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Days: 67.9
Mean Score: 6.53
  • Total Entries291
  • Rewatched0
  • Episodes4,306
Anime History Last Anime Updates
Inu to Neko Docchi mo Katteru to Mainichi Tanoshii
Inu to Neko Docchi mo Katteru to Mainichi Tanoshii
Oct 10, 5:50 AM
Watching 2/? · Scored 5
Oct 10, 5:32 AM
Watching 1/? · Scored 6
Majo no Tabitabi
Majo no Tabitabi
Oct 10, 5:04 AM
Watching 2/12 · Scored 7
Manga Stats
Days: 186.1
Mean Score: 6.38
  • Total Entries369
  • Reread16
  • Chapters28,580
  • Volumes3,208
Manga History Last Manga Updates
Creepy Cat: Neko to Watashi no Kimyou na Seikatsu
Creepy Cat: Neko to Watashi no Kimyou na Seikatsu
Oct 18, 5:28 AM
Reading 270/? · Scored 6
Hitoribocchi no ○○ Seikatsu
Hitoribocchi no ○○ Seikatsu
Oct 10, 2:37 AM
Reading 86/? · Scored 7
Soredemo Sekai wa Utsukushii
Soredemo Sekai wa Utsukushii
Oct 10, 2:31 AM
Reading 129/150 · Scored 4


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thetasteless Aug 7, 9:53 AM
Ohh! Here I was wondering if I had offended you in some way :')

I don't have a discord yet..I'm thinking about creating one tomorrow.

What's up this weekend? :)
thetasteless Aug 6, 5:45 AM
Hey..How're you?
You went silent all of a sudden. Is everything alright?
thetasteless Aug 4, 6:11 AM
Whaaaaat? "Ships" are everything in a romance genre. Like, for me as soon as I start reading/watching any romance anime I start shipping a couple. And I ensure to follow up the end to see they end up together, if not I drop it. One really good romance movie in anime would be Kimi no na wa. I cried when they met at twilight & when she writes "I love you" on his hand. I get goosebumps every time I see it. In English ones, I guess I'd say "the notebook". I prefer anime romance to real-life ones though, maybe cause I feel like they are acting in real movies but in anime, I know that character solely exists in that anime/movie and is always going to end up with that character. Did you watch Kimi no na wa?

Oh, we are a small country too. Some people call us a city :')

Lol. Your employer would be upset if he hears this :')
But I think everyone has to use their brain at least once, even on a Monday :P
thetasteless Aug 4, 1:51 AM
Hahaha....ha..ha..h..a aa?. Wait.
So am I responsible for the crash that happened a while ago?!!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!!?!!!!!

Oh, mammoths? Were you the one that did this:

Looks like you weren't just playing around, but at least my generation wasn't so violent.

I like the romance genre, comedy genre as well. I'd love to cry over movies, with the happiness of my favorite couple getting together. It is a wonderful feeling.
So me basically every time I see my favorite couple together after all the hardships:

Yeah, I mean I don't know much about your country. But I'd love to explore it someday. I'm in Singapore. Have you been here?

Lol. They're pretty much the reasons why anyone would hate Mondays.
I did not understand what you mean by "sometimes think about stuff" ? o.o
thetasteless Aug 3, 9:25 PM
Yeah, I think in your generation the most sought after the thing was farming. Wait, was there farming in your generation, or did it start after your generation? :P

Okay, in that case, which movie out of the ones you watched would you say gave the best scares? I'll watch that :P

I must say, I hadn't heard of your country before I saw it on your profile. I mean, it isn't very famous in sports or anything so I didn't know I guess. But lockdown for just 3 days!!!!???? I'd kill to be there right now!!!
My country isn't in lockdown either, but there are still cases coming up, so we are very cautiously going outside. Hence the working from home.

Haha, okay. But, is it because there is more work on Mondays?
thetasteless Aug 3, 6:10 AM
Wow, that is sure interesting. So it is Dr. Foxy? *o*
I did major in computer science & engineering.

You don't suck. The way I see it, you're quite likable once people get to know you better. Your honestly and straightforwardness has a charm in itself. And, there must have someone/something that happened in the past that made you the way you are right now. Everyone has their own story, and everyone has their flaws. It is those that can look beyond the flaws that you should befriend. I know you might be older, but I still wanted to say this.

Yes! It'll be worth it.

Even though she explained..I still feel like a stupid for some reason. Should I cry?
I think I understand..but I still get scared from Jump scares. So, do you or do you not get scared from jump scares?

Okay..yeah. I don't think doctors can work from home. Btw how's the pandemic there? Is there a lockdown?
Yes, I too feel old here in MAL. But whatever, I think people here are the only ones with interests closer to mine, so I come online most of the time.
Haha, you certainly don't talk like a 101 old though :P
thetasteless Aug 2, 7:08 AM
Thanks for trying to understand that. Yeah, sure it is progressing. But we shouldn't lose our original selves in the process completely. Like, okay do you remember how you were on the first day of your uni, or the first day of your job? Haven't you lost some of it now? I'm sorry if it is too much to talk, we should probably move on from this topic.
Oh! and what was your major? If i can ask..or is it too soon? -.-

Lol. You don't care anymore eh? You've got a funny way to make friends..foxy. So, what do you do when your old "friends" meet you or you come across them?

Whaaaaat? I'm sure working professionals would relate to it on some level. I mean, it is everything I am: Otaku + Working + Romance Fanatic. Are you sure you want to drop that exciting stuff? :(

Did you just call my way of getting scared stupid? I...I amm..n..not stupid!!!!!!
Fine, each to thine own self. >_<
I think anyone would get scared if the TV were to turn on by itself Foxy, it is a very scary thing for everyone. -.-

I don't work on weekends too. I've got a 5 day work week. I work from home due to the pandemic now, so it is all the same anyway. It is pretty much the first time I've found a working person on MAL, so I'm excited. Like I always thought I was the only person who'd still search for people on MAL after getting a job.
thetasteless Aug 1, 2:08 AM
You can call me Yash. I have never been successful in explaining the reason, but here goes: You ever tried this thing where you keep tasting/experiencing things of different tastes continuously all your life and then you longer remember the initial taste of your mouth/yourself? You've lost your original self, always trying out different things - no longer knowing yourself. Okay, so the tasteless part means that I'm numb to different tastes. More like, I'm numb to feelings in life. Kind of some deep shit that I thought of while in university. It is fine if you don't get it.

I mean, why the gender bias? why is it better? Gossiping can be done by anyone irrespective of gender. Why do you think your male friends will not gossip any more than your female friends?

I took it just now too. I'm ISTJ. We only differ in the "S" vs "N" part. I think it means you're more intuitive than me. I first did this test while in uni, they said it'd help in choosing career paths lol.

Yes, it does get a bit repetitive after some. That's the reason I wait for some time before starting a new anime in romance. I loved this one anime about romance, otakus - wotakoi. Did you watch/read that one?

The ring?
You mean this one:

That's a pretty hard stance, about not watching horror ever again. Have fun reading horror though, I have never tried that. I think the scary part about the horror to me comes from those sudden appearances of the ghosts and sound effects :P

I started typing this answer a while ago, but there were quite a bit of distractions. Do you have an off day on Saturday, Sunday as well? Or are you at work?
thetasteless Jul 31, 10:15 AM
I understand. I am really bad at dealing with people as well. I still sometimes watch youtube videos on how to interact with people to learn it. My previous role required me to interact with a lot of people every day and it was really hard. So I changed my role, it is more individualistic now.
It sounds like we were pretty much similar to my adolescence with respect to people/friends, except I had to deal with some people because i was in the soccer team and all. I had a horrible experience in university after which I stopped trusting people completely. I rarely have friends anymore, it is only colleagues & acquaintances.
What's your personality type? I mean I don't know if you've heard of it before..something called "Myers Briggs" personality test. I'm curious to know yours. Do you know which is yours?

Yeah, it just completely changed now.
My imagination of Foxy before:

My imagination of Foxy now:

"Foxy" isn't that a cute name? Can I call you Foxy or is there anything else you prefer? :')

I agree. I mean, almost always the #1 ranking anime here is something of shonen. It makes me sad..I want to see a romcom as #1! 😞 But you're right though, it is very subjective. But I guess it is easier to look at these lists for suggestions than to look for people to suggest things. I trust these sites more than the judgements of one/two people.

Yeah, Romance genre rocks! Have you watch many in romance?

Since we're talking about feeling in this last panel (Yeah, that how I see our conversation), in my eyes only "Fear" and "Love" are two feelings we can never control. Like, they can't be bottled up for long and will only go away over time. But they are also the only two feelings that make our hearts race faster too. So, I like being scared. It is something everyone needs to experience, and what's more you seem to be getting scared by your own imagination. Am I weird?
Your take on this? Like, do you want to permanently stop watching horror related stuff just cause you may get scared? Isn't it something you could try to experience once in a while..

We both seem to love deep conversations Yeah, I don't know either. lol 😝
thetasteless Jul 31, 2:30 AM
Oh, did you? I think I was never much into reading novels and all. My high school days were pretty much cram school, soccer training. I never got much time for other things i think. Did I ruin my adolescence? 😭

That's extremely hard to believe. You seem like a person who'd top every class. I mean, you're pretty serious on MAL so I'd imagine you're serious in real life as well. So, you'd be a focused, hard-working and a go-getter kind of girl. Is that way off? :')

LOL. Harry potter sucks. Did you just say that the protagonist of the "Must read in a lifetime" series sucks? :')

Sexy Commando rocks! It's like 8 min per episode. I watch it on youtube.

I googled isekai. Is that wierd?
Yeah, I don't like those kind of genre too. I don't like fantasy stuff in general, so that's that.

Who says ghosts are not real? must be your mind or is it?'re not crazy?!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
It is scary in middle of the night. Have you tried watching any horror movies ever?

Sorry for the delay. I was busy saving the world with work, and just took time to reply to easier shorter comments yesterday.
I'm sorry for using too many texts like this.
thetasteless Jul 29, 11:05 AM
101? I knew it, I was so close. I'm too good at guessing, I should set up a shop for this :')

I think this habit must've been cultivated over the years. Were you a top ranker in your school/uni or whatever it is that you studied? O.o
I want that habit too!! I'm jealous already. I'm like at the other end of the spectrum here, I only started reading manga recently. Like, I only used to read the ones which were left incomplete in the anime cuz I am a sucker for closures. Then, I found a fellow at work who also reads manga and is a fan of romcoms. Most of the manga I read are his suggestions. It took a pandemic for me to start reading novels. :P

I really thought you'd say harry.

I watched Kaguya-sama (S1). Ishigami-kun is my favorite. He's pretty funny, and dark(?). I believe you like him as well.
I recently came across a funny anime which I'm binging currently, I'm eager to share it with somebody. So don't mind this blabbering all of a sudden:
Remember the day we met? Me neither. Remember when I was bored and found you in that club? That day I was bored and posted a forum saying i was bored. Yes, I did that. That day, a guy shared this anime with me asking me to watch it. I'm only telling you because I'm a good person it is really funny and available on youtube. It's name is "Sexy Commando". I know, i too asked him if it was some ecchi shit, it isn't.
Try it once.

See monsters and ghosts everywhere for a while?! Are you sure that's just your imagination?! :P
thetasteless Jul 29, 1:31 AM
You're older? I'm 99 years old, are you 100? :P

Oh, I've just started reading seriously after the lockdown started, so my options were buying based on amazon reviews or using websites like Goodreads. I preferred the latter. The thing is I never really used my kindle before, so I finally put it to good use. I'm proud of myself for that :P
I'm tempted to ask...who's your favorite character in the series? Is it Snape?
Books over anime/movies? How do you do that?!!! I'd kill to get such a habit! Is it because you want to have the experience directly from the author? But how are you not tempted to watch the series?!

Dal Dal was useless. If I remember correctly, she had a failure love story or something..I think she was the one. Yeah, I must've skipped those chapters. The female protagonist was too cute though.

I love the romance genre, I always thought it was the purest know with the feelings and all. But yes, it does depend on the plot. These days I've also started looking for comedy & started with One Punch Man. I think in these times, comedy is the best one to watch. Please suggest me a comedy anime!!

I like horror. For one, I think it makes people improve their imaginations. Like, you can't be scared outside of the series if you don't have a good imagination. You have to imagine a ghost to get scared. I know this is some weird-ass logic, but this is what I think about the genre.
I'm not a fan of pure Mecha, but if there is some good plot involved like Code Geass I'll drool all over it :')

thetasteless Jul 28, 6:12 AM
Thanks *blushes* This shows how much free I was today.

Yeah. I like such people, no need to send more back and forth messages. It's efficient.
Haha, so even you sugarcoat stuff in real world? I find that extremely hard to believe based on your responses till now :')
But, you seem interesting. How old are you? Or is it too soon to ask? -.-

Yes, have you heard of this website called "Goodreads"? I usually take my book recommendations from there, and the HP series is in the top for the fantasy books to read in a lifetime. So I figured I'd read that, if I really want some fantasy in my life.
I watched the movies though, so I know the plot. I thought they were pretty dark after part 6. Did you watch the movies? As a person that has read the books, what'd you think about the movie series?

I read Girls of the Wild's too! I used to be a very devoted fan of the romance-genre and that webtoon was too good in that genre. Nowadays, not so much. But I still read - Unlovable replacement, I'm more into shonen and comedy though and hence - God of Highschool. I'll look through the ones you mentioned if they match my tastes.

Oh, my bad. I didn't mean to sound rude.
I have no idea about the ones you have in top two or the bottom -.-
But what's your favorite genre though?
thetasteless Jul 27, 11:40 PM
LOL miss. You're the most straightforward & brutally honest person I've seen on MAL, in a good way though. You keep it real.

Yeah, that's most likely. If I want to try reading fantasy, I want to start with the Harry Potter series. Did you read that? I know it is pretty old :)
Oh, so you do read webtoons? Reading any currently?
Lol. We should play some memory game to test you :P
Which is the character you would always remember? :')
Hisoka's this one btw:
thetasteless Jul 27, 9:09 AM
Hmm..but then wouldn't we lose how the author intended for it be visualized as? I mean, I agree it is not always possible to visualize the exact same way that the writer wanted to, but I guess there must be some importance given to visualize it the same way. Don't you think so?

Oh..I didn't know that. But what were reading? The manhwa or webtoon? :P
Anime ED is pretty cool.

I watched just the first arc, I suppose it did bore me after. But there was one character called "Hisoka" that was very interesting. Remember him? :)