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Both involve moe girls in a military setting. Strike Witches contains fanservice and poignant moments. On the other hand, Girls und Panzer has a happier, lighter mood, and slice-of-life feel. Strike Witches is based on real WWII planes and takes place in the air. Girls und Panzer involves WWII tanks on the ground. The fights in Strike Witches are quick and graceful, while the battles in Girls und Panzer are long and strategic. Both have great action and cute, funny moments. Strike Witches tells the story of a war to save the planet from alien ships. Girls und Panzer is a competition between schools. The   read more
report Recommended by Nek0
Only one episode in but from what I can tell they are pretty similar as long as you change that Strike Witches is about fighting a war and Girls und Panzer is about a competition.
report Recommended by 13grica
well, the same Fumikane settings. Pretty girls and hardcore weapons in one. great if you enjoy the combination of girls with any robots, mecha and weapons.
report Recommended by walterinsect
Both Anime consist of military aspects. Girls und Panzer goes on the tank side and Strike Witches goes on the plane side. But the only main difference is there is no magic in Girls und Panzer. Personally I believe that characters have the same characteristics and also play very similar roles, making them both very close in comparison.
report Recommended by CoryJephcote
Girls who have high morale and great strategic skills can lead their comrades straight to victory. The series is known to have any World War 2 content in it such as the setting the show, or tanks that are used in combat. It features an all female cast that usually fight with their teammates, which they have a high morale of encouraging each other to win the fight. The male characters are often minor and have little presence in the series. The difference is that Strike Witches has several fan service scenes, and uses a suit that is aerial assault dogfight style fighting aliens. Girls   read more
report Recommended by omega_d94
Fire, action and a lot of adrenaline are contained in both series! Strike Witches is not exactly the same of course, but remains the way allude nations without say the name specific of the country in fact, culture differences among the characters and so the military issues remains, funny in their own way but indeed very enjoyable.
report Recommended by UtenaSatou