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Jan 21, 2018
wokparty (All reviews)
If you came here for romance, this show is will not be kind to you.

This is a story about a hyperactive girl, Sana. She makes the show.
She is the definition of fun and will seduce everyone with her overbearingly energetic attitude.
In dire straits, she knows how to act, but romance is beyond her.

Some things she says are beyond amazing and makes you wonder how an 11 year old girl can be more mature and understanding than any adult.
These moments are what this show is about.

It has quite a messy story line, but that's life isn't it?

I highly recommend.

Positive themes in this show:
Dealing with cruel people read more
Jan 21, 2018
Nekuthezero (All reviews)
La serie tiene como enfoque la comedia, tal como su nombre lo dice y un cliché de un trio de romance, al avanzar la trama se puede notar que algunas cosas no son tan como las pensabas, como el protagonista y lo que motivo a los personajes a ser como son, eso si, el diseño es algo pobre pero es compensado por los pequeños temas que se encuentran en la serie y a estos mismos lo refuerzan las situaciones que se presentan a mediados de la serie, dejando un poco de lado la comedia pero sin olvidarla, el desarrollo de los personajes tira de regular read more
Jan 21, 2018
Nekuthezero (All reviews)
Como su antecesor, sigue la trama en los grandes juegos magicos. La animacion para algunos empeoro como para otros mas mejoro, lo que si se nota es una caida en la banda sonora, que ahora es un poco más sosa pero con algunos temas que todavia le hacen honor a la anterior, el problema de esta "2014" es que es más corta y metieron relleno al casi alcanzar el manga, por lo tanto no es tan disfrutable como la anterior pero sigue contando cosas que a la anterior le falto mencionar como los origenes del gremio y porque el nombre que tiene, etc.
Jan 21, 2018
iGingerBread (All reviews)


PLOT: 10/10

This anime revolves around the world of mafias. However, it is not your typical story in which both sides fight each other, claiming territory and the like. At first, you will go keep asking why? What is happening? Why is something like that possible? But as long as you go deeper on this series, the magnitude of the revelations, every pieces of the story which go into their rightful places are really awesome. Honestly, I'm really amazed at how this kind of series created. Eventhough there are too many characters in the story, there are too many scenarios that are taking read more
Jan 21, 2018
Nekuthezero (All reviews)
Un anime que ante muchas criticas por su contenido "ecchi" tiene lo suyo, cuyos personajes tiene cada uno lo suyo, diferentes historias del porque son como son, una buena animacion y fantastica banda sonora, asi como los giros de trama que puede llegar a tener. Se disfruta mucho si te sientes identificado con varias de las situaciones que te presentan, como ejemplo el que seas una persona que valora mucho la amistad, aqui lo vas a ver muchas veces. Para algunos pueden parecer cosas cursis e innecesarias, pero para otros es un alivio al alma y ver reflejado algunos de sus pensamientos. Muy buen anime read more
Jan 21, 2018
Nekuthezero (All reviews)
En esta secuela el género de la comedia queda como lo secundario, mientras que el drama es lo que predomina.
Mejor que su antecesor al mejorar por mucho el desarrollo de los personajes y como enfrentan las diversas situaciones que se empiezan a presentar. El soundtrack encaja perfectamente con cada situación y los diseños mejoraron demasiado.
Algunas veces puede dejarte con un vació filosófico e intentar que te sientas como los protagonistas y veas una solución a las situaciones que se presentan.
En resumen: Mejora por mucho a su antecesor al explicar mejor las cosas y desarrollar sus personajes y sus entornos, un anime que no puedes pasar.
Jan 21, 2018
Citrus (Anime) add (All reviews)
Apollo_Goddess (All reviews)
So far it's a really good show as I'm two episodes in.(I've also read the manga)

Story: 8 (Some spoilers)
The story is about two sisters that have an odd relationship. They first start off a bit bumpy with a weird encounter of Yuzu meeting Mei at the first day of school. She then confiscate a phone by sifting her. She later meets her new friend and tells her some basic info. She then finds Mei kissing a teacher... And that's all I'm spoiling right now. The story isn't your conventional one were girl meets another and then starts dating because of love then there. It develops read more
Jan 21, 2018
Rocitaku (All reviews)
First of all, this review will be written in spanish, so if you don't understand it, you can leave.

