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Full Moon wo Sagashite (Manga) add
The best way to explain Full Moon wo Sagashite to somebody is that it is overcoming loss, and moving on. The entire story encompasses the cycle of grief and acceptance beautifully, more so then any series I've ever seen before.

Each character is the main character of their own story, making it truly believable and interesting to read through. On top of that, each character is likable in their own way, and if they're not, their actions are completely understandable anyway. It's honestly brilliant.

And of course, Arina Tanemura does not disappoint with her brilliant art. It's absolutely gorgeous, as always.

Overall, this story fully grasps the feelings of giving up, the bittersweet feelings of moving on and overcoming your past, and most of all, the sadness of accepting that whoever is no longer with you wants you to continue living. Full Moon so perfectly shows these feelings. Even if you have never experienced them, you will understand after reading. And if you have experienced any of these feelings, you will feel genuinely more whole after reading the struggles of the characters in this story.
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Nousatsu Cream (Manga) add
best manga
i counted 10 sex scenes
0ohhhhh yessssss bbaby

l lived the rimjob the most
disliked the cheating.....the most??????


how long does this have to be omfg

well lets all take a moment to gaze upon how nice the animation was/is

honestly why does this have to be so long

would not recommend you masturbate to it but still great manga

bought in my local charity shop it was £2.50 and i was too scared to buy it so i got my friend to for me

took to like an hour

looks pretty cool on my shelf

parents still odnt know i have a form of hentai on my shelf

wouldnt describe it as hentai though its onlky mild

i guess its smut nut its literally just short stories that have 1-3 sex scenes
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Threads of Time (Manga) add
Nightmares are one of the most unpleasant experiences one can have while asleep. But what these dreams, visions of a thousand years ago, abruptly becomes a reality? Suddenly being transported back in time is a common topic in fantastical settings, and Threads of Time is no exception. It is a manhwa that conveys a great, albeit stereotypical message about human life, or rather, exploration of oneself. While it certainly was a very enjoyable read, it does have some issues, in the execution as well as narrative of the story.

The story revolves around a rich and delinquent student by the name of Moon Bin Lee who consistently dreams about the past, chasing a dark-haired girl into the abyss. Soon enough, he is overwhelmed and abruptly finds himself as Sa Kyoung Kim, son of a prominent warrior family in Mongolia. Furthermore, the very people he now lives with, are physically almost identical of his present day life. Not to mention that it is in a period of territorial conflicts, involving the protagonist in the battles that happened admist the crisis. Luckily for him, he is very skilled in kendo, a useful ability in such times - naturally. The various battles that actually take place are interesting, but it must be mentioned that it can get a bit too excessive in violence; regardless, war is not the main focus of the manga.

The manhwa starts out strong, conveying the setting as well as the main cast of characters appropriately; it maintains a steady and logical progress through the difficulties he experiences in his current position as a modernized teenager. However, there is a problem that emerges as the story progresses: the smooth and logical narrative gets lost, and in turn readers see an increased pacing which results in various conflicts either lacking in execution, or in coherency: in other words, it creates a rushed feeling. It also has some interesting display of what the teenager is experiencing, lightly touching upon what is to come through the art and dialogue presented. Still, some of said scenes were arguably wrongly placed, interrupting the story, rather than enhancing it. In addition, when not read carefully, it created the illusion of him being transported back and forth in time, when that was actually not the case.

Threads of Time is primarily a character driven story, and mainly focuses on three characters, one being the teenager, and the other two being of the Mongolian camp, the General Sali Tayi and the granddaughter of the Khan, Atan Hadas. Kim Moon Bin is quite a generic character at first: rich, spoiled with a broken family relationship, and on top of that a delinquent. Nevertheless, readers observe the gradual changes the protagonist experiences through the environment and supporting cast: the fact that he finds himself in constant struggle in such a foreign environment is good to see, as opposed to other works where the characters adapt abruptly to the new environment.

The other two characters play an important role in developing both themselves, as read more
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Nousatsu Junkie (Manga) add
For a first serialization, this is impressive. I first read this a couple of years back, when the complete scanlation was not yet available. I enjoyed it, and when everything was translated read the rest feeling left satisfied. Charming Junkie is a shoujo manga first and foremost, and happens to be one with many shoujo tropes. That being said, the story handles them well, and the cliches are minimal. The story is basically Naka and Umi's journey and growth as models and eventual romance, with many more characters to help or harm them along the way. It's slightly like a coming of age manga in a sense.

It's simple yet effective, especially when you see how much the art improved over serialization. The art wasn't so bad in the beginning, aside from a few oddly drawn panels and proportions. One thing this mangaka does best is her reaction shots, which are hilarious. During the big reveal moments of Umi and Naka modelling, I was treated to truly lovely illustrations that really grasped how far the two had gone.

Naturally, this manga is not for everyone. Some people may be offput by how Naka and Umi's feelings develop for each other. At first, their relationship is one full of bickering and teasing, and its a wonder that the two even ended up together in the first place. The whole thing reads as a romcom in a way. However, I enjoyed their relationship so much because despite it's foundation, it grew into so much more. The way the two supported and encouraged each other, starting as the most unlikely of friends into something more, was great.

Currently re-reading this, and it's a series that I feel like is great to read once and then revisit in the future because of how enjoyable it is. Cliches it may have, but the way they're dealt with, and the many characters in the plot are ones that I feel like any fan of shoujo can grow to love. I don't mention the other characters so much, but they are also very notable for why thy contribute to the plot in their own right.

9/10 for me overall. Old but gold read. Check it out!
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Doushitemo Furetakunai (Manga) add
The idea and base of this story was ok. I didn't think that Yoneda (the author) went the right way. This story was supposed to focus on Shima and Togawa, and she sort of left them behind when things just got started. At first it was all about sex, and when the love finally started blossoming, the attention went over to a completely different character ??? Why ?????? Whyyyy

Yoneda would have to add more to the characters in order to make them memorial. The only character I found interesting was Shima, but he still wasn't very out of the ordinary (in comparison to general manga characters). The characters just kept on showing the same reactions. At some point they would open up a little more and show a tiny bit of a "new" side of themselves, but other than that.. They never opened up as much as well written characters would.

The only things I liked about this manga was the incredible dialogue, the emotional scenes, sex scenes and the fact that nO ONE SAID "BUT WE'RE BOTH MEN". That last thing is so so important holy shit. This universe is already halfway set in the "homosexual side of the world", so homosexuality isn't seen as a sin and is accepted. Well, it definitely isn't considered normal there, but it's the same as the homosexual side in the real world: accepted. Instead of discussing the most cliché thing in yaoi and shounen ai ("but we're both men") they're are bringing up real issues with homosexuality. This following example is kind of spoilery, **but they would talk about stuff like family and having kids**. Bonus points to Doushitemo Furetakunai because of that.

Overall the manga was fine. I didn't find most of it that "new" or interesting, but this manga did manage to make me clap and cheer once in a while.
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Today, 7:06 AM
Majo no Shinzou (Manga) add
"Accompanied by a talking lantern, Mika pursues her sister on a quest to retrieve that which was stolen from her long ago."

Mika, a walking fairy tail, she travels the world searching for what's rightfully her. As we follow her journey meeting new and unique people along the road, each with their own story to share. With her companion Lumiel a dragon that has formed a contract to her, promising he would stay until the end of the witch's endless journey.

The story itself is not that grand to most people but it has that warm breeze fantasy feel to it. in the endless journey she more and more new people each with their own story making the story feels more interesting, and giving it the "Journey" feel to it.
Mika is 500 years old and actually acts her age. showing us how it actually feels to live forever, Searching for death she yearned for.

If you are searching for an "Old Fantasy Journey" style story or you're just reading for a hobby and you're searching something to add to your reading list, This Bittersweet Adventure might just be what you're looking for

With one of the best epic conclusion ending in my opinion.
I Scored 8 for this review
But i'd definitely rate 10 for personal reasons :')
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Today, 5:23 AM
Bokura no Hentai (Manga) add
The following review will contain some very important spoilers. For disclosure purposes I should mention I am myself a transgender woman and that many things I will critique about the series have to do with identity issues.


When I first started reading Bokura no Hentai I found myself intrigued. A manga that deals respectfully with transgender and crossdressing characters, without mixing up the two categories? A story that doesn't focus on fanservice but on the actual, real-life problems queer youth faces? Count me in!

