Kyouko first meet, which I thought was pretty neat.
There are more characters, like Ren’s dog and an idiot trio, but the ones above make up the main cast.

I actually kinda like the art style. It was easy to see the battle scenes and read more
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Jul 28, 2016
Final Fantasy XII (Manga) add
As everyone may know, this manga is based on the RPG Final Fantasy XII, this work helped understand me the story a little better compared to the game, especially the beginning. nonetheless; it was bad after all.

I highly doubt that someone who haven't played the game would enjoy reading this manga, the story was not explicit so it''s hard to follow, and -for some reason that I don't know- it got axed, so it will stop at a very wrong point, if you're thinking of playing the game then maybe this manga will give you a general idea about what you're going to play and you get to know the characters... though I wonder if someone would want to play of the PS2 generation now.

The art was bad in my opinion, in some point the author suddenly decided to draw some really violent scenes that really doesn't suit this series, I mean the game was one which anyone with the age of 12+ could play, yet I won't really recommend anyone below 16 to read this one because of some disturbing scene. that aside; the drawing wasn't really clear and many facial expression of some characters were somehow off.

The only thing that I could give some credit for this manga is the characters, they were well-done I would say, especially Balthier and Basch, here you could get to know them better if you already had played the game.

My overall rate is 4/10, I did enjoy reading it but, like I said before, it ends in a really bad point, so I got really disappointing after all.

Thanks for reading! :)
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Jul 28, 2016
Medaka Box (Manga) add
Medaka Box is the hypest battle manga shounen I have read in years.

It's also really badly done in several key points.

This'll be a short review and then a long study on the key points that make Medaka Box fall from one of the most enjoyable and emotionally attaching mangas to a generally mediocre-to-good result.

Story : 7: Depends what you mean by "story".
If we're talking plot, Medaka Kurokami and Zenkichi Hitoyoshi(the two true heroes of this manga) have friends and enemies. The enemies change when they're beaten and usually the friends vary and change along with. And that's the plot.

As per custom you have a buildup and introduction of every main member of the cast at the start of the manga, but then the "original team" of sanji, usopp & co just get changed. We stick with Kikaijima, Akune & co till a certain arc, then they just sort of go away.

Why? I don't know. They just go away and get replaced by other team mates/friends of either of the two heroes.

So it's a ridiculously by-the-numbers battle shounen. New enemy shows up, new fights are made, new victories are gained.

If we're talking story, Medaka Box is the type of manga that likes to diversify its fights a lot. Battles are fought with fists sure, but also mahjong or shiritori, word games, pun games, guessing games, knowledge games, book interpretation games, math games, whatever's your taste.
And to be honest most of the veeeery complex rules didn't interest me. I just sort of read what the characters said and assumed that the heroes would win at the end(which very often didn't happen, so Medaka Box can't be blamed for being predictable).

Art: 8: I'm not the most critical man when it comes to art and although the abuse of "the one wild hair" on all the Kurokamis and several other characters felt a little too easy, I still appreciated the art in general. Environments rarely look fantastic but to be fair for a manga that easily throws around 80 characters at you over the course of only 20 tomes, I still never found myself asking "wait, who's this guy" at any point, so the art has personality if nothing else, and that's good enough for me. The fights are also technically fairly sound and you never feel like asking what happened in the last battle. A solid 8.

Characters: 8: Just like with their looks, Medaka Box has the merit of being amazingly good at developping memorable personalities for a ton of characters. You could probably make me read a line or two of almost any of the characters of this manga and I could tell you who they are just from the text.

Zenkichi manages to be a great shounen underdog hero while Medaka manages to be the female version of Saitama from One Punch Man, save for the more specific bad parts of Saitama. Medaka is hot, smart, gentle, caring, loving, generous, courageous, lewd, every quality you can think of, she has. read more
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Jul 28, 2016
Tenshi Ja Nai!! (Manga) add
Let me start off by saying that this is a very light hearted manga! I enjoyed it because it was a very chill read. This would be good to read after reading some intense manga for recuperation haha.

The plot overall is a typical shojo plot. Theres a girl and she falls in love etc etc but it doesn't drag like a regular shojo manga normally does, which was extremely refreshing; hence why I said it's a very chill read. The story line progresses pretty smoothly and it was cute overall. The manga doesn't really have a lot of depth and therefore goes by quickly. There is a plot that is kinda serious but they don't really integrate it into the story too much. That can be seen as either a good or bad thing but I was looking for something simple so it satisfied me. That's probably why I wouldn't give this a 10/10 though. The plot honestly lacked depth and sometimes the way the characters reacted to situations was kinda unnatural. But I wasn't expecting much from the beginning so yeah I was okay with it.

Ultimately I would recommend this only if you're not looking for something with depth and just want a light hearted read.

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Jul 28, 2016
Get Love!!: Field no Ouji-sama (Manga) add
If you are looking for a shoujo manga wherein the guy is the coolest/richest/most popular/most handsome/prince like...girl is in a harem rival that adds flare to the story...MC with traumatic past...dramatic scene that touches your heart...climax chapters that make your heart explode out of excitement...then off you go coz this manga is definitely not the one your looking for.

