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Hisho Ikuseichuu dj - Kawaii Hisho no Sodatekata
Hisho Ikuseichuu dj - Kawaii Hisho no Sodatekata
Nov 4, 2014 9:18 AM
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Hisho Ikuseichuu dj - Kawaii Hishosan
Hisho Ikuseichuu dj - Kawaii Hishosan
Nov 4, 2014 9:18 AM
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ITFujoshi May 18, 2015 11:03 AM
Sorry for being MIA. Had some school stuff going on, but to be honest, I've just been spoiling myself with all kinds of BL manga. XD

On Doukyuusei and possibly Takarai Rihito sensei getting an adaptation:
I can't wait either! Really really excited for Doukyuusei! Looking forward to see who they'll cast for Kusakabe and Saijou.

Maaan, if news comes out that Takarai sensei's work is also getting an adaptation, I'll die from happiness. XD

On your recs:
I did read Tenki Yohou No Koibito a while back; agree, that one was super cute. ^^
I'll pick the two shounen ai's you recommended. Sankyuuu!!!

Speaking of which, did you get to read the latest chapter of Sekaiichi Hatsukoi...?

On BLCD's:
Have you found any you liked so far? Whenever I see OnoD's name I automatically think of HiroC. :D They make an awesome couple.

On Haikyuu!:
I still haven't finished watching the shows from last season so I haven't even started on this season's shows.
A definite plus: I'll get to marathon watch! Yippee! Please, no spoilers. :p

Well, that's enough outta me.
Hope you're doing great and take care as well!!

Oh, one rec from my side:
I forgot the whole title, but it starts with "Takaramono..." Cute couple.
ITFujoshi Mar 15, 2015 7:48 AM
Hey there!! Hope you're fully recovered from your cold and was able to get your assignments and such done.

And also found your researcher side again as well. :) We can't have you not studying now. :p

>>But a sick person who cant do homework, what does she do? of course, watches animes xD appearently i lack bl animes,<<
I know right, there really aren't too many BL anime out there... I also like junjou's Hiroki x Nowaki, they make a nice couple. I'm not too fond of the main junjou couple though...

>>I kinda miss Nakamura sensei, no updates at all :((<<
Speaking of BL anime, have you read the news thread they're going to adapt Doukyuusei!??? ARGH!!! Awesome right?? And we were talking about how they only seem to be adapting manga by Nakamura Shungiku. Funny how now they're adapting another Nakamura sensei's work. XD
I can't wait!!!

In case you meant there weren't any updates on Junjou and Sekaiichi, then I totally agree. I miss Onodera x Takano!! ;_;

Thanks for the recs as always! I'll get to reading them later in the evening.

Oh, and from me... I've just been reading the cliched ones. XD
But there was one that I found funny, though it's only 3 chapters: Nirameba Koi.
What about BL CD's? Have you listened to any lately? (If you've read Gosan no Heart, you should definitely listen to the CD. OMG, the voices are purrrfect. :3)

>>Ahh, did you catch Haikyuu manga!? Last chapters were so intense :ss<<
I haven't even started reading the manga... Unfortunately... I'm afraid I won't sleep anymore if I start. XD
Season 2 should be coming out later this year right?

Okay, have a good week then and ganbatte!
ITFujoshi Feb 21, 2015 10:15 AM
I've been doing fine. For some reason I've been feeling so tired the past few weeks, I have no idea why... :S

Aw... Sorry to hear about your paper... :( Hope you guys can get the next one approved and go to a better city! ;-)

On ZE:
XD I feel ya, sometimes a good dose of BL stories cheer me right up. I know, I don't like all the couples either... I think my favourite is of Asari and erm... I forgot the seme's name... Shouhei...?
I'll definitely read IS then! Thanks for that one!

On Psycho-Pass:
I know!!! Season 1 is awesome!!! I dunno about season 2 tho, I still need to watch that. I've heard mixed reviews on that one...
Glad to hear you have one more person to talk about anime with!! :)
Maybe you can get more anime recs from him!

Oeh, and I think you might want to read this one:
Count 0 and the sequel Count H. Maaan, this series is just too cute. Hope you like it as well.

Hope you're doing well too! Take care!
ITFujoshi Jan 31, 2015 4:48 AM
So fast!! How long does your winter break normally last?

Haha, no need to apologise. I didn't get the vibe you were whining at all. :)

My holidays are pretty average; I got myself a part time job so I don't get to sleep in as much as I'd like, but on the whole it's okay.

