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Jun 22, 2017
KasaneD (All reviews)
This movie looked promising at first, that's why i stuck with it and watched it until the end, putting up with the poor, lazy-ass animation. And that got me nothing in return. I have started thinking the protagonist girl might be on the autism spectrum, that would explain her quirkiness which i am just willing to pass off as such as i have no better word i can think of to describe her behaviour. The whole thing had a ring of being half-hassed to it i found most unsettling. The story seemed half-assed, the characters seemed half-assed. Everything down to the animation seemed half-assed. The read more
Jun 22, 2017
WeissmanHyperion (All reviews)
Seeing the negative reviews of this anime saddens me, mostly because of the "expectations" of about esports, or SAO references all over the place. SAO is neither the best nor the first ever about the gaming genre. Here is one thing to learn about watching anime, do not go in with an expectation, but to watch it from scratch.

Story: The first season is about the story of the main character who was labeled the best at the game retired from game's competitive scene. He joins the newly launched server to enjoy his downtime from no longer being a professional player, finding new friends but read more
Jun 22, 2017
RainbowPlasma (All reviews)
The following review is completely spoiler-free, and is meant for users who are curious about whether to watch the show or not. While I write reviews with this focus, and the goal of presenting the show with little bias, it is impossible to write a completely unbiased review. Feel free to disagree with any of my opinions, and ultimately decide for yourself how you feel about the show after watching it yourself!

- Ridiculous Fun
Renai Boukun is the classic example of a show that doesn't try and take itself too seriously. Its parodic intro to the show (with the "Love Note" parody) is a fittingly silly, read more
Jun 22, 2017
AniMatt17 (All reviews)
Story: 6 Art: 7 Sound: 8 Character: 7 Enjoyment: 8 Overall: 7

Busou Shojo Machiavellianism is a good shounen martial arts and swordfighting anime with cute girls and a delinquent protagonist. If this is the kind of anime you're looking for, Busou Shojo will deliver.

The action is enjoyable in every fight. Each foe uses different weapons and techniques which keeps fights fresh and interesting. Whenever people aren't fighting, there's light fanservice and/or respectable amounts exposition for the next fight in its stead.

The characters all have their typical archetypes, but none really define them. Throughout the anime, most of the main cast gets some good development and read more
Jun 22, 2017
wolfwing (All reviews)
This is a anime with a intriguing idea, and interesting premise and start, that doesn't really feel like it goes anywhere. Which is a shame as there is so much to like about the world, I liked the idea of the earth essentially being a clock work planet now.

Problem is this is a example of a great idea hindered by poor villains and lack of feeling of gravitas. I never understood the villians goals, or their reasons and what their final plan was supposed to do. which made the final moments confusing.

I would say watch a few episodes to read more
Jun 22, 2017
Zelev (All reviews)
-- This review contains spoilers. Only read if you have finished the series. --

When thinking of this show, the word wacky comes to mind. We're introduced to characters that fit their "niche," if you will, but with a slight spin on it. They are basically forced together with the end result of their shenanigans being rather bizarre at times. This comedy follows the job of a cupid and the troubles that go along with it. With that said, it may be repetitive here and there which brings the show down overall. However, one of my biggest problems with the show is that the story itself read more
Jun 22, 2017
PyraXadon (All reviews)
Love is weird. On one hand, you can fall head over heels for your partner, but you could also want to dig your fingers into their throat because of how annoying they can be. I hope not every relationship is like that, but it can and has happened. Through it all, love can be hilarious due to how nonsensical the concept it can be when you put it in perspective. So why does it matter anyway? Well to Renai Boukun (aptly titled ‘Love Tyrant’), it means a lot.

Story: Aino Seiji is just your typical harem protagonist. Nice read more
Jun 22, 2017
MachRentaro (All reviews)
(This review may contain spoilers and name drops of other forms of media)

Did you know scores of GTA V on Steam are plummeting hard? Well scores of Akashic Records of Bastard Magic Instructor on MyAnimeList seem to be plummeting even harder! However, I probably don't seem to understand what makes this anime so bad, but then again, it's not amazing either.

