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Nov 18, 2018
DRB02 (All reviews)
Its about an anoying kid that probally has autism and adhd.
He does not have a special story and he does not have anything special he wants to accomplish.
He juet wants to be the best beyblader. And he is pretty lucky thats why he wins a lot.
They should have used his friend Shu as main character then the show would be nice I think.

This anime is garbage and its a shame it carries the same name as metal fusion.
Also why this burst thing? They probally wanted to add something new, but why beyblades that randomly bursts? They should have focusses on a good plot instead.
Nov 18, 2018
GreenNet (All reviews)
Goblin Slayer. For some people this series is amazing for others it's the worst thing that ever came out from the anime industry.

So yeah, it's one of those series people don't agree easily on it. Now while i am biased since i am a Light Novel and Manga reader (Both vastly superior to the anime) I will try to do my best and give an honest review on the anime and only that. Just the adaptation.

I belive the truth it's in the middle.


There is not a big and fleshed out story, there is not one big bad to defeat in the end or a read more
Nov 18, 2018
caelesc (All reviews)
I love series like Natsume Yujincho, xxxHolic, Mononoke and Hozuki no Reitetsu. I first started watching this series when it originally came but dropped it cause it didn't seem to have much depth to it. I recently decided to give it a second try and to my horror, with each passing episode, I realized that i had in fact already finished the series when it originally came out - it was just SO BLAND I forgot about it completely.

So, why didn't I like it?
The characters.
The main character is as 2D as they come and the author has clearly committed one of the read more
Nov 18, 2018
OVERPOWERED99 (All reviews)
ART - 8
SOUND - 10

They're an icon. The symbol of friendship, hope, love, passion, and music admired by those who have seen them. They will show you that enthusiasm and dedication do pay off. They're µ's ("Muse"), an ensemble of nine harmonious members. And they're the idol stars of School Idol Project!

I'll preface by saying that I first dived into the Love Live! franchise just looking to enjoy some catchy songs and CGDCT. Which I did get. All of those are right here in this show. But there's also something else—a special quality that draws a motivational and inspirational read more
Nov 18, 2018
somethingtowatch (All reviews)
The problem with this anime:

1. One the MC always have a armor and he eat with his mask on atleast take it off sometime
2. The anime literally slay goblin atleast slay something else
3. They need to really say a name of character first ep and I still don’t know their name

Reason to watch it:
The show is kinda dark which most older people like
The girl MC is cute and the show is PG17+
I like the plot but I like the girls more

Character wise I give 8/10
The MC is like a psycho who only kill goblin to save “people” I think he just doing it read more
Nov 18, 2018
FruityDream (All reviews)
One dimensional cardboard characters, plain bad looking art style and jokes that aren't funny in any way, there's the essence Asobi Asobase. The comedy is mostly build around either characters doing or saying something completely random and unexpected or character having a weird over the top facial expression. After seeing first 10 minutes I had already seen all this show had to offer. I still went and watched every episode trying to confirm there weren't any good jokes in the show, there were not. Confirming this wasted about 6 hours of my time though, so I guess joke's on me.

A good situational comedy would read more
Nov 18, 2018
Island (Anime) add (All reviews)
dhanamerdeka (All reviews)
I dont know why most all of the member of MAL score this badly
In my opinion ISLAND have a unique story based on a Romantic, Sadness, and time travel.
in beginning episode you will be find loli and other fucking stuff in it.
but you must be know that most of all anime have an story introduction. i think most of all anime have story introduction in rage of episode 1 to episode 3 or 4.
in beginning episode you shouldn't skip anything, just stay and watch it until finish. Because you will lose the main story in beginning.
Next to the my score of this anime
STORY (10/10) : read more
Nov 18, 2018
Mythologically (All reviews)
Every time I look at a review for Goblin Slayer, I either see people criticizing the lack of plot and depth, or somehow claiming it to be some sort of "dark and realistic" show. People seem to miss that the show is 5 bland characters, with neither name nor personality, killing goblins.

Story (6/10): I mean they literally just go around and kill goblins. That's really the whole plot. Sometimes they kill different types of goblins! But overall, they just kill goblins. There's nothing much else here.

