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Days: 476.0
Mean Score: 6.24
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Sword Art Online: Alicization - War of Underworld 2nd Season
Sword Art Online: Alicization - War of Underworld 2nd Season
Sep 20, 1:08 AM
Completed 11/11 · Scored 8
Fugou Keiji: Balance:Unlimited
Fugou Keiji: Balance:Unlimited
Aug 16, 4:14 AM
Watching 2/11 · Scored 7
Yahari Ore no Seishun Love Comedy wa Machigatteiru. Kan
Yahari Ore no Seishun Love Comedy wa Machigatteiru. Kan
Aug 16, 4:14 AM
Watching 3/12 · Scored 8
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Days: 114.0
Mean Score: 7.20
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  • Chapters19,342
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Saiki Kusuo no Ψ-nan
Saiki Kusuo no Ψ-nan
Jul 29, 8:51 PM
Completed 290/290 · Scored 8
Jul 25, 5:38 AM
Reading 402/? · Scored 10
5-toubun no Hanayome
5-toubun no Hanayome
Jul 14, 7:00 AM
Completed 122/122 · Scored 7


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Black1997Reaper Aug 10, 4:47 AM
Thank you for accepting my request
Ezekiel_01 Jul 6, 10:15 PM
Yoh How did you found my account?
Bore55 May 29, 6:15 AM
Hello, ExoticNeeds. Thanks for accepting my friend request! Your favorite anime taste is cool not only, but also is really great, most memorable and unforgettable such as Fullmetal Alchemist: Brotherhood, Your Lie in April, Made in Abyss and other great anime I've seen. :D
Mikurfan May 26, 6:30 AM
Hey thanks for accepting my friend request! :D
Ryuseishun May 20, 9:40 AM
Thanks for the friend request! I really like most of your favorites, especially the first two!
Soulsfear May 9, 4:39 AM
Too's kinda alarming how the art/animation changed after each season...mainly Hou-nee.the only webton female character I still love after all these years,when it comes to shounen ''paroday'' counterpart xD Well,Tower of God have like 3 pretty good piece of meats as Ha Yuri who aparently gets some frequent screentime way later - not even in the recent chapters.Well,if Fairy Tail as whole was animated..why not do the same to Space Bros...DnA should be breeze.I still waiting for Yowamushi Pedal anime sequel (manga is in same magazine as Iruma-kun and Beastars btw)...though Onoda's first race on MTB and the prologue itself to what it has to offer is like really slow with pacing....people wonder if it ends with him soon going to overseas or just keep grinding the same mountain course to keep his champion title xD

Yup..too bad even Pokemon anime stopped for's been going nonstop since 1997,unlike Conan who had some breaks here and there.

Well,Index III didn't have the same director like Index I,II had which was why they were still acceptable to bait people to read LN.Shana...xD I enjoyed the OVA series from 2009-2010 the moust out of the whole thing.Shana III was fine...slightly better than Index II and way better than Index III for me - the chaos of Shana III was quite enjoyable back then..that's why Tokyo Ghoul anime got the treatment it got - gotta have more chaos to bait ppl buy the source material..xD

Ye..the 1st half of SAO II is actually nice but the fact it goes back to crossdresing fairies just tilts people out of their sanity...I guess.It should've been a separate cour the 1st and 2nd half or make the 2nd half into like trilogy movie or something..xD

Chainsawman is actually like Black Clover - gets you into it over the time.Act-Age just really suits borrows some thing from the other mangas in the past half decade without anyone noticing or rather in an amount no one would talk/argue about.

I actually like the drama because it doesn't involve the male MC only in the place he moved in...after the events where anime ended.The female x male MC moments once in while are that refreshing when it gets to it thanks to the drama (once you get past it) I would say.

We'll see,I guess.There are few other Jump SQ titles that got anime visual recently.

..let's say that combination actually makes sense even if it feels so stupid on the surface.

Ohh ye I know that site..I think I liked it on FB few years there was this and few other fishy sequel announcements as well...Monster Musume 2 was one of them I think..xD Well,may when it gets 100 chapters celebration or something we may get sequel in exchange - not now,but I hope we do so they can do some good arranging to which chapters put into what episode and so on.

