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It's kind of obvious since both are made from same mangaka, but they are revolving around the same themes as well, saving the world, becoming powerful unexpectedly, action and bang bang ドンドン! this time it's Suzuki from gantz who've forgotten everything that happened, gotten older and weaker. Well not literally, but if you've read gantz you kind of get the idea. Bang bang! ドンドン!great stuff.
report Recommended by txrxgxu
-Both have advanced mechanical devices -ALIENS -Psychopaths -POV,the both sides of a same person -Bunch of ''One Piece'' references,as the author likes -The responsability of a great ''power'',and the way how you use it
report Recommended by Spidle
Same mangaka with some characters looking identical to each other. Both have the same vibe to them. Lots of killing in both.
report Recommended by aSuperiorGamer
Inuyashiki is a story made by the same author as Gantz. It has the same violence, action, and maturity that you would expect by Hiroya Oku's Gantz, except instead of a typical teenage boy, it's an elderly father. Inuyashiki also has its fair share of supernatural and machines, providing readers with a old grandpa-like superhero that saves everybody one step at a time
report Recommended by 12Mizuno
Same author. Same detailed and realistic artstyle. Both feature of lots of over the top violence and death and feature overpowered characters.
report Recommended by EpicGamerism
As the authors of the both Mangas are same. The manga are also very good and fun to read having all kinds of emotions packed within it
report Recommended by Zerofuku_
Both are made by the same artist.
report Recommended by The_Kingmaker
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