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Mar 29, 2017
CrazyChiyoko (All reviews)
I totally love the art style. The characters are all pretty and cute-looking. The stories are quite short which sadly doesn't allow a lot of character development but I still felt like there was some thought put into them. Most of the characters seem like little steamed buns filled with joy and charm. (The story-length was actually to my personal liking. Sometimes I just need to be able to relax and the fact that the stories are so short takes away the room for complexity.)

The first and main story was adorable. I utterly enjoyed it although it was an emotional rollercoaster. I ended up swaying read more
Mar 29, 2017
Pachilord (All reviews)
As of now, i've only read half of the story for only half is translated and available . If you need a finished story then you can leave, because you'll feel frustrated.

[In a few words]
For now, a good read, especially if you used to play card games, a story about a girl, her past, her love life, her ability to survive in a wordl where everything that matters is your ability to play cards.

== Objective part ==

It faces the struggle of a quite unique girl in a world ruled by a card game. I'd say it is light drama, and the sroty revolves around the read more
Mar 28, 2017
NiniAlex (All reviews)
Okay so the basic story is follows our main charter Ayu Tateishi (the popular and cool student known for her "mature" laid back attitude). Our story really starts with the introduction of Nina-who turns out can use magic and is from a magical kingdom in some other dimension (or something like that)! Ayu ends up finding out when she stumbles into Nina when she is trying to find her "magic computer"....(although Ayu ironically didn't believe in magic in the beginning)
Ayu and Nina become friends and they go though some wacky adventures together. Nina basically becomes Ayu "fairy godmother" although Nina's spells do not always go read more
Mar 28, 2017
Harizak (All reviews)
A year or so ago if I recall I tried reading this story, and failed to get through the second of the 5 books. That being said I came back and finished all of it, and I am happy I did. Light novels come and go for me as I read different content as I feel like it, so my opinion should not be highly valued. That being said I thought it was better the second time around.

My major issue the first time is I found it so boring the second book through that I started skipping around and it read more
Mar 28, 2017
katzneel (All reviews)
This is for all the misfits out there. You who have been stepped on, brushed aside, ignored, misunderstood, despised. You who have risen to the challenge, tumbling through the lanes of life, falling and getting back on your feet over and over again. You the underdog - this is your story.

A pair of alien brothers are sent on an undercover mission to investigate the merits of planet Earth as a possible future home for their kind. In three volumes we follow the duo's quest to adapt to modern-day Tokyo living, playing witness to all their escapades - from the tiniest gaffs down to the dangerous read more
Mar 28, 2017
jaxell (All reviews)
It is a short but intense story. After all, i can not see sensei's feelings. He fall in love because he has to, and that is a thing that i see in a lot of shoujo mangas. But this was cute, the girl is a well done character, i can easily see her evolution throughout the manga.
The story was not a roller coaster of feelings. It was like escalators: you are going up but you are quiet. Like most of shojo stories, it was a autopilot one, so predictable.
The art was ok tho it is nothing special. I would like to see more of those read more
Mar 28, 2017
Berserk (Manga) add (All reviews)
DatBacon (All reviews)
Berserk may seem like a regular dungeons and dragons story where you go on wonderfull quest with friends.......Just that your friends get raped/killed, Guts losses his own arm (and sanity to some extent), and his soul mate gets impregnated by his emo leader Griffith.Guts in the meantime gets a new crew and upgrades his armor and weapons in order to kill every apostole live to get to the god hand and kill Griffith and his buddies.
Overall the story is very dark and fascinating, the characters are well written and their behaviour is changing throught the story (Guts is the primary exam of the psychological changes).The read more
Mar 28, 2017
KojiroDk (All reviews)
I've been reading it since it first came out in japan in 1998, so I wasted a lot of time reading it, now I'm 23 and I feel like I should have done something better with my precious time.
The story is a dreadful and never ending carousel of bad plot and poor character development, lacking a decent story telling and really REALLY full of gaps.
I would be really frivolous from my part if i say i had no enjoyment with it, of course the manga have some good parts and funny stories, but the bad development of the history makes me cringe.
Mar 28, 2017
allandee (All reviews)
Overall: Incredible story about friendship.
And a very charming one regarding romance.
Would love to give a higher score, but I can't help but wanting just a little bit more.
One more chapter (not including the last one). One more character story. Just to give it that final touch.
Other than that, it was incredibly refreshing, and fun paced.

