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Leviathan (Manga) add
(Caution: Spoiler hints)

Listen if you're here for the plot and are expecting something 'deep' out of this, you don't really have to bother yourself. But if you just wanna have fun, chuckle and look at good art at a comfortable pace, then this might be for you. I loved the series. The art was great, the characters were likeable, the subtle humor was just right up my alley, and the overall vibe felt very unique.

However, at the end of chapter 70, I find myself riddled with questions. Not necessarily a good thing I would say- it was more of a "Wait, what the f*** just happened?" kind of thing. Was it all a dream? A dream within a dream? Time travel? Parallel world? I don't know what was real anymore lol, and since there wasn't much discussion about this series I gave up trying to decipher the meaning behind the conclusion. The right word would be 'scammed'- yes, I felt scammed. But damn it was one hell of a nice scam going on. I did enjoyed it.

Sadly though I'm only gonna have to give it a 5, no more and no less. This however made me wanna check out Otsuka Eiji's other works, and I can't wait to start on another one. But like I said, don't expect anything complicated out of this series and take everything with a pinch of salt. Enjoy!
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Warning: contains mild spoilers (but nothing we haven't seen in other isekai stories before).

Death March begins with the protagonist Suzuki being transported to a fantasy world and wiping out armies of mobs with an inexplicably-obtained spell. This leads to him becoming so powerful, that nothing poses any real threat.

Now, an overpowered protagonist isn't a bad thing if the story manages to present it in a humorous way, or if there are equally strong enemies. This isn't the case with Death March, however; you can expect Suzuki to destroy any opponent with ease, as long as he isn't holding back for some silly reason. Most of the time, he is.

You see, Suzuki is some sort of a pacifist, which is funny considering wiping out hundreds of sentient lizardmen doesn't bother him much. In fact, no one talks about the cataclysmic event that his arrival caused besides a few casual mentions. Acquiring the obligatory harem is much more important, apparently.

To no one's surprise, the secondary characters are all female. Shortly into the story, Suzuki purchases no less than five (mostly loli) slave girls, who are, of course, completely devoted and love him for being such a kind master. At least Naofumi from "Shield Hero" had good reasons to purchase a slave. Here, it is nothing more but a cheap way to instantly build a harem of girls who will never leave the protagonist. Don't expect anything raunchy, though. Among his many sins, Suzuki is a complete herbivore.

I enjoyed "Mushoku Tensei", so it's not like I hate wish fulfillment stories or harems. It's just that Death March is an awful example of both. I'm legitimately surprised that this tripe is considered good enough to get published and get an anime adaptation in Japan.
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Umibe no Onnanoko (Manga) add
Its hard capturing how sex and desire conflict with a blossoming maturity both physically and emotionally as a teenager.The two lead characters in A Girl on the Shore are entangled in a sexual relationship that neither can quite make sense of. It is portrayed as a source of comfort and exploration and confusion especially when confronted with each outside the bedroom.
While the sex scene are very -very- explicit, Asano really lets the story develop in a series of artfully crafted moments, gestures, and even facial expressions. Sato's struggle with her modesty, shame and her sexual awakening (instigated by her crush on an older boy who assaults her) and Isobe's depression and grief over his brother's suicide unfold in a really authentic way. That is to say one that is not always satisfying but heart-wrenchingly realistic.
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G-Maru Edition (Manga) add
It's a shame that this didn't last very long. G-Maru is one of the better ecchi comedies that I've come across. The best part is undoubtedly the outstanding art by Mizuki Kawashita. It's fun watching her get her full ecchi on. The story isn't anything special but it provides plenty of opportunity for comedic situations. One problem is that the only character that is very interesting is Aruto (she is great) but I'm willing to put that down to Kawashita only having a short time to develop them. It only takes a day or two to get through all the chapters so if you like ecchi comedy, I'd suggest giving it a try.
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Last Game (Manga) add

Story - 10
!!!!!!!!!!!!!! need i say more without spoiling anything. see: Enjoyment

Art - 9
art is typical for a shoujo manga. just rly happy the mangaka didnt make yanagi look too much like the Typical Leading Male In A Shoujo Manga if u know what i mean. yanagi looks plain and blond and most certainly does not have long tousled hair and a stoic face which is amazing because u have NO IDEA how often that appearance appears in shoujo manga IT MAKES ME SICK. the art isnt so good as would merit a 10, but it was ok and fairly consistent too considering this manga took like 4 years to complete

Character - 10
AMAZING kujou is amazing her determination to study and work hard for her dreams since she was a little girl is amazing. she deserves everything good in life because she worked hard for it. also shes not tsundere which is amazing because HONESTLY there are too many tsundere girls in shoujo mangas already. tho if i had to pick a fav character in this manga itd probs be yanagi even though hes tsundere. it is amazing how expressive he is you would think he is the Overly-Dramatic Leading Lady In A Shoujo Manga Who Overthinks Everything even though he is technically not (spoiler alert he actually is). also he is NOT COOL AT ALL nope he is completely dorky and awkward and really really spoiled and sheltered. which is why i like him bec hes not like those other leading males in shoujo mangas who are Too Perfect For Life and Women (im looking at u usui takumi). i love yanagi he is dramatic, annoying, funny, and MOST IMPORTANTLY VERY EXPRESSIVE and ANIMATED, which u dont really see in many leading males in popular shoujo manga who are all like 'wat do u want stop bothering me and my cold, cool facade u wont see through until after a hundred chapters when u have broken down by stoic walls'. i love him even though i wouldnt want him as a boyfriend because FUQ HE IS SO NEEDY. all the other characters are great. i love the astronomy club and my country boy KEI-CHAN. i love how they all developed as characters throughout the whole ordeal between yanagi and kujou. the characters are what makes this manga so great and enjoyable and FUNNY

Enjoyment - 10
I Love Everything the humor the romance the fact that THERE IS LITTLE TO NO CRINGE-WORTHY DRAMATIC SCENES amazing. im very nitpicky about shoujo manga because i hate mangas which are too much of an emotional roller coaster like nope no thanks im experiencing enough drama in my life to devote a portion of it to READING drama nope. this manga just had the right balance of comedy and romance that would satisfy such a shallow person like me lol if i could give it a 10000/10 read more
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Yesterday, 4:42 PM
Noblesse (Manga) add
Noblesse is one of those manhwas which you know wont end its story is on repeat here are the simple steps to make this manwha
Step1:Get your friend captured
2:Search for your friend for nearly 50 chapters each arc
3:Destroy enemy without effort
4:Enemy is now on your bandwagon because they know if they arent they are screwed for life
5:Rinse and repeat
No I'm not kidding this has been the same plot for each and every arc I don'k know how the author gets away with it.
Characters are probably the best part of this story besides those uninteresting brats who i thought were the mc.
Rai is a cool dude who you want to hang with and would never get bored from. He is the strongest in the series currently with the most retarded drawback on his powers which I wont spoil but since i led you up heres why its retarded, Its because no one cares that drawback is so useless i dont even get it he almost 1 shots everybody in 2 seconds and the drawback isnt even severe since he has been spamming it like almost every move when he could easily take down oponents in a different manner. Ok im done btching so heres rai he wakes up from his slumber from 800 yrs ago and is now learning how new technology works barely gets any character development besides him learning housemaid works.
Frankenstein-Did i mention rai having a retarded drawback for his power? that could easily be fixed with this guy but plot wont allow it for comedy reasons not to mention they actually take the drawbacks seriously. Frank is a useless Principal on his school who needs to keep dog leash on his allies to not make them go lost everytime he does his job doing nothing in a pricipals office besides his cleaning habbits he is a very strict naughty boy who lieks antics and pissing off his enemies and he aslso has a yandere lover
AK47 Probobly the most developed character in the series through the ways of being kidnapped every second he doesnt kiss rais ass. He was originally a bad guy gone good with the help of friendship
Enjoyment 9
With all the bullsht that i spouted you would honestly think this was a bad series yet its full of laughs
Overall 7
The story is going nowhere the comedy is good only if it wasnt always overused and the wide array of characters actually hold this off from being bad
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Yesterday, 4:26 PM
Golden Boy (Manga) add
Back in the 90's after watching the anime "Golden Boy" I could never understand why they never made more episodes? After all it was one of the best animated, and unique stories I had ever seen.

Well fast forward 20yrs, and thanks to the scary power of the internet I was finally able to read the manga...And now I know.

After chapter 5, things get really lewd really fast!

Part of the charm of the first 5 chapters and the Anime. Is that Kintaro never quite gets the girl, or so to say he gets the girl but leaves before he gets to score.
Unfortunately after chapter 5 there's an abrupt change in writing style. Kintaro not only gets the girl, and multiple girls, but he's also sometimes the girl with scenes of cross dressing, and being a BDSM slave.

