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Preliminary Spoiler
Jul 15, 2024
Preliminary (7/12 eps)
This show just fell off a cliff.

Reiterating from my previous review, this show is a face-slapping type one. The main character, who seemingly has no talent or is completely outclassed by his arrogant, talented, and genius opponents somehow subverts expectations by beating them anyways. No matter the OP magic or talent that these genius people have, Mash will always find a way to destroy them with just brute force strength. No less also using complete out of the box methods which adds to the comedic absurdity of the show. To illustrate an example, Mash forms a tennis racket out of his wand and does a ...
Jul 15, 2024
I used to hate the world. I'm that kid who hates almost everybody and looks at them with the look of malice. The kid who has a lot of self-loathing and is frustrated at the world and angry about the amount of unfairness and shit that happens in life, until I met this beauty.

"A Silent Voice" for me is just a life-altering movie that helps me to cope with the adversity of life, it helps me to understand what it means to be alive in this world, what it means to be kind and virtuous and also helps to find what kind of person I ...
Mashle (Anime) add (All reviews)
Jul 14, 2024
The first thing to mention about this show is that it has a lot of similarities with Harry Potter in term of environment (school of wizards, different houses, Quidditch, classes), Mob Psycho (in term of vibe) and Demon Slayer in term of character traits but done better imo (I have not watched One Punch Man so I won’t compare to it but I can see the resemblances). I love the humor. Simple and repetitive but funny nonetheless. The characters are mostly entertaining and not annoying which I could not say for Demon Slayer. For example you’ve got a similar character to Zenitsu but a way ...
Jul 14, 2024
The persons involved in the English dub of this precious anime should be lined up against a wall and shot. It is a crime against humanity. Avoid it at all cost.
This anime can only be appreciated in the original Japanese.

Sakamichi no Apollon is a love story between two orphaned young men. Raised by relatives, no contact with their mothers or their absentee fathers, they become antisocial rebels, until they are brought together by music. Specifically, mid-twentieth century American jazz.

Originally a josei manga published by a young women's magazine, our female lead Ritsuko serves as the love interest for young Nishimi. But in truth, ...
Jul 14, 2024
Kaifuku Jutsushi no Yarinaoshi is a bold and controversial anime that delves into themes of justice, revenge, and forgiveness. While it may spark debate due to its extreme approach to these topics, the anime is intriguing for those seeking a challenging and complex narrative. For viewers interested in stories that explore the darker sides of its characters and delve into complex moral themes, this anime may offer a compelling experience. this is good anime, well at least you need to watch it once in your lifetime. This anime has an amazing plot, and story. I hope this anime get season 2
Jul 14, 2024
Not a good replacement for the show. It's not good for a rewatch either, I would say the value is for fans who loved the original and want to see the differences.

This movie cuts out a lot. The character of Will Game does not appear despite being a major plot point of the original. The content of the first 10 episodes or so go by at lightning speed, but admittedly, the pace improves by the halfway point.

Like I mentioned, the main appeal of the film is to catch the slight differences in dialogue and animation, which could be fun for a diehard fan. Do not ...
Jul 14, 2024
Mixed Feelings
meh. preferred 1st season. this show drags way to long, so much filler. the story is paper thin, you wont find it except the flashbacks from first season and ending episodes. it was quite unecessarily long and mindnumbing. plot twist the story is basically metal gear solid 1 lol...im not even joking. they could have made something far more interesting but the dragged out tournament for 23 episodes was not it at all.

if you are looking for an anime with a tory being told for 24 minutes' you will not find it. Its almost all fight sequences. the story is not even good but ...
Jul 14, 2024
It's been a while since I chose to commit to a 24-episode Anime series. I didn't read the manga and decided to pick this series up after learning it incorporates eating monsters. Even in the world of overused Isekai, consuming or cooking monsters isn't something utilized too often.

It took me a week to finish the Anime and I enjoyed this series immensely. What impresses me the most relies on how there is complete originality across each episode. Truly no overused tropes whatsoever, the characters, story, and so on are if their kind.

The most impressive factors lie with monster cooking and the realistic use of ...
Jul 14, 2024
Mixed Feelings
I like the character named Index, she is cute and funny.

Overall, this anime is just so-so, not very good, but not bad to watch either.
The storyline is quite interesting, but there are a few flaws that make me hesitant to recommend this.

