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Alternative Titles

English: Bleach
Japanese: BLEACH


Type: Manga
Volumes: 74
Chapters: 705
Status: Finished
Published: Aug 7, 2001 to Aug 22, 2016
Authors: Kubo, Tite (Story & Art)
Serialization: Shounen Jump (Weekly)


Score: 7.711 (scored by 137223 users)
1 indicates a weighted score. Please note that 'Not yet published' titles are excluded.
Ranked: #21292
2 based on the top manga page. Please note that 'R18+' titles are excluded.
Popularity: #4
Members: 217,533
Favorites: 26,122


There is a lot of fighting in both stories. In Bleach every shinigami has his/her typical zanpaktou technique, the same goes for Claymore (but with swords). In both stories the characters fighting against some kind of evil creature (in Bleach: hollow; in Claymore: youma). The main characters (Ichigo (Bleach) and Clare (Claymore)) are similar in that they want to became stronger for some reason (in Bleach Ichigo wants to become stronger to protect his friends; in Claymore Clare wants to become stronger for the sake of her revenge). 
reportRecommended by Hiraga
Like Naruto, Bleach has very deep and compelling characters as well as action packed battles that will keep you on your toes. Very deep yet simple plots, both are masterpieces in their own right, and deserving of such a title. 
reportRecommended by gmsephiroth
Two young teens can see ghosts and work for a spiritual organization. 
reportRecommended by DaveJS
Zombie Powder was Tite Kubo's first manga serial, which he started working on in high school. It was cancelled after only a year, but reading it, you have to wonder why. All of the incredibly stylish art and character design that make BLEACH so great are also in great supply in Zombie Powder. It's got fantastic battles, a supremely cool cast of characters, and is all in all something that every BLEACH fan should read. And if you've somehow managed to read Zombie Powder without first hearing of BLEACH, do by all means start on the latter! xD BLEACH's length almost makes up for how abruptly  read more 
reportRecommended by tozoku
King of Hell has some similarities from Bleach for one that Majeh role in the manhwa is similar to a shinigami's where he has to ferry dead souls to the other side. Instead of Majeh fighting against hollows, most of his enemy's in the manhwa are comprised of demons that have escape to the living world. 
reportRecommended by Majeh-Sama
It's endless, awesome and really funny. You can't help but love the main characters stupidity and intelligence. 
reportRecommended by ChibiAyane
Psyren and Bleach are extremely similiar. They both have the same kind of nice, unique art, also the "bad guys" in Psyren resemble the bad guys in Bleach. Both are also Shonen Jump mangas with a lot of action and characters that travel between worlds fighting bad guys. If you like Bleach, you'll love Psyren. 
reportRecommended by Sleezy
Both deal with supernatural powers. Bleach's author, Kubo Tite, considers Saint Seiya to be one of his biggest inspirations for the designs of the different types of weapons that his characters use in the story as well as the battle scenes. 
reportRecommended by m4rc0
If you like the type of supernatural phenomenon, along with sword fighting and secrets, these could be for you. Both take place in modern times. 
reportRecommended by eagleswing8
Both of the main characters have the ability to see spirits, and both of them meet, seemingly by accident, a girl who not only sees spirits but makes it her business to exorcise them. 
reportRecommended by jutester
The fights, the enemies and the reason why they fight. The first 7 tankoubon are crack but then it starts the good part of the history. 
reportRecommended by sakurita_chan92
even though Bleach has more supernatural elements, both manga include action and different sword fighting techniques. also Bleach and Gamaran have strong main character. the art is also similar.  
reportRecommended by Kanorin
If you liked Bleach, you might like this. Both deal with similar concepts, while still being really different. Both great series. 
reportRecommended by pnay
Both of the main characters gain powers that they had never had before, as well as having a very similar female character to assist them both. Believe it or not, both anime surround the idea about the meaning of friendship. Also both of the main character use humongous swords due to the extreme power they hold in within themselves. 
