Tonari no Kaibutsu-kun

My Little Monster

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Alternative Titles

Synonyms: Tonari no Kaibutsukun, The Monster Next Door, My Neighbor Monster-kun
Japanese: となりの怪物くん
English: My Little Monster
German: My Little Monster
French: Le Garçon d'à Côté
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Type: TV
Episodes: 13
Status: Finished Airing
Aired: Oct 2, 2012 to Dec 25, 2012
Premiered: Fall 2012
Broadcast: Tuesdays at Unknown
Licensors: NIS America, Inc.
Studios: Brain's Base
Source: Manga
Genres: ComedyComedy, RomanceRomance
Theme: SchoolSchool
Demographic: ShoujoShoujo
Duration: 24 min. per ep.
Rating: PG-13 - Teens 13 or older


Score: 7.481 (scored by 567142567,142 users)
1 indicates a weighted score.
Ranked: #17662
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Popularity: #128
Members: 996,439
Favorites: 5,850

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Both are shoujo anime, feature a love build up between characters and lots of comedy in between. 
report Recommended by blmp
They are both romantic comedy series with funny peculiar characters. 
report Recommended by SailorKagome
First of all both series have great and unique main character guy, they are hilarious and different from all any others guys from other series. Both series are about school / romance in a different way (not normal way), which is very funny and entertaining to watch. The supporting characters help to move the plot and make it even more special and humorous. Differences: Obviously the theme is not the same one, but u will feel the same feeling of love and will make lots of laught 
report Recommended by Mayros
Though the Heroine of the Tonari no Kaibutsu-kun is uncaring compared to KNT's heroine, the experience and story it portrays are extremely similar. Experiencing different feelings for the first time, learning to make friends, enjoying High School life to the fullest, etc...  
report Recommended by tsubasa00kurenai
Also has that fun crazy hillarious love story vibe to it. I find that the drawing style is also similar. 
report Recommended by Pankeikki
Lighthearted romantic comedies. Tonari-no Kaibutsu-kun and Ao Haru Ride explores the relationship of two main characters with contrasting personalities. The main male protagonist from both series has similar personalities and often plays practical jokes on others. Their relationship with the main female protagonist develops through circumstances. Their perspective stories also include other characters that raise drama and misunderstandings. I recommend both series for anyone seeking a romantic comedy with a lighthearted atmosphere. 
report Recommended by Stark700
Both have the young high school love theme where the female lead is a bit cold to the main male lead but eventually they have a cute relationship ship. both are soft high school romcoms. 
report Recommended by ShionU27
The romance in both stories has an almost immediate entrance, which opens up to a lot of interaction between the characters and hilarities ensues. Plus the male leads both has more to them than their looks. 
report Recommended by bimbambusse
Both have dense Male leads 
report Recommended by robokai
Both series takes place at a school setting where there is drama, comedy, romance, and also competition. From both of these series, the main male protagonist meets the main female protagonist where the two forms an peculiar relationship - sometimes serious, sometimes competitive against each other, and sometimes romantic. Both series also has other love triangles in a lighthearted way. Both series also has some misunderstandings that causes tension in various episodes. 
report Recommended by Stark700
One of the two main characters have no idea how to properly interact as they continue to go with their life, while the other tries to maintain a working environment for both of them that is acceptable to society first. Experiencing different feelings for the first time, both these anime have a fair share of comedy and romance. 
report Recommended by tsubasa00kurenai
Similarities: The highly ambitious girl meets the genius and slowly falls in love with him after his confession, while rivaling for 1st place in grades. Differences: Kaibutsu-kun's genius is a rowdy in stead of a calm everybody's darling. 
report Recommended by Monti_Jones
Both series takes place at a school life setting where there is drama, comedy, and romance. Both series are lighthearted and has a small cast of characters. The main female protagonist in both series has a reserved personality and originally had a different outlook on the main male protagonist. Both series has its moments occasionally where tension surfaces between the duo. Yet, at times, friendship ties them together that brings them closer. 
report Recommended by Stark700
They have similar premise: a boy who is trying to get close to the heroine The difference is that Tonari no Kaibutsu-kun has more romance portion than Isshuukan Friends that just about friendship story. 
report Recommended by rifqiace
This show has been getting similarities from toradora to soul eater. I would say the relationship of shizuku and haru is kinda similar to the one that haruhi and tamaki share in ouran high school except you make tamaki and rebel instead of a prince. 