First, there is too much drama, or nonsense that the characters do, for example when Touma tries to save Index, Touma talks too much, what was that about, a lecture? Advise the enemy on his actions? And many more!
This makes me quite sick, because this conversation takes up almost half of the episode, imagine half an episode just being filled with boasting from ...
Jul 14, 2024
Mixed Feelings
The anime is not bad in itself, but comparing it with other animes of its season then you could say that it is
a not so average isekai with little touches of CGDCT. Still, the aspect of the tenderness and the regretful emotional scenes is something I can highlight about this anime.

As you read, the anime adaptation has skipped the arc of the academy where "Adele" was, which is considered important to empathize with our protagonist and understand her even better, but personally, it is not that difficult to connect. with her and the main group of friends she has, they are just different personalities and ...
Jul 14, 2024
If u ever feel the need to rewatch this anime, you might be the most shallow Person on this planet, In 12 Episodes Izuomi and Yuki made 0 Progress in their Relationship, they started off liking each other and in episode 12 she Still acts like her crush is talking to her for the first time, even though they have been together for a month at that point at least, grow up god damn. Itsuomi cant stop Lightskin staring at me the whole show and weirds me out every 5 seconds as his Voice Actor is "Valorant e-boying" something in a deep voice into the ...
Jul 14, 2024
The goat from sports anime
If you don't like haikyuu it's because you haven't played any sport in your life

I don't need to write more but since the shit app doesn't let me post so little I have to write a little more
Hinata is one of the best protagonists of anime kenma is one of the best characters in anime and the hinata-Kageyama duo is one of the best in all of anime

La cabra de los animes de deportes
Si no te gusta haikyuu es por que no has jugado a ningún deporte en tu vida
Monster (Anime) add (All reviews)
Jul 14, 2024
---One of the greatest anime that you have never seen---

Yes, let's talk about Monster. This is damn good and creepy as all hell. This anime is not for everybody, and you need to be a little prepared before watching this. You can't watch this without having an open mind and be prepared for a slower story with lots of dialogue. Characters take a little long for them to develop and the atmosphere can be gritty and unpleasant.

You need to watch all 74 episodes to reap the rewards and finally see why it's considered a masterpiece.
This is a horror/murder/mystery story. It's your classic good ...
Jul 14, 2024
It's so bad that it's good. My friend and I watched the entire Serbian dub and were laughing the entire time. This anime is so badly written, so badly animated, that it's actually worth a watch. It's so quotable and memeable, the characters are actually pretty lovable and it's very easy to watch. Mimi is the biggest Mary Sue in existence but it kinda fits and the show becomes self aware of it later on. Characters don't become useless when their arc is finished which is actually pretty surprising, I even found myself happy when I see them again. Get drunk with your friends and ...
Jul 14, 2024
---This would make a great video game---

Two things that stand out and make this anime worth watching is the fighting and the music. The Bofurin kick and punch the crap out of thugs and other gang members. There are some great intense battles that you will enjoy as you watch. It has very fast-paced action and it feels very satisfying when they land hits😊. The music is fire, and it just hits right throughout the whole anime. Honestly, I could see this being an awesome beat em up video game.

They have a great cast of characters that have unique traits which keeps this from being ...
Jul 14, 2024
The world behind the counter, the glasses that reflect each moment. "Bartender Kimi no Glass" will serve you a divine and unforgettable dose. Great lessons and insights are present, the universe of mixology is more than you think. It's not just about drinks, it's a safe haven where a great ally, the Bartender, awaits you.

We live in a vast world full of falsities and problems. Each person knows how difficult it is to live their life. However, there is a refuge for this. The anime shines in this aspect, welcoming our tired bodies. The clients of Eden Hall have lives similar to most of our ...
Jul 14, 2024
Mixed Feelings
Did you ever watched an anime and felt like something is missing? First of all there’s gonna be quite a few comparisons of Ice Guy with Wotakoi for a purpose of showing how better Wotakoi managed to handle some aspects.

If you like slow-paced romance anime you should deffinitely give it a try. Thing is that it’s slow-paced maybe little bit too much... Relying mainly on wholesome moments with lot of blushing does not have to be always as rewarding. There wasn’t really anything which would spice the show up and make the progress in neither of the relationships development more obvious and impactful. ...
Pluto (Anime) add (All reviews)
Jul 14, 2024
It’s such a shame that a free-form medium like Anime which allows for varying approaches to storytelling, to be so streamlined and limited to a fraction of what it can really branch out to.

