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Oh man. When I thought I was dwelling too much on stress from college life, thinking dark and depressing thoughts all day long... Marathoned episodes 2 through 11 in one sitting and many tears. AnoHana is an anime to teach you something -- especially the sorrow and pain one endures after losing a beloved one. Watching this group of friends, separated after a tragedy some years ago, come back together and try to fulfill their friend's wish -- it saddened, heartened, impacted me. Watching AnoHana, you gotta wonder and be amazed at the sheer difference in emotive density between Western and Japanese TV shows, between non-anime and anime; for anime is so emotionally filled at times, and truly delves into deep and poignant topics that shows like Spongebob or Family Guy can never imitate. For only 11 episodes, AnoHana has heart.

I give AnoHana 9s in every category except character, which completely and utterly gets a 10. I haven't lost a loved one yet, so I can't truly empathize with these characters -- but seeing what they go through surely gives me, and anyone watching this series, a glimpse into what the experience is like. AnoHana raises the question of how much one should linger on thoughts of the deceased -- whether to think about him or her every day and lose one's sense of the present, or try to forget? Part of the main reason why we human beings find reason to continue living in this world is our relationships with others, with our friends and family. When does one move on?

I've seen other works by A-1 Pictures, but this one comparatively had great animation. Very fresh (thanks, good lighting, almost photograph-like illustration, quality of characters' faces -- these friends definitely look distinct, whereas in Sword Art Online or Fairy Tail you feel like there are some facial archetypes going around. Maybe it's because I've been watching One Piece pre-new animation style recently, but still, AnoHana is very well animated.

The sound, in particular that cascading piano, only adds to the tears. SO SAD. I haven't cried this much since perhaps Clannad.

I mentioned episodes 2 through 11. After episode 1, which set the premise, I wasn't too excited to continue watching, and besides I had other massive shonen to watch -- but after episode 2, the rest just sort of happened. Now it's 3:37 am and I'm still awake, writing this review, eyes still moist. There are quite a few excellent anime that start slowly, like Durarara!! and Steins;Gate and Bleach. Bleach and Naruto didn't get exciting until after 15 episodes or so. Don't be dismayed by any lack of action. This is not a shonen, according to MAL it's drama, slice of life, and supernatural. Rather than get your blood circulating or pumping, AnoHana gets the water flowing from your eyes. Total score, 9.2 out of 10.
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41 minutes ago
Monster (Anime) add
I'm in utter awe.
Monster is a show that breaks the mold of conventional anime tropes and plot lines to become a masterpiece.

It took me a very long time to finish watching this anime. I'm not a slow watcher either. But it took me roughly 5 months to finish this show. While it may be a long show with 74 episodes, there are still plenty of animes that surpass that number far into the triple digits. So I definitely think there is a disconnect between quality vs. quantity when comparing Monster to other long animes. The problem with long animes is that they lose themselves. They become too complicated, too drawn out, or even looses its plot direction. For whatever reason, long animes are usually not considered the "cream of the crop" so to say. Although, there are exceptions to this rule and Monster happens to be one of them.

Monster is complicated. It toys with your morals. It tests your intelligence. It appeals to your emotions then rips those attachments away. It's not afraid to show you a shitty world.
And it's not afraid to do all of these things because it respects the viewers as being capable to accept all that. Which honestly, makes me respect this show a whole damn lot.

I read somewhere once that questioned "who was the monster?"
My immediate answer is Johan. But the more I watched the show the more my answer became unclear. Maybe everyone is a monster in their own right? who knows?
But this anime expressed this statement, this question, in such a way that was thrilling, and climactic. The story telling is absolutely phenomenal.

Monster is truly Ursawa's magnum opus.
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Cheer Danshi!! (Anime) add
Cheer Danshi!! was definitely NOT one of my favourite sports animes. This series had a lot of potential featuring an all-male cheerleading team, however, it failed to deliver the character development, animation, or plot other sports animes had successfully done.

Unlike most other sport animes, they didn't have any memorable characters, everyone is acting in a melodramatic way, the animation was below average... which is a big red flag for sport anime which depend a lot of action. Most importantly: there was no tension or competition...

Forgettable Character

The characters were unmemorable and cardboard. I can't remember any of them other than Haru, Kazu, and Sho, who have a bit of back story going on. Most characters are defined with one characteristic, that is displayed over the top in an unrealistic manner, some characters' only unique characteristics were their accent, some were completely forgotten after 2 episodes. Even the more developed characters were two-dimensional, Sho, for example, was defined by only three traits: 1) his love for a squirrel character - Nishijirou, 2) having experience cheerleading, and 3) being stoic, reserved and serious. Unfortunately, his three traits not only didn't work together, they worked against each other. It seems like the producers thought it would make him less boring to have a "silly" side with his obsession over a squirrel but it just left me wondering why is an adult man being so obsessed with a product mascot. His character seems to change from time to time as if he is not the same person.

Full Review:
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Lucky☆Star (Anime) add
I love Lucky☆Star for its amazing jokes and characters. However, despite loving it, I should note that there doesn't seem to be much of a consistent storyline here. I usually follow the story first philosophy but it does seem to take a slice of life especially since the characters in the first half are in the grade I'm in right now. It also seems to be like me with a character being an otaku and gamer and another character trying her hardest to study while also getting annoyed by people frequently at school. The characters are amazing and interesting but I feel like they could get more development as I only saw it in one episode really. The animation is awesome although surreal and the characters voices actually match them despite them sounding and looking younger than they really are. I recommend this but not as highly as something like Haruhi Suzumiya or Guilty Crown.
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Shelter (Anime) add
when you finish writing a review and accidentally hit refresh. *sigh* fuck.

basically, this is dull and dense and empty as fuck.

may too far from a masterpiece so stop calling it that.
youre filling it with your own lack of unique emotions

music is good but a bit repetitive and too loud. cant focus on either story or music (if there even was a story)

the song should match the visuals and the style, but the animation just seems to move on its own they arent really connected at all

most of it is just flaunting good art and animation with a generic as fuck side story thats supposed to give meaning to a shittily explained post apocalyptic world that no one cares about.

the amount of content should match the amount of plot there is. you cant grow attached to anything that isnt explained and done so for a reasonable amount of time

this is good marketing cause it promotes a song and hypes everyone for a short animation thats fucking generic bullshit that people look too deeply into

its time to stop, you people are feeding this bullshit and youre loosing your personalities

its just like all the overplayed songs on the radio that are telling you how to think and feel. its all fucking generic and empty and sadly popular. you will all become soulless fucks without any differentiation. fuck
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Lucky☆Star (Anime) add
3 episodes of no plot, unfunny jokes, and a waste of time. Its like an Adam Sandler movie was turned into an anime and they made that a series. Could best be summed up by the first ten minutes of the first episode. Food Preferences.

Now time for a real review.
Its a honest hit or miss and is best enjoyed in the half paying attention state.

great art style
great opening

No story
no character development

Honestly I see most people say it as a decent anime from their childhood which is why i think some many people enjoy it.