Well,we got 30 chapters done in 5 episodes so it's possible if they keep omitting the side characters,some school activities and its students and so on..I mean even the prologue to the MCs 2nd job got somewhat cut out but how anime did it worked well since it focuses more on the main characters and things doesn't take weeks to get resolved like back then in manga..just look at our pook guy that got rejected..took only one episode to give him no regrets.Regarding the pacing,it's not really fast just that they didn't get voice actors for the side characters that doesn't impact the main characters in longrun so they decided to not hire them and get some legit writting to make it feel somewhat competetive even without the side characters manga introduced at this point.The only main changes are rearraning...which makes it feel more like slice-of-life than actual romance for the most part..I mean who would fall for the widow voiced by poor HanaKana ,which reminds me most of her conversation with the younger brother got cut off as well - for now xD

Yup...what a shame.Well,even Slime-san is entering it's final arc in LN - was about a damn time since the web novels ended like half decade ago or something..or just google it,I may be wrong xD

Alright..have fun

Yup..which is like 100 chapters long and the prologue of it started in the last episode of 2nd season...years ago
Ziafung May 4, 9:20 AM
I thought Nazuna would be a beastman living with the humans but apparently she was human until the accident like Michiru. I don't think she's being manipulated though, she's being used but being in the center of all the attention is what she wanted anyway. She wanted to be looked up upon (idol) but not work for it (audition) and now she gets to be a thoughtless cult mascot. It's what she wants.
I actually think KnT is getting worse because they start to introduce unimportant character and fill up time showcasing the important characters' abilities. It's boring. Khun isn't overpowered, he's just on a different league similar to the other important characters. The only one who fights seriously with weaker enemies is Rak who is currently the main reason I still watch this. There is no challenge for the main characters and there is also no mystery to keep you watching. There is the stuff about Rachel but it's boring. The only captivating thing about this series is the tower itself and how it works which is why the testers are interesting characters. They are the ones who feed you information. The main character also gets no focus except for being special which is stupid. His motivation is weak and his personality is nonexistent. Apparently the anime adapts season one of the webtoon which people agree on to be a slow start. That would mean that it only gets good in season 2 in the webtoon which means we'd have to wait for a second season of the anime for it to really start off.
Being a villain IS fun but that's not what the anime is about. It's just a lighthearted romance comedy with a dense protagonist, there is nothing different from other series except for its setting.

The animation is average. It's the delivery and pacing that make it such a nice watch.
It sounds depressing and I'm not in the mood for it right now. Having a love triangle doesn't convince me a single bit to watch it.
Maybe, I didn't count. But also, it probably just feels less because of the delays, BNA's prerelease of six episodes and Jashin-chan releasing the fully season in one day.
Ziafung Apr 29, 9:52 AM
FMA has such a high score and a lot of total votes, it'd be hard to shake.

Oh, so she's almost ready to graduate?
Yes, it was the baseball one. It totally did feel like filler but the introduction of the slums moved the plot forward in episode 6.
It sure does not and that's why I dropped Gleipnir xD The introduction (first 3 episodes) revealed too much info. I like fast-moving plots but Gleipnir now has nothing to keep you watching, besides the fights.
As much as people are praising Kami no Tou, it's going downhill for me. I lowered the score to 6 but I'll keep watching for now.
Ecchi is almost never necessary. Harem anime are more fun without it as seen in OtomeGame.

Out of all newcomers, I only like Kakushigoto and Otome Game, everything else is disappointing.
I've thought about it but I'm not feeling like watching hard-hitting dramas. I've also yet to watch 5cm/s.
I'm thinking about watching something from my list since I'm not that into this season but I#m also not feeling like it xD This is why I lately play more on the switch than anything else.
Soulsfear Apr 28, 9:40 AM
Ye...Long we waited,long we wait again...Re:zero,Mahouka,2nd cour of HQ!! 4,Kingudamu 3.Even Hitori no Shita 3 that finally came out has aparently only 8 episodes planned but in exchange for the visual upgrade..even the 2nd episode (fight segments) were done by some veterans. .Do some oldies after you clear up your backlog xD

Though some of the later characters in recent Pokemon franchise are f*ckable I would say (for example the trio we see in recent Hakumei no Tsubasa episode),that digimon hasn't..except for only Angewoman and some of the xros wars female digimons and the female MC when she gets older.I became so used to Ash over the years..he feels like isekai MC that just gets his stats,experience and so on reseted on each entry while maintaining the pokemons he got already - he has no plot armor one would say when it comes to certain things...and women are one of them lol..he should get just one of the MILFs by the end of his journey or whole harem of them xD

Didn't really mention the yuri part but that one is actually worth 100 approvals lol.. ''Yayoi'' x Shion (the ultimate yuri MILF ship) long as it has Index characters from one ot he biggest/longest LN stories thown in they think they success just like that.Fans are just fish food for them.I mean it's been ongoing since 2004 and still going,with it's 3 entry and between 1st<->2nd and 2nd<->3rd one there was only half year gap (just like release date between each volume let's say) so to cheapen it up with only 72 episodes to cover the 1st LN - 22 volumes,is just adaptation out of pity,for the ones that were already fans of the LN by the end the 1st one ended let's say.Railgun III on the other hand is doing great and that announcement of Dream Ranker feels like they want to finish it in only like..11 episodes? Interesting.

