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After watching the disappointment known as Queen's blade rebellion the anime. I was curious about it's manga version. Most manga is usually better than the anime adaptation, and this series is no exception. Whoever wrote this comic took the same story from the anime and structured it better and gave it a much better pace. Annelotte was much more fleshed out as a character than her anime counterpart. The anime version of Annelotte was so two dimensional and bland. Throughout all 12 episodes of the show, Annelotte's character traits consisted of two; 1) "I am a knight! Prepare to fight me!" 2) "I am a nice person and I'm going to help everyone." That's basically all Annelotte ever did as a character throughout the whole show, and for that she was kind of boring. However, in the manga she reveals much more about herself like; how she's a clumsy bumbling idiot, she curses out loud, she makes death threats, she cries, she has conflicts with her demon self(which was a huge missed opportunity in the anime), and as a character can be humorous at times unlike her anime counterpart who played it straight. Another huge improvement in the manga was Elina, she obviously had more to do. In the anime she just stood around like, "I'm the bad guy!" Leina's presence is more involved. Tomoe also makes an appearance.

Unlike the anime which started off kind of slow, this version started pretty strong with Annelotte already going after Queen Claudette and threatens her on how she wants her head. Another huge plus about the manga, which is a complete shocker, is the fact that the fan service is completely toned down! Most people hate the queen's blade series because the fan service keeps slapping you in the face with every episode. Clothes being ripped off, nipples and boobs galore, panty shot after panty shot, getting molested, and etc. However, The fan service in the manga only shows some bath scenes here and there, no nipples only butts and occasional panty shot but that's it. I think some readers might appreciate that. I don't mind fan service, but some shows like queen's blade do it so much that it distracts the viewers too much from the story. Another bonus is that there is blood shown and the violence is a little more indulged.

The only problems I had with was the artwork, missing scenes and the ending. No offense, but I did not find that artwork design that appealing. Some people may like it, but unfortunately I wasn't one of them. There seemed to be too many missing scenes, usually in normal stories we see point A to point B. But there are times we see point A to point D, like something important was skipped. A great example of this was when Izumi appeared out of nowhere with no introduction and is already following the MC. However, the biggest issue with the manga is the ending. It literally ended just when the read more
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Undercurrent (Manga) add
What does it mean when someone suddenly disappears out of your life? No goodbye, no letter or note and not even the slightest of clues that might give away to their existence.

Undercurrent; a solemn manga of unadorned brushstrokes and eroding lives, will ultimately pull at your heartstrings as you will witness Kanae, a woman running Japanese public bath, groping for the any tangible hope that might inform her anything about her suddenly lost husband.

This is by no means a tightly-knitted detective tale with twists and turns ready to pull your jaw. In fact, there is hardly a plot here, for with recurrent failures and perpetual disappointment, we meet a Kanae who had withdrawn from the rigorous search for her husband long time ago but still nonetheless checks out news-papers for possible suicides, watches tv and tries other such mundane attempts in a vein to assuage her tethering impulses that increasingly plummet her into the pits of anxieties and restlessness: where could he disappear? dead? Or living glamorous life while leaving his wife to rot away? These are the questions that augment the climax of Undercurrent and bring forth the crux of this stagnant narrative of piercing reality which hammers down the question; “Are those only the reasons for someone to disappear out of your life?”

And with Kanae, we too begin to think arbitrarily and see our fate unfolding the most existentially probing dilemmas. As Kanae ruminates whether it was because of her that she has lost her husband, she realizes her our own conceited self that ignorantly played a significant role in turning the dials for him. Yet Undercurrent is not merely about the reflections of our naked self and its flaws but rather about the mutual ebb and flow of humans' understanding with one another with all its ups and downs, and consequences that follow, above all of it, it is about learning to accept them in conjunction with changing oneself for better.

That said, there is also a subtle romance and building up of new relation that is employed in very palpable manner without overriding the incentive themes of the story. With its premise so ripe for melodrama and emotional breakdowns, surprisingly, we face none of those here. This is a muted panorama of deteriorating emotions. Similarly, the art style does not wow the viewer and remains non-picturesque with hardly curves serving as backdrop to the settings of the story. Characters are designed simple enough with sharply drawn outlines and minimal facial details. One might complain, the mangaka tried to have the easy way out by doing it all too simple, which couldn’t be more wrong, for the whole point of unadorned art is to accentuate the poignancy of this monotonous tale. In fact, everything about Undercurrent is aesthetically rich in very Japanese way.

This is a fleeting tale of stinging impressions that will accompany you for very long time even after its completion. While Undercurrent will not answer many of the questions it poses, it sure as read more
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RG Veda (Manga) add
I picked this Manga on my Reading Quest before I could for Tsubasa Chronicles. And Boy, it Turned out to be the Best Manga I have ever Read (till date). And it is one Criminally Underrated Gem!!

The story starts out as a simple one. Set in Heavens - ruled by a Tyrant - a prophecy about a certain guy who will defeat him - the main protagonist fulfilling that prophecy - road trip - meeting allies willing to help. Pretty Simple Right? Turns Out it Isn't!!

The first four volumes follow this and I found myself struggling through them. Of Course, being CLAMP's work (their debut at that) the Art is Great. But the pacing and progression didn't appeal to me. The deaths were sad but Ashura's constant whining irritated me. But, things change when I reached the fifth volume.

The manga goes to directions you wouldn't expect. Revelations were made during the course of the series which blew my mind. Deaths happened, a lot of them. Towards the end it made me feel like I am reading/watching one of Gen Urobuchi's works!! CLAMP makes you fall in love with the characters, before making you see them suffer.

In Conclusion, this is a great work by a great mangaka group. The story and characters would draw you in and make you read till the end (and potentially destroy you xD). I urge everyone reading this to give this Manga a go.
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Yesterday, 6:13 PM
Boruto: Naruto Next Generations (Manga) add
I just want to expose how my hopes for this series dropped heavily after I started reading this manga. At first, I had high hopes for it. Any continuation from where the previous series left off would automatically be interesting for me, since Naruto is what brought me in the anime fanbase in the first place. Man, if this was disappointing. The manga starts off with a huge teaser, then it immediately breaks all the hype and the questions with a jump back, to something the majority of fans do not want to see: A recap of the latest movie. I got informed that the author isn't Kishimoto anymore, and I expected a change in the art style, but this is seriously too much. The art style is horrendous, and I feel like the characters' design is pretty much, completely ruined. I don't know how far this series will go, or how successful it will be, but it gave me a really bad first impression.
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Yesterday, 12:58 PM
Nisekoi (Manga) add
********LIGHT SPOILERS AHEAD********

Nisekoi is what happens when you have great potential, but chuck it down the drain because you wanna be cliche. I loved this manga, but every chapter after Chapter 100 seemed to worsen. You'll like this manga if:

1) you're a diehard tsundere fan
2) you're looking for a predictable story that mirrors ichigo 100%

Story was moving well, never exceptional, but it was always interesting. Naoshi Komi decided to pump it with fillers, and as the series progressed, everything just went all over the place. Having now reached what almost inevitably seems to be the final few chapters, I'm thoroughly disappointed. Many aspects of Nisekoi which endeared it to me at the start, faded away into obscurity for the most predictable, cheap ending imaginable.

Great art, Komi is a master of comedic reaction faces and kawaii waifu girls.

Character. Oh my gosh. This is the single most terrible facet of Nisekoi. Fine, every girl just HAS to be a clearly defined dere type, but this isn't the problem. Kosaki Onodera, Seshiro Tsugumi, Yui Kanakura and shockingly even RAKU ICHIJO the protagonist himself, are severely underdeveloped/frequently backtrack on their minimal development. Marika Tachibana received very half hearted development later on, but she too can be classified as largely underdeveloped. Ruri and Shu, two great (honestly the best chars here) characters—wise, down to earth, a good blend of serious and funny; but Komi doesn't give them sufficient screen time.

Onodera especially is noteworthily and extremely poorly written, a character with great potential and massive popularity at the beginning—only to be portrayed as a character who doesn't respect her own resolve, frequently backtracking on two chapters worth of development—and this weakness is shared by other characters in Komi's Nisekoi as well. Development always takes second place to an illogical, obviously milked plot; and that's Nisekoi's greatest flaw. In contrast to all the other characters, Chitoge is the only one who receives good development and growth; and it becomes very obvious that the series is geared towards her, in an unrealistically unfair way.

There's no competition. It's all on a platter for her, just cause. She literally takes the development from all the characters, becoming an overdeveloped character; which is sad considering that Chitoge was a fantastic character at the start. Haru is a well balanced, likeable character that doesn't lack or overflow with development, however. Aside from Ruri and Shu, she was another thing that Komi got right...however well, she ends up like Ruri and Shu. Rather irrelevant.

Raku is infuriating. A character that starts if as hilariously noble, transformed into an extremely stupid, unrealistically dense and insensitive imbecile; all because the suspense has to be dragged on. Terrible considering that he's the main.

This series doesn't lack in enjoyment however. Great humour, and very compelling romance (at the start) were present, and even with his faults as a storyteller and people crafter, Komi is a great comedian; and he captures the fun drama of school life very well in the teenage crew.

Overall, a very cliche read more
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Yesterday, 12:18 PM
Nisekoi (Manga) add
Nisekoi has really beautiful character design. All those girls that were introduced are arguably very gorgeous. "Eye-candy" is how I would describe them!