Characters (7/10): Bland? Sure, but they get the job done. I actually like seeing bland, boring characters in an edgy read more
Nov 18, 2018
Nitin_Khattri (All reviews)
Honestly speaking reading the title and the plot was dissapointing. I mean I watched the 1st episode just for the cute moe("Sakurajima Mai-Senpai"). But as the story progressed in no time I was enjoying it. The story line after reading the plot was quite cliched, I mean it was supposed to be another harem anime with a cringy and edgy mc but it wasn't. In fact aftre watching the anime its quite different. The characters are well presented and has a different role till now. And the love interest of the show Sakuto-kun and Mai-senpai has an awesome chemistry. Till now the show hasn't disappointed read more
Nov 18, 2018
karkki_ (All reviews)
What does it mean to be happy? Some people would tell you that being rich or famous is their ultimate dream. Now that could be true for a lot of people, but for me, however; self-acceptance is my one true wish.

Growing up can be an awkward and intimidating process for some of us. I'm sure that we have all done or said some things in the past that we look back on in regret or embarrassment, so when you get thrown into this cruel and unforgiving world where social norms are prevalent and people are very critical of you, the thought of having people finding read more
Nov 18, 2018
Delinqq (All reviews)
Chinese Harry Potter season 1 is an anime that lacks the basic fundamentals of a good anime, yet manages to somehow pull through the 12 episodes, without turning into a chore to watch.

First off, it's very clear that the Chinese studio that was working on this adaptation did not put a lot of effort into the making of this anime. I mean, the guy on the cover art doesn't even look anything like the main protagonist. The art is lazy, often looks like a PowerPoint presentation, the sound quality is tragic, often switching volume which makes it hard to understand what is going on in read more
Nov 18, 2018
sepid_96 (All reviews)
so here i am loving this movie after i just watched it...i hated SAO's s2 was a huge mess in my opinion...after i watched s1 i was in love with the series so much that i couldn't believe what i'm watching in the middle of SAO's s2 :(
But i loved this movie...i wish there was no season2 or i wouldn't have watched s2 at all so that i could enjoy this movie even more than now :)

story 8/10 :back to the original story..away from all that s2's crap...
*SPOILER*we have a new game called ordinal this game people fight in reality not in their read more
Nov 18, 2018
Seiren (Anime) add (All reviews)
Leyren (All reviews)
TL;DR: No real depth but likeable characters, if you want some short cute romance, watch it.

Seiren explores 3 different scenarios all revolving around the same male character, so instead of some Harem or love-rivalry, it shows you how it could play out with each of them separately. Now, that of course means that there is not much time to explore the characters themselves, but nonetheless I found every one of them to be quite likeable. After all, I don't see the reason why a story revolving around romance should always contain characters with some crazy backstory, looks or personality. Most people are absolutely normal and read more
Nov 18, 2018
OG_Gattsu (All reviews)
Goblin Slayer has to be one of the most overrated anime this year, and no it’s not simply because of “muh rape”. As someone who’s not like the ‘snowflakes’ who write off GS because of the rape scene, once I watched the anime I found it really underwhelming and there to be more glaring problems to focus my attention on. I’ll explain in more detail later on (warning, may contain minor spoilers).

Story (6/10):
Goblin Slayer is about a adventurer who witnessed Goblins kill everyone in his village as a boy and rape his dear older sister. Filled with feelings of powerless, rage and anger, he swore read more
Nov 18, 2018
papsoshea (All reviews)
Most anime of today mainly put the focus on appealing to our desires to see someone rise to power, capture us in a romantic struggle, riddle us with epic plots, or fuel our desire to crack a good laugh. However, this tale’s focus is on something entirely different. Instead of focusing on any of these elements, it simply captures one’s heart and never lets up. Adapted from Morohe Yoshida’s manga, Inari, Konkon, Koi Iroha (Inari Kon Kon for English) is a heart-warming series that will have you intrigued with its innocence and charm. We all like to believe that there is some spiritual presence guiding read more
Nov 18, 2018
ReikaUchiha (All reviews)
Great artwork, beautiful sceneries of a traditional japanese hotel, intense contrasting personalities which come in contradiction with each other.

At first, my interest was quite intrigued and had high expectations.
I didn't like Ohana as a person because she was making decisions with no specific reason in mind- just because. I could see her persistence and stubborness but no passion, because she started something that wasn't her dream but she made into that on the way because life brought it like this.

Somewhere in the middle, the series losts it's path, and personally, I couldn't understand for which read more
Nov 18, 2018
Apdo1 (All reviews)
Not sure if anybody notices this, but in the recent episodes there is a newly "added" name in the key animators section of the ending credit that reads, "Komata Shoujiki", meaning, "Honesty troubled". Im not sure what exactly is happening within that studio but it's widely known that the animators for anime in Japan is an underpaying job. In the US, animator be getting paid $60k-$90k annually, while in Japan, they be getting paid $10k a year. So it is possible that the key animators, or many more staffs, are crying for help from someone since they are being mistreated, or forced to be work read more
Nov 18, 2018
LegendAqua (All reviews)
It's Graduation and you know what that means...