I can't help wonder if the writer after chapter 5 was pressured by his editor to add more smut? Or if he was in collage taking a psychology 101 class? Either way, you'll either love the change or dislike it.
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Yesterday, 5:57 AM
Aho Girl (Manga) add
Like a lot of 4-koma, Aho Girl takes a little while to get going but once all the major characters are established, it is relentlessly funny. It's a very simple story about an idiot and the people around her who have to deal with her antics. It's really just dumb fun but the jokes land pretty consistently. This is mostly because of the great characters, who are all hilarious in their own way. The best part about it is how unsympathetically things are portrayed. Yoshiko is a proud idiot has no concern for the people she causes problems for. The main male character Akutsu seems to actually (justifiably) hate her. She would be infuriating to be around in real life but reading about her is hysterical. The art is pretty simple but works well with the comedy.
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Jan 18, 2017
Sankarea (Manga) add
I have failed.
So many people have departed from this story with results that they love.
I have not.

I have randomly found this manga, while having had aimed to find something completely random and new to indulge myself with!
Something I'll have no idea about so that it can be a totally genuine experience.
And Sankarea was just that.
I love the way the manga's covers look.

I've started reading this, and almost every single thing, every page, I had known what would come in the next.
Everything was so predictable to me.
While reading, I have stopped numerous times simply to laugh a bit at how what I was looking at was something I had expected to happen.
It wasn't laugh really, it was just averting my attention from the pages to the wall of my room with a big grin.

The story is cute, Rea is beautiful in every possible way, but I'm unfortunately blind to truly enjoying the beauty of her and everything else in this story.
I think nothing bad of this story, I have simply failed at enjoying it, and the proof for that is the simple fact that so many others have fully enjoyed the experience of going through this story.
To me it was just a cliche after a cliche.

When I think about it, I think that the reason that this is the outcome I'm left with after the story, is the way that characters are.
Overuse of blushing.
Blushes are nice and all, but in this story, everyone are blushing all the time, not my cup of tea.
The characters are what was the most cliche thing, to me.
I am upset that I've not fully grown to love this story.
I do love it, it's beautiful, and as I say that, I know that that's just something I wish would be the full truth.

Spoiler about the conclusion of the story bellow:
I did however, after finishing the story, wake up during the night, and in the morning, without being able to proceed with my sleep, duo to what this story ends up as.
Rea, that angel of a person, ending up all alone.
All alone.
It's scary, how this story ends. That suffocating feeling of loneliness that is not even yours (how I feel when I think about the end of the story).
If I had gone through this story long before, that ending would've kept me awake so many nights, I'd cry.

If this was "packaged" somehow differently, perhaps it would've been just my thing, but this way it was barely anything.
I know though, that if this was my first manga ever, if I had read this back when I was still a kid, I'd have probably fallen in love with everything about this story. Everything.
Perhaps the problem is that I'm "too-grown-up" and thus this story is just too perfect for me..
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Jan 18, 2017
Shinshi Doumei Cross (Manga) add
Art :
Arina sensei sure have a good talent on drawing manga. I read Sakura hime kaden too (well, not finished because publisher in my country dropped the series) and I like it a lot. but not in Shinshi doumei cross. first book, I have to re-read it to remember the character (every chara look same!). I can't tell the different of Ushio and Haine when they close up. well, mailman and the strahl too (but I can look the different from the hat and hair when reading chapter 2).
Arina sensei drawing is good, but it's tiring reading this manga because almost of page is full (with flowers and unnecessary things).

Story :
I just read 2 title manga from Arina sensei, and I prefer the tale-type than high school type like shinshi. but the main story is unusual, it fresh and I mean it's good.

Characters :
Arina sensei's heroine usually one type : cheerful, dark past, already love the hero. but in shinshi, more chara in love with same sex type. I... don't like it. I still prefer cross dressing, but not with love in it.

Enjoyable :
the manga have 59 chapters, and my eyes is tired reading it. like I said before, the flowers and the details it's too much. it's good for the cover, but not in the manga.

Overall :
I hope Shinshi Doumei Cross is color manga, so I can enjoy the details (LoL). The story is good, art is good, and if I throw the fact that my eyes can't stand too much detail, it's very good manga.

I hope Arina sensei can improve the chara draw so they all don't look same.
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I loved the story in the beginning but this manga is not what I expected to be. I wouldn't recommended to anyone to read this and if you are maybe you are wasting your time because as the story goes it becomes very complicated and a story of love becomes something that is not at all love anymore. If you are a person without a faint heart then read maybe you will enjoy it. I myself a faint hearted person and I very much enjoy love stories but my personal feeling right now is why did I read this manga.
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As Mermaid Melody was my very first anime I watched about 8 years ago, I felt like I had to read the manga sometime. I was curious for the "original" story of the anime, wondering if it was any different. And here we are.

Now where to start...


This was something that kind of really surprised me. Mostly, when having watched an anime and being curious for the manga, you expect a broader approach to the story with much more content. This is actually opposite here. The anime is much more developed with its 50 episodes per season. This manga only has 35 chapters.

Personally I felt like the first part of the manga series (The Gackto arc) was so rushed compared to the anime. It felt like many parts were missing and the story jumped to different plots, but that could also be because pretty much all manga reader sites have listed the chapters in a weird way which concluded in me reading the wrong follow-up chapters sometimes (please fix this oh my god it was so confusing).

It's also safe to say that the manga is quite more mature than the anime. I was 12 years old when I started watching the anime and looking back at it now, it's kind of childish and happy/romantic feeling. Let's say I'd compare it to Winx Club which I used to watch around that time as well. Of course, it has its typical Japanese favorite romantic moments thrown in, but the fact that the anime had such a big succes in Italy with children says enough.

In which aspect is the manga more mature then?

There is much more nude shown. For example: in the anime, when the mermaids were bathing, they would never show you how they turned back into humans after getting out. In the manga, they often show how the girls actually wipe off the water with towels and turn parts of their body humanly that way. So needless to say, there are many drawings of the girls naked (with parts covered of course) using a towel.

It's not like this is a bad thing, but it certainly helped making the anime more child-friendly by leaving out parts like this.

Another thing which clearly showed the older targetted audience in the manga was the dialogue. Now I know some things get lost in translation, but the dialogue was kind of long and annoying sometimes. I'm not talking about the parts where the girls are just humans and have fun, it's more about the actual fighting parts. Especially the Michel arc made my brain hurt. so. much.

I am still very confused about that Michel arc. Everything was so unclear to me, and I'm definitely not too young to understand complex stories, but this... It felt like they tried to fit too much information in a few chapters. I must admit it has also been a long time since I saw the anime, so I can't compare if it was explained better in there. Overall, this arc read more
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Jan 18, 2017
Girl Friends (Manga) add
If you are told that this one of the better yuri mangas, then you'll probably expect too much. For me yuri is basically a more challenging romance, the thing is that this manga's focus isn't the romantic relationship, but the daily lives of our couple. In essence this is a Slice of Life manga about high school teenage girls doing their best to be cute through appearances. If you like conversations about cute make up, cute shopping, cute dresses, cute hairdos, cute faces, cute school events and basically cute girls doing cute (commercialized) things, this is the manga for you. This is so because the romance gets scarce development between the daily activities, which overshadow it. Near the end of every volume, you're reminded that this is supposed to be a romance between two people who are not used to it, yet are as close as they can be in terms of friendship. As he tags mention, it's better to approach this manga as a Slice of Life with romantic elements thrown in, rather than a Romance that takes its time.

The art is serviceable, but seemingly busy due to how often 3+ characters are in a scene. It's more often too busy for its own good and has a lot of background conversations laid in a small panel, it's excessive, noisy and doesn't contribute much in terms of presenting a scenery, atmosphere or a feel for the setting our characters are in, at least aesthetic wise. The ending impression is that their lives are filled with a lot noise, that is, if you're also counting their own monologing about the state of their relationship, which would usually take effort for someone to space out as such. But in the end it does its job at presenting cute characters in a pleasant manner and keeps it safe.

As a Slice of Life, there isn't much story to go around. Again, it's 4 girls being materialistic in conventional ways, talking about make up, clothes, boys, hooking up, how cute the other looks, etc. The school setting at least provides non-club activities like the festivals, field trips, vacations, so the setting often feels varied and there is a certain feel of a timeline in that regard.
Now it's the romantic plotline that gets the short end of the stick, it's the usual avoidance, unrequited emotional responses, jealousy, mixed signals and so forth. But again they are only truly explored in the end of a volume and just laid to the background after a new volume begins. They are present and mentioned during all the fluff, but mostly in monologues, kept there right before the climactic kiss for the volume ending. And when Akko and Mari(our main couple) really try to dedicate themselves to their relationship, it feels wholly different from what you've been reading up to that point, it's basic, it's cute, it works, but is done for a few pages, not for an entire chapter. That is, if you don't count them read more
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Jan 18, 2017
Uzumaki (Manga) add
I basically read through the entire thing in one sitting and man, was it a ride.

