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Nov 27, 2021
abystoma2 (All reviews)
There are multiple Attack on Titan novels. Before the Fall offers an origin information for some of the technology and setting of the world. Kuklo Unbound offers unique situation of the protagonist that draws you in from the start. Lost Girls is of interest simply because it works with already established and favourite characters. So, what does The Harsh Mistress of the City have to offer? Not much really… is what I would say if I stopped at the first volume.

Let me start with what I thought about the first volume then. The title sounds intriguing, but I was soon disappointed that the titular read more
Nov 27, 2021
uu107 (All reviews)
I can read Japanese and I read all of it (available for free on sukima for a period of time).

I think some of the reviewers here are too mean to the manga. It is just a manga. Don’t take it too seriously. It is not trying to be deep either. Just good old psycho horror.
I like the artwork. The gore is not as frequent as those gore-filled mangas, but it is there where it counts (actually pretty good, if you like that kind of stuffs). The story is entertaining enough. You might like it if you like psycho female characters.

Different characters have different views read more
Nov 27, 2021
Kiyoshi_Sorano (All reviews)
Dandadan is a very wild story with aliens and yokai combined in one tale. The concept is unique and I recommend it, just be prepared for the usage of somewhat dirty jokes (like Okarun -male lead- losing his own "schlong").

The story sets out with Ayase Momo finding Okarun getting bullied for being a nerd invested in occult related topics and such. Well, long story short, she basically saves him from that, Okarun opens up to her cause he's got no friends and they have an argument whether aliens and yokai are real or not. So then they decide to challenge each other and Ayase almost read more
Nov 27, 2021
Twauma (All reviews)
Review contains minor spoilers,read at your own risk

Story (7)

First year,9/10
It was cute,Komi worked hard towards her goal.You could see her progression.

Second year,6/10
Manbagi was introduced,our favourite love triangle babyyyy.This year focused more on love,and not the making friend goal.Yea sure romance is cool and all,but I wanna see Komi get more friends,and not blushing every 3 seconds.Najimi was right though,who needs friends when you have a boyfriend?

We see a great side ship,Ase and Naruse.The weird narcissist and sweaty cute girl,my favourite side couple.nothing can change my mind.Although they probably won't appear much anymore in the Third year.

Art (9)

I have no problems with it,looks pretty good.

Character (7)

Ah,the read more
Nov 26, 2021
catt0s (All reviews)
This manga has one blaring issue. They introduce ideas without ever explaining the background. For example, they talk about something, and the characters seem to already know what it is, but they don't explain until much later what it is. I'm other words, it is hard to read because they don't introduce ideas before
Before using them. The plot, characters, and art seem good (so far), but this oversight has really had a negative impact.

Potential spoilers for an example: (very rough paraphrasing)
"I'm going to the blue garden"
"What?! Won't the king be upset?"
First, this is the first time something like that has been read more
Nov 26, 2021
Jolly_is_here (All reviews)
Spoiler alert , be alerted to alert :3 !!!!!

Don't lie , right at the title which is relating to dead :"funeral" , u already know that this manga is unusual compares to other "isekai" mangas.

A lifespan of a creature is sometimes determining what personality that creature is and what it is spending its time in . And since the lifespan of every kinds if humanoid are different , usually all have different opinion and argument and have their own different mindset , and that is why , there is rarely a counter react to each other kind and they rarely meet other kinds other than read more
Nov 26, 2021
faiithfulli (All reviews)
I came for the wholesome moments, stayed for it's plot (and wholesome moments).

The Girl From the Other Side is a fascinating story with a classic human and inhuman being. I love how it's heartwarming yet heart-throbbing at the same time, how it catches me off guard with this unexpected suspense, yet balances this with its wholesome moments that make me smile and really do warm my heart.

