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Dec 8, 2019
Yu-Gi-Oh is better...

This is just some stupid manga about how making manga is the best thing of the world and even crime misteries are resolved thanks to this profession (bullshit).

Story: Some manga-ka guy tries to resolve a murder crime thanks to manga (seriously the story is just that stupid) 2/10.

Art: Very nice but also basic and even lazy as hell 3/10.

Characters: Dumb moronic shonen characters that make drama about pussy things (like making manga) and other bullshit 2/10.

Overall: This is boring junk and even I did not pass from the first two chapters. Kazuki Takahashi has become a crappy Mnaga-ka with time...2/10
Nov 30, 2019
Kajika (Manga) add (All reviews)
(This would contain some punctuation signs mistakes...)

This is some kind of bad done Dragon Ball (I mean it)...

STORY: Some cursed kid from a land of superpowered people (do not confuse them with saiyans) must protect some magical dragon egg(dont confuse it with a dragon ball (lol) ) from and evil mafia guy who wants it to make himself the strongest being in existence and break some kind of curse that was punt onto him for killing some magic fox that blamed him to have an animal tail for the rest of his life if the would not save 100 lifes (because the protagomnist was evil read more
Oct 18, 2019
666 Satan is manga from the twin brother of Naruto creator nothing less (I wish that at least it was as good as this last) but... Pedigree of this series does not decieve you... this is a horrible,plus,terrible work that will make you vomit.
with dreadful characters tha look invented by some children and could not get compared with naruto characters even (that were a little bit weak too) No, this characters are more stupid,illogical, fake and childish (even fucking villains are like this) yes, as you can guess there are no good characters in this manga.
story is not that awesome either, because, read more