"Bokura no Hentai", for the most part, delivers amazingly well on its premise. The characters are very interesting and humane, each one of them with their own life issues. Even more importantly, the trio of protagonists (Marika, who is the trans girl of the group, Tamura, who is crossdressing for his lover, and Ryousuke who does so for his dead sister) are not the exclusive focus of the story. Secondary characters like Akane and Tomochi also get some of the spot light and the mangaka manages to handle their cases very well.

There is a great deal of diversity among the protagonists and their experiences, so the story doesn't get monotonous. Moreover, the "plot" gives plenty of room for character development. Honestly, one of the most enjoyable parts of "Bokura no Hentai" is watching the characters I've come to love grow and learn from their experiences. It made me feel as if I went to school with them, listened to their worries and shared their concerns. It made me care about them a whole lot.

The art is great, minimalistic yet not simplistic. I especially loved the colored introductions in each volume. I believe that they give a warmer feeling to the story and they work great as a way to further humanize the characters.

So far I've described 99% of what "Bokura no Hentai" is. Honestly, I wish I could stop here. I wish I could just give it a big shining 10/10 and tell you it has earned its place among the masterpieces of our time.


But, unfortunately, there's chapter 40. The chapter where Marika is having second thoughts about her identity. The chapter where she misgenders herself so that a group of irrelevant, anonymous cosplaying male students won't feel bad for not being as cute as she is. The chapter where essentially none of her friends tries to confront her about this attitude, in a way telling the readers that they too thought of her as a cute guy who crosses or, as the series tells us, a boy with a perversion. The chapter where she enters a crossdressing contest, even though from the first chapter of "Bokura no Hentai" she clearly, unapologetically states that she is not a crossdresser but a woman. The chapter where the mangaka managed, in just a few panels, to completely ruin every good thing had been done since the beginning of the story.

There are plenty of reasonable approaches one could take to justify this chapter. One could say Marika is still a teen, read more
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I have read and watched my fair share of novels/manga and anime, but the unique characters I read in this novel were by far the best. We have our main character who was caught in an accident on the first day of school and was hospitalized for 3 weeks as to save a dog and his life as loner started. It has been a year since and he is 2nd year student.

We have an amazing story of our loner-kun Hikigaya hachiman with his two clubmates Yuigahama Yui and Yukinoshita Yukino. Our mister loner-kun was forced to join the Service club whose sole member and leader was Yukinoshita as a punishment for writing cynical reports by his teacher Hiratsuka Sizuka. The story starts with their banter and their first request by the girl Yuigahama and the future member of their. And goes smoothly and with injokes going between them and insults thrown on Hikigaya by everyone around and the bantering between him and Yukinoshita.

Everything is fun from him beng insulted or him reminiscing his past school loner life. Until he found the person who was his clubmate and the owner of the dog which was the reason for the accident. It becomes sour between them but the way it is resolved is too amazing.

After that you all should read as without giving spoilers it's not possible for me. So I will rather comment on characters and story.

Hikigaya Hachiman-
Our main character with amazing scores other than math and science and a decent face if not for his dead fish eyes. He has lived as a loner all his life or generally speaking he was forced to live. He tried to be friends with other till his middle school until he gave up. He was always made fun and was never included in any plans with anyone. Once he was invited to a birthday party and he was ecstatic about that and brought a present too but the welcome he received there was what he accepted as the reactions of everyone said that who he was and he was never invited never again, but in his mind it was "Did I do a mistake?". This went in his elementary school. Even in middle school it wasn't different, he was made fun ostracized and also made to be the scapegoat. Was teased with fake confessions, was bullied with his shoes being stolen from his locker and his locker being trashed. He confessed to someone in alone but was rejected but next day he was the topic of the school for the jokes as how horrible was he to torment the girl he confessed. And he lost all reason and became a pessimist or realist what he calls. He thinks that he is worthless and no one really cares for him and no one notices him as he have stealth hikki always working. He never puts himself first, he doesn't mind what other thinks of him. And thus he is able to do selfless read more
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Today, 3:30 AM
Air Gear (Manga) add
To be fair when I started reading it first I kind of liked it. The characters were likeable and art was good. But soon the story took a turn and it became a jumbled and confusing mess. We have A-T or air treck a device so technologically advanced that it makes human fly. But after this is all shit. The thing is that wearing something on your foot doesn't give you powers. This most illogical aspect of manga was dragged to finish.

There were too much of unwanted things that were present in the manga which made the story look more un-charismatic.
I liked the art it was good and so did the characters they were fun to read and imagine.
In conclusion this is the longest manga i have read ever which i kind of hate that i was better not reading.
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Today, 1:20 AM
Tokyo Ghoul (Manga) add
To best describe the what kind of series this is Im going to use the following quote from the Main Character "Im not the protagonist of a book or anything......Im just a normal college student who likes to read but If I were to write a book of me as the main character It would be a tragedy"

If you ever have seen tragedies such as Macbeth the main character is known as the tragic hero who gets changed by an event that ultimately leads to his demise. As likely my favorite Manga Tokyo Ghoul is true to being a tragedy to its core elements. Just to note the Manga Is not like the anime which skips a lot of arcs and ignores developing the characters. So if you are a fan of the Anime you should read this Manga as the anime skipped a bunch of important arcs that focus on the main character who is the center of this series.

The story follows Ken Kaneki who lives in a world where these man eating beings called ghouls live amongst humans in disguise. After an unusual accident he finds himself as the first ghoul human hybrid. The story follows Kaneki as he gets more used to the ghoul society while trying to maintain his life as a Human. However this series as a tragedy does not allow Ken to have it easy. Every story that is a tragedy has two key scenes known as the fall of the hero and the true tragedy. The anime has the fall of the hero but not the true tragedy which is the reason people should read this Manga as the true tragedy will either make you give this series a 10 or a 0.

The art in this Manga is good and brutal. The series has lots of fights scenes that go to levels of brutality that make a reader think "ouch" . I rate it highly for its use of symbolism however. As a psychological series there are going be things that are not really there which are used for symbolism such as flowers for example or numbers that foreshadow events. Character designs are great especially the ghoul characters who are wearing all different crazy outfits to hide their identity.

The characters in this series leave you to sometimes question who is the good guy or the bad guy. The series has a bunch of groups most having characters that are mixed bags between good and evil. The main protagonist is probably the only true neutral good guy in this series. Some characters who believe they are doing things that are for the greater good are really just using that to hide their sense of revenge and bloodlust. Some characters who have done bad things in the past with regrets are continually questioning can they do better. These characters who know they were in the wrong are always the more likeable in the series because they are not trying to hide read more
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Hanayome wa Motodanshi. (Manga) add
Sexuality and gender are very complex and sensitive subjects that can mean many different things to many different people, and because of all these different and sometimes conflicting perspectives, they should be treated with particular consideration in any form of representation. Sexuality and gender are a lot more diverse than many people think. ’Heterosexuality’, ‘homosexuality’ and ‘bisexuality’ are terms that everyone who has reached a certain stage in their adolescence are familiar with, but how many have even heard of ‘pansexuality’, ‘panromantic’, ‘asexuality’, ‘aromantic’, ‘demisexuality’, ‘polysexuality’, ‘heteroflexible’, ‘homoflexible’, or ‘fluid’? Likewise, the majority probably have at least some awareness of terms such as ‘transgender’ and ‘transsexual’ even if they don’t know the full meaning, but how many are completely blind to words like ‘Agender (non-gender)’, ‘bigender’, ‘cisgender’, ‘genderfluid’, ‘binary gender’, 'non-binary gender', ‘gender dysphoria’, ‘pangender’, or even something as simple as ‘gender identity’?

Sexuality and gender are incredibly broad topics that the masses remain largely oblivious to, whether they are entirely comfortable with their own sexual identity and gender identity or not. It certainly doesn’t help that the terms that the majority are familiar with are the ones that carry very negative connotations in contemporary society — terms like ‘crossdresser’, drag queen’, ‘queer’, and, unfortunately enough, ‘tranny’. Even then, the full scope of these terms is not readily apparent. It becomes commonplace for the average person to absorb only the negative connotations associated with these words thanks to the media and a lack of education. People who fall into a mainstream category are liable to be disgusted by the negative connotations associated with these words and, as a result, become intolerant of these misrepresented ideas. People who do fall into a non-mainstream category and experience some form gender dysphoria are liable to think, “I’m definitely not like them” and keep well away from the subject in the future.

Labels are very clunky methods of communicating any complex, sensitive and abstract ideas, and the failings of this approach are made abundantly clear with the rampant ignorance regarding something as simple as the distinction between sexuality and gender. In the worst case scenario, poorly-communicated labels can close people off to a particular idea and rob them of their desire to learn more about it. Labels aren’t what people need. What people need are stories of real, raw human experience. Stories of suffering, stories of happiness and stories of finding yourself. What people need are stories like Hanayome wa Motodanshi.

