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Absolute Witch (Manga) add
What is most enchanting about Absolute Witch is its intertwining of history, folklore, magic, and witchcraft. A young girl almost alone in the world with powers that she can't control tugs on the magical girl genre that many people adore, yet the story also deals with the deep and dark pasts of those wronged by fate and cursed by spells and unlucky ancestry. Right from the beginning the reader knows that this is not an ordinary story about the heroine becoming a full grown witch and saving the world, but also about the journey of finding herself and her identity despite coming from nothing.

The beginning of the manhwa is more or less an apt explanation of how Skyla came to be in her current situation, but the way it was spaced between random time skips was a little confusing for me. The story honestly did not pique my interest until about the middle of it, from where drama in the land around her began to unfold. But even then, when new characters were introduced with equally mysterious backgrounds, I was a little frustrated with how long it took for their pasts to be explained and sometimes I wasn't sure if I understood correctly.

For a lot of manhwa, the most prominent feature is the gorgeous artwork. At first I was a little perplexed at how long the women's hair was, but they were still gorgeous to look at given all the detail the artist put into it. There is also a lot of effort put into striking gazes, formidable poses, and intricately designed clothing. For the time period, the author must have studied a lot about this point in history in order to illustrate these outfits so closely.

I was also quite taken aback by the backgrounds and scenery. Old churches and towers were very detailed; farmlands were sketched carefully; everything was just marvelous.

A minor complaint (purely by preference) would be the way the men looked. Sure, they were beautiful, but their long hair and equally long lashes made me wonder a few times if they were women before I knew of their identities. If you're one for bishounen, though, this should be perfect.

Skyla, the young witch who turns into a powerful and experienced one, is every bit the courageous and strong protagonist anyone could wish for. In addition to being lovely, she can speak her mind and even beat people up with her hands if she doesn't do so with magic. Despite her strength, she is sometimes saved by a curious man named Kaylus, who I will mention next. Anyway, Skyla is also accompanied by a familiar named Will, who primarily appears as a frog.

When Kaylus makes his first appearance, he seems to be an ornery man who likes to pick on Skyla and call her "kid" (the latter of which I despise). He is a skilled alchemist known for his abilities throughout the land, yet his origins are a mystery to many. He seems to have some kind of interest read more
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Digimon Adventure: V-Tamer 01 (Manga) add
This is a must read for anyone who is a fan of the Digimon anime. Although the story is not as deep as the anime the presentation of the characters is very interesting in contrast. In the anime the protagonists hide their inner problems behind smiles and must face them later in the series. In the manga the protagonist never has any personal conflicts, but that character development is found in the antagonists. The antagonists' conflicts are remarkably similar to those of the protagonists of the anime, and they seem to be what the protagonists of the anime would become had they not overcome their troubles. It is nice to have a Digimon story with antagonists that are actually interesting. If you were not impressed by previous Digimon things this is not going to change your mind, nor is it the best entry point for the series, but it is definitally great if you enjoy the Digimon franchise.
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Reimei no Arcana (Manga) add
As far as shoujos go, I thought this had an interesting premise.

Story: 7
The basic storyline is that a red-haired princess (Akage) is married off to a prince of another country for a peace treaty. She is shunned because she, a royal, has red hair instead of black hair. Yeah, that's right. And not only that, but throughout the story kings and royalty make crazy freaking decisions based solely on the fact that this girl has red hair. It's a puzzler to me...and despite all of the clearly corrupt, lazy, and plain stupid royals, the citizens don't complain or rise up even once. The background for either of the three countries that are presented is not really developed beyond what the climate is. But the plotholes and lack of storybuilding aside, the plotline was fairly linear, though some major elements are left undeveloped (the swords made of ore, the Arcana, etc.).

Art: 7
The characters all had lovely designs (Loki and Ahkil were my favorites), though they weren't all that diverse. Pretty much all the guys look female, too. The action scenes were a bit silly and awkward.

Character: 3
Meh. Main defining traits of characters were hair color, whether they were an Ajin or human, whether or not they had Arcana, and who they had a relationship with. The main character, Nakaba, was quick to cry or lash out.

Enjoyment: 6
I didn't hate it. It's definitely worth reading just for the ending and also Loki.

If you're looking for something to read through quickly but still enjoy some nice pictures, then Reimei No Arcana is for you.
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Yesterday, 10:15 AM
JoJo's Bizarre Adventure: Over Heaven (Manga) add
Otherwise known as "The Dio Novel", Jojo's Over Heaven is one of the two translated Jojo novels, the other being Purple Haze Feedback. However, unlike the other, Over Heaven doesn't end up being a significant addition to the series.

Over Heaven takes place during Part 3: Stardust Crusaders, but the perspective is now Dio Brando writing a diary. So what exactly does Dio write about? Well, it's a mixture of him about his life during Part 1, describing his meetings with the priest Pucci that set up the events of Part 6, and describing events currently happening in Part 3. This novel tries its best to tie all of these past, present, and future events together, and it works well enough. The problem here is that there's really no new content as a result. If you've read Phantom Blood, Stardust Crusaders, and Stone Ocean, then you're not going to learn much, except for maybe a better explanation of Dio's childhood.

Even though Part 6 was clearly not planned when Araki was writing parts 1 and 3, this book really tries its hardest to connect it. The idea of "going to heaven", a pretty central idea in Part 6, is incessantly repeated. Seriously, it's mentioned every few pages. It gets annoying fast.

Overall, Over Heaven certainly doesn't tarnish the Jojo series, nor does it add much interesting. Still, it's a pretty quick read, so if you're a diehard Jojo fan looking for something to do before Part 4 anime comes out, or if you didn't really "get" part 6, then maybe you'll get some kicks out of this.
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Yesterday, 9:24 AM
Can't See Can't Hear But Love (Manga) add
so much feels about this manhwa..especially the last chapters...I bawled my eyes out...until now..its throbbing...I've just finished reading it so its still right there.... the art is not very pleasing to the eyes but the story is so interesting.
it's great to turn this to a movie....and i'm so gonna watch it when that happens. I always snob manhwas coz i'm used to reading in manga style...but when I first read cheese in trap which is also good...I realized..manhwas have more intersting stories than terms of its realistic plot....and because its all about characters with disabilities, I guess that what's piqued my interest coz you'll never get stories like this that much...
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Yesterday, 8:21 AM
Namaikizakari. (Manga) add
Do you enjoy people looking mad all the time? Fierce competition over a woman who should be strong and outspoken (because she is in everything else) but just fully becomes submissive when placed near men? Like basketball but not too much? This may be the anime for you, but it wasn't for me.

Really, the reason I'm dropping this manga at chapter 24 is because I just don't like any of the characters. I don't care about them. I'm tired of people looking angry and upset all the time. I don't see how a healthy relationship can develop with so many people who don't seem to respect or trust the people around them. All of which are things I can deal with in mangas where there are other redeemable qualities. I just don't see enough here to bother continuing.
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Yesterday, 7:58 AM
Zui Wu Dao (Manga) add
Awesome adventure! with great places and beasts reminding OnePiece Strong World :DD
Contains Martial Arts and superpowers!!!
Art is wonderful!! it's simple with understandable scenes and variety of colours!
Actually the colouring is my favourite among all manhua!!!
Very nice characters with power leveling etc!! Hype moments for characters other than MC too!!!
lightgoing and easy/fun to read
nice funny scenes lol
too much potentials (i believe 100% success in the near future)

tags i would put about the story :P
#teacher #master #superpowers #leveling up #surpass your limits #nature #magical beasts #clans
similarities with:
Battle through the heavens,, Panlong,, OnePiece Strong world
if you liked any of the above you will love this.

they ask for a bigger review but i don't know what else to write without spoiling some nice moments! you can check the manhua, it's still at 31 chapters so it's half a day read and you will surely enjoy!!!
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Yesterday, 7:41 AM
Hwaja (Manga) add
This is one of those stories wich remember you that a good story doesn't need much. It doesn't need explosions, lots of non-stop action, big breasted girls, panty shots or any of these appealing things. It just need to be good.

