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Jul 13, 2007
Well this is the 4th One Piece move that was made and IMO it is still the best.

story: The story follows the straw hats pirates while they are on a Island and in need of money, they soon find out that there is a great pirate race. That alone should be good enough to catch anyones interest. The whole movie is amazing and the enemy is one you can hate.

Art: The only reason that I didnt give this a 10 is because One Piece is art style is a little differnt to other animes but it is true to itself and is even better.

Characters: Great ...
Jul 3, 2007
Well this isnt a actualy episode of One Piece, its pretty much a music video with a little story to it. The whole prospect of it is just stupid but that in itself is kinda what makes it so funny. It has anamazing song and funny animations to go along with it and the humor of One Piece is also there to. If you like One Piece look for this, its a must see.
Jun 30, 2007
Story: Even though this is just a special the whole aspect of the story is pretty exciting. Although the main enemy is pretty lame, the journey is what makes it worth while.

Animation: This special didn\'t get made until a couple of years after One Piece aired so when this tv special was made the quality of OP is very good.

Sound: Great One Piece music. Need I say more.

Character: The main crew is all there and they are done all as good as they get.

Enjoyment: Very enjoyable, everything I have said explains this all ready.

Overall: If you love one piece and havent seen it ...
Jun 30, 2007
Story: This OP movie is pretty basic, its a just a treasure hunt. Its pretty decent but nothing special.

Animation: Its just the basic one piece style.

Sound: Its very good, acoustic music done perfectly.

Character: Luffy, Zoro, Ussop, and Nami. Great characters and every thing that is in the show is in this movie.

Enjoyment: Decent enemeys and a story about pirates, how can this not be good.

Overall: Watch this if you like One Piece and haven\'t seen it yet
Jun 30, 2007
Story: Well the fact that the whole thing starts off with them looking for a Samurai that smells like Sunflowers is kinda weak, but what it grows into is something that only happens in a couple of shows. One thing about this story is it kept me guessing until the end of the series at what would happen.

Animation: Personally I loved this style of animation it was very original and I have never seen a style like this again. But some people wont like this style so if you dont like it oh well.

Sound: Although I am not a big fan of hip ...
Jun 30, 2007
Preliminary (Unknown/500 eps)
Story: Its the continuation of Naruto so its got alot of back story and character history, right now there is alot of people who dont like how this series is turning out and is not much to compaire to early naruto. But if you love the series and want more after the end of the first chapter of naruto then this is what you have been waiting for.

Animation: Characters have changed a bit, nothing much besides that, same style.

Sound: Same as naruto. nothing note worthy

Character: Everyone is back and they added someone new people to and it will just get better. However naruto is still ...
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Jun 30, 2007
Mixed Feelings
Story:The first main story arc is one of the best through the series and the rest until the last real story arc are decent. But then probably one of the stupidest thing happened in history. Instead of continuing the real story for a year and half they made filler. Bad filler, filler that makes you question wither your time should be waisted with this. And a lot of people though that it was a waist of there time and stopped watching. That is why I gave it a 5. If they didnt give it the most amount of filler ever it would have been ...
Jun 30, 2007
Story: Very good backstory for the starting and it expands even more as you watch. There is a fair amount of filler in the anime but all enjoyable. However the main story is one of the best I have ever seen. The only thing is it stops halfway through the story. The anime ends while the manga which it is baised off goes on further. At the end you are thinking \"Well I will just whatch the next episode\" then you realise \"WHAT I WATCHED IT ALL@!?!?! BUT IT WAS JUST GETTING GOOD!\" That is why I gave it a 8. I would have given ...
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Jun 30, 2007
Preliminary (Unknown/366 eps)
I have watched bleach before it became popular and I thought I should give my two sense.

Story: Bleach\'s story is pretty straight forward, know the enemy beat up the enemy fight alot of people along the way. It does it pretty well but the one thing that I don\'t like is this animes fillers. They are terrible, I can no longer watch them. Bleach is a action anime and good story, nothing more. But for some reason the makers think they need to try and make it funny with the small filler story\'s. That is just wrong. Its like having a series setting and then ...
Jun 30, 2007
Preliminary (Unknown/? eps)
Well I thought it was a good idea for me to wright a review for my favorite anime and seeing as how I am a major fan of it I might over rate it but I will try to control this. :D

Story: The story is about a boy named Monkey D Luffy he wants to become the greatest pirate and claim the title King of The Pirates. Now I will be honist here the first couple of episodes are not nearly as good as they are now, but hey he gets better soon. The story dosent pick up till Luffy gets four other crew members ...