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My second time writing a review for this anime. I think you all know that my english is not very good so yeah...

-This review does not contain spoilers-

Story: I like time travelling anime and kind of like anime about being trapped in a video game or something like that. But I did not enjoy RE:ZERO. Why? Well, the story is a complete mess. It tries to not take itself seriously sometimes, but that's just in the beginning, unfortunately. It tries to be a parody, but then it just wants me to take it seriously. it just does not work that way. An anime like Gintama is a parody that has some serious moments, but it never loses its comedy. Re Zero does, after the 2 episode. It is never explained why he went to that world. And the Subaru acts like it is nothing. The world building isn't original, but it is not horrible. And it also has a lot of plot devices. 2/10

Art: Pretty good animation. The character designs looked pretty neat and the fight scenes were not bad. Impressive. 8/10

Sound: All openings were bad, but the soundtracks were pretty good. Good voice acting. 7/10

Character: Oh boy, I really wanted to get here. Re Zero has probably the worst main male protagonist in anime. One dimensional characters. Horrible villains and characters that are just there for the sake of the plot.
Subaru is retarded. I mean it. A lot of people say that he is a human so he makes mistakes, that those mistakes made him a good character yada yada yada... No. Subaru is just stupid. I am even worried about his mental health. No one is this retarded. He is trying to help people who he just met 2 days ago. He makes the worsts decisions. He's a horribly written character. Ram is irrelevant. Rem is a character created for the sake of the plot. Emilia is also trying to help a homeless man who's getting destroyed by some punks. Irrelevant until the last few episodes. 1/10

Enjoyment: I did not enjoy this show one bit. It's shit. The animation and art are the only good things about it. 2/10

Overall, the edgy anime we get every single year. Over and over and over again. Tokyo ghoul 2.0. And to be honest Tg was better than this BS. Not worth watching. When season two comes out I'm gonna bash the shit out of by the way. 2/10

*tips fedora*
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Drifters (Anime) add
Drifters anime fantastic good story in what all have one function in War who toyohisa (protagonist) he always had best solution for the problems (war in anime) helping the most people ,killing grand part of enemies .he have good fight style equal a samurai .
YOICHI is a archer with most ability the anime
he is a good person with good personality always having fun with toyo and if impressing
with phrases of toyo .yoichi had a past loaded with emotion and fear .today who drifter he want liberty.
Oda Nobunaga he is good in strategy and making weapon for combat enemies
with your experience in wars of life ,he is a occult sujeit .he too kept secrets his of life

together they make one master of death

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Oh frell, another ecchi, harem, comedy; let’s prepare for the series of clichés and tropes to parade forth and justify the hatred this genre gets. HANG ON… this series isn’t as bad or clichéd as most other entries in this genre and that makes it work. First, it’s not heavy on the fanservice, of course there is some but it doesn’t go out of it’s way to throw upskirt shots at you; and lacks giant breasts with physics that only exist in anime. Even I get tired of that last one and I’m a pervert.
The main reason this show works is because of the main character, Aito. Yes he’s a pervert but that doesn’t make him a bad person. And the relationship he develops with the other cast members showcases how society teaches that a pervert is intrinsically a bad person. Accidents and misunderstandings are met with wholly justified reactions simply because of the knowledge that Aito is a pervert. But then there are the quiet tender moments when the girls get to see there’s more to Aito than just the fact he’s a pervert. He actually is a person with hopes and dreams.
Another reason the show works is the fact that the girls aren’t just head over heels in love with Aito for reasons that are never explained. In fact it’s quite the opposite; Otosuna & Kuroi must hate his guts given the way they behave. I loathe the harem show with the main character surrounded by a harem of girls who all like him and he never chooses one for reasons that are never explained (I’m lookin’ at you Tenchi Muyo!).
And, they’re all adults in the work environment. That gives it a more realistic feel as schools are conformity factories; while the work environment forces individuals to adapt and tolerate different individuals with unique personality quirks. The cast is unique and varied so they don’t blend together. The colors are rich and vibrant, and I was especially fond of the mono colored background extras.
In conclusion I found it better than most shows of this variety.It is what it is and doesn’t try to pretend it’s anything more. It does serve as an amusing reminder that perverts are people too and just because someone is a pervert doesn’t mean they a violent felon. I recommend it.

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Shuumatsu no Izetta (Anime) add
You better prepare for an extremely disappointed WWII and Fantasy fanboy's review in this show filled to the brim with potential, but was eventually spilled on the floor thanks to a magic flying gun.

Shuumatsu no Izetta a WarXFantasy Crossover show of the Fall 2016 Anime Season. Oh boy.

Let me give you the short review of this show if you don't want to waste your time reading a review about a show that was also a waste of time:
If you came here hoping for a unique twist on World War 2 Storylines with an interesting twist of Fantasy and magic. Then just throw this in the trash. No amount of Cool Animation, Soundtrack or Lesbian-undertoned Fanservice can save such a gigantic blob of wasted potential like this one.

Now let me dissect each aspect of this show that contributed into this massive mess.

We've had enough Movies, Games, Manga and Anime that had a World War 2 Aspect to it, and had the Nazis. I mean Germanians, being bad guys, killing people ruthlessly because...they're Germanians. I expected that, someone who invests themselves in WWII themed media knows the drill. But they had a potential saving grace, and that was the risk of having FANTASY mixed into the batter. This could've potentially saved this show's bland original concept, with enough Originality and seeing the Characters grow as people, this show could've been good. But it didn't, it provided extremely bland uninteresting and predictable"plot-twists", I gave Zero cares about the characters, except Jonas. Because he was the single character that, although seen in almost every type of WWII story, was executed well to drive the plot and make it have any resemblance of emotional interaction with the audience.

The animation, background, art and Character design were all really good. But there were so many times, to the point of being uncountable in where the still shots, dialogue shots and hell even the ACTION shots being extremely sloppy in the second half of the show. If the WWII-Fantasy crossover Aesthetic was one of the few things that could've saved this show, then it failed. If it did one thing well, then that's having really pretty girls and Yuri content for me to enjoy.

It was epic if it needed to be, and all in all it was really nice, the Chorale used sends shivers to my spine whenever I hear it. The OP and ED are just usual Edgy songs fitting this show's overall theme. One of the things done better in this show.

This show just left a bitter taste in my mouth. The constant nagging of "THIS COULD'VE BEEN DONE SO MUCH BETTER" in the back of my head was enough to make me just utterly hate this show, with that was paired how it was absolutely boring at around Episode 5 onward, this just made the show absolutely unbearable. I'm currently just watching it to see what happens.

You're doing yourself a disservice if you watch this, it's an utter waste of time, that looked good at read more
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Pokemon Sun & Moon (Anime) add
This is by far the biggest downgrade for Ash (Even worse than Gen 5 downgrade, even the Gen 5 Ash looks like a genius compared to this). This dose not even feel like the Pokemon we know. When I went in to this i didn't expect the worst comedic relief character ever (Ash). Go from Gen 6 Ash where he was actually enjoyable and fun to watch not to mention how much fun XY and Z was, and then go to the Gen 7 Ash. Who is absolute garbage mostly because of the forced comedy.
I'm not joking when i said "Thank god team rocket is on and has some T.V time.". They are some how more funny than Ash and I don't know why. Is it because they are actually good at doing comedy right? That's my guess anyway. Let me say this has the potential to be a good anime if they tone down the comedy.
If you want a good comedy show make it good comedy not forced. look at Teen Titans for a good way to do comedy (Its not even a comedy and i was laughing 10 times more than watching this anime.).
In short the potential is there it can be good show, but since there is only 6 episodes out to watch this isn't turning out really great. Way to much comedy (I know its a comedy, but even a comedy show has to have limits to how much comedy is in a show, or else it just turns into a snore feast). Turn down the comedy alot but have enough in there for us to laugh, and make it serious like XY and Z.(Maybe not as serious but serious enough for us to actually enjoy an Ash that knows stuff and isn't just there for comedic relief).
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Shuumatsu no Izetta (Anime) add
Honestly, I really, REALLY wanted to like this anime. I did. I kept seeing posts about it that compared it to Yuri on Ice in its development of a female, same-sex relationship. So, I was for it and I started watching it right away. Let's just dive right in here.

Character - 3

The characters have no depth. First, we have Fine. She has literally no flaws: beautiful, smart, humble, capable, a good leader, kind, poised, strategic, etc. etc. I could go on and on because she is a perfect character with no flaws. Then we have her counterpart, Izetta, who receives virtually no characterization. Along with her limited backstory regarding her grandma, and the one scene with Fine they recycle over and over, she has no life. We don't know what she's done up until this point, and her only character point is that she wakes up early and she basically worships Fine. The side characters are equally underdeveloped.

