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Previously known as "Kurizent"

Obviously, I love anime, manga, K-drama, games and so on. I still have time in my real time as well (work life, social life, physical activities and so on)

In August 2020 up to now, I will spend less time in MAL (SEMI-ACTIVE) since I will be busier at new work than usual to my previous job. I will be more selective in picking anime series due to conflict time in reality (work, self-worth, social life, handling anxiety).

This is how I rate anime and manga
**Masterpiece Division**
10 - Perfect (100+, 100, 98, 95) - 5★ or 4★
09 - Magnificent (93, 90, 88, 85) - 3★
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07 - Good (73, 70, 68, 65) - 1★ Highest number of all
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05 - Mediocre (53, 50, 48, 45) - Below Average
**Bad Division**
04 - Lame (43, 40, 38, 35)
03 - Dreadful (30, 25, 20, 15)
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02 - Awful (10, 5)
01 - Nightmare (1)

You may check my blogs that indicates my all time favorites, movies and seasonal favorites with some achievements.


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Soulsfear 1 hour ago
Dragon Ball Super you could just to test your endurance with how the characters continue to be used xD

Just like Boruto has its canon stuff here and there to what didn't make it to the manga xD
And that is good I we get 2nd cour in 2024 xD

Mitsudomoe was so awesome early 10s elementary school comedy..sadly the split cour treatment didn't really save it since it was outpopulared by everything else at that time I feel like.

Ye..not to mention the production schedule of BNP and Sunrise for the upcoming and current animes :S
Dr. Stone wasn't as wide as it seems since the stuff in America just flew by to me.

I think it wouldn't fit the art style but maybe when Galactic Heroes are done we might get Reborn sequel since IG are more familiar with that artstyle as you can see in Psycho-Pass.

Ahh ye..since she quit her agency or was on the way to that in 2010-2011.

With Toriko it's quite old almost like the one scandal with Rurouni Kenshin author.

Well,in terms of targeted,despite the minor censorship and alternations and ommiting some side character missions and screentime in general,it felt pretty good for compact 2-cour adapatation.
Well,then we have to say no more about that..xD Makes you wonder how they push with the theme in Dark Gathering in summer.
Not really since the lineup for the season itself and DRRR!! in general kickstarted that.With Tegami Bachi it was more about getting so see some of the recent shueisha anime promos and by Pierrot studio to that.
Gosick thankfully stood out really well not only because BONES did nothing much besides that that year but also it had more wacky animes that serious ones.
GG-WP Yesterday, 1:08 PM
Hmm... Alright. I've never noticed any differences between Blu Ray and earlier streaming versions, so I can't comment, but it is good to know. I just want to get into the action as soon as possible, such as when a shot is released on streaming platforms, whether legal or not, to gain first-hand experience and feel the excitement of being among the first to watch. And yeah, it is true, at least we have free streaming platforms like Bilibili and Youtube (MuseAsia, Ani-One). ^_^

I'm too tired to talk about politics in the Philippines anymore. Thinking about it makes me feel stupid, especially after finishing Thesis and having to defend Thesis sometime this week or next week.
Oh no, I hadn't heard about it. Are you forced to give up your land or something? I don't know what the policy is on for rode widening and such, but good for you that you were able to find a replacement settlement and are already planning to vacate the premises.

So you're the type of person who prefers local products over foreign products and doesn't care about brand in general since you try to watch as much as possible on legal platforms. I don't know, just a guess. I usually just go straight to illegal streaming platforms since they almost always get first dibs on shows. And yeah, I agree that ads-obstruction and buffer time can be annoying, especially when it is really laggy due to the number of people accessing the same show at the same time, but I've learned to be tolerant of it. Adblockers are available to help you block advertisements. :)

Oh, these cursed episodes that should never have happened. There are numerous shows that could have ended on a high note but flopped hard in the final few episodes or the final episode, one of which comes to mind immediately: Bokuben S2 finale. MFW when the anime chose an anime original ending. YIKES.
Source material with its contents fully adapted is almost always a winner for its writer, especially when it is adapted in a way that meets or exceeds the quality of what the writer has in mind.