Story: 7

The story was surprisingly good and felt very well constructed. I really liked the episodic style of it. It gave off a Tales from the Crypt type vibe (this gaijin loves him some crypt keeper) while staying interconnected. The pacing was also great and made each chapter feeling brief but still feeling like its own little thing. The pacing was absolutely ideal for the story, constantly ramping up the tension until the climactic page turn reveal(that moment in the comic where a character's face is focused on, the next page being what they were reacting to, for the uninitiated). Of course a big flaw with the story was that sometimes it got campy. Like, super campy. Otherwise, really well done.

Art: 10

The art in this series is on a whole other level. The art style may be a bit dry but there's also something aesthetically "off" you could say about each frame. like everyone just looks kinda weird in an unnerving way rather than a distracting way. It's these dark nuances that never reduce Uzumaki to a visual bore. Also, elaborating on the page turn reveal. The sheer amount of detail put into these panels is astonishing, Ito's medical training also really contributing to the vivid nature of the visuals. Phenomenal stuff here.

Characters: 6/10

Can you really do much with characters in an episodic format? Of course the lack of any real depth to them is natural and wasn't too much of a bother. We know just enough about the major cast to care about them enough to stay invested. Nothin' much here.

Enjoyment: 10

I thoroughly enjoyed this story. I wasn't at all bored when reading and the visuals were awe-inspiring at points. It satiated my hunger as a fan of the genre well.

Overall: 9

Overall I'd recommend this to any horror fan or jkust someone looking for a good (albeit nightmarish) time.
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Jan 18, 2017
Kuzu no Honkai (Manga) add
Ok this review is very bias but i will do what i can to try to make it fair
The FMC is the most insecure girl ever does every manga/anime need to portray girls with so much insecurities if they are perfect.
The Male lead, its so hard to call him an mc since he basically has 0 to none screentime at all and he is basically a walking plot device with 0 personality and when he does have a character development they dummed him down for the female teacher which i will get in a sec.
The Female teacher has the most forced romance ever for some reason the mc and the male teacher have almost everything in common yet she for some reason doesnt like the mc yet is drooling for the male teacher which is your typical nice guy gets every women.
The Male teacher is the most oh jesus deus ex machina faggot I've seen with the love of his life suddenly having a crush on him for no reason besides his somewhat sister being the reason.
The other 2 girls who are somewhat important to the story=who cares about them they barely do jacksht besides that one lesb with the most retarded backstory to be relevant

Your generic can't you see I'm too deep to be understood its pathetic on how almost every scene has inner monologue it simply doesn't understand how show don't tell works.

Its great i guess

I'm one of those people who doesn't binge read and wait weakly i actually enjoyed first couple of chapters thinking that it would be unique but no it wasn't. Imagine almost every chapter ends with a cliffhanger and next chapter nothing happens

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I'm going to start by getting this out first: I love Junjou Romantica. Now it's obvious this would come up given that both works are by the legendary genius Shingiku Nakamura whose BL/yaoi have made for one of the best-selling yaoi of all time. Sekaiichi Hatsukoi is somewhat of a 'spin-off' of of Junjou, taking place in the same universe and following a similar style and formula. A guy hired as a manga editor for Makawa Publishing surrounded by men trying to mimic their shounen demographic by way of getting in touch with their feminine side? SOUNDS LIKE AN A+ PLAN TO ME.

But I didn't like this as much honestly. And I really wanted to. I know I'm in the minority here but I thought the panels were pretty cluttered and I didn't feel the same endearing quality of Junjou, nor the likability of the characters. It's a decent story and a ton of fun but I couldn't enjoy it as much as I wanted to--I'm not going to knock it for being a sweet romance though.
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Jan 17, 2017
Mitsuami no Kamisama (Manga) add
Mitsuami no Kamisama is a short manga with a very pleasant, simplistic art and writing style. Partially due to this, I was not expecting such profound thematic and metaphorical depth that I was presented with while reading.

Mitsuami no Kamisama follows just a select few human characters in a setting which already seems to lack extensive human involvement. However, with the prevalent use of personification, much of the manga’s focus, as well as the source of nearly all of its dialogue, is the vast number of normally-inanimate objects which occupy its world. This use of personification is relatively common in literature, but with it, Mitsuami no Kamisama manages to portray countless themes and allegories in very unique ways. The contrast between the deep themes explored in this manga and its overall charming presentation helps make Mitsuami no Kamisama a special and memorable experience.

As the characters, story, and setting are built upon, a central theme aimed at the reader begins to form: taking aspects of daily life for granted, or unjustly finding trivial. There are numerous additional concepts within the manga that stem and branch out from this idea. The author sets up these sub-themes in ways which could let them have multiple meanings, or be interpreted in different ways thanks to her slightly vague, simple, and open-ended writing style. Because of this I am certain that everyone can find something to connect to while reading. The overarching story in Mitsuami no Kamisama proves to be surprisingly expansive; throughout the plot's progression, its tone and further messages manage to range anywhere between happy and lighthearted to quite somber and tragic. Once I reached its conclusion, I was left extremely satisfied and somewhat in awe of how well different aspects of the story and themes managed to come together and reflect each other.

I have nothing but praise for Mitsuami no Kamisama, I consider it an incredible piece of literature and easily one of my favorite manga. A wonderful experience whether you choose to interpret it as a nice, light read, as something deeper which provides plenty to think about, or as something between the two. I highly recommend it and hope that over time it can receive more exposure as I feel it greatly deserves.
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Jan 17, 2017
Paperweight Eye (Manga) add
I wanted so badly to enjoy this manga. Such an interesting and original concept, such beautiful artwork, and a yandere-ish, mysterious male lead to boot - it had so much potential.

Story: 6

The ONLY reason I gave this manga's story a 6/10 is because of the originality and potential of the concept. The pacing of this manga is awful, and this is one of the main reasons that I struggled to finish it. I've never read anything like it before, and that automatically meant that I considered it a 3/10. Top it off with one point for my general (but infinitesimal) enjoyment of the story and one point from sheer generosity, and there you have it.

Art: 9ish/10

The art was gorgeous! There were times when I could tell that the mangaka had been feeling a bit rushed, or perhaps a bit tired of drawing, but this didn't bother me at all. Other than that, expressions and emotions were well executed, and plenty of detail was provided. This manga was pretty, if nothing else.

Character: 4/10

This is where the manga reeeally lost my attention. The characters are shallow, two-dimensional, and seemed silly. Don't get me wrong, there certainly were interesting aspects of the main and main supports, BUT with no character development, it all fell flat.

Enjoyment: 5/10

As I said, I really wanted to like this manga. I'm disappointed because this sort of thing is right up my alley, yet I had to literally drag myself through the last half of it.

Overall: 5/10

See above. I have nothing else to say. :c
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Jan 17, 2017
Onanie Master Kurosawa (Manga) add
Onani Master Kurosawa was hands-down, one of the worst mangas I've ever had the displeasure of sitting through. Sure, it wasn't viscerally disgusting like Haou Airen but it certainly wasn't a "so-bad-it's-good" type of read either. It's yet another addition to the ever-growing pile of mangas that could've gone somewhere meaningful and instead decided to embrace mediocrity. If you're the kind of person who enjoys reading manga with wasted potential, you're probably gonna like this. For those of us who don't, however - let's go at length and explain /why/ this manga was (and might very well be) a terrible experience.

For starters, the eponymous protagonist certainly wasn't a compelling lead. From the very beginning, there's no semblance of originality to Kurosawa's characterization - he's an introvert with the telltale signs of ASPD, complete with edgelord haircut. Oh look, he doesn't get along with his peers! Oh look, he thinks terribly of the people around him! Oh look, he has a dirty little secret! Oh look, he gets curved by a girl he thinks is cute and shares common interests with! What the fuck is there to this guy that makes him different from someone like Kasuga from Aku no Hana anyway? The fact that he's a chronic masturbator who can only get off to the /very/ graphic daydreams he has about raping his classmates? Say what you will about Kasuga, but at least he felt trapped in the town that he lived in and was dying for a way out.

Now right off the bat, the concept lends itself well to an overarching plotline that has Kurosawa dealing with his antisocial tendencies but that certainly doesn't happen. Instead, the manga opts to go for a "oh look, he didn't really think all those terrible things about everyone, he was just misunderstood and made a mistake!" approach. You know, never mind the fact that he had /VERY/ explicit and extremely detailed rape fantasies. Never mind the fact that when the manga started off, he was exhibiting the telltale signs of sociopathy. Never mind the fact that Kurosawa made decisions that in the real world, would have EXTREMELY dire repercussions. He was just a misunderstood introvert who people needed to give a chance, and he ultimately redeems himself in the eyes of his peers.