You have all kinds of fantasies and epics adapted into a firm bundle of eye-ear-orgasmic animation and sound that draws you in like nothing else, but there is so little dedication to more realistic stories that grip closer to reality it seems.

Pluto, is, however, a grim detective thriller set in a sci-fi near future with real-world-like geo-political tribulations with a sprinkle of existential amalgamations.

The marine lens follows Gesicht, a top-of-the-line android detective ...
Jul 14, 2024
Mixed Feelings
This show was a standout among "trash" isekai. Its not a great show, but it was better than what I had expected. It should be apparent from the cute and catchy brainrot OP but this is probably best viewed as a fantasy romcom. Beyond the first couple episodes there is very little for an overall long term plot and any major events are just a medium for introducing new characters. Hijinks happen, they are resolved almost immediately from the titled 'Cheat powers', and a sometimes a new member joins the crew. The character development and story they do show in the anime makes it a ...
Jul 14, 2024
It's been years since this show has released. IT HAS NOT LEFT MY MIND EVER SINCE!
Do you like creepy urban legends? Supernatural themes along with great comedy, an amusing cast of characters and a (star crossed) blooming romance? THIS IS FOR YOU!

This show is BRILLIANT. The characters are all very likeable and distinct and so are the visuals! The color, the blocky art style. YUM YUM, very refreshing; it's for me! The story is very compelling and much more intricate than what it initially seems.

This anime is able to balance so many different themes so well: horror, comedy, romance! And I mean like, REALLY ...
Jul 14, 2024
Recently there is a beautiful trend of animes exploring the intricacies of relationships...but not in the superficial and usual way of your romcoms.

These shows actually portray people getting together, the sacrificies that must be done in order to generate a healthy and lenghty relationship and all the obstacles of raising a family through the years.

This is a show about this...and how even though time takes a toll on our mortal bodies...when the feelings are true enough...love survives everything.

Above all it's a show that reminds us that we need to care for those around us and value them while they are still around.

Definitely a cute ...
Jul 14, 2024
Preliminary (12/24 eps)
Berserk style of drawings meets "fighting/martial-arts" with big macho-characters like the 90's. This anime feels like a late 80's to 90's boy's action-hero dream. It has that old vibe if you appreciate anime of that era. The OST is not bad either, its not extraordinary either but it does fit the anime. The story is about a boy who's narcissistic, sociopathic father is a fighting machine and the boy is raised to follow his footsteps by a mother who's exploiting the boy to gain affection of the ultimate villain father. The story also seems to be somewhat inspired by mma as it ...
Jul 14, 2024
I once saw an old interview with Hayao Miyazaki where he discussed the inspiration behind "Spirited Away." He mentioned that his primary goal was to create something that children would find enjoyable and fun. The main character, Chihiro, was modeled after the daughter of a friend—a cute, curious, and slightly mischievous girl who often grew impatient with adults. After the film's release, Miyazaki asked this girl if she liked it. She nodded, saying it was great. For Miyazaki, that approval was enough; winning awards was secondary.

This resonates with me deeply. When I first watched "Spirited Away" at the age of 7, my family owned just ...
Jul 14, 2024
It was very boring

Default anime with no imagination and charisma in a DND fantasy setting

not interesting autistic characters no problem. It was more interesting for me to watch the demons because there is a risk there, but unfortunately this anime is not about the narrative, but about the drama of the relationship between characters on the autism spectrum.

This anime is not about storytelling or plot, perhaps in the future there will be some kind of ideological arc, but now it is a fragment of life, where the main characters are placeholders without any problems.

There is no plot, the drama is fucked up and it’s very ...
Jul 14, 2024
Mixed Feelings
When i first saw this anime, i was still an innocent wee man and.. hell, this sh*t for real traumatised me! i started to hate japanese R+ anime from that day forward. I still cant cope with that and im afraid of rewatching this anime again although im kinda interested to rewatch because a lot of people talk about this anime in particular. Now, i just watch iyashikei, CDGCT(Cute Girls Doing Cute Things) and some LGBT(GL, Genderbend, BL and so on) anime. Thanks, Domestic Girlfriend.