It is all right. I've always told people how much I dislike Com Sci, to the point where I despise it, XD.
True, some people have a head start on others, and that's fine. Though I am concerned and have self-doubt because both of my sisters are successful and earn a lot of money, all the while I am still unsure of what I want to do. IK stuff like this is completely normal, but you can't help but feel anxious yourself given the pressure placed on you.

Actually, our model's performance quality is abysmal, XD. But, at the very least, we were able to finish and, hopefully, justify why our performance was so poor. We have four members in the group, but we three did 95% of the work, KEKW. The other one just freeloaded her way. Also, thank you for your good wishes and encouragement. Hopefully, we will pass the defense and I will be able to say good bye to Com Sci. :)

Let's move on from my thesis and talk about your work now. Have you found a potential place to work, either locally or abroad, through job searching, or have you narrowed down which enterprise you're aiming for? Any update would suffice. And hopefully, your time on the road hasn't resulted in burnout or any significant problems for you right now. I hope you get some rest every now and then.

And, you know, real-life responsibilities, amirite? :) - Again, I apologize for the extremely late response. I feel dead after writing XD. A 120+ page paper is about to be defended.
Soulsfear Yesterday, 7:32 AM
They did few halfs of some episodes in SxF so far but can't really out of my head point in which episodes now.
Not sure if CSM is going to have any fillers since it didn't have any so far.

Obviously they're going to help them since before Shaman King remake they were always the supporting secondary studio to manage stabilization of the main studios production schedule and budget.
Done..means their production schedule was ass and it's going to look as janky as 2nd cour of Tiger Bunny S2 (lol).
For now it's hard to say how long author manages to do it.

Ye..since stand alone fillers were mainly earlier on.
I can somehow imagine WIT doing the sequel if it comes to that..the family friendly artstyle just screams them if you look at SxF so far xD

Still..her doing some odd voice acting once per year in leftover jobs might just be basically dead career as VA as well.

Probably the biggest stab to us fans 10 years ago prior to that Act-Age author scandal but that's Shueisha's problem as well not really paying needs to the mental state or even having itching that something can go wrong at some point after the Toriko and Rurouni Kenshin problems years prior to this as well :S

Ye..but sadly it's thanks to that failure that half of the JUMP SQ promos are just made to either speedrun/anime original ending to have or just make it younger audience friendly like Kemono Jihen from 2 years ago almost.Still the pacing was really good and could have gotten at least split cour to catch up with manga just like Moriarty anime did at that time..
Ye..Tegami Bachi was the anime that I picked up as well before going for seasonals from fresh start back in january 2010.
Well,better late than never..hopefully the same effect can be applied towards your manga experience with it (when it comes to it).
Soulsfear Nov 28, 5:40 AM
That is too much..and even if so.30 eps is ideal for P1.

If it's A-1 with Bridge then we can expect full adaptation (lol).A-1 alone never did longrunning anime.
Hmm ye...despite at the moment having the bussiest period yet with Urusei 4-cours being split in half,possible Undead Unluck 4-cour run and last cour of Stone Ocean that is around the corner.Them moving away from Fire Force is a shame though but then again there was more support for UU and Urusei :S
Well,if the same staff agrees to that we could get Black Clover in split cour treatment in that case..xD

Actaully the later fillers where Midnight and Cobra were there were kinda cool the way they involved them.Reborn fillers were the best the way they were placed and how they helped us like it more I would say since both fillers arcs were only 1-cour long.

Well,time will tell if it's going to be the way like World Trigger has then since when it's no on break it has 2 weekly lenght chpaters per mag issue.

Ye..though she was actually pretty estabilished already wih Haruhi back in 2006 but FT in 2009 was her chance to be in longrunning anime which was her last one (as one of the leads).