report Recommended by BebeHillz
After watching the first two episodes of Tonari I can say that both Tonari no Kaibutsu-kun and Honey and Clover have both the same Comedy Style. I can't say how the drama will be in Tonari no Kaibutsu-kun, but despite that they are pretty much the same, so anyone who liked Honey and Clover and looks for a similar anime will probably (depends on how Tonari no Kaibutsu-kun ends) like this and vice versa. 
report Recommended by Ifrit30
The main female characters are socially awkward, have good grades at school, are directs, have the same hairstyle and are cute despite or because of their awkwardness. The story takes place in a school setting with romance, friendship themes. Humour is sometimes similar and very good. Behond the Main femal lead, the rest of the cast is pretty different though and there's no "sci-fi" aspect in tonari no kaibutsu-kun. 
report Recommended by Ysad_Ziwezhan
Both are shoujo anime's, they are romantic comedy's set mainly in school. They both have main characters with different personalities who fall for each other. The male main characters are similar. Both of them have another male character who also falls for the female main character. Bokura ga Ita is more emotional, dramatic and goes more into detail with everything that happens but they both have the same sort of storyline and are similar in ways. If you like one you will most likely like the other one ^_^  
report Recommended by JellalFernandes
Nanami, like Shizuko attends high school. She loses her home (because of her father's gaming debts), and forced to live in a shinto shrine which has a demon, Tomoe who is not at all happy being bound to protect her. After Tomoe saves her life, she fells for him and admits her feelings but he refuses her, saying he'll never love a human girl. The romance is funny,cute and heratbreaking at the same time, the storyline is very good. There is also competition for her attention: along Tomoe we have Kurama, Mizuki and other hot bishounen boys with a crush on Nanami. 
report Recommended by wildfly
Chuunibyou and Tonari are both shoujo romance anime that are fun too watch, including both comedic moments as well as some more serious ones. They also both have fun soundtracks with excellent character development. 
report Recommended by Hashiza
Both anime are about Monsters that gave to fit into society, with serious changes to their personality after a key event. 
report Recommended by --Aurabreaker--
-Hero and heroine have quite different characters -Funny love story -Nice art -Heroes are jealous of each other -Not realistic xD 
report Recommended by Gladarit
Romance, check. Whacky comedy, check. Whacky leads, check. 
report Recommended by w3b0shi
It is a comedy Romance that shows more of the tension between people and shows comedy with it as well. 
report Recommended by VexXDemolisher
Both are romance themed slice of life anime with chickens, who outshine the rest of the cast. 
report Recommended by Meip
if you love lighthearted romance with some drama and comedy here and there you will definitely love both of these animes.  
report Recommended by Casperkid15
The story about group of socially awkward people that trying to make friends. 
report Recommended by azzuRe
These three are shoujo rom-coms that are about boy/girl liking someone else with a one sided crush but then over the space of the eps, the other boy/girl starts to like them back, they are all very well drawn, animated and have good plots! :) 
report Recommended by KatieMH
They're both romantic comedies and the main girl in Hioyokoi kind of has the same fright of school as Haru.  
report Recommended by NekoMinSeo
If you're a fans of Headphone Actors/Yuukei Yersterday episode and need more of their dynamics, you might as well check Tonari no Kaibutsu-kun, too. Tonari no Kaibutsu-kun is a high school romance story between cool-headed, snarky, (and a bit tsundere) twin-tailed girl and an innocent but airheaded boy whose short wavy hair. 
report Recommended by toumei_
Both have that the same vibe where it involves a black sheep getting into a relationship with a normal plane Jane or John kind of situation.  
report Recommended by Whoahoho
- They have similar sense of humor. -Shizuku and Rin, in the beginning, are very similar also. -The plot is lineal and the time affects the characters.  
report Recommended by TheZetboy
Both of them are simialar in there comedy. Not in the story line, but both of the comedies have the same feel to them. Both leave you laughing, if you like Tonari no Kaibutsu-kun you'll probably like Working!! and vise-versa. Also the two character that I think resemble each other are Satou and Kenji both blonde/ same mellow darkish personality.  
report Recommended by SecretAnimeLover
Both deal with a girl falling in love with a guy, yet neither of them ever gets corny. 