Don't even get me started on the White Witch villain. She is a perfect example of an antagonist whose reasoning and logic directly conflicts with her actions with no explanation. Just...terrible.

Story - 6

The story itself has managed to surprise me a few times, which works in its favor in my opinion. However, it abuses its privilege of my suspended disbelief a lot by leaving large plot-holes and pushing its limits. For example, the cloning thing. Too far. The story failed as far as its 'lighter' bits as well, which were teeming with ecchi fanservice and a surplus of Izetta-boob-shots without developing any of the characters / their relationships whatsoever. Ultimately, the story is not compelling. Around episode 5, this series REALLY started to drag to the point that I was forcing myself to watch more episodes. The characters are so flat that it's hard to emotionally invest in the storyline.

Art - 6

Certain frames will be really nice while others... I find this animation very inconsistent. The characters' animations in particular were lacking..

Enjoyment - 1

I expected a lot of this anime because it was compared to Yuri on Ice. I anticipated expert characterization of its female leads and a nuanced portrayal of their romantic relationship along with a plot that was compelling. What I got instead was two poorly executed archetypes with a romantic subplot that is never emotionally developed and acts primarily as fanservice. The plot is lackluster and half-assed and the side characters are similarly ignored. This anime was clearly just meant to be 'Magical Girl Lesbians Fight Nazis', which sounds like a great concept, but was just totally warped and abused to become ecchi fanservice with no heart.

In conclusion, I'm going to try and finish watching this so I can have a complete opinion on it, but it honestly pains me. With each episode, my drive to keep watching diminishes. I'm so disappointed by Fine and Izetta. They disappoint me on every level of their characterization. To compare them to the nuanced characterization of Viktor and Yuuri read more
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This anime has received much hate; and to those who have yet to watch it the only thing I can say is don't listen to that hate. This is the literal best fucking anime; it is by far my favourite of all time, and after watching it all the previous anime series I had completed looked like complete trash. At least give it a shot, please- the first episode may seem a little dull and the third has a really weird song, but it's weirdness is one of my most favourite things about the series. I would definitely also recommend watching the anime and then buying the second video game; best game I've ever played.

DanganRonpa automatically has a cool story. A bunch of high school students are kidnapped and thrown into a school in where they must kill each other off. The anxiety I can practically sense brimming off of Naegi during the first night was immeasurable, despite him not being the best character. The story is so rich, holds so much mystery and shock but don't even get me started on the class trials. If you're new to DanganRonpa, class trials are where the students have a debate to decide on who committed the murder. If they get it right, the culprit will get executed. If wrong, they will. The class trials are unexpected, slightly comical at times, dramatic and surprising; trust me, I've never gotten one right. And perhaps the best and worst part is that your favourite characters will die.

I'd say overall the story is filled with twist and turns, and definitely a 10/10 in my perspective.


Oh. The art. The art is... absolutely stunning. By far my favourite art style in anime. It's bright, colourful, blizzard at times, odd, and overall really beautiful. The characters have big eyes, big hair and distinct features; there is not one character in the series that you wouldn't recognize automatically. In the Danganronpa art style, literally any type of character can be made. It's really appealing to the eye and very pleasant to watch.

Another thing i really liked was the pink blood; sure, weird and unrealistic. But that's also what made me fall in love with the series- I couldn't even begin to imagine Danganronpa with red blood. I fucking love the weirdness im Danganronpa; it's supposed to be a dark anime, but killings aside it has a rather light vibe. Its not meant to be serious; so don't go in expecting Death Note or Attack On Titan from it.


The sound is just okay; the op is trash and even the ending is that good. Well, that was my initial thought upon first watching it; there wasn't any memorable soundtracks or anything. But, as I slowly got deeper into the series I fucking loved the music. The ending? It's bad, I will admit, but it's beautiful at the same time. Its the best anime op I know of, just because I've bonded so much with the series that looking read more
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B-Project: Kodou*Ambitious (Anime) add
ok, I'm going to do this step by step, just finished the anime and I NEED to write this review, I'm so flustered.

Story: Have you seen an idols anime before? Yes? Then you saw B-project. The anime shows the growing of the group and a little of each characters and their schedules. But you're a little to busy looking at the bishonen to pay attention to it.

Art: Is not awesome but I like the fact they didn't used CG for the dancing scenes and still did a nice job animating it, that's it, nothing else to say.

Sound: I starded seeing b-project because I LOVE the songs so yeah why not see the anime? I love the groups, the songs and the seyuus were good chosen (except for Hikaru's voice, he can sing, but when he talks :( )

Characters: You'll find the common bishounen/idol characters, so not buch to say, you have the rich white haired one, the womanizer, the cute that looks like a girl etc. The "main character" that should be the girl is the usual"why you do you like her again?" AND B Project also has a bad guy that doesn't make any sense, ANY SENSE. Watch and see who is for yourself if you think you need to.

Enjoyement: I liked the anime for about 10 episodes, but the last two were a big NO because nothing makes sense and this made me think "Why I wasted 6 hours of my life seeing this?" so yeah, the enjoyement took a downfall.

Overall: 4! Why? Because as I said above, Why did I watch this? I hate when an anime ending makes me think that I could have done something more productive, like watching a better anime, instead of waste my time watching it. BUT the song are great, search for it in youtube if you want to get to know them a little, it's worth it.

Hope this review was helpful, I tried a full spoiler free so it's missing some things but hope it helps :)
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Shelter (Anime) add
Bueno este en un anime de 6 minutos, no es algo que alagar pero es un miniepisodio bueno con una historia interesante. Empecemos:
Nos narra la historia de Rin una chica que vive en un mundo que ella puede hacer lo que quiera, pero recuerda... ¿Qué? No al spoiler.
En los gráficos están muy bien elaborados, y la música para mi gusto, esta bien desarrollada, y como es dubstep, a mi encanta eso, los personajes están bien diseñados tanto sus acciones como hechos, en si todo estuvo bien pero en la historia se te hace corta y dan ganas de llorar.
Les recomiendo por ser corta y tiene mucha historia de trasfondo, y se ve en un par de minutos :D

Nos vemos...
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Bueno creo que llego la hora que se suban review en español pro ello aquí estoy. Entonces empecemos:
En primer lugar porque la película fue mala en sí la animación es una de las mejores que posee la saga de Toaru, pero en la que la malograron fue en la la historia que es muy repetitiva, en casi todos los animes ha pasado "alguien que canta" y en esto basándose para hacer la historia, provoco el desastre.
Las escenas de acción están muy bien elaboradas, pero por la historia mala se siente pesada al verlo, otro punto que la hizo mala es la inclusión de personajes que son principales pero no aportaron mucho y son los ejes de la historia, el diseño es perfecto, luego, los clásicos clichés de ver a las chicas desnudas, y las clásicas mordidas o golpes hizo que se vuelva más aburrida. Los personajes iguales a los de la serie, con tres más, ejes.
Y para completarla el clásico cliché tiene que hacer lo que desea porque quiere hacerlo, esto hizo que me aburra totalmente.
Pero para los que recién empiecen a ver animes véanlo para que entiendan que esto se volverá aburrido conforme vea mas animes.
Para mi no me gusto, solo lo recomiendo por la acción para los que recién miren anime.
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Fairy Tail (2014) (Anime) add
The only thing you need to expect when watching Fairy Tail is mindless fun. This isn't BBC's Sherlock and its definitely not on the same level as some other anime but it has its merits, even if the only way to truly appreciate what your watching is to not think about it too much, its not gonna outsmart you or pull a massive plot twist that you wouldn't expect but it definitely hits the spot when it comes to comedy, sound tracks and all around BAMF'ery.

I personally enjoy the characters but that opinion is subjective, if you don't get along with them then i would just walk away because you would otherwise be here a while.
I find that the make or break point is the phantom lord arc, if you aren't enjoying yourself by the end of that then i would just move on.

Unfortunately im a sucker for BAMF'ery so I cant really give you what you want. Its worth the try if you are not sure though.
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I liked the artwork and fight scenes in this anime and i really liked to appearance of the characters. but unfortunately that doesn't make up for the bad story.

The big problem comes from the way the story is structured. At the beginning of the story it feels like the writer was trying to make it a slice of life anime mixed with mecha fighting and it just felt very awkward. the personality of the main characters were never really developed properly. They just introduced far to many characters. and split the dialogue between to many characters at once. not giving you enough time to feel any sort of connection to these characters. The only character that actually had their personality developed decently in this story was Yui.

there were far to many fighting scenes an this anime. The writer of this story was just trying to do way to much at once They split half the anime into fighting scene's they split half the anime into discussing the lore of the world(poorly). But they spent almost no time developing the characters personalities. The fight scenes were not as dramatic as they should have been because the characters were not developed properly, so you couldn't really feel the tension when the characters were in danger because the writer didn't make you feel a connection to the characters to begin with.