reportRecommended by fiddleberg
I'm surprised that anyone haven't made this recomendation it. Both are about Shinigami,have similar story and beginning.A must see(or read,oh fugit) for Bleach fans. 
reportRecommended by CodeSaint
Both protagonists have a big katana as main weapon Both are really OP, and have this super fast evolution in their powers Their enemies never win Both katanas can liberate a power like getsuga tenshou (from bleach, BUT SAME happens in Black Cover - similar power) All girls like main protagonist The army formed by the people with the strongest magic in Black Clover are organized similarly as the shinigamis in soul society (different captains and their shinigamis, also things about royal families and stuff) And, finally, both are battle shounen manga structured similarly, so if you like one probably will like the other.  
reportRecommended by xiliqs
Both are long series that feature a lot of fighting scenes where each character has their own special attacks. Also both main characters keep improving their weapons/powers with new more and more powerful attack moves. Both also involve the main character facing off against more or less supernatural beings, although in InuYasha it's often youkai (demons) and in Bleach humans with inhuman powers. Also it seems like no matter how brutally you beat up our male leads Ichigo (Bleach) and Inuyasha (InuYasha) neither seems willing to die anytime soon. 
reportRecommended by Blood_Sword
If you like bleach you will like this. Bleach is heavily inspired by Samurai deeper kyo. Sometimes it almost feels like bleach is copying Samurai Deeper Kyo. Alot of characters with swords and powers fighting with flashy techniques etc. But there is a big diffrence. Samurai Deeper kyo has more of a story and its more mature. And the main character is not the good guy but rather the bad guy. He dont spare peopoles life, he kills them and smile. 
reportRecommended by Speedhoven
Sword with special powers tied somehow to ones souls. 
reportRecommended by Yemi_Hikari
The "atmosphere" is a bit different, but there are a lot of similarities. To begin with, the artwork has a very similar feel as well as the similar starting point of "boy meets girl and obtains power" kind of deal 
reportRecommended by ShindouNagi
Supernatural manga in which the protagonist sees ghosts/demons, and, because of this ability, gets involved with a girl, teams up with her, and even gains a super power. 
reportRecommended by RenaPsychoKiller
Well...Kekkaishi isnt about shinigami and swordfighting but the manga has the same feel to it...a boy in black Bleach-like clothing fights against weird monsters...(like the main protagonist in Bleach)...he gets stronger and stronger, tries to defend THE GIRL who also happens to be very similar to the main female character in Bleach. There is a secret society (very soul societys like)...and there is the evil group... Sooo...all in all...very similar yet different. P.s. Kekkaishi is in my opinion the tame version of Bleach.  
reportRecommended by Puls
The only objetive of the protagonists is to become stronger. Lots of power ups and detailed battles. Both use a lot the shounen technique of "the enemies of today are the allies of tomorrow". 
reportRecommended by BlindNoldor
These two stories are almost identical. When i started reading BLAST I felt like I was reading bleach all over again. Everybody knows about Bleach, and even thought BLAST is VERY similar, I think it needs more attention. Think of it as a Korean version of Bleach, but BLAST is much shorter! So, if you liked Bleach you'll like BLAST and vice versa ^^  
reportRecommended by Faisa_Dragon
Bleach is akin to Soul Eater in that they both feature characters with unique weapons and abilities. They are also set with a premise involving grim reapers. 
reportRecommended by radiantfire
both bleach and medaka box contain well written plots and feature an array of interesting and dynamic characters 
reportRecommended by DLA
Samurai theme. Main character dressed as shinigami and acts like Kurosaki Isshin in a way. Special weapons with unique powers, some of them better than others. One of the villains are just screams Bleach for me. And in both MC doesn't give a damn about sneaking and just bursting through the front door. 
