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Dead Dead Demons Dededede Destruction (ONA)
Dead Dead Demons Dededede Destruction (ONA)
5 hours ago
Watching -/18 · Scored -
Dead Dead Demons Dededede Destruction (ONA) Episode 0
Dead Dead Demons Dededede Destruction (ONA) Episode 0
5 hours ago
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Elf-san wa Yaserarenai.
Elf-san wa Yaserarenai.
Yesterday, 10:55 PM
Dropped 3/12 · Scored 3
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Maguwai Madame no Toki
Maguwai Madame no Toki
Yesterday, 3:02 AM
Completed 8/8 · Scored 2
Oneechan to, Mama to, Ofuro ni Hairo
Oneechan to, Mama to, Ofuro ni Hairo
Yesterday, 2:40 AM
Completed - · Scored 5

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ShuunIchikawa Jul 4, 11:15 AM
You're welcome. I really recommend diving into Replicant, cause among all Drakenier games this one is my absolute favorite. I started with Automata which is kinda doing things backward in a bigger picture, yet even if I played Replicant in unintended order I enjoyed it very much.

In Drakenier, Automata is actually quite different and unique, so beware of that Replicant and especially Drakengard 1 & 3 (because 2 is non-canon) will be far different. Also speaking about different experience of Automata before and after Replicant. After Replicant the Automata value even raised for me so you most likely won't regret learning about it more.
ShuunIchikawa Jul 4, 11:05 AM
Oh I see, this is quite unlucky. NieR:Automata is part of whole universe and it can be experienced alone or with the whole context and this is very very different experience depending on what you choose. Funny thing is how as a sole piece of art NieR:Automata is some sort of next gen Ghost in the Shell philosophical thing, but as a sequel to NieR Replicant as well as the Drakengard series, it unleashes dozen of new motives and inner symbolism.

About the novels, these are included in some sort of guide books / encyclopedias that were released alongside the games. For Replicant there is Grimoire Nier and for Automata there is simply NieR:Automata World Guide. Yet in case of Automata novels, those were put mostly into "Long Story Short" book. That's not all, cause during NieR Orchestra concerts there have been even more stories provided and there are even stage plays, which one of it was later an inspiration to create the Automata game.

Thing about Yokoverse/Drakenier is that these novels and all the other "outisde" media are extended lore of the games or the world, and reading them without playing the games is, maybe not pointless, but you'd lack a lot of context.

Automata anime recieved some criticism from either anime-only or even players of the game, but in fact this anime is itself an extended lore, but not many can catch it quite yet. I think season 2 will expand on it. As for total NieR fanboy, its very nice to see someone who enjoyed anime to this point anyways :D
ShuunIchikawa Jul 4, 7:14 AM
I've noticed you have NieR:Automata in favs, did you play the game as well?
re4zen Jun 25, 3:22 AM
confused on avg score 4. and had 59,6% affinty scores;
Berry-Vodka Jun 2, 9:55 PM
[url=☆Shoutengai]Abenobashi Mahou☆Shoutengai[/url] · Completed 13/13 ・ Scored 5
Infravalorado mis huevos
bad show. somehow I enjoyed a few seconds of it, specially the military joke heh. but that's it, i hate when that happens..
Chespeer May 16, 8:23 PM
Yep, me los he visto todos, salvo algunos que no estuvieron doblados, pero en fin.

Que bueno que todo esté bien por allá :)
Chespeer May 16, 9:27 AM
Hola Capitan Kenshiro, mucho tiempo que no comento aquí, como has estado?
Yo hace unas semanas volví a estar activo en MAL y me terminé de ver Pokemon después de un largo hiatus.
Synkiiz May 11, 1:53 PM
No puedo hacer buenas reseñas pero aquí está esta.
Feitan_exe Apr 6, 11:18 AM
Idk, it just kind of reminds me of stand alone complex anime, the military, political part which is more heavy in eden, the technology, etc all in all i pretty much liked it more than Akira
Feitan_exe Apr 5, 5:27 AM
how was it tho...... Some ppl do have mixed bag for this one..... Even i have some complaints on hiroki endo's political view
Feitan_exe Apr 5, 4:21 AM
hey buddy, by the looks of your favourite manga, u should give Eden it's an endless world a try, it was great not gonna call it perfect but it does what most manga are scared to do
cristopeles Mar 31, 3:07 PM
StoicSamurai Mar 24, 10:23 AM
I read your review about Frieren and altough you named quite a few aspects of the show you liked, you still gave it a 6 only. That made me curious if the rating was made on a whim or if you are just very critic overall. Seind that your average score on anime is around 4 was quite amusing. I will check out some of the stuff that you liked because i assume from the reviews you wrote that you judge anime in a consequential way and from an adult watchers perspective. Thanks for being out there and giving me this opportunity.
IzMarty Mar 22, 1:02 PM
This guys probably a 0/10 IRL
Deago Feb 1, 1:59 AM
Your Beauty Water review is well-written, better than mine.
It’s time to ditch the text file.
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