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PrometheanSpark Dec 23, 2018 10:38 PM
Thanks for all the recommendations, feedback and suggestions :)

Merry Christmas!
PrometheanSpark Dec 23, 2018 2:33 AM
P.S. Is there any value to watching HxH over HxH (2011) or vice versa? I imagine it might be similar to the distinction with FMA, where one can skip straight to FMA:B unless one plans to watch FMA at any point at which stage FMA -> FMA:B makes sense.

Basically I'm asking if I can skip HxH for the 2011 edition without missing out on anything. IIRC I have read that they do exposition slightly differently.
PrometheanSpark Dec 23, 2018 1:44 AM
Yeah, for me personally that last episode adds more bad than good. So cutting the OVA off an episode early leaves their fates ambiguous and means I don't have to spend anymore time with Michel which can only be a positive in my book.

The appeal was similar to me in regards to the grounded Gundam. I am not interested in Gundam with super mechas, demigod main characters, gunpla collectors or space magic. That being said I would actually be interested in seeing a grounded and realistic Gundam that can match the tone of a Berserk or NGE without it feeling forced.

As for TV recommendations I would make the following:

Utopia (Alternate Trailer) - "Dark and enigmatic thriller. When an unconnected set of people find themselves in possession of the manuscript for a legendary graphic novel, their lives brutally implode as they are pursued by a shadowy and murderous organisation..."
Where is Jessica Hyde? The Network is after a cult graphic novel called The Utopia Experiments, which is rumoured to have predicted the worst disasters of the last century.
> British thriller with a fantastic hook and a stellar cast that just oozes style from every pore.

The End of the F**king World - A road trip that's unlike any other involving two alienated British teenagers on a quest to escape their mundane lives. The series is a weird blend of misanthropy and dark humour and is based on the graphic novel by Charles Forsman.
> This show is undoubtedly an acquired taste and the characters are initially hard to root for, but you may enjoy it.

Atlanta (Alternate Trailer) - A series about a young man by the name of Earn who dropped out of Princeton University and now has no real prospects, but is trying to redeem himself in the eyes of his ex-girlfriend, who is the mother of his daughter. Earn has no money and no home, and consequently alternates between staying with his parents and his girlfriend. Once he realizes that his cousin is on the verge of stardom, he desperately seeks to reconnect in order to improve his life and the life of his daughter, Lottie. It's a love letter to the city of Atlanta as well as an examination of the world of underground rap and the music industry as a whole.
> This is an interesting show that does not require any knowledge or interest in hip hop (thought it might help). It stars and is written by Donald Glover, who starred in Community, raps under the pseudonym Childish Gambino, and also happens to be a stand-up comedian. I watched it for Donald Glover and enjoyed myself tremendously.

Ozark - This show is EXTREMELY reminiscent of Breaking bad and tells the tale of a wealth manager from Chicago, who relocates to the Ozarks at the behest of a Cartel which threatens his life and his family's future.
> I saw you gave BB a '9' so this is probably worth checking out.

I enjoyed Lastman quite a lot and I have rarely seen a prequel installment done so masterfully because most prequels are garbage (Peter Jackson's Hobbit, Star Wars and other franchises spring to mind). Adult animation seems to rarely pull off that level of cool without it being cringe or ridiculous, so I was pleasantly surprised. Some of the guys behind Lastman recently made Crisis Jung which seems to be hilariously over the top and will likely be a guilty pleasure of mine when they finally upload it to Blackpills.

The animation issues were a shame and stemmed from major funding issues that cropped up during production, but it didn't detract much from my enjoyment. Personally I wish we had more series like Lastman being produced in Europe and the US right now because adult animation is universally terrible outside of Japan in my opinion. For reference the animation in Lastman is lacking because the project nearly fell apart and they had to crowdfund the rest of the show in order to even complete it, which is detailed here: They also have some beautiful stills from the various locations at the bottom of the page which I recommend checking out.
PrometheanSpark Dec 20, 2018 9:59 PM
This week in unusual recommendations: Bob and Margaret

It's an eclectic slice of life adult animated comedy series about a married English couple named Bob and Margaret Fish, a middle class 40-ish working couple with no children and two dogs named William and Elizabeth. I would say it's not for everybody and is in many ways very British, but I think the writing is both clever and sardonic. Honestly it's criminally underrated! I've linked the pilot which won the Best Animated Short Film at the 67th Academy Awards!
PrometheanSpark Dec 19, 2018 6:03 PM
That is one of my gripes is that 08th MS Team is arguably overly simplistic given the strengths of the Gundam universe and the inherent moral complexities it so beautifully illustrates in so many of its outings. Then again viewing it in the context of the overall canon arguable makes some of the flaws slightly less egregious. It's not a bad show by any means and I don't regret watching it or anything to that effect, but I could easily sketch out a few ways they could have gone with it that would likely have made it a superior OVA series.