Spoilers Ahead...

ReLIFE: Kanketsu-hen is the final arc to ReLIFE. Though these four episodes shows Arata Kaizaki and Chizuru Hishiro graduating this also spells the end of their ReLIFE and just as their romance was blossoming, ReLIFE's "policy" of each test subject's memories of their year in ReLIFE is wiped and both Chizuru and Arata being test subjects....yeah.

ReLIFE: Kanketsu-hen's only flaw LA will note is that the last few events of Arata's ReLIFE school life is a bit rushed, rushing from the school cultural festival as well as graduation itself. Look LA gets it only had 4 more episodes read more
Nov 18, 2018
beandip1100 (All reviews)
While looking at the upcoming anime this fall/winter this one caught my attention. Story wise I'll be honest it's bland and has such a wonderful idea that fails to deliver. Elements that could have been further developed and turned into something worth paying attention to. However, this anime is supposedly adapted from a video game which in itself sounds like an interesting idea, but the way each of the 12 zodiac girls is just glossed over after every episode without character development is absurd. Given this anime will likely have only 12 episodes the story just doesn't make much sense. Art wise it's average and read more
Nov 18, 2018
ReikaUchiha (All reviews)
Even if the Sepherd thing spices up the story, there was no good connection between this and the realife those students follow.
Maybe that happened because the anime is 12 ep long, and the only option was to cram it all up and make it shallow.
The harem it was, I expected girls with a variety of personalities, just flirting with the main character, not evolving. Most of them learnt something with their interaction with him, and developed.
The main character wasn't a wuss, but a normal intellectual, although after the 3rd episode he started behaving like a typical boring, clueless, read more
Nov 17, 2018
likhon (All reviews)
This is my first review on MAL as I am not sure how to rate this anime only by a number and feel the need to explain what to explain in some details(compared to most reviews it will be short). I will try to keep the plot concealed as much as I can.

You might agree or disagree on what should have been done but the overall plot itself is quite intriguing. Elfen Lied had the chance to be a great anime, but it ruined everything by fan service. I don't mind nudity and gore at all. But the stupidity of the characters killed it all.

The read more
Nov 17, 2018
WhyCare (All reviews)
I don't know what to say.

Honestly, what is this? This is like Eromanga and OreImo have an incest baby. I completely don't understand the point of the plot. The character design is so bad in a way that is amusing. Seriously Porn Hub might be a better place to spend your 23 minutes.

Honestly the only way that you can enjoy this show is to watch it with your friend and laugh about the broken art. Actually it is more enjoyable than the show itself.

However I've heard that the source material is actually decently rated. Personally I hate Bro/Sis love because that's incest but at least read more
Nov 17, 2018
sazarits (All reviews)
This is the 3rd time I watch Nodame Cantabile and I still really enjoy watch this one. Besides let us to hear amazing classical compositions from Mozart, Schubert and so one this anime also shows you a beautiful love story of Noda Megumi and Chiaki Shinichi.

At first you'll think that Nodame loves Chiaki first but actually Chiaki itself already attracted to Nodame since their first meeting. He get attracted by Nodame's piano sound which is sound like a "CANTABILE". But then without he realized it he start to care to here since he cleans up Nodame's place and even wash her hair.

I watch read more
Nov 17, 2018
GSunn (All reviews)
Art - 6/10
While nothing innovative, it gets the job done without being too overly distracting. You'll need to be more reliant on the character's dialogue rather than their facial expressions in order to understand the dramatic moments. For the bits of banter between the characters though, it's especially well done and really makes their personalities come alive, but otherwise it's forgettable.

Sound 8/10
Personally, the only song I find to be memorable is the ED. While I never skipped the OP, it's lyrics are a tad generic. What I would have liked is a plot synopsis similar to Kotoura's backstory present in the ED. I'll however have read more
Nov 17, 2018
Mamurasuzume (All reviews)
The story was cute yet simple. It didn't need any dramatic scenes for it to be interesting and that's what made the movie so perfect.

The animation was so pleasing to the eyes and it's one of the reasons why I fell in love with the anime.

Kusakabe and Sajou's lovestory was so heartwarming and adorable I was legit squealing every time they kissed.