XD I don't even know what AO3 is, had to google it just now. Niiiiice. Really really niiiiice. Am definitely going to browse this site in a few minutes. :3

And you write?! That's awesome! Upload it somewhere when you're done. You'll make more than a few fujoshi happy. <3

I know!! I've set me browser to clear my history every end of the week even. XD
Hope your laptop gets fixed soon.

On Ten Count: Woot woot!! A lot of progress!! One of the best (and hottest) manga's I've read so far.

HQ manga? Hmm, I'll also check that one out.

Okay, you take care now!
SheyCroix Jan 19, 2015 3:46 PM

☆ N E W S L E T T E R ☆

ITFujoshi Jan 18, 2015 4:34 AM
I guess you've finished up with your exams already? Already home?

>>Oh, btw does your uni and home in the same city? Do you have a winter holiday as well coming soon?<<
Nope, they're not even in the same country. :D I'm just in China for my studies. Actually haven't been back home for more than 5 years now, but my mom came and visited me last November, so that was really nice. I ate and slept like a kid again. XD
And our uni's winter break officially starts on the 26th, but I'm already finished with exams, so I'm unofficially already on break. :p

>>Ok, I'll read ZE if you say so, but right now number of chapters scare me xD<<
I know right! I was also hesitating in the beginning. But read it when you really have nothing else to read, it takes some time to get used to the story and art style.

>>Ok, I wrote some depressing shit here, sorry :/<<
No need to apologise. XD I know the feeling... Somehow you just come to care so much for a character it's just odd. I read that baseball manga, Diamond no Ace, and God knows I was bawling while scrolling down and reading the manga. The feeeelsss!!! (╥_╥)
Okay, now my turn to apologise for that outburst... And I will read New York New York for sure later tonight.

>>Anyway, you should check Esuto Emu 's works when you have time. <<
I will. I didn't read much the past few weeks since I didn't have wifi, but now its back so I will definitely get to reading.

>>Ehh, if any of Takarai sensei's works are animated, there will be a massive join to the yaoi army I'm sure xD Maybe we should start a petition? :)<<
I'm in if you are!! XD Man, that would be an awesome army.

You have a nice week too!
ITFujoshi Jan 3, 2015 10:15 PM
Happy New Year!!! Wish you health, prosperity, success and lots of happiness in this new year. And of course, many many yaoi goodies as well. :3

With Daichi voice "Dont mind, dont mind"
XD Thanks for that. I was just now thinking about re-watching Haikyuu!! as well. Hope you do get to relax too. Don't overwork yourself. :)

On ZE:
You should read it when you have some time. I know how you feel; sometimes I feel like I've read it all and this might just be another cliche thing, but then sometimes they turn into some really nice surprises.

Love Song: I'll read it now. I want to laze around on the bed and read something light. :)

On Nakamura sensei:
I know!! She's awesome!!! I think the Saijou x Kusakabe pair is one of my favourite pairings. They're just so cute together and "real". Like it could be based off a real couple. Love them. <3

On other mangaka's being animated:
I have no idea either. Even an OVA for any of them would do (though it would have to be like a 40 min long one :p; I know, I'm greedy!!). If they animated one of Takarai sensei's works, I'd die of happiness. XD

Oooh, I like me some cute anime boys as well. I'll put that on my PTW list.

On Parasyte:
Hmm, okay. I dunno if I'll watch it... I do like some weirdness from time to time so when I feel like it, I'll pick it up. Lately haven't been watching much anime.

Take care as well!!
ITFujoshi Dec 23, 2014 6:16 PM
I could've sworn I was the last to comment. :/ This constantly getting logged out of MAL is annoying now.

Nyways, hope your laptop has been fixed. I can imagine how frustrated it is since you want to work on your own stuff.

Have been reading some random stuff. XD Just average yaoi cliche story with super seme's and girly uke's. I normally don't like overly girly uke's, but I dunno. Just been reading whatever pops up on mangago lately.
Oeh, oeh, but I have found a long running manga I would've not expected to be so good, ZE. Nice fantasy story and one of the couples in it are really hawt. :3
And another rare comedic gem "Yume wo Miru Hima wo Nai". I really really enjoyed this one. The comedy in it is awesome. XD Sensei knows her gags. There's some "office romance", but it's not the generic "Do you have that data for that meeting?" kinda thing. I felt like the writer did some research in how an actual airport runs... Not sure how much of it is true, but really interesting. And I got an awesome quote from that one as well. I mean... Seriously...? To quote a poster on mangago "Did I just get some wisdom departed on me from a Yaoi manga!?" XD

Ookiku: Yup. I had no idea about baseball either. Never understood why so many Americans are fixated on it. But now I can kind of (sorta) understand why so many people like it. When an awesome play is pulled off, you're just in awe. :) Hope it'll be able to rope you into becoming a fan.
Parasyte: Have you started it yet? Lemme know if it's good.