Now back to the plot. I was actually completely caught off guard with the plot, it kept me curious and the storytelling of this manga is what kept me reading. I'm in love with this manga, the backstories read more
Nov 26, 2021
Sensor (Manga) add (All reviews)
Nekochima231 (All reviews)
Junji Ito once again makes a somewhat horror masterpiece about a girl who went to the mountains and met the village people with 2 or 3 golden strands of hair that gave them knowledge thanks to Father Miguel. However, the mountain erupted and only the "girl" survived now with golden hair running away as possible. That's where the no name writer or reporter appears wanting to talk with her but their journeys are being followed by the dark haired mystic who wants the mc hair due to the vast knowledge of the universe... It's pretty disturbing from time to time and I can say that read more
Nov 26, 2021
Strykxr (All reviews)
The story was honestly something I couldn't put down. I read the whole thing in almost a day. The end of it was the part that almost made me freak out. Still, I would rate it as one of my favorites. A very good read, if you have the time for it. I almost wished there was a spin-off of it.

The art was outstanding. Everything was beautiful and stood out wildly.

The characters were my second favorite part. They all had something to bring to the table and I felt as if a lot of effort was put into them. A mix of feelings, but read more
Nov 26, 2021
David_Cordero (All reviews)
After several months of reading this manga, which I think is a good even great manga, I think I want to give it a review cause even after hours of thinking of how to rate it, I still think oyasumi pun pun as whole is a very unsatisfying experience, but as an episodic story with characters I deeply love, I think this is a very strong manga.

Art: Before going straight for the throat I want to talk about art, and I think is pretty good art, it perfectly melts both realistic and cartoony of the story being told. I think most of the time some read more
Nov 26, 2021
VeryHustyChlapec (All reviews)
This manga is NOT an adaptation of the book. (It also features nudity, beware)

Its characters are named after real people and they follow roughly the same path as they did in the real, published journal, but this is NOT an adaptation.
The characters differ greatly from their real life counterparts, sometimes even being complete polar opposites (see ch.14). Some of their opinions resemble those of their real life counterparts, but their mannerisms are greatly exaggerated and very.. well, manga-like.

If you want to read a manga that explores early Meiji period Japan, it´s quite enjoyable and somewhat accurate, but I wouldnt quote it in a scientific study, read more
Nov 26, 2021
NhanSieu (All reviews)
Sorcery fight is such a bad name lol.
Anyway, let's head to the review

Plot: 7/10
For a plot driven show, the plot is only decent at best. It's enjoyable tho. First arcs are kinda nothing new. Not until Hidden Inventory arc that I started to invest in this show for real. Too many plot holes got explained "because he's Gojo Satoru". You either take it as plot holes or "because he's Gojo Satoru".

Art: 8/10
The art looks decent but the fights have good sequence and creative in drawing super power. Characters look badass.

Characters 9/10
Most characters aside from Gojo Satoru are relatable. Even Gojo Satoru is a good character.
Gojo read more
Nov 26, 2021
yung_hoon (All reviews)
Well, I've read this twice.

Good read for two reasons;
1. the plot actually moves forward. they get older as time goes on, they learn and grow up together. continuous plot mixed in with flashbacks and side stories make for a well written story (as far as web comics go lmao)
2. the characters are fleshed out and feel real. yes, some of them have corny problems or personality traits but the aforementioned flashbacks and side stories really help to provide useful background information to give reasons as to why characters act a certain way. nearly every character is wholesome in a way, and the only read more
Nov 26, 2021
SanaeK10 (All reviews)
Lotus Eaters is yet another entry into the Touhou series of canonical works, this time being an episodic romp starring the Zasshiki-Warashi, Okunoda Miyoi. While light on story, the manga provides a fun, light-hearted and alcohol tinged look at Gensokyo's denizens from a less exaggerated manner (compared to WaHH) or a less serious manner (compared to FS).