Story - 7/10:
("OH GOD! THE UNIFORMS MAKE THE CHARACTERS LOOK LIKE STRIPPERS! THIS ANIME SUCKS!" - says a bunch of reviewers of this anime) To be fair, I didn't mind the school uniforms as it was inevitable fanservice that was commonplace in anime. But in read more
Jun 22, 2017
K-On!! (Anime) add (All reviews)
Ignis_Dino (All reviews)
Let’s practice.

This is a common statement during the first season of K-ON!, also used in the second (but not so many times).

K-ON! is not a show about music, but a show about the girls who play it, finding their place through it and cementing their friendship with their instruments, sometimes, as an activity to hang out, more than as the real purpose of those tools, play music.

Since this happens, and the main activity of the K-ON club is taken as secondary, as a means to an end without a real meaning other than an excuse, a lot of people may take as a fact that read more
Jun 22, 2017
1RainbowDash1 (All reviews)
Este anime despierta sentimientos ambiguos. La historia de la maldición, y como esta en sus diferentes arcos muestran el peor lado de quienes en principio deberían lucir como tiernos e inocentes personajes, es causante de intriga y desconcierto sobre que barbaridades se van a cometer hacen de este un anime que llame el interés.
Pero sus defectos no me dejaron verlo.El protagonista es bastante tonto, y confronta la situación de las formas más estúpidas, lo que siempre acaba con el muerto o herido, y es tonto de narices para que la trama avance y puedan salir a relucir las escenas gore (quizás como una consecuencia read more
Jun 22, 2017
DarthInvader (All reviews)
*No spoiler review*
TL;DR: A deconstructed school harem rom-com parody that is actually quite fun to watch if you are ready for a Love Octagon of epic proportion. The humour never dies, the seriousness never shines. The love comes and goes & the parody just flows.
[Story: 5/10 , Characters: 7/10, Art: 7/10, Sound: 6/10, Enjoyment: 7/10]

What do you get if you give the power of something serious as "Kiss Note" (similar to Death Note but kissing) to a clueless cupid who just wants to use it to make her wildest fantasies come true? You get a deconstructed rom-com parody that somehow keeps you watching for read more
Jun 22, 2017
LIQfilms (All reviews)
Death Note is easily one of the most popular and instantly recognisable anime out there, currently sitting at the number one spot here on MAL for the amount of members it has. It's a show that has been referenced and parodied time and time again by fans of the show, as well as in other anime. However, Renai Boukun, otherwise known as Love Tyrant, takes it a step further by making an entire show a parody of Death Note itself! And it's completely mediocre, with forced and bland comedy that becomes stale incredibly quickly, a lack lustre cast of characters while, at the same time, read more
Jun 22, 2017
PyraXadon (All reviews)
The road for a ‘Creative’ is a long and difficult one. The pressure of meeting deadlines, constantly improving yourself, and ultimately making something that you want is a struggle that many artists find themselves in as they try and share with the world the vision that they have. And so we find ourselves with the second season of Saekano, as we see the conclusion of what the doujin circle ‘Blessing Software’ has to offer.

Story: Picking off from the first season, Saekano Flat (which I will refer to as ‘Flat’ for the rest of the review) continues the story of Tomoya Aki and read more
Jun 22, 2017
Tyrannicswine117 (All reviews)
Warning possible Spoilers

It's kinda funny how an anime that an anime that mainly relies on action can actually be a very entertaining and enjoyable anime.

The story begins with Rokurou Okajima AKA Rock who gets captured by a group of pirates called black Lagoon, but when he discovers he was just a bargaining chip he decides to join the pirate crew and carry out their mischievous deeds.
I was actually surprised that there wasn't a straight story mostly because it was really just about the crew of Black Lagoon doing some odd end jobs while also encountering weird complications like Neo-Nazi's or a Maid that could be read more
Jun 22, 2017
Evelyn_stone (All reviews)
Alright, before some yaoi fangirl strangles me to death for writing this review, first listen to the reasons.

junjou romantica is an extremely popular anime in the shounen-ai genre. However, it isn't as good as you might think.

