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ArtG1 Yesterday, 3:00 PM
Loll I agree with you tho hahaha

Right??:D Still have to put the pic on my profile :p

I'm behind with al my series, except with run with the wind, ughh. It's like I actually don't want to do anything. Still busy with college and other responsibilities tho. And even if you've some time to relax, you just want to lay down and do nothing haha. Pretty exhausting actually. Again, I want to apologize for my late reply. Since I didn't have to update my list, I didn't check my profile :(
I'm glad I'm able to have this conversation since it helps me forget about the responsibilities for a moment and stuff and just talk about the things I enjoy! :) But first, I've to catch up xD

Kakeru keeps growing as a character! Still trying to figure out how to interact with others and he's making progress! Haiji's statement about 'forgetting work and everything and just focusing on running' was a surprise! Since no one is a dedicated runner/pro he can't expect them to be able to stop working. Funny thing is that after I watched this episode, I got a notification from my professor saying 'since this course will be a busy one, it's recommended to take a break from your jobs and to focus on the course'. I had the same reaction then hahaha.
Even though Haiji is like a demon, I'm in love with him. His lines in the latest episode were exceptional and so true: 'Standing still will make you anxious' and 'try running with reality'. Since most characters in the serie are around my age, I can relate to their struggles. It's no longer about 'Omg I'm a third year so I've to win'. It really hits close to home and that's refreshing.
And Prince is an amazing comic relief character hahaha, his run style is just out of this world xD. I read a comment somewhere saying 'I'm just waiting for the moment Prince no longer runs like a constipated zombie'. That made me spit my drink XDXD.

If the eros is for the story and helps to make it better, I'm all in. But, like you already said, if it's just blatant fan service, then it's a big no. No need for that :p.
Thanks! Same, it deserves better.

Ooh that explains the nostalgic feeling I got :D Nice!.

A nice serie to compensate the feels from banana fish and Irozuku Sekai no Ashita kara :).

Ohh you're already watching it :D So my expectations were justified haha.

Since I still have to watch like everything, I can't really talk about the newest episodes haha.
KockiesNKreem Nov 4, 8:09 PM
Thank you for accepting!

Yesss! Those are phenomenal! <3
The same goes for you too. ^^
evolvingweeb Oct 27, 4:56 PM
i'd love to read it whenever you do, haha! and O: that's some crazy impressive willpower, i tried to take one little lesson on japanese and almost cried :'D languages are a hard thing to learn! and ohh, i see! right after i sent my last message, i actually looked at your profile and found the link to your dA account and realized haha. (also, your art is so damn great!! LOVE the kirishima/bakugou picture!)

and i'm american! and haha, we certainly can dream ;'D
evolvingweeb Oct 27, 3:46 PM
haha dude no worries, it's perfectly fine, i get being embarrassed by your old writing :'D but wow, english isn't your first language? dude, i would've never known if you hadn't told me! it's flawless! (better than mine, and it's the only language i speak, lol) where're you from, if you don't mind me asking?

yes, i forgot to mention max omg! it's so strange, going back to the earlier episodes and seeing how far he and ash's relationship has progressed, from ash saying he'd kill him no matter what to max almost acting like a father-figure to him. it's really sweet. i'm certainly excited about eiji's and ash's reunion! i just want them to hug it out :''D or kiss it out, but that's probably asking a little too much lol.
evolvingweeb Oct 26, 7:03 PM
:o ohhhh, i see!! if you've published any online, id love to read them, dude! and i just caught up :D episode 16 was really some much-needed stress relief, lol. i missed banana fish's comedy so much, and 'barbara' was a fox ;) haha. so excited for ash and eiji to hopefully see each other again soon!
evolvingweeb Oct 25, 8:44 PM
awww, thanks so much dude, that's sweet :'D! Yeah, definitely watch it first! I'd love to experience the series completely blind, but alas, my curiousity got the best of me ;u;. yeah, same! i heard today's ep was some comedic stress-relief, so i'm excited to catch up completely and not be an emotional wreck by the end, hopefully ;D
evolvingweeb Oct 24, 8:45 PM
Absolutely!!! as lame as it sounds, i've already written fanfiction for it AND made a playlist :'D when i love a series, i really do. i'm one of those people who said i was gonna skim through the manga because i was SO curious what'd happen, ended up reading it all, and it ordeal, haha. when it ends, we can cry together at least!
evolvingweeb Oct 23, 11:33 PM
yessss exactly! i'm an easy crier so while i love banana fish to pieces, it also makes me sob regularly :'''D
ArtG1 Oct 23, 1:58 PM
Daddy Max xD Noice hahahah.
Yess, they're all great!!
I won't mind if they wipe out everyone from Dino's maffia family, I just hope others won't suffer :(