Miyoi is a fun character to follow. Bubbly and cute, Miyoi is basically a youkai Kosuzu in a less threatening setting. Despite this apparent meekness, she is shown to be smarter than she looks and has gotten the upper hand a few times against the Hakurei Shrine Maiden read more
Nov 26, 2021
CuteViktor (All reviews)
This review is vol1-3 +short special story at the end of vol3

If you see the name : My days with my step sister , you thought of some 18+ thing or R+ , well you are wrong , Its simple slice of life with slow progress romance no love on 1st sight or hate x hate into love x love kinda stuff, characters builds the relationship based on moments they experienced its not speedup story , its slow paste with good explanation how the characters think and how they experienced some normal day life things , we can see main character and his read more
Nov 26, 2021
Alex_Jaro (All reviews)
Youtube has recommended me so many "Why games are no longer fun" kind of videos and this manga makes me remember how that kind of applies to anime and manga as well. Pandora Hearts is a manga that looks promissing but has nothing to really love or hate about it. I can see the story had some future to it but the manga prefers to hide it with vague gags and that sort. Some actions feel disconected to the story and flow + the dialogue is just mediocre.

secret mysterious prison like madman world exists alongside the normal world and represents awful things for pretty much read more
Nov 26, 2021
mrhatnklogs (All reviews)
Isekai and cooking manga in perfect balance, complimenting and driving each other. I would say this manga leans slightly more into comedy and slice-of-life than any other genre, but it's most certainly an adventure isekai. There's interesting encounters with various monsters, colorful characters, and new magic.The most isekai thing about this manga is how the characters are often shocked at how OP the MC is. This, however, is not overdone, as the protagonist actively avoids drawing attention. If you want a fun isekai adventure with likable characters, this would do the trick. It manages to avoid being generic by having the motivations and skills of read more
Nov 26, 2021
ana21 (All reviews)
All I can say is that this Manga/Anime is not as good as u think.

WORLD: About Magic and so on for me was 10/10 it has a really good setup...

STORYLINE: 0/10 I don't know what the writer wanted to tell us about this story, that inc**st is normal? that P*dophil*a ( P*dophil*a is a sexual disorder. If you have this disorder, you are sexually excited by children) is normal? I think those 2 are the biggest problems that humanity has atm...
now about Harem and AGE GAP relationships, I'm fine with the age gap when its only read more
Nov 26, 2021
queenmichimiya (All reviews)
"Fly High!" is pretty average, and there's not much more to say. I got excited when I saw a one-shot manga about a girl who plays volleyball, but the fact that the manga ended up focusing more on her relationship (which was kinda weird) with her coach was disappointing.

Story: 4/10 (decent)

Story? What story? Asuka, a member of her school's girls' volleyball team, spends time undergoing extra training under the supervision of her coach, Nagano, a university student. Asuka admires Nagano and kind of has a crush on him, and he seems to have a special connection with her, as well, but that's read more
Nov 26, 2021
Toritan (Manga) add (All reviews)
pissmama (All reviews)
Definitely one of my favorites from Yamamoto Kotetsuko, it's nice to have these stories deviate from the norm (e.g. powers related to talking/controlling birds) once and a while. It's not like it's some crazy fantasy element, it just spices things up a little and makes the read more enjoyable! Story overall is great, I laughed my ass off at the angry pigeon in the first chapter (read and you'll know what I mean). The last few chapters of the second volume can be a little harder to find translations of, but they're out there. Can't wait to continue my binge of this mangaka!
Nov 26, 2021
ArcadeRice (All reviews)
It's a manga I feel people that don't feel comfortable with identifying themselves as a certain group or just have a problem fitting in with the gender norm in general, along with a unique concept; what if everyone had the freedom of choosing their sexes at a young age?

While most characters in the manga have no problem and easily adapts their choice in sexes along with their personality, there is definitely a minority that is highlighted throughout the manga with different characters with their own unique perspectives, discovering themselves or forced to hide their true selves because of the gender norm.