Hanayome wa Motodanshi is an autobiographical account detailing the process of Chii’s MtF transition and her romantic relationship with her husband. This single-volume manga was originally based off Chii’s blog, where she talks about a variety of topics relating to gender and sexuality. Hanayome itself also touches on these same issues and sometimes even goes into great depth, but it most certainly does not neglect the romance element. Surprisingly, Hanayome is able to balance both its rather heavy themes and the romance between Chii and her husband in a light-heartedly serious and effective way, making read more
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Today, 1:14 AM
Prunus Girl (Manga) add
This manga is such a wasted potential.The first few chapters are really good,but after that ,the whole plot ,until the end is just a massive filler and teasing.
There isn't any progression in the relationship between the main characters here and there.Instead everything is rushed in the last 2 chapters,which made the ending felt super rushed.The last chapter itself was kinda cool and the end was rewarding.The overall humor was good the first few times,but soon became repetitive and annoying teasing.We got that the trap is super cute the first time.We got that the main character is conflicted about his sexuality(which is quite interesting main conflict,but it's not explored enough)
So yeah the story was really weak and i wanted more substance
The characters were meh.The personality of the trap is that he is a cute trap.The personality of the main character is that he is the perfect guy.That's it.
The secondary characters are really boring and unimportant ,with the exception of the lesbian couple,but they got little screen time.
The art is great,no complaints here.All characters look great.
Well overall the manga was super mediocre at best.I wouldn't recommend it
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Today, 12:45 AM
Crash! (Manga) add
first review, don't mind me. I'll try my best not to spoil anything ahaha--

story... well, kinda cliche shoujo shit but i love such things mhm
art is... typical shoujo stuff again, not much complaint mhm

character wise... the first one (Hana) was a good and strong main girl character and I really loved her. but I have no clue as to why they decided to change the girl to Yui who was like some weakling.... who annoyed the hell out of me.

dropped it. Yui is a no. the first part with Hana as the main girl was nice though, so I'll still recommend it.
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Yesterday, 3:49 PM
Transfer Student Storm Bringer (Manga) add
Story: 8/10
A story about a guy that looks scary but actually isnt, sounds familiar enough with a couple of other manhwa, but nonetheless It's executed very well. It's a bit of a Death Note/Code Geass type of story, when one guy uses his wits rather than strength to survive or progress. Fights with 100% luck and doesn't posses no skill whatsoever but manages to be the hero of the day due to the large amount of misunderstanding the rest of the characters perceive of those situations, because he, the coward, is seen as a badass and no one dares to oppose him, and uses that to his advantage. The manhwa is full of comedic moments due to the large amount of misunderstanding it posses which is really the whole charm of the manhwa. It's also really slow, for 90 chapters there are only two arcs which revolve in the matter of an hour or something like that, but still manage to be pretty good.

Art: 6/10
It's really a type of art you might seem on deviantart, of course you get used to it but I wouldn't say that It's anything special. The character designs weren't that impressive and original, oh make the main characters have colorful or spiky hair and the rest a dull one, that was kind of annoying, and also the muscles of the heroes were a bit too much although I can see it as a comedic thing, which was okay but maybe they were just a bit too obscure.

Characters: 7/10
The characters were very cliche as I mentioned in the art section, their design wasn't anything special, their personalities were well done though, even if they're not anything very original they're well designed, you've got the coward who just wants a peaceful life but always gets in trouble so he tries to outsmart his opponents and use his scary appearance to his advantage, or the scary overly aggressive guy who won't stop no matter what, all in all, they're good.

Overall, I'd rate it a 8/10 just because of the amount of funny misunderstandings, the misunderstanding aren't the type to tell you "Oh, It's just another manga/manhwa full of misunderstanding involving the main heroine", but they're done rather involving everything, I'd really say that, that's the main plot of the manhwa. And also I really like the type of manga which revolve of a single person's strategic endeavours.
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Yesterday, 12:36 PM
Shinigami-sama to 4-nin no Kanojo (Manga) add
SLIGHT SPOILER REVIEW; THIS WAS AMAZING AND I RECOMMEND it to any fan of comedy, harem, romance, and maybe even ecchi.
This manga was great. I expected a douchey mc and cardboard characters but this had something going. The MC had a familiar feeling but was definitely unique. This had some tropes for everyone! Tsun/Kuudere, Deredere, Yandere, Sadist, Closet perv., perfectionist; but they were all done well. The art is... fine. It's not something great, but it's not something noticeably bad. The story is original and hysterical. Originally, I was going to lower the enjoyment from 10 to 7 but changed my mind due to one thing. I was going to lower it because of the horrible feeling of worry whenever the four girls met or saw something I just froze and was like "FUC*FUC*FUC*FUC*FUC*FUC*FUC*FUC*FUC*" but after that I got such a feeling or relief and it was a wonderful trip.
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Yesterday, 3:50 AM
Ookami-heika no Hanayome (Manga) add
First of all, this is my VERY first review.. so it might not be that helpful as the others but.. please don't hate. Hehehe..

So when I read the synopsis of this manga, I was VERY excited. When I started reading it, I guess it didn't fail me.

Story: 9/10
The plot line is very good. A story of a king who hires females as a temporary bride but in a secret. There are also times when the plot line muddles the story but.. overall the story is great.

Art: 8/10
Well, the art is decent.. I guess. Yeah, it's decent. It's just like some typical shoujo manga. Overall.. it's okay.

Character: 10/10
King Reishou is a very awesome character. I really love the way he acts as the wolf king but very childlish and nice when he talks to Yuurin. Hehehe

Enjoyment: 10/10
I really enjoyed this manga and I think you will too. The comedy value of this story is very great. Mostly every chapter will make you laugh.

Overall I think you should definitely read it. There's just so much hype in this manga. If you really love romance/comedy mangas.. just like me.. you should definitely check this out.

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Yesterday, 1:22 AM
Emma (Manga) add
Emma's story is very good, with the story of a maid from late Victorian era. I found it interesting because usually I read school romance genre, so try to read this one. I like the historical background in this story.

Emma's art is greatly done, every characters in the story has it own style's. So, it's easy to recognize a character from each other. There's alot of beautiful girls character, i like it.

The characters is well developed. Every characters in it has strong points, and as the story goes, the characters background and relationship is more to told.

As for enjoyment, I think I very enjoyed it though. I like the maids, and they beautifully drew.
Overall, Emma is great. I recommended it for yo to read.

I'm sorry for my bad at write English, because I usually read it.
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Jun 24, 2016
Kyou kara Ore wa!! (Manga) add
Story: 8/10
There really isn't much plot, It's like to think of it as a slice of life manga with action and comedy, It's really about a couple of delinquent involved in comedic situations, romance, which mostly includes the two main characters Itou and Mitsuhashi, but manage to have their lot of cool moments and do the right thing. It starts off less serious and gets more and more serious as it goes, reminds me of Gintama. Even though there was a lot of romance and fights, it never manages to get to the point, which was disappointing for me, if you put so much romance and shounen then invest more in it, don't leave it half-assed.

Characters: 10/10
I really liked them, every character managed to be of comedic relief, especially Mitsuhashi, he was very well developed although I feel like he and Itou started to stray from their original purpose in the beginning of the manga, at first they seemed way more comedic and tended to be involved in a lot more comedic, and really, 'creative' situations, but as the manga continued they just got involved in more serious and less comedic ones, which kind of confused me.

Art: 8/10
At the beginning the art is a bit clunky but in due time it gets way better and tolerable, I'd say It's pretty good for It's time and it also does a good job of making the characters and situations seem funny and serious at the same time.

Overall, I really liked it for the comedic chapters, but I wouldn't give it anything more than an 8, just because the shounen fights get very repetitive, eve though they're done well, the towns/cities always seem to be all full of delinquent and It's like Japan has a delinquent problem, and every second person is one, they don't get one of those arcs where It's a bit chiller, and pseudo-action manga like these need those, not everything has to end in a fight, and yes there were those 'small' chapters where they didn't but that's not enough, also the other delinquents always have a superb problem with them and they start some sort of fight between them, I mean come on I know It's a delinquent manga but it would be so much relief if it focused on something else other than a pure showdown or a fight for once, would've made it more interesting. It's very worth the read and I wondered if I should rate it a 9, but I really don't think It's worth the 9, I'd say that Gintama is the same but a better made type of manga, if that makes sense.
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Jun 24, 2016
Sugar Sugar Rune (Manga) add
One of the things that Moyoco Anno utilizes extremely well is her sublime sense of space. I think this applies to everyone within the Kyoko Okazaki tradition, although I’ve only really seen a few others. Their panels are ridiculously packed with every kind of decoration, tons and tons of side-jokes, and provide non-stop stimulation to the senses while creating this incredible visual tension by transitioning from fragmented frames to large spreads. I bet anybody aiming to get into the industry or make their own work could learn a ton simply by analyzing the frame-structure of those like Anno and George Asakura.

