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The Fable
The Fable
Apr 5, 12:22 AM
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Ore dake Level Up na Ken
Ore dake Level Up na Ken
Mar 31, 8:33 AM
Completed 12/12 · Scored 7
Ore dake Level Up na Ken Season 2: Arise from the Shadow
Ore dake Level Up na Ken Season 2: Arise from the Shadow
Mar 30, 12:54 PM
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Blue Giant Supreme
Blue Giant Supreme
11 minutes ago
Reading 42/88 · Scored 9
Genius Martial Arts Trainer
Genius Martial Arts Trainer
25 minutes ago
Reading 18/? · Scored 7
Divine Delivery
Divine Delivery
Yesterday, 1:34 PM
Reading 32/? · Scored 8

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whybeme May 8, 10:06 AM
Ayyyy what's good brother. I'm doing pretty great, graduating high school this year so I've been a little busy (Not as much as I thought tho, either I'm smart or so cooked, cuz I don't have any anxiety ahah, just it is what it is even tho it pretty much determines the rest of my future). Wbu? What you been up to? It's been a pretty long time since we talked, like a year I think.

I mean I very rarely open mal anymore, just every now and then to look up some title or something along those lines. Altho since I have been consistently reading (but not watching, I can't even watch an episode a day ahah) I did think about coming back to mal and start using this as a library, also reorganize some ratings and other stuff like this. Because right now I'm using Tachiyomi, a mobile app. It soo fricking good- it's a library where I can keep track of everything, read everything, just overall amazing. But yk because of legal reasons etc it's getting shut down in the near future, so I need to migrate my entire 600 entry library to here or mangaupdates or somewhere else lol. But mal doesn't unfortunately have everything, cuz they need physical copies I think so yeah for that mangaupdates is better. But hbu? You reading or watching anything interesting?
tzippurah Apr 9, 1:24 AM
I found another one. :) Please add Géricault to your French interest stack.
kenji_buntarou Apr 3, 11:11 AM
Thanks, trying my best😅 you're profile looks awesome 🏆
Miyamotodex23 Mar 23, 8:59 PM
The only reason I could complete wano in anime were due to the voice actors and great animation in important moments like ep 1015, zoro vs king,sanji vs queen and luffy vs kaido plus I think they did the banquet part nicely. Act 3 was dragged out too long especially with fakeouts of kanjuro and orochi,and with the anime with slower pace than the manga, it is easy to lose interest.
Egghead's episodes are 20 min including op and some cuts but since ep 1089,they improved the pacing and the recaps are way shorter or non existent . The latest opening and the ending are great to ascend the waves of nostalgia in my heart xd.

One piece and magus of the library are the mangas I'm really invested in,enjoyed the latter's aya gunnjoh's backstory about wanting to know about everything and immediately ordered vol 6,can't wait for vol 7 to be released in my country.Reminds me of the days when I was so enthusiastic about ordering trials of apollo and eagerly waiting to read for the copies to arrive and read them.

Miyamotodex23 Mar 15, 11:37 PM
That panel of nika luffy vs the 5 gorosei is something I can't get over, kinda reminded of the blue colour spread of shadows in solo levelling.
Egghead is seriously so cool! Will definitely reread this arc again when it's finished.
Just wish that anime used osts like naruto for those hype scenes/grand entrances though important moments are mostly well done since the katakuri fight barring the pacing issues.
tzippurah Mar 9, 2:33 AM

Hope you've been well. I have a couple more for your Mountains stack:

* The Alpine Climber: Tandoku Touhansha Yamanoi Yasushi no Kiseki
* Yama Koi: Yama de Koi wa Umareru ka
* Yamagutsu yo Hashire!!
* Confession
Miyamotodex23 Mar 8, 12:47 PM
It was axed ,sadly romance/erotic manhwas have high chances of surviving in this industry.

Miyamotodex23 Mar 7, 12:00 PM
Np,as long as you remember ,you can give some some book suggestions after your thesis cause even I have my dental entrance exam to worry about so I'm taking a break except following one piece .
Good luck to you and me;)
Miyamotodex23 Mar 7, 10:07 AM
First of all, I can never thank you enough for getting me into magus of the library,Golden kamuy and quite a lot of manga titles from my reading list. Will give my dental entrance exams after two months and I will be free to read variety of stuff. 5 years ago I was kinda loved reading especially hp,percy jackson,heroes of olympus,fault in our stars,trials of apollo etc and after covid I lost interest in reading and instead only watched football and anime.
Recently bought crime and punishment,flowers of evil and agatha Christie's stuff. Could you recommend some of your favourites which delves mostly into philosophy ,psychology and mystery?I really want to get into literature though only as a hobby.

How do you feel about egghead? Personally I am really loving it.

Side note- wanted to try lucifer no migete but there are only 21 chapters translated,will it be enough to not keep me hanging much or will the suspense be too much?
Chuckiemuffin Mar 5, 6:01 PM
Your a better man than me il never hop on this website on phone, I did it once and it was terrible. I can't imagine editing your profile on mobile that's just a extra couple hours.

I can see myself in a couple months fixing it but I don't see a point maybe if I get the time in a couple days il attempt to fix it.
Kap92 Mar 4, 11:42 AM
As someone who always focus on a single manga when reading (besides a few on going ones) when hearing your reading style is interesting. I get that the variety can be nice but damn man reading so many manga and keeping up with their plots etc seems tiring for me personally but hey it's working for you so good job. Lmao at '' could throw half into on-hold actually if I wanted to lol 😆'' nooo dont hahah.
Ay chill man, you passed your exams now you're ''free'' till next one in June, enjoy some peace till then :p
Chuckiemuffin Mar 4, 12:03 AM
It looks great lmfao look at mine its been like that for a month and to be honest im not gonna finish it. And it must took a long time cause theres a link almost everywhere tho, I wouldn't want to update it either haha.
Chuckiemuffin Mar 3, 6:08 PM
Yeah I also do that I used to be active on forums but now I just hop on it once a week or so. I can understand why you would say its outdated I simply just read or watch anything that interests me so my taste in animanga varies. Thanks for accepting the fq!
Kap92 Mar 2, 4:05 PM
Checked your ptr max twice in the past half year? Damn where's the real Ravidavi, what have you done to him 😭

''Aside from the usual ones I'm reading, not really'' bro's reading list is almost at 600 manga 💀💀. Grats on passing all of your exams man, so now you taking it easier huh? are you in uni or what?
Kap92 Mar 2, 11:37 AM
Lol ain't that the truth? ;D. Yeah, had seen them for a while so I thought I might as well add them now or it's for sure that I'll forget them :p

It's been a while, how are you doing man? Reading anything interesting? 👀
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