Nothing's black and white. Nobody read more
Nov 26, 2021
gimmebackoldacct (All reviews)
I blame myself for finishing this god awful story because I just wasted my own damn time.
First off, who is going to tell this author that being spontaneous is not deep? It just comes across as lazy; like throwing some tomatoes at a wall and hoping it sticks just because something sounds like a “novel” idea. The end product? Nothing is justified and the goofy characters are just self-insert projections in an edgelord’s wet dream.
But hey, if there’s one thing this story is good at it's compelling me to flip the pages even though I really wanna stop. Plus points for storytelling I guess? read more
Nov 26, 2021
snipermonkers (All reviews)
"I love you, Asagi Umi!"

This is such a wonderful manga. It's about a boy who wears a paperbag over his head because he's shy and he tries to win over his crush Asagi Umi. Every romance has its ups and downs, and Paperbag-kun tries his best to not let Umi be exposed to any harm.

It's another short manga with a refreshing story. Even though such mangas could be considered overrated with the sheer amount of them, I never get tired of seeing a short romance. The plot progression is also very good and not too fast paced.

In my opinion, it's definitely a must read. Any read more
Nov 25, 2021
Hiddenshonen (All reviews)
Demon Slayer is the anime that took the community by storm and is now a modern classic as well as one of the best-selling manga of all time. While a good portion of the community believes Demon Slayer is carried by its amazing production (credit to Ufotable), others believe the series was initially a mediocre at best manga. Where do I stand on this series? I guess that's what you're reading this for.

STORY | 5/10
Demon Slayer's story is neither the most original or best idea ever, but I wouldn't label it as "bad" either. Demon Slayer is set in feudal Japan where demons roam at read more
Nov 25, 2021
fadinglotus (All reviews)
The words 'super underrated' have never been more appropriate to describe a manga. In my view, World Trigger is one of the best ongoing shounen. Although it's missing a lot of components that most people will deem essential to a good read (notably a good story), I think World Trigger has a lot of fresh ideas that will be very attractive to the right audience.

Reasons why you should read World Trigger:

Characters: I think one thing that really makes World Trigger shine is its large cast. To be honest, I'm not a fan of any of the main characters, but to a certain extent, I would read more
Nov 25, 2021
Henshin (Manga) add (All reviews)
sHYDRAz (All reviews)
aight...ok look i started it bcs i thought it was hentai and it is,but this is hentai with a fu**ing 10/10 story.

i cant say i liked characters actually i hated them all 5/10

I reccommend it bcs its gonna change your wiew to life.

Like she got raped by her dad, friends and they uploaded a video of her fu**ing,and that was kinda sad.

She did everything for his boyfriend but eventually ended like...
(btw im in depression now wish me luck)

just read it you will not regret anything

Thats all i can say about this hentai...its just a masterpiece.
read more
Nov 25, 2021
Sukamii (All reviews)
To say Tokyo Ghoul is surprising, especially given the reputation it acquired from its anime adaptation. I started reading this manga based off the recommendations I talk to occasionally. While I had seen most of the anime, I decided to give it a shot. What I found in Tokyo Ghoul is a perfect execution of pacing, story, tension, and intrigue.

The way the story is laid out is a steady drip feed of information and development across the entire story, each plot thread that is brought up is in one way or another developed or answered in an extremely satisfying manner with constant and tense read more
Nov 25, 2021
Candy_v02 (All reviews)
When Hinata jumps really high i get really excited.