Story: (8) Really well paced, and very touching. But definitely needed at least one more chapter.

Art: (8) Fitting for the tone of the manga. Not my usual personal favourite, but it was very fitting.

Character: (9) For every character covered in depth, it was beautiful. Unfortunately, it would have been nice to read more
Mar 28, 2017
greenfoliage (All reviews)
My Kitty and Old Dog are short stories about pure love that transcends species. It's a heartwarming series that's ideal when you want an escape from the cynical part of the world.

It's been a while since I read this series, but I can remember the main character being an old family poodle called Nang-nak and a kitten named Soondae. Many of the chapters are told in their perspective and can be very tearjerking. And I mean it, I truly cried reading some chapters. Their point of view is very innocent, unprejudiced, raw with emotions, and loving. I personally feel amazed that this series managed to read more
Mar 27, 2017
rowtabi (All reviews)
Zankoku na Kami ga Shihai suru ―or A Cruel God Reigns in english― isn’t the shoujo I expected nor the level of drama I ever read in manga. The author, Moto Hagio, is considered to be part in the Year 24 Group (24年組), group that revolutionized the shoujo manga, and I can say, that she did it with this.

Story 10/10
The story isn’t fanciful at all and that’s why this become one of my favorites manga. The drama is so real, is easy for the reader to empathize with the protagonist Jeremy who is suffering abuse from his stepfather to protect her suicidal mom and read more
Mar 27, 2017
Oniiko (All reviews)
One of the most satisfying survival game manga I’ve ever read.

As an avid fan of survival manga, I believe Kamisama no Iutoori stretches the potential of a survival game. The plot is predictable with level by level progression, but the character growth shows the true value of being constantly forced through life-death situations. Instead of being attached to the distant ultimate ending, you become close to the characters, get invested in their lives, and watch them get slaughtered. The character-focused story takes the importance away from the fallacy that the games themselves need to be interesting. Overwhelmingly complex rules and convoluted strategy are boring. I read more
Mar 27, 2017
Bacco (All reviews)
Nossa, q mangázinho ruim, sério mesmo. Um enredo absolutamente estúpido, quer dizer, não existe enredo algum pra falar a verdade, o autor apenas entrega uma justificativa vazia para encher sua história com cenas de sexo e violência gratuita, um prato cheio pra criançada se lambuzar por completo.

Como é possível alguém gostar dessa bosta? Pior ainda, como podem sequer achar que isso é bom? Se trata de um monte de fanservice violento, nada além disso. Bem, cada um tem seus p̶r̶o̶b̶l̶e̶m̶a̶s̶ ̶m̶e̶n̶t̶a̶i̶s gostos e peculiaridades, você tem o direito de gostar do que quiser, não importa o quão estupido seja, então pra quem gostou, meus mais read more
Mar 27, 2017
jaxell (All reviews)
This manga reminds me of Bakemonogatari. Reading it is like reading the anime, especially the two firsts chapters: there is a talk. Just a talk between two diferent characters that are so well done, their points of view are so diferent that its interesting. How is a man? How is a woman? What con I do to please people?
After the 3rd chapter to 8th there is still talk and more character but there are less of that Bakemonogataris essence.
Changing the subject, there is the art. I have no problem with the art, it is good, the characters are very expressive and the art in read more
Mar 27, 2017
superspartan177 (All reviews)
(contains vague spoilers)

Okay where do I begin, my mind wants to say this first off. This manga had the worst type of harem ending open ended but imagine the worst open ended ending and multiple "bad" by 10. This manga has been a wonderful experience along with it being the continuation of To-love Ru this one offered the idea of a harem and I was really hoping to see the harem idea go through because the author really tried and made a great possible idea that would have left everyone happy other than harem hatters of course.

