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Sword Art Online (Anime) add
There are few I would give a 10/10 for and this would be one. SAO is a totally unique and brilliantly portrays imagination of what a VRMMORPG would be like. This would be perfect start for gaming fan wanting to get into anime. The twists and turn will keep you on the edge of your seat and the show has like hearted side that is not cheesy at all. I found all characters both good and bad to be likeable and their personalities portrayed extremely well.

I really can fault this anime in any respect. All I can say is that this one is one to watch for sure.
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Bloodivores (Anime) add
What's worse?, that this anime actually HAS cohesion, or that LA just doesn't care about ANYTHING about this anime?.

Bloodivores is the start of the Japanese-Chinese collaboration animations and it's already has a bad reputation, this is the anime that solidifies this statement.

Ok, right down to the technical shall we and we have A LOT to unpack in this one...strap in and start boring yourself through this sludge-fest.

Let's get to it's flaws for this anime. Let's start with it's characters, the entire cast are entirely stock with one type of personality you kinda expect from a shounen "horror" anime. From Mi Liu voiced by Kenji Akabane the main protagonist and the "Child of Peace" being both half human and half bloodivore and he's your typical nice guy hero that does no wrong, Win Chao voiced by Shouhei Yamaguchi the asshole and the naive idiot, Anji Zo voiced by Eri Kitamura, the token female and local damsel in distress and Chen Fong voiced by Mitsuhiro Ichiki......ummm the other nice guy???. Yeah you probably know what LA's beef is with our main cast...their stereotypical and not much else that makes ANY of these characters interesting even with their backstory it doesn't help. For minor characters or villains, the minor cast are nothing but support characters that tag along with the main cast or just disappears then REAPPEARS out of nowhere, if anything the minor characters either stall for time to bring us already known information or just faffs around (those being Lee Shin voiced by Takuya Satou, Cho Ifen voiced by Natsue Sasamoto, Lai voiced by Tadashi Miyazawa and Yaya voiced by Arisa Nakada, villains?, there is "one" by the name of Yao Lou voiced by Show Hayami, but him being a "threat" to the main cast is only through a power struggle that NEVER comes to a proper battle and he's merely "evil" for evils sake with a smug bastard personality and OP as hell character just to emphasize his "evil villain" status . With this kind of a scope of the you blame LA by saying that LA doesn't give a crap about any of the characters one way or the other?.

Next would be the plot itself and the plot is as erratic as it's pacing. For one, we get dumped right into a bank robbery and then into a prison, then it becomes a survival game with monsters out for blood to the inmates stuck in this space-time prison the main protagonist just SOMEHOW knows this, then we go into backstories for the main cast with some deaths for "suspense"...LA pretty much explained the first HALF of the anime in a SENTENCE. This kind of pacing doesn't help the characters as they are more reacting to the plot than acting on their own accord to it. The plot doesn't have a good mystery hook either, because if your expecting the many questions like what the space-time prison Aori is?, What does this have to do with the Child of read more
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What to say about this anime.... well, in my opinion, this is one of the most complete and solid work I've ever seen; It's true I haven't watched many anime until now, but it will very difficult to find out another anime like that, and now I'll try to tell you why. One of the first reason (if not the most important) it's the evolution of facts; I don't want to do any spoilers, but the plot written on MAL cover only 3 episodes of the anime, and for me this was a lovely and unexpected surprise. Another thing is the number of genres this anime has: Supernatural, slice of life, drama, romance, harem, ecchi (not so excessive), school, comedy elements, and maybe others, and they are, in my opinion, well combinated both in time and in enviroment. Characters are not really original and fresh, but they are characterized in a good way. This anime surprise me more and more, in particular in the last episode, that conclude in a bittersweet way the entire story. Opening and ending aren't a masterpiece, but they can listen more and more time without boring you. Art style is standard for me: simple but efficient. As I've already said in this review, I really loved it, and all anime lovers should give a chance to it, you'll not regret, I promise you.
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Ajin (Anime) add
This Anime is definitely one to watch! I was gripped by the story from the first episode. What's unique about this one is that in most cases one would imagine it would be a blessing to be an immortal demi-god but in this world it is very much a curse. The story follows the main character Kei and his fight for freedom against a world who is after him after his new found power is revealed. There are some very intense scenes that follow that add a nice amount of shock value.

The only negative things I can say about this is that the bad guy Satou's character seemed a little unconvincing to me, although the fight scenes he is in are totally epic. The story also was a little disjointed at times, but ultimately these cons can all be easy overlooked.
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Akebi no Hana: Maho (Anime) add
Rate a 5
english subtitles

-art is beautiful
-art: there is no skipping any form of background
-art: blends in with the plot
-plot: had a interesting turn of events. In the culture we live it is mostly the men that are known for the heart stabbing. A simple 'i love you' tends to be a temporary arrangement. When a woman says it is an iron clad deal. Or at least that is what the media has us believe. To see the even unfold the other way around is a relief/ interesting. A relief that no-longer even for a brief moment are men the evil ones in the relationship. Interesting for it allows the men that are guilty of mentioned evil act a chance to see through the woman's eyes.
-sound: no complaints in any regard. Static or particular voice casting.

-character: more could be said about each character. The only person with good background is the main female.

-plot: is plain on the intro and conclusion
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Dimension W (Anime) add
I have mixed feelings about this one. I like the concept behind the story and it is uniquely different in its own way. The delivery of the story I found is average. Like most anime's I find myself completely immersed and difficult to stop watching. This one seemed like more of a chore to get through. Based on the rating I presumed that I will be rewarded with a spectacular ending, alas this was not the case either.

Overall I believe Dimension W is quite overrated and can be given a miss. Time can be better spend watching something else.
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ēlDLIVE (Anime) add
I will not emphasize that much as my english is limited.

It's not by any chance a bad anime, but for my liking it's just horrible.

Typical shonen story where the protagonist is useless and tries to act all serious, obviously can be more powerful after some episodes, but in this case, he is still useless as of chapter 7(Useless as he can't do anything by himself). Also, don't miss out the typical girl that hates this guy, but will get to fall in love with him in near future.

As for art, it's quite good, so won't say that much.

Sound, the sounds are good, you can hear crispy voices and such, sense of direction was correctly used. As for background/insert music, that is also pretty decent considering they are put in the right places but sometimes the volume level is really low and can barely hear any music, but it's not that it matters that much.

The character development is decent, we get to know them, their stories, and such. We get some of their behaviour towards others, but their personalities seems really generic for this kind of show.

As for enjoyment, i was holding myself from dropping it at episode 2, so i kept watching it and after realizing i didn't like the story, i finally dropped it at episode 7. Don't get me wrong, i don't particularly hate it.

I have not read the manga, and will not do it in the future. The series overall seems disappointing to me.

TLDR: Of course i didn't like it, you don't have to agree with this of course. This series doens't seem to have a bright future in my eyes, as i didn't enjoy anything from the Story itself. So imo, right now the score below 6 is deserved. Best regards to all you!
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Makes you hate the fact that you already finished watching it at the end.
Every single character were lovable in their own ways and through them we are taught that everything that happens is a necessity.
Music was beautiful in every aspect, suits the mood of each scene and is immensely effective.
The characters were full of life with excellent voice acting, personalities and roles that fulfilled the overall storyline marvelously.
I can point out many weaknesses, but I see no point in doing so as it has already delivered its purpose in such a convincing way that it drowns them out.
A series that touches upon meaning with wonder in life.
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Ryuu no Haisha (Anime) add
Ryuu no Haisha is a two episode special which will take you to a fictional world with wars, magic, bugs and, of course, dragons.
The female main character is Nonoko, a cheerful girl and "Dragon Dentist". This work includes... yes, you guessed right: cleaning dragon's teeth. Now, the dragons are not those kind of dragons you are used to. I sometimes wondered during the episodes whether if those dragons were really alive or they were just machines...
The dragon dentist won't clean those teeth because they are dirty. They have little creatures that look like bacterias or bugs. I won't tell you what they really are, but let me tell that theirs is a tough job on which these dentist risk their lives.
The male protagonist is Bell. It is early reveled that he was a soldier who died and ended up on the dragon. Both, Nonoko and Bell, start a senpai-kouhai relationship in which Nonoko teaches Bell how is it to be a dragon dentist.
From this point the story develops on a wonderful way. You will find these two episodes full of action and with a worked out background. Even though the whole animation lasts 90 minutes, the setting and characters are successfully developed.
If there is something I didn't really like is the animation itself. I must admit I'm not someone who knows much about it, but I didn't like some scenes or cameos in which you can realize that the animation is too "computer-made". I hope you can get my point from this.
Anyway, I found on Ryuu no Haisha an original story, full of action and fantasy. It is somehow refreshig to see something like this, specially when you are used to slice of life, romance, school animes. I'm sure anyone who starts watching it will want to see it until the end: I found it catchy and really enjoyable.
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K-On! (Anime) add
Changing ourselves is never easy. Usually it would take one dramatic or traumatic experience to finally give one a slap at the face that they need to change themselves. Let's take one bad habit - drinking for example. It's easy to drown ourselves in cheap beers and vodka and forget our problems for one night but the next day, when soberness kicks in along with the painful hangover, reality kicks you twice as hard. Your problems didn't disappear. You do it again that night and the night after that and again the next day until your kidney throws in the towel. Your problems still haven't been solved and now you gotta think about that kidney operation. Only then will you start to think rationally and face your original problems instead of running away and stop drinking for once. It's when we hit our lowest points, we are the most susceptible to change.

