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weebie_thots Sep 11, 11:54 AM
To answer your first question, just going thru random lists and adding people. Secondly, yeah I love DC and Jojo as they are both really quality series definitely worth watching. To answer your last question, I like Lupin too, as it one of the series I follow this season. I am enjoying all the other anime I follow this season including Sirius the Jaeger, Steins;Gate 0, Angolmois: Record of Mongol Invasion, Mr. Tonegawa, Attack on Titan S3 and My Hero Academia S3. I have Banana Fish as one I plan to watch once it finishes. :D
ArtG1 Sep 10, 1:48 PM
Jep, Ash just hates him. I don't think he would even care if Arthur is on Dino's side or not.
I think Arthur is having issues. His deep hatred for Ash is just wow. It's like he's trying to compete with him, but constantly reminded of how great Ash is.
Everything seemed to be going in the right direction in the last episode. They managed to escape thanks to Yut-Lung. I'm really curious what Ash is going to do and what manipulative thoughts Yut-Lung is having.

Oh no you too xD. Poor us.

After that episode with the class prez, I began to like him more. His story was well written and when he tried to sacrifice himself so the class prez could complete the first round was beautiful. And I agree, he's just so much better than Mineta.
Yeah he actually should be the one lying in the hospital and not Iida's brother. I've a feeling Stain just hated every hero except All Might (and Midoriya)? His brother didn't deserve it, it was just cruel.
I'm actually satisfied they didn't get their licenses? It shows how strength and talent isn't everything. I hope they'll learn from this.
Kirishima is a friend and at the same time a mom who keeps him out of trouble xD.

I'm so in love with cake hahaha. I'm not practicing it, but I LOVE to eat it :p. Hahaha, same. I don't like live actions. Live actions of DBZ and Avatar the last Airbender has me left traumatized.
You're welcome :D, glad you're going to watch it !

omg same ! I'm not trying to hide it or anything, but it isn't the first thing I'll say to someone. And, to be honest, people with a huge (extreme? Unnatural?) obsession (people who do the Naruto run or other cringy stuff, people who actually send death threats to the authors or VA's) just scare me off.
Yess, we're indeed one of those new friend to each other!! I'm glad one of us made the first move haha. I'm really enjoying reading your replies ! :)

Ugh, 3 episodes to go and I don't want it to end. It's really refreshing to repeat what I had learned in high school about cell biology.

I've sometimes moods when I just want to watch something depressing or gory. And actually be mad when there's a happy end haha. But that's only when I don't like the characters that much you know.
So yes I understand what you mean :p.

weebie_thots Sep 10, 1:43 PM
Likewise! :D
pure Sep 9, 12:33 AM
i agree ! truly the cutest.
LOL tru maybe because she's the better twin then huhu she actually isn't BUT I STILL LOVE HER i'm sure u will ;3 yea, i can see that. towards the end in x/1999 with him confessing he isnt so bad :p tho there was a moment in tokyo babylon that seemed rly thoughtful and nice of him towards subaru? so i was like do i like him or do hate him??? ;c ooo i was aware there was an anime for x/1999 but i never watched :o i totally should iirc the animation was done by madhouse so it looked pretty good! plus i want to see subaru animated *.*

i agree :c it's sad to see and annoying. like a lot of mangakas get that way because they are writing for their fans for one thing and for them to get selfish on them is sad :/ and it is. o tru!! rather have something than nothing at all ;3

aw i see .-. i hope she overcomes it and such! she does seem strong so yay!
:pat: and good! ooo i've actually never heard it ?_? are u enjoying it so far? what's it about :eyes: also im gonna start reading black paradox right now! i think i need to read like 3 more manga from junji ito including that and i can finally say i've read ALL HIS WORK so whew
ArtG1 Sep 4, 2:01 PM
Yess same, I hope Ash will just kill him to get his revenge. I really don't know why Dino thinks so highly of Arthur? Or is he just another pawn in Dino's eyes. Either way, he's just trash.