I'm certainly not expecting this manga to live up to the standard that I hold Goodnight Punpun to, especially considering how many breaks from reality Punpun ended up having upon retrospect. At the same time though, I would at least expect this manga to have the same kind of depth and detail in regard to Kurosawa's that Inio Asano put into Punpun's character. I mean, it's easy to call Kurosawa an edgelord but that's basically all that he is. It's impossible to take this kind of shit seriously, especially considering how deeply entrenched the depiction of edgelord teenagers in high school that think they're better than everyone else is in the world of anime/manga. If the mangaka decided to actually read more
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Jan 17, 2017
Mahou Sensei Negima! (Manga) add
Negima! is an odd series; it begins as an obnoxious ecchi comedy, but by chapter 20 or so begins a transition into a bombastic shonen battle series, with writing that is alternately brilliant and frustrating. While I enjoy this series, I am fully aware of its largest faults, and I feel I have to elaborate on these a bit first since they could be a breaking point for potential readers.

The Negatives:

The biggest elephant in the room for Negima is that, at its core, it's a harem comedy starring a 10-year-old boy protagonist. He is constantly put into uncomfortably erotic situations that would absolutely NOT be considered ok if genders were reversed. This bothered me throughout the series, but was eventually able to acknowledge it and move on.

Related to this, Negi's harem consists of the girls middle school class he teaches, and the majority of them eventually develop crushes on the 10-year old boy. How icky this feels can vary; one girl only develops feelings for the adult body Negi uses to disguise himself, but one of the primary side characters has a "crush" on him FROM THE BEGINNING. This is not natural or normal.

Lastly, despite not being the full ecchi comedy suggested in the first 20 chapters, elements of it remain throughout the series. Middle school girl characters constantly have their clothes blown off by magical attacks, and Negi is frequently in suggestive or compromising situations with his students/potential love interests. To be honest, i still can't figure these scenes out, because they seem so dissonant from the majority of the content. Was there an editorial demand to fit in this content? Was the author trolling the readers? Or does the author simply really, really like underage ecchi content? Sadly, i suspect it's the latter.

The Positives:

One reason I was so baffled by the presence of the ecchi content later on is because the writing in the rest of the series is very clever, and sometimes even brilliant. As an example, there is a massive arc in the middle of the series surrounding a high school festival, that is the writing equivalent of juggling 10 chainsaws. It features at least 3 separate sub-arcs all linked through time travel, with later sub-arcs fore-shadowed in earlier ones, without any plot holes or contradictions (that I could find). It also features tear-jerking plot lines, an excellent tournament arc, and an outstanding climax with a great villain with complex motives. What's even more impressive is that, based on my multiple readings of the series, later plot twists and events were absolutely planned from the beginning. It's fun to read the innocent early chapters, and see the later events foreshadowed, or background characters that later become central to the plot.

Another strong point are the characters. Yes, some of the characters are off-putting for reasons i mentioned previously, but many more are complex and well written. The biggest example is Negi himself, who is quite different from the vast majority of shonen protagonists. read more
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Jan 17, 2017
Mai-chan no Nichijou (Manga) add
I like gore and dark mangas those are some of my favorite genres. Now mai-chan no Nichijou is one of those typical loving mangas where you can enjoy a maid in her daily life*is it?!?!* Sure there's a bit of blood in the chapters*A BIT?!?* and you might see a lot of naked moments but it is not sooo bad. If you honestly liked it then you need some help...

I give the story a 3 : I can't go lower cause some of the chapters weren't as bad as the rest, they were decent enough to not jump in to the eye balls sex scene..really?

Art 6: yes a 6 I don't like the manga at all but the art was fair and well detailed, It can't be helped...ugh

Characters 3: In the manga it is only focused on one character and that is mai chan, everyone else is meh.

In my own words, I have encountered so many gore and disturbing/dark/etc. mangas before but this one...Is the most terrible one I have ever read, My friend told me about this and he said to NOT read it. He spoiled me what happens in it cause he doesn't want anyone to fall prey to it but since I have encountered so many of these mangas, I thought this one wasn't gonna be as bad as the rest of I wrong.
This one traumatized me for almost a week, not by fear but by that one disgust picture that keeps appearing in my mind when I go to sleep.
and it's the damn baby on a dudes crotch REALLY CREATOR WTF? That was just depressing as fuck and it is not worth reading it at all. But it honestly was based on how reality is. You might not see this happen infront of you but all that happens somewhere.(not the tiger) But the child porn, rape, death, sex slavery, etc. They definitely exist.
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Jan 17, 2017
Sangatsu wa Oresama ni Narimasu (Manga) add
I can't believe that there is no review for this manga yet. I only read 4 chapters so far (well, actually only 4 chapters have been scanlated when this review is written) but this manga is so funny! I almost miss the chance of reading this manga because I initially thought it was a shoujo manga, but the art is very clear and clean (it doesn't adopt the shoujo-manga-esque-super- big - eye sketches type). I'm glad I gave this manga a try because it is hilarious!

The main character, Sangatsu Sumire is downright naive and pure. Even when the love-teacher Nanami pulls his killer moves on her, instead of having a heart-thumping moment and blush like a normal girl, she doesn't falter and naively admiring her master's confidence and ability to pull such moves. She even attempts to do it to her crush and oftentime ended in failing hilariously.

The story so far is great and because it is still new, the manga only show a purely platonic, master-student relationship between Sangatsu and Nanami. There is also Sangatsu's protective friend introduced in the latest chapter, but not much can be said since the character is very new.

Overall, this is a great manga. The art is clean, the storyline is progressing good so far and each character is developing slowly and steadily at their own pace without the need to forcefully shove romantic storyline between the main character. It somehow gives HoriMiya kind-of vibe when I'm reading this, so I love this manga.
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Jan 17, 2017
Kuzu no Honkai (Manga) add
If I had read this when I was younger, I would be crying a lot to most of the pages of this story, and would have perhaps been left traumatised. It's a realistic possibility duo to how I was when I had first gotten in to anime and manga.
The way I am though(mature, I do calim to be), it only causes me to be instantly fully awoken up in the mornings when I regain my dream-staggered consciousness , with the first thing on my mind even before I have opened my eyes being the characters of this story.

I remember my first anime, Fate/Stay night, and how for 6 months after having had gone through the story, 8 years ago, I couldn't think of much of anything, other than Saber.
I had fallen in love with her, and she was gone. It doesn't matter if you know Fate/Stay Night or not, it was the feeling of someone you love, and who loves you, not being your possibility simply because the world doesn't allow it(not in the sense that I was actually wishing for an anime character to be alive (I WAS(I DO), DEFINITELY), but in the sense of that what happened in the story I had projected on to myself).

Another example.

5 Centimeters per second.
That, I've gone through only less than a year ago, and as rugged as I've developed to be, due to my age and the amount of stories that I have gone through thus far, 5 Centimeters per second made me feel alive, really alive.
Alive by not being able to close my eyes at night in my bed even though I was exhausted and tired.
Alive in the way of, I hope you know what it is that I'm going to try to describe now(never quite found an expression to describe the feeling with, not one I was satisfied enough with to have memorised it);
Alive in the way of having the feeling of breathing being really difficult.
Having to, not physically, struggle to breathe in. That compressing feeling of sadness and knowing that what is making you sad is reality itself.

Kuzu no Honkai is basically the two things that I have described above, from start to finish(though the manga is not yet over, at the time of writing this).
To draw a line with a metaphorical comparison..
You, the reader, are a freshly open wound. No, that's not good, naturally you don't have such kinds of wounds, hopefully..
This story is, a stick, doesn't matter what really, but something solid.
This story pokes at your heart, if you read it sincerily.
It's like poking at the inside of your flesh, but in a sense of thought, your mental state.
Do you get sick with sadness by the thought of the person you love.. Not loving you.. Leaving you.. Leaving you for another...
If you delve in to this story with full respect, the respect I believe you should approach to every story with, the respect that allows you to take the whatever the read more
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Jan 17, 2017
Naruto (Manga) add
My first manga review I will try to make it good

Story: 9/10

The story is well written and it's not confusing although it does have some two loop holes but that's just a nitpick in the whole chapter. What does bother me is that the chapter doesn't explain why the security guard killed Takashi and stole the picture. And also since Takashi was Naruto's first friend they could still make Naruto a bit more vengeful then letting both of the main antagonist live.