Tsuki ga kirei. Un anime que si les soy sincera, me encantó al principio, aburrió, y finalmente terminó por atraparme nuevamente.

Es un anime que claramente no es el mejor, pero yo en este caso voy a hacer la review en un sentido diferente, yo voy a decir mi experiencia, lo que me provocó este anime y lo que sentí al verlo, no voy a meterme por caminos en los cuales me voy a perder como la animación y detalles así.

Como les dije, viendo este anime estuve frente read more
Jan 21, 2018
AmishaelMA (All reviews)
I have mixed feelings about this anime. Considering how much it’s been hyped the past year, and even made its way up to the all-time top 20 on MAL, I went into it feeling really excited and expecting a masterpiece.

Whilst I did end up being deeply affected by it at certain points (episodes 11-13 are some of the most haunting I’ve ever seen), it took me a while to get there. I wasn’t drawn in automatically by the scenery, although it did make me somewhat curious.

There were three main aspects to this anime: the characters, the story and the environment/world-building. I’ll start with read more
Jan 21, 2018
Two Car (Anime) add (All reviews)
EdgyEcchiSenpai (All reviews)
Beautiful young girls, fast weird vehicles and breathtaking speed? Well, we are not in the eighties, but very close. “Two Car” is the anime that went completely unnoticed, mainly because of very low critical and viewers’ score. Is it fair though? Personally, I’d recommend it to you with an annotation to give it at least a try.
The main character in this show is literally the island, Miyake-jima. It’s very hard to tell the main human characters from the secondary ones due to a fair amount of screen time given to almost every character/dyad (not only racers but also mechanics or commentators). However, the main plot read more
Jan 21, 2018
cslashrocks (All reviews)
One Piece is about chasing your dreams and leaving all doubts behind and enjoying life while making new friends saying bye to others and overall living your life to the fullest

𝐌𝐨𝐧𝐤𝐞𝐲 𝐃. 𝐋𝐮𝐟𝐟𝐲 is the main protagonist of the manga and anime, One Piece. He is the son of the Revolutionary leader Monkey D. Dragon, the paternal grandson of the Marine hero Monkey D. Garp, the sworn brother of late "Fire Fist" Portgas D. Ace and Revolutionary chief of staff Sabo, and the foster son of Curly Dadan. Luffy is a pirate and his lifelong dream is to become the Pirate King by finding the read more
Jan 21, 2018
JediNut (All reviews)
MARY AND THE WITCH’S FLOWER (メアリと魔女の花 / Mary to Majo no Hana) is the debut feature from Studio Ponoc. If the look of the movie seems familiar, that’s for good reason. Studio Ponoc was founded by and employs several key figures from Studio Ghibli, the famed animation studio that gave us the classic works of Hayao Miyazaki: Spirited Away, Princess Mononoke, and (my all-time favorite) Kiki’s Delivery Service. Among those former-Ghibli members are Hiromasa Yonebayashi and Takeshi Imamura, who serve as Mary’s writer/director and supervising animator, respectively. So, with that kind of pedigree, Mary must be flippin’ amazing, right? Alas, I’m sorry to say that read more
Jan 21, 2018
Tactician (All reviews)
I felt the desire to "random" something that wasn't already recommended to me at some point since I started this hobby of mine. I did just that and I gotta say I was surprised.

Now normally I'm a little cautious when it comes to the Slice of Life genre when it has both the Harem and Ecchi tags going along with it. High School DxD was the show that did this to me because that show was the first one that I saw which I felt really went way overboard with both aspects. I'm certain it was the intention to do so but just my personal read more
Jan 21, 2018
BabyGirl06301 (All reviews)
Okay, heads up, I will be vaguely comparing this work to the original 2006 anime. So, there maybe a few slight spoilers here and there. Nothing that will ruin your own watchthrough, though.

