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Mob Psycho 100 (Anime) add
The more time passes, the more clear it becomes to me that I am a lone man on a lone island who people can't hear because they're too busy jerking off to the latest "best girl", a term that has become about as meaningless as the word "Final Fantasy". Pretty much every anime fan that matters seems to have watched one of the brightest gems to have come from the Japanese animation market since the one from last season, but I watched an anime that I would have only considered going back to in five years is if I was stranded on an island with nothing but this show and a bunch of ecchi crap to pass the time with before my laptop ran out of batteries. I think similar to Re:Zero, a big part of my problem with Mob Psycho 100 is that I'm not an anime nerd. Every single praise I've seen for this show always glorifies the "nerd" stuff, with the only one I appreciate being the actual animation. Unfortunately, most animation nerds seem to judge the art based on the actual technical quality or the style whilst I judge it based on what emotions are successfully conveyed through the art and I have high standards when it comes to emotions. For starters, the emotions that the characters cannot be dripped in nerdiness.

Mob Psycho 100 is the latest manga adaptation from ONE, author of the hit webcomic-turned-anime series, One-Punch Man, and brought to life with the production values from Bones and the directorial talent of that guy who made Death Parade that only smarmy elitists would remember the name of. Unlike the instant hit of what's apparently the best superhero series in a year where every single medium was trying to cash in on the boom, Mob Psycho initially churned out a mixed response for its artsy visual style (because apparently, the anime community is composed of nothing but teenagers who misuse the word "pretentious") and had to win people's hearts the hard way aka by keeping a consistent quality and going through heavy promotion from all the big-name nerds. Obviously it succeeded, because the show quickly rose up in popularity to the point that it's considered amazing, let alone the best anime of the summer. Definitely going to be showing up on many top whatever anime lists by the time this year ends. And obviously I have to stomp on some sycophantic heads, because the word "amazing" is not something you want to throw around lightly in regards to anime. It's something you should only reserve for something that'd be in your top 40, or more accurately, your top 20.

It's no secret that a large part of why people paid attention to Mob Psycho at the very start (for good or for bad) is because of its visual style, which in a community that's getting increasingly sakuga-obsessed is like posting a Youtube video on the Net for all those losers who still think "lolcats" is funny. read more
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Gakusen Toshi Asterisk (Anime) add
Hey do you have crippling depression? Do you want more crippling depression? Don't look any further, The Asterisk War has got you covered m8.

Just another generic rom com cash grab with decent animation because hey, why not? Our audience couldn't possibly dislike that right?

But hey, just when you think you are done getting cancer from watching overpowered mc with purple hair and titty grabs, they are making a second season! Why? Because they can.

One of the best anime I have ever seen in my entire life. The pure uniqueness really makes me shed a tesr of happiness every episode.

Kill me.

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Rakudai Kishi no Cavalry (Anime) add
This is only my second review, so bear with the fact, lads. It won't be long, since the anime itself is only 12 episodes, and adapts only 3 volumes of the actual LN, which was quite disappointing for me, since I was hoping to at least see more fights.

Story - 7.
Why? It is cliche, in my opinion. I'm quite a fan of that kind of anime, where you have an MC who is weak, but whoops - he is actually strong. The same happens here - Ikki is the weak beast, who is looked down upon, and our Stella is nothing less than a tsundere character (correct me if I'm wrong). However, I really enjoyed the show. I've heard anime like that appear once in a while, and it gets quite common, however, this has something special to it. Whatever it is, the execution of the story was great for me! It always kept me wanting to see the next episode. It starts out as a very straight-forward anime, but later it develops into something darker, at least that's what I thought while watching it! At times it felt predictable for me, but even at those times, it managed to take a turn I actually didn't expect, and I liked that.

Art - 9.
Now you may ask why. Even though I loved the fight scenes, they were really something, some fights felt unfinished, or cut out. Maybe that's just me, but I could just feel in some fights, that there could've been something more than what I did or didn't see (for example - the Ten'i Muhou technique during the fight against the 'Soul Eater'). However, overall, everything was very well done.

I'm not a specialist of this, however, the voice acting was great, it fit every character for me, and the music, as well as the fight scene sounds, were all
in place.

Character - 9.
There is one thing to the characters - some were missing, according to LNs. Now that is not a big deal, and I don't consider it a big deal.
The development was completely fine - we had a weak beast MC, who keeps winning the fights, while nobody knows how he actually feels or what has happened to him, that he is the 'Worst One'. Overtime, he manages to get quite a huge fanbase, and that's what will make a significant appearance in the end (trying not to spoil everything). As we should expect, romance develops, while not taking up the space, everything is split to fit everything in, and I'm glad nothing was rushed for me, and the development of both, the relationship, and the story itself, didn't interfere each other and leave anything behind.

Overall - I really enjoyed the anime, it was something that after watching, I can say 'Wow, that was cool!'. I was only disappointed it ended at volume 3, however, the journey was great. Now, to make sure - yes, it has an ecchi tag in this anime, read more
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No Game No Life (Anime) add
No Game No Life is the anime, that can easily become one of the most popular ones out there, if the next seasons deliver. Madhouse always knows what to bring to keep things fresh, don't they?

You might like this anime if:
-You like anime that focuses on the battle of wits
-You are looking for an original premise
-You are looking for something funny
-You want to watch something in one sitting

You might dislike this anime if:
-You can't stand unnecessary fanservice
-You didn't watch too many anime
-You can't stand resolutions that seem to come out of nothing
-You'll dislike its humour. It's very specific

Story: 9
You know that "inside video game" trend in anime right? It started after Sword Art Online aired. Why am I bringing that up? Because this is basically a completely new and unique take on that genre. Here, we have a world, that runs on games, not specifically video games, but all types of different ones, like gambling, chess, rock, paper, scissors or even random bets. All of these things can change the world, simply because even a flip of a coin can decide on lives of many or the borders of a country. But what happens when you put the ultimate gamers inside this universe? Well, No Game No Life happens.
This is one of the most fun settings that has been provided in a long time. It has it's flaws, for example the outcome of each game can be predictable, or some rules and actions seem to come out of nowhere, but other than that, it keeps a steady flow for the entire 12 episodes. It definetely ends on a satisfying note, but nowhere near being complete. There is also a lot of fanservice, but at some points, I almost wanted to clap, because of how neatly it was implemented. The humour is very specific. If it doesn't grab you in the first episode or two, it will most likely not fit yours. There is also a lot of references to other media, video games and anime, so you will enjoy it more if you watched other series. Just a few references are from: Jojo's Bizzare Adventure, Hyouka, Pheonix Wright, Yu-Gi-Oh, Steins;Gate and even Skyrim. Overall, a fantastic setup with a fantastic pace, but some stuff can be obvious or pulled out of thin air.

Art and Animation: 9
Describing the art syle of this anime in one word is the easiest thing in the world. Here it goes: Unique. It definetely has one of the most unique colour pallets, everywhere you look it's just dripping from every corner. Throughout the series you can probably spot most of the hues known to men (specifically men, women know way too many colours). At times it felt like too much, but for the most part it was perfectly composed. The animation is also right on par. It can make some really memorable moments shine even brighter, and it only gets better the more you push forward. Overall, this anime is a pleasure to look at.

Sound: 9
Hey read more
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Shigatsu wa Kimi no Uso (Anime) add
Beautiful story but very overrated...

Animation: 10/10
The art gets better and better as the anime progresses especially once the piano scenes start to increase as it's able to convey emotions without even needing words.

Characters: 7/10
The characters were either incredible or mediocre, which again could lead to a different enjoyment of the series depending on which ones you pay more attention to.

Music: 10/10
The piano performances are here to express the character's emotions and they achieve their goal brilliantly.

History: 7/10
Interesting but did not seemed as good as i believed...

Enjoyment with the drama: 9/10

Overall 8/10.
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Haibane Renmei (Anime) add
Haibane Renmei is an anme based off of a doujinshi manga by Abe Yoshitoshi, the same bloke who wrote the Serial Experiments Lain manga. The anime version was handled by Radix, the same studio behind Divergence Eve. Which doesn't exactly inspire confidence but we'll give it a shot. After all, most anime studios work on series of varying quality. Let's just hope it doesn't feature a bunch of awkward CG scenes or any of the other elements that were bad in Divergence Eve.


We open with a girl falling. Shortly after, we cut to a winged woman finding a cocoon. She and her winged friends gather around the cocoon to prepare for the new life that's going to emerge from it. We quickly see the girl from the beginning inside the cocoon. After her emergence, she's told that she's a haibane and given the name “Rakka” based on her cocoon dream. The series continues to explore haibane culture and the town they're a part of as Rakka gets to know her compatriots and finds her place.

The biggest criticism that I can levy against the series is that it's slow at times. There are a lot of scenes that don't really do anything for the narrative itself. They're more about being cutesy and reiterating aspects of the various characters. That being said, I can't deny that a lot of those scenes are quite good and they do help with the atmosphere.

There's a lot of good in the series. I like that every question that gets brought up during the course of the series gets addressed. I also a appreciate that the series doesn't always give definitive answers when it addresses those questions. Rather, they let you figure out a lot of it for yourself while giving you enough information to do so. The series has a very strong calming atmosphere with strong bitter-sweet and uplifting moments throughout. The ending in particular is a perfect mix of those two aspects. One other thing the series excels at is investment. Throughout the series there are questions that get brought up and various sources of tension that stem from them and it really serves to bring you into the world. Not only does it get you interested in what's happening but it legitimately makes you care about it. Which isn't a simple feat.