report Recommended by ForeverFizz8
both of these make me want to watch romance anime, even I dislike the genre. both of these has good story pacing and good events 
report Recommended by Lolicon-kun
Both are slice-of-life/comedy animes that focus on otakus and geeks falling in love. Tonari no Kaibutsukun is more lighthearted compared to Wotaku ni Koi wa Muzukashii, which delves deeper into geek culture and focuses more on romance than comedy; however, both have their fair share of funny moments nonetheless! 
report Recommended by adzetto
Not only are the titles similar,but the atmosphere as well! ~Both stories take place in a classroom. ~both have the main charecter (female) sit next to the main male,who is a little out of the ordinary. ~also the main females of both care about learning while taking intrest in their weirder male counterparts! even though tonari no seki-kun is shorter,both are great anime to watch if you enjoy anime shows with a slight comedic twist. 
report Recommended by PureDestiney03
Both focus on the lives of extraordinary teenagers who are unable to fit in. Even though the situation is more apparent in Haru, who is considered to be too agressive and uncivil, Shizuku had always been a loner due to her apathetic nature. However the melancholic air of Watamote isn't as much present in Tonari no Kaibutsu-kun, since the characters are more "unwilling" to be a part of society than "unable".While there is no real romance in Watamote, and what little romance the show has is given in no serious atmosphere, the story of Tonari no Kaibutsu-kun revolves around the love story of these two  read more 
report Recommended by chitanda-
These shows are surprisingly similar, putting aside the obvious differences. First of all, both shows' main character cast consist of a careless idiot and a studying-obsessed character and their group of friends. In Aho girl, Yoshiko is the stupid girl and A-kun is the serious guy, when in Kaibutsu-kun the genders are reversed with Shizuku being the latter and Haru being the delinquent. This second reason is a bit stupid, but Shizuku shares a similar hairstyle to that of Yoshiko's and so do the two boys. Although Kaibutsu-kun is more of a romcom and shoujo type of anime and AhoGirl is simply a pointless comedy, the characters' similar  read more 
report Recommended by bubudesuwa
The characters Shizuku Mizutan (Tonari) and Aika Fuwa (Zetsuen) have very similar personalities. They both have a very repulsive attitude towards the guy they like. Neither have a clue how a relationship works. Both animes are a romance, although Tonari is a Rom-Com. They both have beautiful animation styles. I do warn you though if you are to watch Tonari I would really recommend reading the manga, as it gives more detail and finishes the story. 
report Recommended by Chiaki__Nanami
The love story to each anime is so sad yet so sweet  
report Recommended by Qwixx_Games
There's a similar "love" story line along with character tropes and traits. They both have emotional or funny moments that compliment each-other well. 
report Recommended by lovedella
Both anime[s] are: •slice of life •comedy •romance •school •shoujo •short and enjoyable 
report Recommended by Ana_Suzuya
Both have a bookworm being bugged by a delinquent. 
report Recommended by tkdsprite
Tug of war game in adolescent love life is indeed frustrating to watch. But isn't that what make the journey meaningful? 
report Recommended by deesintegrashun
Haru and Sousuke have a lot in common. Shizuku and Chidori are both tsundere girls trying to keep the guys from causing bloodshed. Both shows, especially Fumoffu! season in FMP's case, revolve around the main male protagonist trying to lead an ordinary school life. 
report Recommended by ElDoRado1239
some of Tondari no Kaibutu-kun appeared in Hoozuki no reitetsu 
report Recommended by Memory_Darkness
"Hard to get" relation with out-spoken/gets into trouble boy and despotic/lovey dovey girl. Also i'd like to point out that the two female leads look eerily similar.  
report Recommended by reluctantbeeswax
-Both main characters are smart -Both main characters meets a guy, but the guy turns out to be totally different from what everyone else thought -Both guy character are cool and hot looking with a really sweet and shy personality -Both typical cute, romantic, shoujo, school life anime  
report Recommended by iNinjeek
Both of these animes contain the main theme of romance and a love triangle involvement. They even use chickens! 
report Recommended by Rayla
Mainly, the comedic styles are very similar, for example the pattern of one character doing something over the top and bizarre, and then another character pointing out the idiocy of doing whatever they did. A lot of details are similar as well, like the female lead being tough and scarfing down food. 
report Recommended by iwant2dollars
While the shows themselves aren't very similar other than in humor, the main female characters in both are very similar in both personality and appearance. 