So, I was under the impression that UBW would be essentially a remake of the 2006 series except from Rin's POV instead of Shirou's. That isn't the case, though. If I understand correctly, the three routes (Fate, UBW, Heaven's Feel) serve to simply hook Shirou up with Saber, Rin, and Sakura respectively. Naturally, who he falls for affects the story, so there are some differences in how things go down. Also, the original read more
Jan 21, 2018
MrHaibo (All reviews)
I really wanted to write a good review for this anime, but I can't bring my self to do so after watching episode 16-25.

The first 15 episodes was one of the best I have ever seen, everything was so enjoyable. When I started this anime, I was dropping animes left and right, I couldn't find a good anime that I wanted to watch, everything was just bring and old for me. Then I found sword art online, a anime I had no problem watching episode after episode. Time flow by when I was watching this anime. The fighting scenes might have not been the most read more
Jan 21, 2018
Pop (Anime) add (All reviews)
zombyers (All reviews)
is something quite good actually. Nothing 'wow', but it's a simple thing. A train. I like to think that has a small meaning, but at the same time it's just a test or something like that. this will be a short enjoyment if you like small things from '70s. A train can tell us a history better than a person, quiet, running to somewhere and we don't know where. This is what are more funny, we don't know where we are going, but we still watching.

history: we are free to imagine.

art: good for '70s

soundtrack: just a train, simple and aesthetic.

enjoyment: i really liked it, read more
Jan 21, 2018
Julle (All reviews)
Are you guys kidding? Over 20 000 voted already? THERE ARE ONLY 2 EPISODES OUT! Stop acting like kids, seriously. This series has just begun. MAL should remove the option to even let people write a review, until the series is completed. This is why the MAL ranking is looking like it is nowdays. I seriously wish for the "not helpful" button to get back on MAL, so I can thumb down all these so called "reviews" on this series.

Violet Evergarden is something almost everyone has been so hyped for. Not living up to your expectations yet? Don't worry, you have barely seen anything of read more
Jan 21, 2018
GakkanKun (All reviews)
I am in awe at how much emotion was packed into 46 minutes. The depth and feeling that went into the relationship between Takao and Yukari was moving. The art and music complemented the story perfectly, and I loved the use of the weather as the story driver. Like Makoto Shinkai's other films, he does a stellar job leaving the audience filled with a beautiful sadness. Two individuals brought together if only for a moment in space and time. The final interaction on the stairwell was heart wrenching, Yukari finally being freed from her torment, while simultaneously realizing that they must move on.
Jan 21, 2018
KaoSouL (All reviews)
WOW! What a garbage fire!

While I'm not the most articulate person in the world, I was compelled to write my first review ever based solely on how terrible this show was.

If you can get past the animation that looks like middle school level sketch art, you're rewarded with a dumb nonsensical story full of the stupid, rushed, and utterly pointless character development.


The main character doesn't realize his friend his evil until episode 9, after his friend has already gone around firing machine guns at civilians, randomly stabbed people with a broken bottle at a party to invoke demons, killed people that found read more
Jan 21, 2018
Showatt (All reviews)
Think Rom Com. Think Teenage Romance. Think Cliche setting. Think paper-thin characters.

Now blow everything out of proportion. Take every conceivable archetype, the ice queen, the bubbly girl next door, the flawless handsome captain of the soccer club, the Prom Queen, the anti-social, anti-hero protagonist, and give them depth. So much depth that nothing is ever what it seems to be.

That's Oregairu in a nutshell.

Before we get into the review, I'd like to start by saying that Oregairu is NOT realistic. In fact, it is hyper-realistic. The anime doesn't just strip all the fantasy away a typical Rom-com harem story. It instead cranks read more
Jan 21, 2018
weaboobs (All reviews)
After completing the first episode, I was completely hooked.

