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May 27, 2020
Hudsonwt (All reviews)
I really wanted to enjoy this. I really did. But I don't know, the pacing throughout this show is kind of wack. Just like part 1, there was no tension or any real driving force that made the story compelling. Although there was the underlying motive of saving Holly, the urgency was sort of lost over the 40+ episodes. That said, the amount of episodes does make this story feel like an epic journey of sorts that feels somewhat monumental at the end, if at least for the characters. I think that this part could've retained the 48 episode length, but restructured it in a read more
May 27, 2020
cooljohnyao (All reviews)
I've seen some review for this anime and the most of them is saying this anime is a mess, it's shit, waste of time and it's just a "Ecchi" anime only.

Personally, I don't think we should judge a anime just by 2-4 episodes, especially the story didn't really start progressing yet. Unless you already read the manga.

At least from the 7 episodes I've seen now, I think the story is very interesting and mysterious, which makes me want to continu and wait for the new episode to come out. At first, I didn't even know "ecchi" is a part of his genres. It's read more
May 27, 2020
Sanctuary_7 (All reviews)
Nine episodes in and it still seems incredibly generic, with its poor writing standing out more and more. The show is filled with very contrived ass-pulls left and right which are never foreshadowed beforehand, which makes them pretty unsatisfying to viewers - from magic bags, character turning into magic shinsui lasers, hidden character motivations leading to unexpected twists in their behaviour, etc.

There’s a difference between giving information through a drip feed and just generally being bad storyteller, and I think this show leans to the latter. What little is shown about the world is pretty bland, there’s a tower that can grant wishes, but read more
May 27, 2020
Libaaan (All reviews)
If there was one way to describe this series, it would be charming. Everything from the comedy, to the characters, to the setting and character interactions, the show is filled to the brim with wit and charm that it’s hard not to get instantly attached to the show. While the setup is inherently formulaic and repetitive, it makes up for it by constantly building up the characters in each scenario. By the end of the show, it’s hard not to just smile through the whole thing. But what is this show about?

Well, Cardcaptor Sakura is about the titular character Sakura, a plucky and cheerful fourth read more
May 27, 2020
RangerJuice (All reviews)
I think this anime is really good. There were moments where I felt sad, enraged, happy, etc., and there were moments I did get a little annoyed at. The only problem I have with this show is that I felt like at some parts it took forever to explain or/and get to the point of something.

But I thought the characters like Ryouko Tamiya and Migi were really well done. I actually felt sympathy for Ryouko and her baby - though at the same time I didn't really know what to feel since parasites don't exactly share the same emotion(s) as humans. Since I experienced read more
May 27, 2020
jordank6 (All reviews)
I decided to write my first anime review here as I feel like this anime is receiving a lot of negative reviews due to the lack of understanding of what this anime is or is supposed to be. I have been binge-watching anime recently and with all the negative reviews here I was not expecting much but I was pleasantly surprised and really enjoyed watching this anime (so much so that I felt the need to write this positive review).

I loved the diversity of the topics handled with how the anime goes into each MC's field of speciality without going too deep which allows the read more
May 27, 2020
sammychill (All reviews)
Ouran Koukou Host Club is by far the best anime I've ever seen. I cried my eyes out when I finished it (something I've never done) and I would kill for a second season.

It addresses class differences, different types of romantic and sexual attractions, and gender presentation. Some of the language is outdated (i.e. the use of the t-slur in reference to a transfeminine character) but considering when it was made, it's actually very progressive. This also avoids the super rapey vibes that happen in most romantic animes, especially the ones with queer characters. It's refreshing to have characters who are secure in their read more
May 27, 2020
Desmondus (All reviews)
Duel Monsters GX, a show that took me too long to finish. The only enjoyable season was the third. The first two seasons were just characters being introduced, taken out and then reintroduced. Nothing actually happened during the first and second season. I would say that the third season, the second half of season four and the last fight with Yugi was actually interesting.

The story was ok. The first couple episodes summed up Judai's character. His friends had the most support out of all support roles and nothing actually mattered. Again, season three was the only watchable season. The story is just fuel for Judai's read more
May 27, 2020
panasonicstings (All reviews)
this anime is absolutely outstanding because it produces so much message. the story is an A+ along with the art ( the art is amazing so thumbs up for the animator for sure). the voice actors are great ( i like how they use a real young girl ( Hara Suzuko ) to voice Naru :) ) the characters are really funny and they were all so different from each other and that's what makes the anime is so good really. Handa learn from all of them because they all have a variety of different story to tell and that absolutely got a 10 from read more
May 27, 2020
selfdestruction (All reviews)
I loved season 1. But just like SaO the second season was a mess. You barely see them in any dungeon that was what attract me to this show in the first place. I couldn't care less about what felt like filler that this season was showing me.

