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Poll: Fruits Basket (2019) Episode 25 Discussion

Sep 20, 9:46 AM

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Got to see more of Kyou's childhood past for the season 1 finale. He really built an important bond with Kazuma back in the days and it seems in the present, he still greatly respects him.

Hatsuharu is also back. Honestly, I find it interesting how they're setting up for the next season. Glad to also see Tohru in a good mood again after the drama from the previous episode. This season has been an emotional ride.

New season is in 2020.
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Sep 20, 9:54 AM

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Sep 20, 9:59 AM

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OMG!! They let two new characters appeared early! (especially
). Isuzu only appeared briefly at the end, though, even though she was announced prior to this ep. It was a nice, peaceful way to end 1st season.
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Sep 20, 10:32 AM

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That was a great episode. It was great to see more of Kyou's past and his relationship with Kazuma, a father and son relationship.

We got to see new characters showing up in this episode
This show has been a great ride. Tohru has been a great character and I loved watching the way she positively influences the other characters in every episode. Honestly, I'll miss seeing Tohru every Fridays.

Looking forward to season 2. An easy 9/10 for this. I might read the manga though. :)

Sep 20, 10:38 AM

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Really loved the episode! I can't wait for more!

I loved the backstory of Kyo and Kazuma!
and we finally got to see the new characters!

This was such an amazing ride, I honestly loved and enjoyed this ending over the 2001 ending, I felt so many different emotions through out this series and I can't wait for more in the second season!

Sep 20, 10:40 AM

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Wonderful cour-finale. This episode completed the Kyou arc and gave us insight on "Shisho's" perspective. Glad that Kyou has him.

Pretty much the most emotional series this year so far, it's quite a feat to get me invested in so many characters and their stories. And aside from all the drama it was also a very cheerful slice of life series with a large and colorful cast. There were plenty pretty amusing comedic moments and facial expressions that made me laugh.

Looking forward to S2.
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Sep 20, 10:42 AM

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9/10 show,this show is really good.Waiting for Second Season of this anime.
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Sep 20, 10:43 AM

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A really sweet finale. I loved the scene with Kyo and "Shisho". They dropped a few new characters that gave off a distinctly ominous feeling towards the end.

Definitely will be watching the 2nd season next season.
Sep 20, 10:50 AM

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Yes I feel it coming too, more trouble in s2 that is. Anyway they wrapped up s1 pretty nicely. Looking forward to seeing more development between Kyo and Tohru in s2.
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Sep 20, 10:59 AM

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oh that was beautiful. i'm so glad i decided to watch this anime, such a beautiful story. i'm so damn invested in these characters and seeing kyou so happy just brings a smile to my face. i hope we get more of his story next season.

what a great finale for this season. i'll definitely be watching season 2 - i just don't know if i can wait that long! 9/10.
Sep 20, 11:02 AM

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Can anyone tell me the name of the soundtrack that starts playing at 06:33 ?
Sep 20, 11:05 AM

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10 / 10

Did you notice the subtitle missing when Kyo's true form appears on this episode?

Gonna watch again and again till 2nd Season <3
Sep 20, 11:07 AM

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Such a heartwarming ride it has been.

Will wait for the second season. Hope that the mystery related to the curse is revealed.
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Sep 20, 11:18 AM

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Brilliant finale to sign things off with for now until 2020!

Great to see more from Kyou and Shisho's past after last week's very eventful episode! Shisho is a truly kind and remarkable person, but I'm sure that encounter with his grandfather will forever haunt him regardless. Having Kyo say those sweet and touching words is sure to mend that a little though, anI imagine. Well said, Kyo! Yikes, the badmouthing remains as disgusting as ever from the minor characters.

Just when things felt like they were heading into Honda x Kyo, Yuki makes a grand return! Props to Hatsuharu for initiating the comeback! He's a really smooth player, Honda agrees lol.

Lol @ that glorious scene of the two having a feel for each others chopsticks followed by him tossing it out lol, in the meantime. Looks like Kyo isn't changing anytime soon either xD, and similarly for Kagura and the others. Akito on Shigure like that and Shigure in his own world is definitely not great signs, I'll give you that.