The result of such a tightly packed frame is that in a mere 8 volumes, I’ve felt like I’ve been through every single kind of fantasy world possible. The story goes from a school setting, to haunted mansions, to city streets, to twisted landscapes, to beaches, to deserts, all culminating in a majestic finale that ties everything together.

The plot itself is like the art of those Golden Age Illustrators like Kay Nielsen, and other fairy tales, mixed together and turned into pure crack. People fall in love and experience heartbreak at mach speed, fight magical NTR battles, and do a whole lot of general fucking around while ruminating about the mysteries of the world and what romance entails. Since, in the world of Sugar Sugar Rune, the heart itself becomes an actual device for manipulation – you have a lot of battles and scenarios that also double as multi-layered metaphors about stuff like depression, abusive relationships etc… etc.. Furthermore all this fits into Anno’s writing power, since she’s done all sorts of genres including josei stuff like In Clothes Called Fat and seinen stuff like Hataraki Man before.

Also important is the fact that Moyoco Anno actually knows how to draw fashion, and has tons of fun creating all sorts of gothic-chic outfits and fairytale designs for the whole host of magic land inhabitants. This all fits in her drawing style – and the movement and anatomy of all the characters are so lucidly sketched out that they’re able to express almost every kind of expression in the most melodramatic flair possible. Shit, these are what magical girls should actually look like in the 21st century.

There’s a reason why the other big name Anno, Hideaki Anno, considered his wife to be better than him. Moyoco Anno is simply one of the most versatile creators in the industry, while Hideaki had to become disillusioned and leave us with only Eva and KareKano to have mere hints of what he could have achieved. And Hataraki Man, although less memorable artistically and expressionistically, is simply a hundred times more mature than Eva at teaching people how to actually deal with your life.
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Jun 24, 2016
Bal Jak (Manga) add
Bal Jack, a delinquent manhwa about a young guy that wants to change the world with his obscure dream.

Story: 5/10
The story wasn't anything special, a young, arrogant and cocky high school delinquent not afraid of anything attacking the strongest people, defending his friends and trying to be the best, quite cliche, but is it a bad cliche? Not really, it was executed alright, there's not so much dialogue and the execution isn't amazing but It's good enough to keep your attention for a while. Although, I felt like it was very rushed and you couldn't keep your attention on the plot, because really, there was no 'real' plot, just random fights with our MC with an impossible dream, which seems to always do the trick, but It's nothing surprising.

Art: 8/10
The art was pretty good, clean and without much mistakes. Although, it made me feel like it was helping of the rushing of the manhwa.

Characters: 6/10
The characters are alright, I liked the side characters more rather than the MC, the MC wasn't that great really, nothing I wouldn't expect, but I liked how normal some of the side characters seemed, even though the mains weren't anything new, and even so, they were still able to look cool despite them being quite cliche.

Overall, I enjoyed it, It's worth the read if you don't have anything else to read, also doesn't take much time due to how little dialogue there is most of the time.
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Jun 24, 2016
Futatabi (Manga) add
Comfortably intelligent. It slowly lets on about certain aspects of the world without making me feel stupid. It's quite sophisticated, but due to the short length, certain aspects aren't given a lot of air to work with. Not only that, it's very swift to completion and feels premature. Perhaps a singular volume would have been ideal. Either way, for the length, it's still quite enjoyable.

The general premise is quite interesting and could have a lot of potential given it had more time to pursue certain aspects, but we'll have to be comfortable with what little content we have. I'm glad Miura went on to work on Berserk rather than pursue any type of continuation with this particular work, since this one probably wouldn't have become anything half as decent as Berserk.

It's got that retro feel. Proportions aren't bad or anything, but the art doesn't look all that refined. Also, the leads look similar. Almost strikingly so. It's sort of weird, considering the rest of the cast has unique designs. The landscape is underground so most of it isn't inspiring, I don't know much about the setting, but there are 2 cool panels that are both cityscapes, so it's really just 1 cool panel.

The characters just do things. There isn't much more to it. Nothing is stupid and nothing is exceptional, so it's a moot score.

Decent read before I go to bed. Nothing much else I can say on the matter. I wasn't bored, I wasn't blown away. I'm glad I got to see one of Miura's early works before he slaved away at one of the greatest stories ever told for the better part of 20 years. It's neat.

((If you liked this review, check out my other reviews by going to my profile and clicking the 'reviews' tab. I review virtually all anime and manga I find!))
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Jun 24, 2016
Semete, Ano Yuki no You ni (Manga) add
Semete, Ano Yuki no You ni, is a 2010 doujinshi by Fujimari.

This reading tells a short, conclusive young romance story. It is difficult diving into the plot without making spoilers, so we will get away with the very summary of MAL: "A bittersweet story of young love".

To say something, the story is not extremely thrilling but it manages to get you into it thanks to the relatable setting, adequate pace and themes of the story. One of those cases when you know you are reading something you might have already read or seen somewhere else but dont care because of the high quality of the material.

Design, composition and all related to the art are quite good. I am not really into the doujinshi scene so i dont know how this work should rank, but nevertheless is narratively profficient. Not really complex, with perhaps an excesive absence of backgrounds at times, but still appealing and pretty adequate considering the nature of the story.

To sum things up, this is a doujinshi that i am sure has gone sadly unnoticed, but it is totally worth reading. Asides from the objective factors mentioned above, it is extremely touching work that succeeds on generating emotions on the reader much better than a lot of other big, lengthier renowned works.

A clear case of quality over quantity, give it a try and you wont regret it
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Jun 24, 2016
Acute (Manga) add
If you're a big fan of vocaloid, you will have probably heard this song before/watched the video. If not, I highly recommend watching the music video before reading the manga, it's a pretty good song.

Story 7/10: Based on the song from 3 vocaloids, Miku, Kaito and Luka called 'Acute' we now have this manga that is filled with jealousy, regret, loss and dark senses. The story is about Miku, Luka and Kaito as childhood friends who grow up together building a strong friendship. Kaito always took a liking to Miku but then became more interested in Luka as they grew up. Thus, creating a love triangle between them. With only 5 chapters, things start to develop quickly jealousy wise between Miku and Luka. What we see at the start is a loving, fun and happy friendship which is then ripped apart towards the end. The story doesn't sound very convincing but seeing the effects on the characters it was brings this story to life.

Art 8/10: The art was really nice to look at with the character designs an all. Miku even gets some yandere eyes

Character 6/10: I couldn't see the characters being likeable, not even the ones that had been torn apart the most. The let jealous overtake them and ruin what a lovely friendship. Luka, betray Miku as did Kaito. And Miku acted upon this and went completely yandere and over the top which had led to regrets in the end.

Enjoyment 7/10: It's a fun read, to see what happens to the characters and how they're going to cope in this love triangle. Also to see Kaitos decision, weather he will stay with Luka or go back to how things used to be with Miku. Unfortunately it leaves you disappointed in the end.

Overall 7/10: Plot and characters were a little bad, but it was effective and can be entertaining for a lot of readers. Just remember that 5 chapters with a story like this doesn't go a long way.
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This manga has an incredibly long's meaning: "Our Love Is As Painful As Reaching Death". There was no love presented here. We are shown a happy young couple entering their first year of high school. Childhood friends, Beniko and Sora are already sexually active as they've been together for four years. Sora "proposes" to Beniko on her 16th birthday claiming that he will properly marry her once they are 18. On that same night, Sora's twin brother Umi comes outside Beniko's house leaving her favorite flower, the Red Spider Lily. Umi immediately leaves once she sees him.

The next day, Umi formally returns to Beniko's life after an unfortunate event.