Well,it was one of the best JUMP SQ products at some point where they tried to get 4-cours of an anime just to give fillers to majority (75% or so) of the episodes in total.Tegami Bachi (4-cours is total) also had plenty of fillers but still felt better while was that kind of Kuroshitsuji 2008 level of fillers when anime-only people received it just fine.
-mranonymous- Nov 27, 6:34 PM
I'm good too. What's have been on with u? are you keeping up with seasonal?
Soulsfear Nov 25, 4:42 AM
Well,if this cour adapts 39 chapters and 2nd cour would adapt 40 chapters we would probably get the last arc of P1 as movie as 2-hours long in duration. has personalities in the manga that wouldn't allow that..even MC isn't like that.

I guess so..depending on what approach they both get since Boruto and Black Clover were the last animes that ran for over 3 years since 2017 (while Boruto is the one milked more for future years).

Ye..though arrancar saga in anime form was so padded out with fillers in middle of the arcs (xD) and then these recaps for reach eps (lol).

obviously they both work in WSJ but Black Clover author probably isn't naturally gifted mangaka for the endurance run in the mag.

Wel,ye..she has one main role Poputepipikku S2 but her alone is not enough to carry that show xD

Ye..Ushio no Tora was actually amazing and so were the tiny bits of cut content in DDD which was only 11 eps.

Ye..obviously it's reteling of the movie trilogy so far from decade ago with some new scenes here and there.
..and seasonals,right xD

Well,Pierrot did dirty Twin Star Exorcist dirty..since like 20-25% is only manga content..not to mention even the manga stuff was made kinda chaotic and not so immersive like in manga.

whatever..makes you forever young interacting with the anime xD
-mranonymous- Nov 24, 7:27 PM
Hey wassup!? it is nice to meet ya and thank u for accepting my friend request!
GG-WP Nov 24, 1:32 AM
Hmm. Alright. Does the Blue Ray release make a difference? I'm genuinely curious.
Oh, I don't use a VPN, so I've never watched Crunchyroll. And I don't know why people in Asia aren't allowed to watch anime in Crunchyroll. Talk about being biased.

Man, just thinking about the recent election makes my heart sink, and this is coming from someone who is apolitical. I just don't understand why Filipinos keep making the same mistakes, from electing corrupt politicians to illiterate members to, as you mentioned, action stars. Oh, how wonderful that your family is constructing a new settlement to call home. At the very least, you'll have a choice when the time comes.

It is great that you're advocating for legal streaming platforms. They make money from views, while you get to watch for free. It is a win-win situation for both parties. As for me, I use illegal streaming platforms because they are more convenient to use and I don't have to go out of my way to find sites where a specific show can be found, since illegal streaming platforms have access to all shows.

A sequel to Chihayafuru and 3-gatsu no Lion would be a dream come true for SoL fans and those who have been following the show.
And yeah, the announcement of a COTE sequel was somewhat of a hot topic for quite some time. Even during the show's airing, the discussions were usually surrounded by the show.
Oregairu is a great series, I agree. Though my best grill (Yui Yuigahama) did not win, I mean, we all know who the winner would be, but still, feelsbadman.

Nah, there is no board or licensure examination in Computer Science. I mean, I don't intend to pursue a career in Com Sci, so my diploma is just there for the sake of having it. I'm even debating taking another Bachelor's course, this time on a language course, even though it will be another 4 GODDAMN YEARS.

And there's some good news for a chance. I believe our model is now operational. We're now waiting for our research assistant's response to see if that's the case. And, if given the green light, we can begin work on the paper and complete it with enough time to spare before the November 29 deadline for re-defense.

Please accept my apologies for the delay in responding. I was preoccupied with the whole Thesis debacle.
Soulsfear Nov 23, 5:42 AM
That could be it I guess..if they risk what Kimetsu no Yaiba did or JJK also did since 0 was adaptated as a movie and worked pretty well.