Despite those beautiful arts, Nisekoi has a very predictable story. The locket and those 4 keys were somewhat a big deal, but it quickly fell into irrelevances. You did genuinely want to know who had the real key to open the locket.

What we got was a romcom. That's fine and all, but it was dragged way too long. At some point, too much is too much. You could read a chapter and feel like it's a déjà vu. How many temple scenes do we really need? How many random interruption do we need (when the only other girl who had a chance to win tried to confess)?

Nisekoi failed to develop other girls properly. Only the main girl got any real development. Other girls barely had any chance. It wasn't fair for them. When the fourth girl was introduced, I never felt that she had a legitimate shot at it. She was just introduced to fill the fourth slot. She might as well be dead and we wouldn't have noticed it. The third girl was never taken seriously (her chances of winning). The initial love interest barely got any meaningful development... even after 200+ chapters.

Think about it. 200 chapters of stagnation. 100+ chapters of pointless filler... of repeated fillers.

I would say that Nisekoi was initially really good, probably 9/10 materials. However, as it introduced more irrelevant characters, it took a turn for the worse.
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Nisekoi (Manga) add
Skip to the end of the review if you don't want to climb this giant wall of text that I wrote. Also, english is not my native language so bear with me.
This is my first review, and to be honest, I decided to write it just to make sure that people who read it think twice before they begin to read Nisekoi. This review is based on MY OPINION. You might like Nisekoi and you might also disagree with me and my gripes with this manga. And it's fine. I am not experienced in terms of manga and anime, and I think that any anime or manga can be considered good if it has decent art, characters and plot. It can also be considered good simply because you like it. You probably think - "Why would you give it such a low score then?!" and well, I can explain.
Nisekoi has a pretty good art - characters look cute, it is easy to read their emotions and all of them look different, even though they all basically have the same face, heh. Same goes for scenery and effects. Overall - art is enjoyable. I can't tell you anything about humor in this manga, because I have a rather specific sense of humor myself. It wasn't cringy or anything like that. Manga is not filled with these "OH YOU FELL RIGHT ON MY BOOBS" moments and it's good. I can't remember anything funny from this manga, but people seem to like it's humor, so it's up to you and your taste.
Now to the "fun" stuff. Nisekoi has 2 major problems: story and character development. Yeah, yeah, it's a harem manga, I know, but it's not as simple as you would think. First - characters. Male lead - Raku, seems to actually have some brains, unlike his indecisive "friends" from most harem manga. Female characters are your usual cliche girls - "dere" types - and I have nothing against that, it's okay to have cliche characters in harem manga, let's be real here. So far seems fine, right? Wrong. 200 chapters of development and character interaction lead to nothing. Why? Well I will tell you. Main characters interact with each other, Raku goes on dates with girls, they have these "kyun!" moments, memories, etc. And what happen's after that? Nothing. Take characters from chapter ~50 and characters from chapter 150 - nothing is different. Supporting characters like Paula McCoy, Claude, Raku's and Chitoge's fathers and all the gangsters disappear very early on.
And from that we go straight to the story problems. Whenever I told someone that I read Nisekoi they would laugh at me and ask if it had any sort of progression so far. Looks like these jokes reached Naoshi Komi(I also sense greed and/or sloth). At some point, after like 170 chapters in(I might be wrong with the number here), Nisekoi turns into some sort of harem bloodbath. Raku rejects one girl after another in read more
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Yesterday, 8:32 AM
Utsuro no Hako to Zero no Maria (Manga) add
If you had one wish, what would it be? Would it truly be the best option to wish for unlimited wishes?

This is my first review and it is spoiler-free so don't worry if you haven't read the series.

Utsuro no Hako to Zero no Maria, or Hakomari for short, is a tale of how wishing leads to our inevitable destruction. The series manages to stay away from the conventions, becoming a psychological roller coaster which essentially deconstructs logic itself, reshaping it into whatever it chooses to.

The narrative of Hakomari revolves around a group of seemingly normal high school students and seemingly inhuman transfer student. In this sense, it may be dismissed as another typical high school romance drama, yet it couldn’t be farther from the truth. Our main protagonist, Kazuki Hoshino, is at first glance, an ordinary high schooler with an abnormal attachment to his everyday life and firm belief that the it can resolve all of his problems. He appears to be nothing special, but remains an empty canvas being able to go in any direction. With or against the transfer student, Aya Otonashi, the two fight against time, logic, life, death, meaning and the entire world itself. From here, the series only becomes more complicated.

To be frank, Hakomari uncovers every loophole in logic and exploits it. Through the supernatural phenomenon known as “boxes,” wishes are granted by the owner. The series explores what it means to truly believe in one’s wish, what it means to wish halfheartedly and why people don’t need to rely on wishes at all. It proceeds with a somewhat optimistic mindset in which people can make a difference in the world, even without having to resort to mystical entities. In total, how the boxes work and what boxes can and cannot do is well established and has to be one of the most intricate concepts I’ve come across.

The series wouldn’t have been the same without the layered cast of characters, each fleshed out with their own sensible motivations and internal struggles. Strikingly reminiscent of Neon Genesis Evangelion, these “ordinary” high schoolers turn out to be psychologically damaged beyond belief, turning to everything they can and even displaying insanity. The cast is unbelievably well-developed as the Kazuki in volume one is unrecognizable in volume seven after undergoing an incomprehensible amount of transformation and for the most part are equally well-crafted. Through the character’s individual beliefs, Hakomari explores themes ranging from love to existentialism as a “soup of concepts.” The chemistry between each character results in playful moments as well as situations beyond despair with each novel encompassing a different ideal in search of answers.

Naturally, being a light novel, there are illustrations, but not a large number of them. It certainly isn’t the strongest point of the series, but it’s certainly not exactly ugly to look at either. It’s decent enough and if anything, the art really helps picture the story as a whole, only enhancing the experience.

While the writing of Hakomari itself is no Shakespearian read more
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Yesterday, 6:34 AM
Nisekoi (Manga) add
So, I have read through this manga in practically a day. At first, I dropped it around chapter 110 and then picked it up today because I heard that shit actually happened.

As always, I went with the anime before hitting the manga, so this review might be in conjunction with S1: I felt some actual character development and progress. Even though it was cliched as f**k:

It was annoying seeing such a dense anime character. Makes me want to smash my head against the wall. The only prop to season 1 or the manga from around chapter 40 to 60 was the actual plot progression, character development and the manga being animated by Shaft. Afterwards, is however a different story. Someone over here summed it rather well, but I will put it in my own words. The mangaka decided to do a well known technique, he decided to go around in circles and just drag his story out.

Story: 4/10
Was at least a 6 in the first 60 chapters or so, but the rating dropped rather fast. The story is merely about some guy called Raku trying to find the "promised girl." The main flaw was that characters kept coming out of nowhere.

Art: 7/10

I do like the art, but at times it gets really annoying. I mean how many faces do you have to draw to make it look like someone is blushing.

Characters: 1/10. This was the major problem. It is like building a house, but you have no idea how to build it. Nisekoi's story was building, but in that process characters were like those rooms that no one needs.

Raku is the main character. Found him alright in 3 episodes(anime), but afterwards he started to get extremely annoying. Chitoge is "false love". We all know how this is going to end right? Onodera was the MC's first love. Ruri would be connected with Onodera, I find her annoying, but she seems better than the actual main cast. Shuu is rather annoying as well, but still better than Raku. The rest are just added elements or lets just say extra rooms to the house, which Raku owns. Marika and the White tiger were probably my favs.

Enjoyment: 4/10

It was pretty good, but it dropped fast. First half was a 7 and the second was 4.

Overall: 5/10

Crap...Not worth it. 227 chapters of utter nonsense. So damned predictable. It deserves a 5 because S1 was animated and created rather well.
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Yesterday, 4:26 AM
ib: Instant Bullet (Manga) add
Instant Bullet can be pretty edgy for a lot of people's taste but is worth the reading in one go. Let me explain furthermore.

The story is about our anti-hero main character named Kuro who hated the world so much to the point that he already wanted to destroy it. One Christmas Eve, he meets a girl and a mysterious creature which triggers the start of his journey as he tries to attain what he desired from the start. Right off the bat you'll notice how unique the story is and you'll get hooked as you continue seeing as to how many twist and turns there is that will be revealed. Even just after the second chapter this manga already blew my mind making me want to dig in further.

The characters can be either a strong point or a weak point of the manga depending on the reader's perspective. The main character is basically an anti-hero which is the type of character that a lot of viewers/reader like. But sometimes the main character turns away from his original beliefs making him a hero. This fact also applies with some of the remaining characters. At one time they are with the same side as the main character but next time you seen them they're already the enemy.

There's not much to say about the art. Though it generally look simple or normal, there's a lot of point where the art excels the dramatic parts and thus boosts the overall feel of the manga.

Overall this manga is pretty short and you can read at one go. I've pretty much enjoyed this manga because of it's never ending twists and some tear jerking turn of events. Even though its not the kind of manga that can be recommended to everyone, i really love it and made me want to make a review of it because i feel like it deserves a lot more attention.

Thanks for reading!
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Yesterday, 2:54 AM
Vanitas no Carte (Manga) add
~This review may contain minor spoilers and have some "comparisons" with Pandora Hearts as well — it's free of spoilers from PH!~

"This is... the tale of how I met Vanitas... and how we walked together... Off all we gained... and lost... and of how... at the end of that journey... I would kill him with my own two hands."