Art: 9/10

It's classic Naruto art. It's great but nothing too amazing or too bad

Characters: 9/10

The characters are made out great, the only problem is that they show up only in this chapter (I hope some of them will then show up in the main series of the manga)
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Jan 16, 2017
Tokidoki (Manga) add
The saving grace of this story was the plot twist, otherwise it would be at its best average. At first, its main character has greats similarities with Nisekoi's, that is, the dullest character that can be made, it is at the beginning even worst than Raku, because the last has at least had some basic relationship with his crush, making us sympathize with him, Poppo on the other hand, seem to be attracted to her only in a physical way, sealed by the scene of seeing her half naked, and only then starting a conversation with her. At first I was disappointed, ok, she is dying, but his actions towards her had no weight, it was just predictable to be, a course that normal main character would make(coff Raku coff). However, this changes because of the plot twist, all of his actions after her revelation are painted in a new way, he helped her at first, not because she was pretty, but because he felt empathy towards her, and this gave more depth to its characters and story.
I am deeply disappointed by authors such as this one or Fairy Tail, because they endanger their pacing, development and even plot in favor of fanservice. That scene of her half naked was unnecessary, this was a story of drama and light hearted moments, so it made no sense to put her in that way, it just showed a lack of creativity on the author's part by using such a ridiculous cliche. When I read Nisekoi's one shot and the beginnig of Fairy Tail I was hooked, but both series made the same mistakes, put stupid ecchi cliches and fanservice above all else, destroying all the potential, it is not bad in itself to use ecchi and cliches, but there is a time and context, not in the middle of a relationship in a drama that did not even begin. Like really, the trigger that starded their bond is an ecchi trope cliche???
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Jan 16, 2017
Berserk (Manga) add
Wow hey look it's another perfect 10 for one of the most beloved manga series of all time, what are the chances? Shouldn't I be rating this low so I can be a cool delinquent contrarian?

Whatever, I still want to get my thoughts down, because not only is Berserk the best manga I've ever read, it's one of the best pieces of media I've ever consumed. I've read this damn thing 4 or 5 times all the way through (it's not even finished), and I'm always reminded as to why it's my favorite. Let's go down the list.

Story - 9.5 to 10

What a fucking ride. Most authors could look at the Golden Age arc alone and call that their magnum opus, but with Berserk it's simply an (albeit large) drop in the proverbial bucket.

Arc after arc I find myself truly impressed at the way Kentaro Miura is able to keep the plot feeling fresh and active despite the story continuing for ~350 chapters. The twists and turns the plot speeds through are breakneck and oftentimes devastating. If you like your fiction light and happy this is not the manga you'll want to be reading.

At its core I think Berserk is a character study on how constant and unrelenting torture and suffering can shape a character. Berserk is ugly, it's exhausting, it paints a picture of a cruel and uncaring universe where the very laws of causality fight against you, driving you to the edge of madness. Without that suffering, though, the beauty of this work would never be able to shine as brightly as it does. Those moments of reprise, where the characters can look around among themselves and breathe that well earned sigh of relief, even if it only lasts one night? That's what real beauty is in the world of Berserk. There's a scene a bit farther into the series where the characters are plodding along the shore of the ocean with a sunset painting the background. In fiction that's a rather common scene, it's beautiful, sure, and the picture it paints in your mind is relaxing. But in Berserk? In Berserk that scene might as well be the gates of heaven. The fact that fans reading this can point out this exact page and nod knowingly is the very reason Berserk is so special.

As you might have noticed, I'm taking a tentative 0.5 points off in this section, and the reason for that is the PAINSTAKINGLY slow rate at which Miura works. This manga has been going on for 27 years and 4 months, and is currently still in hiatus until "early 2017(tm)".

Art - 11? 12? More?

For this section I could rant and rave about what a fucking incredible artist Miura is, or, I could save you a paragraph of writing and have you google "Berserk full page art". Scroll through Google Images until I've made my point.

Characters - 10

Honestly, the more I think about it, the more I'm convinced read more
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Jan 16, 2017
Shoujo Gensou Necrophilia (Manga) add
Shoujo Gensou Necrophilia is an interesting manga. Well, the thing is, I didn't really like it. I couldn't get through it. It took me a day or so to complete, when a manga with around 15 chapters shouldn't take that long to complete. Mostly because... the series felt really slow to me. I read about 5 chapters at once, and then I got really bored. I usually don't let stuff like that stop me, but it happened. But, eventually, I finished the entire thing. Eventually, of course, being a day.

The story follows a brother, George, trying to revive his sister with the magic book known as Necromonicon. The sister is basically a walking corpse, who has to feed off of carrion at night to survive. Though, the people see her as a normal girl, because her scars are not seen. She is pretty much, just a corpse. It's pretty... fair, I guess. It develops more, but I don't think I can say much without spoilers.

The art is okay. I mean, it could be better, like most manga, but, for this, it's okay. It's fine. I don't really think I can say much about the art, other than, it's readable, so that's okay.

Now... the characters... I barely cared for any of them. Didn't really care. Trying to make the audience feel for your character in just 15 chapters can be tough, but I did not feel anything when something happened to any of the characters. But, they were designed well, drawn well, so that's good.

I didn't enjoy this manga too much. But, the thing is, I really loved the ending. The ending was nice. It was my favourite part about this manga. It's a fitting end for a manga like this. It's a simple, kind of, and sweet ending. It's the reason I rated this a 7 instead of a 6 or 5. Don't read this if you don't like slow stories that take a while to pick up. Read it for the ending.

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Jan 16, 2017
Grand Blue (Manga) add
Grand Blue is a diving manga.

It is about college freshmen confused with what club they want to join and how to spend their college lives. They get invited by their incredibly nice senpai and join the diving club. This review will focus on how this manga portrays diving and how people discover love for an activity they were completely new to.

The story of Grand Blue is quite simple yet very satisfying to read. It follows the generic new students don't know what they want to do with their lives and end up joining a club out of curiosity but Grand Blue executes this very well. They outline diving in a very simplistic yet intriguing way. You do not need any knowledge on diving beforehand as they explain most of the basics as well as different stages of diving as you start to get more comfortable with the water. They outline how easy it may look on the surface but how difficult an essentially dangerous this activity can get, which leads to some really gut wrenching scenes in the manga. We don't have much stories that go in depth on diving so this feels refreshing to read, definitely on the unique side in that aspect.

The art is best described as simplistic yet beautiful. The diving scenes are drawn with so much detail, it really tries to put the reader in the position the characters are in. The character's faces are beautifully and realistically drawn in almost every panel. You can tell the mangaka put time and research into figuring out the minute details of a human body. Since it's a diving manga, the character's take their clothes off almost all the time and the author did an amazing job showing male and female aesthetics.

The cast of Grand Blue seems a bit generic at first glance, but really grow on you as the series goes on. We have our MC, Kitahara Iori, a college freshmen who is confused on how to spend his college life and ends up discovering a passion for something he previously had no interest in. Grand Blue isn't just all diving though, the characters interact with one another outside of diving in multiple ways developing their relationships with one another, especially the members of the diving club. We have Imamura Kouhei, an outgoing handsome man who doesn't care what other people think of him. He likes to truly express what he has a passion for even if other people may label him in a negative way. He is the first friend Iori makes and the story mainly focuses on their friendship, the struggles that come from it, and their new found love for diving.

If you want a unique manga that outlines the beauty of diving, give Grand Blue a shot.
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Jan 16, 2017
SKET Dance (Manga) add
i gave it a 7, the story is kinda weird, even though i kinda like the characters and how they solve the mistery, i didn't like the mistery, it's just that i don't see anything ggod about the motivation, and the kid who started the mistery seemed crazy to me, but well, the art was good, and i love the idea of a club who solves peoples's problems, also the villain was pathetic, but well what can you expect from an ordinary high schol, i could have been better to me but i really didn't like the twist, the art was good, though most of the time i didn't know who was saying what
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Jan 16, 2017
The Voices That Call Me (Manga) add
A brief and entertaining one-shot for those who understand firstly that this is bizarre and explicit. Other reviewers seem to feel that there's nothing going for the story meaning-wise to justify, in a sense, the goings-on. It's one thing for a manga to entertain through strange happenings, but when a manga attempts to directly philosophize it and bring meaning to it, the audience suddenly shrinks. I'd actually wager that if the mangaka took a more subtle approach it might've connected better with people, as while we all understand words on a basic level, we don't all understand things well through the same use of them.

Anyways, "The Voices That Call Me" is a mild exploration of the "hikikomori", which is a person who chooses to live to themselves within a room - their finances sustained by another. This story in particular explores the basic idea that every human being seeks companionship, but that through the experience of a hikikomori they grow to only really care about themselves. The hikikomori's search for companionship shows how although they want interaction, it's down to a physical level. We're social creatures, so it goes to show how much of an outcast this hikikomori truly is, even if he leaves his room right now. It goes to show they can't re-enter society without assistance.
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Jan 16, 2017
Hikkatsu! (Manga) add
This one is a weird one in that I only just found out that the author wrote and drew “Those Who Hunt Elves” or basically isekai way way way before everyone decided to ruin the “genre”. The art style is so lively it looks totally different than his previous work which was much more standard. This manga has a more noodly and storyboard like approach to it's art that I really enjoy. But as a trade off it is short as heck, only 3 volumes. I feel like it could have been a lot longer by how it was set up but it was an oddly cute read all the same.
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I find the art and the fact that it ran for a really perfect amount of time to be the stand out qualities of this series. This one was so interesting to me back in the day that I picked up all the volumes as they were coming out.
It's a tight series.
What I mean by tight is that it ran for an amount of time to have a good few arcs that began and ended, had it’s overarching plot that was interesting, had a colorful character cast, and then finished with very little loose ends to tie up. The author has a really nice art style for horror work, he knows how to make monsters look good, and his ink work is strong. The art is very non standard for manga bringing to mind a lot of German illustration at times, it’s very detailed inside. It’s just a really solid 8/10 with some problems to be sure but just something that feels kind of comforting to read in a sea of stuff that just goes on too long or stuff that gets axed too early.
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Jan 16, 2017
Thermae Romae (Manga) add
Bathing is something both Rome and Japan hold dear as not only an act to get oneself clean but also as an act of socialization. Based on this concept we find our hero Lucius, a down on his luck architect from ancient Rome transported to modern Japan through the baths he comes to love to learn all about the art of the bath and to experience a major case of culture shock every time he shows up. It’s a relatively short and sweet manga, with a heavy base in comedy.