The thing i like most about this manga is how it manages to express it's themes and characterisation through the games themselves. It makes ever encounter unpredictable and not only raises the stakes but also left me problem solving along with Karasuno. There are a few pacing issues in a few of the arcs with a few narratives needing a bit more time to develop but overall the progression of the characters in terms of their arcs and skills are very natural and easy to follow. It's so hype whenever you see the work put in actually read more
Nov 25, 2021
catt0s (All reviews)
An incredibly overpowered little boy tries to hide it. He dedicates his life to magic after dying in his last life unable to use it. Just about everything this kid does is for the sake of learning more magic. He has a virtually endless supply of mana and can seeming do anything.
The character looks and acts in a way where readers may have a hard time knowing he is a boy. The art style quickly alternated between simplistic and detailed in a very interesting way, and the art is incredible to say the least. I think it is worth at the very least checking read more
Nov 25, 2021
catt0s (All reviews)
Have you seen the anime adaptation? If so, this manga is exactly what you expected. It is hard to understand the manga without knowing why the jokes are funny, but the same goes for the incredibly popular anime, except here, you might get a little (LOT) T/L to help you. While the joes the characters tell might be hard to get, the jokes the STORY tells are amazing. After seeing the anime, this manga is truly everything I was hoping it would be. If you are on the fence about it, go read just one chapter, and you will probably be hooked.
Nov 25, 2021
catt0s (All reviews)
These truly are confusing times. Due to a misunderstanding with a perverted goddess, the main character is a succubus.
Honestly, the world the isekai takes place in seems to just be a word where everyone is a pervert (for the sake of the plot?) Speaking of plot, there isn't really much. Shure, there is a story, but there isn't much reason for it. The manga is also full of jokes, although it is less of comedy through unexpected and more comedy by outlandishness. All of the "battles" and "skills" center on something perverted. If I were to be asked what the lore was, I would read more
Nov 25, 2021
catt0s (All reviews)
This is a fun short story of a girl who finds a cat on the street. Somehow, she ends up in another world, but she and the cat have become one. Now she has to live with the problems that come with it. A world where beastpeople are looked down on, and she can't control her instincts well. Luckily she meets some people who want to help her.
While I enjoyed the story, it was kind of inconsistent on characters. In particular, her 'intelligence' seems to vary a lot in the series. It can be argued that it only has to do with being fluent read more
Nov 25, 2021
catt0s (All reviews)
TL;DR: I love this so much. The only complaint I really have is the time skips at the end. I honestly and hoping for a sequel and/or spin-off.

I don't really have much enjoyment of loud people, but this level of comedy is amazing. Everything about it is hilarious. Reading it there is constantly things that are very "meme-able". You can practically hear the characters yelling. Honda and Wakamiya have a lot in common, and seeing the romance progress in such a comedic way is fun. The supporting characters are fun too! A pervert who discovers his father (a monk) is not only a pervert, read more
Nov 25, 2021
pringerz (All reviews)
This review may contain small spoilers, though I have avoided any major plot points.

Tobaku Datenroku Kaiji continues Kaiji's struggles and is the arc directly after where the anime leaves off. If you had watched the second season of the anime, you might even recognize that the ending theme was an animation of some of this arc's early scenes where Kaiji is forced into cohabitation with Mikoko.

Quickly, the story thrusts Kaiji into a situation where he gambles for more than he's worth, a mainstay of the series at this point.

The characters in this part, both old and introduced, are compelling. Kaiji's opponent is absolutely ominous read more
Nov 25, 2021
Splair (All reviews)
It's actually not bad. The first chapter is a little rocky, but from that point on the story keeps improving by leaps and bounds. It's a typical wish-fulfillment isekai, but the main character is smart & has an actual personality. I enjoyed the challenges that popped up throughout the manga that had to do with being reincarnated. Literally at one point (you probably know if you've read it) I literally went "ohhhh" at how the main character got burned for the way he was seeing everything. I also actually really enjoyed the worldbuilding, it's a nice mix of sci-fi and historical, and all of the read more
Nov 25, 2021
howtolovemanga (All reviews)
When I was reading the reviews on this manga here, I keep seeing people saying that this manga has too many plot holes and mistakes, and that it's generic and is just like other mangas. I often get annoyed whenever I see this because these readers only focus on how similar the manga is to other ones and refuse to read the manga for it's actual plot, characters, and world building.