Liked because
-This manga had a idea implemented by read more
Mar 27, 2017
burm (All reviews)
Believers is concise and tells an interesting story over the span of 22 chapters. The narrative is reminiscent of Golding's "Lord of the Flies," having a troupe of three cult members ("Operator," "Chairman," and "Vice Chairman) living on an otherwise uninhabited island off the coast of Japan. This cult, called the "Smiley Face Center," is determined to find purity within itself through any means necessary, hence why these three members are living together away from society as a social experiment of some sorts. It deals with this cult performing radical acts of terrorism (think Aum Shinrikyo and the sarin gas attacks of the 1990s, or read more
Mar 27, 2017
prat1 (All reviews)
This review contains no spoilers but will mostly contain criticisms.

Shokugeki is one of the more popular Shonen Jump Mangas at the moment. That gives us an idea where the Japanese Manga industry is going towards which worries me.

Shokugeki is a simple battle Shonen template follower with good artwork and fanservice to keep the young readers wanting more. It makes the main / important characters look like bad_asses during these so called food battles and try injecting hype into the Fandom. I feel it has put its fans in a sort of an illusion that it is the best thing ever (look at other read more
Mar 27, 2017
prat1 (All reviews)
No Spoilers!

Fire punch is a series that deserves more popularity. It's quite a unique series as compared to majority of mainstream Shonen's. It's very unconventional and I feel is probably misunderstood here in mal's community as being edgy and without substance, which is just not true, I feel it deserves a higher rating then the current 6.9

The Manga is set in a post apocalyptic / ice age setting with few people left alive. Few of the important characters of this series are very interesting. Life has become a struggle for survival and a number of important characters are on the brink of insanity. The read more
Mar 27, 2017
ReidZX (All reviews)
Vagabond is the story of Musashi Miyamoto, the most famous samurai, inspired by the novel "Musashi".

This is one of the best and most simple natured stories I've ever read.
The story follows Musashi on his way to becoming the strongest, Invincible Under The Heavens. How he grows, from a wild ruffian, to a respectable man by slowly realising the importance of close friends, self-reflection and life itself. The story also follows our secondary protagonist, Sasaki Kojiro who also aims to be Invincible Under The Heavens, with a child-like personality and amazing skills with the sword, he is destined to fight Musashi one day. The premise read more
Mar 26, 2017
Fuuka (Manga) add (All reviews)
psearcey (All reviews)

This is my first manga review and the first time I have sat down and read nearly 150 chapters without stopping. I loved it and can't wait for more!

Much of the criticism comes from the early death of the title character. In my opinion, the death is what allows the story and characters to go far beyond a typical high school slice of life/band story. The tragedy allows the characters to have much more depth and maturity. It is a catalyst to allow the characters to become stronger as individuals and as a band.

The love interests are all realistic and as someone who's read more
Mar 26, 2017
Durantye (All reviews)
The ending makes exactly 0 sense, the authors conveniently forgets past actions to cause spur of the moment 'speeches' that are destroyed by past events. Example being: Hecate talks about how she came to this world and learned about emotion and how she understood it finally when the MC saved her, but she literally offers to kill the MC's best friend because she was annoying. Just tons of plot holes. The ending is honestly the worst ending I have ever in my life seen bar none, legit I have read hentai with better endings, it is the worst thing you'll ever read.
Mar 26, 2017
TheTsundereHime (All reviews)
Personally, when I read romance shoujo, I am constantly looking for characters such as these in the manga. I loveeeee the dynamics between shou and yuki because yuki totally reminds me of myself. Shou is the classic mysterious guy that you find out little by little as the story goes on. But the dynamics between the two and their development is why I gave it a 10.