The art is crappy, the characters are very sappy and romancy (in other words, they make you wanna puke.) Please note, the review up till now is spoiler free but i'm getting in to detail below. Not many spoilers are mentioned though.

The relationship between characters is given below:

1) Misaki and Usami:
Misaki and Usami's relationship could've been better. If they had not included the whopping ten-year age gap, and read more
Jun 22, 2017
Huy_Quang_Pham (All reviews)
Staying awake after 2 PM, digging through an endless stream of "funny anime clips", I stumbled upon this weird video titled "Gaworare - The Trap"(yea I love traps shut up). So I gave this one a try and it was... good... I guess.
The concept really caught my eye. A young high school boy with PTSD with the power to see "flags"- which tells the person's emotions, fate, etc.
Follow his journey to create the most harem-y harem ever.
Characters are pretty basic, like you've seen them EVERYWHERE ELSE. Not special in anyway. But they don't have to be special to become enjoyable. I really like them, for read more
Jun 22, 2017
Monster (Anime) add (All reviews)
jasonlu (All reviews)
- Summary (TL:DR) -

The show started strong and slow meanders it's way to the finish line. The characters were very much defined from the get go and changes very little throughout the story. personally, I didn't find as deep and complex as the fans of the show claimed it to be, but I didn't find it to be as much of a snooze fest as it's haters claimed.

So what do I think about Naoki Urasawa's Monster? Ehh, it's fine, I don't find it particularly offensive but I doubt I would be recommending it to anyone. If you're thinking of watching the show, watch the first read more
Jun 22, 2017
TsubakiYeah (All reviews)
When writing anime reviews I do my damnedest to avoid spoiling anything that happens beyond the opening minutes of a series. I've always preferred going into a show with absolutely no idea of what's to come, and it's led to some wonderful surprises along with many a-quickly-dropped series. In the past I've mostly relied on recommendation charts, recommendations from or and the occasional magazine review to guide my choice in what to watch next. Sometimes it pays off to be a little random, however, so before I dive into the world of Hinamizawa for this review, allow me to share how I first came across read more
Jun 22, 2017
mhmh93 (All reviews)
Son: "Mom, there are ( love's sorrow) and (love's joy), why do you always play (love's sorrow)?"
Mom: "To get used to the sadness."
Well, this is my first review, I'll try to put all what i feel.
2 days left after watching all episodes of this anime and I'm still unconvinced, (Your lie in April) had succeeded to break my heart. After (Clannad after story), i thought no anime will do same, true that (Clannad after story ) has possessed very very sad moments and hard to forget, but i think (your lie in April ) now, the saddest anime i have been watched ever, even it's read more
Jun 22, 2017
Stark700 (All reviews)
Plenty of rom-com series focuses on school life relationships these days between young teens. I can’t say this enough but every season seems to have them in some way or form. Then, there’s Renai Boukun which seems normal at first. But then, you add a thing called the “Kiss Note”, a red headed yandere, a Shinigami, angels, and you get a show of bizarre shenanigans.

Adapted by the manga of the same name, Renai Boukun is what I envision as a parody or perhaps deconstruction of the rom-com genre. The series starts off with Aino Seiji, a normal high student living his daily life as read more
Jun 22, 2017
AhmedFisherman (All reviews)
Whaaaat? Are you telling me that Saekano has now an actual plot and that it's not just your average ecchi harem comedy anymore?
Yeah, you've read it right, the secon season of Saekano was a good surprise, the first episodes continued where the first season left and as it continued the characters have shown some development, especially the girls. Even Katou abandoned her flat self for some time, and this is huge.
This season is way better than the first one. Yeah, there are still those ecchi shoots and there's still lots of fanservice, but the story has its important role now. The last episodes really read more
Jun 22, 2017
henkuku (All reviews)
This was one of those series which caught my eye when I was checking out the PVs for Spring a couple of months back. Right now, I can safely say that it has hardly disappointed me and even exceeded my expectations.

