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Milk_is_Special | Jun 25, 7:08 PM
Cyruz, you are a database moderator, right? Does it happen often that a show has finished airing but it still says it's airing, since Anime de Wakaru Shinryounaika finished today, and it says that it's still airing. Can you set it to finished since it looks pretty weird for a finished show to still be airing.

AnimeHonor | Jun 20, 6:11 AM
lets talk about removing tyrels mod powers.

DoctorWasabi | Jun 19, 3:36 PM
Hello there. I have a question. When I tried to change my profile pic and does not show up on my profile. (well at least from my point of view) I thought it was just something wrong with that specific pic so I tried a different one and it still didn't work. Yes the images are both the required size, so that's not the issue. Is this just a problem from my end, or is it MAL's fault. If this is not MAL's fault, then what can I do to resolve the issue.

Thanks :)

AnimeHonor | Jun 19, 4:15 AM
( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)

Black_Rock | Jun 13, 5:54 AM
ahaha, it's true but the steam version has refreshed sprites, in fact, the Rena I sent you is one of them! isn't she a cutie?

atrocious Ryukishi07 is always atrocious. That is being said from someone who pretty much had to read both higurashi and umineko novels back then. My friend was involved in the translation team and I was being supportive but god. By the end of umineko, my eyes and my brain were screaming for 'NO MORE PAIN', each new character in the series was another headache and each plot twist was strong enough to bring tears to my eyes.

The stories might be good and the characters unique but if Ryukishi ever decided to write a real book, noone would ever publish it. I love him but he can be reaaaaaaaally and I mean reaaaaaaaaally tiring after a while.

Rena ftw as usual but I have another reason to love her. Her name was taken from Lenna of FF5, my fav FF game.

cat_clan | Jun 7, 7:37 PM
Thanks ^^

Black_Rock | Jun 6, 4:30 AM
well me too but now the novel was out on steam and ever since i finished reading it, I am currently finishing the mangas again and will watch the anime afterwards. ohoho

Black_Rock | Jun 4, 9:49 AM

have a Rena to celebrate our new found friendship power! You can take her home!

AbuHumaid | Jun 1, 7:55 AM
Thank you ^^

AbuHumaid | Jun 1, 6:55 AM
Hi, can you share with me the original picture link of your profile picture ?

Aokaado | May 31, 9:32 AM
Not much interesting, started watching anime again, otherwise mostly work, overtime and the likes =P u ?

Aokaado | May 31, 4:04 AM
Hehe. Sounds familiar

Aokaado | May 30, 5:48 PM
pew pew. came across my blog here just now, I'd totally forgotten about those. One of em had a link to yours but it was private o;

alexthetrex | May 30, 5:40 PM

alexthetrex | May 30, 4:11 PM
Hey, sorry to bother you but theres this weird glitch with my blog
~ see here: ~

The "Favourite Openings" title is somehow centred?
Also, seems to be cutting in between entries..

Btw, nice profile pic! and thanks..

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