The story would have gotten a 10 from me however it seems that many other shoujo's with a tsundere character seems to have similar plot lines however, the story was able to capture it in an entirely different way.

The read more
Mar 26, 2017
HandA711 (All reviews)
Forewarning: This reviewer is 25 years old and have only read like three serious shonen romance manga his entire life.

I picked this manga after reading Dome X Kanojo because they're similar and to chill down the emotions I got from that manga. Ended up binged through all 27 volumes in nearly one month.

It was quite an emotional roller coaster, especially the early-mid chapters and the last few. My reactions were shifting constantly between "that's so romantic ~" and "WTF why would you do that?!". This is why I and many people have a love/hate relationship with this manga.

The general consensus seems to be that the read more
Mar 25, 2017
TakeruChan (All reviews)
One of the most terrifying things that can happen in life is being in a bad situation without the ability to do something about it. Terrible thoughts that can go through every parent and every brother and sister head-what will happen if someone will hurt my daughter? my sister? what will I do?
If you are lucky, you won't have to worry about facing situation like that in real life, it will just be in the back of your head, siding with your deepest fears.
Sadly, the main character for this manga, "Fly, Daddy, Fly" need to face it head on. After a professional boxer brutally read more
Mar 25, 2017
Assationater (All reviews)
I would recommend it IF it was finished but because its like 1/4 into the story dont read it yet but if it was finished yes i you should check it out!

The story is uhhhhhhhhhhh "refreshing" to say the least but after that its kinda the typical romance trops but flipped over.

In terms of "ART" it's very good and it keeps a good consistency too.

The characters are all unique and that's all i can say because that is all that the characters are, unique.

Yeaa i like it. ENJOYMENT is GUD from IT

OVERALLZ IZ GUD (Also it's not very light in terms of story.plot.characters and ect
Mar 25, 2017
katzneel (All reviews)
There's an old joke that the shortest story ever to unite elements of politics, religion, royalty, sex, and mystery consists of a single line:

"My God, the Queen is pregnant! ... But who did it?"

Expand it into a shoujo manga series, and that's more or less the premise of「Oujo no Jouken」. In the European-esque, matriarchal country of Bragança, the sudden death of the queen leaves her two daughters Estrela(16) and Lua(14) in direct ascension to the throne, on one condition: that whoever is first to bear a female heiress gains the right to rule. Both sisters are infatuated with their cousin Affonso, who happens to have read more
Mar 25, 2017
YanasakiH (All reviews)
Okay this is my first review ever and I felt I was entitled to write this review. (Non-Spolier *sort of)

When I first started reading this, it seemed like typically cliche love story where the two have to go through a lot of obstacles to be together finally. But as I continued to read and read, each chapter got better and better, and then I was hooked.

It kept me guessing all the way til the end to be honest, I came to like certain characters a lot (Nah Hae-Young and Carrie for sure), and Every chapter felt genuine... well until near the ending.

The ending was rushed, read more
Mar 25, 2017
morekawaiipls (All reviews)
"Yamada-kun and the seven witches" was one of the first mangas I ever read back in the day, and because of it, I was mostly up to date and waiting for chapters weekly just became a chore along the way. Three to four years have passed since then and I recently found out that it was finished. Out of a recommendation from a friend I decided to pick it up again from the start and finish it until the end.

All I can say about this manga is that it really understands how high school stories should be done. When I was first reading it, read more
Mar 25, 2017
AzurealX (All reviews)
So I stumbled across a few artworks by Oh! Great and was simply fascinated by his art. This really made me want to read his works so I started with Tenjou Tenge, although I put it on hold because I heard Air Gear is his best work.
Now that I've finished it, here is my review.

