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Jun 26, 2022
YudiYusantoS (All reviews)
Story (10)
The story is about a girl who becomes a priestess which is helping the lost one (Isekai) from Japan that has been teleported/called to their world. But sadly, it was the opposite. priestess becomes an assassin who has a mission to kill the lost one since they have brought a disaster to their world in the past. The story goes on and you are gonna see a lot of action in this anime :)

Art (9)
The art for this anime is very good! I love the color, shadowing, and lighting that they use. The way they stab the man and action is incredible in my read more
Jun 26, 2022
doomdoot (All reviews)
Preface: As with all comedy anime, this will be HIGHLY subjective as to whether or not you will enjoy it. If you didn't like season 1 & 2 or were already beginning to think the main joke got old, then you won't like season 3 either. On the other hand, if you did enjoy yourself during the other two seasons, you're probably in for a good ride.

As for the main review, I personally think this is a great example of how to tell the same joke 3x over. Season 1 the main premise was Kaguya and Shirogane trying to get each other to confess. Season read more
Jun 26, 2022
Bubble (Anime) add (All reviews)
Jujarin (All reviews)
A solid animation movie with outstanding visuals and soundtrack.

The action-packed parkour scenes were so fluid and a joy to watch, giving this film some crazy sporty action which I never thought I'd enjoy this much.

The storyline and ending were kinda predictable given how this movie is linked to a very famous fairytale (not providing spoilers here just in case). I wished the animators and directors took a different twist at the end rather than just going with the whole flow of it all.

Character selection was pretty decent as well. We have your atypical brooding moody protagonist, his whole support system of friends read more
Its pure as hell, I mean god is there moments that make me go "wtf..." and then you cut back to the MCs life and I feel bliss its such an amazing anime ಥ_ಥ.

The story: It is well written, it has many of its own original aspects that make it very unique in my opinion. However its probably still a typical Demon Lord v Hero fantasy if Im to be realistic; but I wasn't disappointed at all.

Art/Sound: I combined this bc like the story it really isn't anything that stands out and no where near a Violet Evergarden type, but I don't think read more
Jun 25, 2022
duskyboris (All reviews)
Made in Abyss is odd, not only because of but in spite of its creator. Tsukushi Akihito is an, uh, L word and also an S word, meaning that themes of child exploitation are front and center. And while I'd normally knock a work for that, it somehow works here.

The society on which Made in Abyss focuses is one that holds life fairly cheap. Children are taught that the ultimate good is exploring (and exploiting) the aforenamed Abyss, a seemingly infinitely deep and mysterious pit around which the subject society's culture is quite literally and figuratively built. The Abyss is a source of technological read more
Jun 25, 2022
liliyoa (All reviews)
I am utterly blown away by this season and it's finale. I'm a manga reader so I knew what was going to happen, and I was able to guess by it's pacing, and it still got me. I thought it was a normal 12 episodes, lost my mind at the cliff hanger, and came back down to earth when episode 13 started playing.
Seeing the culmination of all of the excellently complex characters at the end of the culture festival was incredible, even better than I remember feeling when I read it.
It's funny till the very end, without undermining it's most impactful moments with read more
Jun 25, 2022
IceKaguya (All reviews)
Wow....just wow

As a reader of the manga i knew full well what was gonna happen this season but that still didnt stop me from being blown away by this masterpiece of an anime. Main thing that makes an anime enjoyable for me are the characters...and if the characters arent good even though the story is great, I wont enjoy the story because it contains these awful characters. But this show has amazing characters...flawless i might say. I know it was kind of a thing for people that preferred Kaguya over Chika to despise her but in all honesty and Im sure i can say this read more
Jun 25, 2022
MrandersonXKira (All reviews)
No memes involved and I'm not being ironic.

This post-first season continuation evolved all the primary concepts that the anime sinned, the change of protagonists was something brilliant, in which kikka overcame her traumas and managed to forgive her brother who came from the previous season, bringing him back for this season. in an impressive twist, in which my eyes watered with tears of happiness when I saw the three main characters gathered from the previous season together with kikka, in the spectacular climax against a well-made and well-developed villain.

the sound, the visual art, the soundtrack, all the technical aspects of this season surpassed the previous read more
Jun 25, 2022
Omness (All reviews)
It's somewhat a refreshing plot that somewhat even only a little divert from the norm. If you are looking for the usual heavy action content OP MC or someone who is tired of OP MC, this is not really your stop. But if you are just interested in the story from the plot, then you'd most likely stay till the end for it.

Dialogue's are properly excecuted and intentions are cleanly express and presented, would be the most positive thing I can say if you are just watching it for the story, there is barely any "empty" parts of the show.

There is the usual OP MC, read more
Jun 25, 2022
ThisGamePlaysU (All reviews)
Power rangers but romance. A very fun, ridiculous and digestable premise dripping with heartwarming n wholesome moments between the couple.

Granted it doesnt have complex stories or complicated character developments but if u want to watch something with one braincell, this is it. Very few romcom achieves this tbh but sometimes u just want something straightforward.

Pretty shocked this isnt rated higher at >7.8 but airing with the super heavyweight kaguya sama, i guess this just gets overshadowed big time. Actually dont mind a 2nd season cause theres plenty of potential for the story.

No need to think, just watch. Its pure entertainment.
Jun 25, 2022
tworapple (All reviews)
"No. Because, I actually need to stop watching anime."
"Too late! Anyway Spring's Season has brought us A Mr and Mrs Smith Anime!"
"Yep! A spy adopts a child for his next mission!"
"He also needs to secure a wife."
"He created a fake family but what he doesn't know is quite the coincidence."
"His child is an unique telepath whilst his "wife" is an assassin."
"And after you've watched this 12 episode comedy and action anime, guess what?!"
"There's a part two!"

Okay so, I love this anime with my entire banana shaking heart. Each episode is completely unpredictable unless you've read the manga, obviously. From Anya getting kidnapped by Scruffy and read more
Jun 25, 2022
RobloxElie (All reviews)
This new season that currently is airing is fine. So far, the story is constructed a little better than the previous series such as Tropical Rouge Precure in my opinion. I think there are some flaws here and there but it’s okay. As you can see, there is a boy character in the cover that seems to remind some people of Tuxedo Mask in which they are not wrong. This show somewhat has a little romance situation but don’t expect anything major such as the main lead and the mysterious guy falling in love with each other. If you’ve watched Happiness Charge Precure, the situation read more
Jun 25, 2022
Kalo_Dawg (All reviews)
I'll keep it short and simple: whether this show is a 7 or a 10 or whatever, just give it a chance and watch it

Spoiling a bit of the first and second episodes, this is a story about a spy who ends up having to play pretend family for an infiltration mission. He adopts a girl, who coincidentally is a psychic, and marries a woman, who coincidentally is an assassin.

SpyxFamily is a homage to all the old spy shows and it's a perfect balance of everything: comedy, action, heart warming moments, yada yada. Fortunately, it received an amazing adaptation, that was made by people who read more
Jun 25, 2022
K-On!! (Anime) add (All reviews)
conservativeboi (All reviews)
This anime is a absolute masterpiece. The story while essentially plot-less other than a few high school girls in a tea drinking, food eating, and once in a while music playing club is immensely enjoyable. Season two is just as good as the prior but perhaps even better with 26 episodes to watch. The voice actors do their job to the T and the music is outstanding. While it is absolutely not ground breaking the anime is one of the most enjoyable I have ever seen, with the art-style on top of it all being unique. K-ON is a 10/10 without a doubt.
Jun 25, 2022
Dorcas_Aurelia (All reviews)
Remember near the end of the first season when a character was kidnapped by someone using dark magic? Ready to see that plot reused twice for 5 episodes total?

