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February 8, 1986
Canuckville, Europa
August 1, 2007
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bendalln | 1 hour ago
Hello Kineta (^_^)
It's Your Friend Nathan :D
Good Day 2 You :))

Extra Thank You For The Message Yesterday, You Made Me So Very Happy :D Thank You :)

Extra Thank You For Explaining 2 Me :D Your So Very Nice And Kind And Amazing :), Also What You Said Does Make Sense, But I'm Slightly Scared :( I'm Sorry, But How Will Myanimelist Be Different Or Harder 2 Use? Also I So Love Myanimelist Forever No Matter What :P Also I So Thought You, Cyrus And Luna_ Owned Myanimelist, Also Extra Extra Good Luck :))

I 1000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000% Wish You, The Best Of Luck With The New Changes Of Myanimelist :)) Extra Good Luck :) I'm So Sorry Your All So Very Busy :( Very Special Good Luck :D

Also Sorry, Also If My Fingers Was Eaten By A Crocodile, I Would So Either Type With Either My Toes Or I'll Bite A Pen And Use The Pen 2 Press Buttons :P Also I So Promise 2 Ask People, I Don't Know If They Like Images First :) Extra Thank You :)) Also I Have Been Good Today :) Today I've So Been Playing Kingdom Hearts 2.5 And I So Had Ice Cream Extra Thank You :D

Also Thank You So Very Very Much :D Thank You Times Forever % :) :)Also Here Are Some Moshi Monsters I Always Play With :))

Fizzy ( I So Love Fizzy) :)))

Mini Ben, He So Looks Super Cool :))

Cutie Pie (Hehe He So Looks Like A Cup Cake :))

Hansel (He So Looks Like A Ginger Bread Man But Over A Billion, Times, More So Super Very Cute :)))))) Thank You Forever :)

Cocoloco, He's My Most Favourite Moshi Monster, I So Always Play With Him And He Has A Special Spot On My Moshi Monsters Tree House Play Set :) I So Love Him :D

Yoyo, He So Looks Like A Cat And He's Just So Cute, Also I Was So Playing With My Toy Of Him Yesterday :D

Liberty, He's So Very Cute, He's So Cute Cute Cute Cute And Hehe I So Got A Toy Of Him 2, Yay.., :D

Raffles, He Looks Like A Cat :D Hehe I So Love Moshi Monsters :)

Toasty, He So Looks Like A Piece Of Toast, But He's Way More Special Than Normal Toast :) Also Nobody Is Allowed 2 Eat Him, Not Even My Other Toys :D

Suey I So Love Suey, She So Looks Like A Plate Of Spaghetti :))

Oddie ........., Hehe He's So Very Funny And So Adorable :)

Extra Extra Thank You For Letting Me Show You :) I So Play With My Moshi Monsters Toys Everyday :))) Extra Thank You :D

Also Thank You :D But Your Also So Super Special :D Good Luck Forever :) Also I So Can't Wait Into You Reply 2 My Other Messages, Extra Thank You And Remember Your A Super Wonderful And An Amazing Friend :))

Take Care :) I So Can't Wait 2 Hear From You :))
Thank You Bye Bye :)) :D

bendalln | Yesterday, 2:59 PM
Hello Kineta :))
It's Your Friend Nathan Again :)
Good Day 2 You :)

Hello, I'm So Very Sorry, Also Kineta Can I Please Ask You Something Please? Extra Thank You :))

My Mammy Said, On February 19th, I'm Having My Yearly Review Done, So My Social Worker, My Support Worker Ashley, A Teacher From Day Centre, The Lady In Charge Of Support Workers And My Nurse Who Takes Care Of My Medication Are Coming 2 My House At 3.30 PM Into About 5 O Clock, And It's So On A Thursday, So It's When I Come Home From Day Centre, :))