I really don't know what to think about the live action xD It was unique I guess? xD. Let's just say I won't watch it ever again. :p

I should just put his photo on my profile :p. Why haven't I thought of this before?

Thank youu! Double Decker reminds me of Bungou Stray Dogs and Kekkai Sensen. That's why I like it so much I guess :D.

That's a bummer! Don't know if they can turn the tide with 5 episodes to go though!

Kakeru's attitude was also bothering me, but they showed more of Kakeru and his problems in the latest episode. I've already forgiven him :p.
But someone else with a bad attitude has showed up ughh.
OMG my friend immediately declared Haiji the lovechild of Daichi and Sugawara of Haikyuu XD I've to agree with her lol. I also adore him and his positiveness.
I was laughing out loud because of Prince hahaha. I made a gif of his first run, still laughing xD. Gonna treasure it !

Omg I still have to watch the second episode, glad the third one is better. One thing I hate about series with as the main genre ecchi, is the lack of story. They often try to compensate it with fan service.
So a anime serie which looked like a decent one about the modeling life, that turned out to focus on sex isn't my cup of tea.
So I'll take your word for it and I'll continue to watch it :p.

The visuals of Irozuku Sekai no Ashita kara seem beautiful! Don't know if I can handle something emotional right now haha. Can't find Hora, Mimi ga Mieteru yo! tho :(.
I first thought Karakuri Circus was a early 00's/90's anime serie when I checked it out? Turns out it's ongoing! Just watched the first episode and I liked it!! Definitely gonna add it to my list for this fall. It gives me that nostalgic feeling, just like Megalo box did!
Merc Storia reminds me of Pokemon judging from the monster in the pic? It sounds nice! Adventure with a nice dosis of humor is something I like :3.
Thanks for the recommendations, I really appreciate it! My turn :3. Hinomaruzumou is a serie I didn't expect to like it like I do now. It's about sumo and it's manly, funny and fascinating!
There's another serie about sports, in this case about archery, the first episode just aired this week. Since I loved like every serie about sports, I expect it to be good :).
EDIT: Oops, I forgot to mention the name XD It's called Tsurune: Kazemai Koukou Kyuudoubu.
evolvingweeb Oct 22, 4:37 PM
i have no idea how i JUST saw this now, but aaaahhh thank you!!!! i love ash to pieces (screencapped too much of him and also eiji :''D) You seem rad too, dude, and that's exactly why i sent you a request haha.
ArtG1 Oct 18, 2:06 PM
I guess Yut-Lung is prepared for the consequences of his actions! He's smart and thinks things through.
Guess the only way to avoid the production of the drug is just to silence everyone xD.

The introduction of the big three was nicely done! It was a nice way to wrap this season up! But now I'm curious about them and want to see more of them lol. Especially curious about the their quirks.

Right? They should know how risky it is to adapt a live action xD. Butt I love live action adaptions of drama/school/romance/comedy genres tbh. They're often nicely done.
Wait,there's a sailor moon live action?? Omg I must have lived under a rock or something.
*edit*: I looked it up and it turned out I've already watched it :p. It was a long time ago, so I've forgotten about it.