While the show is still enjoyable, it's mostly fluff and does very little to grow the characters or advance the status quo. Notably, some people may be frustrated with Katarina's obliviousness to everyone's feelings towards her, now without the excuse of focusing on avoiding the doom flags to distract her from everyone's obvious affections. Additionally, with how the first season ended resolving Katarina successfully avoiding her doom flags, there's little to drive the overarching plot this season. read more
Jun 25, 2022
ktulu007 (All reviews)
Mikagura Gakuen Kumikyoku is a 2015 anime from Doga Kobo based off of a series of light novels which were in turn inspired by Vocaloid songs. Well, this is the studio behind the first two series of Yuru Yuri and New Game, which is somewhat hopeful. But they also did that stupid Dumbbell nan kilo moteru anime so this could go either way.


Ichinomiya Eruna isn't exactly a normal girl. She's obsessed with cute girls, Galges and she has an idiot cousin with a romantic interest in her who hasn't quite put it together that she's very, very gay. Still, she decides to attend read more
Jun 25, 2022
SakurakoKawawa (All reviews)
This is the most disappointing anime I've ever hoped for. When I hear about this anime, I was so excited. RPG?? that means fantasy. A real estate agent in a fantasy world? Hell yeah. This gonna be either a laidback slice of life fantasy about it or some serious real estate thing in a fantasy world. Either way, I was looking forward to it.

Turns out my hope went from "I'm so excited I couldn't wait for all episodes to be released," to "Hah, Why do I want to watch this crappy anime again?".

There are 2 major problem in this anime :
- Most characters, apart read more
Jun 25, 2022
Bright_Star645 (All reviews)
I just want to say that Love Live Nijigasaki is truly a beautiful and amazing anime to watch. Even though I been a Love Live fan for a very long time since 2016 basically. I felt a special spot for Love Live Nijigasaki compared to SIP and Sunshine and even Superstar.
Love Live Nijigasaki is honestly that anime in the Love Live franchise that was really outstanding the fact in the first season of the anime, I really loved how they introduced and gave some backstory on the characters, even during season 2 I love how they introduced and have some backstory on Mia, Shiriko, read more
Jun 25, 2022
hentail_anime1 (All reviews)
The Story is a 9/10, because tadano somewhat found the strength to say "I like you" to komi-san. so that's why i put the story at a 9/10.

The Art is a 8/10, the art was pretty good. the last few episodes were a bit iffy I would say, but episode 12 sealed the deal as good art. so that's why I give it a 8/10.

The Sound is a 10/10. every time komi-san speaks it clear, when she walks, they have the footsteps, when everything that happens, it accompany it with a killer soundtrack. so that's why i give it a 10/10.

The Character is a 9/10. read more
Jun 25, 2022
KruppPanzerIV-J (All reviews)
When you watch a show and think "Hmm maybe the MC will get decent character development after all the dumb stuff he does?" Then the show does nothing to change the MC in any major way.

And with all the bad reviews I was like, "Many times these are just dumb complaining, I'll watch it" and came out like "Not as bad as the reviews put it to be, but it isn't amazing either, but shows potential for improvement in a second season"

Quick TLDR: Outstanding story and characters, besides any male portrayal in the show, especially Kazuya. Female characters are interesting and have development, males are read more
Jun 25, 2022
WallahSous (All reviews)
The show feels like Futurama with some combat.

Conflicting to rate, maybe a 6.5 would do.

Story-wise, the storytelling is extremely scattered and chaotic, nothing substantial to really follow. It's episodic but with a lot of very superficial "side stories" developing, with one in particular taking more space than the others, but even then, it all feels rushed. You don't get the time to really explore any of the characters or anything in the world really. The main character is also NPC-esque and the people around him are the exact opposite, not really a good contrast for a main character.

Art-wise, the world is basically a Futurama-esque read more
Jun 25, 2022
amnoah (All reviews)
This has to be the most wasted potential I've ever seen for an anime. You spend the time and money for good music and art... then create the most generic story ever.