Also The Yearly Review Is A Meeting That So Happens Every Year About Me, (Every Special Needs Person Has A Yearly Review, I Think, Most Of My Friends In Day Centre Has A Yearly Review 2) Also They Will Ask My Mammy If I Am Happy, In Day Centre (I So Love It) And If I Am Happy With My Support Worker Ashley (He's So Amazing) And If He's Happy With Me 2, And If I Am Good For Him, Also The Nurse Will Ask Me How I Am And If I Am Happy, :D Extra Thank You :))

So Kineta, I Was So Wondering, I Know It's So Impossible, Because You All Live In Different Countries, :( But Would It Be So Very Wonderful, If A Myanimelist Staff Member Came 2 My Yearly Review 2 Tell My Mammy How I'm Doing On Myanimelist? Would That Be So Cool? Hehe....., It'll So Be Awesome? :)) Also Then You Can So Tell My Nurse And My Social Worker And My Mammy, And My Teacher From Day Centre, If I Am Good On Myanimelist And How I'm Doing On Myanimelist, :)) Also You Are So Super Kind And So Very Special :P

Also It's Just 2 See If I Am Happy (I Am So Very Happy) Also I So Hope You Are Even Happier :))

Take Lots Of Care :)) Thank You Bye Bye ^_^ :))

bendalln | Yesterday, 1:40 PM
Hello Kineta :))
It's Your Friend Nathan :D
Good Day 2 You ^_^

Kineta, I'm Sorry :C Sorry :( Also I So Very Miss You :) Your So Very Super Special And Your So The Queen Of Database Administrating :D Extra Thank You :))

Also Kineta, Can You Please Tell Cyrus He's So Super Special 2? And That I'm Sorry Please? Please? I Sent Him A Message Showing Him Moshi Monsters And 3 Pictures Of Anime He Likes Because They Was In His Favourites And He Said This :(

I So Did Not Mean 2 Upset Him, I'm Sorry, Sorry, Also I Only Sent Cyrus Pictures Because I So Know Lots Of Other Myanimelist Special Friends Who Like Pictures, Like Weird_maybe, LadySofia, Bearbear145 And Snaxia And I So Did Not Know Cyrus Did Not Like Them, I'm So Very Sorry :(

Also Kineta, I So 100% Know Cyrus Is A Super Special Person And He's So 1 Of My Friends And I'm So His Friend Forever :) Please Tell Him I'm Sorry :) Please? Also I Told Him 2, Also Does Cyrus Like Moshi Monsters? I So Play With My Moshi Monster Toys Every Day :))

Also Extra Thank You For Fixing The Images, :) Also How Do I Know If People Like Images Or They Don't? I'm Sorry, I So Deserve 2 Have My Fingers Eaten By A Crocodile, Also You And Cyrus And Luna_ Are So 1000000% More Special Than Me :))

Also How Are You? I So Sent You Other Messages 2 :)
*Good Luck Hug*
Take Care :) Thank You Bye Bye :)) :D

Kapodaco | 01-27-15, 8:49 AM
Yeah. Images aren't working.

Thank you for your work!

iSuckAtWriting | 01-27-15, 6:52 AM
I can't say I've noticed any differences with the site after it moved from Crave, aside from how it displays on my phone. ¯_(ツ)_/¯

iSuckAtWriting | 01-27-15, 6:42 AM
So have the reviews and stuff from the Secret Santa event been showcased yet?

alexthetrex | 01-27-15, 5:14 AM
Hi Kineta, I am experiencing the problems you described..
Hope you can tell the development team and that will have a nice day!

JustALoser | 01-27-15, 4:15 AM
Hey there.

Kenchiin | 01-26-15, 3:46 PM
"Edit: It's not going to take until 2017."

You're now my favorite DB admin (it used to be Luna).

Oh well maybe it's still Luna, but that was the best post edit ever made in MAL.