Story 8/10
The plot is really simple, but keeps you interested in it. It starts with a boy named Ryu who founds a girl about his age living in an abandonned house - known as "The Haunted House". Ryu and Jay, his childhood friend, soon find that grown up men often goes to the house to give her presents in exchange for "entertainment". The story then goes on showing the development of their relationships, the jealousy of the grown ups, and the growth of Ryu from a little boy to a man. Although the story covers up around 20 years in a short time, it doesn't get confusing at all.
The themes are not inovating, but don't stay in the cliché too. It's most about how selfish and obsessed people can be, shown in the acts of the grown ups of the city who don't want to lose their "toy", though knowing how wrong they are.

Art 7/10
Although it's most because of the artists style, I didn't liked the art, although it was it that attracted me at first (if the art was like this one shown here I'd given it a 10). The sharp angles and kinda cartoon like art is good for the first and more childish part of the manga, but I don't think it fit wells with the most dark and adult parts... but is not really bad, I just would like it more if it really was like this one.

Character 8/10
The manhwa is short, so we should first take this into account when judging it's development. Having this in mind, I do think the characters were well developed, although only Ryu and Hwaja really gets some development, while the others have very little "screen time". Even so, most of them got the right time to do what they needed to do in the story, don't letting many loose knots or that feeling that too much was not shown (even though it was, but nothing of great importance to the plot).

Overall 8/10
Well, I really enjoyed reading this manhwa and I'm glad I found it. I miss this kind of simple story sometimes, and it's getting more and more difficult to find good one of theses (or of any kind). Hwaja tells it's story, without putting too much like many does, nor leaving too much out and giving that feeling of incompleteness. If you're searching for a good story to read calmly in a rainy day or something like that, this one should really entertain you too.

Hope this review have been of any help and sorry for any english mistakes, hope it's understandable, at least.
Cya o/
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Yesterday, 6:30 AM
At Na-chan's (Manga) add
At Na-chan's is a quick excursion inside of Usamaru's mind. It isn't as incoherent as his other works but still contains a certain dose of perplexity and offers free interpretation. It has evident raise awareness tones but it ventures deeper than that.

The very start is drawn as if we are invited into main character's life which consists of stuff other people have thrown away; it immediately makes us think of the cliche idiom. Artistically wise it may not be the best eye candy out there, but style itself reflects Natsuki's childlike innocence while the composition of colors play in favor of morose atmosphere.

Usamaru subtly dances between -- for me -- two of the most probable explanations. Which would be the brainwashed Natsuki and her fanatic dad, or dysfunctional, albeit -- in Natsuki's eyes -- stable and only family she knows of. We as the readers are the ones to decide whether the dad is the " villain " who affects her mental state with his fanaticism or just a not so ordinary parent. Do his attempts to raise her awareness prevent her from adaptation to society or is she really the " small stone " ?
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Kiseki no ringo is one of these mangas that when you finish reading, you feel refreshed, and an urge to eat apples.

Story: 9

The story was quite memorable; mangas about anti-pesticide agriculture aren't all that common. But the subject of the story isn't the only thing that feels unique: it also feels real and nostalgic, as it was based on a real story. The transaction from biography to manga was done really well, although there are some unexplained time skips, and that is why I didn't give it a ten.

Art: 9

The way the characters are drawn in this story is very simplish, which makes it more enticing. They are cute, and their faces make you feel empathy towards them. It's quite a contrast with the background, extremely detailed and stunnig vegetatgion/ nature. You can really see the mangaka put time and effort into making it seem as realistic as possible.

Character: 8

The main character is really well done. You feel his emotions, and let me say, he goes through a lot of them. You feel bad for him, and you feel really happy for him when he achieves Something; Because he seems REAL. I might be biased saying that, considering the story is based on a real life story, but I can say nonetheless that the manga in itself would still be a masterpiece in my book.
But let's look at secondary characters. His wife, the reason why Akinori decides not to use pesticides, has a really rushed introduction, and after a page or two, they are married. Same for their kids. So if I give it an 8, its solely based on the main character's well done portrayal.

Enjoyment: 8

Nothing can be said against it: this manga will make you go on quite the feels trip. But at the end, you feel like you've done Something good with your time, and following the life of this revolutionary farmer was a great experience.

Overall: 8

I would put an 8 because overall, although there were a number of flaws in this story, I can't say I'm going to forget this story or that I haven't enjoyed it. I wouldn't mind even reading this story again; it's a story that, the more you read, the more you understand.
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Feb 6, 2016
Kyou, Koi wo Hajimemasu (Manga) add
I puked.

I puked.

I cannot


the mind

of this author.


is going


the mind

of the editor?


is going


the mind

of people

who liked


The characters are pathetic.
The stories are putrid.
The protag can't decide what the fuck she wants to be.
The ove interests are fucking bland.
The fucking character development is non-existent.
The plot is basically horse pile on top of more horse pile.

God. Help those who consider this as literature to find new light and pave their way to a better future.

All in all , burn this entity to the ground.
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This manga was a masterpiece! I cried so much yet it was soooooo good! I highly recommend this to you and hopefully you enjoy it!

This is my favourite manga and i just wish it was a manga! if it was, that would be even better. If you want a similar story in anime form, I recommend Soredemo Sekai wa Utsukushii.

I was watching it while it was ongoing and it made me feel like, WHY???!!! GIMME THE NEXT EPISODE! I felt like I was going to die. So, if you like mangas like that, i SUPERLY, ABSOLUTELY recommend this manga
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Feb 6, 2016
Platinum End (Manga) add
Ok I know most of you won't even read this review since it has this score -which I consider a good one, you pass an exam with a 6 you know-, but well, whatever.

Platinum End is in general terms a stunningly edgy manga, although it has nice things which make its reading a little enjoyable.

All of us did come here because of Tsugumi Ohba and Takeshi Obata. That's a fact. Their names are guilty of attracting all of us to this series. Not for less. They aren't that acclaimed for nothing. They have wonderful works. But each passing month, the more I think their field is the suspense and psychological stuff. Death Note was a masterpiece which is above demographics, and Bakuman was a great shônen which also acts as metamanga. But what is Platinum End?
To date, it is just one more shônen. I find all the MC Kakehashi's past and things the worst cliché shit that Ohba could have come up with. Almost everything here is kinda hackneyed and characters lack charism (although it is too early and I'm waiting for the Niizuma/L type one who probably will come up eventually) To say that the drawing is great would be an understatement. And even so I can't help but think Platinum End could be better.

Maybe I am prejudging the series. But it doesn't seem it will be some outstanding thing as its authors previous works, you know.

Clearly, after Death Note the expectations are high and anything they'll do won't ever be enough. I was already counting on it.

But seriously, I think their true potential is the Psychological things and shit. Using always the same type of stories is not necessarily bad. Many authors do basically this -with some variations occasionally- and they get great results. I would like Ohba to introduce more serious and psychological issues to the plot, because when it comes to it, he is exceptional, and Obata's realistic art style couldn't fit better with this issues. Time will tell.
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Feb 6, 2016
Jigoku Shoujo (Manga) add
Jigoku Shoujo (Hell girl) is a rather unique story about revenge.
Story: 7
The story doesn't particularly have a plot, every chapter (except towards the end of the series) is a new chapter long story. Sometimes the chapter is very predictable, other times it has a small, shocking twist to it.
Art: 7
Their eyes are massive, it's quite cute but they're completely disproportional to their face. It can also be quite difficult to tell some minor characters apart.
Character: 5
As it's only a short series it's difficult to feel close o the characters, particularly the minor characters.
Enjoyment: 7
I did enjoy the series but it did feel as though something was lacking with it, it was probably because of how short the series was.
Overall: 7
I think this is a good manga that should be read if you have spare time, but it's not really a "priority" manga to read.
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Feb 6, 2016
Konjiki no Gash!! (Manga) add
One word sums up this manga for me. Perfect. I could find no real flaws in this manga. The characters were likable, had excellent synergy, were well fleshed out, fun, made sense, were intelligent, wacky in a funny way, they had FOLLOWUP(this is important), proper closure(even a lot of the villains), and had amazing growth. They were everything I could want in manga characters. I'd also like to make a special note on the villains. To me, the villains in this show actually felt like children(except the final one). Even if they didn't look it they had this way about them. It felt to me like they didn't really understand the gravity of what they were doing and were just acting like a bunch of brats a lot of time. Brats with incredibly dangerous powers but brats nonetheless. It showed in their actions, their reasoning and their conversations. It was truly masterfully done.

