Feb 6, 2019
alpha_shadow (All reviews)
An incredibly complex manga about humanity's many facets, portrayed in an unusual way. At first glance, you might not expect this to be a deep series, but it dives into the core of society, interactions between individuals and how cruel and beautiful the world can be. The thing that surprised me the most is how incredibly well written all of the characters are, everyone has an interesting side in this story. The narrative is exciting, has many unexpected fun twists and turns, as the main protagonist Legosi faces many challenges in this wild world he lives in. The art has a very uniquely strange feel to it, but it manages to be striking and effective at showcasing a huge range of emotions, the mangaka really managed to master drawing facial expressions.

This feral world of animals is very similar to our human world, but the peculiar relationship carnivores and herbivores have was a very different perspective for me.

The carnivores have to suffer because they can't eat the food that is the most nourishing and delicious to them, they can substitute meat with other things but it is never satisfying enough and they have to always struggle with a unique type of hunger, an endless painful hunger that drives many of them mad.

Herbivores have to live in a constant painful fear since most of them are much weaker than carnivores and because the carnivores can randomly go crazy from their thirst for their natural source of nutrition, there is this constant danger that you'll be devoured by a beast gone insane.

Both the carnivores and the herbivores are suffering, but in different ways.

The whole society is restless because of these core factors and there doesn't seem to be an easy way to fix these problems and that's what makes this story so shockingly captivating, emotional and breathtaking.