This is an uncomplicated love story of an average boy and an average girl who both experience love for the first time with a lot of silly sometimes troublesome side/supporting characters introduce along the way.

Yuuki maybe small but he's really strong and manly, the way he act so manly despite his small size makes him more cute rather than cool, he's so adorable I can't blame all the other characters for wanting to tease him...Miki on the other hand can be the typical shoujo manga girl that always get to be harassed, needs to be saved, cries a lot, but she can be fierce when need be, she's very dedicated to yuuki that results to funny mishaps sometimes. All the soccer club member likes her but not in a romantic way, well, some of the member do like her romantically but never really tried to get in the couple's way which I like because I find the couple's relationship to be sweet, innocent, clumsy and light hearted that it doesn't feel right to give them a love rival.

What I like about this manga - everything! all the characters are lovable, the senpais are very funny. There are also a lot of scenes that will you make laugh and make you fall in love with the characters. The ending is satisfying too.

Will recommend it to someone who wants to read a shoujo manga with no complicated plot, over the top twist but still very enjoyable love story.
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Jul 28, 2016
Watashi ga Motete Dousunda (Manga) add
I encountered this anime while browsing social site and I said I might as give a try to read this one since the plot is interesting. The story is about a female who loves BL and she is fat then suddenly when her favorite character dies, she becomes slim and all of the sudden guys flock around her. Seriously, that's implausible. I think that's one thing that catches the attention of the readers, but then as the story continues apparently the story is lazy and somewhat force. There are some dramas that are unjustifiable. On the positive note, the art is good. The characters have their own charm. Although, I cannot still conclude the story since its on going. Let's see what will happen.
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Jul 27, 2016
Chikan Otoko (Manga) add
Chikan Otoko was inspired from a post in a certain forum, that read something along the lines of “Today I was mistaken for a stalker”. Indeed that is how the manga begins. Actually, our protagonist seems like a suspicious guy due to his foul bachelor lifestyle; 20 years old, living alone, half-assing his studies, and acts as a woman repellent. His gateway out of his half-hikikkomori, irl-friendless lifestyle is the darkest corner of the forum, where the foulest of bachelor's lurk, ready to troll and humiliate. A most glorious lifestyle. Hail to those of us who have experienced it (except the repellent part. I sure hope no one lived through such a phase).

After clearing the misunderstanding with the cute girl, he manages to get her to have another cup of coffee. Along the way he meets 3 beautiful friends of hers and the story goes on.

The first thing that is clearly wrong stares right at you; the art is bad. Simple as that. As you read the first handful of pages a second problem emerges; the panel arrangement has no sophistication. A lot (and I mean a lot) of pages consist only of text squares relaying a forum post or an email, basically switching the medium to a novel. A third thing that's wrong is, that while this manga tries to pass as a comedy, it is clearly not. After a couple of OK jokes in the beginning the humor dries out and the genre becomes that of a hardcore slice-of-life.

I noticed that people praise that style and find exciting the meticulous realism in the way that the manga develops. That would be nice and well, if it retained that realism in the major plot turns. Well it doesn't; at every major “event” the outcome is unrealistic, all to force the conclusion upon us, making all the realistic details we have been reading pointless and tedious.

Nothing in this manga stands out, and I can not understand the hype. Overrated, while being mediocre through and through. 5.0/10.
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Jul 27, 2016
Nemureru Hoshi (Manga) add
This is the biggest piece of trash I ever came across while reading manga. I stopped at ch.7, and regretted the time I lost while reading it.

It's and extremly primitive sci-fi harem, with a teenage sociopath as the lead.

Don't loose your time with it. Go read anything else, cuz literally anything will be better than this.

The "story" goes like this;
All people on earth fall mysteriously asleep, theres just this one guy who wakes up. After 3 days of doing nothing, he goes to a restaurant and rapes a sleeping waitress.
And the girl wakes up, what a miracle! And thats the story. Guy goes around raping sleeping women to wake them up with his magical dick. The raped women don't mind beeing raped. So his harem grows and grows forever.

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Jul 27, 2016
Buster Keel! (Manga) add
I kept reading it because i had never read something so bad ,that its actually good,if you want to know how bad a manga can be ,then read this.Every chapter
breaks your makes you want kill yourself ,its so bad that it creates a bottom that keeps getting deeper . Id recommend this to anyone who thought they had hit rock bottom in manga , because its so horrible that it makes you love the other ones more. Its surprising that it made a 7 here I expected a negative infinity .And don't read this if you like fairy tail , you wont be able to finish it and you will only say its a ripoff through the 47 chapters it had .
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Jul 27, 2016
Shingeki no Kyojin: Lost Girls (Manga) add
First of all, these stories were not written by Hajime Isayama, and like most fanfiction they deviate slightly from the canon's characterisation, having characters say and do things that are out of place yet serve to tell a story. Secondly, if you have watched the first season of the anime (or read that far in the manga) you will understand the context, but otherwise there are huge spoilers that, while also spoiling the original story, may also be very confusing as they are presented without explanation. However I will avoid all spoilers in my review to spare the uninitiated.