The main character development was basically non-existent. No highlights or any importance were given to a particular moment and that was a prime example on what this season went wrong, specially with it's focus.

At the beginning I was excited to finish the second season and starting reading the manga but now I give it a hard pass.
May 27, 2020
panasonicstings (All reviews)
hands down one of the BEST anime i have ever watched. still don't understand why it got a low score :(. DEFINITELY MUST WATCH for the people who seeks light comedy anime THIS IS IT! my sis actually the one who told me to watch this and literally the first minute into the anime i just laugh my butt off. the characters are super likeable because they have their own uniqeness(?) and their own flaw. the art is sooo cuteee! applause for the animator for real. the story is great and overall it got a 10 from me. actually the only minus point ( IT'S read more
May 27, 2020
SamuelSpunky (All reviews)
I am completely blinded by bias but this season made me fall in love with anime. As well as giving inspiration to become better. The story of deku and the struggle he goes through in this season can really be felt. I can help but now how Deku feels when everyone shuts down his dreams. As well as really liking his rivalry with Bakugou. The perfect start for a series.The side characters are enjoyable. Also full with emotional and hype moments. The opening is a banger and the music is really well made. Although not as hype as the other seasons but definitely my favorite read more
May 27, 2020
MasterFremz (All reviews)
First of all I'm a webtoon reader so you know what's going to happen with my review.

Story : 8/10
Okay, so the story of this anime is like your basic tournament arc it gives you a lot of Hunter X Hunter vibe with like climbing the tower, get ranked and stuff which is things that I like about.And yeah of course the story is a little bit rushed but I guess it'll worked out somehow so I'll give it 8(actually I want to give it 7 but I'll add one more so the rating isn't that bad in hope that Crunchyboy make another season)

Art : 5/10
I'm read more
May 27, 2020
anime_weebkid567 (All reviews)
I have to be honest I did not like the other seasons besides part 1 of season 1, but Sword Art Online Alicization is an exception.

First, of all, it did not make Kirito overpowered for no reason. It seemed way more realistic and well written in that direction unlike the previous seasons.

Expectations- My expectations for Sword Art Online are not high, pretty low if it honest but, I did not expect the quality to increase but shockingly it went above my expectations and really improved compared to its previous seasons.

Story- The story was great compared to the previous seasons it was well written and almost read more
May 27, 2020
Buenardas (All reviews)
Yakusoku no Neverland a mi parecer es una simple obra maestra, pensar tan solo en que después del primer capítulo ya te pones nervioso cuando los chicos hablan a escondidas es genial "que nos los encuentren", que tu público piense eso ya da a lugar a que tu anime de horror psicológico sea bueno. La "tierra prometida" derrocha potencial y para regalar, lamentablemente parte de él no fue tomado, sin embargo no deja de ser alucinante ver como cada uno de los tres personajes principales pasa por situaciones de ESTRÉS en un punto u otro. Tan solo el hecho de que nos podamos enamorar read more
May 27, 2020
rajab55 (All reviews)
look, i'm gonna be real with you here, you ever seen welcome to the NHK? yeah well imagine that with 2020 animation budget, a mediocre soundtrack and hugely degraded story and set of characters.

it's a soulless, bloodless show with little originality, and clear inspiration from other shows whilst managing to lose the edge. i'm not gonna complain about taking inspiration from other shows, but seriously it seems to have a crisis of identity and a storyline which is both predictable yet simultaneously unenjoyable.

not every show has to be 100% original, or follow some kind of original plot, I understand that this was based off read more
May 27, 2020
Yung_Warrior (All reviews)
A perennially underrated gem, S-Cry-Ed will forever have life as a case study of what the late 90's/early 2000's vibe was like. Despite being marketed as a classically cheesy, over-the-top MANLY action series, this show not only succeeds on that front, but does so while including surprisingly nuanced characterization, brisk pacing, and a few daring creative choices that probably went on to inspire other series in big ways.