Not only that but the music was a great touch to the movie and it fit into the scenes so well.

Overall, I recommend to anyone who just wants a feel-good movie in which the characters and deeply in love with each other.
Nov 17, 2018
Shirokuza (All reviews)
After success in the previous series this time the shaft adapted the 13th series, Zoku Owarimonogatari. The Monogatari Series tells a story centered on Koyomi Araragi. A third grade high school student who almost returned to "normal" after being a vampire. One day, his classmate, Hitagi Senjougahara fell from the stairs to Koyomi's arms. He finally realized that Hitagi did not have a very light alias. As time went on, Koyomi found himself involved with other girls who were no less strange.

On Zoku Owarimonogatari contains a story about Koyomi Reverse. He found himself awake but not as a student or student after graduation. He became read more
Nov 17, 2018
AkiraAmon (All reviews)
Before I say anything, the artwork and music is wonderful and fits the theme of this anime well. However, I can tell this anime will be one of those cutey cute anime that either you like or don't like no in between. I already can tell every episode is going to be like the first 3 with little twists so I dropped it. The story is similar to Sakamoto desu ga! where every episode the main character does something a bit different and the shock factor is funny. If you are just starting out watching anime this could be amazing for you but as someone read more
Nov 17, 2018
Tuem (All reviews)
Anime 👏 Review 👏 (contains spoilers)
(I will compare Alicization to light novels and season 1 cuz they have similar basis with new world and shit)

As a someone who read the SAO: Alicization light novels, I don't like how the anime adaptation is from the ep 1 to ep 7 compared to the light novels. I'm probably going to write another review after the anime is finished.

Story (9): I was actually really hyped by the first episode and only thing I can say about it is "great". It's interesting in a similar way to the first episode of the first season. The world building in the read more
Nov 17, 2018
StarrySora (All reviews)
If u thought that the first movie was great, you're in for a real fuckin ride with this bad boy. My review for the first movie was serious but I honestly couldn't take this movie seriously even if I tried so here we go.

I watched KingPri: Pride the Hero for the first time at about 1 am. I would have thought the whole thing was some sort of weird lucid dream I had if it weren't for some of the notes I took.

Here are some of those notes just so u can get a feel for what I thought while I was watching this shitpost read more
Nov 17, 2018
Zargos101 (All reviews)
My honest thoughts. I came into this thinking it would be super lame and an immense invasion by modern tech. But this was surprisingly awesome and full of heart The characters are well developed and I love the way they speak Japanese slow when trying to speak the other language. It almost feels like a cool anime to prop up the real JSDF and how they act in real life. As ex-military who lived in Japan for 10 years, this is honestly how they actually are. Really good people who uphold human rights. As for the rest of the anime, I really like the art read more
Nov 17, 2018
Notshane (All reviews)
This anime changed my whole viewpoint of life. The way this man treated everyone so kindly, without a moment's hesitation, on top of having a girlfriend who didn't misunderstand him when he accidentally watered that feline, was just incredible. I expected a full on punishment scene that would last half the show, but it was just, surprisingly, nothing. Respect throughout, and it brought me to tears. Their bike ride was truly emotional, something everyone would need a box of tissues to get through, I know I sure did, as they saw the wonderful sights around their amicable village. I was truly touched and moved and read more
Nov 17, 2018
LuffTera (All reviews)
Legit the slowest anime ever made, not even joking. has light spoilers

They spend half of a episode celebrating a single goblin kill... and that is only one of the many bad time consuption in Grimgar. If a anime wants to be slow its okay if its done in a meaningful way, so anyone who is watching doesnt want to drop it as fast as possible, Fate/Zero and Steins Gate, for example, have kinda of a slow start and still is good to watch because there is important things happening (Fate) or Funny and some serious things (Steins Gate), grimgar doesnt do it.

Oh and that tragedy read more
Nov 17, 2018
fisixisfun (All reviews)
This anime is the definition of bland and boring.
Literally the most boring mecha anime out there with 0 interesting plot
and the dumbest characters around.

The only appeal here is Rikka's thighs and that's about it.
I would give it a 0 if I could.

Story: 1
Characters: 2 (only becuz of the thighs)
Enjoyment: 1 --> boring and bland with simple action and plot
Overall: 1

If you really like Mecha, literally choose any other mecha anime to watch. This anime is a waste of your time and the only reason it has any hype at all is because of the main female protagonist's thighs.
Nov 17, 2018
yuukyan (All reviews)
I call this anime: watchable garbage. And by this I mean, even though its utter trash, its so much easier to sit through than its appallingly bad manga. I mean you're watching one of those typical text-book pornos, but minus the sex and non-con and other weird stuff. Yes, its bad, but at least not terrible. Maybe watch it when you just have nothing better to do.