Now allow me to break down the stories separately:

1. Lost in the Cruel World

This is Mikasa's story, and it is a dream of an alternate-timeline set before the fall of wall Maria. Here the theory of the "butterfly effect" is the driving metaphor, so Eren and Mikasa's first meeting as kids is different because of reasons never explained (except through the presence of a butterfly? I suppose we're in dream country now). Eren and Mikasa go on adventures that build their friendship while making nods to the original storyline throughout. The main contention is Armin's familiarity with aeroplanes and his lack of foresight. I imagine the purpose of most alt-universe stories is to show an interesting what-if regarding a story and characters we like -- but here, one is only reminded of why Attack on Titan's plotline was chosen: because it's not BORING.

2. Wall Sina, Goodbye

Annie's story occurs the day prior the the scouting legion's 57th exterior mission into the titan territory of wall Maria. She is now a member of the Military Police, and tomorrow's mission is weighing heavily on her thoughts -- that is until she asks her comrade Hitch Dreyse for a favour and is asked to give one in return, today. The favour is finding a missing woman, Carly Stratmann, the daughter of a merchant company president. This case sends her to the underbelly of wall Sina where drunkards and illicit drug-users run rampant. Of course you can't have an Annie story without some hand-to-hand combat, which this story delivers on a number of times. But as always, there are moments where Annie's characterisation is questionable (like her new-found obsession with donuts turning her into Sasha for a few panels).

3. Lost Girls

The shortest story brings Annie and Mikasa together during combat training when they are recruits. Mikasa confronts Annie about a ring that was dropped after Annie and Eren's sparring. She questions the function of the ring, and then Annie's motivation in joining the military police. There's some tension surrounding what remains unspoken, and the fact that Annie's in the middle of cutting potatoes with a big knife and keeps looking at said knife throughout their conversation.

Overall: these stories happen between events shown in the original Attack on Titan, and provide no speculation on character background or present happenings in the parent story. Even "Lost Girls", which doesn't create an entirely new setting, reiterates knowledge gleaned from the read more
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Jul 27, 2016
Futatsu no Spica (Manga) add
This was one of the first manga I ever read, and I was finally able to reread it recently. To be honest, it was a bit sappier than I remember, but still severely enjoyable.

Yes, the story does lean a lot on the "follow your dreams no matter what" cliche, but it's portrayed in a very earnest, realistic, and genuine way. The characters face real challenges in their pursuit to become astronauts, and thus are able to go through some real character development. The story essentially takes place from elementary school to graduating high school, and it's very satisfying to see how Asumi, Kei, Marika, Fuchuya, and Shu evolve into mature young adults.

Additionally, the artwork is gorgeous. The way Yaginuma draws people is pretty unique, and each character is very distinct and expressive. The really great artwork is the scenery, though. There are gorgeous one- and two-page spreads of the night sky, forests, the sea, sunsets, all breathtakingly illustrated. Even smaller panels of scenery are gorgeous.

I think this manga might be hard to come by, but if you can find it, read it. It is endlessly touching and uplifting.
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Jul 27, 2016
Mikai no Hoshi (Manga) add
Kurt Vonnegut’s Slaughterhouse Five has a same type of setting, in that a rather clumsy and ‘loser-ish’ character is placed in a setting of violence and strife, and ‘escapes’ that setting by conceiving of another dimension. The difference is that Slaughterhouse Five plays on the concept of the 4th Dimension while Mikai no Hoshi plays on the old trope of ‘a person escapes into his imagination during times of great trauma’.

Now, Slaughterhouse Five achieves a higher aim by taking this method because of many reasons. Firstly, it allows for the juxtaposition of everyday banalities and quirky alien settings with the horrors of the war itself – creating a commentary on the insignificance of the suffering in the greater scope of things. Secondly, it shows that Billy Pilgrim isn’t merely escaping, but harkens to the idea that every single moment of a person’s life is interconnected. It gives a great thrust to his character.

Mikai no Hoshi never really escapes to this higher perspective. It has all the old stories about the atrocities of war and the plight of the oppressed – while also indulging in that deviant sexuality that Jiro Matsumoto is known for. A good twist comes from the fact that there are some twists in character expectations, which I won’t spoil, and draws to light a few points on the nature of evil and good. All’s well and good in that, except for the fact that the subversion comes in ways that you would normally expect, after the twist itself plays out.

Now, I still like this work mainly because of Matsumoto’s Art, which is where it has an advantage over SH5. Simply put, the muddy and raw sketchy style fits the atmosphere. The scenes of quirky comic-book art is also interesting, even though Inio Asano’s Dedede also does something similar.

If you enjoy this, closest comparison would probably be Now and Then, Here and There. But read moe comedies afterwards to compensate for the gloom.
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Jul 27, 2016
Magetsukan Kitan (Manga) add
So, Magetsukan kitan, a "little house of horrors" (make that a big house actually) that strives to show you that not all monsters are, well, monstrous but are actually trying to survive any way they can.

The main character is a basic protagonist (nice guy, not particularly muscular or good looking, you know, the usual harem-style MC) who's just moved to the city in search of a job, but to do so, he also needs somewhere to stay. Sadly, he doesn't have tons of cash and all the offers he finds at the estate agent's are out of his budget. Except for one, a room for 9000 yen. It seems like a good deal but the room is actually in a monster mansion. So he goes there, falls in love with the landlady, freaks out, tries to leave then stays for good when he realizes than these monsters aren't out to get him. A sort of slice of life ensues.

