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Preliminary Spoiler
Jul 15, 2024
Preliminary (2/? chp)

Look, I know it’s only been two chapters, and you can’t really judge a manga fairly off of said amount of chapters, but I know trash when I see one. This is quite literally the most tropey of tropey mangas, and the most generic of generic mangas.

Damsel in distress, rape, mc comes, sage, reincartion, yap, yap. I could keep going on and on to fill up too many lines of this review, but I wouldn’t want to put you through that, unlike whatever the author has created.

As for the worldbuilding… this might be the first time a fantasy story didn’t even bother with ...
Jul 15, 2024
Preliminary (4/? chp)

I didn’t know whether I would have liked this or not, but this manga has me hooked from the storytelling alone — a manga told from the pov of a harem candidate, not the main character. With this, the story is pretty hilarious at times due to the stark difference in character personalities and their absurd situations.

There are a few problems with the flow of the story, however, since there’s a lot of unnecessary fantasizing from the fmc for a comedic point, but the joke always fall flat. I’ll admit that the jokes aren’t great, but the characters are the main appeal when it ...
Jul 15, 2024
Mixed Feelings
Spoiler-free so not much detail.

To kick off this review, I'd like to say that I was really enjoying the story in the first 30 chapters. It was clear where it was headed, and I was all in. But then, we hit a rough patch with time skip after time skip, and honestly, it got pretty bad. It didn't click with me again until around chapter 90. Of course, there were some good chapters between 30 and 90, but the overall quality just wasn't there.

Thankfully, things picked up after that, and we finally got a better stretch of quality chapters where you could tell where the ...
Jul 15, 2024
As someone who also grew up in the countryside of a conservative country, this manga was amazing, a great representation of what growing up somewhere like that when you're any flavor of queer is. It may be triggering for some people though so be warned, this manga portrays severe bullying and an attempted rape (which, unlike many many many other mangas, it portrays it in a realistic and serious way, which I guess only makes it more triggering tbh).

This story doesn't really revolve around romance almost at all, as some others have pointed out on their reviews, but that's what makes this manga ...
Jul 15, 2024
Mixed Feelings
Preliminary (5/? chp)

As a wise man once said, “A male and girl friendship can’t hold up unless one of you is f*cking ugly.” Anyways, getting that off my chest, this manga seriously should issue a PTSD warning, as the fmc is every school’s “I have a ton of male friends who I play with for fun, and all of the girls hate me” type of girl — in other words, she’s insanely annoying and unlikable.

Apart from her, the male mc is rather refreshing due to his rather unique passion, and the other fmc, who shall not be named, is mildly annoying, but she’s basically an angel ...
Jul 15, 2024
Sparkling Blue is a nice read in the middle of the summer season and a lighthearted, romantic read set in a seaside town.

Hanamoto is a high school student who is forced to work even in the summer, doing two jobs because she has no money. Her parents are divorced and she lives with her mother who doesn't have a good job. This lifestyle allows her very little to think about love or find a way to vent her negative feelings. She has never gone to see the fireworks or wear the yukata (it's tradition in Japan). Her dreams is enter to art school.

Sagawa is ...
Jul 15, 2024
Preliminary (3/? chp)

Surprisingly, this manga isn’t horrible, as a lot of plot holes are mentioned, but the plot is a bit stupid and unnecessarily complicated for the sake of having a story.

Of course, the love story continues onwards where both characters think each other are only there for a specific purpose or need, and surprise! They will become an actual couple. Like any story of this caliber, it’s a bit basic and underwhelming.

The unique aspect would be from the office-space as the setting, and the story depicting an adult-romance w/ sexual acts, etc. but there seems to be some neglected plot points once they are brought ...
Jul 15, 2024
Mixed Feelings
When I noticed that this manga was just rotting away in my PTR list, and more so with such a captivating cover page, I just rushed to read it without a second thought. Really, because I didn't even read the premise as to what kind of story it is, didn't even see the tags attached to it, if it is ended or not, not a single thing. So all that I had was my desire to give it a try and an assumption about the kind of story it would be.