K-On! is a story about change but it doesn't involve any traumatic experience at all. K-On! is a light, fluffy and heart-warming story of five high school girls and their daily lives in the light music club, more specifically - the story of Hirasawa Yui wanting to finally do something meaningful in her life and stray away from her incompetent, lazy, oblivious and irresponsible self. With help from her childhood friend Nodoka, she finds her way to the light music club and they needed a guitarist. Yui then decides to pick one up even with zero knowledge of playing one. Towards the resolution, Yui is a different Yui from the first episode. She becomes more responsible and reliable. Although it took her quite a while but it proves that with the right guidance, change is possible.

Due to the fact that it was based on a 4 panel manga of the same name, the punchline is always spot on. The jokes - albeit more cuter rather than funny, works well for me. While the plot moves very quickly each episode, it manages to highlight each and every one of the individual characters including the side characters, Nodoka, Ui and Sawaka. The animation and art drastically changed in season 2, making the first season look like a lazy excuse to not deliver the same quality though it's not unforgivable because it may be due to limited budget or whatnot. Giving the audio a solid 10 is a no-brainer. I mean, have you heard their songs and BGM? (Fun fact: the voice actors also held concerts where in some of their songs, they play the instruments themselves). Toyosaki Aki, the voice of Hirasawa Yui was a friggin revelation.

Overall, I thoroughly enjoyed it. The weakest part of the series is actually the story since it was based on a 4 panel manga and there's only 13 episodes.
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Sakamichi no Apollon (Anime) add
This is by far one of the best anime i've seen!

To start: I am the bari saxist of my catholic high school jazz band, so the incorporation of religion, though just a hint, was amazing! you never find that in anime, and i thought it was really cool. I unironically love jazz too, though the bee movie might convince you otherwise. The way they used so many different jazz pieces was phenomenal! The time period was neat too since it was before cellphones and all of that you could see the characters connect so much better!

From the art to the soundtrack, Sakamichi no Apollon is an anime necessity!
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4 hours ago
Kokoro ga Sakebitagatterunda. (Anime) add

I saw loads of potential in this movie. The story is great, so is the art style and I liked its sound direction, although I felt as it was missing something but this could be due to the pacing of the movie being too rushed. Fitting this kind of thing into 2 hours really restricted what it could have been.

Massive pacing issues! It should have been made as an at least 24 episode show hopefully, even more. Then it could have taken it slower and built it up to a crescendo to then shock us with what happens.

This story was full of potential, it was pretty good I would still say I enjoyed it but thinking what it could have been, disappoints me it could have been a wonderful show probably would have among my favorites if it was executed better A-1 did a great job on Your lie in April, I loved it I wish they could have used the same magic here.

Still worth a watch if you have the spare time, still a decent movie but that's the main problem, its a movie not a show.
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Despite all the jokes about Pantsu and ... vicinity is not something that has never been seen, still feel this anime comedy ecchi different from the usual. Perhaps the reason is because this anime is able tokeep itself so it does not get as bad others. Using job Yuuki as a manga authorecchi and to describe its behavior so that it looks so innocent, jokes in this anime was more likely to seem like an everyday occurrence, like the only form of delinquency an innocent child who has a way of looking a little unique, and not hokey irritating power of someone who is dirty-minded or who continue to happen to accidentally forced repeatedly to good-natured young man who unusually lucky. In other words, even though he never stopped talking about things ecchi, anime is still prefers the comedy section, raised as a star in the show that the audience is always going first to laugh before she was uncomfortable with the topic being discussed. Erotisismenya level may still be too high for some people, but it does not prevent this anime from being a great comedy.
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Gregory Horror Show (Anime) add
Rate of 7
english dubbed

A somewhat personalized anime. Very decision based and the conclusion to reason makes you think. The idea of not knowing who the narator is a wonderful concept. A very good role playing game.

I can not think of any way i would change it. All details that would come to mind of what i would expect were there. The art was no question relevant to the plot.

Voices as well as sound effects not only matched the mood but were timed perfectly.

Character backstory
Normally i would say it was confusing but that was the point here. If it was simple or you could follow through it would ruin the adventure. This story on background i can see to be the type where you pause and have a debate on what has happened and what will happen.

Plot is very thick. Unless you are wise i mean extremely open minded you will fall for each of their traps. Some traps are obvious others are not so much. The idea of the obvious traps with trick later down the road. So the blend is quite smooth.
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Death Parade (Anime) add
Death parade, finally a newer anime that I really feel I deeply enjoyed. The only think keeping me from giving it a 10/10 is the fact that the story it wants to deliver is, just like the series, too short. Wish they could have told more, but I myself find it hard to believe they could expand more on their message. Moreover they could have given a bit more screentime to the supporting cast. I noetheless think that this one great show and I highly suggest it to whoever enjoys high quality storytelling.

This anime is definitely not for the faint of heart, it's a harsh series, sad and mildly violent. It's no happy shonen adventure series if you know what I mean.
Overall I'd say that it's worth watching.

When I read the premise of Death parade, alongside the title, I was sure I was getting into the equivalent of Saw movies from the land of the rising sun: entering a bar where you'll be playing games that directly affect your organs and that will decide your afterlife? It sounds like physical torture. Little did I know that it would have been torture indeed, but more of a psychological one.

Death parade is not too pretentious in its message, what it wants to communicate is clear: It's a commentary on judgement and life. This series is no Ergo Proxy (which I really loved, don't get me wrong) where it slams you with a clusterfuck of esoteric information that overall seems to reach no conclusion, the message is clear and well delivered.

The aesthetics of the series is one of my favorite aspects. It mixes a lot of gothic design with a bit of cyberpunk and traditional japanese design, three of the most well-represented artistic styles in anime, which manages to create this atmosphere that feels unique, but also familiar. The characters are in y opinion great, the arbiters seem like they just popped out of a final fantasy game (ginti reminded me a lot of abarai renji though), while all the people that needed judgement manage to look both generic and unique at the same time.

The commentary about life it makes really strikes me, not because it's totally original, there are many, many cyberpunks who discuss conciousness in non living beings, but Death parade doesn't discuss just conciousness, but rather life. Is conciousness alone enough? Are emotions really necessary for there to be life? Where is the boundary between life and conciousness? Can life exist in a realm that comes after death? Is there life when there's no death? I'm not going to bore you with the answers that the series wants to communicate because I don't feel like typing another 2k words to describe it, plus if you already watched the series you probably figured it out already.
The other commentary Death Parade makes is also the most obvious one and also the best delivered one in my opinion, as it's about a topic which is definitely much closer to us: judgement.
The message is read more
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Kotonoha no Niwa (Anime) add
Kotonoha no Niwa or Garden of Words is my first Makoto Shinkai film I've seen. That being said, I found it quite enjoyable.

The story is very short and not much development is found but I feel like that's the point. I honestly had no idea what the plot was going into this film so I had no assumptions of what I wanted. What I got out of it was just a story about a boy and a woman who don't really know their place in the world right now and need a little push to get themselves walking again. They're at a stand still and they've found life boring, until they found each other that is. Now when people see that line, they probably assume this to be a love story. Errr, wrong. I didn't feel like it was a love story at all! There are some melancholic hints of unrequited love toward the end, but it's just a school boy and some older woman who happens to be a teacher at his school. What I found more important, was that a boy found something worth devoting time to and a woman found a reason worth picking up her life and moving on. It's not easy to just change your life direction and lots of people end up in a rut. The story wasn't extravagent, the characters didn't have an immense amount of depth and yet, it was still a story worth telling.