The story is just GENIUS. At first glance it just seems like a everyday generic setup to push large numbers of battles between the demons, but the particular way it's set up and executed leaves so much room to maneuver without creating plot holes that it's just a work of art in and of itself. Gash has no main plot asides from the battle of 100 demons so the story takes an arc based approach where they switch goals throughout. These range from giant arcs of over 80 chapters to short arcs of just 2-4 chapters, but the key is that these short arcs never feel like filler because of the way the story is designed. The true genius of this plot is the fact that it was made so that no matter what is done, the main plot, the battle of 100 demons, is always moving along and never gets derailed even if it isn't directly focused on. Even when Gash is not fighting personally, you can safely bet your ass someone is in a battle for their life somewhere in the world.

By having 100 people scattered across the world the story leaves a lot of room for exploration, and since the rules of the battles are no more specific than "burn the book", it leaves room for a lot of character interactions that go beyond just straightforward battling upon meeting each other. And since the goal of these battles isn't just to win but to become king you get to see these demon kids thinking of there own image of king and trying to develop their own kingly path, making even more fun character interactions since the people gash fights aren't always particularly bad. All of these are used to the fullest degree and makes it so that nothing ever feeling like filler because something is always gained from it. A book is burned or a new spell is learned or a new friend is made or a new mystery is solved or found.

The art style is also quite great. It played to the strengths read more
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Feb 6, 2016
Totally Captivated (Manga) add
The first time I read this manhwa was probably back in 2010-2011 when I was not really familiar with Korean culture and I did write a review back then... however, I dived back into this manhwa and I think I'm ready to give a better perspective of this manhwa and the fact that IT IS STILL GREAT AFTER ALL THESE YEARS.

I can't deny that as an avid Yaoi/Shounen-Ai fan, this manhwa remains as one of my all-time favourites and this is coming from years and years of indulging in this genre. And in this review, I'll tell you why.

We follow the story of Jung Ewon and his life after being forced to work for the mafia due to his relationship-problems and meets the sexy, bewitching Eun Mookyul; the gang-leader who'd make every other male models cry pathetically.

Now, if you're a constant viewer of Korean dramas, you'd probably understand the basic concept of this story because I have to admit there is a ongoing trend of poor, stubborn protagonists meets rich, handsome and possessive lover in a LOT of K-Dramas. However, I find that completely fine and more so when it is twisted into the world of the mafia and yaoi which equals into a sexy world of hormones exploding in every chapter.

Yoo Hajin takes us into a world of emotions with her witty characters and dialogue despite the dark and violent storyline. I ended up crying and sobbing in a few chapters before laughing and smiling like a goof on the next page.

I'd rate a good manga/manhwa based on how they spiral their readers into a rollercoaster of emotions and this manhwa takes the cake for it and I enjoy every moment of the story.

Now, when it comes to composition and other bits of details, I'll be completely honest to say that it has flaws if compared to many other manhwa or manga for its stunning details of the characters and background and all the jazz. However, I am enchanted by the character designs and ESPECIALLY their fashion. The author had definitely taken her time to draw the character's outfits making them look completely stunning. I felt like I was reading a fashion designer's catalogue in story-form.
Not to mention that the two main characters looked so hot that I wished they were real (like every other hot anime/manga male character). Oh the pain... hahaha.
So yeah~ flaws here and there but the characters and fashion were just on-point in every page.

I feel like if you've read my other reviews, I'm super drawn to the characters more than anything. To me, characters can make and anime/manga a masterpiece or break it into pieces right from the get-go.

Jung Ewon is probably my spirit animal. He is stubborn, headstrong and despite his major flaws of being a weak-hearted playboy and a rather dark past, he is so bright and adorable at the same time. I like how he is stubborn for the right things and not just being the whiny protagonist read more
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Feb 5, 2016
Haji-Otsu. (Manga) add
One of the habits of my grandfather was that he liked to eat sweet foods. I was about 10 years old when my mother said to him, 'If you ever want to see your grandchildren graduate, you have to stop immediately or eat in moderation.'. Tears welled up in his eyes when he realized what exactly was at stake. He gave it up immediately. Three years later he died of kidney failure. It was really sad and destroyed me. My mother said to me- 'Dont ever eating too many sugary foods. Please don't put your family through what your Grandfather put us through." I agreed. At 28, I rarely eat sweets things. I must say, I feel a very slight sense of regret for never having done it, because This manga gave me Diabetes anyway.
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Feb 5, 2016
Mahou Tsukai Kurohime (Manga) add
It was excellent to chapter 15. Then slowly become full mess, but the overall story was pretty good. The art is just awesome (seriously hot drawings).
Everyone complaining about the end. Yes it was disappointing.But for me even move disappointing was the whole concept of the time travel, because the story was based on it. There was lack of any logic, even magic or whatever can't explain this. It's something like:
[SPOILER, maybe]
"You" from the future to go back to safe "you" from the past from certain death.
But it is impossible to reach this point in the future when proceed going back in the past to save yourself, cause your future "you" still didn't exist (and never will) you will surely die. So there will not be "you" from the future to save "you" from the past, cause you will be dead. Real mess.

Anyway, it gets 8/10. Again will say that the art was great but the story is just more important... After chapter 15 I was reading and waiting something to happen and suddenly I reached the end. There is a lot of action, but all the romance gradually disappear. After 30-35 chapters everything slowly become monotone, but there was good moments also... I enjoyed it anyway.
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Feb 5, 2016
Boku dake ga Inai Machi (Manga) add
It IS seriously superb! The story is one of the best, for me. I'm really amazed how the author made the story very intriguing. It will made you feel relieved. . suddenly anxious. .angry, sad and mortified. The story also depicts warm relationships between friends, and between mother and child, which is often disregarded.

I'm the type who'll get hooked in mystery stories, and I find it fun to guess who is the real cold-blooded criminal. This manga is very recommendable for all people who loves stories about murder cases and time travel, like me.

The reason I read this manga:
When the first episode of its anime adaptation aired, the title caught my eye. "Boku dake ga Inai Machi"
"That just sounds lonesome!~", I thought. . . Then, I can't wait for the next episode that's why I read the manga as fast as possible.
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Feb 5, 2016
Ookami Nanka Kowakunai!? (Manga) add
I'm normally a fan of Go Ikeyamada (Get Love, Moe Kare). And this one has the same clean, crisp shoujo artwork and likable main characters that I have come to expect from her work.

But the plot line here is just atrocious. A girl transfers to a school, which is an all-boys school, making her the only girl in school. This is a school, apparently, where the teachers allow students to get away with anything short of murder in the hallways. She meets a childhood friend who used to protect her from bullies. He spends the rest of the manga beating up the rest of the school, because they spend the rest of the manga trying to rape the girl.

Did I mention that this is supposed to be a comedy?

Someday, someone will have to explain to me the humor in rape.

Also included here are two one-shots; they are cute, but forgettable.
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Feb 5, 2016
Shugo Chara! (Manga) add
In one line : // If you're into fanservice before anything else, this manga is for you. //

I've never been into Shoujo. Works targeting females very often present the same overused tropes with little to no variation ; therefore, I've never been too fond of them. If I do feel like reading one from time to time, I easily enter the "overdose" zone when it comes to them. To some extent, it can be argued it just isn't my thing, that Shounen, Seinen, etc. also lack variations overall and yes, I couldn't deny it is partly true.

That settled, how come I started Shugo Chara so long after its release ? Even though I never touched the Anime, I did vaguely know it from its popularity. And I was more or less pressed to someday touch that work. I could have gone with the Anime (from the fragments I saw it is way better than the manga, minus the number of fillers), but it was too long ; so I went for the manga, the original material. And it was a chore. It goes beyond me just disliking it. I could have dealt with it if it had qualities - regardless of my enjoyment - but its "qualities" are mainly "potential qualities" rather than factual one.

And I'll go through them a bit.