I love this manga because of the incredibly silly premise that is taken quite seriously. You come out of the manga learning a lot as well as being entertained. The historical sections are incredibly well researched.
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Jan 16, 2017
Tokyo Ghoul:re (Manga) add
So I originally watch Studio Perriot's (studio clown) anime for Tokyo Ghoul, I loved it and went onto the manga. I read it pretty quickly and moved onto Tokyo Ghoul:re, but I did get stuck in the earlier chapters and left it for a while.
But I came back, and goddammit I'm so glad I did.
In the beginning not much happens, but the chapters get better, I have currently read all of the released chapters, and currently it is my favorite manga.
The amount of foreshadowing and little hints is outstanding, the terot cards that show so much meaning to characters, the ties between things, the meanings, the art, it is all so amazing.
This is a beautiful written tragedy that can make me ball my eyes out (seriously chapter 83... it still makes me cry and it has been months).
You won't be disappointed with this series, let me just lay down some amazing characters here on the table.
Kaneki and his inner insanity, who is shown to actually have multiple personalities disorder, Suzuya and his amazing character development, Arima and how he actually felt doing his job as the CCG's grim reaper. Furuta and his joker esque personality.
Not to mention that the first chapter of Tokyo Ghoul (not TG:re) foreshadowed to Tokyo Ghoul:re chapter 53. That is absolutely amazing.
The fight scenes are great, the characters are so lovable and fantastic, the meaning/symbolism and foreshadowing blows me away, the tragedy is written correctly and beautifully. Just let me... *shoves in face*
Seriously, read it and don't drop this manga, you'll regret it so much.
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Jan 16, 2017
Doubutsu no Kuni (Manga) add
I decided that my first review would be of my number one manga series of all time. I was shocked to see how few people have actually read this series when it's just so great and easily surpasses the more popular long running manga series out there, in just 14 volumes.
The story for Animal Land is like a Roller coaster ride, in the best possible way. Things keep escalating and the story really evolves (heh) throughout the manga. It doesn't waste anytime doing what it wants to do and had me hooked the whole way through.

The creator has done an amazing job at showing the audience just how brutal and difficult it is to survive in this world, as well as how changing it, isn't going to be easy.
I'll just give my thoughts on the two main characters to avoid spoilers, but just know that the rest of the cast is great as well!

First we have Tarouza, our main character. He's kind,smart,determined and has a heart of gold! He's a great protagonist, as you really want to see him to achieve his goals. He goes through many hardships that challenge him, but seeing him get past them is incredible.(making him one of my favourite characters of all time!)

Then we have Monoko, the Tanuki who adopts Tarouza and raises him as his her own. She's more than just a comic relief character, as she definitely has the most mental growth out of everyone in my opinion. She really does her best to be a the mother Tarouza needs and helps him to survive in this world.
Very impressive! Considering the amount of different animal species he had to draw he did an amazing job. The artworks really expressive too and you can really see what a character is feeling. The fight scenes get very intense and bloody, and i was blown away by them!
Final thoughts
I love this manga. I've read it three times now and enjoyed it every time. Yes, it's very quirky and weird at times but it's also thrilling and epic. It's the only manga that has made me cry so much i had to stop reading it!

Please give this manga a chance. Go into it with an open mind and you won't be disappointed.
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Jan 16, 2017
One Outs (Manga) add
IMO the other reviews on here are far too generous, this is the first review I've written on MAL, but felt the need to put my 2 cents out there since I'm the only one who wasn't blown away by One Outs.

The artwork is definitely simple, and has been criticized even by fans. I noticed inconsistencies and simple artwork in general, even stuff like a missing foot in one particular panel. For a sports manga, the action is simple and drawn clearly enough to tell what is going on, but not exciting. Characters stretch in impossible ways and a few of the character designs are downright ugly, I think 'decent' is a fair score here.

The majority of the other characters are two dimensional, you will get tired of Tokuchi's team mates doubting him time after time. They complain and whine and cast negative energy, yet this man saves their ass game after game. Most of the bad guys are straight up evil, with no redeeming qualities - it's pretty black and white who to root for. Tokuchi himself is an enigma, and while it's cool at first, by the end you are disappointed that you never really get to know him. I think there was a lot of potential for a cool background story, and since it's a one man show with Tokuchi front and center, feeling alienated from his past didn't do the story justice IMO. Only the final chapters does anyone really grow or change, EXCEPT for the MC - we know about as much him at the end as we did at the beginning, and to me that was a big complaint.

While I did enjoy the story overall, the big let-down with One Outs is that it's a gambling story at it's core, so it constantly tries to set the stakes pretty high. However, the MC always seems to be 10 steps ahead of everyone else, and even the fiercest competition never really feels dangerous. I was never able to suspend belief long enough to feel like the story would end unpredictably.

So how do I still end up at a 6 with that in mind? I think the author was creative with the schemes Tokuchi pulls off, and even though I never doubted he was playing the long game, I was still trying to figure his methods each time they go up against a new obstacle. It is a cool story, and despite the characters lacking depth, there are a lot of likeable guys in the cast and some pretty funny moments in there. It seems like a beginner's effort, but the potential is visible, and I'm excited to check out Liar Game soon and see how he has grown.
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Jan 15, 2017
Ookami Nanka Kowakunai!? (Manga) add
Soo...... to sum this up...
Girl tranfers to new school and meets a bad boy. Childhood friend is rivals with the bad boy. Anyway, the entire manga childhood friend protects girl, but nuuu girl is like go away you didn't tell me you're a delinquent. Goes to bad boy who has no redeeming features. Treats her like she's another random chick. Story ends with him F-ing her.
Ok.... that's seriously all I got from this plot.
Totally cliche story with the girl picking the bad boy for no reason. Like seriously there's a perfectly nice boy who treasure her but she chooses the tool.. ok whatever that was a waste of my time.
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Jan 15, 2017
Ookamidomo no Shitsukekata (Manga) add
Finally a heroine that's NOT useless, clingy, or annoying.
I strongly strongly appreciate how the heroine is independent. I'm getting pretty tired of shoujo manga heroines being overly dependent and love obsessed.
I thought this was hella cute.
The romance isn't insta-love (which I strongly appreciate) instead there's development and chemistry between the two. I like how both the characters balance each other out.
I like the idea of the heroine being a mechanic and someone who can take care of herself.

-Basic Shoujo artsyle.
-original plot
-strong characters
-no instant love

Overall I really enjoyed this manga and most likely to read this again in the future.
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Jan 15, 2017
Ashita no Joe (Manga) add
Ashita no Joe is a shounen boxing manga from the 60's written by Ikki Kajiwara and drawn by Tetsuya Chiba. The story centers on Joe Yabuki, a wandering 15 year old who has drifted to the slums of Tokyo. There he meets Danpei Tange, a drunk old man who proposes Joe be a boxer under his wing after getting hit by one of Joe's punches. Joe ignores his offer at first, believing it to be a scam and a waste of time. However, several run-ins with the law wind Joe up in Tookoo Juvenile Prison, where he meets Rikishii Tooru, a prisoner who used to be in the world of boxing. A growing rivalry with Rikishii fuels Joe into taking boxing seriously, in the hopes of being able to to defeat Rikishii!

Despite the age of this tale, Ashita no Joe remains very strong due to its realistic, darker story and fantastic cast of memorable characters. Joe's tale does not start off in a school or even a decent neighborhood. As the manga starts, we close in on the slums of Tokyo, where we see Joe walk down these grubby streets as a wanderer. Factories belch smoke in the distance, dirty shacks make homes, and children are dressed in patchwork clothing. He "finds" his coach by accidentally stumbling over the dozing drunk Danpei, who's claim of being a boxing coach is treated more as a joke than something serious by the townsfolk. This manga treats Joe as the impoverished underdog, a boy who's eventual rise through the ranks serve as a sense of joy and hope for the townsfolk living in poverty.