— Story: 8/10

The story starts in a 19th century Paris in an alternative steampunk world where long ago vampires fought a war against humans that caused their extinction — supposed to be their extinction. So we know Noé, our protagonist, a young vampire aboard La Baleine, an airship bound for Paris. He's on an errand to find the cursed legendary book of Vanitas to his teacher — a very suspicious vampire also known as "The Shapeless One". As he begins to approach his destination a strange man who calls himself Vanitas — who coincidentally is in possesion of such book — invades the airship to "cure" a vampire that has lost its sense of self. With this and some other things, we can say that VnC starts out as a typical average shounen fantasy/adventure series, a myth is established, back stories are being constructed, and characters are introduced with a bit of mistery around them. BUT, already on the first chapter, we receive what seems to be a big "spoiler" of the end — it will be?, already left us wondering about the path that leads to that end. From what I've learned from PH, then I should know it's going to be one very twisted story with things most certainly aren't going as expected, obviously there's no way it's that simple. I have to say, vampire is not a genre that I like, but is MochiJun here, the way how she presents a new form of narrative, blending steampunk (sci-fi) and fantasy elements with vampires is so great, and already on the first chapters we see how this vampire story should have an unique storytelling. The old legend of a vampire that curses all of his kin, a blue full moon, "true names", a sign of misfortune, "Babel", the parade of 'Charlatan', "borders", the "world formula" theory... there is so much potential and so many things to be explained. Right?

— Historical/Literary references —

Now, apart, I like to say about the historical/literary references.
Starting with historical references, if you're a historical manga lover like me, you surely will note references to Paris/France, be in important people names — like 'Paracelsus' or 'de Sade'; or buildings — like the draw of Notre Dame on chapter 2; or you will note some references that nobody else noticed in minimal details — like the alternative tower on chapter 3, reminiscent of a lighthouse, called 'Sun Tower' or 'Lighthouse Tower' (there was a real project to build a monumental lighthouse in Paris proposed in 1885 by Jules Bourdais to compete with the famous Eiffel Tower, that would illuminate the whole city, will be this tower used as read more
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Yesterday, 2:27 AM
Bijo ga Yajuu (Manga) add
manga trigger warnings: blood, violence, peeping tom (first volume), child/sibling death

I love this series. If you're ever in need of a quick, lighthearted pick-me-up, this series can do the trick. The narrative isn't convoluted nor does it capitalize on the torture and tragedies of characters for shock value as most romantic comedies tend to do. However, it does contain the death of a sibling (Ch. 25/26) which I did not enjoy because it kinda came out of nowhere. It was almost written as if Wanichin, the love interest, saw Eimi (the protagonist) as a sister instead of a prospective love interest. There were parallels drawn between his sister and Eimi and then the mangaka immediately changed her mind because she remembered they were supposed to fall in love. I also wish she fleshed out minor characters more. Sometimes it seemed like Matsumoto lost track of where she wanted to go with the story but made quick recoveries with quirky hijinks.

This is a terrific comedy with chuckle-worthy, heartwarming antics, and very little romance. The characters have great personalities all the while using beloved tropes like the "seemingly tough guy who's actually really caring" and the "absentminded but clever girl" without being misused for dramatic effect. Some tropes were used to illustrate machismo but luckily it was kept to a minimum. The panels slowed a bit toward the end and the climax was kind of abrupt however it was still satisfying! I'm hoping Matsumoto will create a short sequel that will fill in the blanks but until then, the events leading up to its finale will be left to the reader's imagination

Worth picking up!

EDIT: I completely forgot that Shojo Beat/Viz included a short story that is a racist, dehumanizing romanticization of slavery and human trafficking. I'm not sure if scanlations also included it but it is at the end of the series so please skip it!
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Yesterday, 12:12 AM
Mother's Spirit (Manga) add
If I could describe this manga with three words, they would be: SO WORTH IT. I mean, everything is so well-thought and enjoyable that one can't help but fall in love with it, and I cannot recommend it more.
The plot is actually very simple, but eye-catching, for it makes you think about the nuances in the society we live in and all that crap. Also, as a linguistics student, it was just perfect to see the way he performs language-like in the original manga (in Japanese), so if you're into Languages and all that good stuff this will definitely give you a hard-on.
The characters and the artstyle are just the final touch. The uke is not a whiny baby and the characters are actually pretty easy to empathize with, despite one being your ordinary day-to-day office worker and the other one being a Lutah tribe chief's successor. It's very beautiful to see Qaltaqa's engagement to his beliefs and also to accompany the growth of Ryouichi to the point where he's actually compromised with his mission.
All in all, the whole plot is totally worth looking for and has all the elements for a great yaoi manga: it's super cute, hot, and makes you all fuzzly inside. And furthermore promotes to change or develop your way of thinking about the real world! What more could you ask for?
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Jul 21, 2016
Harigane Service (Manga) add
Harigane Service is a manga that has a potential to be a mainstream sports manga title. I love the character development of the protagonist Kanna and I also love how the story progress. The only downside that I have in this manga is the slow updates but nevertheless, this is the first time that I read a manga that focuses on the pinch server and the mangaka really did its best to highlight the protagonist's role. All in all, its a good read and I hope that everyone who like Haikyuu or other sports anime can give this manga a go :)
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Jul 21, 2016
Koe no Katachi (Manga) add
Read it all of this in 2 days, 2 and half to be more precise, and everything it's so beautiful and as we say "dense" or "heavy stuff", so let's go to the point

A deaf girl is being bullied to the point of forced to transfer, leaving the ring leader s new target, making him regret his past and seek for redemption, moving forward, and as you go, you'll see how each character had fighted it's own demons, in a beautiful yet simple and deep way, in the POV of each one.

It's definitely a masterpiece, the way you can get immerse in each character, their points of views, how do they feel, and especially their backgrounds, teaching the reader that we all carry our own burden and we must move forward, while this one conscience it's readers about very controversial themes like the hearing disability, bullying, forgiveness to the wronger and more.

In my opinion, only the original one-shoot is powerful enough to bring it's readers to a whole new experience and caught it's interest from the very beginning to it's end.
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Jul 21, 2016
Kiss yori mo Hayaku (Manga) add
I really enjoyed Kiss yori mo Hayaku (Faster Than a Kiss), and it was one of the first mangas I read online (woo translations). It's about a 16 year old girl (Fumino) who loses her parents and is left on her own with her younger brother, Teppei. One day her English teacher, Ojiro Kazuma, offers to marry her and provide her and Teppei a stable home in exchange for nothing.

This leads into a really adorable and slow love story as Fumino slowly falls for Kazuma, and Kazuma slowly begins to fall for Fumino. There is still a level of respect in their relationship, though, and I thought that was a neat touch (even though I spent 99% of the manga wanting to smush their faces together). Though Kazuma knows he loves Fumino and wants her to remain his wife, he doesn't want to kiss her until she's of age to properly marry him.

Anyway, Kiss yori mo Hayaku is a really light and enjoyable story. It has its moments where it's a little more serious and there's some angst thrown in to make it interesting, but for the most part it's just a lot of fun to read. It wasn't without its faults, but overall I'd give this an 8/10 because it was thoroughly enjoyable, well drawn, and the characters were a lot of fun.
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Jul 21, 2016
Perfect World (Manga) add
(this review is provisory and likely to be changed when more chapters become available)

This is really good. Since it's josei, it's got that warm, pinkish, power of love kinda thing, but the disability part isn't watered down at all* and is presented rather realistically. Right from the get-go the male lead is very upfront about what daily life in a wheelchair is like, especially the parts healthy people don't really think about, or try not to (like defecating), and the reality of his situation hits us earlier than I expected. I thought a josei manga would only approach the medical complications derived from chronic immobility once the pairing's love was going strong and steady, as a way to bring drama to the narrative, so the display of bedsores before they started dating took me by surprise. Rather your average josei that deals with two people in love and the human drama that accompanies them, it turnas out that Perfect World is about the dificulties a couple has when one of them is in a wheelchair. The judgement from society, of course, but also the inner demons each of them has to struggle with personaly in order to be a better person and a better partner.

Yup, I like it.

*from what I can tell. I have absolutely zero experience with people on wheelchairs, both in reality and fiction
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Jul 21, 2016
Shingeki no Kyojin (Manga) add
I usually don't like to write reviews on things that aren't completed, but I couldn't resist this time. I'll be honest, Attack on Titan was one of the first anime I watched, and I really liked it. But the anime is NOTHING compared to this. I expected a simple, mindless action manga, judging by what the anime offered, and the 18 volumes that are out at the moment far exceeded my expectations.
With such a large amount of characters, making readers care about each and every one of them is a difficult thing to pull off, but Isayama does it just fine. I especially liked the arc that focused on Ymir and Christa, I just thought their relationship was so nice and it gave depth to two characters that could have been completely useless. As for Eren, Mikasa, and Armin, they aren't exactly the best main characters, but they're all good in their own way, they all have their flaws and good traits alike. Oh, also, this is a bit off topic but I love that they're none of that "power of friendship" crap that's in most shounen.
**Incoming spoilers**
Now let's talk about the story. I thought that this manga wasn't going to have much story at all, aside from killing titans and making military plans. That all changed with the arc where the Survey Corps decided to overthrow the king and they started to discover more and more about the Titans. While some were upset that we didn't get to see Titans for a while, I think that part did a lot of good for the story.
If I have any complaints about Attack on Titan, it would be the pacing. Some parts are a bit too slow, some too rushed. I also didn't like the way Isayama revealed the Armored and Colossal titans' identities, it didn't feel right.
Overall, Shingeki no Kyojin is an awesome manga that I would totally recommend for lovers of action series, this was a much longer review than I had hoped, and I can't wait for volume 19.
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Jul 21, 2016
Ginryuu no Reimei (Manga) add
Most ero manga are done in shorts, maybe several chapters and some even reaching 1 volume but in general it is rare to have a volume dedicated to one whole story. What we have here is a 4 volume series. Not the longest I’ve read no but certainly in my view one that sits atop the pile. There will be slight spoilers ahead in terms of what scenes there are but no plot twists or similar.