The setting is twenty or so years after the apocalypse, where a cataclysmic event breaks off a piece of Japan, the newly formed island becoming known as the "Lost Ground". The island becomes a lawless slum in read more
May 27, 2020
Irishchatter (All reviews)
Even though it's very early to be celebrating Halloween yet, sure why not check out this cute little Chinese 12 episode anime about a little lamb chop living with his monster friends?

Seriously some series like this one, didn't need to have 4 effing minutes to show...it's absolutely not gonna cover the rest of an over 400 chapter manhua....can they not at least do 15 or even 20 minutes on the episodes????

Anyways the time length is my only complaint about this anime. Now let's get into the goods folks. Honestly all characters including Nini are just so adorable. I think I would have to go read more
May 27, 2020
woonggi (All reviews)
It does look like an introduction, right? This is the first season but It's something we agree we have to watch just because it's important to our experience in the future. I expect the best part is about to come.
The funny part is that all my interest related to Boku No Hero was because it made me think about a movie I used to love when I was younger. Disney had a movie called Sky High or something and the plot is so similar! An academy for super heroes, its main character doesn't have special abilities at first, even the dynamics is similar sometimes.

I love read more
May 27, 2020
edward_from_fmab (All reviews)
This is the oldest anime known to man, im honored to be the first to review it.

This anime is about Homer Simpson and his adventures swinging around a sword at blind monks. After that, we get a nice clip of him fighting some guy with a yellow background.

This anime has no sound, but the emptiness where sound would have been still fills your heart with joy.

The final scene is what i call the "step on me" ark, this ark consist of this guy he was fighting with the yellow background stepping on Homer Simpson.

Over all i would give this anime a 10. Its almost as read more
May 27, 2020
shiroitamago (All reviews)
I was apprehensive about starting part 3 as I wasn't too keen on it in the manga and until recently rated it as my second least favourite entry in the series. With this review I'll explain why I began to love it after watching the animation.

Story: Part 3 is essentially a road movie with numerous delays before the destination. Jotaro and co. are required to defeat Dio in Egypt so that the curse placed on his mother is lifted. In the past I had qualms with the story taking second place to the desire for a phoned in endless battles. I mean come on...ENEMIES BASED read more
May 27, 2020
Nemeru (All reviews)
Perfect for my inner 14 year old. A bit like playing the earlier God of war games. Getting to lay back with tea in hand and just,witnessing the the coolest guy, being the coolest vampire killer dude ever. being ridiculous.

Watch dub. crispin freeman's voice is crrrrrrrrrrrrrisp.

Something about Hellsing that grapped me unlike Fist of the north star that am struggling with. Is the over arching narretive. and its great sense of esculation. That show has lasted 10 episdoes and still nothings happened.

All around great show. U need to see it. Or rewatch.
Some jokes felt tone deaf. Compared to the insane violence
May 27, 2020
ahart48 (All reviews)
A toxic relationship if I've ever seen one. This show is basically a crossover of Another and Future Diary....
Story: I personally really enjoyed the way the reveal Yuuko's past. And the way she made a separate entity of herself to protect herself from the memories of her death. It was really intriguing that the storytellers made a point to show that we cannot be happy until we have faced our past self. The only negative is that the story can be hard to follow at times.
Art: Yes.
Sound: The OP matches the vibes of the story perfectly.
Character: There is one character who really annoys me and read more
May 27, 2020
Sp3ktr3 (All reviews)
This anime straight up surprised me.Damn,I fought it was gonna be a generic shounen with some deep ideas, but no. It felt like a journey.Discovering the characters great development, and understanding more about our perspectives as humans in some aspects like morality and our relationship with other species.
Aliens invading earth, and a student has to save humanity. Sounds pretty generic right?Well,it isn’t. There are “layers” in the story. How each character sees the world differently and man, the world building here feels amazing. What I think is the best about the story is that somehow, FEELS read more
May 27, 2020
_AbAdA_ (All reviews)
This anime becomes worse and worse every season!
It started with some potential, it runs around dark ages so things should be serious. I am not convinced with how the main characters win their battles.
The villains were cool in my opinion but somehow at the end they break down as the main characters come with power idk from where.
the second season was more exciting but then things started getting messy with power of friendship saving the main characters all the time.
I also dislike the romance in this anime with all couples being a bad match in my opinion. Romance in this anime even read more
May 27, 2020
sk8erbyern (All reviews)
THIS MOVIE IS A FANSERVICE FOR THE FANS, do not go into this with the expectation of a standalone movie. This movie was made so that people who are of the mind "just more Lelouch, anything is fine" can be satisfied. And quite frankly, for all of it's shortcomings I can safely say that this movie is great for the fans. I gave fair and objective scores for the review (story-3, art-8, sound-7, character-7) but gave 10 to enjoyment and overall scores because that's how it was for me, a die hard fan of the series.

