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2 hours ago
February 8, 1986
Canuckville, Europa
August 1, 2007
Database Administrator
4,684 (Find All)
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Time (Days) 101.0
Watching 3
Completed 412
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Dropped 5
Plan to Watch 49
Total Entries 470

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Unknown :(

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Time (Days) 95.5
Reading 4
Completed 325
On Hold 39
Dropped 7
Plan to Read 50
Total Entries 425

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Unknown :(

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bendalln | Yesterday, 3:37 PM
Hello Kineta ^_^
It's Your Friend Nathan :)
Good Day 2 You, :)

Hello :D Kineta Because Your So Very Busy (I'm Sorry) You So Don't Have 2 Reply 2 Me :D But I So Wish You All The Luck In The Universe :))) And Best Of Luck On Your Thesis :D I 100% Believe In You And I So Know You Can Do It :D I So Could Never Do A Thesis Without Help, Because It Sounds So Very Hard :C So Best Of Luck ^_^

Also I Just Want 2 Share 4 New Games With You That I So Invented, Here You Go

Game Number 1.

Game Number 2.

Game Number 3.

Game Number 4.

Do You Like Them 4 Games? Sorry 2 Ask, Also You Don't Have 2 Reply Into After June :D Your Still My Third Favourite Myanimelist Staff Member (Snaxia And Maffy Are Number 1 And 2......, :P) And Your 1 Of My Very Best Friends In The World :D

Also Can You Please Message Me Again In 6 Month's After Your Thesis Is Done? Please? Please? I'll So Miss You......., Promise (^_^) And I So 100% Bet Your Thesis Will Be Awesome :D Best Of Luck :))

Take Lots Of Care :) Have An Adventure :)
Thank You Bye Bye :))) ^_^

vodall | 03-26-15, 6:33 AM
good luck with your thesis! :)

Tsugunai | 03-26-15, 1:12 AM
profile pic that is

bendalln | 03-22-15, 4:49 PM
Hello Kineta :)
It's Your Friend Nathan (^_^)
Good Day 2 You :))))

Extra Thank You For The 2 Cat Gif's, I Showed Them 2 My Mammy, Including The 1 For Her And She Said Thank You, So Thank You From My Mam :)) Also He Does Look Scared OF Dancing :D Hehe....., That's Kinda Funny, That Cat'ds Awesome :)

Also My Mammy Loved Her Birthday, :D I So Love My Mam So Very Much, :)) Also I So Got Another Story For You :D It's So About A Magic Washing Machine :)) Also Here You Go :))

Do You Like It? Is It Good? Extra Thank You :))

Take Lots Of Care :)) Your So 2000% Special :D
Extra Best Of Luck :D Thank You Bye Bye :))))) (^_^)

Ramen | 03-22-15, 4:18 PM
Thought you might like. Kitty ninjas ftw.

Tsugunai | 03-22-15, 11:48 AM

Roth | 03-21-15, 2:37 PM

Nate-chan | 03-19-15, 8:47 AM
Yup, you're very welcome! lol sometimes it happens xD nah, it's fine. :)

FJAZ | 03-19-15, 8:35 AM
Hello! I'm doing good. I'm busy too... school stuff. ^^

vodall | 03-18-15, 4:15 PM
Oh, you're welcome! I always try and do my best to help people have a better day-- you're no exception!

FJAZ | 03-18-15, 8:45 AM
Hello Kineta! How are you doing? ^^

bendalln | 03-17-15, 1:17 PM
Hello Kineta :)
It's Your Friend Nathan :)
Good Day 2 You, :)

Please Please Please Can You Please Tell Me If You Liked Your Present? It's So Under The Spoiler Tag On My Last Message :D I So Can't Wait 2 Hear From You Again :) I Miss You, :( Your Super Special :) Extra Good Luck :D

Take Lots Of Care :))
Thank You Bye Bye :)) :D

bendalln | 03-11-15, 1:40 PM
Hello Kineta (^_^)
It's Your Friend Nathan :)))
Good Day 2 You :D

I So Got A Present For You :D It's So Just For You :P Today I So Spelled Your Name With My Moshi Monster Toys, Also It So Says Your Name :O Also Here You Go

Do You Like It? It's So Yours Forever :D Also I'm So Very Sorry Your So Busy, :( I'm Super Sorry You Got So Much Work 2 Do :(, But I So Believe In You With All My Heart And I 100% Know Your Special And I So Can't Wait 2 Hear From You And Extra Special Best Wishes And Best Of Luck ^_^ :))))

You, Snaxia And Maffy Are The 3 Coolest Staff Members In The Universe :D

Take Lots Of Care :)
Thank You Bye Bye :P :))

vodall | 03-11-15, 6:40 AM
Thanks for your continued hard work, dear~

Nate-chan | 03-08-15, 12:42 AM
HAPPY WOMEN'S DAY!! ( ´ ▽ ` )ノ

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