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Non Non Biyori Repeat: Hotaru ga Tanoshinda
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Honey_Flash Yesterday, 12:18 AM
Yeah, it’s absolutely awful. I actually started it one day on a whim because I just wanted to watch some shoujo and I had never really heard anything bad about it. I have no idea how I had heard nothing negative. He’s just so awful to the main character that he crosses into abusive territory.

Oh, if you want a good shoujo, I watched Princess Tutu recently. If you haven’t seen it yet, it’s definitely worth your time.
Amin-kun May 16, 6:59 PM
Bruh, you the one in reddit? I’m the one that just mentioned Monster
-Heika May 16, 5:56 PM
isn't it true tho? just sayin'
some people like their anime to have bishies. some people don't mind. it all depends on how they interpret it.

"oh it doesn't have bishies? then I won't watch it."

"oh it doesn't have bishies? I don't mind"
-Heika May 16, 6:45 AM
Here’s something new to you: people have opinions!

Looks like you’re just trying to pick a fight. Let’s just agree to disagree.
If you don’t like what I have to write in a review then just move on to the next one. Different people have different things to say in a review. Maybe one of the things I have to mention is the bishie factor. Maybe that’s what I enjoy. And it’s ok to have shallow taste. Maybe the review wasn’t meant for your type? And really? Are we seriously arguing about a review I wrote 3 years ago?

Oh I see why you’re so angry. You finish all of your shows (even though you don’t enjoy some of them anymore)! If you don’t like a show, you can just drop it, y’know? Don’t have to torture yourself. Don’t stress yourself out, man; enjoy the things you watch!

Do you even know what an elitist is? They’re toxic anime fans. They like certain shows/have certain opinions about certain shows, then they force their opinion down other people’s throats. Don’t be that person.

“...expect to be taken seriously” isn’t this what you’re doing right now?

Like I said, agree to disagree~ Peace! ✌🏼

Spread love, not hate~
-Heika May 15, 9:22 PM
Maybe because I don’t pretend I’m an elitist? Leave people alone. God.

There is no such thing as shit taste. Only idiots who think everyone should have the same taste as they do.
TakamakiJoker Apr 21, 11:46 AM
I really adore your Ikkoku review.
Thank god you blasted that overhyped train-wreck of a romcom that is filled with contrivances.
I will be posting my review of it soon.
Darkmoq Apr 11, 8:44 AM
Fuck InK.

Nice review though and thanks for your message.

MightyS Apr 3, 4:37 PM
i have a revolutionary idea for u, dont watch harem anime if u dont like it ?
papsoshea Mar 31, 12:57 AM
When I write my post for episode discussions, they are also my notes so when it comes to reviewing, I revise my initial thoughts and that helps me write easier.
papsoshea Mar 30, 6:21 PM
Also, good job on your Kaguya-sama review. Keep it up +1
papsoshea Mar 29, 10:35 AM
I'm far from the best but no worries dude.
papsoshea Mar 29, 3:57 AM
Nice Yakusoku no Neverland review +1
maisongo Mar 11, 4:26 PM
intresting maison ikkoku review though I think it's unnecessary to makeany assumptions (even if joking) about those who enjoyed the show. (my favorite anime of all-time btw lol)
Infatuate Nov 21, 2018 11:05 PM
No, Erased ultimately became a joke because of how convenient the "revival" turned out to be. It went from being random to being used at will, with no real explanation. To add to this, the villain was never really a secret, the kids were somehow smarter than your average american adult, and the ending was dumb, rushed, and over the top.

Up until the episode where he decides to use his 'revival' after being arrested under the bridge, I was confident erased was going to be something really special. It certainly had everything going for it.
Honey_Flash Oct 23, 2018 5:00 PM
Awesome! You’re right. It is a cheap-looking show, with the paper-stick-puppets episode later on in the series being the worst offender for cheapness. They are a great and very real-feeling couple.

It is. It liked how respectful and tasteful the were about their “first time” as well. It was touching and heartfelt, and not at all gratuitous.

Asaba is a riot! He’s a lovable goof. I also liked Tsubasa and her stepbrother. They were a pretty cute side couple, even though I really don’t care for the incest part of it.

It is a great show, but I definitely see what you took issue with the budget and ending. Those were the two big things that held it down from it’s full potential the most.

I’ve thought about Nana a little bit, but Rose of Versailles as been on my radar for quite awhile now. I’ve heard some compare it to Revolutinary Girl Utena (which I LOVE), and I adore retro anime. I have a few anime to finish and I’ve been very busy with the college life lately so I don’t know when I’ll get to it, but I undoubtedly will soon.