This really feels like an attempt at creating a fanbase of obsessive depressed girls as that's really all the anime caters to. To do this it tells the story of how a depressed girl gets a "hot" guy by just living life... and then presents copy paste scenarios of the guy fighting for her love while everything just repeats itself.

As I'm not part of the target audience it felt extremely boring throughout, I only read more
Jun 25, 2022
WheatAndBerry (All reviews)
Cardcaptor Sakura!

The fact I am 27 and just now watched this anime for the first time has sent me spiraling! I am in love!! <3 The first thing I’ll address is the art style. BEAUTIFUL. I am a sucker for that grainy pastel 90’s animation and this anime does not disappoint! The scenery, the cards, the magical circles/symbols they have all touched that sweet spot. Sakura and Kero are just too adorable, can’t forget our sweet quirky Shaoran! I love all the characters, Sakura and Tomoyo’s friendship is so envious. And I can’t forget the best relationship in the whole series, Yukito and Touya. read more
Jun 25, 2022
Al-Asma (All reviews)
i love the idea of this fiction story, but i think it needs more background story to show. this will be great if at least netflix or any make this anime as a live action, hoping that the cgi will help to improve the visualization even better.

i like the storyline, giving a clip of flashback, not much. but not how the flashback goes on.

character development is good at the biginning. going from mid-end, i'm hoping for more expectation, but it didn't reach my expectation

i dont like the ending, its still unacceptable for me. i'm hoping for more rational ending
Jun 25, 2022
valiantslakr (All reviews)
Well, as someone who used to play a lot of Love Live: SIFAS, which this is all loosely based off of, season 1 left me disappointed with the lack of interesting conflict or drama due to none of the "antagonists" showing up. This left me hopeful that season 2 would correct this; I was left sorely disappointed once more.

Lanzhu was supposed to be the ultimate villainess that split the idol club apart, and ended up being quickly defanged and befriended as a secret fangirl of the other girls. As for Shioriko, she was introduced as an afterthought instead of a true challenger to read more
Jun 25, 2022
ILove2Gaming (All reviews)
Samurai Champloo is probably the best anime I have watched in a very long time. I had always wanted to watch it but it wasn't on Crunchyroll so I simply bid my time and waited for it to come to the platform. Now that I have finally watched it I cannot begin to describe how much I enjoyed it. When I watched Tower of God I assumed that I would never find a soundtrack for an anime that I enjoyed more but the soundtrack for Samurai Champloo has topped it. Based on the soundtrack alone I would give this show a 10, every scene is read more
Jun 25, 2022
DenJoJo300 (All reviews)
To this day, I´ve never experienced such excitement for an anime series that I had already readed on manga, but Love is War Season 3 succeded in almost every aspect.


The story itself reaches to the point when Kaguya and Miyuki want to confess each other, and the season is about that in almost every chapter, but some episodes are about Ishigami and Tsubame, which makes a dual confession in this season. The anime skipped some things that happened in the manga, but I think it doesn´t affect the anime at all, because the animation and some add-ons the studio incorpored where fantastic, and read more
Jun 25, 2022
Just_Lazer_DGE (All reviews)
Writing a review just to say this anime should be titled: "Powerful Ruler Reincarnates to Make Friends".
The current title is the most misled I've ever felt by an anime title. The only time I've felt clickbaited.

"The Greatest Demon Lord"
He's the only demon lord so that means he's also the weakest. Also it's just a title. This world actually has demons but he's not a demon.

"Typical Nobody"
Yeah, no. That's only what he thought and tries to be. It's quickly revealed to not be the case.

If you're watching based off of the title, like I'd assume most people would, you should reconsider. If you like the appropriate read more
Jun 25, 2022
Lqrie (All reviews)
Well. Honestly, I don't have much to say about this anime. It's basically what you'd expect from reading the description. I only watched this anime to get it out of the way. But let me tell you it was so painful to sit through. This anime was quite boring, and you might expect it to be "romance" but barely anything happens between the portrayed couple.