Story is poorly written, frankly aside from amazing twists even read more
May 27, 2020
Jarq_Dude (All reviews)
Before I begin, it is of upmost importance that I state that I have quite a bit of nostalgia for Tengen Toppa Gurren Lagann (herein referred to as Gurren Lagann).

Gurren Lagann is my favorite anime ever made, and is one of two that I think have significantly influenced my tastes as an anime fan. With that said, I don’t think GL is a show that everyone will like, or even remotely enjoy. The show starts over-the-top and doesn’t calm down for but a moment of its 27 episode run. The side characters are absurd and the main ones often act irrationally without reason. Despite how read more
May 27, 2020
Jarq_Dude (All reviews)
Cowboy Bebop is considered one of the “greats” by many an anime fan, and despite my resistance to giving a show a 10/10, I’m inclined to agree. Cowboy Bebop displays an understanding of the stories its taking inspiration from, while also adding to and transforming those stories into something new and entirely unique from the things it takes inspiration from.

To begin, Cowboy Bebop respects its audience in a way that most shows simply don’t. Cowboy Bebop rarely ever tells the audience what’s happening in a scene, or how a character feels, unless it is absolutely necessary. It allows the audience to inference and theorize and read more
May 27, 2020
yu-gi-oso (All reviews)
This anime, is very mediocre, it starts well, in the case of some people who are trapped in a virtual reality video game which connects through a helmet to the nervous system, so far so good, until something new, but it begins to decline from the chapter 8-10 where instead of continuing on the path of action (Having before, small gestures "loving", but not remarkable), it becomes a typical love novel, and with the typical cheesiness.

Overcoming all limits, from the ridiculous in chapter 14-15, where the game is changed from SAO to one called ALO, where the characters are elves and fairies, in addition to read more
May 27, 2020
Nisekoi (Anime) add (All reviews)
CloudF (All reviews)
[PT-BR] Nisekoi

O anime é bom, tem os seus pontos bons e seus pontos ruins. Se você quer dar uma risada vai fundo, a história tem uma base boa, e se desenvolve bem, e não é um anime previsível. NA MINHA OPINIÃO o desenvolvimento de personagens é bem feito, ou seja, não tem coisas que acontecem por nenhum motivo, e os personagens são muito carismáticos.
O design dos personagens é bem genérico, mas não é um anime feio. O design de som é normal, não é nada impressionante, mas não é ruim. A dublagem é incrível, as vozes encaixam perfeitamente nos personagens, o cenário é muito bom, read more
May 27, 2020
CloudF (All reviews)
[PT-BR] Nisekoi:

O anime é bom, tem os seus pontos bons e seus pontos ruins. Se você quer dar uma risada vai fundo, a história tem uma base boa, e se desenvolve bem, e não é um anime previsível. NA MINHA OPINIÃO o desenvolvimento de personagens é bem feito, ou seja, não tem coisas que acontecem por nenhum motivo, e os personagens são muito carismáticos.
O design dos personagens é bem genérico, mas não é um anime feio. O design de som é normal, não é nada impressionante, mas não é ruim. A dublagem é incrível, as vozes encaixam perfeitamente nos personagens, o read more
May 27, 2020
Monster (Anime) add (All reviews)
yu-gi-oso (All reviews)
"Those who fight with monsters take care to become a monster themselves".
'Monster' is a masterpiece of anime and animation in general. A complex and dark adult anime. Perfect script, overwhelming narrative, memorable, charismatic and fascinating characters; great plot twists, powerful and engaging storyline that captures the viewer from the first minute.

I saw him with another person who is foreign to the whole anime world and still fell in love. As the plot progresses, you just want to see more and more, waiting to see what will happen. It never bores. For some people it may have a slow rhythm in certain frames; slow perhaps, but read more
May 27, 2020
EslamMohmed_ (All reviews)
I was really all hyped about this movies, and i think it is a part why i was kinda disappointed.
and i'm not saying the movie is bad, i enjoyed watching but i was expecting more from Makoto Shinkai movie.
the story had a lot of potential but felt flat and i wasn't dragged into it, the same as the characters, the art was of course top notch kinda what you expect from Makoto Shinkai with some great CGI.
the great part was the OST, let just say i'm gonna listen to these songs for a very long time.
overall it is an enjoyable movie to watch. read more
May 27, 2020
Grannyhumv (All reviews)
Just finished the series and found it to be amazing. It is by far the best "Death game" anime I have every seen.