- S T O R Y -
The story is centered around Minami Itsuki as he gets introduced to the world of A-T and grows as a Storm Rider and he overcomes progressively increasing in difficulty challenges through practice, skill and sheer will.
It starts out fairly simple with a fresh concept not read more
Mar 25, 2017
TeKSMeLater (All reviews)
Neon Genesis Evangelion (manga) Review

Oh boy, I'm reviewing Evangelion again.

[Note that while this is a review, the anime will be served as basis for comparison for its utmost importance in being a crucial part for experiencing the manga, and being the original source material for the franchise as well.]

It does not come off as a surprise though, considering how open for debates this franchise really is. It left a great impact upon the anime culture and to this day possesses the archetypal tropes that not only are seen in modern-day mecha anime, but also within other genres. The original anime sparked so many discussions and read more
Mar 24, 2017
Hellper (Manga) add (All reviews)
JcqIsHere (All reviews)
Okay I have no idea why this manhwa webtoon is so underrated. Even though it is not as popular like a series like Noblesse, it still gets a lot of love for the people who do now about it ( including me ).

Story: So if you read the synopsis, the story follows Jang Gwang-nam, the leader of a gang. after he died in an vehicle accident, he is then sent to the afterlife. In the afterlife you are given a black ticket around your wrist. This means you are going to Hell. If you collect 100 black tickets, you can exchange it for a white read more
Mar 24, 2017
NiniAlex (All reviews)
Ok, so I found this manga while looking around something new to read. Overall there is a reason I dropped this manga. Although I did go though a pretty good portion wanting to see how this turns out {out of curiosity}.As I had heard of this manga...
I will be going over the story, charters and art.

The story follows Ninako Kinoshita in her high school is basically a story of her "first love" (which is the overall theme). She falls for Ren..who (surprise, surprise) is the most popular guy in the school. The only problem with this is that Ren has a girlfriend.
The story is read more
Mar 24, 2017
Let Dai (Manga) add (All reviews)
Cindy-Uchiha (All reviews)
Let Dai is a homosexual romance story that contains cheating, physical abuse, rape, death and suicide. So if you can't stand any of these at all, then don't read it and go away. But if you think you can bear with it, then read it, because it'll be the best and most touching romance story you'll ever read.

Story = 10:
Let's try not to spoiler anything.

I honestly don't know how to describe the story with words only. Not only the story line is entertaining, but also the way it's written and the relationships between the characters. There's more storytelling than the characters talking. I can read more
Mar 24, 2017
TomatoFork (All reviews)
Story: 9

The story of Liar Game is primarily about these two main characters Nao and Akiyama taking part in different mind-heavy games where the players' greed is tested and they have to find a solution that would benefit all participants as much as possible. The main obstacle in their way being the human nature itself and other players inability to remain true to the same pure ideals.

Overall I would consider the story a very original premise that shows tons of creativity from the author. The rules behind the games are all well planned out in advance to benefit the complicated solutions the characters eventually find.

There's read more
Mar 24, 2017
hondo12345 (All reviews)
This Manga tells a story about a high school girl named Mimika, who one day stumbled upon an elementary schooler Yuzumori and fell in love with her almost immediately.
The Story focuses heavily on Mimika’s mentality and her struggle to deal with her feelings and how falling in love with someone so much younger is unacceptable in modern society.

So far the characters weren’t that much developed, but are really interesting nonetheless.
Mimika’s thought process is unique to this series, I’ve never seen anything similar to this anywhere else. Watching her daily interactions with Yuzumori-san is a quite unusual experience too.
Yuzumori is a very unpredictable character, read more
Mar 24, 2017
CCoLa (All reviews)
This manga started out as "ok" and ended as "bad", I guess I'll break it down into story, art, character, and then add a last part for enjoyment and overall rating.

