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8 hours ago
Black Jack ni Yoroshiku (Manga) add
Just to clarify, Say Hello to Black Jack is NOT some kind of pre/sequel of Black Jack, it’s another type of creature altogether…

Saito, Eijirou is a fresh medical graduate that’s just starting his internship in his university’s hospital and simultaneously, working a part-time job (now we know why doctors don’t sleep). He finds trouble living on his monthly wage of… A jar of pickles (no actually, it’s something ridiculous like $380) and while politics run wild in the hospital’s background, we (as readers) get to see what’s really happening behind the scenes: let the crazy kowtowing and enraged fits begin!

The Manga’s plot explores the read more
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10 hours ago
Komomo Confiserie (Manga) add
Upon first glance, I assumed this manga would be similiar to Yumeiro Patissiere. A cute shoujo about pastries and maybe a hint of love? NOPE! Not even close. While it holds a bakery theme, there are so many more apsects to this series that I would never even have guessed. This manga has surprised me so much in just 13 chapters, alone!

STORY - The story starts off with young 6 year old Komomo, a stuck-up brat whose family is forunate. She's the princess of her family, and gets anything she wants. But what she treasures most, is the head chefs son--his pastries at least! read more
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Today, 2:27 AM
Hirunaka no Ryuusei (Manga) add
Beautiful art and nice characters. Anyway, it's not that different from the typical shoujos. Love triangles, unrequited-love, the girl who will become friend with the protagonist with hidden intentions, the indecisive, the tsundere, and God I could go on.

It's a good story to kill some time, nonetheless.
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Yesterday, 8:30 PM
Samenai Yume (Manga) add
Samenai Yume was definitely an interesting read, if not a pleasing one.

The art is delicate and gorgeous. With the liberal use of grays and black, iit conveyed the dark, eerie tone of the story quite well. This one-shot contains some graphic scenes of sex and gore. However, I thought it added to the creepiness of the manga as a whole.

The length of the one-shot was not enough to give much development to the characters. Despite this and the simple plot, the ending was nicely done. It gave some closure, but left me shivering with awful realization.

Samenai Yume will tickle your mind, depending on how you read more
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Yesterday, 5:55 PM
Zenryoku Otome (Manga) add
"I'm not cross-dressing...this is a kilt!"

Amongst the already rather limited selection of romance manga involving a boy and a trap, the vast majority of them tend to focus their attention on one of two things:
1.) developing its characters and their relationships up until just before the finale, only to end the story on a rather ambiguous and unsatisfying note
2.) straying into irrelevant side-stories that only serve to sideline the characters and their relationships until the final chapter or so

It's certainly rare enough to find a series that doesn't fall prey to such pitfalls, so one can only imagine my initial skepticism upon not only reading read more
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Yesterday, 2:48 PM
Yousei Hyouhon - Fairy Cube (Manga) add
I would rate this 6.5 if I could. I've read a lot of stuff by this artist, and this has to have been my least favorite of her work so far. It has a pretty interesting theme, but I think it's pretty rushed through. There was definitely some twists, but I felt it was lacking a bit in terms of content and pace (though I guess that's hard to do in 3 volumes). Beautiful art like always though. But like the other review stated I probably wouldn't reread again, I just wasn't really captured like I am with the rest of her works. I think read more
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Yesterday, 1:33 PM
magico (Manga) add
I read this series a long time ago, and it has been one of the most memorable manga I have ever read.

The story is fairly straight forward with the usual flashbacks. Nothing out of the ordinary in that regard. What got me was the concept that the story was following. I think that quite a few of us have read manga where magicians are prominent. In magico, magic is based around the completion of rituals. The more powerful magics require you to undergo rigorous training or near impossible tasks. This series really provided a fresh twist to how magic works in that regard. it did read more
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Yesterday, 12:07 PM
Royal Fiancé (Manga) add
Story: This has got to be the most weirdest and dumbest story for a manga I've ever read. Seriously, the plot was obviously rushed to the point where I could even understand it! It's way too simple, plain and frustrating! It made it hard to see what were the characters feelings and thoughts. The whole story is saying, "your my wife, you have no voice in the matter." Really....that's it...? There's no major conflict... is the character going to rebel? That's all I really got from this manga...

Art: The art was really good and kind of cute. I really liked the art style in read more
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Yesterday, 4:49 AM
Mahou Sensei Negima! (Manga) add
Do you believe in magic? I didn't too, until I saw 30 teenagers falling in love with a 10 year old dwarf.

Magister Negi Magi, aka Negima, would easily be like one of those old fairy tales from the Grimms Brothers' collection, except that it'd go “Once upon a time, fuck you”. Sounds like a bad joke from a hangover but yeah, the image kinda fits this manga.

Originally an erotic delusion made by Ken Akamatsu, he later narrated it to his editor during their usual visit to a strip club in Shinjuku, who replied “That's awesome, why don't you make a manga out of it? Love read more
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Yesterday, 12:36 AM
Hyakujitsu no Bara (Manga) add
I first stumbled upon the manga, closely followed by the anime, back in 2011 and I must have re-read it over 20 times by now.