Opening the first chapter and seeing the crying face of the girl, I was sure ...
Jul 15, 2024
I liked the beginning a whole lot, it's probably the most I've laughed when reading a gag manga cause of how ridiculous the situations were... guess they were crazy enough to bridge the cultural gap. The main characters were all great except for the female lead Adachi, and all character additions up until the prep school arc were very dynamic and interesting. As mentioned, from the prep school arc onwards the plot felt very half assed, the characters joining the cast were all very one dimensional, and the ending was just too damn incoherent to feel satisfying. Lastly, although I did like Adachi for her ...
Jul 15, 2024
Okay... Unless there exists some kind of secret code to never write bad about this show, then I really can't comprehend how everyone is so keen on praising this show, when it does, in fact NOT deserve it that much, lacking in many aspects of good romance standards.

Let me start with the plot. A really basic middle schooler, horny to the last bit and somewhat interested in filming comes across a gorgeous girl with strawberry panties. Mesmerized by said view he wants to confess to this girl, so he confesses to the most beautiful girl in the school (thinking it belongs to her), for some ...
Jul 15, 2024
Tsurezure Children follows the ordinary lives of several high school couples (or perhaps-soon-to-be) and their daily grapples with love.

You'd be forgiven for thinking the characters are archetypal: you've got the couple that are goofy and unable to properly convey their feelings to one another; a delinquent girl and the studious student council president; a stoic sportsman and a needy, overtly affectionate girl... the list goes on. The cookie-cutter characters would perhaps be a detractor if there weren't so many to keep things interesting - which they do.

Despite following many couples, all of them attend the same school, which naturally leads to plenty of nice ...
Jul 15, 2024
Preliminary (1/? chp)
As of writing this I've read the first novel and am onto the second (I bought a three-volume omnibus, very nice quality from B&N) and it's wonderful. Incredible world that Hideyuki has created, and manages to write in a way where the reader feels "in the know" without excessive exposee or time-wasting loredumps. The story itself is a bit predictable in the way old westerns are, but the unique setting/history gives old tropes new life. Atmospheric, well-paced, and inspiring stylistically to me as a writer. Evokes images as vivid as though you were watching the movie. Highly recommend to anyone else who loves vampires, sci-fi, ...
Jul 15, 2024
Preliminary (2/? chp)
"What would you do if your best guy friend came to school dressed like a girl one day?"
-Mei Hachimoku

Ushio Tsukinoki is a boy who one day chooses to live as a girl. Naturally, she is not accepted by society, and the story is initially set on her struggles against societal prejudice she is confronted with. If I were to compare this to a book, To Kill a Mockingbird springs to mind.
However, there is much more to it: the book tackles tricky topics such as LGBT, gender dysphoria, infidelity/polygamy (what would you do if you found out your friend is dating 4 partners at once, with ...
Jul 15, 2024
Mixed Feelings
TLDR, this is basically the most mediocre of mediocre manga.

The plot goes about as follows: Nomura gets into a brawl with a bunch of delinquents and is forced to transfer to Aichi High School, a school with a lengthy history of martial arts wherein all the female students carry practice swords, seldom for the 5 top swordsmen who carry real swords, whom he will obviously fight all of eventually.

Now, this premise is not necessarily bad; it's a tad bit generic, but it serves the manga well enough to give justification for all these elite swordsmen high school girls to be here and/or why this ...
Jul 15, 2024
Preliminary (61/? chp)
After reading the twelve additions to this series which have been translated so far, I think it's safe to say that the Seishun Buta Yarou series is undoubtedly, a masterpiece.

The story uniquely revolves around "adolescence syndrome," observed to be supernatural experiences due to the many difficulties presented during adolescence.

Sakuta Azusagawa is unlucky in his encounters with adolescence syndrome, almost prone to meeting people struggling with it. Guided by his vow to live in kindness, he seeks truth and ways to answer their pleas.
The subjects, all being cutesy women, and of course the most recognisable character in the story being a literal bunny ...
Jul 15, 2024
A masterpiece level power system, world building and lore
A great protagonist and antagonist
Realistic and interesting characters
Long and detailed wonderful story
Lotm has these and more. It also has 2 flaws. First, emotional transmission. There aren't many moments when I feel sad or happy while reading.
The other is side characters. The novel is too protagonist focused. I especially wanted to get to know the tarot club better and have them play more of a role in the story.
But despite all of this, it is a great novel, I definitely recommend it.
The beginning of the story is a bit slow, at least finish the first volume.
Jul 15, 2024
Preliminary (217/? chp)
I will jump straight into the review.