In my personal opinion, I think the characters are pretty well built, Ichinose has a goal, and he may not be the smartest, but his fight scenes(especially with Mikaido) are incredibly good. The way he read more
Nov 25, 2021
Star2000n (All reviews)
This was pretty amazing imo..I wasn't expecting so much from it but because it's from the same author as a sign of affection I read it and it was an emotional rollercoaster. It's not just a love story actually it is a journey of forgiveness and acceptance .. I really hate love triangles that is the reason I put the manga on to read for so long but I am glad I read it ..they didn't complicate things actually with the love interests and everyone was happy with what they got ... All the characters are likable and their actions are understandable .. overall it read more
Nov 25, 2021
RaikiKien (All reviews)
I have read through the LN version of this series and I must admit that the author write the plot very well. The story starts off slow with small things and stable progressing to the bigger one. The manga is not that good compare to LN due to the artist is kind of inexperience in drawing fantasy manga, but overall it's still a good series to enjoy till the last page with a lot of heart-warming scenes and cute actions of the characters. If you are a type of people that can't stand with slow progress and weaker protagonist then this might not be a read more
Nov 25, 2021
heartbre4k (All reviews)
The art of character development..

This manga can be misunderstood by some.
Each chapter is a step in our protagonists psychological journey.

Musashi's journey is beautiful, realistic, painful and inspirational. Every antagonist is both a physical and a mental obstacle for Musashi to overcome. He perfectly encapsulates how our priorities change as we grow as people. I think everyone can see life lessons in his journey.

Matahachi's a spineless man with an inferiority complex and his journey shows us that every action has consequences. He's a character that a lot of people relate to but hate to admit it.

Kojiro is an interesting case because his personality is conveyed read more
Nov 25, 2021
pissmama (All reviews)
First, for those who don't know, this is a continuation of the story from Harete Bokutachi wa. I've gotta say, this is probably the first BL manga that has literally had me on the edge of my seat getting legitimately angry and feeling hate for the guy who was trying to steal Keigo, so I think the tension was done well haha! Overall I really enjoyed this. I loved the original as well so this was a fitting and satisfying conclusion, it's nice seeing the love being less fast paced than other stories, it can be kinda unfulfilling when both parties confess in the first read more
Nov 25, 2021
caetit (All reviews)
oyasumi punpun absolutely destroyed me. on my first read, there were times when i had to take a break due to how overwhelming the story was.
on my second read, it still hurt like a bitch.

the manga perfectly showcases characters with realistic and relatable motivations and behaviours.
at times, i was confused on certain aspects of the story, though rereading assisted in my understanding of this work.

the art style is breathtaking, and it's capable of displaying the vivid environments and emotions within the manga.
honestly, i'd recommend this to anyone, if not for the fact that it's such a devastating and tragic read.
Nov 24, 2021
ChathukaInduwara (All reviews)
New Normal was something I discovered while gliding through the seemingly infinite database of pirated manga on my phone. Set in post-pandemic Tokyo, it’s a slightly different coming-of-age story. After not seeing each others’ faces for so long, masks have become an essential part of one’s attire. An era where the glories of unmasked freedom can only be felt through the movies of yesterday. It’s a weird concept that glorifies a little piece of fabric. But thinking about how society has perceived our bodies throughout history, and especially in this country, it isn’t too alien of a concept.

The illustrations on this manga are simply stunning read more
Nov 24, 2021
MufatNuts (All reviews)
This is a hard one to rate, and I feel it all boils down to what lens you are looking at this through.

In terms of isekai trash +ero-manga it's a solid 8.5-9/10 because sometimes you need that power fantasy and sex in your life.

It's definitely not a piece of art that should be admired and be held up as the gold standard so from a typical manga perspective (where you're not only looking for isekai trash, but at the same time you enjoy it) it's like a 5 or 6.