reportRecommended by NoBleachNoLife
both mainly focused on the action, both have extremely similar art style, both have items that gives unique supernatural abilities. also one shot of this manga was published in WSJ's 10th anniversary Bleach magazine issue. © thehungryjoker.wikia.com 
reportRecommended by NoBleachNoLife
In some way, Oresama Teacher and the first volumes of Bleach are similiar. Both have a pretty random humor and they are both in a way about delinquents. Oresama Teacher is a shoujo, but the way its not claustrophobicaly focused on the maincharacters, and the way of storytelling, is pretty similar to a shounen. Also, both series have a lot of hilarious characters... and bunnies. 
reportRecommended by AceLice
Bleach and Soul Cathcher(S), both are about guys who can see things, that other people can't and both aren't really happy about that. Art sometimes looks almost identical, except maybe hair. In Bleach it looks a little more windy, while in Soul Catcher(S) it looks more like a mosaic. Both trying to be really epic, in terms of atmosphere of the "battle". 
reportRecommended by NoBleachNoLife
Both have extremely similar art styles and are urban fantasy series with humorous moments and epic fight scenes, though Noblesse is a Korean Webtoon, so it is in a long, scrolling format and in color, while Bleach is a Japanese manga, so it's black and white and in page format. If in Bleach you replace spirits, shinigami and hollows with vampires, werewolves and experimentally enhanced humans, you essentially get something like Noblesse, and visa versa. While both are different in many ways, including the elements of science-fiction in Noblesse, and the focus on a (more-or-less) human protagonist in Bleach, fans of both series will recognize things  read more 
reportRecommended by noirgrimoir
There is an organization of beautiful (most of them) and honorable warriors who protect humanity from evil who want to destroy/conquer it (Hollows in Bleach and "spoilers" in Saint Seiya). Each of them has unique zanpakuto/cloth that give them special abilities and strongest of them have incredibly powerful bankai like attacks that can destroy weakest opponents in a blink of an eye. Harsh battles and amazing art awaits you. 
reportRecommended by NoBleachNoLife
The theme is very similar, and both charaters are stronger than normal, and they are amazingly talented for the powers they just gained. 
reportRecommended by coolzwane
Main characters all of a sudden is introduced to a new world! 
reportRecommended by GinMagi
Both have over the top cute girls design, character that loves to slap each other in da face and mangakas who never remove sunglasses. FT is a bit power up heavy, but if it doesn't bother you, it could become your second favorite. 
reportRecommended by Son_of_Bob_Dylan
Bleach is about a living guy that helps the dead. Genkaku Picasso is about a dead guy that helps the living! There are some things that the Bleach fans might find rejecting at first sight about GP. GP is drawn in a style a bit like shojo, although it's shonen. Also, it's a bit weak at first. But when you get into it, it's a really good shonen manga. In the third and final volume everything is put together and you see the whole picture (pun, hehe) and that's when the manga reaches it's highest level. 
reportRecommended by lolcatinti
Supernatural violence is the same, same hot headed orange hair protagonist who has no idea why he got dragged into everything, and same reckless sense of justice. 
reportRecommended by Neonfun
One simple encounter with a girl changes the life of the protagonist permanently. In both series, the main character is turned into another being and has to adapt to a new life as a half-human. Both manga also feature a lot of action that the main character ends up into due to his change. 
reportRecommended by Sande
What if Ichigo doesn't get involved in any supernatural events and continues his life as a normal high school student? There we have Yankee-kun to Megane-chan! Shinagawa really reminds me of Ichigo, not just because both are delinquents, but their character design & personalities are also quite similar. They also have friends with unique personalities that will make you love both series more. If you liked the high school side in Bleach, you might like Yankee-kun to Megane-chan as well! 
reportRecommended by renzospark
Bleach, but only in a Soul Society-ish place and with sketchier art 
reportRecommended by unami
Both have male protagonists with unique swords and both are often underestimated. Both protagonists fight to protect people. both have orange hair. 
reportRecommended by chevy-2k12
A group of people killing and purifying corrupted souls. Characters have a deep relation with their weapon, who have different transformations. 