Psychological series really depend on strong characters, quite possibly more than any other genre. Fortunately, that's an area where Haibane Renmei excels. The characters and their interactions are a major focus of the series. Which not only serves to develop and flesh out the characters, but it also gives you a sense of connection to them. You really feel a sense of empathy for the haibane, Rakka & Reki in particular. Even the secondary characters have enough development that they feel like actual people.


Thankfully, the art in this is really nicely done. Unlike that other series from Radix. The character designs look nice. The backgrounds are nicely detailed. They draw crows really well, read more
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Ping Pong The Animation (Anime) add
while i initially had low hopes for this show, every single one of my initial predictions was incredibly succeed with a show i now put at the top of my list of favorite shows. the amount animes are able to fit into less than 13 episodes always surprises me, and this show is an amazing example of this. the amount of things they were able to fit in with so little time was outstanding, backstories, character development, and story progression were all fully developed and i was in no way disappointed, every minute i gladly held on to the powerful narration. the anime in general had a very unique charm, its animation was something ive never seen before (besides perhaps in fuujin monogatari) and in my opinion was absolutely beautiful, the soundtrack and opening and ending themes all added to the excitement of coming through each episode. i would highly recommend this to anyone, whether for the popular glamour of sports animes or for the deep story background provided.
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Servamp (Anime) add
As a collector and reader of the manga of this series, I was really excited when the anime came out… but at this point, if I were to refer this to anyone I'd tell them to read the manga first. I feel like the adaptation went well but not as well as it could have went.

For the story, as it happens in lots of adaptations of any manga, the sequence of the plot changes a little and that can be quite a put-off. Some of the original story isn't even adapted and others are either short or expanded. It feels like episode to episode, your opinion of the show itself changes…

The art and effects are still very well done, like the fight scenes. The
mangaka's original style, like the thick and rough paint brush strokes for the "dramatic" effects, are incorporated in a good way. The animation is very clear, also. I'd say what I didn't wnjoy was the stop-start of character motion in comedy scenes…I feel like there wasn't enough done on top of that to give the watcher the notion that it even was a comedy scene.

The bgm could have been a little better. Where it was good, it did well to bring the moment to life I'd say. The theme songs help set the mood for the show in a positive way-- like the OLDCODEX op gives off the dark and action-ish feel and the cv ending brings more life to the characters. (I really enjoyed the ed because it was cute lol)

The cv's do a very good job of voicing the characters…I've had plenty of moments where a character appeared and I was like "wow, that's exactly what I thought he'd sound like!!!" As far as development goes, some characters are focused on more than others so it feels like you know them more (example Kuro and Mahiru) and everyone else just kinda fits into their roles and that's it :( because their backgrounds aren't adapted much at all.