This is such a cute and unique anime. Personally, I really enjoyed how the story played out so far. (9/10)

The art is nothing special, but I like it just the way it is. Does not bother me at all. (8/10)

Not sure how to rate sound, but I found nothing bad. Enjoyed the sound effects and voice acting. (10/10)

From the characters I have seen so far, I really enjoyed them. Tachibana is a cute, and realistic high school girl. Mr. Kondo is funny and lovable. For the rest of the workers at the cafe, they are also enjoyable. read more
Jan 21, 2018
ShinyKing (All reviews)
For all of you out there looking to wash away the bitter taste that Darker than Black: Ryuusei no Gemini left in your mouths, this OVA is EXACTLY what you need.

I loved Darker than Black season 1. I thought the characters, atmosphere, and story were all spectacular. Then I watched season 2. And boy, was it different. Virtually every single thing that I loved about season 1 was changed beyond recognition. The ending was so terrible and left me with so many questions that I literally stopped in the middle of my day that and wrote a list of complaints that I had about season read more
Jan 21, 2018
_Raji_ (All reviews)
Few animes can do what saiki kusuo in psi nan does, keep several characters in the story and keep them all interesting, even characters that I usually hate in others anime, as dumb characters, in this anime i like them, because they are well worked (to do comedy, of course )

the characters are always the same, but they are always in different situations that are usually very funny

one of the great advantages of this anime is: the episodes are always 4-5 minutes, so the jokes happen very fast

my only problem with saiki kusuo in psi nan is that often some character is talking and the read more
Jan 21, 2018
neo333Earth (All reviews)
Ah, Kill la Kill. It's so dumb, yet so awesome at the same time; a show that makes you say, "only in anime!" I didn't enjoy it as much as others clearly did, but overall, I'm glad I watched it.

Story - 7
This is one of those shows that isn't about the story. There's nothing wrong with the plot of this show, but it isn't the selling point. It starts as a girl in a wacky school, trying to find her father's killer and kicking the ass of the club presidents while wearing practically nothing, and then the final third turns it into a semi-apocolyptic battle read more
Jan 21, 2018
Mega14343 (All reviews)
As of right now, only two episodoes of this are out, so things may change down the line, but I do believe that this will be one of the best anime of Winter 2018.
First of all, letme say that that I will not compare this to any other anime, since it would be unfair to compare something that's still airing to something that's already done.
It starts off in a pretty cliche-ed way. A guy and a girl don't have partners (in this case, quite literaly) and are in search of one. The girl is know for killing every partner she has and the boy is read more
Jan 21, 2018
Wooden_Mannequin (All reviews)
This series has proven to be quite divisive. Some love it and some hate it and I can understand both sides of the argument. As far as I am concerned, this series is almost perfect. Devilman was a thrilling, gory, sexy, bloody and heartbreaking masterpiece. The animation was simple yet expressive and was beautiful at some points. The plot has many scenes that hit me very hard emotionally, especially with the score amplifying the scenes in the background. The only flaw that I can find is that some of the characters feel a little underdeveloped, despite being slightly more two-dimensional than in the source material. read more
Jan 21, 2018
silencerfart (All reviews)
Because I haven't seen a review that properly addresses "the important bits" of this series, I felt compelled to write my own. Since the show only just aired, I will update my review once it finishes airing.

TL;DR - This will probably be a worthwhile series. Part of my review may seem disparaging, but this show seems like it earnestly wants to be good, and I am giving it the benefit of the doubt given that the second episode is much less juvenile than the first. The mediocre story score comes from the average of the scores I'd give each episode; the first episode sucks, loaded read more
Jan 21, 2018
TurboAutist (All reviews)
Warning: Spoilers!