Art :

It'll be rather short. The first chapters don't reflect a mastered art, the panels are sometimes off and the proportions, especially, are problematic. But it gets better along the way, sort of.

The limits of the mangaka seem to rapidly show off, though, as legs and sometimes the faces continue to be off. It would explain why she refrains from actually "showing" the fights. They last for one or two pages and during that time, the panels stick to the charas, static, instead of showing the actions, movements. In short, you have no idea what's really going on during those moments. Does it matter ? Apparently not, if those fights really mattered they would be longer (and I'll come back to it later) but "clarity" is a criteria nonetheless.

And the lack of clarity is also perceptible through the absence of backgrounds. Now, the relative absence of backgrounds in Shoujo (yes, it's not a genre and yet work targeting females tend to share the same codes) isn't something new and is part of its code ; however, there are a limits to everything and Shugo Chara break those : the pages should remain clear, no matter how little background they possess.

Story :

The concept in itself is interesting, however, the manga fails at properly exploiting and developing it. Everything (Embryo, Shugo Chara, X-Eggs, Humpty Lock and Dumpty Key, etc.) seems to be an excuse to deliver fanservice ; while pretending to be something else and that's exactly where the issue lies. I don't mind fictions which are nothing but a concentration of fansevice, when they know to be nothing else.

There's no proper "arc", most chapters are "pauses", as though something tenseful occurred read more
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Part 5 opens with a very intriguing premise,
featuring the son of Dio's head and Jonathan's body trying to become a gangstar in Italy - it sounds good on paper.
Jotaro sends Koichi to Italy to investigate Giorno, problem is, quickly after meeting Giorno, Koichi (and Jotaro) simply disappear out of the story and completely forgotten.

The art improves slightly than part 4, being more consistent overall, with better detail and backgrounds. This time the manly Gar style of earlier parts (that stayed until around the middle of 4) completely disappears and we have the more fabulous and more fashionable style. Character designs are unique and well done.

My major problem with this part, is our main characters - specifically Giorno and our villain Diavolo.
Giorno seems good in theory, from the beginning of the manga he acts as a mixture of Dio's and Jonathan's character, however that's only good in theory and GioGio comes out very one dimensional.
Diavolo is also one dimensional, for a villain that the manga tried to make very mysterious, he just barely appears until the very end of the manga. The idea of his double personality is nice, but it makes no sense and comes out as very plot-convenient.
Almost the entire gets little to no development, a very simple and almost non existing backdrop, however each one of them gets his own unique personality quirks. The one character that stood out was Bruno, who in my opinion should have been our main character. Having one of the coolest stands in JoJo history - Sticky Fingers, his presence and personality are well done, and he gets a nice development overall.
I felt like this part had the worst cast of characters, it had too many of them, and had little time to develop them, the big casts of part 3 and 4 are much stronger than this.

Stands in part 5, continue to stay pretty creative although some of them are very overpowered and make no sense at all, especially Gold Experience (Requiem) and King Crimson, as stated by the famous meme:
'It just works'.
This fact makes some of the fights lack in plausibility, and specifically the final fights against Diavolo. However, the fights in part 5 are not bad. Some are good, some are bad, and a couple are great.

The story feels a lot like part 3 for me, it is more of an adventure compared to Diamond is Unbreakable slice of life style, and the Giorno gang is trying to get to Diavolo just as Jotaro and his friends tried to find Dio. The setting of Italy is great, the premise is somewhat interesting, it has past pacing and a decent amount of tension.
However where it fails is the plausibility and the conclusion.
As I stated before, because of stands being more overpowered and crazy, the manga loses some of it's plausibility in fights, and even has a sort of a Deus Ex Machina in the ending.

Overall, even though I, and many others consider this to be the worst part, it's still JoJo.
If read more
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Feb 5, 2016
Super Lovers (Manga) add
This manga is definitly in my Top 3, it's one of a kind, I fell in love with it and I still do everytime I reread it

It's a slow developing story, but it has a lot of very sweet and sexy moments, it's not like other yaoi mangas where there are sex scenes right in the first chapters, this one focuses more on the loving story and how they get to where they are in this point of time, it also has a lot of humorous moments thanks to Ren's straight-forwardness together with everyone else's awkardness, but if it was just this it would only be shounen-ai and comedy but it's actually very realistic so of course it has serious and sad moments.
In the beginning, when I first read it, it was a bit confusing however as the story goes on it gets less and less confusing. As I said before it develops rather slowly comparing to other mangas like this, but the fact that nothing is actually way to rushed is where you get love it even more as you go on reading it.

The arts it's absolutely phenomenal, it's like the drawings of a shoujo manga, but it's shounen-ai, honestly one of the best arts I've seen so far be it for manga or anime, the drawings with color from the beginning or the end of the chapters and volumes are amazing.

In this manga almost all the characters seem like they were created to be loved, their development is shown through actions, words and expressions they use. Their personalities just force them into a persons heart, although personally my favorites are Ren the teenage boy who's cute, almost expressionless, has amazing straight-forwardness in certain stuff and great difficulty in expressing his feelings and Aki the almost adult guy who honestly in the beginning I didn't really like him but as the story went on I started to like him more and more until somehow for some reason he ended up one of my favorites.

Enjoyment and overall:
I just love this manga, the only flaw that I can find in it is that you have to wait 2 months for a new chapter, other than that it's painful to wait so long, but it's so completly worth it.
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Feb 5, 2016
Bokutachi no Ikita Riyuu (Manga) add
A group of people wakes up and finds themselves trapped in school, very original,
I haven't finished reading all of it since it hasn't been translated, so my opinion might change,

The story is pretty good, twists and all that, the pace of it is nice, but it's getting old, if this gets more twisty on chapter 4...ugh
Art is awesome, clean and well thought
Everyone seems to have horror character personality, also, they're only like 12-13, the romance theme is a little to much, one of the character keeps punching the MC, that was over the top,
The monster was creepy, I enjoyed it very much, some of their actions made me laugh because of their mediocrity
Overall, I would recommend this, I absolutely loved the monster, let's see how this ends.

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Feb 5, 2016
One Piece (Manga) add
one piece is one of most unique shouen series in history bcoz of certain elements like :
1.focus on each crew member showing why they are the way they are
apart from main protagonist luffy every other crew mate has a proper back story,character,skill ,fighting style and a propose on the ship
2.natural flow of story : another grt thing about it .Oda sensei's way of story telling unlike other shounen manga like dragonballz and naruto charcter dont just power up arc by arc as the story progress they grow stronger with time
3.even if the show is 700+ episodes you don't get bored coz each island has its unique traits and villains and fun
4.all around one piece make it worth your time
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Feb 5, 2016
Aoharu x Kikanjuu (Manga) add
This manga was really fun to read, I like overall the story, the art style, everything. The plot was nice and does not only focus on the main character. The comedy scenes were great, also the fighting scenes, they got me really hyped up. This manga covers all my interest so far, and made me love the genres Action and Sports more. I also love NAOE's art style. All the characters have really interesting backgrounds and fighting styles. For me, I love the idea of guns and airsoft. This manga is totally awesome, so I recommend reading it, also, this has an anime so please watch it. This is so far my favorite manga (and anime). Also if you're gonna read this manga, I recommend reading the oneshot too. Have fun! - Korin
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Feb 4, 2016
Tensei shitara Slime Datta Ken (Manga) add
This novel is one of the "Deconstructing being reincarnated in a fantasy world" kind, which have been becoming so popular lately that they became their own category.
What differates it from those other novels is the humor. The protagonist is not one of those "I stopped being human so I don't care about humans anymore" characters, but an honestly nice and laid back, but still hard working guy. He does not develop a god-complex over his abilites but decides to change his enviroments for everyone's amusement and benefit. His narration can get pretty hilarious.
The setting might be a bit common, but the side characters are likeable and easy to imagine. Don't be surprised when a character turns out to be more complex than suspected! The arcs are rather different from each other and don't just recycle previous plot with different characters.
While some people might critizise that the protagonist becomes overpowered, there are several characters that are obviously stronger than him.
The updates of the translations are rather quick and the author even gave his consent so you won't have to fear it suddenly disappearing like several other works.
I personally really enjoyed it and I hope my messed-up review convinces some people to try it out. It's not a masterpiece, but it is worth a read.
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Feb 4, 2016
Ane Doki! (Manga) add
This is my first manga review and honestly one of my first manga... so apologises if this is structure odd or something.