Kabukibu is a story focusing on a youngster, Kurogo, who is incredibly passionate about kabuki (classical Japanese dance-drama), as he aims to gather people to form a kabuki club, hence the title of the show. The plot is not in any way unique; it's probably not the first time you will have heard of an anime where some guy decides to form a club read more
Jun 22, 2017
BlackCicero (All reviews)
After stumbling across this series and binge-watching the entirety of Season 1, with regard to this season, I think I was able to get more enjoyment overall from the show. I felt like this season there was more focus on the character dynamics between Tomoya, Megumi, Utaha and Eriri. As a result I felt like they were able to get much more character development than I felt they did in Season 1.
I feel like Saenai Heroine no Sodatekata is one of the better anime in the Harem genre and it doesn't really have many of the failings one might find when watching anime with Harem read more
Jun 22, 2017
ItsFilipe (All reviews)
This is the second season of Saekano and like it should it starts of after the ending of the first one.
I liked the first season but to me it didn't seem to be anything special or worth remembering, i mean you had the best girl fight like you have in any harem show nowadays, but this second season just raised the bar so high that it kept me waiting and hoping that thursday would finally come so i could watch this show.
Story - 9
-This story is very straightforward, you have the MC, Tomoya and his circle trying to make read more
Jun 22, 2017
HaXXspetten (All reviews)
A cosplaying angel descends to Earth with the goal of utilizing her magical Kiss Note to create couples (preferably yaoi ones) by writing their names down in it to make them fall in love with each other, and somehow manages to end up in a 4-way relationship between herself, a yandere, a lesbian siscon and a perfectly ordinary guy. Sounds ridiculous? Well, that's Renai Boukun in a nutshell for you.

This is a hilarious parody of your stereotypical romcom, Death Note and more. Renai Boukun does not take itself seriously whatsoever and is packed to the brim with light-hearted gags and references. It is utterly silly read more
Jun 22, 2017
Rendhart (All reviews)
I don't know why china start too slow in anime industry. I just can't believe that china could make this kind of anime, it's too bad that it's only have around 18 minutes duration and it's kinda disappointing for me. well, i won't put that into my judgement. since i myself really enjoy this anime.


if i should say, that actually they don't have something special on it or maybe it just that i can't see very special plot that could make me wait to watch this anime. if i could say it's typical of anime that you might already see if you are an anime read more
Jun 22, 2017
Lancehot (All reviews)
Dou-sama is an alien with a dream – to own his own invasion franchise & conquer the galaxy. After being seen off by his mother, he sets course for fame & fortune with new employees Papu & Chiku. First stop: Earth. But he's about to discover that conquering a planet is harder than it sounds.

Consisting mostly of fish out of water & odd-couple humour, the trio soon realise they're out of their depth & most episodes follow their day to day attempts to adjust to life in Japan; thoughts of global domination giving way to trying local food or finding enough money to pay rent.

Not read more
Jun 22, 2017
Simoun (Anime) add (All reviews)
B-M-96 (All reviews)
It's been 3 years since I last watched Simoun. I remember it being exceptional, and I've considered it my favourite since not long after watching it. But as I went through my rewatch, I was ready to nitpick and find as many flaws as I could. I now realise that there are few shows that even come close to Simoun's level of quality throughout, either as a character-drama, a war-drama, a sci-fi or the subtle social commentary peppered throughout.

Ah yes, I suppose I should mention that Simoun plants itself heavily within the war-drama category, with a heavy emphasis on its characters and set in a read more
Jun 22, 2017
rav_3l (All reviews)
I am a romance fan. So, when I saw this anime with the "romance" tag, it automatically went into my Plan to Watch list. What surprised me that instead of a typical everyday school life romcom, what I got was a fresh blend of innocence and slowly yet steadily developed love between the two "late bloomers".

