Hai to Gensou no Grimgar

Grimgar: Ashes and Illusions

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Alternative Titles

Synonyms: Grimgal of Ashes and Fantasies, Hai to Gensou no Grimgal
Japanese: 灰と幻想のグリムガル
English: Grimgar: Ashes and Illusions
German: Grimgar, Ashes and Illusions
French: Grimgar: Le Monde des Cendres et de Fantaisie
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Type: TV
Episodes: 12
Status: Finished Airing
Aired: Jan 11, 2016 to Mar 28, 2016
Premiered: Winter 2016
Broadcast: Mondays at 00:30 (JST)
Producers: TOHO animation
Licensors: Funimation
Studios: A-1 Pictures
Source: Light novel
Genres: ActionAction, AdventureAdventure, DramaDrama, FantasyFantasy
Duration: 24 min. per ep.
Rating: PG-13 - Teens 13 or older


Score: 7.661 (scored by 317379317,379 users)
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Ranked: #11662
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Popularity: #237
Members: 624,624
Favorites: 5,247

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A group of people are thrown into a fantasy world from which they cannot escape and must fight to find a way to survive. Though comedic at times, the plot is relatively serious and focuses on battles, life and death, and the bonds between characters. Both are also by A-1 Pictures, so their art styles are somewhat similar. 
report Recommended by loco-mocos
* Both are «Kill, or be killed» anime... * Both have RPG elements in them ( swords/magic/classes/monsters) * In both, MC's are living in poverty... * Male leads ( Haruhiro & Bell) are Rogue type fighters using daggers...while being party leaders... * Both of them feels lighthearted at times, also having lots of serious moments... * EPIC endings.. 
report Recommended by Konte
Unlike most fantasy anime, both shows present realistic/raw thoughts and emotions of the characters who find themselves thrown into an unfamiliar fantasy setting. Both shows also possess darker themes and as such would more likely be appreciated by a more mature audience. 
report Recommended by Brother-Kai
Game mechanics are important as the setting of the animes. They place importance on life or death in HP, and remain as a character's lifeline throughout the whole anime as a game mechanic. The game's nature is fantasy. Swords and magic skills are decided. 
report Recommended by MagicFlier
Both are your regular "guy gets transported from modern world into RPG-like world" except they have this gimmick where instead of being op right from the start they start from the bottom as one of the weakests. Of course, they get their super abilities (not so much) later anyway. Grimgar protagonist still stays relatively weak though, in a good way. 
report Recommended by abystoma2
Both animes revolve around the MCs being stuck in a game world. Both animes are about the journey to basically survive or complete it. Hai to Gensou no Grimgar is a more serious take on the 'game world' genre. It is more realistic as the main characters are really struggling in the game world (no over powered characters). It is also very slow paced (though I think it is perfect that way). Kono Subarashii is way more light hearted and is more focused on getting the viewers to laugh. Its a blast and you'll understand once you watch the first episode. The voice acting is on point  read more 
report Recommended by seenyou
Both shows with vast mysterious worlds unknown to our heroes that they need to explore, uncover and understand. Both sets of heroes are continually thrust into dangerous situations. Both have top tier soundtracks. 
report Recommended by JVskunkape
What is interesting about these two series is that while they appear to have isekai elements, neither of them should not be watched or treated as a typical isekai. * Grimgar is more oriented towards slice of life than you would expect. * 100-man is more similar to a game where you complete quests in order to clear scenarios. Those quests would get more complicated as time goes on. I believe both anime require you to be a patient watcher to understand what these shows really want to focus on. Also they are both shows where characters start from the very bottom and gradually growing. 
report Recommended by Lylaaz
Isekai story also focused on slow paced character drama where human interaction anchored in reality and character developpement is everything. 
report Recommended by spoichiche
Both are relatively mellow variations on the "trapped in a fantasy game" genre. Focus is less on action/plot and more on emotional and personal relationships between characters. Both shows are unapologetic about their approach. The central themes that revolve around each show is hammered in with every episode, and results can be brutal, grueling and overwhelming in both cases. Story wise, both shows feature protagonist(s) who are pulled into a brand new world without consent or ability to escape. Both main protagonists start out very weak, and have to accept very lowly roles first. As each series progresses, both male protagonists get braver, stronger, and  read more 
report Recommended by Mac97
Both Main Characters have an inferiority complex to the group leader. Circumstances lead to the characters taking a leadership role. Both have comedy aspects but also have some emotional moments.  
report Recommended by Mesto83
- A group of friends dealing with the death key member of their friendship group. - Emotion heavy - Slow pace - Similar character personalities - Unexpectedly good and understated voice acting (Japanese ver.) AnoHana is slice of life and Grimgar is set up with a suddenly-dropped-into-a-fantasy-RPGesque-world premise, but the overall themes are actually surprisingly similar. AnoHana has a more heavy-handed approach to the drama though. 
report Recommended by Lemon
Stylistically very similar. Depicts dark themes and stories with a delicate and light colour palette and whimsical style, the contrast works very well in both. Light twinkly music. Storywise Grimgar is very much rooted in JRPG traditions whereas Whale Children has a more unique mythology and setting. 