True. I don't think they'll forgive him immediately, but they'll stil try to rescue them.

Oh really? Didn't know the manga already ended, thanks for the info! I've already waited 9 months, I don't really care anymore at this point :p.

I guess Mineta is the comedic relief in this show or something? Even though he isn't funny. Endeavor's only motive for becoming stronger or having children was to surpass All Might. You're making a good point. He is the perfect example of Stain's problem with hero's. I actually thought Inasa had a good point. He was just a kid, waiting to meet his idol. To be greeted with a shove and a glare that could kill is too much voor a kid. Maybe he would have given Todoroki a second (third?) chance if he knew what he has been through thanks to his father. Poor Todoroki, he thought he completely forgot his father :((. I actually want him to pass the exam. He was just minding his own business till Inasa came and kinda ruined it. True true, Bakugou saved some people and he didn't do anything reckless. So he might pass the exam.
Omg hahaha nice one xD. Wasn't that the first Kiribaku moment in the show?

Omg, I thought I was the only one!! Nice!! Thanks to anime I also became familiar with pastry. Some series I enjoyed watching are Bonjour♪Koiaji Pâtisserie and Seiyou Kottou Yougashiten: Antique. The first one is a reverse harem and short if I'm not mistaken. It was actually kinda meh, so I don't know if you'll like it. The second one is shone ai and I really enjoyedit! It was so funny, story and drama were good.
It sure keeps us busy! I'm glad it has a positive impact!
Even though I said it was exhausting, I'm really glad I've come to know anime and manga. Thanks to them I'm almost never bored, I've met some new friends I real life and online!

Yess I really liked the last episode!! I'm in love with their chemistry !! Their reactions at the end when they found the pictures were priceless!! I'm sure a new ship has sailed after this ep xD

Oh good thing they didn't change that much then :). I'm actually glad it's more cheerful, it's easier to cope with :p (*kuch* banana fish *kuch* Still not over the fact we've to deal with the remaining 15 episodes without him)
pure Sep 2, 4:40 PM
she really is >.< such a cuuute grim reaper i wouldn't mind dying and her taking me away LOL
yea, they really are !! basically the ones that bring the comedy to YYH

well, she's very different compared to subaru tbh she's like VERY loud and an extrovert compared to her brother but she's still cute hehe and a fashion icon too whew! i'm sure you'll like her when u decide to read tokyo babylon someday! yea, tbh seishirou isn't SO BAD in x/1999 when reading X/1999 i started to like him and think, hm! maybe this guy isnt so bad @.@ but yea, sadly the OVAs didnt :c

i know huh ;-; fans can get so selfish. honestly i get REE when ppl call togashi lazy and im like??? are u serious -___- the man is in pain and ur gonna call him lazy...
o that is tru which is still nice !! at least fans can have hope or they can still see her work thankfully.

oh that's cool! i love her art *.* it's a nice cover c:
agreed :3 oh.. u wish her the best? praying??? monkaS does something happen to her :c heck not hachi ;-;

just busy on weekdays cause classes .-. if i'm not studying or working on assignments then im usually free... which is rare AAAA but i'm sure i'll have time to enjoy them! hopefully... haha yep try to enjoy urs as much as u can!! :p
ArtG1 Sep 1, 11:06 AM
It was soo brutal, I couldn't stand it. Just like you said, Dawnson is just an idiot who could be even worse than Dino. 'Justified revenge?' Oh grow up. Ash' comeback was brilliant, 'Well than I've to kill you too, justified revenge right?'.
Ahh poor you :( I also cried during the episode, it was literally a rollercoaster of cruel events. Began when they told Fiji about Shorter's betrayal, then drugging Shorter in front of Eiji, Shorter interpreting Eiji's face as something fearsome, Shorter attacking Eiji in front of everyone, Shorter wanting to be freed, Ash killing Shorter...and if that wasn't enough, that bastard Arthur laughing like a maniac. You said it right, Arthur is just a lowlife and can't do anything at his own. Thinking he's a big shot or something.