Story: (8)
The story starts off with soft, pleasant music coupled along with a tour around Kawagoe, the place the story revolves around. As the students of school look excitedly for their classes, both the main characters - Azumi and Akane are given a slight appearance. Luckily, they end up in read more
Jun 22, 2017
Swirrl (All reviews)
Tsuritama- 8/10
Genres: Comedy, Slice of Life, Sci-Fi, Sports

Plot-8/10: Tsuritama takes place in a small fishing community called Enoshima. Here, the main character, Yuki, makes three unique friends: an alien, a fishing protégé, and a member of a secret agency (and his duck, Tapioca). Over the course of 12 episodes, Yuki learns how to fish and for the first time experiences true friendship and pure fun.

Having never watched an anime about fishing, I enjoyed the unique premise. I appreciate that the anime takes its time to explain certain things about fishing (most times through dialogue), like the importance of using the right lure, how read more
Jun 22, 2017
Akira (Anime) add (All reviews)
Project-Exodus (All reviews)
Looking at Akira objectively its nothing special.


Any animator or aspiring animator must watch this. It's does a lot of things first and pioneers many aspects of modern animation.

Aside from this you are getting a slightly above average story with very typical or rather archetypal characters, nothing wrong with that however if you are someone who hears how high regard this film is, and then proceeds to watch it them you might be the first to point that out.

It is still definitely worth your time but don't expect a masterpiece. Thats the end of evangelion you are looking for. As a technical piece, its put simply, read more
Jun 22, 2017
Shingster (All reviews)
Akashic records of the bastard instructor is based off the light novel of the same name that I only started to read recently. This anime after seeing the Pv for it and the first episode is proving to be one of the best animes that started this season. Power based animes like Akashic records are one of the staples of the anime industry and one of the most common genre and with good reason. The premise of the show somewhat resembles another anime that I seen in the past that had a similar story and premise. This was Mahouka Koukou no Rettousei. In a way, read more
Jun 22, 2017
donhaas (All reviews)
Going into this anime I was really looking forward to watching it mainly due to the strong reputation it had. From what Ive heard this franchise is very beloved as both its manga and anime adaption has received positive feedback. When this series was made, the manga was half finished so the second half of the series is mostly made up. I found this series to be very good and after watching all 51 episodes English dubbed here's what I think.***CONTAINS MINOR SPOILERS***


1)Storyline: I personally found the story to be very good. It centers around its fictional use of alchemy, which adds science and fantasy read more
Jun 22, 2017
Gundroog (All reviews)
Shouwa Genroku Rakugo Shinjuu might be the comfiest anime I've seen in recent memory. Not because it falls into SoL or Iyashikei territory, it doesn't really. It's neat and cozy because of how personal it is. That might be one of the main qualities of this show, it's personal. You meet and get familiar them, their life, their troubles and triumphs. The scale and drama are appropriate. World isn't going to end, nobody's mind is spirling out of control but that makes it all the more grounded and relatable.

Art: not much has changed since the first season. This show is showing what DEEN is read more
Jun 22, 2017
Lancehot (All reviews)
Do you love rice? Do you love boys? If yes, you'd better hand yourself in to the police. But before you do, you'd better watch Love Rice. It might make you reconsider your life choices.

Hinohikari is a boy who knows what he wants & what he wants is to be the HarveStar of the Harvest Show. There's just one problem: nobody likes rice any more, which is unfortunate enough when you're a rice-boy (not the car kind) but doubly so when it means the Kokuritsu Inaho Academy he attends is in danger of shutting down. Undeterred, Hinohikari will achieve his dream & save his school read more
Jun 22, 2017
Project-Exodus (All reviews)
Black Lagoon is just a much more serious version of tropic thunder. And it's fantastic. It's just the right amount of reality and crazy that I would expect from an anime. And it's fun.

It's visually very appealing, with an okay story.