reportRecommended by BlindNoldor
They have a person that come in contact with gods and is able to come out from his body to fight some supernatural creatures. 
reportRecommended by BlindNoldor
A boy is able to see spirits because of a traumatic event that resulted in the death of someone they were close to when he was a child. As a high school student, he's a problem child, but one day, a girl suddenly appears in his room to kill a spirit. In the way to kill the spirit, something happens which causes the girl to awaken his hidden powers to be able to kill spirits. Differences: Bleach is about ghosts and grim reapers, Doll's Folklore is about monsters born from emotion and people who just have special powers. 
reportRecommended by justice0
Bleach and Kuroko no Basuke have a lot of similarities, even thought they pretty different in concept. Both of them have some sort of supernatural elements, every character have his own uniqe ability and it all filled with similar type of humor. Some characters personalities and even their design sometimes looks really alike. Both features bishonens, so if you read it solely for pretty boys, you won't be disapointed. 
reportRecommended by NoBleachNoLife
In Oninagi the main character also shows a sign of a dark side in her. And feels similar to bleach in some way. 
reportRecommended by dragova
Battle mangas that consist on 1-to-1 sword fights in which the swords transforms and contains an elemental attribute and special movements. The sword is also a holder of souls. 
reportRecommended by BlindNoldor
At the first sight, both series have very little in common. But if you have read one of them and got into it, you'll get a feeling of many similarities while reading the other one. In both of them there are strange creatures and supernatural phenomena. The main protagonist is a character bound to two different worlds and as the story develops, they encounter more and more serious opponents and they try as hell to get stronger in order to protect what's important to them. Plus, both series employ some traditional Japanese beliefs. 
reportRecommended by KitanoShirayuki
Bleach is simular to Pandora hearts in that they have simular elements to them, yet these elements are put into place in the story line in completly different ways, making them two completly different stories with simular vibes. 
reportRecommended by Yemi_Hikari
In both manga the protagonist has the ability of seeing dead people and is considered an outcast and a weirdo because of that. 
reportRecommended by RenaPsychoKiller
Not only is the shingami concept in both, we have a character that looks simular, the brother, and Ichimaru Gin from Bleach. The artist for the newer peice, was likely influenced by Bleach in some ways. 
reportRecommended by Yemi_Hikari
Both of the main characters in each series can see shinigami. Both series deal with the relationships between human and shinigami. Think along the lines of Isshin and Maskai. 
reportRecommended by Yemi_Hikari
Both series are about a relatively ordinary boy who, after a supernatural encounter that leaves him playing proxy for an otherworldly entity, demonstrates tremendous innate ability at and enthusiasm for his new job. 
reportRecommended by lithiumflower
Apart from the art style, which I find quite similar, these manga also start almost in the same manner: a rather normal guy (Ichigo/Arty) suddenly stumbles across a strange, and due to her looks apparently harmless girl (Rukia/Tista) while she's doing her dangerous job: respectively a soul reaper & a murderer. After that, the two become ineluctably linked. While Bleach is an extremely long supernatural shounen manga, Tista is more mature, much shorter, and mainly focused on gunfights and psychological drama. 
reportRecommended by RenaPsychoKiller
Both samurai sword tales but set for different audiences. Bleach features more colorful characters, more humor, and supernatural powers to add to the sword figting. Vagabond has a more adult storyline, richer character development, and much more detailed artwork. If you like Bleach but find it to be a little young for you, Vagabond is definitely where you should go. Note that Vagabond is a monthly manga, though. So the storyline may move slower than the weekly chapters for Bleach. 
reportRecommended by nx6
Zanpaktou = o-parts. Weapons only specific people can use, and have special unique abilities. Bleach has hollows, 666 has some demonic creatures too. And ofcourse, the fighting. 
reportRecommended by FukouDa
The swords in both Bleach and Muramasa are all unique; possessing different abilities which require different ways of using them. 
reportRecommended by radiantfire
Both are comics based on fighting in different forms of sword techniques, martial arts and abilities. Although NOW can get really bloody and darker in its storyline. 