I won't go into subjective reasons for why this show is great, such as the incredibly likeable characters. However, I think we can all agree that the action scenes have great animation (or at the very least, not low-budget), the power variety is deep and unique, and the pacing is efficient and consistent. No wasting 50% of screen time on filler (looking at you Fate series). My favorite aspect of Darwin's Game is how they use their powers in creative and realistic ways read more
May 27, 2020
Grimm-Bones (All reviews)
so i really want to love this anime but i think, honestly, my main issue with it is that it is a Shonen and not a seinen. when my friend first told me about the show he didnt tell me about its rating and when Asta was about to defeat the big baddie in the first episode i was all hyped up for some mayhem only to see the unexpectedly lethally sharp sword have the impact of a blunt club and it instantly made the show loose a lot of appeal for me. i continue to give it a shot though but read more
May 27, 2020
WeebXXX (All reviews)
As of now I've seen 13 episodes and this is my spoiler free take on whether or not you should watch this anime.

Basically this show has somewhat interesting world and potential for lots of things, however what this show lacks the most is the story telling. It's all over place and things just happen without explanations and logic. Also the way it's told to the watchers is terrible. In a sense this is a action battle anime but the battle scenes leave a lot to desire, I wanted to skip them all.

Also the reward for the worst anime main character goes for Ouma Shuu, he read more
May 27, 2020
Houson (All reviews)
Just why animate something and do not explain anything that's happening at all. At this point they threw a lot different terms and the only one that was SOMEWHAT explained were the princesses?

Just by watching it i feel like they are trying to force me to read original comic in order to understand it, which i will never do it since it looks horrible to me...

Only interesting/different thing that caught my eye is different style of animation, which for now it worked and brought something fresh, but i doubt this kind of animation will be anywhere close to average when actual fights will happen read more
May 27, 2020
animewuv (All reviews)
This anime is more of an adult anime I guess you can say. It takes a lot to understand. You also have to pay attention to the story and not skip episodes. Every episode has important information. I would say it's like a mystery anime. I would recommend it to ages 14+. Either way, I thinks it's a good show. You can watch it on Hulu for free without premium.It's also on Itunes. I like this anime because it's really interesting and it has lots of plot twists. I won't spoil it but the story gets far more interesting later on.
May 27, 2020
xXxLaggerSwagxXx (All reviews)
Wow. What a wild ride. It's amazing. In my personal opinion, even your name pales in comparison to this movie. Sure, the sound and art quality may be slightly worse, but this movie makes up for it with its plot and character. The main characters have a lifelike personality.

Story - 9/10
The story in this movie was well planned out and definitely is a worthy sequel to the anime itself. The main character has good interaction with both his girlfriend and his first love, whom we have almost no experience with. Combining those 2, along with a tragic story behind this mysterious first love brings read more
May 27, 2020
GhoulsFate (All reviews)
I've never felt so disappointed in hentai in my life this just made me hate everything don't put yourself through this pain i beg you avoid this. I watched this as a joke expecting to just laugh it off as a joke but it just made me release why in the fuck was it green lit and was released avoid this at all cost don't put yourself through this pain like i did.I watched this with friends to just laugh at how bad it was we all sat there in a discord call laughing at how bad this was and just waiting for the credits read more
May 27, 2020
MantaBlue (All reviews)
I love slice of life/romantic/comedy anime's but good grief this takes the cake. This was absolutely beautiful. I was a little iffy at first, cuz all I could think about was how the main character (Ryuji) would probably end up hating or falling in love with the main character (Taiga). It did eventually happen, but in the most hard-felt, troublesome ways possible. There was quite a love triangle, even a love square for a little bit. But the episode in which the class president leaves, really changed it all. You know, I felt like the show was at least decently light hearted up until that read more
May 27, 2020
Zalty (All reviews)
Let me preface this review with a word to those who haven't watched Vinland Saga yet: Start from episode 6. Now stop spoiling it for yourself and start watching. But seriously, skip the first 5 episodes if you want to fully enjoy the good parts of the series.