Joe Yabuki himself is an interesting character. Rather than be an introverted, mild-mannered lead who finds his courage through boxing (this description is more adept to his fellow prisoner and friend, Nishi), Joe is a brash, short-tempered individual who prefers punching first and asking questions later. Though he gains some maturity later on in his boxing career, he always maintains a twinge of arrogance and confidence. When Joe sets a goal for himself, he tries his hardest to attain it, refusing to give up even when everyone else feels he cannot reach it. This creates a character that is energetic and fun to read, seeing him get into fights over petty insults early on or seeing how he plans to come through for his promise for a major goal.

That said, Joe's character is much more than just a one-dimensional "zero to ten" anger switch. Joe's background and hidden characteristics make him a fully complex human, even if a little feisty. He becomes a wanderer after running away from an orphanage, never knowing his father or mother. Everyone he initially meets he feels is a fraud, from his coach Danpei (who he accuses of pinning his own dreams onto him to feel better in addition to wanting to make money off of Joe) to the rich girl Yoko (who he accuses her acts of kindness as a public stunt so people read more
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Jan 15, 2017
Tokyo Ghoul (Manga) add
Tokyo Ghoul Review

Story (10/10) Outstanding

The story for Tokyo Ghoul is quite outstanding especially compared to it's anime counterpart. I'm glad I took the time to sit down and read this the mangaka behind this knows how to latch a outstanding story together. Although at some points it can get a bit overwhelming with the introduction of characters it's not too hard to follow. The struggles and undertone messages that this manga brings to the table is definitely within the same realm as another series I adore called Parasyte and after reading this I do think this is better than Parasyte, it takes the overall plot that it shares with Parasyte and beats it at it in my opinion not by a long shot but I definitely think it's better.

Art (9/10) Great+
More Specifically (9.50/10)

The art at the start of this manga I felt was honestly just ok, it quite mediocre in some panels but around the 20th chapter and beyond you can tell the mangaka got batter at drawing his characters and especially his background environments. His art eventually becomes a treat to view especially on key panels he really puts time into the key panels and that's when his art style is at it's absolute best. But most of the time it's great, the only thing that bothered me just a big about his overall art style is just there was just a tad bit too much line shading across literally almost everything he draw it got just a tad bit annoying to me, it's what eventually turned me off with Shingeki No Kyojin's art style far too much line shading it makes it look like a rough draft of a picture instead of a finished product, but that's just my opinion it didn't ruin the overall art for me just something that has urked about art style not just in tokyo ghoul but across other manga nonetheless like i said it's still great.

Characters (9/10) Great
More Specifically (9.75/10) Great+

The characters in Tokyo Ghoul are great the character development of the main character was amazing. Although a lot of characters around the half way point were introduced and it felt overwhelming to keep up with all the characters the mangaka was introducing at once it messed with the flow a bit. But the characters that were focused on like where great and I also like the focus on the Dove characters too because it made me understand and connect with characters like Amon, Mado and his daughter and Juzo also, so when both sides clash I was more invested in the battle. Like I said the only thing that bugged me where large amount of side characters that hopefully get fleshed out in the sequel Re: but who knows some fights they participated in I didn't care for and got lost for half a chapter trying to figure out who I'm following right now but it didn't happen often but enough for me to point out.

Enjoyment (9/10) Great
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Jan 15, 2017
Devilman (Manga) add
So, this is my first ever review and I felt I had to write this after just finishing it all. I liked it, but I wish there was more time to develop the story. It seemed to go through the tension so quickly building Building BUILDING with no break which puts you on edge with all the violence.

Having never read any work like this, I still enjoyed the surprise ending. There is a creative spin on demon and some Bible stuff. I thought the story would be tame but it is adult. I recommend this to read a bit at a time to take it all in. If you like bloody action and don't mind the art style, take a read. Personally, it was the art style that made me think it was for kids because it reminds me of Astroboy.

Adults only.
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Jan 15, 2017
Demi-chan wa Kataritai (Manga) add
If you like monster girls, then probably you would enjoy this manga.

Story (7/10): There's nothing deep, since it has comedy and school tags. It resolves around a profesor, who's really interested about demi-humans, as he meets them and learns about their difficulties with society.
And while I said "monster girls", it's not the same here. Demi-humans shares some traits from the monster's counterpart, but their mindset are those of a human.
This is not a harem. So you can rest at ease if you were worried about that.

Art (6/10): Nothing complex. Quite simple when it comes to backgrounds and the face of the professor. But, when it comes to different expressions depending of the situation (surprised, angered, sadness, etc), mostly from the demi-humans, the job is well done and you can understand them.

Character (10/10): You can find a lot of character development. The most important are the adolescents that suffer from being different, in other words, being a demi-human. They're mostly discriminated since people are afraid of the "unknown".
The demi-humans are well-rounded since they know how society works. They know the differences and that they are being prejudged. But, they still strife through all that.
The majority of the cast are girls, and while they act according to the traits of their monster's counterpart, their personalities are those of a school girl; thinking about love, doing mischiefs, fighting, learning from their mistakes.

Enjoyment (10/10): Fun to read. Characters are likable. I love monster girls, and while it's not like you'll see tentacles, villains, or superpowers, it's a relaxing story.
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Jan 15, 2017
Ayako (Manga) add
Usually when I get paid every month, I'll try and at least buy something different from my usual reads. I've been a slight fan of Astro Boy and the sort of spin-off Pluto series. I looked up some of Osamu Tekzuka's other works and had a look at Ayako. After reading the synopsis, I thought it would be an interesting read seeing how much darker than it seems in comparison with Astro Boy.

The start of this was very promising, you get a good feel for each of the characters, their motivations and all of that. The culmination of the first arc, so to speak, led for an interesting read. However, as the manga continues, it sort of begins to lose its momentum in terms of plot and how the characters were used.

The art is what you expect of a Tekzuka work, one of a kind. It still surprisingly holds up to this day and was great to look at.

My gripes are more to do with maybe mid-end of it. Without spoiling anything, the titular Ayako becomes character of circumstance and faces punishment. The timeskips, which were well done, I have to say, show how she has been affected by this. However, it becomes very frustrating when the same thing happens over and over.

The ending is very confusing in terms of how I felt when I finished it. I suppose it's punishment for the characters involved and justice for Ayako but it ends very abruptly with a couple of lines of text that basically say "and Ayako was never heard from again." I suppose it just came down to constraints on the author at the time of creation.

Overall, I wouldn't say i'm disappointed by this by any means. My gripes are more to do with some of the plot and character development. I would recommend this definitely if you're a fan of Tezuka's. The journey is definitely a strange one and some of the stuff will have you cringing at the mere thought of what happens on the way through it.
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Jan 15, 2017
Hirunaka no Ryuusei (Manga) add
Two things set Hirunaka no Ryuusei apart from other conventional shojo mangas.

One is the art: it's clean, very well-formed, with appealing character designs and an unusual amount of variation in facial features and hairstyles which helps distinguish the cast - most shojo mangas can't do as well.

The second, and by far the more important, is that the characters show a great deal of maturity and introspection in resolving their feelings and trying to act in a way that's true to themselves without hurting others. They don't always succeed, and neither does this straightforwardness and maturity stop Hirunaka from going down a fairly predictable path of love triangles and will-they/won't-they. But because the characters aren't irrational, contrived, or stupid, you can understand why they make the choices they make, invest in them emotionally and genuinely care about their happiness.

Ryuusei is limited and deeply flawed due to its singular focus on a love triangle as well as its near-total lack of a larger plot. With one exception, the supporting characters aren't quite strong enough to keep the manga afloat if the focus moves off the central love triangle, so there's little scope for suggesting a life outside of the endless (and wearying) heart-pounding drama of who to fall in love with. Nevertheless, although it adds up to less than the sum of its parts and doesn't use its lively and emotionally convincing characters as well as it could, it's still solidly above average.
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Jan 15, 2017
Hana wo Meshimase (Manga) add
On paper, the plot doesn't really bring anything new to the table. It's the same May-December dynamic you've probably read elsewhere.

The execution, though, is better than expected in terms of average shoujo manga. The heroine, refreshingly, doesn't come from the "crybaby but works hard so she's lovable" block. One chapter briefly touches on her spotty past, but it makes a great jump-off point to the story's theme of second chances and redemption. She is also surprisingly pragmatic, despite being a teenage girl in love.

The male protagonist doesn't come off as icky to me. His transition from mentor to friend to "something more, maybe" felt natural and unforced. His previous relationship hangups didn't feel like a big deal enough to be treated as a conflict, but otherwise, I liked how he was depicted.

The flower motif tied very well with the lessons the manga wanted to impart. Plus, I learned a lot of nifty things about being a florist! Good research and integration into the plot.

After finishing the manga, I felt quite fulfilled. The ending was not solely about how her love story turned out, but also how she and the other people around her changed over time.
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Jan 14, 2017
Aku no Hana (Manga) add
I will mainly write about why I love the scenario and characters and why I preferred the second part, the one which has never been adapted into anime. For this purpose, I am going to spoil the whole story, so don't read this unless you have finished the manga.