Story: 10/10 for the manhwa. 10000/10 for the novel.

The main part of the story has not started in the manhwa as of chapter 218. But honestly, it has one of the most unique story you can read. You are wrong if you think it is a ripoff of solo leveling. Eventhough it looks similar(systems, monsters etc), it will change into a completely different story using those mmorpg elements.

Jul 14, 2024
Ayakashi Triangle is a manga that is not made for everyone. In a similair vain to series like Yuuna and the Hounted Hotsprings and To Love-Ru this series is extremely ecchi. Speaking of To Love-Ru, if you liked that than you will definetly like this as they are by the same artist.
Let's start with this series main selling point the art. The art in AyaTri is phenomenal. Yabuki Kentarou is a master at drawing humans and then specifically woman. But also the fight scenes and just general chill panels look really good. The art is clean and absolutely gorgeous.

Secondly the characters, they are great. The ...
Jul 14, 2024
Mixed Feelings
Preliminary (52/? chp)
Its a boring slice of life Isekai.

Its mostly MC meeting nice people and doing quests for them. pretty relaxing to read.
The art is decent.
There will always be some gag jokes, keeping the manga light-hearted.

MC is boring. He repeats that he wants to hide his power to avoid unwanted attention, but he also reveals his power at every opportunity. It is irritating to see MC use powerful magic or reveal secrets and then think "oops, shouldn't have done that"..
MC is too OP (basically a god). The man literally needs to say the word and the magic just works. Whether it is combining materials into items ...
Jul 14, 2024
Preliminary (23/? chp)

could have been good, but all is wasted in the face of incompetency.

worldbuilding even though not the main point, but for an isekai, the least you could do is have some introduction.

the narrative feels pretty dry, you have a brief backstory of how the MC became a serial killer, then straight to the main point, almost no delay, no establishment of the fundamentals of an isekai.

better yet, a serial killer, a man turned into a girl without any explanation whatsoever, like it is telling you that "haha blatant fanservice, im gonna make everyone a cute girl xdddd" mega skibidi brainrot.

the powerscaling ...
Jul 14, 2024
Preliminary (40/? chp)
Meshinuma is simple!
If you want a quick, easy, feel-good read, I think this would entertain just about anyone. Who doesn't want to see a man enjoy some good food?
Each chapter is a couple pages at most, and yet I end up enjoying this manga a lot more than I thought I would. I figured it would be too simple of a premise, but Meshinuma ends up adding other little details that make the broad concept of eating food a bit more enjoyable. The detailing of the dishes, and Iinuma's faces and reactions all pull together nicely, too. I particularly enjoy how over-expressive he is ...
Jul 14, 2024
Now that the series is finally over, I can update my review.

Sooo...first of all, what an unconventional shoujo series! While it shares a lot of tried-and-proven shoujo tropes, it doesn't shy away from breaking the mold and introducing some more somber, cynical themes.

Its comedy is also quite diverse. We have some manzai takes, some meta-humor, and a healthy dose of sardonic quips & lighthearted banter in rapid succession. The series keeps a refreshing balance between being serious, humorous...and yes, quite romantic too.

Wonderful cast. The female lead (JK) is a bit of an anti-thesis to the usual shoujo heroine but still retains some of the ...
Jul 14, 2024
Preliminary (80/? chp)
This has quickly become my favourite piece of media EVER. I do not give it this title so lightly.

First and foremost, the art must be discussed. Personally, I think it's the most aesthetically pleasing thing I've seen in a WHILE. The colors are warm and the blocky artstyle is stunning.

Now, the story. I absolutely love it. I have always been interested in spooky stories. Urban legends are very enticing to me so the premise of this show instantly intrigued me. The characters are all very likeable and distinct. In particular, I love how realistic they behave knowing they're teenagers. I especially love how the ...
Jul 14, 2024
Preliminary (14/? chp)
First chapter made it stick out from the pile of regressor garbage, and reading till the current one made it a running contender for peak.

As the name implies it features a boy um.... surviving the apocalypse. With all the necessary skills drilled into him, trying to complete the only aim he has in life, it has made me looking forward to every new chapter with a weird excitement. The story so far makes it evident that the story leans or will lean more towards action rather than surviving, but not to a large extent. We can still witness the horrors of an apocalypse, the duality ...
Jul 14, 2024
Preliminary (39/? chp)
Honestly, it's a story built on a peculiar premise that had several good chapters and decent arcs that showed a real promise until it started straining against its own premise.