If the author's purpose was to create an erotic yet angsty manga, she succeeded. Unfortunately, the story was simply unrealistic. The mains, Umi and Beniko, lacked character development. The most disappointing aspect is that the plot was rushed to give it a "happy" ending.
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Jun 23, 2016
Alien 9: Emulators (Manga) add
This is an enjoyable and worth-while additional read for those who liked Alien Nine, but I still can't help but want to separate the two when I think of them. Alien Nine is a wacky story overall, but it feels as if it has a lot of underlying themes going for it. The original manga built up to a theme which I felt strongly to be coming-of-age and getting over one's selfishness to accept a partner in a relationship. The original manga builds this feeling to a good climax and finale, but this addition doesn't feel like an extension to that building plot from the original. "Emulators" just seems to confuse things even more a bit while still keeping the feeling of those original themes at times, but nothing is built upon really. This is more of some extra interesting scenes along with some extra context to things that go on now or went on before. There isn't really a climax/finale to "Emulators" either as it isn't really one story, but a group of smaller side-stories that generally take place chronologically. Overall I genuinely enjoyed parts of this manga and had fun in some aspect the whole way, but this doesn't feel as neatly-wrapped as the original manga trilogy.
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Jun 23, 2016
Kyou no Asuka Show (Manga) add
This is surprisingly good. I'm surprised that there's just one review of this manga. Perhaps everyone's watching the show....which is also good. I'm surprised it's ratings haven't gone up yet.

Anyway the manga is episodic. It could make you feel all sorts of things like Joy, Laughter, Cuteness, The need to improve yourself in life by hard work, Wanting to improve your confidence, a slice-of-life calmness and peace, silliness, turned on (if you a guy and like lots and lots of panty shots) (which, by the way, never feels vulgar), beauty, sadness, self-realization, change of mind within oneself [sounds like Buddha]

As I read it, I noticed that I smirked or had a smile at the side of my lips all the time.
Because that's what Asuka does. She unknowingly changes the minds of men (and women and all those within the transgender umbrella) (in the story, it's just men) And brings a purity within their thoughts and within ours too. That's what is this show of Kyouno Asuka.
(That's her name by the way) (yea!)
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As a sequel, but also as an adaption of the animated feature, Rebellion is a strange project to critique in that it's already a very understood story due to many rewatches of the film. That said, there are still points that I find bogus, unnecessarily complex, and unfortunately barren within the Rebellion narrative, both the film or the manga.

The first third of Rebellion is fairly good. It's a mystery that treats it's reader as intelligent, never revealing the mysterious nature of the work until a specific point, that point transitioning into the second third. While the first third properly lays a foundation for the second and third parts, the second is when things begin to pick up and you, as the reader, start learning things about this new world our favorite Magical Girls have been cast into. However, as things transition into the final part, everything seems to fall apart.

Certain lines imply certain things that people should already understand, while other lines seem completely incorrect to the established lore. There's an entire conversation that's left to conjecture and poorly translates any intended reasoning for its inclusion in the story, and there's another that has a line which climax's with more confusion than clarification. Many may be reading this and going, "Well, Paraturtle, you're just an idiot!" Perhaps, but when your first story, Madoka Magica, is unbelievably clear and clearly states everything from beginning to end, it seems out of character for a narrative to pursue an open-ended way of storytelling, especially when you read the final chapter.

((Interjection: There's one entire event in this story, an entire section of dialogue that makes zero sense and only takes place to have an event later that, again, makes little to zero sense. It disrupts the flow of the story and is clearly an afterthought.))

And, even in that final chapter, very little is explained, unlike the final chapter of the previous story arc of Madoka Magica. This, most likely, is due to preference, but I find that the open-ended nature is nothing more than a recognition of the mere market value that Madoka Magica has earned over so many years. Rather than tell a complete story and tie a bow, this one tells an obscure origin story and leaves a teaser. This isn't necessarily offensive, but, as someone who loves a contained narrative, I find this to be incredibly irritating.

On the lighter side, but still negative, the story itself is ridiculously contained. Like the original story, we don't learn much beyond characters, even less so in this story.

You may be wondering, "Paraturtle, why did you rate the artwork so low? 6/10? Bogus!" Let me clarify: If you hadn't seen the film, so much of this doesn't make any sense!

For instance, there's a fight scene that is virtually shot for shot of an event within the film. It takes place in the second volume and at one point I went, "Alright, had I not seen the film, what is taking place on this page?" And read more
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Jun 23, 2016
Magic Knight Rayearth (Manga) add
Having been exposed to Clamp's beautifully made fantasy story about three 8th grade, Japanese school girls, from Tokyo, Japan, I've always had a special place in my heart for this specific manga (although I started with the anime) Having gotten the first volume (which covers the entire first season of the anime) and reading through all of it, I can confidently say that this series is a Masterpiece in my eyes.

What really stood out to me the most about this series, in both the manga and its anime adaptation, is that the story was fluent, and very easy to follow. I've read manga where the story just didn't seem to flow that well, but not with this manga! I found reading each page of every chapter of every volume throughout this book for volume 1 was as fluent as that of cool water streaming out from a faucet. I just couldn't put it down!

The characters in this volume (once again, being equivalent to the entire first season of the anime adaptation) were all very likeable and each had a prominent role in the story's progression. Clamp's strongest attribute in its overall story (in my opinion) was their emphasis on the value of meaningful, true, friendships, and also was very good at expressing each of the characters individual personalities and emotions.

The three MC's, Hikaru, Umi, and Fuu are so fun to watch. Their character designs were so fitting for the story they were in, both in their world, and also as magic knight's in Cephiro.

What literally topped off the icing on the cake with this volume was the never-expected plot-twist at the end of the series. Before that plot-twist comes into play, the story continued to follow a straight, almost, predictable line throughout the manga. The plot-twist, not only changed that line's direction, but also added deeper, meditated thought, for its readers.

Overall I thought the first volume of Magic Knight Rayearth was easily a 10/10, for being not only a classic, but a fluent, easy to digest, story, that was packed with all the fantasy and magic that is sought after in this type of series!
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Jun 23, 2016
Boku wa Mari no Naka (Manga) add
so im gonna drop this manga at chapter 19, but anyways i just want to say a couple things.
i actually skimmed through about chapter 70-75 to see any progress on finding mari. and i already saw the progress that was made, the college guy acted natural around people (more like mari?) and apparently his mother is missing. and stuff about this diary. the reason why i decided to drop this manga isn't because it's bad or anything, i like the psychological aspect of it but the whole situation just makes me uncomfortable.
it makes me sad that mari'S 'MISSING' and a scruffy college dropout takes her place. in the beginning before i actually read the manga i saw this manga a lot but i got a weird vibe. so ik this is childish but it's just personal reason why i'm dropping this manga.. i don't really like mangas or books that have characters that i can't really tell what's gonna happen next and gives me a uncomfortable feeling. when i say uncomfortable i mean that i have no control... it's kinda hard to explain. i like mystery anime/manga but this has what real mystery books have, unlike archives of dantalian (don't get me wrong i like that anime).
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Jun 23, 2016
Fairy Tail Zerø (Manga) add
Simply fantastic, can be influenced by my adoration of Mavis, but I liked much of the story with her as protagonist, Mavis is a character that is hard not to sympathize, I thought I would tell to the end the story of Mavis, but even being up the creation of the guild was actually really 13 chapters that I liked more than any major, ok some will say I'm exaggerating, but there is no words to describe how this sleeve is perfect, a summary fast it: mavis child, mavis crying, mavis happy, sad mavis, mavis in the bath, using magic mavis, mavis almost dying, so ... are many mavis.

Mavis is the best waifu!
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Jun 23, 2016
Orange (Manga) add
Story: 10/10

Despite being a shojo orange breaks from the typical high-school romance. Naho, the main character, receives a letter from her future self, in this letter there are instructions to save the life of her new classmate, Kakeru. The romance between Kakeru and Naho is evident, but the story goes beyond that and sends a very nice and helpful message: to never miss a chance to do what you have to do, to depend and to trust people and overall making the most of your life.

Art: 10/10

Tha drawing style of Ichigo Takano is truly beautiful.

Character: 10/10

Naho is shy and indecisive but it's her personality what helps the story to develop.
Kakeru is a very nice and complex character.
Suwa is definitely my favourite character from this manga, he is kind-hearted and a great friend for both Naho and Kakeru.
Hagita, Azu and Takako are the comic relief, specially Hagita.

All in all I think all these are characters are lovely and each of them contribute to the story.

The story is quite sad, and there are some moments you can definitely shed some tears, but nevertheless it has a very beautiful message.

