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February 8, 1986
Canuckville, Europa
August 1, 2007
Database Administrator
4,171 (Find All)
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Time (Days) 94.1
Watching 6
Completed 366
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Plan to Watch 50
Total Entries 428

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Unknown :(

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Time (Days) 84.5
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Completed 272
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Plan to Read 48
Total Entries 378

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Unknown :(

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Manga Mod App solutions and final picks to come soon!

About 1.5-2 months behind on my PMs still for everything that wasn't urgent... I will get back to you soon!
If it's super important and I still haven't replied to you, please catch me on

Kitties make excellent bribes.

If you would like to discuss a PM I sent you about your account or content, please reply to the message.

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<Aversa> Kineta would be rich if she charged money every time someone needs her help
faplarp> Kineta needs not earthly values such as gold
faplarp> All she needs is spiritual energy and her faerie underlings.
Ghost_> she needs cats
faplarp> and cats.

Need a Smile?
Gonna get him~ [Aug 1]
Waai! [Aug 5]
Give me attention! [Aug 18]

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Deknijff | Yesterday, 9:18 AM
Thank you

sora757 | Yesterday, 7:38 AM
When I look at my watched topics it says watching five but its only showing 4 of the 5 topics.

Could u help

shootingstar999 | Yesterday, 2:59 AM
Ty very much and yea I tried to give as much info as possible

shootingstar999 | Yesterday, 12:40 AM
Hey I had a question if you would help, I got a friend who is having trouble logging in, it says error 16 access denied incapsula, any ideas? I looked on the forums but nothing worked and I made a forum post but nobody responded. In case your wondering this is his profile

Suzune-chan | 08-19-14, 9:31 PM
Thank you very much for the wishes Kineta~

rothrock | 08-19-14, 2:46 PM
I was looking at some cat gifs and came across this, lol.

Do you like dogs? :I

Beomsik | 08-19-14, 12:31 PM
I was wondering if I did something wrong, because I can't seem to log onto my mal from my computer (says access denied X.X) -Thanks~

Subpyro | 08-19-14, 12:48 AM
I would rename that "Give me attention!" into "Kitten apocalypse". Those kitties want to brutally take their owner down. I can see it in their eyes.

Baddie007 | 08-18-14, 9:58 AM
Knock, knock, who's there?


Why! Who?

As in WHY hasn't the info edit and character nickname that I've submitted for Theiamillia Gre "Theia" Fortorthe hasn't been posted?

WHY hasn't the character, Shizuka Kasagi's nickname been posted?

WHY the character Ruthkhania Nye "Ruth" Pardomshiha hasn't had any info yet since there were MAL users who have submitted the character's info already?

The character's are from the anime "Rokujouma no Shinryakusha."

Baddie007 | 08-18-14, 9:39 AM
Hey, Miss Database Administrator, how come the character update that I've submitted for Claire and Rinslet under "Seirei Tsukai no Blade Dance" hasn't been posted?

_Ghost_ | 08-17-14, 8:12 AM

(I liked the last one the most :3)

Xenograft | 08-16-14, 3:15 PM
I'm guessing you're pleased with the announcement of a season 3 of 'Working!!'?

You well?

Beomsik | 08-16-14, 4:45 AM
ooo thanks for the help. Although it's not great, I updated my profile page!! Yipee ^o^

Raito | 08-15-14, 4:54 PM
Considering you were the sole DB Admin for a while now, I was a tad surprised. I'm more surprised it wasn't an announcement stating something like "Luna_ and I are too good for MAL, therefore we shall be retiring and to celebrate our retirement, we're going to Hawaii together"

Yes! That is very good to know.

Sassymacha | 08-15-14, 3:51 PM
Yup, cat pics are hard to beat.

Cats are better than dogs because they're cleaner, quieter, you can ignore them, and you don't have to take them for walks. My parents had their own cat when I was born, but the first cat I owned was perfect. My cat now is the complete opposite. It's messy, dirty, stupid, and chews cables. I can't wait to not own a pet and actually have a house stay clean after I clean it.

My third cat is already dead. It was overweight and had a heart attack while trying to take a shit. I have no fond memories of it at all.

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