Ye..because they have kinda that kind of all-age targeted audience or family audience like SxF,KnY,JJK,UU,Mashle,Yozakura,Hero Academia etc.

Hype wise..where wasn't any hype every since the last arc started just because he already had to cut a lot of corners during its run and its lenght was roughly cut in half in the end instead of lasting 8-10 years that single arc/saga since Arrancar content was also more like its own saga rather than arc.I mean Arrancar Saga lasted almost 5 Years (57 months) while TYBW only last 4 and half years (54 months).

I mean that's what I would expect since it gives him trouble focusing on it and have energy as he has kid and family to take care of at his age xD

At this point just do it for Arai screentime and nothing else (lol).The whole cast kinda grew really old now so most of the them would need new VAs.

it probably adapts chpaters they feel like could be the easiest do adapt and mix with other chapters to get into single eps.

I would say they did bare minimum to make the key points somewhat memoriable despite what they compressed into the 2-cour run.Just look at it as Berserk Memorial Edition treatment sort of.. least it's on the plans now xD

It probably aged for they were quite good when they came out (Sengoku Basara 2011 movie probably is better than almost all of them as it closes the story in its trilogy run pretty well).
Well,since you were never really fan of BLEACH it was obvious that all of them are going to be average.

Ahh ye..that final headbut was full of Nen and then passed out from depleting it.

Sun and Moon just took like 3-cours to get used to since it was really slow burner in my eyes..2019 kinda was as well with these occasional and many non-battle episodes that counted towards imroving the world ranking or Project Mew that in the end didn't had as much focus or depth I would say but on surface level it was more that enough as the intended audience is just pre-schoolers.
Soulsfear Nov 21, 3:27 AM
ChainsawMan should've took that long so each ending artist gets the right ending sequence and point of the story that eps was on.

I mean there are still replacements but the ones that have yet to debut as animes aren't having that outstanding manga sales...they risking the anime promo to let the manga sales go way higher.BLEACH being split into 4 separate cours was announced at beginning,the question is if each of them is going to be airing from autumn season for the next few years which would give window to maybe the staff working secretly on some BLEACH movie extending and promoting that one-shot from 2021.

Ye..not to mention Black Clover went on break again for 2 weeks so we can be sure this is his last manga.

It's just that the genre was getting ass treatments at some we never saw the 2nd and 3rd couple being formed in anime of KnT which were the other two thirds of the manga basically.

Kinda same here..despite it beign more of tribute adaptation with the limited amount of episode for already huge oldschool manga.

Well,if they really get the remainder of manga adaptated properly without being rushed,I don't mind anything before that being somewhat rushed.Ahh you watched it here and there back then..though in Daa case both are kids in the same grade where the parents know each other and then the aliens stuff or quirky future gadgets in retro fashion might be more fun just because it's pure family show while SxF can pull out the adult cast to be the bigger focus once in a while kinda like Gintama used to have serious arcs occasionally in the 1st half of its run.

I mean it's one of the few romance hybrid mangas in the mag besides Witch Watch and maybe UU so these three don't have to worry about competition really with the way each series has it's main theme set in stone.

For Shippuuden The 1st one is pretty good as it's one of the few where Neji and Lee have some good scenes besides Naruto and the OSTs that debuted in that movie standed out to be for the longest time.2nd one was our standart BL bait and 3rd to the last one are pretty good and it comes down to priorities depending on who you like to see more fanservice wise to get the extra screentime.BLEACH movies were more like filler arcs that weren't big enough to have 26 eps and they worked pretty well if you consider the timeframe they took place in compared to TV series.4th last movie was the most infamous one because it had revamped Ichigo vs Ulquiorra (2nd release form) in the vision of Tite Kubo.

Pikachu went Adult Gon Mode with these occasional black thunders mixed in as well xD

Didn't we already had Ending sequence in CGI back in Best Wishes? Still XY(Z) were the best looking Pokemon series when it coems to animation and artstyle consistency.
GG-WP Nov 20, 7:48 AM
I'm not sure. I watched it on gogoanime, so yeah. If you want to go the legal route, I believe it will be available on Crunchyroll by next week.