I moderately liked the beginning of the manga because I did not really understand what the characters wanted (the MC in particular) and it seemed to me that they were acting irrationally. The escalation of catastrophic risk taking was fine but not enough to make me love the manga and I think I was right because the rest of the manga gives a new meaning to this part which is in fact a mere introduction.

To me, it tells the story of boy who is introvert/asocial but not deeply abnormal and who cultivates his uniqueness because he fails to fit in. He believes that if he can't be as good as a normie than the other normies, it means he has a different/superior fate and he convinces himself that his "thing" is poetry, something the others can't understand. He finds a place for the pretty girl he fancies in this thinking pattern, calling her his "muse" (which is quite ridiculous). The MC is therefore at first pretty unhappy and lonely but comfortably confined in his simplistic relation with the rest of the world and vaguely in love with some girl he doesn't really know. This distance between them, which should be a source of pain, actually comforts the idea he has made of himself and make the situation more coherent and convenient than if he tried to seduce her.

When he gets closer to her, it is in fact natural that it doesn't go too well: he is still asocial, he doesn’t know how to fit in by her side and he doesn't have much to say to her. I hadn't understood it, reading the first chapters (I couldn't tell if it is normal, if we are supposed to understand later, of if I am a bit dumb, but however I understood later). On the other side, Sawa gives him an opportunity to increase his uniqueness, to improve his pattern which keeps him away from the others. She is genuinely different, way more than him, and even offers some new categories to add to his pattern (the concept of perversion, the concept of "shit-eaters" (misanthropy in fact) and the concept of "other side") which he tries to match with his understanding of Baudelaire's poetry. When he rejects Saeki to turn to his tormentor WHOM HE DOESN'T EVEN UNDERSTAND, I thought it was dumb, but it's actually very coherent. To this selfish interest is apparently added the desire to help Sawa, to offer her the company of someone who is like her and who can understand her, in opposition to Saeki who is a normie et doesn't need him. However, we clearly feel that he never completely succeeds, that she remains more special than him, read more
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Jan 14, 2017
Love So Life (Manga) add
It’s been a while since I’ve read a shoujo manga that made me squeal so much. I was recommended “Love So Life” by a friend of mine many years ago and while the cover looked cute, I was annoyed by its being incomplete at that time. I’m a fast reader, so it’s even worse when the manga is still updating. Nevertheless, I kept it on my list to read and when it was done, I read it quite quickly, only stopping when I had to focus on finals. The friend that had recommended it to me said that she loved fluffy shoujo series that were over-the-top adorable, and while I looked at some of the others she suggested, “Love So Life” took the cake for cutest shoujo. I’m sure if you read through the first few chapters, you’ll know exactly what I mean whether or not you’re familiar with the shoujo genre.

Already the synopsis paints the manga as a sweet little story from the beginning: a teenaged girl who is good with kids and lives in an orphanage is hired as a babysitter for the twins of a busy news reporting uncle. Shiharu is young and pure as an angel, and Matsunaga is attractive and extremely grateful he’ll have a hand with these kids that aren’t his. The questions you’ll probably have are (1) what happened to Shiharu’s parents? (2) What are these kids like? And (3) how handsome is Matsunaga exactly?

The answers to all these inquiries and more are answered fairly neatly in the length of this manga. If you’re down for a lovely and light slice of life manga, this is definitely it. I know a lot of people enjoy manga that instantly captures your attention and keeps you riveted and furiously flipping the pages, but “Love So Life” is so pleasantly relaxing. It does indeed become addicting, but it’s certainly not a stressful read.

I must give credit to the mangaka for being so incredibly creative. Almost every chapter is a new situation with the twins. Shiharu is always trying to find a way to keep them occupied and teach them something new while keeping them out of trouble. She constantly remembers what her mother taught her and what she observes from other children to work better with the ones that she is in charge of. I was never bored while reading this. Realistically, there are a lot of things children are up to, like making mischief in a kiddy pool, going trick-or-treating, meeting new friends, and so much more. Akane-chan and Aoi-chan never had a dull moment in the manga.

As to be expected, the growth of the twins over the span of the story also fostered Chiharu’s growth as a young woman. While she was already quite mature in the beginning (as described by her friends and Matsunaga-san) because she was seen being very responsible with the younger ones at the orphanage and studied dutifully, she seemed to open her eyes a little more with the help read more
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Jan 14, 2017
Gimmick (Manga) add
Gimmick is a one-shot shounen-ai about two friends falling in love after a night of passion. It is a mediocre take on an extremely common trope in the shounen-ai and yaoi genres. On top of the story being a cliche, it suffers from being a short one-shot. Many one-shots are able to convey this type of story much more successfully because their characters are more fleshed out and the story is much longer than Gimmick's.

Story: 5/10
In addition to being a cliche, the story does nothing to give enough background information to better understand the characters. While the synopsis states Kei wants a girlfriend, there's almost no discussion of this in the story.

Character: 5/10
Again, the length makes it difficult to make meaningful characters and personality. However, even though the length causes Gimmick to suffer, so does the writing. Kei and Kenji are friends, yet there is no discussion on how long they know each other or the extent of their friendship. Kei has a younger brother that isn't even necessary to the story. Without him, the mangaka could have put more effort into developing Kei and Kenji's relationship.

Art: 6/10
Art ranges from awkward to decent.

Enjoyment: 3/10
I've read many shounen-ai and yaoi manga that portray this trope on a much deeper level. It bored me.

Overall: 5/10
If you want to read a shounen-ai or yaoi manga about two close friends falling for each other, look for longer running series over one-shots.
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Jan 14, 2017
Monster (Manga) add
A promising young doctor is framed by his own patient for a string of murders. He seeks revenge to clear his name, but quickly finds himself in a mystery where every answer seems to open up more questions. What happened in Kinderheim 511? What is the connection between a series of children’s books? And darkest of all: who is the Monster?

Monster is often hailed as one of the best manga series of all time. While I don’t think it's perfect like many other readers do, it is definitely worth a read. Its many thrills and continuously perplexing mystery makes Monster a page turner, yet the pacing frequently slows down and drags. In many chase scenes, for example, the climax is abruptly cut off by a fire or character injury, which results in several chapters of down time. This is also when the story gets bogged down by minor characters. These short-lived, but positive relationships are tied to the themes of the manga, but if most of them had been cut, the series could have been a little better.

Thematically, Monster is about the opposing forces of love and indifference. Although he mostly works off-page, Johan makes for a fantastic villain. He has great influence over others and his many followers kill without remorse. Tenma represents love. He stops to take care of any sick or hurt person he comes across. As a doctor, he believes every human (except Johan) deserves to live. Anna is in the middle, trying to find her place and uncover her true self.

Naoki Urasawa’s Monster is a classic manga series. Despite its frequent pacing issues, I still recommend it.
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Jan 14, 2017
Konjiki no Gash!! (Manga) add
I find it hard not to praise Konjiki no Gash and what it manages to pull off. This is one of my favorite manga ever, and I'll tell you why it's so amazing here, and why it needs way more love than it receives.

Story: 9

The plot is very simple, really. Every thousand years, hundred demons from the demon realm come to the human world in order to fight each other to "death", and whoever wins becomes the king of the demon realm. However, to be able to fight, each demon must first find a human who can read the spells on their spellbook, wich each demon carry with themselves. When their book is burned, they lose the right to continue, thus returning to the demon realm.

What I find amazing about this premise is the way that it manages to create situations where losing doesn't necessarily mean the death of a character, all of this while making use of the classic kind of "tournament" plot (where one character must face another one on a battle to decide who advances) whithout making it predictable, given that there's no telling of who will be the opponent, and what the battlefield will be like, aside from what would be the stakes at said battle. This leaves room for the author to do many creative stuff with the elements it introduces and the rules it creates for each demon's spell, wich it does most of the time.

Also, its pacing is to be praised, too. It never gets too rushed on the point of making you get confused, neither too slow for it to make you want to drop it, as it mantains a consistent pacing while giving amazing atention to the details of the situations it puts its characters in, and explores them really well.

Its story only flaws are: 1- a small plothole the third arc leaves right at its starting point, but contesting that would make the whole structure of that arc to fall apart, so I preffer not talk about it, and 2- the somewhat forced plot point that made possible for Gash to defeat the "final villain" on the last arc, but I can excuse that as well as it was pretty epic for its own right, and given the nature of how the spellbooks work it kind of made sense overall.

Characters: 10+

Moving on to the best part of Konjiki no Gash, let's talk about the characters. Seriously, I never saw ever before a so large cast of characters to be so well developed. Every demon has its own philosophy about what kind of king they want to become, and each bookmaster's personality end up influenting on their partner's ideals. I find it amazing how each demon and bookmaster personalities complete each other and how they really work together really well.

Also, when I say that "every demon has its own philosophy about what kind of king they want to become, and each bookmaster's personality end up influenting on their partner's ideals", I read more
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