Strike Witches, IS: Infinite Stratos Recommendations

Strike Witches
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Strike Witches
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IS: Infinite Stratos
- Girls-only-power (1 exception in IS)... - "Wears" machines and flies across the sky - Action, lots of dynamic mid-air battling scenes - Clumsy, weak main character with great potential who grows fast - A cool mentor/leader - Takes team work sometimes to take down enemy
report Recommended by togeyanagi
Girls flying around with specialized equipment made only for them. Both shows even seem to have similar characters, with even some bearing striking resemblances to strike witches characters
report Recommended by Neetfriek
Both anime have an all girls mecha/flying army.
report Recommended by ThaoAlex
If you observe properly, you would notice that the countries where the main characters came from are just the same. And you could also compare Laura Bodewig to Sakamoto Mio and also the fact that only girls can use the Striker unit/IS (Infinite Stratos) except that a man could use the IS. Strike witches is more better than IS: Infinite Stratos because the story is more focused. Unlike Infinite Stratos, Infinite Stratos only have a few episodes that is good and all the others is a joke. So if you want a more serious plot, watch Strike Witches.
report Recommended by Tsubaki13
Girls in sci-fi action are themes of both series. Although Infinite Stratos falls into the harem genre due to the presence of a male protagonist, both series offers great sci-fi action and stunning OST. Comedy is also present.
report Recommended by Stark700
- both have compact machines that allow you to fight and fly - the main characters are new too the machines but have talent - the person who invented the machines in both series are someone close to one of the main characters - the machines in both series are mainly operated by girls using a unique power
report Recommended by shinigami013x
Both animes include technology on it which is used to save mankind.
report Recommended by YukiNatsu
Both Mecha anime Both has a pinch of ecchi Only girls has the power to use the IS and Striker Unit They use the machines to save the places in danger
report Recommended by Nyaroha
- The power exceptional to females only, although IS included 1 suitable male - Both include some sort of machine battle suit - lots of action (dynamic air action) - clueless main protagonist who in the end gains the strongest power/battlesuit, whatever.
report Recommended by Recia