Story: 3/10
The story in this manga started off well, but it became really predictable really fast. In the first half there were a couple twists that got me by surprise, but those started to run low pretty fast once I caught on to some of the hints that are sprinkled in the story arcs. The reader can pretty much tell what happened on the island by the time they find the second or third major read more
Mar 23, 2017
simsoyzeta (All reviews)
- Eden no Ori, or, Cage of Eden is a series about an airplane that crashes into a mysterious island leaving the middle school class... LOST...! They find the island they're on is filled with prehistoric creatures, like a bizarre stone age version of Jurassic Park. Right off the bat the series is bloody, full of fanservice, and is utterly unique in its setting.

Who Should Read This
- Do you like constantly seeing young female characters bathing? Big boobs?
- Do you wanna see prehistoric bears and giant birds getting their brains bashed in?
- Do you wanna see minor characters getting killed off without regard?
- Do you read more
Mar 23, 2017
Lord_Odous (All reviews)
This is a manga review for both Trigun and Trigun Maximum.

It is not easy to depict action in the form of manga. Trigun is one of those works that fell victim to flashy art style that becomes overly convoluted and confusing for readers to follow.

Trigun started out as a light-hearted comedy where we follow Vash the Stampede and how having a mega bounty on his head attracts nothing but trouble. Beyond his happy go lucky exterior, we soon find out his dark past and his conviction of never to take one's life away.

Gradually, the mood shifts especially during Maximum where it becomes darker and read more
Mar 23, 2017
Shamo (Manga) add (All reviews)
CaptSwarthmore (All reviews)
Shamo is one series that is difficult to write a simple review for, but I'll try to keep it brief. I may as well get it out of the way - Shamo has one of the worst endings to a manga series that I've ever seen, There's no resolution, no ultimate lesson, just a strong feeling that the author wanted the series over and done with. Now, there are plenty of mediocre manga series but it is particularly distressing here because of the way Shamo started out. The first several volumes or so were cerebral, dark and well-paced. It took a lot of risks, giving read more
Mar 23, 2017
thisismylifenow (All reviews)
Since it's a pretty short manga, I'll write a pretty short review.

It's a very sweet story about a girl who wants to be a prince. One day, a princess transfers to her school. You can fill in the blanks with what happens next.

However, that's not to say there isn't angst or drama because there is plenty of both.

But for 9 chapters the development and story isn't bad. It really melted my heart.

Some more details:

Art: 8/10
It's off a bit from your traditional manga art (can't really place a finger around it but it might be the eyes), but I definitely enjoyed it.

Story: 10/10
Just read more
Mar 23, 2017
Uzumaki (Manga) add (All reviews)
TomatoFork (All reviews)
Manga artist Junji Ito is known for having done some of the best horror manga out there. Out of all of them Uzumaki's probably the most well known one. The series ran for 3 volumes from 1998 to 1999 and over the years has become quite a classic. So in honor of October and all I decided to give it a read.

Uzumaki tells about obscure events taking place in a small Japanese town. These events are presented through mostly separate stories that have the same main character, Kirie observing them. But Kirie isn't the only link between all of the absurd cases as it turns read more
Mar 23, 2017
TomatoFork (All reviews)
What makes School Rumble original isn’t the romance melodrama, which is so obvious that it almost makes fun of itself, but the comedy. Most of the chapters are self-contained stories where the characters have a normal encounter that gets more and more ridiculous
leading to a punchline.

The biggest strength in it’s style of comedy is taking advantage of the rich cast of characters that keeps growing through out the manga. Separate chapters can show different interactions that all take place in the same environment and in the end they combine them together to an even more satisfying pay-off. This tactic doesn’t really get used much in read more
Mar 23, 2017
Nisekoi (Manga) add (All reviews)
Mezo-RPWPA (All reviews)
i'm not really the type of person who keeps on writing reviews for stuff he liked or disliked specially when it comes to anime/manga/LN so i'll try to keep this short . Normally what i look for in a slice of life manga i look for enjoyment , character development and how the plot progresses which in this case was well-done for 100 chapters or so where there was plot progress and character development even though it wasn't much but at least the mangaka tried but after the first 100 chapters the mangaka started introducing more and more useless characters only to get rid of read more
Mar 22, 2017
ChubbyGoat (All reviews)
Story: 6
The story revolves around a NEET girl and a perfect school president (a genre that has DEFN not been explored before). Then afterwards we find out the prince is actually a self-absorbed asshole who is the heir to the yakuza (another plot that has DEFN not been done before). The events that follow are the president's attempts to woo the NEET, after she learns about his alternate identity. Overall, even though its a overused and frankly not original plot line, it still provides a decent amount of humor and roasting moments. But I wouldn't say the story is original.
Art: 7
The art wasn't like blowing read more
Mar 22, 2017
SU1 (All reviews)
This is my first review so, here we go...