The main villains motive for wanting to kill the others was very silly. I can't really say more then that because it would be spoilers.
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Clannad (Anime) add
While Clannad: After Story is pretty universally acclaimed by anyone who was paying attention enough to understand the ending, the first season of Clannad has much more mixed reviews. It will definitely be a hit or miss series for you depending largely on your sense of humor, patience, and overall enjoyment of slice-of-live comedies. For me, it was a hit, and yes, that's right. Clannad Season 1 is a COMEDY. Don't go into it thinking you are going to get the most emotional show ever that you have been hearing about. All of that happens in Season 2. Without further ado, let me begin.


There isn't really much of a main plot in the first season of Clannad. Instead, we see multiple arcs that develop different characters and set up for After Story. This is why you might get bored if you don't enjoy the slap-stick humor and sarcasm in this show. Personally, I did, but if you don't, it might be a little bit tough for you to get through this season, but please try. After Story is well worth it.
This season does a good job at what it is supposed to do though. The pacing is a bit slow, but it sets up perfectly for After Story and develops all of the characters very well. I really enjoyed some of the characters' backstories, especially the main character, Tomoya's. That one gets expanded much more on in After Story, though.

ART: 8

Clannad features the love-it-or-hate-it big-eyed girls. It didn't phase me at all, but I know that some people have some very strong opinions on this type of art style. Other than that, though, Clannad is very colorful which is definitely a plus for the humorous tone of the show. The animation is good for what it needs to be, also. It can adjust perfectly to suit the exaggerated slap-stick humor or the more sentimental scenes. I liked it.


Yeah, Jun Maeda is a genius. The music in Clannad might just be my favorite anime OST of all time. There is a HUGE variety of tracks and almost every one of them is memorable. I'm not going to list my favorites because there are just too many. They sound great by themselves and fit the scenes they are played in very well.
As for voice acting, the dub is not unwatchable if you don't get too attached to the original voices. I thought it worked pretty well, but it wasn't superb like Fullmetal Alchemist: Brotherhood, Death Note, or anything like that. The voices all fit their characters' personalities, but the execution could have been a little bit better.


Clannad Season 1 is much more character orientated than plot driven, and it does this pretty well. Some of the characters seem a little stereotypical at first, but not too may stay that way. Some characters are read more
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FMAB is a very, very, very good Anime
4 me its the best with Kuroko no Baskett

the Story is good and has MANY twists
its good Animated
has good Music
the first Opening is AWESOME
the Characters are awesome too

I liked it, because its a Shounen with no 08/15 main Protagonist, the Story is very interesting read more
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Tamako Love Story (Anime) add
Sometimes you just need a simple, cute little love story to make you feel warm inside. Tamako Love Story is just that. Nothing more, nothing less.

The plot is as simple as it gets: your average "girl next door" love story, childhood friends, boy develops feelings for girl, girl doesn't know what to do with it all. Awkwardness, emotional struggle, soul searching, friendships, and a really sweet ending. Sometimes, less is more, and that's very true for this movie. There is no overwrought, soul-ripping drama, no over-complicated story, no needlessly blowing things out of proportions, no cringeworthy slapstick or fanservice, just a boy and a girl trying to untangle their feelings for each other. [I admit, I did not watch Tamako Market. However, at no point in the movie I felt like I missed anything. This is a complete story on it's own.]

The characters are perfect, is all I can say. They are not blown-up caricatures or tropes, no idealized moe dolls, they are....human. With all the hopes, dreams, faults and struggles that come with that. If you've ever been in love, you're gonna feel every single iota of their struggle, from Mochizo's silent anguish to Tamako's confused turmoil, it's all pretty well conveyed through the movie.

The art is incredible! As expected from KyoAni, they are on a whole other level when it comes to animation quality. The entire movie is amazing to look at, and I especially love the little touches KyoAni adds to their animation, the subtle details of the characters expressions, motions, textures, down to the smallest props and background elements, that elevates the whole thing to an experience instead of just a movie. It was beautiful.

The sound design and the VO is great! The music is good, too. It's not stellar, pretty average anime fare, with some pop-rock songs strewn about, but it keeps the atmosphere up pretty nicely.

There is really nothing else I can add to this. Go watch it! An easy movie with a cute love story that will make you feel feelings. The animation is incredible, the characters are real, and it won't bankrupt you emotionally. What more can you ask for? I wholeheartedly recommend it!
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Kill la Kill (Anime) add
Kill la Kill is a great Anime but you should turn your brain off
PLEASE, don't ask for everything, just enjoy it

the Story is ok, the Animations are great, the Music is Fantstic, the Characters are good and I realy enjoyed it
you should watch it :3

I liked the Anime because its funny, very good animated, has good Charakters and it's just awesome :3
and the Openings are awesome too
if you liked Gurren Laggan you are going to like this Animu
Mako best Character

ragyo kiryuin has no nippels lol
could we have a season 2
I don't know whats going to happen but I don't care
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Kiseijuu: Sei no Kakuritsu (Anime) add
I'm going to cut through the literate bullshit and say this straight ahead -- this is easily one of the best animes I have ever seen. It has this mix of extreme morbidity, action, and serious philosophical meaning to it that you will NOT find in most shows -- and it's done perfectly. No other way to describe it. People underrating this are probably just against it because it was overhyped back when it started. Sometimes, hype is justified, and that is the case with Parasyte.

Brief summery; Cutie Shinichi is a high schooler who was attacked by a weird 'snake' parasyte that fell from the sky, among with other weird snakes. The creature tried taking over his brain but due to quick thinking and a random series of events, Shinichi was able to prevent it from doing so, thus causing the parasyte to reside in his right arm and grow there. The next morning, he finds out the creature that penetrated his skin is now part of him, alive and fully able to talk. At the same time, other parasytes that managed to take over other people's brains, has started to commence murders all around japan in order to feed themselves and grow. Shinichi and his living creature attached to him start a relationship that leads to the former's goal to kill all the parasytes and end the terror.

I finished 24 episodes within two days (which had never happened before) and was hooked. Each and every episode was an adventure of its own. The characters were there for a reason and they /mattered/, each contributing to the story greatly while keeping the pace of the anime very moderated and just right. Rating this for the watching experience as a whole, Parasyte gets an absolute Perfect.

Animation was great and detailed enough to convey the terror that was happening during the episodes. As a person who does not tolerate horror at all, I was completely intrigued and entertained. Music follows suite, and although quite repetitive it felt right -- especially in battle scenes.

I highly recommend this anime to anyone even thinking of watching it. You will not be let down; this is an experience you will NOT want to miss out on.... and if you do, well, you're missing out on one of best anime experiences you will ever have.

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I really enjoyed this season of Haikyuu!!.
This season engaged the audience very well, and the character development was excellent. Not only the members of Karasuno had grown past this game, but the opposing team, Shiratorizawa did also. The individuality and the strengths and weaknesses of each characters were well planned and written.
Coming from a person who usually skips OP and ED, this is one of the few animes I actually thoroughly enjoyed it (especially the ending).
Another reason why I like this season was because of its pacing. Yes, it did skip over one of the sets - not entirely sure if it was the same in the manga - but it didn't feel rushed, which a lot of animes tend to do.
I genuinely hope that there will be a fourth season - I'll be looking forward for it.
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FULL DISCLOSURE: This is a repaste of my review of the first season, since the series is so short I reviewed both together. The differences are at the bottom. I have not read the original 4-koma. I strongly recommend watching this as it is really short and enjoyable.

It’s a 4-koma based anime, so the art won’t be amazing. That being said, everything looks purposeful and there are no outstanding omissions. There are moments within the story with strongly different art / animation to match the situational comedy and they all work well.

The animation is standard-issue for this genre. However, there is one episode that uses its own dreary feeling animation style for a character development flashback - I think its use was well-suited. There are even a few scenes where the animation functions well as a metaphor for the situation.

Nothing worth mentioning about sound or music. As is the norm, the music merely fits the moods.

The story is about a mid-20’s couple consisting of a nerdy guy and a ‘normal’ girl. Thankfully, the husband’s nerdiness for the most part only influences his personality so that it doesn’t get too old too quickly. It’s very episodic with the general contents of each episode not having much effect on the others, but there is also a lot of continuous building of the plot.

Of course most of the episodes are about their antics or daily life activities, no surprise there. What’s new at least to me is that the situations are much more interesting than the plethora of middle-/high-school student SOL, thanks to the mid-20’s couple. Being in that stage of life, many of the situations are relatable to me personally.

The character design in a SOL 4-koma is very basic, but I like the faces and expressions. Definitely moe-style but here it’s not a bad thing.