Groups of organised criminals are kidnapping and turning women into what is known as Materials, what is effectively an obedient sex slave. They do this and control them through a Soul Piece after modifying the women. In this world though there is a group forged to tackle and eventually obliterate this evil trade, these are the Silver Dragon Division, a group made exclusively of female soldiers led by Princess Celes. We follow this group in their attempt to bring down these people.

It has a detailed plot which is unusual for most ero series and it makes a refreshing change. Sure most of it plays out so we can get the sex scenes but there is depth to it, political plays from those with power, betrayals from both the girls and men, twists and more.

We get to see the criminals who kidnap women and turn them into Materials, how their organisation operates, how they get away with it and the underworld locations and people who indulge in this sick and depraved trade. We get to see that actual process, we get to see the Materials succumb to the evil ways of these men slowly but surely as the pleasure just takes over them. It hooks you and tries it’s best to make sure you cannot let go and boy does it succeed.

There are a few main characters here. On the side of the Silver Dragon we have the aforementioned Princess Celes, Raia and Rinfa. Celes is as pure hearted as a princess can be. By leading the Silver Dragon she is signalling that she is not a Princess who will sit idly by and see atrocities befall her people. Raia is a former Material who now works with the Silver Dragon Division. She has suffered greatly at the hands of these criminals in her past. It is also this which would bring about her and her fellow soldiers downfall.

There are other girls such as Rose and their own scientist Myuto and whilst they do get their own time to shine they are support characters first and foremost. Nevertheless it is nice to see them get abused, defiled and turned and to see the reactions Celes has to this. They contribute heavily to this breakdown of Celes as she has to bear witness to countless depraved acts knowing she herself is partly to blame.

On the criminal side there is Radim who basically runs the whole Material conversion racket and there is Captain Olg who is more than willing to use his power to accrue slaves. There are read more
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Jul 21, 2016
Mahou Shoujo Site (Manga) add
This author has a thing for mahou shoujos and extremelly disgusting characters. I found Mahou Shoujo Site after reading Mahou Shoujo of the End. The similarities: a lot of gore, a twisted vision of mahou shoujos and one extremely disgusting character.

While MSotE relies a lot of on its very complicated plot and gore scenes (being a trully horror manga), MSSis all about the characters and their developments. The plot (at least so far) is a lot simplier and less dramatic and the characters are overall way more likeable. There is also way less gore. However, its very enigmatic as well. Why are they given the wands to become mahou shoujos? Whats the tempest really about? Why men can become mahou shoujos as well? Whats the real intentions behind the sites admins? And what are they?

The art style is decent. He know how to draw in cute way for cute moments, and how to change the style into something darker for the twisted moments. However, like in MSotE, he just cant draw a sexy woman body. They all look weird when waring more showing clothes, maybe its intentional.

It's an overall extremelly enjoyable manga. I've read all the currently available chapters in one go.If you're into darker stories and art ( i'm currently all about these), this manga is for you.
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Jul 21, 2016
Choco Strawberry Vanilla (Manga) add
Ain't nothing vanilla about this milkshake. 10/10

Must read.

Warning: mature content

Although nothing else needs to be said, I'll throw in an actual review and re-read purely for research purposes xD

Enjoyment 10/10

Overall I find it a masterpiece.

I like this very much because:

-I expect smut from something smut and I actually got it.

-They jump into it! None of that chapters of dilly dally with like 2 frames of implied intercourse after all of that nonsense.

-And I actually know what's going on. I know what's going in his mouth and at what angle, I even know how many fingers are going in. And when a little bit spilled out when he woke up. 10/10. After so many I've read, this is the first time I've seen it mentioned. Now that is some thorough research.

-And I really appreciate the sexy nipples and the leg hair. It doesn't feel uncomfortably illegal like with other art styles. And the lack of yaoi hands! I always found those hands ridiculous. The art style is shoujo bishounen quality. I have a crush on all 3 of them! 3!!!

-And I like the simple setting, "we like doing it and we're young and we have time because we're college-aged bishounen." (I just came from reading one where a school doctor accidentally slept with a very rich, high school aged boy from the middle east who also happened to already have finished medical school. Bonkers.)

-There are also back stories that are introduced at a good pace and order. In my opinion, the mangaka handles the theme of jealousy really well. Things get messy with physical relationships and each character's issue with it was atleast acknowledged.

Keep in mind that this is a review of smut compared to other smut. And that I also have no problems with threesomes. There's no point wishing this isn't a threesome as this manga's whole existence is based on that fact. There's plenty of non-threesomes already, just go there instead if it bothers you.

To everybody else: Happy reading, folks! Lock the doors and keep innocent tabs open just in case.
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Jul 21, 2016
Suijin no Hanayome (Manga) add
Okay, so, I really love this manga. I read all chapters but it was on one another language, but I didn't understand it at all. There are 11 published chapters but there is just 5 translated in moment. I am just in love with the Water God. The whole story is really weird and interesting. The art is beautiful and I enioy reading the manga. I recommend this manga to everyone who likes fantasy and tragedy series. Even if this is not such tragedy. There is genre of romance but this is not really romance series. Yes the God is falling in love with her by the time but there isn't something SO romantic about it. So, yeah, you should definitely read this manga, and you'll surely enjoy it!
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Jul 21, 2016
Octave (Manga) add
I was searching for a manga to read, and then, after reading many "top 10 shoujo-ai manga" lists, I decided to start the manga "Octave".

A "raw" image of life.

The story focuses on Yukino, a former idol in the Japanese music industry. After the end of her musical career in a girl's band, who's success was short, she is 18, without the necessary education, as she dropped out of high-school to fulfill her dreams, trying to survive in Tokyo. She still has a job in the industry as an assistant, but her life is not that easy. Yukino has always been "against" -in a way- men. She has always considered them manipulating beings whose's minds are only in sexual relationships. One day, while being at a laundry shop, she meets a girl -the owner's sister- and her life changes drastically. Suddenly, after having an intimate night with that girl, whose name is Setsuko, every part of her life takes a big turn. The manga talks deeply about so many things. It talks about success, about the industry and gives the audience a very realistic view of life. It shows that dreams don't always come true and that success is not guaranteed even if you really want it and try hard. It also talks deeply about sexuality, confusion, struggling in finding your true identity. The main character goes through so many different things and truly gives you a raw image of life. As a teenager, while one would believe life is easy and that this manga is exaggerating, I truly disagree. The problems the characters face are a part of life and reading this manga could easily make you be more realistic and down-to-earth without meaning that it makes you less optimistic and hopeful. I found the story very good. The development was more than enough. It covered many issues and as I have never really read anything like this before, I was truly amazed and impressed. It is a slice of life manga and shows the everyday difficulties one has to deal with. I remember there were few times when I skipped some pages just because I was tired of reading about her past in such detail, but in general, the story was quite interesting and anything but boring. There are a few sexual scenes but nothing too sexual. This is not a hentai in any way. As for the ending, I was very pleased with it. I wanted that to happen for a while and I am happy the author did it and presented it in such way.

I did not really like the artstyle. Its very simple and although simple doesn't always mean bad, this was not good. The characters didn't have the art I would have liked to see.

As I previously said, there is a lot of development. The main two characters get the most of course. The side-characters barely get any development to be honest. But that is not bad, as it wasn't really read more
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Ten years ago, the mysterious Hell's Gate suddenly materialized in the middle of Tokyo, and the stars of the night sky were obscured in darkness. In their place, new stars emerged, each corresponding to an individual endowed with supernatural abilities. Devoid of emotion and conscience, these powerful killers have come to be known as Contractors.

But most people know nothing of the Contractors in their midst, and high-schooler Kana Shinoh is no exception. Still struggling to pick up the pieces after her father's death last year, Kana has never troubled herself with the rumors about Hell's Gate. That is, until she spots her father in the street one day. Determined to prove her father is still alive, Kana begins her search, but her mission is attracting some rather dangerous attention. Fortunately, she is rescued from the clutches of death by Hei, the most wanted Contractor in Tokyo. Though he is unsympathetic to her situation, Hei agrees to protect her as she searches for her father. But just how much should she trust the Contractor known as the Black Reaper?

(Source: Yen Press)
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Jul 20, 2016
Fairy Tail (Manga) add
The main reason I like this manga is the latest arc: Alvarez Empire.

This arc just makes it so worth it to read so many manga chapters/watch so many episodes. It explains so much from the past arcs, which made the beginning of Fairy Tail go on... and on.. and on....
But now I understand what Hiro Mashima was trying to do. Show off details in the smallest way and explain it later. Chapter 465 was probably what got me REALLY going. The fangirling was just too much hue.

What I don't like about it? WAY too long. This is the pattern: Plot->Little break->Plot. I'm sure anyone would just drop the manga right away if it just kept going on and on. So.. ye.