Overall, I do enjoy the adaptation as much as I do the manga. I did notice the friendship theme and it's strong prevalence in the plot…which isn't bad but it does make up a large theme of the series itself…take it out and it would be completely different and would probably have a more mature feel to it. The action is good and the dramatic scenes could've used a little more work I believe. "Yes!! More dark shoujo is needed in this world!" is what I thought when I first started to enjoy the series (and is true after all). It's all guys (yessss) pretty much so for shoujo/reverse harem fans it isn't very hard to find a bias or two. No romance either (that was a plus for me) so it doesn't interfere with the plot. I do feel the anime was a little underrated but there are different types of watchers out there, no?
~~~and there goes review number 2.
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New Game! (Anime) add
Okay, I’ll admit it. I’m a pretty shallow person when it comes to picking the next anime to watch. And by that, I mean the opening theme pretty much determines what I watch. New Game caught my eye and I decided to watch it. I’d already watched Shirobako, and according to recommendations, it seemed quite similar, so I thought why not? And after finishing these 12 fun episodes, I have to say that I pleasantly enjoyed New Game.

Game production has always intrigued me for a while so New Game felt like a nice show to cover that topic. It does cover the main aspects of the game making fairly well, but truth be told, I’ve seen it better done on other shows. It’s not like the show doesn’t cover anything within the gaming industry, I just felt like (and this is coming from someone who has never had experience within the industry, so never take my opinion as final) it could’ve gone deeper. The protagonist’s department that she works on actually seems to get a fair amount of attention, however other areas are only touch on lightly and I would’ve wished that they would’ve received more depth. But, I still have to put in perspective that the series was only 12 episodes long and it can’t do everything in that amount of time, though.

The show falls under the slice-of-life and comedic genre and it truly does live up to it. The show is quite laid back and that creates the more light-hearted feeling when watching it, in my opinion. Some episodes do appear to be more serious than others, but it still does feel nice watching them. The art definitely helps the show. The colour schemes shown throughout are extremely bright and vibrant, making the entire environment that the show is set in feel much more alive and buzzing. The inside areas more or less felt the same but the outside scenery is what really caught my eye. It wasn’t spectacular in the way that other anime have done it, but everything felt … fun. I couldn’t help it but love watching the show.

The episode plots were, whilst not conveying too much story progression throughout, helped massively by the characters of the series. I appreciated the fact that most if not all were introduced by the end of the first couple of episodes mainly because of the fact that I knew I had a longer timeframe within the show to learn about each personality. However, there were some minor problems I had with the characters, one of which mainly ties into the plot. Whilst I did say before that I was looking forward to lots of insight into the characters, some just didn’t feel that they had that much attention during the span of the show. In a way, I felt like those characters’ personalities were sort of being used as an excuse to not be given more detail, as it could’ve possibly have been contradicting what they were read more
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Extra (Anime) add
A 3 overall (art an 8)
Another anime clip that makes you go what?! I am guessing they were going for the psychotic vibe. You know like the fear of loathing in las vegas without much of a comedic approach.

Sound: you can hear the music without a doubt but that is it... music only. if there were words i missed them. one of those songs that repeats its rhythm like just sticking with the partial tempo of another bites the dusk on a loop with more a techno vibe.

Art:Some if not most of the art work was pretty visually appealing. However, i must warn you if did not catch my las vegas indication you might get nightmares from watching this or at the very least feel like you got dizzy from over doing it on the roller coasters.
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Planetarian: Hoshi no Hito (Anime) add
As I'm sure you know the story is an adaption of the light novel story "Hoshi no Hito" I found it a faithful adaption of the aforementioned story, and while it has a satisfying conclusion it has left me once again wanting more.

I do hope that in the future we may get some more adaptions of the few other Planetarian stories.

I think my one complaint is that I do wish they would of adapted some of the other stories prior to this one as i think it would give a more in depth look at the world for viewers who may not be all to familiar with the series.

At the end of the day; Tis real good, very accurate adaption and worth watching if you enjoyed the VN or Anime Series.
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Juubee Ninpuuchou (Anime) add
A vagabond main character with a sarcastic sense of humor meets companions that aren't exactly friends as he takes on the forces of evil whether he wanted to or not. Quite similar to what Watanabe has done recently with Cowboy Bebop and Samurai Champloo. Along with antagonists and music that seem like they inspired the creator of Inuyasha. Quite a few cheesy lines to rival an 80's action movie. It doesn't hold back on the blood but it doesn't reach the grittiness of material like Berserk. A great movie as long as you don't mind the unrealistic depiction of ninjas (they're more like unrealistic samurai anyways.)
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Kuromukuro (Anime) add
Kuromukuro has been a bit of a rollercoaster ride over its course as far as its apparent quality. It opens strong and promising, leading to high expectations. Its design and choreography work is inspired, and it gets away with its CG use like very few other shows.

Between the 1/4 and 3/4 mark of the series however, it becomes very unreliable and falls flat most episodes. The characters outside of the male lead Ken are not only quite bland, but devoid of even OPPORTUNITIES to grow as characters. The fights start to become derivative of each other, and all the slice of life scenes are so worthless as to seem like they are robbing you of opportunities and time to learn about the mysteries of the plot, which at least IS quite interesting. It takes most of the show for the writers to maneuver things to the point that you care for the characters, and they can be interesting under their own merit.

To the credit of the writers, once this show starts sprinting towards the finish line from episode 17-18, it starts to become pretty good. Plot threads are resolved at a furious rate and we see surprisingly good filler content in this eleventh hour timeframe. The show goes interesting places!

Is it revolutionary? Nah. Is it even of excellent quality? Nah. But overall, I would say Kuromukuro is quite good. A lot better than the average anime, albeit primarily because now that it has aired, you can marathon through the shit parts to see a decent ending arc. It has a few unique elements to bring to the mecha genre and if you're a jaded mecha obsessed veteran like I am you'll appreciate seeing the couple of unusual things it has in store, and tolerate its loss of direction in the middle act.
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I was really amazed by the story(concept)

Re:zero have a really serious mature concept
but the loli characters made it kinda funny
If you do like time related things,
then it's definitely for you.......
i'll not say what is it actually about but i can give a hint and
that is it's some time related fantasy thing;

okay i do hate to write much so i'll just say what is necessary:

1) it's very colorful and vivid

2) it have a really good concept

3) many loli characters

4) waifu makeable characters(rem,emilia)

5) some funny scenes

6) crybaby mc (but he'll change later)

7) romantic moments( u can say ship if you're into that kind of stuff)

8) great amount of action scenes

9) what do you need more??

10) watch it now

many people are watching it and loving it, so just start watching it

there is a very good amount of chances that you'll love this one.

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Macross Δ (Anime) add
Narrative formulas; conventions; archetypes; genres. In the event that a fictional narrative turns into a series, then later a franchise -a brand of its own so to speak- it comes as no surprise that eventually the formula which had more or less distinguished the work from others will then arrive at a point wherein it is forced to change completely, adapt to contemporary circumstances, attempt to maintain the status quo, dissolve into a state of total irrelevancy, or end for good and become fondly remembered by many faults and all. Such is the case with Macross Delta.


Macross Delta is representative of the 'Macross formula' in the late stages of its existence, by that I mean that the Macross formula, if one continues to comply to it to a T as it has so done since its inception, only makes the formula age badly. Why? Because unfortunately at this moment in time, Macross as a whole has inexplicably entered into a dire situation of Catch-22. To change or not to change? IF we change, then HOW MUCH SHOULD we change? Do we leave Macross as it is and END it RIGHT NOW, or PERHAPS LATER? The extent of the questions that had ultimately left the Macross formula in this state ultimately consummates into what can simply be deemed as "If we change Macross then we'll end up upsetting the fans, but if we don't change then Macross will start to become stale"

This raises several questions. For one, just what about Macross ESSENTIALLY defines it as Macross? And for that matter, if we experiment around and create variations of the ESSENTIALS of Macross, will that in turn result in Macross no longer being 'Macross' too, or will Macross continue to remain as 'Macross' regardless of how many or what Macross series are produced? With all of this in mind, we can thus say that the first Macross series introduced the audience the general outline of an archetypal Macross plot -which is itself somewhat of a Jungian archetype- as well as the themes and concepts it wishes to tackle. From there, it can be observed that all Macross series are variations of those ESSENTIALS, with Macross 7 being the most zany and balls-to-the-walls one, Macross Plus showcasing Macross in its simplest and perhaps most esoteric form with degrees of experimentation, Macross Zero being Macross at its most somber and poignant, Macross Frontier highlighting Macross at its zenith with the successful revitalization of the classic formula that propelled Macross into the world stage, and... Macros Delta with Macross retreading the same old formula in hopes of replicating the success of Frontier but ultimately fails due to the various components that the creators have used in an attempt to differentiate Delta from the rest- hence the formula showing its age REALLY BAD. That, and well every aspect of Delta's concepts -from plot to characters- is very simplistic which puts it in the same vein as Macross 7, but thankfully enough Macross Delta is nowhere as read more
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Qualidea Code (Anime) add
At first the anime is hard to watch but it gets better towards the end, for the first half ill give it a score of 3 of 10, for the second half, ill give it a score of 7 of 10.

The story itself is a failure, sorry but its one of them anime that is almost a chore to watch. The art is a little lacking, it looks older and not as clean as newer anime. The sound when they sing isn't bad, so ill rate that a little higher. Character development is average, nothing special there till the end.

I enjoyed the ending, but not the beginning, so ill rate it 7 of 10. Would I recommend it to watch? Yes if your able to binge watch it from beginning.
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8 hours ago
D.Gray-man Hallow (Anime) add
I think scores are pointless, so I just gave it a 10 to piss off the metacritic people.

Initial "review"
Okay so after many, many years we get another season of D.Gray-man and I love it, but I also hate it, so let's get down to it shall we.
Should you watch D.gray-man Hallow ?
- are you a FAN of D.gray-Man and still follow the manga? Then yes.
- did you watch D.gray-man the anime a few years ago and stopped there? Then no.

This is a very hard anime to recommend, because it's very hard to understand who this anime was made for. Unless you are a die-hard fan I can't in good conscience recommend this show (I cried when the show was announced).

Story: the story picks up form where the original ended skipping some content form the manga. I'm okay with this because they clearly want to animate the entire Alma Karma saga and the only way to do that within a 13ep run is by cutting a lot of content.
Even if you are up to date with the manga, it is really hard to get a grip about what is happening, the story is moving way to fast and anyone who just saw the original a few years back will be lost on what's happening and you will wonder who most of the characters are.
The story itself is great, but the way it is presented leaves a lot to be desired.