I rather not spoil it, but if you like action with a bit more substance. Seriously consider watching the first and second seasons. There's a mix up as to whether you should watch this in Engrish or Jrapanese, TBH I preferred the japanese, but this is one of the few shows where it's perfectly reasonable to watch the dub due to the premise and the read more
Jun 22, 2017
Kurniawan_Ktr (All reviews)
Tenshi no Tamago or Angel's Egg is often regarded as an obscure anime. It has an unusual approach of story telling (if it can be called as such) and contains so many symbolisms, especially symbols related to christianity. This is the reason why some people call it as "a set of paintings that is animated". Moreover, it has very few conversations and most of the time we can only see the movement of the backgrounds (especially the water and clouds) and the characters in it. This can make this anime boring as hell or even be seen as such a terrible work. To enjoy this read more
Jun 22, 2017
Beck (Anime) add (All reviews)
Project-Exodus (All reviews)
BECK is like that girl.

You know that girl.

The one who wears the nirvana / guns and roses t-shirt and the only song she knows is "Smells like Teen Spirit" assuming it was made by guns and roses. Yea that girl.

BECK is a pretty nice albeit a very skimmed down portrayal of a musician's life trying to make it big. I like it because its diegetic enough for a normal non-standing audience to understand new perspectives but at the same time as someone who reads up a lot on musicians lives is a little disappointed that there can be a bit more substance (but thats just read more
Jun 22, 2017
Ajin (Anime) add (All reviews)
Annanyanya (All reviews)
In terms of story, Ajin isn't all that unique when you break it down. Very simply, it is a story about a "misfit" in society who is discovered and whose life changes. He tries to live simply and blend in, but various circumstances coax him into becoming involved in a larger picture, in which he acts as one of the saviors of humanity. Like I said, it's not that unique. So, why does it stand out? In my opinion, it's the characters.

Ajin is interesting because the main character isn't your run-of-the-mill hero. He's colder, darker, and his motives are centered more around himself than read more
Jun 22, 2017
Project-Exodus (All reviews)
Baccano! is something I enjoyed more for the atmosphere than the actually story. Throughout the show I saw myself enjoying more the allure of the setting than the actual story itself. The story is fair and the characters are fantastic, but in comparison to how perfectly executed the theming and the setting was done only the characters can truly hold a candle to it.

Thats not to say that this is a bad show, it's does decent in some parts but it clearly has some innumerable strengths that make the other parts seem much worse than they actually are. It's worth your time tho, it's probably read more
Jun 22, 2017
Project-Exodus (All reviews)
Its a cool as hell premise, but executed in the most medicore way possible. The design is cool but nothing special in my eyes. The robot guy is cool as hell. Under the sheet of a old school 80s like anime.

I did enjoy it, and it was nice too look at. However in comparison to the other titles, I think this one is the best. The CGI in the other films are horrid but at least here we get more of the same (in compassion to the franchise) but in old-school 2-D animation. And I very much prefer that.

I cant say I hated it, but read more
Jun 22, 2017
Project-Exodus (All reviews)
Angel Beats is like the girl you injected shitty cute memories onto only to realize shes a pure normie with no redeeming qualities. Everything about this show is contrived, pandering and not intuitive at all. It's just made to give a rise out of you without any significant substance within. A sub par art style and extremely forgettable characters, this is a show you watch with a significant other if you want to try and fit the whole fist however i cant stop you.

As for me I dont have something to shove my fist in so ill have to bring my overall enjoyment and rating read more
Jun 22, 2017
appaweeb (All reviews)
Now, I'm not going to say this was a masterpiece, but after watching 11 episodes (soon to be 12 later today when it comes out on CRoll) I can tell you that this anime was a fun ride. When it first came out, I was hesitant because I wasn't sure how well they would adapt the novel. It really does a good job at squeezing out the more entertaining parts from the 3 novels it has covered into a 12 episode series. Personally, I believe that it is one of the best new anime this season. I would suggest it, but I have to warn read more
Jun 22, 2017
NinjaGearX (All reviews)
Aviso: A seguinte Review é totalmente LIVRE DE SPOILER. Eu também não li e não tenho nenhum contexto do mangá, é uma review baseada unicamente no anime. Essa também é a minha primeira review no site, então pode haver baixa qualidade. Peço que qualquer crítica a minha maneira de escrever seja produtiva e me ajude a melhorar meu potencial como reviewer.