The story is fun, if you like slice of life's with a horror/dark fantasy twist to them, there is a certain amount of ecchi (which gets near borderline at a couple points) and all the characters have their little quirks and backstories and are very enjoyable. The art is good, possibly a bit rough 'round the edges here and there, but nothing that would stop the reader from enjoying him(or her)self.

If I had to compare this manga to anything else, I'd say it would be close to Love Hina, with a touch of Rosario+Vampire's early days. Either way, if you're looking for something nice, with a bit of fantasy and harem action, you should read this series.

The only problem I have with this series is the fact that you can only find scans up to chapter 37 on most manga reader sites, so if anyone knows where the wole series can be found, the info would be very welcome ^^
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Jul 27, 2016
Liar Game (Manga) add
One of the works of Shinobu Kaitani author of One Outs. Just as expected from the author, it will be another mind-boggling. The title itself is catchy. The concept of the story will makes you wonder how will be the end of the protagonist. Although, I don't have a background from the terms being use somehow the manga did its best to define it. The characters are quite interesting. I like the heroine of this manga even if she is helpless at first she began to become stronger. The drawback of the manga is the art. It is kinda stiff. Overall, I did enjoy reading this one. The psychological genre of it picks my attention. It did well on the psychological aspect. How the characters deal with lying. I'm just sad how this manga doesn't have an anime.
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Jul 27, 2016
GE: Good Ending (Manga) add
Before I move on to the review part for GE Good Ending, there is something you should know about me. I just recently got into the world of Animes and Manga, even though I have seen a few Animes during my childhood - the ones you can see on my profile. In the Manga segment, I have no previous reading experience whatsoever and GE Good Ending is practically my first Manga I have read (I found it by chance in the Summer of 2012 but stopped halfway for some weird reason, 4 years later I was searching for this Manga like anything, I forgot the name of the Manga - the only things I remembered was Yuki's name and Touru and that is how I ended up finding this Manga again 4 years later and I am happy that I read it now instead of back than because at least now, I was able to finish it) - so I dont know if you think if I am being biased but I am trying my best to relate it to real life and how the writer/author managed to touch those feelings of Love so accurately. So do keep that in mind when you're reading my review because it is important.

REVIEW: Love this four letter word defines us as a human being. What are we as humans if we do not feel love for everything that we see around us. Whether it's the little things in your life, the things you love doing and the people you care about. That Love is the kind of Love that changes it's meaning according to the place you lived, the people you have come across and how you've been raised up during your growing years. It's a beautiful thing and it is one of those thing that defines us and why do I say it defines us? Because us Humans come across this Love once in our lifetime where it hits us like a lightning strike and marks us for the rest of our lives and it ends up being something which we do not and cannot forget for the rest of our lives. Love makes us feel things that we usually do not feel, it makes us think like we usually dont think, it makes us care for that other person who you had no connections with and it makes you want give your all for that other person and why do we feel all that? It's because we Love that person, it's a feeling that seldom few writers and authors have managed to make readers feel it through their creative works. I may have not read any other Romance Manga's other than this but I would be lying if I said that Sasuga Kei failed to make me feel that feeling of love, attachment and emotion. In fact it made me realize just how wonderful and powerful Love is and that it is something that is worth fighting for.

I will be 22 read more
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Jul 27, 2016
Akira (Manga) add
I almost feel bad that, upon re-assessment, I found the classic "Akira" to be so flawed. The source material for the first anime I ever saw, I remembered pouring through these volumes the first time Dark Horse re-released them in their giant phone books. While my maturation of taste has definitely not rendered "Akira" unreadable by any means, I can't help but feel that there is just so much potential for this to be something that it ultimately failed to be.

Let's get started with the good:

The art for this entire series is impeccable. The character designs are spot-on, but what most impresses me are the background renderings. Painstaking detail is put into every last crack, stain, dent, shattered window, decimated tenement, obliterated office tower, speck of rubble of this world which starts as a mere dystopia before turning full on post-apocalyptic. I cannot imagine this scale of desolation or destruction rendered in live action. The framing of every shot is well-done and concise, and the action is always understandable and fluid. From a visual perspective, this is still a landmark of manga.

Now the not-so-good:

The story is a sci-fi story, extremely graphic in content, which also touches on common adolescent fiction or adult themes. At times, it's not too unlike a Japanese sci-fi S.E. Hinton. It straddles cyber-punk by virtue of its cast of drug-addled biker malcontents, but where it fails that level of "hard" sci-fi is also a major downfall of the narrative. Make no mistake, it's definitely about psychic powers. But the way these powers are explained and how they manifest honestly just seems more like "magic." Otomo was clearly not a science buff. "Energy" is supposed to explain away a lot of things, like why a human with psychic powers can fly into space and start carving up the moon.

The extent of Akira and Tetsuo's powers is absurd and never explained well at all. This would be fine if there was some metaphysical subtext that made this seem like a surreal exposition or magical realism, but there isn't. It becomes page after page after page of psychic blasts and things falling around people and that's all it feels like. Re-reading the books, I gave up about halfway through 5. I'd just had enough. It stops telling any sort of meaningful story and almost becomes a Shonen. The point of the story stops being about government intrigue or youth rebellion and shifts to "Tetsuo is really powerful, look at this powerful display of power, man, the good guys better get him."

