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February 8, 1986
Canuckville, Europa
August 1, 2007
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tsubasa_ | 05-20-15, 8:42 AM

tsubasa_ | 05-20-15, 8:38 AM
sry for the bother but this dude here:
posted gore pics!

jimuriel888 | 05-19-15, 7:29 PM
Yo. Keep with the good work here.

Crips | 05-18-15, 3:41 PM
Watch anime already dammit

Grusomhed | 05-18-15, 9:40 AM

chaosflame5 | 05-15-15, 1:01 PM
Hey. Can you merge the following 4 characters please?
This guy is the same character as this guy; And this guy is the same character as this guy. I.e. They're duplicates despite look different. I made Grand Convoy and Jetfire without even noticing that they're already in Galaxy Force entry.
And can you move pic 16383 from this character to a new character entry in here? As the other pic (the blue robot) in that character's profile is the actual Ratchet/Red Alert for that character profile. And even though there's a Ratchet in G1 entry, but Red Alert from that old G1 entry needs a separate entry, unlike the other Ratchet from Micron Legend, who in English version known as Red Alert. But in G1, Red Alert and Ratchet are separate entities.

Tsugunai | 05-12-15, 2:09 PM
Friendly broadcast: Cheers! It took more than twenty days of all my spare time, but I've finally assembled a blogging network.

Now all I need to do is extensively proofread my walls of text and update the simpler sections, but I am finally free of this burden otherwise. Everything about me is detailed there, and while I don't expect anyone to read it, just one click would be nice for a pat on the back. I can now operate the blog for reviews when I want to make them.

Arashi89 | 05-12-15, 12:16 PM
Just wanted to say thank you for fixing the cookie problem. For a guy like me who travels a lot, having a system that doesn't log you out ever time the IP changes is important.

Noboru | 05-11-15, 12:54 PM
Aww, that one looks cute :3

Hope it's fixed for good this time~

vodall | 05-10-15, 11:12 AM

i need to go scold maffy for throwing tomatoes

Maffy | 05-10-15, 6:54 AM
*throws tomatoes!*

Veronin | 05-08-15, 5:43 PM
Thanks! A-At least we haven't hit 30 yet! Sometimes I do wish the clock would have stopped at 18, though. :(

I hope you're doing well too in between the usual MAL busyness.

Crips | 05-08-15, 11:15 AM
Is it fixed?

Noboru | 05-08-15, 9:58 AM
Is that a new conspiracy plot? D:

Hmm, I don't have any preference, nowadays. I used to find tortoises interesting, since they had their respective shell and could live over 150 years long.

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