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3 hours ago
Kuroshitsuji (Manga) add
Assumptions and first impressions are rather difficult to deal with. The biggest roadblock that I can think of for any series would be what I make of it when I see the title and the cover. So, you can only imagine that I wasn't all THAT interested in reading Black Butler. I actually remember going to the library and I saw the first volume of Black Butler on the shelf. My overall first impressions/assumptions went a bit like the quote below.

"Oh what is this? The life and times of some punk noble living in the Victorian Era and the exploits of his oh-so-perfect butler? BORING."

Yeah... read more
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Jojo's Bizarre Adventure is a very long-running franchise; it's been around for well over 2 decades. However to me the biggest challenge in getting into the series is not necessarily its length, but how long it takes for it to get legitimately good.

Make no mistake; the first three parts are entertaining in their own ways, however they are noticeably dated and lackluster in characterization and storytelling nowadays. While experiencing the first 3 parts, I was entertained certainly, but I wasn't that emotionally invested.

Then comes part 4 and it actually manages to catch me by surprise at how much better the writing becomes.

Part 4 takes place read more
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5 hours ago
Feng Shen Ji (Manga) add
These days, seinen, geared towards young adult men and older, are thought of as the mature, intelligent evolution from shounen. In turn, shounen are seen by some as mindless and flashy acts of violence and softcore eroticism meant to feed young boys’ growth in testosterone. Both vast opinions have flaws, just like any opinion born from the extremely flawed mind of a human, but the stereotypes of each genre are true in some way: shounen are indeed geared toward young boys and seinen are geared towards men who want a story with more mature themes. Having this in mind, the manhua Feng Shen Ji completely read more
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9 hours ago
Goth (Manga) add
Have you ever thought you were different from your classmates?
Were your interests slightly on the weird side compared to those of others your age?

Goth is a manga about a boy and a girl that are exactly like that.
They're different from your usual teenager (as the synopsis tells you).

Short but creepy. If you're into horror and psychological themes this manga is a must read.
10/10 since I'm really into that kinda stuff.

In one word? Beautiful.
It draws out the charms of the heroine perfectly and makes you shudder with the storys creepy elements.
Just a very good fit for this kind of plot, therefore I'll also give the art read more
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Today, 1:53 AM
Kuroko no Basket (Manga) add

Just finished Kuroko No Basket manga …..this is probably the first ever sports manga I have ever read and have to say…

It provided me with a pleasant surprise, this particular series just opened my eyes to what I was missing, it just drew me in from the first chapter. The character design is well done, this series is much more than just basketball and some crazy guys playing sports.

Each of the characters are actually well developed and you actually end up learning a huge lot about each of them, from personality to reasons why they enjoy the game and what gives them that extra read more
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Today, 1:09 AM
Eden no Ori (Manga) add
Before I start I will make some things clear: First, I dont come from England so my english is not so good, second this is my first review (or second but I have not posted the first) and the third, this is my personal opinion, if you don't agree with it, that's fine but don't come and complain to me. If we have that clear then everything is good.

Other people who have reviewed this manga have often compared it to Highschool of the dead. I don't disagree that it's similar but I can't fully agree either. If I had to choose something to compare read more
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Stardust Crusaders is by far the most iconic, recognizable and popular part in the Jojo's Bizarre Adventure series. It was very influential and when there is a Jojo reference anywhere, it tends to be this part, particularly to Jotaro who is the most famous Jojo in the entire series.

Unfortunately, the earlier parts of the series have really not stood the test of time, and Stardust Crusaders, especially given its status as the most iconic part, might be the biggest example of this.

The basic idea is fairly sound: Dio returns after being absent in part 2, Joseph and his grandson Jotaro along with a few other read more
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Yesterday, 5:06 PM
Aruosumente (Manga) add
The first thing probably across your mind when seeing the cover would be "How beautiful". Yes, that is also my though whenever I see Aki's work.

Her drawing is artistic, but reading it is also an art as well. This is not a normal, cliche story about "good, loyal servants wants to protect the king". In some aspects, maybe it is, but to me, it's not. Throughout the story, the focus isn't about the voice or the murder, but actually the characters. "Aruosumente" means "Sage's dream", a trial that help a person to foresee the future. However, the main stage is the present, and then the read more
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Yesterday, 4:29 PM
Kobato. (Manga) add
The story revolves around Kobato, a girl who is commissioned to complete a quest, this is to fill a bottle with the wishes of the wounded hearts of the people, in order to fulfill his wish. As she does, she has a companion called Ioryogi, a talking teddy stubborn. In the course of history, Kobato will encounter people who need to be healed and help to obtain their "fragments" to fulfill his wish.
At the beginning of the story is not much recount the details of the story, as in almost all Clamp stories, is in the end when at last you get to understand read more
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Yesterday, 1:28 PM
Deadman Wonderland (Manga) add
Please note: There will be no spoilers in this review! So please read on happily!

Deadman Wonderland was something that caught my eye on "AnimeFreak.TV" when I was browsing around out of boredom, and since then it has become one of my personal favorite manga. When I read the basic story plot I felt that this was going to be a typical action/prison type but infact it turned out to be so much more.

Story = The basic Synopsis is as follows: "The story follows Ganta Igarashi when he becomes the last man standing when his class is slaughted by a mysterous floating "Red Man". Left alive read more
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Yesterday, 8:05 AM
Dorohedoro (Manga) add
Dorohedoro is in one word unique.