This manga was right up my alley. I really enjoy strong female leads, gradual but concrete relationships and relaxing Slice of Life settings, so if you're also interested or like any of those you would like to check it out. The story revolves around Tokeida Airi, her best friend Sahara Taki, her sister Nako and the incidents in their school caused by a mysterious group called F.

The story is not entirely unique. A popular student, a strange group plotting against them. There were enough plot twists to keep my hooked, and most of them were fluid enough read more
Mar 22, 2017
SolarFox (All reviews)
It's a fantastic manga, simple as that !

Solid characters, offers great humour, with deep and complex enough plot. When the twists happen, they don't seem repetitive, or forced, or stretched out. Just enough of linger, clues, curiousity, and growing revelation. If you like talking about theories or predictions, or overall a manga that makes you think, this is the one for you.

And of course, the art is quite lovely - well paced and well drawn.

Before to read the manga, I was suspicious about to read again the theme of Alice in Wonderland. So it goes to show how intriguing it was, and I read more
Mar 22, 2017
Ghostfriendly (All reviews)
This is far from the best known manga, but one of my most loved. And the most lovely, truly legendary feature is the titular heroine, who makes Mad Max look like a poofter and Wonder Woman look like a waif. A mother who will fight through hell to recover her children would be arresting enough. But Sarah's strength is like no other woman in manga, a blend of mighty composure and righteous passion that only Lone Wolf and Cub could exceed. The wartime horrors Sarah endures on her journey are horrific as they are believable, but you'll see the he-men from Fist of the North read more
Mar 22, 2017
Akira (Manga) add (All reviews)
Ghostfriendly (All reviews)
At time of release Akira was possibly regarded as the greatest manga yet written (and certainly clearer to understand than Evangelion). With the modern focus on dialogue as an engine of plot and character, Akira was a strange reading experience, with its static characters, repeated quarter-volume fight scenes against armies of gunmen, and unashamed focus on spectacle over exploring the intricacies of its own plot. The movie of Akira probably distils the vital themes and character dynamics much more sharply, with some more brilliant exchanges and creative images than anything in the source; the manga has nothing quite like that giant milk-bleeding teddy bear. read more
Mar 22, 2017
HikiMaru (All reviews)
This manga had been sitting on my plan to read for so long that a weight was lifted off my shoulder when I opened the first page. And I'm glad it did.

//I don't know what counts as a spoiler, so I might have flashed a teeny bit that I shouldn't in this review. But I promise nothing major.//

Story (7/10): The plot itself is a happy-go-lucky one when you look at it at a glance. This manga is about our optimistic main character, Sakura, who lives in a supernaturalistic world along with her friends. Despite the peculiarity of the world Sakura lives in, there was always read more
Mar 22, 2017
Forde (All reviews)
A story told from the villain's side, something not usually done. I didn't know the source material but I had high hopes for this manga since is rare to see a something like this. But as chapters were released my interest plummeted pretty quickly.

The plot is linear, most of the chapters consist of the mc tricking girls into sex to turn them in cumdumpsters, being a sadistic fuck and boasting how powerful he is, rinse and repeat. Using smut should be an additive to a story like this not the other way around.

Characters are not better than the ones from an hentai manga, even the read more