I have done some research on the OVA series and there seem to have been some serious challenges during production of the show. One example from wikipedia: "Production went well until director Takeyuki Kanda died in July 1996. GONZO's Umanosuke Iida took over production for the rest of the series". I suspect that his passing had a dramatic impact on the series. The early episodes feel like they are setting up a totally different show that then shifts dramatically in tone and focus. I imagine that the director dying right in the middle of any OVA series would have a major impact on the entire product, so I wonder what would have been made if Kanda hadn't died during production. There also seem to have been other issues which affected the team during the making of these OVAs.

While I agree that the Romeo & Juliet arc was a useful conduit to drive home the classic "this is not a black and white war" (which defines Gundam to me), there were issues that plagued the story relating to those two. Shiro resigning in the middle of a war and leaving his squad without leadership felt immature and irrational even if he felt the conflict itself was not justified. Aina agreeing to fly out with Ginias in the final battle instead of putting a stop to him felt somewhat ridiculous. Overall I don't feel they did much with it, also why would those two randomly abandon traumatised child soldiers to fend for themselves? That was totally weird to me and clashed directly with Aina’s deeply caring nature (her motherly intervention during the Zeon evacuation being a total counter-point to this kind of behaviour). Why would you teach a bunch of traumatised child soldiers basic survival techniques then abandon them with no explanation to the children to go live in a cabin somewhere? The entire last episode feels like it was done by a different team to me and it struck me as a very unfulfilling way to wrap things up. It feels deeply disconnected from everything else, the following is from a reddit comment I found that explains why that may be the case: "according to ANN which listed the last episode as a separate OVA. considering it came out a whole three months after the two-part ending as its own thing I can def see why it felt so disconnected, but ever since it repeatedly gets packaged with the rest of the show as its eleventh episode in TV runs of the series so it eventually became the 12th episode". Personally I would recommend 08th MS to people with the caveat that they can skip the final episode, nothing of value is lost and I think the two characters that are supposed to represent the moral good on both sides are actually devalued by it.

Here's some of the other things that stood out:

I like gritty Gundam and I hope they do more of it. Then again it's my understanding that in the novel version of 08th MS Kiki doesn't survive the events of the series. From what I can gather, Kiki died while being gang-raped by Federation soldiers occupying her village. While in the middle of it, she bites off her tongue to kill herself to spare herself the pain and humiliation. After that, tensions between the guerillas and Federation soldiers increased. That's fundamentally different from the show and another fascinating example of the moral grey that defines the Gundman series. The Federation are not necessarily the good guys and the horrors of war are well-captured in a series that started off as an anime to sell children's toys.

“So mostly serious or mostly silly then? I won't lie, that will severely limit the amount of shows you'd find appealing since many anime tries to do a bit of both, usually seguing from comedic or camp content into something more serious.” Honestly neither and I don’t mind that in my anime. I don’t even have a specific preference in that regard and certainly wouldn’t want any recommendations limited in such a way. For example I don’t like a lot of Space Opera, but I have a soft spot for the original Star Wars trilogy for example. Recommend whatever comes to mind and don't limit it any way, I am very open to everything.

"Say, do you have any experience from some other medium? From my experience people doesn't become critical-minded like you from just casual viewing. Are you active on other list-sites? Goodreads, letterboxd or such?"
I watched a decent amount of TV shows over the last few years and I am generally very critical, so maybe that helps. What other list sites would you recommend? I see you have a few different accounts with various other websites. MAL is actually the first list site I registered on.

PrometheanSpark Dec 17, 2018 2:55 AM
I'm currently enjoying the first season of Attack On Titan alongside Cowboy Bebop. And I was wondering what other anime are worth watching in conjunction with these two? I am strongly considering Fullmetal Alchemist: Brother because of some interesting similarities to Attack On Titan and the simple fact they are so often highly ranked alongside each other.

Is FA: B the better installment to start the Fullmetal franchise on? I saw you scored it higher on your list and I have seen it said by yourself and others that it has less filler which is a major plus in my eyes.