Overall: 10/10
Great story, beautiful art, well written characters and a nice message. Orange is definitely a manga everyone should read.
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Jun 23, 2016
Henshin (Manga) add
Classic Shindol

A Person who wants to change,

but too clueless what's right and wrong

having a one dimensional parent doesn't help

well this manga is full of despair and coming of age

just like shindol's hentai manga's

well it's actually nice to read this series. try it, and you'll see the different life consequence on your action

same old, tragedy depression genre
a coming of age story.

well can't complain that's how shindol style anyway

well she indulge herself to escapism
what else can you say

it's a good tragedy story, try reading it you'll hate it and like it at the same time
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Jun 23, 2016
Hoozuki-san Chi no Aneki (Manga) add
REVIEW: Hoozuki-san Chi no Aneki

Story (7/10): The story revolves two siblings, The Hoozuki Siblings, Haru and Gorou. In fact, they are not siblings "related by blood" but are indeed step-siblings. With Haru being the elder sister, Gorou lives his 'ordinary life' dealing with his sister's Haru tomfoolery. Dealing with her constant sly innuendoes and josh. (But, there's a reason behind Haru's actions however, which you will later read on throughout the story.) But most importantly, Gorou also has to deal with his 'romantic feelings for this 'stepsister'. As time passes on however, these feelings of love will be 'resolved' at the end of the story. As these ordinary (step) siblings living their ordinary high-school live a fun way.

-Note: The word 'josh' means "tease (someone) in a playful way" for those who don't know.

Art (7/10): The art is fun to look at considering this is 4-koma manga. Short and playful.

Characters (7/10): The character lineup is quite limited considering there are ten characters. But there were two characters that stood out the most were obviously... the Hoozuki Siblings.

Hoozuku Haru: If there are two words to describe her, mischievous and sexy. She's the type of woman any man would fawn over, simply contagious. In my opinion. But anyways, she'll keep you indulged, as she has an outgoing and fun personality. She has a great personality, as she will do any means to keep his brother smiling.

Hoozuki Gorou: One of the most bizarre characters I've ever read in a manga but in a humorous way. Even though he is 'younger' than his sister, he acts sort of a "fatherly-type role" as he is quite overprotective of his sister. He is willing to go at all cost to protect his sister even if he get's beats up in the process. But at the same time, perverted when it comes to his mindset however.

For the supporting characters however, there were none to keep in mind. Except for over-exaggerated sex-crazed Misaki. The supporting characters didn't leave a remarkable presence and without the role of the Hoozuku Siblings, this manga would've died. Literally.

Enjoyment (8/10): My enjoyment throughout the manga was a blast. Read in a one go.

Overall (7/10): This is going to be a long one. Considering this was my first 4-koma manga which I considered to pick up today and deciding to write a review on, this manga is worth a read. There are 32 chapters including two extra omake(s). In a short period of time, I read it all in one go which took me around 2-3 hours, since it was very entertaining to read. But overall, the story was newfangled as well as new characters. What I find 'disappointing' however, that there isn't a actual storyline. Simply, set-up scenarios for (you) the readers to enjoy, which were indeed fun to read. Yet, there were some chapters especially in Chapter 10 that were building up a plot which were exciting to read. But unfortunately, the author failed to build on these plots, read more
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Jun 23, 2016
Watashi ni xx Shinasai! (Manga) add
The art is good, and the story begins with a fun blackmail situation, it's also fun to see how the Yukina uses her experience to write her cell phone novel. But the enojyment stops there.

The development is horrendus, and the love triangle (square, pentagon) is forced beyond believe, and the shoujo tropes are exhausted. The story takes a turn after the 15 first chapters or so, and it's just bland. So so so bland. The characters have no consistency, and their developments are just weird.
I think Mami, Yupinas love rival, and Shigures younger brother, are the only two that actually keep in character and have a thourough and believeable character development over the course of the story.

I guess the reason this manga has such a high score, is mostly due to reviews and scores based on the first few volumes from 2009-2010.
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Jun 23, 2016
Zekkyou Gakkyuu (Manga) add
I decided to pick up Zekkyou Gakkyuu because I wanted a horror manga in a cutesy style. I was not disappointed by Emi Ishikawa as I really enjoyed the series and it is still a series I would go back to anytime. The art work is great, the stories are amusing and the overall series caught my interest enough to have me read all of it through and still hope for more.

But enough with the sweet talk and compliments, it's time to give my critique. While the series started out with straightforward horror stories where it was a routine with the main girl to die by the end of each lesson, it seems that at some points the creator has lost her inspiration for horror as those chapters lean to a different genre more then horror.

None the less though, every chapter gave me the chills, either with the main 'monster antagonist' of the chapter, the crazy deeds of the characters or the plot-twists.

Overall, despite some quirks, the series was enjoyable for me.
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Jun 23, 2016
Omoi, Omoware, Furi, Furare (Manga) add
I’m not a big Io Sakisaka fan, considering most of her manga tends to be the same story with different characters. As i discovered Omi, Omoware, Furi, Furare i was quite excited for a different plot and something new. So i decided to give it a shot. It turned out to one of Sakisaka poorest work and the most boring manga.

Story: (F) - The story is pretty simple, it center around four characters (Yuna, Akari, Rio, and Kazuomi) who have different views about love: Yuna, the main heroine, is someone who sees love as a fairy tale, finding a prince and living happier ever after. While, Akari is someone sees love as a commitment and a serious issue. Rio in the other hand, is someone who hides his feelings and doesn’t really express it. And finally, Kazuomi is your average teen who doesn’t understand the concept of love and doesn’t notice the obvious.

This could be a pretty interesting story, i mean seeing how these characters view love could potentially change the way love should to be viewed in general. But the author fails to achieve this goal. In the beginning of the story, we have Yuna who mysteriously meets her ‘prince’ she then meets Akari and befriends her. Yuna later finds out that her ‘prince’ happens to be Akari’s brother (Rio), who is in love with Akari. Then, we have Akari who is in love with Kazumoi who might be in love with her too? Okay.. seriously? It’s been five chapters and we have this huge love triangle already. I thought the story was about different point of views of love? Not some love triangle. Bu then again, Io Sakisaka always includes love triangles in her work. It's basically about Akari being loved by to the two main characters. While Yuna is just there. It seems like the mangaka forgot about her, leaving Yuna wishing Rio likes her, how much she likes him, crying all the time, being afraid to confess because she doesn’t want to get rejected, and feeling sorry Rio, Blah Blah Blah. Not only does this story already suck, it’s so boring! The dialog is cheesy and lacks it’s seems like their only vocabulary is ehh? The story itself, is pretty much about Yuna and Akari liking someone who doesn’t like them back. So far, it doesn’t interest me.

Art: (A+) - The art in Omoi, Omoware, Furi, Furare is good no complaints.

Characters: (D) - The characters in OOFF might actually be worse than the story. I found Yuna to be really annoying. She reminds me and acts like Ninako from Strobe Edge. Which i am not surprised since it’s written by the same mangaka. She constantly staring at Rio like a hawk watching every movement and happens to be wherever he’s at (stalker much?). She is very shy, quiet and stutters. Akari, is decent i guess she has this bitchy attitude towards her brother and mother but acts like an angel when around Kazumoi. She also read more
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Jun 22, 2016
Shiki no Zenjitsu (Manga) add
Shiki no Zenjitsu is a compilation of short-stories.These stories are completely different from one another,but,they do have one thing in common.They are all masterfully written and very enjoyable.The characters are the main point of these stories.The characters have such depth it's unbelievable.Most shows take their time to fully develop their characters,but this shows' development doesn't happen or we just get glimpses at how the characters were in the past and how they developed to what they are now.These are short stories after all.However this is not bad because the story is handled beautifully.Each story is unique,each one with it's own set of characters.The stories are so different from one another yet they all have one thing in common.They show individuals who are dealing or who have overcome a difficulty in life.
Another good thing worth mentioning is that the author doesn't hand you all the details of what's going in a silver platter.You actually have to think about what these stories were about.I needed to reread a chapter 3 times to fully grasp the meaning of it.I truly appreciate this.
As for the art it isn't outstanding but it helps set the atmosphere and it's not,in any way, bad.
This manga is one of my favorites and it will propably be for a very long time.Go out there and read this masterpiece.It's only 7 chapters and it's worth every second you spend reading it.

10/10.A fucking masterpiece.
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Jun 22, 2016
Ame Nochi Hare (Manga) add
I'l say it now, I only recommend this manga for veteran gender-bender reader. In fact I highly recommend it. This is in part because you will probably appreciate it a lot more coming from other ones.


The unpredictable story plot lines and the fact that every character are complex and developed make for one hell of an intriguing story. I was completely invested in the characters and their relationship (with characters that also have relationship between each other).

This manga is focused on the change of perspective, the confusion and love of the group. It helps them understand each other, but also create confusion and hardship.

Its all about the weird relationship and rising feelings and it is handled masterfully!


