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The too are very similar killing monsters because you have to, blood, gore, death, ect. The only main difference is in Zetman the main character is a "Player" or monster that is designed to kill the other monsters. In Gantz it is regular humans that have died and are now sent to kill random alien/monsters. The art work on both are amazing and the thought that goes into both are amazing.
report Recommended by cappy
In Zetman main character fights manmade ugly monsters, in Gantz the badguys are weird ugly aliens, both mangas have lots of blood and gore
report Recommended by marko8819
If you're a fan of sci-fi horror, then Gantz and Zetman should be considered for their ability to produce a variety of such elements. Both series' main male protagonist has a similar personality but also undergoes changes throughout the story. Infamously known for their graphic violence, Gantz and Zetman adds credibility to their horror tones. Throughout their story, there are also plot twists and revelations with even some room for romance. But do be aware that tragedy is also inevitable with the fate of some characters.
report Recommended by Stark700
If you are looking for something which will give you the same "feel" as Gantz this might be manga for you! it has gore, sex and loads of scary moments which will make you go "WTF?". note that you should read this, not watch it.
report Recommended by citizentomato
The world is being overrun by monsters, how could we possibly hope to survive? What chance do we have? Well, thankfully we have the man power necessary to defend against such a threat. Both series are sci-fi horror stories about fighting against monstrous beings. Both series are action heavy and feature a lot of gore and death. Gantz differs as a group of deceased individuals are brought back to life, given futuristic technology and forced to battle against opposing threats. While Zetman features a not so ordinary man who can transform into the monstrous superhuman known as Zet, where he is tasked to take down   read more
report Recommended by Akoram
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