That brings me to the following question: what anime could or should be watched together? Like a good red wine being paired with a nice meal, some things just go well together, and actually improve or even elevate the experience as a whole over the two ingredients individually. A better example might be cocktail mixing which requires the blending of distinctly different flavours to create something new. Which is why I wonder if a similar thing could be done with anime? On a superficial level this might be watching two types of Mecha shows that take two very distinct approaches to the genre for greater appreciation of Mecha as a whole or two Shonen that take the same genre but have scenarios/settings that could not be more different. Another example could be two shows who deal with the central motif of loss but are different in every other aspect (be that their target demographic, setting, or genre). I guess this is a graduation from the idea of individual anime recommendations to what anime should or could be experienced together. For example I could see people watching a Macross installment alongside an entry into the Gundam franchise or LotGH with Space Battleship Yamato (I know LotGH isn't any good but I am just using it as an example of a space opera anime that is sort of similar to Yamato). Just like I suspect One Punch Man would go well with My Hero Academia given that one is a riff on Shonen and super hero comics while the other is a Shonen that embodies a loving homage to comic book heroes. Equally Space Dandy could accompany Cowboy Bebop for obvious reasons.

My reasoning that FMA:B would be a good ‘chaser’ to AoT to experience in parallel is their overlap in theme and setting. Both are set in fictional medieval worlds with fantastical/magical elements where central governments attempt to maintain control over their societies despite the destabilising effects of the Titans and Alchemy respectively. Both shows are critically-acclaimed Shonen shows that star protagonists that have unique skills which make them key figures in their worlds and valuable recruits to the authorities.

I don't know if I've expressed the idea very well, the point is not necessarily to watch Mecha with other Mecha or even two different Shonen together. The overlap or similarity could be thematic or tonal, alternatively there would surely be value in watching two shows that could not be more distinct (I thoroughly enjoyed NGE while also experiencing Berserk and Hajime No Ippo for the first time). Maybe even twinning a tragic or dark anime with a slice of life comedy as a palate cleanser.
PrometheanSpark Dec 9, 2018 1:05 PM
Apologies for the delay, I haven't forgotten about your wonderful message. Thank you ever so much for those fantastic recommendations. This was my reaction upon first reading it. I have tried to look all of them up on MAL and watch the trailers where they were available.

One of the main reasons for the wait was that I wanted to finish BOTH Evangelion and The 08th MS Team before getting back to you. Frankly those two series are definitely the best I have seen in mecha anime thus far, which may or may not be high praise given my limited viewing experience.

Honestly I may be one of the only people on the planet that was okay with the Neon Genesis Evangelion ending, but I definitely want to watch the rest of the franchise. I think Evangelion is rightly heralded as a masterpiece and I enjoyed it all the way through. What should I watch next in the Evangelion canon? So far I have only watched the 26 episodes of the original anime series. So after reading this I guess the following sequence makes sense:

Death & Rebirth -> The End of Evangelion -> Petit Eva: Evangelion@School -> Rebuild 1.0 -> Rebuild 2.0 -> Rebuild 3.0

08th MS Team was decent and I enjoyed Gundam in a gritty and realistic setting yet they never really did much with it in my opinion. The concept was great with so much potential but ultimately ended up being a missed opportunity. I wasn't very impressed with the overall story-telling or the romance subplot which was odd even for a Gundam OVA, however I still preferred this to the original Gundam series with Amuro. The nature of the conflict in East Asia as well as the 'Fall of Odessa' were never expanded upon in any meaningful way. Nevertheless now I actually want a Gundam take on Band of Brothers with a greater focus on ground warfare and the camaraderie of the soldiers and less Romeo and Juliet sequences that don't go anywhere. Unlike NGE which I think is unjustly lambasted for its ending, the closing sequence of 8th MS Team felt kinda cheated and left a bitter taste in my mouth. As bad as it sounds I would have actually preferred if Aina and Shiro had died with Ginias rather than mysteriously turn up for a happy ending with no explanation. Their sacrifice would have underlined the tragedy of war and the futility of individuals caught in the middle of it all. The entirety of the final episode with Michel, Kiki and the Zeon child soldiers was forgettable to me and seemed fairly pointless (the Lord of the Flies conditions at the Zeon camp were kinda cool but apart from that I wasn't sure why it featured in the OVA).

As for your question in regards to my scifi preferences, I don't dislike light-hearted or comedic sci-fi necessarily. For example I am very much looking forward to watching the installments in the Aria Franchise, Gurren Lagann, One Punch Man and Planetes respectively. I think I just dislike most Space Opera I have come across as well as stuff like Star Trek (which is incredibly camp, takes itself far too seriously for what it is, and never addresses some of the fundamental implications of its own technology).

