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Alternative Titles

Japanese: BEASTARS


Type: Manga
Volumes: Unknown
Chapters: Unknown
Status: Publishing
Published: Sep 8, 2016 to ?
Genres: DramaDrama, ShounenShounen, Slice of LifeSlice of Life, PsychologicalPsychological
Authors: Itagaki, Paru (Story & Art)
Serialization: Shounen Champion


Score: 8.611 (scored by 1878918,789 users)
1 indicates a weighted score.
Ranked: #772
2 based on the top manga page. Please note that 'R18+' titles are excluded.
Popularity: #163
Members: 48,792
Favorites: 4,387


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Feb 6, 2019
alpha_shadow (All reviews)
An incredibly complex manga about humanity's many facets, portrayed in an unusual way. At first glance, you might not expect this to be a deep series, but it dives into the core of society, interactions between individuals and how cruel and beautiful the world can be. The thing that surprised me the most is how incredibly well written all of the characters are, everyone has an interesting side in this story. The narrative is exciting, has many unexpected fun twists and turns, as the main protagonist Legosi faces many challenges in this wild world he lives in. The art has a very uniquely strange feel read more
Jun 8, 2017
RMB2 (All reviews)
I wasn't expecting much of this manga at first, but it got really good pretty fast, and it keeps getting better with each chapter, so I can currently say that it is very much underrated.

The characters, specially the main ones, are very deep and interesting, so it's always exciting to get to know more about them, their personalities and their secrets, as the story progresses.
It's a bit ironic how they all feel much more human than the average character from any other high school story, even though they're all animals... but I really mean it, it's very easy to relate to them and read more
Dec 3, 2017
song12301 (All reviews)
I was going to give it a high score. I really was going to. But I just can't anymore.

The story is very mediocre, non existent in consistency and the backstories just come in big bulks later on in the manga. Very bad development, nonsensical motives for everything that happens. It just is not enough to hook me on.

This is one of the manga that tries to be seinen, as the genre suggests, and some very philosophical elements were showing up. But then all of that was ditched for a mediocre plot that was bland and lacked any real value for reading

Random things just pop read more
Jan 17, 2019
DoktorHaus (All reviews)
Are you a furry? Do you love Zootopia? If you answered yes to either of those questions, give this manga a shot. Need any more info? Well, ok...

Beastars is about animals living in a very human-like society. The story centers around Legosi, a sensitive, honorable young wolf who struggles to overcome his nature and form meaningful relationships. His story begins at Cherryton high school, and that comes with a murder mystery, a taboo romance, tested friendships, bloody brawls... things you might expect from a shonen. But the strong writing and characters always keep it engaging.

Once he leaves school, the world-building really expands and we get read more
Oct 10, 2019
JOBEY-C1 (All reviews)
Story 4/10
I find the author's ideas very interesting, my problem is the execution of the same ideas, the world can be excellent but it uses it purely for very stupid plots, from a coming of age with murder mystery we jump into a romcom and then a war against the yakuza and then Buddhist martial arts of herbivores return to the Slice of life and then start a whole story with batman horse and an attempt to we live in a society with cheetah / gazella

Everything is very stupid, jumps genre in each arc and the tone is the most meme of existence

Art 8/10
The author's read more
Jan 21, 2020
deadoptimist (All reviews)
To the credit of this manga’s art and worldbuilding, it takes a while for the thought to settle – but it’s actually just immature and dumb. This is my second attempt at a review of Beastars, because the first one was a detailed analysis it didn’t deserve. After my nerves had calmed down, after the dust had settled, I understood that I was essentially arguing philosophy with a loud tween, just dressed in a fancy suit and with a list of hot twitter hashtags of the year on a crumpled paper in the sweaty palm.

I am pretty sure that the author uses the protagonist of read more
May 24, 2020
QueenPrisme (All reviews)
This manga is hard to rate because it gets worse as it goes. It can't even decide what genre it wants to be. They can't even keep the motivations of the main character straight. Honestly, it's like three different people group wrote this manga and none of them could agree what they wanted it to be about.

Plot: Mystery -> Romance -> Thriller -> Slice of life *rinse and repeat*

The plot and setting actively change for the worse. Eventually, all logic and reasoning is tossed out of the window and this story becomes... infuriating.


It's okay, sometimes it's extremely well-drawn other times it's sketchy and looks read more
Aug 30, 2019
qwyxivi (All reviews)
Story: 5. While many of the psychological themes presented are brilliant, it really lacks coherence. There's not much "driving motion" in the story.

It also suffers heavily from characters making obviously terrible life decisions that they're fully aware of because of some sort of superficial ideal of empathy that isn't fleshed out enough to be believable. While it helps bring out some of the psychological themes, it feels extremely unrealistic and makes it hard for a reader to get invested in the story.

In essence, it feels like a story created mostly for the sake of social commentary.