Further, while the character designs themselves were good, their story arcs and character development left a lot to be desired.

Let's start with main character Kaneda. He is a bad ass biker boy who tries to feel your tits and steals your gun and goes and doesn't get killed because he's a bad ass, end of story, and oh yeah, he can't stop finding reasons why "this time Tetsuo's gone too far," hilariously even well after Tetsuo has read more
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Jul 27, 2016
Boku dake ga Inai Machi (Manga) add
If you plan to watch the anime. You should read the manga first. I really prefer the manga over the anime. I think the anime compressed the story to the point that hey, what happen there, leaving you to read the manga. Moving on, the story is impressive, it makes you wonder who the culprit is. It is not predictable. The author also gives light to the story of villain while he did not highlight the romance side. Each character has this own sort of mystery. I did enjoy reading this one if you are a fan of mind-blowing manga you should read this one.
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Jul 27, 2016
Koe no Katachi (Manga) add
The story is really interesting. It is my first time encountering this kind of manga. The story really hits you after you read it. It makes you realize and reflect about friendship. The genre of this manga is drama, romance, school, shounen. After I read it the drama, school and shounen is there. For me it lacks romance. Actually, I never even noticed that there is this romance. Since, the story really focuses on bullying theme. I really like how the author develops the character of Ishida Shouya. The author also gives light to the other characters. However, I'm not contented about the ending. Well, it's up to you to decide after you read it. But overall, the manga is really amazing.
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Jul 26, 2016
MOON: Subaru Solitude Standing (Manga) add
I compare this one with the "1st season" of subaru and honestly I feel like nothing really has changed? There definitely has been character development and the artwork seriously got better imo but the plot kinda remains the same. Subaru is already this genius dancer and she's trying to improve herself in different areas. She always pulls through somehow and I can't shake off the feeling that her life is too good to be true. I feel like it's all just gonna come crashing down but who knows. I can't find any english scanlations after chapter 72 even though the mangas finished!! Ugh the struggles.

Anyways, the flow of the plot is nice but I feel like it's really quick? Like she struggles but she quickly overcomes them and as a result as a reader I dont empathize with her. I feel like it'd be better to see her struggle more but because she's this abnormal genius she just gets by. It's like I don't have time to empathize with her because shes so "perfect." It's just as how I felt while reading the 1st season.

Despite that, one of the most obvious changes is that theres now more romance in Subaru's life. And yes the guys get much more attractive. Oh god I'm always awestruck looking at the "main guy" because he's just so gorgeous. But even so, it's not too too prevalent. Just expect more Subaru rather than romance.

I would say it's also less dreary but only slightly. The 1st season was so intense compared to this one. (well atleast from what i've been able to read). At one point they also dive into a side character's background story. Idk if you like it when mangakas introduce a "second mc" but it happens here. I'm not too fond of it but if it's necessary to build the connection between Subaru and the other than I guess it's fine.

Welp that's all I'm gonna write because can't think of anything else. As for how I think of this, I would give it the same rating I gave the first one which was an 8. Pretty good but it's still lacking in something. I'm assuming you're reading this after having finished reading Subaru! Dance, so would I recommend you read this? Yeah sure, if you got hooked on the 1st part. But if you felt meh then I think you're better off just reading summaries to see how it all ends. I've never been drawn in particularly by this manga. I've been just killing time honestly. I could've lived without reading more.
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Jul 26, 2016
Kimi wa Girlfriend (Manga) add
I started reading this manga, and thought it was cute at first. It was very short so I finished it in one night, and so all of it is fresh in my mind.
It was cute - but it only gets a 6/10 from me. (If I could use decimals, it'd be closer to 6.5 or so, though)

Here's my opinion (spoiler-free!)

The story is decent, the art is fairly shoujo, and it is cute. However, the main thing about the manga is the main character. I don't dislike her - I actually find her cute! The only issue is that her problem with badmouthing people is to the extent that it seems like someone put a curse on her. She has the words in her head she wants to say, but what comes out is a twisted mean version of it. In fact, it's so bad that most of her words throughout the manga are thinking or narration - and aside from that she makes an effort not to speak unless spoken to if she can help it.

I feel like this fact alone takes over the whole manga in a way. While I want to focus on the love story between the main characters, or the cute antics of side characters - I can't do so without also noting that almost everything that happens is due to her bad mouth.
It's to the point that the summary would be almost more accurate if it was something more like, "This is a love story about a girl who had a spell cast on her, making her only able to say nasty things - and she must get through school life with this terrible curse!"
(Well - except magic doesn't exist in this manga. She's supposed to just have this problem from hanging out with a lot of brothers growing up or something.)


Don't get me wrong. It IS a cute read. Positives are that if you view this as a purely fun/cute love story about something silly like "a girl who can only insult people", then you could have a good time. Her love interest is an adorable character and deals with her well, and there's something intriguingly happy about how he's able to stand her. Because her bad mouth feels entirely involuntary to the point that she seems like a victim of her own habits, his kindness is always appreciated and it helps you cheer them on.

