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Alternative Titles

English: Bleach
Japanese: BLEACH - ブリーチ -


Type: TV
Episodes: 366
Status: Finished Airing
Aired: Oct 5, 2004 to Mar 27, 2012
Premiered: Fall 2004
Broadcast: Tuesdays at 18:00 (JST)
Licensors: VIZ Media
Studios: Studio Pierrot
Source: Manga
Genres: ActionAction, AdventureAdventure, ComedyComedy, Super PowerSuper Power, SupernaturalSupernatural, ShounenShounen
Duration: 24 min. per ep.
Rating: PG-13 - Teens 13 or older


Score: 7.801 (scored by 695994695,994 users)
1 indicates a weighted score.
Ranked: #8422
2 based on the top anime page. Please note that 'Not yet aired' and 'R18+' titles are excluded.
Popularity: #37
Members: 1,404,183
Favorites: 48,233
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May 14, 2008
TheLlama (All reviews)
Bleach is one of the three so-called "mainstream shonen animes"; together with Naruto and One Piece these three are immensely popular, and the topic of endless comparison among their fans set out to prove that their favorite is the best out of them. They simply refuse to exit their fanboyism to view the series in an objective light, which is a shame, because they are probably missing out on great adventures, which is the case of Bleach in many ways. If you want my review short and good, give Bleach a try no matter what people have said, as it, despite a lot of shortcomings, read more
Aug 1, 2009
Zaran (All reviews)
Bleach is a mixed bag as far as story goes. The first arc (ep1-63), which covers the soul society, is interesting and engaging. It contains both action and a good plot. However, after episode 63 things go downhill. A lot. The Bount arc which follows it isn't even in the manga and has no relevance to the overall story, as well as being entirely uninteresting. It picks up a bit when the story shifts back to the plotline of the manga, but there isn't much of a plot to follow at that point. Basically, the main characters fight the bad guys from there on out read more
Apr 28, 2015
Mean_Monkeys (All reviews)

Bleach had great potential, but became annoying with poor character development and random powers.

Bleach has one of my favorite concepts ever. The Soul Society is awesome and the Gotei 13 are probably the best part of the show. They are squads composed of a multitude of Shinigami(Soul Reapers) and the show focuses more on the Captains and Lieutenants of those squads that are the most interesting characters in the show. Although, their could have been less squads(like 6) with less members in them(like 5) to have a more focused cast of characters that get more development. Hollows are also very interesting, they are souls read more
Oct 1, 2007
Xyik (All reviews)
Bleach has become one of the most popular anime around, and is commonly if not always, compared to Naruto. Hated by many, loved by many, this anime will be watched by virtually everyone who dives into the anime world.

Story: The story, or perhaps setting to be more accurate, is quite unique. Shinigami, or Soul Reapers, that have their own special society watch over the souls in the living world. Each Shinigami carries a unique sword(soul slayer) or Zanpaktou that has its own unique name and abilities based on the wielder's style and personality. Alongside them are the Hollow, and two subgroups later to be read more
Jan 24, 2018
_RedCat_ (All reviews)
Bleach will always warm my heart no matter how many times I watch it. There are scenes in this anime that I consider iconic to the anime community, regardless of how many people disagree with me, I truly believe Tite Kubo inspired greatness in so many fans. He has the most beautiful artwork I've seen in manga, and while the anime doesn't quite reach the level of skill Kubo possessed, it still presented a beautiful adaptation of his story in a way that impacted millions of people around the world.

You can argue that it has cliche moments, or maybe some flat characters, and yeah, the read more
Mar 6, 2015
lokergnome (All reviews)
---- Spoilers


Bleach: This anime is a cluster-fuck!
Nothing more, nothing less.

The concept of bleach is actually decent, and it's execution was 8/10 right up till episode 63. The relationship between hollows , humans and shinigami(death gods) was interesting and continued to progress into a rescue mission . This anime honestly should of ended as that!

But instead we get shitty plot after plot hole, deus ex machina(shikai >bankai> hollow mask>hyper bolic time chamber) and basic shounen formula... the read more
Mar 1, 2011
bannie (All reviews)
One of the most mediocre animes I've watched. Episode 311 was my limit. I have no clue why I'm still watching this anime other than the fact that I can procrastinate a good 22mins every week, this week was, however, exceptionally frustrating.

The storyline is decent, but constantly revolves around the I'm-going-to-whack-you-until-you-die-so-that-I-can-protect-some-people-that-arent-even-going-to-be-hurt-by-you, oh I forgot that they spend no time trying to solve any conflicts peacefully, they just get straight into drawing their sword, and dueling it out with as LITTLE effort as possible?

Why? Because, they will put in a little more effort the next week, and just a little more effort the week after, before read more
Oct 12, 2016
ItIsIDio (All reviews)
Bleach is a good choice for you if you're looking to observe the process of the mainstream anime of the 2000's and what they tried to pull off to sell and stay relevant. Outside of the popularity that it got, I see Bleach as a very stale and mediocre anime, which I'll go and detail in the review later, but I'd like to start with the cause and then the effects.

You see, Bleach is a product of a time when a shounen reaches popularity to an extent that it can be milked, hinduism will then sue the studios and authors in question for treating their read more
Mar 31, 2009
KazuraX (All reviews)
Bleach, Bleach, Bleach. It has alot of popularity, and for reasons I don't know because I find it awful.

I have given Bleach a lot of chances and I think I have seen enough of Bleach to give a review.

