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Two young teens can see ghosts and work for a spiritual organization.
report Recommended by DaveJS
Both are about a teenager with the ability to see spirits and have a mission to protect humans from the evil ghosts.
report Recommended by XyaoiX
Shinigamis, Delinquents, traveling into another world, lots of fighting. Bleach have many reference to Yu Yu Hakusho, mainly in Lost Agent arc (for example at the beginning of this arc Yuzu have Keiko's first hairstyle :O)
report Recommended by NoBleachNoLife
A boy has a supernatural experience and grow special powers. He come in contact with a organization that control the transit of soul between one world and another and protect the earth from the evil souls that attack it. The boy ends helping this organization to protect his friends.
report Recommended by BlindNoldor
The stories of both "Bleach" and "Yu Yu Hakusho" are about a teenage boy who finds himself involved with the world of spirits. He and his friends, who also have supernatural abilities, are forced to come together to fight the evil forces that pose a threat to both worlds. Both have a plenty of action, but "Yu Yu Hakusho" eventually develops into a slightly more complex story where themes like moral ambiguity start to come into play.
report Recommended by Nei-san
Bleach = Saint Seiya in Yu Yu Hakusho setting
report Recommended by User_0001