The art works perfectly with the story! Very lovable.
For a big cast of character like that it is important to distinguish character
(and still recognize the female counterpart) and for the most part we can easily.

If you read a lot of gender-bend manga, this one is a must!
The only down side is that at the moment of this review,
this manga is not being translated anymore.
(25 chapter of 45+ pages though.)

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Jun 22, 2016
Mother's Spirit (Manga) add
Honestly, I didn't expect to enjoy this manga so much. The storyline and the art are always clean so it’s really easy to follow everything. The characters design is absolutely beautiful! It’s so well drawn so I think physical appearances can't get any better than this. Qaltaqa is probably the hottest seme I've ever seen. On the other hand Ryouichirou is incredible cute but not in a feminine way. I like when uke isn’t completely girly so it’s a big plus for me. And the focus is not just on their looks but on their personalities as well, and how Ryouichirou really helped Qaltaqa to adjust.

What I liked the most is that warm feeling I had after reading this manga. It’s fluffy and fun and it’s really interesting to watch how their relationship beautifully grew strong and deep. Not to mention cute kiss scenes. Although it fell short a little, it’s totally worth reading!
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Jun 22, 2016
Naruto (Manga) add
This is probably the best manga ever, with the best character development ever and best storyline ever but why would you just THROW EVERYTHING WITH SUCH A BAD END??

That's why I give it the 9. Because Masashi Kishimoto just seemed to feel like he was doing it too much like a masterpiece and said "I should probably ruin this now, so it isnt as good" why? I don't know.. or maybe he just wanted some way to continue it somehow, maybe he thought it'd be a good idea but it's just the worst idea ever.

Leaving those awful points behind, unlike the anime adaptation whose art sucks, this art does complement the amazing storyline it has in a pretty decent way, I'm giving it a "very good" 8/10 because it lacks the abnormality of the anime.

Character I give it a 10/10 being really honest, I do believe this one has the best character development ever and due to its length this goes even beyond what you usually expect from a good anime. I'd say characters are the best part from the whole series. Naruto has just too many characters and their storylines are never poor (except by sakura, this character I do feel lacks a lot, specially for being considered as a "main character", I'd even say she MUST be considered a "filler character" as she does have a role in the manga but it's a role others assign to her, her personality is nothing special and anything that can be important about her isnt really hers, won't get too much into it in order not to spoil)

Enjoyment is a 9 out of 10 only because of the disappointment you feel when you get to the last chapter because apart from that I read first 400 chapters in like a couple of weeks out of nothing but excitement. It's a really long manga but that makes it even better. I hate anime/manga when they are too long and I'm not fond of manga, I'm more an anime person but this manga was amazing to me. I bought 56 out of their 70 volumes in real life paper and treasure them all. 100% recommend reading, maybe you even do like the ending I hated so much.
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Jun 22, 2016
Eniro*Cinderella (Manga) add
I normally don't write reviews but after suffering through just two chapters of Eniro Cinderella, I felt I had to take whatever steps I can to prevent others from reading it.

What is it that makes Eniro Cinderella so especially bad? To be honest, it has all the typical makings of a mediocre manga- nothing in it is original, the art is sub-par, and the dialogue is poorly conceived. The thing that takes it from crappy manga to utter shit for me, though? The blatant rape and abuse that we, the reader, are supposed to romanticize. But we'll get to that shortly.

Firstly, let me just say that this story seems like it was throw together by the author tacking up tropes on a wall and tossing darts to see which they would use. Without going into a summary, let's see if we can count them. Naturally, the heroine is a really Plain Jane type girl. Who, as we can all guess, is really hot when you take off her glasses and slap some makeup on her face. And what a surprise- she has raw, natural singing ability. As if this weren't enough, she's the sole provider for her sweet younger brother who has a terrible illness and desperately requires life-saving surgery. Cue the Lifetime movie music.

This is where our rapist enters the scene. And yikes, he is not much to look at. Actually, everyone in this manga seems to suffer from anatomy issues every couple of pages. Typical rookie manga art mistakes abound- proportions, backgrounds, etc. It's not on an altogether unforgivable level, though.

What is unforgivable is the grotesque rape scene we're expected to view as "sexy" (probably one of many, I couldn't read any further). Now, romance manga of this sort (usually Josei manga with emotionally damaged leading men) tend to tiptoe along the line of "abusive" A LOT. Eniro Cinderella is on another level. The lead female (whose name I've already forgotten, none of these characters are at all memorable) agrees to sleep with this hotshot record company guy or whatever in exchange for the money needed for her sick brother's operation. While this alone feels really gross and coercive, it gets a lot worse. She actively tells him things like, "No", "Stop", "It hurts" and he KEEPS GOING, even so far as to tell her that he will physically prevent her from sleeping unless she complies. Like...that's not skirting around abusive behavior, it's smack dab on top of it. Depriving someone of sleep is an interrogation tactic. This is in no way romantic. It's sick. But more than that, it's highly disturbing how obvious it is that the author wants us to see this as sexy.

It's this that takes this manga from forgettable crap to inexcusable for me. If you think you'd be into the plot, I say keep searching, this probably isn't the thrilling romance you were hoping for.
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I feel like the other reviews of this manga are not giving an accurate depiction of what this story should be rated.

That being said I have not seen the anime and I do not know how well it worked out there.

The first problem is how boring and plain the story is. I don't understand the environment they're in. I still do not understand the layout of the world as a whole.

The worst part of the story is the teenage wish fulfillment that it seems to be following. You capture the attention of the most famous and beautiful woman there is around. You start off weak and suddenly in a very short amount of time you become more powerful than you should be. People look up to you and all the women want you. It is the same trash that they keep shoving on us without any effort. Anyone could write the same non diverse, no character development, and boring manga.

I do not recommend wasting your time on this manga.
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Jun 21, 2016
The World Is Mine (Manga) add
For the vast majority of this series, which, adding up to 163 total chapters, takes no small amount of time to finish, the scenes and the characters shine through the page and allow you to simply sit back and enjoy it like you would with any high-tension Hollywood blockbuster. Indeed, much of this manga feels like the stereotypical action movie with all of the traditional values turned upside-down. The main character is often mute, extremely unpredictable, and given to fits of violence. The sidekick is a nervous kid with an aptitude for explosives and a wavering sense of morality. The hook is that meanwhile, a gigantic and still growing threat is tearing its way through the country.

What really drives this manga is the characters. Each one of them has their own unique way of making you remember them and care about them, and they all tend to exist outside of the "stock character" tradition. The characters in this will really make you think about the complexity of human emotion, and whether the taboos and values that have been imprinted on society and on each of us can really withstand the scrutiny of the human soul.

The problem then, is that this manga has a horrible tendency to start something that simply does not ever come to serve a purpose, and/or is never explained in any way. The main character has an unusual fear of dogs, the sidekick has a sudden urge to blow everything up, the useless chick goes from normal to manic in a heartbeat, the gigantic monster has no origin or destination, characters appear and disappear without reason; all of these things along with the shockingly over-the-top finale may leave a bitter taste in your mouth.

So in conclusion, I advise those of you with an interest to read this manga in the same manner that the main character lives: moment by moment, page by page. It IS an enjoyable manga, and until the very, very end it keeps up a consistent level of tension and constantly leaves you wondering what is going to happen next.
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Jun 21, 2016
Girl Friends (Manga) add
Let me be frank, I give this story a 10/10 because it deserves it; you may not see it the first time around, and you most likely still won't see the full picture the second time around either. At the end of the day, Girl Friends is a type of manga where no matter how many times you read it, you will always find a detail that you did not see before. But you can take my word for it, this story is a masterpiece, in fact I would say that giving it any lower than a 10/10 IS AN INSULT to how flipping amazing this manga is. I say this not because of how much the story resonated with me, nor because of it being my first manga that I ever completed and reread multiple times. In fact, when I first read it, I DID NOT see the full beauty in it and it makes me want to go back in time and slap myself in the face.
I will give you a recommendation if you are reading this review before reading Girl Friends: take out your dusty notebook that you never use when you're in school, and take some freaking notes, then go back a second time and absorb everything in like a sponge.
This review will contain MAJOR spoilers so if you have not read it yet, I HIGHLY suggest that you go and buy the 2 complete collection volumes and read it in one go. But DON'T go in expecting the normal yuri tropes and heavy fanservice.