Overall, 10/10.
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The Hyperdimension Neptunia series of Japanese role playing games have been relatively successful over the last years, even spawning remakes on the PS Vita and some weird looking rhythm dancing game subtitled producing perfection that has little or nothing to do with the main series. Naturally an anime series was commissioned and to date two manga series. We will be looking at the first manga series Choujigen Game Neptune – Megami Tsuushin in this review.

The story loosely follows the events of the games. My personal favourite tropes of the series such as it’s inherently meta nature, and 4th wall breaking dialogue remain. The biggest focus here is on Neptune and her irresponsibility, as with the games themselves the tone will barely shift away from being completely ludicrous. So traditional character arcs and development are pretty much out of the question from the offset and this series makes no illusions about that.
To progress the story the characters sometimes take on quests, which are essentially a series of adventure sub plots. These have mixed success, they certainly can excel in referencing videogame culture and role playing game tropes. But when they stray outside that formula and focus on what are essentially 2 dimensional characters with no backstory it can make the manga a pain to read. The humour itself is largely reactionary as it sticks to the principle of pairing an odd couple. In this case the immature and freeloading Neptune is paired with the hard working and uptight Noire with the other characters falling somewhere in the middle of that spectrum.
It’s as if the writers are aware of the elements that are work but aren’t able to provide enough humorous situations in order to warrant consistency. To give a mild spoiler, one of the sub plots entails the protagonists going to the beach where pretty much nothing happens. Conversely another sub plot that centres around “low polygon syndrome” is pretty much hilarious without needing much context. This manga focuses a lot more on slice of life than it does on action sequences, which works to it’s benefit as the art rarely has enough dynamism to pull off a sense of fast movement and instead is focused on subtle facial details.

people who haven’t played at least one of the Hyperdimension Neptunia games or seen the anime are going to get a lot less out of this manga. This is because it relies on a pre-existing understanding and appreciation of the characters and makes no bones as to wether you find them compelling. In other words fan service is pretty heavy throughout, and for that reason I really can’t recommend this to anyone who isn’t already a convert to the franchise.

Original Review:
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Jul 20, 2016
Douse Mou Nigerarenai (Manga) add
Since there were no reviews I'll try to voice my oppinion! My first review please mind, be kind :D And I appologise in advance for spelling mistakes!

Story 9/10
So far not much of this manga has been translated and I have only read the 6 chapters that I could find translated. But I must say that I've found what has happened so far good with many intuiging points, hints about interesting back stories and things that makes you be interested in our hero and heroine. It has humor but it feels like it has a bit more serious theme plot wise and some spicy interraction.

Art 7/10
The art is pretty uniq but I've enjoyed it, which might say something since I'm rather picky. The characters can sometimes be diffuse but you can easily tell them apart and tell who's attractive, somehow. In all and all it's pretty artsy and shouln't be off putting, but check for yourself.

Character 8/10
Still not many chapters out but our main 2 stand out with their personalities, both which can be difficult to comprehend. Our heroine is kind and doesn't have the best view on herself and belives in the good in people, whilst this is common in shoujo (I know this is josei) I've yet to find her annoying. She is strong in her own way and efficient, she just needs a selfesteem boost! Our hero on the other hand is a womanizer and gets hit by women a lot. Like a lot a lot. And he teases our heroine a lot. Yet he has surpricingly kind moments and a possibly darker past?

Enjoyment 10/10
Sometimes cute, sometimes hot, cute heroine and hot cheeky kind (??) hero. I'm really looking forward to see how this continues!

Overall 9/10
You have nothing to lose by trying it! I really liked it and you might too! The only thing is that it needs to get translated, it's done in japanese and has 51 chapters! Get to work translator-sama *bows*
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Jul 20, 2016
Let's☆Lagoon (Manga) add
This manga turned out to be something different from what it appears to be at glance.

In the beginning we would think that this manga is just like any other manga, full of fan service and a rather pathetic guy. The synopsis is misleading your preconception of what this manga really is. The mystery genre is the real gem of this manga. It keeps teasing you and makes you yearn for more. As we read more we start to think about the mysteries in this manga such as how they got to this island. Don't let ecchi genre throw you off, there is very little of those scenes.

In terms of character development, as we learn more about our main character, we soon start to see him being put in situations where he begins to mature and become more reliable. There isn't exactly situations where they battle for survival but they need to adapt to the situation they are in.

If you are looking for a relatively short but interesting read that will keep you engaged and wanting more, feel free to give this manga a go.

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Jul 20, 2016
Hana yori Dango (Manga) add
This is a manga series that I have a love/hate relationship with. When I first began reading this series, I was extremely involved and adored the comedy and romance that ensued without. The characters were sincere, and the problems the main character faced were relatable and honest. As the manga became more and more serious, the plot became dull and boring. The conflicts became repetitive and I ended up not favouring a certain character based on his actions towards the main character. I wish the author would have continued with the elements that made the series so great to begin with, because I was not entirely sold on the idea at the end.
Overall, I would recommend this to Shoujo fans but not people who are entering the genre itself.

ART - 6
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Jul 20, 2016
Itazura na Kiss (Manga) add
I adore this classic Shoujo manga for many reasons. The characters are extremely lovable, and the story is comedic and serious at times. I enjoyed Kyouko's chase for Irie throughout the series, as well as getting a taste for how Irie feels about it as well.
There are many things for everyone to enjoy in this lighthearted story about a girl in love with a boy who doesn't show any interest in her.
With the side characters becoming some of my favourite of all time, and the main character's problems being relatable and almost sympathetic at times, I would read this manga countless times if i could.
This is a series I would recommend to anyone who is interested in Shoujo or just a good read.

ART- 8
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Jul 20, 2016
Kitchen no Ohimesama (Manga) add
This is one of the manga's I recommend to friends that enjoy a lighthearted story with romance intertwined. I wouldn't say this manga is one of my favourites, but I always find myself thinking back to it time to time. It's a mange that you can't forget very easily.
I say this because the first couple of chapters are lighthearted until you get hit with something you did not expect.
If you are losing hope in this mange, I recommend you read until you get to the middle because that is when the story really begins to launch.
Overall, I'd give this manga:

ART - 8
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Jul 20, 2016
Mahou Shoujo of the End (Manga) add
Mahou Shoujo of The End had me at the title itself.A dark approach to the usually happy and colorful magical girls got me interested. I was expecting something like Madoka, but its way more like High School of the Dead.

This manga is all about mystery, gore, unexpected twists and really unconventional characters. It also amazing the level of crazyness: the look of the mahou shoujos, their creative way of killing, how the characters develop...The comic relief always comes from the least expected person. The plot itself is also pretty confusing and has some plenty of (at least for me) "i totally didnt see this coming" moments. So yeah, its hard to get bored with this manga.

So far, I've read all currently available 39 chapters and it seems from explaining everything, and its still very enjoyable.
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Jul 20, 2016
Taboo Tattoo (Manga) add
Taboo Tattoois a manga that basically built itself by recycling elements from previous similar adaptations plus the extra fan-service to appease the thirsty readers.


Akatsuka Seigi is your average Japanese High School boy who got a tattoo from a mysterious guy which resulted him being dragged in a secret warfor those tattoos. If i had a shot of whisky each time i saw this kind of plot, i would die from alcohol poisoning.


The only good thing in this manga. The characters are well drawn, the character design is nice, the details, emotions, etc...The artist did a good job in that.


Here is the worst part of the manga. The characters are painfully generic, the spineless hero who suddenly becomes ultra strong when he gets angry, the big titted childhood friend, the badass warrior girl, and other plethora of generic characters that make you question which year did this manga start.


The fighting is good for a while, but the shitty fan-service that is always there at the wrong moment break the pace. The events are so predictable that i get the feeling of Deja Vu whenever i read a new chapter.


Generic. That is the best way to decribe it. If you like fanservice, girl fighting and serious/violent atmosphere, then this manga is for you. Personally, the sheer lack of originality in this manga kills it for me.


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Jul 20, 2016
Shinshi Doumei Cross (Manga) add
I've just finished the series after binge reading it from chapter 1 and this is my raw unbiased review. (PS there might be some stuff I say that you might consider a spoiler so read at your own discretion. I never blatantly spoil anything but I hint at stuff so yeah)

The plot is honestly meh.. Like it was enough to keep my attention and allow me to have me finishing the story without stopping but that's only because I was expecting something. I thought there would be more but there wasnt (?) Ugh idk I kinda feel unsatisfied even though it technically had a "happy end." (For those of you who had read Shugo Chara the same feeling I had upon finishing that I felt after finishing this.) The plot is basic but it is unique. Theres a rich strong willed girl who had her fair share of problems and now is stuck in between a love triangle involving various people. The manga tried to make it an emotional roller coaster and it was but I never got caught up in it as a reader. All the twist and turns I kinda expected. The storyline was smooth but I feel like it happened all too quickly. Like everything felt almost rushed and I feel unsettled after finishing it. If she had taken her time and not have had so many characters shoved on to the main character I feel like it would've been better. She would finish and face one problem but then another one would hit her in the face. The mc had no time for recuperation nor did the readers.

The romance is a huge part of the plot. Very romance driven but the romance didn't really have a depth to it in my opinion. The mangaka may have tried to portray a depth but because she had multiple people with her she was never fully invested in one person and that emotionally wore me out as a reader lol. I was hoping for her to end up with person A but then person B would do something to change my mind and it was all back and forth and it became old at one point. It's a simple romance trying to be a complex one.