Story - I won't go into detail here but I loved it.

Art - I don't think I've read enough manga to the point in which the artwork bothers me - but this artwork seemed good here - I am not sure what everyone else may expect, but I thought it was good!

Characters - I loved some characters, some others were perhaps not as engaging or interesting... but Natsuki is by far one of my favourite characters so far! I found Kouta a little unlikable at the start but towards the end I started to feel empathy towards him and I suppose that character development is what the series is about. Chiaki was also an interesting character, Kanade... not as much.

Enjoyment - i maybe biased but as I was reading this on the way to and from work and before bed, I somehow enjoyed this a lot lot more than I thought - gave me something to look forward to!

Overall - I loved it, not a lot more i can say

I hope this review wasn't too awful, hope it helps.
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Feb 4, 2016
Terra Formars (Manga) add
This manga's scenario is surely one of the strangest i've ever read, but besides of this point i think it's bad reputation is'nt deserved. Terra Formars surely won't win an Oscar for it, but has fortunatly the qualities needed to make you forget that point while reading.

Story :
As mentioned, Terra Formars's plot seem a little far-fetched at first glance. I mean, trying to convince someone that you really liked a manga about mankind fighting cockroaches on Mars (obviously in order to make it suitable for human life) with skills taken from other bugs/animals, those cockroackes average height being above 2m actually gives you a big chance to be asked if you feel alright.

But that point is'nt important : the good point about story here is'nt the writing but the way it's narrated. I've rarely seen long-running series that hooks you again and again with that kind of strength, like if every cliffhanger was the most thrilling cliffhanger you've seen in weeks and each arc seemed like it's climax. Actually, the story is as about mankind fighting cockroaches than about humans fighting despair, and the manga is itself a big apology of humans's force of will.

Depending on what you're awaiting though, Terra Formars might seem a bit repetitive on the later chapters but it's quality increases with it's length.

Art :
The art itself is good and fits the atmosphere very well, it won't be a problem if you don't mind the faces of the cockroaches that infortunatly won't really change depending on different arcs.

The characters's art in itself could however seem too "macho" since almost each of the team members are physically well-shaped (both genres). There's a bit of fan-service, but it did'nt disturb me that much.

Even if it should be obvious, you might need to be informed that Terra Formars is really gore, to the point that it's usual to see limbs/heads flying off. Do NOT read it if you're impressive.

Characters :
The characters themselves are'nt unforgettable, and a lot of them vehiculates a certain number of clichés depending on their countries, especially Russians and Europeans. The women are also affected by clichés and for most of them, lack of strength (with hopefully the exception of Michelle).

A lot of them are likeable though, and the fact that they're all constantly on danger actually makes that you'll attach to some. The way their powers are related to different bugs/animals is quite interesting too (if you don't mind the pseudo-scientific explanations).

The different backgrounds presented do perfectly their job : showing how much despair can drive the different characters towards their last remaining hope.

Concusion :
Are you searching for a sci-fi manga with a scenario written so good you can't close your manga? You could be disapointed then, and i'd recommand you to read Pluto instead.

If hopefully that's not what you're searching, you'll find in Terra Formars something maybe worthing a good scenario : a thrilling narration that makes you feel on each arc that the wall read more
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Feb 4, 2016
Tonari no Atashi (Manga) add
***SPOILER *****
this is just me ranting about this manga
I HATE THIS ENDING !!! now don't get me wrong i really like Miyake but i like kyou toooo he ended up alone !!! after that b*tch toyed with him and confused his feelings for Nina he was left dump found (well he kind of desevered it ) bu~~~~t T_T it's just sad that everyone got his or her happy ending only him helll noooo f*ck this sh*t !! in the last chapters i was sooooo fed up after i confirmed that she's going to end up with Miyake i skipped some converations and i was like "when is this going to end ..this is boring....this is stupid .... this is not right..i don't like this...why is he pushing her to go to miyake as if he's stepping on his own feelings that's just sad and heart breaking !! FU~~~~ck !!"
why didn't he yelled out his feelings to her when he realised that he likes her
why did he keep quiet!! what the hell is this!!
and the fact that nina is always crying ANNOYED ME !!! girl stand on your feets man up you don't need to always rely on other people be strong damn it !
and by the way in chap 38.1 or 38.2 that girl that confessed to kyou WHY THE F*CK DID SHE START CRYING !!!! do japs cry when someone hears what they're saying ??? confused_rev emoticon that's weird AF.

i really had to get this out of my chest !! omg the rage !!!!!
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Feb 3, 2016
Detective Conan (Manga) add
I purposely gave this manga full ratings because I wanted to improve the reputation of the series. I spent many sleepless nights trying to get up to date and now I am. I didn't find any particular flaws in any area of the series and I seriously think that everyone will have that moment when you say, "I can't stop reading this" or " I really love this manga". The more 10/10 people give will surely increase its standing in myanimelist in popularity and high score.

The manga is enjoyable and u can get used of it as soon u read it. I understood the manga a lot easier than most other manga.
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Feb 3, 2016
RWBY (Manga) add
Story 8/10
This series is exactly what you'd expect it to be. That said, the story is very "anime." With that in mind I cant say the series stands out much so far. Everything that you'd expect to be in a fantasy anime, you'll find in the RWBY manga. Evil fantastical creatures, yep. Giant Mechs, yep. Cute super powered High school girls, yep. That said, despite the series being predictable it works very well.

Art 10/10
Now what this series lacks in story, it makes up in its amazing art. The series is being illustrated by DOGS illustrator Shirow Miwa. The art is extremely detailed and excellently shows off the wondrous battle scenes that make RWBY what it is. Everything from their clothes and hair to facial styles is much more detailed than its animated counterpart. If i didn't know better, i'd say the manga is the original piece, and the animated work is a cheap fan creation.

Character 10/10
The character development is spot on. It's clear that Rooster Teeth is working closely on this series, as the characters mannerisms and personalities are spot on. The only difference I've seen so far, is that the work mentions that Ruby is afraid of crowds which the animated version does not mention. Though this is a prequel series, so perhaps Ruby will have grown out of this by the time the animated series takes place.

Enjoyment 9/10
So far I've enjoyed the hell out of this series. It's come to the point to where I'm scrambling to my computer as soon as i learn that a chapter has been released. As I read, i find myself begging to find out what happens on the next page, and when the chapter ends, a wall of post-RWBY depression hits. This is only cured by a new chapter being released. That said, this series does update rather slowly. It updates the 19th of each month making it difficult to keep up.

Overall 9/10
Overall, this series is fantastic. if you're a fan of the RWBY web-series then you will certainly love this series. Even if you've never seen the animated series, and you're just looking for a good manga to read, this is one you should certainly pick up. I will be most certainly buying every volume they release. This series encompasses the hopes and dreams of every little Otaku boy and girl foreign to japan that dreams to one day have their own series become popular enough to make it to Japan. This series most certainly marks the beginning of a new era, for anime lovers outside of Japan. The future looks bright. Thank you and rest in peace, Monty Oum.
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Feb 3, 2016
Kanojo-tachi no Saishuu Teiri (Manga) add
This is a manga that's almost good in several ways. But it just doesn't make the cut in any of them.

The story starts simple: a reasonably popular boy seduces a beautiful young teacher and the pretty class rep, making them both eager to have sex with him. Most of this manga tells that simple story from the perspective of each of the three people involved--all of whom see it from a very different angle.

It's an interesting premise (tell the same tale from three different perspectives that make it seem like three very different things are going on)... and it's done okay. Not wonderfully--mostly because all three of them are kinda jerks, and so I have trouble caring a lot about a plot whose basic premise is three jerks screwing each other--but I can appreciate the concept.

After that, though, the plot keeps going, and just runs itself off the rails. Maybe it got axed, and so the explanations were never printed? That's the only thing I can think of.

So, if the characters had been a bit more likable, the first 3/4 of the manga might have made for an interesting perverted romance.

If the sex had been more thoroughly drawn, it might have made a good hentai manga. (Where the plot standards are lower.)

