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Feb 18, 2013
Preliminary (7/12 eps)
Right from the get go I spared no time download this thing after seeing Jun and Ami as the two lead voice acting roles.I'm not kidding, I grabbed a drink and sat the hell down and was watching it in less than a few minutes. Being a huge enthusiast of Code Geass I couldn't wait to see what sort of antics "Lelouch" and big breasted "Kallen" were going to get into here. Right from the first episode I was guaranteed to watch the next, and this anime does the good job of actually getting you to care.

Story - 8

I find this anime to have ...
Apr 10, 2012
Upotte!! (Anime) add
Preliminary (1/10 eps)
Omg these noobs gave this anime a 10... Now before I even start my review I am going to remind people that 10 is the pinnacle of anime quality. Evangelion, Code Geass, Disappearance of Suzumiya Haruhi, etc. All up there in God Tier Class that deserve such a legendary number as 10.

Upotte!! = 10 = God Tier?

[B]What the hell are you talking about?[/B]

You know you're talking out of your ass when this fail of an anime doesn't even make it on the top 50, let alone get over the 7.0 average mark. Still blows my mind to this day. Lol eat me.

Story - There's nothing. ...
Mar 30, 2012
Preliminary (10/26 eps)
I find this one of the most difficult animes to get through out of the list of animes on my currently watching list. Screw the helpful/not helpful rating on the reviews, that shit doesn't do anything to bring justice to what which animes are really worth it. Regardless of whatever future rating this review may have, please just read this before you just disappoint yourself watching this anime.

There is no story. There isn't anything. No character development, you won't know what's happening most of the time, you don't see what you think would make this anime progress towards the better ,you will fail to see ...
Feb 10, 2012
Mixed Feelings
Preliminary (2/8 eps)
--------------------------------------Head Notes--------------------------------------

Black Rock Shooter for a viewer who only knows her from images, various cosplays, and that one Miku song... Maybe more, maybe less. I, the person reviewing this am that person. Not a fan, I haven't done any research whatsoever. Just someone who knows that it exists and through curiosity alone decided to start watching in order to find out what all the hype is about.

In short, I might not know what the hell I am talking about.

Please enjoy the review.

-------------------------------------The Review----------------------------------------

Jan 11, 2012
Mixed Feelings
Preliminary (1/13 eps)
I don't know about the other reviews, but I don't find this funny. Danshi Koukousei no Nichijou is funny, Mitsudomoe is funny, Nichijou is funny, Kimi to boku is funny, 4 Koma Kill Me Baby is funny, but this is not funny.

The story is about a elementary schooler who looks like a full grown adult and his older sister who looks like a little girl who goes to high school.

This is a stroke of genius ladies and gentlemen(?)

The jokes aren't that well written and I have a feeling this anime is going to pull every molester joke in the book, I highly doubt it'll bring ...
Jan 6, 2012
Mixed Feelings
Preliminary (1/7 eps)
This is a very simple two minute long bit that doesn't take too long to explain so the review will be as short.

Based on the first short of seven...

There isn't anything in this short that justifies going through the trouble of downloading and spending two whole minutes on it. There isn't anything that offends me at the same time there's simply nothing there.

Let me tell you what the first episode is.

Staring at Yune in different Kimonos while soft piano music plays.

Jan 6, 2012
Kill Me Baby (Anime) add
Preliminary (1/13 eps)
I'm the freaking grinch of the new years, mostly because all of my favorite animes and shows are on hold for at least a few weeks because of it. I was happy to see updates on those anime sites so I can get back to watching new animes for a living.

'Kill Me Baby' happened to be the first few drops of water leaking from the crumbling 'New Year's Dam'.

Story - 7

Judging from the fact that this was adapted from a 4koma, I'm pretty sure it's not going to have any continuous plot going for more than two episodes. Setup and premise is clever. No real ...
Dec 26, 2011
High Score (Anime) add
Preliminary (4/8 eps)

Giving this a good score would be an insult to the word 'Story'. There another word that starts with 's' that comes to mind though... Shi-


Call this art would be an insult to the word art. I'll use the less offendable word, 'animation' which is about the same quality as 'Honto ni Atta! Reibai Sensei'. You see, if you put 'animation' in a dryer machine with some rocks, broken glass, and a couple of forks, it's just about what this anime looks like to me...


Dec 23, 2011
(Anime) add
Mixed Feelings
Goodness gracious, this is one delicious shit sandwich... Might as well get right down to it...

Story - 4

I'm not sure what the damn story is. This is just one of those animes, packed with such random shit and dialogue, to make sure it looks as dramatic and dark as possible. Gimmick here Gimmick there. It manages to leave me feeling like an idiot, wondering whether I was too stupid to understand what it was trying to tell me or that it really wasn't trying to say anything at all. It's a mess, a big mess. It confuses you...

If you're looking for a good plot, go ...
Dec 9, 2011
Story - 8

The story takes place after the events of the original series. It's pretty much a slice of life, romance, episode, completely separate from the Academy. Ichika is home alone and his lady friends decide to take this chance to stop by at his house. Just when you think it's over when you hear Super Stream begin to play in the back ground, it picks right back up for a few minutes of Ichika and Houki spending time together at a festival. It wraps up very nicely and the part I hated most was when I realized that I had finished the whole damn ...

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