If you watch anime and really dug into the medium, chances are you probably watched or at least heard about a bunch of shitty harem shows with protagonists that are as interesting as a a log, but for some reason every single female character wants his dick, and he's so dense and stupid that he doesn't realize it, even though it's fucking obvious, or he's just too much of a wimp to do anything about it. This type of anime got really popular because it's made purely to provide wish-fulfillment for those otaku nerds who probably never had any sort of physical contact with read more
Jan 21, 2018
Showatt (All reviews)
Behold! An anime that understand the meaning of organic storytelling that allows the cast to shine in an otherwise extremely simple, done to death, "unlikely pairing" story.

"Koi wa Ame" tells the tale of a 17 years old high school girl falling in love for her 40 something divorced-with-kids restaurant manager. At first glance this seems like the delirious fantasy of some pervy old man (the author is actually female), but when watching the anime, you won't really feel uncomfortable or 'grossed out' by the situation. On the contrary, the story feels believable and natural, and so far fairly well paced.

This is mainly thanks to read more
Jan 21, 2018
GrayRealm (All reviews)
This is a surprisingly well done older anime. Three girls are thrown into another world and are tasked to save it.They overcome a trial after trial, each testing their resolve, their friendship. And in the end...

The anime is quite simple in its structure, but it is done with love, and as a result it is interesting to watch. Relatively simple premise works well, fights are interesting, and story is interesting as well, every character is well designed, and the music is magnificent. So in the end you get something that resembles a lot an interesting fairy tale rather than your typical isekai anime.

Detailed breakdown read more
Jan 21, 2018
Nicktf1 (All reviews)
Chivalry of a Failed Knight is a show filled with tons of flaws if you are a critic. But if you are a mere viewer who just wants to be entertained then chivalry of a failed knight does that perfectly. There is tons of comedy, cute romance and fair share of fan service. So, if you are not picky this show definitely has what it takes to entertain you.

Final Thoughts
Good anime these days are hard to come by. However, despite not being a top notch anime Chivalry of a Failed Knight definitely has done a terrific job in satisfying their viewers and kudos to them. read more
Jan 21, 2018
Nicktf1 (All reviews)
First of all, this is an action comedy, harem ecchi romanced, school anime with quite the amount of fan service, if this bothers you, you should not consider this as you will see quite the amount of nudity.

If you on the other hand are not bothered by this, please keep on reading!

Ever since finishing High school DxD New which is the season 2 of this show, I have been trying to find another decent ecchi, harem show. Sad to say i have been very disappointed, and i dare say the reason is that this show unlike many others of it's kind, do have a plot. read more
Jan 21, 2018
Nicktf1 (All reviews)
Some standout moments from Koi to Uso, would be the initial promise of the government controlling everything. It casts them in a very dark light and really does ramp up how people, like our main characters, are going to struggle against the system. This creates all sorts of fantasies and possibilities for us, the viewers, for the story and anime itself overall.

There was also a hint of diversity as tsundere best friend Yuusuke Nisaka is actually gay. Well at the very least, bisexual because he does kiss Yukari while he is sleeping and then we get a monologue about how he lies to himself at read more
Jan 21, 2018
Nevaran (All reviews)
An amazingly styled animation, steampunk era anime.
It also brings a nice amount of action and unrealistic but fun to watch spy business.
The story is progressing in a good pace, has depth, and makes you cry when it wants to.

Storyline has a great amount of twists and unexpected turns.

Characters are deep and you can cling on them very hard a lot of the times. Each of them have(or will have) an explanation and backstory as to how they came to this point, further enhancing the depth of them.

This is the subbed version im reviewing, I dont know if there is a dubbed one, but watching both read more
Jan 21, 2018
agahtha (All reviews)
How beautiful it is to just press pause and stop this chaotic world for just ten minutes. In the complete absence of thought I found myself appreciating what I was looking at, a beautiful piece of art. Art doesn't always have to picture a realistic portray of the world, but this time it does just that. You look at the background imaginary and you see yourself finding similarities with places you have been to in your life. The color of the sky, the houses, the streets, everything reminded me of pieces of the world i experience daily. Never before I had felt this sensation watching read more
Jan 21, 2018
impossimu (All reviews)
A beautiful and artistic rendition of a magical world beyond our own. The story, however, falls flat as it plays second fiddle to the animation. Emotional high notes never quite climax as they should and the relationship between the two characters (in what is pitched as an anime about romance) is largely forgotten in favor of the artistic acrobatics and animated pinups.

