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May 24, 2018
Horatiomaxx (All reviews)
A short review, very minor spoilers ahead

It is often said that a good anime fulfills certain criteria. For instance, captivate the audience with its premise and eventually deliver its promise to the audience by building a wonderful story based on that premise.

Unfortunately, Golden Kamuy is one of those animes with a premise that may or may not have been used many times over. Even until episode 6, it fails to deliver what it has built up in the first episode. Bear with me while I explain this. The main character, Sugimoto set on finding gold hidden somewhere whilst his only lead was that read more
May 24, 2018
earl_of_sandvich (All reviews)
What was billed was a story of a girl who cried a river and... er, sorry, who is a shut-in. What I didn't expect was a bizarre mix of sci-fi and Shinto.

Visually, this is some of Shaft's finest work. I loved the character designs, the mecha, and the backgrounds-- almost everything was very well polished, even the patented Shaft Neckbreaker Pose (TM). There was one filler frame (or animation hiccup) in broadcast, but in an understandable spot (at least they had the keyframe), and nothing that would actually break the illusion.

Episode 1 is basically the overture (to yet again abuse that opera reference). We are read more
May 24, 2018
Indeliblerock (All reviews)
A interesting story that intertwines life and dreams.

The way this story is told uses a lot of symbolism. This is a positive and negative directing choice. The addition of the dream world gives life to the story, but sometimes it felt like the story was becoming hard to follow due to the switching from reality to dream world.

The art is nice. The score is nice.

The main character is well developed. The other characters are okay.
This is more of a plot driven story. It will feel as if the world created is guiding the protagonists by some unknown force.

I found the movie enjoyable. read more
May 24, 2018
Blend S (Anime) add (All reviews)
Loganyosoy (All reviews)
I'll keep this simple and spoiler-free:

I loved this anime. I was reluctant to watch it because I didn't know how I'd feel about some of the characters, but they were all great. Pretty much, if you like moe, you will like this.

-Hilarious. I laughed out loud, like hard, at least once every episode.
-The girls are super cute and very love-able. Mafuyu is best girl. The service dudes are hilarious.
-Not much of a story, but each ep is it's own tale. Pro tip: beach ep is #6.
-Sound is great, there's a reason the OP is a meme but it's catchy as hell. ED is meh but read more
May 24, 2018
TDBolt (All reviews)
If you're expecting more of the Prisma Illya fanservice and wackiness that we've been accustomed to up until this point, this will shatter everything you've known about the Prisma Illya series, as we're given a prequel that will make you laugh, grieve, and cry as we see our protagonist, Shirou Emiya, become what he hates the most as he seeks to fight the entire concept of justice.

The story revolves around Kiritsugu and Shirou as they attempt to locate a divine child to grant their wish of saving the world. After seeing a massive black light envelop the city, a flash of light disperses it, causing read more
May 24, 2018
CalebTheMenace (All reviews)
This was better than last season in quality, but its been so long i was ten when i watched the first season so I probably thought the first was way better than it actually was. but this review is about season 2 so here it is:
THIS SHIT WAS SHIT at first anyway... I dropped this anime 4 times before i finally sat down and said i am watching this even if it is a heap of garbage. Turns out it wasn't. At first I was expecting the love at first sight feelng i had when i watched the first season forever ago... but that was read more
May 24, 2018
TDBolt (All reviews)
Finally, the moment we've been waiting for: a great Prisma Illya series!

While past entries in the franchise teetered on the edge of good to risque, Prisma Illya Drei (or 3rei, as the anime adaptation is known) delivers a story that doesn't rely heavily on previously developed characters of the Fate franchise shown in Flanderized fashion, though be prepared for more of those characters in 3rei, because how else will we get comedy if we aren't parodying the Fate franchise?

The story feels like an alternate way of telling Fate/Stay Night. We see a character pursuing a path of justice while the usual suspects, who are known read more
May 24, 2018
CalebTheMenace (All reviews)
After watching this movie, i went "woah that was a masterpiece, i mean how do rate it?" then i saw that same word masterpiece right beside the ten and i said "well it was great, i don't usually give things a ten but, this seriously deserves one". I'm not really the emotional type, nor do i like most things complicated, overused, or really romantic. so, i didn't expect to like this movie, in fact i postponed watching it for 2 weeks to make way for other anime, but this was just amazing. The story made me go " damn, that's too real" and made me read more
May 24, 2018
TDBolt (All reviews)
I'm reluctant to give it a 10, if only because the visual novel is the preferred way to take this story in and some details can be lost if you aren't aware of everything that happens in the Fate & Unlimited Blade Works routes.