Interesting revelation of the two mysterious characters too. One seems like a Zodiac member but I wonder who the other is.

Definitely feel something is coming. Can't wait to see what that's all about!

Overall, this Season has been a peach to watch! On the day of the announcement of this remake, I was happy thinking it'll probably just a good-very good show to keep up with weekly but I fully understand why this series is a best-time sellers and a living classic now, or so I think. Characters are top-notch, the storyline is brilliant and the themes that this show tackles is done with amazing and true feelings I reckon. To boot, the Art/Animation is fabulous with the rich details and the lively use of colours and the Sound Department from the Op, ED, OSTs to the VA simply glorious.

An easy 9.25/10, might raise it to a 10 later this morning when my mind is clearer but it's really been some ride! 2020, here we come!
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Sep 20, 11:27 AM

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many things to say.
as a manga reader i am very pleased by 3 of the best furuba characters showing in this episode, especially my waifu. rin also is amazing when animated, she has so much charisma.
this last episode captures the tone of the next part of the story.
shigure watching akito sleeping is one of the many things i wanted to see, and it makes me look forward to the future.
we start to see hints of yuki's inner thoughts, i'm so happy next season is gonna explore that more. but i also love his charming side of course.
kyo calling tohru by her name is just too pure.
haru is a good boy.
this remake is perfect. great job adapting the manga.
Sep 20, 11:31 AM

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People give Kagura so much flak for being a bad violent Tsundere trope. But here we have Kyo who's just as bad or even worse than her, trying to punch his teacher rather than finally opening up in a more mellowed out way.

First half was incredibly dragged out, I was counting the minutes until we finally moved forward on Kyo's sappy childhood. Not saying that it should've been cut off, just trimmed a little and move on to the already letargic slideshow presentation.

At least the second part of the episode does offer more with Yuki showing tangible progress on his closet life and attitude.

Kinda dissapointing finale for me, even though we already know this is nothing but a recess until spring in 2020, but I think it could have been more emotionally gripping with better framing and better use of transitions and some change on the already well known backgrounds of the story.

So far this season gets a 6 from me. Lets hope next season impresses me a bit more.
Sep 20, 11:37 AM

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Well after last weeks great episode kinda felt this one gonna be less impact full.

They teased us with some new characters and something that is gonna soon, I hope its S2
gonna be filled with great memories for our lovely cast.

that Souma X Tohru on the top floor.

9/10 after AOT S3 Part II this one took second place for the year, Tohru gonna be in my
Fav list as well with her voice actor included she did it so well.

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Sep 20, 11:37 AM

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Three new characters appearing at the end of season 1! The boy and girl on the steps who were eyeing Yuki and Rin who is in the hospital. I know a little bit about Rin and her connection to the Soma family but I am curious about those Students who were eyeing up Yuki.

Oh crap was that Akito laying on Shigure too at the end?!?! interesting developments!!

I dont know how I felt about the ominous tone at the end of the episode and Tohru mentioning being left speechless over the summer...I hope that was not a play on words.

10/10 show
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Sep 20, 11:40 AM

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it was great 6 months. i'm really looking forward to the next season.
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Sep 20, 11:47 AM

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More Kyo's backstory yey~ i thought they wouldn't touch more on that, glad to be proven wrong.
I'm looking forward to next year, i don't know much of what happens from now on so that gets me even more excited.

Sep 20, 12:20 PM

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8 out of 12 Zodiacs having dinner at Shigure's place... and Akito wasn't invited. Sure sucks to feel left out.

I don't understand why Akito would be leaning his head on Shigure's lap if Shigure was only tormenting and spiting Akito.

Hopefully season 2 starts in the Spring so it will be a six month gap at most.