Story: 10
One might wonder why I give this story a 10/10, after all the story is not conceptually mind-blowing. The setting is very typical of Romance/ Slice of Life and Shoujo Ai in general, it takes place in an all-girls high school around 2 female characters that will undoubtedly fall in love with each other by the end of the series.
But this is where the similarities end with other Slice of Life and Shoujo Ai anime and manga. There are is 1 main focus couple and not every girl is a lesbian that also has a pairing. And there is nothing that can be classified as Slice of Life filler as they try TO LIVE OUT THEIR LIVES TO THE FULLEST. I would much simply say it takes place in real life.
We follow the two girls Akko and Mari, and we see them slowly develop feelings for each other as time goes on but not in the traditional sense. It's a slow transition from friend into best friend into "holy snap I am in love with her!" into a couple and above and beyond. As I stated before, the manga does not fall into the same pitfalls that every other yuri read more
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Jun 21, 2016
Kigenzen 10000-nen no Ota (Manga) add
Art & story: Nagashima, Chousuke
Tag: Big oppai,lactuation, group, hardcore.
Story 8/10
Ota being an the Otaku in 10000 BC involves his mystery journey in the early bc time line and his adventure late takes him to the tribes of the time with him using his knowledge of modern sex techniques.

A manga that has a funny, interesting plot line and overall story that actually makes use of the ero tropes in a useful way that isn't mere gratuitous service which is uncommon in the genre. As the ones that do feel, for lack of a better term "Ero and stupidly obvious"

Art 5/10

The art is average at best but, enough for the hentai to be what it is and for that I love it, Ota was average looking and the ladies were unique,beyond bodious that's a plus and my guess, this is a way the Mangaka relates to his audience.

Cast 7/10

Character development was enough and tasteful ,though not to every character but, each type of tribe encounter was interesting and built so well with each part of the manga from start to finish.

Enjoyment 8/10
I loved the old school use of cave man plot line which was in its way a comedy, sci-fi ,adventure hentai Japanese take to the 60's Hollywood related caveman movies, evident in the chapter cover.

Overall 9/10
The ero scenes are exciting and explosive, Weird but not to weird to enjoy as a whole. No doubt it's ero with a heartwarming story.
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Jun 21, 2016
Dousei Doumei (Manga) add
Art & Story: Yuuki, Tsumugi
Tag: big oppai,romance,titjob,tsundere,apron,bsdm

Story 6/10

Also know as cohabitation Alliance. The Yuki couple, step brother and sister,Yuki being both their names.

After they first encounter, which ended in a tsundere girl beat down and the second encounter which was each of their parents introducing them and then saying that they are now step siblings, as such zooming off to their honeymoon.Leaving the Yukis along.

So they aren't blood siblings..
hmmm. So let the ero antics begin. xd

Art 3/10

The art is one dimensional, terrible like a school class doodled hentai.but despite that it didn't stop me from enjoying the story and ero moments.

Cast 4/10

All Characters are likeable, not much development even with individual Yuki but, each part of the manga work came together to appreciate and work its focus on the Yukis adorable romance that builds the manga at best.

Enjoyment 6/10

Without, a basic sense of direction beyond the two protagonists, the comedy tropes and female Yuki's sexy but not so sexy aura..I love it for what it is..Vanilla,funny, funny romantic and adorkable.

Overall 7/10

The Yukis make the manga desirable, even beyond the lackluster ero elements, which makes up for lack of a good amount of hentai all together.
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Jun 21, 2016
TiTiKEi (Manga) add
Art & Story: Ishikei
Tag:Incest,big oppai Loli, Anal, tit job,Cosplay,Artbook, colored.

Story 7/10

At best, Ishikei's work is crisp,This manga follows the playful antics of the convoluted love couple of Chie and her Onii chan in their "Various things" activities.

Preety much, a collection of chapters of the two leads, then later some one shots and a mix of heavenly art of all the female characters in the manga, all are just so sweet.

With the artist at hand, you can bet and will know that this is a good story though despite, its general lack of vivid direction or use its obvious use of old tropes in the incest genre,it still makes an awesome story.

Art 10/10
No doubt it is beautiful, lovely crafting precision,which makes it all but a vallentine,

Chie is brought out so lewdly, its gorgeous, eroful and dynamic ,an eye full and Hentai eye candy.

His got a way with color,shading and texture ,which makes him one of my favorite Mangaka, His one of the few that voyages a new school of unique hentai art conception.which is exciting and enjoyably counter average hentai manga cultural.

Cast 6/10

All basically Characters play out with a melody of erotic simplicity.

A health balance of story and

Chie is cute,bodious, with alittle tsundere to boot, an all around cock tease and lively. Her Oni chan is a teaser, alittle generic but, fulfilled his role decently,that is play the love interest, have the sexual play but, don't outshine her, which was done.

Enjoyment 7/10
I love the light hearted ero take on incest in the manga and moreover the artist's style and personality to the work all in all.

Overall 8/10
I would love to motorboat Chie Chan..wouldn't you?
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Jun 21, 2016
Digimon Adventure (Manga) add
The first manga I ever read... And the first manga series I ever read to completion. What can I say, looking back at it as an adult? (Aside from being horrified that I colored in some of the pages in crayon...)

Well, critically speaking, Digimon was no masterpiece. A central part of my childhood and something I still enjoy today, but I can acknowledge that I'm a little biased. The Digimon manga (the two series that I read anyway; I can't speak for the following ones) was one of those odd occasions where the manga was published after the anime had already aired to completion. What seems to me a clear show of the creators trying to capitalize on their success as much as possible.

Five volumes to cover 54 episodes... The Digimon manga is basically Digimon Abridged. They cover the general story and the most important plot points, albeit in a rushed way. The artwork really isn't any better than in the anime, which is to say, pretty awful. All the characters are introduced and all that, but I can't say the Digimon manga is anything special, or even worth reading if you've already seen the anime. Like with the trading cards and toys, the Digimon manga strikes me as just another outlet for the company to make money. Vaguely enjoyable if you're a kid who's already in love with the franchise, (as I was) but not anything you need to track down to fully appreciate Digimon.
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Jun 21, 2016
Criminale! (Manga) add
This manga has been gaining some popularity recently now that it's being translated. And I believe that it's justified, as it has alot of potential, with funny gags and a few jiggles, a cast with diverse personalities and good development between them.

Story 8/10

Here we follow Ichimura Tamito, suffering from several criminal cases in which he is a victim of, to the point where he even considers himself a magnet of those. He gets sent to a class only to find out that it's also made out of criminals and suspects and that it was made to correct their behaviour. This is an interesting premise I must say, and currently I am liking the direction it is taking, with much of the story still left in the dark and it slowly unfolds it's true colours.

Art 7/10

As for the art I don't really have much to say, it's ok it has its moments, but this is something that could get more improvements overtime as the author gets more experience and my score could very well increase. I could also add that I do like the character designs and whatever it is that the author tries to portrait, It's shown clearly with little room for complaints.

Characters 8/10

A strong and solid point of the manga. As I've mentioned before, the cast, in this case, the criminals's class, has a diversity of interesting personalities. As of this point they are still showing all the characters that will be relevant to the story and there has yet to be one that I hate or dislike in any way. Even the main character, despite some denseness towards the girls which I don't find that bothering, is no pussy and usually reacts to the situation in a proactive way which I very much enjoy.

Enjoyment 7/10

I'm quite liking this manga and I think that at this point, after finishing the introduction of the remaining characters, it can go from 2 directions: the first is keeping it's somewhat goofy and comedic style which is ok as long as the author manages to keep it interesting and funny as he does right now and the second one, which I doubt it'll be the case, is for it to get serious, to show story arcs with lots of character development about their past lives as criminals and what could've possibly gotten them into that class. This is the direction I'd love to see, but that doesn't mean that the current one isn't good either.

Overall 7/10

Give it a try, it has alot of potential to become something great. The crazy characters are worth it and just dedicating 2-3 hours of your time you'll have read what's currently in stock and then be able make a decision on your own.
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Jun 21, 2016
Boku to Kanojo no XXX (Manga) add
Well, knowing the publication was discontinued makes me feel a little better about dropping this series...

My conclusions at the end of volume one were as such: Fairly entertaining. Good for a light read. And I probably would have continued if the rest of the published volumes were already in my possession for some reason. But it was not something I'd be willing to spend money on to continue. (I found volume one for, like, a dollar at the local flea market, and at that point, manga is manga. I'm willing to give anything a try when I'm getting it practically for free.)

There was nothing really captivating about this that pulled me into the story. I didn't feel any real drive to find out what happens next. I didn't feel super connected to the characters or anything and I didn't find the story concept to be terribly original. I mean, with the sheer number of body-swap stories out there, you have to try a little harder than this to stand out.
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