If the plot had continued and gotten more interesting, maybe it might have made for an interesting psychological drama... at least, that's the direction it seemed like it was headed before it abruptly ended.

As is, however, it's just a hot mess. Best avoided.
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Feb 3, 2016
Kijin Gahou (Manga) add
"Hey Satan, do you like manga?" "Yeah." "Nice. What kind of? I mean, seinen are probably my favo-" "Ero-guro." "...what's that?" "It's this type of gore mixed with sexuality, sometimes it's black humor." "That doesn't sounds too good, Satan." "No no, read this one, I think you'll really enjoy it." "Shintaro Kago's Suck It?" "Yeah." "Alright then."

"Did you read it?" "..." "Did you get to the panel with the bees? Probably my favorite." "..." "..." "..." "You okay?" "..." "Come on man, it wasn't that bad" "...the... the guy..." "What?" "Shintaro Kago..." "What about him?" "Is he human?" "Technically yes. I took the soul of Maruo Suehiro this time he visited me in Hell then sprinkled a little of the Marquis de Sade's soul." "Damn."
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Feb 2, 2016
Dosei Mansion (Manga) add
Dosei Mansion (a.k.a Saturn Apartments) is on the surface just another slice of life with a wacky twist; This time they're in a giant ring surrounding the Earth (the Ring System) because the Earth was turned into a nature preserve. Just on that it doesn't seem like much to follow the every day life of a window cleaner didn't seem all to exciting. That was my attitude going in, and after finishing the manga, I can say that I was totally wrong. Beneath the slice of life guise that Saturn Apartments holds in a beautiful story that all of its readers can relate to.
The story of Saturn Apartments and the characters within the manga are where this series shines. Even though this is set far in the future, the characters share the same problems and emotions as anyone sitting here reading this review. How the characters grow from the first chapter is beautiful, and Hisae Iwaoka beautifully crafts the character growth in a way that everyone can understand. Overcoming problems like mistrust, social pressures, dreams, hopes, finding yourself and even the social strata of the Ring System.
How down to Earth this series is for being in outer space is phenomenal. A great feel-good manga that speaks to its reader.
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Feb 2, 2016
UQ Holder! (Manga) add
UQ Holder- One thing I can say is it is a beautiful manga written.
To be honest, I would be happy if it stayed as a manga only because I don't want people who love ecchi fan service to down it for not having a lot of fan service.

The story is beautiful that to a comparison of other mangas that. I read, it being 80 years in the future to present day( as of when I've typed this). It is also brilliant to the ties between the characters and how the bond strengthens as the story plot moves on. The main character Touta Konoe, flows with all the characters as to being laid back and trying to be friends to everyone he meets.

The art is fantastic, moving along with the readers thoughts to the attacks done by the heroes UQ numbers and its enemies, throughout the story. One thing. I would like the artists of the manga series to make it a little more realistic (with features towards women, not being toward ecchi or hentai) because one thing about Touta, though he is not a pervert, does a wind attack that can break the fabric of clothes (just like Issei from HighSchool DxD series). Once again, I'm not a pervert, but this does not happen often, and when it does it is only done towards Karin. Though Karin, beats him up everytime in the end. :P

Like I said the characters are amazing, and there are a lot so I'm not gonna talk about them. Read the manga for yourself to find out about all the characters.

Overall, this manga is my "on the edge of my seat" type of manga, since I've been reading it since. Oct 2015. I have not done a comment on myanimelist because I do not get on frequently, and there are other manga I have read. I hope you'll enjoy my comment and go on ahead to read "UQ Holder" as I cry over waiting for the next part.
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Feb 2, 2016
Bradherley no Basha (Manga) add
Most of the mangas I've read are horror or psychological, this one is around below the top 10,
now, I understand why readers hated it, most of them saying it haunts them,
I just think that readers shouldn't read this if they're not frequent to dark-themed mangas.
Everyone who've read it warned that it was cruel, but I just don't understand why this is rated lowly, It's just annoying that this happens in real life, and some comments sounded like they still reject the idea that human trafficking exists.

-Slight spoilers ahead-
Bradherley no Basha shows the dark side of human morality, which was subtly hinted on the summary, no justice or "good ending".
I liked this manga, It's different, real and screwed up.
What I didn't like, was that it was almost the same every chapter.
Orphanage, girl gets into the coach and vanishes. Again and again.
The art was really good, story could be better.
Thanks for reading this, what did you think of Bradherley no Basha?
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Feb 2, 2016
Ludwig Kakumei (Manga) add
Fairytales are, or should be, an important part of everyne's childhood, and some of the most famous and beloved are the ones by the brothers Grimm. Who doesn't know Snow White? Little Riding Red Hood? Cinderella? Sleeping Beauty? Since a few years ago, it became a trend make the fairy tales more grimdark, saying that's the way they were before Disney made the movies. Don't get me wrong, some original versions can be really creepy or sinister sometimes, with some gory scenes, but the main difference this new versions and the original is that the original versions got only some dark scenes, with a pretty more sinister subtext underneath, while this new versions were most of them dark for the being dark's sake. There were some amazing works, of course, but this is not, unfortunetly.
I usually like dark works, but this manga cross the line to be just painful to read. The main character is a vain, selfish and arrogant prince with a misogynistic love for dead women because quiet are more beautiful, and thinks one of most important hings in a woman is...her bust size. To add more insult, this character and his opinions were written by a woman. He acts abusive toward his servent, who's only in the story for being a comic bystander, except in the Riding Red Hood arc, whn we discover the prince manipulated a little girl when he was a kid to make her murder her parents, just because she was his servsant's friend. If you don't feel disgusted by this character after reading what i wrote...
The rest of cast are most of them really dislikeable, or better said, despicable. We got a masochyst witch dressed like a stereotiaped otaku's s&m dream who loves how mean the prince is with her, a creepy stepbrother who has to be worse tha n the main character in a poor attemp to make him look like a nice guy, and a lot of princess that are just beautiful, but bitchy/only care for looks/manipulative. And that's the worst part.
If they were just princesses the mangaka created from her on imagination, i wouldn't mind at all, but the problem is they are based on the beloved characters from the classic fairy tales. Snow White is turned into a disgusting manipulative creepy looking gothic-lolita, losing all the charm from the original tale. I don't mind reimaginating fairytales and give the audience a different piont of view, but this work doesn't show any respect from the original, until the point of becoming an insult. The only character that gets a new refershing point of view was the sleeping beauty's version.
This title is a shojo, so you're gonna find some of the typical gangs that would be funny if there wasn't for the disturbing context. It looks like it want to be a dark outtake of typical fairytales, but still want so desperatly to appeal teenage girls.
But there's not only fairy tales the victims: the women's portrayal is just offensive. Most read more
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Feb 2, 2016
Dragon Ball (Manga) add
Dragon Ball is renowned for being one of the most influential and popular manga of all time. At the same time, however, it's one of the most overrated, owing a lot of it's praise to nostalgia and Toriyama's hard working attitude at the time, rather than it's overall quality.

Story - 5/10

There's little to be said about the story that isn't already obvious. The first part of the story follows Son Goku's journeys as a child, but usually only Goku, with the other supporting characters such as Kuririn, Yamcha and Muten Roshi not doing much unless it's the Tenkaichi Budokai. In the 2nd part of the manga, otherwise known as DBZ, practically all the plot is told through battle. Whilst there are a few arcs that are mildly entertaining (Piccolo Daimao and Freeza Arcs) and a fair few that deviate from the story's repetitive structure ever so slightly (Saiyan Arc), the overwhelmingly huge plot holes along the way, primarily after the Freeza Arc help solidify the plot's placement as mediocre at best.

Art - 5/10

Toriyama's art style is quite distinctive, especially compared to the mangaka of today, outside of a select few, but when comparing it to the highly detailed peers of DB's run such as Tetsuo Hara, Tsukasa Hojo or Takehiko Inoue, it clearly falls short in the long run. Furthermore, Toriyama pays little heed in fixing artistic mistakes in the re-releases of the manga, such as Goku having the Kame kanji on his gi in a panel in the Cell Arc. Though slightly above most generic works, it's art isn't anything amazing.