Anyway, the season started off great but then its impact became blunted as it continually rehashed the same formulaic episode story and pacing over and over again. However, people are saying that we're past the formulaic backstories now, so I'm guessing season 2 will be a lot better.
Sep 20, 12:29 PM

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At the finale of "season 1". This episode adapts the remainder of Chapter 34, Chapter 35, and the final pages of Chapter 48 from the manga. For the most part, the episode is faithful to the events of Chapter 34 and 35. But it did add in some stuff from later chapters of the manga as a teaser of things to come for the next "season" of the series when it airs next year. Anyway, here are the differences I noticed with this latest episode:

-The scenes narrated by Kyo showing him and Kazuma observe a train and meditating originally had spoken dialogue from the two in the manga.
-Some of Kyo’s narration reflecting on his relationship with Kazuma was removed for the anime.
-When Kyo comes upon Shigure reading a newspaper after waking up, Shigure was smoking a cigarette in the manga.
-While Kyo chased after Kazuma and Tohru while reflecting on why the former suddenly left him, there is a removed flashback showing Kazuma tell Kyo about being his current self from Chapter 32.
-When Tohru was seeing Kazuma off, she originally wore a more shorter skirt in the manga and her upper arm is more bandaged up in the anime. Plus, the two were still in the middle of the forest in the manga.
-When Kazuma knocked Kyo back in the manga, Kyo was knocked into a fence instead of a set of stairs.
-There is a change in some of the interactions between everyone at the table between the anime and manga. When Kyo remarked that he would be practicing at Kazuma’s dojo again three times a week, Shigure originally teased him as to why in the manga and this led to Kyo being irritated with him. This was changed in the anime to Tohru commenting on how well things are going before a flustered Kyo asks her to stop before noticing the bandage on her neck caused from his attack on her from Chapter 33. This does result in the dialogue exchange with Yuki when he comes in the room for breakfast being changed for the anime.
-While Kyo is trying to keep his anger in check against Yuki, Shigure originally commented in the manga that they are clearly still in an argument.
-The scene with Yuki being greeted by school girls by the school gate was added for the anime.
-When Haru greets Tohru in school in the manga, she did ask him if he was with Momiji. Haru said he chose to leave him due to how noisy he was.
-When Tohru recollected how Yuki and Kagura reacted to Kyo’s transformation, she originally had more internal dialogue in the manga where she wonders about being an outsider to the Sohma family’s affairs in response to the events. The flashback showing Kyo putting his hand over Kagura’s mouth from Chapter 5 was added for the anime.
-While Haru was walking away after saying farewell to Tohru, there are several schoolgirls shown swooning for him as he walks by in the manga.
-The bits showing Yuki darkly wallowing in his thoughts before opening up a door as he confesses his thoughts to Tohru were added for the anime.
-Kakeru and Machi’s first appearance actually happens later in Chapter 42 of the manga, as they observed Yuki and Motoko’s conversation. Much of their dialogue exchange is totally different in the anime due to the changed circumstances in which they observe Yuki.
-When Haru put his arm around Yuki’s shoulder, both were on opposite sides in the manga.
-Before Kagura jump kicks Kyo, there is a removed scene in the manga where Kyo told Tohru he was going to be late getting home due to practicing at Kazuma’s dojo. This also leads to different circumstances as to why Kagura came to see Kyo as she planned to resume martial arts training with Kyo as well in the manga.
-The dinner scene at Shigure’s house was expanded a bit in the anime. Shigure was present for it in the manga. Kagura, Kyo, Hatori, Momiji, and Kisa were not originally at the dinner in the manga.
-Isuzu’s first appearance in the manga was originally much later at the end of Chapter 48.

Hopefully, I should be able to resume listing differences between the anime and manga adaptations of Fruits Basket next year when the series resumes airing in its next "season".
Sep 20, 12:34 PM

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Easily the best anime remake of all time, thus far. Amazing series the entire time.
Sep 20, 12:35 PM

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Raizel said:
Well after last weeks great episode kinda felt this one gonna be less impact full.

They teased us with some new characters and something that is gonna soon, I hope its S2

It's as if you didn't even watch the end of the episode?