I hope everyone from their gangs will cooperate and save them in time. I don't even want to know what will happen when Shorter's gang find out Ash killed their boss..

Thanks for the recommendations! Jep, it's indeed frustrating. Especially because it's her fault and no one seems to care about that. But the last update was 9 months ago, so I don't know if it still ongoing.

Mineta isn't even funny, I also don't like him. And how the hell did he even get through the practical admission test? How did he defeat those robots? I don't know if Endeavor is worse than any villain. He still saved civilians when All for one and Stain attacked the city. But he IS a hypocrite, criminal. This week's episode proved it again. How can you say to a kid, 'You're in my way' as a hero? I don't like him and he doesn't deserve more spotlight.
About episode 21, there's a slight chance todoroki, bakugou and that wind guy will pass though. Their childish fight wasn't the smartest thing to do. And bakugou didn't do anything much this ep.
Yess, those two are just perfect for each other. Personality AND quirk wise :p So much bromance, I love it.

Chinese is just a whole other level xD. Hahah, you're welcome :D.

Oh nice!! Still interested? Or did you lose most of your interest :p. To be honest, I'm easily influenced by anime, books, manga, games. Some examples: I once played tennis (for a short time) because of Prince of Tennis, thanks to hitman reborn I did research on the maffia and its emergence, shows about food and such make me curious about its dishes, supernatural series made me buy books about supernatural stuff. And now I'm really stoked on badminton (thanks to hanebado). I don't know if it's a bad or good thing, but the end result is always that I don't know what I really want to do xD. I often have like a crash in my head :p, it's actually kinda exhausting.
I hope you'll get the chance to learn Latin! It's worth a try. You can learn it online or you can buy books. Since no one speaks the language anymore, you'll mostly learn it by translating texts/poems.
Hahaha, it's really harmonious in our household xD.

Ah oke, that's good to hear!

Lol jup xD Thats anime for ya: when it successfully makes you fall in love with your own cells.

Yes, it's still heavy ! So the original work was heavier and had more feels?
Magic is the right word! Today's work isn't the same anymore as it was back in good old days.
ArtG1 Aug 31, 12:18 PM
So I've watched episode 9 of banana fish



ArtG1 Aug 31, 10:07 AM
Jup, Sanrio Danshi would indeed be proud lol :p

That was something I also appreciated from Ash! He immediately remembered Shorter's sister and didn't blame him for his actions! That was some nice bromance! They really trust each other.
I haven't watched this week's episode yet...I'm stuck between 'My poor heart, I'm afraid' and 'I really want to know what's going to happen !!' I really love drama, but at the same time I want everyone to live happily xD.
My guess is they'll meet Dino and use Shorter or Eiji as a test subject. With hell as their future perspective.

Hahaha I completely forgot about Junji Ito Collection!! So it was a 'nice' reminder haha.
Nice, tell me when you have started watching it, I'm all ears!

I also noticed her other personages in the serie! It was indeed satisfying! Yeah, it would be really cool if they have their own serie! I've only scanned through her other work, I bet they're all really good!
They ED was also really good! One of the few EDs en OPs I didn't skip! The MC was so relatable which is why I loved it so much haha xd.
Jep, she has chosen someone in the manga and I'm really glad! But I don't like how things are going now. There's more drama and it's actually realistic! But I don't like her actions at all. I'm wondering now if she'll just end up friends with everyone or continue her relationship with him.
And of course I won't spoil it for you! :p.

I've already forgiven them about the bad timing! :p. If it's for charity then it's all good! So Kirishima is your favourite character? I can't really pick a character, they're all enjoyable in their own way. And I love it how they operate as a class. Their character development, reason for becoming a hero, everything is so well written. It's not just 'I'm going to defeat you because you hurt my friends' or something like that.
I've read the chapter in the manga about Kirishima and his backstory. It was really beautiful! He's strong and honest and a good friend. Bakugo should be thankful for having a friend like him lol.