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3 hours ago
Guilty Crown (Anime) add
Guilty Crown has been a real adventure to me. I will try not to spoil anything but I recommend watching this for its gripping storyline and amazing animation. The action in Guilty Crown has been animated in a very amazing way. I am also a fan of the freedom fighters fighting an autocratic government storyline which this story has. It reminds me of many events of this in history where the freedom fighters overthrow the dictatorship especially with the Tunisian revolution in 2011. I HIGHLY recommend watching this show. It reminds me why Japanese culture is so awesome with storyline and animation and why some Western TV shows like Teen Titans try to draw inspiration from it. Once again, Japan has given me another awesome anime that I could watch over and over again.
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Tengen Toppa Gurren Lagann (Anime) add
SIN SPOILER: historia muy original, animación hermosa, los personajes, todo está bien trabajado, podría decirse que es PERFECTA 9.7/10

CON SPOILER: : historia muy original, animación hermosa, los personajes, todo está bien trabajado, no me esperaba lo de kamina eso me sorprendió podría decirse que es PERFECTA hubiera sido 10 sino fuera por los últimos 5 minutos quería que nia y simon quedaran juntos y a lo ultimo no animaron bien las caras de los personaje como el de simon no se parecía en nada a simon 9.7/10

Aquí tengo alargar la reseña para que pueda subirla

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Apuesto a que no leíste todas las letras
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Ao no Exorcist (Anime) add
SIN SPOILER: su historia es muy original, su animación es hermosa,la evolución de los personajes lo hacen muy bien y me gusto que no alargaron mucho la historia solo son 25 episodios digo solo por la diferencia de otros animes, es CASI CASI PERFECTA 8.7/10

Aquí tengo alargar la reseña para que pueda subirla

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Apuesto a que no leíste todas las letras y números
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Hotaru no Haka (Anime) add
SIN SPOILER: casi lloro, es la película que mas cerca estuvo de hacerme llorar,la historia es muy buena y como les afecta la segunda guerra mundial a todos es genial, su final que hermoso final es CASI PERFECTA 9/10

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Apuesto a que no leíste todas las letras y números
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SIN SPOILER: el mejor anime shonen que he visto,sus personajes,su final, el desarrollo, no aburre, aunque su comienzo no es muy bueno, podría decirse que es PERFECTA pero no lo es 9.8/10

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cvsudgvfbsguhbcsb shfvisfgvskbvh gbvfsdibgvfvksz bfusibgi fgsd8igudy bvdibvidfbgvdfbvidbvgiud gbvdfibgvdi vhf yhb gbdighsdi hj ghidusgilgse hgeighe geigyhdiy fgibdgidbivd gheibgvdfiyb fdbvdyi hdufhs hsfgihdihndi nhgu9dnbhjidfn xbxvbfv bhb h sdihgsuihguisdtnhs yhux dgnsdihgieunsgi hg9dthj9 udhgudhrigudfhuibn xcbvidfybvgi dfigbsdihb nbdfongfounr dfduibzndibn dghe9gh9 bsbfvsub fjhj bdbdg bgbn figbvi hu idufsh eughbvdfsb suhnvshnv dfgdghngffjmghj h dfhg ytjhj fhj fhjfgh fjfhjhjn ff gdfvjjet 14dfbgdfnj dgjso 47646dfvidfifd gu 4dhugub kjgi79879fgbgfjobnjo

Apuesto a que no leíste todas las letras y números
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Shaman King (Anime) add
SIN SPOILER: en muchas ocasiones aburría, sus personajes son muy pasables no me encariñe con ninguno, creo pudo resumirse 32 episodios osea la mitad alargaron mucho la historia innecesariamente,y tenia muchos clichés, está pasable aunque no es recomendada por la duración, está BIEN 6.4/10

CON SPOILER: en muchas ocasiones aburría, sus personajes son muy pasables no me encariñe con ninguno, creo pudo resumirse 32 episodios osea la mitad alargaron mucho la historia innecesariamente, y tenia muchos clichés, está pasable aunque no es recomendada por la duración, odio los finales abiertos por lo menos hubieran esperado a que sacaran mas capítulos del manga,está BIEN 6.4/10
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Shelter (Anime) add
*Spoiler Alert*
Story: Shelter takes place mostly inside a VR setting with our main character - Rin. We follow our protagonist through her day to day life in her own VR world, when eventually we were introduced to her past. which revealed the other character - Rin's father. The video follows up with the events that occurred during Rin's childhood, which ultimately led up to her being sent up to space to avoid the collision of Earth and Jupiter(??)

Art: Fantastic job A1 pictures, every single frame was gorgeous and definitely shows the effort that's placed into this project.

Sound: Really good pair, the animation and the song matches well in both pacing and setting the mood, further helps conveying the feels.

Character: This is the part that I would say is lacking, but no surprise, considering that it is only a 6 mins clip. I feel like the Rin was brought into this animation as a teenage girl with the mind set of a child, who still doesn't much as shown by the quality of her drawings. Aside from that, we don't really get to see much of her personalities or her mindset, at times she seems mature and other times she returns to this pitiful child.

Overall: I really enjoyed this short clip, mostly due to the combined work of the artwork and soundtrack. For all those who thinks this could be a cheap tear work, or that it's just normal because of the common scenario and the usual kawaii girl, I won't deny any of that. BUT! KEEP IN MIND THAT THIS IS A 6 MIN MUSIC VIDEO. I'm sure the amount of information that could get across from this animation is limited, and the plot has to be conveyed clearly. So sure it might be fast-paced, lacked detail but I'm sure you can all imagine what the story was about, and there is no need to look too deep into the underlying message, because it is just a wrapper for the music itself. Thank you for taking your time to read my review, and stay Animated!
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5 hours ago
Cowboy Bebop (Anime) add
SIN SPOILER: Es mi anime favorito por básicamente todo, las historias de los personajes, la música, a mi me gusta el jazz, la animación que para el 98 debió ser de lo mejor, pocas veces aburría y me encanto el final esta serie es PERFECTA 10/10

CON SPOILERS: Es mi anime favorito por básicamente todo, las historias de los personajes, como lo de faye que había sido congelada eso no me lo esperaba, la música, a mi me gusta el jazz, la animación que para el 98 debió ser de lo mejor, pocas veces aburría y me encanto el final el equipo se separa, casi lloro aunque que spike muriera no me sorprendió pero esta serie es PERFECTA 10/10
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Shelter (Anime) add
This is my first anime review and quite possibly my last.

Before I begin this review, I want to make something clear: this is myANIMElist, and ratings are based on how good things are as an ANIME. So, hopefully, you'll understand why my opinion of this one-episode, 6-minute-long anime series is so negative.

Alright. In terms of music videos, this might be the best one I've ever watched. Ever. But in terms on anime... well, frankly speaking, it's horrible. If you think about it, the point of an anime is, simply speaking, to tell a story, and maybe add a little moral in there. When you look at this, you basically see almost none of that. All you see is ---SPOILERS---

a girl with, presumably, their dad, who were living happily in Tokyo, where disaster strikes and the dad, being bent on saving their daughter, builds a spaceship so she can live on in her own lonely paradise life, while pretty much everyone else dies. For a music video, that's actually quite a lot of story, but for an anime series... pathetic. My explanation for why there's so many positive review is that they're taking into account that only one short episode exists, so they're keeping that in mind while writing this review. Well, I'm treating this as an anime series, and on how well it does it's job, and, well, it doesn't do it's job very well.

An aspect of this "anime" that people have praised is its emotion. But, in my opinion, good emotion can only be delivered with a good story. If you don't know a character well, your attachment to them is limited, and thus emotion is dulled as a result. As mentioned earlier, the amount of story in this anime is basically nothing, as is the character development, so we really can't exactly truly be moved by this. The only thing that we feel is sympathy and maybe some empathy, but that's about it. I mean, seriously, Mars of Destruction does a better job of telling a story than this, and it's infamous for being bad.

The only part of this I can praise is its scrumptious art. But, honestly, I'm not sure why this is even on this website. It's hardly even an anime. As a music video, I will most definitely recommend this, but if you're looking for a meaningful, well-executed anime... stay away from this.
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5 hours ago
Shelter (Anime) add
Honestly, i did not like it. My friend is a weeaboo who thinks you must like it no matter what because the girl losing her dad due to the end of the world but looking at it in much bigger context, i find it hard to believe and very pointless to send his daughter in a virtual world when shes going to die anyways so its honestly kind of dumb. Like if shes going to spend her life in a virtual world where she is probably dead(also unbelievable), it would still get the same as she dying spending her life in heaven. Just because it seems emotional doesn't mean it is emotional, i could have a kitten dancing to a sad song and it could seem like it sad but its just stupid. Well thats my opinion and my friend is a weeaboo.
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6 hours ago
Shelter (Anime) add
I tend to enjoy a wide variety of music, and always look for a good AMV after finishing a series. That being said, this short put everything together in a beautiful 6 minute piece. I'm going to take a minute, and stir up a good review for a more than deserving short.

