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Dragon Ball
The only objetive of the protagonists is to become stronger. Lots of power ups and detailed battles. Both use a lot the shounen technique of "the enemies of today are the allies of tomorrow".
report Recommended by BlindNoldor
The series are both shounen and have a similar premise. Both the protagonists keep facing stronger enemies while trying to find a way to surpass them. The series also have impressive fight scenes; Bleach with swords and Dragon Ball with fists and energy. If you enjoy watching the main character grow throughout the series you'll probably like both of the manga.
report Recommended by Sande
Both series have action, crazy fights and some hilarious humor.
report Recommended by Raymond77
Bleach is another "meat-head" shonen. I haven't completed Bleach but after finishing the Soul Society arc I am preferring it over Dragon Ball. I think that Bleach's characters and plot are a little more compelling than Dragon Ball's, but keep in mind though that I've only read Dragon Ball (when Goku was a kid) and the saiyan saga.
report Recommended by therealslimsh142
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