I might actually buy this manga to have it on my shelf if I'm ever bored and want to read, but it isn't on my top-favorites at the moment.

Still, it's all up to you if you want to check it out. I do recommend it, just for the cute read.
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Jul 26, 2016
Dengeki Daisy (Manga) add
This is the first manga I have gotten into, and I am absolutely in love with it. I literally sob incoherently almost every page. It has the right amount of comedic scenes, as well as a heart-wrenching love story and a bunch of other mysteries built into the manga itself. I love this manga, seriously.

And the art is beautiful! Tasuku is hot-- I'm not going to lie-- and Teru is cute and strong-willed. I love when they're together @_@ It makes me want to be happy for them. In my opinion, I think Kyousuke Motomi is an incredible author. The pace moves perfectly. There is suspense and built-up tension where there needs to be, and there are no fillers unless the author specifically notes that it was a special, somewhat irrelevant add-on.

The manga only gets better after every chapter, so I highly suggest you keep reading if you're not completely hooked in the first few chapters.
*sobs* So good...
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Jul 26, 2016
Shamo (Manga) add
My suggestion with this manga is that you read it with the intention of dropping it halfway through.

Shamo! has the anti-hero protagoinst of Ryou Narushima and most of the manga focuses on him, so if you're not into anti-heroes then this is probably not something you'd enjoy. That said, Ryou has many good traits as well as the bad ones, and there are people he does care about in the story.
All the characters I can think of feel as though they are real people, like they have their own intentions, experiences, personalities, etc. and their own flaws. Their interactions with Ryou are usually enjoyable and interesting.
Ryou, comparatively, is very weak to the people he fights. He fights Naoto, who is outside of his weight-class and completely superior to him in skill, and what makes Ryou different to most other protagonists is how there are few things he won't do. He's extremely selfish. Ryou being at a disadvantage, but pulling through because of underhanded tactics, makes for a unique dynamic in the manga.
I love Ryou as a character, in all his flaws. There's a lot to love, even if he does horrible shit for the sake of furthering his own goals. He's a good MC.

Shamo! has a change in author, which massively brings down the quality of the manga, and also probably caused the rushed ending.
Shamo! also suffers from repetitive story lines, similar to Bleach or Naruto. Shamo! handles the arcs in a much more interesting way, but Shamo! can be very clunky and heavy-handed though, and you sometimes get things like the infamous random power-up/down.
Shamo! also just sometimes forgets about characters for long periods of time, or removes them at the drop of a hat, only to bring them back later. I only really noticed when re-reading it though, because I was too engrossed in Ryou the first time around.
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Jul 26, 2016
Orange (Manga) add
Orange is a unique shoujo. So unique, in fact, that it made a switch to a seinen magazine at about the halfway mark.

It goes far beyond the cookie-cutter romcoms that seem to dominate the shoujo market, focusing on a dramatic, slowly-building relationship which not only involves the boy and girl falling in love, but the girl saving his life in the process.

STORY (8/10):

I've heard a lot of complaints recently about time travel anime/manga, referring to it as cliche and it making sure the characters won't get into any real danger, as there's a reset button available at any time.

However, Orange doesn't have this reset button - the manga explores some very interesting themes involving parallel worlds and alternate reality. Also, as there is no real way for the characters themselves to time travel, there is still danger that keeps the story gripping.

ART (9/10):

The art in Orange is very good. I loved the full-color pages, and this manga has a very unique way with facial expressions that can tell you a lot about a scene, even if there's little to no dialogue in said scene.


Despite the fact that I still gave the Character category a good score, this is my main issue with Orange. It has a full set of characters, the majority of which have clearly defined personalities - there's Hagita and Asusa, who fight like an old married couple but deny they like each other. Hiroto, a muscular big eater boy who is also best friends with Naho.

And then there's Naho herself.

Much to my disappointment, we didn't really learn much about Naho, other then she likes Kakeru and wants to save him. Her MAL bio basically says she likes Kakeru and wants to save him. That's pretty much her only defining character trait.

However, due to the personality of the other characters, as well as the above-average translation in which the dialogue flows very well, I was still able to give the Character category a good score.


I read all of Orange in one night, and it did a great job at keeping my attention through its mixture of suspenseful and sad moments, as well as some humor to keep everything from getting too depressing.

OVERALL (8/10):

I highly recommend Orange, even if you aren't traditionally a shoujo fan...or is this seinen? I really don't know. Despite my complaints about the main character, this is a very unique, enthralling manga that deserves its spot in MAL's top manga.


CONTENT WARNING: This manga is officially rated Teen in the North American print release. The only real content issue is mild language; however, those sensitive to the subject of suicide are advised that this manga may be hard for them to read. Anyone who can handle/comprehend the mature themes is old enough to read it in my opinion.
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Jul 26, 2016
Orange (Manga) add
Naho and Kakeru's story is heartbreakingly beautiful, indeed a masterpiece. Let's wait and see Orange become a classic in no time. Hands down to Takano Ichigo sensei. What I love about Orange is that it tackles about mental illness/depression and suicide, which is /I guess/ rare for your typical shoujo manga, it's also brave because people nowadays needs to be aware how serious depression is. It's cute, yes, but this manga deals with more serious issues. I'm not into sci-fi but the time travel/parallel world amazed me in this one. I had goose bumps while reading the last part. The story is promising, the art is great and detailed, I have some issue with the characters but it's fine, I love Suwa anyways. Meh!