Art: 10. Nothing to complain about. Very expressive. Anthropomorphic animals read more
Nov 3, 2019
Zigizmund (All reviews)
When I started reading manga, it seemed to me that this is a story about how "Zootopia" existed in the real world, without utopias. <Legoshi - a wolf that is forced to bear a heavy burden, its outstanding genetic capabilities, he is a PREDATOR. "Progressive" "justice" society makes all animals equal, encouraging the weak and oppressing the strong. forced predators agree and eat soy and tofu or go to the ghetto. Society oppresses not physically but psychologically. Uses public morality, public estrangement. Everything is like Nietzsche. Antagonist is the Louis deer, who also understands that no matter how hard he tries to be better in read more
Mar 24, 2020
TheMilkman79 (All reviews)
My wife left me after reading this, i blame Beastars for my marital disputes. At first my life was fine but then I got to chapter 67 and my wife took custody and i haven't seen my kids since. To be honest our marriage was on shaky ground to begin with like a house of cards, one action and it all collapses. But I wouldn't say I'm mad about Beastars doing this to me i just wish I could see my 2 Kids again Jimmy and John, named after my least favourite fast food chain. But even then I thought Beastars was Ok aside from read more
Aug 17, 2019
TruthCycle (All reviews)
My initial thought on the cover was "Oh cool, the cover shows a wolf instead of a anime girl. I am craving for something new. I might as well check it."

STORY: Was a simple concept that has been done, but I was interested in what it wanted to focus on.

At first, the pacing was a bit strange where certain events suddenly happen in an unnaturally way, such as character's conflict or sudden obstacle. I did at one point found myself questioning what was the purpose of this story and why was it being told? Is this meant to a dramatic piece of our society read more
Aug 4, 2020
sploooptptp (All reviews)
Y'know, at first I was just gonna not rate this. Sure it had pretty bad characters and its story was just a mess but I thought about it and realised something. The A in beastars stands for avil and if you replace the a with an e you get evil. I don't know how this slipped past me but I am finally showing the truth. and that truth is beastars is evil and thats bad. Because of this I have started protesting beastars and hopefully it will get banned. Banned for being evil. Banned for being beAstars. A for evil
Apr 6, 2020
IceeMcNasty (All reviews)
If you're here after watching the anime you need to read Beastars now, anyway on to the review. This is my favorite manga, the story, the characters, the setting, and just the vibe I get from Beastars is amazing. I don't know how to describe it but have you ever had that feeling from a manga or any piece of media when you just feel empty after you finish it? I had that feeling for a month after I caught up with this manga. Many people stray away from this manga or anime because they think it's for furries and while yes, furries probably love read more
Oct 30, 2019
PotatoChampion (All reviews)
This is by far the best manga I have ever read. The characters are amazing. Legosi is best boy in all of manga. Louis starts off as a dick, but turns into an incredibly deep and amazing character. The art style looks messy, but that’s the best part about it. Every drawing, looks sketched, and it’s adds to an amazing aesthetic throughout the manga. The story isn’t the best at the beginning, but it starts getting amazing towards the later portions of the story. I have enjoyed it more than any manga I have ever read, and I finished it in a day. Just read read more
Sep 28, 2019
Letters_To_Egypt (All reviews)
A Shounen at heart that's trying too hard to be a Seinen is the easy way of describing this manga.

The story just kinda happens without much natural progression and the characters, while interesting enough, just do some very odd things that don't gel for me. Those two things aside I enjoyed this story as it had great art, interesting world building, and (while not perfect) fun characters. There is just a bit too much philosophy going on with these characters for my taste as nearly every situation is analyzed to the extreme from one of the characters view points. In a way this series read more
May 14, 2019
HappyG (All reviews)
I had a lot of expectations going into this from friends who had recommended it to me. Beastars delivers on the expected hype on almost every mark. It is one of my all time favorites now and I hope it keeps the momentum up.

Story: 8
Overall it is well paced and pushes you to binge all that's currently out. Itagaki is skilled in creating a world that enthralls the reading and constantly reveals more of itself while leaving intrigue. She does struggle with juggling the characters at times, as some abruptly lose attention and development. There are some filler chapter, but they had good placement to read more
Jul 17, 2020
aardbei123 (All reviews)
I first got into Beastars by watching the anime. I had known about the series for a long time, but I was put of by the idea that this was just some show that panders to furries. After watching the anime I was positively surprised to learn that that was not necessarily the case and it had a genuinely strong setting and cool ideas.
After watching the anime I was intrigued to find out more about where it would go and that's when I started reading the manga. At this point my feelings about the show started to get more complicated. It has a lot of read more
Dec 9, 2019
YeeYeeAss (All reviews)
Thus far it has been very great show

The story takes place in an universe where all the living creatures are animals. I have always wondered about one question in these types of show, "What do they eat". This manga answers that. Carnivores have to eat herbivore food which aint the best thing for carnivores, but luckily there is a black market/ghetto where you can buy meat, but it comes with side effects.

The art is not the greatest art but it is still pretty good.

The story is kinda confusing. I have no idea what it is supposed to be. I guess it is about becoming the read more
Nov 9, 2019
Sir_Sobek (All reviews)
Although it can be rough around the ages at times, there is something about this manga that gives me great pleasure while reading it. I cant really put it into words. I would recommend you give it a shot and I promise you it is likely you will get hooked.

Legosi is quickly becoming one of my favorite characters of all time. The character dynamics are solid and there is not a character that I go "ugh not them" while reading. Just a very solid character driven story with an author I never heard of. She is doing a great job with this series!
Oct 20, 2019
Nanalie (All reviews)
I really like Beastars. I started reading it after watching the first episode of it and read the manga after being curious after the 1st episode. That was a big mistake on my part because I binged read the whole thing in a single night. I thought Beastars was not going to amount to much and was going to be something like Zootopia but boy was I wrong. Disney would not make this into a movie with the dark themes. The manga goes through such good character development with the interactions of the main characters Legoshi and Haru. It goes more into the relationship of read more