Sep 20, 12:39 PM

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I'm no manga reader, but i've seen the original anime, wich i thought was good, but nothing that remarkable. But this reboot left me really interested to follow this story till the end now. I don't know if it was because this anime was modernized, but damn, it sure left an impression on me, i think it was more impactful. There are so many things i'm looking forward to... I just can't wait for 2020 for the next season, wich i believe will enter more serious territory, like Akito's role in this series for example.

Great emotional ride this was. Big 8/10 from me
Sep 20, 12:49 PM
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What chapter of manga I need to start reading? Thanks for the answer
Sep 20, 12:53 PM
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Wow. This was an amazing finale. Can't wait for the second Season. This left me in tears.
Sep 20, 1:02 PM

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As someone who watches and reads a fair bit of shoujo but has never touched Fruits Basket, I tempered my expectations coming into this because all my experiences with old shoujo series have only been okay at best. Generally the writing and usage of certain tropes in old school shoujo makes them too cheesy for me to enjoy.

In Fruits Basket's case, its age definitely shows in its comedy, character tropes, and exposition, but the emotional core of the story is so strong that I find myself more invested in it than some newer shoujo series that lack weight and substance in their plot or characters.

At this current point, I can't say it's one of my favourite shoujo yet since the first season seems to have ended right before the story was about to get to the good part. But if episode 24 was anything to go by, then I have high hopes for the rest of the series.

Sep 20, 1:02 PM

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George_Alfaruq said:
What chapter of manga I need to start reading? Thanks for the answer

The reboot had been jumping around a bit, but the adapted/covered chapters are: 1-35, 37-41, 44/45 and 51.

Still, I'd wholeheartedly recommend that you wait for s2 of this near-perfect adaptation instead of spoiling yourself all the reveals, plot twists and developments.

Sep 20, 1:21 PM
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kagura-pb said:
George_Alfaruq said:
What chapter of manga I need to start reading? Thanks for the answer

The reboot had been jumping around a bit, but the adapted/covered chapters are: 1-35, 37-41, 44/45 and 51.

Still, I'd wholeheartedly recommend that you wait for s2 of this near-perfect adaptation instead of spoiling yourself all the reveals, plot twists and developments.

Thank you I'll try my best not to spoil myself
Sep 20, 1:41 PM
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Well that was the only half decent episode in the entire series and it was only good for half of it. At least I never have to watch this again because I'd be an idiot to watch the second season after how abysmal this one was. Why did it take 25 episodes for it to progress even the tiniest bit? Absolutely abysmal show one of the easiest 1/10s I've ever given.
Sep 20, 1:45 PM

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Well, that was a ride! Feels Basket delivering until the end of the season.

That was a very interesting series, such a good combination of comedy and drama with a great cast, definitely looking forward to another season next year.
Sep 20, 1:47 PM

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Everyone needs a hopping Tooru in their life.

Sep 20, 2:19 PM

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I'll miss this show but luckily there will be a second season.

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Sep 20, 2:41 PM

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Great finale! Also, second season is confirmed and I can't wait to see it ^^ 8/10
Sep 20, 2:49 PM

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This show was too good. Touched my heart with many stories.

An easy 10 for me. Probably my anime of the year alongside Kaguya and Vinland Saga.
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Sep 20, 2:49 PM

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I really loved this season of Fruits Basket! It was full of humour, emotion and such lovable characters! I'm sad it's over but at least season 2 is coming so soon!

I was happy that Kyo managed to fix some of his broken parts, thanks to Tohru and Shisho. That moment when Kyo said he wants to be worthy to call Shisho his dad and Shisho called him son... my kokoro was feeling super warm haha

It broke my heart though that Yuki still seems to be sinking down into that dark place. I want him to heal too... i want all the Sohma's to live the happy lives they deserve!
Sep 20, 3:04 PM

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I really don't get the hype behind this show. Most of it just felt like filler and setup for a main plot that hasn't even got going yet.
Sep 20, 3:11 PM

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To think that, Fruits Basket would be this kind of rollercoaster ride. What a ride it was and it's only the beginning. With Season 2 coming in 2020, this will most likely be one of my most hyped up Anime right now, really can't wait for it to return. Please don't make me wait too long in 2020!