Art:'s bad. Now D.gray-man was never a really good animated show, but it had a decent art style. It's clear that the budget for this show is very small and you can tell, from the backgrounds to the characters. The art style is actually worse in my opinion, while the animation remains somewhere bellow average. There are some good moments when the animation shines, but overall the art and animation are "MEDIOCRE".

Characters: there the best thing about this show. For me the characters were always the best part about the original and that carries on to Hallow BUT unless you creamed you pants when you saw the poster, they are very and I mean very BAD. Because the show is moving way to fast, the characters don't really have time to shine or to interact with each other like they did back in the days. Yes they are the same characters you loved (or not), but their presentation is lack luster.

Sound: same old good music, same old good sound effect....yaaa will all now where this is going. So they changed the voice actors for most of the characters (who knows what's the reason) and while we can accept it and move forward, let's be honest we can't. That doesn't mean the actors are bad, ow no they are quite great and they do a damn good job on bringing the characters to life, but they're not the same. The problem is that if you are a "veteran" this will eat at you the entire season and if you are not then read more
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B Gata H Kei (Anime) add
Taking vulgar obscenity to whole new levels that even surpasses Prison School, this anime is out there in the terms of why the fuck was this ever created and why isn't the creator executed by a war crimes tribunal. Avoiding the usual, oh this is an ecchi anime so it sucks I will break down the review.

Story: Without giving away spoilers, in case you wish to view this (not sure why the fuck you would) the premise is fairly absurd, overall there is only a very slight assemblance of a plot but beyond that there is nothing. Literally nothing at all beyond a main character and her spastic ways that would be the envy of anyone with epilepsy.

Art: There is no art, there is only shit.

Sound: There is no notable music in this idiotic anime.

Character: No character development and only a wish for all them to decapitate themselves.

Enjoyment: Nope.
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9 hours ago
Tales of Zestiria the X (Anime) add
So, tales of zestaria, or tales of sell. Why that name? Cause this show basically is one big advert. The original plans for the anime was about Tales of Berseria and its promotion before its release, hence the reason why the game makes an adapted appearance. So if you were confused why ep 5 and 6 suddenly cut away from the main story to focus on baevet and the posse, yea that’s why.
I mean to be honest, I rather if they did like a 1hr ova special about Berseria and not cut into the already super slow paced anime, but whatever. >.>
I mean sure, you don’t know what’s going on and they didn’t give much explanation on why they cut to 1000 year ago, but hey pretty animations and fights. Badass chick who rekt stuff, sure why not, it sells. Personally, I just went full fanboy and thus couldn’t see anything wrong with this point, I mean. It gave me one of my most favourite not just flow op, but one of my top anime ops. It covers the game I was most hyped about. It’s badass with kickass animation, and fight. So screw it. Does this make the show good, hell nah. This just me fanboying, it’s still bad story directing.

Anyways, back to original verse. Is this anime good? Meh. It’s k. Even without Berseria boosting the scores, the animation and sound department is still TOP TIER. I mean, another flow song for opening, and fhana for ending. Also, godly soundtrack, totally deserving of 10/10 sound.
Animation wise, it’s ufotable, come on.
But that’s about it, story wise, it’s a very slow paced “adventure” story. I say adventure in quotes cause this how it worked, 1st 4 eps, just show them in the seraphim area and palace.
Then short travel to mountains, then to the borders. I say travel but you would think adventure would mean they actually show them moving from place to place, nope. It’s an effective way of writing tho, cause tbh, no one wants to see them travel along a road and slay random beings that would be boring. So points for using the timeskip trope, however, minus points for the fact due to the slow pacing, stuff goes nowhere.
Character wise, the show decides to cut the slow paced show even slower by giving more screen time to a girl I don’t care about and honestly will not appear much later on unless they again decide to change things to suit fan service. Yes, this is fan service. Happy people who complained? Of course they are, people only complain about fan service they don’t like, because they think it’s only boobs and ass. Otherwise, since this is the beginning part of the show, I can forgive the main characterisation and stuff not happening here, tho it’s still partially due to the slow pacing.
Overall, meh it’s ufotable, what you got to lose.
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9 hours ago
Sousei no Onmyouji (Anime) add
Sousei no Onmyouji (Twin Star Exorcists) (MID-SEASON REVIEW)

Art/Characters: So there are a few things that are unique to this show (or maybe it’s this genre) that make the art pretty cool. First and foremost, the character designs themselves are nice to look at and the colors surrounding them are great. There are a few weird design choices that were made, and some of them work to the benefit of the show while others are more of a distraction. An example of something good: Seigen’s dark circles under his eyes show that he really struggles to sleep at night. But Rokuro’s teeth are more like a row of shark teeth than human teeth really just gets distracting, because that trait is unique to him. There is a weird change in art style whenever they encounter a Kegare, the art of that beast looks to be more “brushed” than drawn. The main character themselves are really quite interesting. Rokuro is an exorcist that shows a lot of spunk and a whole lot of passion when it comes to the people he cares about. Benio on the other had is cold and distant, really only focusing on her own ambitions.

Music/Sound: The music throughout the show is actually pretty good. The battle scenes feel intense and the calm moments are a breather in between the action. The opening track really showcases the show in a way that is enjoyable to watch and nice to listen too. The music that we find in battle scenes specifically is really put together to pull you into the fight as well. The sounds that occur at times are a little distracting, for example when the characters say a certain spell that they want to use, it will appear in Kanji on the screen along with some stinger sounds and then an accompanying scream from Rokuro or Benio. While I am not against this, it made the show feel much older than it was, but then again I am pretty sure it is common for Shounen manga to do this, so an adaptation would really be faithful to the source material.

Story: Rokuro lives in a world and with people who are known as Exorcists. These Exorcists purify monsters (Kegare) that terrorize a parallel world known as Magano. Because of a traumatic past experience Rokuro has no interest in being an exorcist and does his best to avoid the life at all costs. But suddenly when he is saving someone from a Kegare attack; he meets a girl, Benio, who is working hard to become the strongest exorcists in the world. As the two are barely getting to know each other an oracle from the Twelve Guardians (the twelve strongest exorcists ever known) proclaims the pair the Twin Star Exorcists, aka the two destined to marry and birth the strongest exorcist the world has ever seen. The two spend time learning what it means to fight as a pair and how to burst through problems that come along read more
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Tokyo Magnitude 8.0 (Anime) add
So, I was looking for new anime to watch and I stumbled onto this...

When I first started watching I was kinda stressed, because I knew, at any given moment, an earthquake would hit and people will die. When I was at like episode 8 or something like that I was thinking about saying in my review: why can't that stupid kid just stay with his sister and stop running away all the time...

The ending broke me ;-;

Story: 8 (haven't seen many anime's like this!)
Art: 7 (it made the broken things look good, but the animation of the people in the background could have been better tbh
Character: 8
Enjoyment: 6 (It's sad and sometimes it got quiet boring)
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D.Gray-man Hallow (Anime) add
Might contain spoiler, might not, it's a gamble sonny

Ah we meet again D. Gray-man. You and your awkwardly spelled title have been haunting me since that level 4 Demon jiggled it's titties around.For those who are interested no the anime hasn't improved. Scroll lower and you'll see why.

You know how old Grayman had it's nice and a bit unique art style? Well that buggered off. Greet the bland style of 2015-2016 anime for the first few episodes and a bit improved version of it after those eps. It's completely devoid of imagination and uniqueness. Fight scenes are even less interesting than before, there's barely any energy in them. Character designs didn't change much, except for Allen who looks even more gay now. Speaking of designs there's lots of powers that look pretty uninteresting, apart from two that barely get any screen time. Oh huge blades? Haven't seen that one before! Laser beams too? Gee please stop with such drool inducing innovation Picasso. To make it worse all the interesting looking, and interesting overall, characters have been pushed aside to make space for Kanda and his fuckbuddy, two of them in fact one is Allen and another one shan't be spoiled for you. So here's a 5 and you know why? Because art still mostly sucks. Oh sorry did you expect some other non obvious conclusion? Too bad you'll only find an awkward ending to a paragraph here.

I swear the creators read my mind and picked the only song that I liked in the first Grayman. It's that piano piece that Allen plays near the end of old series. Unfortunately they didn't learn that repeating a good thing makes it pretty agitating pretty fast. As for new opening I ought to recognise they did well to recap old series trough it buuut the actual sound in it is pretty lame. Here's a fiver for ya chap now leg it.

It continues on from past one. It's really rushed tho and every important scene has lessened impact due to that. Probably one of the most boot to the pacing moment was when baddies have a get together to count their numbers and present strategies. Now after that you'd expect them to show up after three episodes and execute their plan. Not in this anime tho! Three minutes later they are already in the midst of their master plan wrecking havoc.There is this flashback that was actually pretty interesting and added something to the upcoming fight,that being context and stakes. Quite baffling that the best part of an anime is a flashback considering those are usually shunned. I oughta acknowledge it amused me slightly in some portions so I'll give it a 5 and move on.

You expected characters but it was me, bad writing! Okay, okay maybe I'm overreacting let's go over the characters, at least those with any bloody time given to them, and their interactions. Allen Walker is attempted as a formal general guy in the first two minutes after which he read more
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D.Gray-man Hallow (Anime) add
*sighs heavily in disappointment*

Story: 8/10
Well, since the story is based on the manga, 8/10 is more like my rating for how the story was projected in the anime and not the story itself. Although tbh, even in the manga, the plot line has a number of holes already (like, wtf, as if Link could actually manage to hold off more than one Level 4 when it takes like 2 to 3 exorcists to kill one) so I wasn't really expecting much from the anime version. Although I kinda don't like the way they switched/changed some parts of the plot at the beginning.

Art: 6/10
Ahhhh. The most disappointing of all. I don't know what happened with this one. Is it the low budget? not enough time? or whatever?

I can kind of accept the fact that the characters doesn't look exactly like Hoshino's work, but my gaaaddd at least be consistent. Most of the time, the characters are drawn off-model, and tbh, the new look for some characters (my baby Kanda!!) is kinda urgh-ish for me.

As for the animation, the action scenes are ok to me. But some of the slow-paced ones not so much. And the facial expressions! Some times they don't match the emotion in their voices at all. I feel like I'm watching lame actors trying (and failing) to lip sync their lines. Urggghhh

There are also some scenes that I think could have been composed better. And there are a lot of cheat-scenes (scenes where instead of having actual animation, they just draw a single frame/illustration of the scene and then rely on camera movements/effects/shake-shake and whatever) which is quite unprofessional for me. The only excuse I can accept for this is low budget, otherwise I would think the animators are just plain lazy.

The color script is good to me as well as the compositing. The backgrounds are excellent too.

Sound: 9/10

I have no problem with the music and sound effects. They're actually quite good. The voice actors, not so much (though that may just be my biased mind talking. Bring back Takahiro Sakurai and Kenichi Suzumuraaaa!!!). Allen's new VA (Hinata Shouyo ^^) is actually ok but the rest, meh. They're ok I guess, but still BRING BACK THE ORIGINAL CAST!! >.<