A segunda temporada de Shingeki no Kyojin é simplesmente "mais do mesmo".
Quando a primeira temporada de shingeki foi lançada, foi algo diferente de toda a indústria. O gore, as mortes de personagens importantes, o realismo, a sensação de ser presa, apenas esperando um predador vir read more
Jun 22, 2017
ItzToxic (All reviews)
It’s kinda weird, seeing these low reviews for such a stupid anime, but that’s expected. I feel like this show shouldn't be pretty low 7's, but I guess too much stupidity really affects it all.

I’ll say it right now, this show is dumb. Like, really dumb. So dumb that it’s one of my favourite anime’s of the season.

I have read the manga and I know the events that are coming out as they unfold, but seeing it animated is a beauty to see. Don’t take this seriously. If you try to analyze and
try to criticize this anime, well, you will succeed. You’ll find a read more
Jun 22, 2017
ZALRAN (All reviews)
So what is this anime about "Love Tyrant"

If you have the death note
Here we have the kiss note

Yes I said it the kiss note

So first what to expect

This anime seriously it's like this
Scenes get super serious and great fights
Then it turns into a parody all of a sudden
It is always trolling well it's funny anyways so it's ok

So there will be harem so if you want a harem anime yeah this one is for you
Though tip the MC is dense so if you don't want well I respect

So this is not very great or something but read more
Jun 22, 2017
CorujaTM (All reviews)

Bom, ao decorrer desses meus anos de "assistidor de animes" eu desenvolvi uma técnica infalível para determinar se um anime é bom ou não. Claro que o que eu posso considerar algo bom, outra pessoa não pode, mas em fim.

A técnica é bem simples:
Basta você colocar o anime para assistir, se você começar a mover o mouse para que o tempo que o anime está rodando apareça, é sinal de que o anime está te entediando.

Se você acabou de dar play, e por algum motivo desconhecido da natureza humana a ending aparecer, é por que o Anime te agradou e read more
Jun 22, 2017
JKILYA123 (All reviews)
(This review will contain some spoilers)

Mirai nikki or Future diary has become one of the most popular anime series out there,with its great story and the famous yandere queen,Yuno Gasai.But let's get started on the review.

Story: 8/10

The story for this great anime is good but not something original.The story follows a middle school boy,named Yukiteru Amano.He is an unfriendly,antisocial loner that has no life and likes to write EVERYTHING he sees in his cellphone.Yukiteru finds a way to escape his miserable life by creating an imaginary friend named Deus Ex Machina,who is the God of space and time.It turns out that Deus was actually real read more
Jun 22, 2017
Werty800 (All reviews)
Busou Shoujo Machiavellianism is a very simple, fast show. Unsurprisingly, I don't have much to say about it.

The premise of a school overtaken by armed girls allows for a lot of crazy things to take place. There's a masculine guy fighting girls, each one with a different weapon and fighting style, there's a girl who has a bear, who he also fights in a sumo match, there's tons of fanservice that is implemented in a way that actually isn't just for the sake of itself, as it attempts to create some comedic situations and even characterize some with the sheer idea that they like to read more
Jun 22, 2017
ZALRAN (All reviews)
To those who think that season 1 is very bad and season 2 will be as well
I tell u this this is tenfolds better than season 1
To those who did not watch season 1 yet please do since you will miss this great anime of season 2
(Side note watch episode 0 first in season 2)

This will be spoilers for those who haven't watched season 1 so please watch it before reading this review

What to expect
So number 1 this is better than season 1 I promise you so if you plan to drop season 2 since u did not like season 1 please rethink read more