I've once tried learning to read. Hiragana and Katakana is kinda easy to learn. Kanji is indeed difficult. But I didn't continue with it and just like you, my only contact with the language is anime haha.
You deserve a pat on the back! Even though it was simple and you had read the book, it's still a really nice feat!

It's a good thing to be able to be passionate about things you love! I'm passionate about the Romans, Greeks, their languages and myths. Especially Latin, I love it. It was a subject in high school and I fell in love with it. I wanted to study it in university, but my mom was like 'Nobody uses it anymore so maybe its better to choose something else.' Harsh but the truth. Now I only keep it as a leisure activity and I'm okay with it.
My family can't really handle my passion and think they're even annoyed by it hahah. It's okay, I also tease them with the things they like.

I'm only at episode 7, I don't feel like there's a storyline, it's more episodic? In every episode something happens and Vash solves it together with the girls?

Indeed!! He's actually boyfriend goals haha.

I like how they tried to censor the battles. It's a kid's show so they have to do it of course. I really am enjoying the animation, it's so fluid? And the narrator is doing a good job, I like his narration.This serie is a nice change of pace! I'm in love with the art style in the 90's and 00's. Those shows were hand-drawn, full of detail and realistic art. Especially the backgrounds. Major respect for those animators.
Also in love with Disney films in the 90s and older. It's not like I dislike the current films (like Moana and Tangled), it's just that I prefer the older ones.
hanyuhi16 Aug 29, 8:01 PM
I'm always happy to find yaoi lovers 😀😀😀.
I think Yukito and Touya were my first gay couple I shipped without knowing what shipping was, I hope they make it canon one day! (Even if we feel they already are lol).

Junjou terrorist is so good! Their age difference makes it better. I love big age gaps! And Miyagi is gorgeous yep 😀. But maybe like many I'm more into Usami 😍😍.

Hope we can share more comments on yaoi! 😀😀
ArtG1 Aug 28, 12:53 PM
Just watched an episode of Kemono no Souja Erin, so far loving it!
ArtG1 Aug 28, 10:45 AM
I have a friend who is in love with Hello Kitty, her whole care is stuffed with stickers, toys and more haha.

Same as Ash? I didn't thought about that, but I guess it's true. He had an awful childhood and was dragged into the maffia like Ash. I'll give him a second chance and see what's he gonna do! I hope he'll manage to take them with him :3.
I already forgave Shorter for his betrayal, he didn't have a choice and he still protected Eiji with his life! Good and fast thinking when he pulled his knife and threatened them. And how he carried Eiji instead of using a wheel chair? Adorable!

Omg I also watched Junji Ito Collection and like you said it, it wasn't that scary it was just plain gross. That boy with those nails was frustratingly annoying. And that model who was actually a monster? Her face was the only scary thing. The boy who ate the (frying) oil, I was honestly glad the father killed him. I couldn't stand him, he was soo disgusting! Poor little sister.
Yami Shibai has 6 seasons. Every episode is like 4 mins long and the story is told in pictures. It's episodic, so you can start watching season 6 right away. Some stories are really good, some are funny even though they're meant to be scary lol. Not every story has an good/closed ending, so you have to guess what happens next but that's okay. I personally like it because it's short and episodic,I give it a solid 7 :).
So it's worth a try! Btw, it's possible they're some gross stories tho, but I'm not sure.

Thanks! An interesting setting indeed, maybe if I'm in the mood I'll start watching it :p. Kiss him not me was one of the few I already the manga before the anime. I absolutely loved the manga and I was really glad when I heard it was getting an anime! I loved the adaption and I hope they'll animate the rest of the manga!

I also have a thing for historical fiction, which is why it has won my attention. Interesting. I'll watch it, maybe I'll understand the problem with the show!
Indeed! Lets see, what are your thoughts of the latest episode of BNHA? Not really a good timing to have an episode like that in the middle of the second part of the exam (A better option was to put that filler episode (some said it was canon) after they cleared the first trial). I really wanted to see some action, but then I saw the preview and I was like 'Oh hell no, you're kidding me right?'. The filler was enjoyable tho! And I really want to see the movie, but I don't think it will come to our theaters :/.