It's not everyday that an artist centers their song around the music video. Shelter clearly had a lot of effort and love put into it. In a whopping 6 minutes, it managed to capture and inspire me more than many pieces do over episodes. The animation was choice, offering delightful, colorful journeys. Emotionally, I found myself captivated by the depth of the story. The music was fantastic, and stimulated the mind.

Time for a brief "Room for Improvement" section. The story left a few loose ends I suppose. The music genre will certainly only appeal to a certain crowd as well, but I guess you can't really improve that!

Anyway! Shelter is an amazing piece. It was planned greatly, and is truly a beautiful experience. Provided it's only 6 minutes long, you really have no reason not to check it out.

A Swell 10/10 Stars and a trip to my "Favorites" list.
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6 hours ago
Shelter (Anime) add
You know that feeling when you watch an anime that you just instantly love. This is one anime that does that.
You may think "A 6 minute anime can't have a good story." You would be dead wrong. This anime surprised me so much with the actual deep story. Although there is little dialog and most of the short is music (which I will get to in a second) it still tells a simple but great story. The progression through the story feels so natural and beautiful. The visuals are well done, and the overall art style is good.
Ok now to the meat and potatoes of this anime. The soundtrack. Possibly my favorite sound track I have heard in ages. The song helps the progression of the story and the catharsis feel perfect. I wont spoil anything but suffice to say that the song is perfect for this short or maybe rather this short suits the song perfectly.
If I had to recommend one anime to any of my friends who watch, it would be 100% this one at the moment. Take 6 minutes and watch this anime. It will be amazing. Best 6 minutes of your life. If you dont like it at least you will listen to an addicting, and great song
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7 hours ago
Bungou Stray Dogs 2nd Season (Anime) add
A Bungou Stray Dogs (2nd season) Review (Flashback Arc)

TL;DR: A lot more dark and serious than the first season. Definitely a step-up from what the first season offered.

For the people who never watched Bungou Stray Dogs:
What’re you doing here? Go watch the first season.

“The people I've met back then made who I am now.”


The first arc is a prequel to the anime. It really shows you what happened in Dazai’s past, including the people that were involved in his past. What’s the best part about it though, it shows a darkness in which the first season is incomparable to. It’s a very large difference, but also an enjoyable one at that. There’s a lot more emotion put into this, and it’s not so focused on terribly dark humor in which the first season pulled often. I’m not saying there weren’t any serious moments in the first season, though. What has been shown to us is actually some very heavy stuff for this part of the “second season.” The story so far, in basic terms, is just an explanation to what happened to Dazai in the past and what he was involved in.

We’re reintroduced to Dazai, but only as the Dazai that he was before he left Port Mafia. If you’ve watched the first season, you should know what I mean.

If you haven’t, I don’t understand why you’re already this far into the review. Get out this instant.

Anyway, along with Dazai, we also see two more important characters in which I didn’t think I’d take such a liking any of them. Oda Sakunosuke turns to be a very notable character, as he actually plays large roles in this second season. Ango Sakaguchi is also someone who is part of Dazai’s past, but doesn’t have a role as big as Oda’s. But, they’re very likable characters. Other than these characters, there’s really the same people in Port Mafia that appeared in the first season besides a clan. Akatugawa, being the dunderhead he is, had gotten himself involved with the clan. That clan is called “The Mimic,” and they are VERY involved with Oda Sakunosuke. Gide is the most involved with him. I won’t say why though. But, if it weren't for Oda, Dazai wouldn't be who he is.

For some reason, it feels as if the art this second season took a very big step in the second season. There’s more of a sinister air to the story, and the art is actually matching it. Though, the OP and ED aren’t anything too special to look at. The art for the people are the same as last time, but it’s more of the atmosphere in which diverges greatly from the first season in quality.

The voice acting (AKA Seiyuus) are VERY well done in this season. Dazai’s seiyuu has more of a mature tone than he had last season this arc. A lot of situations the characters in general get into, their voice acting is phenomenal. Oda’s seiyuu is VERY notable here. Oda Sakunosuke’s read more
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7 hours ago
ReLIFE (Anime) add
A very touching and meaningful anime. Every episodes brings out a clear message of how a decent person would act. Its a very good guide for people who aren't good at putting emotion into words (like me lol :<).

ReLife is a very good anime,and at the same time it is a bad anime. It is a good anime because it is filled with good life lesson. While it is a bad anime because in this harsh reality, we cant ReLife literally. For people who didn't live their youth would feel awful watching ReLife.

The past will be in the past and we can only learn from the mistakes we made. You cannot undo the past but you change your future in this very present.

Really enjoyed it. Totally worth watching and hopefully there will be a season 2.

Sorry for the horrendous english. ;)
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8 hours ago
Keijo!!!!!!!! (Anime) add
This is a show for people that like boobs and LOVE! butts, they've achieved the perfect butt to boobs ratio, which seems to be around 6 to 1, at least plotwise that is.
The fanservice in this show is the best I've ever seen, the fights were made around butt-battles so none of the shots of butts seem out of place or distracting in the (great) fight scenes, and since the ridiculousness and intensity of the fanservice in those scenes is so high, all the other stuff seems kind of tame, which makes it a way better watch. It also really helps that it's pretty much exclusively girls, so no more classic annoying "But why would I want sex" harem guy, instead some sweet girl on girl actiooo...aaAccidents.

Now what also makes me love this show is that I'm pretty familiar with sporting anime and know the cliches, tropes and basic set-up, a lot of which come back in this show in a, let's call it, "feminised" form. Instead of a deadly right hook counter they learn a butt-uppercut, instead of an unstoppable drive they learn putting your swimsuit between your asscheeks to make their butt more aerodynamic and faster, instead of an antagonist who has sick dribbling skills they have one with an incredibly fast buttswing.
Seeing these variations of what most sports shows (and shounen shows in general) do in this form just felt great to behold.
It just reaches a level of absurdity, classic anime sexism, and sexyness where, despite being so dumb, "it just works".

The character are... forgettable to not noteworthy, at least at this point in the show, although I do really like the main characters motivation, it's so... simple.
That's what I also really like about it, it feels very light, there aren't very high stakes or life ruining matches. it's just a light watch without too much drama or taking itself seriously, which is sometimes just what you need.

Overall I'd give it 7.75 butts out of 10, with possibly more butts to come.
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Usagi Drop (Anime) add
Daikichi Kawachi is a young single 30 years to see one day forced to return to their "home home" to be present at the funeral of his grandfather. But a more important issue than the actual death of his family is the girl of 6 years this left, the result of the relationship with a young maid there in the house, that after the child's birth (Rin Kaga) defected.

With late father and mother to flight, someone from the family will have to be available to take care of Rin or follow this path to an orphanage. After watching throughout the day of the funeral and realizing the contempt that all family members give Rin as this is illegitimate, Daikichi decides to take the girl to live with you and be in your care.

Startled, but the relief fund, the family ultimately agree and even the very Rin will willingly. From here everything will change in the life of Daikichi, which at the beginning will have great difficulty to reconcile their work with all the care they need Rin. Despite being a full life, the love and affection that the child feels Daikichi are stronger than everything and this is aware that about 180 that his life has been for the better.

Going forward, the anime will show us the various adventures and adventures that will arise in the life of Rin and Daikichi.

Usagi Drop, adapted from the manga created by Yumi Unita name Bunny Drop is as mentioned in the introduction, a story that deals with family values, friendship and love at all times.

The relationship with Rin Daikichi will intensify over the episodes, and the spectator without taking account will feel involved in the story and you'll find yourself to wonder about how he would act in various situations with these two face.

Usagi Drop is also noted for the environment and music created around the characters. Whether in times of sorrow or joy, the plot of the scene is always the ideal.

In an anime as short as Usagi Drop is normal not to have a large list of characters. We have spoken of Rin and Daikichi and to these we can add Yukari Nitani, a divorced woman who will create a strong friendship (and something else ???) with Daikichi through his son, Kouki, who is the best friend of Rin in school. Still Haruko Maeda, Kenji and Kazumi Kawachi Kawachi that just appear, along with one or two characters.