Character: 7/10
hmmm.. I guess it's the same with the story. I'm rating the characters more on how they are portrayed in the anime and not... how they actually are?
Anyways, they only got 7 because I can't accept the new voices XD
They felt like different people to me. Not to mention the disappointing way they are drawn some times, but that's definitely the animators' fault :P

Enjoyment: 3/10
Maybe I shouldn't have expected too much. 'Cause the disappointment definitely hurt after I had my hopes soar so high.

I love D.Gray-Man. I really do. But this season just killed whatever enthusiasm read more
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Soul Eater (Anime) add
I see Soul Eater as a victim of over-connoisseur-ism. From the reviews I've seen, a lot of people get pissed that the show doesn't really have any deep meaning, and I'd totally agree. It really doesn't, but that's not the point of the show.

Soul Eater's story really is the image of a stereotypical shounen story. A lot of the major plot points were extremely predictable and the themes of the plot in general relate to the classics - friendship, bravery, etc, you know the deal.

Honestly, the story is nothing special, and a lot of characters just pop in and out without any real meaning, almost as if the plot was just another swimming pool in another backyard in LA.

>ART: 8
I'll be honest, I really hated the art in the first few episodes. I couldn't stand the look of a lot of the characters and the general odd look the show implemented with the environment distracted me from actually paying attention to the show. However, over time, I came to really appreciate the meaning of the art that some of the features had, like the moon and (more comedically,) the sun.

+5 points to the show's art, I really do like how different it is compared to other and more bright/cleanly cut anime art.

Probably one of the few reviews in which I'll give a strong sound score. The OST, openings, and closings were very memorable and if someone played them on the street my first instinct would be to ask them if they've seen this show. Each track to the OST has a distinct purpose and tone for its use and fit the scenes they were applied to quite nicely.

There were also a couple openings and closings I added to my personal playlist - most of them have a real funk/light rock feel that really defines the tone of Soul Eater in general.

Probably what I love most about the show. While the set of characters are quite generic indeed, they all have a few odd and comedic tidbits; there were countless times where the humor their personalities and odd quirks combined to make left me chuckling in a lot of spots, which is a feat in itself because I usually become emotionless while being sucked into the world of an anime.

The first few episodes consist of introducing the characters in a Kill Bill feel, in which if you haven't seen Kill Bill you really should and also you wouldn't really understand the feel the show was trying to put on for them. While I do think the show kind of failed at making it good, many confuse this as an attempt by the creators to quickly explain their backstories, which would indeed be wrong figuring that there's more character "development" and backstories later on.

Has sort of that nostalgic feel, almost like rewatching the first season of Dragon Ball Z again. This probably would be a childhood favorite of mine if I had seen it a read more
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Mahou Shoujo Madoka★Magica (Anime) add
(Some Spoilers)

Going into Madoka Magica, all I'd heard about it was "you don't know what you're getting yourself into". To me, this is one of the biggest problems with the show; It relies on being compared with other shows in it's genre, rather than it's own qualities as an independent anime. It's not great, it's just better. But if you were to remove the prejudice and expectations that comes with being a "magical girls anime", and simply judge it on it's own merits, it's nothing special.

In other words, Madoka Magica falls victim of the "cheerleader effect", a cognitive bias where individuals appear more attractive in a group than on their own. For instance, the show gets pretty dark after a couple of episodes. But because of how not-dark these types of shows usually are, it feels even darker, simply because the audience didn't expect it. But is it really that dark? Sure, some characters die, but that's not very uncommon in anime.

And why should I even care if some of the characters die anyway? it's not like the show ever gave me a reason to. The characters are all pretty much one dimensional, and the little development that actually occurs is almost exclusevly handled in exposition scenes.

The story itself is pretty avarage and boring. It feels like 6 episodes would have been enough. Because except for the beggining and the ending, all that ever really happens in the show is the girls fighting between themselves, moping about how bad life is, and being busy trying not to move the plot forward.

Now, I'm not saying that Madoka Magica is bad by any means. It's just not as good as it would like to think it is. It wants us to see it as the masterpiece it could've been, instead of the one it failed to be. It's the equivalent of a bad artist presenting his work by saying: "trust me, the painting was beautiful in my head".

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Ao no Exorcist (Anime) add
I actually had to give myself a lot of time to think over this one. In the end, I can't tell if the show is honestly lacking something or it flew over my head without me noticing - either way, I felt like this show was a mindless delivery of everything the show needed, just in an extremely disorganized fashion.

This show, as with many other shounens, led an extrememly generic front as a story. But as time progressed, that thought seemed to stray a little as the intentions of characters I guessed seemed to the be thrown out the window and things I hadn't expected came into play.

The story, in general, is really just a mediocre cup of tea, kind of like the box kind you get at the local store. There was nothing all that special about it, it just had a few extra juts in it that made it a little more than just "another typical shounen story".

>ART: 5
I mean, bright colors are cool and all.

A few of the negative reviews I read relating to the art of this show said that the proportions were broken in some spots, but I personally didn't really notice this until after the viewing of the show. I don't really have anything against the proportions either - nothing really stood out as "AH, THIS IS BAD" to me.

Typical OST and sounds, nothing special. The saxophone in the first opening, however, sounds pretty technologically-tempered in my opinion - being a saxophone player myself it was kind of hard to hear.

A place where many put a lower score than average, and I wouldn't blame them either. What the first season presented with its characters (especially their motivations, god are they trite if they actually did appear) wasn't exactly a good example other shows should try to follow.

However, I will spare the score because of how the characters reflect and amplify each other. They all have personalities and traits that easily allow for quick and nice interaction between characters, and the general possibilities the show could take (a second season has been confirmed for 2017 and is already up as a log for MAL) leaves the pondering question of if the show will do better the next time around.

Like said, this review is probably the most difficult I've written out of all I've, well, written. This show was just mindless humor and fighting to me - I didn't really find any substance held within the more deep side of the show, like the themes or the backstories (which few have actually been touched on, like said we'll have to wait for season 2).

It flew over my head in a flash, but hey it was a decent flash. Fighting scenes were very interesting to watch (if they weren't yelling or crying about how Satan was bad and did bad things every 5 seconds), there were a few interesting characters, and the humor was lighthearted.

I'd really only recommend this show read more
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-- No spoilers --

so, before I start this review (sorry english isn't my mother language), you have to know something before watching DR3 Mirai-hen : - You have to play/watch a LP of DR1 (or watch the anime), DR2 and Ultra Despair Girls because you won't be able to understand everything that happens in the show.

- You have to watch Mirai-hen and Zetsubou-hen at the same time like this : Ep1 Mirai, Ep 1 Zetsubou, Ep 2 Mirai, Ep 2 Zetsubou...Ep 12 Mirai, Kibou-hen.

Story : 10/10

Nothing more to say, I have never seen something like that : brilliant story and plot twists. I cried a lot of times. A lot of people hated the end of Mirai-hen but I found it brilliant because it's a really interesting idea Kodaka got.

Art : 8/10

Nothing really exceptional, nothing really bad. The animation is really good. I don't have a lot to say.

Sound : 10/10

The OST is really good but thumbs up for the opening and the ending which are for me one of the best (especially the ending). They are really beautiful.

Character : 9/10

Every characters are interesting, thanks to Zetsubou-hen which takes place in the past, before the start of DR1, you learn a lot about the new characters (Seiko, Ruruka, Izayoi, Munakata, Ryota and some more). You easily understand why they are doing what they are doing and you are really moved when something happens to them. For the DR1 survivors, they are really great and Kyoko got even more character development.

Enjoyment : 10/10

I don't even know how to describe every emotions I got when watching this anime : sadness, happiness, fear, angst...just wow.

Overall : 10/10

A lot of people will disagree but I don't care, for me DR3 is one of the best things I have ever seen in terms of story, sound or characters. A masterpiece.
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Kimi no Na wa. (Anime) add
Makoto Shinkai always manages to frustrate me. All of his works have tremendous potential, yet they all end up as shallow stories that are pretty to look at and not much else. He has done a few things outside of his comfort zone, such as Children Who Chase Lost Voices, and those tend to be his strongest works in my opinion but even then I still find something missing that makes the story just fall short of being good. When I heard about Kimi no Na Wa. I figured it was going to be 5 Centimeters Per Second 2.0, but maybe, just maybe, it wouldn’t be…

Spoilers, it was.

Kimi no Na Wa. tells the story of a girl and boy who mysteriously switch bodies and have to learn how to deal with being each other… or not.

If you are expecting Kimi no Na Wa. to stray away from Shinkai’s typical formula you will be sorely disappointed. All of his usual angst ridden longing relation drama is on display here, including copious amounts of scenery porn, sad piano music, dramatic running scenes, and even love murdering trains. That said, I suppose anyone who likes Shinkai's other works will probably enjoy this one as well for the exact reason that it isn’t any different or the rest of his stories. For everyone else however, Kimi no Na Wa. is painfully predictable and lacking.

My favorite part about Kimi no Na Wa. was the body swapping concept which creates some fun and humorous situations. The story is at its best during the scenes that show how the main characters handle situations differently from each other. We see a day of the male protagonist in the females protagonist’s body and vice versa, which as expected is awkward for both of them to adjust to and genuinely funny and charming. Unfortunately after that all we get is a montage sequence of them living each others' lives and a date scene for the male protagonist while the female protagonist’s problems go unresolved and what was the best part of the story goes underutilized in favor of Shinkai’s typical melodramatic romance.

As much as l like the whole body swapping concept I feel it was poorly explained in the story as are many of the mystical elements in Kimi no Na Wa.. It literally comes down to some kind of magical spit wine, shooting stars, time traveling yarn, and/or some family bloodline thing, all of which are equally obtuse. Generally, I hate time travel in any story, it just makes things needlessly convoluted and silly. Kimi no Na Wa. is no different but I guess it’s not as ridiculous as the Terminator series. Overall I find that simpler explanations (or any at all) for the mystical elements would have benefited the story.

Pacing is also an issue in Kimi no Na Wa. as it is in many of Shinkai’s works and may play a part in my previous complaint. read more
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Today, 12:46 AM
Charlotte (Anime) add
I loved this anime and I don't understand why people are rating it low or giving it bad reviews. The character animation and art is simply one of the best i've ever seen. It has a decent story too though i'll admit it seems a bit rushed near the end. It's the best super power anime i've ever watched and I believe it's terribly under-rated. The character development is great and the action fits the story perfectly unlike soe anime which have needless action and fighting. It fits
a lot of genres and creates a well balanced overall story. The characters are lovable and you'll get immediately attached to them. If you lijed this one then be sure to check out Angel Beats.