With that said, ufotable knocked it out of the park again with this in the most ufotable way to tell Fate/Stay Night: by adding to the story. The scenes with Sakura and Shirou at the beginning were great and definitely added upon what we know about these characters.

Nasu still deserves praise for his writing here, yet again. One thing I can count read more
May 24, 2018
TakatoChan (All reviews)
Story (8)

Fourteen years old Hayato's father creates a racing car with the most advanced navigation cyber system—a super neuro computer—but Cyber Formula team Sugo Grand Prix is perplexed, seeing that Hayato is the only one whom the car accepts as its driver, so—although the chief mechanic doesn't think it's a good idea—he'll join the team as a novice.

As might be expected of a state-of-the-art technology, it could be used in a criminal way, so you have a helicopter pilot who wants to steal it. As the series progresses, he's replaced by Karl, your usual hot-blooded rich talent, whom Hayato has to race in order to read more
May 24, 2018
TheLazyCommunist (All reviews)
A journey. You wander into the world of Eva and it takes you by the hand. From the breathtaking visuals to the genuine voice acting, everything about this show is magical. Every character is written in a way that makes the viewer want to dive into their life, and experience everything the have through their perspective. The best part about the show; is that you get to do just that. The middle episodes, while they may appear to drag on a little, come back around full circle when the show finally blossoms toward the end. I'm not sure if I will ever find a more read more
May 24, 2018
Ceny (All reviews)
Slight Spoilers

The overall story for the movie was quite interesting and reasonably paced unlike the first which I found to lag for the majority of the time. I think there was real growth in this script from the last. It was't so boring that you could tell who did it from the beginning but complex enough that what you may believe to be the plot is flipped around the deeper you get into the story.

The usual art that one knows and is familiar with and makes it easy to slip into the world of Detective Conan as per usual.

Gaining some backstory on main characters is read more
May 24, 2018
Samsung_Corpy (All reviews)
Whenever a good anime from the past gets a second season I usually don't look forward to it. Steins Gate 0 is no different.
I used to love the soundtracks and OST of Steins Gate like Back Home, Quiet Air, Farewell hit me hard in the feels. Steins Gate 0 hasn't produced any intriguing music like that so far. I feel like the anime is rushed and badly paced. Sometimes it went dragging on while it could have used that screen time to further improve the plot. Also my biggest issue is that the animation was not as good as the original. I am talking read more
May 24, 2018
kira1012 (All reviews)
Overall this was a very enjoyable movie. The story was kinda lacking, but that's to be expected. Its a 3 part movie series. If you don't like cliff hangers or minimal knowledge of the characters then I would advise you to wait for the next 2 parts and watch it in one go. this way it will feel more natural and hopefully they end it with all questions answered. BUT AGAIN THIS IS A 3 PART MOVIE SERIES. You will Not get all the info you want on the first movie.
The art was good for the style they were using. Its not my favorite read more
May 24, 2018
cammym333 (All reviews)
This is a good series. that is my short review. This series, in my opinion, gets an instantly bad rep because of the cover of things, and you should never judge a book on it's cover. Sure it has grade schoolers in sexually suggestive situations, and yes it can be considered to be borderline softcore lolicon.

But, in my very own opinion. There is a lot of character development for half of the characters. Be it minor or major, Hina, Tomoka and Airi do get better at basketball and/or improve relationships/friendships with the other players, the coach (Subaru), and even rivals.

I share that while read more
May 24, 2018
Pixielawyer (All reviews)
A great anime if you like some adventure and some romance.
A cute fragile protagonist turns into a strong woman who fights for what she believes in.
Alongside some beautifully coloured side characters, this anime makes for an amazing ride and I enjoyed every part of it.
Sad to say there isn't a second season, but if it were to come out I would be thrilled to see what happens next.
But I definitely recommend this anime, it's a bit more for the younger viewers out there but even so I still found it to be entertaining and exciting.
NO SPOILERS, just go watch it :)
May 24, 2018
Penguxn (All reviews)
I have to say that this anime is genuinely breathtaking and if you're looking for a romance that isn't cliche and delivers a really powerful message with a great story you've came to the right place.

I'll conclude my review within the five sections. (Story, Art, Sound, Character, Enjoyment & Overall) I will try to keep this as spoiler-free as possible, but their may be a few occasional slip up's so be warned!