report Recommended by noirgrimoir
>Main characters starts show with no friends and is distant from others >Meets a character who starts to change them >Bishounens >Eccentric characters >Strange yet humorous comedy >You will have a good time while watching both >Bird mascot character  
report Recommended by VioLink
Both have very warm atmosphere and gorgeous OST. Both are about first love Fem protagonists are very lonely and socially awkward at first And in both shows one of the characters is reluctant to accept feelings at first 
report Recommended by Saijuro
Nisekoi is almost like a reverse version of Tonari no Kaibutsu-kun. One has a delinquent guy, other has a vicious girl. Both are romcoms with some twists and turns. 
report Recommended by TragicRomance
In both shows the heroine eats a lot. They were both alone in the beginning but after meeting the male lead, they meet new people and experience many things. Both anime have comedy. Both male leads are not normal.  
report Recommended by emilyslash
They have comedy, school, slice of life genres in common. Shizuku reminded me of Yassan(Literature Girl) when she freaked out. It is an anime that portrays daily lives of students in an interesting and comical way. Both anime have something to do with relationships/friendship.  
report Recommended by emilyslash
Both anime have to do with comedy, romance, and shoujo. They tell about school life in ways that are different but at the same time not. Gakuen Alice and Tonari no Kaibutsu-kun are both really similar when it comes to characters, only it's like they kind of switched the personalities around. Shizuku and Haru are like the older versions of Mikan and Natsume in high school. It also seems that at first both main female characters see the main males as her rival/someone they really don't like much. All together they are very similar and different. 
report Recommended by hinata3487
Although both series have different themes, Midori no Hibi and Tonari no Kaibutus-kun have various similarities. Both series has a tough male protagonist who is misunderstood but has a soft heart. Both series features a female protagonist who shares a special bond with the male protagonist. Both series takes place at a school setting and has many comedy gags.  
report Recommended by Stark700
Both anime are romance comedy. This one is a little different since it's sad, but the art sort of seems alike in some ways. The anime styles are different, but the fashion and interiors are alike. I recommend this tear-jerking romance! 
report Recommended by ggoodd
Both are about a relationship. You have two different people with distinct personalities try to understand each other better but they are both held back at first by each other personalities. Both titles are slow romance as well. Both of these also have minor characters with interesting/good personalities. Both have handsome/attractive male lead. Both are comedy. 
report Recommended by SilentlyWaiting
In both of them, the main girl character discovers that there's more to life than studying. Both girl characters also struggle to discover their true feelings, and both anime have romance in them. However, Paradise Kiss seems to be a more serious type of romance story whereas Tonari no Kaibutsu-kun is much more light-hearted. 
report Recommended by tish92
The main character is not at all interested in engaging in a romantic kind of relationship, but later on falls in love with a character of the opposite sex. 
report Recommended by KaiserLos24
Both are light and kind series that center around feelings, friends and relationships. Animation is rather similar, so you may find the characters that look alike. These are examples of a good comedy that you will definitely enjoy watching! 
report Recommended by ichimanzu
Both anime have rebelious characters with comedy, action and a slice of romance. The main character Haru is similar to Luca from Arcana Famiglia. Every episode is entertaining and lots of hilarious moments ^^ 
report Recommended by kairi07
I found Haru from TnK similar to Gilbert from PH, imho they look alike, except the colour of their eyes, so I think, that if U were in love with Gilbert's appearence U may like Haru too. 
report Recommended by Patry-chan
Altough both have diferences (Tonari is Romantic Comedy and Seitokai is almost Pure Comedy), for mark a gag moment, both series uses the deformation of the characters to a more childish style. 
report Recommended by daniyan
I strongly recommend Tonari no Kaibutsu-kun. First of all, I must say the first thing you will cling to are the characters (somehow Shizuku reminds me Inaban). The plot is also pretty good. There are also relationships developing aside the main one, as the same way it happens in Kokoro Connect. Above all things, what reminded of Kokoro Connect is the relationship among the characters. 
report Recommended by hadassawp
The main stuffs: * Students that are involve with different gangs * Hilarious moments * Crazy fights * Crazy creatures, in Durarara!! it's Celty and in Tonari no Kaibutsu-kun it's the chicken * Friendship and love 
report Recommended by kairi07
Both anime are about socially awkward girls although for different reasons. The animation is similar as they were made by the same animation studio, Brain's Base. Also both are in the comedy genre. The style reminds me of the other although they're not completely the same. 
report Recommended by VeenaVal