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Tonari no Kaibutsu-kun
- Both have a main boy that everyone is afraid of but in reality he is very sweet and misunderstood. - Both are shoujo with comedy.
report Recommended by Orulyon
Both are romantic comedies and slice of life. The main characters are very unusual and the story show us very funny situations (romantic also, don't forget).
report Recommended by Nurichigo
These shows highly imply romance and humor. While Toradora obviously has a slower pace compared to Tonari no Kaibutsukun, both of these shows love in a peculiar way. One of the character is ecstatic while the other one aims for a "normal" life. It doesn't only revolve around the main characters though. The supporting cast also share the spotlight and have their own storyline that may affect the main characters' attitude towards them or even towards themselves.
report Recommended by zetsuboSensei
-Characters in both series don't have many friends -Shizuku and Haru became friends so they made many friends with other characters, and the same is with Taiga and Ryuuji -Comedy style is very similar
report Recommended by TrulyAJ
Although Toradora have a slower pace than Tonari no Kaibutsu-kun, they're both humorous and romantic. They're great anime to watch if you're looking for romance.
report Recommended by Aleron
Both are great romantic comedies that will surely leave a smile on your face. Toradora has more drama and is the more serious show out of the two.
report Recommended by Dashiawia
Both series are considered romantic comedies that has both of the elements: Romance & comedy. Additionally, both series has a strange female protagonist who falls for the main male protagonist. And speaking of which, both the male protagonist in the series are also strange but has a kinda heart. Both series takes place at a school setting where all the drama takes place. Both series also has some action that is employed in a comedic way.
report Recommended by Stark700
Both romance between a delinquent and cold hearted girl
report Recommended by KayKayTree
To me these 2 are similar in a sorta opposite way. In Toradora! Taiga is as adorable as a girl can be, yet she's the most short-tempered person in school, while Ryuuji looks like a yankee(apparently),but is one of the nicest guys you can find,with an extreme passion for cleaning. Meanwhile in Kaibutsu-kun, Haru is the kind looking short-tempered character, while Shizuku is the tough looking(she looks tough to me) girl, but its easily scared and has an extreme passion for studying(though she is a bit cold). Both of the girls are tsunderes.
report Recommended by TsunLemonDere
Both are romantic comedies with reluctant protagonists and really cute side characters
report Recommended by cokealoka
Both are great romantic comedies. Toradora! gets more serious at the end but it still bring lots of laughs, even if it's laugh through tears :) Tonari no Kaibutsu-kun is opposite, I maen there's more comedy but still it left this heartwarming feeling after you watch it. I recommend to check out both of them :)
report Recommended by Misiakk
Similar main character feel with the girl but a spectacular show none the less. If you liked Toradora then you should at least give this a shot but really you should love this.
report Recommended by GingerDude666
Toradora was absolutely the sweetest anime's I've ever seen. This anime was the first I saw of its kind. I was more into the action/thriller genre but I am totally converted to the romantic/comedy/slice of life genre. This anime surely made my top 5 list and I love it so much for how sweet and cute it is. I definitely recommend it to those who are looking for an anime of the genre I stated previously.
report Recommended by Revanants
-both mc's (Taiga and Shizuku) are temporarily disliked by most of society -both guy mc's (Ryuuji and Haru) have a scary demeanour, but unlike Ryuuji, who just looks like a delinquent, Haru actually gets into fights -high school setting -many friends have feelings for Haru and Shizuku (My Little Monster), and many have had or develop feelings for Aiga and Ryuuji (Toradora)
report Recommended by notkawaiimouto
-Both are romantic comedies -The MC's are similar (basically no friends at first, but grow as people throughout the show) -The MC's are what would be classed as weird/different/outcasted -There's some sort of love triangle in both Toradora's characters are less direct about their feelings, and Taiga is a classic Tsundere, whereas both of the main characters in My Little Monster are very straightforward and honest about their feelings. Toradora is longer and ends with a firm understanding of the MC's relationship, but My Little Monster leaves things somewhat unfinished. Both are comedic though. If you liked one, you will probably like the other!
report Recommended by Shanayaaa
Both are about school life, romance and friendship. You'll end up laughing and crying.
report Recommended by aryax98
They both are very good romance animes that depict a very strong and dominant character and the person they love also it is mainly placed in school and the fellow students are afraid and scared of one of the main characters
report Recommended by Clawson2100
+ Both of them are RomComs set in highschool + The main guys in these two are very alike. Both of them are feared because they look like delinquents, but in reality they're sort of soft + It takes time for the female leads to realise that they like the main guy - The female leads are a little different, both in appearance and personality
report Recommended by One
Quite similar in terms of playout of events - girl reluctantly falls in love with guy - but has its own unique feel to it! If you liked Toradora, you will LOVE Tonari no Kaibutsu-kun!!
report Recommended by Whisp446
Love is a long journey with numerous funny and memorable moments. Both anime are about two cute high school couples with totally opposite personality and how they fell in love with each other.
report Recommended by WowBreaker
They're both short school romances with a small tsundere twist! The characters are interesting and engaging and the plot strays from what I would consider cliche.
report Recommended by collegebabe96
Toradora and My Little Monster are both romcoms, but even on top of that they have a lot in common -Both take place in high school and deal with a good student failing for a social delinquent -The male protagonist in both (Ryuuji/Haru) are feared by their classmates for their mean glair -A lot of slapstick and stupid comedy -Both male protagonist have a bird (chicken/parrot) as a pet -In both series the protagonist have estranged family members -similar animation/color pallets for both In short Toradora and My Little Monster are pretty similar. If you liked one you might like the other.
report Recommended by Inter_anime
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