Nice!! Japanese is a difficult language to learn, so well done! Are you able to watch series without subtitles and have conversations?
I love your excitement, it makes me really curious about the show!! It sounds really good!
It's really sweet how she listened to the requests of her fans :).

Thanks! :)

Omg how he listened to her story at end was so cute!! I don't mind some romance at this point!
ArtG1 Aug 27, 1:21 PM
Omg the soundtrack was A-M-A-Z-I-N-G!. I loved every bit of it.

Yess, I wish the other Sanrio characters will become more famous in other countries. They're really cute!

Idk, I have a love-hate thingy for Yut-Lung now. I know he was forced to do this, but he was still annoying and kinda manipulative. I hope he'll kill his brothers or something so Ash and the others will have it easier! So in that way, I'm also rooting for him.
Yeah, I knew they won't have it easy, but it was still a big shock and I already died like 20 times since the beginning of the show.
The fun thing is, after banana fish there's a serie scheduled every Friday which is dark and psychological themed. I really enjoy it, but it's still kinda heavy after banana fish xD. And to top it off, Yami Shibai isn't that happy either hahaha. (I can't take Yami Shibai serious tho).

Thanks for sharing yours!
I thought about watching Phantom in the Twilight, but I still wavered because it was a reverse harem. And most of the girls in reverse harems are kinda dull and passive?
Kiss him not me, dame prince x anime caravan and kamigami no Asobi are reverse harems I seriously enjoyed.
Should I give Phantom in the Twilight a chance?

I watched the first episode of Angolmois and it seemed interesting, but not interesting enough because I still haven't watched the rest of the episodes xD. I'm afraid the possible romance between that princess and the MC guy will spoil the action.

It's funny that we share quite a few series :p.

It sounds interesting! I love older series tbh! Especially their animation style! It's on my list now :)

Besides the seasonal series, I'm watching Trigun every now and then. I love that goofy guy who randomly can turn in a serious boy :3

He even recommended the manga, nice! I'm glad the series is enjoying the hype it deserves!
pure Aug 26, 3:17 PM
ooo i LOVE kurama and hmm tbh my fav character isnt from the main 4 :o but it's botan hehe she's so great probably one of the best characters togashi has created... there i said it :p but from the main four i do favor yusuke a lot

omg subaru and hokuto are SO great i like them a lot. as for seishirou tho... idk about that guy @.@ i guess when reading tokyo babylon it made me dislike him a lot >:( tho he can have a soft side to him which can make him look not so evil ?_? o man the OVAs of TB are rly bad compared to the manga... it is an OVA so it doesn't follow the manga a lot but the manga is rly great!! definitely should read it someday pls it's sooo short :p yea, probably the best art i've ever seen just whew

aw that's sad to hear :c o wow 8 years that's so long ;-; i hope it doesnt end up being like... 15+ years tho a mangaka's health is more important. at least she's not completely off the grid and is still drawing so that's good to hear. ooo ok i'll have to look into that! hehe maybe but who knows :3

HACHI IS SO GREAT such a great character ;-; i do favor her wayyy more. hehe that's cool u like her too !!
yea, im hoping it'll come back soon :pray: today is the last day of my summer break so REE it was fun while it lasted u_u and i agree! my break went by sooo fast i wish it was longer to enjoy more of my hobbies LOL
JUDAI_ Aug 24, 6:54 AM
I haven't read the manga until now so I dunno much about him or the other characters..except ren's death TT_TT

Lol , I'm in a shortage of things to watch and read . I have many things in my list to complete but unfortunately I'm lazy XD

Starless night is nice too but I like a little pain more because of its scene
It made me burst into tears :')

Anyways !
Is gatsu no lion worth watching ? What do you like about it?
Have you tried watching shingeki no kyojin before ? Or it's not your type ?