Stories with a naturally limited setting, in this case a cheap restaurant on the province being run by a former elite warrior, can’t keep on increasing the scale of the conflict to raise the stakes without either abandoning or changing their setting or having the whole world bend itself out of shape to keep it intact. The Restaurant of the Outcasts made a weird choice of trying to take both options and paid the price for ...
Jul 14, 2024
Preliminary (8/? chp)
I started reading Tower Dungeon when only 5 chapters had been published and that was enough for me to fall in love with the manga. Even though the premise is a very basic one, Nihei executes everything perfectly in this manga. The world building is fantastic, the characters are unique, nuanced and realistic, and the art is absolutely phenomenal.

There isn't a lot to say about this manga yet since there's only a few chapters out but from what's been published I can say that this manga has the potential to be one of the greatest manga of all time if Nihei is able to ...
Jul 14, 2024
Jul 14, 2024
First, there is story of me. When i stumble across Go game i found this manga as a reference of video about review on famous Go players. This manga is the one that keeping me interested at the game of Go. I imagining if, the manga chapter still going on maybe i also still playing the Go game. But unfortunately it all comes to an end with the last chapter and also my last Go game a few days after it. I just can't bring myself back to play the game again..

This manga story for me, really interesting. I can feels the emotion of the ...
Jul 14, 2024
This manga is actually a cook book for a specific type of rice cooker produced in Japan. Each chapter contained a different unique recipe that could be cooked in a rice cooker. Even though that aspect of the manga had no bearing on my life due to allergies and such, I thought it was clever and it showed me what the author and editor(s) thought could be interesting recipes for young people starting to cook for themselves. The characters in the series were cute and the story kind of flat, but the fact they were accoutrements to the recipes worked well for the type of ...
Jul 14, 2024
Preliminary (57/? chp)
This manga is seriously such a hidden gem.

The art for After God drew me in immediately. The illustrations are stunning and very intricately detailed, and the splashes of color added in the more intense scenes added depth to the storytelling. I mean, just look at the covers!

The manga mainly revolves around Waka, Tokinaga, and a few other characters you will meet later on. The characters feel very developed and human, with distinct personalities and motivations. There are many minor characters as well, and they received less focus but I still liked them. I enjoyed seeing the way the characters interacted with each other, as well ...
Jul 14, 2024
The Climber is a story about seeking purpose, and the trials + tribulations that come with seeking out your penultimate goals. How much are you willing to sacrifice, how much is worth sacrificing? This is felt exceptionally in a dangerous sport such as mountaineering. While this is a "sports" manga in essence, it really feels nothing similar to any sports manga at all. The visual motifs throughout the story to convey emotion and feeling of a moment were amazing and creative in my opinion, which really brought everything together. A strong recommend for anyone who loves coming of age stories, this one is definitely moving.

Jul 14, 2024
Mixed Feelings
Preliminary (91/? chp)
It’s a fun, easy read. It is very shounen. It’s good for clearing your brain from daily stress. It is a SOLID 7. And we NEED 7s like this! It is like the trash TV, it’s fun to watch, but too much will make your brain melt.

I recommend if you want to clear your brain and relax. I also mostly recommend this to 14-19.

I don’t recommend if you're looking for deep and interesting story with strongly written, well rounded characters and world building.


Art: Great stuff. 10/10. Amazing poses, line work and panelling.
Design: Good stuff: 8/10. Original and consistent character design. Negligible world design.
Characters: ...
Jul 13, 2024
Obnoxiously repetitive and a complete waste of time. It's a 2 chapter story stretched to 40 chapters. MC screams and cries for 40 chapters with zero progression to the story. I understand this is supposed to be a Groundhog Day scenario but good lord this is too much. The story is so nonsensical and ridiculous you're forced to turn your brain off. I don't think I've ever seen a manhwa drop the ball this hard. Characters pop in and out from nowhere with nonsense dialogue and then leave. The main villain might as well be from Looney Tunes. If you are hoping for any type ...
Jul 13, 2024
Story 10/10
This manga used all the tropes in this genre wonderfully, it certainly won't be a boring read as it's fast paced and had me very invested about what would come next at every chapter. The ending had a little twist that was really neat and interesting, and the epilogue was cute and well earned.

