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Let's see... -- An endless series of 'play or die' games, where survivors from each game must continue to work together. -- The enemies in both are aliens... until the aliens start being dicks and make humans fight it out. There's no text-sharing black sphere in Kamisama but the aliens themselves tend to be quite chatty, with the same sort of twisted humour. -- Almost anyone can die. Getting attached to characters is a bad idea (until Kurono appears in Kamisama with his 100-points, anyhow). -- No attempt is made to explain why, exactly, people are finding themselves forced to go at it with weird as hell enemies (Gantz   read more
report Recommended by AironicallyHuman
Survival games with lots and lots of deaths. The protagonist is the plain marginate and depressive high school guy that wins confidence through the series.
report Recommended by BlindNoldor
Manga that involve game in which contestants are trapped somewhere, and are forced to fight each other to death. Contestants often have to fight bizarre aliens that pop out of nowhere. High gore contents in both manga.
report Recommended by bunny1ov3r
Both based on school kids and supernatural survival games, which have the characters battling for their lives in weird, tense and dark scenarios. They both share the same atmosphere although they differ in the games themselves. Gantz revolves more around action based gun wielding fights, while Kamisama deals with the characters wit and their ability to decipher the 'rules' of each game using their physical strength. Never the less, the main characters must overcome their fears and in turn be courageous in order to survive the wacky games. The games both share the same weird but wonderful enemies, together you and the characters will be confused   read more
report Recommended by Mem521
- Death games where almost everyone dies - Weird aliens killing everyone (beat them to stay alive) - HIGH gore content Although in my opinion, Kamisama is based on more of a brain game in which you have to think to win while Gantz is more fighting with guns and brute force, the two are very similar.
report Recommended by meowneko999
High risk survival manga with multiple rounds that differ from each other by one thing or the other. The main character starts out slow and gradually becomes the central figure for everyone's survival.
report Recommended by joe_g7