As fitting for a 4-koma, many of the supporting characters exist only to suit a certain running gag or two, but nothing is too overdone. There are some other good, normal interactions within them and the main characters.

Despite being episodic, there is some real character development going on, and some of it really hits home hard. Both husband and wife have real life problems, and you learn that the wife is not nearly as normal as you were earlier led to believe.

Kugimiya Rie is a voice actor in the show (not too often) – I like her in case you can’t tell. Aaanyways… the voice acting is well-fitting to the characters, so no bad marks there.

There are some pretty good jokes and references included, and the way some of them are portrayed in such a mundane setting makes it even more entertaining. Of course, some references fly right over my head either since I’m not Japanese or familiar with many of the reference material, but thankfully I don’t feel too left out.

Despite the episodes only lasting three minutes each, they are not sped way up to fit everything which was the right decision for the read more
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K-On!! (Anime) add

There have been lots of things said about K-ON. It almost seems weird and taboo to have an opinion on this show. People who love the show call it a masterpiece, claiming that those who don't like it are too dumb to notice the subtleties which make it great or that they didn't have friends and can't relate to the show as a result. People who dislike the show call people who do love it pedophilic neck beards, claiming that we only like the show because we are creepy guys who like little girls, or the claim that Digibro has brainwashed us. YouTube has tons of videos about this show, some of which praise it for its relatable characters and subtle yet effective directing, while others decry it for its slow pacing and lack of major stakes. Really, this was just a long way of saying that the show is extremely divisive and that the people who have seen it seem to be ravenous against others who don't share their opinion. Today, I'm going to step back a bit and explain why I think each group feels the way they do and say if I think that the those thoughts are justified and why I side with those who love the show. Note that I hadn't seen any videos from Digi or anyone else who liked the show until after I finished it and formed my opinion on it, so I am not biased or "brainwashed" in any way. With that, lets get started.

Visuals- I don't think that anyone will disagree with me that K-ON is extremely good looking. Of course Kyoani succeeded at making a high standard show, but it can't possibly be understated how good the backgrounds look, how amazing the lighting is, and how attractive the character designs are. Really though, the animation takes the spotlight. Not only does everything move insanely fluidly, but the animation allows us to get into the characters minds just by having them move, with no dialogue at all. A lot of the subtleties which people praise the show for are from the fact that the camera doesn't focus on something if it isn't important. Every shot tells us something, so if the camera focuses on a small, nuanced (and well animated) movement of a character, it is important. That being said, better looking shows did exist at the time, but K-ON is among the best looking from then regardless.

Story- Here's where it gets more interesting. The biggest debate against this show seems to be that there isn't a story so we have no reason to care about anything (a statement which I disagree on highly) and that nothing even happens during this show. I will admit that the slow pacing might be a turn-off for some, but the complaint about this being a show whose appeal is CGDCT boggles me a bit. Sure, it is CGDCT and it never tried to hide that, but read more
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Boruto: Naruto the Movie (Anime) add
Ehh, stupid boy that was naive and then changed to good boy that will be great shinobi. Whole naruto condensed into 1,5 hour movie, with some aspects changed.

I didn't noticed anything bad in art, but it also wasn't outstanding.

Same as with art.

Almost nothing changed. It's like writing sequel of LOTR: "Lord of The Jewelry" where the boy Grodo must destroy jewlery of dark lord Mauron...

That wasn't too bad, I just had to spend my time on something meaningless :)

If they wanted to, they could shorten it to 30 minutes, and tell more story, than it tells now xd
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Disappointment is the first word that comes to mind.

There's no actual tension this season, since you know from the start who'll win, sure it looks the same as before, and it's all the same characters you all know from before, however that doesn't make up for the fact that this third season is nothing compared to the two previous ones.

The fact that you know from the very begining that Karasuno will win, and that this season is filled to the ceiling with nothing but plot armor, it's just bad, you must be oblivious, stupid or just overly biased towards the series if you actually think that this season is good, here's a hint; it's not.

The typical humor that's been present in the previous seasons of Haikyuu!! is as good as gone, and when they actually make a decent joke, it falls flat, there's nothing in this season that's actually noteworthy, on the contrary, this is the most cringeworthy season of Haikyuu!! yet, the entertainment is subsiding, and I feel like this season is a shell of it's former seasons.

Save your time, after you've completed the two first seasons, just skip this and move on with your life, it's not worth spending your time on, and if you on the contrary still think it's a good idea to watch this, well suit yourself, but you have been warned, this is NOT worth your time.

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STORY: This is basically the moment where we all have been waiting for. In this season, two teams faced off against each other out of 5 sets. We can see the intensity and skills that both teams bring to the court. We can also see most of the characters that have made their appearances from the previous season. The anime emphasizes on the moves of the volleyball players (especially spikes and overhand serves). Both teams are being savages towards each during the matches… I find it to be amusing and hilarious (especially when its coming from Karasuno). The essence of what Haikyuu represents is still being maintained in this season.

OVERALL: Still an awesome anime to watch. In all honesty, I'm surprised that this season has 10 episodes and not 12 (like the previous seasons). -- I'm not sure why they decided to go on that route. Overall, I still love what I am seeing with the matches. Win or lose -- Karasuno is an amazing team and I'm happy that we get to grow with them.
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Kimi no Na wa. (Anime) add
Plot: I'll sum up Your Name's plot quickly. 2 people named Mitsuha and Taki who have dreams about each other even though they haven't met before have had themselves swapped to the others home and are confused. That is a pretty good story already but it gets way better and more emotional when Taki warns Mitsuha about a comet thats going to hit were she lives and she has to save the town. 10/10.

Art: Your Name probably has the most awesome art style of all time. The poster can already sum it up emotionally enough with the comet at the top on the right and the stars in the middle that make a line separating both Mitsuha and Taki. 10/10.

Enjoyment: I have enjoyed Your Name for its emotionally good art style, the same reason for its plot and because you're in for the feels and just everything about it is great.

Overall: Deserves #1 ranking imo.

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Tokyo Ghoul (Anime) add
Tokyo Ghoul was a blast to watch for me, mostly because of one reason. But I won't talk about it now. Rahter I would like to wipe away the things I had problems with first.

So, the major problem this show has that it starts alot of storylines and then never finishes them. Major events that clearly happened are never revealed or explained why they happened. Or big twists that are never explored deeper. Sometimes we even don't understand why certain things happen in the show, the reason is just never shown. That can bother you alot or you can ignore it to a certain degree. I was one of them who can ignore it. At this point I should mention that i read the first 7 volumes of the manga but I don't remember anything from them.

But what the story does good is the characterization of the both parties that exist in the anime, the ghoul and the CCG. We get, of course, started with the ghouls as our protagnist himself becomes one. But with the time we switch perspectives to the CCG, and that not too short. In the 2nd season we spend alot more time with the people from the CCG. And I think none of the characters comes too short. Our protagnists transformation to a ghoul and how he deals with it is very good visualized, seemingly simple psychopaths get more character, how certain ghoul behave, the struggle of some to live side by side and so on. The show covers all that and these two parties get wonderfully fleshed out. And this characterization of both sides exists to explore the central question of the series: Can ghouls and humans live peacefully side by side? And that question gets answered in a marvellous climax.

I also want to address briefly the setting. Mostly only to point out how popular and succesful this setting. I talk about a new predator that kicks humanity from throne of the food chain. Walking dead, Kabaneri of the Iron Fortress and Attack on Titan. All these shows use this setting and have some kind of success, like Tokyo Ghoul. And I am personally also a fan of this setting.

Now we get finally more to the real meat, but not yet. First the visuals of Tokyo Ghoul. Tokyo Ghoul has something artistic to it. It starts of with the kagune of the ghouls. All of them look diffrent and are really colorful. The series on itself has alot of grey in it, but with the kagune of the ghouls this grey theme gets broken while these giant, almost surreal, claws come out of the ghouls. And because of that contrast the kagunes can look breathtaking. Also the masks that the ghouls wear are intresting. They can look grotesque, egyptian, japanese or something you can wear on a maskball. And there also other aspects of design that are intresting and fresh. This artistic feel gives the series something.

And now, finally, to the real flesh of read more
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Akira (Anime) add
When comes to cyberpunk, I always have dificult in analyse things up, because they're too much mixed and non-linear. Not that I don't like non-linearity, but sometimes people make of it an artifice of narrative to make things sound like "complex", even not being. That's is the case of Akira.

The story was a little odd in the very beggening, but after a few scenes it becomes completely awkward to me. I don't like when the plot elements are thrown in my face, but the contrary is not good at all. You can't situate yourself in Akira environment (at least in anime) because it lacks the development factor.. The characters are just too strange. I can know what they doing sometimes, but I never know what they are and why they're doing that stuffs. Seriously, it comes a point where you just can't link the points, even trying so hard. And by the end you comes to know that there's no points. Just arbitrary cyberpunk violent events shooted towards you in 24fps.