Maiden Rose has been a rollercoaster ride and the plot structure confused the hell out of me, at first. The flashbacks slowly filled in the story and added the needed emotions we require to understand Klaus's actions towards Taki -the rape and abuse- however, why not address the manga in order of events? If I was to read it -without going back and forth between timelines- I think I would have understood it the first time round. Just saying.

War themed mangas read more
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Apr 22, 2014
Beast & Feast (Manga) add
After having read a few hundred or more yaoi mangas, I have gotten quite tired of stereotypes, which is why I'm so strict with certain elements of the manga.

The story starts out really well, a policeman with a normal build and almost too cute face meets old childhood friend who's turned into a beast of a yakuza, but the policeman is still good enough at judo to throw the bigger guy around or put him in a choke hold if he tries anything funny.

Unfortunately, this power balance only lasts halfway through the manga, where the policeman turns into a naive little boy rather than a read more
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Apr 22, 2014
Game Over (Manga) add
I've always loved Mizutani Fuuka's works ever since i read Lonely Sheep , Lonely Wolf. The stories just gives you this warm feeling inside when it comes to the love between same gender or age difference. All of Mizutani's works kinda gives the message that gender and age doesn't matter when it comes to love and you should definitely take the chance that is given. Game Over's main story is quite enjoyable and although the artwork is not extravagant, it matches perfectly with the setting of the stories. The sub stories are pretty interesting too XD

Please do give the author's other works a try too:
-Lonely read more
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Apr 22, 2014
Sensei to Watashi (Manga) add
STORY - How many times have you seen this? Teacher & A Student.

ART - Beautiful work, what the manga lacks in character and storyline, it certainly makes up for in art.

CHARACTER - Ugh..The teacher is very realistic in the sense of he acts very mature and adult like. The main character however? She's a ditz who 'fell in love' at first sight. She has no sense of timing with her words, and despite showing worry over a teacherxstudent relationship, she publicly pulls stunts that should get her noticed in no time at all. She's worse than a Mary Sue, she's constantly walking into a read more
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Apr 22, 2014
Sexless Friend (Manga) add
So can I just say one thing here, ‘Oh god the triangle of romance.’ This manga seriously had twists and turns that made the little fan girl in me swoon a bit in that it is about two people who seem to be fighting to not be seen as homosexual all because of the feelings they had for people of the same gender. I know, confusing right? Well that was what I felt trying to piece it all together. Basic idea, Tsukasa liked a guy he was somewhat rivals with; his teacher had a crush on her upper classmen though both say it’s not in read more
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Apr 21, 2014
Jackals (Manga) add
Friedrichstown is in the centre of some serious gang warfare between the butt-kicking Chinese Tennouren and the knife-poking Italian Gabriella and the person lucky enough to piss both major gangs off is none other than our heroic main character: Alligator Nichol. Even though Nichol sounds like a pretty sissy name for an assassin (seriously), he is L-E-T-H-A-L. And basically, it’s 56 chapters of carnage, killing and… That’s about it.

The story, and it’d be nice of anyone to consider this a story, was very boring. Because, let’s face it, there was NO story. It was just ‘protagonist is wanted dead by this gang’ and then ‘protagonist read more
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Apr 21, 2014
Yuru Yuru (Manga) add
A lovely and humorous manga following the lives of three best friends and their daily adventures both in and out of school.

There isn't an overarching story per say but rather multiple short stories about the trio's adventure. The art is great, fully colored and in a very enjoyable style. The characters are extremely lovable and cute, even more so as a trio. All in all, I'm really glad I picked this one up. It's a great short read for someone who isn't looking for a deep plot or doesn't have much time, and it's sure to make you smile with the humor, cuteness, and read more
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Apr 21, 2014
Cantarella (Manga) add
Giving this series a 10/10 for everything- story, art, character, enjoyment.

Its a story full of angst, forbidden relationships and unrequited love. Each character is doomed to suffer emotionally for life. And the protagonist Cesare has the worst share of them all.

Story: The story is well woven with historical facts (can't say how much percentage though) + heavy dose of supernatural elements to it, similar to how the Hakuouki anime series has been made. It gave me a vague idea of what kind of struggles must have taken place between France and Italy which was really interesting to read, since I haven't really read much about read more
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Apr 21, 2014
Sora wa Akai Kawa no Hotori (Manga) add
I like to read violent seinen manga, but sometimes I want to read something light-hearted for a change, so I turn to shoujo. Thus, this review is from someone who doesn't usually read that much shoujo, so it has affected this review and scoring.

I chose to read Red River solely because of the ancient Turkey setting. I wanted to read something that was based on an ancient, middle-eastern culture, and Red River just happened to pop up. I was pleasantly surprised that the setting included ancient Egypt as well, because it fascinates me.

I didn't really expect much from the story, since my experience of shoujo read more
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Apr 21, 2014
Maria (Manga) add
One of Naoko Takeuchi's other works, Maria is a beautiful tale about a girl falling in love.

Though typical in story, Maria makes up for it with the tone and characters and slight mystery presented. It leaves you guessing at parts, and smiling at others. I always end up reading this manga when I come back to anime and manga because of how simplistic yet timeless it is.
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Apr 20, 2014
Miss Rain (Manga) add
A beautiful collection of short stories by Naoko Takeuchi. Your classic shoujo romance stories which leave you feeling all warm and fuzzy inside.
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