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January 27, 2007
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AniList is run by thieves.
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saifmohammed | 6 hours ago
Ah, that's okay. Thanks anyways!

saifmohammed | 8 hours ago
Hey! I see a lot of other people also requesting this but there is someone with just the name 'Saif' instead of saifmohammed and I was wondering if my name could be changed to that considering he hasn't been active for years.

Thank you!

xmirainikkix | 9 hours ago
Sorry to bother you, but i was told by someone that if an account has been inactive for a long period of time, there could be a possibility to have the username used by this person.
In my case i would simply like to shorten my username to Nikki but the name is taken by someone who has been inactive for over a year. This is the link to the profile.
Thank You ^___^!

Haine- | 10 hours ago

Sorry to be a bother [I already noticed others are asking the same as me ;w;] but I was told that if an account has been inactive for a lot time, Their username can be taken, The user hasnt been active for 5 years and doesn't have a list.

Here's the user.

Thank you c:

_Noiz_ | 10 hours ago

Sorry to be any bother, but I was told by someone that if an account has been inactive for long enough their username can be put back into rotation and if that is the case I was wondering if the account with Noiz as a username could somehow be transferred to me or put back in rotation so I can choose it?

Here's the user.

Thank you.

Klad | Yesterday, 9:51 PM

Klad | Yesterday, 10:13 AM
Hello mr admin.

As you see my name consists of dashes in the beginning and the end of my name, and I wish to edit my name simply with Klad but apparently I can't, because another person has the username. But it turns out to be that that person never verified their email when they registered in MAL. Thus I guess something can be made outta this. I'd wish to be renamed as Klad, simply.

Thanks for considering o^o

Here's the user btw

Fabrice | 04-10-15, 8:22 AM
Sorry just re-read my message which made absolutely no sense at all, my minds beens disorientated lately. Okay Thanks for the clarity I just thought that the club would have been updated through other admins but i guess it wasnt.

Sorry for the fuss buddy just trying to get back to some clubs of mine and fix a few things.

Fabrice | 04-10-15, 3:32 AM
Hi Cyruz, thanks for the reply. Its alright I know nothing can be done but I thought maybe it might be something that went wrong because most clubs as other admins which do update them so wasnt sure anymore.

Fabrice | 04-09-15, 1:31 PM
Cyruz theres this bug in clubs whereby when you edit or add something all the {img} disappears and when you comment it comments twice... sigh.. I thought i could get back into it lol

grave_robber | 04-02-15, 4:13 AM
Random Mod Appreciation Comment

Hi \(^▽^*)
Just wanted to drop by and say thank you for all your hard work on MAL.

Azurea | 04-01-15, 4:45 PM

Azurea | 03-31-15, 9:22 PM
Wo(ah)... Love her!

lovelyphantom | 03-31-15, 11:25 AM
I just realized I didn't give you a list of the English VAs afflicted by this error, my bad. I just sent in the Role Removal requests on the actors so you'll know who they are. Sorry for forgetting that detail.

Fabrice | 03-31-15, 9:13 AM
Hey, Still not getting enough sleep this past week - been taking sleeping pills albeit it doesnt even help.. Anyway trying to stay awake at work is very much a challenge huh..

Congrats on the degree though, although transition to work is taking a while, I decided to take a few months off, get some life experience of some sort and travel open my hozirons which luckily for me kinda helped me when applying (job involves lots of talking to customers so thank god for that)! hopefully something will come up for you.

Thanks for the recommendations, From it that i missed out is Psycho pass, Yuri yuri, Barakamon and Koufuku Graffiti) but ive decided to start a marathon of old anime (before 2010) thats been in my plan to watch for agggesss, gonna start with Chobits which yes its criminal till now i havent seen it! ^^

Also Top Gear :/

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