Review posted in Goodreads:
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Jul 26, 2016
Yuzumori-san (Manga) add
Do you like lolis? Do you like Shoujo-Ai? Because the answer to both of these is yes, you need to read this hilarious yet super-cute lolicon manga.

TL;DR at the bottom!

Also note that this is kind of a preview-review since at the time of writing only 3 chapters have been translated into english.

We are first introduced to one of our main characters, a normal 2nd year highschool girl named Mimika. At the first sight, she seems innocent but is actually a huge lolicon. After her introduction, we soon are introduced to our second main character, Yuzumori-san. She is a elementary schooler in her 4th grade. Yuzumori-san is cute, very captivating and a bit mysterious character at first glance which captures Mimikas attention at the first sight. This is how our story begins.

Yuzumori-san (the manga itself, not the character) is a comedic slice-of-life story about two girls getting to know eachother. The strong point of this manga is definitely it's humour so far.

The artstyle is very pleasant to eye and clean enough and the chapters aren't over long which makes the reading very easy. I love how the. Artist shifts between two or three different styles in chapters. One for the normal style which covers every normal scene where the characters either think or we are shown the background/city. Second being the cute style which is used when our main characters do something cute together, like eat ice cream and offer bites to eachother and stuff~. Last but not least the not-so-detailed, comedic artstyle which is used every now and then. It contrasts really well the cute parts.

Overall this easy-to-read, pleasant to eye, funny and cute at the same time -manga is a great readthrough if you are a fan of comedy and slice-of-life genres. I recommend this to everyone who enjoys a good romcom without much drama.

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Jul 26, 2016
Subaru (Manga) add
Let me just start this review right off the bat with the fact that in the first 10 minutes of me reading this manga I was literally in tears sobbing. Now idk if that's cause i'm just an emotional wreck but I think thats still amazing regardless. And I'm seriously not exaggerating when I say I was sobbing.

I only got into this after seeing it under suggestions after finishing Glass Mask, and there are definitely similarities. But this manga, unlike Glass Mask, is intense and in a sense really morbid. I would definitely recommend this only for the mature readers. If you're looking for something with the same vibe as Glass Mask I wouldn't say this is for you. The only thing similar is the irregular talent both mc's have but other than that its a totally different feeling. I was kinda depressed reading this story. I realized as I read further and further that there was something so disconcerting about the main character but I couldn't express it in words. It's kinda weird the vibe I was left with upon reading the last chapter. (But theres a sequal of sorts so I'm going to read that after finishing my review)

The overall plot is interesting and as I explained above it made me, the reader, pretty uncomfortable. But I think the ability of the mangaka to draw out my emotions like that is what made me want to read on. The manga is very real. Now I'm not saying the manga's plot is realistic but it's very real in the sense of the characters emotions and their reactions to things. It's very human. The mc is a girl who has many tragic flaws and it's almost as if her life is literally her "destiny." She is going to end up where she ends up and it's futile to change her course. Idk if this is the direction the manga is going to go but the feeling I get after finishing it.

Now I wouldn't say this is a masterpiece but I think it was a good read. If you're interest is piqued based on what I've said above I would recommend this!
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Jul 26, 2016
Zettai Kareshi. (Manga) add
This boyfriend-in-a-box situation is more like something I'd expect from a shounen manga, only in that case it would be a girlfriend-in-a-box and an ecchi tag. I was expecting this to have some more indecently funny moments than it actually did have (considering the delivery came unclothed!), but most of the comedy had to do with a figure trying to act as human as possible and become the best lover for the main character, Riiko.

This isn't just about falling in love with a robot, though. There is another man in Riiko's life who aims for her attention as well, a childhood friend and next door neighbor named Soushi. So if you were thinking, sigh, this is just some cheesy romance involving a human and a robot, it isn't just that. This love triangle takes up the latter half of the manga and delves into what love is for a high schooler. There's that pressure to be someone worth wanting and the struggle to find someone who could possibly want that mess that's you. That being said, is it easiest to find acceptance and love from a robot that was made to love you?

Aside from the serious romantic moments were the comedic ones that sometimes got me to smile but rarely made me laugh out loud. I found the humor to be a little bit too silly and more suited for younger audiences. A robot acting strange in new surroundings can only be so funny. Perhaps it just wasn't my cup of tea.

I can't say that the characters are any more different from normal shoujo ones. That robot boyfriend is, of course, perfect in every way except that he's human. That flawlessness is typical of many romantic interests in shoujo manga regardless of whether they're human or not. The heroine is a little bit of a headstrong girl confused in the issues of love... what's new? The other romantic interest of course, will do anything to gain the heroine's affections but will respect her own choice. It's all quite predictable, isn't it?

Absolute Boyfriend is more than ten years old, so the art is certainly aged. I'm not such a fan of the heroine and others having such large round faces and small eyes, but it's consistent. I could see how some people could be considered handsome, but their round faces do take their ages down a notch. Otherwise the artwork is pretty all right; it isn't too shabby or hard to look at and is sufficient.