The animation was gorgeous. Seriously, even by today's standards, that was a great masterpiece. It can be hard for newcomers in anime even process those high-frame scenes and detailed scenarios. The sound was rare focused, but when it appeared it was pretty interesting. Based mostly in percussion, you can see the Originality factor that lacks in almost every anime I've watched.

Last but not least, the characters. Oh boy, here we comes to decepction again. I don't know about the manga (I plan to read soon), but in this movie, the characters are just mediocre. I'm surely not the first one to say that only Tetsuo has some development, because it's the pure truth. Sounds like they're are used only as an attempt of dramatize the empty story that we see on the movie. Instead of telling their motivations, showing some meaningful dialogues like those that are in Ghost in the Shell, etc, we just endup by watch a bunch of thrown characters being utilized for senseless violence exposition and confusing more and more our minds and expectations for the show.

Anyway, it's like a lot of anime I've seen until now. A undeniable well-designed anime, but with a weak story-telling and almost empty characters. I wound't recommend to anyone, except for someone who doesn't want to understand anything and see a lot of violence exposure.
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FULL DISCLOSURE: I have not read the original 4-koma. I strongly recommend watching this as it is really short and enjoyable.

It’s a 4-koma based anime, so the art won’t be amazing. That being said, everything looks purposeful and there are no outstanding omissions. There are moments within the story with strongly different art / animation to match the situational comedy and they all work well.

The animation is standard-issue for this genre. However, there is one episode that uses its own dreary feeling animation style for a character development flashback - I think its use was well-suited. There are even a few scenes where the animation functions well as a metaphor for the situation.

Nothing worth mentioning about sound or music. As is the norm, the music merely fits the moods.

The story is about a mid-20’s couple consisting of a nerdy guy and a ‘normal’ girl. Thankfully, the husband’s nerdiness for the most part only influences his personality so that it doesn’t get too old too quickly. It’s very episodic with the general contents of each episode not having much effect on the others, but there is also a lot of continuous building of the plot.

Of course most of the episodes are about their antics or daily life activities, no surprise there. What’s new at least to me is that the situations are much more interesting than the plethora of middle-/high-school student SOL, thanks to the mid-20’s couple. Being in that stage of life, many of the situations are relatable to me personally.

The character design in a SOL 4-koma is very basic, but I like the faces and expressions. Definitely moe-style but here it’s not a bad thing.

As fitting for a 4-koma, many of the supporting characters exist only to suit a certain running gag or two, but nothing is too overdone. There are some other good, normal interactions within them and the main characters.

Despite being episodic, there is some real character development going on, and some of it really hits home hard. Both husband and wife have real life problems, and you learn that the wife is not nearly as normal as you were earlier led to believe.

Kugimiya Rie is a voice actor in the show (not too often) – I like her in case you can’t tell. Aaanyways… the voice acting is well-fitting to the characters, so no bad marks there.

There are some pretty good jokes and references included, and the way some of them are portrayed in such a mundane setting makes it even more entertaining. Of course, some references fly right over my head either since I’m not Japanese or familiar with many of the reference material, but thankfully I don’t feel too left out.

Despite the episodes only lasting three minutes each, they are not sped way up to fit everything which was the right decision for the content and mood. Having a show of this format include some pretty serious character development was a welcome surprise.

Great short story with some good character development. The read more
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Bungou Stray Dogs (Anime) add
For me, there came a point where not only did I no longer care how the show resolved, but I felt if I watched any longer it would be in insult to my emotional and intellectual capacity.

The backgrounds are very pretty and the sounds & music fit the scenes!

The humor of this show is sophomoric & uncomplicated.

The plots for each episode seem to comprise 8 minutes of the show, the rest being aforementioned humor and "character development"?

The characters can, seemingly, only be as smart as the writer(s) are. This series is a fine example of that depth.

80% of the budget for animation appears to have been put into the op and ed sequences. Which can allow for a frustrating viewing experience when the plot leaves so much to be desired.
There are anime that fulfill the mystery and super-powers criteria very well. Though the name of any specific anime eludes me...

This is my first review. I realize, now, how very difficult it is to write one that is devoid of "how I feel" and rather "what I observed."
So, if anyone has criticism or suggestions as to the construction, flow, or ambiance of this review PLEASE let me know.
If you just disagree, good! It is none of my business and I hope it stays that way!
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Kaichou wa Maid-sama! (Anime) add
This anime is about two high schoolers falling in love. A classic plot that many anime have, but this one sticks out more than the rest. The characters are well thought out and have the tendency to grow on anyone's heart. They are hilarious and loveable, even characters you hate in the beginning have the ability to become a quick favorite. The art is amazing, I really like the design of this anime. The story line is simple but unique due to its special touches. This anime is one of my favorites and have always been able to touch my heart. It's definitely a feel-good, laugh out loud anime that I feel everyone should watch at least once in their lives
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Yuri!!! on Ice (Anime) add
This is my first review and godddd I really wanted to enjoy this anime.

Past episode 3 this anime got so freaking boring. The pace was slower than a snail trying to leave from New York to Seoul. The only enjoyable thing was Viktor. I tried to make it to episode 10 because Sara and the Italian siscon girl (whose name I've forgotten) sat next to each other. I had to keep watching because I watch anime with a group of friends, after episode 5 i started doing something else in the background while everyone was watching.
Everytime i thought the anime itself would get better it just became worse.

I'm giving it overall a 3 for the 3 episodes that were ok and because yeah representation is cool, blablabla.
The opening and ending songs are very good tho, sound like Eurovision songs.

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This is my first review so i would like to start by saying that normally i dont write reviews no matter how great the anime but this anime really drew me in. This anime is probably one of the best if not the best sports anime i have ever seen the story was superb as if you see making a 10 episode anime of a single match is simply extraordinary.
As far the art it was as if it drew me right into the court.
Sound was very good considering it is a 10 episode anime
Characters were simply awesome getting to know a new side of tsukki was a great feeling.even flashbacks of the shiratorizawa gakuen players were shown even if it was a 10 episode anime
Overall i would say this anime is really worth it and i liked it very much
Not for a single minute i was bored while watching this anime.
P.s-i waited the whole damn time for this season to complete so that i could watch it in one go man i am so pleased to say that this anime was worth it
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Kemono no Souja Erin (Anime) add
Worldbuilduing : 11/10
Protagonist (Erin): 9/10
Other Characters: 7/10
Story: 8/10
Music: 8/10
Enjoyment: 8/10
Art: 8/10
Animation: 7/10
Comfy Atmosphere: Most of the time.
Horrible Recycling of Everything, draggin out the story for too long: -11/-10
Fanservice: 2/10 (this is a good thing)

Very good series, with a lot of wasted potential, that has some of the best worldbuilduing in anime. Deserves to be more popular, but can also be infuriating. A show for old and young, except for maybe small children, who could get terrified, at some of the more violent scenes.

It is worth noting, that the series is an adaption, of a series of novels, by Nahoko Uehashi and while I have not read them, I have been told, that the anime differs significantly from the source material, so take that as you like. However the anime ends conclusively, so regardless of how satisfying you may consider the ending of the anime, it does not force you to read the source material.
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Yami Shibai (Anime) add
Yami Shibai is a short, but sweet anthology series, in which several pre-existing creepy stories from Japan were adapted into animation. Naturally the impact varies from story to story and some of them could have perhaps benefited from slightly more time. The animation is very bare bones, but the unique style and good timing compensate for that quite nicely. As with most horror/spooky series, the sound is the most important aspect, in builduing tension and Yami Shibai does a good job, with the select, few sounds, it has to offer. The ending theme is also very nice.
Fazit: Light, but fresh horror series, which is probably worth the little time, that it is going to cost you.
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Samurai Champloo (Anime) add
Samurai Champloo is my favorite Shinichiro Watanabe show, and thats because they had luck. But step by step.

Watanabe show's like Champloo, Bebop or Space Dandy have something in common: their setup. It's always a group of characters who travel from place to place, looking for money while being hungry. And they use this setup to tell short stories in the length of 1 or 2 episodes. And personally I have 2 problems with this kind of structure: 1. To tell these short stories you introduce always some side characters who will get alot of weight in the show. That can feel to me like like a kind of waste. All these side characters get a lot of attention while the main characters loose some and can leave them a little blank. 2. It's a gamble. With always new characters and stories it always changes it's themes. So there are episodes you will like and episodes that bore you to hell.