Cigarette | 01-26-15, 10:02 AM


bendalln | 01-25-15, 3:25 PM
Hello Kineta :D Snakes And Luna_ Are Both Magically Magic :O
It's Your Friend Nathan :)))
Good Day 2 You :P

Hello :D I Am Just So So Very Very Happy And So Excited And I Just Feel So Crazy And Happy Right Now :)) Guess What Actually Happened About 3 Hours Ago? Hehe........., Wow Wow Wow, Can I Please Please Please Please Please Please Tell You Please? Extra Thank You :))

Luna_ And Snakes Should So Be The Richest People In The Universe, They Should So Both Be Rich, Wow :D I've So Been Jumping, Skipping, Dancing, Rolling, And Laughing And Smiling, Hehe........., Yay Yay Yay

About 3 Hours Ago, Snakes And Luna_ Both Logged Into Or Went On Myanimelist At The Exact Same Second, Not Minute, But Second, I So Know Because If You Go On Friends, You Can So See When All Your Myanimelist Friends Was Last Online And For Both Snakes And Luna_ It Said 54 Seconds Ago, :)) That's So Very Very Impossibly Weird And Cool And So Amazing :)))

Also 1 Second Is Way 2 Quick For Things Like That 2 Happen So Both Luna_ And Snakes Must Be Able 2 Use Magic? Wow, That's So Like 2 People From Different Country's Both Writing The Letter R At The Exact Same Second, It's So Like 2 People Biting A Crisp At The Exact Same Time With There Teeth Both Crushing The Crisp At The Exact Same Time :D I So Can't Believe It, Wow Hehe., Wow Wow Wow, How Did They Both Ever Do That? Are They Magic? Are They? :))

I'm Just So Very Excited, Also My Mammy Is Saying, I Need 2 Calm Down Because It's 20 Past 11 In The Night, But I So Can't Go 2 Sleep, Right Now, I'm So Very Excited Like Crazy, How Did Snakes And Luna_ Both Do That? How Did They Both Actually Both Do That? How? :D They Are Both Magic :))

Also Kineta, I So Love Luna_ And Snakes Like Crazy Now, They Should Both Be President Of Where They Live :D They Should So Be Rich, I So Want 2 Give Snakes And Luna_ All My Birthday Money For That, That Was Amazing, Amazing Amazing Amazing, hehehe............, Yay

Also Kineta, I So Can't Wait 2 Hear From You :)) I Sent You Some Other Messages, Also How Did Snakes And Luna_ Both Do That? Also Can You Use Real Magic Like Snakes And Luna_ Both Can? Extra Thank You :))

Take Care :) Yay :D I'm Just So Very Happy :P
Thank You Bye Bye :))

bendalln | 01-23-15, 10:59 AM
Hello Kineta :)
It's Your Friend Nathan :D
Good Day 2 You, :))

Also I Am So Very Happy Today, Also Imagine If All MyAnimelist Staff Members Had There Very Own T Rex Dinosaur? :O Also You Are So Very Nice, Also I 100% Hope You Have Lots Of Super Fun Adventures And You Have So Much Fun Forever :))

Also Kineta, How Are You? Sorry I Asked, Also Sorry Your So Busy :( I o Wish I Could Help You? Somehow? Also Can I Please Be Snaxia's Assistant? Also I Sent You 2 Other Messages, Extra Thank You For Reading My Story :D Your So The Nicest And Most Special Database Administrator In The Universe ^_^

Take Care :) Thank You Bye Bye >_<

AllenVonStein | 01-23-15, 8:22 AM
Hi there Kineta first off all Thanks for keeping MAL working and secondly I wanna ask I was reading Xinil thread about IMG BBcode Temporarily Down:

I saw u commented telling that It's not going to take until u mean Img will be back until 2017.and sorry If i misunderstand U.

Verumir | 01-23-15, 4:31 AM
There is this theory that the internet is run by cats, now we have a prove of it hahaha. I guess even if you see them all, eventually new would be created.

While I do like cats, I don't think I would want one as pet anytime soon, do you have any?

_Ghost_ | 01-21-15, 2:41 PM

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