The best thing about this 46 minute film is its simplicity. The OST is just a piano and some nature sounds. The characters are slimmed down to mainly two people. The dialogue is mostly inner monologues. The boy just wants to make some damn shoes. The woman just wants some peace of mind. This film made me appreciate how slow life can be at times and it's only fast because we make it that way. There's so much to life that can be beautiful, we some times have to slow down and take a look at it.
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Gunslinger Girl (Anime) add
When I began this show I was ready to be amazed. I was ready to witness the inspiration for powerhouses like Code Geass and Death Note, the beautiful story of morality in politics. Instead I get this... convoluted mess. I was so set on enjoying this show that after every single episode I would make excuses for the show. Whether it was the episodic beginning of the show or the fact that there was literally no underlying story behind the show, I would constantly try to reason it away. But now, after finishing all 28 episodes, I have nothing else to hope for except that the manga will be better. Lets do the categories.

Story: 0 or 3
I want to give the story a 0 cause it didn't have one... but I went with a 3 to be fair. The first season starts off episodic and then each episode basically deals with its own event even after the show stops being so episodic. After a while, the characters start to work together but there is still no true story to the season. Which is absolutely stupid considering the girls are fighting terrorism. Hell, the RF in season 1 could have been the big "boss", but instead they just fall apart and you dont even know why. And thats not even a spoiler. Im not even kidding. Its such a waste of potential.

Characters: 8
Despite giving this an 8, its STILL a freaking let down. This show should have been a perfect 10. I mean, you have your 5/6 fratella who each operate in their own way. Thats brilliant. And to some extent this part is done quite well. You get to see how the handlers cope with the stress of treating girls like tools. You get to see how the girls choose to think about their lives, how they mature, how they interact. My issue with this show is the complete lack of characterization for the terrorist groups (Outside of Pinocchio in season 2). By making the welfare agency "right" in this conflict (Which is what happens when you dont show us the terrorist perspective) the show completely loses all nuance. Even the moral question of what the agency is doing to the girls loses nuance. Its a complete waste.

There is nothing else I want to say honestly. I think this show suffers because it does not introduce the "enemy" perspective. Had it shown WHY the RF was fighting the government, WHY the RF wanted the bridge blown up, WHY the Pedonta existed and WHAT their goals were, this show would be a masterpiece to rival those that came after and before it. But it didnt, and instead we get this.
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So i happened upon this show by accident on Crunchyroll thought it looked cute but didn't want to bother since it didn't look like my kind of show. I am notorious for finding and loving al sorts of obscure laughably horrible anime. This is one of my top favorites.

The show is similar to a Sailor moon type show (have never seen but reminds me of it), you've got men jumping around in dresses and fighting evil. Sounds lame right? Wrong!

Binan Koukou Chikyuu Bouei-bu LOVE! is a comedy that mocks most of the regular cliches that come with the dramatic group fighting anime.

You've got some strong bromances here (maybe more, up to interpretation), friendship, accidents, mystery, and Love obviously.

If you watch please watch ALL THE WAY THROUGH TO THE ENDING you will understand why. What appears to be a common situation takes a humorous turn for the better.
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Little Witch Academia (TV) (Anime) add
**(Updated as of Episode 7)**
After the great reception of the original Little Witch Academia OVA and some time later, the Little Witch Academia movie, we are finally greated with a full length, 25 episode, tv show, and boy if it isn't a great time.

Keep in mind that I've yet only seen 7 episodes of the 25 planned ones my opinions and thoughts on the show might change, and if so I will also update this review if seen necessary.

Story: 7 (Good)

If anything, the story of Little Witch Academia feels like a Harry Potter fanfic/spin-off, and that's not at all a bad thing. The way this show handles its plot progession and phasing is greatly reminiscent of how its been done in previous Ganiax/Trigger produced shows such as Gurren Lagann and Kill La Kill, as in at first glance the stakes seem tiny and insignificant but as the show progresses, the stakes get increasingly more and more meaningfull and intense. Although it's worth to note that Little Witch Academia is drastically slower in its phasing in comparision to other similar shows. If previous shows by these people are anytihng to go of, the characters will eventually go to space to fight for the survival of mankind. Although I have a slight hunch that this show won't go down that road and that the story will take a bit of a back seat to the chacters. Also, I feel like that it'll borrow many elements from the slice of life genre such as not having a single big overarching story, but rather a bunch of small arcs spanning one to three episodes at most. Only time will tell if my hunch is correct.

Art: 9 (Fantastic)

With the show being made by studio Trigger, it should come as no suprise to anyone that the show will look absolutely stunning. The animation is smooth and extremely detailed in its movements. It has also been consistent in its quality throughout the 5 episodes. The artstyle is extremely vibrant and it feels very "looney toons" but that is once again not a bad likeness since it really manages to give off the lighthearted tone that the show is obviously going for.

Sound: 7 (Good)

While everything from the sound design to voice acting to soundtrack is both good and of high quality, it's nothing revolutionary. The show has yet to feature a track that really stands out and sticks to me like Until My Body is Dry from Kill La Kill or Libera Me From Hell from Gurren Lagann, but since it's a Trigger show I do fully expect there to be one that will stand out to me in the coming episodes. The soundtrack and sound design dow however do a really good job of setting the correct tone of the show like the animation did aswell.

Characters: 8 (Great)

The characters are nothing if not absolutely loveable. While they are yet to get any great amount of character development above the character tropes and cliché that they're based off read more
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Ryuu no Haisha (Anime) add
Synopsis- the story is set in a place called dragon country were there are dragons, and along with the dragons are the dragon dentist that take care of the dragon, the guardian of the country, from tooth cavity bacteria things. during this time there is a war going on between the dragon country and some other country. during the events the dragon chooses a dead officer from the enemy country and revives him to become a dragon dentist as well, a supernatural phenomena which is thought to bring omen to the rest of the dragon dentist.

story- well the story is actually a 2 part story that almost has the run length of a 90 min movie. the first half of the story was done very well as it had this light and fantasy like atmosphere considering that the dragon dentist are living on the dragon. the idea for the story is very simple that the dragon was helping its nation during a war, but because of all the dead and violence bacteria like spirits start forming in its mouth weakening the dragon.It's the dentist job to cleanse these spirits in order to strengthen the dragon. one of the dentists nanako finds a young man named bell an enemy officer revived by the dragon. although there was commotion about his appearance(as a sign of calamity) it was quickly resolved and he became a dentist as well and became friends with nanako. the story goes along fine as some things do occur and the topic of fate which seems to be an overarching theme is brought up with the resurrection of bell as well as the dentist knowing when they will die. it was all well and good until the final part when an antagonist shows up from left field and the story dips onto the second part.

The second part of the story is when the story starts to go down hill as bell and nanako are drooped out of the dragon . the old antagonist is replaced with new antagonists who are soldiers from bells country who have some vague reason to get a special dragon tooth (no not for their nation) and are somehow conspiring with the first antagonist. the topic of fate is brought up again as bell refuses to go back to the dragon and tries to convince nanako as well because of her pre-determined fate of when she will die, but she refuses and goes back which then enters a chase scene and bell coming back to help her get back to the dragon . at the climax they try to bring sympathy for the first antagonist as her actions are just, but fail at the execution making it feel nonsensical. the second antagonist achieves his goal causing the dragon into a calamity with this massacre that has no weight of emotion to it. bell than does what he was meant to do and the dragon calamity is quelled and the story ends in read more
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Vassalord. (Anime) add
Rate of 5
english subbed

-art is beautifully done
-art matches the plot
-plot is original
-conclusion was a very helpful segment that answered the main questions regarding the plot.

-plot/characters is borderline on making sense. Yes, the general aspects of the questions are answered but the more definitive parts like individual characters appeared to be brushed off. For example the sidekick if you will job is counter-intuitive. He acts but how can he give who he is? Also, his make up seems off putting. Like blending a tomato with a pineapple.

-introduction painted a confusing standpoint for what is supposed to be.

-art was not done well enough to convey a horror portrayal.

sound: did not convey proper suspense.

p.s. commercial/horror is interesting but is pretty hard to get a good blend. If you want a dark laugh then you might like this. If you want to stain your pants don't bother with this.
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Noragami (Anime) add
*short and spoiler free*

If you enjoyed Ao No Exorcist, you're gonna love Noragami too. There are quite a few similar elements in both the series. However, I can't state them without spoiling either or both the series for those of you who haven't watched them.