And ready, I finish so the analysis Usagi Drop that despite having only 12 episodes, these are episodes that are worth a lot for everything that can transmit. I highly recommend and I leave here one more proof that the anime has a lot of value, unlike what most people think.

I look forward for a second season of Usagi Drop, since the adaptation to the sleeve not yet finished and that, if this were to come about, it will be a win-win for everyone. Since it is a recent series, I deduce that still read more
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9 hours ago
Shelter (Anime) add
Okay, so this story is clearley too short for its own good, but somehow this anime short manage to be enjoyable even if it lacks of length.
The strongest point in this anime its the music that wa wonderfully composed by Porter Robinson, but the passing of it its also pretty good, it's incredible how the music video in this anime short make it so it was so emotional. If someone told me this story with no music or build up I would be like "well... its a cute stoyry" but anime short made tear up a little.
The only problem I can see in this short is that it does not explode everything it has to. The only translation for the letter I could find it was one in Reddit and the amount of detail is awesome in this short but I wish there where more explicit stuff in it (*cough*the dead of the mom*cough*)
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9 hours ago
Shelter (Anime) add
Look, to start off I don't like Porter Robinson. Not as a person nor a musician. I find him utterly pretentious and generic as fuck.

But since the video of this was everywhere I decided, despite every nerve in me tingling in a direction to stay as far as possible away from this product to watch it.

First of the bat, the music. Hated it listened to the song once muted it the second time and put on some Iglooghost. Animation looks ok but for a short music video it could've been much better, even for A1-pictures this is like SAO level of low. The worst part is that the story is so fucking blatant it makes the doves want to cry, could not care less about the end of the world shit. So cookie cutter and so boring that it makes me want to cry and die. The character looks like Chitose from Giarlish. I enjoyed the video a bit more the second time because of how good Little grids EP by Igloo matched the video.

Overall a 3.2. A bad video, I hope to not see it again.
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9 hours ago
Kimi no Na wa. (Anime) add
Totally liked it :D

(after the first 10 min)
I thought that it will be a boring Romance movie , I made a mistake to download and

but I found that (after the whole movie)
The story is new .. confusing at first .. but thrilling at the last few scenes

I found mystery , comedy and Drama taking the upper hand rather than Romance (which also appear in the movie in a good way )so If you neither prefer Romance or not you will find this Enjoyable (this is my experience - as a person who doesn't tend to Romance anime- after I watched this)

I liked the songs especially the ending ..also the soundtracks as well

overall an amazing movie

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10 hours ago
Akame ga Kill! (Anime) add
Akame ga Kill

Akame ga Kill was co-produced by Square Enix and TOHO Animation

Square Enix is known for producing Full Metal Alchemist: Brotherhood, Durarara!!, and Kuroshitsuji (Black Butler).

TOHO Animation is known for producing Haikyuu!! and Boko no Hero Academia.

The studio responsible was White Fox who are known for Steins;Gate and Hataraku Maou-sama! (The Devil is a Part-timer).

Akame ga Kill is an adaptation from the manga of the same name by Takahiro.

Akame ga Kill was a refreshing burst of energy and excitement. From images and the opening theme song the viewer is subject to a host of characters who are distinguished by their hair color alone. It would have been too easy to create another “heroes vs villains” anime where the heroes each get a few battles and gradually increase their skills against tougher opponents as the show went on. Thankfully it doesn’t. Akame ga Kill is a fantastic series that is easy to watch and fun for the whole ride.

Story: The story follows a boy named Tatsumi who set out on a journey with his two friends to obtain money to bring back to their home town. Things lead to things and it results in him meeting the assassin group known as Night Raid. He ends up joining their mission to fight the corrupt empire because of his general do good behavior. I won’t say any more details but it’s basically Night Raid vs. the government, and who doesn’t like anti-heroes am I right?

Characters: The characters in this story at first glance all fit into stereotypical roles (the pervert, the quiet but nice one, the big sister figure, the tsundere, the muscle head, and the “nice guy”. What this series does so well though is to not constrain them to these boring archetypes. Every character has a moment to shine in this series and you develop a love for some of the characters. Every character has reasons for their behavior and at least a somewhat decent reason for being on the side their on. As for villains I found villains enjoyable. This might be one of the biggest things this show has going for it. Most of the major villains are people with motivations and back-stories and most aren’t just “evil”. Overall the series gives the viewer a great selection of characters, so much so there should be a variety of favorite characters. Which is great because it means the writer didn’t just focus on the main character and forget about everyone else.

Fights: The fights in this show are for the most part fantastic. Going into this anime I thought this was going to be another classic “heroes vs villains”, heroes constantly get new power ups or donkey-pulls (you know what I mean) when their back was against the wall. I was totally wrong. What I got instead was a feeling of intensity and suspense during a fight that I’ve only gotten from Game of Thrones. This show does not sugar coat anything, be prepared. I’ll read more
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10 hours ago
Flip Flappers (Anime) add
I have gotten into a really bad habit of judging something by its cover. For some reason something with girls sparkling and magical power just never appealed to me and seemed boring/too happy. But boy was I wrong, this show has potential to be super bomb af because this show depicts hatred, happiness, confusion and others.

Story/Character: Unrated

Unrated because it is only the third episode but it has something to it that captivates me and holds my attention. Two girls who never met before holding onto each other for different reasons just excites me. Cocona reminds of me a lot because my attitude (in real life) towards the future and how uncertain and uncaring it is. Papika reminds me of my imagination that wishes to run free from this binding world. The plot is not developed yet because it seems like they (of course) want to control something like Dr. Salt wants...(Hint... Maybe)

Art: 8.5

Has some showy stuff in the anime like sparkles and dramatized light reflections. I wasn't sure about this at first but I really enjoy the vibrant colors that make this show come to life right before my eyes. The art isn't realistic (which anime normally isn't, i'm not generalizing it) it just makes you see other colors than black and white.


As you can see I enjoy the show so far and I am waiting to see what else this show gives me. Don't be too serious with this show, keep your imagination open and your world open to "pure illusion".
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For all intents and purposes, this OVA is no different to a normal episode, set chronologically after where the first season ended. If you have enjoyed the humour and characters from before, then you can expect much of the same here.

That said however, this episode is fairly mundane, so much so you can compare it to a filler of sorts. Nothing important happens during the entire duration albeit for the introduction Yunyun, done in the most humdrum manner ever. To be honest, I would have preferred it if they saved her for the second season instead.

It didn’t help either when the plot went full lewd this time around, lots of fan service was served in the short span of 20 minutes. While that sounded good on paper, it actually did more harm than good in practice. Seeing Megumin in gym bloomers was cute, but I would rather that they expanded the segment of her past experience instead. Same goes for the other characters too, Kazuma included, since they saw no development what so ever in this episode, which is a shame.

Though except for that little complaint which I had, everything else was good and on par in comparison to a normal episode. Art and sound wise were all spot on, as was the voice acting in general. I can find no reason why anyone would want to skip this, besides being a hip contrarian. Same as the first season, I would recommend watching this wholeheartedly.
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10 hours ago
Yami Shibai (Anime) add
I'll give this show a point for trying, but "ghost stories" just are not scary when you're older. I don't know how some of the people I watched this with were actually freaked out by anything when they are over 20 years old. I personally think the stories were horrible because there is nothing really special about them. Nothing that was shown is something that is really scary nor did have any unique and intriguing concepts. There's way better horror anime out there so I think they could done a better job here; maybe one of the ideas could've made a nice mini ova series or something instead of just a 4 minute short. I just didn't find any redeeming qualities.
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10 hours ago
Shelter (Anime) add
This might be one of the best animated shorts I have ever watched.

Let's get two things out of the way. Undeniably, this video looks great. It's well drawn, well animated, and is certainly eye catching with its colorful visuals and impressively imaginative landscapes. As music, this is not something that's suited to me, but I can at least understand people who think that Porter's music is palatable to them.