Maybe it's because I haven't read the manga, but my feeling after finishing this anime can be summed up with the word "disappointment". I feel like the first 5 episodes belong to a different anime from the other 19. It sets up a character arc that doesn't happen, and several concepts that have no pay-off. It sets read more
May 27, 2020
StaTiC_SaMa (All reviews)
Kind of boring but let's give it a chance till the end
first thing I think the story is kind of familiar it's not something new or creative
but for art and sound both are astonishing
but in the other hand characters and their enjoyment level it's kind of and a stable there is a good episodes and very bad one in the same show I think the characters are stupid and they have a low level of thinking
and finally I think let's give it a chance and watch it till the end
And that said this is my opinion thanks for reading
May 27, 2020
HARDCRITIC15 (All reviews)
.---- SPOILER ALERT ----

If i had to summarizing Elfen Lied in one word would be pretentious, stupid or EDGY, and for obvious reasons, for example opening is pretentious, what is the relationship between Elfen Lied with Gustav Klimt's paintings and Gregorian chants? Some will think that it is something intelligent, for my part I do not see a coherent relationship other than to make this series appear "intelligent" when it is not, it is pretentious, and Gregorian chants are useless if the series does not even deal with religious subjects or with religious symbolisms (well there are some, but they are useless), unless you must read more
May 27, 2020
vladidaddi (All reviews)
what I appreciate most about anime are its underlying messages and brilliant storytelling. Hunter x Hunter separates itself from most shounen anime by completely ignoring the usual troupes of an OP protagonist with buff after buff and instead highlights the lowkey aspects that make a usual shounen protagonist. Gon is a character of purity and ambition, he is incredibly difficult to hate in any way as he is the light. what makes Gon shine even brighter is his story. to search for his father and become a hunter. this sort of adventure plot promotes interaction with incredible characters who can also shine just as brightly read more
May 27, 2020
portmobster (All reviews)
probably the worst anime i've ever watched. please don't bother. i have no words. typical sao overuse of rape storylines, horrible character development, disconnected storylines between the real world and kirito's world. it was okay-ish at the beginning but by episode 17 ish it just got REALLY illogical and terrible oh my GOD. like i did not care about ANY of the characters at all. it was just: bad. really bad. sao 1 and 2 were like, bad, but very enjoyable. something about sao was Magical, that no matter how bad the plot got, it was just Fun to watch, and the characters were all read more
May 27, 2020
Area 88 (Anime) add (All reviews)
66ix (All reviews)
66ix sliding in with another crappy review and random introduction

Area 88 follows Shin Kazama a pilot taken in by Aslan and he can only leave if he gets enough money by killing other pilots in fighter jet combat. This actually ends up getting very tiring for Shin, he gets so used to killing people that he starts to kind of become a mindless killing machine. He is holding onto his very humanity by a string and badly wants to leave to see his girl again. This may be his goal but over time he gets close to the people on base and they end read more
May 27, 2020
yu-gi-oso (All reviews)
Anyone who is a follower of the manga / anime in a more or less "professional" way will know that in this industry the series are generated en masse, all with the aim of achieving a success large enough for the author to live on his work. , regardless of the quality of the work in question. The most popular (and therefore hackneyed) genre is the "shounen of battles" genre. Due to its enormous popularity, each year hundreds and hundreds of series are released that try to emulate the success of series such as Dragon Ball or One Piece, copying outlines of the genre and read more
May 27, 2020
CataOrShane (All reviews)
I've watched Paradise Kiss back in 2010 and I enjoyed it a lot.
Ten years later I decided to watch the prequel (back in 2010, it was considered a parent story so I was in no rush to watch it).

The story presents itself as a couple of teenagers in love with each other but they don't know how to deal with it, on top of discovering their dreams and chasing them. I was into it and the characters are lovable, for the most part.

The name of this anime is Gokinjo Monogatari but "Flashback Monogatari" would be much more fitting. There are so many read more
May 27, 2020
Doofenheimer (All reviews)
I'm about to say something that is going to be taken way more literal than it really means: Hunter x Hunter is the most overrated anime I've watched so far. Now I know what you are thinking: "Wow this dude must think it's absolute garbage let's bombard him with messages telling him how he couldn't process the complexity and masterful writing of Hunter x Hunter." I already see it in my close future. But I want to clear up, no I do not think Hunter x Hunter is bad. Far from it, considering i'm not the biggest fan of shonen I actually decently enjoyed this read more