The characters overall were likable. But I never thought wow this chara is really great. They were kinda plain. Haine is a cute heroine but I feel like I was expecting more from her and never was satisfied. I can't say she was a typical heroine cause she did have some different aspects about her but because there was so much crap going on I never could fully appreciate her character. There were so many side characters as well. And because the spotlight would shine on one person for a little amount of time then switch to another I never appreciated any of them.

I would overall recommend this if you want to kill some time. Don't go read more
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Jul 19, 2016
Fujimura-kun Mates (Manga) add
If all the attractive women in our world were boke, I would probably die single. But our young hero made the sacrifice I wouldn't. He became... a tsukkomi.

Story: 6
Fujimura-mates has a story, but that really isn't the focus of the manga. For the most part the story is just used to transition one joke to another. The amount of story it does have is actually pretty good. It is the weakest part of the manga however. So if you are looking for manzai characters in a strong story look elsewhere. If you are looking for a manzai comedy that actually has a sort decent plot, this manga is perfect for you.

Art: 5
The art is average. The girls are cute, and there really isn't much to complain about on the art style. But there weren't any moments that make you stop and think "Oh this looks cool". For a comedy of this sort, art isn't the primary focus anyways.

Character: 8
To be honest, most of the characters grew annoying when they were all together. However I am not a fan of manzai style comedy and this manga still made the characters generally likable. The characters are really what sells the manga and they did a good job keeping me entertained. If you are not a fan of manzai but still want to read this, I recommend reading it in bursts rather than all at once, because the characters remain likable that way. If you are a fan you should have no problems.

Enjoyment: 5
As mentioned earlier I am not a fan of manzai, but I still had a great time with this manga. The boke when in a group annoyed me and just made me feel bad for the MC. But when they are in smaller groups or by themselves I enjoyed myself immensely. At times the humour drifts away from manzai, and I caught myself laughing. Although I gave it a 5, which is usually an average on my scale, it is anything but average. It just had equal shares of highs and lows.

Overall: 7
I can highly recommend this to anyone who likes the tsukkomi and boke relationship. If you don't I would still recommend reading the first few chapters and seeing how you handle it.
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Jul 19, 2016
Vinland Saga (Manga) add
*This review is spoiler free*

Just breath.




This series… I just…wow. This is one case of judging a book by its (beautiful hard)cover gone completely right. It just happened to catch my eye when I was cruising my local library seinen (older male) manga shelves, and I picked it up without even glancing at the premise. I’ve been sitting here trying to sum this series up into a coherent review but, nope, I just can’t right now. This is one of those few series out there that makes you question the other books on your favorites shelf. Ugghhh, I feel…like…sigh

Noooo *metal slap*, I need to get serious here, I LOVE this series too much to not try my best to form an actual review here.

Okay so in short- this on-going saga, which I have currently read every volume available in English (seven 2-in-1 omnibus volumes/100 chapters) as of today, is something I’d normally never touch in my life: A historical fiction. At that some of you may have groaned inwardly like I would have, but trust me, you’d be seriously missing out if you pass this up. For one thing the art is a MASTERPIECE, and if you’re even a halfway decent manga/art fan, heck even if you’ve never even heard of manga (Japanese comics), this series is a MUST. Overall, hands down TEN/TEN Unicorn Horns.

The long explanation:

The story-line? 8.5/10 and Brilliant. It’s like a masterful fantasy series in picture format, but without any actual fantasy…if that makes sense. It took me a shamefully long time to notice it was historical fiction despite the names, and setting…and introduction- let’s just not talk about that -but by then it was too late and I was hooked. The story follows Thorfinn and the Viking band through epic battles, pillaging, and a bit of Game of Thrones-esque plotting. It also explores some complex themes (primarily morality, human nature, revenge, the (im)possibility of real peace/non-violence, etc.). It’s beautifully paced, surprising refreshing, sometimes brutal, sometimes sweet, and often profound in some ways.

The characters? 9/10 and Generally complex. Even after 14 volumes I still don’t think I have concrete understanding of most of them. They caught me off guard a few times, but not in a bad, wholly uncharacteristic kind of way, but in an unnervingly human kind of way. Though Thorfinn’s static character and single minded drive for revenge can be can get pretty irritating at times (and is the reason its not quite a 10), it's a necessary precursor for a fundamental mental shift and what I believe is part of the building blocks for future epic-ness. So for those that may be bothered by his tunnel vision, just bear with it. Besides, while Thorfinn may be the main character, you get quite a bit of depth from other major and minor characters as well. I’m still in awe at how enchanting and... full the characters are.

And of course. The artwork? 10/10: Sigh. I don’t think I’ll ever be able to look at manga art in read more
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Jul 19, 2016
To LOVE-Ru (Manga) add
To LOVE-Ru serialized in Weekly Shounen Jump from April 2006 to August 2009. To LOVE-Ru is a Harem, Ecchi, Romance and Comedy manga that is well known to this day. The story is written by Hasemi Saki and the art is drawn by Yabuki Kentarou, which is the same artist as the Black Cat manga series.

I first heard of To LOVE-Ru a long time ago on an anime recommendations video on youtube. But, I don't really listen to recommendations, as opinions differ and I don't think that the reasons he listed would make me like it. But, almost a year later, I started reading the manga of To LOVE-Ru.

That was a week, no, rather, 5 days ago. I read the manga of To LOVE-Ru, and it's sequel, To LOVE-Ru: Darkness within these 5 days. I caught up to Darkness today and I enjoyed the series despite it's heavy themes of ecchi. The characters and art style to the manga are great and it makes me honestly think that the artist used to be a hentai artist. He's very great at drawing, well, breasts, and very great at trolling us by not letting us see what's underneath.

The story to To LOVE-Ru... well, there kinda ain't one. A teenage boy named Yuuki Rito is just relaxing in the bath, having a nice peaceful bath, looking at the ceiling which is very amazing and detailed... until some woman appears in his crot-I mean, bath. The story is pretty mediocre and literally nothing gets developed in this series, well, at least for the first 60 chapters or so. Things start happening later on, but the story is better in Darkness, which is why I don't have a high rating for the story for this manga. Anyway, the woman that appears in his bathtub is an alien called Lala Satalin Deviluke. She is the daughter of the King of Planet Deviluke.

Lala basically tells Rito "Bitch, whether you like it or not, you're my fiance and you're eventually gonna be the new King of Deviluke". Then, Rito didn't like life from that point on.

As I've mentioned, the art to this series is great. This is almost like the To LOVE-Ru doujinshi art, but kinda better, considering it's the real artist. Yabuki Kentarou is a good artist, acknowledge him for his titty drawings. If people ask you what he's known for, just say titties. They'll immediately want to read one of his works, well, to be more precise, To LOVE-Ru, but, yeah, you get what I mean, right? No? Wait, where are you going?

The characters in To LOVE-Ru... well, I don't think I really hate one at all. I like all of the characters in this manga. Some people might annoy me at times, but usually, I'm okay with all of them. But, my favorite out of all the girls is Kotegawa Yui, but I actually like all of them equ- no, not really equally, but I just like them all. Though my opinion probably means shit read more
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Jul 19, 2016
Akatsuki no Yona (Manga) add
Haha honestly I give this manga a 10/10. I've never been so obsessed with a manga before. The artwork is beautiful in my opinion and the story line is attractive and interesting. Seriously one of my top 3. The romance is great as well. It's not overbearing but it's there enough for it to be part of the story. I seriously love this manga. I'm always smiling stupidly at cute scenes and have even cried because the story got to me. I've re-read this several times as well and enjoyed it every time!

The characters are also great all in their own aspects and I've never thought that a character was not needed. Each plays their own role perfectly and I've come to love and appreciate each and every one of them. And if you love strong heroines you'll seriously love Yona. Shes adorable and is growing in her own way. I absolutely hate mangas where the main character takes forever to take the first step and actually develop. There's so much character development in this story it's great. You can see how each and every one of them has grown and I love it.

The storyline as well has a nice depth to it. It's not a shallow shoujo where the story revolves strictly around romance. Each character has their own story and the mangaka brought together everything nicely. It's nice that we get to see the backgrounds of side characters and not just the mc's. Some people may not like it but I really do seeing as it creates a whole other opportunity for the readers to really appreciate the side characters. The storyline flows very nicely and I never once thought "this mangaka is pulling shit out of her ass." I'm seriously always on the edge of my seat waiting for the next update and I'm never disappointed at the progression of the plot.

And this is low key a reverse harem. Haha I say low key because it's not like everyone's trying to the mc's pants. Not at all. They treasure her too much to even try :') It's absolutely adorable. The bishounen game in this manga is strong hee hee

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Jul 19, 2016
Nisekoi (Manga) add
In my younger days, I was Raku. I had not had the beautiful people around me such as Raku does, but I was like him.
In the, as compared to him, few situations that my "denseness" has had the chance to shine, I was spot on Raku.
I love stories like B Gata H Kei and this one, for for example, when I was younger, I had had no friends, I was a bullied and not one person cared. I was really stupid, but I've not changed, I was "stupid" my whole childhood, because the way I was was the way I believed and I still do believe, to be "right".
Here, utterly unconnected to me, many stories from Japan, have characters that are just like me.
Knowing that helps me solidify my belief that the world is what's wrong with the world, and not I, so to say.