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Today, 12:15 AM
Clannad: After Story (Anime) add
To me this is the best Anime Ive watched, and Ive watched a lot. Its better then Clannad and is much... much more sad then it too. I dont cry that much at anything but this made me cry like a bitch. People who are looking for an anime where u can just sit back and care for mostly every character this is perfect. This is to me a masterpiece, u cant make a romance, fantasy anime better then this. I know this might sound mean but if your eyes dont even tear up u have no soul. I fell in love with all the characters, and I really wanted this to end with me saying this is a 8/10 anime but in the end u came up as a 10/10 anime or even higher. I loved this anime, its my favorite of all times, and it made me feel like I was a little girl even though im an adult male, and it wasnt a bad feeling, not one bit.
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Yesterday, 11:49 PM
School Days (Anime) add
This anime is about a perverted inhumane douche and a bunch of girls that fall in love with him for no reason. Its a story of cheating and the consequences it brings, although I've seen better execution. The protagonist maybe a total @:!,* but that doesnt mean he is a bad character im terms of writing and design. His actions are mostly justified by his feelings, but I just could not believe how someone could be so callous at first. This is quite a psychological anime, and it will test your patience as you try not to cringe at how some of the MC's sex interests handle the knowledge that he cheats. Some of them are nice characters, and I in fact like one of them- but man they give the protagonist too much credit.

This video review sums up my opinions on character interaction in this anime, such as how the protagonist is treated for his actions:
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Yesterday, 9:29 PM
Suzumiya Haruhi no Yuuutsu (2009) (Anime) add
The Melancholy of Haruhi Suzimiya is a great series. It's captivating enough to maintain ones interest, yet light and cheerful. I would never take back watching it at all.

I see people complaining about the same episode repeating 8 times. But doesn't Naruto repeat the same episode 200 times. At least this repetition is within a reasonable scope. Adding to this, the small variations are able to get you excited and great a mild tension. You excitedly end up thinking "Is this the time the loop is finally broken". Each time you're tasked with thinking of the solution. The endless eight has a purpose and it's really pathetic of you all to be so hateful of it. This is entertainment and the endless eight does well at providing that.
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Danganronpa 3 Despair has become divisive among the fanbase. From expectations not being fulfilled to false advertising, a good portion of fans we're not satisfied with how the anime was handled. On the other side of the spectrum, others believe it to be a great work that holds the franchise well. Lastly, there are those in the middle that still enjoyed it but recognize it's flaws. I'm also in the middle. While I did enjoy this series, I also had many issues with it.

First off, knowledge of both DR: Trigger Happy Havoc and Super DR2: Goodbye Island of Despair are necessary. Even going into this prequel, spoilers are abound right off the bat due to revelations as early as episode 1 spoil critical mysteries you won't find answers to until near the end of the game. Also, Despair arc runs alongside Future arc, and episode order is one Future arc episode then Despair arc, watching both series simultaneously. This issue should be brought up as soon as possible, as all the criticism of the anime stems from this format.

The false advertising I mentioned earlier is that while Despair arc's premise is about the 77th class of Hope's Peak Academy. The POV starts and gives plenty of focus on a character from the Future arc, Chisa Yukizome. While she first appears to bring the class together and bonding with them, the story shifts to her investigation about the hidden secrets of the school to the point it takes away time from the 77th class. That's not all. Other characters from the Future arc appear later, and get an amount of focus in relation to what's going on in the Future arc at the time. The fact that no characters from Future arc were even hinted before in promotion materials to be in Despair arc led to the accusations of false advertisement and how Despair arc was used to provide more characterization to the characters from the Future arc that itself couldn't provide. Two one cour series with each having many characters to focus on rarely gives consistent and equal characterization, and a good number of them will get be sidelined. And while the attempt is creative, was it worth all the cutting corners in the narrative to fit these plotlines together.

In the end, the main characters, the 77th class, get relegated to being side characters in what was supposed to be their own story and get treated more as a collective than individuals. Some exceptions are Hajime, Chiaki, Nagito and the Super High School Level Imposter, though very slightly, and for specific plot reasons. Hajime has a adequate amount of characterization because a good deal of focus is on him in the beginning, but it only lasts a few episodes. Those who played the game know the inevitable change that will befall him, and how he will be erased to make read more
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Orange (Anime) add

Art/Characters: I really love the art style of this show because of how natural it feels. There is no over the top hair or out of line characters, but it really feels like there are real people on the other side of this animation. That being said, I really enjoyed watching the emotion that came over the characters when it came to the really sensitive parts. The emotion here isn’t even over the top, and that is really fantastic to see a character show that kind of genuine emotion. The characters themselves are really great as well. Naho, the lead has a lot of dynamics, but I must say she can be a little infuriating at times. Kakeru is very much reserved in his actions and is having a hard time fitting in, but his amazing friends are happy to help with that. Suwa is someone who we only get glimpses into his life and I wish I could have seen more when the story began to unfold. Hagita is the stereotypical “glasses-guy” but he has some interesting things to point out from a unique perspective. Finally, Takako and Azusa are a pair that really are just playing off of each other. While each character seems to have a counterpart, these two definitely stick to each other.

Music/Sound: The music that we hear peppered throughout this series really fills the air and makes the mood great. There were a few parts where I wish the music was a bit stronger and things could have just gotten louder, because that would really have made a better impact. The sound in general made a huge impact, however. There were some scenes that were conveyed almost entirely through sounds rather than images or words, and it speaks volumes when you don’t even have to show something happen and the world holds its breath wondering what will happen next. The opening song is definitely one that I will listen to over and over again because of how catchy it is, but it will always bring a somber happiness because that is the true nature of the show.

Story: Naho Takamiya receives a letter on the opening ceremony day at her high school. She begins to read and is quickly confused because of the letter’s contents. Apparently the letter is from Naho herself, ten years into the future. When the letter begins to predict things that are scary accurate, she starts taking it seriously and reads closer; a new transfer student will be joining them on day one of classes, Kakeru Naruse, from Tokyo. The letter tells about the amazing friendship of this transfer student and how she actually has a lot of regrets regarding him. Then a stinger hits when she reads that ten years, Kakeru is no longer with them. The Naho of that future time begs that she keep a closer eye on Kakeru. The story continues and there are a lot of twists and turns and it really comes out to be an read more
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B-Project: Kodou*Ambitious (Anime) add
Summary Review:
This is your typical reverse harem with idols (except there is 0 romance). Its more like a harem of friendship with the main character. While it is refreshing to have a idol harem where the idols arent all falling all over the plain boring girl, keep in mind it is still your typical "idol anime". Sound 8, Art 9, Characters 7, Story 5. Overall 6 - decent anime that is ruined by a rushed ending.

Full Review:
Firstly, the art and sound are good. The music doesnt vary much as its all the same songs pretty much but the music as a whole isnt too bad. Its probably just my personal preference but the art was good, it suited the anime genre. Sound:8. Art: 9.

The characters arent too bad. Sure there are your typical "idol" types but you see them everywhere and you should know what your getting into if your watching this to begin with. They try to give everyone an individuality to them and even tell you a little bit of backstory to a few of the characters while almost none to others. Not too bad in terms of character developement considering this was only 12 episodes, i have seen a lot worse. While there are a character or 2 that are way too much for me to come to like, not too bad. Character:7.

But its all downhill from there..... The story started off not too bad, it doesnt have much of a "story" as such but thats to be expected from most idol anime and the people watching will generally understand that. For the first 9 episodes it felt as if everything was going almost too well at times but in general it wasnt too bad, and if the last 3 were just as good i would have given the story a 7. However, the 10th episode throws a spanner in the mix. I wont say what happens because spoilers but its a big plot twist (a semi forseeable one at least). Now thats fine, i dont mind a plot twist but by leaving the plot twist until 2 episodes before the end they had to rush it and explained NOTHING. They throw a million questions at you and answer 1. A huge disapointment that has probably ruined the minor chance for a season 2 so we will probably never learn the answer to those 999 999 questions we have. Story:5.
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New Game! (Anime) add
Story: 9
Story about a girl who's new in the gaming industry who just graduated. It was enjoyable and can only describe it as lovely and realistic in some way, though the realism is somewhat uber sugar coated. It's an anime to be enjoyed and pondered about.

Art: 7
Art was cute "mostly moe" and some fan service *just the right amount*
I gave it a 7 because I thought it lacked the detailed facial expressions that I was looking for.

Sound: 6
Sounds was just about right nothing too fancy and ear catching but not to lame to ignore.

Character: 7
Characters were lacking in development though they had great interaction/chemistry with one another. But putting up a better background up there would have been better. Some were Cliche Characters yet still introduced some new form of personality which made me laugh.

Enjoyment: 9
Was a breeze of air because of its lovely atmosphere nothing too toxic but still insist reality even if it's really far–fetched.

Overall: 9
If you like to just relax without thinking of the End Plot this is the Anime for you. Ending was good btw it had some form of closure.

Thank you for reading Good day ^_^
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Yesterday, 8:28 PM
Tales of Zestiria the X (Anime) add
I need to play the game to see the anime? Absolutely, NO! Even if you played, they did the anime so marvelous that players and non-players get a new experience without drop of the plot! Even you gonna have a demo in anime of the next game!

Let's start talking about the story, this is a Tales of story, a story with certain characteristics of RPGs based in a world of magic, swords and warriors, if you are familiar with the games or the animations, you will be like in home, as I said, the anime has another path to follow taking the important parts with it, but if you played the game, at the start gonna be like "That really happens like that?", that is bad?, no, full contrary, the animation tell you the story in a smooth, powerful and brilliant pace, so players and no players gonna be enjoyed every second.

The characters are very particular, every one having a role and different stereotypes that give the spice of the story and its flow, the principal, gonna be our hero, a hero full of justice and good will with his comrades, like the old formula, but well, retro is in fashion!

The CG and scenarios are beautiful, based on the game, they did a good work giving a touch of 2D and 3D in all the areas and buildings, gettings you exactly as how the game is, even with bonuses and Visual Novel talking at the end of every chapter just like the game.

Sound is full taken out of its game, even the opening of the game and the future one, so nostalgia for players and good new repertory for the ear for new fans,with heroic and good light music and BGM.

A little part of the anime gonna take you to some story in other time in the same lands, this is part of the next game, and a good part to see if you wanna play it, it only make you wishing its release!