Story (9/10): So when I started this anime I did kind of expect it to be cliche off the bat seeing as the two MC's are introduced to eachother in a cliche fashion, but read more
May 24, 2018
helixninja (All reviews)
Ultimately, after binge watching this, I have no idea why this show is rated as low as it is. The best way I can describe this show is it's an Anime* Bladerunner that's more optimistic(?) about the future. (Anime* because it has a lot of common tropes that could be tiresome, but I didn't mind.)

If you can get over any of the minor complaints about the visuals or some of characters being annoying, this series is Packed with theories and philosophy. It juggles around complex ideas well, especially the concepts of hypocrisy that society is creating for itself. read more
May 24, 2018
xmr2000 (All reviews)
Story: I give this 7/10. Obviously there is no story at all and only just a SoL but the comedy I think is better than usual SoL. It doesn't rely on tired tropes.

Art: Nice and comforting. I liked it very much. Therefore I give it 10/10. I like the change in background scene, not just typical Japanese school setting. This providing a good refresh.

Sound: The only thing I can say about the sound is the Season 2 Ending: Tokimeki Poporon. YouTube it, you will get diabetes. Other than that, the soundtrack is not distracting but not always the most memorable.

Character is 9/10 because read more
May 24, 2018
GoldenWind (All reviews)
I only just got to the end of this short film, so this review will be full of my direct feelings about this 12-minute piece of animation.

The House of Small Cubes, or Tsumiki no Ie as it's known in Japan is nothing short of perfection. I'm still recovering from the emotional impact it had on me as these very words are typed.

This..STUNNING piece of pure art has left me gasping of air after trying to hold in my emotions. The sheer bawling state I would've been in otherwise would most likely have alarmed my family.

I had been reduced to tears in the first few seconds. read more
May 24, 2018
GONY100 (All reviews)
Fairy Tail was the first show I have watched which had this many episodes, and it was certainly different than the shorter anime I have watched before in some ways, which also made it a bit difficult for me to judge.

Art/Animation (5/10)-
Fairy Tail began airing in 2009 so I did not expect the most amazing animation out of this show, however, especially at the beggining of the show, the animation is a bit disappointing. I'd say there are way too many shots where barely anything moves, which makes battles and overall many things look slow and unexciting. Thankfully this does get better as the read more
May 24, 2018
AFlyingRhino (All reviews)
I got irritated by the front page reviews and hope they don't make other people turn away from this show. When you you've seen the later episodes (13) and have thought them through completely, you'll come to realize that all the small details, as well as the ''unnecessary fanservice'' all play a huge role in the plot. This comment explains it extremely well (Spoiler Warning):

And now just to reach the character limit:

Story: As explained above, outstanding.

Art: The art is amazing, kudos to Trigger. Especially EP15.

Sound: Nothing is lacking in this departement, great voice acting.

Characters: (Almost) All of the characters undergo huge development as read more
May 24, 2018
Techno_bin (All reviews)
A good series overall, especially considering when it was created.

There are issues though!

1. The number of times you are watching it, enjoying yourself and then there is a 30 second period where nothing happens or the same words are repeated is just ridiculous.

2. The initial character developments are good, especially on the main character, which turns him from self loathing and semi-useless to an actually likeable human being. However, the series then cancels all of the development as they please and transform him back to useless at random points. To be honest it is just infuriating

3. I honestly don't know who the main antagonist "SEELE" read more
May 24, 2018
Nana (Anime) add (All reviews)
Eaglenix11940 (All reviews)
Nana my first music Anime and my first manga. Like most Shoujo Anime shows they only give you half of the story, they expect you to then buy the Manga and continue from there. Back to the show, Nana Komatsu also know as 'Hachi' is a air-head whose looking for love, but she brings joy and humour to the group. Nana Osaki beautiful and talented vocalist, she wants to be the biggest punk rock band in Tokyo. Wait, a Shoujo Anime wouldn't be a Shoujo without a dramatic love triangle... and no, Batman is not in this show, there is a dark twitted read more
May 24, 2018
Techno_bin (All reviews)
Seeing other reviews, I guess this isn't a popular opinion but this movie sucks.
It's more confusing than inception and not in a good way. The ending leaves you more unsatisfied than after finishing the neon genesis series and watching FMA (non-brotherhood).