I see xD the yuri route was unlocked btw (for another one) xD

Every since the debut of Boku no Hero 4 the manga score dropped by like 0.15 at least.Maybe when they kill off some characters by the end of the current arc the score will stabilize/stay the same.I always thought the manga was somewhat overrated because the villians just didn't get enough screentime meanwhile they were still smart and staying low and used their leveled up Nomus instead.Cause of score drop may be due to some lack of screentime for some heroes or just the effort of some of the other action or something like that.(Bakugo included at the moment)

Act-Age isn't really that new's almost as old as BokuBen - that one is getting the ''all'' end routes treatment (the weakest/most obvious/vanilla route Uruka got the first draw - being rushed and all,almost felt like ''jebait'' treatment) xD Sensei route should be the last so it better be worthwhile.
Chainsaw-man has still room for improvement but for what it showed and dared to show in almost 100 chapters deserves respect I would say.The story is in its core of characters is WSJ like but the madness and its world they show is something else lol.Worth a try for you.


Well,that much I actually witnessed..just to test the waters but still.It's probably going to have the same effect to me that anime adaptation like Runway anime adaptation at the end of the cour,compared to the manga.Though,Runway manga itself won't to being great until like 80-90 chapter - that's where it invested me the most since then I guess.

D.Gray-man sequel was surprise but too short to really get back into it.The last few episodes of 1st Gray-man anime were so hype though. it may come to this,actually?
I mean Conan can just have remasters of few years old episodes or just filler ones.It's the pillar of Weekly Shounen Sunday as a franchise.Delays or the lack of animated manga arcs doesn't bother Japan.

Well,if Lerche or its staff cares about their fans and not themselves only,we're bound to get sequel to Asobi Asobase either way.

I see.

Ohh..Usagi Drop - I feel old like bo*mer lol.
Hmm..we'll see.So far the recent episode of Yesterday had the most amount of alternatig/rearranging stuff compared to manga events but still ate 5 chapters like previous episode.Imagine the ''widow'' ending up with the shop manager or just get some random yuri ending xD I wouldn't mind it ending as the manga if we get the usual rearanging each episode so it won't feel the same way like the manga.

I wouldn't be fan of it either if it wasn't for some of the chara design and the city design along with its art as a whole.In a way it feels like sily slice-of-life anime that you would enjoy like 10 years ago or just belong to that timeline.
Now you ready onto the sequel of DnA manga/anime? xD
Not sure about Overlord 4 but LN is ending soonish (in few volumes)..while KonoSuba/Hatarku Maou even sooner.

Hoping for the same but at the same time not lol..It took 4 and half years to finish Alicization in LN,covering volumes 9-18.

I see.How cute...(you got it,the reference?) xD
Seikai no Monshou...has 2 seasons/cours..first in 1998 and another one 2 years later in 2000 but it's not for everyone I would
say..they focus on some characters more than others from what I remember.As Sci-fi it's really good experience though.The other aspects are basically are either not welcome or just average,depends on people.
Big's like crossover between Cowboy Bebop and Darker Than Black let's say? The 2nd cour came like 4 years later and on MAL it didn't get separated entry,unlike Black Lagoon from 2006.That butler of the MC is sitll mystery to me..his senility at times is so amusing to watch,just like the chemistry between male<->female MC.1st cour is mostly episodic while in 2nd cour the plot somewhat picks up or gets revealed but kinda late which leaves for open ended yet fast ending - It's more of ''sunday'' loner anime,for me xD
Mugen no Ryvius...for the characters and it's usage in the 1st every side character gets about the same amount of screentime let's say - the somewhat relevant ones.2nd cour somewhat shifts from that and while one of the main cast (the ''engine'' in human/ghost form) gets more screentime as it goes on,while the other one (antagonist of the 1st cour) gets less compared to 1st cour where he has barely any screentime.The last episode have some asspull like moments here and there but it works given the true male and female MC of the show.Neeya x Kouji is my final ship though - you'll see why despite it being like subtle love triangle in the end.As whole it probably going to hit or miss for you..depending on in which emotional state you looking at it and the other wayround.Aparently it had some animation avard back in 2000