My focus with this piece is not related to the audiovisuals but rather with the idea that this can be taken as a story or a music video that is trying to be something more than just Porter's music meshed with beautifully animated sequences. I understand that these criticisms are often held back by the difficulties of critiquing something that isn't overtly concerned with story, but in a masterpiece of such well paced and beautifully crafted storytelling , there's fair ground here to levy some points for praise.

Shelter exemplifies everything that is good with storytelling in anime, it attempts to tell a real story developed with content and meaningful emotion and does it pretty damn well for an animation its length. It takes a shortcut by designing a lovable character, throwing her into a position of bittersweet melancholy, and brilliantly using that as a means of manipulating our basest emotions into believing there is something meaningful and tragic to be said.

People are praising the emotional resonance in the story and its ability to bring out the loneliness lost in the profundity of memory. Yet, consider a world where the main character is not a beautiful teenage girl, lost and confused in a world completely foreign to her. When you remove that physical appearance that makes us so inexplicably attracted to her stake in the story, the story would break completely and there would ultimately be no reason for us to feel sympathy, just like if you remove every rarely used synonym from this wall of borderline incomprehensible text, there would ultimately be no reason to upvote it at all. You know what, just ignore this paragraph.

One might say that it's only a six minute short, but the fact that Shelter goes out of its way to show for a split second the main character's letter from her father, to invoke the community to spend time and read it on a second watch manifests some semblance to a deep and meaningful story. Unlike many other anime designed purely for cheap tears and easy pity, Shelter executes this better in only six minutes with a beautifully animated montage of a young innocent girl cherishing important memories from her dark past.

Shelter presents its audience with fascinating visuals, the ostensible undertones of a post-apocalyptic world, the perceived loneliness of being potentially the last human in the universe, and delivers us a serious, emotional story in a very short amount of time by utilizing its impeccable pacing and doesn't waste a single frame doing so. I can in good conscience, recommend this music video to anyone.
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Well, pains me to say, but I’m gonna be the wiener who has to tell everyone the flaws of Haikyuu! again.

I’m going to preface this review by saying that because I play volleyball, lots of the issues I have with the show are specific to someone who has actual knowledge of high-level high school volleyball, so because the vast majority of this fanbase doesn’t know anything about volleyball outside of this show, you might not be as annoyed at certain things as I am. This is just one humble man’s opinion.

First off, I want to say that Haikyuu is not a bad show by any means, and in fact, I think it’s better than the vast majority of sports anime. Unfortunately, I don’t like shounen, which Haikyuu makes itself painfully obvious that it is one. There’s no subtlety, everything is tell, don’t show. They try to teach you the sport of volleyball as you watch and act like you’re 8 years old while doing so. They have to explain each and every little intricate rule, which ultimately makes the show less entertaining and harder to sit through, especially when you know everything they explain in the first place.

I’m just going to get this out of the way right now, the animation for this show is fantastic, as expected. There is nothing to complain about from the art or sound departments, except for the fact that S2 had a better OP, but that’s subjective ;) Soundtrack can’t be expected to be incredible for a 10 episode series about literally one match, but the sound design and effects are spot-on as usual, so I don’t think it really matters at all.

One thing I can truly say is a virtue of the show (aside from the gay undertones, those are always of high quality) is that the atmosphere of the matches in Haikyuu are great. There’s enough tension and stress without it causing the viewing experience to suffer, but it’s also realistic enough to not just turn into a joke or feel like there are no consequences. The rivalries are quite plausible and well-developed (if a bit cheesy at times) and I love the camaraderie between members of different teams, it warms my heart.

Another thing I like about Haikyuu is how nothing comes easy. You sometimes see in sports shows that if you just put training in, you can’t lose. That’s not the case at all, you have to have talent or your work means nothing. The players in Haikyuu all have to use their individual skill-sets to better the team’s chances at winning, and while it’s not necessarily a revolutionary concept, it’s executed well beyond mediocrity.

There are many other things I like about this show, these are just the ones I’m best able to provide my unique opinion on rather than just the standard “i like haikyuu beucase haikyuu is good!” redundancies you see with every show’s reviews.

Now we have to get to the things I don’t enjoy about Haikyuu!

The read more
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Yesterday, 12:38 PM
Kimi no Na wa. (Anime) add
Warning spoilers and general rant... in short ... don't waste your time .....

What did I just watch ? you know after coming out and completing the anime Kimi ga Nozomu Eien (which by the way is a MUST WATCH!) one of the greatest anime drama series I have seen, I came back to myanimelist to find a NEW number one ... I was right ok lets go ... What a mistake..... oh man .... let me explain

ONE WORD, Nonsensical .... this anime makes you want to slap yourself it makes NO SENSE ... the story is AWFUL ... your typical love interest somehow turned into saving a town/girl interest with manipulating time and lets HAVE some body switching in there for the fun of it ... HAVE ONE OR THE OTHER DAMMIT!!!....
nothing MADE SENSE, also lets have AMNESIA in there as WEL to add a pointless TWIST in the ENDL!!!! nothing is explained WHY do the characters FORGET each other and somehow remember each other in the END RANDOMLY ... SURELY he is NOT stupid enough when he body switches he CANNOT remember the name of school he was in or SHE the place in TOKYO she was in? Surely it makes COMPLETE sense to drink a 3 year old drink of some GIRLS stored saliva chewed RICE and GO INSTANT body SWAP on her DEAD ASS BUT Wait its INSTANT body SWAP of her past body with your CURRENT LIVE BODY !!! WHAT I hear you say ... YES it makes PERFECT SENSE I hear say? then watch this utter nonsense and look like a complete fool at the end ...... because you will

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Yesterday, 11:42 AM
Whistle! (Anime) add
Do you like fun Football anime that just keeps on giving then this is the one you want.

Whistle has everything you want in a great sports anime but lets start from the beginning.

The story shows the Mc not really being all that great in the beginning but this is one of those anime that lets you see his improvement through the entire story and it makes it even more fun to watch and you just want to root for him or his friends as they become better at football and learn to improve alot. The story feels as if it makes a progress.

The soundtrack to this anime got one of the most classical Fotball music there ever is even the beginning of the anime has this classical look to it.

I have yet to find more then one or two characters in this anime i dont like. Reason is though some might be hated in the beginning you will either understand more about them or you will beginning to like their personalities as they are and realise their not all that bad. The main character is go happy lucky in a good way. He isnt naive in a bad way he just gets better and doesnt sit down crying for 3 episodes until some guy gives him a kick in the ass.

This is one of the best football anime there is out there. Its not as mature as some of the newer one but i feel its classical and funny and worth watching and when your bored you can watch it again.

Its all what i have said above its great in every way and its just to enjoy. Even if you dont like football this might be something for you because they make something out of it and doesnt drag thing out. Its classical and great in every ways which is why it deserves a 10 out of 10 any day. If there is anything bad to say about it then it is that it deserves another season not because that the ending was bad but because there could be alot more.

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OniAi was an anime I picked up on sale in the anime section of a local video store. I was new to anime when I got it and didn't realize what I was getting. The incest factors of the anime were a little off putting and being unaware of what Ecchi was at the time some scenes came as a pleasant surprise. In the end I did end up enjoying the anime though and recently picked it backed up and enjoyed it just as much a second time.

Like most SOL anime the series starts out like it has a plot but doesn't really take it anywhere. Most episodes just consist of the girls competing to try and win over Akito and others are them going out and having fun with each other. I myself don't need to have a strong plot in every anime I watch so personally I found all the episodes to be enjoyable.

The art is very pleasant to look at with bright colors and detailed backgrounds. The sound track was also a great part of the anime with catchy upbeat music and I don't think I skipped over the intro once while watching the series.

If you're wondering if you should watch this series I would definitely recommend it. It's a great anime to just sit back and casually watch.
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Yesterday, 10:30 AM
Shiki (Anime) add
Spoiler free review.