Spoilers below
Honestly what is going on? Maybe I missed something, but Shinji, is all of a sudden a spineless pleb again, making all of his character development in the neon genesis series worthless. On top of that, I don't understand what is going on in the action scenes. There is never anything conclusive to say whether a characater is dead or not, and the SEELE read more
May 24, 2018
Toriniku-san (All reviews)
caramba, vai ser difícil ser objetivo, MEU DEUS que anime bom, Sword Art Online (ソードアート・オンライン "Sōdo Āto Onrain") foi um dos melhores animes que eu já assisti, eu CERTAMENTE recomendaria pra alguém... com muito bom grado, tenho certeza absoluta que seria um ótimo anime pra alguém começar a assistir pela internet, acho que quase TODOS os animes que eu assisti tem uma história boa, e esse não foi uma exceção, cada vez que eu achava que nada mais ia me surpreender... BANG! alguma coisa inesperada acontecia, tinha o que eu sempre busco em um anime, drama, ação, algumas cenas engraçadas, foi um baita de um read more
May 24, 2018
e135577 (All reviews)
The story suffer a bit having just 12 episodes. More 12 episodes needed to complete development of the characteres.

Unfortunataly, predicatble ending at middle of the show.

Good plot. The action is little, but is highly convincing.

I believe that an adult audience can appreciate it.

Children Naruto audience tends to not like so much...

There is a little of filosophic thoughts that is appreciable also.

The abilities of characters combine very well with its characters.

What was the fucking monkey plans? It is really irritating do not know.

Some dumb deaths makes people do not like the anime, but in a story that is close to reality, it read more
May 24, 2018
Helivelton100 (All reviews)
Animegataris, a very peculiar anime; an anime that I do not have much to say, I just really liked this anime, there are some weaknesses there, but overall it's a good anime, starting with the story, although it's interesting because it's about a story about ' animes '' to the letter, the story of Animegataris is a little weak and somewhat confusing, in fact, one of the negative points of this anime is precisely its history, which is not bad, but could have been better.

About the characters, all I can say is that they are very good too, especially the protagonist, she is very charismatic, read more
May 24, 2018
MontuBGTB (All reviews)
Marai Nikki is an effectively frightening, unrestrained, and twistedly dark addition to the psychological thriller anime genre featuring brutally fast paced action, fantastic character arcs, and an intense atmosphere guaranteed to satisfy anyone’s craving for horror.

Marai Nikki provides everything a horror anime fan could ever want including a demented and dark story line, some insane visuals, and tons of gore, which delivers a plethora of intensity from start to finish. One of the objectives of an exploitation thriller is to always pack in a ton of insanity and haunting visuals to shock or disturb the audience into feeling uneasy consistently throughout each episode. read more
May 24, 2018
Tyrannicswine117 (All reviews)
Warning possible Spoilers

Going into Killing Bites, I wasn't expecting a lot, which didn't surprise me when I thought it was in the meh area after finishing it. A story about humans that can morph into animals did sound interesting, but the execution of it was pretty bad.

Story (5/10)

The story starts when Nomoto Yuuya encounters a girl called Hitomi Uzaki, who has the animalistic powers of a Honey Badger. After being saved by her Nomoto has been assigned to stay close to her, for his own protection.
The show starts off pretty boring, as we get introduced to the characters whilst also having a few fights with read more
May 24, 2018
Geodezul (All reviews)
As a Duel Masters guy, i never got into Yu-Gi-Oh that much. I decided to give the anime a run and what do you know i finished it. As the anime had a long run, it had its ups and downs. The main plot of is the card game Duel Monsters, which quite frankly had a spark for me. The problem was the fact that when the card game wasn't around the story got stale quick. I say "story" as in some kind of plot tool. The progression is slow and you need a lot of patience to get to the end of it and read more
May 24, 2018
minseya (All reviews)
This is just a cute little special for those who have seen Tsuritama. It's nothing too elaborate but that's not a bad thing, it's a light-hearted cute special. I really loved Tsuritama and watched this special soon after finishing the main series. It was nice to see the characters together in a light-hearted situation again.

Also, this is a picture drama, which means that there is no real animation in it, just pictures, so be prepared for that and just take it as what it is. I think that it is a nice little addition for the people who love seeing the characters of Tsuritama interacting read more
May 24, 2018
Animeprophet951 (All reviews)

Non-spoilerely short version: Digimon Tri is a "meh" series of movies that will be pretty enjoyable for those with a strong imagination, very specific shippings or a nice dose of nostalgia. If not, you may still enjoy it, but I recommend you try thinking of Tai as the real main character as opposed to the group being, and that you don't get your hopes too high about any particular idea or plot-point.