Anyways, this story is wonderful.
All of the character in it are, for me, impossible not to be loved.
I never was a "#team" type of a guy.
The problem of this story, to me, is that the reaching of happiness is limited, when you limit the time-frame you're considering the characters in.
I know that they are still kids, but when I was their age, I know, I remember, that I wouldn't have had been able to sleep at night. I know that I'd cry and would not be able to breathe properly for a few months. I'd have had the same thoughts, 24/7, and even during sleep.
That's what the character of Marika had brought me to contemplating her as after having had read the ferris wheel chapter with her and Raku.
After that chapter, I've started sinking more deeply in to this story, with Marika having had broken the limit of when I can say that I am attached to something past the point of where I love it.


This is a "light-hearted" story, is it?
The story only presents the things one would not really get depressed by, but the characters can be contemplated outside of what they're shown to us as.
Marika.. Does she cry when alone, without the eyes of the others, outside of what Naoshi Komi shows to us?
She comes home, crashes her head down to her pillow, and without a sound, her throat squeezing, tears start flowing out her eyes.
An inaudible cry, and her eyes are not even closed, open pressed against her pillow's surface, it absorbing her tears. She is outside herself, in state of shock, because of what the reality is for her, and she realises it day after day.
Yet every day, she stands up again, and without showing even the slightest hints of the state she is when alone, she keeps on pressing, she keeps on pressing in her fight for what she wants.
Raku is like a drug to her.

After being brought to considering Marika as such, I've with the same eyes started looking at the other characters.
So.. I cannot think anything bad of this.. I don't think of any read more
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Jul 19, 2016
Haou♥Airen (Manga) add
I just wanna state that for the record, I have no problem with shojo smut in and of itself. Most of the time, it's analogous to shonen ecchi shit and isn't really offensive enough to be worth hating. With that said, there are aspects of shojo smut that REALLY piss me the fuck off (i.e. molestation being played for romance). Let's not forget that every so often, there comes a particular manga that just evokes all manner of visceral disgust out of me. Haou Airen is one such manga and to this day, I still maintain that it's the single most vile, reprehensible thing I've ever read for reasons that you'll soon find out. Enough waffling around, time to tear into this sack of horse shit.

Plot of the manga can be summed up like so: idiot girl brings complete stranger into house one day, gets abducted by him, and then develops Stockholm Syndrome after she finds out that her captor is a mob boss with a troubled childhood. In other news, this is an escapist fantasy about being whisked away from a boring life at home and then being thrust into an exciting new life full of danger, risks, and other such things with a tall, dark, and handsome man guiding you through all these new experiences (intimate or otherwise).

I personally don't care much for escapist fantasies, but I can at least see the appeal behind them. For a girl who feels bored/wrapped up with their lives, the very prospect of being whisked away into a strange new world is something that may very well be worth fantasising over. Also, that prince charming whisking you away to his fancy mansion bullshit is so 1950s. If there's one thing that the 1980s taught us, it's that an adrenaline high will override everyone's common sense. There's nothing like the thrill of being caught up in a gunfight when you're in the middle of having a nice dinner with your new man and then tending to his wounds after the battle is over, among other such things... cough. So on that front, I suppose Haou Airen isn't /that/ abhorrent. It's certainly a frustrating read for me since I'm a dude who doesn't fantasise about any of this crap, but it's nothing worth getting my boxers in a knot over... yet.

However, this manga had to do /something/ to evoke my visceral outrage. Around the half-way point of the manga, the sexual moments between Hakuron and Kurumi devolve from James Bond-style "50 nos and a yes mean yes, so shut the fuck up and start sucking my old man dick" scenes into full-on brutal rape scenes that drop all the pretense completely. From that point forward, physical/emotional abuse coupled with sexual abuse in varying forms become a frequent occurrence in the manga. So you may be wondering here "what's so bad about this? Maybe it's trying to deconstruct the escapist fantasy it set up in the first place?" to which I say "fuck you and read more
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Jul 18, 2016
Swweeet (Manga) add
(Contains Spoilers)

SWWEEET is a romantic-drama with a affinity for some surreal and symbolic design and erotic development, it's a story about a boy and girl with a problematic past that keeps them from being together, it's has themes like coming of age, a love triangle, the nonacceptance of one self, what is to yourself and adolescent guilt.
It's a simple enough story and the writer manages to screw up, to summarize the writer tried to put some good elements that in practice culminated in real bad execution, to explain that, beginning with one of the biggest problems of the narrative it lacks clarity sometimes you don't know what is happening, the dream state sequences were pretty random and did not made sense and it has a more or less ambiguous ending.
The main character is a unreliable narrator and he pulls off dream states for at least 3 times in the manga, even trough his state was contextualize in the middle of the manga, the idea of this "context" sound too far fetched to be believable and even destroys the entire development of the manga as everything can be related to his current "problem" causing his memories to change.
One the most important arcs of the manga, we have a character reveal which feels like a pull off from the part of the writer, looking at the story as a romantic-drama, it fails to capture a sincere relationship between the main couple, they never share a moment or any interest.
The use of the bullying theme is ridiculous as to how it was approached, a girl that never report the bullying that she is suffering and the motivation as to why is because she "need to be cheerful as she doesn't want to change herself for her old love", it feels forced, looking at another manga that did it right you have A Silent voice where our main heroine is literally deaf and she tries to ignore the bullying as she want to be part of her class and because a promise she made to her sister, it's far more convincing if you read it.
The symbolic image-dry is not really meaningful to the plot being more a deviation from the story than something to add, there's not a lot of interpretation, you have a girl that uses a strap on her bag in one chapter and in another the mascot on her strap becomes the monster for the boys nightmare for what reason? because he likes her to the point of remembering something useless she wears? it would be better if it was something that meant for the both of them, for example if the main character had given this item to her in the past as a gift.
The tone goes from cartony to creepy and it doesn't know where to stay, for the most part they treat thing like brain damage as a joke, as tone is not a very important aspect when read more
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Jul 18, 2016
Goth (Manga) add
Honestly, I don't even know why I thought reading this would be a good idea. No, wait, I actually do! This manga randomly appeared on my goodreads recommendations and I was like: "this looks interesting" and I clicked it, and I saw the summary, and then I read someone say something about gore, horror and creepy stuff and well, that's pretty much why I decided to give it a try. Because you know, I have a thing for gore-y manga, but guess what. . .it didn't work for me. The only thing I liked about it was the mystery solved around the end. Nothing else. Why? Because it didn't make sense for me, it didn’t felt believable, and most of the time I was asking myself: “really?” Maybe, if it had been a few chapters longer I would’ve enjoyed it more, but oh well. Now, if you're wondering about the gore well, it wasn't that "horrifying”. I mean, it does have “ugly” stuff, but I expected worse. . .I’ve seen worse.

In the end, I can summarize my thoughts about this in three words: I EXPECTED WORSE.
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Jul 18, 2016
Neko Para (Manga) add
Neko Paradise offers good content for anyone who loves catgirls.

Story: 1/10 There is no actual coherent story but it isn't meant to really have one so I wouldn't criticize it on that.

Artwork: 9/10 Most manga are never made into colored works but Neko ParadiseThe artwork is really good and in full color to boot.

Character: 9/10 The characters Chocola and Vanilla (Chocola being my favorite) are really adorable in every panel.

Enjoyment: 10/10 Being a catgirl fan this was really enjoyable to me but given the quality of the artwork I'd say anyone could easily enjoy this.

Overall: 10/10 Neko Paradise offers full colored pages of adorable catgirls who provide 10/10 enjoyment for any catgirl lover.
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Jul 18, 2016
Suki ni Naranai yo, Senpai (Manga) add
Story: 5/10

To be honest I had high expectations for this manga since I've read other stories by the author and I really enjoyed them, but it wasn't the case with this one. It started out great but then it got worse.

The story is like any other romance but it's very rushed and the characters are quite inconsistent. I'm gonna assume it is because the author is quite new and they're testing the waters, but this story could have been more than what it actually is.

Art: 8/10

Personally I really like the art style and it is one of the reasons that drove me to read the manga in the first place.

Character: 3/10

The characters are poor, there's no development and they're completely inconsistent.

The main character sometimes is insecure (hiding herself from her 'rivals' or avoiding certain conversations) yet at at the same time is very proactive with the guy she likes, til the point she is quite annoying. I wouldn't mind a character that's strong and determined all the time, but this girl has not a definite character at all. It doesn't make sense that at one point she is not afraid to say what she wants and the very next moment she is avoiding people.

The love interest has no development at all. We see glimpses of his life but we never get to actually know him. He apparently dated his teacher once and it seems there's gonna be some kind of conflict in the story but there's nothing. The teacher appears and as soon as she makes an appearance disappears from the story and she's never mentioned again.

The guy who would be the 'rival' of the main love interest barely appears. We see him having some kind of interaction with the protagonist. Once again we are faced with a character poorly developed.

Enjoyment: 5/10

The story is mediocre. It can't even be compared with other shojos because the conflicts that arises aren't resolved. You can read it very fast since it's quite short, but there are better romances out there, and unless you really like Hatsuharu's art style reading this story is quite pointless.

Overall: 4/10

For me, this manga has been the disappointment of the year. I was expecting a lot because I really enjoyed the other stories by Hatsuharu, but this one is lacking in many aspects.

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Jul 18, 2016
Fruits Basket: Another (Manga) add
Personally, I loved Fruits Basket. It was one of the first manga I ever read and to this day is still at the top of my favorites list. Nothing will ever replace it; hardly anything even comes close.

That being said, when I found out about Fruits Basket: Another, of course, I was both really excited and very hesitant. For a long while, I tried not to read it... then I gave in, and what I discovered is that it was actually not all that bad.