And that's what I meant when I said they had luck. There still some episodes that I don't like but there are a buttload of other epiodes that I really enjoyed. And I think this is one of the main reasons why I enjoyed this show so much.

But I won't leave this review without one reason to distinguish Samurai Champloo from Cowboy Bebop and Space Dandy: It's setting. As dumb as it could sound, I really think this is the other main reason why I like this show so much. With the Sci-Fi settings from Cowboy Bebop and Space Dandy Watanabe could and will go out really crazy sometimes wih the stories he's able to tell. In Cowboy Bebop the characters meet some strange things and gain some kind of experience from it, and most of the time I couldn't understand the point of the episode. That's where Bebop lost me often. Similar thing in Space Dandy: The episodes could get so weird, even reach Evangelion levels, that it totally lost me (although Season 2 from Space Dandy managed these things better ). Well, and now in Samurai Champloo we have (mostly) a normal samurai setting which forces Watanabe to settle things a little down, and I f*cking loved that. Points were clearer made and stories were far more comprehensible for me. Better said; This series fit much more my taste than the other Watanabe shows.

And what shouldn't be left out: animation and character deisgn. 2 of our main protagonists have a really awesome appearence and everything on them (clothes, colors, fight style) tells us how diffrent they are. Also the fight scenes are splendid directed and are always top notch animated.

For short: Samurai Champloo is enjoyable as hell.
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Fullmetal Alchemist: Brotherhood (Anime) add

Alchemy is the art of transforming matter. However in order to create something, the alchemist has to present something of equal value; this is the golden rule of alchemy. Fullmetal Alchemist Brotherhood is the story of two brothers Edward and Alphonse Elric who are in search of a philosopher's stone, so that they can get back their bodies after a botched experiment with alchemy, in which Edward loses his arm and his leg and has to transmute Alphonse’s soul (which lost its body,) to a suit of armor when they tried to resurrect their mother after she died from a disease.


Brilliantly highlight the characteristics of the main characters.

The visuals are stunning, with beautiful character designs and animation.

The music for the most part good; in some instances beautiful.

The characters are always true to their personalities and characteristic.

Action scenes: Masterful; the cherry on top of all the other great qualities.

The symbolism  makes you wonder if this is anime or poetry?


For fans of the manga, the anime doesn't follow it 1:1 and left out a few characters.

Has a different ending than ending than the FMA (2003) of you prefered that one.
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Quite possibly the most hyped anime of 2016, Re:Zero is also arguably the best.

Story 9/10
The often overused and clichéd fantasy game world setting was taken to another level, peppered tastefully with psychological aspects. The plot was meaty but delivered with consideration, allowing each individual episode to feel important. Furthermore, the pace was upbeat and consistent, maintaining a dramatic feel. If I were to nitpick, the use of gore may have been at times excessive.

Art 8/10
The art was fresh and crisp, while the animation was well executed. The character designs were exceptional and original. What could have been improved on, however, was that some fight scenes lacked dynamism.

Sound 9/10
The OP was pleasant but what really stood out were the 2 EDs and the OST. They were top notch, and fit in very well with the corresponding scenes.

Character 9/10
Subaru Natsuki had fantastic development throughout the course of the 25 episodes. Re:Zero does a superb job of drawing out his emotions, which felt genuine. Rem also had first-class depth, with a considerable amount of time focused on her. An important note would be that none of the "important" characters felt nondescript, which is commendable.

Enjoyment 8/10
The engaging pace, coupled with ever-changing scenarios, proved for a wholly enjoyable watch.

Overall 9/10
As much as I detest giving out 9s and 10s, even more so to hyped animes, Re:Zero deserves it, and I would definitely recommend it.
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Hunter x Hunter (2011) (Anime) add

Hunter X Hunter is a story about 12-year-old Gon Freecss who has a dream: He wants to become a Hunter, a professional who travels the world and completes dangerous tasks and find his father, who disappeared long ago to become a Hunter himself. Gon signs up for the Hunter Exam, a dangerous trial where applicants prove their worth before becoming a pro Hunter. There, Gon meets an eclectic group of friends who lead him on many adventures.


• Hunter x Hunter‘s storylines each have something different and interesting to bring to the table.

• The character relationships are delved into quite well. The drama unfolds naturally from their choices.

• A light bouncy tone in the beginning that grows a bit darker with each story.

• Though Hunter x Hunter takes a while to get going, but once it does, it keeps getting better.


• There aren't more episodes ;(
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Madan no Ou to Vanadis (Anime) add
FULL DISCLOSURE: I have not read the manga/light novel for this.

Based on the MAL average scores I was hoping for a more. I like fantasy-action-ecchi-harems as much as anyone else, so I see anything above a 6 and I'll give it a shot. However, I also like my shows with some humor.

The art itself is standard fare for the genre. Nice scenes and backgrounds, standard hotties, etc. The character designs are good, but not the best in the genre. I particularly like the building and city designs.

The overall animation is 'meh' though, with some of the battles entirely replaced with little chess sets showing the strategies. This wouldn't be a bad thing on its own, but the fact that the actual battles are shown mostly using this method makes them underwhelming. Other battle scenes are replaced with 3D CGI – I wouldn’t want to animate hundreds of horses either, but with some better scene placement it wouldn’t be necessary. It's clear that resources were cut here.

Some notable person v. person battle scenes stand out from the rest of the show, but in the big picture they are only average for this genre. Together with the character designs, it gives off a bit of a Fire Emblem vibe.

There are many other shows out there with more mouth-flapping scenes, but something of this genre deserves more attention in that regard. There is not quite enough time spent on the individual battles in this show, so I’m lead to believe that the studio was trying to cover far too much material in a short 11- to 13- episode season. Comments on the series seem to back this up, claiming that the anime skipped out on a lot from the manga/light novel.

Sound effects are decent, though I'm not really a fan of either intro or outro - that's just my taste. Half of the in-show music feels off-theme but matches the moment-to-moment mood.

I like anime that is able to answer all or most of my "why"- and "how"-questions as I follow along, and this one just doesn't do it. There is so little justification for anything that is going on. And when it does come, it’s just too late.

Dropped into the story knowing very little and in the important early-episodes period I really don't sense any motivations from anyone except for the generic "I want to save my homeland" lead, the "I love you because you are sooo skilled and you killed my soldiers, but who cares!" hotties, and the "I'm evil so I want to take over the world" 1-D bad guys. The characters bring in slightly more depth later on, but in such a short series it comes too late.

Many transitions are thoughtless and weak. Whenever a new plot element comes into play, it is just dropped right in with very little information presented beforehand. Even if some of the circumstances had been subtly mentioned in the background it would have made a huge difference. It feels as read more
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Tokyo Ravens (Anime) add
If you love romance and fantasy/magic then this is the series for you~

With a lovely 24 episodes, this show will captivate your heart and leave you wanting more of this romance.
The story starts off slow but soon steps up into a higher gear within a couple of episodes don't skip or you'll miss some vital information later in the show~

We have a flurry of main character each with their own traits and interesting personalities, you are sure to find one you love. There's a range of cool looking familiars and spirits also which are never a sore sight to behold I even enjoyed the whole episode on Kon it didn't feel like it was filler either.
Overall the story has a great idea and executes it very well, there are some twists and turns which you won't expect and keep you binge watching until the end like I did.
If you are simply looking for action you may not enjoy it as some of the other magic series out there but if enjoy your shows with a mixed genre then you should stick around for this Romance, Comedy, Supernatural piece of artwork!

(Dubbed) You may even find yourself saying along with the others "Stupid Tora" haha enjoy this great anime~
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The match point is finally there. You’re the one to take the first step in securing the final point. You start your way to behind the serving line. Your whole body is warmed up, but somehow your hands are still ice-cold, initiated by the sheer thought of failing in this crucial moment. The pressure is immense, yet you still don’t waste a thought on not giving your all. If you make than one more point you’ll win the match. Just one more point and all your hard work will be rewarded. With that thought you toss the ball in the air and set off for your final jump, not even thinking about not hitting it with full strength.
These or similar thoughts almost everyone did have when playing competitively and funnily enough, while watching Haikyuu (HQ) I got thrown back to similar memories of mine. Even though HQ is definitely a show which bends reality and pulls of moves which are not possible in real life, its' narrative is absolutely able to pull me back to when I was playing on the court during tournaments.

The third season of Haikyuu had really high expectations to fulfill for its fans, since S2 did the utmost best to develop every single character of Karasuno appropriately and with reason. They were not afraid to show the slowly escalating fight between Hinata and Kageyama in its fullest, giving both of their points of view valid facts to understand them and I simply loved how they came on a common consensus in the following episodes. Season 2 for the most part was rather laid-back, but when the long-awaited rematch with Seijoh happened in the last five episodes, the tension rose up significantly in just a couple of minutes. It was almost as if the tone of the series changed, when they were to play their archrivals once again.