That said, if you're looking for a magical world setting to immerse yourself in this might be the anime for you. I won't deny that the setting itself is a character you can become enamored with, but as very little actually carries over and read more
Jan 21, 2018
ellie2022 (All reviews)
Since this anime is so praised I decided to try it for myself. Although I didn't have any expectations, but by the end I was left with an empty feeling. Devilman: Crybaby isn't bad, but it isn't good either.

Story: 4.5 / 10
The base of the story isn't anything extraordinary but that's one of the good things about it. Devilman: Crybaby takes advantage of the common perception of "a lame guy gets cool and becomes a hero". The main character, Akira, doesn't gain power as it would seem at first, he's as powerless as he's been before. That's good and all, but because of that the read more
Jan 21, 2018
Shelter (Anime) add (All reviews)
Shultz013 (All reviews)
Quick review because I don't want to dwell on this anime short any more than I have to...
I sure you've heard it before but I'll say it again. All this is, is pure emotional manipulation that makes no logical sense whatsoever. While credit is due to things like the art and the music because it was, without a doubt, amazing, unfortunately, that's all it seemed to have to it. I watched it 4 more times in case I was missing something, but all that did was put more questions into my head.
Personally, I wouldn't design that spaceship in the first place just for it to read more
Jan 21, 2018
OdeioAnime (All reviews)
bem... oque que dizer puta merda perda de tempo do cacete, em todos os meus anos de crítico de anime nunca vi tanta merda , mas devo admitir, amei a arte, DE RESTO É TUDO MERDA, não existem palavras suficiente no mundo para falar mal dessa merda.

well... what i could say about this piece of shit, big lost of time, in all my years being a Anime Evaluator, i never never see shit like that, but i admit , i love the art , THE REST IS A BIG SHIT, dont exist words enough in the world to say more shit about this shit
Jan 21, 2018
Mohamed_m (All reviews)
VRAINS is awesome to watch you have to watch it, it has amazing story plot my rate is 9.5/10 it's better than original show it's probably my best anime ever.
The best episode so far is 1-3, 8-12, 18-20, 28 and 35.
And i don't have any complaint in this show.
it's like you not watching Yu-Gi-Oh it's brutal.
it has dark ton sad and scary backstory.
i create my own story event so here is link and comment down if you have any question and if you want to join my server to ask any question comment below.
Jan 21, 2018
NoriGrym (All reviews)
This is the best anime/anything I have seen, and this is why.

1. When you watched an episode you can't stop watching! It's fucking worse than drugs, but it's a good thing!

2. I personally really like when characters change in anime. For example when Izumi goes from being the kinda "scared of bugs and nerdy" to a complete badass!

3. The sound in this is incredible (especially the music)! When something happens there's this really fitting music playing which makes it even more exciting to watch.

4. I tried to find something in this anime that wasn't worthy of a 10, but I seriously couldn't find anything!

read more
Jan 21, 2018
_Raji_ (All reviews)
The first two episodes were great, i loved hayato and taka and their relationship, i wanted to see the whole development of hayato, but it's not worth it
Ryuuichii and his brother are not very interesting, Ryuuichii is the basic main character... he likes everyone, is kind to everyone and helps everyone
Kotarou is summed up as being shy

In the third episode a pedophile character appears and then the anime makes several pedophile jokes like it was nothing... serious pedophile jokes with babies? This anime let me very disappointed

this anime have not a super creative story or incredible characters, but for me it was fun to watch, read more
Jan 21, 2018
NeonDawn (All reviews)
*Tl;Dr at the end* Every season there's a certain show that sets the bar extremely high and yet has its issues with trying to do everything at once. If you felt conflicted about Koutetusjou no Kabaneri, then you will likely feel the same about Darling in the FranXX. Still, we do watch anime because it's about the animation as well as the plot (or "plot" for certain audiences), don't we? If you a person that studies animation, design or anything related and in-between, then you will highly likely love the show in question. Sure, the start feels a little bit rough, it has certain cliches read more
Jan 21, 2018
Gundroog (All reviews)
I feel bad about how long this ended up being and how much it gives away so if you just want a short version without spoilers it's right there at the very bottom.