The reason I liked Space Dandy so much is that it didn't take itself seriously at all. If anything it was more akin to a celebration of science-fiction as well as an amusing parody of Watanabe's own Cowboy Bebop. It used the sci-fi to set up its humour and satirise the rest of the genre, which I thoroughly enjoyed. I find the vast majority of Space Opera too melodramatic, camp and silly, so seeing it so beautifully/elegantly skewered was a lot of fun. It also managed the right compromise between paying homage to defining works in the scifi genre, riffing on said genre, and telling it's own heartfelt story. I suspect Space Dandy wouldn't have been good if attempted by somebody less skilled than Watanabe. If there is ever a spin-off or sequel or something remotely similar to Space Dandy I will watch it!

I did watch the beginning of Stand Alone Complex, but didn't finish it because some IRL stuff came up at the time. It's a series that I aim to revisit in the very near future. I am also interested in watching Innocence and may or may not skip Arise (it seems to be considered the weakest installment in the GitS franchise).

I think my next anime to watch are Attack on Titan and Cowboy Bebop, the former is almost a mecha if you consider the Titans as a form of biological mechas and Bebop is Bebop. Currently I'm wavering a bit over Votoms. The original scenario and setting were definitely interesting but the Woodo arc has descended into a weird Mad Max nonsense. Granted I am only on episode 8 but I find myself wishing for the Gilgamesh military to show up to bring some clarity to this muddled and confusing situation.

Finally I am also looking forward to reading the Parasyte Manga, I have heard a lot of good things about it and from what I can tell it is widely considered one of the best horror manga out there. Given that I think horror is a genre that is too often done poorly I am interested to see how they approach it. I think any discussion on Parasyte will wait until i have read my way through that given the way the plot appears to develop.

As a thank you for the comprehensive list, here are two random anime videos:

Champion Ayaya

Attack on Kanna

P.S. the Berserk Manga is excellent :D
Zack312 Dec 6, 2018 6:51 AM
Tja, så som jag ser det alla dom där extra funktionerna man kunde göra gjorde så att spelet kändes mer realitiskt tycker jag, Visst, jag köpte sällan vapen eller höll hästar i en lada, men det finns dom spelarna som kanske faktiskt gillade att göra dom aktiviteterna. Spelet ger variation till allt och det är upp till spelaren själv hur dom vill spela det.

Zack312 Dec 5, 2018 11:57 AM
Tjena, Bergdoll. Spelade klart Red Dead Redemption 2 nyligen. Helt klart en av dom bästa spelen jag har kört på ett bra tag.

Men när jag ser din lista så ser jag att du gav den bara en 8 vilket är lägre än vad du gav det första spelet. Vad var det som gjorde att den kändes svagare om jag får lov att veta?
PrometheanSpark Nov 28, 2018 3:25 PM
Hey, I wanted to inquire about gritty sci-fi anime. I am currently watching Armored Trooper Votoms, Gundam 8th MS Team and Neon Genesis Evangelion and frankly I am delighted at how dark they are (especially ATV and 8th MS which are phenomenal examples of Real Robot Mecha). All of these shows are incredibly well-done. Are there other installments in the Gundam franchise that are this serious and realistic? I have heard decent things about Gundam Zeta, is that worth checking out? How does it compare to the 8th MS Team? I am not interested in anything related to Gunpla and found the original Gundam series to be a little too 'immature', camp and overly focused on selling toys if that makes sense.

Overall I prefer my sci-fi to be darker, grittier and harder-hitting which is one of the reasons I tend to avoid the camp/cheesy/goofy Space Opera stuff. So Altered Carbon (the book) or GitS over classic Star Trek or Flash Gordon for example. In light of that is anything in the Macross series worth watching? I don't think I am interested in any idol storylines or anything of that nature, but I have seen Macross Plus widely recommended. Is there an 8th Team or Votoms equivalent in the Macross canon?

As for Parasyte:

PrometheanSpark Nov 27, 2018 2:04 PM
I never liked the Simpons much (even the early stuff) and stopped watching it pretty quickly. By contrast I am still enjoying the ninth season of Bob's Burgers which is currently airing. Interestingly the voice actor that voices Bob also voices Sterling Archer. I think the writing is superior to anything the Simpsons ever had to offer, the emotion more heartfelt and the characters are far more sympathetic.

I definitely recommend Lastman, I cannot praise it highly enough!
PrometheanSpark Nov 26, 2018 5:10 PM
Thank you for writing out the list for q62BttH6, I genuinely appreciate it! :)

If I could make recommendations for non-anime animated shows I would like to suggest the following:

  • Animals: A weird HBO show about talking animals in New York. It's a bit unusual and the humour is an acquired taste, but I really enjoyed this. This is a bit uneven and rough around the edges, so keep that in mind. (Trailer)

  • Archer: What if you crossed a workplace comedy with the high stakes of the Cold War spy business? This is the series you would end up with. (the first season is a bit meh but it eventually hits its stride as a clever parody of the spy genre). (Trailer)

  • Bob's Burgers: This is a sweet and enjoyable show about a working class family that runs a burger restaurant. The show is what the Simpsons should have been back when it was semi-decent early on, it's all heart! (Trailer)

  • Gravity Falls: X-Files meets Twin Peaks meets Rick and Morty is essentially what you can expect (it actually features a cross over scene with Rick and Morty, so there's that). I actually think this series might be even cleverer than Rick and Morty. It is littered with puzzles and codes that only the most eagle-eyed viewer will even pick up on let alone solve. The show takes place in Gravity Falls, Oregon which is a wonderfully strange place, full of paranormal creatures that need investigating and eccentric townspeople with their own deeply buried secrets. Despite being a children's show this remarkably intelligent and well-written. (Trailer)

  • Lastman: In my opinion this is the single best adult animated series that is not an anime and yet nobody has ever heard of it. This is the gold standard for what adult animation should look and feel like, it's simply phenomenal. I have no idea what the English dub is like, it might be awful because I watched it in French with subtitles so be warned and consider watching the sub version. If there is just one series on this list that you check out then make it this one. (French Trailer)

By the way, I finished the 25 episodes that compromise Berserk (1997) and I am now reading the manga which is already awesome!
PrometheanSpark Nov 23, 2018 9:00 AM
Yes, I really appreciated your reddit posts and those discussions on reddit actually motivated me to create my MAL account.

Two posts stood out to me in particular:

along with your dissection of all the flaws with LotGH across various topics on the anime subreddit (the exchanges with Snob being particularly memorable to me).

The charts on your profile are incredibly useful actually. Are the recommendations in q62BttH6 written out anywhere specifically? I am still fairly new to the genre and not always able to link the Anime Movie or Cartoon Movie to the respective movie poster presented in that image.

As for Parasyte, maybe overhyped is the wrong expression. However I do think the series is seriously overrated even if you strip away the issues with Murano, the dubstep (which I agree has aged very poorly over the last few years via over saturation on YouTube) and various animation issues.

Admittedly I only lasted 13 episodes before dropping the show but the behaviour of the cast was fairly ridiculous even by the standards of normal anime autism.

My main issues were with the writing rather than the animation or soundtrack:

I have yet to watch Devilman Crybaby but I have heard very good things about it so you mentioning it here will somewhat temper my expectations.

I was wondering what anime you would recommend watching ASAP? In other words is there anything I should prioritise from your recommendation lists?

I am currently watching Berserk, Hajime No Ippo, Neon Genesis Evangelion and The 08th MS Team in the Gundam franchise. I actually haven’t watched that much anime (I used to watch Dragonball, Detective Conan, One Piece, Shin-Chan and Naruto on TV back in the day) but most of the stuff I have completed or dropped recently is on my Anime List.

PrometheanSpark Nov 21, 2018 4:28 AM
I stumbled across some of your comments on the Anime Subreddit from a while back, including recommendations and a solid deconstruction of LoGH which I also thought was massively overrated. I haven't watched too much anime, but I used a lot of your recommendations to construct my PtW list. I just wanted to say thanks for sharing your insight and views on anime, it's really interesting to get the views of somebody who has seen so much different anime and is willing to articulate unpopular opinions :)

EDIT: The one anime you have recommended that I felt was seriously lacking while also being massively overhyped (like LoGH) is Parasyte. The entire Kanna / Gang part of the storyline is nonsense and the endless drama about Shinichi's emotional state had me drop the series after episode 13. Maybe the ending or the rest of season 1 redeems it, but the behaviour of various characters was too poorly written for me to want to continue.
Zack312 Nov 16, 2018 6:43 AM
Jo, den kan kännas sig rätt seg vid en hel del punkter. Konsten är fantastisk, men det krävs mer än det för att kunna vara ett mästerverk. Har för mig att skaparen inte vill fortsätta med serien direkt längre då han gjorde en utställning för ett tag sen som visade konstverk av olika scenarios som skulle ha hänt om mangan fortsatte.

Om du vill prova en annan samurai story med bättre tempo och händelser så rekommenderar jag Blade of the Immortal xd