The episode itself, was a nice way to close off this first season, with almost the whole cast appearing. Some new characters got teased and some of them are looking pretty interesting. The characters are just amazing and I love their interactions the most in the Anime.

Eventho I am a sucker for easily giving 10/10 on Anime, Fruits basket is right up there as well.

Chiibi said:

Everyone needs a hopping Tooru in their life.

This GIF is so precious, omg!
These girls are BEYOND precious!

Sep 20, 3:17 PM

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Some side character stories that I like but 2 main hero make me sick
New charcters need eye lol


Sep 20, 3:21 PM
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It seems their next summer isn't going to be like they thought. Can't wait till next season.
Sep 20, 3:30 PM

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I won't hide that I absolutely loathe Tooru's voice. It was so grating on the ears. Despite that, this remake was significantly better than the original adaptation.
Sep 20, 3:37 PM

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This series really surprised me, it had alot of annoying moments with the comedy and a fair amount of cheese that could sometimes be too much, but at the heart of it there was a series with a strong showcase of grief, loss, tragedy, and the many ways people cope and try to handle it. When the series was at its heights it could honestly be a pretty powerful series that got me choked up quite a few times.

Greatly looking foreword to more. 8/10

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Sep 20, 4:04 PM

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The second season will definitely enter my list ! Another great show coming for 2020
Sep 20, 4:16 PM

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To be honest, it didn't sit well with me that Kazuma forced Kyou into that situation, no matter how good his intentions were. But I can't bring myself to think that he was "wrong" either. Fortunately it all worked out for the better, and they could finally connect with each other. It was hard, and the people around them didn't make it easier, but they finally called each other father and son. Tooru is so strong too, the effect she has on those she touches with her essence is amazing.

Well, they are all doing their best to move on, mustering the courage they need to keep fighting. I would appreciate if Kagura stopped hitting Kyou every single time, but I guess it's not happening, at least not anytime soon. Just like them, I don't know what's coming next. But no matter how painful or hard it may be, I want to see it through, and I'm still really glad that the remake is going to cover it all. New characters are about to be introduced too, and the new season can't come soon enough.
Sep 20, 4:37 PM

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Great last episode of the 1st season. Didn't expect to see Kakeru and Machi in the school and Rin in the hospital, but it was an interesting touch, together with Akito laying on Shigure's lap. Can't wait to see more of Rin in season 2, she's my fav female chara. <3 (Fav boys are Kyou and Hatsuharu). They gathered most of the zodiacs for dinner in this last episode, that was a nice touch too. Can't wait for season 2, hope it'll be in the 1st half of 2020.
Sep 20, 5:05 PM

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aww im gonna miss watching this show :''')) but i absolutely can't wait for s2! i think this was a good episode to wrap up the first season. kyo is definitely my favourite character in fb now, i love him so much
Sep 20, 5:10 PM
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It's been a long ride, y'all. See y'all on the next season. =)
Sep 20, 5:21 PM

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This was a great episode with Kyo and his master. I'm glad he didn't resent him after that Rosario incident, because after all he was doing it for him. The Yuki part was unnecessary though, it felt forcedly inserted for obligation purposes rather than naturally. But I liked it nonetheless, and also glad Kaguya hasn't given up Kyo.

Overall this was the best series I've ever watched this year. The writers knew how to engage me to the story, bond with the characters and keep asking for more. There was no obnoxiousness in any kind, the humor was gold and the drama was the best I've ever seen. In technical terms - the animation was the best, the soundtracks were mind blowing, the plot was heavenly and the characters were all likable and memorable. Personally this is my anime pick of the year, it had all the major qualities that fit into it. Too bad there wasn't romance worth mention, but I believe we will get there in 2020.

9/10. well deserved!
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Sep 20, 5:35 PM
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Just when Torhu seems to have rallied the Soumas Rin lurks on the horizon
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