One of Bleach's many bad points is its story, it's about as typical as a story gets. The premise is basically 'save the girl' and 'beat the strong people'. That is it, often running into huge monsters that never really seem like much competition. The story never improves, every arc starts the same. Ichigo in school hanging around with his horribly annoying, useless friends, then a new read more
Dec 2, 2007
FrenchFry2000 (All reviews)

Bleach is a shounen anime and with that, people generally expect a decent story with interesting fights, unfortunetly, you don't get that with Bleach. The plot, or lack of one generally stays with the same formula throughout every arc. Ichigo gets a power-up, someone gets kidnapped, Ichigo gets depressed, Ichigo saves them, rinse and repeat. If that weren't bad enough, only bad guys die, while that may not be a problem for some people, the fact that a good guy cannot die really limits the amount of suspense a fight can have. It works for One Piece only because One Piece has a good read more
Jul 13, 2007
lchoister (All reviews)
When I started watching Bleach, I couldn\'t get enough of it. Not only is it fun to watch but th storyline was fast moving and character exploration was something that I definitely looked forward to. I must admit, like Naruto, it has slowed down a lot and is just dragging for the sake of being on the air, but I still watch it every week.

The protagonist of the story is Ichigo Kurosaki - who through some circumstance becomes a shinigami on earth. He is joined in the defense of earth from Aizen with his friends who have awoken their power through his read more
May 16, 2010
Plagus777 (All reviews)
I remember when I first got into Bleach. Young, stupid, inexperienced with anime. For quite a while I thought I was enjoying a nice school life supernatural with a cute shinigami girl living in the main character's closet. It had so much potential to become something that had some plot, deepened characters and some actual drama in the mix. Then came the soul society arc and for a while I accepted it as a part of the series.

Then it mutated into a cash cow. Throwing away all traces of deep plot and developed characters. completely ignoring it's secondary characters and focusing on many others, one read more
Sep 30, 2007
ryu2k2 (All reviews)
Bleach really has a lot of ups and downs. While some parts of the anime are very catchy and enjoyable, others are incredible boring and make it hard to go on watching it.
The very same goes to the plot of Bleach: There are some very interesting storyparts, as well as many plotholes and odds in the story (For example take a look at Soul Society - I'll never get why people grow up and die in a place they came to after they died on earth ...).
The humour used in Bleach also has his ups and downs. Even though many jokes might not even read more
Dec 26, 2007
Fancylad (All reviews)
Story: 7/10

The story of Bleach is fantastic at times and dull at others. Episodes can you leave you at the edge of your seat, unable to stand the thought of having to wait till next week to see what happens next, or begging for current plot to end and to get to the next part where something interesting happens. (Especially if you read the manga in addition to watching the anime) When the story isn't filler it is usually exciting, fast paced, and with plenty of action and epic fight scenes. Unfortunately the filler is why the story loses points as none of it read more
Apr 15, 2011
xLeo (All reviews)
Bleach is an anime that revolves around the japanese concept of having an orange haired person as the main character. While Kurosaki Ichigo's hair is indeed the main part of the plot , there is also a sub plot. Ichigo can see ghosts while not being drunk , one day his sisters are being attacked by a Hollow (an ancient japanese clown) - here we meet a new character , Rukia , whom while starting off as a decent character becomes as worthless as Sakura from Naruto . Rukia's hair is black , thus making her a side character -she tells Ichigo she is read more
Mar 22, 2008
Xell (All reviews)
Oh, Bleach. What a terrible story.

I remember 2004, I was one of those stupid little kids who "wanted to move to Japan to pursue an anime / manga career" and felt the "Japanese culture is kawaii ^___^".

So I'm on my computer, and I thought since I was loving Naruto that I would find another anime to watch. Well on a certain anime website, there was talks about 'Bleach', a popular manga story in Japan which has finally begun an anime on TV. Most people only decided to watch Bleach because Dattebayo started subbing it, but I got it right from the begining when LunarAnime read more
Jul 27, 2008
CookMySock (All reviews)
Bleach is a mixed blessing for me personally, it does many things right, and fails at others. It suffers from what we call "mainstream anime" - don't get me wrong, bleach was the first anime series I ever watched, and actually got me into this whole scene - for that i'm thankful.

There are hardly any complaints about the story, but it's nothing out of the ordinary or anything worth praising - the main problem is all the delays, when you desperately want to know what happens next - suddenly the tension breaks down and we're left watching a filler series, which has no impact or read more
Apr 1, 2015
eQuickSilver (All reviews)

Story 6/10

I would like to start by saying that I would have given this show an overall score of 8 or 9 if it had only consisted of Agent of the Shinigami and the famous Soul Society Arc. That being said, the story is about a teenager named Ichigo Kurosaki and his life as a Shinigami/Soul Reaper.
Firstly even tough the Agent of the Shinigami arc partially ripped of Yu Yu Hakusho it was still enjoyable and unique in it's own way. It's the only well written arc that focuses a lot on character developement which is a major thing read more
Oct 19, 2009
Colonelfancy (All reviews)
I can't take this show anymore. I tried, I really did, but there's so many negative aspects to Bleach that I just can't watch this uninspired, bloated, one-track show. This is a prime example of action shonen titles gone wrong.
STORY: There WAS a story. Something that started off pretty good in fact, until Tite Kubo topped himself with the first Soul Society arc. This part was enjoyable, Ichigo and his friend on a mission to rescue Rukia. Simple, yet effective, something you would expect from a typical shonen series.
However it becomes very clear that little thought went into how to read more
Jun 30, 2007
Lance20000 (All reviews)
I have watched bleach before it became popular and I thought I should give my two sense.

Story: Bleach\'s story is pretty straight forward, know the enemy beat up the enemy fight alot of people along the way. It does it pretty well but the one thing that I don\'t like is this animes fillers. They are terrible, I can no longer watch them. Bleach is a action anime and good story, nothing more. But for some reason the makers think they need to try and make it funny with the small filler story\'s. That is just wrong. Its like having a series setting and then read more