Anyway, please know that you have to watch this anime with a pinch of salt. There are MANY unexplained situations, character motivations and plot holes. There is also poor character development, and some confusion which could have easily been solved with simple conversations. I also wish the Yuki arc was shorter, seeing how a lot more episodes were dedicated to his character "development" as opposed to Yato's, who by the way is the protagonist of the show. And then there's the sudden jump from being a light hearted series about Yato and his struggles, to two big story arcs, which are full of action and drama. This tone carries forward into the second season as well.

However, despite the anime's flaws, I believe it was Yato and his lovable personality (not to mention his impish good looks and his unbelievably gorgeous eyes) that made it very enjoyable for me. I really liked the humour in the series and I only wish there was more of it. Sadly, it was sprinkled sparingly throughout the 2 seasons. But the 4 OVAs made up for that.

I also really liked most of the musical score of the series, which is rare for me.
8.5/10 for the music.

For those of you who have watched Noragami, I highly recommend Ao No Exorcist.
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Tasogare Otome x Amnesia (Anime) add
If, like me, you’re a seasoned anime vet, you’ve likely already convinced yourself that you’re not going to enjoy this show. I mean, how could a show possibly manage to be scary whilst adhering to all those fanservice-y tropes we all love to hate? But, wait! Maybe this review can actually convince you to set aside your prejudices and give this surprisingly adept horror/romance a go!

Dusk Maiden was astonishingly competent as both a horror story and as a sexually-charged high school romance. These are two genres you wouldn’t expect to work together, but I found that the cutesy, fanservice-filled scenes contrasted so starkly with the scenes intended to unsettle and scare viewers that it only emphasised these feelings all the more. But the show was more than just fanservice and fear. As it unfolded it actually became a surprisingly touching story about the redemptive properties of love and its ability to transcend all barriers (including that between the dead and the living). And its finale seemed to want to convey that, no matter how much you love somebody, you cannot escape having to eventually part ways. A shockingly bleak message for a show in which boobs made honking noises when squeezed. It’s a crying shame that the show rescinded that message during its very last moments. Dusk Maiden also kept you pondering over the mysterious circumstances surrounding Yuuko’s death, with various twists and turns in her story keeping you on the edge of your seat, wanting to know more.

Yuuko could be a bit full-on, completely dominating any scene she was in, but she was extremely interesting, with many different dimensions to her personality and backstory. By way of contrast, Teiichi wasn’t too strong a character. Throughout the majority of the show he let himself be pushed around by other people and would flounder when made to feel like he had to defend himself. It was only towards the very end of the show that he began to demonstrate any resolve. The two supporting characters, Kirie and Momoe, whilst underdeveloped, were, thankfully, very entertaining, making me laugh on a number of occasions!

Dusk Maiden’s art was also impressive. The colour palate used for many of the backgrounds was satisfyingly grimy, in keeping with the show’s themes of decay and death. By way of contrast, many of the night-time scenes used deep greens, purples, and blues that made the world the characters inhabited seem ethereal and otherworldly, reflecting the supernatural element of the show.

Dusk Maiden’s opening and ending tracks were powerful, both incorporating a choir to give them a gothic, otherworldly feel. The music used within the show was also atmospheric, enjoyable, and complementary of its tone.

Overall enjoyment
I went into this show expecting extremely little of it, having been burned by one too many ecchi/horror shows in the past (I’m looking at you, Highschool of the Dead), so I was shocked to find myself actually really enjoying it. I’ll likely never get the same level of enjoyment out of shiny, plastic-like boobs being read more
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Soukihei MD Geist (Anime) add
M.D. Geist is widely regarded as a poor production from an objective standpoint, which is true, but there's no doubt about it, it's one of the most solid and right down to earth OVAs I've seen, it shines and it doesn't try to be anything that it isn't. It's just fun and gory mindless action, with some absolutely spectacular design work to boot. It does what it aims to do really well and it really doesn't need great characters or story to make it as enjoyable as it already is, at all. It's the spitting image of any dumb testosteroney 80's action film, which I see nothing wrong with. Whether you'll feel the same or not after watching, it's just under 50 minutes, so I would say checking M.D. Geist out when you've got a moment is not a waste of your time at all. I could go on, but there's not much else that needs to be said.
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Dead Girl Trailer (Anime) add
Rate a 3
English dubbed

Not a good piece in most regards. First you are lied to by the to be continued remark.As for character background it is done but is so bland/unspecific that it is a joke. Character's actions taken are not scary they are funny for they that predictable and fake looking.

Sound is just as bad. The voice over which i think to have been done by the director himself is mediocre at best. Yes, you can follow along to what he is saying to some regard but it sounds like he is saying random non English words. The words you can make out are either doing an unneeded report or telling you confusing information. Not very helpful. I think having no idea what was being said would be more helpful than this mess.
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Review is pretty to add to the praise that this show gets and to be honest it really deserves it. I'm gonna keep it short since you are probably going to run into a lot of the same praises.

Story: 10
A Plot that, in my last review would of been considered an idoit plot but won't because there are a lot of other factors going into what started this whole deal off, pulls you in with lots of emotion, action, and a nice comedy whip topping. Backstories are handled nicely and the plot doesn't stray off from target to much. Also a plot that follows the manga, so there is that.

Art: 9
Blight, colourful locations mixed with dark dreary set pieces. The art doesn't fuck around. The character designs are also a plus since the studio took the time to crave a lot of detail into each character. And this applies to whether the character is getting damaged or just actively growing. The visual effects are also really nice but some would say can be a bit of the top in some areas.

Sound: 10
Bliss to the ears this OST is. There are five Op's and five Ed's so you will find a couple if not like all of them. The background sounds also really help elevate the emotion with the scene. From dangerous to epic to sad, it all works. Voice acting was also really well done, each character almost like you would think they would as well as how they did in the original run of the show.

Characters 10
I'm starting to sound redundant myself now. Adding in the great design, great voice acting, and great use of story telling, the characters come out to being what really sucks you into the plot. Yuo will find plenty of main characters and side characters that you like.

Enjoyment: 10
IT''S GOOD, GO WATCH IF YOU HAVEN'T ALREADY. which if you haven't where have you been all this time?

Overall: 10
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New Game! (Anime) add
New Game! has a simple story, simple characters, and really great art. The characters are not "unique" HOWEVER, they do provide us a form of entertainment. If you're a person who dislikes the moe genre then you definitely won't enjoy this but if you're someone who doesn't like or dislike it then you'll find a good anime here. This might be a "rip-off" (can't find any nicer word) of Shirobako with CGDCT and comedy but that doesn't make it entirely bad. I mean for someone who likes the CGDCT part of anime, I wasn't disappointed at all.

The art was bright, colorful, and really made everything look childish and cute. And didn't you notice that the characters don't even act like adults? Haha that was great. The OP & ED were too. It fit this anime entirely.

Overall, this is all this anime is. A moe. It doesn't give a new aspect of the given genre. It just uses the old ones like lot's of moe anime have. So if you aren't an extreme critic then watch this. If you are then I suggest otherwise. Other than that, New Game! is an anime to watch when you're depressed (just like me). Ah, a cup of coffee would be good while watching this too. I really enjoyed New Game! :)
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Shinsekai yori (Anime) add
This review will contain spoilers.
This is my first review, so please bear with me.
I also would like to just keep this nice and simple.

Story: 8
There is about 3 arcs in this series. After all, it is a coming-of-age story. (child-teen-adult) Each arc does an amazing job on portraying such vivid details and very intriguing plot lines and "plot twists."
I really like how the plot could make you question what kind of society we live in and connect it back to the series. (light spoiler) For example, one party contains this superior power over another party and the party that is inferior try their best to find their voice and fight back. (light spoiler end). I also like how this series captivates the audience into such suspense scenes and intense scenarios that will make you want to click onto the next episode. I would think that this series gets its praise on how many of the plot lines get explained at the end(kind of?) Also the themes of corrupted government, controlled society and oppressed vs privileged really deserve an applause because many animes today would not dare to touch upon such theme.