The story honestly has some great parts in terms of the actual issues the MCs friends read more
Nov 24, 2021
Splair (All reviews)
This goes beyond isekai- it's just a damn good manga. The comedic timing is spot on, and Cid is such a fun main character. Hell, I didn't even have to look it up his name. I've reread this manga multiple times because it brings joy to my heart. It definitely plays around with what's usually expected out of the 'isekai' genre, in very entertaining ways.

Like for example, usually the twist of an isekai is just in how the main character arrives there, or how the world itself operates. This manga goes beyond that, because it's not simple wish fulfillment of the author. It's wish fulfullment read more
Nov 24, 2021
Birdmen (Manga) add (All reviews)
Splair (All reviews)

It's one of those ones you want to reread as soon as you're done! I absolutely adored it! The writing is fantastic, and all the characters feel fleshed out. Everything is well above average but the writing in particular is absolutely dead on. There was not a single time I felt lost, bored or disappointed-- it really delivered. Even in things that trip up other writers. Like for example, sometimes when a manga adds a lot of new characters, things get confusing to follow. Not here! Holy crap, I was shocked. Not really a spoiler, there's this one part where read more
Nov 24, 2021
retroblakx (All reviews)
Story: 6/10
A great story following the life of Miyamoto Musashi, a real historical figure. The story is pretty basic but it is still well-executed with parts that will definitely impress you. The story develops quite well, but my problem is the farming arc which made me lose a lot of interest. The story is also not completed, and I doubt that it will be. The highlight of the manga, which was probably going to be kojiro vs Musashi, didn't happen so that was quite disappointing.

Art: 10/10
It's Inoue Takehiko so the art was astounding as usual. Emotions were beautifully conveyed, characters are drawn realistically read more
Nov 24, 2021
witchh (All reviews)
I absolutely adore Toilet Bound Hanako-kun, so right when I saw this I immediately read it. The art is amazing like always, and it's honestly amazing how much Aidarlo has improved. The "Dear My Living Dead" story was amazing, and caught me by surprise lol (I was wondering what it had to do with TBHK haha). Also, it's interesting to see how the characters change! Kou looked different (and Teru was never introduced), and Nene's story is also interesting! Of course, I think the current story is the best version, but I feel like before, Nene was a bit more interesting. Highly reccomend!
Nov 24, 2021
Monster (Manga) add (All reviews)
TonpasGOAT (All reviews)
My take on the story Monster by Naoki Urasawa.

Story: Amazing. From the very beginning to the end the readers are drawn in, and in my opinion there are no 'wasted' chapters. In the opening chapters we are given a simple question: Are all human lives equal? But slowly the story turns over on its head and we are introduced to a lot more thematic ideas. (Nihilism, Good v Evil kinda)

Art: I'm a big fan of older manga art, and I'd say Urasawa really executes well in this department. It's also a main reason why I plan on reading his other works, I just can't get read more
Nov 24, 2021
_Bubassotto_ (All reviews)
Definitely this part is best among all for me because it approaches a new method of getting stants and the time in which the story goes was a great move to insert bounty hunters like Mountain Tim. Another thing I really liked but why it's a pure joke of fate that in the manga there's a character called Gaucho who is also the name they give in my country to people who are born in the region where I live. Well, leaving this curiosity aside, I found it very unusual to have the theme Jesus Christ and Christianity as the center of this part, and read more
Nov 24, 2021
Supahz (All reviews)
Well, what can you say about Shingeki? It's difficult to find such an influential work with such a maligned and divisive ending (I'm looking at you, Neon Genesis Evangelion). The fanboys are vociferous, as are the haters. Both have valid points, some are ridiculous. I fall in between, but cannot discount that the majority of the series is brilliant.

The manga is better than the anime... a lot better, really... as is often the case. But the manga suffers from that same poor finish, as you'd expect. And having to revisit the topic about this ending really detracts from the legacy.

Great characters and art, a great read more