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Aug 13, 2007
Air (Anime) add (All reviews)
Depending on what stage you are in your life or what epiphanies or experiences you have gone through, I think affects the way you understand and view things. And from where I stand today, I have to say, I really liked Air.

The story was very good and it flowed at a continuous speed so that was good. The art was nice too although the characters did look very cartoonish at times because their eyes were like 3/4 of the size of their face and it did bother me a little bit that all these young girls had heaving chests. Minor details I read more
Jul 14, 2007
Harukanaru Toki takes place in a capital called Kyou - it is of another dimension and 3 teenagers from the present are summoned there. One of them is a girl named Akane who is the dragon priestess and basically the storyline focuses on her fighting the demons with the aid of the Hachiyou - 8 sworn protectors of the priestess - to save the world.

I have to admit, I started watching this because I loved Saiunkoku Monogatari and someone said that this one was similar. At first, the story wasn\'t that engaging and seemed to be a hodgepodge of different anime stories, characters read more
Jul 13, 2007
Fruits Basket was so cute to watch. It really took me of those really old school super mangas that I used to read. The anime tells the story of Tohru Honda after the death of her mom. She somehow ends up living with some members of the Sohma clan - a most beautiful lineage if I might add despite some major personality flaws.

It is so engaging and definitely fun to watch. The anime only covers up to Volume 8 of the Fruits Basket manga so if you want to know how the story concludes, you need to read the manga read more
Jul 13, 2007
Bleach (Anime) add (All reviews)
When I started watching Bleach, I couldn\'t get enough of it. Not only is it fun to watch but th storyline was fast moving and character exploration was something that I definitely looked forward to. I must admit, like Naruto, it has slowed down a lot and is just dragging for the sake of being on the air, but I still watch it every week.

The protagonist of the story is Ichigo Kurosaki - who through some circumstance becomes a shinigami on earth. He is joined in the defense of earth from Aizen with his friends who have awoken their power through his read more
Jul 13, 2007
Ah! it was kinda painful for me to watch. A!MG is the story of Keiichi, a college student down on his luck and part of the Auto Club with weirdo senpais. That sentence in it of itself would lead one to believe that it is a very interesting anime but in actuality, it wasn\'t.

Don\'t get me wrong, some of my friends actually loved it because it was so sweet, I\'m just not one of them. The idea of a goddess agency in heaven to assist kami-sama in helping the unfortunate is great but I think the plot could have read more