I don't remember the last time anime disappointment me as much as Devilman Crybaby. On one hand it's worth something that it made me invested enough to care about how good it ends up being but on the other hand it's so goddamn bad and I can't be happy about that.
When it was announced I was pretty excited about one of the best anime directors potentially make a candy out of what is read more
Jan 21, 2018
onlyoneboy (All reviews)
I have only watched two episodes of this show (so take that as a disclaimer of sorts), but I have already decided to drop Darling in the Franxx. The show's tone seems to suggest that its audience ought to take it seriously, but the whole thing appears to be a tasteless sex joke. Yes, Gurren Lagann and Kill la Kill basically did the same thing, but they maintained an epic yet playful tone, with heavy moments sprinkled in between. That's obviously the Gainax/Trigger way. A-1 Pictures, meanwhile, is known to deliver outstanding visual quality and action at times, but often clings to bland protagonists and read more
Jan 21, 2018
iggykimi (All reviews)
The old manga of Devilman has influenced big titles such as Evangelion or Berserk. It was good, but not as good as those titles that I quoted. Even though, Devilman must be recognized as an important artwork.

This adaptation takes the old manga from 40 years ago to nowadays. I haven't read the original manga but some people told me that the adaptation just gets the original essence, but changes a bit the ambience to make it more acceptable for our actual tastes.

The story and the characters are the most defective part of this anime, even though I have liked it since the beginning, I have read more
Jan 21, 2018
crackerchink (All reviews)
A very good anime, I highly recommend it. I don't normally go for the "slice of life" type animes as well but this one was very well done. A lot of people seem to compare it to Angel Beats but I personally preferred this anime. While they deal with similar topics, their approaches are pretty different. The artwork is very well done, quality animations and voices. For the most part there was very good character development, there never really seemed like a useless character.

The only con I personally had was that it seemed like certain story elements were introduced but then dropped.

It was read more
Jan 21, 2018
matiasotaku (All reviews)
Well, it's just a vanilla hentai with loving couples and maybe a little bit of romance. But the main aspect that is simple and focuses on the intimacy of these couples.Each couple has a chapter focused on their first time and their love experimentation.

The animation is acceptable and the design of characters despite being boring, can be entertaining or erotic. Being an anime vanilla does not have great scenes but it's still fun to watch.

My recommendation is that you should see it because as a vanilla hentai it can be entertaining, but if you have another anime with better production values then see it before.
Jan 21, 2018
Leo_Van_Hansen (All reviews)
Well when i see the reccomendation of this anime is ro kyu bu and tenshi no 3p, i already know the story. And i am right. When i watch first episode and i see the male mc who have a great talent (in this case shogi), i think they will be some other girls will like him. Same like 2 anime before. Male mc loved by other girl, and he will give his best to train some other girls.
I think we will not find a love story 7n thus story. Because the mc will be arrested (if you know what i mean hahahahA)

But overall i read more
Jan 21, 2018
Mithres (All reviews)
So many people talking about this animu as if it is something great, if I'm being honest, it's worse than Zetman and Zetman gives shit a whole new definition. I honestly wanted to at least find this show good, eventhough I did not like it that much. I tried focusing on the good parts, but in the end, it's all about the story. The story starts decently, nothing too special, but about halfway through it's starting to kill itself. Grabbing unnecessary religious concepts out of context and shoving them down your throad. More of my complaints will be listed below.

Story [3]:
Nothing new, except for an read more