Characters - 5/10

Most of the characters develop well when taking into account the constraints of the plot, though only a handful do so to a great amount. A lot of the characters do have distinct personalities, though even in the clear archetypes they present, there are far better deliverances of such in other series.

Enjoyment - 5/10

The plot of DB is mediocre at best, though makes up for this in being fairly fast paced, in heavy contrast to it's filler heavy anime. However, even in the pros of the series, such as it's action, comedy and designs, it never truly felt top dollar. That's not to say that these aspects are done in an average manner, they were indeed reasons to suggest DB's popularity. However, when comparing it to other series of both it's era, before it and after, it in no way stands at the pinnacle of any category.
In fact, the only category it may stand near the top on is overration. I'm sure many are familiar with how fanboys tend to treat the series as top tier, whether in terms of character's power or the overall series quality. To this, it should be evident that DB is one of the most notorious examples of fans elevating a series' status beyond it's natural means.

Overall - 5/10

Of course, I want to make it clear that I'm in no way hating on this series, especially with the effort Toriyama put read more
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Should you read this? That's sorta the big question here and for those of you who only want to know that it should be covered in the first part very rapidly. If you want more in depth this will be getting rather long as I explain each point a little more. For a story such as this I don’t think a number scale really shows a good representation of whether or not to read the series, this story is incredibly long and a wish fulfillment to the extreme, as such I would say it is more important to be the target audience than an objective critic. So, here we go.

Should I read this? This is a list of the most important to least important aspects to who you are as a reader.
Most Important – Least Important
1. Are you between the ages of 12-17?
2. Can you stop reading stories halfway through?
3. Do you read very little or have little familiarity with Japanese story tropes?

At this point if you have answered “yes” to 2/3 of these first questions I would highly suggest you go read this, don’t even bother reading the more in depth reasoning’s given later until you’ve finished the first few volumes of the story.

4. I love the “trapped in a video game” genre. (Or I have no idea what this point means)
5. Do you enjoy turning your brain off to read?
6. I rarely analyse stories.
7. I don’t mind characters acting strange for the sake of the plot.

I could go on with this list but you get the point, I will speak about each of these points more in depth below but if you haven’t started reading yet then I would suggest starting right after this paragraph and ignoring everything else I say. The only point that needs some light explanation before you go is number 2. I read up to volume 13 and I can say that the story goes from amazing to steadily worse, so don’t hold on if you feel yourself getting bored, at that point come back here to complain / praise the story and see if it matches up with the rest of this review.

1. Are you between the ages of 12-17?
Now there are a few generic reasons I think this is important, first off you are closer to the protagonist for the parts of the story that are the most entertaining. Being closer to the main characters age is always nice in a wish fulfillment since you relate so much better to them, also, as far as I can tell that age is the target demographic as the Main Character (I’ll be calling him Rudi) seems to have the disposition of a teenage boy the entire story. Another rather generic one is that you have less life experience to compare to an actual story, for instance the younger you are the more you’ll enjoy your first stories, and the older you get it seems you become more critical comparing the story to other stories as well as read more
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Feb 1, 2016
Tenshi no Naka ni Akuma Ari (Manga) add
Hurray! My First manga that I actually hate. =D

For what reason you may ask? I out right disliked it in a lot of ways. 1- Main Character 2- The "Man-service" 3- Main Character 4- Confusing Plotlines 5- Bishounen steriotypes (Thought I was going to say Main Character huh? nope) 6- MAIN CHARACTER (Boom! got ya!)
Yeah... That's a handful of reasons huh? (You guessed it) Anyways, let head to this first review! Hurray! (again)

First off before we get started, I have no clue that this was "Joisie" manga ... ( Older female audiences ) ... at all! I just happend find it sitting in box at a thift store as an anime newbie and thought "WOWl! A BOX OF MANGAZ! AWESOME SAUCE!!" and took those two books as well without putting much thought from the future me's suffering of reading this crap. =)

Anyways enough stalling
Let the ranting begin!

First off the list is the STORY- 1
Why a 1 in the first place? Don't ask me to read it again- ( Please I've suffered quite enough time reading this TT-TT ) - because by the time the beginning of the 2 volume role around ... I have no clue what the H was going on anymore while the boys start ripping their shirts off randomly -_- - ' ' ' awkward for me =D ( FYI In case you didn't know this artist she is also a homo sexual Mangaka? welp I guess you came here for the "PLOT" hehehe! Anyways ! moving on!! ) Yaaaaaaa... Not worth talking about.

Next up we got Art-7
( Serious time ) To be honest I am an artist so I can see good art if can see one. To be honest the art style is fairly solid, The backgrounds and camera angles could use some work but can pass on an OK level. The character camera angles can be flat at times but not really bad. So yay... the Art is decent. ( Silly switch ON )

Next is Characters-2
Why a 2? because They are just plain DUMB with the exception of only one... maybe.
How do I even begin? First of Main Character, She is probably the most confusing and annoying female leads I have ever seen. The 2 are awkward at moment but nothing to write home about, finally the ONE I have mentioned earlier would have been fine if it wasn't for his per#SPOILER read more
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Feb 1, 2016
Helck (Manga) add
What is it that makes Helck so enjoyable, I often ask myself. The story is nothing new, nor is the art anything special. The cast is simple: there are good guys and then there are bad guys. It really isn't anything groundbreaking.

But what it has that separates it from other manga is its execution. Helck delivers a heartfelt story filled with laughter and tears in a simple yet elegant manner. There is nothing else to it- it's not convoluted like Death Note, and it doesn't need to be.

All it needs to do to kick-start the whole thing is ask one question: "So, can a human who hates humans become a Demon King?"


Story (8): Helck is a story set in medieval-esque times, with demons and monsters. Just before the start of the story, a hero killed a Demon King. The plot begins with the titular character entering a tournament to decide who will become the next Demon King.

Yes, he's a human entering a tournament for demons.

Naturally, when Vamirio, one of the Four Heavenly Kings (who is higher than a Demon King in the demon hierarchy) finds out about this, she freaks out and tries to sabotage his chances of winning. However, Helck is ridiculously powerful, and he is pretty much a maxed out RPG character at Level 99.

Needless to say, things don't go as planned and it goes downhill for her from there. Along the way, they face a threat to the Demon World, and it seems Helck may know more than he lets up on.

Basically, it starts off as seemingly slapstick humour and One Punch Man-esque jokes before developing into something more substantial.


Art (8): Nothing special, to be honest. The art is on par with most manga, but it does seem to be getting better as the story progresses.


Characters (10): The characters, from Helck to Vamirio to the other human characters are mostly stereotypical characters abiding by common tropes, but as the plot thickens the way they interact with one another becomes something special. For example, Helck is the typical hero with the heart of gold, and Vamirio is the cold kuudere loli. But the more they interact with each other, the more interesting they become, building off of each other to create distinct personalities that veer away from their default character templates.

I won't say too much for fear of spoiling, but it's amazing how far the cast has come in 62 chapters (as I'm typing this, that is). I struggle to think of characters that can beat Helck in terms of sheer memorability. Everyone has a role to play in this story, and every one of them fit it so well that it makes my enjoyment seamless. And speaking of which...


Enjoyment (10): What more can I say? I enjoyed this, and I'm still enjoying this weekly. Also, special mention to translator Rello on Batoto. His one-man translation is the reason why us Helck fans get to even enjoy this hidden gem, and read more
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Feb 1, 2016
Kichiku, Encount (Manga) add
To be honest I started reading this manga because the seme looked like Aomine from Kuroko no Basket. He even behaved like him sometimes. And as expected, the art was really good.

But the story not so much. The seme is pushy and arrogant and harrasing the poor uke who is quite week willed. At the beginning there is a rape scene and some readers may dislike it, but I didn't find it disturbing or anything (and I'm a total fluffy soft BL fan). Also seme's little brother is there to make him more human and less devilish and I fond that adorable. And of course typical chapter where the uke is sick and seme takes care of him. There is also a little bit of comedy when they are roll playing that made me giggle.