I think I should stop here, really it's a good story so try it out, these guys, if you know them, you know how they put a game/VN in anime with honors and chariots.

If you reach this point of the review and find it useful or maybe nothing at all, anyway thank you so much for take your time reading. I wish you a happy anime and may the malevolence don't obscure your way!
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Yesterday, 8:24 PM
Clannad: After Story (Anime) add
What happens to our favorite anime characters after school life ends? Well Clannad: After Story tells you what happens. (Some spoilers about Clannad, no after story spoilers)

The story drastically improves from the first season. It is really moving, and shall catch your attention with almost every episode. We see the future of our main character, Tomoya. There isn't much to say without spoiling about the story, so go watch it for yourself.

The art is decent, and it catches your attention to detail at some portions. However, the certain scenes in After Story really make it beautiful for the eyes. The regular scenes are on par, and aren't goofy at all.

The soundtrack is well made. The music is very powerful, and will draw your emotions out after listening to it after watching After Story. The background music in each episode is amazing. It is well timed and placed at the correct moment, and makes the viewers feel connected to the story.

Character: 10/10
We continue to see the development of Tomoya's character. As life after high school begins, we see the struggles he faces with his life and how he deals with it. We also see the other characters, but the main focus is Tomoya.

Enjoyment: 10/10
I was so hooked to After Story that after almost every episode I was depressed for the rest of the day. It grabs you and pulls you in. This series could be binge watched, but most likely you should slowly watch it at your own pace.

I found After Story to be a satisfying conclusion to the series. I was moved at certain moments, and enjoyed each episode.
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Yesterday, 8:03 PM
Amanchu! (Anime) add
"The folly of youth, you see, is that you sometimes convince yourself that your world is confined to a familiar object the size of your palm. But it's all right. Look up and see. There's an endless world of fun starin' ya right in the face." -Kohinata Kino

It only took 7 minutes for me to realize I was going to love Amanchu!, these 7 minutes gave one of the strongest first impressions I've seen in a long time for sure. The relaxing, nostalgic background music, the quiet humming of a motorcycle and the gorgeous background art assured that I was already relaxed and taking in that lovely healing SOL effect only 30 seconds in. But seeing the grandma smoking a cigarette was what really let me know I was in for a treat.

After the opening played (I'll touch on that later don't you worry now) a clumsy, shy girl rides up to the cliff by the ocean, right near a diving shop. Despite the fact that she's surrounded by natural beauty she's glued to her phone. While this shy girl (Futaba or Teko) sits on a rock there is another girl diving in the ocean below, diving. A girl who we will later learn is named Hikari (or her nickname Pikari). I love this detail because it establishes an immediate connection between these two without them even being aware of it, but it isn't just that. This scene creates a very important Dichotomy between Teko and Pikari: Pikari has a smile on her face because she is experiencing the world around her and doing something she loves, while Teko is glued to her phone and isn't smiling, she has closed herself off. And that is what Amanchu! is to me: a story about a girl who has closed herself off from the world due to being too timid, and her journey to escape that and learn to put herself out there and try new things.

It is while Teko is on this rock by the sea that a giant wave splashes, startling her, and forcing her to look up and pay attention to her surroundings. She was in awe of how amazing the ocean was, the ocean that she had previously been ignoring and taking for granted. And it is during this scene where grandma Kohinata imparts the words from the beginning of this review.

Story - 7
It is difficult to put a score on a sol story as the enjoyment of the series rarely relies on the narrative. However in this case (and there are several others similar) the story is what drives it. The story is quite simply about Pikari dragging Teko out of her shell and Teko learning to pursue interests and interact with the world she lives in. It's about personal growth and the sort of symbolic goal of Teko eventually diving in the ocean that filled her with such awe at the beginning of the series, but read more
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Shugo Chara! (Anime) add
I hope this review helps! :)

Story: 7
The story was quite interesting, and so was the idea of Shugo Charas/Guardian Characters, would-be selves. I liked the fact that the story explored many different characters and why they have a Shugo Chara (if they do), as well as the twists. However, the only bad thing I can say about the story is that like many magical girl anime, there is a lot of filler. Although interesting, wouldn't it be better if they could just skip to the next important parts? But all the same, the filler was enjoyable too.

Art: 7
Can't say much because this isn't a very new anime, but I like the art style. It's rather basic, and simple. It gives off a cheery and bright mood. Animation is fine, and yeah, there are the typical magical girl transformation scenes, but I don't mind them.

Sound: 8
The OPs and EDs are really good and memorable. Also, the songs in the anime (Utau's songs) are really good as well. The background music also really suits the anime, and the characters all had brilliant voices that showed their personality well, I applaud the seiyuus.

Character: 8
I quite liked the character bonding and relationships that improved over time. This is the good part of all the filler. I also liked all the characters' designs and personalities, which are all really different and individual. Although this is something that happens in a lot of magical girl anime, I liked the fact that the enemies became allies after the main characters defeated them or persuaded them to become good.

Enjoyment: 7
I quite enjoyed watching all 51 episodes of this, because it always made me laugh. Even though there was a lot of filler, this anime really gave me a lot of hope in my life. I'm not ashamed at all to say that I watched this and loved it.

Overall: 8
I highly recommend this anime to those who like magical girl anime, as well as cheerful and funny ones with great messages.
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Yesterday, 7:19 PM
Dragon Ball Super (Anime) add
the show is amazing nothing is perfect, these are just naruto fans giving it bad reviews lol most of them hate dragon ball z trust me i know a bunch of them, alot of them wont even watch dragon ball they say it boring, the english series made it that way lol but the show is the best i grew up watching dragon ball z, i love anime and this new series is really really good.

dragon ball z, is the best anime ever, anime wouldn't be the same with out it, its been so long since they made the show and i think its going pretty good

love the show, cant wait to see more!

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Yesterday, 7:10 PM
Mob Psycho 100 (Anime) add
Last year, One Punch Man rose to popularity and became of the most mainstream and popular anime of the current decade. However, the mangaka of One Punch Man also had another really good series that not many have heard about, Mob Psycho 100. With an adaptation for ONE’s other series, Mob Psycho 100 was also able to generate a good amount of popularity, due to it living off of One Punch Man’s brand. Though there might be some similarities between the two series, Mob Psycho 100 is quite different One Punch Man in a lot of ways. And it manages to create its own name, rather than relying on the popularity of what its being compared too. Mob Psycho 100 is more original, well-written and thought-provoking than it initially seems.

Mob Psycho 100 is about an 8th grader psychic named Shigeo (also known as Mob) who tries his best to become a normal person by trying to fit into society. The story focuses on Mob and how he tries his best to control his powers and not cause any harm, while being in very risky situations. The story may seem a bit simplistic at first, and near the beginning it kind of is, but the series starts to get more complex and explores many themes like morality and what it means to be different. But the story just doesn’t focus on Mob, but also other characters too, like his mentor (who is a scammer) and his brother (who has an inferiority complex). At first the series has more of an episode/slice-of-life structure, but in the second half, the main story gets introduced. And also, a lot of the omake chapters from the manga got adapted, so you’ll be seeing some short stories revolving around Reigen and Mob throughout the series. The overall story doesn’t really end, since the manga is ongoing, but the final arc of this series wraps up nicely, while teasing what’s next to come. Hopefully it gets a second season to continue the series.
Story: 9/10

Mob Psycho 100 looks and feels a lot different from your normal anime. The style is very over-the-top, exaggerated and weird, and it matches the tone of the series. It’s supposed to be weird and quirky and its style isn’t something you will see often. But the series just isn’t a comedy as it is more than that. There are a good amount of moments in the series when things get a lot more serious and emotional. Unlike One Punch Man, Mob Psycho 100 expects you to take them seriously. However, they are handled in such a way that you as a viewer are aware that things aren’t being played for jokes anymore. The series switches between its tones very well and not once did it ever feel drastic. The art style is quite unique too, and that will be mentioned later in this review. Bones did a good job in adapting the manga, though it’s not the most perfect adaptation I’ve read more
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Kimi no Na wa. (Anime) add
Once in a while, there's a movie that can catch you attention right off the bat. This one wasn't one of them. I was, regrettably, playing Fire Emblem Fates (the shipping game be too strong). But what really caught my attention within maybe 10 minutes was the eerie atmosphere. Bear in mind that I had actually forgotten the synopsis and I was being nagged to watch this movie. Maybe I'm imagining things but even with the first few scenes, my impression was that this story can't be a slice of life story. There's an ethereal force that would move it and I was not wrong.


Story - 8

The story opened with an incredible vibe for slice of life, but something is off. We can tell from the character interactions that something is out of place. In fact, this supernatural force drives our two main characters, Taki and Mitsuha through the story. I should note that what I really enjoyed was that the force wasn't some explicit magic. It was definitely supernatural, but never fully explained nor was it required to be explained. Instead, a metaphor was used to give feeling and connection to this force.

The narrative quickly establishes the norms in each of their lives through each others' perspectives (no further spoilers) and from that point on, they begin to change. With a large emphasis on character interaction, the plot suffers slightly with a few changes in pacing later on. Nearly all scenes transition smoothly from one to another; only a few stand out and do not fit with the overall tone.

The weaker aspect of the narrative was an imbalanced shift in character roles. One main character would take over the narrative more than the other. Maybe this is just my nitpicking (or fanboying) but I preferred a more balanced character narrative.

In all honesty, I was disappointed by (what I consider) the climax. It threw me off course relative to the events that led up to the climax in the first place. From that point on, the plot got a bit muddled for me. The single reason: there was one loophole that the plot never addressed again. I probably was too fixated on it to fully pay attention. The saving grace was the ending, which instantly gave me PADS.

If you don't know what PADS is, urbandictionary it.

Art - 9

For the entirety of the movie, I have to say the art remained consistent. The style suited the mood and definitely complemented the atmosphere. It wasn't overly vibrant but used more dull tones to suit the down-to-earth atmosphere of the movie. There were no shounen-esque characters that screamed out "I am the hero;" all characters fit into a realm of reality.

Sound - 9

The. Sound. Was. AWESOME. Not only was it awesome, it was scored by RADWIMPS, which is a japanese rock band. The soundtrack stands out on its own because of the musical tone; its not outright melodious but juxtaposes read more
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Lupin III: Green vs. Red (Anime) add
From what I see, people don't understand the true meaning to it. One of the characters is called Yasuo, named after the voice actor of the original Lupin who died in 1995. He first started with the Green Jacket like how Yasuo in the movie is. This movie is to celebrate 40 years of Lupin the Third, what better way to celebrate than to reference the guy that help the character come to life? The plot doesn't make sense because it's supposed to reference all the Lupin movies and other things. If you "truly are a Lupin fan" then you would understand most/all the reference. There is a hidden meaning to it all, though it mostly concerns the future of the series and lore, since this was an original of Monkey Punch, can't say that it has a solid plot for sure. But if you're well versed in the World, Lore and History of Lupin the Third and you want more lore, see references, or have a laugh at the jokes, I highly recommend this movie. As a fan of Lupin, I enjoyed it from beginning to end, though I recommend you watching it more than once to fully see what's going on. That is all, thank you for reading.