Characters 10/10
I love that MC is still a baddie even with the memories of modern days, she's hillarious and charms the reader into following her path, even as she does some ruthless things or just is indiferent about some characters' fate you can't help but stay at her side.
The MC's ...
Jul 13, 2024
A simple story about boys making their own food and bonding, pretty soothing to read.

It was mouth watering, and the boys are cute and funny, love their friendship and bromance, they're silly and nice and had flaws had made them human and approachable.

The art is soft and adorable. This manga is the sort of slice of life that makes your heart go warm and also curious to try some of the recipes, as various of them are pretty simple and tasty looking.

It's nice that's a short story that one can easily eat all up in one sitting, or taks their time to savor each chapter ...
Jul 13, 2024
I just caught up to the latest chapter only to find it got axed.
The story of this manga is better than the usual.
While it sticks to the "glow up" tropes, there was a great setup with a good cast of colorfully expressive characters.
I was finally starting to think there was a new refreshing series only to uncover...it was axed a long time ago.

While I may not know why it got canceled, let this series be a reminder there are good works out there that didn't make the serialization cut. We may forget about this series eventually but let us pay it respect by keeping it ...
Jul 13, 2024
Typically not the type to go out of the way to write a review, but this title deserves it.

For a one shot with short stories, this manga had everything. Romance, horror, comedy, and even a little action.
The art work is really well done and captures the eye.
It does a really nice job at having separate stories and yet everything somehow felt connected at the same time. It all flowed seamlessly.
Also have to mention how much appreciation is held towards the fact the ARE short stories but have a well developed plot that's not to short or to long.

Highly recommend this title ...
Jul 13, 2024
Fudatsuki no Kyouko-chan is a middle of the road slice of life rom-com with a disappointing ending.

Story: 4
The pacing of the story is the worst aspect of this manga. The chapter to chapter flow is classic Yamamoto slice of life but the lifespan of the story creates a situation where progress needs to happen quickly and b-plots aren't able to be fully explored. And the jiangshi gimmick needed to be leaned into more or used less often for my tastes.

Art: 9
Yamamoto's back in his bag with this one, read as clean linework and tones, easy to follow panel formatting, and characters with massive foreheads.

Character: 5
The ...
Jul 13, 2024
Mixed Feelings
This work is depressing. Despite it's attempt to refute this through making the leads happy with their situation by having each other, it feels unrealistic that someone would take this all in stride. So if you're in a bad place at the moment, I'd say it's a coin flip whether this will make you feel better or worse.

Through it's painfully obvious suicide allegory, it asks what the value of the rest of your life may be. It directly refutes the idea that your life is priceless and not to be given up. An unhappy life, to the original author and the mangaka who adapted it, ...
Jul 13, 2024
As someone with not-so-good attention span, I like this a lot.

The whole manga is short, consisting of 17 chapters. And the length of every chapter is only 30-40 pages long. So for someone who wanted to read but “prefer tiktok more than any books”, this is for you — or maybe your friend.

Even though this involves with a strong & abstract topic, they could explain to the readers from different perspectives. Some sees them as something to be afraid of, some sees them as a burden for them/their relations, and some sees them simply as a stepping stone in life — as one will face ...
Jul 13, 2024
Mixed Feelings
Interesting late 1400s Italian setting, a stand out character and fantastic art. Let down by lack of real conflict, slow pacing, need to exposit about history and weak cast

Story: 6/10
A quiet manga following the life of two Italians whose fates are intertwined. We follow the life of Cesare Borgia, reconstructed from historical records with a generous amount of artistic license along with hapless student Angelo. The manga revolves around the historical events at the time, namely the competition to become the next pope.

The decision to start the manga in a university is excellent. It acts as a microcosm of the state of Europe at the ...
Jul 13, 2024
Preliminary (1/? chp)
If you can orgasm from a feel-good story, Nozomu Mochitsuki's Tearmoon Empire will make you do so.

I cannot understate how good the writing in this story is. From the worldbuilding of everyday characters to the main protagonist herself - its a story that you will remember forever. If you came thinking its just another feel-good wholesome novel, you would only be partially correct. Its a story of perseverance and kindness - and its not written just for the sake of it, but written in a way to make you realize how strong raw human diligence can go against even doomed timelines.