Anyways it's typical smut maga with a lot of intense H-scenes. But on the other hand it has some cuteness to it and make you want to read more. I say give it a try.
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Feb 1, 2016
Shokugeki no Souma (Manga) add
So, I'm writing my first Review ever here. Why for this Manga ? Dunno, just felt like it.

So Shokugeki no Souma is about a boy, who works at a small daily dinner his father owns - "The Yukihira's". He always competes with his father, but never seems to stand a chance. Than one day, his father suddenly goes somewhere outside of Japan and tells Souma to go to a Cooking Academy. He doesn't like the idea at first, thinks that it's child play, but he'll know very soon, that it isn't.

That should sum it up for this Review.

Now, let's start rating it.

I don't even know why I started reading this Manga (Well I watched the Anime first and loved it, but I don't know why I started watching it), but it somehow hooked me up from the beginning. I liked how it handles the enjoyment of eating tasty food with these overjoyed ecchi scenes, it is just hiarious. When I watch them cooking I also kind of feel like eating something (Well I don't know if that is good or bad - decide for yourself!). The Story isn't very different to other Shounen/Ganbatte Manga so I won't say anything about that. The Art is very good in my eyes, the food looks delicious and is very detailed, the males look cool and most of the females look very nice.
The Characters are one of the strongest points of this Manga in my eyes. Each one of them is different and most have a nice backstory (Well, some of them we get to know really late, but they have one!). Also The enemys Souma and his friends encounter are somewhat special. I was very impressed to see, in what difference you can present cooks. It is very awesome. Oh yeah, and there is also a lot of Shipping material too of course ;)

So all in all, this is a very nice Shounen Manga, which I really enjoy reading and would recommend everyone to at least give it a try.

(Sorry if my grammar is bad, english isn't my native language :D)
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Feb 1, 2016
Doubt (Manga) add
If you enjoy suspense and survival, this will be a great read for you. Unlike most survival series, the victims aren't forced to kill each other but find out the cultprit aka, the wolf. This manga always keeps things I interesting by making everyone seem like a fair suspect and the relationships are filled with DOUBT. The ending is defiantly chilling and unexpected. The characters are fairly likable.... until their true colors come into play. The more we know about these characters, more questions will be raised.The artwork isn't anything groundbreaking but it does manage to do a good job at capturing a creepy atmosphere. Let the doubt game commence.
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Feb 1, 2016
Kingdom Hearts (Manga) add
Kingdom Hearts has always been my favorite game on the Playstation. As a real KH-fan who loves to read, I couldn't miss out on the manga of this brilliant piece of art.

However, when I began to read the first volume, the story was very rushed and herky-jerky. I was glad to have played the game, because otherwise I would've dropped the manga after the first volume. This would've really been a shame, because the story gets a whole lot better when you continue on volume 2 and it continues to stay this way.
What first would be a 10-panel page, is in the continuation of the volumes a 7-panel page with a lot more depth to the story, the art: all of it.

The strong thing about this manga is that it has a lot of serious moments in it, but also a lot of hilarious moments. The real highlights are the hilarious moments because it fits tremendously in the story. The game didn't have so much of this, which brings a new flavour to the manga.

No worries if you haven't played the game, because the manga just adapts the original story.
If you have played the game and want to read the manga, you should definitely read it. You'll re-experience the whole feeling you had from playnig the game! Also you probably did forget some little things because the game is more than 10 years old. When reading this manga, you'll have some moments when you are like: oh yeah, that was how it was going!
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I saw this manga just looking for a new story to read since weekly manga was turning so bad and I finished other one called Aku no hana. Back then i couldn't imagine that it would be one of the best manga that i've read so far. By reading the synopsis one could say that it's not a big deal (just like one review comment), but the performance is just so awesome that i couldn't stop reading it.

The characters are credible, the author doesn't force their behavior (although he does for the situations...a bit) and I respect that a lot. They all have a well-formed personalities and it makes you thing that they are acting like real humans would do in that situation.

Since English isn't my mother language, i can't really put in word what that manga had supposed to me, so please, enjoy it yourself and read it. You won't regret it ^^
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Stone Ocean is my second favourite out of all the JoJos, falling behind Steel Ball Run. Honestly I kind of wish I hadn't finished as fast as I did so I would be able to enjoy it more.

The story of this part is on par with Araki's previous JoJos and the story telling is done in a manner which will keep the reader interested and you will want to keep reading. I found myself reading 10-20 chapters when I had promised myself I would only read around 2-3. The stands introduced in this part are fascinating as well as the way they are utilised by each user.

The art for this part is just like his previous work with beautiful attention to detail. The look of each stand is fantastic and they each look unique and fresh.

The characters in this part are amazingly likeable and hilarious. The JoJo of this part Jolyne is the daughter of part 3's Jotaro and she is my favourite JoJo. Jolyne is probably one of my favourite characters in any manga I've read. Hermes the 'best friend' of Jolyne is hilarious with quite a sad backstory. The other characters such as Weather Report and Annasui don't actually appear until later on in the series but it is quite interesting to watch them interact with one another. The villain of this part Pucci is very powerful (on DIO's level) but has a past which is quite tragic. The fights between Jolyne and Pucci are very fun to read. Jotaro comes back in this part but he obviously is one of the minor characters.

Stone Ocean is one of the more compelling JoJo stories and is highly enjoyable. The fight scenes between the different stands were fantastic and captivating. I enjoyed this part a lot and it was well great.

Overall: 9/10 Highly recommend this part to any JJBA fans.
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Jan 31, 2016
Pump Up (Manga) add
This Manga Pump Up felt so very enjoyable where you need to know the ending. It combines Misunderstandings and love together along with gender equality with few of the 2 main characters. Even though It ended, I'd still want a sequel to this or maybe an anime/ova to it.

The bad thing was that It was too short, but the best answer to all our questions in this manga is as long as we what we enjoy, we'll find actual happiness. This Answered me when I didn't feel good. You'll understand what I mean as soon as you read this. Here are my results:

Story: I gave it a 10 because It fill me up with cute styles of love.

Art: The Art is a 9 because Its just cute, you'll enjoy the Art.

Character: They are good in each chapter and understand the others.

Enjoy: I gave a 9 because It became very enjoyable

Overall became a 9. Nothing was bad other than if your a fan of this manga and want a longer version of this and want to see their futures.
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Jan 31, 2016
Soul Eater (Manga) add
If you see my anime review of the show, it's the same review. However the manga has a 6 instead of an 8 because it goes on far longer than the anime without the story or character development, and adds more characters and plot points that don't add a lot. However everything before the ending still remains.

So to put it simply, I don't normally do this. To put it specifically; Soul Eater is balls out entertaining as balls with balls on top. It's an action fantasy type school anime that tries to be Naruto and the Nightmare Before Christmas, then tries cocaine, develops a split personality and decides that it's both. And I'm not trying to fanboy all up in here but seriously Soul Eater was the perfect show to start out with as it got me into the medium of anime or manga in the first place. The characters, action, and costumes try to be as over the top and flashy as possible just for the hell of it and that's really what dragged me into it. The show has three main teams of characters; two pairs and one threesome, a bunch of villains, and a ton of supporting characters, that each have their own abilities and personalities. What's weird is that Soul Eater takes a colorful cast of characters, throws them into the wacky world of Death City, as if to say "Look. We know this is crazy so roll with it!"....and it actually works. The first three episodes introduce the main teams and setting, and then treats the building blocks of the show like clay and does whatever it wants, adding new characters, villains, settings, trials, tribulations, plot elements and powers, and the plot still manages to chug along at a strangely consistent pace. The dialogue throughout is pretty heartfelt and also well written, in addition to the fact that there's a lot of fun humor in the show (or rather any time Excalibur is onscreen). I have very few problems with the show, but they did add some characters that I could care less about, namely some of the students like the guy with the swirly glasses and Mosquito, and I just could care less about them because they were just kinda there and they didn't affect the plot hardly at all. Plus if you're looking for a deep anime don't watch Soul Eater, it's able to play with the emotions but it's fairly shallow and not thought provoking whatsoever. But other than that and the super corny ending of the show, Soul Eater is consistently entertaining and pretty great in general. The manga's ending however is so drawn out that I'm willing to forgive the anime's goofy ending because of how strained and drawn out it becomes.
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