This anime is and will probably always be my all time favorite. It's, in my opinion, nearly flawless. Sure there are certain things i would like to refine as in all things. But if you watch the anime, look at it as a whole, understand the philosphical and moral meanings behind it, then there is no denying that this anime is a true underappreciated masterpiece. That is something i really want to stress, if you dissect this anime and look at all the subcategories individually, im sure you would find alot to improve. Such as the stereotypical over the top anime artstyle and lackluster characters. But they are pretty much irrelevant before the anime as a whole. They are perfect for what it is trying to communicate and express.

The story really does not have a main character. There are main events. The first, and second most important, is the dissapearance and death of Megumi Shimizu. Her death sets in motion an "epidemic" that will eventually force the villagers of Sotoba to face the reality of the situation and decide how to deal with it. Which is the second main event, and most important one. After this event you see all morals fly out the window. And it really brings up questions and thoughts. The main one being, who is really the villain? It showcases how good and evil are flawed concepts in black and white, and how it cannot be applied to situations such as these. It makes you question your morals and ethics. Wrong and right? Good and evil? Irrelevant.

Now, the keystone of the anime, the factor that brings it all together and sets the tone and atmosphere for the experience; the OST.
The soundtrack to this anime is beyond godlike. Not only does it fit the anime flawlessly, it is also something i would listen to just for enjoyment. It stirs your emotions and makes you sensetive to all the things happening in the anime. You actually start to FEEL what you are watching. This is really the best example of a soundtrack done right. Perfect execution and perfect atmosphere. I've been listening to it for years and still not tired of it. Yasaharu Takanashi really outdid himself, i will never forget his name or the masterpiece he created.

Masterpiece, a must watch for everyone who is a fan of deep philophical anime with dark undertones, and godlike soundtracks.
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Yesterday, 9:33 AM
Donten ni Warau (Anime) add
Laughing Under the clouds ..
when i watched the trailer i thought it was your daily comedy routine anime situated in the edo (past) era .. i gave this anime a try went through the first 2 episodes and was right on the bat but then >>>

Suddenly the anime evolved .. there was awesome character developments , the story got so intense and so interesting , i was like [ I WANT MORE < I CANT WAIT ] .

The anime took a serious turn .. the anime also known as laughing under the clouds had no more laughing until the last epsidoes ...
there was more crying ( serious crying : ) than laughing and this anime just won my heart.

it was far more i expected it to be . Awesome characters come as soon as the anime proceeds further .

[Note : YOU will not expect what happens in the anime ... ]
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Yesterday, 9:25 AM
Udon no Kuni no Kiniro Kemari (Anime) add
It has been long since i wrote my last review...
I thought i wouldnt need to write another one but this anime just forced me too.

Let me get to the point , This is a simple Anime with no such special story or characters or art or plot or anything else . The only thing that great about this anime is its PURE AND CUTE SIDE .

this anime really is one to make you feel relaxed after a hectic and tiring day..
When life gives you a challenge , you will surely lose ( mostly speaking ) But to make your bad day into a good one this anime is here to make you smile.

When i first watched the trailer , i was least interested in it .. but then i was free and thought i should give it a try , the first episode was normal .. better than i had expected but what made me aww was after the second episode.

i will surely recommend to watch it . It will surely bring a smile to your face.
It a very simple pure and a kawaii anime dis.. :)
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Yesterday, 9:16 AM
Another (Anime) add
As the series exists for quite some time you'll inevitably catch up something about it when engaging in the anime community.

About the feeling the show evoked – it was generally very entertaining and so over-the-top that it balanced between ridiculous and dreadful so that it kept up your mood on a overly pleasant level.


It was much more unpredictable (at least at the beginning) that I'd thought.
Somehow when thinking about Another, before starting the show, Misaki Mei was etched in my mind to be this evil girl that's the killer of the show. At the end she was one of the only sincere characters in the show and one of my favorites. I really cared about the main characters and feared that they'd die. Though I found it a pity that all of the mains had plot-armor though the show wanted to state that no one is save. Barely any characters that you actually knew died (except of Akazawa, Reiko and Kazami), but maybe that was the intention of this show, keeping up a more positive mood in the audience.

I really liked the psychological aspect of fear and deceiving in the characters of this anime. They where fearing for their lives and thus acting amoral, like real people would do.

The Ending was one of the most well-rounded endings I've ever seen in anime. Loved it.

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Yesterday, 9:13 AM
Shelter (Anime) add
I'm gonna look at this from beginning to end, so spoilers ahead. You can watch the whole 6 minute thing on Youtube for free.

We open to a girl with mutant eyes, because we don't use stylized artstyles to set a tone and allow us to express ideas (Kaiba's a good example of that) anymore but to pander to otakus. More enforced by the camera flashing around her short skirt. A1 pictures after all.

Next, if a story is going to focus on one perspective, we'd better be aware of what that character knows, unless there's a good in universe reason for it (Fightclub). Blabbering some vague nonsense is also getting old. Take a movie like Synecdoche, New York which starts with a little girl signing a song; it sets the location and foreshadows the plot, while not being incoherent for the viewer.

Afterwards, the music video portion is wasting time as it doesn't advance the narrative and gets into repetition. Not an expert to comment on the music itself, so if the composition was well made, let me know. For my part, the autotune was annoying the music so loud it started giving me a headache after multiple viewings. It's not as bad as I might make it out to be.

Ok, now logic time. If in whatever time or alternative earth this takes place, keeping people alive through the machines they plagiarized from The Matrix is a thing, as well as launching people into space, then why's just the girl getting away. Oh no, excuse me, if one person can manage to do all that, then how come humanity doesn't launch the equivalent of a space station, with enough people to reproduce the species and tie them to computers, which I guess also give you the nutriments to survive. But no, this plan is just an one-off. This is even worse when the whole thing ends up with a message about hope. What hope? Earth's presumably destroyed and she's the only one alive in a ship in the middle of nowhere. At that point I'd support assisted suicide. Can you image how living in complete solidarity, unable to die must feel?

That done, we're left with a few other things. There are no characters, but walking cliches with no depth. Girl is lonely, father's protective. That's about it. And I am aware this is a music video. That's no excuse, something as simple as a dish track, like Eminem's Warning, can present more complex characters.

I've already commented on the bad character design. The animation itself is good and the color scheme competent in its use of color theory and saturation.

This music video garnered traction because the anime community far too often decides to suspend their mental faculties and be swayed by emotional manipulation. Not worth the hassle.
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Yesterday, 9:13 AM
All Out!! (Anime) add
My first impression of it was mildly disgusted because of how built everyone is but considering I've watched JoJo's Bizarre Adventure I thought I could get past that, but after that it was the gross character designs and the random white curlies on the captain (i think that's who he is) and there's really nothing that would draw me in except for the giant blonde guy but even the "gentle giant" trope has been overdone, this anime honestly is chaotic at a first glance and at a second glance its even worse because in the second episode u notice that many of the characters have flattened faces for some odd reason. Don't get me wrong, I LOVE sports anime, but just not this one....
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Yesterday, 9:11 AM
Seiyou Kottou Yougashiten: Antique (Anime) add
Though it was different from what I expected when I started to watch "Antique Bakery" it still couldn't save the whole thing in the end.

First of all - the characters:

If you rely on a gag to introduce one of the main characters, don't overdo it or it'll get repetitive; unfortunately, that was exactly how I felt about Ono. The first three times with his demonic gay charm were hilarious, but soon after that I seriously wanted to slap him in the face. Not because of his raging gayness but because of the obnoxious movements and reactions he tended to do.
It's not that there aren't any fulminant gays out there but it feels like such a cliché in anime to picture them like that. Which was a bit disappointing at times.

Thank God, Tachibana got a more complex character where you are shown bits and pieces throughout the anime, indicating that there's more to him than just a happy-go-lucky dude with homo-issues.

I feel like a lot of people found Eiji irritating, but to me he seemed like the only one who truly acted like he felt. On the other hand, I get why some had problems liking his character, as he, too, appeared as the cliché delinquent that wants to be accepted kid. Still, his honest to God hunger for acceptance was kind of heartbreaking.