One might also describe it as weird, bizarre, eery or simply creepy.

Plot (10):
Magic is really nothing new to be used as theme in manga, but Dorohedoro turns even this highly used concept and manages to deform it to something you've never seen in any other work. I don't want to go into details now, because I'd have to spoil parts of the story, so I'll only say this:
Magic in Dorohedoro is not shining nor sparkling, but rather the complete opposite and that is what makes it so interesting to me.

Art (7):
The art on this series most would describe as flat read more
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Yesterday, 2:53 AM
Eden: It's an Endless World! (Manga) add
I think there're two kind of people who read manga:
- Those that prefer good art over the plot and would never read a badly drawn/(very) old series, even if the story itself was brilliant and

- Those that want a good, solid plot with an interesting setting, even if the mangakas drawing style is a bit on the weak side.

When I started out on reading I was probably like most beginners the first type. Lately though ( the past one or two years) I've been trending more and more to the second kind.

All those stereotypes, obvious plot twists and predictable endings had me starved for more read more
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Aug 31, 2014
K-On! Highschool (Manga) add
Before you read the K-On! Highschool it is highly recommended that you either read the original K-ON manga or the first two seasons of the anime.

The general tone of K-ON Highschool is very similar to its prequel: a light-hearted slice of life comedy written in a 4koma/Yonkoma style. It also does not have much a plot, the main premise of the story is basically a group of girls hanging out and having fun with their club. If you prefer your manga to have a solid concrete plot this isn't the manga for you.

K-ON Highschool takes place after the original series. It stars Azusa Nakano who read more
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Aug 31, 2014
Naruto (Manga) add
This is my very first Review, and the first installment of my three hundred part series: Review Rants for Smart People who Read Really Really Fast. I decided to go with the manga Naruto because it was my first exposure to manga ever. This was back in middle school. I had just finished the second season of Naruto (arguably it's best season) and I didn't want to wait to find out what happened next. So I picked up a copy of the latest Naruto manga.

For a kid who's only exposure to comics were Batman and Garfield, Naruto completely blew my mind. It wasn't until read more
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Aug 31, 2014
Love So Life (Manga) add
Cuteness overload indeed!

I have loved this manga from the beginning.
It is so pure.
A lot these days manga and anime have ecchi in them and magic. But this manga is very family friendly.

Its really unique in how they take care of the kids. You can learn so much.
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Aug 31, 2014
Horimiya (Manga) add
Before you read the manga, you can take my review and others as comparison to what you imagine.

Horimiya (Hori-san to Miyamura-kun) use so many perspective, that is the good point of the manga, you can know what the feeling of the other character of something.

Story: 8/10
I give 8! Subtle yet charming love story inside! Prepare your heart (ultimately for anyone who are single). A lot of romantic, less cliche love story inside.

Art: 8/10
The art is so smooth, clear. I should give the author 8 thumps (if I can)

Character: 9/10
The development of the character is so good, I like Miyamura-san development. Hori-san read more
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Aug 31, 2014
Hoozuki no Reitetsu (Manga) add
Hoozuki no Reitetsu follows Hoozuki, the second in command of Japan Hell. Characters and settings are all heavily influenced and taken from old Buddhist, Taoism, Chinese, Shinto, Japanese and what-have-you legends. If you are not familiar with them, be very prepared to have a terrible time. Otherwise, this manga is a genuinely enjoyable one. Through Eguchi Nastumi's own interpretation, she brings a comical twist to legendary folklore characters such as Momotaro, Hakutaku (BaiZe) and even Satan.

I would personally very much like to emphasize on the fact that your enjoyment of this series will be heavily downplayed if you do not even slightly comprehend Asian folklore read more
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Aug 31, 2014
Hetamen (Manga) add
~~~This manga gives you sweet and warm feelings as you read through. This one kinda looks like a cliche but it's not. You get a different feeling that leads you to think more about this story whenever you have free time.~~~
Satoko has a very heart-warming aura based on her eldest sister personality. On the other hand, Shiguuji has a very different aura, personality, and characteristics. He's more like a nerd/bookworm. You won't be able to guess what he's thinking and what's gonna happen in the next second! He loves read more
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Our Happy Hours is am okay manga.

Just fine

It's not something I'd read multiple times.

Some days ago I was watching this soap opera in which a woman says "My story is very sad", I laughed there, and I laugh at Our Happy Hours too.

This manga is basically sayin "THIS IS SAAAAADDD!!!!" multiple times, and it isn't very subtile at it, this becomes more palpable when we have idealized characters that suffer because the world is unfair to them, not because of their choices or mistakes, it becomes a bother when you've read enough drama to know that good authors aren't that naive.

SPOILER: there's this part when read more
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Aug 30, 2014
Ojousama no Untenshu (Manga) add
Ojousama no Untenshu is a short, sweet shoujo based on forbidden love. It rotates around the concept of Sayaka, a rich, young lady from a prestigious family falling in love with her childhood friend/servant, Narutaki. However, during this era, a relationship between a "master" and "servant" is considered very taboo, and the two struggle as they realize their feelings for eachother.

I liked this manga. It's short, light, and enough to fill my shoujo needs. It is a bit typical, but I enjoyed it, nevertheless.

The plot's overall consistency was very good, and I liked that there were bits of comedy mixed in the read more
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