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RULES: anime must be 15 minutes or less per episode and not Music type (reserved for the -MVC- club). Since there are well over 1500 shorts listed on the MAL database it was decided to make the relation list organic so if you have seen or discover a short not listed then just tell us here, and one of us will update. If you discover something not on the MAL database then also tell us and we can update for you. A Short Review section here. Looking for short specials or commercials? Check them out here: The Shorts Club (Specials) and The Shorts Club (Commercials). Frequent cross over clubs and friends: Black and White Classics The Stop-Motion Animation Appreciation Society Anime Anthologies On Reddit? Visit /r/animeshortfilms
So fellow shorties have fun and remember a club is only as good as its members

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slenderfall - Jul 27, 2009
344 replies by lanblade »»
Nov 20, 2018 12:33 PM
Long running shorts
-R - Feb 27, 2018
2 replies by Niveen_Sleem »»
Apr 5, 2018 3:30 AM
Where to find those elusive shorts ( 1 2 3 )
slenderfall - Oct 1, 2009
134 replies by emilyslash »»
Sep 9, 2017 10:32 AM
Hello and a Request
bloodiemonster - Jul 9, 2014
3 replies by lanblade »»
Apr 3, 2017 11:48 AM
New images for all 3 Shorts clubs
lanblade - Feb 14, 2017
12 replies by Lemon »»
Feb 16, 2017 10:24 AM

Club Comments
lifeiscrazy | Jan 23, 11:34 AM
AHA! Got it :) thanks for explanation!

lanblade | Jan 22, 11:53 PM
6 Angels avg ep duration is 00:15:51, MAL lists the old avg ep duration is which extended due to the Eng dub credits.

The Specials club are supplemental items to a main anime, not the Type listing MAL gives it. You will find anime of every Type except Music listed in all three clubs (because music has its own unrelated MAL club and it's pretty darn rare for music Type to be over 16+ min per ep)

lifeiscrazy | Jan 22, 11:09 PM
6 Angels is 16 minutes per episode.

There's also some specials in the listng, like Angel (Special) and Hustle!! Tokitama-kun.

mhkr | Feb 4, 2018 10:44 PM
Yeah unfortunately...

TahZin | Feb 4, 2018 7:57 PM
Thanks for the suggestion! But it looks like this series isn't quite available on the net, and most probably isn't subbed either.

mhkr | Feb 4, 2018 10:26 AM
This series have what you want:!%20Go!%20Kadendanshi
but absolutely I don't watch it

TahZin | Jan 25, 2018 2:42 AM
Thanks so much! I'll look into this one.

lanblade | Jan 25, 2018 2:40 AM
@TahZin, it doesn't have the tag but Oscar's Oasis. Just like the synopsis says, it's very much like Wile E. Coyote and the Road Runner or Tom & Jerry style so every episode is chasing-thieving-action. The show's on youtube and is dialogue-less (like early Tom & Jerry). Though some episodes have random Russian voice over just saying the character's name introduction.

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