The mixture between high tension volleyball-matches, glorious development of a cast with numerous very likeable characters and absolutely hilarious comedy has made me loving the previous two seasons of Haikyuu. But, coming into Season 3 I was rather sceptical, since the title already stated, that they were only going to cover the final match against Shiratorizawa. Adding further insult to injury, it was only going to be 10 episodes long! My past-self was convinced, that no way in hell it would be as good as the previous seasons, furtherly negatively assured by the fact, that KnB’s 10 episodes long final game was painfully over-stretched, no matter how I thought about it. Unsurprisingly, I was right from the get go, that the successful mixture of the reasons why HQ is that great will be a little off-balance, however surprisingly it did not bug me in the slightest, since season S3 was the ultimate embodiment of HYPE. The creators somehow managed to deliver the same tension Seijoh’s rematch in S2 had over a total of ten episodes, adding more and more intensity from episode to episode, to finally explode in the read more
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Shoujo Kakumei Utena (Anime) add
So, if Utena is the "gateway to elitism", I guess I will never become an elitist myself.

Let's start like this: Utena is considered to be a great anime by many. It truly stands out, with how unique it is, how much it makes you think after finishing it and how it brings real life problems into anime form. With all that being said, there are things that held it back, and while some of them could be excused by the low budget, my problems go deeper then just that.

Story: 6.5
The main problem I had with the whole series lays in the story department. Not the story itself, far from it actually, but the storytelling. The presentation, that killed my interest while watching. This anime was clearly made with a lot of care. Every main event, and every scene from that event is important, and ultimately leads to the absolute explosion that are the last episodes. However, the road that I had to go through to get to the promised land was hard and full of dull repetitiveness. No, I don't mean the same scenes repeating throughout the series, I didn't mind them actually. What I mind however, is the same scheme for the story in each arc, except for the last one. Let me draw it out:
1. Some reason for a duel
2. A specific action for the arc occurs.
3. Duel
4. Utena wins, completely destroying the opponent
5. The loser reflects on his reason to fight
At the end of each arc, these are switched out a bit, but ultimately end up the same way. This happens every time. These episodes build up characters, they showcase their ideals and troubles. That is cool and all, but I am sure that this could be showcased better, without being so repetitive. I honestly think that the duels are the core of the problem. They are so similar, that they destroy the individuality of each episode. I'm pretty sure that just through a simple talk, these scenes would feel more amazing individually. I wanted to care, I wanted to be thrilled, I wanted to be drawn into the setting, but I simply couldn't. The ending, while absolutely amazing, cannot completely fix that. While everything does come back around eventually, before it does, it just feels a little bit uninspired. This is the question of "Does the end justify the means?", and for me it didn't. No matter how much I love the last episodes, they couldn't fix all the stuff before it. There were also a few comedic episodes, that got me laughing more then I expected.
Overall, for me, the story was great, but the way it was presented killed it.

Art and animation: 9
For the year it was released in, this was honestly great. I had no problems with anything actually. Everything was smooth, the characters were designed really well, the action scenes looked good. A pretty outstanding feat in my opinion. If I could have one little complaint, it would be that the scenes eventually read more
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Yuri!!! on Ice (Anime) add
Ever since I watched Chihayafuru, I've developed this bad(?) habit of comparing every sports anime to it. Not only that, my philosophical pursuit has changed the way I see any sport/game/work/activity and people involved in it. To me, it is no longer about being the strongest or the best, having a rival, competition, or winning the cup. It's not about self-aggrandising anymore. I no longer get that rush when two destined rivals face each other, or the guy finally wins and gets to the top. It's boring now. What I love to watch is when that person is playing (the sport, or an instrument or their work, whatever it is) because they thoroughly enjoy doing it, when nothing - the rivals, the fame, the attention, winning or losing matters and they just... play. I'm sorry I don't have a better way of explaining this but it is something I've felt and something I love.

So, when I watch a sports anime (or any show with 'passionate' characters), I try to look for that moment. Now, I know that my view on this is subjective and that everyone sees/feels things differently, but characters playing a sport just to claw their way to the top is not appealing to me. I don't mean their motivations, their desire to win or why they started, it is what they do, think and feel when they are playing that matters to me. I don't enjoy a guy/girl saying "I'm going to show/destroy you", "I'll be the best", "Watch me", or "This one's for you" when they play (at least not all the way to the end of the game/performance), I enjoy when they are just completely immersed in that activity and they reach a point where they just don't care about anything except playing (they love it because they can't help it). I guess a short way of saying it is when their ego gets out of the game.

Now what does Yuri on Ice have to do with this? Nothing. Absolutely nothing. Yuri on Ice isn't the kind of show which will get you interested into Ice Skating, or show you what it's like to have that burning passion & love for a sport or an activity.
It's about a guy named Yuri Katsuki, a young Japanese figure skater. He ranked last in the World Grand Prix due to his consistently inconsistent performances. And now that he has suffered a humiliating defeat, he comes back home disappointed in himself and maybe 40 pounds heavier, thinking whether he should continue his career as an ice skater. So far so good, right? But here's where things get a bit ridiculous. Enter five time world champion and our protagonist's idol, Victor Nikiforov. After watching a video of a fat Yuri doing his routine, he decided to abandon his skating career and fly down to some unknown village in Japan to be Yuri's coach. And from there, the rest of the show is about their relationship with each other (just with read more
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Haitai Nanafa (Anime) add
Osu! Meme.

I want PP from DT

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Yuri!!! on Ice (Anime) add
As an ex-competitive figure skater myself, this anime has brought me to brinks of tears beyond comprehension and inspired me to write my very first review (please bear with me). To quickly summarize the show in few words that will definitely do the show unjust: this is an anime about passion, failure, inspiration, human nature, and love. Regardless if you are an avid protester against shounen-ai or someone who dislikes sports animes, Yuri!!! on Ice will bring to the table a multitude of other elements you are sure to love.

**Story: 9 & Character: 10**
I might appear to be biased (and perhaps I am), but the realism of the characters' struggles and emotions are highly relatable and really draws your inner empathy. What sets this apart from other sports/shounen animes are that it does not aim to show unbelievable global success whilst in a beginner's shoes, but rather aims to show progress from a professional's point of view (it starts with Yuri failing phenomenally at the Grand Prix Finals and overcoming struggles to compete in the Grand Prix series again).

And because of the dynamic characters and their development through merely 10 episodes, I give this a solid 10/10. There are no antagonists that you will never come to agree with, but only dimensional characters who each have their reasons for being the way they are.

**Art: 9**
The art is 10/10 true to the sport, with the programs' actually being choreographed by a professional figure skater. From the kiss & cry, scoreboard and even the details of freshly resurfaced ice, everything is accurately detailed and there is never a "wtf-is-this-even-real" moment in its artistic depictions. (In fact, if there were no copyright issues, the very blades that Yuri Plisetsky skates on are most likely "John Wilson, Gold Seal Revolution" blades.)

Besides on-ice moments, the soft yet vibrant tones also brings much of the surroundings alive and leaves a picturesque aftertaste. That said, the occasional lack of fluidity in character movements while on-ice could be slightly distracting to those who regularly watch figure skating performances / competitions.

**Sound: 10**
The OP and ED itself uses electronic themes, which would somewhat satisfy EDM fans. Yet the variety in music really brings the figure skating world alive. The original song "Yuri on Ice" that Yuri skates to depict the journey of his career is unbelievably melancholic, heartfelt, heartbreaking and tender; if no one told me, I would think it jumped out of Shigatsu wa Kimi no Uso.

**Enjoyment: 10 & Overall: 9**
Personally, I rate this show a 10/10. But taking into account my background as a retired figure skater and the moments I saw my experiences laid out in the show, due to my inherent bias towards the show, I give Yuri!!! on Ice a 9/10 in this review.

Definitely give this anime a try--it has the power to send you flying from a rut in life, and inspires you to accept your failures, and to get up and try again.

What is life, anyway, without ups, downs and a journey to read more
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Shuumatsu no Izetta (Anime) add
For the most part, I will assume whoever reads this review has looked at others beforehand. I will not be adding up to the points spoken of in those, but rather, add my own to cents to a different, plot related problem I find.

Worry not, I will not spoil anything important. I will, however, smack the world building, and beat it to a pulp.

If you're a fan of military anime, and enjoy playing RTS videogames games or tabletop wargames, I am pretty sure you will roll your eyes constantly at how pathetic the German(ian) strategies are. Allow me to elaborate:

It constantly feels like the whole war is dictated by the plot. And by that I mean it stops and resumes at random, in order to allow for either off-battlefield fillers, cheery nonsense, or silly fanservice which may include girls groping each other. Only after someone had a good boob grope can the war continue.

