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Strike Witches

Strike Witches

Alternative Titles

English: Strike Witches
Synonyms: Strike Witches TV
Japanese: ストライクウィッチーズ


Type: TV
Episodes: 12
Status: Finished Airing
Aired: Jul 4, 2008 to Sep 19, 2008
Duration: 24 min. per episode
Rating: R+ - Mild Nudity
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Score: 7.221 (scored by 32481 users)
Ranked: #24442
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The year is 1944 and the world lives in fear of unidentified flying objects called Neuroi. With the old-boy old guard unable to thwart this deadly menace, humanity turns its desperate eyes to an aerial attack force with much nicer legs. Meet the girls of the 501st Joint Fighter Wing, better known as the Strike Witches. These darlings of the great blue yonder may not have standard issue uniforms, but they do have all the right stuff. Where the average flyboy falters, these dolls blast aliens to bits in the bat of an eyelash. With a little magic and a whole lot of leg, the girls of the 501st are winning the war on pants, and aliens!

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Adaptation: Strike Witches: Tenkuu no Otome-tachi
Alternative version: Strike Witches OVA
Sequel: Strike Witches 2

Characters & Voice Actors

Bishop, Lynette
Bishop, Lynette
Nazuka, Kaori
Nazuka, Kaori
Bristol, Kate
Bristol, Kate
Clostermann, Perrine H.
Clostermann, Perrine H.
Sawashiro, Miyuki
Sawashiro, Miyuki
Saxton, Jad
Saxton, Jad
Miyafuji, Yoshika
Miyafuji, Yoshika
Fukuen, Misato
Fukuen, Misato
Leigh, Cherami
Leigh, Cherami
Sakamoto, Mio
Sakamoto, Mio
Chiba, Saeko
Chiba, Saeko
Vincent-Davis, Kira
Vincent-Davis, Kira


Takamura, Kazuhiro
Director, Character Design
Yoshida, Tomohiro
Sound Director
Takahashi, Masanori
Episode Director
Terao, Hiroyuki
Episode Director, Storyboard, Animation Director, Key Animation, Mechanical Design, 2nd Key Animation

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Nov 4, 2014
The Strike Witches series follows Yoshika Miyafuji, teenage girl who goes to school (in a skirtless uniform) and helps her mother and grandmother around their medical clinic. Her father, Dr. Miyafuji, the inventor of the Striker Unit (what you're here for, if not the butts) has been MIA for some time. Yoshika, appalled by war, ends up enlisting in the navy in order to find out about the fate of her father. Hilarity ensues as she enters the boob-and-butt-festival that is the 501st Joint Fighter Wing, a group of elite ace pilots, even though she has no combat experience whatsoever. Doesn't it sound idiotic? Guess read more
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Aug 28, 2008
*A Japanese government endorsed loli-pantsu anime.*

Please don't say it is bad just because you find girls in panties horrifying. I admit it is lousy for the director to claim that girls in panties = fashion in the Strike Witches' world, but that alone is no reason to give a bad rating to an anime (if you do, I am sorry, you don't know how to rate at all). Strike Witches is MUCH deeper than one may expect to find from a fanservice-oriented series.

--Updated on February 12, 2009--

The Japanese Agency for Cultural Affairs has recently openly endorsed Strike Witches as an example of cultural excellence.

The read more
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Nov 13, 2014
Three years ago, I watched this anime and slapped it a rotten score. After all, an anime featuring pantless, gun-bopping teenage girls couldn’t possibly ascribe anything of depth to the varied community of anime goers and entertainment seekers today, right?


Then during my second time through, I realized something unbelievable about this series. This anime isn’t about half-naked chicks shooting down big, black cocks with guns. Right?


So yes…by my THIRD time through I realized: Strike Witches is an idiot savant of an anime. It is an attempted excuse for Japan’s WWII guilt, and combined with incidental, radical feminism investigates a unique reality of victory for read more
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Oct 25, 2008
I don't know what it was that intrigued me about this show when I first saw it but I was very interested in seeing it after the first episode. In the end it was a bit disappointing though because early on I thought it had the potential to be something very special.

As others have said, Strike Witches is automatically going to appeal to a certain group of people, and you probably already know who you are. Basically SW is the battle of Britain with Loli witches riding mechanical brooms fighting mysterious aliens and carrying huge guns... without pants. Yes I don't understand read more
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Lolis flying in the air fighting aliens with tons of fanservice; seems about right.
- Girls-only-power (1 exception in IS)...
- "Wears" machines and flies across the sky
- Action, lots of dynamic mid-air battling scenes
- Clumsy, weak main character with great potential who grows fast
- A cool mentor/leader
- Takes team work sometimes to take down enemy
Both involve moe girls in a military setting. Strike Witches contains fanservice and poignant moments. On the other hand, Girls und Panzer has a happier, lighter mood, and slice-of-life feel. Strike Witches is based on real WWII planes and takes place in the air. Girls und Panzer involves WWII tanks on the ground. The fights in Strike Witches are quick and graceful, while the battles in Girls und Panzer are long and strategic. Both have great action and cute, funny moments. Strike Witches tells the story of a war to save the planet from alien ships. Girls und Panzer is a competition between schools. The main characters are similar because they both are opposed to fighting at first, until their comrades pull them in.
Both series are designed by Mecha Musume creator Shimada Humikane. While Strike Witches is WWII oriented and focuses around magical girls with flying units on their legs, Sky Girls takes a modern approach with uniformed girls in exoskeletons. Both series have the girls fighting an unknown alien opponent with the best of their available technology though Sky Girls takes a more serious approach to the story while Strike Witches is shorter and more relaxed in it's atmosphere.
A group of girls based off of or using historical world war 2 weaponry (in Kancolle's case, naval, in Strike Witches', aviation) to battle a mysterious threat with an unknown goal.
Both have a similar story, with a war between humans and aliens. Aliens already destroyed some places in the world, with the rest trying to survive, fighting against they. Protagonists are moe girls.

Opening Theme

"STRIKE WITCHES ~Watashi ni Dekiru Koto~ (ストライクウィッチーズ ~わたしにできること~)" by Yoko Ishida

Ending Theme

#01: "Bookmark A Head" by Misato Fukuen and Saeko Chiba (eps 1-2)
#02: "Bookmark A Head" by Misato Fukuen and Kaori Nazuka (ep 3)
#03: "Bookmark A Head" by Misato Fukuen and Mie Sonozaki (ep 4)
#04: "Bookmark A Head" by Chiwa Saitō and Ami Koshimizu (ep 5)
#05: "Bookmark A Head" by Mai Kadowaki and Erika Nakai (ep 6)
#06: "Bookmark A Head" by Miyuki Sawashiro and Sakura Nogawa (ep 7)
#07: "Bookmark A Head" by Rie Tanaka and Saeko Chiba (ep 8)
#08: "Bookmark A Head" by Misato Fukuen and Miyuki Sawashiro (ep 9)
#09: "Bookmark A Head" by Misato Fukuen and Rie Tanaka (ep 10)
#10: "Bookmark A Head" by Saeko Chiba and Miyuki Sawashiro (ep 11)
#11: "Bookmark A Head" by Misato Fukuen, Saeko Chiba, Rie Tanaka, Miyuki Sawashiro, Kaori Nazuka, Sakura Nogawa, Mie Sonozaki, Chiwa Saitō, Ami Koshimizu, Mai Kadowaki, and Erika Nakai (ep 12)

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