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Hunter x Hunter (2011) (Anime) add
Manga (and comics) is a media that has been widely disregarded by adults and critics because of its childish art, or target audience (which are mainly kids and teenagers). This is especially true for Hunter x Hunter as it was published in weekly shonen jump. A first glance at this anime has put off many viewers. But for what seems to be a kid's show, underneath it lies a rich story masterfully executed, characters so unique and likable, and themes so profound and relevant.

We begin our story with the protagonist Gon Freecss as he embarks on a journey to find his dad. But as they point it out in the anime itself, it's never truly about the destination, but rather the journey and the people you have experienced them with. The story is very structural at first glance. There is a clear beginning, middle, and end, separated with arcs that flawlessly flow into the next one. One thing the author does here is that he uses the first few arcs to set up the universe, and the characters. He then meticulously develops each character throughout the series which might be a slow pace for some people, but is absolutely necessary for a big payoff at the later parts in the story.

Speaking of characters, that would probably be my favorite thing about this series: Character development. It's safe to say that you'd like almost all of the characters. Whether they are villains, allies or just the henchmen, each character has a clear motivation to do what they are doing. Some are righteous and some are devious, and all of them act within their nature without becoming too one dimensional.

All in all I would say this is a must watch for anyone who likes a masterfully crafted story, whether you're an anime fan or not. And if you invest enough time in this series it will easily earn a spot in your top 10 list guaranteed.
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Handa-kun (Anime) add
Handa kun has a very simple but reasonable setting that purposefully made for the sake of the comedy rather than its story or moving the plot forward. And dont judge this anime based off from its sequel (barakamon that came out first), because, you know, both of them is a slice a pretty typical slice of life anime with comedy as a mix to it. Since slice of life's essential facet is to add the comedy into them. All slice of life are like that, even if the greatest slice of life anime in the UNIVERSE like Barakamon that delivers its theme, character development, relationship, and philosophy for success in life and shit.

Handa-kun's comedy is a pretty unique and peculiar one to me as an anime "watcher", or as a fucking Otaku. Like really, just call me an otaku coz you all are one as fucking well. But why is it peculiar? That style of comedy though, through the excessive uses of miscommunication, misunderstanding, and characterization or ascription of godly, so fucking pro and badass characteristics to the MC. This anime may seem like an identical fucking anime to the Sakamoto Desu Ka series but it's really not. Just some of the theme, character's position and other facet are, but not its entirety. The side character or minor and the support character are alot more "good looking", or suitable for the role that they have in the anime. With some addition role that hasn't been introduced to Sakamoto Desu ka ofc. Like the horny ass otaku who draws shit loans of ecchi shit, or reverse gender of someone.

The earliest part of the anime is pretty funny in my perspective, but as the anime progresses, i just find its forced comedy, repetitive uses, and the lack of character development abit too much now. This is not fucking Re:zero for christ sake, it doesn't makes it ok to spend the 16+ (in this case it's 12 episodes) for a character development or realization to happen. Barakamon has done a fine job in that, but to see the prequel to fail to do so, this is just sad to me as a hardcore (presumably) Barakamon fan. Coz that shit gotta be one of the fucking best slice of life anime in the fucking universe no doubt. Plus they also took a real local kids to voiced each kids character, it's fucking nice. You could definitely feel the bond between the voice actors and the character simultaneously as you watch the anime, and that's what makes this anime so great. You should definitely check that one out. I wouldn't recommend you to compare or watch Handa-kun first, then go to Barakamon. Just pretend that this anime has really nothing to do with Handa Sei in Barakamon. But this is just a comedy with no real contribution to his character (aside from being a loner, unsociable, but wanting to interact with others kinda person). In the later episode or halfway to the end of read more
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This season of Danganronpa kept me interested. With Junko dead, another killing game where you can't leave and have forbidden actions kept me willing to watch more.

I liked this anime and watched it to the very end. Making assumptions to only find out they were wrong.

My least favorite charactter would have to be Ruruka. For spoiler reasons she did many unforgivable stuff and it only ended where you wanted to give her a big hug.

THe art was very good. They changed Naegi's appearance from a little kid to a full grown teenager. Nothing is wrong for the art but I didn't like Touko's change but everything else was fine.

Seeing it end gave me hope for a good ending in the Hope arc.
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Yesterday, 5:33 PM
New Game! (Anime) add
I love this Anime, and I think anyone looking into it may also like it as much as I do.

The story was well put together, and interesting. I have never, and maybe it's just me, seen an anime over the life of game developers. It wasn't rushed, and kept a nice steady pace. This anime also had a great ending, and gave me a sense of completeness. (Be sure to watch after the credits.;) )

The art may not be one of a kind, I'm sure you'll see it another show, but it was meant to be cutesy, as it was, and really fits with the stories concept. The coloring and style of all the characters was amazing and very different from eachothers.

The voice actors and their vibe fit with all the characters and their personalities. ALL characters were voiced well.
The Opening and Ending Song Really fit the peppy lives of the group. The background music also fits the scenes, when it was meant to be awkward, it was, when soft and heart warming, it was, and so on.

The characters, were all unique, and as you watch will get to know a lot more about their personalities, and traits. Their reactions/actions to different things were realistic and you might find yourself doing the same things as they did in certain situations. Though the anime did not go as deep into some of the characters lives as I wanted to. It pretty much sticks to their lives at work, with some exceptions. But all characters were alive and the 'supporting' ones (They were all mains in my opinion.) really helped make the show fun! I can't bring myself to pick a favorite, because I like them all so much, but I would like to cosplay Ahagon Umiko, one of few great characters.

Now I can loosen up a bit and talk to you as a friend and fan! This anime was amazing! It kept me hooked, and looking forward for the next episode to come out. It kind of reminds me of kiniro mosaic which is another favorite I have. I may not rewatch the series, which I don't usually do anyway, but I may in the far future to refresh the memory of their lives. I do hope to read the manga, hopefully in the flesh, but if not online definitely. I would also hope to buy the series once it on dvd, or something related to it, when/if I have the money! *cries*

Lastly, I do hope that you watch the show, don't take my word about this, amazing, Anime, see for yourself.

It's funny after seeing the show it kind of makes me want to try Aoba's Occupation.
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Explanation of this ova in relation to the visual novel: (spoilers of this ending and a bit of true ending to be able to understand it)

We all know that in the true ending Rin stares as saber disappears (no running from Rin). After a while Saber starts her speech: Basically congratulations, I would have really liked to stay but Shiro has you (it is sooo clear she can be easily convinced, but Rin didn't do anything). In this ending it is also clear Rin is head over heels for Shirou and realises he doesn't care that much for saber.

Good ending: Rin runs like berserker to save saber (it's just a few meters though). Now the big question, Why did Rin saver her?

She knows in this ending Shirou would almost die of sorrow if saber goes (this is based on the visual novel. In the true ending the main character just gives love points to Rin while in this good ending Shirou gives them to both Rin and saber. The reason why Rin keeps insisting saber is her familiar and hers would therefore be because:

- She doesn't want them to get romantically attached (in the VN she tells them not to flirt), she just wants saber to watch over him (so he doesn't become archer) and support him and make him happy.

- Imagine Rin gives saber back. Well, this would be a threesome whether they want it or not. Rin not having a link with saber = having sex with her, the same goes for Shirou. Now, with the link Shirou and Rin can become a couple and mana be supplied constantly without sex.

Something quite relevant as well is that Rin either subsconciously or conciously chooses Archer (Shirou) over saber. She asks archer to remain in this world and cries when he doesn't accept. This happens in both the good and true ending in the visual novel, this ova just doesn't repeat that scene (right before the good ending would come archer's scene).Think that if archer had accepted Rin's proposal both the true and happy endings would be the same (Rin - Shirou - Shirou). I do believe in the good ending Rin runs to save saber because of how much Shirou cares for her (at least 4 points given to her).
Even so by asking archer to stay afterwards saber would have left this world had archer accepted (there's not enough mana for both of them and Rin knows it. She also knows saber isn't selfish to stay that way, by asking archer she's in a way betraying saber, that's why she thinks "I know I shouldn't ask" (but she does ask...) and archer says "I do not know if you will keep your contract with saber, but I am nor qualified for that").
These sentences are taken from the VN.
I hope you anime only guys understand better what happened now.

Overall it is a very good OVA. Saber doesn't die, what else in needed? =P
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Yesterday, 5:31 PM
Usagi Drop (Anime) add
Straightforward story, with no unnecessary complications; it is easy to follow. It is not a particularly thought provoking anime, nor does it try to be one, but it quite succinctly, and satisfyingly explores the subject of parenthood. There is an overarching plot, but that gives way to a more episodic sort of structure, with plot pieces being discovered along the way. This honestly works in favor of the show, making it easy to follow, and easy to consume.

The art style is definitely unlike other anime I have seen. The episodes begin with a short intro with frames like a watercolor/marker image. The rest of the episode will use more typical style. Though the style is not particularly detailed or realistic, the designs of the characters are simple and realistic.

Background music was fitting, but nothing was particularly memorable. No complaints. I didn't find the OP/ED songs to be spectacular either. I did enjoy the voice acting on each of the characters though, as they were, how shall I say.. normal? With the realistic setting having the characters speak without the great exaggeration that many animes use, the voicing was pretty grounded and realistic, and each character was voiced by a fitting voice actor.

The characters are realistic, belonging to a realistic setting, and they do change over the season, as one can expect about an anime about a transition from one lifestyle to another.
Rin in particular makes the whole anime work as, even though she is not the character we follow, she is the character that most of the anime revolves around. If you're worried about disliking an anime about taking care of a child, Rin will ease that immediately, as she is consistently super cute, intelligent, and well-behaved.
As the anime follows Daikichi as he is thrust into the new world of parenthood, he is very relatable, which is good because there are many (not too much) instances where we hear his inner monologue. Really it is his development and interactions with new characters that keeps the show at a good pace.

I found this anime extremely easy to consume. While I imagine this may not be the case for everyone, I had no reservations about the show being about a new parent. It was a simple, peaceful kind of enjoyable, and I enjoyed it so much so that I would recommend it to just about anyone.
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