Digimon Adventure Tri is centered around it's main character, Tai, three ship-fodder characters (Mimi,Matt read more
May 24, 2018
Rice_Krispy (All reviews)
Story - 10: The story is about a boy named Arima, Kousei who is a pianist and struggles through his childhood life due to his abusive mother who is the one who made him to play the piano, all that struggles went away but got worse when Arima's mother died and made him to quit playing the piano, he cries about not hearing the notes or his mother haunting him. After a few years, his bestfriend Sawabe, Tsubaki invited him to go hangout with some friends, Arima arrived first and go bored so he took a little stroll in the park and heard a Melodica read more
May 24, 2018
Nicolae_Borta (All reviews)
Honestly, I feel like the war was actually very one sided. Everything was way to convenient for the Black Faction. From Sieg being saved so many times for no real reason, just for the plot's sake, to Red Faction servants going against eachother while forgetting their role in the war: obtaining the Great Holy Grail. I truly hated that the story completely went on Black Faction's side when Red Faction could've easily won had Sieg not have such a godly luck. Like, even the Ruler, the supposedly impartial servant fell in love with him pretty much at first sight and made so exceptions for him read more
May 24, 2018
Nyzar_Novikov (All reviews)
I wish I had more space to explore the childhood friend’s arc – my word count is already high – so a quick note, since it’s worth mention. She realises she has feelings for Kousei only once he takes an interest in Kaori. She was there for him through the worst and now…he’s turning away. This is an effective subplot in showing another consequence of Kousei’s actions. I feel so sorry for her.

Well, here we are, the end of an anime I both looked forward to and dreaded. Your Lie in read more
May 24, 2018
Dionkeykong (All reviews)

So i talked in a previous review about the first season of Genshiken so i thought it would be appropriate to say a few words about this,the last installment in the series.

I would be lying if i said i thought it was interesting or funny in any way.I only enjoyed 2 or 3 eps and that cannot exactly be called an accomplishment,can it?

Now 2 seasons after they sat down and thought it was time to change gears and go all in..Problem is that they bet all their money in black and the ball sat to red.And while this anime in some weird way wasn't a read more
May 24, 2018
lady_freyja (All reviews)
Bihada Ichizoku seems to mainly be a parody of 1960/1970s shōjo animanga. It is a very obscure period for most MAL members, so a lot of jokes or references can be missed.

Personally, the most recurring references I managed to spot were from Attack N°1 and Glass no Kamen : When a shady-looking coach is asking Sara to learn how to do somersaults, only people who have watched Attack N°1 will understand what's so funny about it and the irony in that situation, whereas for people who don't know Attack it will be just yet another random ridiculous thing.
And also the ending is drawn with a read more
May 24, 2018
ArturHP (All reviews)
Well, I'm here to give you a short review of this anime since short was my experience with it. Now, don't jump too much ahead into thinking that I considered this anime a complete garbage. Well, as I mentioned, my experience was short because I didn't see the point of investing too much into this anime. At first, I really thought this would be a good show. One of the things that caught my eye at first was the intro, not only the song but the intro itself. It gave me some good vibes and the first few episodes helped keep the hype up. But read more
May 24, 2018
Weebston (All reviews)
So we have finally reached the halfway point of Season 4 of High School DxD, putting an end to the first of two arcs, and so far, I gotta say, I'm actually fairly impressed.

High School DxD has long been what you might call a "guilty pleasure" of mine, despite its obvious flaws and shortcomings. The easygoing Issei and his harem of anime tiddies just has a certain... charm about it that I can't really seem to find anywhere else. After the horrible 3rd season, studio Passione has taken on the job of "fixing" the DxD storyline, by adding an alternative (true to the light novels) read more
May 24, 2018
blackpain14 (All reviews)
Hisone to Maso-tan is an extremely unique anime so I won't cover what has already been covered in other reviews around this. Story: While unique, it isn't very creative at all, the main character is rather generic with her only defining characteristic being she is to honest in an unrealistic way. Art: It's special. Sound: The ED is really nice sung to a french song and while not visually stimulating, it is rather good. Music played during the show is rather ordinary. Character: This is for my fellow vets and people who have some interest in the military, the way people are shown make sense read more
May 24, 2018
Meichiz (All reviews)
"It's pretty complicated anime but it starting to interesting!"

Let's start with the synopis!
Koma Jinguji (Jay) is the smart and handsome student council president, whose elegant smile captures the hearts of women. Tsubasa Hayakawa is a multi-talented and gentle shop assistant at a café, where his cafe latte with owl latte art is very popular with female customers. Being called the charming "Butlers", the two men travel through time to fight supernatural battles against their archenemy and also experience a slapstick comedic life at their academy.