But, there are plenty of flaws that take the story that make it less enjoyable for more attentive audiences. For example, when the series would transition from one arc to another arc, it felt really rocky. Transitioning from the child arc toward the teenager arc was really awkward. Many of unnecessary scenes that could have been avoided because it had nothing to with the plot. The teenager arc seemed really rushed to me because of how the queerats was the main conflict in the child arc.(Spoiler) . . .Suddenly, they want to focus on Shun and later Mamoru which end up being completely ignored in the last arc. (Spoiler end) The story itself was really well presented with such a complex theme and portrayed a very serious tone. But, the main problem was pacing with the story and weird time skips. (side note)(spoiler) Saki's narration really destroyed the whole mystery thing because it was in first person and that automatically tells us that she lives to tell the story. Meaning that the outcome with the "fiend" was very predictable. )
I feel like the Karma Demon and Fiends were not as important because the producers just brushed it off for the queerrat plot. (Spoiler) Technically, Shun was not a Karma Demon because he still kept his humanity under control and constantly using his Cantus on the floating balls. Because the Karma Demon that was explained in episode 2 he lost his humanity and destroyed everything that he interacted with. You can say Shun was an enlightened Karma Demon because he knew how to avoid that becoming a Karma Demon. I think that Akki was obviously not a fiend because of the difference in Tomiko's story and the current "fiend" just did not match and the symptoms of a fiend just was not present in Akki.

Character: read more
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Ghiblies (Anime) add
Rate of 4
english subtitles

-plot:they did a good job with narration
-plot: they explained how they were different then others (originality)
-art: art matched plot during dream/reminiscing moments
-sound: audio was fine with no annoyances
-plot: was very accurate to some regard. Seeing how they were basing this on what they do for a living the slight clips of real events (non drawings) boosted the vibe they were going for.
-comedy: in some slim cases i was able to chuckle.

-plot: is jumbled some of the time.
-art: does not match with what is supposed to happen. Such as for example walking
-art: varies in different appearances
-plot: they ask questions as if they are going to answer them then leave you hanging
-plot: in some rare moments they would not press forward. Always had to look in the past.

Ending remark: Nice starting animation piece for kids. For adult we have seen a lot so this basic form wont be as enjoyed unless we saw it growing up.
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Diabolik Lovers (Anime) add
O pior anime que já assisti.

Pra mim, é incrível que uma obra tão patética tenha uma nota 5/10 no site, talvez se essa nota fosse levada apenas a animação (que é belíssima) daria algum sentido nessa nota tão alta para um anime que não merece mais que 3/10.

Diabolik Lovers tem uma sinopse que agradaria qualquer garota (ou garoto) a primeira olhada. A temática Vampiro é muito simples e pode ser bem aproveitado, mas não foi o caso desse anime.

Haréns reversos tem muita popularidade tanto no Japão quanto em qualquer outro país, principalmente com as garotas. Por ser adaptado de uma Otome Game, onde a própria jogadora vive a heroína da história, os produtores passaram literalmente a falta de "ações e reações" das heroínas dos games para os animes, quase uma cópia da personalidade (ou a a falta de). Então a Yui Komori (que é a protagonista) é como as heroínas dos games: "Parada no mesmo lugar". Uma personagem sem nenhum tipo de personalidade, algo que poderia ser considerado inútil no anime, e não faria falta alguma.

Posso comparar Diabolik Lovers com Uta no Prince e Brothers Conflict, ambos também Haréns reversos. Mas existem diferenças entre esse dois e DL, ambos (Uta no Prince e BC) apresentam os garotos com personalidade diferenciados, eles podem ser bonitos e podem estar atraídos pela mesma garota, mas todos eles se diferem entre si. Um deles é mais engraçado, outro mais sério, outro mais preguiçoso, outro mais tímido, outro um galã bonito que todas querem pra ele. No caso de Diabolik Lovers, NENHUM se difere, se destaca. Você pode dizer que eles tenham uma ou outra característica distinta, mas no fim, você repara que todos tem a mesma personalidade irritante e manipuladora. É difícil engolir as tentativas deles de forçar a barra pra fazer parecer mais "sensual" ou "atraente", ao terminar, eles conseguiam fazer você ficar com mais ódio deles do que se sentir atraída.

Como eu disse, o Tema "Vampiro" poderia ter sido bem usado como foi em Vampire Knight. Porém, o enredo era tão previsível, tão voltado para as relações horríveis da Yui e os irmãos, que era monótomo de assistir episódio por episódio. O plot final foi algo que eu não esperava, mas nada de MUITO surpreendente.

Os personagens foram minha maior decepção, talvez por que eu não goste desse tipo de controle obsessivo que eles tem para com ela, e a falta de reações significativas dela com todo esse controle.

Enfim, eu definitivamente NÃO RECOMENDO esse anime para ninguém. Não é um tipo de entretenimento que vai faltar na sua vida, e não vai ser algo que vai deixar seu dia mais feliz depois de assistir.
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Ichiban Ushiro no Daimaou (Anime) add
Daimaou is a trainwreck, but a fun one. For the first part of the show, you get a slice of life that is sort of a cross between Devil is a Part Timer and Baka-Test. Our protagonist just wants to be a nice guy, but who has been titled "demon king" by this show's equivalent of the Hogwarts sorting hat. So he gets involved in all sorts of goofy situations against his will.

In this first part you are treated to some goofy action, light comedy and fan-service. But this is some pretty serious fan-service, you will even get to see some nipples, what a treat! Throughout this arc, it's evident that is light-hearted, and has a parody vibe when it portrays "serious" situations, battles, or sob-backstories. Easy, cheap, and relatively effective entertainment, though nothing incredible.

Then we get to the second part of the show, the final 3-4 episodes. All comedy and fan-service flies out the window and we are treated to this enormous "final battle" involving every character. This is where everything gets hilariously terrible, in a good way. The writing quality here can easily compete with your average hentai. You have no idea who's fighting who or for what reasons; people are changing sides constantly; characters that you don't even know about are making their "big comebacks". It can't even stay consistent over 3 lines of dialog. Think Guilty Crown cranked up to 11 in terms of terrible. I was just wondering in a sort of awe as absolutely nothing made sense, how it continuously raises the stupidity to a new level. This is definitely entertaining, but please god, don't take it seriously.

The absolutely dreadful animation and soundtrack just make it that much harder to take anything seriously. It's a bit of a shame, because during this final section, you can see small seeds of good ideas here and there. You get a faint doubt that this show could have been actually decent with more budget and 24 episodes to flesh out those plot points. After all, the characters are decent, although one-dimensional. Lots of them manage to stay likeable. But alas, things are what they are and Daimaou will have to remain as a "parody".

I would definitely recommend seeing it if you enjoy watching things ironically (and enjoy tits), just don't expect any Victor Hugo here.
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Kimi no Na wa. (Anime) add
Phenomenal Film by Makoto Shinkai(Director, Writer, and Creator).

Story: 9/10
Simple yet, beautiful way to present it!

Art&Animation: 10/10
CoMix Wave Films done it again. Been a fan of this studio work since i watched "The Garden of Words(short-film)". In this film as always so beautiful but this time more cinematic way. surroundings & environment is freaking EPIC.

Sound&Music: 8/10
Opening & Ending songs are so awesome & the way they played with music through out the is fantastic.

Character: 8/10
Well about the characters. character design is done quite well specially TAKI's development through the film. MITSUKA character is quite fun to watch specially when Taki switched into Mitsuki's body.

Enjoyment: 9/10
Really enjoyed this film. more like seen such beautiful film after long time!

Overall: 10/10
Overall why verdict are its just like a Ghibli film, why? Cuz its a tragic story in a beautiful way. MUST WATCH!!!

Best Moments:
When Mitsuha opens her hand and it was written "I LOVE YOU" i was like just WOW ;-; TEARS ;-; <3
And that running around sequence on mountain and saw each other during twilight. That scenes was EPIC
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do you like cuteness,dragons,comedy and a unique plot? then just start watching this show beacuse it's probably one of the best i've seen.

this is a review upto episode 7,And it will contain spoilers,although very minor as the show isn't that plot-heavy.

Story:7/10,the story is about Our main character 'Saving' A Dragon called Tohru which later falls in-love with our main character and starts living with her as her maid,soon after more of tohru's dragon friends come and lots of things happen in-between ( not things i predicted. )the Show is rather unique in a way but it isn't a brand new idea of monster girls living with humans.

Art :9/10,this is one of the show's strong points. it's Art is very very well expected from Kyoto animation who did other great shows such as the melancholy of haruhi suzumiya,the art is cute when it needs to be and it's Smooth in the battle scenes,it's overall Very good and you can watch the show just for this and the sound.

Sound :7/10,another strong point for the show is that the Sound is Great.So far the ost's are Not amazing but still good and the opening/ending are two of the best this season.