If they keep it at 4 chapters per episode then it's more than enough since so far the pacing is fine as it is I would say.The Kyoukai arc they could do in movie..maybe? I mean,they got all the huge cast together for this 100 chapter arc so it would be shame to not do more anime content since the manga is like 360 chapters ahead xD

No,I don't
Ziafung Apr 26, 11:29 AM
Reviewers had such a high score for that short time because people were spamming new accounts and giving it 10s. It's just trolls.
I like Isekai or even the MMORPG type of isekai but that show just didn't do it for me. The game design was ridiculous, the jokes weren't funny and the characters were uninteresting. Of course it could get better but I don't have the patience to watch something I didn't care about.

Uchuu Kyoudai is amazing.
So, you don't count remakes if they're worse?
Visuals don't improve the story, those are unrelated. It can improve the experience, yes, but not something completely cut off of it.

Oh. Does she like it here? Studying here is pretty chill.
BNA - I've watched 5 episodes now and it's getting a little stale. The animation and music is amazing, I love the OP, but the story is not really developing. Episode 5 was actually really off the rails and badly paced, so I'm a bit hesitant with episode 6.
Fujou Keiji - I think there are a lot of female watchers who rate this high. A similar effect like Joker Game.
Gleipnir - Yes, I agree. The story is weird and intriguing. There are unfortunately a lot of unnecessary ecchi shots but it's just the type of show it is.
Kakushigoto's art is amazing. Sayonara Zetsubou Sensei is an important gateway anime for me. It has such a good balance between serious and goofy. The jokes are fresh and the characters are great caricatures.
Kami no Tou - Yes, there are many acclaimed webtoons and I'm looking forward to seeing more. This one though, still very average.
Otome Game - I like this because it totally captures the normal harem genre but without annoying ecchi. It weirdly doesn't feel like a reverse harem. It also barely feels like an Isekai.

I don't pick sequels for aots, so Kaguya wouldn't count. I am now 100% sure that I like Kakushigoto the most out of the new entries.
I was also late to Kingdom :P I watched it in 2018.
Ziafung Apr 25, 2:27 PM
I finally caught up with what I wanted to watch this season.
BNA looks amazing, Fruits Basket started off slow, Fugou Keiji started to become boring after the second episode but will continue for now, Gleipnir is interesting and has nice fighting sequences, Honzuki no Gekokujou remains great, Kaguya-sama ramped up the animation and is still hilarious, Kakushigoto probably aots for me, Kami no Tou so far funny but not really interesting (expecting more to come), Kingdom more interesting than the second season and Otome Game is alright (standard fun watch).
Ziafung Apr 14, 5:00 PM
I wish you good health.
The bad thing is symptoms can show up days after being infected. In that time if you decide to go out, you'll unwillingly spread the disease.
I don't think that's bad. It's hard on all of us. They are just unlucky that they were an ice cream place.

Well, SAO started off the same. Those don't mean anything.
And I don't and that's ok. That's not why Reviewers is good though... It's how in-depth they go with the reviews. Each species has their quirks and they are all unique. In a lot of other series being another race doesn't mean anything. An elve has other ears, wow, that's not the point. In Reviewers they are different from humans and also have different preferences. That's how it should be. Undead are actually dead, not just have a scar. Succubus are actually dangerous, not just pretty. Magic actually has a system. Elements have different affinities. This is all unrelated to sex but it's there and it applies to every single episode. That's why it's a praised series. Also because it pushes the boundaries of ecchi anime, but that less important to me.
I don't think so. I watched one episode and didn't like it. People were praising it so I gave it another chance and watched the second episode and nothing has changed.
I wouldn't know, I finally dropped SAO after watching halfway through Alicization.

Maybe. I haven't watched them and it'll stay that way. Why would you watch it if it's painful...?
Yes, I do. I think it's amazing.
That's not the point I was making. I thought Fruits Basket might not count because it is a new adaption. It's not the first anime in its series. I also like Demon Slayer, just not as much as everybody else. If the visuals are "turning" this series great, that would make it a bad series. Sure the adaption and animation were amazing but that doesn't make it a good series.

I'm not busy. I just not as often in the mood to watch anime as I was in the past.
Wow, that's out of nowhere xD Why do you wanna know? I live in west Germany. The closest bigger city would be Bielefeld. What do you do with this information?