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Hai to Gensou no Grimgar
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Hai to Gensou no Grimgar
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Unlike most fantasy anime, both shows present realistic/raw thoughts and emotions of the characters who find themselves thrown into an unfamiliar fantasy setting. Both shows also possess darker themes and as such would more likely be appreciated by a more mature audience.
report Recommended by Brother-Kai
Both are Fantasy animes about adventurers who fight goblins, goblins,goblins, goblins and even more goblins, in both the fights against the goblins are very intense in are never easy for the adventures.
report Recommended by Jayage
while they both have a similar concept of a brutal depiction of adventuring, i do question whether goblin slayer will have any good characters that are likable to keep me watching like grimgar? grimgar was able to keep my attention week after week by contrasting that with nice comfy tone. so we'll see how goblin slayer turns out, and if its got anything more than just "edge"? so if you like goblin slayer i'd say give grimgar a go, i dug it.
report Recommended by neph909
Both the shows are set in a dark fantasy setting with killing goblins as their main focus. Also, both the shows are really violent and share similar artstyles. If you like one of these series, you're sure to like the other.
report Recommended by Nate77
Both take place in a dark fantasy setting. Instead of the magic, romance, and fluff of most contemporary fantasy/isekai, they focus on the struggle to survive in such a setting, without glossing over the death and violence.
report Recommended by seeker_moc
Both have hardships and problems faced by low-level adventurers. Fantasy Environment with the slaying of monsters.
report Recommended by Soul_Spark
People think goblins are week in both anime
report Recommended by TheDustyNinja
Grimgar was a superior Goblin Slayer long before Goblin Slayer got an anime adaptation. It took a realistic and deliberate if at times overly melancholic view of an adventuring party in a gritty reality where they have to constantly worry about how to budget their meager adventurer income and where combat and killing are given proper weight and respect, with detailed and moving facial expressions that capture the gravity of their moments, all of which are wrapped in a hauntingly beautiful and picturesque watercolor aesthetics. No rape though. If you just want that, don't half-ass it, go full H. I'm told Kuroinu has what you're looking   read more
report Recommended by Eanki
>Same realistic battle system in a fantasy world >Totally a game setting but not really >Great interactions between the characters While the character interactions are great, apart from Goblin Slayer there is not really a unique character so far Both have kind of similar art style (maybe I only think that).
report Recommended by BigBlueBash
Both shows involve a party of members dealing with quests that primarily involve killing goblins. Both shows also focus a lot on the characters rather than outside events
report Recommended by Short_Circut
Both are fantasy anime focused on low levelled adventurers and how brutal it can be while fighting low levelled monsters.
report Recommended by Thorf
Both have a similar concept of a brutal depiction of adventuring, but one one is the baddest since it doesn't pull any punches when it come to starting the 1st episode with a good brutal start.
report Recommended by JiangHaoyi1979
Their both fantasy anime that follow low leveled adventures that fight against low leveled monsters. The main difference with these 2 shows are that Grimar has a lighter tone and aesthetic while Goblin Slayer has a more darker tone.
report Recommended by Great_King20
- they both have much to do with cruelty, sadness, a very dangerous and cruel world. - GOBLINS! - although not all the characters are alike, they are very similar. So, if you enjoyed goblin slayer, then this is a treat for you ;)
report Recommended by ManicMan1601
grimgar is basically just a PG goblin slayer. Should also have slice of life genre too imo
report Recommended by MrShellby
Goblin Slayer is kinda like Grimgar exept a lot darker. Grimgar starts off as a more realistic isekai anime and Goblin Slayer is not an isekai but it functions very similarly to one. A large part of Grimgar involves the whole gang stratigically taking out a bunch of goblins. And that's pretty much all they do in Goblin Slayer. At the core they're both darker and more realistic fantasy shows with a lot of goblins.
report Recommended by yuriliaaa
Both anime share the same setting where both are fantasy worlds filled with random creatures, monsters, and magic. They both share great character and social development within the characters of the story. They both have the same approach when it comes to gore as it's realistic and painful and it's up to you to judge which of these 2 has the better gore. They both have a similar approach to adventure and fantasy as the anime shows give you a feeling that it's realistic even though it's fantasy.
report Recommended by iamdrop
What's the one defining feature both of these anime have? Well, you guessed it. It's about slaying goblins! Not only do these series tell us how fearsome these vile creatures truly are, they also show the dire consequences whenever they aren't kept in check. Both anime also use goblins as a unique way to tell a story about overcoming hardship.
report Recommended by Jaiimy
Both explore the darker, more realistic aspects of a medieval era infested by monsters. Both reinforce the "kill or be killed" mentality. This is a real world. Mortality is fragile. Mistakes are made, and people die for them. Not everyone has the mental fortitude to accept that.
report Recommended by LuckyTenth
Both anime have emphasis on goblin slaying as the main job for the party, in both anime we have good amount of screen time of the priest job for a fantasy world party
report Recommended by gakuendo
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