Character:8/10,the characters are so far,not very generic and are rather unique,they lack backstory and one character still hasn't been introduced,The characters can be summed up with

Cute Lesbian loli kanna,Cute Tohru that wants to (????) Kobayashi,Kobayashi that is flatchested and emotionless 90% of the time,fafnir the best emo character humanity has ever seen,Lucoa which has very good P l o t,Shouta which is..well..a Shota,Kanna's friend that i forgot the name of and an otaku friend of kobayashi,the characters aren't that unique but they also don't seem generic at all,it's very refreshing,but the cahracters still need Backstory and more depth.

enjoyment:10/10,this anime,even if nothing in it is perfect,Is so far the most entertaining thing i've seen,it's Very heartwarming and it's hard to explain but the anime just gives off this very happy,Unique feeling.

Overall:10/10,the anime is still airing so this rating may change.but i highly doubt that.
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Ryuu no Haisha (Anime) add
It’s a bird… It’s a plane… no, it’s a jumbo battle dragon?

[A Ghibli Film?]

In a fantastical place called Dragon Country, there exists dragons (... duh) but more importantly, dragon dentists. These “warriors” fight the bacterial monsters thriving upon the dragon’s teeth in order to keep the dragon healthy and functioning. Why? Well, because these dragons are fucking war machines and Dragon Country is at war with another nation. Nonoko is one such dentist and discovers a boy on top of a tooth one day. He is a soldier named Bell from the enemy country said to be reincarnated by the dragon. Sounds silly right? It is; but it is also nevertheless interesting. Based on the 8-minute short from the 2014 animator expo, Ryuu no Haisha tells a story about Nonoko and Bell as they fight monsters alongside their fellow dentists and discover the true reason behind the dragons.

Actually, come to think of it, the premise sounds like something Studio Ghibli would do. In fact, there are many similarities between Ryuu no Haisha and select Ghibli films. For example, the bacterial monsters resembles the tar-like substance from Princess Mononoke, and the feel of fantasy and wonder closely mimics those of Ghibli’s past works including Kiki’s Delivery Service, Spirited Away, Howl’s Moving Castle and more. However, these Ghibli films are far superior to this show. That being said, it does not mean Ryuu no Haisha is a bad show. As a matter of fact, I liked it quite a bit. For having only two episodes to tell the tale, Studio Khara managed to pack a lot of material into 90 minutes; maybe a little too much. Actually, 90 minutes is about how long a movie is. In fact, I like to think about this special as a movie, split into two parts. Here we go:

[Part 1: The Birth of a Calamity]

The first 45 minutes gave us an introduction to the story, setting and characters. You were instantly thrown into an intense battle between battleships and dragons. This highlighted the destructive powers of these dragons and how scary they can be. What instantly captivated my attention was the gorgeous animation. The beautiful artstyle, colours and imagery used were candies to my eyes. I loved the sense of scale when showcasing these dragons; that they were massive! It really accentuated how devastating they were and how small and insignificant humans were when compared to these flying monsters.

The story explained how the rebirth of Bell was a sign of calamity, foreshadowing the events to come. It then brought us to the daily adventures of dragon dentists and how dangerous their work was. We were introduced to a “collection” of characters from dragon dentists, to soldiers, and to the enemies. This took time away from our main characters: Nonoko and Bell. To be honest, there was not much character development for these two. In fact, there were more development for the side characters. The large cast of characters brought this show down as it quickly became read more
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Himouto! Umaru-chan (Anime) add
You'll either love me or hate me with this review, either way, this is my opinion of Himouto! Umaru-chan! Feel free to disagree, agree or give me criticism.

Reviving dead horses is fun, right? Himouto! Umaru-chan is a very mixed bag, you'll either love the concept and characters or hate the concept and characters. It's very hit or miss, you'll love/hate it based on the nature the show has. Personally for me, I really love Himouto! Umaru-chan! It isn't the best show in the world, it does have its flaws, but I consider it to be a good show

Characters - Interesting and Developed - 10/10

I mean, you can say that the characters make up a show, my favorite show has wonderful characters and this show is no exception. Himouto! Umaru-chan! has really good characters who have good chemistry with each other, even if they do seem very one note. The main character you follow, Umaru Doma, is an extremely perfect girl outside, she has perfect grades in her classes, this character type is what you call a Mary Sue, someone who's perfect in every way, but when she's at home, she's a total brat to her Onii-chan/brother, Taihei Doma, getting him to do everything she wants. This idea seems really stale but when you have good characters like Umaru, it can be done really well. I really hate one character in this show and that's Taihei. He's the type of character that you just have to feel sorry for, making him really bland and 1D.

Each character in Himouto! Umaru-chan! is 1D at first, but soon you learn more and more about them, for example, Umaru's best friend, Ebina Nana. She's a busty girl who seems only like a fan service character, but she's alone, she's glad to have Umaru but she seems to have a thing for her brother, she is extremely happy around him. Himouto! Umaru-chan! has a 'don't judge a book by the cover' vibe from there characters, just because you're shy doesn't mean you're a bad person, just because you're perfect doesn't mean you actually are perfect. This show does an incredible job with there characters that people don't give credit for, you don't even need to look that deep into them and that's the best part about them!

Story - Bad Concept But Good Execution - 5/10

The story of Himouto! Umaru-chan is about a Mary Sue, or that's just the simple way to say it. Umaru Doma is a Mary Sue on the surface but when she comes home she's an Imouto. [an Imouto is a younger sister that's a brat but extremely cute] The story in itself is awful, the only thing to make this story work is the characters, but I already mentioned them above and I don't think I need to go into more detail.

Art - It's Cute But That's All It Shows - 6/10

I do really think the art of this show is cute, but besides it being very adorable it has nothing to read more
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Finally. This one is thoroughly enjoyable. The previous Digimon Tri films had their moments, but overall were not very well executed... my two main gripes with them have been pacing and animation (mainly in the still frames and facial expressions), and both are significantly better now. The plot flows and the animation is solid. I will say that still frames are thrown in again for a little while in part three, but otherwise, it's all good.

If you're like me and were on the fence about this after feeling a bit indifferent about the first three... I would recommend watching this. It's well done. If we're lucky, the last few films will be done with similar quality.
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For this review i am going to do from to different sides, 1 will be purely based on the anime itself and 2nd side will be from the side of a reader of a similar novel which this was adapted from (i have not read this specific novel!!)

Right so i will begin from the 1st side;
Story; 5/10
There is no proper explanation what is the point behind the story. The first episode just showed some random things and expected the watcher to understand what was being showed to. Although i find flying on swords pretty cool, it does not tell me why i should invest my time int this anime!!
As the anime progresses, i think what we are meant to focus on is just the comedy because other than that, everything is confusing, and just briefly explained through a narration after something has happened.
Cultivation ranks are confusing and all we know is that the character is meant to train the body and absorb ki and eventually he would have a chance to become a deity... the time skips dont help as they happen out of nowhere and then briefly explained what has happened during those time skips...
2nd side; I have read similar kinds of novels, although not this specific one that got adapted to this anime, usually those novels, are more dark, the competition to enter the sect is not that light hearted but ruthless murdering of other disciple and even within the sect the competition cannot be taken lightly. So when i started watching this, it took me by a suprise how light hearted it is and how much of comedy and it has so i asked around forums and learned that although the characters are the same, the novel doesnt have any comedy and is much different and cultivation is explained somewhat more in detail. So the fact that i who have read Xianxia novels am somewhat disappointed with the first and probably last adaption of this genre. Unless it was done as a 50 or 100 episode series with a darker tone and better explanations and the like other than that this anime will not have a huge popularity from both only anime watchers and xianxia fans like myself.
Art; 7/10
Art is good looking and nothing, can be complained, the reason i am deducting 3 point from the perfect score is because the story forced different kinds of actions on the characters, for amusement and comedy which sort of destroyed a bit of the good art. (this for both sides of the review)
Sound; 3/10 - both sides-ish
When the voices are fine, but since there is no proper music unless i missed it then it would not get a high score based on sound.]
Characters; 4/10
1st side; well as an only anime watcher the characters are basic thing you can find anywhere but the problem is they are not properly explained and the reasons for their actions and a watcher is only meant to speculate and nothing read more
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Nurarihyon no Mago (Anime) add
Nurarihyon no Mago is an adaptation from the manga written by Hiroshi Shiibashi. The anime and its sequel (Nurarihyon no Mago: Sennen Makyo) were both rated as Very Good on Anime News Network and 11 000 000 mangas were sold in Japan, which shows that the anime and the manga were pretty well-received by the audience.