Happy Holidays btw!
Ana Dec 21, 2014 11:57 PM
ITFujoshi Dec 6, 2014 6:42 PM
Hope your laptop got fixed? I agree; nothing beats working on your own laptop.

I only read Kobi no Kyoujin for now; lately I've been into longer running series so I can binge-read. :p
I was pleasantly surprised since I've read the prequel to KnK. :D And so far, I like Ike Reibun-sensei's works.

On Haro wo Daite Itta:
Right!!! That cover is kinda misleading... When I first saw it, I went "Seriously... this sensei likes her men really really tanned... O_O" But if it's good enough to get 89 chapters, then the mangaka must be doing something right" and now it's become one of my faves. <3
I know right! Katou x Iwaki are one sexy couple... Sensei knows how to draw them spicy scenes. Multiple nosebleeds.

Anime recs... -thinks hard... poof~~
Sorry; I haven't even watched any of this season's series yet so not sure what's good. T^T
Oh, there is one older series I'd recommend: Ookiku Furikabutte. This one is... well, there are mixed reviews over this one since there are quite a few people who don't like the MC. But, this one is a real gem. The supporting cast is adorable (not on the same level as Haikyuu's, but they're still good). It has a relatively slow start, so not sure if you're going to like it. But it has a special place in my list. <3

Hope you're doing well too! Especially since it's cold and raining...?
ITFujoshi Nov 24, 2014 5:46 AM
Ahahaha. So true. You just can't help but ship when it comes to Haikyuu!! XD
Oikawa is just one of those characters... Just like you said, he's seems so cool but then at the same time he has this really silly side to him. Really likeable character.

Oh that's why. But still, I think anyone who is going for a Ph.D in whatever field, is pretty smart imo. :)
Good luck with your studies.

Kyaa!! Thank you for all the recs. I'll check them out later tonight. I have some goodies to read before I sleep. :3
And I think I'll probably enjoy #1 the most, since I always like an uke who is badass.

:D I like to read long comments, so keep them coming if you can!
Anyways, hope you had a nice weekend btw!
ITFujoshi Nov 16, 2014 11:29 PM
I have trouble with almost all female characters usually... -.- Jealousy is a dangerous thing. XD I think that's the reason why I mostly don't like shoujo.
And yup, I came to like the manager as well. Noya and Tanaka fanboying (?) over her is hilarious.

I like Tsukki as well, but Yama was flying a bit too under the radar for me. But was so surprised his VA is Nine from Zankyou. O_O

Nice! Computer Engineering! You must also like what you're doing since you're going for your PhD. Wait... you must be some kind of brainiac. You're 21 and you're going for your PhD? Awesome.

Ahahaha, I get ya. So, have you found "The One" yet?

Oh, and there's one mangaka recently who I've come to love: Shimaji-sensei. Her art is beautiful and her stories are so cute. Also, very lovable characters. Her Promise of Children was so cute.
Make a rec for me too! :-)

So sorry for the late reply. Been kind of MIA.
Miz_Jaggerjaques Nov 11, 2014 7:09 PM
Hehe oh no thank you for joing my Friend's club ≧◠◡◠≦✌
Miz_Jaggerjaques Nov 5, 2014 11:08 AM
Hello! Please join~! New and Active: BL Categories~ :D

ITFujoshi Oct 25, 2014 9:52 AM
Ahaha. I can see Handa-sensei has competition...
Oh and last time I forgot to attach this goodie as to why a Daisuga ship is justice:

And yesshh! A Kuro x Kenma ship comes so naturally, it's just purrfect. :p
Oeeh, I will look it up then. I love Junko-sensei's art (and most of her stories).

And no problem at all!! I'm always happy to hear anyone say how much they've come to love Haikyuu!

That's true. But she's a good roomie and we get along, so that's the most important part for now.
Am studying Veterinary Medicine. I don't think I've asked you before either..? You only mentioned you also live in the dorms, but they cut back your internet even during break which must've been hellish. :/

Ahaha, tumblr is a goldmine right. I think I'm also following that blog. :)
I know!! It's totally addictive...

Oh, and here's an extra goodie:

And another (prepare tissues for nose bleed XD ):