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May 12, 2018
Jinsei (Anime) add (All reviews)
At some point in their lives, everyone has needed to ask for advice from someone they find trustworthy, but it's questionable as to whether or not their advice is actually credible. I'm not sure how credible MY advice is, per se, but here's some that I'll give to you right now; you're probably better off watching something other than the anime I'm reviewing today. It was an anime from the Summer 2014 season that caught my attention for rather odd reasons; despite its license from Funimation and the fact that the final episode aired in Japan on schedule, subtitled versions of each episode were taking read more
Jan 20, 2018
Sometimes, you may watch an anime and think, "This could be better." It could even be an anime you quite enjoy, but you know that if there was less of one thing and/or more of another, it could be even better. The proof is that you've read the manga for it, and you enjoyed it enough for you to watch the anime before you realize what the thing holding it back was. Such is the case for Kareshi Kanojo no Jijou (Kare Kano for short), or His and Her Circumstances in English; I couldn't praise the manga enough for its deep story and character development, read more
Nov 6, 2017
If we're going to be honest here, Pokémon needs no introduction, especially when it comes to the anime; a boy named Ash Ketchum gets a Pikachu - a yellow mouse - as a partner, leaves his hometown of Pallet Town, and travels the world while catching new Pokémon along the way, all while he remains ten years old. Well, what if we went all the way back to the beginning and started all over? Perhaps I'm the worst person to talk about Pokémon; I was 10 myself when I ended up being pulled along in the Pokémon craze, and by not looking back, I have read more
Sep 29, 2017
Sometimes, I ask myself, "Why do you subject yourself to this? Do you really think that if you continue to watch bad anime, you'll eventually come to love bad anime?" Believe me when I say that I don't believe that will ever be the case; after all, trash is trash, even if it's yuri trash. The simple fact that it's yuri resulted in a particular anime being added to the list of anime I watched in the Summer 2017 season when it was announced; although I'm straight, I sometimes have a yuri thirst that I need to quench. Thus, if you ask me why I read more
Aug 15, 2017
Have you ever purposely watched a bad anime just so you could make fun of how bad it was? Well, it's easy to do that for anime that have disproportioned character designs, among other things. When I first found out about a certain OVA series, the first thing I noticed was not that it was a yaoi anime, but how ugly the character designs are. The next thing I noticed was the amount of negative reviews there were for said OVA series; despite the fact that I've never considered myself a fujoshi (I've only seen two yaoi anime, and both were actually shounen-ai), I knew, read more
Jul 7, 2017
ReLIFE (Anime) add (All reviews)
Have you ever thought about re-doing a part of your life? If so, what part was it? Maybe....your life as a high school student? There is such an anime that explores such a scenario of re-living your high school life, which I came to find out about when it was in the summer 2016 anime line-up; I didn't watch it at the time, but the overwhelming popularity it was gaining and the fact that all of the episodes were available online within just one day did intrigue me. I finally got the chance to watch the first two episodes of such an anime at an read more
May 19, 2017
Understanding someone with a disability can be quite a challenge, but if you're willing to overcome that challenge, chances are that you will become friends with that disabled person.... wait, haven't I already said this before? Well, regardless of whether or not I did, it's true that I somehow became aware of this movie while it was still an ongoing manga series. When I heard it was being adapted into an anime, even when it was confirmed to be an anime movie, I was already intrigued to watch it for myself; however, when I heard that Kyoto Animation would be the studio behind it, my read more
Apr 7, 2017
Move out of the way, catgirls! We've got a new thing coming from Japan, and those are dragon girls! As if that's not enough, they've got dragon girls that are maids! In all seriousness, I first discovered this anime when I found out it was getting an anime adaptation; I was, at first, just slightly intrigued because of it being based off of the same mangaka as Danna ga Nani wo Itteiru ka Wakaranai Ken, but when it was announced that Kyoto Animation would be the animation studio behind it, I decided that I was going to watch it for sure. I even read the read more
Apr 6, 2017
Seiren (Anime) add (All reviews)
I'm just going to say it outright; if anyone is going to remember this anime at all, it will be as Amagami SS's eccentric little sister. The "eccentric" part comes from the fact that the story presents some rather bizarre events and quotes, while the "little sister" part comes from not only the fact that it not only noticeably comes from the same universe, but a couple of the characters are actually younger siblings of Amagami SS characters! (Let's not forget the omnibus format both series share, too.) In fact, this connection with Amagami SS was why I selected this anime to be among those read more
Feb 20, 2017
To be honest, I'm feeling a little pissed off right now, and it's not because of my stupid pun just now. That anger is mixed with the surprise that anyone could ever think about creating a manga like this, but I guess if your mind is twisted enough, a few "masterpieces" could emerge, and some unfortunate victims could end up reading those "masterpieces". Take me, for example; by chance, I encountered a lowly-rated manga on MAL and, out of curiosity, decided to read it in order to see why it was so bad. (Keep in mind I ignored the synopsis.) The end result was me read more