Its basically kinda like incest.. but not because its a step siblings(its plural because.. iykyk) but..

Also, i cant remember the ...
Jul 14, 2024
Mixed Feelings
It's a very super well animated anime, weird characters and situations, etc.


IT JUST TOO BROKEN ...HE CANT DIE..GET DAMAGED...pointless to see a prota that has GOD MOD all the time.


oooooooh....flashy animations....check
cool az looking characters check
Jul 14, 2024
I hate this anime....the protagonist is always the super good-hearted hero that doesn't kill a fly..and yet he is a p**** magnet.
ALL THE GIRLS WANTS SOMETHING SEXUAL WITH HIM. Doesn't matter if he is a dumb,fat, ugly nerd. So many fan service...my god....its another HAREM disguised anime to incite your hormones and make your inner virgin self cry. Only good thing MAYBE is the character designs, music, sfx, etc. All the other STORY elements are trash. The fights are meh......plot meh.....

. it's bad.

don't watch.

No the story is not unique, same crap I have seen before.

Casuals of course will enjoy this, THey just dont have good ...
Jul 14, 2024
"all we gotta do is lower the net. the 'joy from doing' should be what's important, first and foremost."

although "the dumpster battle" is not a perfect adaptation, it is still such an amazing experience. seeing the same characters, whose journey i've been following ever since i was in middle school, on a big screen was unbelievable.

the audio mixing was great. i love how in certain moments sound was completely gone, leaving the watcher in a state of uneasiness.

the animation was mostly amazing, especially during the action sequences. there was one scene that i wish was done better, but well.

the pacing was the biggest enemy of ...
Jul 14, 2024
First, i watch the new version first so i already know most of the plot like 25%-ish and the other one were forgotten by myself so, its kinda new experience but also the feeling of nostagia of something i cant remember. The style of the story and the narration kinda feels like Experimental Lain and when i checked, the animation studio were the same. It gives you a feeling of chill and question just by word and not even a narration of voice. The story itself also feels much more darker and sadder than the new version in which much more brighter. The Soliloquies of ...
Radiant (Anime) add (All reviews)
Jul 14, 2024
This anime either needs a long review or a very short one. So, I'll opt for a brief and direct one.

"Radiant" is a practically standard shonen anime. At one point, I even thought or mentioned that it seemed like an exact copy of "Naruto" and "One Piece." However, upon further investigation, I discovered that the story is literally based on and inspired by them. As an anime drawing inspiration from others, I give it a 10 out of 10. If you enjoyed "Naruto" or "One Piece," you'll definitely like "Radiant." However, always keep in mind that this anime is like a bird that never took ...
Jul 14, 2024
Imma keep this straight and short.

This anime is super underrated, I mean the genre of Steampunk itself is on the lower end of Sci-Fi genres.
I found this anime of the fact that it was yet another piece of work from Okouchi and When I saw how it was a spy/steampunk with girls I thought it would be some simple and nice story but boy did it blow past my expectations.
Princess Principal is a episodic spy steampunk with non linear story structure that is brilliantly executed in its core. Each episode is a new mission and new plotline while still undergoing with one main ...
Jul 14, 2024
I randomly came across Isekai Nonbiri and decided to check it out. It turned out to be way better than I expected. The art and animation are decent, though there are a bit too many characters to keep track of. However, the cuteness of this isekai stands out and makes it very different from what you'd normally expect in the genre.

The story follows a typical isekai premise, but it takes a refreshing turn with its lighthearted and adorable approach. The characters are charming and bring a sense of warmth and relaxation, which is a nice change from the usual high-stakes adventures and intense battles often ...
Jul 14, 2024
Finally got to watch Gridman Universe, and my GOD, what an ambitious, self-indulgent, and beautiful mess that was, lmao.
So here are my rambling thoughts about it.

A meta-commentary on storytelling, writing, fanservice, and most importantly the stories we tell ourselves to live, the movie tries to do maybe TOO much, but it all makes sense in the context of what the previous two series tried to do.