report Recommended by Lemon
Characters wake up in a strange world with only dreams of their previous selves. Slow-paced slice of life as they live and work together. No clear goals. Artistic. If you like the low-key feel and mysterious setting of Grimgar, you will very likely appreciate the more widely known Haibane Renmei. Note, however, that there is no fighting at all in Habane Renmei 
report Recommended by reherd
They have a very slice of life feel but with an interesting fantasy setting. The younger characters grapple with dealing with the realities of the setting. The pace is slow, but rewarding (especially for Shinsekai Yori). There is a lot of focus on how friendships are affected by loss and stress. 
report Recommended by SunnyAslan
Mahou Shoujo Madoka Magika is opposing the traditonal mahou shoujo genre rules with a harsh reality. Hai to Gensou no Grimgar does the same to fantasy  
report Recommended by 33orion77
Both series have the same calm atmosphere and slow progress. Main protagonists after waking up realized that they had lost most of their memories. They have no other choice than to accept their situations in game-like world.  
report Recommended by Enrinvin
Grimgar segue mais o estilo de anime baseado em MMORPG. Mas se assimila a Rokka devido o tema fantasia. Por isso recomendo também a assistir. Grimgar follows more of the anime style based on MMORPG. But if you assimilate to Rokka due to the fantasy theme. So I also recommend watching. 
report Recommended by llIRaveNlll
Even though young protagonists in Grimgnar dont try to save the world there is feeling of uneasiness and hardship. Their story isnt shonnen like they have great trouble tring to destroy oposition. Power of friendship doesnt do much. If it impacts story at all. We learn a lot about characters we start to feel sad for them. There are deaths among them. Both stories are for people who are tired with shonnen style nonesene  
report Recommended by Kareblis
Both move in a similar world with regard to game mechanics, both have stunning visuals, both have a lot of personal drama of which I won't discuss here since I would be spoiling you, and as a counterpart the light-hearted moments are hilarious. You should really check this out, I also recommend the first season of Danmachi if you're not familiar with the series, no spoiler, but it has probably the best fighting scene in anime, and that's not just because of the visuals but because of the buid-up and the climax of the story.  
report Recommended by akio19
All characters from this anime move to another world and make a 'party' to war and survived.  
report Recommended by Akmlddn_hd
-Both happens in a fantasy world -Take a different approach on the subject of being trapped in another world -Sufficient character development for the "party" in question 
report Recommended by JackYagami
-the mc has somehow similar personality and looks -they are both set on a fantasy wolrd. - the MC in both seem to atract people ,,, the animes show how they gather around him and how their relationship develops, - they both have this calm feeling even though are kind of action and adress the issue of death being something normal that happens cuz of the wolrd circumstances 
report Recommended by yato_no_kami
Has the same feeling of a game like world turning real.  
report Recommended by Epixza
Both have a similar feel and the main character is trying to avoid dying in a video game like world 
report Recommended by warguy444
They're both similar in terms of how brilliant they tackled a character's death and its aftermath. How the characters who are still alive cope with their loss and how they try so hard to move forward with that pain still etched in their hearts. Also, both anime have friendship, magic, adventure and fantasy elements too.  
report Recommended by PurpleRose328
Similarities - MC are transported to another world/isekai - the main chars are in a group that have comrades with different, backgrounds/personalities - Both MCs are in a kill or be killed world - Both series are in medieval/ancient worlds with primitive weapons - Both MCs endure hardships due to adapting to their worlds/RPG Differences - Rise of AI is in a game world VS grimgar is in a real world (both are isekai) - Rise of AI has less violence/death VS grimgar stays true to kill or be killed/self-sacrifices to save the group 
report Recommended by ST63LTH
Both excel at character design. Both are slow paced. Both are isekai. 
report Recommended by jagi125
Hai to Gensou no Grimgar as an isekai have the narrative that revolves around the same pillars as Girls' Last Tour: Relatable Characters and Positive Philosophical Themes - Girls' Last Tour believe in the beauty and happiness of simplicity - While Grimgar believes in the meaning of struggles and grieve, which both leads to growth Both shows have breathtaking soundtrack and art, Grimgar having an action aspect to it and also a romance subplot, something Girls' Last Tour doesn't have. The fights aren't flashy but it is used to tell the audience a lot about the characters, settings and their enemies. The romance remains open-ended since the LN  read more 
report Recommended by MichaelK0106
In my opinion, Grimgar would be the best anime to watch if you are looking for something similar to Goblin. Grimgar has multiple themes that are similar to Goblin: - Vulnerabilities of the characters - Death - Fantasy - Guilt - Other 
report Recommended by Mawesome3
Hai to Gensou no Grimgar is like the watered down version of Log Horizon (without the complicated information stuff). I think Hai to no Gensou no Grimgar is more on the drama side. Both are isekai anime where players are sent in the game and does quest for money.  
report Recommended by andromedacat
Both anime feature a group of characters in a fantasy setting, Slayers are for the humour and comedy while Grimgar are more about teamwork and tactics.  
report Recommended by TakaTempest
Both are about a person/persons trapped in a fantasy world/game. 
report Recommended by Pontus
-Both involve a group that has to come together after being thrust into an unfamiliar setting in order to survive -Both have likeable cast of characters on a team together -Both have a character who steps up to be the leader and gains the respect of their teammates  
report Recommended by Brento_Box
- A fantasy world where you have to fight to live. - Characters live together in one house. - Tragedy - so many sad things about every character. - MC feels responsible for everyone so he tries to be leader. MC is trusted, but unlike other shows, he works hard to be seen trustworthy, not just words. - Moderate ecchi - some thrown hidden adult jokes. - Characters falling in love with MC; other opening up to him. - Watching Shuumatsu gives me feeling of watching Gensou no Grimgar. 
report Recommended by lannieX
Genre-aware: Classroom Crisis is a mecha anime at its core, but most mecha anime generally neglect the huge costs behind building these massive robots and the financial implications, so this is what it hones in on. Grimgar is your standard trapped-in-an-RPG-world anime but it focuses on the players who suck and how they get by, the realities of endless grinding and slow levelling. Fanservice: Plenty of jiggling. Although, both series make some attempts at equal gender fanservice. 7/10 for effort. Realistic behaviours and reactions around romance: More or less... It's an anime after all. While there are characters who stray from this point, most characters in both actually do  read more 
report Recommended by Lemon
Our main characters are transported to a fantasy world. They are chosen to rid the world of some evil force. They must adapt to this new world in order to survive and go back home. Both have action, adventure, swords and magic too. Brave Story is based on the PSP game Brave Story New Traveler. While Grimgar is based on a Light novel series.  
report Recommended by AnimeFan500
Similarities - Both protagonists wake up in a world they don't know, and they don't have memories. - Both animes develop their characters in a fantastic way. - Both anime have some drama aspects (even though Angel Beats! is a lot more dramatic). Differences - One is set in a medieval fantastic world, the other in a after death school. - One has swords, the other has guns. - The struggles are based on different reasons.  
report Recommended by pedrosp14
Both have extremely similar settings and game worlds. Fantasy RPG-like inspired world building. Loveable characters. Unexpected tragic events early on. 
report Recommended by JVskunkape
- Calming music. Generally light and twinkly. Grimgar features lots of acoustic guitar tunes which is always refreshing, but it also varies more both in style and quality. - Great voice acting; in Japanese at least. - A slow story that's not in a rush to get to places. Chill out, get a long glass of lemonade, enjoy the scenery and the little things in an anime. - Realistic characters and behaviours. Drama is dealt with in a serious but low key sort of way. 
report Recommended by Lemon
Fantasy theme, good characters. The slice-of-life feel doesn't lend itself to an epic story, but the final battle will feel epic. 
report Recommended by earl_of_sandvich
They both have a slow and nice feel to them, also the art style is somewhat similar. They have pretty different genres though. 
report Recommended by ekvm
Are you ready to find yourself somewhere you've never been before abandoning your true self, having lack of memory and being both a hunter and a prey at the same time? With Imawa no Kuni no Alice being with a lot darker conception behind, Grimgar sure has a lot of similarities to it and potential for a good survival themed series and a good storyline  
report Recommended by LastGod
A group of traditional RPG adventurers in a fantasy world struggles with poverty and has to fight monsters and beat some challenges to earn money and survive. Of course Fortune Quest L is more light-hearted and cliché, but still fun to watch 
report Recommended by Lain_
Despite the different in genre and setting, this two shows involve a group of friend spending time together, and genuinely building friendships. They both have a similar light feel. 
report Recommended by darklightpen
Fantasy World? Check! Grand Adventure with Colourful Cast? Again Check! Teamwork combat? An Emotional Journey? I got chu bro! 
report Recommended by Draganna01
Far better character drama, easier to track the plot. No one is an overpowered demigod, nor does anyone really become a badass without earning it. 
report Recommended by earl_of_sandvich
Game mechanics are important as the setting of the animes. They place importance on life or death in HP, and remain as a character's lifeline throughout the whole anime as a game mechanic. The game's nature is fantasy. Swords and magic skills are decided. 
report Recommended by MagicFlier
Both deal with a fantasy world. They both give off a similar vibe and are overall fantastic anime shows. Great artwork, in my opinion, for both! 
report Recommended by Breadcrums
They have a very slice of life feel but with an interesting fantasy setting. The younger characters grapple with dealing with the realities of the setting. The pace is slow, but rewarding (especially for Nagi no Asukara). There is a lot of focus on how friendships are affected by loss and stress. 
report Recommended by SunnyAslan
both about survival both have a food obsessed character interesting characters got a hint of mystery (Why are the titans there, why are they stuck in grimgar?) both are AMAZING  
report Recommended by emilia1998
Both are very similar in the fact that there is a depressing, realistic side of the story spread throughout, with characters contemplating real issues in their society. Furthermore, there is also a light sided humor in both (despite the death and killing). 
report Recommended by sashihime