Although Chikage doesn't get much development, his character doesn't get pushed to the front constantly which makes him an adorable comic relief that helped me through some of the boring parts.

As for the story:

I mentioned earlier, how the last few episodes included most of the actual interesting stuff. If they'd only decided to move some parts of those into the middle part...
After the introduction, which lasts three episodes, the plot falls flat at so many points, I had to force myself to continue watching it in hopes there will be a turning point.
Not even the comedy parts couldn't save much until episode 9. From there, everything took a sharp turn for the better (except for the animation, which seemed to get worse every episode).

After such a lighthearted start, I really didn't expect it would get this serious but I was glad to at least get something worth watching in the end.

I'm a bit disappointed because I feel this anime had much potential after the manga seemed to have been a huge success. It's difficult to translate certain aspects on screen, but there would have been ways to make it work better - like a better balance between "action" and "daily routine at the café"
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Yesterday, 7:50 AM
Himouto! Umaru-chan (Anime) add
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Chicken chicken, chicken chicken!
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Yesterday, 7:40 AM
Hotaru no Haka (Anime) add
-This review contains spoilers-

First of all, I thought this might be a good movie. I didn't find it as one. I was expecting it to be something, but got disappointed. It's just plain, boring and not having any changes at all and even the viewer can guess the ending after half way or something.

If this movie was having a message in it, I didn't notice it. Long story short, their mother died in bombing, they sought a place to live, aunt didn't like them and they moved to live in a shelter, kid died. End of story. What's the big deal? You could have guessed it actually. There seemed to be no plot at all in the first half of the movie, minus their mother dying.

Story was pretty decently boring. It could have potential to be a better one if it would have given a goal for the characters and then given obstacles for them needing to get pass through. But there really wasn't any. Art was nice because it was those older types of cartoons and I'm literally easily impressed by it if it's just a cartoon. It doesn't save this, though. Sound was boring, effects were good enough but I was expecting more of them. Music was plain and similar every time. It could have existed more, even. Characters were okay-ish because they made me give opinions out of them. Older brother was okay for knowing what to do in certain situations so I have to give credit for that. Sister, however, was just annoying like the toddlers are. I understand it but the movies is just missing the point with it. It just annoys and gives brother more stuff to be worried about. Movie couldn't make any use of she just being a child, which I was expecting at least. Aunt was understandable but I was expecting her to be even more angry or punishing. Enjoyment was pretty bad after all. I was expecting stuff to happen but it didn't. It just didn't.

Overall, I say I don't get what people find in this. Maybe because it's sad overall but so what? Are you supposed to always feel sad if someone else have it that way? Maybe I didn't feel any sympathy for them but on the other hand the movie didn't want to give me any reason to. A plot twist and more plot and happening would have helped this movie a lot. I mostly find it plain and boring. Even giving some footage of the father's battle or even death on the ship would have been something. Also, the fireflies barely had anything to do with the movie.

I want my 1½ hours back
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Yesterday, 7:11 AM
Shingeki no Kyojin (Anime) add
That's my first review, and most likely it will be the only. I'm not a native speaker so excuse me in advance.

I'd like to say that I'm not spoiled by thousands of episodes of different anime series like some other hardcore anime fans. Many of us saw those people who like to showcase their unique tastes and tell us that we understand nothing and things we like are tasteless and lame compared to things they like.

I'm not like those people, and here is my opinion on Shingeki no Kyojin. I prefer to consider genre of anime and rate it based on requirements for this particular genre.

I was expecting to see some badass heroes to hunt and fight big monsters and kill them like a bosses. Characters should be cool and strong, plot is unnecessary, music and animation should be top-notch... But what I actually got is a really complex and deep anime with original setting, interesting characters, emotional drama and intriguing plot. Sure, nothing of this is absolutely unique, but still it got me hooked right from the beginning. It has a Fullmetal Alchemist's vibes in it and I really liked FMA.

The story is interesting and has some unexpected and shocking twists. Some moments felt a bit slow and overloaded with talking, but the build up is worth it. Some people may call it predictable and simple, but I don't. It's good and I'm interested to see what will happen in season 2, untill then I can't give it a final rating.

Art and animation looks very good, it's not the best I've seen but far from the worst as well. Even if there are some still frames and not very impressive CGI, overall it looked great and action sequences were awesome.

Sound is simply gorgeous! Epic soundtrack which gives goosebumps and good, fitting voice actors.

Characters are likable, at least for me they are. Some people will say that those are cliche characters for anime genre but I don't care, as I said - I'm not spoiled by watching hundreds of anime. There are all types of different people in this series, none of which made me hate them. Many of them has character development and it's good. The main characters are likable as well, they've got emotions, strong and weak sides, like normal people do.

Enjoyment...what can I say, I enjoyed this anime a lot! All parts of this anime work together to make immersive, sometimes dramatic, sometimes funny, sometimes epic moments. I was captivated from the very beginning and felt whole spectre of different(good) emotions.

Overall it's a great series with strong story, original setting, lots of different and interesting characters, filled with epic moments and great soundrack. Most of the people who watch it will actually like it, maybe not as much as I did, because I'm not as experienced, but still it's worthy to check. If you consider yourself an anime guru or otaku-God who only sees beautiful in some alien-brutal-philosophical-gay anime which only chosen ones will understand, move read more
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Yesterday, 6:26 AM
Ao Oni The Animation (Anime) add
- Ao Oni The Animation review -

For those who don't know, this animation series is base of the so popular horror RPG Ao Oni, which is a surprisingly good game filled with jumpscares and creppy atmosphere. So when i first heard Studio Deen was planning on doing a anime adaptation of it i was pretty exited considering their track record with shows like Higurashi. That was until the first episode came out...

First of, if you are a fan of the game you will be very disappointed since this is more of a "comedy" than anything else. And i say the word "comedy" very lightly because the show tries so hard to be funny with it's grotesc/dark humor that comes across as more cringy than anything.

Story: Every episode you will have the main characters acting like idiots causing them to die afterwards, ending the episode with a "Game Over" screen.

Characters: Each of them have some unique character trait and different personalities, but ultimately they are all just idiots.

Soundtrack and Art: Not much to say about it, it is neither good nor bad. The chibbi artstyle makes it hard to take anything that happens serious, but i guess that was the whole point.

Overall Ao Oni The Animation is a bad anime. It fails miserably in the comedy department and is a punch in the stomach to those who were fans of the game.

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Yesterday, 6:21 AM
Blood+ (Anime) add
I can start by state that this is one of my favorite anime ever. Only Hellsing Ultimate is slitghly better in the genre of vampire animes in my opinion. I dont want you to be miss led and belive that the shows are simuilar, they are quite different from each other. So ok, why is Blood+ one of my favorite anime ever? Let´s go down to that.

Story: 10/10
Absolutly fantastic! Its nothing new that humanity (and sometimes fellow vampires) is fighting against vampires, but this show does it right in every aspect. It takes this not so uncommen theme and makes something very orginial and deep of it. Then you put in global politiical and military conspiracys, good action, drama and wonderful character developemnts - than you how Blood+. It also have a bit of reverse harem done very right in it.The story are pretty dark and gets darker the further the show progressess, which in my opinion only makes it more realstic - there are no plot armor what so ever. I really enjoyed that the truth and background to the whole story, is revealed to you in the means of Saya getting her memories back - bit by bit. Yes, you get little more info than that, by watching other characters memories and converstions, but it slowly comes toghter beautifully. This made me keep high alert during every episode, due to cluse came here and there, sometimes you would had mist it if you didnt pay close attation. Blood+ really makes you think of the deeper nature of both humans and monsters. Whats drives us to do what we do, how much our environment effects us and how do we get through dark times, which may seem endless? And deep down we all want to be accepted and loved. The show is also much about to fight your true nature and have the strength to carry out your duty, even if may kill you. Could write a freaking novel about this story and why its so awesome, but I gonna leave it here for now.