The strength of this series ...
Bingo! (Manga) add (All reviews)
Jul 13, 2024
This manga is an absoute riot. You're looking for the silliest tropes, absolutely improbable turns of events, a nostalgic artstyle and a huge cast of stupidly likeable characters? This is the right place for you. Bingo! is 16 volumes of humourous whiplash, a breath of fresh air if you're looking for a manga that is not serious at all.

The story is quite simple: two high school boys with unlucky dispositions get into loads of trouble together, and because their luck is just THAT bad, they get into the corniest situations you can think of. Get ready for several kidnapping arcs, some crossdressing here and there, ...
Jul 13, 2024
Shigurui is a masterpiece like none other.

From the incredibly detailed anatomy of the drawings, to the accuracy of the historical setup along with the narration style, it is a perfect portrait of a incredible story.
It is nothing like any other manga you migh have encountered. It is a seinen with the most rights, no filling, no jokes or senseless storytelling. From the beginning to the end is a continuous narration of a grueling duel by two archenemies, once students of the same school.

Fujiki Gennosuke and Irako Seigen will be part of a grueling tournament in the Sunpu Castle with real blades. This would be the ...
Jul 13, 2024
Preliminary (327/327 chp)
Vagabond is a pretty straightforward manga, it's about a guy and his journey to live by the "way of the sword" and "become invincible under the sun". There's no magic, no monsters, no plot twists which are usually present in anime/manga. Here the plot is very grounded to earth. The main character is based on and inspired heavily from a real person Miyamoto Musashi. Though by all means the story of the manga is fictional and this isn't what exactly happened in Musashi's lifetime.

The manga itself is gorgeous, the artwork is fabulous. Based in Japanese countryside, the artwork is really connected with nature. The ...
Jul 13, 2024
Preliminary (150/? chp)
What else can I say about this series besides how amazing it is. Amazing comedy, excellent character dynamics, a well-substantiated power system that works in tandem with the basis of the story. I could have not asked for a much better and well-crafted series like The Greatest Estate Developer (TGED).

Having been released only three years ago as of this review, TGED has done a significant job in cementing itself as one of the best manhwa series to have come out of South Korea in recent years. If I had to summarize the series in one sentence, imagine a series that takes the worldbuilding and city ...
Jinx (Manga) add (All reviews)
Jul 13, 2024
Preliminary (5/? chp)
I’ve read only 5 chapters and I already can tell that I will hate this webtoon, and not because it has a rape/forced sex scene, but because I’ve seen this exact rape scene and this exact scenario played so many times in so many different webtoons that it’s already simply boring. The characters have exactly 0 personality besides seme being a big aggressive asshole whose ego is almost as big as his dick and uke being a petite and naive guy who’s going to be assaulted hundreds of times and will see nothing wrong in that, instead convincing himself that he’s actually falling in love ...
Jul 13, 2024
Very similar to nan hao shang feng both stylistically, and in the sense that tamen de gushi just does everything it sets out to do. It wants to be funny wholesome yuri shenanigans, and it is funny wholesome yuri shenanigans. The author of tamen de gushi is really funny, but also highly capable of capturing raw intense emotions in a visual medium. The story is not particularly complex at all, but the author's skill in working with characters and expressing emotions makes for some surprisingly moving scenes.

I can't rate tamen de gushi any higher than this because it kind of stops being all that ...
Jul 13, 2024
Preliminary (1/? chp)
Probably the worst returner + tower story I've ever read. This is way below average for the genre. I hate to even say there is a story here because it's just so damn lazy. If you've read any manhwa in the past decade then you know exactly what to expect, except this one is a hundred times worse. The worldbuilding and logic is so poorly written it should be criminal. Apparently millions of people are playing this "game" for millions of years but in that time only the MC was able to get a magic pocket watch? It's so ridiculous I don't even think the ...
Jul 13, 2024
Preliminary (80/? chp)
Don't expect anything life changing but I have no reason to give this anything less than a 9. I can't think of a single thing nan hao shang feng does wrong. The author accomplished exactly what they set out to do. Sometimes all you want is a well drawn & colorized visual comedy of the most absurd variety, and that's exactly what you get. This does mean that if you don't find the first 5 chapters funny, you're not going to get anything out of this series. If you do like the author's humour, rest assured, this series does not get any less funny later ...

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