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Mar 3, 2020
Okay, thanks to fact that some moderators didnt like the last review and they delete it (rude), i was forced to write it again, this time with little bit more details and less spoilers, we dont want to upset our dear moderators again:), however if you watch the series and you want to write what you think about it even if contains the spoilers, you should. After all i get more spoilers from other parts for every series and yet i watch it, but anyways Astra Lost in Space.

This is one of series that was in my wishlist since it was first published, but read more
Aug 28, 2019
So where to start.
Il keep short as possible.
At the beginning i guess. I was surprised how good this series is from the start. While story is slightly weak at some points its good in overall enjoyment. I got hungry after each episode:) thats how powerful it is:)

I can only say that art is magnificent. I love it and would not want it to change.

Sound quality is also very good from in kitchen (cooking) sounds, to the soundtrack.
Characters are probably the strongest part of this series, we have large plethora of characters, all different.

Overall enjoyment is 10 of 10 i really like read more
Apr 12, 2019
The Promised Neverland is one of series that i actually come across by watching reviews for manga on Youtube.

Is there difference between the manga and anime version, yes few, but anime was done quite well that you do not notice those changes.

Story is not changed much and progress nicely, its not slow or fast. Be advised that this 12 episodes cover only first 4 volumes (and first part of 5th one). But they did it great.
Art is quite good, i was surprised. From house and forrests to characters, they bring everything into life with style they used. There is no lose of read more
Jun 28, 2018
So after watching all 12 episodes, i decide to write a review. Where to start?

I watch original LOGH, all 110 episodes plus movies. I really like it, it was a bit slow paced but it really didn't matter since it was quite well done that i cant find anything against. It was true space opera, better in my opinion even then StarWars.

New Thesis, hm, i somehow loved those ships in original, but redesigned ones here in NT were not bad, overall animation, characters and ships were quite good here, but story is fast paced. To fast. They compress original twenty six episodes of first read more
Jul 24, 2017
So, i decided to write a review of Last Exile: Fam the Silver wing after re-watching it. Despite some reviews here that makes this anime bad, i must disagree.
While i didn't really like Last Exile (at least not first episodes) since it was boring to me, however by the mid and end i really like it. Story of the Fam the Silver Wing is set several years later on Earth, it introduce many new characters and i will say story was well written.
Fam the Silver wing will make you laugh but will also make you cry. Combined with emotional music everyone who are read more
Mar 16, 2017
I had this series in my "plan to watch" section for long time and every time some other anime took place for watching, i finally start watching it and i didn't regret it,

i like characters a lot, they are very well designed and have good back story, i was very shocked when Euphy order killing of innocent people, although i know its was not her's fault or Lelouch's, it was fault of that damn child V.V who manipulated all this things at the end. I was sad when Zero/leluch was forced to kill his sister, because i saw Euphy as a bright star read more
Mar 4, 2017
As many people here said and other anime sites, this series is probably funded by Japanese military. Clearly an modern military can defeat medieval forces without problems. However it is all about JSDF and Japan, while other countries look like jealous noobs. Ok, first GATE open in Japan, Japan been attacked, and then send expedition forces, ok i understand that, if the series is in US or any other country it would be the same.

Propaganda or not, i like this series, but even as i love characters, i cannot give it more then 8,

I hope that there will be third season, or real second read more
Feb 22, 2017
Ben-To (Anime) add (All reviews)
So what to say: not bad, its shame there is no more but well.

Ben-To is excellent anime, at first i didn't understand why the all fuss about half priced stuff. But later i did understand. In world where you earn less, but expenses are great, half priced food is very appreciated. I love Bento, and i learn to make several different types of Bento myself, but of course ingredients still cost money,

I like the humor in this show, especially perverted one between Satou and that crazy perverted guard with batteries. The last scene where he show four large batteries , i laugh read more
Feb 7, 2017
Boobs, boobs and butts, thats all about it. I decided to watch it since it was comedy in question and i didn't regret it, it was fun, bouncing, bouncing, bouncin....(pull yourself together),

hm, sorry where was i? ah yes review of Keijo. Well, someone would say its bad, someone would say its good, to me its lots of fun,

story is okay, but simply is short, it would be nice if its 24 episodes but well, what you get you get, art is good, no complains here, sound, i didn't pay attention on sound, but it was nicely done, characters were good, enjoyment and overall, read more
Feb 4, 2017
So where to start,

Story was very well written and really it change in every episode. It was written in such details that is rare in today's anime's tv series

For its time when this series were created, i cannot complain, space battles were nicely done, and overall everything was nicely done.
Decent, but i didn't really care about sound, music is mostly classical, i am not really big fan of classic music but with this series it goes for sure.
I love how characters were created here, you can really see real expressions, and every character was unique, comparing to modern anime's where characters are all generic, read more