I'd rate this anime in my top ten favorites anime. The character designs were pretty impressive, especially the yôkai aspect of Rikuo, the main character. The characters were well-made, but were still a little bit cliché and mainstream shônen characters. But this doesn't take away the enjoyment I felt from watching this anime. The story is a little bit similar to the anime Kateikyoushi Hitman Reborn!, which is also a really good anime. The fact that the main character has to choose between being a human or a Yôkai is really interesting.

I'd recommend this anime to shônen adepts who don't want to watch a really long anime.
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I'm gonna review ALL 3 parts of the movies in this little review.

Story: Is pretty simple, cut, dry, fantasy stuff. That's some bad guys and they want the chain chronicle book as it symbolize all things good. Which our heroes have to fight back save their friend and the world from the power of darkness with THE POWER OF LOVE AND FRIENDSHIP and... That's about it.

Characters: The only one that is sort of relatable are Phoena, Yuri and Aram. With Phoena, she has the father that have been corrupted by the darkness and have a duty to protect the book. Now for Yuri, as a leader that have lead his team to their loss I can understand how crush he must have been to the point the dark side just take over once he almost kill one of his comrade so I have no problem for him acting sort of sad and cowardly attitude. Aram, oh Aram... is the kid that every fantasy anime must have but at least we don't need to see him train for the battle. He's already full equip with tactics and is able to fight back. Also he has an ability that is pretty useful, he has the power to stole and store mana in it and distributed to his teammate as the power of darkness is growing stronger. Which is pretty useful if you ask me. Now for the rest... Yea they are just supporting characters to help with the battle. Now don't get me wrong there are some movies/ anime that have this trope to fill in the void Yuri on ice, Re :zero and outside of anime the hunger movie with that being said I don't really have a problem with it. I know in the last movie we got some character backstory and interaction between the Juliana and one of his servant but I would like it if is not there as it felt force. The final thing I want to touch on is that fairy thing that die in the first movie and is brought back in the last movie. I don't see why she must be there and how is she related to chronicle?? Just wish it would expend on the characters a bit more.

Art and animation: Now being a movie and not a weekly series it should have a higher budget and it does show it on screen. Now this series is done by studio Telcom which have done orange, Futakoi and Lupin III. I like how the art style look in chapter 2 where the Aram is looking through Yuri past in the book. We get to see the old rough book that your grandparents have and the 3D animation look so good.

Music: If there's one thing stand out about the 3 part movies is the OST. Especially that fire OST when Aram snap Yuri out of his mental case. Who am I kidding every OST in these movies has been the stand out for read more
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Today, 5:58 AM
Ao Haru Ride (Anime) add
In short, this anime is not more than one shoujo anime. Although shown with some variations and presented in different combinations, ranging from topics about ayoung man who shut themselves up to competition of love between two friends, their contents remain just full of clichés that have been so prevalent. Does not necessarily mean that this is a bad thing, but except for audiences who are specifically looking for this kind of story, anime may not be quite valuable to behold.Every incident in the whole story can always be easily guessed, was never able to give any surprises that would lead one to wonder what will happen next, and he also does not offer anything really new tomost simply inviting curiosity know. Actually, occasionally there are moments that touch and even has the potential to inspire when he put aside for a moment the topic around love and focus more on friendship Futaba and Yuuri, but because the frequency is too rarely, an outline of this anime is only going to appear as a romantic story very flat.
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Today, 5:22 AM
Itazura na Kiss (Anime) add

Ok first review. The reason i decided to review this was just to let people know if they should watch this anime or not. The plot and characters and what i say 'how the story plays out' plays a HUGE part ( obviously) in the enjoyment of this series.
First of all i'd like to say i am not a fan of romance and shojou but have watched a fair share of these genres. This was my first romance anime. At first i liked it. Then i rewatched it and noticed problems.
The story is simple. A stupid, cutesy girl falls in love with a handsome intelligent guy. The guy does not accept her first. Then because of destiny she suddenly ends up at his house. They have many moments. He teases her. She never gives up. blah blah blah stuff happens annnnddd.....DONE! They end up together. A very cliche and simple story. Not bad.\

I'm going to make this short. The art was pretty good. The characters were good looking and overall effects weren't bad.

Personally i think they went wrong with the characters. The personalities were so damn annoying and cliche that.....i....the cringe is REAL!!
Kotoko- Your usual short cute girl EVERYONE falls in love with even though she is annoying and with a stupid she has no good qualities. She is literally a five year old stuck in a high schoolers body.
Irie Naoki- your typical tough intelligent douche who doesn't want to admit he loves her. He doesn't have too much of a bad quality. His best quality imo is that he is good looking. That's it.
Others- there were alot of unnecessary characters. Some good characters some bad.

Now the annoying thing is kotoko and how she acts and does things. I think they should have made her character a little less...a teensy weensy less ANNOYING AND CLICHE CUTE DUMB GIRL EVERYONE LOVES FOR SOME REASON!!

Minus the cringe and cliche i still liked it a bit. It was an ok anime. If this is your first anime u might like it.

Overall: 6/10
i give it a six. It is enjoyable at times. At times u wanna kill yourself from triggerrreeddd orr crrinngee attacks. But then again it is ok compared to other animes. If u love romance shojou, or don't mind cliches u will like this anime. If u don't like cliches and annoying characters i would still suggest u see if u like it. But if u don't want to watch it it doesn't make any difference in life.
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For the most part, Sword Art Online has been a rather divisive series: you either like it a lot, or don't. Being one of the first few series that I have watched, the anime has a unique place in my heart, although I do have my fair share of criticism towards it too.
Now let's cut to the chase; in my opinion, despite its fundamental flaws due to the series as a whole, Ordinal Scale is nonetheless a good step forward from the anime. And without further ado, let's begin my first review!

Story: 6/10
Disclaimer: This part was written after having watched the whole anime series, so newcomers' views may differ.
Ordinal Scale is set after the events of Mother's Rosario in SAO II and revolves around a new augmented-reality device, the "Augma", and the ARMMORPG "Ordinal Scale". However, things go awry and the well-being of its players becomes threatened, so our beloved protagonist, Kirito, has to step in.
Without spoiling the story, I'd like to say that the plot has improved from the anime series due to it dwelling less on poor, unnecessary character development and analysis and focusing more on action sequences, along with a comfortable pace that was easy to follow. However, the plot-armor/numerous plot-holes (which SAO, or more specifically, Kirito, is guilty of) as the movie approached the climax made it shy away from what could have been a very well executed masterpiece. The plot was also pretty predictable too, but arguably its simplicity could also be seen as one of its merits. Nonetheless, this is something you'll likely overlook if you're an avid fan of the series; in fact, arguably the plot seems to have been aiming to cater towards fans of the series in general, with lots of links to the first Arc (Aincrad) in particular. I feel that the less you dwell and nitpick on the logic of this movie, the better you'll enjoy and appreciate it.

Art: 7/10
Animation-wise, A-1 Pictures does a commendable job. Fight scenes were very fluid and the character designs were not vastly compromised despite having numerous scenes filled with many people in them. I particularly liked the designs of the two new characters in Ordinal Scale, namely, Yuna & Eiji. The enemies were also pretty menacing in appearance, and I totally understand the players' fear of having to face them up close. And in this one particularly emotional scene for the characters, the wavering in Kirito and Asuna's eyes was so well detailed, and it really brought out the gravity of the situation they were in.
I think A-1 Pictures maintained, if not improved, from the standards seen in the anime series, so kudos to them.

Sound: 9/10
The composer, Yuki Kajiura, does an excellent job yet again. The epic-vibes in the mostly orchestral music complemented the action sequences very well (and without spoiling anything, in fact contributed to the actual battles too). One of the Insert Songs in particular that played during the first boss fight (longing) sounded very similar to Fate/Zero's awesome OP 2 read more
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Today, 5:10 AM
Occultic;Nine (Anime) add
i don't hate any thing much more than this....
it finally come the nightmare....

i know why Cthulhu and other great old one will never wake up because they are sick because this anime... this is a disease and a devil from the crater deepest hell

it very pathetic and become my nightmare...FOREVER

this anime is really sick , it show us how pathetic one story could be
from the psychopath level to disease level
and yet to the universal disease level that should been put in HELL

and that make me very angry because it make me feeling like "Pokemon Shock"
this anime is cancer and it can cause seizure
so if you love your self don't watch

now i knew what animation were used in danganronpa to make people fall in to despair -- this should be Ultimate Despair Animation forever after

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Today, 4:50 AM
Mekakucity Actors (Anime) add
I just randomly watch it because the video in Youtube...
then i dropped -> then i watch it again -> then i dropped

Yes! like this for 2 years and I've just finished it for 3 second before i write this review though....

so let's talk about the Score!