Story: 2/10

What they basically did to Dakaretai Otoko was turn an obscene manga into something more TV appropriate (and I use this term very, very loosely). The premise is, well, cliche. A tsundere lead with a almost scarily read more
Nov 17, 2018
ShiionKoro (All reviews)

This is the first anime I've ever watched.

Back then, I didn't even know anime existed.
But I know one thing for sure - I loved this series.

Its atmosphere was so lovely... so where the characters and the story was not always just funny, but serious at the right moments.

Heidi, the protagonist girl, a pure and nice girl from the city is moving due to her mothers work (or so I remember). She's moving into the alps to her 'uncle' Öhi. First, they're pretty split up, but they begin to grow friends who can't be seperated. Her new friend Peter is in read more
Nov 17, 2018
SCLFI (All reviews)
Kaiji is about the titular character, a NEET who spends his days vandalising foreign-imported cars, and generally feeling down with himself for not being a very successful person in life. He is confronted by a member of the Yakuza (Japanese mafia), who tells him that as he helped cosigned a loan for a former work colleague who's since gone missing, he is now several thousands in debt. The mobster sends Kaiji on a cruise ship wherein he, and many other people in similar situations, must now gamble with millions of yen, and either break free from the debts and finally be able to live a read more
Nov 17, 2018
BabyGirl06301 (All reviews)
SO much better than the first season's OVA episodes.

Number one: the art and sound were the same as the main series'. The sound is always the same, but the fact that they kept the art with the OVAs on par with the main series is really nice.

Number two: the first episode was hilarious. It was funny but not a one-off type of funny. It was actually enjoyable to watch Yato be an idiot this time around, unlike with the first ever OVA from the first season.

Number three: the second episode is a must-watch, in my opinion. As in, if you watched the read more
Nov 17, 2018
H4nss0n (All reviews)
You know what annoys me? When edge-lords band together around an anime and start giving it unironical 7 out of 10’s or higher just because they saw 2 people on twitter who seemed offended. Here’s the what you need to know:

This anime is not “realistic” or “dark”, a more correct term would be “edgy”. For example all goblins are seemingly men, why? Because that makes it so that their only means of reproduction is raping human women. From any sort of realistic perspective, maybe an evolutionary standpoint, we can see that this doesn't make sense. But this anime isn’t interested in making sense, it’s interested read more
Nov 17, 2018
Abeedo (All reviews)
Cowboy Bebop is not a show for everyone. It's not a plot heavy show, with only about 4 or 5 episodes furthering the story, the rest being episodic. It lacks the high adrenaline levels received when watching a shonen. If this all sounds like stuff you don't like, it might be better for you to spend your time on another show you know you will enjoy. However, if you don't mind all these things you may just find a show that will stay in your head forever.

Cowboy Bebop is a show about the crew of a spaceship called the Bebop. Each episode they search read more
Nov 17, 2018
sepid_96 (All reviews)
i just watched the last episode and decided to write a review on this anime :)
it was a good anime for a one time try :)

story 6/10 : the story is about a girl whose blood is cursed somehow and can defeat those evil spirits(don't know their names) and a boy who is half human half evil spirit :) thats all there is to it
it doesn't have a unique story..its them and their adventures...the main idea of this story is quite interesting but the story itself is a failure.

art 10/10 :i love Kyoto Animation's art no matter what...they are perfect *~*

sound 8/10 : surprisingly read more
Nov 17, 2018
GoodGuyGale (All reviews)
Earlier I wrote a a review on DiU describing it as lacking a lot of qualities that made the first 3 parts a treat to watch. This amplifies all the negative aspects of the 4th season by 2 fold. Frankly as someone whose baffled over the hatred towards shows like Goblin Slayer this season, a show that actually has proper tonal consistency and good looking character designs it really pisses me off how the upvote/downvote brigade can leave comments in the review section like "If you don't like Jojo you should be sent to Auschwitz" or spam like ゴゴゴゴゴゴゴゴゴゴゴゴゴゴ (the likes of which no longer read more
Nov 17, 2018
blacksmithx1 (All reviews)
For those of you who are unaware, SAO is the ISEKAI that brought the genre to immense popularity. While respecting that it is some what of a pioneer, the story tends to drag on unnecessarily and almost constantly views it's audience as unintelligent by walking everyone by the hand through plot points rather than allowing us to infer what is happening through context. It's SAO, so not watching doesn't make sense, but keeping it as a lower priority view for this season is recommended.

