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Both series are designed by Mecha Musume creator Shimada Humikane. While Strike Witches is WWII oriented and focuses around magical girls with flying units on their legs, Sky Girls takes a modern approach with uniformed girls in exoskeletons. Both series have the girls fighting an unknown alien opponent with the best of their available technology though Sky Girls takes a more serious approach to the story while Strike Witches is shorter and more relaxed in it's atmosphere.
report Recommended by RanKizama
Sky Girls and Strike Witches shares the same genre with a fairly similar setting.
report Recommended by chibuki
Both are series about Lolis flying mecha, or mecha based objects.
report Recommended by Kuromii
Both feature strike forces of self-propelled flying lolis defending the planet from an alien threat. Similarly, these girls are around the same ages with similar character interaction and costuming between series.
report Recommended by saka
The girls are around the same age. In both shows, they come from different continents. Only girls are able to use the equipment in both shows, however, the guys do try to create aircraft that will outdo the girls' abilities. The enemy are an alien species that have many different forms in both shows. Both series are military anime. Both main lead girls have some sort of tie to the equipment, making it easy for them to use. They have a similar feel to them, so if you like one, I'm sure you'll like the other ;D
report Recommended by 101swoop101
Both of these anime contain a group of girls which fly though the sky with the help of new techology with the intention of helping people and the destruction of an alien force which threatens to destroy the world. Sky girls is more serious while Strike Witches has more of an comedy element and includes the use of magic.
report Recommended by Mastahelix
I am one of the biggest fans of Shimada Humikane's artwork and mecha musume in general and even I thought Sky Girls was terrible. Seriously, do yourself a favor and go watch Strike Witches. It's Sky Girls done right.
report Recommended by Killer_Bee
Same flying soldier girls fight alien invaders, with slice of life.
report Recommended by misterferrari