First of all the story are definitely absolutely **** <---(some bad word) it was very boring and take a lot of try to finish episode 1 ,but i still like it a little bit so i give 4/10 (decent)

Second The art are Fair though i like it's style and hmmm... many thing! ok
so i will kindly give it 5/10

Third the character design is good though and for fair (spoiler) i will not minus point because character development so 8/10

Fourth for the Enjoyment, i think it's take too much determination to finished each episode so i will give it 3/10

Overall i don't like this series though so 2/10
but this is just my personal opinions

sorry for my bad grammar but i think i will not fix it because i want to make a review like friend talking to friend :D
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Today, 4:18 AM
Memory of Red (Anime) add
Whenever you find something abstract in MAL you can bet it will have a <5 score and people accusing it to be too art for their understanding. Another review has the backstory behind this, and even with a super low score then recognize it is a good concept, because it is.

Instead of getting mad for feeling like someone is trying to show off or be deep, just enjoy what it is, there isn't more than that. It's not really that hard to get that you should just take what you want instead of being offended by your own insecurities.

I really liked this, I think if it were an animated gif people would cream their pants.

Yeah, the two string music is a bit obnoxious.
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Today, 3:25 AM
Bungou Stray Dogs (Anime) add
Most of the reviews of this series on MAL seem to either make it out to be either absolutely outstanding or absolutely awful, but I shall try to take a more balanced standpoint on this matter.

Let's start with the "GOOD".
1. Characters
This series puts the majority of its focus on character introduction and development.
Each episode focuses most of its attention on developing/introducing one main or supporting character while allowing for better understanding of the other characters by showing how they react to either the focal character of the episode or how they react to a situation in contrast to the focal character. This allows the audience to fully understand each character, which many similar series with a relatively large main/supporting cast fail at doing without making the characters or their development cliche or generic, or putting too much focus on one character in an episode and ignoring the rest.

The characters are quirky and interesting, the art style is clean and the voice acting spectacularly fitting, so the series has a natural, relatable, easy to follow flow despite its relatively odd premise.

2. Balance of comedy and mystery
Being a mysterious detective-based series with a supernatural twist, the series does a great job at building suspense and pacing the storyline.
Add in a pretty unique, somewhat dark and unexpected comedic style, and you get an appropriate balance of lightheartedness (paired with the liberal use of chibis and comic speech bubbles) and dark twists comparable to the Pandora Hearts manga (although, on a side note, I personally still prefer Pandora Hearts).

Now, onto the "BAD".
1. Storyline
As I said previously, this series puts the majority of its focus on its characters and character development. While this is good in some ways, they almost completely neglected developing a decent storyline.

First of all, I have no idea what the Port Mafia's goals are even after the first 11 episodes besides the fact that they want to capture Atsushi to get the ¥7 Billion bounty. I don't know why they were created, why Akutagawa goes around brutally murdering innocent people and what they are after. I just know they take part in illegal smuggling, have a bunch of ability-users and hate the Armed Detective agency, who are trying to stop them from smuggling weapons and murdering people. The goals of the recently introduced "guild" are even more vague.

None of the groups seem to have any goals except to try and defeat each other, and each episode brings a different storyline/immediate goal for each group. The story is just all over the place.

2. Originality
Ranpo is like a more socially unaware version of Izaya from Durarara, even going as far as having the same voice actor.

Atsushi is a typical, whiny, confused main character thrown into unexpected circumstances, who is surprisingly OP only when it's convenient for the plot and who struggles to come to terms with and adapt to his sudden change of lifestyle. Throw in a tragic, PTSD-inducing backstory that either makes read more
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Baby Steps (Anime) add
Where sports anime is concerned, Baby Steps is definitely underrated. This anime has all your typical parts to a sports anime but with a way better story and main character.

Typical Plot:
- The MC is a novice at the sport.
- The MC works hard towards a goal

Not so typical plot:
- The MC isn't a pansy.
- The MC is incredibly likable
- The improvement in the MC's skills are realistic.
- The end of every episode leaves your heart racing and motivated to conquer the day. (Seriously how I felt after haha)

Art: The art is nothing fancy. It is good enough to tell the story.

Overall, this is a must watch.

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Today, 3:06 AM
Hand Shakers (Anime) add
Really funny anime - in the wrong way. I watched the first 30 seconds and already knew I would be watching it just for laughs.

Story 1/10

This was a combo of No Game no Life, K Project, and Mirai Nikki, of course, just without a story. Half of every episode was full of irrelevant things that had no importance whatsoever. All the useless things that pop up just make you wonder, "but why?" :-)

My favorite line is from episode 1 around 19:20 the MC says "How many are there?" - I seriously couldn't stop laughing, did this boy just ask how many, and not why? Dear god.

Art 1/10

Those camera angles were really something else. I loved when they flipped the camera angle in any direction possible so that you couldn't tell what was happening, it didn't look trippy at all - trust me. The OP looked way better than the actual anime to me. The FPS was only about 15-16.

Sound 3/10

Want to listen to a moaning girl chained up that sounds like hentai? Well now you can! In just the first episode! Honestly only the OP was decent.

Character 1/10


Literally, some scenes a character would just pop up. Then, they'll be talking to the characters as if you know them and won't be introduced until later. Koyori - why is she even a character? Haha who knows, she hasn't done anything. There's no backstory to the characters, you don't know the MC except that he has a name, sister, and fights. Wait, what was his name again? No, seriously. They say irrelevant things of no importance. "That's a nice bike" to "Okay. bye" What a conversation.

Enjoyment 4/10

Funny. Hilarious even. I laughed at random things a character said or the camera angles that look like someone just dropped their camera and it flipped everywhere. The irrelevant scenes were great.

Overall 2/10

Honestly, I would say watch it if you like to laugh at how horribly appalling something is. Other than that - the opening. Um, yeah, that's it. You hardly know anything about the characters to say you like them.

Unforchunetly, I theenk I have wost all my bwain cells fwom thes aneme. (Safe to say my IQ dropped this low)
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Today, 1:37 AM
Jitsu wa Watashi wa (Anime) add
A young man who could never hide secrets and the girls that their secrets should notbe known by anyone, even shades of irony in the basic plot of this anime immediately indicated that he would be a great comedy. And it turns out it is true! Through the hard struggle when trying to protect confidential Asahi Youko and Nagisa, and then coupled with the behavior of the characters witty as mystical creatures (and alien) that violates the general conception of them, this anime is able to give birth to jokes were quite original. Although a bit unfortunate that he could not maintain its quality is always at the same level, especially when he stepped out of two earlier themes, secrets and playful behavior, overall, this is a comedy anime that is very satisfying. And the same thing can also be said for the romantic side. Anime is clearly not the best romantic story, but there remains a sweettaste that can be found on the triangular relationship Asahi, Youko, and Nagisa. Perhaps the reason is because as someonewho has a secret to someone who protectsthe secret with a vengeance, the feelings of the characters seem real and grow naturally and not something imposed fromnowhere. As a result, every scene involving their feelings, even the most simple as when they spoke shyly, will instantly become more meaningful.
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Today, 12:31 AM
ACCA: 13-ku Kansatsu-ka (Anime) add
Well, this is certainly the most interesting anime out this season to say the least.

ACCA: 13-ku Kansatsu-ka is set in a country called Dowa, a super state that is actually made up smaller 13 countries or districts, which all have their own unique specialty and are all bounded together by the power of diplomacy or in this case. a special organization called ACCA.

The main character, Jean Otus works for the organisation called ACCA (which uniforms are surprisingly suspicious of the Schutsfaffel, but regardless, this is an anime) which does relative inspections of each countries/audits to check things are going efficiently and to see if any countries are going out of line and/are planning a revolution. But in this case, things are different, there is a rumour of a Coup d'état imminent.

You may think this anime is a slice of life which promotes eating pastries. sweet bread, and smoking, and sure it does, but do not be fooled, if you watch closely you will notice certain details and follow the plot strongly, there is a Game of Thrones-esques intrigue going about it, and this does not help the fact that the Main Character is unintentionally involved with the Coup.
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