The movie starts with Gridman's cast living their normal lives after the events of the first series, while the school festival approaches. Yuta is thinking about confessing to Rika, while Rika and Utsumi are writing a script for their class ...
Jul 14, 2024
Mixed Feelings
this anime is for leaf lovers. this anime is for leaf lovers. this anime is for leaf lovers. this anime is for leaf lovers. this anime is for leaf lovers. this anime is for leaf lovers. this anime is for leaf lovers. this anime is for leaf lovers. this anime is for leaf lovers. this anime is for leaf lovers. this anime is for leaf lovers. this anime is for leaf lovers.
this anime is for leaf lovers. this anime is for leaf lovers. this anime is for leaf lovers.this anime is for leaf lovers. this anime is for leaf lovers. this anime is for leaf ...
Jul 14, 2024
Mixed Feelings
What would be your goal, as a writer? And really, not just as a writer - but as an artist, in general? Think about it for a second. Is it to deliver a story, a message? Is it to make something enjoyable? Or something uncomfortable? And if so, whom should be the receiver? Are you making it for yourself? Or for an audience? Are you reaching out to as many as possible, or maybe only to a select few - to those who can think the same way, who can match the lock with the key? What should it be?

Maybe there's not an answer set ...
Jul 14, 2024
Mixed Feelings
This anime has great potential, and people actually expect a more mature and darker story. However, what we got is like a Scooby-Doo style anime. Sadly, if we skip a lot of episodes, only 20-30 episodes truly matter. You might wanna google which "filler" episodes to skip.
My rating for those 20-30 episodes is 6.7 out of 10.0 because the story is kinda good and some episodes like episode 13 bring the same vibe as the previous installments and make watchers realize "Yeah, I'm watching Digimon, not Pokémon"
As a whole, I might give it a rating of 5.4 out of 10.0 because it still has good ...
Jul 14, 2024
This may not be a cup of tea for everyone but for people like me who enjoys anime which isn't stressful and just brings pure joy and relaxation then this is the one for you.I am someone who enjoys this type of genre alot esp any anime with gag humor yes they may not have any plot or whatsoever which is exactly what I seek on a stressful day where I can just sit back and watch an anime which won't stress me out more or build up this tension aboir what's gonna happen next.Its just very random which is makes it funny and enjoyful ...
Jul 14, 2024
The anime is just as I expected what a good adaptation would be, given that I read the source material years ago and it was just a fun experience to watch the anime.

The art stays true to the manga. Despite there being some jank animation sometimes, the animation and art look great and fully embodies the comedic pacing, facial expressions, with voice acting to boot. The balance between comedy and the dungeon exploring never gets stale or awkward, as they seamlessly chain from one scene to another.

Each monster that the gang encounters, the people that they interact with, and the different floors of the ...
Jul 13, 2024
An anime that is typical entertainment without further details.

Kaijuu N°8 is one of those animes that doesn't have much to say about it because it's a regular anime from start to finish. A story that is interesting, characters that are cool and fights that are enjoyable. There's nothing super but also nothing that ruins the experience. I consider it a potential "annual" anime that promises to deliver many twists and turns and only improve as the seasons go by. Honestly, I don't think there's much that can go wrong.

Technically speaking, the anime delivers well, the animation knows how to be good when it has to ...
Jul 13, 2024
Mixed Feelings
Even better than the first part, I loved how they left out the excess sex jokes. The plot and the evolution of the characters are truly admirable, and each episode immerses you in a feeling of medieval and magical adventure. The animation and soundtrack contribute greatly to creating an immersive atmosphere that I enjoyed in each episode.

I was especially captivated by Eris. At first I thought she would be annoying as a tsundere, but I ended up completely hooked on her character. Her relationship with Rudeous was charming and fun to watch, especially with the serious character that accompanied them on this journey.

In conclusion, Good ...
Jul 13, 2024
What else can be said about this beautiful series that has yet to be said? The attention to detail is done so well, that some of the most talked about scenes are simply about how the clothing on individual characters move as they do. On a lesser show, that'd be a NEGATIVE, but for this show? It only encourages a higher score. The characters are so interesting, ESPECIALLY when they're just hanging out. The story feels very classical fantasy, yet it feels oddly... refreshing? In the modern era, the predicable thing is to write a villain that you end up sympatric to, and this show ...
Jul 13, 2024
Mixed Feelings
This anime is bad, but have a special place in my heart.

When judging an Anime I take the following factors in consideration "characters likebility", "visual quality", "Audictive quality" and "story quality". Because of that, sometimes an Anime may go very well in some of this factors, but terrible in others. Happy Sugar Life is perhaps the greatest exemple of been brilliant in some aspects but totally trash in others.