reportRecommended by IchiroEX
Bleach and XBlade are both stories that involve extraordinary battles, characters, and swords too. Both of the protaganists weild swords of great power and have similar qualities such as transforming into supernatural beings. Although XBlade's chapters are onwards of 50+ pages, a lot of fun will be had reading either series. 
reportRecommended by PlatinumZero
Both involve an individual who has to fight off hordes of monsters with an enormous sword while fighting for others. Both protagonists also have groups that develop over time and both their groups began with a male and female protagonist. They're also both very action oriented however Berserk is much darker. 
reportRecommended by Sachmo88
A story about a spiky haired hero wielding a sword, fighting against other fighters with different types of weapons and techniques. 
reportRecommended by AfterGlow
Sazan Eyes is like a darker version of Bleach. 
reportRecommended by TheCrazyGuy
Both series are about people who can see ghost. Still though, Shaman King is more childish. 
reportRecommended by Nerdo
it is similar since they areabout some1 that was at school and he stil is going to it but he fights agenst a orginasation who wants to kill him or defeat him in combat while this they use fists and bleach they use swords ithik any1 who read/watched bleach will like this 
reportRecommended by dragonman
There's a main hero and a main villain who are both overpowered compared to the rest of the characters. A lot of explosive action scenes which destroy huge areas. And a lot of comedy off-battles. 
reportRecommended by Dunkjoe
it may seems like a pretty bizarre recommendation and i don't know what to mention besides a similar genres, but both Yoshihiro Togashi and Tite Kubo was heavily inspired by Masami Kurumada's Saint Seiya and it's clearly shows. they both feels really similar, but without copying eachother. also, both have guys whos clan was wiped out, but character from Bleach don't give a crack about this, while character from HxH seeking for revenge. 
reportRecommended by NoBleachNoLife
Sword fighting within a school setting. Main characters have something in common too (if you read enough of Bleach, then you'll notice it from the 1st chapter). Zan is the 3rd (well.. actually 4th) manga, where i like pretty much all of the cast. 
reportRecommended by NoBleachNoLife
both revole around the supernatural and ghosts 
reportRecommended by AKAMATSU18
This similarity wasn't something I would've suspected at first. However, half way through the story of Togari, Tobe's form of transformation is almost exactly like Ichigo's Hollow self, which made be look back on both manga. I've realized that both main characters are about someone who works for the "other world", whether they really want to or not. Both are fought with swords, with power level rising on occasions where the main character is pushed back against the corner. Togari is slightly darker though. 
reportRecommended by Xtrazi
Both have a very confident protagonist who is guided by a girl on his initial journey. In addition, both have a nice art and cool battles. 
reportRecommended by bereta002
Starts out with the hero gaining a super power to help fight off an infestation of monsters from "The Shadow World"/"Hueco Mundo" Both recruit an assortment of other super power guys from their close friends at high school Both have about a 5-10 man group of heroes fighting a 5-10 group of bad guys in a series of battles Bleach is higher quality, but monochrome doesn't completely change its storyline every couple seasons. 
reportRecommended by DarkD1
Both are action shounen manga featuring teenage protagonists that use giant magical swords to fight evil. 
reportRecommended by TVC15
Near the end of Yamato, it felt very very similar to bleach, spirit swords, inner awakenings. Too bad Yamato was cut way short =/ 
reportRecommended by SPlKE
A honest good guy with a special talent meets a supernatural girl, and they end up teaming up to fighting against an evil force from another plane of existence that threatens the human world. Very different but surprisingly similar. 
reportRecommended by SPlKE
both featured a tough guy who meets girl from another world and after that gets a supernatural powers. through the story he meets a new friends which also very similar like horny lion or a shy girl who love the main character. sometimes even story will make you say "wow! this is just like Bleach! :D" but with all this similarities Beelzebub feels more like a comedy then a fighting manga. 
reportRecommended by NoBleachNoLife