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Finishing my last PhD experiments and writing my thesis is going about as well as my profile picture.
And if that isn't imagery enough, the inside of my head currently looks something like this:

So while I'm not completely gone from MAL, I'm primarily on hiatus on-site until July.
Please bear with me as I finish my thesis...

...but feel free to leave kitty gifs.

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ataraxial | Aug 28, 11:42 PM
Hi Kineta,

I really think the removal of the Not Helpful vote option should be reverted as it's a temporary fix that introduces new problems without even addressing the original problem entirely (e.g. people can still mass upvote). Specifically, any reviews uploaded in this limbo period are doomed to be forgotten as they will not benefit from any hypothetical future measures to give new reviews a fair chance. (Or, if we end up going back to a percentage system, they will have highly skewed scores as they will all have exactly zero downvotes.) For the sake of fairness, we should keep the old system until we introduce the new system. Temporarily introducing a broken system is only going to cause frustration and discontent for users and admins alike.

razor39999 | Aug 28, 4:32 PM
I've read further in your topic, so here's a reply to what you probably wanted to reply with in regards to my first comment. And an apology for not reading your second post before posting here.

You're worried about usernames showing for "not helpful" would lead to reviewers starting flame wars with the readers, but you could just make that whole username visibility function visible only for the staff. Since they're the only ones that really need that information to combat the alt accounts.

As far as older reviews getting more exposure goes, I read that you will do something about the sorting options. Which is nice, but wouldn't be necessary if only the review team had access to the names of voters.

razor39999 | Aug 28, 2:54 PM
I know it might be too much for the moderation team to handle, but usernames showing on both the "helpful" and "not helpful" options would be the best approach if you wish for critical readers and serious reviewers to thrive on this website. That way you can have the old percentage based system which is a stronger representation of the reviews' impact with the safeguard of vote spamming by alt accounts.

Removing the not helpful option will lead to only one side of the opinions being heard, older reviews having the upper hand and the site needing an extra option to sort against this bias. Getting more moderators for the review team and usernames showing on both the options was probably the choice that would've lead to an overall increase in review quality.

Kenji_The_Engi | Aug 27, 7:29 PM
Hello there administrator, I am a concerned reviewer who has been posting content on MAL as well as Youtube for a few years. Recently I noticed the option to vote a review "not helpful" was removed. I, as a reviewer am very displeased with this change and am seriously considering not posting anymore reviews on MAL anymore due to this very toxic and harmful revision to the system. Please hear out my concerns, and maybe if possibly even address them if you have the time

My largest concern involves the fact that new reviews for popular anime have zero chance to get recognition, even if they receive a lot of positive feedback right away. Meaning if I write a review for, let's say hypothetically Code Geass for instance, and everyone who reads it loves it, and I end up getting 50 helpful votes in a short period of time. My review would have no chance to get on the front page, because the top review currently has 870 helpful votes. My review will be forgotten, even if it's genuinely great and most people like it. This may be a hypothetical scenario but I HOPE you can understand why this is toxic and hurts new reviews. I understand you are probably aware of this and are trying to think of a countermeasure, but has it ever accrued to you that MAYBE you should have thought of the countermeasure before completely changing the system? This way there would be much less harm done to new reviews and less backlash from very angry people like me.

Now let's discuss something more effective, a method that could help deter people who spammed "not helpful". It's very simple, add a captcha system, if someone votes for more than 2 reviews in a period of time they have to solve one. This is not a solution, but it is a VERY effective deterrent, it won't solve the problem but it will minimize it and take a lot of strain away from the system.

Now lets look at some negative implications of this change, the old ratios are null and void, reviews that were #1 are lowered significantly. Let's say I wrote a review and 50/51 people found it helpful, once again purely hypothetical. Now let's say another person writes a review for the same anime and it had a 1000/5000 ratio. That 1000/5000 is now ranked above the 50/51. This hurts no one but the reviewers who work very hard to make it to the top of the charts and get some recognition for their craft.

Now there is another issue and reason for concern among so many users, and this is much more a micro one, but a very important one none the less. You are taking away a feature without adding anything new to make up for it, this is never a good choice. You are limiting the options of a user base rather than presenting them with something more than what they once had. For all I know you may be planning something new, perhaps a counterbalance system or maybe a new system in general. However, you should have waited until that was done to get rid of the not helpful vote, if you would have done this I would have not been frustrated with you. Other anime list websites (such as Humminbird) constantly give users new features and options to choose from, people like this, they like choice.

This new system discourages reviewers and I will not post my reviews on this site under these nonsensical conditions, I am appalled by this very poorly handled shift please read this carefully and consider everything I said.



HandsomeMan | Aug 25, 6:47 PM
Big mistake on removing the "not helpful" button. I just saw a series with an average score of 7.95, good series. The highest review gives it a 3. It has 500 likes. This will put a lot of people away from the show. Because it probably had 500/1500 before and now you can't see that 1500. You put that so that people won't cry when they rate SAO a 10 and get downvoted, but guess what, now trolls will give a 1, 2, 3 to decent and good shows and will get upvoted by other trolls and this will mislead people. Stupid broken system. Whoever came up with it didn't think it through.

vodall | Aug 25, 6:06 PM
hang in there!

ZachAttack597 | Aug 25, 1:03 PM
It helps me know if my content is either good or bad and what I should improve

ZachAttack597 | Aug 25, 12:57 PM
I just read your post about the change to the review system. And being a frequent review writer, I was a little upset by this. I still wish there was a way to show who found your review helpful or not. I don't like having that feeling in the back of my brain constantly asking, "8 out of how many users liked the review?" But, it's your decision, and I'm not telling to change it. Just a little upset. And if you could, write back about whatever regarding this post. Much appreciated :D

TodokanaiKoi | Aug 25, 12:52 PM
Hi Kineta. I just dropped you a PM about changing account names. I've copied and pasted my message/request below in the spoiler. Apologies if you're busy. Thanks and have a nice day!

Subpyro | Aug 24, 7:29 AM
Saw this on my daily stroll and thought you might like it. For some reason the image isn't appearing via the img tags. Maybe it's too big?

Turns out the artist is the same as for one of your previous dps.

Cherryblossoms7 | Aug 21, 5:52 PM
I was changing my username earlier today and I accidentally put a lower case "c" instead of a capital "C". And I don't want to wait one month to change the C and so I was wondering if u could do anything about it?

Grusomhed | Aug 21, 10:28 AM

violity | Aug 21, 7:21 AM
Hello Kineta-san! I don't know if it's alright to post here but I've bumped this thread yesterday.

Muuse | Aug 12, 12:13 PM
are you dr kineta already

trebmeg | Aug 10, 3:19 PM
*pokes* Kineta obasan

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