I think this manga would have been more entertaining to me if I were younger, though the brief mentions of sex would have made me uncomfortable. That's what I find a little strange about this manga; there wasn't enough of that particular topic for it to be rated mature (but almost) and the humor was young and light, so it was a little dissonant. However, this manga was a little bit amusing, I'll give it that.
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Rurouni Kenshin is a near perfect manga which beautifully contrasts serious and heavy subject matter such as the reality of war, death, and atonement with silly, lighthearted humor. The historical Meiji Era shines and gives this manga a feeling truly unique and its own. The characterization and character development might be the best I've ever seen in an anime or manga. Each character is perfectly drawn and progresses in interesting arcs along with the story. While they all represent crucial character types, they never become boring stereotypes or cliches. The subtle romance is brilliantly handled and is one of the best in manga. The fight scenes are intense and truly awe-inspiring, yet the manga does not glory in mindless violence. Rurouni Kenshin is a unique manga that should be given a read if only because of how much of future manga/anime is influenced by it.
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Jul 25, 2016
Arisa (Manga) add
It's cool to be different.

Arisa is definitely one of the most unique shoujo manga I have ever read. It's a psychological and mystery shoujo manga written by Natsumi Andou, a mangaka who is popularly known for the art of Kitchen Princess (one of my childhood faves 😄). I read some of Arisa a while back in my library/bookstore days, but never finished it. After seeing someone praise it online, I decided to pick it back up again. I'm really glad that I did!

I have to admit that at first, the story kind of creeped me out. The first time I read the manga was when I was in middle school, so I wasn't used to reading manga with dark elements in it. I didn't even read that far into it because it had just come out, but it scared me that there was an anonymous culprit (the "king") that could grant any wish, even if it meant hurting others. There seemed to be no limit to their power.

I find it really enjoyable now, however. The story is very intriguing and suspenseful so that you'll want to keep reading after every chapter to find out what happens next. There are also a fair amount of plot twists. In other words, it's a good mystery. I like how original the story is, too. I've never read anything like this before. Because a lot of shoujo is more like ordinary school life 😂.

The art is what you would expect in a shoujo manga with the big eyes. However, the mangaka does a good job with making it fit for a psychological manga by the way she draws people's facial expressions. The art is pretty, detailed and clean, which I like. She's also skilled at drawing hair. I thought the character designs were well-suited as well.

In terms of characters, I think the mangaka did a pretty good job with them. There is good character development in the manga. We see characters come to terms with what they're doing wrong, and we see other characters mature and become stronger. I mean, unless you're tired of having a headstrong and determined protagonist, there isn't really a problem with the characters.

However, I do kind of wish that the students in Arisa's class had more humanity and could think for themselves. They're all very blah as individuals. When it came to king time, they would be so caught up in it that they would act mindlessly. This is a psychological manga, though, so I don't know whether I should be complaining about that.

Overall, I found this manga enjoyable and would definitely recommend it! It's a good read whether you're a mystery lover or whether you're just looking for something different from a typical shoujo manga.
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Jul 25, 2016
B.S.S.M. (Manga) add
Honestly, this is probably my ultimate favourite manga from the bl genre. And this is probably more gushing than reviewing. But bear with me.

It seems like there's barely any plot, at first glance it's just about two high school best friends messing around until things escalate. But of course it's much more than that.

Ido Gihou's works are noticeably atmospheric and introspective and this one is not an exception. However there is a lot going on also, and things don't stay stagnant. The 6 chapters read like a novel does and I found myself completely immersed while reading.

This manga really is a slice of life manga, but one that feels very very real. Every chapter is crucial and every mundane interactions hold charged emotions and meanings. This manga really struck me with its lyrical pacing and story-telling, it really affected the presentation of the emotions conveyed.

I think the beauty of this manga is how each and DETAILED every panel of the manga is. From the dialogue, art and character quirks, everything feels very real, very rich. You can feel them gasping, trying to hold their tears in, tender achey feelings just OOZE off the panels. Also Ido's line works and screentones are so fluent and pretty it's the whole manga is eye candy to be honest.

The thing that really pushes me to rate this a 10, is the final chapter. At the final climax everything feel so overwhelming yet so beautiful, and it leaves you with this sense of awe. Bittersweetness, love, regret, gratefulness, affection, it's all there to hit you like a ton of bricks. These are fictional characters, but the the emotions between them feel Very Real and You Will Feel it.

You also get to see little glimpses of their lives outside of their relationship, and they're not overplayed for extra drama, yet they're not irrelevant either. You see little cameos of their friends, family, and their short appearances adds to the richness of the characters and their drives. It's worth noting that they come in nearly at the end of the manga, and I thought it was very clever story-telling, and you'll know what I mean when you finish reading.

Most people pick this up expecting this to be a fucked up, drug use manga, but it really isn't. It is one of the stranger sides to this manga but it's not central to the plot.

It's a shame because a lot gets lost in translation in this manga, so if you can, I recommend reading it in japanese or at least korean.

However, just for the electric art (especially the kiss scenes, oh my god the kiss scenes) it's something very worth spending your time reading, I assure you.

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