The whole anime the main character Sakuta puts on some kind of blank emotionless front about everything and is like a super bland mc with like no personality at all. Not only that but he flirted with practically every woman read more
Jun 25, 2022
YamI_SukeHir0 (All reviews)
Spy x Family is probably the most hyped-up new show of anime's spring season. It might even be the most anticipated anime debut of 2022. Not only it is an adaptation of one of the most critically acclaimed manga of the last decade, but the anime is also being produced by Wit Studio and CloverWorks, two of the highest-profile animation studios in Japan. It's an understatement to say that the Spy x Family anime is premiering to extremely high expectations
Spy x Family is the tale of a staggeringly talented super-spy codenamed Twilight. Twilight is a typical tsundere character, closed off to the world because of read more
Jun 25, 2022
Khashishi (All reviews)
This is a very comfy and relaxing show, with little to no tension. It's as much about camping as it is about sight-seeing, traveling to real locations in Japan, enjoying food, friendship, hot springs, and more importantly enjoying life to its fullest. Watching the anime, I can't help but be inspired to enjoy life as well. It's innocent, without fanservice.

It's more than just enjoyable to watch. They throw in a few tidbits of knowledge about camping or Japanese locales. I learned a thing or two, though I wish they put in a little bit more. It's both an anime, and a visual travel guide. The read more
Jun 25, 2022
KaryAnime012 (All reviews)
If you're looking for extreme gore, lots of blood, death and a lot of horror, then this is for you... There is surprisingly some quality mystery included in the story too. I think the story was the best part, it's a horror anime so they mostly focus on the gore, but I'd give it a high 9 at how thought out is was.(for a horror anime) Some parts might be a little confusing, so you have to focus on the details, but for the most part it's understandable. Haha, I also think 90% of the lower reviews are because of favorite characters being killed off. read more
Jun 25, 2022
Spirit_Chaser (All reviews)
After watching the original Mobile Suit Gundam, Ideon, Zeta, ZZ, and Char’s Counterattack, next came Victory Gundam. I wondered how Tomino and the staff would approach this, seeing as though they’d have to bring something new to the table. I was not disappointed, and impressed with the amount of fresh ideas that were poured in. This is the culmination of his work up to this point, as it follows a similar story behind a prodigy pilot, and is a critique of war as in the original, has some comedic moments that reminded me of ZZ, and mystery as in Ideon.

Taking place several decades after Char’s read more
Jun 25, 2022
Venzs (All reviews)
Spy “X” family proves that you can make a generic plot interesting

Spy family is quite an interesting show where you have this very simple plot but, unlike shows like demon slayer, it doesn’t have the animation to carry it as well. However the show is still very entertaining and fun to watch, so why is that?
(And no it's not because Anya like peanuts)

Spy Family has a bit of everything from comedy, action, and even romance. The show also has a straightforward plot for us smooth brains to get engaged without overthinking. Therefore, the show never feels boring or tedious since the show slowly but surely read more
Jun 25, 2022
Rendaven (All reviews)
Kaguya-sama love is war is the best Romcom ever made

(Spoilers-free until said otherwise)

That's a pretty strong statement to begin this review but honestly it deserves it, we usually joke around about most romcoms or any romance anime about how the main couple doesn’t confess to each other after 69 seasons and well… Love is war technically falls into that category, but it has a major difference, that we don’t feel like it’s stretching out just to make 12 more seasons of a relationship that should have already ended with marriage and 4 kids.

And the question arises… why?

I think I have the answer to that read more
Jun 25, 2022
giraffenanime (All reviews)
A quick and simple review for this bad boy.

A story about a spy who had to create a fake family to make sure the West and East relationship don't crumble again like the past. Sure it sounds simple enough, but when you bring a bunch of eccentrics under one roof you're going to have a fun yet difficult time.