My Review :
1. Story [ 8 ]
At first I also feel little puzzled. because the story are little complicated. it should read more
May 24, 2018
Vespanolan (All reviews)
This anime accelerated right as the shogun assassination arc started. Boy, it has been a journey and each episode was a joy to watch. Gintama's comedy and humour is overtaken by the more serious silver soul arc, but that is fine with me- it's still filled with its fair share of touching moments and well-animated fight scenes.

Don't mind the review at the top- Karhu, as usual, leaves steaming piles of shit wherever he goes.

Gintama will always be my favourite long-ish anime (with more than 440 episodes), and it has the right balance of strength between "main characters", heart wrenching scenes and a pretty read more
May 24, 2018
ZeroTheSerious (All reviews)
Oh man I will say this here and now, The Less you know about this anime the more you will enjoy it, i will try not to say much but what i love about it is how it makes you think and wonder about the anime itself and yes it is adventure-ish anime but as i said its better to discover it than rather searching stuff about it.

The Characters:
They have a unique personality and they are lovable and memorable.

The Art style: Really Beautiful and rewarding to watch specially the sceneries.

It Gets Better every single episode and the soundtrack is really amazing.
definitely enjoyable its also fun read more
May 24, 2018
WaddleBuff (All reviews)
this ain't a slice of life moeshit that takes place in antarctica. in fact, most of this damn show doesn't even take PLACE in antarctica.

because this show isn't about antarctica, it's about the journey there and it's about the four girls bold enough to take that journey.

and God, what a fucking fantastic journey it is.

i'm utterly wracking my brain rn to think of any, ANY reason to give this show less than a 10. but all i'm remembering are these things:

how the show can seamlessly slip from hilarious, gutbusting moeshit antics with standout performances by talented seiyuus to gutwrenching, sob like a read more
May 24, 2018
Lawrencekun (All reviews)
One of, if not the most underrated show this season. Hina Matsuri is a Comedy Anime, which is a very neesh genre for most people, the jokes are a hit and miss as is with all other comedy mediums outside of Anime. But, if you're not too picky when it comes to the shows you watch and you just want to relax and have a good laugh, this show is perfect.

I have to give props to the writers of this show. While the whole super power plot has not been explained yet as of writing this review, the characters are well written and their interaction read more
May 24, 2018
Vaikan (All reviews)
Story: 5
Art: 5
Sound: 6
Character: 6
Enjoyment: 5
Overall: 5

I haven't watched much of the Fate series, only Fate/Zero and Unlimited Blade Works, however I feel like this was very underwhelming, especially when compared to its predecessors. Although the premise sounded great, its actual execution was quite poorly done.The story was probably its weakest point and was too slow-moving in my opinion. The art was generic and I didn't really notice any flaws nor strong points in its animation. The soundtrack was a bit of a let-down for a Fate soundtrack, but there were some good pieces. Despite the characters being poorly developed, I felt like it was read more
May 24, 2018
Dante012 (All reviews)
The DEEN version of Fate/Stay Night is a funny case : when it came out in 2006, it was considered one of the best anime ever, but today, it gets a lot of hate.
So is it good? Is it bad?

Fate/Stay Night is the first part of the Fate universe, one of the biggest phenomenon in Japan and certainly the most popular Visual Novel even today.
The story is about a battle between Mages, called the Holy Grail war. The reward : the all mighty Holy Grail, which is said to grant the wishes of the winner.
But Fate/Stay Night is also a basic Slice of Life read more
May 24, 2018
Midget_King (All reviews)
I came to check out the horrifying theme this show has that I keep hearing about. Turns out, people weren't wrong. First few seconds and it's already something gruesome.

Honestly, this show is really confusing from start to end but luckily I have decent deduction ability so I was able to catch up with the plot. Still.. confusing though. I haven't really seen other series that have a similar plot to this so it's somehow a bit unique for me. Still.. I really can't seem to describe this show or find something else to say about it because I was kind of lost the whole time read more
May 23, 2018
CurePrism (All reviews)
As someone who have watch every single series of Pretty Cure, I should say that HUGtto is one of the best. In my opinion, it has been a while since precure actually have a decent series where they use fist fights and does not too focused on the lead a.k.a pink cure.

The story keeps getting better and involves not only on Hana. I am very pleased that other cures also got man chances to shine. Not only one or two, but each also got their own "highlight" on the opening and ending. If you miss watching a precure series with some fist fights, not only read more