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Kantai Collection: KanColle
A group of girls based off of or using historical world war 2 weaponry (in Kancolle's case, naval, in Strike Witches', aviation) to battle a mysterious threat with an unknown goal.
report Recommended by Amarrez
Cute girls doing cute things. Taking place in a WWII setting where they enemies are unknown monsters
report Recommended by Havoctheend
Cute girls fighting evil by transforming into war machines. If that sounds appealing to you than either of these shows will do. Set in similar time periods and characters that mirror each other. The moe is strong and the battles are tough.
report Recommended by Brobie
Both titles are based on events of the Second World War. While the characters from KanColle are personified battleships, the characters from Strike Witches are based on famous WWII pilots.
report Recommended by -Bakemono-
Strike witches -main character is a girl without battle experience but got high expectation from leader -girls have magic power and using exo-suit -both fight againts enemy beyond human being -both fight in sea
report Recommended by me_good
The whole girls fighting with machines against invading monsters prospect is the same in both shows. And both of the main characters are plain and normal but have great latent potential. So kancolle is just like strike witches with less echi.
report Recommended by Mikan265
Both have beautiful very ecchi weapon girls who band together in a military to fight against a world take-over by the enemy.
report Recommended by Tobu_kudasai
Ship Girls, Plane Girls, what's the difference besides the landscape? Listen, you can't tell me they're completely different, I won't believe you.
report Recommended by KoyoRed
KanColle has girls with boat parts attached to their bodies, while Strike Witches has girls wearing plane propellers. The girls fight out in the sea in KanColle, and they fight in the air in Strike Witches. Both casts of characters are full of determines characters with their own quirky personalities. I think the Strike Witches leave a much bigger impression, though. The KanColle girls seem to fall a little flat, but they're not bad, and some of them may draw you in pretty quickly. Both have an original soundtrack with good battle music. The art is kind of similar,   read more
report Recommended by AobaSuzukaze
Both shows are about the same. Kantai is about girls/boats whilst strike witches is about girls/airplanes.
report Recommended by collaris5