Main reasons everyone started watching this anime:
- Anya Forger (get some serotonin from the peanuts and waku waku's)
- Yor Forger (step on me mommy)
- Loid Forger (step on me daddy)
- The amazing OST (bringing HIGE DANdism and Gen Hoshino together in one anime brings me to tears
- read more
Jun 25, 2022
algoPotaku (All reviews)
The anime is great, very entertaining, I would have liked it to be longer because it was my way of relaxing on Saturdays, now I am left without the stress of seeing ANYA. The story tells you how a spy and an assassin adopt a girl with mental powers. From that scoop the story unfolds. I THINK THE DESIGN OF THE PERSONAGES IS VERY GOOD, the soundtrack is good but not very good either, the animation is very good with the tender moments, it's beautiful. I like how Anya steals the limelight of the series as it is by God every tender moment every two read more
Jun 25, 2022
giraffenanime (All reviews)
After all the episodes, movies and ONA's from this series I believe I'm ready to finally give it a review. I decided to do a combined review of everything I watched instead of reviewing each part individually (makes it easier on myself, haha!). Let's get right into the anime basics.

Story; Araragi Koyomi has a tendency to get involved with apparitions, oddities, gods and the unknown in his small town and school. You watch him in his every day life as he tries to get himself and his tight-knit group of friends out of all sorts of troubles. Discover the crab, snail, monkey, snake, bee, cuckoo, read more
Jun 25, 2022
Mikasura (All reviews)
The first 7 epsidoes of this anime was such a fresh take on shoujo forbidden love stories. I was obsessed with Fudo and Desumi, and the fact that they actually communicate quite well, another trope this show breaks, and they genuinely support one another. they find their own definition of love, even if its talking about what bug is the strongest, or working out at their first date. Desumi is the shining star of this anime, carries my 10/10 character rating, fudo is also a 9/10 or a 10/10, but desumi is still written better. The show only has like 4 recognizable songs, but I read more
Jun 25, 2022
-ShInIgAmIsAmA- (All reviews)
The story is a continuation of the previous seasons. If you didn't watch that, well don't skip to this. The premise is very good. The fillers and somehow episodic segments are funny, even if they seem unrelated. And honestly, I prefer those over the love story between Kaguya and Miyuki. For example, that rap battle segment, or the times where Chika does her best to dote on her "student" which she regrets afterwards.

Nothing special.

I find the OP really catchy. Masayuki Suzuki's singing really gets me hyped for the episodes.

I find the two main characters a pain to watch. Hate me if you want, but yeah. read more
Jun 25, 2022
Ganymede1135 (All reviews)
This anime is a very mixed bag. On the good side it illustrates well how confusing, emotionally tepid and trying love-especially young love can be merged with unresolved emotions and sense of true devotion while on the bad, exploring the consequences of infidelity. Although I wish it defied and steered away from certain established and over-used tropes present in the Harem, Ecchi and High School genres. It was watchable and engaging up towards the sixth episode where the Love Triangle really began to get convoluted. All in all, I would not put it on a ranking as the best anime of its genre, yet is read more
Jun 25, 2022
toshikiro12 (All reviews)
Overrated anime.

Maybe old people is still confused about a good serie.

The plot is very easy to catch but there is a parts with no reason of develop, and the Mc are lust.

Some bad changes did it compared with the older version.

In fact, from this type of opinion, brands and companies can learn many things and improve many others.

Even if it’s not your fault, say sorry anyway. This is a great opportunity to establish and strengthen trust between your company or brand and the customer. Besides, people often get turned off by brands that are too perfect or too proud to apologize.
Jun 25, 2022
Groenboys (All reviews)
"There is nothing stronger then Family" - Vin Diesel

So you have this spy, right? He needs to save the country from going into war, to do that he need to get a kid into the academy. The kids he then gets is pretty stupid but also an esper. But to get that kid into the academy he also needs a mother figure, so he finds the women which, surprise!, is an assasin. So now these three have to pretend to be an actual family while trying to hide their true identities from the world and themselves. Then you have Spy X Familly.