First, I will say this. Furuba: Another isn't really a sequel but more like an extended epilogue. It's main purpose is not to pull you into another fantastic story on par with Fruits Basket. In fact, the entire reason for its existence is to make the readers, the target audience - Furuba fans, feel nostalgic and want to go read the original again. Why? Because it's currently going through a republishing/reselling in celebration of the anniversary.

That's not to say that Furuba: Another itself isn't a great read. It really is. What I believe, however, is that whether you enjoy it or dislike it depends on what type of fan you are and the attitude you have going into it. If you're the type who's wanting something as wonderful, emotional, and dramatic as the original, there's a high chance you're going to be disappointed. If you're the type who is open to anything and can keep in mind that this sequel is really just a sweet after story (and will only span 2-3 volumes max), you'll most likely greatly enjoy Fruits Basket: Another.

To paraphrase something another Furuba: Another fan said:
Where Fruits Basket was about one girl - having been loved and cherished growing up and who has a warm and caring heart despite her own share of hardships - helping a group of burdened and broken people find a better outlook; Fruits Basket: Another is the opposite. This time, the Sohmas - being loved and raised well by parents who went through hardship - are there to bring hope and light to one girl who is lost and broken.

That's exactly what this sequel is: a light-hearted and sweet look at how the next generation of Sohmas turned out because of the events in the original. Like I said earlier, this is more of an extended epilogue than another stand-alone epic.

All in all, I really like this manga so far and am looking forward to more of it.


7/10 for Story.
Ten chapters in, not much has happened yet other than meeting the cast. So on that note, there isn't much of a story yet. What there is so far, though, is very enjoyable and nostalgic enough to pull you in. Story rates a 7 because it is a bit lacking if only because the chapters are much shorter than the original and exposition is prevalent in what's available so far.

9/10 for Art.
I mean, come on, this is still Natsuki Takaya. Of course, it's wonderfully drawn. I only docked read more
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Jul 18, 2016
Oyasumi Punpun (Manga) add
Comienza desde la infancia, donde Punpun se enamora, por primera vez, de una compañera de clases llamada Aiko. En ese preciso momento cambia su vida para siempre.
Es una historia larga y difícil de describir sin spoilearles nada, en la que pasan constantemente distintas situaciones que van cambiando la trama de formas casi impredecibles, sumado que se desarrollan varias historias a la vez, tanto de su familia, amigos y ciudad.
Esto hace que te encariñes con los personajes, pero Inio Asano no escatima en tragedias, escenas entrañables y humor lo que hace de este comic una montaña rusa de emociones encontradas.

En mi opinión lo más interesante del manga es su perspectiva en el amor. En un mundo donde el amor parece ser el combustible de todas las novelas modernas, en esta pareciera que es la razón por la que nos metemos en problemas, la lección por aprender en este caso es que el amor puede ser peligroso. Tal vez porque elegimos enamorarnos de la persona incorrecta, o en el momento incorrecto o de la forma incorrecta. O tal vez simplemente amamos porque pareciera que no quedara nada más que hacer. Todo esto esta desarrollado a la perfección.

El final me enojó, me dolió. No podía creer lo que pasaba, pero ahora a la distancia no lo cambiaría, lo aprecio como es.

La única razón por la que no es un manga de 10 estrellas es porque no me gustó para nada la historia del "profeta", me pareció tedioso, hartante y una excusa para atar las historias de los personajes secundarios que quedaron en el aire.
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Jul 18, 2016
Senakagurashi (Manga) add
In a teenage love story, of course they are living together. At least the execution is good. On the bright side, you will forget about this story once you are done, so you can enjoy it a second time.

Story: 6
A young man moves out to live on his own for the summer, and ends up living with a cute girl. The only thing not cliche about the set up is the fact they basically share a room separated by frosted glass. The story is nothing new, going through the typical misunderstandings and falling in love. However, where this story excels is execution, which is what really matters.

Art: 6
The art is slightly above average. It is nothing to write home about, but it fits the narrative and has a few panels that do make you appreciate the art.

Characters: 8
While there is one annoying character, the meat and bones of the manga is with the two main characters. They are fun characters, even if they aren't really that deep. Most of the supporting cast are fun to watch as well. The gap between their characters and the "actors" who play them was interesting as well.

Enjoyment: 7
A cliche story is not necessarily a bad one. As long as the execution of the story is done well and the characters are fun even the most cliche story can be enjoyable.

On a personal level, I had a tons of fun reading this one.

Senakgurashi is a fun, snack-size manga to read when you aren't in the mood for anything amazing. It is something to read, have a good time with, put down, then rarely think about again.
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Jul 18, 2016
Black Coffee (Manga) add
Black Coffee is a very simplistic one-shot, which only left me feeling it had some wasted potential, it was definetly entertaining at some points, but it definetly feels like the manga ended up just feeling rushed and the ending forced, let me explain why:

At the beggining of the manga first I was impressed by the comedy, it mixed really well with the art and the environment, and it made me look forward for the other comedic moments that might come along. The premise of the manga also caught my interest, it seemed like although there wasn't anything complex about it, it could add up to making an interesting story and taking the characters to different places where comedic situations could spawn, but right after that I felt the manga started taking itself too seriously. I honestly felt it was building up to be like a long series, where the events that happened in this one-shot, would be presented in the right moment as the series went along, and I'm not saying all mangas should be series, don't get me wrong, it just feels like this manga was being written as a series first, and then the artist remembered things had to happen and just rushed the plot to progress way too fast. I also felt the romance so thrown at me, I had no real investment in the romance of the characters, I was invested in them and what would happen, but the romance felt stale the moment it arrived. I feel that's exactly the biggest flaw of this manga, everything feels to be happening too fast and too forced, all of the important events needing plot convienence to happen, like the sister remembering all that stuff and telling his brother just for the fuck of it, and him knowing where Asaki was...don't know man, feels dumb man.

I still have some criticism to make, but it's kind of too subjective so I'll save it for myself. To sum it up, Black Coffee is not really bad, it has some strong points to it, it just feels bad for me as I feel it had the potential to be much better, all the strong point of this manga are not given as much importance and use, and all the weakpoints are put on the spotlight too much, that's why it's important for artists to know their strenghts and weaknesses, and I feel this manga needs more selfe awareness. I still read through it though, it really was fine, that's all I can say at the end, it just was fine, all of it, the art, the characters, the plot, they were fine...but "just fine" should never be what we settle for...
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Jul 18, 2016
Wakabaryou de, Kimi to (Manga) add
This is the first time I write a review and since it will be the first one for this manga, it won't be that easy to me! So please bare with me!

So Wakabaryou de, Kimi to is actually a manga featuring 3 short stories about several characters in an all-boys school. Honestly, I have to say that I'm not such a big fan of BL. The reason why I picked up this manga, was because I really liked the cover. It didn't take me too long to figure out this was shonen ai, though (on a side note: on mal it's tagged as yaoi, which feels kind of tricky, imo, since there's little to no nsfw in this series).

Apparently this manga, was Sakumoto Ayu's first one and I think she did a good job. The story wasn't extremely unique or memorable, but she still managed to give us some decent relation-development in such a short time.

One thing I really appreciate about WDKT is that I felt it sort of 'broke free' from the stereotypical yaoi stories. Seme hunting after uke, uke denies he's gay untill he gets semi-harassed at one point. This manga (especially the first story about Higuchi and Hidaka) is more easy-going, less dramatic and slow. Since these are short stories, there wasn't many time for character-development, yet Sakumoto was able to pull off some more realistic and better written characters than some other BL artists. After reading many one-shot manga, I came to the conclusion that sometimes, explaining a simple plot in a short story without giving off the feeling it's rushed, is harder than coming up with a complex plot if you can take all your time to explore your story.
Another positive thing about the core of the stories, was that I didn't feel like the 3 stories were repetitive. Sometimes (especially in yuri and yaoi with a high school setting), you get the feeling you get the same love-story several times, just with different characters. 'Everyone happens to be gay and fall in love with each other, preferably their roommate, at the same moment.' In WDKT we get two room-mates who knew each other for a while already (also props to the logic of Hidaka, it's nothing special, yet rare to see in BL), a transfer-student and his new room-mate and an alumnus and student, that start off as friends with benefits. None of the characters feel like a carbon-copy of another one (unless you count Shima's ex, who looks a lot like Hidaka tbh).

I can repeat this a thousand times: Don't expect something special. After all they are still short stories. Every couple gets one or two chapters to develop their relationship. Which isn't a lot. Yet, for a short story, this was really well done.

I don't think I will remember this manga for long, but I do believe it's enjoyable to read if you're bored and feel like reading something light-hearted (again, there's little to no nsfw).

At last but not least, shout-out to read more
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I just finished reading Another Note and I was blown away.
This book is, to me at least, brilliant masterpiece.

It captures Death Note's characteristic genius through new eyes - those of a very human, very intelligent character.
I found my own thought processing, views and theories lined up with Misora's in a stunning way, backing the book that much more riveting to me.

Short and sweet - or not so sweet in the case of the subject matter.
Another Note is a compact story filled with detail yet without drag.
Much like the original Death Note story, it makes readers think; use their brains like the characters do.
By the end, you're solving a mystery yourself - about yourself, as well as the book.

Packed with intelligent dialogue and fantastic plot, this is now without a doubt my favourite stand-alone novel.
For fans of Death Note, I cannot recommend this novel highly enough.
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