Again, the two most recently elected officials are unfit to lead the country. As you stated, seminars, programs, and actual money poured into medical doctors rather than the military would have been far superior, but since our leader was incompetent, all of those funds ended up being poorly allocated. Our natural resources are being mismanaged, and our lands are deteriorating. Nothing is going as planned here. And, yes, the sooner you move to a different country, the better. I'd probably be able to survive here, but I might just go abroad and look for opportunities.

I watch anime on pirated sites such as 9anime, gogoanime, and animixplay, as well as on legal streaming platforms such as Bilibili and MuseAsia on YouTube.

We can pretend the later seasons of the 7DS don't exist, XD. I mean, I guess they want the fans to suffer? HAHAHA.
Chihayafuru, on the other hand, is just a wild guess based on the show's popularity. I'm guessing the sequel is just a matter of time.
Concerning COTE, my friend share the fanbase's viewpoint. Some have low standards, while others have high standards, but they are all grateful that the show was adapted in the first place.
I just want those shows that truly deserve a sequel to get one. And yeah, I know there's little chance of a sequel to Girl's Last Tour, but it is okay to be on copium from time to time.

We'll be working on it double time next week because the deadline is approaching, so we'll see. Thanks. All I want to do is graduate, XD.

Go lang. D naman ako na-nonosebleed kapag nagTagalog ka, HAHAHA.
Karuta_23 Nov 20, 5:09 AM
Thank you for accepting my FR!
Nice to meet you~
GG-WP Nov 19, 6:57 PM
(HEADS UP - Yuru Camp movie is already available in various sites.) The majority of them were simply senseless killings. If they had done more research and actually done their part rather than resorting to unnecessary violence, they would have been praised rather than hammered down and condemned for their actions in violation of human rights. Honestly, many of the Duterte Administration's decisions are ill-considered, such as the late closure of borders, which resulted in widespread pandemic, and, as you mentioned, the elimination of provincial buses. Everything is out of control, and I agree that migrating to another country is the best option unless your family is well-off and can tolerate all of this nonsense.

Alright, I'll watch Orange soon. I don't use Netflix anyways, XD.

Yeah, regardless of what my and the majority of people think about the show, a sequel is to be expected, and I'm pretty sure all of the manga content will be adapted. Though I'd be much happier if those funds had been used to adapt series that I'd like to see sequels to, XD.

Honestly, those platforms don't need to touch anime. Other licensors and producers would be preferable to them. There always seems to be problems with anime in their hands.

And now the series is deteriorating even further. The PV for 7DS: Grudge of Edinburgh, which was released yesterday, was honestly a sight to behold, obviously in a bad way, and man, I don't think the series will recover from its quality as it is just blunder after blunder.
Oh, Chihayafuru, an S4 is definitely on the way, we just don't know when.
People I know, on the other hand, are disappointed with the anime adaptation, claiming that the LN was far superior and that reading the source material would be preferable. And the COTE fanbase is a nightmare; I don't want to deal with them. I haven't watched the series, and I'm not sure if I will.
I haven't seen NGNL, so I can't comment on it. Nichijou, Grand Blue, Girls' Last Tour, and other series that I believe need sequels include Nichijou, Grand Blue, Girls' Last Tour, and others; basically, shows that received a 10 from me that have more source material to adapt.

We received a code notebook from our research assistant two days ago, which will serve as a guide for our Thesis. But, with the deadline for re-defense on November 29, I'm hoping that will allow us to finish our model. And thank you; I hope you'll be able to find work opportunities abroad as well.