For a quick plot read more
Jun 25, 2022
Baki (Anime) add (All reviews)
Kei_Ichikawa (All reviews)
Before I make a review I'm reviewing for both the netflix baki shows baki hanma and baki not the previous ones.

The story was cool it is very simplistic but I needed the break from complicated storyline from anime so it was good. I know many stuff doesn't make sense and it doesn't need to be. The manga is crazier but I won't touch on that. Even if you haven't watched the past animes you will still understand the plot and anyways I like the story.

The art is cool quite unique but I don't like some cgi parts but in the later seasons they haven't used read more
Jun 25, 2022
coldasicee (All reviews)
People gets Dawn Fall wrong and they forget a lot of things about the first anime.
First of all, BRS is originally a character created for a music from Ryo. The lyrics are about surpassing obstacles and the past.
Then the first anime, which had a story based on the lyrics on the view of the anime's creators, Ezaki and Yoshioka (won't elaborate to avoid spoilers), it's very beautiful and deep.
The read more
Jun 25, 2022
istarninwa (All reviews)
(10) Masterpiece perfectly describes it. It is, quite simply, a masterpiece, and one of my favorite anime of all time.

This is not your typical sports anime. The art and music are breathtaking. The plot takes unexpected twists, and the actions of the characters have consequences. There are some scenes that made me cry, completely unexpectedly, not because they were sad, but because how profoundly beautiful they were. These scenes I've rewatched dozens of times and have become part of me.

The characters are probably the best part. The main character is me. And you. And everyone who every felt alone. But the anime is extremely uplifting read more
Jun 25, 2022
PyraXadon (All reviews)
I’m at a point in watching anime where I’m starting to feel bad for the popular shows that fall out of favor once the season ends. Because as good as Spy x Family is, seeing it fall to the wayside now that its time in the limelight is over is…disheartening to say the least


The target: Donovan Desmond, chairman of the political party that seeks to destroy relations between the West and the East. The man for the job: Agent Twilight, the man of many faces. His objective? Formulate a fake family with the intention of getting close to Donovan and prevent the breakdown of the read more
Jun 25, 2022
Nisekoi (Anime) add (All reviews)
Moonlava (All reviews)
for lack of a better analogy, nisekoi is the high school anime equivalent of a daytime soap opera. not wild or entertaining enough to be a telenovela, not coherent enough to be a typical romcom.

so many unnecessary plot points and characters are introduced and forgotten about that it becomes a waiting game for when raku and kosaki get to have another cute interaction before some new, frivolous bullcrap crashes the party. nisekoi might just be the most sloppily written romance anime of the past two decades, and if this review doesn't make much sense, that's because the show doesn't either.

i'll start with the read more
Jun 25, 2022
N3rull (All reviews)
Overall enjoyable isekai anime, with one critical feature (bug?)... it never picks up. In any other anime ever created, even if it starts slow, there's bound to be something big coming up. Even if it starts with the MC steamrolling all obstacles, there will eventually come a fight or a challenge that looks perilous.

There's nothing like that here. The MC simply travels around, gets drunk, kicks ass, gets rewarded, rinse repeat. No challenge anywhere, no real danger anywhere, nothing to keep you on the edge of your seat. It's like watching the first and last 5 minutes of every rom com out there - first read more
Jun 25, 2022
thestarsailor (All reviews)
I heard all the hype around the release of Spy x Family and knew that I would at least watch the first episode. And what a good first episode it was to the introduction of Loid and his mission to pretend to be a father, have his kid enroll in an elite prep school and neutralize his enemy target who only comes out of recluse for social events related to the school given that his son goes there. The readjustment he has to make in adopting Anya and still dealing with a normal spy mission was a lot of fun and made me look forward read more