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Dec 28, 2022
Renai Flops (Anime) add
Mixed Feelings
(WARNING: This review contains MAJOR spoilers. Proceed with a LOT of caution.)

Spend enough time around the anime block, and you’re bound to at least hear about anime that have a particular combination of genres: ecchi and harem. The premise of one guy being involved with multiple girls has been done time and time again and will continue to be done, and most of those times, fanservice will be sprinkled into the mix. A couple of my favorite anime may be part of these two genres, but like many others, I have grown slightly weary of them. For that reason, when I came across a screenshot ...
Feb 2, 2021
Mixed Feelings
(Originally posted on AniList)

Don't you just hate it when a love that was already unobtainable gets even further away even when certain circumstances bring you closer? In what way, you ask? Why, that love becoming your stepsister, of course! Huh? Not enough for you? Okay, how about, while having feelings for that girl, having a one-night stand with another girl that turns out to be her younger sister, and now, SHE'S your stepsister, too? Congratulations! Your life is now a soap opera with the same premise as the anime we're going over today. I read some of the manga of said anime before it came ...
Dec 5, 2020
Honey (Manga) add
Love isn't always sunshine and rainbows, but during a relationship's best moments, the couple would be so cute and sweet that just looking at them would give you diabetes. A lot of these moments happen when the relationship is as healthy as one can be, but not all of the healthiest relationships start out so well as it eventually becomes. Sometimes, it's just a matter of whether or not you're willing to look past first impressions and see a potential partner for who they are inside. For example, someone who might look scary and cold-hearted may actually have the warmest heart and most gentle personality. ...
Nov 27, 2020
Tanjou: Debut (Anime) add
First of all, WRAPPING PAPER ISN'T HAIR! Ahem....excuse me. That's just the name of a badge on Anime-Planet that you can earn by watching this particular anime, which is how I learned it existed in the first place. Despite the curiosity I felt after discovering it, though, I ended up spending YEARS trying to find it with English subs included. I eventually found it and was able to watch this pair of OVAs; however, it's evident now that all of that searching was NOT worth it.

Lads, ladies, and non-binaries, I now present my review of the 1994 OVA series, "Tanjou: Debut".

Tanjou: Debut, known in English ...
May 13, 2020
Ontama! (Anime) add
Mixed Feelings
No one would want the people they care about to be sad; they’d do whatever they can to make sure they’re happy. For those in a loving family, that would include those in their family. There is one anime girl like that, who went back in time just to make her mother happy in the future....but not many people know that the anime she is in exists. I certainly didn’t know it existed until the day I randomly decided to scroll through the list of anime produced by the studio Encourage Films and instantly got attracted to this particular anime’s cute art style. Thus, I ...
Mar 28, 2020
Mixed Feelings
“10/10, would bang again”

A lot of bad things have been happening in the world this year, but at least we have anime to distract ourselves. As always, the beginning of 2020 brought us a plethora of new anime to watch this year, but very few of those anime have gathered as much attention as Ishuzoku Reviewers; from getting canceled by Funimation and even some Japanese TV networks to the vote brigading on MAL, all that has happened surrounding it is bound to turn heads. I admit that it was Funimation’s cancellation of the simuldub that finally convinced me to give it a go, but it ...
Mar 6, 2020
Mixed Feelings
How would you feel if you could remember a past life? Would that past life have some kind of impact on your current life? Perhaps in a past life, I could have been more of a mecha fan than I am in this life. Even though I don’t consider myself to be a huge fan of mecha anime, I still happened to have a particular one on my to-watch list for years for rather stupid reasons; after finding a DVD of it at my local library, though, I finally got around to watching it. Now that I’m finished with it, though, exactly what do I ...
Sep 20, 2019
Given (Anime) add
Music is a powerful tool. That’s a fact that we may not realize at first, but once it hits you in the face, you can never forget it. Singing allows you to convey any feeling you may feel in your heart, even when it feels like your heart has shattered into pieces by a life-changing event. Who knew that a yaoi (or shounen-ai, whichever way you want to refer to it) anime would make such a thought occur to me? I haven’t read the manga that the anime in question was based off of; I just saw the PV when it came out before the ...
Sep 19, 2019
I’m going to start this review off with a warning; if you’re going to watch this anime, do NOT, and I repeat, DO NOT, read the light novel or look up spoilers for said light novel before or while you’re watching. If you do, it will probably ruin the experience. I found out about the anime I’m talking about before it started airing, and I was interested in watching it because of how cute and wholesome it seemed. However, the light novel spoilers got to me, but I still wanted to watch this anime, no matter what. With that, I made a deal with myself; ...
Sep 16, 2019
Mixed Feelings
You have got to love it when there is a possibility to go the incest route, but that’s just it; it’s only a possibility. After all, when there are other girls around you who would make a good lover, what could possibly make you want to bang your sister instead? Well, I guess there are some people who would have an answer to that question; there are people who are fans of incest anime, after all. One such incest anime was one that I’ve known about for years; however, mostly because of how sexual I had heard it was, I held off on watching it ...