No worries about the late response or the broken English response. Take your time and feel free to use Filipino language. ^_^
Soulsfear Nov 19, 6:53 AM
Ye..JUMP is in weird spot where they keep promoting its series less because there was period that was just bad regarding the WSJ products and now with some of the recent ones from the past 3 years finally getting estabilished we're getting 3-5 (+ few other JUMP+ products to that) adaptated (one of them being Roboko that is going to be few mins per episode and then Ayakashi Triangle that JUMP+ like earlier this year or how many months ago it was).But in exchange they keep milking Boruto and One Piece into oblivion just because BLEACH took ages to come back and Black Clover is not continuing any time soon and then JJK/Jigokuraku animation studio having both under their belt without any season it should air in at wasn't announced just yet.

Ye..both are xD Won't expect to happen it now..Orange was fine but that's mainly that there were so many shoujo projects being promoted later on that it didn't really have any cometetion so it stood out more to me despite it not being perfect adaptation,it still did great as promo material.

Ye...Urusei Yatsura is that kind of episodic series with 2 or 3 chapters being adaptated per episode and either it works or not depending how they blend them together.Daa! Daa! Daa! in that regard aged extremely well (not to mention the aliens being there as well just as them sticking to the earth but mainly in childcare manner with the baby and its caretaker) as it has full lenght story episodes with some occasional 2-parters later on (something what City Hunter did rarely but was somewhat common towards the end of S1).

I see..Ao Hako is pretty alright..the challnge is going to be if the pair is going to be formed by the 100th chapter and what obstacles it outlasts if it keeps getting serialized because it could just get suddenly axed with only them starting dating and nothing else..just the platonic relationship still going on..forever.
Ye..I did notice..and how abotu the Shippuuden movies?
It did kinda hit me once we saw that Satoshi didn't age while Dande has fancy beard now even with his female childood friend that aged and look good xD With Pikachu it's mostly about building up the endurance against the new Pokemon that could be found in that next region but then again he isn't used as much so I would question where he could build it from unless he's some sage level of Pokemon now with how he did 1v1 twice to win the Championship for Satoshi :-)

The problem is they have already 2 animes confirmed to get out in 2023 (lol).So either one of them is gonna be mid-budget at best.

Aria doesn't really have any (relevant) males though so that vibe is kinda weird to me..

If they let the journey of Satshi ash now then we won't get to see that kind of catch as we switch to CGI-Pokemon era xD
Soulsfear Nov 16, 5:05 AM
Ye..with so many other projects on their plate at the moment I don't see comeback unless they do 20th anniversary comeback (like BLEACH sort of had but took a bit longer to get the 1st cour airing).

I see..

It kinda is..same with Gamaran that ended before it would be extended for trainwreck purposes like TR did.

I'm sure it's going to have limited target audience like this seasons title so it the end it comes down to boomers preference.

The recent stuff in JUMP that is like that don't really last actually..since it tends to go for these slice of life chapters that build characters that fail to be fleshed out because of the limited mount of time you have to get the most out of your 1st volume material you promote via Shueisha.Though from the new ones I picked up Ichinose-ke no Taizai since I didn't pick anything from there ever since Ao Hako which I read once in a while with other JUMP products to catch up with once in a while.
Obviously..Conan is fine since you can basically watch whatever episode you want if you're new and go for fillers only..xD Pokemon with how broken it is and Satoshi has to go from LVL 1 at each region it actually makes sense in the end it's just that some of the respected persons lost to Satoshi in World Championship because of anniversary kind of thing xD

It's probably because of the really limited targeted audience the mag and the theme of the series already that regard it's pretty close to Murciélago that didn't get a promo yet.

Ahh I is kinda like introduction to the characters you could say what could happen if things turn serious..something like JUMP FIESTA promo xD Chobits was pretty good to me back then but it aged for wrong reasons like todays morale standarts xD Kobato is underrated by todays standarts.

Maybe..for now we had week-off for the anime to wrap things up with Go (if it weren't for that we would have perfect ending with the anime lasting exactly 3 years :S
Well,his usage of some of his other Pokemon were obviously missing here like Charizard but it's what it is..always traning new ones from the scratch on every new region xD