He seriously can make my day better by just smiling!! I'm in love with his smile.

yup it's over now :(.

Well said! Unfortunately the hard truth...

Nice list!! :D Here's mine:

- Double Decker! Doug & Kirill
- Kaze ga Tsuyoku Fuite Iru
- Angels of death
- Radiant
- Hinomaruzumou
- Gakuen Basara
- Uchuu Senkan Tiramisù II
- Dakaretai Otoko 1-i ni Odosarete Imasu.
(- Captain Tsubasa 2018)
(- Black clover)
(- Banana Fish)

We have quite a few series in common :p.
Fall is looking good! I've not that many series on my list compared to my list in the summer tho.
Double Decker is nice! Nice amount of humour, comedy and drama. Since it's a serie about detectives solving crimes, I don't mind the recurrence of solving a crime every episode. If they are going to reveal the backstory of the mains, then I'm all good :D.
RErideD takes place in a post apocalyptic future right? I'm not really into that kind of genre so I don't think I'll watch it. Did you drop the serie?
I just watched episode 3 of Kaze ga Tsuyoku Fuiteiru and it's soo good. I love every character and their different personalities. I'm really glad it's getting 23 episodes. So the characters have the space to develop.

What are your thoughts on Dakaretai Otoko 1-i ni Odosarete Imasu xd? It's cute but actually also rape?? He clearly didn't want to sleep with him, but still went with the flow since Azumaya persisted? I didn't expect them to have sexual contact the very first episode! I hope they won't rush things later on.

I've kinda put together a list for this fall, but I still have the feeling I'm overlooking so many series xD. So I'm going to check the series on your list!
I'm looking forward to discuss the series! Feel free to talk about the series I don't have on my list if you want!

killerdan180 Oct 18, 10:00 AM
hiya, no problem :)
ArtG1 Oct 3, 3:41 PM
Truee :D Thank youuu!! :D

I'm now like 2 eps behind so I've to catch up! It would be satisfying if they all got their revenge! Dawson and those who raped Jessica are already dead. Only Dino, Arthur and the Lee clan are left.
I think Dino's scientists already possess the knowledge of the structure/production of Banana Fish. They might not even need him anymore?

Hahahaha, they indeed must have been desperate, if they even let Mineta pass the test XD . The fight with Deku was a prove of his growth! It was full of emotions, one of the best episodes of the season! Along with All Might vs AFO and Deku vs Muscular. And now I've the urge of rewatching the season xD. Sadly I can't, I've a test this week :p.
Yess <3

Hahahah same tbh xD. There's always room for cake :D. Indeed! it would be wiser if they spend their money on an anime adaptation rather than a live action!

The amount of people was insane! Like I previously said, its great to see so many people having a good time. I just couldn't enjoy it, I couldn't take my time to have a good look at things. So we spent most of our time sitting and eating :p.
I totally get you! Being around too many people is something I don't really like. I would rather spend my day somewhere quiet.
If I've spend the day somewhere noisy/rowdy (often thanks to my sister, she's the complete opposite of me haha), I seriously need to unwind.

Hahahaha true tho xD, his legs and smile <3

Whaat seriously, that's awesome !

I know ://. I'm especially weak for characters who're being bullied and the bullies won't pay for what they did! It really isn't fair.

How is your line-up for this season? I don't even know which series are going to air this season tbh.
But I'm currently (already) in love with Kaze ga Tsuyoku Fuiteiru! It's a serie about track and field/running a marathon. The best thing is, it has a mature vibe! And it's from the same studio that did Haikyuu and KnB!
Double Decker seems also like a decent/fun serie!

pure Oct 1, 5:50 PM
i agree!
and np :3
enjoy reading~
pure Sep 28, 11:25 PM
whew can't wait *.*
o that's good to hear !! and i'm trying LOL always doing my best which gets me ZZZZZ
sometimes shows that are SO BAD can be watchable cause it's so bad?? LOL idek
ah great! hope u enjoy them and np c: