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There is a lot of fighting in both stories. In Bleach every shinigami has his/her typical zanpaktou technique, the same goes for Claymore (but with swords). In both stories the characters fighting against some kind of evil creature (in Bleach: hollow; in Claymore: youma). The main characters (Ichigo (Bleach) and Clare (Claymore)) are similar in that they want to became stronger for some reason (in Bleach Ichigo wants to become stronger to protect his friends; in Claymore Clare wants to become stronger for the sake of her revenge).
report Recommended by Hiraga
These two manga's just got a lot in common on a lot of points. Both are based on sword fighting, and in both manga's there are two sides fighting eachother. The warriors are leaded by an organization and get numbers which stand for their strenght. If you liked Bleach, Claymore is a MUST read.
report Recommended by Jeffusz
both stories have characters that wield swords and have powers. it has a great plot twist and makes you want to know what happens next.
report Recommended by Railgunstorm
Both feature characters who have hybrid powers, one of which is the same as the enemies they are trying to eliminate, in Bleach it is hollows, in Claymore it is Yoma.
report Recommended by Dunkjoe
They're both shonens with characters who fight a lot with monsters who only be seen or found by these particular characters, both have fighting with swords although bleach's fights drag on forever and are very repetitive while claymore's are interesting, and full of good action and actually END, not to mention the art is better, read bleach before claymore :)
report Recommended by cardtrick
Fighting against ghost and more specifically sword fighting is the theme that these manga have in common. They both Center around people who's mission it is to kill 'wandering ghost' (or something like that) to send them to the afterlife. The battles are mainly sword battles. If you like action stories with a good story behind them, then you should give both of these manga a try.
report Recommended by Darkbow
Both are about an organization (soul society/the organization) that dispatches its warriors (shinigami/claymores) to eleminate a certain type of monsters that used to be hunman (hollows/yoma) using special types of swords (zanpakuto/claymore) where each warrior has a unique style of swordmanship. The main protagonist in each manga has forsaken part of their normal humanoid form to gain power to (protect/avenge) those important to them. The main antagonists used to belong to the side of the protagonists.
report Recommended by Ya7ia
They're both about a group of sword wielding warriors with super powers who have to hunt down man eating monsters. Also in both shows the main protagonist has a dark side and he/she struggles to controll it.
report Recommended by AshitaNoJonas