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Gantz (Manga)


Alternative Titles

English: Gantz
Synonyms: Gantz/Osaka
Japanese: ガンツ


Type: Manga
Volumes: 37
Chapters: 383
Status: Finished
Published: Jul 13, 2000 to Jun 20, 2013
Authors: Oku, Hiroya (Story & Art)
Serialization: Young Jump


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Thought your life was bad? Sometimes, death is worse. There is no salvation, peace, nor god waiting to receive you into their care. But wait, a god? Maybe you are talking about that big black ball stuck in the room with you. Now you are thrown into a game, fighting green aliens and robot monsters for the chance to survive.

When Kei Kurono is killed, he thus finds himself caught in such a game; a test of his skills, morals and will to survive. His life is not his own, his death spat and trampled upon over and over again. What happens if he does not listen? God knows.

A word of warning: Gantz is not for the faint-hearted, but neither is it as simple as it looks. Gore, rape and violence is rampant, as are portrayals of greed, violence, and all the ugliness that one sees in society today.

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Adaptation: Gantz 2nd Stage, Gantz


Izumi, Shion
Katou, Masaru
Kaze, Daizaemon
Kojima, Tae
Kurono, Kei
Nishi, Joichiro
Sakurai, Hiroto

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Jun 27, 2008
A Japanese teenager waits at a train station, reading a trashy magazine featuring an idol enticing the reader with her big boobs. An elderly lady approaches the teenager, asking for directions. The teenager quickly mumbles a non-informative reply while thinking to himself what an annoyance the lady is, why should he give a shit about her? Oh look, a drunken tramp just fell onto the tracks and no one is going to help. Why should they? It’s none of their business, just look away and pretend you didn’t see it happen.

This is Gantz. Hiroya Oku's exploitative, violent and cynical read more
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Nov 1, 2014
What can I say about Gantz? This dark seinen has been hailed a masterpiece by some, and utter trash by others. I would say that it is a bit of both, having some extremely good qualities and some glaring flaws which is enough to warrant the hate that it gets. However, it is not a bad manga at all, and I'll do my best to point out its pros and cons.

The thing that really stands out for me in this manga is the level of creativity on display. Seriously. It's goddamned glorious, from monster designs to all the crazy situations our characters find themselves in. read more
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Oct 29, 2007
Here we have a manga that I cannot help but loathe and love all the same. Gantz being a thrilling Seinen, Sci-fi, Action manga that would take the reader on a gory rollercoaster ride, featuring amazing battles for survival. Yet it also happens to be riddled with poor dialogue and spontaneous plot developments that may stem one's enjoyment.

It all begins as two young Japanese high school boys, meet their end by a homicidal underground locomotive. And that would have been the end for them, if this wasn't a manga. So having been semi-posthumously transported to an apartment, along with others in the same situation; they read more
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Feb 18, 2014
What will happen after we die ?
Are we going to heaven or hell ?
Do we have to do something before that ?
Are those places even real ?

Mangaka Oku Hiroya answered those questions through his work Gantz, in his own unique way. Before talking about the manga, I would like to say a few words about the anime Gantz.

Gantz, an anime of my childhood, is one of those anime I will always remember. I was a curious little kid which stayed up awake after midnight only to watch Gantz. I was surprised how something so brutal, unmercifully and inhuman could happen to people, leaving after every read more
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User Recommendations

Both follow the same concept of people being forced into a death game. Both are very graphic and gory with interesting story and characters, GANTZ is a little more supernatural with more nudity as well but above all both are very similar.
I like to think of Psyren as the shonen-version of Gantz. both series involve a "game" with real lives at stake, set up by some mysterious person, while the main characters try to beat the game to win back their freedom or for other goals later realizing there´s more at stake
Both have violent but cool fighting scenes and even some sex together with interesting stories. Beserk follow a medieval fantasy world while Gantz is set in alternate present cyberpunk. Both main characters are also affected by unknown forces.
Let's see...

-- An endless series of 'play or die' games, where survivors from each game must continue to work together.
-- The enemies in both are aliens... until the aliens start being dicks and make humans fight it out. There's no text-sharing black sphere in Kamisama but the aliens themselves tend to be quite chatty, with the same sort of twisted humour.
-- Almost anyone can die. Getting attached to characters is a bad idea (until Kurono appears in Kamisama with his 100-points, anyhow).
-- No attempt is made to explain why, exactly, people are finding themselves forced to go at it with weird as hell enemies (Gantz goes to shit once info is shared). And a high-schooler slaughtering people with a sword is just normal. Accept it!

Kamisama is a lil' more shounenish than Gantz with its typically average>winrar lead and a girlfriend character or two wanting his 2D dick from the get-go, but it's in the same magazine as Shingeki and there aren't any orange ninjas. I like it.

The games play out more along the lines of Liar Game than Gantz, but with aliens and its sense of humour and level of craziness...
Both deal with a team of people sent out to fight against an alien threat that is constantly becoming stronger. They both also constantly drive home the fact that "no one is safe." Lots of balls to the wall awesome moments as well.
What connects Gantz and Shingeki is their equally brutal, unflinching violence. Gantz offers 'guilty pleasure' elements (namely, huge boobies) not present in Shingeki, but in both titles characters are introduced and then, without warning, murdered in graphic detail. The intensity level of two is high enough to keep one on the edge of their seat throughout.

If the games from Gantz excited you, then the giants raiding the last home of humanity - and ripping humans apart like toys - would also excite you. The quality characterization in the two makes it impossible not to care.

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