Art: 9/10
Is absolutly great. As usal it has its flaws here and there, but are overall very beautiful. Character designs, colours, backgrounds is outstanding in my opinion. Action scense are very well exicuted, with fluid motions and feeling. You can often really feel the weight the fight has on the characters, and how it effects them emtionally during the fight and afterwards.

Sound: 10/10
One word - AMAZING. Absolute one of the best soundtracks I ever heard in a anime (mayby otherwise as well). All music is calssical with live intrusment (they most have heired a whole orcester for this), and are perfectly adapted to which kind of scene it is and the mood of it. If you not gonna watch the show (which you should), i recommend that go at least listen to the soundtrack for the pure reason that it is beautiful. As I often do I watched the dubbed version. I wasnt read more
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Yesterday, 5:54 AM
Gakuen Handsome (Anime) add
Your eyes will bleed, your parents will cry, the world will have a third world war!
This is no joke you guys, this will destroooy you!

But jokes to the side, Gakuen Handsome is one of the most wtf anime you'll ever see.... I mean, it's enough to just look at the cover right?

To be honest I regreted even clicking the fist episode not even talking about actually watching it (⚆ _ ⚆)

Story: 3/10
All I think about is a parody of Kuroko no Basket to be honest.

Art: 4/10
I don't... even know what to say....

Sound: 7/10
Not gonna lie the voice actors are doing their jobs RIGHT as always so there is nothing that I could actually say about that

Character: 4/10
SO HANSOME. those chins will be the end of me i swear

Enjoyment: 5/10
Even though I wanna cry through the most part of this anime I still find it a BIT enjoyable
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Yesterday, 5:23 AM
Nisekoi (Anime) add
Nisekoi makes me question what it really is that separates a good anime, from a bad one. Objectively speaking, there are various criteria one uses to justify the aforementioned verdict; standard criteria such as Art, Story, and so on. However, Nisekoi is the perfect example of how it is possible to enjoy something that isn't really all that original, or amazing, or groundbreaking. Perhaps the best thing about Nisekoi is that it is just... enjoyable to watch, somehow. You could take a pen to paper and put down all of it's shortcomings, but this isn't a show that makes you want to do that.

Now why should one watch Nisekoi? if you're looking for some lighthearted comedy with extremely cute girls, this should probably be first on your list. There's nothing spectacular about the plot, which actually starts off kind of interesting, but meanders around and goes nowhere really. It reverts back to the status quo which was set at episode 1 so frequently that if you're interested to see where this "romance" that's frequently advertised leads, you will be rather disappointed. However, that's not to say that this show isn't entertaining. And there are a few reasons why it is.

Eye-popping is what I'd call Nisekoi. I've always found Shaft to have a very unique and personalized approach towards making anime and Nisekoi doesn't receive any less effort in that regard. The art of this show is simply gorgeous whilst staying true to the source material by Naoshi Komi (which was great to begin with when compared to regular manga), and might I even go so far as to say that it enhances it. Scenes are drawn well, there is interesting camera work that goes on, and this show is just really colorful and easy on the eye. If you want evidence for the above, just watch Nisekoi's opening track "CLICK" by ClaRIS and you will know what I'm talking about. There's so much interesting art work going on in that OP itself that advertises this show's beautiful visuals. I'm frankly in love with that OP and I've never once skipped it.

The sound of Nisekoi is also pretty darn good. I rarely go so far as to collect a show's soundtrack, but I enjoyed almost every track on this one's OST. Each girl has their own little theme song which reflects their personality rather well, and they're all very refreshing to hear.

From a technical standpoint, Nisekoi is very, very well done, and I can only wish that other far superior shows in terms of plot substance had received such treatment. As a viewer, you will enjoy what this show has to offer in this regard. However, be prepared to deal with the rather shallow, non-progressive plot in favor of everyday comedic interactions. Also, there's a decent amount of fanservice going on but nothing too overboard.

Watch and enjoy Nisekoi for the cute girls, the art, and the music. Plot annoyances aside, and the fact that this is one of those harems read more
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Yesterday, 4:42 AM
Ghost in the Shell: Stand Alone Complex (Anime) add
I've never ever written a review on any websites ever because it had never struck me as something necessary, with a mindset that it was a waste of time, but this show has truly been a mind boggling experience I've endured. First to begin, an anime that was produced in 2002 and now I'm here watching it in late 2016. It was a surprise on how great the visuals were for something that has been created over 14 years ago. If you had any past experience with the moves of Ghost in the Shell you will know that they are very philosophical and had us question our existence. This 26 episode of pure enjoyment was nothing short of the best. Having a complex main story and interesting side stories cutting in after one part of the main sequence has ended and showing us the "behind the scene" you could say. It had help aid and nurture the main premises and showed some of the past and present the main characters. Though they had not touched on a lot of things i had wandered it was justify, such as some of the side character who looked as they had interesting past.

The sound was quite of outstanding, not my style but it was still very enjoyable which would make me give it a 10/10. It matched all the scenes that had required it to enhance the experience.

The art can probably be argued that it was something from 2006 or later, without knowing when it was made. One of the biggest surprises in the whole series and many more to come, giving it at 10/10.

Characters in this story was absolutely very dynamic, creating an atmosphere where they have been long time friend who are all internally connected, like being hive-minded . From an range of different talents and character it matched who they are. Some characters were not given much screen time yet you didn't need it to figure out who they were, giving us enough clue to see a glimpse of their past and their current life style and personality. A lot of these characters actions could be sympathized and was well understood why and what happened. This was a great range of characters that were made. 10/10

It was a long and short 26 episode that was nothing less then the best that is something that is produced in 2002, The story was maximized for enjoyment without having to cut out crucial parts of the story. It had really opened up my mind with the stunning story line.
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Yesterday, 4:29 AM
Nobunaga the Fool (Anime) add
I almost didnt give this one a chance due to the low scores it had and the random mix of genres, but after reading some reviews i decided to give it a chance - which im really glad for. I exctually did enjoy it quite alot. I recommend that you watch this show with an open mind, like a colourful circus or like a roller coaster in the funny house. So I will now get down to why I enjoyed "Nobunaga the Fool" (who in all means lives up to his name).

Story: 6/10
By all means the shows weakest part, but its actually not that bad at all. There are a lot of plot holes and alot of things are never explained so they can never be really understood. As the page tells you, its a quite unique mixture of action, historical, mecha and sci-fi. And it aslo magic, super power, fantasy and romance in that mix. A mix at least I never seen before in anime. As expexted it gets messy sometimes, but shore not lets you down in the entertainment aera. This is a story of two worlds (east star and west star) thats are connected by forces that are never really explained, but you can clearly see a influence of western historia (west star) and eastern historia (east star). On the west star we have Europen historical personas as Jeanne d´Arc, Di Vinci, King Arthur and Julius Ceasar to mention some. On the eastern star you can also clearly see historical Japanese influences, with samurai clans, tea cermonices and traditional clothing. But there the historical part ends. Because in both world wars are held with giant mecha suits, and the most powerful worries carries a"secret treasure" which amplifies their power in some elemental way (wind, fire, earth etc.). The basic storyline is that Jeanne d´Arc tries to find out if Nobunaga is the "Savior King" or not, and a power struggle first internally on the east star, and then later between the eatsern star and the western star. A red thread in the story is that in each episode Di Vinci lets someone (often Jeanne) to draw a tarotcard, and he explains the diffirent meanings of that card. The card is always directed to some of the characters (which is where you come in to guess whom its diredted to), and the character in question will for fill that during the epsiode. Without spoiling anything I can say that the end of the show suprised me alot and I did not see that coming, which was refreshing and made me like the show more.

Art: 9/10
If the story is "Nobunagas the fools" weakest part, the art and animation is it strongest part. As expected of studio Satelight, the animation and art is great. As usual it has its flaws, but character designs, colours and backgrounds are beautiful and colourful. Motions are fluid and smooth, and the CG mecha fights are pretty good as well.

Sound: 7/10
The music and read more
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