Visual Quality: the anime is gorgeous, character designs are cute, animation is fluid, and the construction of the scenes are well done.
Audictive Quality: The anime have a great OST, the op and Ed are bangers, the bgm ...
Jul 13, 2024
I'll be very quick, as honestly, there isn't a lot to say here... Do you like BL? Great! Does the title intrigue you or make you laugh? Good! If the plot and ideas interest you, then you'll get what it says on the box! Don't expect anything incredible, but in the world of BL, this is nice!

The biggest takeaways from this specific BL production are:
A) Characters are not mocked for their perceived "shortcomings,"
B) Consent is respected

Beyond that, this isn't anything overly special, but it's a quaint little story about two adult men forming a romantic relationship. And that's basically all there ...
Jul 13, 2024

Konosuba Season 2 was much like the first season and you'll enjoy this if you liked the first. The jokes and tropes are pretty much the same and can get repetitive but it still makes you laugh even though you see it coming from a mile away. Characters in Konosuba aren't the most developed and explored as the show is more focused on comedy than actual plot. However, the quirks of each character and how they interact with each other is what carries the humor, so even though the characters don't have much complexity, on a surface level, they work fine as comedic ...
Jul 13, 2024
Preliminary (15/25 eps)
first off, this is an amazing show. Do you like mature anime with adult characters about redemption and character development? The main char is a total badass in every sense but hes also unknowingly naturally predisposed good natured even if he is a deadly assassin. The story itself starts slow and the main plot does not come to fruition immediately BUT no episode is filler. The first episodes are doubly deceiving so it picks up later because it is planting seeds and teaching you who he is. Its a very entertaining show with a purpose as long as you are into bad ass characters. ...
Jul 13, 2024
TL:DR Stop wasting time and go watch this show, then give it a 10/10.

I don't write reviews and I despise long texts, but MAL forces me to. So here goes.

Let me begin by saying that this anime is a Masterpiece. Without a shadow of a doubt the best show I ever watched. I often give shows 10/10 because I'm not one of those simpletons that can't appreciate greatness. However if I had to compare this shows caliber among Masterpieces I'd put it with mind blowing shows like Demon Slayer or Gurren lagann.
Shangri-La Frontier is an absolute spectacle for the hearth and soul, not ...
Jul 13, 2024
Mixed Feelings
The first and most important thing to say about Mobile Suit Gundam is that there are a great many sequences that use flashing images that could induce seizures in people who have photosensitive epilepsy. This is a series from a time when using strobe effects to represent explosions was still considered acceptable, and it is used liberally. The sequences that use this effect were unpleasant to watch for me, and it therefore seems likely they could have much worse effects on people with a sensitivity to such things.

Despite showing its age in many ways, Mobile Suit Gundam’s better qualities shine through consistently. TV anime ...
Jul 13, 2024
There's a scene in Sound!Euphonium Season 3 where the conductor is reading off the audition results, and the camera doesn't show his face but instead his hands. Because of this, you can see him visibly grip the clipboard harder when he reads what he knows will be a controversial decision.

This detail might seem trivial, but when you add up enough of them, the show really starts to come alive. These kinds of details are what have always set Sound!Euphonium apart, and I kept getting reminded of that watching this season. I think the writing in this show is great, but the expressiveness of the ...
Jul 13, 2024
Popularization of anime has drastically changed the feeling you get from the story. Older anime tend to be more creative, artsy, and thought-provoking. Nowadays, those are just rare examples, which are overshadowed by the risk-averse juggernauts. The modern viewer prioritizes fun over anything else, which is why shows like Demon Slayer are destined to be remembered despite the unremarkable plot, which also gets worse with every season. This show is fun ( or at least used to be ) and that's what important. On the other hand, Haibane Renmi had been completely forgotten and the only way to discover it is to accidentally stumble upon ...
Jul 13, 2024
4. And that's on a good day.

I'm confident that you could skip the entire thing except for the last one episode - which will most likely be recapped or rehashed in some for in the continuation - and ABSOLUTELY NOTHING OF VALUE WOULD BE LOST. The 7 episodes of training arc hasn't even contained any actual training. I don't think I can name a single memorable thing from 140 minutes of the season. There was no character building, no setting up, no deepening the bonds, scraps of Hashiras backstories (not even that interesting for the most part).

If you value your time in the slightest, you ...

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