As for the German(ian)s, I think the creators don't understand the concept of Blitzkrieg, which is often mentioned in the series. Blitzkrieg this, blitzkrieg that, suddenly Mahou Shoujo with an AT rifle shows up, flips a bunch of tanks, and the entire attack collapses, forcing the ENTIRE WEHRMACHT TO RETREAT. ON ALL ELYSTADT FRONTS.

"Vhat do sie mean Fegelein retreated? Tell him to advance, sofort!"

"But mein Emperor! Zhere ist ein fraulein flying on a rifle throwing lanzen und swords at our Panzers!"

For all intents and purposes, that level of incompetence is worth it's own Downfall video.

Granted, one could argue that the Germanians purposely assigned an incompetent general to command the -apparently- easy takeover of Elystadt, but that's no excuse. In fact, we're at a point in time when Germania has already annexed most of Western Europe, and has not yet committed to implement Operation Barbarossa (invade the Soviet Union). Ergo, they have the best of the best available.

But that stems from a bigger problem, which is the show trying to merge the Mahou Shoujo genre and WW2, and failing completely at making it feel like a true war, let alone true WW2. It never goes beyond it's main characters, there is no bigger picture beyond that in which the protagonists are part of. In other words, the war is only where Izetta and Finé are. If they suddenly have more important things to do, then there's no longer a war. There is no sieg-heiling hand looming in the horizon, there is no true sense of "we're at war", and that is not reflected on the world, either. The Germanian Panzer divisions are not 20 miles from their homes, and the people of Elystadt act as if nothing's wrong.

And, to add salt to the wound, there are moments where there is genuine strategic brilliance, which begs the question of why the hell didn't they do that in the first place?

Another aspect that really bothered me is the blatant downplaying of the 3rd Reich, turning it into a monarchic empire, and vilifying them with no other reason read more
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Like many other people, I initially wasn't attracted to Haikyuu. Seeing clips and hearing about anime such as Free made me think that Haikyuu too would be another fanservice sports anime. I was surprised, however, to find that I immensely enjoyed Haikyuu. Haikyuu is by no means my favorite anime, but it is the anime that I have become the most attached to.

Story: 8
If you've watched other sports anime such as Kuroko no Basket, the overall storyline is rather predictable, almost to the point where the anime becomes less enjoyable (as it lacks on that overall sense of surprise that is important in anime). Luckily, Haikyuu isn't about the overall story as much as it is about character development and backstory.

Art: 10
They really went all out with the art this season. The action scenes' animation looks incredibly good. Furthermore, they incorporate a lot of interesting visual metaphors which I find appealing (ex. ).

Sound: 10
The soundtrack for Haikyuu is godlike. Voice actors are good. A lot of people complained that they didn't like Coach Ukai's new VA, but I think it's fine. (R.I.P Kazunari Tanaka).

Character: 10
The characters are probably why so many people like Haikyuu. Haikyuu creates deep, interesting characters that have their own personality. Each set of members on a team will elicit feelings from the viewer. If you personally enjoy character development, Haikyuu has a lot of it, and I mean A LOT (ex. Tsukki).

Enjoyment: 10
I looked forward to watching this every week; so much so that I don't want to read the manga since I'm afraid it will lessen my enjoyment of the anime adaption. After the first season, I became unhealthily attached to the characters (save me).

Overall: 10
You might see the 8 I gave the story. But all that matters is my personal enjoyment so Haikyuu gets an easy 5/7 from me.
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Shelter (Anime) add
We've officially hit the end. No anime will ever surpass Shelter.

In just 6 minutes, you get a heart-wrenching story accompanied by amazing visuals and an incredible song. You can watch this a bazillion times and find new details you missed the previous <bazillion times. Plus the music video is mega welcoming to new fans of anime.

The only anime I would rate higher than this is Porter Robinson and Madeon's Shelter Tour live but that's kind of unfair. Literally the only flaw Shelter has is that it's B-side does not contain a remix.

Porter Robinson is creating a new genre of anime; one that will be the future. Maybe then, will anime finally surpass Shelter.
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Steins Gate is by far a great sci-fi thriller. I have to admit, I essentially binged watched the show because of the amount of plot twists, its depth in plot, and its great character development with its own unique characters that really made it stand out as an anime. Although steins gate isn't the best anime out there, its definitely a great anime overall.

Anyone who knows their stuff on Steins Gate knows that the anime ended very differently then how its original source did, essentially taking its own path as most anime do nowadays when it comes to any anime being based off of something. While the VN itself took a completely different story route, the anime decided to go with a more "everyones happy" type of ending. In the sense where at the end of Steins Gate, you were left with this feeling where it felt as if there was very little room for there really to be any further plot. For if there was further plot, it would need to be played out correctly and still live up to what made it so great in the first place. Now did the movie do this, or did it milk Steins Gate? In some ways it didn't milk it, but in some ways it did.

For starters, the films overall concept isn't bad, but I think the way it was played out felt very boring and simplistic. The concept of Rintarous memories being the main conflict as he is popping in and out of world lines, essentially "deleting himself from existence" in the current time line he is in because of his past experiences traveling in and out of the other world lines. Keep in mind, this time line is suppose to have everyone alive including kurisu and mayrui, the concept does sort of feel like someone is trying to squeeze as much as possible from this series, when really it doesn't need it.

For it is less the concept I have a problem with but more I think how the concept was played out, as the majority of this movie is literally our main heroine becoming a cry baby dreading herself as she cannot have her boyfriend. There really isn't much character development, many scenes are predictable, and some of the plot points start to become ridiculous to the point where it doesn't even live up to what it was originally. And when I say "majority" that isn't an exaggeration, as I would say if not half, then a good third of this is the heroine trying to "accept" this concept, then her actually doing something about it. It almost seems that Kiruse doing something about the actual conflict in this whole film IS the development of the character, which really shows how the movie is literally dragging its feet at this point when it comes to an interesting plot.

I think the main reason to this in general is probably the ending itself to the show. I know read more
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Serial Experiments Lain (Anime) add
:Lain is an anime which is utopian.
:the author had a mind to write Lain that way.
:so because Lain is utopian it can be considered a philosophical anime which directs its attention to politics. whether it does so successfully is a question that i can then begin to broach. it would have done so successfully from making a splash in the world of thoughts; which everybody apparently has access to..
:a question that can be asked is whether utopianism is political. its perhaps not associated with any system of political thought. i dont know. i wonder vaguely and probably rather remotely to my estimation what it would; appear like.
:Lain is not communist or anarchist or Nazi. hm; its also not fascist .
:Lain is an anime which is 13 episodes in length.
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I take it back, I take it all back. I originally wrote a review during the season where I was of the opinion that this season was lacking compared to the first two. Still good, but not as great story wise. Well I just watched the final episode and hours later I'm still an emotional wreck.

If you're a fan of Haikyuu!! (as I assume you are, since this is Season 3) don't get discouraged while watching this season. Originally, I had thought that since this season was one long game that the story was a bit lacking. That it may have been a mistake to make the season solely focused on Shiratorizawa. But, my friends, I easily admit I was so wrong. The build up that the entire season works towards... it's just epic.

Watch it, and you'll understand what I mean.

My original review, just to show that I really was of the mind it was lacking:

Haikyuu!! is basically my favorite anime of all time, to reiterate on my review of the first season. To also reiterate sports anime aren't really my favorite genre,

But even though I'm a huge fangirl I have to admit, this season isn't as great as the first two. I'd give it a 7.5 if I could. What's largely lacking is the story. Of course, since the season is less than half the number of episodes of each of the previous seasons it's going to not have room for as much development. But it's still a little disappointing that it's literally just one long stretched out game. I've done something I've never done with Haikyuu before... and that was hope that a scene would hurry up and be over. Saddened me a bit. I do understand that they set it up as it is because they have to pace out the anime in accordance to where the manga is.

Anyway, there's not really much to say that hasn't been said about Haikyuu!! already, excellent plot, excellent sound, excellent characters. The only flaw this time is the lack of story development/complexity. On one hand, I think they made a mistake and should have just waited to make season 3 a longer season, with this Shiratorizawa match + what is to come. On the other, I get that it's supposed to be THE match, the one that seasons 1 and 2 were building up towards, so melding it into a season with other plot points of Haikyuu!! would have sort of lessened it's importance and impact.

That's basically it. It's an entire season spanning one match, so you can't really discuss much about it. What I can say as a fan is that despite the lack of story development, there is some nice character development among some familiar characters that make it really nice to watch.

Something else random... I don't really get why people are continually criticizing it because it's not as realistic as real life volleyball. There is NO, literally NOT ONE SPORTS ANIME THAT read more
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