While the art is enjoyable and clean, they've left out other potentially visceral aspects. The story and characters are nothing read more
Nov 17, 2018
MrLust (All reviews)

!@!@!@#! Warning Dangerous anime !@!@!@!@!@



story: 8

what i liked from the story:
i like how this anime is authenic becuase of the many different charachters you meet in a short period of time.

also there isn't much backstory too look at, which makes the anime so much more better, because it made my think about how there past life must have been not just from the people read more
Nov 17, 2018
BabyGirl06301 (All reviews)
I can't believe it's taken me so long to watch these. Straight off the bat, I'll say that the second episode is better than the first. The first episode, to me, was a sort of give-or-take situation as it didn't really mean anything for the characters or their progression.

Before I get back to all that, I wanna also mention that the art is a step down from the usual series' art because these are OVAs. They aren't going to look as nice as the main series, so beware of that. Obviously, the music is always bomb, so that's a given.

The second episode specifically read more
Nov 17, 2018
madhouse008 (All reviews)
Badminton is such an obscure sport only an anime will tell a story about it. Hanebado tells a story of a high schools girl trying to figure out her relationship with her mom and the sport of badminton. One unique element about this show is that the main protagonist acts like the main antagonist against the supporting characters.

The characters in the show are single minded. It seems each of the characters are trying to sabotage each other or just doing badminton individually in an unhealthy way. It was hard to sympathize for the main character or the supporting characters.

The sound was pretty good. The sound read more
Nov 17, 2018
madhouse008 (All reviews)
Shichisei no Subaru feels like a show that is trying to copy Anohana, but in a mmo setting.

The main characters at the beginning of the show were six friends playing together in harmony until one of the six members dies, then they broke apart. Eventually the emergence of the dead member in the game starts the adventure of the story of the main character, Haruto, who to tries gather up the gang back together. Some of the members of the six friends felt a poor version of the characters in Anohana.

The setting for the show is generic, it does not differentiate from other read more
Nov 17, 2018
MaxWhiteHat (All reviews)
This is a stain on Anime and should never have been made.
It's pretty impressive how terrible you can make something with just 2 minutes, I thought maybe it'd be interesting to watch considering the politics around this one, but it's just a promotion for spreading Islam in Japan and building some mosque, sorry folks, I can't get behind that.

Considering the reality of the situation, it wouldn't be far fetched to call this video a massive lie as well. I don't know what the Muslims that did manage to get into Japan think Islam is like, but maybe look at countries where Islam read more
Nov 17, 2018
lazyking88 (All reviews)
By now, many people have likely heard of the show that went down as the greatest Trainwreck of 2017. It was a glorious failure that was simultaneously annoying and hilarious. The concept of a survival game is simple enough that a average writer could make a entertaining work from it but only a truly horrible writer could mess it. getting flashbacks to my handshakers review Ousama game is what happens when you adapt the manga of a novel written by an author without a single shred of talent or slef awareness. He even named the mc after himself!

Ousama game is weird in that it read more
Nov 17, 2018
sepid_96 (All reviews)
i don't know why people who doesn't like these genres even watched this...if you don't like these kinda anime series then do not watch don't have to :D
i like these kinds of stories so i started watching this anime and i ended up enjoying this anime X)

story 8/10 : i liked the story...i love detectives working with weird stuff so i liked the story...main story is about a guy who can't die and he desperately wants to die...another cheerful guy finds him and make him wanna live again somehow :)
the only big problem was that the stories are not stable enough to be perfect...if read more
Nov 17, 2018
LunaUri (All reviews)
Date A Live is an otaku-centric franchise―you have the twin-tailed imouto, another twin-tailed bishoujo (who is a yangire gothic lolita), the girl-from-another-world-who-is-detrementally-naïve-about-everyday-Earthian-life (very similar to Lum from Urusei Yatsura and Lala Satalin Deviluke from To Love Ru; same trope), the list goes on. This series has a lot of character designs with twin-tails or ponytails, because, like the great Kyon from The Melancholy of Haruhi Suzumiya once said, “Ponytails are the best hairstyle!”

• Similar to The World God Only Knows, another series that’s mainly in circulation because of otakus wanting more of their fetishes pandered to, the main character is able to choose visual novel screen read more