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Lighthearted romantic comedies. Tonari-no Kaibutsu-kun and Ao Haru Ride explores the relationship of two main characters with contrasting personalities. The main male protagonist from both series has similar personalities and often plays practical jokes on others. Their relationship with the main female protagonist develops through circumstances. Their perspective stories also include other characters that raise drama and misunderstandings. I recommend both series for anyone seeking a romantic comedy with a lighthearted atmosphere.
report Recommended by Stark700
Tonari no Kaibutsu-kun and Ao Haru Ride are both teenage romance stories. A few of the characters share similar traits, or look alike. For example Kou looks like Haru. Sasayan shares a personality type with Kominato. Yuuri and Natsume have to deal with almost the exact same situation. etc. If you liked Tonari no Kaibutsu-kun you will definitely enjoy Ao Haru Ride.
report Recommended by FruitCandy
-Relatable and likable Characters -Various Funny moments -Not your typical shoujo romance anime -Above average soundtrack -More than just romance. Differences: -While Ao Haru Ride explores more about the main character's pasts and their overcoming, Tonari no Kaibutsu-kun explores how the main characters come to realize and change their present selves. -Very open ended ending, expect to read the manga if you liked the show (which I highly, highly recommend)
report Recommended by Yuki_Ookami
-they both have romance and are based on a daily school life. -the art is kind of similar -they're both really kawaiii! if you liked "my little monster", then you will surely like "ao haru ride"
report Recommended by alwaysandforever
Tonari no Kaibutsu-kun and Ao Haru Rideare both sweet but not cheesy romantic comedies. They both have protagonists that are clueless about dating. While they both will cause a storm of feelings, I think Tonari is a happier anime. Also I am amazed by both of the anime's art.
report Recommended by atargider
Tonari no kaibutsu-kun is about a romance between a diligent girl (Shizuku) and his opposite Haru. Why did i recommend ao haru ride, when the main is not even similar? - I just did, because they are both nice and if you've seen a romcom anime, all are typically the same thing. But i picked this because it's the most suitable anime which has similar plot and worth watching.
report Recommended by Ancerise
Both these anime have a unique animation...AHR has a watercolour feel to it whereas TNK has a bold geometrical feel to it....Great MCs ...the love story is also equally progressive but in case of TNK I really like how the female grows seeing the male (Haru) live his life...its more in depth in the manga....but its a story ewhere a person grows when in love
report Recommended by Shivani_Takumi
Both shows are essentially romantic comedies that centralize around two contrasting characters - one who has an ice cold demeanor and the other with a warmer and a more perceptive personality - and explore their relationship throughout a high school setting. The various supporting character cast of each respective show also helps put a spotlight on their relationship, whether it's by their physical presence, their interactions, or something that they do. Check them out when you have a chance!
report Recommended by -Remix-
For me, these series are so similar, that often I get confused remembering, what happened in what series. Both anime have a pretty strong female character and a guy who is a bit off. Through events and adventures they experience together, they get closer to each other and get to know one another.
report Recommended by Megroth
They are both shoujo anime, about a boy and a girl that are in love. They are not 100% similar, but I'm sure, that if you liked one of them you'll like the other one as well :3
report Recommended by KaWaii_UniCoRnS