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Both Mangas are very dark, mature, bloody, violent, horrific, and all things that make a good seinen. They both have the premise of fighting to survive, aliens and Zombies with the latter. They also are similar in that later in their stories they things become extremely grandiose in scale and that affects humanity on an existential level. Though they both possess a similar tone, they differ greatly in approach with characterization . As Gantz is more of the cliche cool/bad ass guy that kills everything with his friends, while I am a Hero follows a guy the opposite, being delusional, socially awkward and a bit   read more
report Recommended by reluctantbeeswax
- Art style - Easy to read - Good history, bad end
report Recommended by Ruan_Lobato
I feel these manga are quite similar due to their otaku main characters and very basic initial premises both gradually becoming larger in nature, incorporating foreign (to japan) story lines and characters. In addition to that, both manga are also heavily traced and have subplots that go nowhere.
report Recommended by 20_EYES
Gantz and I Am a Hero both have a very similar ending utilizing a bastardized part of Buddhist philosophy called saṃsāra as a part of their narratives. The use of saṃsāra has been criticized and praised by fans of both series. Criticized because it undermines the sacrifice of all the dead characters that can now be revived/ are revived and praised for bringing back fan favourite characters. Depending on whether you liked that aspect of the story or not you should consider reading or not reading the other story. Update It’s been a month since I posted this and in that time I got a couple of people asking   read more
report Recommended by ATCkit
-both are very mature -both are at its core manga about people trying to survive -both feature a protagonist who trough bad things happening around him finds a purpose in life
report Recommended by jeanbokai
It’s time to ditch the text file.
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